March 11, 2010

Dr. Drew Pinksy: Corey Haim Should Have Done My Show

Posted: 05:19 PM ET



By Howard Breuer

Corey Haim apparently made a fatal mistake when he recently told Celebrity Rehab's producers he had no interest in participating, the show's host, Dr. Drew Pinsky, tells PEOPLE.  

Pinsky, an addiction-medicine specialist, says that friends and associates of the former child actor – who died Wednesday at 38 – have told him for years that Haim needed help with recovery. Pinsky says he gave them his phone number but Haim never called.

Pinksy adds that although Haim has been to rehab facilities several times, "he wasn't embracing treatment in any real way" and was only fooling himself when he told his show's producers "I do not need help."

"He's dead. Do you need to know anything more?" Pinsky said.

Pinsky says that although Haim's heaviest years of abusing illicit drugs were behind him, he apparently followed the path of many addicts, taking prescription drugs instead of cocaine or heroin. He suspects Haim was reckless, exceeding recommended dosages or combining drugs in a dangerous manner – much like Anna Nicole Smith, who died in 2007 from a lethal combination of prescription drugs.

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A. Smith, Oregon   March 11th, 2010 5:48 pm ET

Karl Rove is not able to spin Western Intelligence. The UK is loudly and clearly stating MI5 had no intelligence whatsoever indicating WMD existed nor that what Rove-Bush-Cheney were spreading was anything but LIES!

The UK is clearly aware they were lied to and are not attempting to spin the details to support Karl Rove's tangled logic whatsoever.

Its quite simple Karl Rove, YOU LIED and AMERICANS DIED!

Mike P   March 11th, 2010 5:57 pm ET

Welp, I'm gonna ask this question, knowing full well that your probably not going to give me the answer I'm looking
I would like to ask what Dr. Drew Pinsky thinks about the outright legalization of marijuana that alot of states ( including my own CA) are proposing for the upcoming election in November. I personally thinks its a great idea, and i'll tell ya why... Over 40% of all drug arrest are for marijuana. If we cut everbody loose from prison whose only crime was for marijuana, and if we stopped prosocuting them we would save a ton, a billion anually atleast I believe, ...If we were to tax it, that would be even more money. And you know what might even be the best thing to happen as a result? We cripple the progress of these mexican drug cartels and illegal gangs that are making a huge profit. We impower them by keeping marijuana illegal. And true they have other drugs at their desposal, but if we legalized marijuana, that would free up law inforcement to go after real drugs...ANNUAL AMERICAN DEATHS CAUSED BY DRUGS

TOBACCO ........................ 400,000
ALCOHOL ........................ 100,000
ALL LEGAL DRUGS .............20,000
ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS ..........15,000
CAFFEINE .........................2,000
ASPIRIN ...........................500
MARIJUANA ...................... 0
Source: United States government...
National Institute on Drug Abuse,
Bureau of Mortality Statistics

Thank You

I ask this because I feel you would give me an honest anwer. Or maybe you could just opine on alcohol vs marijuana. I mean, I think its time that we change some things...My mother is a recovering addict...cocaine, speed, heroin... been clean for 14 years, woulda been like 23 except for a two month relapse. She currantly works at a substace abuse agency, and she even says to legalize marijuana...She also says that they are losing a certain funding that represents 80% of what they use and need...So I guess another question would be, Would it be so bad as to legalize marijuana ,then tax it, so we can then give a little back and help people that would be on the streets and dead w/out these programs?

Anonymous in Arizona   March 11th, 2010 6:14 pm ET

DR. Drew, I think your show is disgraceful. I have been in recovery for 25 years and in all those years most of the people that weren't able to grasp the concept of anonymity were the ones who relapsed. Anonymity is much more than keeping your identity private.

Just look at the track record from your show of those that have stayed sober and clean. We have better statistics at the AA club where I got sober....without treatment and just AA.

Anne   March 11th, 2010 6:35 pm ET

Did Corey Haim have cocaine cardiomyopathy?

Jim Carroll   March 11th, 2010 6:45 pm ET says, Give Californiaa some money.
Since the states gave up their right to create money, the Federal Government has the
responsibility to create the money the states need to balance their budgets. Article 1,
Section 8, of the Constitution gave the Federal Government power to create money.
Money must be created first before equal value can be created. The Federal Government
needs to create enough new money now to give each state five hundred million dollars for
each member of congress, which would be equal distribution. Goods and services is what
has real value–not money, which is mostly numbers on a computer chip. Over 5% growth
in GDP proves that money must be created before equal value can be created. The stimulas
and the bail-outs of banks and auto makers increased the GDP.

California could create its own money by making it good only in the state of
California and exchangeable with the dollar in California. Since the Federal Government
has a stupid money policy, there is no need for California to be broke when money is only
a medium of exchange for goods and services. California could withdraw from the United States
and become a new country. It could then create its own money supply like 191 other countries– which
would be good anywhere in the world. This would get the USA of the off of a gold standard mentality.
Article 1, Section 8, Constitution gives the Federal Government the power to keep a balanced money supply. New money
should be made available to all the states without any matching funds required for creating jobs and funding new
businesses which produces new jobs. Goods and services have real value. Money is only numbers on a computer chip
which exchanges goods and services. Get educated at the

A. Smith, Oregon   March 11th, 2010 7:41 pm ET

The US Constitution was written on HEMP PAPER, Paper that was made from Marijuana plant fiber. Currently the US would have to beg China for Hemp Paper in order to write the US Constitution, ironic isn't it?

During WW2 the US Govt. urged and begged Midwest Farmers across the US to grow Marijuana for the war effort to obtain Hemp Rope. Campaign banners spouted up everywhere proclaiming 'HEMP FOR VICTORY'.

Here in the West, countless homes and farm's have been seized by brutal Sheriff's who sold them on the Sheriff's auction's to their cousins for penny's. Car's, trucks were seized over mere suspicion and it was nearly impossible to get back money and land seized even when it was entirely obvious the suspects were innocent.

After three decades of brutality's, fear, threats and deaths by the heavy handed Sheriff's of Nottingham upon the American law abiding citizens living in the Pacific Northwest, the law abiding citizens are turning back the horrific tide of 'legal violence' unleashed upon them, their neighbors, their homes and their private business's.

We don't need any more senseless fear busting down innocent neighbors doors in the middle of the night, we don't need any more minority's pulled over by paranoid Sheriff's who throw all of their vehicle belongings out into the street under the guise of 'searching' their car. We need the New's Media to tell the horrific and often brutal Police agency's 'HELL NO, we will not accept your violence any more'.

California and other States are voting for full legalization of Marijuana, much like the United States had and enjoyed for the majority of its existence without any problem whatsoever. It is time to outlaw the insane violence by the Sheriff's, and legalize Marijuana once again.

Cajazz76:24:8   March 11th, 2010 8:35 pm ET

A .Smith, Oregon

It is apparent after many years of stuffing the government with opportunities for literally millions of jobs related to drug enforcement that our economy would further collapse into calamity.

It would be tantamount to stopping all war and letting all the soldier's, sailor's, air force and marine personnel loose into an already disastrous economy starving for job's.

However, in direct proportion's, an equal number of convicted inmate's would also be freed to roam the same street's devoid of opportunity. We have been advised all our lives to be wary of what we wish for..sic!

Dodie   March 11th, 2010 9:13 pm ET

Dr. Drew Pinksy…….. You are an embarrassment to the field. Your narcissism and insensitivity precedes you. How can you even think of capitalizing on the pain of others!

You are totally DISGUSTING!!!!!

Cindy   March 11th, 2010 10:39 pm ET

I'm sure a lot of people are not aware of professionals such as Dr. Pinksy and how they may help those in trouble so I think it's good to hear from him and others in his role. I think some of the criticism of Dr. Pinksy is unwarranted.

Theresa   March 11th, 2010 11:02 pm ET

Dr. Drew.........the only thing I can say about you is I don't like you.You should be ashamed to call yourself a doctor. People like you irritate me because you think you're God on earth in human form. So, you think you could have cured Corey Haim & all the other rehab he went to was no good...hmmmm. ...God isn't that self centred!!!!! Get a life....quit taking people's money...I don't think your success rate is all that great! Too bad you don't read some of these postings.

Theresa   March 11th, 2010 11:06 pm ET

@Cajazz 76:24:8.....your definition of a CNN moderator made me laugh out loud. I had a stroke 2 weeks ago & haven't found much to laugh about...that comment really helped. I'm still chuckling.

Jessica*   March 12th, 2010 3:21 am ET

Wow. Dr. Drew you are kinda of an a-hole. I was listening to Love Line the other night on my way home from work, after I don't know, maybe at least 5 years of not listening, and I thought maybe he was just having a bad day. He was making a lot of really sarcastic remarks, and being really rude to the callers. I know people are dumb, especially the kids who call LoveLine in the middle of the night with these really weird questions, but if they didn't call and ask they'd never know, which is probably why they are calling. Why do you, as a "Dr.", belittle almost every person who calls in? Does it make you feel better?

"He's dead. Do you need to know anything more?" Pinsky said. – What an absolutely cold hearted thing to say. You should really think before you open your mouth, just because you're "Dr. Drew" doesn't mean you can or should just say whatever you want. I have 0 respect for Dr. Drew. That is horrible.

Jessie from Auckland, NZ   March 12th, 2010 3:57 am ET

Yes Theresa, Cajazz will never fail to make you laugh. Sorry to hear about your health troubles. He is a tonic.

It sounds like Dr Drew lost it here. Yes, it does seem like a slap in the face. Regardless, Dr Drew should still have handled the situation in a more professional manner.

Maybe he is angry that he didn't get the chance to help Corey Haim and that he might have still been here, if he had reached out and grabbed it like a lifeline. It is a shame really. But who knows. It's just a tragedy.

Ted   March 12th, 2010 9:34 am ET

@ Cajazz

If we did bring back all our troops from oversees, we would save untold billions alone on munition and other costs caused by the war.
Each plane or helicopter destroyed costs millions.
In addition those troops would spend their dollars in our economy, not in Germany, England, Iraq, etc., amounting to billions every year.
The housing allowance for soldiers and civilians living off post run an average of $50,000 a year! Tens of thousands live off post in luxurious houses that they could never have in the USA!
The Army engineers could start with building canals, roads, bridges at home, instead doing the same in foreign countries.
We spend billions to destroy towns, roads, bridges in war, then we spend billions again to rebuild the same.

All that money saved could be used to tarin our soldiers in jobs that they can have after the release from service.
We are talking about big, big money and mucho dineros!

Cajazz76:24:8   March 12th, 2010 2:51 pm ET


Couldn't agree with you more. Imagine what could be done with the $682,000,000,000 the U.S. Gov. has budgeted for defense in 2o10. You may have read an earlier blog when I mentioned that China budgeted a mere $68,000,000,000 for this fiscal year.

Ted we spend that much on keeping people in prison. Our prison population is higher than China who, with a population of 1.4 billion versus 308 million U.S., defends their country with far, far less than we spend to protect ourselves from ourselves.

Granted I was being a bit facetious with A. Smith...Always good to read what is on your mind...your so much more than real..

Cajazz76:24:8   March 12th, 2010 3:01 pm ET

@Jessie from Auckland NZ

First to Theresa...I am enriched just knowing a grin has helped you along in your recovery.. Keep smiling and my hopes are that you will recovery 100%.

Jessie..your such a good person to take the time to wish someone well. It puts a wonderful face with that name of yours and I am sure Theresa has been warmed by your comforting words.. Thanks Jessie.

Ted   March 13th, 2010 1:07 pm ET

@ cajazz

I follow your blogs, they make me laugh, although you were a bit too hard on IreneN.

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