December 1, 2009

Tiger Woods gets citation but questions still linger

Posted: 07:32 PM ET

By Jason Sobel via ESPN

First things first: The citation issued to Tiger Woods by the Florida Highway Patrol for careless driving will only cost him a maximum of $164 - which means it could be less - so let's not start up a collection for golf's Billion-Dollar Man just yet.

All jokes aside, the negligible fine after hitting a fire hydrant and tree in front of his home early Friday morning should feel like another par save for the man who led the PGA Tour in scrambling this season.

While the announcement of this traffic violation quells any notion of further illegalities stemming from the incident, it still leaves many burning questions for inquiring minds.

Where was Woods going at 2:25 a.m.? How, exactly, did the accident occur? Why did his wife, Elin, reportedly need to smash a back window in order to free him from the vehicle?

It doesn't appear likely that we'll find out the detailed answers to such questions anytime soon, if ever. Throughout his professional career, Woods has remained mum on personal issues from swing changes to knee injuries. His theory: If I don't want you to know something, I simply won't tell you.

It's a strategy he has maintained in recent days, likely at the suggestion of his legal counsel. While it was not mandatory for him to speak with the FHP, three times officers came to his Windermere, Fla., home and three times they were sent away without comment.


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A. Smith, Oregon   December 1st, 2009 7:57 pm ET

Dear Tiger Woods,

You have brought me and the world many cheers and smiles over the years, as a fan I offer some suggestions:

1) You spilled a cup of coffee on your leg and the gas pedal was accidental floored

2) The floor carpet on your SUV got stuck on the gas pedal

3) A stray animal ran in front of your SUV and in your shock and surprise you accidentally smashed down on the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal trying to avoid any harm to that animal.

My favorite is number 3, I hope you use my suggestion and continue bringing applause and joy to the world at large for many years to come.

Wyatt   December 1st, 2009 8:00 pm ET

The thing I can't figure out is with all the people surrounding Tiger are none of them his friends? Anyone that has any experience flying long hauls to Asia, Australia etc. knows that it takes a few days to re adjust to the time difference. Someone should have come out and said Tiger was up at 2:20a.m. because he just came from a timezone where that is 3:20 in the afternoon. He just spent two full weeks over in Asia/Australia and even won a golf tournament around that same time in Australia a few days before? His PR should have said this and that he was up with the kids headed to CVS drive through (no shoes covered) to pick up cold medicine for kids or himself (flu has been in the news lately if anyone hasn't been watching) and he was groggy and hit the hydrant. (He was also just in a country where they drive on the wrong side of the road.) He was fried from the flight/time difference/kids/holidays/knee rehab/golf tournaments and his own tournament approaching among other things. Any one of us wouldn't hold up with half this responsibility. Come out and make it light and funny.

THEN go and deal with the personal stuff behind closed doors. Bait and switch the media so you and the family can have the privacy and time to decompress.

I believe the real reason Tiger isn't headed to tournament is his people knew about US Weekly story breaking today. Leave it to the National Enquirer to try and steal the attention from what they already had in the pipeline. At least if Tiger had found a way to make wreck humorous or excuse it, there would be one less issue on the table.

I hope Tiger has people to give it to him straight so he can make the best decisions for himself and his family. For as long as Tiger has been high profile, I would expect his PR people to do a better job on his behalf.

God bless you and your family Tiger. There is a scripture that says, "Man looks on the outward appearance. God looks at the heart." He is there to help you in all circumstances.

thomas& adeline   December 1st, 2009 8:38 pm ET

this lovely young couple need to be ALONE for 2 mos..then he'll emerge in Jan...this was a learning experience for things happen for reason,,they will be fine.

John H.   December 1st, 2009 10:55 pm ET

It still leaves many burning questions for inquiring minds? No, it is more like it still leaves many burning questions for mindless inquiring. Excuse me but is there now some law regarding going somewhere at 2:25 am? They don't owe us any explanation! It is none of our business!

Anne   December 1st, 2009 11:42 pm ET

If Tiger does not sue the National Enquirer we will have the answer to the question of what really happened with the party hostess. What medication he was taking before he drove himself into a fire hydrant and a tree may come out in time. The lesson here is that if you are Tiger Woods you do not have to take a breathalyzer or talk to the police and no one will hold it against you because you are a famous billionaire golfer.

andrea   December 2nd, 2009 10:37 am ET

LEAVE HIM ALONE God Dame no wonder famouse go crasy leave hom alone let him have his life back

Raychil   December 2nd, 2009 11:12 am ET

I don't care about Tiger's personal life.

Michelle D. Fonthill,Ont   December 2nd, 2009 12:02 pm ET

When you are as famous as Tiger Woods you can get away with any thing .

Cali MJ Fan   December 2nd, 2009 12:28 pm ET

It is obvious there is more to this story, which should be be more personal than public. Because of this accident, Tiger has just released a statement confirming his transgressions, likely in hopes of allowing the media to focus on something (someone) else. Hope he and his family can recover from this intact.

Law enforcement said he cooperated as mandated by law, so can we just move on now?

Jessica*   December 3rd, 2009 3:17 am ET

I think it's so weird how when Jon & Kate were in the news constantly about all their personal drama – NO ONE wanted to hear about it. Now that it's Tiger – CNN had that question/poll thing "Do you think Tiger not talking about his "transgressions" is making it worse?" – Hello? Does no one pay attention? – we don't care about what's going on in these peoples lives! Let them deal with it personally – all we need to be concerned with is his golf game!

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