March 11, 2010

In His Own Words: Corey Haim Called Himself a 'Chronic Relapser'

Posted: 05:15 PM ET


By Blane Bachelor and Oliver Jones

Even through punishing shame and addiction haze, Corey Haim could always find the words to articulate his demons – no more so than in 2008, when he opened up to PEOPLE in a candid interview that foreshadowed his continued struggles and tragic end. 

"I'm a chronic relapser," Haim, who was then 36, said at the time. "I guess I always will be."

Here is Haim in his own words, chronicling his experience with an all-too-familiar Hollywood storyline: Early success as a child actor, which brought money, fame and substance abuse. He also delved into the rift with fellow actor and longtime friend Corey Feldman, with whom he had an A&E reality show, The Two Coreys, which documented their lives during two seasons.

• On an episode of sexual abuse he suffered around age 14: "I was very, very awake and very ashamed of what was going on, how I put it, I was just ... coming into Hollywood, man, [I was] just a horny little kid, like on drugs, getting fed drugs, man, by vampires."

• On recovering from that situation: "I still blame myself to an extent, but my conscience is much, much more clear. I have come to terms with this a long time ago but obviously not [totally]. Stuff happens when you are a kid, it scars you inside for life."

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Jessie from Auckland, NZ   March 12th, 2010 12:10 am ET

Yes, the sexual abuse suffered as a youngster could be one of the root causes in his addiction problem. They probably try to suppress the bad memories and the pain they feel. Very sad really.

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