November 23, 2009

“5 Questions” about Oprah Winfrey for Suze Orman!!

Posted: 07:07 PM ET

Editor's note: Personal finance expert, Suze Orman, is a frequent guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and writes a regular column for “O” magazine.  We asked her to answer “5 Questions” about Oprah’s announcement on ending her popular talk show in 2011.

Programming note: Suze Orman will be one of Larry’s guests tonight, along with Oprah’s friend, Gayle King, and Oprah’s 4th grade teacher, Mary Alice Duncan, to talk about how Oprah is doing after her big announcement last week.    Tune in at 9pm ET / 6pm PT to hear what they have to say! 

LKL Blog: Tell me about your first experience meeting Oprah?

Suze Orman: It was at the start of 1998.  I could not have been more nervous if I tried.  Oh my god I was going to meet Oprah Winfrey and be on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  I was like a little kid with nervousness, excitement and butterflies overtaking every part of my mind and body.  This particular show was to be about a woman by the name of Lorna Wendt who was gong through a divorce with her husband Gary Wendt, who was CEO of GE Capital at the time. She wanted half of their joint estate in the divorce settlement, totaling about 50 million dollars for her, but was slated to get only 10 million dollars.  She was not pleased with that amount and was voicing her opinion about it nationally. Obviously my segment was about divorce and the ramifications and emotional stress that one goes through in regards to money.

The producer in charge of my segment, Katie Davis, called me on the stage to take my place and get ready for the segment I was there to do.  As I was brought on to the stage, Oprah came over and stood right there next to me.  Obviously Oprah could feel and see how nervous I was; and before I knew it she reached out and held my hand in hers.

There I was, shaking and sweating all over Oprah Winfrey’s hand.  All I could think was oh my God, I can’t sweat in Oprah’s hand like this.  So I very gently removed my sweaty little palm from hers.  As soon as I did that she looked at me and grabbed my hand back again this time holding it with a far firmer grasp.  She held my clammy little hand in hers till she was ready to sit down and start our segment.  There was not much time left in the show, maybe three minutes in total, but enough for Oprah to ask me a question that went something like this:  “What is the key to life?”  Okay now!  As I sat there thinking, “Hey that was not a question I was told she was going to ask now what am I going to do,” I thought for a second and without missing a beat, I found myself saying something like this:  “When you can be as happy in your sadness as you are in your happiness, then you know the key to life.”

With that Oprah looked at me and said, “We are gong to have to do an entire hour show on you.” She said goodbye to everyone and then she got up and was gone. I sat there all by myself in shock as I kept saying, “Did I just hear Oprah say she was gong to do an entire show with me?”  Did that really just happen?   Sure enough March of 1998 we did our first hour show together and the rest is history.  

LKL Blog: Were you surprised by her announcement? 

Suze Orman: NO!  Oprah told everyone about one year ago that she would be doing the OWN network.  I remember I was there doing a show the day she announced it.  She was so excited, so proud, so happy.  Obviously she felt that it is the right time and the right place to make that announcement of a year ago a reality.  The Oprah Winfrey show was a great, great ride for the whole world for the past 23, 24 years – but the ride is not over.  We still have 18 months of what probably will be the best Oprah shows ever.  After that, do I think that she will bring her magic to the OWN network?  You bet I do. Who knows what form that will take, but that is the excitement of magic - no one knows how it happens but the results are always mystical.

LKL Blog: What do you think she should do next? 

Suze Orman: Whatever her heart desires.

LKL Blog: Do you have any financial advice for Oprah as she moves on from her show?

Suze Orman: Don’t spend it all in one place - unless she wants to, of course. 

LKL Blog: What is your financial advice for everyone this upcoming holiday season?

Suze Orman: If you do not have an 8-month emergency fund in place, are totally out of credit card debt and funding your retirement plan to the max – then the truth is the best gift you can give yourself and others is the gift of honesty.  Only give a gift when it is not a burden to you and to those that you give it to.  Remember if you give someone a gift, they will most likely feel they have to give you one as well.  Chances are you both cannot afford it.  Just tell people right now so there are no false expectations.  If there was ever a year to break the habit of giving when you do not have the money to give, this is the year.  Everyone will understand and appreciate it.

You can see more financial advice from Suze Orman at her website:


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Connie   November 23rd, 2009 10:12 pm ET

why are people so mad about the for health care when Bush spent billions to kill innocent people in a war that we should have been in.

Craig Turner   November 23rd, 2009 10:16 pm ET

Until recently I had assumed that Amanda Knox was innocent – based on the coverage in the U.S. media. I had heard over and over that there was no evidence against her. However, after hearing these reports on the networks over and over I started to wonder why I was hearing basically no reporting on the actual physical evidence. It started to seem that the U.S. media had bought into the defense strategy 100%. The defense has done exactly what they are supposed to do. If the facts are against you, try to keep the focus on everything else. They have done that very successfully with the help of the What I can't figure out is why the U.S. media has chosen to ignore the evidence. After doing only a few minutes of research on my own, it became very clear that the physical evidence is overwhelming. Forget all the theater on both sides. An examination of the actual physical evidence clearly places Amanda Knox and her boyfriend at the crime scene. Their DNA was there. Her DNA was found mixed with the victim's blood in several different places in the house. His DNA was found on the victim's bra. Amanda's footprint was found in the house with the victim's blood on it. One of the knives used in the crime was recovered at the boyfriend's house with Amanda's DNA and the victim's blood on it – eventhough an attempt had been made to scrub the knife clean. The other knife, probably the one that killed the victim, was not recovered. The DNA of the third perpetrator, already convicted, was found in the house as well. He placed Amanda and her boyfriend at the crime scene that night. Amanda's alibi cannot be carroborated. She and her boyfriend said they were at his house that night having sex, smoking marijuana and watching a movie on his computer. An analysis of his computer showed no movie was accessed that night. No one else has reported seeing them at his apartment during the time the murder occured. Amanda essentially confessed to being present during the murder and hearing the victim's screams during initial interrogation but later said she only said that under pressure. She later said her former boss had been there and committed the murder. This was soon shown to be utterly false. In spite of defense claims, there is no indication the evidence was contaminated, planted or fabricated. The police and forensics experts, by all accounts, did everything possible to handle, store and analyze the evidence properly. But even if the evidence had been gathered, handled, stored and anaylzed improperly, the results were still the same. Amanda's DNA was at that crime scene mixed with the blood of the victim in several places in the house. It is possible that this could have happened one time by some bizarre conincidence – maybe. The chance of Amanda's DNA just traveling through the air and landing right on a drop of blood that the victim had somehow left somewhere in the house prior to the murder is perhaps possible – maybe a million to one chance. But let's give her that. Let's concede that almost impossible occurance. BUT THREE TIMES!!! Come on U.S. media. Let's use our heads here. If you want to be responsible journalists, start doing your job and give us the facts, not this constant defense tactic to distract us from the evidence by trying to prosecute the prosecutor, the Italian justice system, the Italian police, the Italian forensic's experts, the Italian media, the Italian public – everyone and everything to keep the focus off the actual evidence and to create as much confusion as possible. Furthermore, it is tragic that the reporting constantly expresses sympathy for Amanda and her family but not once have I heard the U.S. media express sympathy for the victim and her family. Now, with all that said, I don't feel good about anyone having to spend life in prison. However, the hard, phyiscal evidence makes it absolutely clear that Amanda, her boyfriend and the other male already convicted – a drug dealer – were at that crime scene that night. There is no evidence that anyone else was there. A young girl was brutally tortured and murdered. Someone should be held accountable for that murder and there is no evidence anyone was involved except those three people. What was the motive? Who knows? Maybe there was no motive. Maybe it just happened. But it happened and now three people who made some horribly bad decisions that night will almost certainly pay a severe price – and should.

Connie   November 23rd, 2009 10:19 pm ET

Where is Bin Ladien why is he still free

Big John   November 23rd, 2009 10:57 pm ET

Who is Suzy Orman, what are her qualifications??? I hear her comment on things and she never says anything I don't already know. I don't know why she is on the air!

"O"   November 24th, 2009 5:27 am ET

Dang it!! I have to write this whole scenario again...Ugh!! This was for Gayle and Suze:: I would to call you both a specific name in the book, but 'm gonna deem myself a little responsiblity and integrity here, I suppose. Look please don't claim that it is impossible to replace Oprah!!!!!!! Hmmm, sure it's impossible to "repalce" her per se, but there is a possiblity that there is someone out there who can touch the hearts of and relate to people like she did. She's not the only damn one who has a "heart of gold"....hmmm, I really don't want to even give her this credit...there is somene else out there with charisma, stamina and personality and talent such as hers who can do the job...Oprah, indeed, is unique in her own way...But by golly, please stop putting her on a pedestal as if she's some dang "God" cause she is not....with her contradictory ideas....My understanding and truth I know tells me that "with God all things are possi9ble." Do you hear that Gayle/SuzE !!!!!!!! ALL yes it is possible to "replace" Oprah in one sense.....than another!!

to all you who are brainwashed in to thinking she's (Oprah's) got all the answers....if you watch and listen carefully....would you really know what she (Oprah) believes??? What "god" that is.....

Don Barr   November 24th, 2009 12:54 pm ET

Larry, what about this global warming, revelation last week, the email records of co conspirators involved in creating this hoax.


Don Barr

Barbara   November 30th, 2009 10:27 pm ET

op......i mean who cares, really she is just a tv person, actor and very rich.. who cares...

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