January 7, 2010

Yemen says there are limits to its military cooperation with United States

Posted: 11:59 PM ET

By Sudarsan Raghavan via Washington Post

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab has now been charged on six counts by a U.S. Grand Jury. SANAA, YEMEN - In its strongest language yet, Yemen's government declared Thursday that there are limits to its military cooperation with the United States, warning that any direct U.S. action in this impoverished Middle Eastern nation could bolster the popularity of Islamist militants.

"If there is direct intervention by the United States, it will strengthen al-Qaeda," warned Rashad al-Alimi, Yemen's deputy prime minister for security and defense. "We cannot accept any foreign troops on Yemeni territory."

The statement underscored the rising concern among Yemen's leadership about a domestic backlash that could politically weaken the government and foment more instability. In recent days, top Yemeni officials have publicly played down their growing ties to Washington, fearing that they will be perceived by their opponents as weak and beholden to the United States.

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A. Smith, Oregon   January 8th, 2010 12:12 am ET

If America manages to interfere with the fragile Yemen government, America will give another Middle Eastern country to Iranian Shiite Muslims to rule.

America handed Iraqi to Iran on a silver platter, I hope the Obama State Dept. learned from that utter lapse in judgment by the Bush jr. administration.

R Major Sandifer   January 8th, 2010 1:19 am ET

ANYONE who once did, or who continue to support the Bush Admisitration has lost ALL credibility to even comment rationally on the matters at hand; especially Bay Buchannon.

Marie N (Portland,Oregon)   January 8th, 2010 1:46 am ET

Yemen's deputy prime minister must be responding to public or political anxiety with these statements. Everyone knows that the U.S. has no intention of putting boots on the ground in Yemen. Obama is not a war monger...he is a peace maker. If he could end every conflict in the Middle East tomorrow he would. His only problems are...a long standing hatred of the West fueled even more by the invasion of Iraq. Extremists who actually believe the Islamic Empire will rise again. And unfortunately, a few war mongers left in this country who think the only answer is brute force and weaponry.

Samuel   January 8th, 2010 1:49 am ET

Its hilarious since when as any of the administeration except in the case of the civil war has the United States been on top of anything..a string of terrorist attacks throughout each administeration since Reagon.
I am sorry but just blaming the Bush or Obama Administeration isn't going to solve anything. Each Administeration since Reagon has managed to screw up. I find it hilarious that the American People refuse also to take responsibility for these mess ups as well. The American People have chosen to vote for people who are more then unqualified for The office of President. Republican or Democrat. I am sorry but the economic disaster didn't start with what the Democrats thought it did. The price of rent and grocerys have been going up since the 80's. The Price of gas...also went up in the 90's and 2000's.
So i got a question for all of you...when are u all going to learn when a canadate says he is going to something...its usualy a lie. How long will take for any of the voters to stand up for themselves?
By the way..why are we shipping terrorists back to terrorists training camps for?..Why not just shoot them in the head..for each 1,000 Americans that was killed a day due to a terrorist attack. We will kill 1 terrorist each second. President Obama's duty is to protect America. He isn't protecting America when he says he thinks American people are arrogant. He is not taking care of America when he choses to come up with the Health Care Plan with only Palosi and Reid and himself and the Democrats locked in his white house office.
Of course not keeping his promise to make sure all of this happens on c-span is really in reality a lie he told the American People. But lets turn the clock to another great promise one of the Bush's made and should have never made...NO NEW TAXES.
The American Republicans were really excited about this promise. The Democrats went as crazy as the Republicans are now.
So i got a question for all of you! Is there possibly any American alive that knows how to keep a promise they make to the American people. Obviously there isn't. Neither party can be honest.
You know in Lincoln's day when a man made a promise he was expected to keep it. However,it seems since the 80's noone can keep promises. Reagon broke a whole bunch of problems but once he found a solution at least he involved both partys in the solution.
Failed Policys due to no Republican involvement is what is taking apart America today. The Republicans are beganing to see when you have a very smart deceptive man in the office of the get the same treatment back. The Democrats were very much ignored during most of Bush's Presidency. The 2nd Bush did not know how to work very well in a 2 party political environment peacefully. I will admit to this...however Obama made the same promise as well to work with both partys and to have c-span on Health Care Coverage.
Unlike Bush though-Obama thought Americans to be stupid idiots. When in fact some of us thought 2,000 pages was to many pages for the next Health Care Reform. He even said he would listen to republicans. WOW!
And he made other promises that remain unkept. I have never nor will i ever waste another one of my votes until i know what i want from the next President. I do apologize President Obama but the buck never stopped at you because you chose to blame Bush for everything.You Sir are Steve Urkel in disguise..." Did i do that?"

Dodie   January 8th, 2010 2:04 am ET

As of January 7, 2010, Iraqi deaths due to U.S. invasion is: 1,366,350 people

Source: CCTV

Chika Daniel   January 8th, 2010 6:17 am ET

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Keith Clendaniel   January 8th, 2010 6:22 am ET

Larry, insted of asking political analists who cleary have their own agendas why don't you ask the people from the plane what they want to happen' to the terrorist from Christmas Day flight?

Ted   January 8th, 2010 10:29 am ET

@ Marie N (Portland)

Your statement that the US is a peace maker made me laugh!!! How can someone at this age of instant information be so blind?

Yes, we invaded Vietnam to make peace and meanwhile we killed between 4 – 5 million people there, including Cambodia and Laos!
We support Israel whatever she does, including killing palestinian women and children on a daily base, in name of peace.
We invaded Iraq to bring peace, since then we killed well over 250,000 iraqies, mostly women and children.
By invading Afghanistan we sure made peace a part of that poor people´s daily life. The same goes for Pakistan! Since we started bombing that country, peace is being spread with bombs, rockets and blazing guns. Again, the dead are mostly civilians, women and children.

Maria, if you call that peace than I do not wish you ever have to live in such a lovely peaceful time in Oregon.

Ted   January 8th, 2010 10:34 am ET

@ Dodie

Never believe anything you hear from a state controlled TV, as matter of fact, don´t believe our own media, because they doctor the stories according to the political views of the management and sponsors!
European TV stations report the same storis much different than CNN does, not to mention the Fixy Foxy News!

Peter Ebhodaghe,Nigeria   January 8th, 2010 12:02 pm ET

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Dodie   January 8th, 2010 12:52 pm ET

@ Ted

Good Morning ~*~ TGIF ~*~

You are correct. Never trust the media. They are more interested in ratings and have backers that want only certain things reported. Every bit of news is reviewed and checked prior to airing!

I suspect this might be relatively accurate as we first bombed Baghdad in 1991 and then in 2003. I received this information from several sources but chose not to divulge that information.

Love your $10 input. You keep me on my toes :~) Have a wonderful weekend.


Dodie   January 8th, 2010 1:40 pm ET

Blackwater, DynCorp International and Triple Canopy, Inc. are all mercenaries hired through private government contracts under the “Worldwide Personal Protective Services” (WPPS). The US uses these contractors basically to do our dirty work. They are not bound like our military to “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (UDHR) This group of people often work with the CIA. They kill a lot of innocent people; which, in turn creates a lot of hate towards Americans.

It might be wise for America to investigate the consequences of these roaming mercenaries.

Joan   January 8th, 2010 1:52 pm ET

Many people still believe that Obama is a Muslim. That is the REAL REASON why people wanted Obama to admit that he was responsible for the Christmas Eve bomb attack in Detroit.

RACISM is alive and well in this country.....

Ted   January 8th, 2010 2:28 pm ET

@ Samuel

Reading your comment I presume you are not an american....
However, you could pass for one of the cowboys from Texas who hang out with the Bush/Cheney outlaw gang. Kill, kill, bomb and kill again.

If we do what you suggest than we are not better than the worst terrorist we are hunting and we would lose the last respect the world still have for us.
Our President Obama is loved all over the world, the same as John Kennedy was, because he has class and he tries to bring our country on another course in history.
During the past 50 years we were and still are the bully of this globe.

The solution is to reach out and recoignize that other nations, religion and culture have the same rights to exist, without the USA telling them how to live their lives. We still send missionaries to islamic countries, although both the christianity and the islam are just a different sect of the jewish religion. We pray to the same God, we have the same profetes.

The price of oil and with it almost everything is going up since 1967, because we give unconditional support to Israel. They can bomb, attack, kill civilians, take away the land of the palestinians to build housing for jewish extremists who run around with Uzi machineguns on their shoulders demeaning the local population.
The arabs had enough and now they respond in same. They do not have sophisticated weapons, so they use what they have, butt-bombers!

We can get smart and say, the 50 years of killing has to stop, or we can continue the same and have more butt-bombers come this way.

Ted   January 8th, 2010 2:32 pm ET

@ Dodie

You are a full library of information, do US laws allow such private armies as the Blackwater? They are nothing but a bunch of killers.

Nigerian girl   January 8th, 2010 3:37 pm ET

Radicalized in britain, armed in yemen, reported by a nigerian and ignored by america. Which part of this story makes nigeria culpable?

Dodie   January 8th, 2010 4:52 pm ET

@ Ted

I really enjoy reading what you wrote to Samuel. We certainly do agree in these circumstances. I am tired of our country being the ‘world bully’

If we give respect to other countries, we will receive the same respect back. This is NOT weakness, this is INTELLIGENCE!!!!

That is the one agenda the GOP refuses to carry out due to their hidden reasons. I completely agree with you, President Obama is giving respect to other countries; therefore, not being the arrogant, pompous country we have been for 8 years. Finally an intelligent President. My only concern - will there be enough Americans able to see this in 2012.

What I blogged above is part research and part personal experience. I felt comfortable placing the blog on CNN as the world already knows this. It was the reason our cars, hotels were firebombed and our base closed for over a month in (1980s) Greece.

A. Smith, Oregon   January 8th, 2010 5:37 pm ET

@ Dodie, Ted, good question, Does the CIA immunity to all crimes including murder of innocent civilians that are American citizens as well as foreign nationals also denotes complete immunity to private contractors doing those jobs for them such as Xe formerly known as Blackwater employee's?

Given the recent Federal Judge that threw out 11 murder charges against Blackwater employees accused of murder in Iraq, one could certainly come to that conclusion.

However, the FBI recently arrested several Xe CIA contractors formerly named Blackwater employees in Afghanistan for 2nd degree murder, perhaps the crass and wrong immunity for the CIA does not pass over to private groups that work for them.

It seems to me that former vice president Dick Cheney is smack in the middle of the CIA use of Blackwater employees to do its dirty work and was directly involved in a rewrite of the US Constitution where private groups working for the CIA and Executive Branch of US Govt. were immune to US laws and the US Justice system.

Undoubtedly both of the propped up Govt's in Afghanistan and Iraq do not agree that Xe CIA contractors get a immunity pass on murdering innocent civilians in their country's and have lodged multiple protests in those specific regards, calling for complete and total Justice on those involved in those murders.

With a Democratic lead House and Senate, the Obama Administration needs to curtail such horrific abuses of criminal activity's under the guise of immunity across the board.

Dodie   January 8th, 2010 7:34 pm ET

@ A. Smith, Ted

I was told years ago, by a base commander, that these private industry mercenaries were not held to the same laws as our military. They seem to be able to do whatever they want. They were not bound by UDHR. I do not know the exact wording of these contracts, but it would be interesting to read. I was involved in just regular government contracts for a couple of years and basically we had to be bonded as the government assumed NO responsibility. So, I imagine the same would hold true to these contractors. Since the CIA is part of the government, they have to uphold the “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” just like our military; which makes perfect sense why the CIA was in trouble and not the private contractors. I wonder if these mercenaries had an FBI investigation prior to hire.

A Smith. I agree. Cheney is “ground Zero” and the Obama Administration needs to culminate such horrific abuses of criminal activity in those countries effective immediately; however, I feel Cheney’s group has a stronghold in Washington that this administration cannot overthrow.

internetfreepess   January 8th, 2010 9:59 pm ET

The only way to win the war with terrorism is to fight it with a double bladed ax.

John Bloggs   January 9th, 2010 12:56 am ET

Farouk is now 'countryless'.We Nigerians,have stripped farouk of his citizenship.The bill has been passed!

R J   January 9th, 2010 8:46 am ET

Isn’t Jermaine Jackson converted to muslim ?
hey it’s easy as 1-2-3……

We want you back !

Sandy B   January 9th, 2010 10:56 pm ET

How many Iraqis and Afghanistan nationals have been killed since the war on terror started? Many of them are innocent men, women and children.

Farouk is an opinionated, devout muslim (which there is nothing wrong with) that allowed himself to be brainwashed by the real terrorist – Al qaeda – into thinking that it's okay to kill for religion. It is NOT! I am sure he has realized that now. He just needs some rehabilitation.

There have to be other ways to deal with these terrorists instead of sending troops there and continuing to fight wars. Guys its obviously not working!

Sandy B   January 9th, 2010 11:01 pm ET

@ Dodie...I really agree with your comments.

"If we treat others with respect, then they will treat us with respect as well" If we treat the Muslim population with respect, they will equally show us the same.

A. Smith, Oregon   January 10th, 2010 1:11 am ET

How is propping up a corrupt leader by the guns and lives of American soldiers leading to any definition of success or victory? A large number of Afghanistan people reject Karzi, a large number of people reject the Iraqi leader and a large number of Yemen people reject the Yemen leader.

Those corrupt leaders are not accepted by a majority of the people in their own country's and without American weapons and support, none of those corrupt men would remain leaders of those country's.

Does forcing a corrupt leader by the guns and lives of American soldiers upon nations of people that reject that man lead to making Americans safer?

Does forcing a corrupt leader by the guns and lives of American soldiers upon nations of people that reject that leader, lead to making the world safer?

Ted   January 10th, 2010 1:28 pm ET

A couple of days ago the Togo soccer team was shot upon in Angola by rebels, one person was killed and several wounded.
The government or the people of Angola has nothing to do with this crime.

Did those bastard shoot an american team, we would hear hysterical voices for revenge, demanding carpet bombing of the nearest city!
Af long as we have human beings in this world there were always criminals who made a living by robbing other people, (we have plenty of those in this country starting with the Daltons, Billy the Kid, Baby Face Nelson, Machinegun Kelley, Al Capone, etc.), and this never ended with a war between countries. Or did we attack Italy for all those killing of americans by the italian Mafia and Cosa Nostra? Most of those gangsters were italian and not american citizens!!!

We should fight them without elevating them to an equal adversary of our nation. They are only criminals and should be treated as such.
We have only one set of laws that applies to all in this country, citizen or not citizen! I just cannot understand this demand for another justice for that misguided boy from Nigeria. He should face the music in a criminal court as setting a plane on fire is a criminal deed, and he should get the maximum sentence.

Dodie   January 10th, 2010 1:31 pm ET

@ A. Smith

1954 CIA overthrew the democratically selected Jacob Arbenz in a military coup; resulting in a series of right wing dictators whose bloodthirsty policies kill over 100,000 Guatemalans over the next 40 years.

El Salvador
1980-1982 US backs Salvadorian Juntia’s power grab and subsequent reign of terror with massive military. People are not just killed by death squads, in El Salvador, they are decapitated and then their heads are placed on spikes and used to dot the landscape.

1981-1990 CIA Nicaragua directs contra invasions, plants harbor mines. At least 50,000 were killed. 76,000 landmines are still left over from the war.
1987 Iran-Contra investigation reveals illegal covert actions by Reagan Admin to aid contras fighting to overthrow Nicaraguan government.

This is just a sample of what the US had done in the past.

Maybe another relevant question would be: What countries in the world has the US Not propped up corrupt governments? This seems to be the American Legacy! I do believe we have done a lot of good for some countries; however, this is not the focus of today’s discussion.

Dodie   January 10th, 2010 1:45 pm ET

@ Ted Good Morning :~)

Does America's over-reaction to any potential threat whether it be one person killed in another country make us safer?

I certainly doubt it!

The one thing all Americans need to understand...... When you are in another country, heck when you are in East L.A., parts of Chicago or any large city, the potential of being killed will always be there.

If one is so afraid of that potential, they should never travel and never enter a 'gang' related neighborhood. Actually, car accidents kill more Americans than almost anything else. The conclusion would be, do not own or drive a car!

A. Smith, Oregon   January 10th, 2010 1:49 pm ET

@ Ted, you make several good points, thank-you.

Indeed @ Dodie, the hands and interference by the CIA in Latin America and South America polished up their skills in extreme torture of civilians and also resulted in many deaths of Latin American civilians and American citizens that were in those country's during those times. It is entirely likely there have been several American tourists that were kidnapped and tortured or murdered over revenge against what the CIA had previously done in those country's.

It certainly seems crass and utterly hypocritical for the CIA to be directly involved in the slaughter of many Colombian citizens under the guise of their narco-war on drug trafficking while the CIA appears to directly support and enable the massive Opium-Heroin trade out of Afghanistan. By and far Heroin has destroyed far more lives, community's and overwhelmed more police forces than recreational users of Cocaine ever have and ever will have. Very cheap 'cheese heroin' has now made inroads into the grade schools across America leading to a future tidal wave of American's addicted to Heroin and the resulting violence and crimes directly associated with that.

It appears to me that the Republican party and Republican lawmakers purposefully and deliberately bankrupted America for the next 4 years to obstruct any real and meaningful changes that a Democratic President could make in reversing a decade of foreign policy abuses and ignoring clear and urgent domestic needs here at home.

America's infra-structure desperately needs repair and updating which costs money, however if those projects were packed as family waged jobs, that would be money well spent. I believe that was the original thought on the construction spending bill which I have yet to see actually do anything here in Oregon.

America needs to vote more Democrats into office and retain President Obama for another term to turn America around. If President Obama and Hillary Clinton succeed in a Middle East treaty, that should work in the future to free up where a great deal of the American taxpayers money is spent. Weaning America off foreign Oil would certainly help turn America into another era and course of action for the future.

Dodie   January 10th, 2010 10:59 pm ET

@ A. Smith, Oregon

Thank you for the video and education. This man is very knowledgeable! You make many excellent points. Our infra-structure is a mess and desperately needs to be updated. I only hope there are enough Americans that can see clearly enough to re-elect President Obama. Even then, I am not sure if he has the power to combat 'the old boys club' headed by Cheney. That is a very powerful group.

Yemen and Saudi have had Border clashes and fighting since 1930s. Because the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia was not fixed at the time Saudi Arabia emerged in the 1930's, Yemen has long contested the Saudis' claim to desert land; an unpopulated area of desert in the southeastern part of the Arabian peninsula, as well as to three small but strategic islands in the Red Sea. The fighting between the two countries escalated until 1995 when the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding to resolve their dispute peacefully; however, that only lasted a couple of months. It seems control of the islands is particularly sensitive to Saudi Arabia, which has long coastlines along the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf but has no direct access to the Indian Ocean. One of the islands in the Indian Ocean seems to be specifically an issue between both countries.

In 1998, Saudi conducted nine hours of naval and artillery bombardment at Yemen killing 9 and inflaming Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Yemeni officials have proclaimed the 4-square-mile island to be "100 percent Yemeni," and said their forces regained control of it in a naval landing. However, Saudi officials have denied that any such landing took place, and they have declared that 75 percent of the island belongs to Saudi Arabia.

I would say the The Bush Administration Bankrupted the US due to their insatiable GREED!

The Two things I have neglected to say and want to express:

- My gratitude that we, Americans, have the freedom to discuss unpopular views towards our own government and need not fear government retaliation or arrest. Many countries around the world would not tolerate this freedom of expression.

- I also want to thank Larry King and CNN for allowing this forum of discussion!

A. Smith, Oregon   January 11th, 2010 2:25 am ET

@ Dodie, as @ Ted had previously posted on hundreds of millions of dollars from Military contractors flows into the hands of US Lawmakers thru various 'lobbying' efforts, all which appear to be encouraged and legal in a democracy. They don't call US Senators the millionare's club for nothing.

However, middle and lower class American's have gotten it in the shorts for a long time, I would state ever since Ronald Reagen. With critical needs domestically like Health Care and America's infra-structure going without repairs, rebuilding and upgrades while an enormous amount of taxpayer dollars, focus and manpower has gone to military buildups, weapons and both current wars.

America's dilapidated public school system is pushing America's future out of the hands of America's youth. College tuition is now so expensive it excludes many that have the aptitude but not the means to attend. And the Dept. of Defense and their private contractors are not going to part with their huge share of the public pie easily.

With the Obama administration closing all of the CIA secret prisons overseas, winding down both wars and securing a Middle East peace deal between Israel and Palestine, that should in theory free up a great deal of money that taxpayers have been pouring out each month into those huge money pits. I would say that would be enough to get President Obama re-elected.

echo – I also want to thank Larry King and CNN for allowing this forum of discussion!

Dodie   January 11th, 2010 3:59 am ET

@ A. Smith, Oregon, Ted, Gerald and whom ever wants to read this blog!

I certainly wish President Obama would read your blog (A. Smith) and think about it.

I am all for whacking those defense contractors off above the knees along with our greedy Politicians and CIA. I say toss all of congress out on their ear and let’s make a fresh start. We certainly would be no worse off . My butt is getting very sore! : ~ (

Lobbyists should be illegal. We got that crap from England. Give them a free-one-way-ticket back. I am fed up with lobbyists too! Remove the fat generals from Washington by placing them on retirement in an old nursing home with lumpy mattresses, dirty clothes and poor food. I am tired of their rhetoric. Give Cheney and people like Rush and Palin a one-way trip to Mars so we don’t have to hear their mouths’ flapping! Pull back our military and save some precious lives. Rebuild our infrastructure, education, health care, etc. No more Bail-outs!!!! Banks, If you can't do the math, then file bankruptcy. Be gone! We will find Banks that can be responsible and have passed 2nd grade math!

While I am on a roll, change Reagan economics. He certainly ruined my retirement. I cannot collect a government pension along with the 18 years I put into social security from the private sector. What an idiot!

Ah, I feel much better now that I have gotten this off my chest 🙂

A. Smith, Oregon   January 11th, 2010 5:58 am ET

Yikes Dodie, that sounds like you got ripped by Reaganomics!

I noticed in the city I was living in during that time suddenly filled with severely challenged homeless people that mostly wandered aimlessly at night. Apparently Ronald Reagan kicked out many of the State Mental Hospital patients out onto the streets! Many of these poor individuals were literally surviving out of dumpsters. Me and my roommates were feeding numerous family's just from our left-over scraps. Many of those same poor people couldn't even count change at a store for their purchases, it was a large dose of heartbreak across America.

Dodie, I wanted to ask you in regards to affairs in China, what is up with those recurring Acid Attacks in Hong Kong? I've heard of them occurring in the past, and lately another 30 some people got nailed with acid?

Turning America around is a gradual process, just like a speeding vehicle which turned down the wrong freeway. If the wheel is suddenly spun the opposite way, there would be major problems with those that were more than comfortable with the way things are now. Meaning, the vast Dept. of Defense, their contractors, Big Oil and their counterparts. Look at how powerful Big Pharma and the AMA are in making any significant changes in their profit taking margins vs. making routine Health Care affordable for all American citizens.

A under-looked knee jerk reaction to America's heavy spending into the massive war effort is the increasing of existing revenues and the addition of several new revenue collecting measures. The idea being, it won't take long before average American Taxypayers realize that if we are not heavily invested with our Military around the world, they wouldn't be hit so hard with their taxation's.

Many American's already being hit hard in the pocketbook and asking to sacrifice more everyday is going to openly question why their are paying more taxes so a new soccer stadium can be built in Afghanistan etc. etc.

By all means get if off your chest Dodie, if those callous hypocritical bible thumping Republican lawmakers had any feeling left in their limp body's, they would have supported a viable form of Health Care that was affordable for routine check-ups.

Ted   January 11th, 2010 1:26 pm ET

@ Dodie

1922 or so in Honduras; the newly elected goverment of that country wanted to nationalize the fruit farms belonging to american companies like United Fruit, etc., because they paid salaries comparable to slavery!!
Our Marines landed and threw out the government and reestablished the old order.
Talking about democracy and national sovereignty!!!!

What is the sense voting for democrats when they lie just like the other politicians and forget everything promised once elected!!??
Before the 2006 elections democrats promised to get out of Iraq if they get the majority of both houses.
We voted for them, they got the majority and gave Bush whatever he wanted to continue with the war.
Watch how many democrats distance themselves from President Obama as we get near to the 2010 elections. Politicians are opportunists and spineless characters, they do anything to keep their well cushioned seats!

Ted   January 11th, 2010 1:55 pm ET

To all bloggers who care about our country:

According to a business newspaper the following changes took place in 2009:

A chinese bank replaced Exxon as the world largest corporation, and
China replaced Germany as the export champion.

It seems the blockheads in Washington do not notice that we are going down the drain! As we are getting into one war after another blowing billions of dollars, China quietly replaces the west in one cathegory after another.
Invest your money in Asia, they are the future!

Dodie   January 11th, 2010 5:28 pm ET

@ A. Smith, Oregon

It was very sad when Reagan closed all the mental hospitals. The hospitals created jobs for Americans. It helped when the families could no longer take care of their mentally ill member. You saw first-hand the ‘repercussions’ of closing mental hospitals. You know where I work and I must say, even today, we do not hospitalize anyone unless they meet the 5150 criteria (eminently suicidal, homicidal [with a full detailed plan of action] or gravely disabled) for a 72 hour involuntary hold. Reaganomics hid behind some cheesy law that states: it is not illegal to be homeless or hungry. I am really happy to see there are people like you who are so willing to help those less fortunate. Without you and others like you, many might have starved as their delusions of paranoia or confusion would have made it nearly impossible for them to survive. (( Thank You ))

In a perfect world, turning around America should be a gradual process; however, I believe we need to step up the pace. If not, we might all regret the outcome. We just cannot continue pumping out billions of dollars at the cost of our infrastructure, health care, education etc. We are already a train which has just run off the tracks and headed for a wreck!

The question you have, I will answer by email. Yes, Reagan really ruined a lot of lives and retirements. I was one of the many unfortunates caught in that trap. Life’s many learning lessons.

A. Smith, Oregon   January 11th, 2010 8:39 pm ET

@ Dodie, thank you for your insights and comments.

Turning something around that is rapidly moving in the wrong direction is akin to changing the fate of the outcome. It has been my experience that only a minor step or change is possible at a time which begins when it becomes recognized as a rapidly deteriorating situation.

What do I mean with minor stepped change after it 'becomes recognized as a rapidly deteriorating situation'?


A couple is walking down the street after a tavern they were drinking in closed. They both decide to take a shortcut of alleys to shorten their journey to a mass transit platform. Shortly after entering a darkened alley they are jumped by three muggers with at least two interested in rapping the young woman. What the couple does is limited at that time to fight, flight, survive, die etc.

However, if the couple had discerned the likely hood and distinct possibility of being mugged if they took that short-cut, they had a much fuller range of possibility's and steps to change their fate.

The another analogy is that of a spinning automobile wheel. You have to gradually slow that wheel down before firmly grasping it and turning it into another direction. If you firmly grasped a rapidly spinning wheel, you would be violently flung around until you were either gravely injured or were thrown free of the wheel which would continue its original direction.

The readers could insert words like 'winding' down a situation or even 'defusing' a situation after which a new more favorable direction is undertaken. In the above example, that would have been simply achieved by the couple choosing to not take the shortcut thru the dark alleys.

Dodie   January 11th, 2010 9:10 pm ET

Ah Ted,

You are always a wealth of information! Yes, I remember something about what happened to the farmers.
One does not need to be an economist to see when more money goes out of a country than comes in, eventually it will go “Broke” It really hurts to see the country I love being flushed down the toilet because of GREED!

@ A. Smith – Check email. You will not even believe what I sent! You will fall out of your chair!

Dodie   January 11th, 2010 9:26 pm ET

@ A. Smith, Oregon

Could you please send me the youtub discussion. It was removed from the blog and I wanted to finish it.


Dodie   January 11th, 2010 9:32 pm ET

Enough is enough!!!

Over 100 people??? Three military jets, 21 Congressmen, Senators and scores of other staffers flew to the failed UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen last month on the taxpayer’s bill. When our country is going down the toilet and Congress pulls this type of shenanigans???? What a congressional waste and hypocrisy. I want to names of each person in Congress that used this trip paid for by the Tax-payer. This is Outrageous!!!

Dodie   January 12th, 2010 3:28 am ET

@ A. Smith, Oregon

You always speak so logically. But, are these logical times? I do not mean running around like a chicken with its head cut off...

If we take too long, we might also regret it.

If the couple did not decide to take the short cut and went the normal route only to find the last train had already left and they are the only ones at the train station. They are then jumped by those same muggers who want to rape her. 🙂

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