March 11, 2010

The Luxurious Secret Life of Kim Jong-il

Posted: 05:12 PM ET

By Malcolm Moore

Kim Jong Ryul, 75, has spent the last 16 years in exile in Austria after fleeing North Korea and still fears for his life. In a new book, At the Dictator's Service, he recounts the luxury in which North Korea's leaders live.

Using the code name Emil, Kim travelled through Europe on a diplomatic passport and with a suitcase full of cash, procuring cars, planes, guns and special food for both Kim Il-sung and his son, Kim Jong-il.

The goods and money would be channelled through Vienna, to take advantage of banking secrecy, lax trade rules and minimal checks on aircraft.

Mr Kim said the North Korean leaders had dozens of villas, some of which were built underground, that were stuffed with chandeliers, silk wallpaper and expensive furniture. He said some of the villas were equipped with special ventilation systems in case of a nuclear attack.

He said Kim Il-sung would "only eat foreign food". He added: "In Vienna, there was a special attache, a friend of mine, who only procured special foreign food for the dictator." Troupes of chefs would be sent from North Korea to Austria to study how to cook.


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Mike P   March 11th, 2010 5:41 pm ET

Good for him, all on our dime I think I need to make a big stink so the American government comes at me w/ breifcases full of cash so I can go on a spending spree in Europe...What a joke...

A. Smith, Oregon   March 11th, 2010 5:52 pm ET

The secret life of Afghanistan's CIA installed President Hamid Karzai is likely very similar to the luxury's and deviance enjoyed by the dictator of North Korea with the sole exception, America taxpayers are paying for Hamid Karzai and his alleged major Opium smuggling brother's lifestyle.

Jim Carroll   March 11th, 2010 6:45 pm ET says, Give Californiaa some money.
Since the states gave up their right to create money, the Federal Government has the
responsibility to create the money the states need to balance their budgets. Article 1,
Section 8, of the Constitution gave the Federal Government power to create money.
Money must be created first before equal value can be created. The Federal Government
needs to create enough new money now to give each state five hundred million dollars for
each member of congress, which would be equal distribution. Goods and services is what
has real value–not money, which is mostly numbers on a computer chip. Over 5% growth
in GDP proves that money must be created before equal value can be created. The stimulas
and the bail-outs of banks and auto makers increased the GDP.

California could create its own money by making it good only in the state of
California and exchangeable with the dollar in California. Since the Federal Government
has a stupid money policy, there is no need for California to be broke when money is only
a medium of exchange for goods and services. California could withdraw from the United States
and become a new country. It could then create its own money supply like 191 other countries– which
would be good anywhere in the world. This would get the USA of the off of a gold standard mentality.
Article 1, Section 8, Constitution gives the Federal Government the power to keep a balanced money supply. New money
should be made available to all the states without any matching funds required for creating jobs and funding new
businesses which produces new jobs. Goods and services have real value. Money is only numbers on a computer chip
which exchanges goods and services. Get educated at the

Jessie from Auckland, NZ   March 12th, 2010 3:33 am ET

Oh well, what can you say. Good for him.

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