February 19, 2010

New controversy surrounding 'American Idol's' top 24

Posted: 09:20 AM ET

We once again have a Lambert on “American Idol.”

The remaining top 24 were revealed on Wednesday night and Alex Lambert (apparently no relation to Adam) made it through along with Lacey Brown, Crystal Bowersox, Janell Wheeler, Katie Stevens, Michelle Delamore, Siobhan Magnus, Lilly Scott, John Park, Joe Munoz, Ashley Rodriguez, Haeley Vaughn, Paige Miles, Tyler Grady, Jermaine Sellers, and Andrew Garcia.

And since “Idol” wouldn’t be “Idol” without some controversy, contestant Chris Golightly, who made it into the Top 24, was replaced at the last minute by contestant Tim Urban (who I’m going to go out on a limb here and say is not related to Keith). According to a press release from Fox, it was determined that Golightly was ineligible to continue in the competition.

Fellow Hollywood week contender Samantha Musa tweeted that she had spoken to Golightly – who touched hearts with his back story of being in foster care – about his disqualification.

“He was disqualified yesterday, after already being told he was in the top 24, over some bogus old contract,” Musa tweeted on Wednesday. “The contract expired, but they disqualified him for not telling them.”

Fox hasn’t given any details as to why Golightly was tossed, and Musa questioned why he was let go instead of “Big Mike” Lynche – whose father reportedly broke the “Idol” confidentiality agreement by blabbing about his making it into the Top 24 – was not.

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Mark van Scheppingen   February 19th, 2010 10:49 am ET

All families will correct there own family members...
But the United Nations army will be watching...
CHINA+JAPAN+RUSSIA will join this UN army ?
Ultimate Goal: Worldpeace=impossible, but World Stability is an option !

Honesty is Platinum, Patience is golden, silence is silver...

Mark van Scheppingen
The Netherlands
A very concerned world citizen

Cajazz76:24:8   February 19th, 2010 12:26 pm ET

That is the one thing that perplexes even the sides of me that embrace sanity and delusion. Apparently, 'American Idol' feels these children and adolescents are vying for positions beyond the posts in the Vatican.

Let's not entertain the thought they have 'already' made mistakes in their lives when inherent to the entertainment industry are the seedy sides of life in 'reality.'

This I aim at the heart of those behind the scenes who think 'they' are without imperfection. I enjoy the show because of the exposure of raw talent in its infancy on the way to notoriety, not to determine who amongst the group in virgin and/or sinless.

Maybe those who scrutinize so deeply should expose their derrieres for examination before the nation and the world. Tell me, those of you with 'idol' minds, has Sarah Palin been a 'moderator' of the moral and ethical compasses you are following?

Cajazz76:24:8   February 19th, 2010 12:58 pm ET

@Mark Van Scheppingen

After posting my blab, I read yours and knew immediately you were sitting in the corner of, either the 'Milky Way' or the 'Bulldog' imbibing on some good reefer, correct? Beyond your first sentence came the thought your silence is 'Lutetium'. Enjoy the 'lethargic' stupor and when your sober tell us what you really want to say. You started out with abstemious comment ended with some capernoited concoction. Good thing I was drinking my morning coffee I would have disliked wasting a good drunk!

Penny   February 22nd, 2010 3:15 pm ET

yes you no how I am and you no what I,M thinking you no the people you no I rely don,t Carr what the US think you no I,M here to say it the way I please and I hop you see it like I do well you no I,M think what you or thinking so way don,t the US get it to what you see what I see way cant they see it to so with it I well see you on the up side I do say the diff see you I Lee Bot or penny the love of my life see you than even tho it did not happening like that I don't care it the true see you penny Hensley be well I going now ante ll I meet a nutter see you my love

Penny Donald L Allen   February 22nd, 2010 3:22 pm ET

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