March 12, 2010

Idol fans are missing Paula!

Posted: 03:35 PM ET

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(CNN) - The success of "American Idol" hasn't just been about the singing talent.

As much as viewers tuned in to rally behind their favorite performer, they also came for the chemistry between the judges. That helped elevate the show beyond just a search for America's next music star.

Never has the importance of that dynamic been more evident than in Season Nine, which has plenty of fans sharing a common complaint: "We miss Paula."

"I think the chemistry they had before with the judges is really affecting the show this season," said Lindsay Powers, staff editor with US Weekly and an "Idol" fan.

"What Paula brought to the show was not only someone with a musical background, but also very endearing, compassionate, goofy and funny. Just like people tuned in to see what mean thing Simon would say, they would also tune in to see the whacky thing that Paula was going to say each week."


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Eddie Cole   March 12th, 2010 6:33 pm ET

The fans need to get over it. These shows are all around the world. There is someone to replace each and everyone on the panel...I can't believe people can be so short sighted and not accept someone else sitting in a chair. I shake my head in shame that AMERICAN'S can be so silly..........

MzNomerNAzona   March 12th, 2010 6:45 pm ET

Ellen Degneres does absolutely nothing for the show. She isn't funny and who needs funny anyway. She has no cred as a music judge. I could do what she does. Paula has credibility. She is a very talented artist. Idol blew it when they took her off and they did nothing for the chemistry by adding that other poser who writes trite songs...what's her name again...????

Idol is on its way out anyway. Once Simon leaves it will be nothing. That show is already kind of boring now anyway.

Maria Copelli   March 12th, 2010 8:01 pm ET

Paula ,was very much part of the show,and she is missed ! Ellen is so sweet too ,and very compassionate.Maybe they can all be together?Maria C.

Jessie from Auckland, NZ   March 13th, 2010 5:33 am ET

Yes, I agree, no-one is indispensable. Of course you can't replace Paula. She had music on her side as well. You can't go comparing people. Have to accept them on their merits.

I would have thought they would have only chosen the judges, who had some credibility in the music industry. Maybe someone out of it can bring a different perspective and offer a different spin on things. The thing is, are they up to the challenge. Sometimes, it can take a bit of time for someone new to settle in.

Are there any guidelines for the judging.

JoJo   March 13th, 2010 9:07 pm ET

Now about Ellen Degeneres. Did they ever find out if that is a woman, or a man?. I am very doubtfull that she is a woman.

AK Sarda   March 14th, 2010 9:17 am ET

For viewers, a show becomes an alternative reality. So its a bit disconcerting to adjust to change even in this not so real 'reality'. I had just got used to the idea of Conan O' Brien having replaced Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Now that Jay Leno is back, there's this tendency to wish there was some way of being able to view shows by both simultaneously.

Maria Copelli   March 14th, 2010 2:30 pm ET

Jo jo Ellen is awoman........Maria C.

Maria Copelli   March 14th, 2010 2:33 pm ET

Paula is just cute bubbly ,and a great choreographer,I admit I do miss her on the show,but what can we do?Just embrace Ellen ,and give her a chance to shine,she is a very thoughful person,and balances off the others nicely ,I think anyway! Maria C.

maxine   March 15th, 2010 12:17 am ET

I don't see where they need four judges.I really like Ellen but she wasn't needed on the show. Paula is GREATLY MISSED!!!!!! The chemistry between Paula and Simon is needed. Kara is trying but she is NOT Paula and must not try to be.

pat davis   March 15th, 2010 3:23 am ET

I watch this show faithfully EVERY season and yes I MISS PAULA ABDUL!!! The show just isn't the same. As for Kara....she's okay but this flirty thing with Simon is a bit much. I think she's trying to hard to win us over and it comes across kinda fake. Overall, the show is not the same without Paula Abdul.

@Maria....I agree, Ellen adds a little something to the show. I think her humor takes the edge off especially for the contestants. She seems to be getting a lot of negative reviews so I don't know if she's going to last. It would be nice if she did.

Just Simple Loves To Watch Larry King Show!   April 6th, 2010 2:09 am ET

They are so silly! Can't they see that Paula & Randy & Simon & A Guest Star Like Ellen are drawing!!! the crowd!!!!???? Err.... Helllooooo DID ANYONE GET IT? PAULA!, RANDY, SIMON & A GUEST JUDGE ARE A PERFECT MATCH!!!????

Just Simple Loves To Watch Larry King Show!   April 6th, 2010 2:17 am ET

" P A U LAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......!
"RANDY!!! RANNNNNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnDY..........! "
"SIMON! SIMON! WE WANT SIMON!!!SIMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmON!!!!"

"GIVE US BACK PAULA!!!!!, RANDY!!!!! & SIMON !!!!!!!"
"GIVE US BACK PAULA!!!!!, RANDY!!!!! & SIMON !!!!!!!"
"GIVE US BACK PAULA!!!!!, RANDY!!!!! & SIMON !!!!!!!"
"GIVE US BACK PAULA!!!!!, RANDY!!!!! & SIMON !!!!!!!"

Just Simple Loves To Watch Larry King Show!   April 6th, 2010 2:57 am ET

Whispering cute mouse from Charottle's Web is saying:

" Er...Kara we don't hear your name in the crowd! "

It is llike PAULA, RANDY, SIMON & ELLEN Together! THEY WILL BE THE MOST INTERESTING DRAMA TO WATCH ESPECIALLY IF PAULA likes SIMON, SIMON likes PAULA, BUT SIMON also wants to make ELLEN LIKES HIM TOO, BUT ELLEN don't like SIMON she likes RANDY BUT RANDY just wanna be himself coz he can't decide whether he want to like PAULA ot not! Hahaha!!! SO FuNnY!!
And Here comes RYAN suddenly falling for ELLEN & PAULA and RYAN fights with SIMON & RANDY haaHaaa! and the Drama GOES ON...on...&....On...!!! so so funny!

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