February 28, 2010

Tonight on Larry King Live!

Posted: 02:00 PM ET

The one and only Bill Maher sits down with Larry!

You can't miss this conversation...

He’s ready to take on…EVERYONE!!

He’ll tell us what he really thinks about President Obama, Sarah Palin and the elected officials in Washington!

His thoughts on Leno and Conan…the John Edwards sex scandal…the response to the earthquake in Haiti

Tonight, NOTHING is off limits…

Plus! Success expert Harvey Mackay with advice on getting your foot in the door, and getting a job.

So we want to hear from you (and so does Bill)…



Sound off below!

And tune in at 9pm ET / 6PM PT to hear Bill’s response…

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February 27, 2010

A Special Saturday Edition of LKL!

Posted: 09:19 PM ET

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The president of Chile says more than 2 million people have been affected by today’s earthquake. Survivors share their stories – including a former ‘American Idol’ finalist!

Plus, athletes of the Chilean Olympic team in Canada decided to skip Sunday’s closing ceremony and immediately return home. Noelle Barahona tells Larry how her team is coping.

Larry has all the latest from South America!


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8.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Chile

Posted: 02:01 PM ET


Santiago, Chile (CNN) - A massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake rocked Chile early Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, killing at least 122 people and triggering tsunami warnings for the entire Pacific basin.

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="GETTY IMAGES"]

Warning sirens were sounded in Hawaii at 6 a.m., although any possible tsunami would not strike for several hours. Tsunamis can travel at 400 to 500 mph, the speed of a jet plane, said Georgia Tech geology professor Kurt Frankel.

A large wave killed three people and 10 were missing on the island of Juan Fernandez, 400 miles (643 km) off the coast of Chile, said Provincial Governor Ivan De La Maza.

On mainland Chile, the task of trying to save survivors and recover the dead was fully under way by late morning. Buildings lay in rubble, bridges and highway overpasses were toppled and roads buckled like rumpled paper.


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February 26, 2010

30 Million Americans, 7,000 Rare Diseases

Posted: 07:01 PM ET

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By Peter Saltonstall
Pres. & CEO of NORD - National Organization of Rare Disorders

While the eyes of the nation are directed toward Washington and the ongoing Health Care Summit, I wanted to take the opportunity to raise an issue that too often flies below the radar of the collective health consciousness – rare diseases.

In the United States, “rare” refers to conditions affecting fewer than 200,000 Americans. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) there are nearly 7,000 such diseases. These might sound like relatively small numbers on the surface, but collectively, nearly 30 million Americans suffer from these uncommon—and in some cases, unknown—conditions. That’s one out of every ten individuals in this country alone.

Across the nation, patients are plagued by unexplainable symptoms and a general lack of awareness regarding their conditions, forcing them to endure dismissals and misdiagnoses before ever receiving a proper diagnosis.

In support of the struggle and bravery of these patients, the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) is celebrating the second annual Rare Disease Day in the United States this Sunday, February 28. NORD is collecting patient stories, photos and videos to raise awareness of specific rare diseases, to be featured on a special website for Rare Disease Day U.S. activities: NORD, along with its 150 member organizations and partners, serves as an advocate for these patients by heightening awareness of their conditions and the need for increased research funding for effective treatments.

One of these partners is Discovery Health, a television network well-known in the rare disease community for its popular medical mystery programming. Discovery Health has joined NORD for the second consecutive year as media partner for Rare Disease Day. In honor of the occasion, Discovery Health will premiere “Disease Detectives” at 8 PM ET/PT, an hour-long special featuring the first televised look into the NIH’s Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP), a unique program that combines the scientific and medical expertise with our enhanced resources in order to identify some of the most complex and problematic medical cases.

Although progress has been made in recent years, approximately 15 million Americans have rare diseases for which there still is no approved treatment. I encourage you to learn more about rare diseases—as the odds are you already know someone dealing with such a condition.

To learn more about NORD, visit

You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about Disease Detectives on Discovery Health.

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Tippi Hedren: These Animals Are Innocent

Posted: 04:48 PM ET


Animal abuse is rampant in the U.S., right under everyone’s eyes, for the entertainment of the public. The brutal confinement and pain of training methods of wild animals in the circus, the aquatic and theatrical shows, leads to retaliation by the animals. Eventually they find the right time to strike out, and they will.

[cnn-photo-caption image=
caption="GETTY IMAGES"]

What is it going to take to make it clear these animals are wild? These animals are innocent; it is man and the huge amounts of money brought in by the animals that allows this kind of insanity and deception to continue. It is up to the public to stop attending these theatrical, and aquatic shows, and circuses with wild animals. The rhetoric about how the animals are happy and well cared for are lies. Don’t be swayed by them. The money behind these shows is huge; there is nothing good about them.

Federal legislation is urgently needed to stop this insanity of wild animals in captivity.

Tippi Hedren

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Tonight – Married behind bars – prison wives tell us what life is like!

Posted: 02:50 PM ET

NOTE: We'll be talking to wives and a husband whose spouses are behind bars – TONIGHT on LKL – 9pmeastern/6pmpacific!!

Some of our guests are on the new show, "Prison Wives," which profiles those who have fallen in love, and remain devoted to each other, despite the fact that one spouse is in prison. "These unconventional families give viewers a look both inside prison life and at what keeps these relationships together, for better or worse, for richer or poorer."

Check out more on "Prison Wives" HERE

And let us know what you want to hear tonight!

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Michael Jackson Tape A Hoax

Posted: 02:14 PM ET

Los Angeles, California (CNN) - A paramedic who rushed Michael Jackson to a hospital the day he died said a recording purported to be him calling the emergency room is a fake, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

A British tabloid posted the recording online, suggesting it was evidence that Jackson had no pulse at the time, contrary to what his personal doctor said.

The audio "has been determined NOT to be the voice of any member of the Los Angeles Fire Department," fire spokesman Brian Humphrey said in a written statement Wednesday.

"The Firefighter/Paramedic who handled communications for that incident has confirmed to LAFD Administration that the voice is not his," Humphrey said.

One initial cause of skepticism about the recording was that the speakers did not use "standard protocol or established practice" followed by professional paramedics when they communicate with hospital staff, Humphrey said.


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ICYMI: Bob Barker & Jack Hanna on the death of Sea World trainer

Posted: 12:31 PM ET
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Ellen DeGeneres' 'Idol' performance draws mixed reviews

Posted: 09:27 AM ET

Even before Ellen DeGeneres took her seat on "American Idol," the roar began.

Cries of "What does she know about music" and "Bring back Paula Abdul" lit up blogs and message boards. Then the next shoe dropped - anchor judge Simon Cowell announced that the ninth season would be his last.

Fans had barely adjusted to the addition of a fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi, the season before. Once it was announced that DeGeneres was coming onboard, the naysayers were even more perturbed.

The whole situation brought DeGeneres into a whirlwind of drama, exacerbated by rumors that she and Cowell don't get along (both deny that's the case) and initial performances by contestants that have been less than stellar.

Now, after fans have had a week to check out DeGeneres' live judging of the talent competition, the talk show host and comic appears to be almost as polarizing as last season's runner-up, Adam Lambert.

"I knew it was going to be bad as soon as they announced it," said Brian Wheaton, who started a Facebook group called "Ellen is going to RUIN IDOL!"

"Why bring her on?" Wheaton said. "Because she's funny? We had plenty of humor before with Paula and Simon."

Change is never easy, but it's even more difficult for an enterprise that has a multitude of diehard fans and has ranked No. 1 in the ratings for the past five seasons. For a show like "Idol," which leans so heavily on formula, tweaking the dynamic can prove to be tricky.

(read more)

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SeaWorld to give more details Friday in trainer's death

Posted: 09:07 AM ET

SeaWorld has scheduled a Friday news conference to discuss an accident that left a trainer dead after she was attacked by a whale, a spokesman said.

Dawn Brancheau, 40, died Wednesday from multiple injuries and drowning after a 12,000-pound whale grabbed her ponytail and pulled her underwater in front of shocked onlookers at Shamu Stadium, the Orange County Sheriff's office said Thursday.

She was "pulled underwater for an extended period of time," Chuck Tompkins, SeaWorld's curator of zoological operations, told CNN's "American Morning."

Tompkins said Brancheau was interacting with the whale, Tilikum, in knee-deep water when the animal grabbed her hair. Rescuers were not immediately able to reach her because the whale was too aggressive, the sheriff's office said.

She was recovered by SeaWorld staff members after Tilikum was coaxed into a smaller pool and lifted out of the water by a large platform on the bottom of the smaller tank, authorities said.

"While this incident remains the subject of an ongoing death investigation, there are no signs of foul play," the sheriff's statement said. "All evidence and witness statements indicate that the death was a tragic accident."

(read more)

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