December 15, 2009

'30 Rock' actor in need of kidney transplant

Posted: 08:57 AM ET

Beloved "30 Rock" cast member Grizzwald "Grizz" Chapman is undergoing dialysis treatment while on the wait-list for a kidney transplant.

The 6-foot-11, 378-pound actor who plays one-half of Tracy Morgan's security detail on the Emmy-winning show is suffering from severe hypertension that has him on a dialysis machine three times a week. Chapman must lose more than 75 pounds before he can be considered a viable candidate for a transplant. Once he loses the weight, he could remain on the transplant wait list for up to five years.

In a bid to get healthy in anticipation of surgery, Chapman is working with Dr. Mehmet Oz of "The Dr. Oz Show."

The actor opened up to Dr. Oz, who is working to create a plan that will help him shed the pounds, on an episode of the daytime program that will air on Tuesday.

Chapman admitted to Dr. Oz that he ignored his high blood pressure and even refused to take medication for it for more than a decade. "Well, in the beginning I didn't take the blood pressure medicine, because listening to my friends, my friends told me, you know, if you start taking the medicines, you'll be on the medicine for the rest of your life. ... I just kind of brushed it off and, you know, continued on my, my normal everyday life," Chapman said on the show.

Chapman was joined on the set by his television sidekick, Kevin Brown, who portrays "Dot Com" on the show.

"He's getting that transplant!" Brown said. "I'll lose the weight with him. For every 10 pounds he loses, I'll lose one pound. That's a deal!"

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Mary Ryan   December 15th, 2009 12:14 pm ET

We need health reform in this country. The pharmacutical
companies, insurance companies, hospitals, doctors are all outpriced. This is corporate America. The House and Senate are all part of corporate America and they will go with the big bucks on this one. Havent they screwed the American people enough. Oh no!! They are supported by the big buck corps who could not give a damn about the American people, only about themselves. These American coporations only care about one thing. Money! Greed! Greed! and of course with that goes power. Our health care stinks and now you have all the Republicans putting out all the anti-crap, which is not even true and having decent Americans believe it. I wished I lived in another country.

Cris   December 15th, 2009 12:43 pm ET

@ Mary.
Last time I checked you can leave the United States anytime you want. I'm sure there are many places in the world that would take you. Just one thing, please hurry and take all your anti-American friends with you. That would make this a much better place to live. I'm so proud of myself, I didn't even call you an idiot.

carebear   December 15th, 2009 1:42 pm ET

I just wanted to wish Griz well. God bless you, Grizz. You did well on Dr. Oz, you're an inspiration, and I'll be following your progress. You can do it!

A. Smith, Oregon   December 15th, 2009 4:34 pm ET

There are hundreds of thousands of Americans on kidney replacement organ request lists. This article is a reminder of those with money and fame are those that are going to the top of the organ replacement lists.

I wonder what Dr. Oz thinks about all of the transplant organs coming from former Chinese prisoners?

Or what about the organ farmers in S. America that pay poor citizens pennys for a kidney and resell it on the very lucrative organ transplant market for mega-bucks to the highest bidder.

Joseph Brilli   December 15th, 2009 8:57 pm ET

I don't understand why the American government(president O'bama)
does not look at the Canadian medicare system,it works,no matter what anyone says it works.It's socialized medicine and American
Doctors don't want this because it controls all medical costs as well
as there fees.It is put into the taxes of everyone in America and it works.The money Train in the American system would come to an end.Look at Europe they run under the same system,so why can millions of people enjoy and live well under this socialized plan but
Americans have trouble with this basic concept.

Donald Allen   December 16th, 2009 4:45 pm ET

well Larry I don't no if they can read the french I put on I,M not trying to be funny I just no what I no and I well say the deaf and you no thing or not like they sued be and I believe they can be better but they must be a babe step and the babe is not me it like a big house that well not move not even a little you no the filling were you can not make not one step you no Larry and that my friend is what I,M saying see you Larry King see you Donald L Allen bad step four adult see you Larry

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