January 13, 2010

How you can help the people of Haiti...

Posted: 05:23 PM ET

An International Red Cross spokesman warned that up to 3 million people may have been affected by Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti.

Here is a list of vetted organizations working to get food, supplies and aid to the people of Haiti after Tuesday's earthquake.

Haiti faces devastation
An International Red Cross spokesman warned that up to 3 million people may have been affected by Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti. Below are some organizations specifically helping Haiti. Full Story

More details: Money needed most in relief efforts
Nations, aid groups scramble for Haiti quake relief
Watch out for scams
Twitter mobilizes aid efforts
How you can help:

International Medical Corps
Direct Relief International
World Vision
International Relief Teams
Yéle Haiti
American Red Cross
Operation USA
Catholic Relief Services
World Food Programme
World Concern
Save the Children
Samaritan's Purse
World Health Organization
Mercy Corps
Operation Blessing International
Operation USA
Doctors Without Borders
Medical Teams International
The International Committee of the Red Cross
The Salvation Army
American Jewish World Services
Habitat for Humanity International
MAP International

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TAY   January 13th, 2010 5:30 pm ET


susan   January 13th, 2010 6:03 pm ET

yes i agree, we should all unite togeather to help these poor,poor ,people , & my prayers go out to them,they are all in total darkness.heart breaking.

LacrosseMom   January 13th, 2010 8:45 pm ET


Catholic Relief, Mercy Corps, American Red Cross..... etc., these charities deal directly with the people, not one cent will go to the government of Haiti.

We are ALL children of the same God. Be generous.

This is it!   January 13th, 2010 9:30 pm ET

Tears are not silent,
as I pray for you all,
come together our world,
for the Haitians I call!
Help our fellow man,
and donate what you can,
if it cant be a bit of money,
send a prayer, for our fellow man!
For this is a tragedy,
that has stuck this land,
people of our world,
please do what you can!

Bless Haiti~

nancy strickland   January 13th, 2010 10:03 pm ET

there are many cruise ships loaded with food and water, why do they not go to hati and offer assstence, they are much closer and could be of great assistence...yes there are rich people on board and they are on vacations but there are ways to ask people to help...

Lionel SANNON   January 13th, 2010 10:08 pm ET

My waife was already paralysed on the right side. She is diabetic, hypertensive and she had a sroke 11/2 year ago. She is aphasic (speech dificulty), Her medications ran out. In top of that, she received head and leg injury last night. I haven't heard from her since.

Her address is 799 Grand Rue Leogane. Please, I have to find her, before it is too late, even if I HAVE TO PAY.


Lionel SANNON   January 13th, 2010 10:11 pm ET

See above. My wife name is Jocelyne Prophete. She is an USA citizen.

Letitia   January 13th, 2010 10:23 pm ET

We are a group of 9 doctors (mostly pediatricians) from Johns Hopkins Hospital who were scheduled to travel from Baltimore to Port Au Prince for routine medical missions trip from 1/13 to 1/25. Our flight was obviously canceled and many of our pre-arranged contacts can not be found. We have already packed medical supplies and would like to seek your assistance in helping to get us from the US to Port Au Prince to help provide medical relief. If you can help to provide any of the following: transportation, lodging/shelter, safety, and logistics support on the ground, we are willing and committed to helping over the next two weeks. Our group is headed by Sister Karen Schneider. If you are willing to help please contact:

Karen Schneider, MD
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Thanks so much for your assistance.

Eleanor Blue-Courtrayer   January 13th, 2010 10:44 pm ET

For Sanjay G. –Are you kidding me!?? The people of Haiti do not care if you are a neurosurgeon or a nurses aid...They need medical help and you are a doctor it is your duty to provide medical assistance and quite are not doing your job as a doctor! You say "of course, if needed, I will help people with my neurosurgical skills" HOG WASH!!! surely you are NEEDED to help in some way if only to apply a bandaid!!

Shame on you! Redeem yourself put the microphone down, step away from the cameras and use your medical skills to help the people. You told Larry King that you looked at someone's head at the airport, what are you doing to help now?

Let me leave you with this...

"If I can help somebody as I travel along the way then my living will not be in vain" DR. Sanjay how can you travel all the way to Haiti and NOT help the sick/injured? You are a doctor for goodness sakes!

Sondra   January 13th, 2010 10:48 pm ET

we are praying for all of Haiti for quick intervention from nations, organizations, charities and other governments..for food and medical help. Everyone pray. Everyone give. Now is the time. Don't hold back.

Joan   January 13th, 2010 11:03 pm ET



Leslie   January 13th, 2010 11:09 pm ET

I understand the Red Cross has pledged and released $200,000 for Haiti relief. I hear they have now raised over $1 million all of this money going to go to Haiti or are they going to use it for other efforts as well? I want to make sure my money goes to Haiti and not someplace else. (have already donated to Doctors without Borders and Yele Haiti)

Thank you.

angela   January 13th, 2010 11:32 pm ET

Joan, I thought abou tthis as well. I suspect they are probably very keen in their survival skills anyway and will be scavaging in the usual way. It looks like they all need WATER desperately now. I am sure the Humane Society is galvanizing troops.

Fernando Martinez   January 13th, 2010 11:45 pm ET

This Earth Quake has affected Millions of people whom are in dire need of some serious psychological and medical attention. The small amount of people whom were sent to Haiti by our government is not going to cut it. I know this because I happened to have worked the Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

We had approximately over 1200 FEMA workers working the Mississippi Gulf Coast alone and still did not have enough workers. Therefore, if our intention is to find many survivors, then we must act accordingly and get the man power that we need on the ground. My suggestion is to get our Military force to Haiti at once.

I am an American whom is working to save the children of Nicaragua. I posses various experiences such as counseling the mentally challenged, Program director, coordinator, medical, pharmaceuticals, and also offer many years of experienced working with FEMA Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Relief. If I can be of some assistance in the recovery mission then please feel free to contact me. I am willing to go.

emmanuel ekechi   January 14th, 2010 1:00 am ET

It is a devastating situation right there in Haiti,what i have to say is that the people of Haiti should be strong and remenber that as far there is life, there is hope and i will support with my prayers.

Kathryn   January 14th, 2010 1:14 am ET

I am very concerned with your coverage – and displaying of dead people in your footage. My 9 year old son is VERY disturbed by the photos you are showing of children dead as I am – can you not censor at least some of the pure horror

Fernando Martinez   January 14th, 2010 6:40 am ET

I understand that people like Anderson Cooper has to do his job and tell the world the news. However, I don't understand how someone like Dr. Gupta can just stand around and watch and not dive in and give his assistance to a dangling body.

Instead of him standing and walking around with Anderson Cooper he needs to be helping the so called salvageable victims. One of the questions that Anderson Cooper asked Dr. Gupta was what are your plans for tomorrow? His answer was go to the hospital and see if he could help out with the salvageable victims. I got news for him but the rapture is happening now so why is he not helping the victims now.

I don't care if I am mike up and have my news team with the camera on me. I will not watch another soul suffer. Thank god that I am not the one screaming for help underneath all that rubble. With this type of attention I could consider myself good as gone!!

Danny   January 14th, 2010 12:48 pm ET

the whole world should learn something from such a tragedy that we shouldnt wait for something like this to happen to come together and help our man kind but should help and love each other any time because we are all humans and no different from anyone else we all need the same things in life to live the only difference is how we look on the outside a grat leson to learn may GOD bless all the people in Haiti and all over this world

eva m miller   January 14th, 2010 2:28 pm ET

i have been watching the cnn news coverage of the problems they are having in haiti getting the help being offered to the people that needs it . i have a suggestion as to how to get the aid into the country. use aircraft carrriers to transport not only the supplies but also hellicopters to take the aid on in to the areas where the greatest need is . they could also shuttle the sick and injured out and back to areas willing to assist them . the heliocopters could also be used to air drop in casses where there is not a landing site close by. i believe the heliocopters are the safest and best bet of moving supplies at this time. please get this to someone who has the connections to look at it and see if it is a viable solution. i would suggest the president of the united states as he would be the one who could act on it the fastest. i also want to say that all of gods people should pray for these people daily .

lindafromnewyork   January 14th, 2010 4:45 pm ET

i was wondering the same thing as I was watching last night about Sanjay G. Is he just going to stand there?

Sergiu   January 14th, 2010 7:10 pm ET

What help did come from Cuba, if any?

mark from tennessee   January 14th, 2010 10:09 pm ET

can we not take all the carribbean cruise ships and make hospitals out of them and lodging for those poor people in haiti? Load them full of medical supplies and get moving......

Fernando Martinez   January 15th, 2010 1:06 am ET

Being an American and living in Central America, I am beginning to understand why people are not so fond of the United States.

One of the main reasons that people from the other side of the world get so mad at us is because the United States has the reputation of being better than other countries. Other countries do not like this type of attitude. The media does not seem to be helping out matters either. CNN continuously make commits about the US being first to answer the call and arriving in Haiti before anyone else.

How are we supposed to have a good relationship with the rest of the world when we keep acting better than they do? This is not about us being first to answer the call or about us having the first ship to arrive. It is about our nation coming together with other nations and doing what god wants us to do. Which is helping our fellow man and our brother's and sister's in a time of need.

Let's quit making such a big deal about Dr. Gupta treating that little 15 day old baby. I am sure he is a good guy but Larry King makes him look like a huge hero. What about the other people that are actually getting down on there hands and knees and getting dirty helping dig out victims. Those are the people that need to be praised. Not Dr. Gupta for wrapping a bandage around a babies head.

I must say the CNN crew really praises there people.

Fernando Martinez   January 15th, 2010 6:59 am ET

I am sick and tired of posting on this site. But, it seems that we have a bunch of idiots at the White House. Why in the world is it taking so long to get food and water to these people. Do we not have any helicopters available? If the airport is crowded and too much red tape is keeping these people from getting there aide, then we need to do the next best thing and drop their food and water by helicopter.

Here is how you do this. Alert the people and tell them that they are about to get food and water and have our military there to keep things in order so that the aggressive people don’t bully themselves and run over everybody else. You address this on a hand loud announcer and I assure you that the people will cooperate and do things in an orderly fashion. After all, they are intelligent human beings. The way we are handling this situation is simply in humane and ignorant.

I can assure you that many lives have been lost because lack of water. It is 91% in Haiti not 65%. I am tired of constantly listening to CNN saying that Aide is coming. Furthermore, we need to quit worrying about who is in charged and start taking better action. Each country that flew to Haiti to help out should be in charged of there own mission not the United States.

Last but not least. We should fork the bill for the ones that want to have a proper burial for there love ones. It was so hard to watch that guy plead Anderson Cooper for help in burring her sister. If I would have been Anderson Cooper I would have made a call to Washington and brought this to President Obama’s attention. I am sure president Obama would agree to this.

Damn it get this information out to the right hands and lets wake up!!

Leslie   January 15th, 2010 10:43 am ET

CNN, Your on site reporters are looking like a bunch of vultures...continuing to look for violence and negative response in Haiti. You just began reporting incorrectly that a warehouse was looted. If people begin acting negatively, you can believe it will be on your heads as well. The continual questions about guns, what to do in case people get violent, chaos, how soldiers will protect themselves in case there are riots, etc. etc. are repulsive. People in the US trampled others to get Furbies at the toy stores for gods sake! Don't set it up as if these people are bad folks. I've found the resilience and dignity that these people show laudable given what they are going through. Why don't you celebrate that rather than than look for the negative and sensational? Three days without water and food is horrible. And if the media can get in and out so easily, perhaps you should begin helping to ferry supplies back and forth to these people. Your reporters act almost disappointed that there is no violence...Shame on them!!! Even the choice of words...Chaos...frankly the people look very orderly given the circumstances.

If your news people can get all over the city, why can't they take water with them?? Help a little rather than seeking out the worst in people!! There is no excuse that these so called 'professionals' are not there yet to help if these pictures are to be believed. Thank god the Haitian people are so smart, they seem to be the only ones doing anything. Where are the helicopters to airlift supplies if the roads are impassable? It isn't rocket science to know if you have a hilly region in an earthquake the roads will be a problem.

One thing reporters can also learn is to be humble as they represent the US. The US was not the first to have China, Iceland, Cuba, and a few others who apparently were there on the ground before the USA. Let's hear about them and what they're doing. The US is not the end all and be all...they are one of many, not the big savior. Those days are long gone. To whom much is given, much is doesn't mean we always have to posture as the leader!

Shame on you for replaying Gupta bandaging the baby's head over and over....let him get behind a triage doctor and do what that doctor says....he clearly has medical knowledge, just stop with all the drama already. You need rapid triage and treatment...not showboating for the cameras. If he can't act as a clinician he is just taking up space.

You can do so much better is so frustrating to sit here and watch you be adequate when you could be great! Stop doing the ordinary and be extraordinary like all of those Haitian citizens who are using their ingenuity and common sense!

Thank you for listening...end of rant 🙂

Leslie   January 15th, 2010 10:46 am ET

I'm hoping you can use your influence to help those physicians from Johns Hopkins get down to Haiti!! If Haiti needs medical care, then help get them there!!

Fernando Martinez   January 15th, 2010 9:14 pm ET

There is absolutely no reason for our stupidity. How in the world can a little girl with just leg damage be dug out underneath so much rubble, and later find out that she didn't make it. The bad thing about all of this is that the CNN crew just sat around and did not even offer any help. It was so sad watching this Haitian family dig their loved one out, just to later find out that she didn't make it.

This is nothing but negligence and cruelty. The CNN crew should have immediately got an American crew to get this little girl the proper medical attention that she deserved. Shame on you CNN!! This is simply negligence!!!!!! This poor little girl had a better chance living longer underneath the rubble.

Please do not show anymore footages of rescue attempts if all you are going to do, is sit around and watch!!! Furthermore, you can rest assure that there are many outraged Haitian families throughout United States.

eva m miller   January 16th, 2010 12:36 am ET

i am praising God and thanking him for giving me the solution to how to get the aid to the people of haiti. yesterday as i watched the news casters tell of the aid and supplies being sent back and no way to get it to the people i started to pray, and it came to me to use the aircraft carriers and heliocopers as shuttles to do the job. i have never done any thing on the computor before but it came to me as if it wasn't any thing new at all. i saw the scroll across the screne and i thought thats where i start. the restn as they say is history. ialso thank God for letting you or whoever read my blog and as i suggested get it to someone who could act on it. thank you larry king for you are God sent to the people of haiti.PRASIE GOD AND BLESS HIS HOLY NAME. AMEN

Leslie   January 16th, 2010 2:47 am ET

I understand reporters are supposed to be "impartial" but I do not understand how you can live with yourselves to not help as you report. To hear that there was no generator to run a were the camera lights powered? What about the car/truck battery I am sure you had available? Please reconsider that philosophy.

Is there a way to equip the staff on the aid trucks with loudspeakers so they can 'shout louder' than the trouble makers when distributing food?

Can you please describe what danger there is to have evacuated all the physicians? Are there no lights yet to illuminate the area or security forces to protect the hospital tents? It is so hard to understand why certain things are happening. Mr. Anderson and Dr. Gupta, please be careful as you report.

There was discussion about dropping water and food from helicopters in certain spots and then distributing from there. Where are the helicopters that were on the carrier? Is there a plan yet?

Thank you for your attention.

Fernando Martinez   January 17th, 2010 5:24 pm ET

911 911 911 This Is NO Joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

An intuition came over me so please get this information to the rescuers in Haiti.

I know that the rescue attempts are going to be called off soon. However, I had eary feeling awhile ago.

We need to continue looking where ever there were grocery stores, market places, restaurants, and convenient stores. I feel that there is a very strong possibility that there are many survivors trapped underneath this type of rubble.

These people are probably keeping themselves alive by eating food and drinking water. Also, we probably need to start planning in getting everybody to higher ground because there is a strong possibility that these after shocks can trigger a TSUNAMI. Please pay attention to my message and get this information to the President and all rescue units in Haiti!!

Please do not ignore the warning signs that God instills in us..!!! It would really tare me up if we ignore this SOS. Furthermore, I have seen many rescuers give up on many rescue attempts because they stop hearing signs of life. They should not give up in these areas. Even if they come across some dead bodies they should still keep digging!!!

It might be a good idea to go back to the Montana hotel and all hotels and dig in the areas where the hotel restaurants were located!!


Many victims underneath the rubble have had a chance on being rescued but, our rescue units came in a day too late therefore, these victims did not make it. Let’s not make the same mistake with my intuition.

May God Bless Haiti!!

Fernando Martinez   January 18th, 2010 6:43 pm ET

I am embarrassed of being an American . I am sure that I am not the only American feeling like this. Why don't we not have American rescue crews at the Montana Hotel? There are many American young ladies underneath all that rubble.

These are American young ladies that dedicated their lives to help feed the hunger. This should have been one of the main priorities from our government. Also, how in the world can we let over 325,000 orphan children continue suffering? We need to get them out of there a/s/a/p.

Also, where is our medical equipment? Why have we not set up a medical emergency clinic? The Israelis came in from the other side of the world and set up an emergency clinic with the necessary medical equipment. How come we can't do the same being only 90 miles away from Miami? What is going on??????

Leslie   January 19th, 2010 2:26 am ET

It has now been 6-7 days since this terrible earthquake occurred. I am disheartened at the inability of the US running the airport now to coordinate and get the humanitarian efforts running on the ground. I heard a report about a cruise ship that docked on a Haitian beach 60 miles away so the passengers could get out and romp and the beach. How horrible!!

There seems to be more effort put into protecting property rather than saving people....frankly, what is wrong with people going into those stores and taking food and whatever that will never be used otherwise? What are they supposed to do if the so called rescuers don't get them food, water, and emergency care!!?? How many lives could have been must wonder about the priorities being set...when you see celebrities somehow getting in and yet we can't get supplies to the people? We can't airlift water via helicopters?? It just doesn't make sense!! They've got to let rescue teams, medical teams and supply ships in asap. You let people suffer this long, I can understand why the unrest occurs....No reason or excuse can explain this.

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