March 31, 2010

Palin warns of 'Second Holocaust' if Iran gains nuclear weapons

Posted: 04:04 PM ET

From CNN's Charles Riley

Washington (CNN) – Just minutes after the clock expired on the first day of Passover, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin issued a biting critique of the Obama administration's Middle-East policy via her Facebook page. 

In a post entitled "Peace Not Possible if Iran Escapes Real Sanctions," Palin accuses President Obama of dropping the pursuit of "crippling" sanctions against Iran and treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu like an "unwelcome guest" during a recent visit to Washington.

"[J]ust as the Obama administration inexplicably gives up on imposing crippling sanctions on Iran, it's taken an uncompromising hard line against one country in the Middle East: Israel," Palin writes. "On his recent visit to Washington, the Israeli Prime Minister was treated like an unwelcome guest, as shown by White House actions such as refusing to be photographed with Israel's Prime Minister."

Palin argues that the Obama administration's actions have failed to rein in Tehran's nuclear ambitions, and that more than one year into Obama's presidency, his administration has made "no progress" on sanctions.

"The Obama administration has their priorities exactly backwards; we should be working with our friend and democratic ally to stop Iran's nuclear program, not throwing in the towel on sanctions while treating Israel like an enemy."

Palin warns that the consequences of a nuclear Iran would be devastating for Israel.

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PROF Dave W. Dawson   March 31st, 2010 4:18 pm ET

*** YOU'RE BAD BAD WORLD .... ***
For the Record ....
We the MEN witness NO Women's INTUITION whatsoever.
Let's see if the Women of Planet Sicko-Sicko-Sicko-Earth can hide this VERY CRUEL FACT through April Fool's Day.
How many fools can you get in one April Fool's Day?
How much PROPER Business will be pranked-out by FOOLS FOOLS FOOLS?
I'm all for THE WORKABLE PEACE & DECENT People know it comes at a price.
May the Workable Peace coming cost every fool we've got.

PROF Dave W. Dawson   March 31st, 2010 4:19 pm ET

*** YOU'RE A BAD BAD WORLD .... ***
For the Record ....
We the MEN witness NO Women's INTUITION whatsoever.
Let's see if the Women of Planet Sicko-Sicko-Sicko-Earth can hide this VERY CRUEL FACT through April Fool's Day.
How many fools can you get in one April Fool's Day?
How much PROPER Business will be pranked-out by FOOLS FOOLS FOOLS?
I'm all for THE WORKABLE PEACE & DECENT People know it comes at a price.
May the Workable Peace coming cost every fool we've got.

AlphaPoe1   March 31st, 2010 4:22 pm ET

Oh Palin, shut up please. What a stupid accusation and what an atrocious thing to say during the week of Passover just to degrade the President.

IKHAN   March 31st, 2010 4:34 pm ET

Hi Larry,

Well! Well1 Well!. We must all listen in respectful silence as the 'expert' on foreign affairs the Sarah Palin spreads pearl of wisdom around. But wait a second can she point out where Iran is or Afghanistan is on the map?

Or should we be listening to one of our most respected military commanders Gen.Petraeus & what he has told the Congress. He has been commanding allied forces in that region, been on the ground heard from his front commanders & seen all. In short he knows.
He says that the root of all our problems is the Israel-Palestine conflict & our blind support for Israel which results in anger & animosity towards America in the Middle East & puts our troops at risk.
Now we have to win friends in the region where we are fighting & without that no victory is ever possible. We have to get all neighbors of Afghanistan & Pakistan on board including Iran to achieve our goals.
Nethanyahu is the man who is putting all that in jeopardy with his policies. Our admn was absolutely right in snubbing him. Israel is not the only country in that region & we cannot go along courting them at the expense of other major players in the Middle East.
Instead of listening to the epitome of wisdom Palin we would be wise to listen to those who matter & the likes of "Jewish voices for Peace', brave Jews trying to bring some sanity into this terrible conflict.

Cajazz76:24:8   March 31st, 2010 4:39 pm ET

I will just be moderated for what I really want to say, so in short, Sarah Palin, a Rebubbacant Repukeanaut, is talking out of her holed up existence in Wahzoo, Alaska, fair enough?

I'm right   March 31st, 2010 4:58 pm ET

SHE'S RIGHT! THIS ADMINISTRATION IS STUPID TO THINK IRAN IS A CREATABLE NATION. They lie, they kill their own people. Muslim Obama had better let up on ISRAEL and stop taking such a hard line them. I respect the position of Presidency but Obama, NO. Bush, NO. Two of the same kind that are wicked and men of not creditable character. By the way I wouldn’t vote for Palin. We need an Independent. Democrats and Republicans have both gone over the edge. Impeach Obama.

Joe G. (Illinois)   March 31st, 2010 5:22 pm ET

Obama is Historical.. Sarah Palin is Tainted..
Which one? Which one?

I know..! How about Obama continue pleasuring the middle class
that elected him and been his own worst enemy!

Rose   March 31st, 2010 5:22 pm ET

Why is CNN giving this woman coverage? Are you not supposed to be a credible and reliable news source?

What exactly does Palin know? McCain's own campaign manager stated, “She knew nothing.” Palin was not aware there was a difference between North and South Korea. She continued to insist (wrongly) that Iraq was behind 9/11. When her son was being sent off to Iraq, she could not describe who the US was fighting. Now she considers herself to be somehow "qualified" to comment on Iran.

She mentions the Obama Administration giving up on "imposing crippling sanctions on Iran". In the 1990s the US imposed sanctions on Iraq. What were the results of this (per UNICEF):

– Over half a million deaths of children under age 5.
– Total child deaths: 1,000,000
– Shortly after the sanctions were imposed, the Iraqi government developed a system of food rations comprising of 1000 calories per person/day or 40% of the daily requirements.
– Between 1990 and 1998, over one fifth of Iraqi children stopped enrolling in school.
-The 1990s also saw a dramatic increase in child labor, from a virtually non-existent level in the 1980s.
– Iraqi per capita income dropped by about 90%
-The sanctions resulted in high rates of malnutrition, lack of medical supplies, and diseases from lack of clean water.

Did any of these sanctions alter Saddam's actions? No. Instead the sanctions continued until the Iraq war – resulting in more civilian deaths.

In the spring of 2000 a U.S. Congressional letter demanding the lifting of the sanctions garnered 71 signatures. House Democratic Whip David Bonior called the economic sanctions against Iraq "infanticide masquerading as policy."

Palin chooses to ignore Israel's negative actions as a reason why Netanyahu was treated as such. Her religious beliefs about the "Rapture" prejudices her attitudes toward Middle East politics in favor of Israel rather than possessing any substantial understanding. Sanctions – Hell No! President Obama has wisely chosen not to pursue this ineffective approach. We've had enough children die. Palin needs to shut up and CNN needs to stop covering her.

frankie   March 31st, 2010 6:18 pm ET

some people just talk, talk, talk & never say anything constructive,,so many of us think she is dangerous ..

Rose   March 31st, 2010 6:44 pm ET

President Obama's Fiscal Year 2010 budget proposes $2.8 billion, appropriated for Israel. Israel also has available roughly $3 billion of conditional loan guarantees. The US has bankrolled Israel with taxpayer money for decades.

The US is trying to salvage peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Those talks were threatened by the announcement that Israel planned to build another 1,600 units of housing for in East Jerusalem on occupied Palestinian land – this came as Vice President Joe Biden was visiting Israel. Does Palin not understand what happened?

UN Secretary General recently said: "The world has condemned Israel's settlement expansion plans in East Jerusalem. Let us be clear, all settlement activities is illegal anywhere in occupied territory and this must stop."

Palin with her born-again mentality, is in such a desperate rush to see the return of Jesus by supporting Israel, that she is blissfully ignorant of Israel's required reciprocity toward the US for taking all of our billions of dollars of taxpayer money and that Israeli settlements are illegal under international law. She expected Pres. Obama to roll out the red carpet for Netanyahu. Palin's so-called "critique" of Obama's Middle East policy is a joke.

Wayne   March 31st, 2010 6:52 pm ET

Although I don't know much about this, It seems to me that our relationship with Isreal was better during the last administration and that Israel and the US were very good friends, but lately I've been reading differently with this new administration. I know many people value the relationship we had with Israel. I hope things get better.

IKHAN   March 31st, 2010 6:57 pm ET

this is one debate that should go on.

@Rose,@Cajazz. You are both on the mark.

Holocaust would happen if ,God forbid we let a berserk govt of Israel attack Iran or we are pushed into doing it ourselves against the advice of our military by Israel or the likes of Sarah Palin & other war mongers who have no clue as to the ramifications of a third war
This is the time for sanity. America can not afford to embroil itself in another war of somebody else's making. We cannot also afford to have more foes than friends.
We have got to pull our troops out of Afghanistan & Iraq. Stabilize that region with the help of those countries neighboring the battle ground. Improve our relations with Iran which is a major player in that region and can do a lot for us.
Dialogue not sanctions are the way out.
And why Sarah Palin's sudden interest in Iran.Well I'll tell you she has her eyes on the finances & support she can muster from the lobbies like AIPAC for her election bid come next elections.
Folks time to switch off Palin & listen to those who know that region,the culture & whose destiny is directly linked to the issue as is ours. Like Comsky,Allan Broomfeld,Adam Horowitz,Philip Weiss,M.J.Rosenberg, Rabbi Brent Rosen. The learned & respected Jews who want Americans to listen.

Gerald Jolly   March 31st, 2010 7:20 pm ET

How could Sarah Palin have a facebook page??

I thought she could only write short note remindrs on her palm.


Cajazz76:24:8   March 31st, 2010 7:24 pm ET

Gerald Jolly

She has a 13 year old daughter who does the treky, techy, thingy stuff for her as she shoots from the lip.

Rose   March 31st, 2010 7:30 pm ET

@ Ikhan

American Jews for a Just Peace – is an alliance of activists in the United States working to ensure equal rights, safety, and dignity for all the people of historic Palestine (i.e. both Jews and Arabs).

They state: "In past years, Israel has been given this “aid” with no discussion, no conditions that must be met, no reporting requirements, and no incremental/quarterly payments, as is required with virtually every other country receiving U.S. Foreign Aid."

"These permissive practices regarding Israel must be stopped. To do so will enhance the possibility of the US attaining it’s stated policy goals of ending all expansion of Israeli settlements and bringing Israelis and Palestinians to a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace agreement."

Achieving peace is important in the region. Saving both Israeli and Palestinian lives is important. Palin does not seem or want to understand why the Obama Administration was cold toward Netanyahu. She is destructive and spreads misinformation which also harms Israelis who seek peace – as demographics in the area dictate a two-state solution. Obama is trying to accomplish this, Palin is oblivious and devoid of facts – as usual.

Hugh in California   March 31st, 2010 7:58 pm ET

I'd be more concerned of a "Second Holocaust" if Sarah Palin or anyone she endorses is elected into the Oval Office!

Cajazz76:24:8   March 31st, 2010 8:31 pm ET


Go wax your girdle and grow a sense of humor

LacrosseMom   March 31st, 2010 8:38 pm ET

Interesting, how Mrs. Palin is SO worried about Iran! What about the HOLOCAUSTS in Africa??? Millions of innocent men, women and children have been killed, displaced and tortured through decades of civil wars! While we, in the U.S. have sat by and done......... nothing!

NO, Mrs. Palin, its not Iran that will cause a holocaust its already happening in Africa!

BTW Mrs. Palin, Israel has nukes and IF Iran has a nuke or two, it will be a NUCLEAR DETERRENCE between them. Because IF one attacks the other with a nuke its mutual ........destruction!

Cajazz76:24:8   March 31st, 2010 8:51 pm ET

LacrosseMom assured destruction...a 1950's unwritten doctrine that has been quite far. But guarantee this..."seen one Nuclear've seen them all"..anonymous.......

Dodie   March 31st, 2010 9:16 pm ET

@PROF Dave W. Dawson

Do you have problems stuttering with your fingers? All you have to do is take your fingers off the keyboard! The blunders you continue to make are also within your name!

Kathryn   March 31st, 2010 9:17 pm ET

Palin has the gall.....

WHO voted to oust Saddam who had full control over Iran?
Palin and the other hateful lot.

Who voted to spend billions of American's tax payer money searching for nonexistent weapons that ended up putting Iran on the loose like a canon?
Palin and the hateful lot.

Who has guns on states on a map suggesting violence?

Who is encouraging Americans to "Load up?"

Who is more of a threat to America and Americans within its borders right this minute?
Palin and the hateful tea party lot.

Who has been encouraging violence and hate on American soil?
Palin and the hateful republicans.

Who should the president be watching keenly right this minute?
Palin and the hateful lot.

Who should heed Palin's warnings?
Who can take Palin seriously or even bother to listen to her ear bleeding voice?

Kathryn   March 31st, 2010 9:19 pm ET

Palin has the gall.....

WHO voted to oust Saddam who had full control over Iran?
Palin and the other hateful lot.

Who voted to spend billions of American's tax payer money searching for nonexistent weapons that ended up putting Iran on the loose like a canon?
Palin and the hateful lot.

Who has guns on states on a map suggesting violence?

Who is encouraging Americans to "Load up?"

Who is more of a threat to America and Americans within its borders right this minute?
Palin and the hateful tea party lot.

Who has been encouraging violence and hate on American soil?
Palin and the hateful republicans.

Who should the president be watching keenly right this minute?
Palin and the hateful lot.

Who should heed Palin's warnings?
Who can take Palin seriously or even bother to listen to her ear bleeding voice?

IKHAN   March 31st, 2010 9:24 pm ET

thanks for the added info.
I hope for the sake of our kids & grand kids that sanity prevails for once & Obama admn stands up to those who would see us going down the path of confrontation where instead statesmanship is needed.

Dodie   March 31st, 2010 11:38 pm ET

Sara Palin's concerns over Israel I suspect comes from her Christian Fundamentalist values which constitute the biggest voting group in the USA. I believe no political candidate can bet elected if the Christians are opposed. Fundamentalist Christians are those who read the bible from cover to cover and believe in the exact words of the Bible. A possibility for Palin's support for Israel comes from passages in the Bible specifically the Book of Revelation. It states in order for the Second Coming of Christ to occur, several things must happen. First, the Jews must return to Jerusalem. Second, there would be a second Holocaust,

luckybee   March 31st, 2010 11:59 pm ET

I will bet with you guys, She will be the next legal president of the USA; and with it, our legal supreem comander.And not this fake Amerikan, who was born in Mombasa Kenya.The favorite of the marxistisch Demokrats.

Cajazz76:24:8   April 1st, 2010 12:28 am ET


You are betting on a class by class brains either and never as president...not even of the PTA..anymore...and your brainwashed with cool John Calvin...blinded by your own dim light...

Hugh in California   April 1st, 2010 1:18 am ET

You must be a pandering racist bigot who hides like the KKK under white-sheets, especially when you call patriotic democrats marxists! How pathetic! I'm a democrat and voluntarily served in the US Infantry. Unfortunately, I had to defend my country so sick pathetic people like you can exercise your right to freedom of speech!

A. Smith, Oregon   April 1st, 2010 1:30 am ET

It seems the only wing-nuts that are pushing to bomb Iran at this time are the CIA, Republican Party lawmakers, Israeli Zionists and Sara Palin.

I can almost understand the fear that Israel has in regards to the constant and repeated threats by Iran against the people of Israel, however the CIA certainly knows almost exactly how many ton's of Natural Uranium yellow-cake it takes to process into 20-30 lbs of highly enriched Uranium 235 for a weapon.

In short Iran does not have enough natural Uranium resources for that much, it has only enough mined Uranium to fuel a small medical reactor with slightly enriched Uranium fuel rods for about 1 fuel cycle.

Iran does not have enough natural Uranium to fuel a medium nor a large Nuclear Reactor, much less Six or Ten Nuclear Reactors. It would have to purchase (import) large amounts of mined Uranium yellow-cake and process that in order to have a complete fuel cycle for multiple large commercial nuclear power plants to operate.

Blocking Iran from importing thousands of tons of processed Uranium yellow-cake mineral is certainly in the scope of America and her allies ability's to have already in place and effectively prevents Iran from having the quantity's of raw material necessary to even reach the heated shouting match that the CIA and Sarah Palin, Republican lawmakers are engaged in at this time.

At this point, Iran does not even appear to be able to build it's own fuel rods which are far less complex than a nuclear weapon.

What the CIA is shouting is precisely the same dogma and utter propagandist lies that Rove-Bush-Cheney-Rumsfield spewed on the American public, US Congress and US Senators in their campaign of WMD's in Iraq deception.

Meanwhile Sarah Palin is using that very familiar Republican chestnut of 'FEAR' to drive the Republican masses.

A strike on Iran would of course drive Oil prices thru the roof making Big Oil BILLIONs of dollars overnight and at the same time turn their newly acquired Oil Leases in Iraq into pure gold.

Despite all the heated US Military rhetoric about conventional bunker busting bombs, the deep Iranian Uranium Centrifuge enrichment sites are largely immune to aerial bombardment from conventional weapons. Leaving only two options, launch a small tactical nuclear tipped missile to each of dozens of locations which would severely contaminate Iran with radioactive dust and fallout, OR coordinate a full dozen teams of Mossad and Delta forces each with small tactical portable nuclear weapons which would be placed 'INSIDE' each of the deep underground bases.

The 2nd. option is really the only working option. A small portable tactical nuclear weapon would destroy the underground base which would collapse upon itself sealing off much of the resulting radiation fallout and double as a aerial denial to Iranians attempting to reopen those same sites to rebuild their shattered underground factory's.

It goes without saying on the 2nd. option that all the bases would have to be successfully entered at more or less the same exact time.

I say and suggest, Give President Obama a chance to enact the needed Iranian Sanctions to roll back any nefarious plans Iran may have.

Max Lawson   April 1st, 2010 7:26 am ET

During the 1960 hit TV movie Flaming Star, Elvis Presley during the movie picked up an 11 or 12 year old blonde girl with breads, Elvis placed his right hand over her right breast and fondled and squeezed her breast as he let her down. Talk about sicko's. That movie shouldn't be
allowed to be air'd on TV. Max

luckybee   April 1st, 2010 9:00 am ET

I have mij supreem comander and thatis not Barack Hussein Obama but Jezus Christ the Sabaoth;

Matthéüs 28,16-20
De opdracht aan de discipelen
16 En de elf discipelen zijn heengegaan naar Galilea, naar den berg, waar Jezus hen bescheiden had.

17 En als zij Hem zagen, baden zij Hem aan; doch sommigen twijfelden.

18 En Jezus, bij hen komende, sprak tot hen, zeggende: Mij is gegeven alle macht in hemel en op aarde.

19 Gaat dan henen, onderwijst al de volken, dezelve dopende in den Naam des Vaders, en des Zoons, en des Heiligen Geestes; lerende hen onderhouden alles, wat Ik u geboden heb.

20 En ziet, Ik ben met ulieden al de dagen tot de voleinding der wereld. Amen.

Let us see what the King James bible said over it.

De opdracht aan de discipelen

16 Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them.
17 And when they saw him, they worshipped him: but some doubted.
18 En Jezus, bij hen komende, sprak tot hen, zeggende: Mij
is gegeven alle macht in hemel en op aarde.
18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
teach...: or, make disciples, or, Christians of all nations
20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

He is our supreem commander en nobody else.

Sheeratiger   April 1st, 2010 9:05 am ET

We wiil never reach peace in the Middle-East ,if we only encourage Isael to "Commit a Holocaust "on the Palestinian people.
Palin' s Christian Taliban Republican party has encourage Israel to commit all kinds of human rights abuse against the palestinian people, including the use of fosfor bombs and they encourage Israel not to accept or recoqnize International Law for years.
It' s time to stop this encouragement of Israel,this new American administration must force Israel to life by the rule of International Law and only than they must help Israel against the Iranian nuclear threat and give them Economic/Social and Militairy aid.
I know that the Republican Taliban party support Israel because of ChistianFundamentalism [taliban] whitin the party and I also know that Fundamentalism will lead the DISTRUCTION OF THE WORLD.

Eddie   April 1st, 2010 9:32 am ET

LOL!! Anyone listen to "Pitiful Palin" is a joke.............LOL!!!
And these angry terrorist racist remarks against "THE PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER AND CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" should be hung. A bunch of QUACKS!! Sadly some even in the name of JESUS CHRIST....FANATICS THAT BELONG ON A FUNNY FARM!! NO JOKE! (Now read it....and reread read right.....talking to you)

Rob   April 1st, 2010 11:04 am ET

She's itching to get into a position where she can call an air strike "because the Lord told me to" The woman is dangerous.

Ted   April 1st, 2010 12:18 pm ET

Sanctions and embargo will never change the policy of a dictatorial power, only the population will suffer and will hate us for it. Why did we not learn from the past.

We have Cuba on an embergo list since nearly 50 years, dit it anyway effect Castro? He is still the supreme commander. Did we aknowledge that the new government is an improvement over all the previous military dictators and had a normal relations with Cuba, most likely Castro was a history today. Instead we punished the people with all the measures we were able to muster.

We had sanctions against Iraq and Iran, did it help us any? No, the population of those countries paid and is still paying the price for this brainless policy.

Do we want to stop Iran from developing an atomic bomb?
Ask Israel to destroy all their illegal atomic bombs and other weapons. Once it is done Iran may be able to forfeit on their own.
Here we must say that Iran has just as much right to have atomic bombs as the USA, Israel, England, Russia, France, China, India and Pakistan have.

IKHAN   April 1st, 2010 1:10 pm ET

Lo & behold!

Its the" Dawn of the Dead Brained" @luckybee.
This dim witted point of view is exactly what needs to be purged from this society. I am somewhat comforted by the thought & hope that majority of thinking Americans feel the way I feel.

On Iran,Israel-Palestine issue ( it has to be understood that all our problems are linked to the Israel-Palestine conflict) we need to tread carefully with Iran & be tough with Israel to make them flexible if we are interested in seeing a peaceful resolution of the issue.
Iran is not Iraq. Even there our 'pundits' especially those idiots that Fox propaganda channel brought as 'experts' predicted a cake walk & dancing Iraqis garlanding our troops. The result, thousands of American lives lost, tens of thousands of civilian deaths, a trillion dollar wasted, a country destroyed & turned into a perpetual hotbed of terrorism,violence. NO goal achieved.

Any attack on Iraq, as our military commanders have been saying would disastrous for our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan. It would turn the whole of Middle East into an iferno of violence, hate & animosity towards America.
Beneficiaries would be the likes of Al Qaeda who would harvest that hate to get stronger.Our mission in Afghanistan would be in serious jeopardy as also our geo-political interests.
Iran is bound to retaliate by whatever means they can against our interests in that region.

IKHAN   April 1st, 2010 1:43 pm ET

correction fellow bloggers.
Pl read the first line of my third para as 'Any attack on Iran...'.

Thanks folks & good morning to all.

taiwo   April 1st, 2010 2:55 pm ET

Guys, please dont be mad at palin. We all know that she us dumb. I will rather listen to a toddler than palin. what the heck does she know about intyernational [politics. Well, she thought that africa was just a country.

A. Smith, Oregon   April 1st, 2010 5:29 pm ET

Very few if any here realize that CHINA placed several nuclear weapons in Egypt shortly after the Yom Kipper war which largely changed the boundary's of Israel after the Israel military pushed and kicked the Arabic nations surrounding Israel back after they attacked Israel.

Those nuclear weapons were later 'supposedly' removed and taken back to CHINA.

As I alluded to and mentioned previously, a conventional aerial bombing on the deep underground Iranian Uranium enrichment bases would be mostly futile in an attempt to destroy them.

That leaves the only option which would be to use a non-conventional weapon (Nuclear) which had the capability to displace several hundred feet of mountain and destroy the structure beneath it.

Multiple ground strikes with Nuclear Weapons would result in enormous amounts of radioactive fallout raining down thru-out that region and would drift and contaminate the neighboring Arabic country's. That 'effort' would severely damage ALL relations America has with Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It would also place Americans and American soldiers in those areas in harms way.

Smuggling in a dozen portable tactical nuclear weapons into each of a dozen bases spread across Iran ALL at the same time and detonated inside those deep underground bases appears to be the only viable attack which 'could' be successful. Such a coordinated plan would carry a large risk of partial failure.

Regardless how an attack upon Iran is carried out, The Huge Oil bearing Supertankers need to slowly go and come thru the Strait of Hormuz which places them directly in the gun-sights of Iranian short range Chinese silk-worm missiles and Russian high speed torpedoes.

America has multiple Aegis guided missile destroyers and advanced Patriot anti-missile battery's in and around that Persian Gulf region now. They undoubtedly would be used to protect the huge, slow moving Supertankers going to and from the Saudi Oil ports 24/7.

A single Supertanker sunk in that narrow and shallow area could be a disaster for all the nations around the world that entirely depend on 24/7 access to the Saudi Oil fields.

A single hyper-speed torpedo hit, or a silk-worm missile strike would result in a major problem for a Supertanker and the convoy's of ships traveling to and from the Saudi Oil ports. Such a coordinated plan to shield all Supertankers would carry a large risk of partial failure.

I hope the diplomats and people around the world continue to work towards a successful diplomatic solution to Iran's push for commercial Nuclear Reactors.

IKHAN   April 1st, 2010 9:05 pm ET

Diplomacy & statesmanship,sadly lacking in today's world affairs, is the only way to go.
Even to whisper the use of nuclear weapons, tactical or otherwise, large or small for assault on a country is tantamount to spelling doom for mankind. Every nation worth its salt having nuclear weapons or having the ability to obtain them in any manner would feel free to use them on the pretext of self defense or any damn excuse.
A planet cursed with atomic weapons just needs a nudge to self destruct. Hiroshima & Nagasaki should be lessons enough.
We should get on with finding a peace that holds in the Middle East by resolving the Israel- Palestinian conflict or forget about stopping the terrible cycle of violence that is consuming human lives & creating misery & resources needed to alleviate human suffering.
We still have the clout & still cherish American values to get it done.

Theresa   April 1st, 2010 9:32 pm ET

Why is Ms Palin continually opening her mouth re: politics...she retired from being governor so,I assumed she longer was interested in politics. Ms Palin you are an IRRITATION ...similar to an annoying 5 yr. old The solution for them is a timeout...whatever shall we do with you? You just love to irritate's 2nd nature to you. Oh,yes you are a reality celeb......when are you going home & off my tv screen & my computer????? Yesterday would've been nice

janette tx   April 8th, 2010 2:01 am ET


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