November 24, 2009

Us Weekly: Angelina Jolie Disapproves of Obama

Posted: 05:51 PM ET

via US Weekly

Barack Obama does not have Angelina Jolie's seal of approval.

"She hates him," a source close to the U.N. goodwill ambassador, 34, tells the new issue of Us Weekly.

"She's into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise," adds the source.

But don't expect to see the Salt actress rally against Democrats on Fox News like her staunch Republican father, Jon Voight.

"Angie isn't Republican, but she thinks Obama is all smoke and mirrors," the source says.

And those political views are putting her at odds with Brad Pitt, 45, who is a big fan of the president and even went solo to the 2008 election party in Chicago.

"They get in nasty arguments all the time about it," says the source. "She doesn't respect Brad when it comes to politics, but, in the end, this won't tear them apart."

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Nicole S. -- North Carolina   November 24th, 2009 6:48 pm ET

Angelina Jolie should stick to collecting children like Cabbage Patch Kids, and stop criticizing the POTUS.

Does she have a Harvard degree? Has she ever run for public office? Does Brad even want her, or is she just a throwback because Jennifer no longer wants him?

Has she ever done anything besides steal women's husbands and collect children like a hobby gone awry?

Angelina Jolie is the last person I'd look to as an authority regarding who should rule the free world. I mean, like really...

Diane in Minneapolis   November 24th, 2009 7:31 pm ET

The source is US Weekly and the references are all "a source close to Goodwill" or "a source close to the couple" or, what the heck, a "source close to a source". I don't believe a word of this story.

still me just a new name   November 24th, 2009 7:57 pm ET

I tend to not believe articles full of "sources".

Angela Savage Austin   November 24th, 2009 8:18 pm ET

I am embarrass by some Americans who have turned their backs on Our President Obama. American is showing its true colors under pressure. What degree of pressure do you think/feel our President is under. First he must peel back the skin of racism just to get the so-called "Patriots" to work in alignment for the good of all. Yet, the foul odor of prejudice and hatred is again doing its best work to divide, confuse and destroy. I am 55 years young and from the beginning always wanted to live in a world of respect, peace and plain old fun. I am tired of crying. Too many have suffered and been denied the liberties others have taken for granted and find themselves feeling that this was by choice and chance. Get was always deliberate but evil will not prevail. Too many good people are willing to change their hearts, minds, views, fears to have a better world for our children. Hostility breeds Hostility. Love Lives.

Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   November 24th, 2009 9:28 pm ET

Do we see a split in the couple because of this?
Jolie does not know better except for making babies.

A. Smith, Oregon   November 24th, 2009 9:31 pm ET

I rather doubt Angelina Jolie's views on President Obama are being accurately portrayed by this article.

It would be more truthful if it revealed how much Angelina Jolie was opposed to everything that McCain-Palin stood for and represented, and how dismal the economy and state of the Union would be if they had been elected.

Angelina Jolie loves President Obama, his strength, courage and the direction he is leading America.

sheila crone   November 24th, 2009 10:10 pm ET

I am embarrased by President Obama. Not because he is "black," but because he lies, is himself a hater of white people, and continues to use the old "it's cause I'm black" excuse. I was excited when he was elected because he obviously didn't get there on black votes only. To me it meant that there was hope for healing. Instead, we get the same old, same old. But, really, it's not him alone, it's all of the nut jobs in D.C. We have been overrun by thugs of all colors and I am honestly very troubled about what is happening.

Brandon   November 24th, 2009 10:26 pm ET

I haven't heard Obama use the "cause I'm black" excuse...maybe you are of those people who hear bits and parts and put together you're own facts?

And you hate him because he's a liar....maybe you should research every politician who has ever taken'll notice a trend...

As far as the "nut jobs" in're right...

"Politicians should be changed as often as diapers...and for the same reason"

Dodie   November 24th, 2009 10:46 pm ET

Angelina Jolie’s negative opinion towards Obama was not noted on any reputable website. The web sites that noted this negative opinion are anything but professional.

Example: The Gossip Girls (blog) Zimbio, Hollyscoop, Celebuzz, and of course fox news. These places advertise your mother is an alien from Mars kind of BS.

The Jury is out until I hear this from a reputable site.

internetfreepress   November 24th, 2009 11:02 pm ET

Just another do nothing republican.


America could easily solve all of her economic problems by changing the way she views money as a commodity by seeing it as a medium of exchange and get off of a gold standard mentality. Goods and services have real value. Fifteen million unemployed people could creating real value by going to school to train for the new jobs that will be needed in the health-care system when forty million new people will get health insurance and the many other jobs that people could be trained for. Money must first be created before equal value can be created. Article1, Section 8, of the Constitution gives that power to the Federal Government. Instead of the News media
asking: where are we going to get the money; they should be asking if there are people resources and natural resources available. Money can be created. We don't need to borrow money from any country.
Taxation should be just one of the tools for keeping a balanced money supply. Increasing taxes to pay for health-care or sending more troops to Afghanistan is like taking money out of one pocket and putting it in the other pocket. We need to created more money to pay for the creation of more goods and services
in order to create equal value. With the efficiency of the clearing of money by the banking system, most all float has been dried up–creating a close to a one to one ratio of exchange.

Deborah   November 24th, 2009 11:18 pm ET

Why is Angelina Jolie's negative opinion towards obama so importantant?.

Who appointed her important. If this is her honest opinion, she should

get on the bus with the rest.

peter   November 24th, 2009 11:29 pm ET

Andy Williams, the singer, disaproves of Pres. Obama. ..think he should keep his personal views private....that is the classy way,,,,

John H.   November 25th, 2009 12:39 am ET

This sounds like one of those stories you see on the front pages of the tabloids at the supermarket. I give the story no credibility at all. Once I hear those sentiments issue forth directly from Jolie's mouth, I pay the story no interest at all. Even if what is stated is true, there is no reason why President Obama's priorities and Jolie's should be mutually exclusive. Seems to me like they both have admirable goals and one doesn't cancel out the other. Just another example of you can't always believe everything you read.

john Smith   November 25th, 2009 6:50 am ET

The Americans who now cry foul over their little tingod Obama only deserve what they get. His religion as to whether or not he is a Muslim was suspect right from the outset but yet you young hip liberals driven by your desire to be seen as non-racial have landed you a man who is first and foremost an apologist for everything America stands for – yet he and his kin, strewn right across Africa, are doing everything within their power to become American – if America is so bad and so shameful as his wife decries why didn't he stay in Kenya? Surely there the man with his fancy Harvard education could have tried to instill some form of civilisation amongst his African brethren.

Marry   November 25th, 2009 7:15 am ET

Angela Savage Austin and Sheila crone’s opinion about the president could not be more opposite. I tent to go with the thoughtful comments and good will by Angela. Sheila spits talking points of the far right. I would like to know where she (and others) gets this “he lies, is himself a hater of white people, and continues to use the old "it's because I'm black" excuse” from. I have never found anything that would support what you are saying, Sheila! If you accuse someone of lying, hating etc., it would be nice to go through the trouble and explain.
As far as Angelina goes, I do not believe these “sources”.

john Smith   November 25th, 2009 7:25 am ET

Obama is a shallow man more concerned with his popularity ratings in the rest of the world than addressing the real issues facing America – the desription "a mile wide and an inch deep" suits him admirably and describes him to a tee – he dabbles at anything and everything and when he fails he leave behind him a mess which others have to clean up. Instead of uniting Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Asians and the ever burgeoning Arab population his election by the youg hip liberals led by Hollywood and Oprah Winfrey has polarised the different ethnic groups in America now more than ever – everytime anyone dare criticize Obama or his policies they are vilified and branded as racist whilst in truth Obama himself is the biggest racist of all time. Brown must now be forever grateful to Obama for now the cloak of ditherer rests firmly on Obama

bacalove   November 25th, 2009 11:13 am ET

Advanced Souls will not get involved in personality or petty conflicts of debate and are only concerned about the work - the Plan for Humanity and its betterment. There is so much to be done. Time is running short. And, only the good of the Whole matters, and not the individual parts.

"The New Age will not be ushered in and find true expression of its latent energies through the medium of old and patched up forms, or through the preservation of ancient techniques and attitudes. It will come into being through entirely new forms and by means of the intelligent discarding of old modes of religion, government and economic and social idealisms. It is always difficult for the (Servant of Humanity and Goodwill) who is working in the world of human affairs to strike the happy medium between sound physical plane techniques in expression and the measure of the vision which he sees; it is never easy to adapt and to relate the old to the new, thus producing that which the present requires. The task of the disciple, (servant of humanity) as you can see from the three words—old, new and present—is therefore primarily concerned with Time. This right comprehension of the time element requires the eye of vision, plus right interpretation of that which it sees (or envisions)." [Discipleship in the New Age II, Alice A. Bailey]

Thank God for the Agents of Change who try to make a difference in the lives of ordinary human beings, whose intentions and Duty are to uplift the conditions of the people and to serve the people.... They try to raise the minimum wage, they try to extend unemployment benefits, they try to make sure there is clean water and clean air, but its hard and there is always a fight from the best Congress money can buy, whose mission is to stall and to obstruct and to incite fear! And, at this time in our history, so much is Crying Out for Change. And, as Science teaches us to do nothing and to be static only leads to decay - only leads to death. Let these Agents of Change fight on with joy which will call in the "higher Angels of their being" and with solidarity, which is their strength. More importantly, "we (are Higher Selves, the engery of light and love) are the Change we have been waiting for". We must get too it!

Gramma159   November 25th, 2009 2:53 pm ET

Angelena Jolie has a right to her opinion. Once elected though, she should not comment on Pres Obama's character. Instead she should remark on the Health Care Bill which I like because it will take the greed out of the whole process. Instead she should comment on the War. I think we should try these last couple months in Dec to end this war the right way. If if can't happen Congress should have to work out something to pay for it all. The Republicans are most responsible so they should have to pay more then the American Tax payer because they got us into this mess and refused to fix it during George Bushes term.

Simonsays/Orlando   November 25th, 2009 6:01 pm ET

She's a lot smarter than I thought she was. Usually actors have talent, but no brains. Looks like she's one of the few that has both.

cardog   November 25th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

In response to Sheila Crone...For God's sake, the President has been in office for 9 months. He was handed an economy that was in ruin, he has taken on the party of "NO" regarding Nat'l Health Care and through his efforts stopped this country from going into a depression.
What is it that people like you want?
There is a mental state that now exist in our country called I want it now and if I can't get it now, lets hit the reset button. The condition(s) we are in today will take some time to correct and it has nothing to do with being black or white. It has to do with people who have no loyalty to the people they voted for and come 2012, it will be people like you that will put the Republican party back in power, due to impatience..
God help us!!!

angela   November 25th, 2009 11:06 pm ET

what does this woman know about real life,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. She does what she does for entertainment and can call it off whenever she pleases. I am sick of her and she needs to shut the up. Trapsing around the world like Mother Thereas, then home to her mansion and Vogue photo ops. She can not even forgive her own father and fights with Brad all the time, world peace, yeah right!

Raychil   November 25th, 2009 11:39 pm ET

I think I'll wait to hear Angelina say this herself instead of relying on a source in a tabloid magazine, of all places.

jim   November 26th, 2009 1:20 am ET

Where did you get Jack Hanna? He doesn't seem to know the difference between emperor penguins and king penguins. Emperor penguins are the ones in "March of the Penguins". Kings live on the sub-Antarctic islands and do not live on the continent. He doesn't know whether Sir Ernest Shakleton might be Shakleford and he thinks he's the onlyone who ever ate a penguin and "it didn't work."
Hundreds of Antarctic explorers have lived on penguins for months. The camel is certainly not the first domesticated animal–goats or pigs are. You need to find someone who knows his material.

lostemperor   November 26th, 2009 8:42 am ET

What is the difference between Michael Jackson and Barack Obama?

If Michael Jackson was president, there will be no more American troops in Afghanistan. He is a lover not a fighter.

Michael Jackson would have already have a lot of anti gobal warming programs in progress instead of Obama who has done nothing yet and even still hesitates whether or not to attend the Copenhagen summit on climate change!!!

The economy would be much better since spending is Michael Jackson's middle name and he will get the country spending too to give the economy it's much needed biggest boost!


Ted   November 26th, 2009 10:00 am ET

@ lostemperor,

if you are in a deep debt and has no income you do not improve your financial situation by spending even more money. You must cut back on expenses and stop buying!!

Michael Jackson did not have the brain to run a gas station, never mind our country. He was a good entertainer and that is all. He earned hundreds of millions and still was broke when he died, not a good example to follow.

lostemperor   November 26th, 2009 2:11 pm ET

Ted, where are all those smart bankers, brokers and multi-nationals now? They were bailed out! I The new US form of socialism, introduced by brilliant President Bush, is the poor helping the rich!! But I don't remember we bailing out Michael jackson?

Michael Jackson is stimulating the economy even still. With record music and movie tickets sales among others. He is a good investor also. The beatles music, owned by Michael, remastered, is being a hit again. He just spent more than he had but so do millions others. Especially those bankers etc! Anyway to have people spend their money is understandibly difficult now but the key factor for the economy.

lostemperor   November 26th, 2009 2:48 pm ET

In fact it was always this way: capitalism is the poor helping the rich to get rich or now to stay rich. Socialism is the rich giving a hand out back to those who do not have work anymore or cannot work.

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