March 29, 2010

Source: Elin doesn't want to attend Masters

Posted: 11:54 AM ET

( - While Tiger Woods is preparing to return to golf at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia, on April 8, his wife Elin Nordegren must decide whether to attend the tournament, in what would be a very public display of support for her husband.

And that's just the scenario Tiger's camp would like to see happen, according to a source close to Nordegren.

"Elin does not want to go to the Masters and is preparing for a trip to see her family and friends in Sweden," the source told PEOPLE. "She is also being asked by Tiger to attend the Masters, even if for a half day, to look like she is interested in supporting his return to golf. But she would rather not be there."

Instead, the source believes that Nordegren will continue to keep a low profile and fly a commercial airline to Sweden, where her family lives.

"Tiger's [private] plane is too 'in your face' for her now," the source said. "She really does not want to go to Augusta, and it is easier for her to be far away than home in Orlando."

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LKL – Larry and Snoop Dogg together!

Posted: 11:48 AM ET
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Obama headed back to U.S. after surprise visit to Afghanistan

Posted: 08:08 AM ET

President Obama is expected to return to the United States on Monday morning after a surprise visit to Afghanistan, where he met with his Afghan counterpart and reiterated the need to wipe out terror networks.

Obama slipped into Bagram Air Base near Kabul under the cover of darkness on Sunday.

He met with about 2,000 troops at the U.S. base and told them their work is significant to security at home.

"I know it's not easy," he said. "If I thought for a minute that America's vital interests were not served, were not at stake here in Afghanistan, I would order all of you home right away."

The United States has made progress in the fight against al Qaeda and its allies, Obama said.

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March 26, 2010

Sandra Bullock had advice for Tiger's wife

Posted: 09:30 PM ET


Sometimes people are living in parallel universes and they just don't know it. Like Sandra Bullock and Elin Nordegren.

It turns out that about two months ago - before the Oscar-winning actress found out her husband Jesse James was straying  - Bullock had some unsolicited advice for Tiger Woods' wife.

The New York Post reports that Bullock addressed Woods' philandering while on the red carpet outside the People's Choice Awards. A reporter from The Insider TV show  asked about Tiger's Thanksgiving night crash into a fire hydrant, and reports that Nordegren smashed a car window with a golf club to help get him out.

"If I were Elin, man, I would have hit a lot more than she did," Bullock said. "I would have kept hitting."

Bullock went on to say:

"Yeah, she stopped, she was respectable. I'd get the baseball bat, I'd get everything out."

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Fiery Palin stumps for beleaguered McCain

Posted: 08:30 PM ET


It was deja vu all over again, as John McCain and Sarah Palin, the recent losing GOP presidential ticket, were reunited on Friday on a platform of political mutual aid.

 It is the first time the odd couple of political and personal contrasts has campaigned together since the presidential race of 2008. McCain plucked Palin out of the political obscurity of the Alaska statehouse and gave her a platform that turned her into a media star and darling of conservatives across the nation.

 Palin on Friday gave McCain what he wanted in a fiery introduction that emphasized his conservative credentials and his standing as an anti-Washington maverick who opposed healthcare overhaul and supported fiscal restraint and small government.

 “Those issues are at the heart of a conservative movement that is sweeping this country,” Palin said. “It’s a beautiful grassroots movement that is putting government back on the side of the people. Some parts of this is the tea party movement.

 “I want to clear the air right now,” she said to cheers, calling the tea party movement, “a beautiful movement. Everybody here today supporting John McCain, we’re all part of that tea party movement.”

 McCain applauded and in his comments predicted that the recently passed healthcare insurance overhaul will be overturned by the courts. “Repeal and replace,” he said, using what has become the GOP rallying cry for the midterm election cycle.

 "When it comes to Obamacare," Palin joked. "I see Fidel Castro likes Obamacare and we don't. Doesn't that tell you something?"


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Gay teen in prom case feels ostracized locally, celebrated nationally

Posted: 06:28 PM ET

By Jessica Ravitz, CNN

(CNN) - Walking into school Wednesday morning was not easy for Constance McMillen. The last time she'd been there was March 11, the day after her Fulton, Mississippi, high school canceled prom rather than allow her to wear a tuxedo and attend with her girlfriend.  

She didn't assume last week's spring break would cool things down. She expected stares, dirty looks and cold shoulders, and passing through the doors was daunting. Over these last two weeks, she said, she's had a hard time sleeping, can barely eat, feels anxious and - until she saw a doctor for help - often felt like she was "going to throw up."

"I've been very nervous about all of this," the 18-year-old Itawamba Agricultural High School senior said. "I don't like being somewhere where everyone hates me."

McMillen's name made national headlines when she, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, filed suit against her school and the Itawamba County School District, asking them to reinstate prom for everyone, without discrimination. A federal judge in Mississippi ruled Tuesday that while he wouldn't force the school to have a prom, which had originally been scheduled for April 2, he agreed that McMillen's First Amendment rights had been violated.

That was good news, said her attorney, Christine Sun, senior counsel with the ACLU's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender project. It set a precedent and helped broadcast an important statement, which was made stronger by virtue of where it came from, she said.

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Dennis Hopper attends Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

Posted: 06:11 PM ET

By Alan Duke, CNN 

Los Angeles, California (CNN) - Dennis Hopper took what may be his final bow Friday as his star was dedicated on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. 

His lawyer and doctor told the judge overseeing his divorce this week that Hopper is dying of prostate cancer, but the 73-year-old actor was smiling broadly during the ceremony.

"I just want to thank you," Hopper told the crowd surrounding him. "That's all I can do."

"Easy Rider" co-star Jack Nicholson stood behind Hooper as Hollywood star number 2,403 was revealed with Hopper's name in front of the Egyptian Theater. Other stars on hand included director David Lynch and singers Johnny Mathis and Dwight Yoakum.

With his 6-year-old daughter, Galen, by his side, Hopper waved and bowed to hundreds of fans lining a barricade along Hollywood Boulevard.

Hopper's doctor called him "extremely weak" and said he weighs barely 100 pounds in a court document filed this week, but he walked on his own during the 45 minutes he was at the ceremony.

His forehead and right hand were bandaged, but not because of his illness. Hopper said he "took a terrible fall" and "got pretty screwed up" as photographers followed him outside his Venice, California, home Thursday.

"I want to thank the paparazzi," he said. "I know you've got a tough job, but sometimes you ought to be a little more sensitive

Hopper, who is undergoing radical chemotherapy for advanced, metastasized prostate cancer, is also divorcing his wife of 14 years, Victoria Hopper.

He is too weak and ill to be questioned by lawyers in the divorce, but attending Friday's ceremony "is a positive experience in every way," his doctor's sworn statement said.

The couple separated in January when he filed for divorce, claiming the stress of their relationship was threatening his life as he battled cancer.

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Nike has 'no comment' on new Tiger Woods commercial

Posted: 06:00 PM ET

Tiger Woods is reportedly getting back in the sponsorship game.

According to TMZ, Woods shot a commercial for Nike at the Isleworth Country Club golf course not far from where he lives in Windermere, Florida.

Following allegations that Woods had cheated on his wife with multiple women, some sponsors backed away from their longstanding relationships with the golf superstar.

 A spokesperson for Nike declined to comment to CNN on whether Woods was filming a commercial. Woods is scheduled to participate in the upcoming Masters Tournament next month.

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Is Lady Gaga the Next Michael Jackson?

Posted: 05:29 PM ET


Lady Gaga has been compared to Michael Jackson by her music producer.

Rodney Jerkins, who worked with the controversial pop star who is currently performing in Brisbane on her latest song, Telephone – estimated to have received over one billion views on the internet to date – said she reminded him of Michael Jackson, whom he worked with on the Thriller singers 2001 album, Invincible.

"We haven't seen an artist like Gaga in a long time – we haven't seen an artist that really has no fear. I remember Michael Jackson used to tell me he was crucified for doing Thriller, but he had to do what he felt was needed at that time," Rodney told

"I'm just happy to be part of history.

"I've always wanted to leave my stamp on music, and to be able to say that I worked with Michael Jackson and now I'm working with Lady Gaga, who'll probably go down in history as one of the best female entertainers of all time."


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