December 10, 2009

ICYMI – LKL on Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize

Posted: 01:21 PM ET
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Marry   December 10th, 2009 2:26 pm ET

The President was awesome in his speech excepting the Nobel Prize!
Not to understand is the rejection that this generates in some parts of the American Public (and commentators etc.) Reading the blogs (Political Ticker) some of the comments are absolutely shocking. What on earth do you want? Is some part of America so rotten to the core that you do not see when you have an honorable, capable, intelligent, peace seeking, problem tackling, future shaping, the country serving, rights defending, for people caring, and humble man in front of you? That part of America (Rush L., Ann C., Dick C., Sarah P., etc.) is spiteful, dump, simple, deceiving, and not interested in bringing the US forward. They seem to be so put off by someone that has everything positive they can never have or even understand! Shame on that America!!!!!

Joe G. (Illinois)   December 10th, 2009 4:57 pm ET

It’s not the point of Obama going on a power trips and accepting medals.. Because frankly who really cares? Ok..! Maybe The Press Secretary, his wife, the paparazzi, but other than that who?! If you ask me it’s really about the overwhelming systematic Liberal Progressive consensus movement going about diluting more and more what’s supposed to be precious.. All in the name of “Equality.” In other words, the eerie feeling of an approaching equality or “Hell on Earth for all” without discrimination that is getting to be looking more and more realistic.

Dorothea   December 10th, 2009 5:12 pm ET

We Europeans don't understand some comments of the Americans. You finally have a wonderfull president and first lady the whole world respects and you still complaint. We wish we had a president like Obama. Because of Bush America wasn't liked at all in Europe. Because of Obama the world again looks up to your great country. This man has a vision and for us he is a gift from heaven. He gave the world hope again. Hope is very important. It leads to faith and finally to accomplishments. Because of him the world moves in the right direction. For that het deserves the Nobel price. He changed our minds. He speaks about brotherhood, understanding and everything we learn from the bible. How would you think the world would react with a Palin or some other person who only speaks in hatred words?
A lot of Americans don't care how Obama is received in the world because they are only interested in their own country. But if you like it or not America needs the other countries and we need America. We are on this planet together and we can only survive together.

Please support your president and God bless all of you.

Joanne   December 10th, 2009 7:42 pm ET

I think even President Obama was a little embarrassed about receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. I think it is one thing to love your President, but when you cannot find anything wrong with anything he does, and when any criticism is answered with criticism of the opposing party, we are simply brainwashed. The Nobel Peace prize should be given after an accomplishment, not in response to rhetoric.

A. Smith, Oregon   December 10th, 2009 10:15 pm ET

This is a massive slap in the faces of the previous Republican administration.

I believe by the end of President Obama's second term, he will be more than deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize and the international acclaim which comes with it.

To clarify or simply disagree with President Obama's acceptance speech and rhetoric on when War is necessary, I offer the following:

War is never necessary, however it is perceived as necessary when:

1) All and every attempt to mediate an acceptable agreement is not made by all involved party's. (Which was never done by Bush-Cheney).

2) You have no faith that the Creator is going to intervene somehow in some manner to mediate or resolve the situation and problems.

Continuing to guard the massive poppy fields in Afghanistan with the lives of brave Americas while that opium floods the world with Heroin which destroys entire society's and global peace seems to run contrary to America's core values and those of the Nobel Peace committee.

Joanne   December 11th, 2009 12:05 am ET

A. Smith,
Yes, it was a slap in the face to the previous administration. Norway would like very much for us to be a country of socialism so they will support an American of that ilk. They support in their own likeness.

Obama may well deserve the NPP by the end of his second term if he has a second term. It would have been better perhaps if he would have received it on that future date after which he did accomplish something.

I cannot imagine any American wanting an American to win the NNP just to slap an American administration in the face. What a disgrace to the spirit of the NPP. It's nothing to do with Obama; it's the principle.

R J   December 11th, 2009 12:21 am ET

Obama’s a snake…he just mouths Bush’s talking points that we were attacked from Afghanistan but offered no proof . Residents from Saudi Arabia came here, did not sneak in to the country, and hijacked planes in our airports.

That does not justify waging war on Iraq, Iran , Afghanistan, or anywhere else.
There really is no military solution to various radical groups conspiring in secret around the world. You can’t wage war against a ‘jihadism’ philosophy , it’s too liquid. Way too much money is being thrown down a rat hole into Blackwater,Halliburton, and various puppets .

The presidents generals say there are less than 100 Al Queda in Afghanistan And we need 100,000 troops for that? What a joke.

Nobel Prize – why , Obama threw his liberal minister under the bus, he’s throwing the peace movement under the bus, he’s throwing freedom to choose health care under the bus……and these are his actions, not his words.

He’s also throwing MLK under the bus. Martin was very opposed to Vietnam and marched in the streets against the war machine. He would be out there speaking out today to bring American forces home now. It’s not that hard.

A. Smith, Oregon   December 11th, 2009 4:32 am ET

@RJ, you make a good point which I repeat here:

'He’s also throwing MLK under the bus. Martin was very opposed to Vietnam and marched in the streets against the war machine. He would be out there speaking out today to bring American forces home now. It’s not that hard.'

Obama lived in Chicago when it was flooded with Heroin and had to observe the terrible consequences that has on the community and spike of violence that occurs.

It really makes me wonder why the US Airforce is not napalming each and every opium poppy field in Afghanistan but instead are adhering to a CIA order to leave those opium fields alone?

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