March 16, 2010

Tips pour in after release of serial killer's photos

Posted: 07:21 PM ET

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(CNN) - Dozens of tips have poured in after California authorities released more than 100 photos of women and children on Thursday that are believed to have been taken by a serial killer who appeared on the "Dating Game."

Police determined Friday that two female minors in the pictures, taken in the 1970s, are alive and well. They have received tips on a handful of other women who could be dead or missing, according to Patrick Ellis, a detective with the Huntington Beach Police Department.

"We've received several calls saying that someone in a photo could be so-and-so who's been missing or found dead," Ellis said Friday. "The response has been overwhelming, and that's what we were looking for."


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Janet Strauss   March 17th, 2010 12:47 am ET

I have never ever responded to anything publicaly... however being a survivor of sexual abuse I was disturbed enough by the interview tonight with the young woman who claims to be a victim of the man who killed the 19 year old to question her valididty of her claim... I found her demeanor to be unrealistic for someone who has been horendously abused... I am almost 60 years old and am unable to smile or act like she did and my abuse happened 45 years ago... I still cry. I do not want to diminish what she claims... perhaps she is much stronger than I, but I have yet to have met a survivor that is able to maintain as she did... kudos to her...what I think needs to happen with sexual preditors is that they are emasculated so that they have no opportunity to harm another woman or man... I realize that this may sound harsh or cruel...but having spoken to others, including my husband, they/he feels that perhaps knowing that by perpertrating/damaging another soul/spirit the consequences would be severe, the abuse would not necessarily stop, but would at least decrease. The consequences need to be increased. The affect of abuse is life long and permanent regardless of therapy. education and resilience. There is no excuse to allow perpertrators to continue to harm our children.

Phyllis Guerin   March 17th, 2010 12:55 am ET

I am so tired of hearing about the sex offender registery, it does not work. I recently found out that I had an ex-employee who is a registered sex offender. He spent 3 years in prison for molesting a 6 year old girl. Upon reviewing his recent registery that was done in August of 2009 (at the time he was employed with me) I noticed that one of the questions was pertaining to his employment status. He stated to the Hood County Sherrif"s Department that he was unemployed. I contacted the Sherrif's Department and was told, well these guys lie because they are afraid that we will go to there place of employment. Now Texas states that it is a felony to lie about anything when they are registering. They have to notify the Sherrif's Department of any changes including employment. I pointed out to the Deputy that he in fact had lied and she stated "well I will talk to him next time he comes in" she also preceeded to tell me that he was not due to come for a while. So this so called registery is based on the "sex offender" being honest in there answers with obviously no follow up what so ever. My opinion is when they find out they have lied they should be knocking on there doors not waiting for the next time they come in so they can talk to them.

Hector   March 17th, 2010 1:10 pm ET

Okay, I can't keep silent anymore on this subject. I happen to be a person who has to register. Although the person who committed the sex crime is serving 20years & was found guilty due to my help. Florida doesn't care wheather I actually committed the crime or not. My situation happened in 93. I was released in 97 & since then I've kept myself on the right path.(NOTE) my situation had nothing to do with kids. I even have legal documents proving my innocence from the district attorney who lead the case. I know I don't have to justified myself to anyone. I just felt compelled to share my situation because alot of people prejudge to fast & don't care to do their homework. It scares me to death when I hear people say "all sex offenders should blah, blah, blah" without knowing anything. Anyway, I agree with Phyllis but i also can understand where that type of person might be coming from. I've lost many jobs & i've cried & begged for job opportunities. For me, it hurted me bad because I know I made a mistake when i was young. I did my time & took advantage of the system to teach me better only to come out & have people give me no break what so ever. I don't know that person's situation but I can relate to an extent. Yes, their are some cases out there where they should be confined for way longer period of time especially when a parole had made their recomendation like they did on this guy. I am all for that. I could keep goin on & on here so I'm going to end this by saying. Don't judge until you have done all your homework even if means you have to ask that indivisual them selves.

Cajazz76:24:8   March 17th, 2010 1:23 pm ET

Phyllis Guerin

If we all had to answer for every little lie we told with a police presence, we would all have to be police just to answer the call's....

If your ex-employee is a danger beyond that, do the correct thing. It appear's to me you are stocking him...a violation of the law itself..

.There is nothing, in my mind more appalling than child abuse...It has many faces, including the faces the abused resemble, their families. That is the origin of the largest segment of the population of abuser's...and seldom are they reported and brought to justice...

Cajazz76:24:8   March 17th, 2010 1:57 pm ET

Stocking...stalking...awfully be blogging...for me anyway

Barleyman   March 17th, 2010 2:13 pm ET

It's not the end all solution, but the registry is a good start. The predator in my community was picked up less than 24 hours after he killed. I find it odd that no one talks about how quickly the San Diego Sheriff found the killer. That is solid police work.... Could we be stricter, harsher, sure we could, but there are always going to be ex-cons on parole, that's a fact, and the registry is the only way I can think of the public being informed on who is in their neighborhood. Now integrate it with GPS ankle bands and we're talking real time tracking of potential predators. How about a collar?

Mike   March 17th, 2010 2:50 pm ET

America give the world a break, you sexualize your children you allow your children to listen to songs like " Poker Face " ( poke her face ) courtesy of Lady Ga Ga, you make movies about child rape and incest
Dennis Hopper reveled in producing monstrous story lines involving rape and murder of kids.

And then the film Lolita, you consider a classic, a story about a 50 year old man seducing a 13 year old girl ! and then you scream when somebody brings your fantasy's to reality, who cares? certainly not the rest of the world.

Libby   March 17th, 2010 9:07 pm ET

I vote for the collar

Vicki   March 18th, 2010 1:31 am ET

I think its great that you guys, who already know the registry doesn't work, are so willing to pay for it. There are over 700,000 men/women and juveniles on the registry for offenses ranging from rape, rape and then murder, urinating in public, flashing, posession of child pornography (they can't seem to catch the folks that produce the tapes or images), streaking, consentual sex with someone you are/were dating and they happen to be a year or two under eighteen, or sexting, and then there are the teens who get drunk at a house party and perform oral sex on someone under 18. Even John Walsh said we need to get rid of the 700,000 names on the registry and focus on the 10,000 "violent" and "dangerous" people who are "threats to society." That term is used by professional psychologists who evaulate them. But, thanks to the sleeping politicians they passed the Adam Walsh Act without knowing what was in it....based on the current debate on the health care issues currently being voted on in congress..does that sound familiar....nobody knows what is in a bill and we pay them for that.

SORNA is Title 1 of the Adam Walsh Act and every state has to comply with the laws by July. Almost all states have defermined they can't afford to do all the tracking, verifying the distance to the park, school, daycare, as well as other things they will have to do.

But, if you have several billion dollars in your pocket....they will gladly take it in light of your feelings about "all sex offenders." The stranger danger that has been touted is a myth.

Oh, by the way, many politicians have stated they know the laws have gone too far but, it would be "political suicide" to stand up and say, get ready to pay out the wazoo!

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