April 1, 2010

Jay Leno: Conan and I got 'screwed'

Posted: 08:19 AM ET

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Jay Leno expects Conan O'Brien will return to late-night television as a head-to-head competitor against NBC's "The Tonight Show."

"I think Conan will come back, and he'll be strong and, you know, we'll all compete against one another," Leno told Joy Behar, host of HLN's "The Joy Behar Show."

"It should be me against [David] Letterman, against Conan, against [Jimmy] Kimmel, and then you see who wins," he said, referring to all the other late-night comedians.

Behar turned the table - or the couch - on Leno while waiting backstage Tuesday for her "Tonight Show" appearance.

"Do you feel upset about Conan?" Behar asked Leno.

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MsNomerNAzona   April 1st, 2010 1:03 pm ET

Gees what was that first post...a communication in code? Anyway, Jimmy Kimmel is the king of late night as far as I am concerned. I love Jimmy Falen too....I grew up watching Jack Parr, Tom Snyder and Johnny Carsen so I know what these shows should be like. I hate the fact that they are really late night informercials hosted by comedians.

Conan should go back to writing. He is a terrible interviewer. Jay Leno is tired and Letterman is cliche now too. If they could do something without the constant sales pitches I would like the shows better. As far as NBC goes, what they did to Conan was unacceptable. Even though he wasn't the best host their treatment of the situation makes me dislike NBC and all their shows have taint on them now.

leonardo   April 1st, 2010 3:08 pm ET

LOVE Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon...Dave Letterman is OK..he'll be 63 yrs on 4/12....miss Johnny Carson ...

Charles   April 1st, 2010 3:45 pm ET

What NBC did to Jay Leno was unacceptable. He was in first place when he was told he would be leaving. Jay Leno is a very decent man and there is no reason for people to blame him for NBC's mess.

A. Smith, Oregon   April 1st, 2010 4:27 pm ET

I disagree, Conan got a 40 Million dollar severence pay to leave NBC. This after totally dissing and heaping his disgust at NBC in his last show on NBC with Robin Williams skit.

I sincerely hope Conan signs a contract with the Fox network so he can flop there and drag that nefarious network down with him into the abyss.

Joe G. (Illinois)   April 1st, 2010 8:05 pm ET

The other day while I was flipping channels and I saw him on. The end.

robert   April 1st, 2010 10:43 pm ET

I thoroughly AGREE w.A Smith, Oregon..we really do not like Conan..Jay is a jewel compared to Conan,,& Jay promoted him for yrs., every night when he ended his show ...I agree w./Charles,,Jay Leno IS a very decent man..his parents were wonderful people/including his late brother, / & he married a very special woman..Mr. Leno toured w/Perry Como for a number of yrs. as an opening act../a clean act/ he told Mr. Como he wanted to get married but did not have any money,,Mr. Como gave him some money & said, "get married". Jay told that story at the end of his Tonight Show when he heard that Perry Como had lost his life in Tequesta, Florida/almost 89 yrs, young../.Como & Leno 2 decent & special men cut out of the same cloth..

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