November 17, 2009

Waiting for the end of the world

Posted: 03:24 PM ET

By Todd Leopold, CNN

(CNN) - This is how the world ends - at least at the multiplex this month.

Last weekend's box-office champ "2012" primarily uses an ancient Mayan prophecy to spin a tale of world destruction. "The Road," due out November 25, showcases a father and son navigating a post-apocalyptic world of ash, cold and cannibals. And the indie documentary "Collapse" gives voice to one man's belief that, as we exhaust natural resources, civilization is ready to crumble.

Such concerns have always been with us, says Alexander Riley, a sociology professor at Bucknell University who's incorporated eschatology (the study of the end times) into his courses.

"It's been a constant part of the landscape in the Western world for a long time," he says, though it's been particularly present in recent times, perhaps driven by ever-quickening social and technological change, he adds.

Examples can be found through the centuries. At the end of the year 999, pilgrims made their way to Jerusalem, convinced that the Last Judgment was at hand. In 1843, thousands of followers of the religious leader William Miller gathered on New England hilltops, waiting for ascension. In 1982, some believed the "Jupiter Effect" - the rough alignment of several celestial bodies - would cause catastrophe.

And the coming of the year 2000 led to fears about technological collapse - in the form of the Y2K bug - and rumblings about the return of Jesus.

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Jim Carroll   November 17th, 2009 4:26 pm ET

The Universe has always existed and will always exist. Read more at the

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A. Smith, Oregon   November 17th, 2009 5:25 pm ET

Unfortunately Larry, due to the complete and moronic destruction of the Mayan People, Culture and Scientific Achievements by the Christian Leaders, Priests and Missionary's, the Mayan Mystery's surrounding the great cycle ending on the Winter Solstice in the year 2012 is largely left unanswered.

It is perhaps the greatest crime against humanity which has ever taken place when the Pope and Christian leaders decided to burn and totally destroy the Mayan Civilization and its people.

John H   November 17th, 2009 7:52 pm ET

@A Smith, Oregon...I could be wrong here but wasn't the Incas or the Aztecs that the Spanish encountered when they first entered the new world? I thought the Mayans had already disappeared by then and only the cities they left behind showed that they ever existed. Anyone out there that is better versed on the subject than I am?

A. Smith, Oregon   November 17th, 2009 8:10 pm ET

@John H.

The Christian Priests were ordered by the Pope and Christian leaders to burn all artifacts, books, everything connected to the Mayan culture, and civilization. One Priest simply couldn't obey the Christian leaders, and instead hid the few remaining Mayan paper documents. These documents are now safely stored where the Christian Leaders are to this very day, unable to destroy them.

Physical and Cultural Genocide is not simply encountering another civilization or cultural or race of people. It is the evil, premeditated wanton destruction of all the men, women and children thru murder, torture, violence and extended slavery.

In many cases, Christianity wasn't satisfied with slaughtering everyone, they also methodically destroyed all cultural icons, buildings, discovery's and if possible their religion as well.

ForAllTime   November 18th, 2009 5:29 pm ET

@A. Smith, Oregon
I really wish you would not have skipped/missed your history classes, cause all you are saying is so ridiculously far away from any reality. You should be ashamed for your ignorance really, not to mention that you are even posting it here ans making it public ...

The Maya civilization in its superior organized form (the one that left us the notable stepped pyramids), ceased to exist around the the 8th tod 9th century, so long before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors which happened around year 1500.

Let me help you with some facts, you seem to need that so badly:

"For reasons that are still debated, the Maya centers of the southern lowlands went into decline during the 8th and 9th centuries and were abandoned shortly thereafter. This decline was coupled with a cessation of monumental inscriptions and large-scale architectural construction.Although there is no universally accepted theory to explain this “collapse,” current theories fall into two categories: non-ecological and ecological.

Non-ecological theories of Maya decline are divided into several subcategories, such as overpopulation, foreign invasion, peasant revolt, and the collapse of key trade routes. Ecological hypotheses include environmental disaster, epidemic disease, and climate change. There is evidence that the Maya population exceeded carrying capacity of the environment including exhaustion of agricultural potential and overhunting of megafauna. Some scholars have recently theorized that an intense 200 year drought led to the collapse of Maya civilization.The drought theory originated from research performed by physical scientists studying lake beds,ancient pollen, and other data, not from the archaeological community."

Really hope this helped to open up your eyes!

John H   November 18th, 2009 5:36 pm ET

@For All Time...Thank You! I obviously did not do all the research you did but I thought sure the Myan People were gone long before Spanish Explorers entered the picture. While I didn't want to argue the point with A. Smith, Oregon, he seems bound and determined to place the blame for their demise on the Pope and The Catholic Church. Thanks!

ForAllTime   November 18th, 2009 5:57 pm ET

@John ... That was needed ... I just happened to see some other posts of A. Smith, Oregon made under other articles (all quite questionable by the way), and he/she seems to be a convinced Christians hater. Does not matter if the subject has or does not have smth. to do with religion, his/her message is always the same: Christians are to blame ...

This is horrible, all these haters who have so huge knowledge gaps, but one they know well: to hate ...

Probably personal problems and lack of appropriate education are the cause, but it's still so painful to witness ...

John H   November 18th, 2009 6:08 pm ET

@For All Time...My impression of Mr. Smith exactly. Unfortunately, he has many too many individuals who are all too ready to give him a pat on the back and tell him how gifted and accurate he is in all his ramblings. You can literally spend the rest of your life debating with him (them) and get nowhere regardless your efforts to point out their errors. Good to see someone try anyway. Keep tuned as once he reads our comments, he will be back. Thanks Again!

John H   November 18th, 2009 6:36 pm ET

@For All Time...I check the site out; thanks! I agree with your wish for world peace. There is so much outright hate on this site and little willingness to consider the other person's point of view. On request though. What does amp. stand for. I see nearly everyone uses it but haven't been able to decipher it. I don't comment near as much as many other on this site but do get engaged if someone says something glaring ridiculous. Hadn't noticed you before but will watch for future comments. Got to get back to paying bills and cleaning up the mess on my desk. Peace be With You!

Anonymous   November 18th, 2009 7:58 pm ET

I'am premonitions about things and visions and dreams about things before they happen. Sometimes I speak to god.

Judi   November 18th, 2009 11:20 pm ET

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A. Smith, Oregon   November 19th, 2009 12:08 am ET

There were many such books in existence at the time of the Spanish conquest of Yucatán in the 16th century, but they were destroyed in bulk by the christian priests soon after. In particular, all those in Yucatán were ordered destroyed by Bishop Diego de Landa in July of 1562 under orders by the Pope. Such codices were primary the written records of Maya civilization, together with the many inscriptions on stone monuments and stelae which survive to the present day.

A christian priest could not bring himself to obey such a disgusting and unethical order and hid several of the Mayan codex's.

As the christian missionaries began to travel to the New World, the practice of ecclesiastical book burning went with them. Anxious to convert the Mayans, missionaries destroyed nearly all of their books. Only three or four Mayan books remain in the world today. One of them, the Dresden Codex, is currently owned by the Staatsarchiv in Dresden, Germany.

The Codex Mendoza is a record of Mexican culture prepared for Emperor Charles V between 1535-50. Apparently it was acceptable for christian leaders to write about Mayan culture, even though books written by the people who actually lived in that civilization were ordered to be destroyed. It's an excellent example how history gets distorted when secondary, slanted information is used instead of primary source material.

If there is anything positive about Christianity, by all means state so.

After goading hundreds of thousands of natives to turn against their neighbors, two christian priests succeeded in causing one of the largest modern day GENOCIDEs in modern history (Rwanda) and were later captured and found guilty of Genocide at the Hague for crimes against humanity.

A. Smith, Oregon   November 19th, 2009 12:28 am ET

Another Christian Atrocity, The Burning of the Maya sacred books (by the Spanish Bishop of Yucatan)

July 12, 1562, Fray Diego de Landa, acting Christian Bishop of the Yucatan – then recently conquered by the Spanish – threw into the fires the sacred books of the Maya.

Baldwin, Neil: Legends of the Plumed Serpent: Biography of a Mexican God, HarperCollins Canada, 1998 ISBN 978-1891620034

The number of destroyed books is greatly disputed. de Landa himself admitted to 27, other sources claim "99 times as many" – the later being disputed as an exaggeration motivated by anti-Spanish feeling, the so-called Black Legend. Only three Maya codices and a frgament of a fourth survive. Approximately 5,000 Maya cult images were also burned by christian priests at the same time. The burning of books and images alike were part of christian Bishop Frey Diego de Landa's effort to eradicate the Maya "idol worship", which he considered "diabolical". As narrated by de Landa himself, he had gained access to the sacred books, transcribed on deerskin books, by previously gaining the natives' trust and showing a considerable interest in their culture and language. In typical fashion, the christian priest lied to the natives to gain their trust so he could condemn them and destroy their most precious belongings.

Clendinnen, Inga. Ambivalent Conquests: Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517-1570. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Pages 69-70.

Roys, Ralph L. Review of Landa's Relacion De Las Cosas De Yucatan: A Translation by Alfred M. Tozzer, by Alred M. Tozzer. The American Historical Review (October, 1943) Page 133

"We found a large number of books in these characters and, as they contained nothing in which were not to be seen as superstition and lies of the devil, we burned them all, which they (the Maya) regretted to an amazing degree, and which caused them much affliction."

De Landa was later recalled to Spain and accused of having acted illegally in Yucatan, though eventually he was found not guilty of these charges. Present-day christian apologists for Bishop de Landa assert that, while he had destroyed the Maya books, his own Relación de las cosas de Yucatán is a major source for the Mayan languague and culture. Allen Wells calls his work an “ethnographic masterpiece”,while William J. Folan, Laraine A. Fletcher and Ellen R. Kintz have written that Landa‘s account of Maya social organization and towns before conquest is a “gem.”

Wells, Allen. “Forgotten Chapters of Yucatán's Past: Nineteenth-Century Politics in Historiographical Perspective.” Mexican Studies / Estudios Mexicanos (1996) Page 201

Folan, William J. and Fletcher, Laraine A. “Fruit, Fiber, Bark, and Resin: Social Organization of a Maya Urban Center.” Science (1979): Page 697.

It is directly thru the orders by Christian leaders which were carried out by Bishop De Landa that the Mayan Codex's which explained how the Mayan culture discovered cycles in time and what previous cycles of the 2012 event had produced were deliberately destroyed.

I assert that act by Christian Leaders was one of the greatest crimes against all humanity ever undertaken on planet earth.

MCN   November 19th, 2009 1:18 am ET

Patrick was an awsome person and will live on in the hearts of millions. His will to make the most of his life in the face of death should inspire us all and give us the courage to die loving, careing, and helping others and not crying and feeling sorry for ourselfs.

min aung   November 19th, 2009 2:00 am ET

why are you and dr. sanji keep saying about YOUR doctor. I don't have any doctor because all the insurance companies rejected me. i do not have any problem and it cost more than i can make all my life time saving to go see a doctor. of course, you are all enjoing the coperate insurance. why?????

Ted   November 19th, 2009 2:16 pm ET

It seems that A. Smith from Oregon can really document his statements. In my opinion he only states the historical fact and do not voice hate against all christians.
I can second his statements of book burnings, as the catholic chuch, speak the Vatican burned books in Europe well into the 19th century. We all remember Galileo Galilei whose book was burned and he was jailed, because he said the world in round, not flat.

A. Smith, Oregon   November 19th, 2009 3:24 pm ET

@Ted, thank you for your kind comments.

Indeed Christian organizations such as St. Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army, Providence and Sacred Heart Hospitals, et. al. perform a incredible amount of outstandingly compassionate and inherently good works.

Not all Christians want to blowup abortion clinics, nor murder their doctors. Not all Christian Priests or Ministers are serial pedophiles nor take active roles in the Rwandan Genocide.

When evaluating Christianity as a whole, one must look at the horrific crimes which self-titled Christian leaders and priests have committed against those deeds of inherently good works.

I realize the some Christian individuals feel or clearly state that is not fair.

Evil deeds carry ramifications far beyond the localized boundary's in which they are committed and weigh down the honest and outstanding efforts of Christians that make every effort to conduct themselves in a peaceful, compassionate and mercy filled manner.

The world here on Earth will soon learn what the great crossroads in the cycle of time which the Mayans discovered and reported will occur on Dec. 21st. 2012.

It is a great loss to all human endeavors that Christian leaders chose to destroy the gift of discerning reoccurring cycles in time itself which the Mayan culture had uncovered and offered to share.

Dodie   November 21st, 2009 3:25 am ET

@ A. Smith, Oregon

Yes, I completely agree with you and happy to see the bibliography you presented. Catholic evangelicalism of the Native American people is an ongoing story of epic proportions. The Missionary Conquest resulted in Native American Cultural Genocide. Some native American tribes, which had a written language, resorted to story telling in order to protect their culture. Anthropologists aren't certain how many Native Americans lived in California prior to the arrival of the Europeans, but estimates range from 350,000 to one million. In the 1700's, Spain, England, Russia, and France were competing to claim territory in the New World and gain control over its resources.

In 1769, Carlos III, the king of Spain, sent Junipero Serra, a Franciscan priest, and Gaspar de Portola, a military commander, to lead an expedition to establish missions in what is now California. The missions were established for both religious and political reasons. The missionary plan was to teach the Native peoples how to be "civilized by adopting the religion of Christianity. The missionaries believed that, through baptism, they were saving pagan souls. It was hoped that these citizens would then protect the new territory lands for Spain.

Thousands of California natives were baptized and brought to live in missions. Once baptized, natives, by law, had to transfer their rights to the missionaries and completely comply; however, this was not made clear to them. Baptized Indians were not allowed to leave the missions, and if they did, they were forcibly returned by soldiers. If they tried to escape again, they were punished by being whipped and/or shackled. After being baptized, the natives were given new Spanish names and were prohibited from speaking their own language or practicing their own religion. Their everyday activities were controlled and strictly supervised. Unmarried Indian women were protected from Indian men in prison-like conditions

In the 40 years after the arrival of the Spanish, an estimated 50,000 Native Americans in California died as a result of the Spanish intrusion. The Indians caught various European diseases such as measles, cholera, mumps, influenza, and venereal disease, which accounted for 60% of the deaths at the missions. They also died from malnutrition and by violent means.

A. Smith, Oregon   November 21st, 2009 2:15 pm ET

@Dodie, Thank you for adding that often forgotten American history.

Native rights were heavily restricted in America up thru modern times, and 1960's American public schools punished any of the Native students who attempted to speak their native language as well as there attempts to learn more about their own cultural background.

Too often, those that perceive themselves as the self-titled righteous victors strive to either destroy written history or sweep it entirely under the rug when it spotlights them in a extremely unethical and immoral light.

The words by the Christian Priests and Missionary were often the same, repeated over and over just prior to their horrific changes to the native lands, culture and populations, those words were ' We come in Peace'. Since virtually none of the Natives died a peaceful death, it seems their words were entirely empty of all ethical and moral definition.

Another phrase repeated over and over just prior to destroying the homes, temples, huts and villages of the Polynesian and Caribbean Natives was, ' Our God is on our ship and will come aboard after you have complied to our demands'

After convincing the villagers to burn their temples, cultural huts and Womens resource centers that were routinely used as hospitals, meeting and healing centers, the natives demanded the Christian priests and missionary's bring their God ashore. They returned with a old wooden cross and a book the natives couldn't read which was declared as their 'God'.

The Natives immediately realized they had been lied to and without their healing centers for the sick and dieing, they suffered grievously as a direct result of the cultural genocide the Christian Priests and Missionary's had ensnared them with.

Although that was several hundred years ago, the few remaining Poly and Carb. Natives are so bitter and angry at Christianity, they'll never permit nor allow that to happen to them or their future children again.

Dodie   November 21st, 2009 5:32 pm ET

@ A. Smith. Excellent point about the Asian Pacific Island Indigenous people. Thank you.

The rage towards the Christian missionaries by Natives whether it is Asian Pacific or Native American is just boiling under the surface like a volcano. To date, many Native Americans will not accept medical help from the government due to their distrust resulting from the genocide by the “white christian man” They will chose to die before they receive help. Indigenous people world wide are very proud. When one culture dominates another culture through the use of cultural genocide, the trauma exhibited by the dominated culture is horrendous.

The pride of the people is lost and they often become self destructive. Native families were divided. Some children “ashamed of their heritage” split off from their families having nothing to do with them. Others drank themselves into oblivion and others will stay on their tribal land regardless of the poverty. The cultural genocide tears at the fabric that holds that culture in harmony. Silence, repression, and equivocate are used knowingly to conceal truth by a society so that people do not have to look at unpleasant facts of life. This is true of every culture and race on our planet. Cultural genocide thrives in this atmosphere. The abuse to a culture or target population is perpetuated; generation after generation only ending when society is forced to see the abuse in such a way there can be no denial, no excuses, and no rationalization! I guess an example of what I am trying to explain is best written by John Toland in his book entitled: “Adolph Hitler”.

. "Hitler's concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history. He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the wild west; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America's extermination – by starvation and uneven combat – of the red savages who could not be tamed by captivity”

Currently Tibet’s culture is under siege. The Tibetans are fighting against cultural genocide at this very moment. Their language is being erased from all the buildings, signs, etc. and replaced by Putonghua (mandarin). This is the reason the Dali lama was willing to lay down his life. I spent 2 weeks in and around Lhasa talking to the Tibetans. I can easily see their people are experiencing the same fate mine did! It is very tragic.

A. Smith, Oregon   November 22nd, 2009 3:11 am ET

@Dodie, indeed you are correct on many points and I agree with your conclusions.

One of the darkest eras which Hitler reportedly copied was the US Cavalry skinning of Native Women and Children for various embellishments, lampshades and even saddle horns. A very wise Native Chief told me one of the well known US Generals wore one on his saddle horn which formally was the genitalia of a Native Women. It's very difficult to imagine how person's that state they are disciples and followers of a person of utter peace and mercy would permit that to occur, much less take part in such horrific acts.

The head scalping which Hollywood entirely places upon the Native Peoples, first came from the US Government bounty placed upon all Native women, children and men. They were routinely slaughtered and their Native scalps then were turned into a Government Claim office which paid various prices depending on if it was a child, women or man. Their entire race was reduced to a very egregious word known as 'nits'. Which referred to the eggs of the European Scourge, Head and Body Lice. The US Government ordered the Calvary's to remove the nits wherever they were found and to use whatever method they needed. Nits therefore referred to all Native Children, Women and Men.

Alias, I have not traveled to Lhasa and embraced the depth of wisdom and culture that was so very rich there. Yes, its very troubling to have cultural and physical genocides continuing to this very day. The Dali Lama appears to be nearing the end of his patience in regards to the lack of any meaningful changes in China to Tibet. I don't recall Christian organizations lining up in support of China's release of Tibet. And I don't recall a profound apology being issued by Christian leaders, including the Pope for their destruction of the Native peoples in North, South America, Caribbean and Polynesian Islands.

Dodie   November 23rd, 2009 2:04 am ET

@ A. Smith

The Chief had a lot of respect for you in order to discuss that. To this day, many natives especially a person in the position of Chief would not share that information with an outsider (if you are one). Very impressive and yet the information was very sad and difficult to comprehend! So much detachment from other living beings, whether it be people, animals or plants in this world……

You seem to have a genuine sensitivity and depth of understanding in many areas. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thank you for your genuine kindness. Thank you for being just you!

A. Smith, Oregon   November 23rd, 2009 7:22 pm ET

@Dodie, again thank you for your kind words and insights.

Its very likely the Native Chief had very rarely spoke of that horrific crime and was easing the burden of that knowledge by mentioning that to me. And like him, that horrific series of events brings a perspective which many Christians and others would find disturbing.

A profound statement that was repeatedly made to the New World settlers by the indigenous Natives was 'They didn't own the land, the Creator is the landlord, they are the Caretakers'.

The New World settlers simply could not understand nor fathom the concept that the land couldn't be truly owned, taken, sold and fenced off. They routinely proceeded to remove, murder, roundup and push out the indigenous Natives that were the Caretakers.

And now, minus the wisdom and efforts by the Caretakers of the land and earth, We find ourselves facing the ecological abyss presenting itself today.

Dodie   November 24th, 2009 1:28 am ET

@ A. Smith

Yes, we are now facing an ecological abyss

We are looking at widespread extinction of many species and the imminent collapse of whole ecosystems around the world. We have managed to destroy our terrestrial land and now the oceans. I remember reading a book years ago called the End of Nature. I forget the author’s name, but it had a profound impact on my life. I remember the author mentioning that all our material wealth is not making us happy. We continue to want more; hence use more resources and pollute but still continue to become more disenchanted.

In California, the companies “clear cut” our forests which creates the loss of our topsoil and ultimately will end up a desert! Southern California has become “wildlife deprived” The human population has exploded here. So much has changed. I am seriously looking at retiring on Vancouver Island, Canada or that general area.

Have you seen much change in your area? I understand no one can fish for Salmon due to the crash of its population. Salmon is the staple of many ecosystems. It helps many animals and plants. I also understand Oregon has lost most of its top predators like the wolf leading to overpopulation of elk and deer creating overgrazing, stream degradation and the decline of trees. It must be devastating for you to witness this.

Dodie   November 24th, 2009 1:42 am ET

You stated: "Its very likely the Native Chief had very rarely spoke of that horrific crime and was easing the burden of that knowledge by mentioning that to me."

A. Smith, you are too modest! Your presence allowed him the freedom to express himself. A Native Chief is very particular with whom he shares information, especially anything this profound.

A. Smith, Oregon   November 24th, 2009 3:00 pm ET

@Dodie, thank you for your kind comments and remarkable insights!

Oregon has a very pro-active approach to its ecological and environmental challenges. Americans living outside of the Northwestern States often view Oregonian's and those in Northern California simply as 'tree huggers'. Sadly, that term serves no purpose in understanding the need for environmental balance and ecological harmony between people and nature.

Very soon, the Rogue River is going to be completely dam free, permitting the Salmon to run unobstructed thru its entire course from the Ocean to its headwaters. Dam removal takes a great deal of planning, efforts and commitment. Oregon is likely going to be the first state to remove all the dams that once existed on a very large river specifically to boost the wild Salmon population.

Many years ago, on a mere hunch I hiked many miles to a oxbow on the Rogue River and found Ernest Hemingway's log cabin he once used to fish and write his novels from. A little dilapidated over time, the walls, ceiling and root cellar were still intact. Something however was nagging me, so I carefully scouted the surrounding area and found a sizable silent waterfall which flowed into a rock basin that he had carved in the soft stone for his own private nature bathtub. It was a breath taking discovery!

Many years ago, American Corporations from the East Coast bribed and bought huge red and white cedar forested lands from Oregon family trusts that had managed and select logged them for a entire generation, providing family waged jobs for hundreds and supporting the entire coastal region of small towns with funding.

Within 5 years, those same East Coast corporations had clear cut all of those coastal forests and immediately left with their enormous profits, placing those entire areas into long term economic bankruptcy.

Wild cougars, bears, eagles and falcons are again in abundance here in Oregon and they are making strides in reclaiming their populations. Oregon has banned the use of dogs in hunting wild cougars and bears which has directly led to increases in both of their populations. While there is a sizable coyote population, it is rare to hear a wild Wolf. It is exciting to hear one at night. It is so striking, the coyotes immediately hush up and bow to the utter dominance of their larger sibling.

A very troubling development is occurring during the summer months offshore of Oregon. It is a ever widening Oxygen Depletion area or zone. This is likely occurring due to complete carbon saturation in the Ocean. If Oxygen Depletion Ocean zones start popping up around the world, much of the earth's population will begin starving to death as those waters contain no living fish.

Dodie   November 25th, 2009 3:08 am ET

Ah, my CNN friend, A. Smith, the term “Tree Hugger” has its roots deep in the past which is both beautiful and very deeply moving. I will share this “real” story with you as I think you will be as deeply touched by it as I was.

The hugging of trees originated in India around 1730AD. The Bishnois are a community of nature worshippers in India. Bishnois are strong lovers of wild animals and nature.

On a Tuesday in October, 1730 AD, Amrita Devi, a Bishnoi woman, was at her home with her three daughters, Asu, Ratni and Bhagu bai, when she learned that a number of people had descended on their otherwise sleepy village of Khejarli, and found trees in abundance. The people were a party of men sent by Maharaja Abhay Singh, the ruler of the kingdom. Their mission was to cut the Khejri trees in order to burn lime for the construction of the Maharaja's new palace.
Amrita Devi protested against the Maharaja's men who were attempting to cut the trees as it was prohibited according to Bishnoi principles. The malevolent feudal party told her that if she wanted the trees to be saved, she would have to give them money. She refused to acknowledge this demand; because a bribe is an act of insult to her religious faith and she would rather give her life to save the trees. At that point she spoke these words:

Sar santey rookh rahe to bhi sasto jaan
(If a tree is saved even at the cost of one's head, it's worth it)

Having said these words she offered her head. The axes, which were brought to cut the trees, severed her head. The three young girls Asu, Ratni and Bhagu also offered their lives.

The news spread like wildfire. The Bishnois of Khejarli gathered and summoned their counterparts in eighty-three Bishnoi villages in the vicinity to come and decide on the next course of action. Since the supreme sacrifice by Amrita Devi and her daughters had not satisfied the royal party, and the cutting of trees continued, it was decided that for every tree to be cut, one Bishnoi volunteer would sacrifice his/her life. In the beginning, old people voluntarily started holding the trees to be cut in an embrace.

Despite many valiant old persons sacrificing themselves, the royal party's leader, Girdhar Das Bhandari, told the Bishnois that they were only offering unwanted old persons. Soon, young men, young women and children were sacrificing themselves in a similar manner. There was pandemonium. The tree-cutting party was badly shaken. With their mission unfulfilled, they left to relay these events to the Maharaja. As soon as he learned about it, he ordered the cutting of all trees to be stopped. By that time, (363) Bishnois, had already been killed.

Honoring the courage of the Bishnoi community, Maharaja Abhay Singh apologized for the mistake committed by his officials and issued a royal decree, engraved on a copper plate ordering the following:

1 All cutting of green trees and hunting of animals within the revenue boundaries of Bishnoi villages was strictly prohibited.
2 It was also ordered that if by mistake any individual violated this order, he would be prosecuted by the state and a severe penalty imposed.
3 Even members of the ruling family would not shoot animals in or near Bishnoi villages.

Today, the Ministry of Environment & Forests of India offer an award every year for the protection of forests and wildlife. It is called “The Amrita Devi Bishnol Wildlife Protection Award”

Do you remember when I told that other person who called you a “Tree Hugger” never to underestimate them as they will lay down their life for what they believe in. Now you understand why.

Thank you for your knowledge of Dam removing. I did not realize the complexity of this process.

What a beautiful experience. Your ability to write in such a visual manner helped me to see your experience. I felt as though I was there experiencing the beauty of the waterfall with you. What a delightful and peaceful encounter. Have you ever been back?

I remember the wood mills in the 1970s, I had friends in Grants Pass Oregon. The survival of the family was logging. I was afraid then of the clear cutting issue.

I am genuinely thrilled that the large predators are in abundance and thriving well. A healthy ecosystem needs both predators and pray. Many people do not understand how fragile our ecosystems are. They turn a blind eye in order to make money. I would love to hear the wolves in the night! What an exhilarating experience. You are very fortunate to live in a beautiful area. I have always loved Oregon and the northwest.

I am so sorry to hear of the oxygen depletion in the oceans. I had no idea how serious this is. Is anything being done to find out the cause and hopefully reverse this process? Are you involved in any groups that help the environment? I understand that is a double edge sword. Sometimes they are beneficial and others can be just a means of collecting money.

I so admire and appreciate your sensitivity to the environment. I meet few people with such a passion. I suspect you are either Native or just a very aware person to your surroundings. Are you a writer? Your ability to express yourself through the written language is very impressive. Thank you for sharing your experience with me

Dodie Ryan

A. Smith, Oregon   November 25th, 2009 4:25 pm ET

@Dodie, thank you so very much for sharing that wonderful history on the Bishnoi community! Such passion and commitment is seldom seen nor found in Western nations.

My father was instrumental in getting the entire region to shut-down their huge tepee waste wood chip incinerators which belched out huge amounts of smoke and were found every 10 miles across many entire states. He provided his staff with a ultimatum to either pay millions of dollars for environmental scrubbers to meet present and future environmental clean air acts or use the wood chips to produce particle boards and laminated beams for millions in surplus dollars.

Then he applied this same model region wide, they of course all chose to recycle their waste wood chips for millions of extra dollars rather than pay ten's of millions of dollars for new air scrubbers on each of their tepee burners.

An electrical fire spread to a entire wood processing plant, my father stopped the workers from attempting to spray water onto a 440v control panel feeding the fire, no doubt saving their lives. The power company offered him a bribe of 100,000 dollars (in 1970's) to lie about the source of the fire. My father refused, and they paid several million dollars to rebuild the entire complex, hiring back some 300 employees. I am very proud of my fathers integrity and ethics.

I am not sure what can be done at this point to prevent the dead zones from occurring in the Pacific Ocean, short of divine intervention. If it is the direct result of Carbon saturation, excess carbon is going to continue saturating the Oceans beyond the point of the Oceans ability to continue to dissolve that carbon.

If the permafrost in the Siberian region thaws and melts, trillions of cubic feet of methane gas would be released over the size of the entire state of Texas. Life on earth would be severely impacted and greatly changed. Short of divine intervention, this serious problem would be the most complex and labor intensive project modern humanity has ever undertaken to solve.

If nations rallied together to tackle just acouple of these pressing problems such as the rapidly advancing Sahara and Gobi deserts and the swiftly dropping water tables in California's fertile valley regions they might be able to obtain a minimal but successful solution.

However, if humanity were to tackle all of the serious pressing problems now at the gates of the humanity survival tower, it doesn't look like we have the knowledge, wisdom and capability to successfully solve them.

In perspective and in relationship to the Mayan time cycle prophesy's, two lesser time cycles played a very important role which must be addressed in order for us to discern the possibility's of the greater time cycle which occurs on Dec. 21st. 2012.

The first lesser time cycle introduced a great figure to the Mayan people, a foreigner with great knowledge and wisdom that taught the Mayans their language, mathematical and astrometric skills, including the inter-relationship of time cycles with external events.

The next lesser time cycle introduced the Spanish conquerors to the Mayan people who had utter contempt and disdain to the Mayan culture, language, mathematical and astrometric skills. Unfortunately, the Mayans allowed these barbarians into their midst thinking they would be similar to the former great Mayan visitor.

The great time cycle based upon the two immediate lesser time cycles as found and commented upon by the Mayan people seems to indicate a historic crossroads for all of humanity, much like the Native Navajo people predicted. One branch or road leading to the return of the person of wisdom, the other branch or road leading to mass destruction.

Dodie   November 26th, 2009 3:55 am ET

Your father sounds like an amazing man! I fully understand your pride when discussing his integrity. He not only saved many lives, due to the electrical fire at the wood mill, he also saved many lives due the toxins released from the Waste wood chip incinerators. It seems you were very close to him. I have the feeling he is no longer alive. If that is true, it must have been a difficult loss for you. From what I have read on CNN, you appear to have the same integrity as he had. This is very special. Thank you for sharing this precious part about your life and experience with me. I am very grateful for this understanding.

I find it very difficult to discuss personal or life experiences. It has always been much easier for me to hide in my intellect, as I suspect you are the same. Right now as I am writing this… I am trying to think of something worthy of sharing. While I am thinking, I will discuss my concern for the loss of our ecosystems and mass destruction.

I do not have much knowledge in reference to the Mayan civilization other than traveling to Mexico's Yucatan and seeing the pyramids. They were truly very advanced as evidenced by their observatory. I was very impressed. What is your connection with the Mayans?

Our planet has had mass extinction several times as evidenced by no trace of bones for 100,000 or so years. I feel our global warming is related to 2 factors.

1. The natural occurrence of galactic radiation which creates climate change
2. Humans which will change what would normally occur in 1,000 years happen in 100 years.

Personally I do not think anything will happen within 50 – 100 years. I agree that we have two options. Do nothing and we will continue to set a path of slowly grinding down; of course, taking all life forms with us. Or take a stance. Denial is so entrenched in the human species, I do not know if there is a way around it.

I seem to be searching all over the world for a solution. There was a famous psychologist called Carl Jung. He had an innovative idea. Like our genetic codes from the DNA past down from generation to generation. He believed that every person contains all the knowledge of ancestral experience as part of the unconscious mind. I suspect it is embedded somewhere in the RNA. Carl Jung coined it, “The collective unconscious”. The Chinese call “The collective unconscious” the “information coding” If this is true, then we do have the knowledge to make changes needed. I am so entrenched in science; it is difficult for me to believe anything that cannot be empirically tested.

In a very short time, it will be Thanksgiving. I do not know if that is an important day for you but if it is, I hope that you have family and friends to share with and enjoy. If nothing else, I have learned in this lifetime that relationships are most important. Whether it is a relationship between you and your family, friends, loved one, dog, cat, horse, fish tree or whatever. At the end of the day….when our time is moving on, I really think the relationships we have formed throughout our life is probably one if not the most important thing.

Good Night A. Smith of Oregon. Have a wonderful and restful evening, followed by a bright and beautiful day.


A. Smith, Oregon   November 26th, 2009 3:53 pm ET

@Dodie, thank you again for your kind comments and insights!

I believe the earth and the cluster of humanity on earth has moved into a progressive state of entropy. It is not that the Creator is pissed or angry at the earth, it is more that the earth and its inhabitants have progressively moved out of harmony with that being.

Although the playing field of life appears to be very broad, in fact the narrow band of energy that flows from the Creator is the only place that no degree of degradation or entropy exists.

One could view it as the harmony of magnetic fields that are drawn to one another, or the dis-harmony, degradation and entropy of magnetic fields that are opposed and push one another away.

Proper alignment with the energy's from the Creator come from Belief and Faith. With proper alignment, each step of faith that is offered to that individual brings them closer to the Creator.

Happy thanksgiving Dodie, and to each of the viewers, may 2010 be a year of improvement in every meaningful way.

Dodie   November 27th, 2009 1:22 am ET

A. Smith. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am making assumptions here so if I say something that is wrong in your view, please correct me. You often refer to a “Creator” Can you explain in more detail exactly what is it? I am sorry if I do not understand. I had no religion in my childhood. I had the freedom as a child to decide on what I wanted to believe in. I am very fortunate to have had that freedom. My mother was a very liberal Buddhist which is akin to being an Atheist and that has always been a pretty good fit for me. The Chinese speak of energy as equal to “Qi ” and traditional Chinese medicine is all about the “Qi ” Illness is caused from the blockage of the Qi .

When you stated: in fact the narrow band of energy that flows from the Creator is the only place that no degree of degradation or entropy exists.

That is exactly what traditional Chinese medicine is looking for… the blockage of Qi or energy as entropy exists with this blockage. They just do not deem it from a Creator. It is our own energy and magnified when there is no blockage. When our bodies are in alignment, this activates the Qi. This is why I am asking you these questions. As I truly want to understand. I apologize if I am making this difficult for you.

I am very interested in Chinese medicine. I guess that is one of the reasons I am always drawn to China and Tibet. I have a medical condition. Not life threatening but aggravating at times. I went to one specialist after another. Newport Beach is a very wealthy area with high paid MD specialists. I have seen them all over the course of years and they say nothing that can be done. When I went to China in 2004, I came across a well known traditional Chinese MD. No tests of any kind were required. He took my pulse on my wrist and then my ankle. He looked at my tongue and color around my eyes. He was searching for the blockage of my Qi. No blood work or anything else was done. He wrote me an herbal prescription which is a very special technique of mixing and preparing herbs into little round black pills. I started taking them and within 5 days, I had no more symptoms. I travel back to China for these herbs every year. I plan to go back in May 2010. I feel like a child in this culture. There is so much to learn. They have so much to offer. They have 5,000 years of knowledge.

As you know, I study Taiji however; I also study this under a grandmaster in China. He is 101 years old and you would not want to meet him in a dark alley or attempt his life. He is agile, strong, and limber. He is amazing. I never knew anyone that age with so much vitality. Actually, I do not think I have ever known anyone that old! China certainly has its problems, but also a wealth of knowledge.

I want so much to ask you a couple of questions, but I certainly do not want to intrude on your privacy. I will give you my work e mail. It’s a government e mail as I realize this will be visible to everyone. I hope you see it before CNN takes it off.

I had a very enjoyable day today. I met with one of my best friends. She is a co-worker and our only Medical Doctor who is also an Internist for our division in Mental Health. She is an extraordinarily bright woman. Receiving her Ph.D. at Harvard in Microbiology and her MD at Cornell University. We have long and extremely interesting conversations. She is an incredibly kind person. I cherish her friendship. We both cooked and since I have a large backyard with a waterfall, we ate under a large tree on the grass. It was very unusual weather being 80 degrees today. A. Smith, I hope your day was very enjoyable!

A. Smith, Oregon   November 27th, 2009 2:29 am ET

It is not possible to fully define nor fully describe the Creator. The Creator is the original being that existed long before the Universe, and still exists to this day.

Although it is likely impossible to understand all of the reasons why that being Created the Universe, one of the reasons was love in its purest expression. It seems the Creator was perfectly happy alone and although the Universe is large in astrometric terms, it is incredibly dwarfed by the empty space that surrounds it.

One of my most profound realizations came sometime ago with my grasping that huge limitless star-less, empty space is the largest blackboard ever created, the Universe is a small beautiful glittering oval star in its midst. In other words, empty outer space itself is also a creation.

The energys flowing from the Creator are the sole reason life in any description exists, we are literally living on the energys being emitted from that being. If that being cut-off that energy, all Creation would quickly spiral into entropy. Moving out of alignment with that being leads to entropy, degradation and death.

If you have ever adjusted a outdoor antenna to pickup a TV or microwave signal, you can more easily understand what I mean by alignment to a narrow bandwidth of energy.

A. Smith, Oregon   November 27th, 2009 3:19 pm ET


My perceptions, beliefs and considerations regarding the Creator are from first hand experience, not from any book that was written for questionable reasons.

As mentioned before proper alignment is vital to having any meaningful amounts of energy that flows from the Creator.

Darwin went to great links to show that life can mutate in any number of ways in order to survive. However, life ultimately taking the form of the Creator is the ultimate result. Please note I do not infer equality, I stated similar in form.

There are dozens of absolutes in nature and science has mapped out many of them. Two such examples absolute zero temperature, absolute speed of light, all experiments carried out to the infinite are all limited to the absolute factor which limits the resulting reaction.

The Creator controls the absolutes which we accept and often take for granted. Although absolutes could be seen as safety measures, they can be adjusted by the Creator if that being chooses to do so.

When a absolute control is adjusted or temporarily changed the result is a very large round peg trying to fit into the square peg conscious of the trained observer. What was formally routinely possible becomes infinitely impossible, or what was routinely impossible becomes possible and successful.

During my previous spiritual searches, I've visited countless temples, churches, shrines and sacred places across North America and the Caribbean Islands. Many of them were beautifully made by human hands, others were breath-taking examples of nature in her finest hour. I grew up in Northern California next to the Redwood National Forest, home of the Giant Sequoia Redwoods.

After a rain, I would walk alone among those giant redwoods as the mist trickled down from their giant trunks and limbs refreshing the abundant sword, lace and Boston ferns beneath them and FELT more faith being directed to the Creator by those ancient giants than within any of the ornate temples, shrines, churches, cathedrals and their attending followers that I have ever visited.

Dodie   November 27th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

A. Smith, you are truly a unique person (in a good way) We need more independent thinkers like you. Do you ever find it complicated communicating to others due to your uniqueness? I admire your ability to not just be a follower. You stand up for your convictions based on your experience and Not being just a passive listener of someone else.

I have always loved the redwoods. Those trees along with the Giant Sequoias are probably the most beautiful and majestic creatures I have ever seen. They live 2,000 years old, as I am sure you already know this… when Christ was alive if he is not just a figment of someone’s imagination. When I realized they were cutting down those ancient forests, I was enraged. I contributed to several groups but never know where the money goes. I joined the Sierra club and took time off from work, drove up to Northern California. It was a mess. Nothing was organized. I don’t think anything helped. I finally went to home Depot and made a stink by calling the corporate office. I wanted Home Depot to stop selling Fisher redwood. I realized from that experience there are few people in Southern California who care about our environment.

You are so fortunate to have been raised in an environment with such beauty. I do not know how much longer those ancient forests will last. I hope longer than my lifetime.

A. Smith, Oregon   November 28th, 2009 3:39 am ET

@Dodie, I'm rather reserved and silent about my thoughts and what I have seen.

When the stakes are rather high as in regards to the theme of this blog subject, then I'm less reticent about my life experiences and desires to have further life experiences rather than being another victim of someone's greed and corruption.

To wit, if Christian leaders had expressly not desired the burning of the Mayan books and the Mayan cultural genocide, it would not have occurred.

That leaves us nearly 500 years later, wondering what the end of the Mayan great cycle brings those living on earth in 2012. The Mayan began the Great Cycle we are currently in on August 11, 3114 BCE and ends 25,800 years later on December 21, 2012 ( in the Long Count at exactly 11:11 am GMT). The astrometric alignment appears to place the Earth directly in alignment with the middle of the Universe.

If the Christian leaders had expressly not desired the round-up and slaughter of the North and South American indigenous Native populations and instead actively opposed it, that very likely would not have occurred.

The mass removal of people that believed deeply in caretaking the earth and living in harmony with nature, predictably had a great deal in the multiple ecological and environmental problems that exist today.

Although years ago, American Corporations moved their mass destruction to the South America rain forests and the Siberian Forests, the damage they did there, has a impact here in America. They no longer can get away with what they have routinely done for decades.

Meanwhile it appears Russia is building a huge underground city to hold 60,000 people, the YAMANTAU Mt Complex.

Norway has built facilitys for their entire population to go under ground. The readers may recall that Sweden working with NATO has created an huge underground seed bank.

Not to be left out, The Bush family has made one of the largest land purchases in history for their own personal private compound in Paraguay.

Dodie   November 28th, 2009 7:10 am ET

Good evening/morning A. Smith from Oregon

Ah, now I understand your anger towards the Christian religion. You believe because they decimated the earth’s caretakers, specifically Mayan, we are now all doomed. So what do you believe will happen to this earth on December 21, 2012 when it approaches the center of the known universe? I can sense you are under pressure to solve this. I have noticed you are very careful with your true deep thoughts and feelings not to disclose them. Ckelly thinks you are female. I suspect you are male…which is really irrelevant. It is because of this great concern, you are reaching out. Is there anything I can do to help you?

Remember when I mentioned we have within each of us, the means to gather all the information of those that preceded us. I know my words are just words on a page, but please believe me; the earth will not cease to exist in 2012. The reason I know this… and as I write this, it sounds a little crazy, and I can not explain how I know this… I just do. I will die in 2017 from Cancer. I have always known this as far back as I can remember as a little child. I do not know the day, just the year and how. So if I survive past 2012 that means the earth will still be here.

As I write this, I can sense, it does not give you any reprieve or relief. You read the words and hear what I have to say, but your focus to solve the 2012 dilemma is just as strong as ever. You have my work e mail since I left it up on the blog and CNN decided not to take it down. If you want, you can email me at work on Monday. I feel…. I feel I want to help if I can. I know a very good place to go in Cheyenne Mountain and I remember how to get there. I have been in the structure 22 years ago. Not sure how we would pass through both doors…Oh yes, the MPs meet you on the road on the way up and escort you the rest of the way!

One last thought, we have already discussed this, but maybe the earth needs to decrease our population greatly and this is how nature takes care of itself. Good Night A. Smith from Oregon. Rest well!

A. Smith, Oregon   November 29th, 2009 12:24 am ET


Thank you for your interest. I don't believe the cluster of humanity on Earth is doomed. However with the destruction of the Mayan culture and their science of time cycles, there are few clues as to the direction humanity is headed after the crossroads at the end of the present Great Cycle, in the year 2013.

I am hopeful that humanity on Earth takes the best path which provides the most positive growth that is possible.

I find it ironic that the worlds majority religions, namely Islam and Christianity are both mentally and physically pushing humanity to expect the worst of outcomes. During the next two years, I expect to be deluged by doomsday 2012 series. As corrupt as Islam and Christianity has become, perhaps they are speaking of their own organizations going down the recycle bin.

Two very respected psychics (Edgar Cayce, Franz Bardon) independently pointed out a curious observation, which was that great wars coincided with peak solar maximum cycles. The early reports appear to indicate the upcoming solar maximum cycle is going to be very large and very active.

Dodie   November 29th, 2009 4:18 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon!

The Mayan civilization did a lot of writing on their walls. I wonder if there is something inside the pyramids would describe what was in the lost books. Being such an advanced civilization, I can not imagine they would place all that wonderful information just in books. Around 1000AD, The Toltecs reached the Yucatan which was predominantly Mayan. Chichen Icha was originally a Mayan pyramid; however, it was completely covered by the Toltec Pyramid. I would not be surprised if one went inside, maybe something would be found. When I was inside Uxmal, I saw some writing. It was dark but I noticed something that represented the solar system on the wall. Has anyone been there that understands the language and look on the walls?

Our earth has already endured large solar flares from the Universe generating ice ages and warming trends. I am happy to see your belief system incorporates our survival. Has it been decided which area on the Earth will have the direct impact of the flare?

Ugh, dogmatic man made dominant religions. I really get so sick and tired of hearing about them. Naturally all of them will push the “Doomsday” Armageddon scenario to promote increased faithful membership. All Dogmatic religions have been fighting over control by virtue of the largest following! No independent thinkers there! I have co-workers with high educational levels wrapped up in the religious dogma! Everyone so afraid they might go to hell.

Edgar Cayce and Franz Bardon may have been able to tap into Carl Jung’s the collective unconscious theory. I assume you have plans for yourself and loved ones. What do you plan to do?

Oregon is a very beautiful state. I understand the Oregon coast is currently experiencing a bad winter storm. Are you along the coast, or more inland around Interstate 5? When I moved into this area, there were no buildings; just acres of Orange groves and agriculture. The scent from all the orange blossoms would fill the air with the most beautiful fragrance imaginable. I had my horse in my backyard and I could ride from the top of the hills down to the ocean. There was nothing here and the mist would cling to the trees. Now it is a concrete jungle.

My offer still stands…if you need any thing, just ask! A. Smith from Oregon, have a restful evening followed by a beautiful and bright morning.


A. Smith, Oregon   November 29th, 2009 4:43 pm ET

@Dodie, Thank you for your kind comments and best wishes.

The story of Christian leaders burning the Mayan codices is a sad one. The Mayans were the only first culture to develop writing in the Americas, the Ancient Maya had written many bark-paper books, inscribed by hand in color by the scribe class.

When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the 16th century, Christian Bishop Diego de Landa ordered that all the Mayan writings be collected. He’d learned enough of their content to be convinced that the writings were blasphemous.

So he ordered that the inscriptions all be burned. The leaders of the Maya people were forced to stand by and watch as all of their culture went up in flames.

Much later, a few codices of the Maya began to turn up in old houses of European aristocrats. Not all of the Christians and Missionary's had obeyed De Landa’s order, it seemed. Some of them had kept the Mayan books and taken them back to Spain. Suddenly, these ancient writings began appearing in auction houses, where they were sold to libraries in Dresden, Madrid and Paris out of reach for the Christian leaders and their book burning fanatics.

During operation desert storm, a US Airforce Captain stated his bombing on a Iraqi Museum came from a ordered request from the Vatican. It seemed the recorded history of the Babylonian empire contained in that Museum directly threatened Christianity. After the bombing, the Museum stood for several days unguarded, making it very easy for a team to enter, and remove any documents or artifacts which they were sent to get.

Dodie   November 30th, 2009 1:00 am ET

It was my understanding that The National Museum of Iraq located in Baghdad, contained priceless relics from Mesopotamian civilization, thousands of which were looted in 2003 during the Iraq War. I did not realize there were any implications regarding Christianity. Somehow, that does not surprise me. You certainly have an incredible wealth of knowledge. Your knowledge about events that encircle the globe leads me to believe you have some attachment to journalism, whether it is a paper, TV, etc. Even more need to remain anonymous.

In my probing the internet, I came across The Oregon State University professor, Joe Stoner and his colleagues, who show up on sites that see 2012 as the beginning of the end. I had no idea Oregon State University was so involved in this situation of 2012. Professor Joe Stoner discusses the magnetic poles are not stable spots that coincide with the geographic poles. I think most people are aware of that. True north and true magnetic north are two different locations and move on the compass. Maybe Oregonians are so attuned with nature, this seems to have more of an impact on you.

I see this 2012 as a positive movement. The slow degradation of our planet by humans goes unnoticed by the majority. Maybe it needs a catastrophic event to move people’s awareness from greed to nature. Maybe this new era is human awareness on preserving our environment!

A. Smith, Oregon   November 30th, 2009 1:58 am ET


Yes the North magnetic pole has been gradually shifting from true north for sometime now. However, what holds the present earth's tilt is the massive weight of the polar icecaps. The earth's rotational speed at the equator is considerable (1,037 mph) tapering down towards the polar regions.

Latitudes from the Equator:
10° – 1021.7837 mph (1644.4 km/h)
20° – 974.9747 mph (1569.1 km/h)
30° – 898.54154 mph (1446.1 km/h)
40° – 794.80665 mph (1279.1 km/h)
50° – 666.92197 mph (1073.3 km/h)
60° – 518.7732 mph (834.9 km/h)
70° – 354.86177 mph (571.1 km/h)
80° – 180.16804 mph (289.95 km/h)

The polar icecaps could be seen as counterweights on a very fast spinning wheel. If the counterweights dissolve or move then there would certainly be immense global changes as the earth's tilt angle would certainly change as would the tropical belt region on earth.

The immense oil deposits and plant remains beneath the current polar ice indicates that entire region was once very warm and tropical.

Dodie   December 1st, 2009 1:15 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon!

Thank you for your vast knowledge and continued information that challenges my knowledge and increases my quest for more information.

I remember when taking oceanography, marine science and geology in college, the main control over the earth’s climate was the ocean currents and clouds. After reading what you put out on this blog, I spent most of the night reading and was just amazed at how much has changed in less than 30 years. To me that is very shocking. What I just learned; and I make sure the URL is something reputable, not just a he said/she said web site, is alarming. Yes, the warming oceans could cause Earth's axis to tilt. I remember learning years ago this situation would be impossible. I guess not any more. I accessed some journals and it seems that researchers now say the shift will be large enough that it should be taken into account when interpreting how the Earth wobbles.

I remember studying the climate change can move Earth's axis. Now, I understand the planet's North Pole is migrating along 79 °W – a line of longitude that runs through Toronto and Panama City – at a rate of about 10 centimeters each year as the Earth rebounds from ice sheets that once weighed down large sections of North America, Europe, and Asia.

The influx of fresh water from shrinking ice sheets also causes the earth's axis to tilt at an annual rate of about 2.6 centimeters – and that rate may increase significantly in the coming years. I also remember the fresh water in the oceans will eventually stop the ocean currents and when they shut down, the climate will go into catastrophic changes within a very short period of time.

100 million years ago, the earth having only one continent Pangaea, the world would have been lopsided. There were no ice sheets at either pole. So my question is: Could gravity and centrifugal force keep the earth’s equilibrium in check?

The Science Channel is airing “China’s Raging Sands” It is what we were discussing a while back regarding desertification and the Gobi desert which is right on Beijing’s door step! Pretty scary! I remember being in Beijing in 2007 and I had to cover my face due to the sand storms. They are even showing what it is like in Beijing. I remember how bad it was. If you have a chance, watch it.

A. Smith, Oregon   December 1st, 2009 7:26 pm ET

@Dodie, you have certainly done your homework and provide a wealth of wisdom and understanding of the sweeping problems facing humanity here on earth.

The noted psychic Edgar Cayce made a very accurate in my opinion observation stating that as the earth receives an excess of heat related energy's, the earths core reacts in its attempts to release it thru a series of magna eruptions via well documented volcanic vents around the world.

The heat energys which take part on the earth and reach the earth's massive core thru solar activity's are essentially placed into a closed circuit. Meaning that energy is stored and dissipated or released back into the environment.

Taken on a global scale, excess energy would require around 10 full years to dissipate to an observable lower level. Meaning, if humanity on earth suddenly noticed the earth's core has reached an over abundance of excess heat related energy's, it would take around ten more years to bleed that off, provided humanity on earth suddenly took large measures to help prevent large amounts of additional energy from entering the earths core.

Of course it would be highly unlikely that humanity would undertake such a drastic measure, and would more likely be simply compelled to slowly dial back on energy releases which would greatly extend the length of time it would need to bleed down the excess stored energy.

When someone receives a sudden buildup of excess thermal energy into their skin, they immediately notice a first degree burn. However, if that person doesn't immediately take measures to cool their inner tissues, that same excess thermal energy which is trapped beneath their tissues continues to radiate heat upon the first degree injury making it worsen to a second degree burn or worse.

Dodie   December 2nd, 2009 4:22 am ET

Ah, A. Smith from Oregon Good Evening!

Thank you for those benevolent words. You are always so kind!

I am distracted right now due to President Obama's decision. I have been sifting through the internet. I came across an obscure post around 2003 that discusses the CIA's “Illicit Transactions Group” (ITG). From what I could find out, this entity monitors the money being passed from the Saudis to Al Qaeda, other fundamentalists and jihadists overseas thus financing world wide terror. I suspect you have abilities to find more information than I can. I emailed a very good friend in China asking him if he could dig through information. When I use the internet in China, I have noticed they block the western world from some of their sites. It is the reason China wants to implement a privacy act on Google! They are very upset that Google can obtain their ISP.

Do you know anymore about this entity? I have noticed you have excellent research available. I do not know if we can fully understand all the dynamics surrounding this war, but I would like to find out and understand as much as I can. Like our Earth, I do best with an open mind or my perception of the truth.

A. Smith from Oregon, have a restful evening followed by a beautiful and bright day as I send a little of our warmth and sunshine up your way!

A. Smith, Oregon   December 2nd, 2009 4:39 pm ET

In the late 1960's, the CIA targeted highly skilled illegal drug chemists. Arresting several, they forced them to work for the US Govt. Department of Defense. They succeeded in producing the drug known as STP for the DOD for possible use in Vietnam. Jacobs Ladder was the Hollywood movie based on the CIA testing of that drug on US Army troops and captured Vietnamese solders. The drug also showed up on the streets of San Francisco under the label of 'green acid' and caused a great deal of problems on the medical community there.

In the late 1990's the CIA targeted highly skilled computer hackers. Arresting several, they forced them to work for the US Govt. Justice Dept. They succeeded in creating a bubble around the heavily encrypted codes used by domestic and foreign banks during the transfers of billions of dollars from one bank to another.

The Hackers found they could also misdirect where those funds went. All of this of course was deemed legal by the US Justice Dept. During the Bush-Cheney administration, that secret team of hackers was given even more leeway, they routinely targeted the bank transactions and bank accounts of business's domestic and foreign of anyone the administration wanted to screw over, squeeze or get a point across.

Many of those latter financial victims had committed no crimes, they simply supported a political ideology which was contrary to the Bush-Cheney mindset.

Later under the Bush-Cheney administration a section of the Patriot Act was specifically written to legalize this highly illegal practice of seizing funds where the victims must then prove to a highly biased US Justice judge those funds were legally generated.

In short order, high tech money laundering fell back to moving millions of dollars or less thru the Ancient Hawala Money Transfer System where money brokers around the world accept cash and the recipient half a world away walks into a Hawala dealer to pick it up.

Their names and transfer amount information seldom lasts 24 hours after delivery before it is destroyed, making transfers nearly impossible to trace and track down. Desperate attempts by US Justice treasury officials to force Hawala dealers to keep extensive records like US Banks have largely failed, Hawala dealers simply pack-up and blend in within inner-city's across the world.

Despite US Justice Dept's heralded attempts to strong-arm the Swiss Government and Google Inc., it was the low-tech Hawala dealers that brought those goose stepping goons to their knees in utter failure.

Dodie   December 4th, 2009 5:16 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon

I am hoping your day went well for you and you enjoyed yourself. You are quite an amazing person with such a wealth of knowledge. Yes, I have heard of STP. I personally witnessed someone on it and it was similar to Jacobs Ladder. The person was confused, disoriented, and ended up hospitalized due to a mental breakdown. I understand some of the active ingredients are the same as the motor oil additive also called STP. Not sure if that is a myth.

Somehow I find that quite amusing the hackers could misdirect the transferred funds. That is the reason transfers of money is best through one bank with different branches in different countries, like Citi Bank. It is better than going through a third bank out of N.Y. Citi Bank has that capability as they are so large and in many countries. However, I really do not like Citi Bank. I understand it is owned by Oil… the Saudis.

Tell me something A. Smith from Oregon. You are obviously an avid reader. Where do you obtain all this information? Is it something you already know from previous inquiries? I am aware you want to keep your anonymity; hence, you do not answer questions. I was reading up on “Hawala” last night! I was pretty taken back pertaining to the global scope of their operations. I also read the 'hawala' money in India is directly linked to terrorist financing, and the US has suggested to India to strengthen its anti money laundering legislation. Goodness, everyone is involved in the Middle East! We have more players than is even imaginable. I realize the equidistant issue is “control of oil” and I also know China is involved. It seems to me many nations are in direct competition for that particular resource.

I would love to see an alternate source arise soon. I had thought about methane. It is very abundant on this planet. It is one way we could keep the green house effect down if we use it for a source of renewable energy technology. I am sure there are many scientists working on this. And I also suspect the powerful oil companies are keeping that information repressed. We must sever ourselves from “oil” I have been reading some of your posts on CNN and you definitely have good clarity. I am in a quandary as how president Obama ended up making the 30,000 troop decision. I suspect India’s Prime Minister: Manmohan SINGH had a lot to do with it. I was watching the interview between Fareed Zakaria and the Prime Minister. I noticed the Prime minister was not worried about the US allegiance with India. Even Fareed Zakaria was worried that Pres Obama was not giving the Prime minister the deserved attention.

One of my biggest concerns here in the US is too many people are lead by others’ word as “fact” or gospel. That is the main problem with organized religion. People are lead to think they are free, when they are not. Our country is becoming extremely divided. I use CNN as a barometer as to what people in other parts of the US are experiencing. I could be imagining it, but it seems to me, many people are becoming even more rigid in their belief systems. This is not healthy. I was on LKL last night and there was so much anger towards Tiger Woods. The anger being vented was from a deeper source as none of us knows Tiger personally. I became wary of it and left.

I don’t know how you cope with all of this. I find these issues are distracting me from my work. I like to problem solve and move from the problem into the solution; however, I seem to be at a standstill with the American and world issues. I am afraid Pres Obama has just made a disastrous mistake. I have often thought that the world is like a chess game, with Bin-Laden Al-Qaeda opposite of the US. They know we are manipulated easily through “fear”. The whole world knows that. My concern is we are draining our resources until there is nothing left. When that happens, we will collapse. I do not like what I am witnessing. I certainly hope I am wrong.

A. Smith from Oregon, sending you sunshine, warmth and hope! Have a quiet and restful evening followed by a beautiful winter’s day! May your dreams carry you high on the winds of time! May your heart be fulfilled!

Dodie from Irvine

A. Smith, Oregon   December 4th, 2009 2:55 pm ET

@Dodie, thank you for your kind comments and best wishes!

Undoubtedly there are teams of scientists that have developed a research nuclear reactor that utilizes fusion to generate thousands of times more energy than it initially consumes to start the reaction.

The initial problem appears to be feeding the reaction while keeping the massive energy at peak output and in flux with its containment vessel. Meaning that although a run-away reaction is nearly impossible, it is difficult to continuously feed a fusion reaction to keep it going while keeping the containment fields intact.

The massive amounts of energy needed to start a fusion reaction amounts to nearly 1/3 what the entire State of California routinely uses. Meaning, you don't want to constantly strike a match that costs billions every time you do so.

Complete electrical vehicles are the way to go. Although very little has been done to improve the efficiency of the electric motor which is at least 90% efficient, we need to get rid of battery's and use super capacitors to store the energy. Super capacitors can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times more than battery's and are extremely efficient in energy transfers.

Yes China is very active in buying massive oil, gas and mineral leases around the world while the economy is in the abyss, country's are strapped for case and China has a multi-Trillion dollar surplus in cash. Unlike America, China is making certain its citizens are very well provided for in regards to their future energy needs.

Reports today from Bolivia where some 80 residents are depending on some neighbors tap water faucet for their water needs. Seems the Andes Glaciers are quickly melting and Bolivia's 2 million residents depend totally on the glaciers for their fresh water needs. Perhaps America should export some former Republican lawmakers to Bolivia to tell those residents that climate warming is a myth, cheer them up alittle!

Dodie   December 5th, 2009 1:43 am ET

Central China TV (CCTV) is interviewing Ted Turner of CNN right now. Ted ended up apologizing to China for the Bush Administration as Bush was being very negligent during those 8 years. Talk about fumy!!! China Asked Ted if he could make a contribution to the UN for the USA since Bush would NOT! (Laughing)

Ted Turner stated to China CCTV, "Just because you are from a powerful country does not mean you are correct" In reference to the Bush Admin. Ted just told CCTV that good ratings mean lots of money... not necessary good news in relation to discussing the Michael Jackson blogs. I do not think Ted Turner is aware that Americans are listening to his interview with CCTV or he might have made different statements!

Ted Turner gave a 1 billion dollar satellite to CCTV so CNN and CCTV could communicate! That is why CCTV is a “free” satellite station. Talk about innovative! Very impressive!! Ah! Ted Turner dodged the question about dating a lot of women! What an interesting character! Ted Turner is really funny! He had the Chinese interviewer laughing and he had me sliding off the couch onto the floor laughing!

A. Smith from Oregon. I just loved your comment about you would cry too if you were looking at 26 years of celibacy! lol You have a wonderful sense of humor!

Dodie   December 5th, 2009 3:58 am ET

A. Smith from Oregon. Please tell me about the News-Zeitgeist movement!

A. Smith, Oregon   December 6th, 2009 1:13 am ET


The Bush family has directly made China an incredibly rich and wealthy nation.

Bush sr., was appointed the defacto Ambassador to Taiwan, where the Chinese handlers likely made great inroads to the political future and political influence of the Bush family.

Reagan-Bush sr. was in the White House when the commodity price of Silver spiked and went literally thru the roof. China was a dirt-poor nation at that time, SITTING on thousands of ton's of silver ingots.

China literally was transformed from dirt-poor to mega rich overnight due to one single fact. Reagan-Bush sr. did not immediately place an emergency market stop on the cost of Silver by citing a strategic emergency. Silver is used in a myriad of strategic applications therefore that emergency order would have been upheld as valid.

Reagan-Bush sr., knew full-well that China was sitting on thousands of tons of silver ingots and directly had a hand in converting China into a mega-rich nation overnight.

Bush jr. had a hand in dumping the world's economy into the trashcan, China had purchased large insurance policies thru AIG and others fully protecting them from any losses from all toxic assets they had snapped up. In fact, the insurance policies paid them more than what they would have potentially received from their investments of toxic assets.

With the worlds economy in the trashcan, China is sitting with a multiple Trillion Dollar surplus of cash, and begins seriously investing that cash for penny's on the dollar snapping up mineral and oil leases and products that were 100% – 300% higher the previous year.

In short, the Bush family made China extremely rich and wealthy, the Chinese handlers got their moneys worth with the Bush family.

The Zeitgeist movement throws together a great deal of speculation, observations and historical facts. There's generally something in the resulting pile which everyone agrees on.

Zeitgeist, the Movie brings up some interesting and reflective insights and forces the viewers to think for themselves about what many take for fact or general truths.

Zeitgeist, Addendum starts up after part III of the aforementioned movie and entirely focuses upon banking, economic processes and large corporations. Corruption, greed, warfare, oppressive laws, social stratification, irrelevant superstitions, environmental destruction, and a despotic, socially indifferent, profit oriented ruling class are themes which are explored in Addendum.

The Republican party and in particular Dick Cheney are outlined in Zeitgeist, Addendum as working under the same primary assumption as corporations: that maximization of profits is their first priority, regardless of any social or environmental cost.

Dodie - CA   December 7th, 2009 4:01 am ET

I really like what you said regarding the Zeitgeist movement when you said they throw together a great deal of speculation, observations and historical facts. There's generally something in the resulting pile which everyone agrees on. I have never seen the movie. I was intrigued by what I was reading and liked most of it, but being such a confirmed skeptic, I usually do not like to join anything. I find it is too easy to become so caught-up and involved, one looses objective perspective. Thank you for your thoughts on the subject.

You are absolutely correct regarding the ‘silver’ and China. Another cause for China to be in such a lucrative position is their continued manufacturing for decades. When we outsourced ‘gave away’ the American jobs to be made at a lower cost, we actually shot ourselves in the foot! ((Ouch)) America has been its own worst enemy! Capitalism is pretty much defined by what you discussed, corporations making as much profit as they possibly can with no consideration for the ‘ripple effect’ to the environment, the people, the waste and so on. Greed is a real problem with our species. That characteristic will probably be our downfall and demise! I just do not see any way around that fact! I see our country moving into a declining power and it’s very sad. It’s our own fault! We have too many ‘followers’ due to religion in this country. From birth, they are molded to obey, and “believe” in the Dogmatic Conjecture religion shoves down their throats. That is why I continue to post ……

None are more hopelessly enslaved……..
Than those who falsely believe that they are free………

I am speaking to the Christian Americans when I post this. If I over do it, just tap me on the shoulder!

I do not know if you have ever been to China, but you are absolutely correct. I have never seen so much growth so quickly in my entire life. I have been watching China since 2000 when Bush was elected. I knew then America would be in trouble. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Especially since he filed bankruptcy on a couple of his companies. That did not look good on his resume and he was still elected. Grrrrrr !!

In a matter of 5 years China went from few cars and thousands of bicycles to no bicycles and thousands of cars. The transformation was so quick, they did not have time to find places and erect parking lots. They park all over the side walks and wherever. There is still mass poor, but it is changing quickly. The poor are in the country side. The cities are developing the middle class. There are so many beautiful and spectacular places in China. I find the people very friendly.

I hope I do not bore you with an experience... but this experience really demonstrates how these people operate.
A couple of years ago, I was in an underground shopping center in the city of Dalian. The Chinese enjoy bartering and haggling. It is like a chess game to them. So with my little bit of Chinese language … I set off to haggle with a shop keeper. He quoted me one price and I offered another. Several lower prices were offered and I increased my price amount… I turned and walked away and the shop keeper came after me. By this time, there was a crowd of Chinese people wondering if the “American” would be as astute as the Chinese! The shopkeeper continued with little decreases, I stayed firm with my amount. As I turned shaking my head and started walking away, the Chinese shopkeeper finally conceded. He made all kinds of horrible sounds like someone was killing him. He showed me a picture of his family and sad face. But I still stood firm. He sold that item to me and the crowd applauded! They all gave me the thumbs up and pats on the back! No one could speak a word of English and my Chinese is still terrible. But I got the message! I was not an American push-over and I earned their respect! Many members in the crowd followed me that day throughout the underground shopping center and watched as I bartered. They all were applauding some even offered to help me. We all laughed, did the ‘high 5’ and had a wonderful time. They came up to me and offered food and drink. Many of them showed me pictures of their family. No words were spoken. It was a universal language. It was a wonderful day.

A. Smith, Oregon   December 7th, 2009 5:13 pm ET

@Dodie, Thank you for sharing your experience in China. I applaud your success and astute observation on barter and trade.

Sadly, I have not traveled to China. I am however, attracted to Chinese women and find them very beautiful and appealing.

Many thousands of Chinese immigrants traveled to California and Oregon in search of the promised mountain of Gold. There are many outstanding signs of Chinese workers that dug train tunnels, made massive mosaic stone retaining walls and channeled water for great distances to hydraulic mining monitors.

Sadly, very little that remains of those massive Chinese community's outside of San Francisco. The Chinese immigrants contributed as much or more than anyone else and yet they were often treated with abuse, and at best indifference. Small community's across rural Oregon have begun to reach out to the Chinese community's in commemorating their achievements and celebrating Chinese New Years with them in special festivals.

I find it very ironic that American solders that have completed multiple war zone tours and have completed their duty's and obligations with the Army is tossed aside to become another of the hundreds of thousands of homeless Veterans, much like the Chinese immigrants that worked hard and long hours to help all Americans, then were tossed aside when their work was done.

Yes Dodie, the Chinese leaders drew-up a 20 year plan in two parts and successfully stuck to it. One part was to build a better mouse-trap.

By lowering their prices for producing a myriad of American products and using their own container ships, they could undercut all American domestically produced common tooled items. Eventually, they decided those same American factory's would be forced to close down and China could slowly raise the prices on those items. China has a very large surplus of engineers and their teams of engineers are among the best in the world in De-engineering any product or drug that was originally designed and produced elsewhere.

China successfully built a better mousetrap, American factories that were not subsidized by the federal government couldn't effectively compete and shuttered their doors in mass. China's exports surged to meet America's domestic demands and this has contributed to the massive exchange of wealth from America to China.

Hope your week goes well and the Sun is shinning brightly there Dodie!

Dodie - CA   December 8th, 2009 1:49 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon

Thank you for sharing that personal part of yourself! I find it deeply touching. From reading your blogs on CNN, I think you would do well to travel in China. I can guide you to some very beautiful places, just breath taking. If you are interested, you can click on the link below which will bring you to some pictures I took of a place called Haung Shan (Yellow Mountain) It is like 100 Yosemites and the clouds move in and out like the ocean waves. If you stay on the mountain, you can wake up at 4am and watch the sunrise. It is very beautiful.

I have a home in the North Eastern tip of China, A place called Golden Pebble Beach which is the north end of Dalian. You are welcome to stay there. It has a view of the ocean and town. It is vacant. I have friends that watch over it and they can help you. It was one of the things I did when I knew our economy was going to tank! It would provide you with a place while you explore. Pictures of the place are also on webshots in the same photo album.

We have but one life, and its best to live while we can. Life is just too darn short! I need about 50 more years to do all that I want to do. If you are interested in seeing China, you can also fly over with me. I can help you. Think about it! You don’t need to give me any kind of an answer now. I am looking at April, 2010. I am kind of a “free spirit” and travel with all kinds of people and never had a problem.

China is also paying for their innovation and factories. Every city is horribly polluted. It has taken me years to find a place to buy that was not filled with pollution. They will end up with all kinds of lung diseases. They are also polluting their entire water system with these factories trying to make everything as low cost as possible so they can export all over the world. I have been around the Chinese culture my entire life, so I feel comfortable in China.

Yes, I completely agree with you. This country was built on the backs of Blacks, Native Americans and Chinese. I find it pretty ironic that President Obama is living in a home built by black slaves. I am sure he and his wife entertain that thought often.

I, too, find it sad with regards to the American solders. It touched me so deeply, I volunteered for several years at the “vet center” in Barstow, CA. Their marriages were doomed, their children often afraid of them, their lives shattered. The incredible amount of pain they experienced touched me very deeply. Many isolated in the desert. They were fearful of getting close to anyone. Their loss was so great. Several committed suicide while I was there. It tore my heart out. So much desperation. So much fragmentation. So much despair. So much pain! The pain would permeate the clinic. At times I could hardly breathe. The emotions of the men were so raw it was beyond words!

A. Smith from Oregon, you have a gentle and kind soul!

A. Smith, Oregon   December 8th, 2009 7:00 pm ET

@Dodie, wow what a beautiful city and extremely generous offer. I couldn't accept such a wonderful offer, although after a year or so (2011-2012), I would be more willing to re-visit that consideration.

Dalian is definitely described as the pearl of China's north and often rated by international tourists as being as diverse and fulfilling as the city of San Francisco. Some compare Dalian, China to a young Hong Kong. The offshore islands sound appealing as does many of Dalian's cultural areas.

Haung Shan sounds like a very beautiful place, I look forward to looking thru the photos you have of that location.

The generally accepted norms for atmospheric pollution and viable drinking water and acceptable bathing sea water all appear to be in the fair to good categories for Dalian and its outlining area. I've seen several documentary's on toxic cadmium and other chemical mining toxins in numerous Chinese rivers and fresh water supply's.

To be fair and balanced, the same can be found in some American and South American city's with abandoned mines that leech toxic wastes and chemicals into the rivers and city water tables.

What drew you initially to the Chinese culture, you stated you have been around the Chinese culture your entire life?

A few years ago, I visited a friend in a nearby Veterans center and as I waited in a large lobby with a jukebox, I decided to select a musical piece to help lighten up the despair that was evident on the faces of the residents there. One resident suddenly picked up his chair and started wildly swinging it against a wall, an adjoining mirrored wall immediately opened up and orderly's restrained him and they disappeared behind the mirrored wall.

I wondered if such toxic war memory's could be permanently erased or must they strive to have the strength to neutralize them internally?

I feel sad for young solders that seldom have strong coping skills yet find themselves beset and literally saturated with wave after wave of extremely emotional setbacks and fear. It certainly says a lot for individuals that dedicate themselves to patiently treating the multiple layers of damage in those men and women.

Thank you again Dodie for your efforts and commitment to others!

Dodie - CA   December 9th, 2009 4:28 am ET

Ah, A. Smith from Oregon. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts...

I understand you are busy and have many things to do. It is an open ended offer. If and whenever you decide to travel to china, you will always have a place to stay. I enjoy helping others if I can. If my health is still good, I might even be living there in 2012. The place provides a retreat in a section of the world, I would like to further explore. I am in a good place in my life. Over the course of years, I have been able to shut out the drama and chaos.

You asked the million dollar question:
I wondered if such toxic war memory's could be permanently erased or must they strive to have the strength to neutralize them internally?

Before I can even begin to explain the answer to your question, I need to discuss a couple of issues.

Our brain has no sense of time. What I mean by that is, take a couple of minutes and think of your father. Think about the love you had for him and the love he had for you. Think about the wonderful times you had with your father and how you looked up to him as a child. Now think about his death and your loss. Think specifically about the day he died. (Stop reading and just spend 4 or 5 minutes thinking about your loss)

If you did this experiment, you would feel very sad. Maybe tearful. Even though the experience was in the past, I had you open up that door to your past and bring it into the present. Now you understand your brain has no sense of time. All that we experience, we can relive over and over. Our brain is like a library with many doors. Each room has memories of our past surrounding an experience, good or bad. So envision walking into a library with 600 doors. Every time you open a door, you experience something from the past, and brought it into the “here and now”

Now think about if something from the environment threw you into your past. Most people can relate to an old song, the smell of cooking a specific food, etc. So now you have an environmental stimulus opening that door for you. Maybe when you least expect it and not prepared to cope with that experience again.

Everything is on a continuum, from mild to severe. In other words, someone could have a mild or a severe case of PTSD. The severity of the PTSD is based on several issues.
1. The individual’s maturity and ability to cope with stress of war and all its implications.
2. The length of perceived life threat and combat or experience
3. The amount of behaviors the person exhibited that were outside the person’s level of acceptance
4. The amount of emotional support the person experienced while at war and at home.
PTSD is a response by normal people to an abnormal situation. When your sense of safety and trust are shattered, it’s normal to feel crazy or disconnected.

Vietnam was a very special war. The American military realized that the average combat veteran would start unraveling around 1 to 1 ½ years with what was termed in those days as “war neurosis”. So in Vietnam, the person went over and joined a group. When his DEROS (1 year) was up, he left Vietnam only to be discharged 48 hours after arriving back in the US. This procedure encapsulated the trauma. He never had the ability to let it go. He never experienced the comradery that is necessary when fighting a war and to start the healing process on the way home.

Now, think of a person’s ego, which makes him that person, like an egg. It is whole and protected with a shell. Now drop that egg so that only the protected shell cracks. That is what happens to people who have severe PTSD. Their protection is cracked and what flows between the cracks is raw emotion.

With all of this understanding… now I can proceed to your question. I am sorry if this is so long. It is important you have a perception before I can continue. The healing process is very complicated for all the reasons stated above. They experience nightmares; environmental stimulus can trigger a response, etc. They use drugs and alcohol to drown out those painful experiences that continue to be reborn within them. Because PTSD is enmeshed in their survival, this makes it extremely difficult to sever.

Back in the 1970s they tried a technique that was horrible and I was completely against it. It was called flooding. Meaning you would purposefully bring the person back to experiencing those horrible past experiences. They were hoping to desensitize the person. It never worked and some of the men finally went over the edge and became fully blown psychotic. The VA actually cracked open that egg… their ego.

Forms of treatment are as follows:
-Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy. (CBT)
-EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) –.
– Sometimes Medication.
– Hypnotherapy

People who seem to have the most trouble were those who committed an act that was completely unacceptable to them. An example would be, If you were hiding in a swamp and you could hear the enemy all around you. You have your buddy, a comrade with you, but he has been shot in the stomach and his intestines are falling out. He is screaming in pain and you try to keep him quiet as you don’t want to die. You realize that he will not live and because he is screaming which will give your position away, you quietly place your hand over his mouth and drown him. Once the horror and fear is gone, you realize you just killed your best friend in order to survive. That is unacceptable.

Your question. Can it be erased? Unfortunately, no; but just like the death of your father, the pain subsides over time. Unfortunately, the best way to heal is through the individual’s coping ability mixed with the acceptance of themselves regardless of their unacceptable behaviors, loss and grief.

I have two good friends that I work with, both psychologists and both Vietnam Vets with PTSD. They have learned to keep it ‘contained’ by working on it every day of their life.

I am sorry if I bored you with such a long explanation. I just wanted you to fully understand what these people are up against.

A. Smith from Oregon, may you have a gentle and peaceful slumber to wake up feeling energized, rejuvenated and satisfied. May tomorrow be an easy and gentle day for you.


A. Smith, Oregon   December 10th, 2009 3:30 am ET

@Dodie, thank you for the explaination.

During WW2, the German chemists who were highly revered during that time and were on the cutting edge of chemical breakthroughs up thru the 1970's developed several drugs used to interrogate prisoners. They woke up afterwords with complete memory loss of what transpired during the past 72 hours.

I met a former Air force specialist that had trained for a duty station in Cheyenne Mt. Complex for one year and resided in the mountain complex for the next three years. He remembers all aspects of his life prior to the Air force including his initial training and going to the mountain complex. He has complete and total memory loss of his entire three years within that mountain complex.

Of all the duty stations, there are only a couple that would be treated with such classified regard. Those two stations do not deal with the oh-hum soviet fleet, but rather look for and focus on what if anything enters our solar system and from there to our planet.

Anyway, I'm surprised the Defense Dept. has not used selected amnesia on PTS victims. There are bound to be protein markers on the highly charged neurons which would clearly show up with the proper dye markers and then subjected to perhaps a highly focused magnetic field to neutralize their interconnectedness.

I really enjoyed looking thru your photo albums, Lhasa Jokhang Temple no less!

You took some really beautiful photos, thank you for sharing those with me.

Dodie - CA   December 10th, 2009 4:13 pm ET

Good Morning A. Smith from Oregon

Your statement regarding chemical treatments can have an amnesia affect is a very good observation on your part. I can see how it could be beneficial. However, it is very complicated when dealing with the mind. Because our memory runs down neuropeptides, and some neuropeptides may be used for more than one specific bit of information, it is very dangerous because there is no control over exactly what you select to erase. Therefore, more may be erased from the person’s memory than wanted. It is considered unethical and illegal. Back in the 1980s the Loma Linda VA wanted to conduct ECT, which is still used in very severe depression, as a means of erasing their memory, but it was quickly squashed due to potential lawsuits.

Even today, there are numerous areas in our brain we just do not understand. If we did, there would be no more mental illness, retardation, etc in the world. We know more about the stars than we do our own mind. I always found it humorous the Egyptians did not know what the brain was used for and tossed it in the trash when they mummified their royalty.

Actually the most powerful technique is the CBT. As a clinician, you help to refrain the person’s thought process. Meaning you help them see life differently in a positive way. (Sorry for the dialogue again)

Here is an example: You are late for work and driving in the fast lane. Someone cuts you off and then slows down considerably. Most people are angry or irritated at that person. = (feeling) generated from the thought of, (this person cut me off and then had the nerve to slow down or something similar) The action usually is honking their horn or swearing at them. …………………. Now what if the same thing happened the next day. You were again late for work; a person cuts you off and slows down. But this time you see the woman in the back of the car looking as though she is getting ready to deliver a baby and her husband is turning around to see how she is and that is why he slowed down. Most people would not be angry and understand the other person’s difficulty. The situation has not changed. Only the person’s perception. In CBT, that is what you aim for. Changing the person’s perception or what we call “reframing” It’s a cognitive change. It is a very powerful technique. It can be used on PTSD and works well. Because there is so much Anxiety and hyper vigilance attached with PTSD, I would recommend hypnotherapy, meditation, grounding exercises to help the person achieve a homeostasis and balance.

I find it very interesting your friend had his memory erased. The reason I say that is because I, too, was in Cheyenne Mountain for 2 weeks on a government contract back in the mid 1970s. I remember everything. I know what the place looked like and how to get there. I was very young with long black hair down to my knees and I guess because I was female they wanted to give me special attention. So I got the full tour. The buildings inside the mountain were all on springs. I went into the screening room; which had a huge like today’s big screen TV; but, 25 times larger. They were monitoring all aircraft that comes near American air space all the way up through our atmosphere to outer space. I was very impressed. The captain told me that he could hear us arguing while we were driving up the mountain. He showed me an instrument in which they could hear our voices because they were bouncing off the windshield. It was amazing. The only problem was, I could not be left alone for one minute. Someone had to be with me at all times even into the bathroom.

When you enter Cheyenne Mountain, there is a huge door, like a bank vault but large enough for a semi truck to drive through. The door is around 5 feet thick. When you drive through the first door, you have to stop as there is a second door of the same type 20 feet inside. This is an ‘atmospheric or air lock’. Only when the outer door closes, the inner door opens and you proceed down the tunnel for approximately one half mile. The tunnel was reinforced with, what looked like, train track rods every couple of inches. I was impressed. I had mentioned in a previous blog about Cheyenne Mountain when we were discussing 2012. To this day, I remember how to get there. The military staff lived at Ent Air Force base. It is difficult to find as most of that base is underground in Colorado Springs. I read it closed in 1976, but I do not believe that. The complex inside Cheyenne Mtn is large enough to facilitate full staff personnel around the clock; however, they did not want to use up all the resources, air, water, etc when they could have the staff rotate from Ent AFB. That is what the Captain said to me as I had asked him that exact question. He said the staff rotates 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off because they work 12-18 hour days. It certainly would not surprise me if they erased his mind. I never put anything past the government. I never saw anything marked top secret. I did have a full FBI investigation prior to that contract and it took them 6 months to make a decision regarding my clearance because my father was from Russia. (The named enemy during those years)

I cannot hide; the FBI has three full investigations for job related clearance. I am sure my name is all over the FBI data archives.

Your story was so sweet when you took your childhood sweetheart to the zoo. Even as a child, you were very kind, holding her hand and giving her reassurance! You certainly have a very kind heart!
Sending you some warm sunshine your way in the hopes that you will have an enjoyable day!

A. Smith, Oregon   December 12th, 2009 6:06 pm ET

@Dodie, thank you for your in-depth information regarding dealing with PTS.

I did recall previously you had mentioned the Cheyenne Mt. complex. I have some relatives living near the complex at this time. They visit the above nearby ground base which the Airforce has publicly stated has taken over all of the previous in the Mt. functions. I rather doubt that is entirely truthful, however that is the current public image on that cold war era complex.

A loose associate some years ago practiced deep regression hypnosis on a few Alaskan civilians that claimed were abducted by unknown beings or people. He reported the state of their 'amnesia' and depth was 'profound' for that specific period of their lives. None of them appeared to have lost their long term memory's, but they had all lost their specific memory's of any and all events that took place during a one week period.

Back to the topic of this blog before it is placed into the archive bin, without doubt Dec. 21st. 2012 will be roundly investigated and reported upon during the next two years. I'm not sure if further information can be squeezed out from the sparse clues that remain after the Christian priests and missionary's destroyed as many records and Mayan leaders as possible.

More than likely as the great Mayan Cycle of time ends on Dec. 21st. 2012, humanity remaining on earth will begin the next great cycle with a open mind and greater tolerance than at anytime before.

I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.

Dodie - CA   December 12th, 2009 8:20 pm ET

Good Afternoon A. Smith from Oregon!

Thank you for your kind words. I feel I need to apologize for being so verbose. PTSD was and still is my passion.

I am interested to learn and understand how you became so involved in the Mayan 2012 prophecy? What was about this particular prophecy that caused you to stop and investigate it? Were the Mayans mathematical genius? Yes! But, so were the Incas, the Aztecs, the Egyptians, and the Greeks. All, I believe, have prophesied a dooms day! Even the Christian church believes in Armageddon. There must have been something that caught your eye with the Mayan culture. You seem to be very pragmatic and careful. I suspect everything is organized and has a purpose. Your vast knowledge in numerous areas is exceptional. Your ability to create and write is profound. However, the Mayan prophecy is one of chaos due to its intrinsic nature. So, please help me to understand.

Yes, you are correct. There are several ways in which we can lose our short term memory. Pain or severe emotion/trauma which travels down the same neuropeptides as our memory. Physical head trauma and psychological disassociation. Deep regression hypnosis is a powerful tool which can bring forth those memories that were lost due to disassociation. Your friend must have been very skilled.

Ah, I cannot send you sunshine today A. Smith from Oregon. It is raining here too. We so desperately need the rain. It has not rained here in 12 months. I took a walk along the ocean in the rain early this morning. It was quiet with no one present. It was so peaceful and beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

Since I just started a fire, I can send you some warmth from the fireplace! May your evening be filled with tranquility and clarity of thought!

A. Smith, Oregon   December 13th, 2009 2:09 am ET

Thank you Dodie for your kind words and comments.

Again, I commend your courage, strength and compassion in your daily efforts to help treat PTSD in those which society all to often has cast aside.

Given the most primitive of tools and not unlike the Egyptian temple planners, the Mayans figured out the daily rotation of our sister planet, Venus and even created a monthly calendar for a individual on its surface. Their calculations of the cycles of time is without precedence, the outer work on those calculations fed thru today's high speed computers verify their innate accuracy.

How they discovered the foundation of their science of time cycles, is unknown as is the mechanism involved. It is the very height of Papal Christian ignorance that states we are better off without that wisdom helping humanity here on earth.

I'm pleased and happy to hear of your walk along the ocean in the rain.

Dwindling precipitation is a growing concern along with the forest fires, extended droughts and fresh water shortages thru-out California and other States as you well know. That places a long term level of high stress upon all trees, plants and the aquifers across the entire region. Many plants and trees are dieing due to inroads of various diseases which routinely attack when their hosts are in a weakened state.

With the aquifers quickly being drained in the fertile valleys in California faster than they are being filled, those fertile lands which produce 1/3 of domestic and many foreign crop needs are certainly in danger of being unable to continue business as before.

Until long and lasting precipitation with accompanying heavy snow-packs in the adjoining mountain ranges returns, I don't see any reversal of several years of dwindling rains and snowfall.

I hope the rain continues there in Southern California Dodie. May the sounds of the surf rock you to sleep.

Dodie   December 13th, 2009 2:34 pm ET

Good Morning A. Smith from Oregon

It is a bright and beautiful day. The rains have washed all the pollution away. Early this morning, I walk alone, along soft footpaths as the sun warms my soul. Embracing the soft, feathery breeze and healing light. The sky, a beautiful blue with soft billowy clouds that reflect the soft sunlight of a winter’s morning. It is a time for healing along the winding path that leads to a new day. A day filled with joyous welcome for all who see the splendor of earth’s bounty!

A. Smith from Oregon, may your day be filled with graceful symbols of freedom. May your heart be warmed by the light and may you experience a sanctuary of grace and peace.

Thank you, A. Smith, for your kindness of expression. Thank you for your depth of understanding.

A. Smith, Oregon   December 14th, 2009 8:00 pm ET

@Dodie, thank you again for your comments and kind thoughts.

After nearly a full decade of investigation by teams of scientists around the world, they finally discovered why the coral reefs are dieing out around the world's oceans.

The high levels of atmospheric CO2 have increased the Oceans acidity levels of Carbonic Acid which leech calcium carbonate from the reefs and from all marine creatures which use calcium carbonate in their shells.

The problem I have with this 'discovery' is, that is at best basic high school chemistry to test for acidity levels are fundamental in all science labs. Why would it take nearly 10 years to find out what a high school student could determine in less than 30 days by him/herself?

The Majority of Americans and likely many European's couldn't care less about the disappearing Coral Reefs and if sea creatures have less thickness on their shells or not.

HOWEVER, if Carbonic Acid begins to impact and kill off the Oceans primal creatures such as plankton, krill and its cousins, nearly all Marine life is inter-dependent directly or indirectly on consuming those basic marine creatures for their survival.

Whales that mostly consume mass quanitys of krill and other cousins of plankton would be the keystone marine creature that would be the canary in the coal mine for the worlds Oceans viability to sustain Marine life.

Although many Whales are already on the brink of extinction, any sudden loss of sightings of whales in their normal summer migration routes is bound to be noticed by the public and hopefully reported to the public.

Dodie   December 15th, 2009 3:03 am ET

We are in real trouble with our fresh water. I do not think people are aware of the seriousness of this issue. The Blue-green Algae high biomass blooms produce toxins causing health hazards, as well as taste-and-odor compounds, and have caused human illness, animal mortalities, and antagonistic ecosystems which have an economic impact in the U.S. and worldwide. It might be the reason Bush purchased 100000 acres that sits atop one of the world's largest fresh-water aquifers. This Algae bloom dissolves the oxygen level in the water causing deterioration of water quality that kill fish. Problems related to freshwater inland Algae blooms are widespread and have become more prevalent in recent decades. For example, toxic cyanobacterial outbreaks seem to be expanding and occurring more frequently globally and in U.S. waters, with increasing reports of harmful species emerging in areas not having problems in the recent past.

I suspect this same problem is happening in the ocean as well and is one of the major factors killing coral reefs around the world. If this is true in the oceans, then all fish and plant life forms are under major threat as they obtain their oxygen through the water or energy from light. Their loss will be a chain reaction, in which mammals such as whales, dolphins, seal lions, otters, seals, etc will die of starvation. I know the Blue whale, the most majestic whale on earth, is moving into extinction. I think there are less than 100 alive in the world. I would check around Oregon. I suspect the Algae is your contaminant causing hypoxia in the water killing off all life forms.

It is for this reason; our earth cannot sustain more human population. Our presence by sheer numbers is causing our planet to move away from a homeostasis. Although summertime upwelling can provide natural nutrient subsidies the data suggest a linkage to land-based discharges of both wastewater (septic tanks, injection wells, ocean outfalls) agricultural runoff, global warming and the increase of toxic blue-green algae blooms.

Just type in Scripps Oceanography in San Diego. They discuss the link between global warming and increase in algae. I did not read their site as I have been there several times gathering research information. I do not think they are even aware of the fresh water catastrophe facing us. Not only is our snowpack melting at an alarming rate, but the algae is also destroying our water system, what little we have. Soon underground fresh-water aquifers will be all we have of fresh drinking water. In 50 years, a glass of water will be worth more than a gallon of gas. Only the very wealthy will be able to survive. It’s quite depressing!

A. Smith from Oregon, how do you handle all the negative information? How do you keep a homeostasis when absorbing this information on a daily basis? What little I know about you, I sense your harmony with nature so how do you live with the knowledge that we are destroying everything! Sometimes I become very sad so I move into a place of full appreciation of what is.

May the notes dancing on the breeze between the trees softly sing you to sleep. May you awake, A. Smith from Oregon, feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning light! Rest well my CNN friend!

A. Smith, Oregon   December 15th, 2009 4:55 pm ET


Unfortunately, many Americans really have very little interest in whatever happens in the worlds oceans. If there is a massive fish die-off, the impact upon them is seen as less fish and chips, more burritos and burgers.

Outside of America however, many countries entirely depend on their critical protein needs coming directly from the worlds oceans. Their entire food chain depends on what is now a dwindling source of fresh fish for their citizens and for pets around the world.

Beef farming, corn and cotton agriculture use a tremendous amounts of water and resources to produce the end product. Such agriculture is seen as very wasteful and not practiced world-wide because other country's already have limited resources to begin with.

The main message in this threaded discussion is how fragile the food chain is for what Americans routinely take for granted. Some homeowners have begun adding home gardens, green houses and raised gardens to lessen their exposure to any sudden loss of produce coming from California's fertile valleys.

While there is a 2 to 3 year period of water feeding into the earth and ending up as available in an aquifer, with dwindling overall precipitation aquifer's also shrink down to nearly unusable levels after extended droughts.

I hope you have a good and productive week my friend.

Dodie   December 16th, 2009 4:18 pm ET

You are so insightful regarding the world. Many people do rely on the ocean’s bounty for nourishment! As you stated, California’s underground water system (aquifers) are dwindling! Another reason for purchasing a home elsewhere. Maybe one should start looking for land over available aquifer that cannot be drained by others. G.R.A.C.E. has the ability to find all the world’s aquifers. I am sure this is how the Bush family found Paraguay. Their land will be worth trillions of dollars once fresh water moves into mass shortages. Again, even more reason to stop the population expansion.

Because of the information you offered, I searched the internet and found a report dated 12-15-09 from UC Irvine and NASA scientist’s data in monitoring California’s aquifers. It was truly alarming which prompted me to send my very first Ireport to CNN. I also found India is in a terrible fresh water shortage dwindling their aquifers. This gives even more credence why the Bush family purchased land sitting on top of one of the world’s larges aquifers. The Bush family knows the major future problem will be fresh water! With the increasing pressures, especially from rapid population growth, urbanization and climate change, this century may in fact witness the birth of full-scale fresh water wars. I think the conflict between India and Pakistan has its roots in land acquisition with fresh water availability being the forefront! The demand for water is rapidly overtaking the existing supply. Kashmir’s Kolahoi glacier, the biggest in the Indian portion, has shrunk to about 4.44 square miles endangering the livelihoods of two-thirds of the region's 10 million people engaged in agriculture, horticulture, livestock rearing and forestry.

Again, A. Smith from Oregon, thank you for your collective insights and pervasive knowledge. May your day be fulfilled with interest and enjoyment. Sending you some sunshine to light up and warm your home and all those who live in it! Take care my friend!


A. Smith, Oregon   December 16th, 2009 8:06 pm ET

@Dodie, thank you for the best wishes and the bountiful rains we are now experiencing here in Oregon.

Even thou it appears absolutely certain that Nasa and the Bush-Cheney administration knew that Global Warming had begun in 1998 and had accelerated by 2002 when a gathering of scientists began their research on the sudden growth of the worlds oceans, Bush-Cheney completely stone-walled the American public with their stance that nothing was definitely taking place. Talking about the king and queen of hypocrisy in regards to true Home Land Security!

Directly due to European and Nasa concerns about the sudden increase in the worlds oceans depth in 1998, the Grace satellite system was conceived and developed.

A remarkable alliance between the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and Nasa resulted in the Grace Mission.

The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (Grace) mission consists of a pair of satellites which measures the Earth's gravity field. Specifically, the Grace Mission has recorded the tremendous loss of water in Africa, India, Greenland, The Polar Icecap and California.

As one spacecraft lurches and drags through the Earth's uneven gravity field, the second follows 210 km behind, measuring changes in their separation to the nearest micron (a thousandth of a millimetre).

It is the size of those changes detected by the twins that describes the nature and scale of the gravity anomalies – and consequently the changes in mass – over which they pass.

The Grace Satellite system discovered and recorded the following during the past 6 years. And has begun new survey missions on several of its previous locations to compare new rates of accelerated water declines.

In the short span of 6 years, the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basins which support the highly productive Central Valley have shed over 30 cubic km of water in that time.

In the short span of 6 years, India's fertile farming regions have lost about 109 cubic kilometers of water, more than double the capacity of India's largest reservoir is gone.

Africa has experienced a significant drying in the past three years. The volume of water lost from the land amounts to 334 cubic km, which is almost as much as all Africans have consumed over the period.

In regards to the fertile farms in California and India, the lack of adequate rain is forcing the farmers to pump ever more water from the water table which cannot sustain the volume being removed and is dropping lower each and every year.

In 1998 Nasa satellites detected a sudden reversal in the shrinking of the Earth's girth that has been going on since the last Ice Age. The cause was a sudden surge in polar ice melting which sent a huge movement of water towards the equator.

Obviously Nasa back in 1998 knew for a fact that Global Climatic Warming had occurred and yet made no public mention of that fact. Thru-out Bush jr's administration Bush-Cheney denounced that fact as unlikely 'theory's'.

Grace measured the loss of Greenland's massive glaciers when it first began its mission in 2002. Based on the previous figures, and comparing those to Grace's more recent survey, the figure is now 300% higher (melting 3x faster) in less than 5 years.

The remaining Greenland Glaciers are melting at a rate of about 58 cubic miles per year. If the ice cap were to completely disappear, global sea levels would rise by a whopping 21 feet.

It is perhaps the worst view of a supposed 'caring' democracy when it withholds critical information from the public for strictly political reasons which could very well lead to great hardship and suffering on the very people that democracy has sworn to protect.

Dodie   December 17th, 2009 3:58 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon!

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed you in LKL tonight! I was very happy to see you there. You always have much to contribute. Thank You!

Ah, as I am typing this to you, my cat just started drinking my coffee! Another cup I will have to pour out! I rescued this cat, with terrible PTSD. The first night I brought this kitty home, he was on my bed screaming and swinging his paws in the middle of the night. He woke everyone up in the house. I thought I had just brought home Godzilla kitty. That was 2 years ago. This cat can open doors and recently started drinking my coffee. I thought it was because I use milk, but when I offer it to him; he does not drink it and goes back to my coffee. … Max is definitely a strange cat! I guess kinda like his owner! :~)

I did not know about GRACE until the other day. I had been reading up on Grace and what it can do. Thank you for all your information. Sometimes I feel you have taken my hand and leading me through the fog. Again, and I am sorry if I continue to repeat myself, but I do believe Bush purchased that land in Paraguay as he knows of the pending water shortage in the near future. That family and of course Cheney probably know a lot more than just this. I am leaving work early tomorrow and might stop by and visit some friends at UCI. I believe they are either involved in this research or know the people who are.

Irvine water is separate from Southern California. Irvine receives its water from northern California in the winter and then uses its own ground water supply during the summer.

I understand The Willamette Valley and other river valleys, including the Rogue, Grand Ronde, and parts of the Snake, make up some of the important aquifers in Oregon. Washington state has Lake Pend Oreille, the unconfined aquifer extends beneath the Rathdrum Prairie in Idaho. There is a large one that runs from Northern Texas to South Dakota; however, they said it is being depleted at an exponential rate. My concern is that any snow fed aquifer is not a desirable source due to global warming. Even though the climate in this area is one of the best in the world, without fresh water, it is a wasteland.

Further exploration is warranted. I have that same nagging gut feeling about this as I did 4 years ago when I knew the US would have a melt down financially and made the necessary adjustments

I find it very interesting. In 1929 Wall Street crashed. In 2009, Wall Street dropped out the bottom. The great depression did not actually start until 1930 as people stopped spending money. The dust bowl, created by the weather pattern moving its rain to the west was around 1931-1932. It might be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of years.

Ah, wishing we could have some of your rain, A. Smith from Oregon. I love the gentle ‘pitter, patter’ of the rain on the roof, soft gentle music creating a deep and restful slumber. Rest well my friend!

A. Smith, Oregon   December 17th, 2009 7:38 pm ET

@Dodie I greatly admire your insights and environmental concerns.

I have several cats of different personality's, traits and voices here. They are each unique and well loved here as well.

In the private sector, farmers and farming regions keep a very close eye on available water resources and when the aquifers begin dropping lower they must respond by seeking alternative supply's, crops or lowering their massive pumping system further down to reach the water table.

While Nasa and the US Govt. remain silent on a looming depletion of snow packs and adequate in-flows to the Nations Aquifers, Farmers will not be silent and are going to scream and yell for assistance when the water tables cease to support their activity's.

It is very astute of you to consider if the previous economic plunge included a decidedly difficult cycle of change which manifested two years later as the dust bowl years of great upheavals and migration leading to the grapes of wraith and the rise of Hitler.

It certainly appears the present cycle of economic upheaval will be around for many years placing ever greater stresses on community's and society's world-wide. Global Climate changes could certainly add to those woes the terrors of Famine and Starvation to areas of the world which have only marginally gotten by in the past.

Remember much of America's rivers and fresh water reservoir's depend on snow pack melt during the summer months or they would simply dry up to the merest of trickles, fish would largely be unable to migrate and city's that depend on pumping from rivers during the summer months would need to seek alternative sources.

Desalination plants are very expensive and are really taxed to filter out the inorganic chemicals that are routinely found in abundance off the shores of California. I probably wouldn't drink or bathe in such water in any regular fashion myself unless I had no other choices.

Take care my friend!

Dodie   December 18th, 2009 2:35 am ET

A. Smith from Oregon! You are too kind with your compliments and words. Thank You. I enjoyed your support and contribution in LKL tonight. I know this is not usual practice; therefore, I appreciate your appearance.

I suspect the aquifers will continue to be depleted; however, there is still snow in the Sierra Nevada, Mt. Hood, Rainer, etc. The majority of water loss will probably not be an issue until 2014 – 2016. I would assume when the levels become very low, as you wisely stated, the farmers will complain and Oregon will probably set up possible ways to make good use of the rainwater. I imagine it is difficult to make predictions pertaining to changes in rainfall patterns. As you also stated, I am sure our government is plotting future weather pattern changes. With enough data, one could extrapolate enough information to make a correlation analysis. This is an area in which I am unfamiliar. I would imagine Grace has much of the data. Whether the government would allow one of us to obtain that information is questionable.

I plan to take a week off in February and fly to Northern California as I have family and a tribal meeting to attend. I am thinking about driving through Oregon as my brother lives in Vancouver, Washington, my Niece in Portland Oregon. Yes, my entire family resides in the Pacific Northwest! I would like to explore land with available aquifer. Do you have any recommendations or areas to look into for Oregon?

As the population continues to grow exponentially, I know Southern California is doomed. Our immigrants from the south just have no concept of the environment; therefore, their families are always huge creating tremendous pressure on all resources. Driving in Santa Ana is like driving on an obstacle course. These women throw their 2-3 children holding baby carriages out in front of a moving car while chatting on their cell phone. Just such a lack of common sense. Everything is about “their needs” forsaking all other life forms. I guess it’s just the ‘Christian’ way and I find it deplorable to the point of irritation as they are destroying it for everyone. This attitude has its roots in selfishness and self-centeredness. As I move towards the Winter years of my life, I find it more difficult to deal with stupidity and chaos.

Ah, A. Smith from Oregon, we have many similar qualities. Our passion for the environment runs very deep coursing through our veins. This is a quality not learned, but innate. Our love, respect and appreciation for other life forms run deep to our soul.

Your cats are very fortunate to be with you. I am sure they receive much love. Even I can feel the compassion that resides deep within you which emanates out. They are wonderful companions and little friends. Each with their own personality and gifts.

Sending you warmth and sunshine from the soul of my being, A. Smith from Oregon. May you drench yourself in its warmth. Enjoy my friend!

A. Smith, Oregon   December 21st, 2009 4:05 am ET

@Dodie, yes I would agree that California is quite fragile in regards to any significant changes with its water tables, aquifers and yearly precipitation.

I occasionally smoke tobacco and recall Big Tobacco's arguments were similar as those now found with Big Oil's puppets shouting against any efforts to mediate global warming.

Big Tobacco eventually lost and the States lined up to file Billion dollar lawsuits against them. I feel that Big Oil is fearful the same outcome could be coming their way. Africa has a very small carbon footprint and yet is greatly suffering from fresh water migration. I hope that country's leaders take their case to the European Courts to stick it to Big Oil for compensation.

Currently, US taxpayers are subsidizing Big Oil, and US taxpayers are paying to cleanup after Big Oil. Its time to turn that around.

Dodie   December 21st, 2009 6:46 pm ET

Good Afternoon A. Smith from Oregon

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the Mayan Calendar’s End. Where will you be two years from now?

I agree. Big oil has done much damage to our environment as well as many other factors. In 2005 Dick Cheney urged congress to exempt fracturing from Safe Drinking Water Act as fracturing was designed by Halliburton. The oil and gas industry is the only industry in America that is allowed by EPA to inject known hazardous cancer causing material, unchecked directly into or adjacent underground drinking water supplies. The EPA conducted a study of hydraulic fracturing in 2004 which concluded it posed no threat to drinking water due to Dick Cheney’s influence. The conclusions of that study have since been questioned. Later, an investigative report found that the EPA omitted information and negotiated the results of the report with the oil and gas industry My only hope is that Dick Cheney will have as his only water supply, that which he poisoned.

The need for oil and coal will very soon be the thing of the past. The US government along with private industry has been working on several projects using fusion; resulting with no nuclear waste. Hopefully within the next 10-15 years, we will have that energy.

In the mean time, here is something to think about!

The Wolf-Rayet (WR) 104 is located approximately 8000 light years from Earth in the constellation of Sagittarius and has an O-type binary partner, another star, where the interaction of both stars produce an expanding beautiful spiral pattern. Hubbell has taken numerous pictures of this star. This star is in the final phase of a star’s life making it different and dangerous. These WR stars have short lifespans, ejecting plasma into space, producing strong stellar winds.

These Wolf-Rayets are fiery, hot, dynamic stars; however, the WR 104 also has a sinister side. If this star explodes resulting in a gamma-ray burst, this burst would be headed in earth’s path. We are actually looking right down the barrel of this star. When and if the WR 104 fires a deadly beam of gamma-rays in our direction, it could do serious damage to our planet.

A. Smith, Oregon   December 22nd, 2009 4:09 am ET

Greetings my friend Dodie,

Hot nuclear fusion still creates low level radioactive waste after 10-15 years of constant bombardment. The containment vessel becomes radioactively hot from the neutron bombardments. Still, far less radioactive waste than the typical fission reactor.

France has begun recycling its nuclear power rods and those from other country's, UK, Germany et al. and claim they are able to recycle a huge amount leaving only about 1 gram of high level radioactive waste from rods etc.

Today, I spent some of the day thinking about what a huge toxic spewing impact Big Oil has on all cities and roads across America. Even the fronts of the stores become caked in soot from diesel and gasoline engines over the years.

Those in the know, never eat the blackberry's growing along the roadside because of the high levels of lead in them. Still, hundreds of thousands of children undoubtedly have eaten a great deal of lead in blackberry's and in other food items when gasoline routinely had a lead additive.

The Federal Govt. greatly subsidizes Big Oil, and has steered America into the very pipes of Big Oil in its bondage. Big Oil won't let go of its enslavement upon Americans easily.

Electric motors are well over 90% efficient and produce zero emissions. Yet, despite their being used in all levels of industry for the past 100 years, there have been zero breakthrough's on electric motors, nor on the means to fully switch from gas guzzling toxic spewing Big Oil engines to purely electric powered vehicles.

In regards to your note about the WR 104 star cluster. A high level Gamma Ray burst would effectively sterilize humanity on earth regardless of how deep in the earth you were. I rather doubt the US Gov. would even come out and state you have been zapped until burn and radiation victims started pouring into area hospitals.

I'll probably be here in Oregon, 2 years from now on the winter solstice.

Take care my friend.

Dodie   December 22nd, 2009 9:04 pm ET

Good evening A. Smith from Oregon!

I am sure you are correct regarding hot nuclear fusion creating some radioactive waste. It is amazing that laser light can be changed into nuclear fusion. If we stabilize and control this, infinite technological advancements will be available, such as separating our atoms and beaming us to another place where they can be reassembled. I always find it quite interesting that Science Fiction is often the precursor to science. I am sure I will not see this in my lifetime, but for those alive, it would be a wonderful venture.

Have you ever watched the movie “Whatever happened to the electric car” It is something to see. The electric engines were wonderful. The cars were quiet and fast. It should be on DVD, check it out. The oil companies have seized control of Congress and the US. Bush & Cheney, both oil men, made sure of that. Very sad for all. We will continue to pay the price for many decades to come.

Ah, A. Smith from Oregon, so deep are your thoughts. So much fairness you desire. Your sensitivity towards children is admirable. The innocent will always pay the ultimate price. There is travesty everywhere. It is the nature of Homo sapiens. Only the strong will survive. I wish I had the power to change this for you. To wash away all the troubles of mankind into the ocean only to dissolve at the first light of day.

As I spread my wings, taking your hand in mine so we can soar above the trees and witness the bountiful beauty of nature. May your evening be soft and gentle. Rest well my friend from Oregon!


Dodie   December 24th, 2009 2:02 am ET

A. Smith from Oregon

Please Email me at the kaloke address. I am off from work until Monday! I tried e mailing you, but it did not seem to go through. You know, hotmail.



A. Smith, Oregon   December 24th, 2009 3:41 pm ET

Greetings Dodie and the best wishes for the Winter Solstice and the New Year.

Perhaps you meant my 'yahoo' email account?

Indeed electric vehicles are the wave of the future, however getting to that point has been blocked and obstructed by Big Oil and the Republican lawmakers as much as they have for Americans Health Care Bill.

America's ancient electrical grid isn't really setup for the loads and capacity which would permit a mass switching over to electric vehicles from the toxic fume spewing Big Oil' vehicles we currently have in America. First, America needs a real upgrade and additional regional electrical grids to provide the amounts of extra demanded energy electrical vehicles would place on America electrical grid system.

No thanks entirely to Big Oil, powering electrical vehicles has not improved beyond using archaic battery's for the past 100 years. Super capacitors which would entirely replace the need for battery's are being built at this time and perhaps are advanced enough for electrical vehicle testing. Their costs would be slightly less than a mass of Lithium battery's and their usable lifespan would exceed or equal the entire lifespan of the vehicle. Another important feature of the super capacitors is their rapid speed in charging. It is not instant, however it normally is far faster than the chemical charging reaction found in all battery's.

Another Big Oil obstacle is the fact that lawmakers get the road revenue's directly from the sale of gasoline and diesel for vehicle use. That revenue stream would need to be changed if the nation went mainly to electrical vehicles. Electrical vehicles are mostly much lighter and are therefore more road friendly in regards to the need for road maintenance programs.

Big Oil's gas stations would change over to recharging stations or be replaced by strip malls. The added benefit would be the addition of free or extremely low cost charging stations in Interstate rest stops so that Interstate visitors and tourists could travel low distances for next to no transportation fees.

What happened to the electric cars, is a interesting historical commentary. I had a chance to purchase a E10 Chevy Truck however the asking price was slightly higher than I was willing to commit at that time.

As a child, I grew up reading HG Wells and really enjoyed his futuristic views in his writings. Transmutation of matter thru nuclear fission, fusion and plasma furnaces is certainly a scientific fact and used in commercial industry everyday now. Plasma furnaces convert city waste into synthetic gas and alcohol by stripping waste matter of its molecular structure and reassembling it into simple compounds.

Again, I wish you the very best in Winter Solstice and New Year Joy and Happiness my friend.

Dodie   December 24th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

I sent you an email with my phone number to your Yahoo account this morning. Did you receive it? If not, would you email me at hotmail. Use kaloke not Dodie.

For the most part, one thing seemed to remain constant when it comes to big, heavy lead-acid batteries is they are highly toxic. However, Wang Chuan-Fu, Founder of BYD Company in China has designed a battery that is fully non-toxic. Wang Chuan-Fu went a step further as he demonstrated that its electrolyte was safe to drink. I also heard when in China last year, there is a cell phone company who has designed more efficient electric car battery.

You are right! We should have been designing more efficient batteries this past century. China is currently in the process of manufacturing electric cars and probably will end up a trillion dollar business with the US, once again, left out in the cold due to the big oil companies. I am in complete agreement with you regarding the need to rebuild the electric grids within the US. It would be wise for us to prepare for these inevitable changes even though the big oil companies do not want to address this. I have made a promise to myself. I will not purchase another car until I can purchase an electric one. When I fly to China in April or May, I will be looking at this electric car and most likely invest in their stock. It would be difficult to ship the car here as our electricity and cycles are different than China; however, I know they will be exporting these all over the world while we eat their dust!

Ah, a Sci-Fi, HG Wells, kid! One of my favorite HG Wells stories is the Time Machine. Your interest in HG Wells as a child shows your creativity and looking into the future. It certainly makes sense your concern about 2012.

Will you be with friends and family tomorrow? A. Smith, sending you warmth, happiness and friendship for this holiday season and new year.

Your friend,


A. Smith, Oregon   December 27th, 2009 2:44 am ET

Greetings Dodie and Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Indeed I've seen photos of the new Chinese Electric Car, seemed to me it was a hybrid but it looked very sturdy. Nissan's Leaf is one electric car that I am waiting for here in the States. It appears to be mostly electric and nicely styled, however the final version that is going to be sold here in the States might be something similar.

Yes, I received your phone number and your Christmas Greeting Ecard, in my yahoo account, thank you.

Super Capacitors would be a nice break-thru in phasing out the need for the hyper expensive battery's found in the current generation of electric cars. If you buy a used electric car and the battery's need replacing, the added costs are nearly as much as a new electric car.
Super Capacitors charge very quickly and transfer their energy much more efficiently than chemical battery's. Super Capacitors last much longer than chemical battery's and should last as long as the electric vehicles lifespan.

Those passengers on the failed Muslim butt-bomber jetliner are certainly blessed those explosives didn't go off. Detroit is so congested that several hundred on the ground could have died from the jet airliner dropping into the metro area along with the 290 on board. There seems to be the standard wall of silence from the Muslim leaders here in America.

Well, its time for me to hit the sack here, I hope some good football games are on tomorrow, I'm expecting some snowfall in the early morning hours. If so, it should be a good time to enjoy watching sports and sipping some tea and coffee beside a hot fire.

Good night my friend!

Dodie   December 29th, 2009 9:22 pm ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon. May you celebrate a wonderful New Year!

I had no idea of the Nissan's Leaf electric car. Thank you for pointing me into the right direction again! I really like the looks of the car. I was wondering how long would the battery last? They seem very expensive and I wonder if we could recycle them. I think the super capacitors still take a while to charge. Calculating Ohms law, it would take over 8 hours to charge the capacitors if you want to drive 500 miles @ 60 MPH. The only way we could change the time charging is if we installed high charging stations or moved our volts from 110 to 440. I was wondering if we install them in parallel, could we achieve more power.

It is sad to realize our country is so corrupt, that corporations like Boeing and other defense contractors could be involved in the ‘butt bomber’ situation. I should have remembered…………………. Always, always follow the money! Well, I will fly to Shanghai in a couple of months and be no more concerned than I usually am. It is a 14 hour flight. Talk about a killer…ah, no pun intended! Then 6 hour lay-over at Shanghai airport and then another 3 hour flight to Dalian! It literally takes me 24 hours to arrive in Dalian. ~whew~

Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous New Year filled with Joy and Happiness! As I said earlier, the offer of free housing is always open whenever you decide to go to china. Take care my kind friend!


A. Smith, Oregon   December 30th, 2009 3:14 am ET

Dodie, it should feel good to exit the country to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger!

Sounds like a long sleepy flight with in flight movies. I would think you'd puddle jump to Hawaii, Tokyo or the Philippines before mainland China.

You mentioned, follow the money.

Tonight, one of the bloggers mentioned Yemen forces fighting those of Saudi Arabia. It seems in November 2009, Saudi Arabia sent part of their forces into Yemen to fight the Shiite Muslims backed by Iran. This latest battle it seems comes just a couple months after a Muslim butt-bomber tried to assassinate the Saudi Prince, he blew himself into what was said to be 70 pieces but failed to kill the Saudi Prince. If the Muslim butt-bomber had succeeded on the International flight to Detroit on Christmas day, America would largely be screaming to send troops to Yemen. I wonder if the Saudi's are using America's troops as hired guns to fight their wars with the American taxpayers paying the tab and American men and women paying the ultimate price for their proxy wars?

I've noticed more and more new Chinese business's are trying to reach out via eBay these days. However the long delays and shipping costs for individual items seems to stop many potential buyers. The Chinese sellers have resorted to rock bottom prices as an enticement. It seems if you connected with several on good terms you could provide a useful service as a go between for their goods.

Its snowing here tonight, I hope California is also receiving some precious rain down your way.

Best Wishes.

Dodie   December 30th, 2009 5:14 am ET

Ah, my Oregonian friend you are a wise man!

You never cease to amaze me as you continue to fire on all 8 cylinders. You have that rare gift to see out of the box and to pull things together. Your deductive reasoning is excellent! As much as I love CNN, I always keep in the back of my head, ratings are their #1 objective and if that means stirring up a hornets nest in order to do it….so be it! Remember follow the $$$ :~)

I am in complete agreement with you. There is a possible manipulation by the Saudis regarding Yemen and India regarding Afghanistan and Pakistan. I think Bush/Cheney (both oil families) had a link with the Saudis and since Pres Obama is in office, the Americans are now fair game. We are predictable; therefore, it makes it easy for other countries or our own covert operations to use us. We over-react to any threat. The entire world knows this! It is how Bush/Cheney manipulated and now still manipulating us through the use of fear! However, even more sinister, I feel your original statement is true! The CIA created this situation because of those “dirty oil company’s greed”

There was an article on CCTV which stated:

“Al-Qaeda had planned to attack oil facilities, government buildings and the British embassy, said Yemen's National Security Chief Ali Mohammad Al-Ansi.
Yemen's Foreign Minister Abu Bakr Abdullah Al-Kurbi said the recent months have seen enhanced cooperation between his country and the United States, and the U.S. information had been a "key element" in Yemen's anti-terror operations.”

So my question to you is, if we are having better relations with Yemen, why all of a sudden this situation? Who would benefit from the US being at war with Yemen? Yes, follow the $$$ trail. In diving around the internet “out of the US” I came across this which might be the answer to our question.

“A new US cleansing of Somalia ‘tyranny’ would open the door for these US oil companies to map and develop the possibly huge oil potential in Somalia. Yemen and Somalia are two flanks of the same geological configuration, which holds large potential petroleum deposits, as well as being the flanks of the oil chokepoint from the Red Sea.”

I am sure you can see the “glaring” scenario now! Its always about $$$, damned oil companies and Bush/Cheney. I suspect it was a CIA covert operative using some poor schnook from Yemen! I suspect Bush/Cheney is behind all of this mess. They can make Obama look bad, the Republicans will win the 2012 election not to mention they would be making trillions of dollars from Somalia and Yemen’s huge oil reserves using our tax dollars in order to gain the control. ~sigh~ they were willing to kill almost 300 Americans in order to do this. So now the 9/11 question is: could that also have been an inside job???

Not to mention we are making the rest of the world nervous. Russia now wants to increase their arms to protect Russia from us. Everyone is afraid they will be next on the US’s bombing list!

You are too cute! I have been selling on E-bay since 1995. I do it more to share Native American Chokers and culture with other people. I certainly do not make much money at it, but I enjoy meeting people from all over the world.

Because of the earth’s shape, the flight follows the coast all the way to Alaska and then cross over following the Bering straight. I love to sit on the window seat and see Mt Shasta, Mt Hood, Mt Ranier. I don’t even want to know how much fuel that aircraft is carrying to fly continuously for 14 hours. Eeekkkkk I fly China Eastern airlines. No one messes with China! The airplanes are all new. The food is horrible and the movies are “B” movies from the 1930s lol so I always make sure I bring my laptop for entertainment!

You should think about coming over when I fly. I have some wonderful friends in China. If you are attracted to Chinese people, it is a good opportunity for you to do some righteous drooling combined with a lot of cold showers! lol

Your crazy California friend, Dodie

Dodie   December 31st, 2009 9:05 pm ET

~*~ H A P P Y N E W Y E A R A. SMITH ~*~

Wishing you a joyous and prosperous 2010 filled with dreams that will come true! May you find peace, tranquility and new found friendships.

I will always treasure your friendship regardless of where our paths lead. Your heart filled with warmth and your soul gentle and kind!

Thank you A. Smith from Oregon!


A. Smith, Oregon   January 1st, 2010 1:09 am ET

Thank you for your warm and very kind comments Dodie.

I agree it is likely more than a sheer coincidence that after the several years after the USS Cole bombing that Republican lawmakers and their saber rattling masters in the defense departments are pushing the agenda to enter into Yemen in force and begin concentrated bombing raids on Yemen targets.

Largely lacking except perhaps for some coverage by CNN, was the fact that Muslims had tried to murder the Saudi Prince using a butt-bomb some 4 months ago, and the Saudi military had invaded sections of Yemen in the past two months.

The Israeli Spokesperson's bless their souls are kind enough to clearly state when there is a definite time frame for a expected positive response or plan B becomes the only active option. I admire them for such clarity. I distinctly remember them using that same language in regards to dealing with Yasar Arafat, and the moment that time frame expired, Arafat expired shortly afterwords. Of course I had already predicted that and wasn't surprised at all by his sudden death.

Nevertheless and more to the point, the Israeli Spokesperson's stated they wouldn't continue waiting for Iran to have a positive attitude adjustment in regards to their ramped up Uranium enrichment program past the end of this year (2009). SO...I expect the Israeli's are going to press Obama for plan B soon after he returns from his Hawaii vacation. President Obama is expected to meet with various security agency's to address the incompetence of the CIA's actions.

I wouldn't be surprised if shortly after his security assessment, President Obama meets with military leaders and representatives of various country's in regards to the Israel time line with Iran's activity's. Perhaps the meeting will take place this February. Many country's including America, depend on Oil filled Supertankers leaving the Saudi Oil field terminals everyday like clockwork. However, no captain of a Supertanker would pilot their massive vessels past Iran if Iran was firing Russian hyper speed torpedo's or Chinese silk-worm missiles at those huge targets. US Naval ships could shadow those Supertankers but the sinking of a single huge Supertanker in those shallow and narrow straits would be a disaster.

America could be stuck with armed Naval guard duty for sometime or nations depending on each of those Supertankers would become very angry with American middle east interference.

~*~ H A P P Y N E W Y E A R DODIE ~*~

May your flight to and from China be safe and your New Year and Decade be filled with happiness and joy.

Dodie   January 3rd, 2010 2:07 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon

Thank you for your kind thoughts!

The complexity of the Middle East is beginning to look like an ‘onion’ to me. Meaning there are layers upon layers. Every time one peels off a layer, there seems to be another. I am afraid we may never find the complete truth, because we are gathering information from one side. However, I certainly admire your desire, dedication and wealth of knowledge.

Your astute hypothesis regarding America being the ‘guns’ for the Saudis is exemplary along with the relationship between Israel and Iran. I wonder if our desire to be the ‘guns’ for the Saudis is a result of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) since that was one of their goals; to engulf the taxpayer’s money through huge expansion of defense contracts.

I do not think CNN lacked the knowledge. Remember, their business is to stay in business meaning they need large corporate backing which places them at risk if their backers pull out due to their reporting “unpopular” News. Every country brain washes its people or there would be an uprising every year. We are no different.

Your perception of Israel seems very accurate. They have had to scrap and fight for the land since 1948. They have much more knowledge than the US in regards to the Muslims and issues surrounding the Middle East. They set firm boundaries with their neighbors. Israel is afraid of Iran’s movement towards becoming nuclear. Remember, in 1985, the hijacked TWA flight from Athens to Rome by members of Islamic Jihad. Even then we were having problems with this group. I flew back to Athens the day after the hijacking using TWA Rome to Athens. Athens had NO security. It was completely pathetic. (Another story I can tell you at another time.) There maybe some question if American Naval warships are able to shadow and protect the massive Supertankers since the distance between Ras Syan plage, djibouti and Yemen is only 17 miles wide with 30% of it, shallow waters at the narrowest point. It certainly would be an ecological mess if Iran blew a hole in a supertanker.

If (PNAC) has their way, they would want to be the armed guards. It seems to go deeper than just our dependence on oil, there seems to be some kind of US master plan that I stumbled upon in the Journal of Law in Germany.

A little more info on PNAC ……………

After the election of George W. Bush in 2000, a number of PNAC's members or signatories were appointed to key positions within the President's administration:

Richard Armitage Deputy Secretary of State (2001-2005)
John R. Bolton Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs (2001-2005), U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2005-2006)
Dick Cheney Vice President (2001-2009)
Eliot A. Cohen Member of the Defense Policy Advisory Board (2007-2009)
Seth Cropsey Director of the International Broadcasting Bureau (12/2002-12/2004)
Paula Dobriansky Under-Secretary of State for Global Affairs (2001-2007)
Francis Fukuyama Member of the The President's Council on Bioethics (2001-2005)
Zalmay Khalilzad U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (11/2003 – 6/2005), U.S. Ambassador to Iraq (6/2005 – 3/2007) U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2007-2009)
I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States (2001-2005) under Dick Cheney
Richard Perle Chairman of the Board, Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee (2001-2003)
Peter W. Rodman Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security (2001-2007)
Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense (2001-2006)
Randy Scheunemann Member of the U.S. Committee on NATO, Project on Transitional Democracies, International Republican Institute
Paul Wolfowitz Deputy Secretary of Defense (2001-2005)
Dov S. Zakheim Department of Defense Comptroller (2001-2004)

Robert B. Zoellick Office of the United States Trade Representative (2001-2005), Deputy Secretary of State (2005-2006), 11th President of the World Bank (2007-Present)

These people have more control in the Middle East than anyone even realizes. They had 8 years to establish a coalition with all corrupt governments who are willing to ‘play ball’ with large corporations at the cost of American lives, economy, etc. Pretty darn sad!

A. Smith from Oregon. I do not know what life path all of this will take us; however, I just want to thank you for all your dedication and hard work. Like you, I cannot discuss this with my friends or co-workers. People just do not want to address effects of global destruction until it comes knocking on their door. I find it refreshing when I can bounce ideas off of another very intelligent person. Thank you!

Wishing you a warm evening by your fireplace, sipping on coffee or tea.

Your friend,


A. Smith, Oregon   January 4th, 2010 2:42 am ET

@ Dodie, thank you for such a detailed inventory of individuals that Bush-Cheney placed close to themselves in key positions. They likely all had a closed mouth oath and agreement long before they were given those White House staffing positions.

I agree and don't buy into Bush-Cheney making the world safer. What they accomplished was to make much of the world hate America and cause people in foreign country's to literally go out of their way to target American tourists.

One of Bush's floated notions was setting up democracy's across the Middle East, like he was creating Rhode Island or New England! The Republican party and the Republican lawmakers continue to use that chestnut in regards to pointing out the numerous middle eastern country's they claim are rogue or involved with terror are not democracy's. It is like they are stating, America should topple their government and install an American Democracy, which is what the CIA has attempted to do with several S. American and Middle Eastern country's.

However, it seems to me, their Big Oil benefactor, Saudi Arabia is certainly not an American Democracy. The horror story's and skeletons in the closets of the Saudi Royal family are said to be numerous. Where is the standard here? It seems rather hypocritical to apply a impossible standard on country's the Republicans do not like and let the same slide when it comes to Big Oil.

I was at the University of Oregon prior and during the time of the Iranian hostage situation. Prior to the year of the hostage situation, the Iranian students I went to school with were respectful, friendly and very happy with their western counterparts. As news from home of scores of their fellow students being brutally tortured by the CIA and the Shah's security staff, the Iranian students began to circle their wagons, cutting off outside contact and reacting in a definite defensive mode.

When then president Carter learned of the horrors of the CIA upon the Iranian people, he returned Khomeini back to Iran in hopes of balancing the equation. Ayatollah Khomeini was like a lightening rod for those seething with hatred towards the brutal crackdowns by the Shahs security and brutal torture sessions by the CIA and Iran exploded overnight.

How many thousands of civilians have died in the Middle East directly as a result from America propping up the Shah of Iran and torturing the hell out of those that protested against the installation of a Iranian dictatorship?

That was 30 years ago and I seldom hear News Media placing our present situation in proper perspective on how we got to the Middle Eastern abyss where America find's itself now?

I hope you have a good week ahead and a happy new year ahead.
Your friend.

Dodie   January 6th, 2010 4:41 am ET

Ah, Good Evening A. Smith

You bring up a very good point that has been baffling me, Saudi Arabia’s connection with the US. Below is somewhat of a time-line….. From what I can decipher is we purchased Oil from the Saudis and in turn they spent billions of dollars on our war technology. We leave Saudi alone due to the amount of money they spend on US military equipment. Ah, follow the money trail! :~) Let me know what you think!

In 1933, Saudi Arabia and the United States established diplomatic relations.

In 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt made Saudi Arabia eligible for Lend-Lease assistance by declaring the defense of Saudi Arabia of vital interest to the U.S. In 1945, King Abdel Aziz and President Roosevelt cemented the tacit oil for security relationship.

In 1951, under a mutual defense agreement, the U.S. established a permanent U.S. Military Training Mission in Saudi and agreed to provide training on the use of weapons and other security-related services to the Saudi armed forces. The U.S. assisted in the construction of military installations. This agreement supposedly formed the basis of what grew into a longstanding security relationship with the Saudis.

Between 1962-1967 the civil war in Yemen broke out. Saudi royalists were pitted against Egyptian-supported republicans.

In 1963, Egyptian aircraft bombed several villages inside Saudi territory. John F. Kennedy responded by sending a squadron of F-100 fighter jets to protect Saudi Arabia. The Egyptians backed down after the threat from the U.S.

In 1979 the U.S. and Saudi Arabia continued to strengthen their security relationship due to the Soviet's invasion of Afghanistan. The Saudis spent more than $50 billion on U.S. military purchases, including 5 airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) and a $5.6 billion "peace shield" a state of the art command and control system for the Royal Saudi Air Force with six underground command centers linking 147 defense-related sites.

When you were a student at the University of Oregon, did you befriend any of the Iranian students? You were able to see first hand their response to the brutality from our CIA. Can you imagine seeing friends and family being brutalized by the American CIA? There were no terror attacks before this and other atrocities committed by the USA in the name of ‘Democracy’. This is the reason I believe the terror attacks are a result of our brutality on Muslim people not the basis of the Quran. If it was due to the belief in the Muslim religion, we would have had terrorist attacks for hundreds of years. I have been in numerous Mosques in and out of the Middle East, and I have always seen women inside of them (I was inside them). They are separated, so both can focus on prayer and not lust or sex :~) That is also true in the Jewish religion. The women are upstairs and the men downstairs.

May your fireplace, a nice cup of coffee and your cats keep you warm and comfortable during these very cold nights! Good Night my friend from Oregon! Rest well!

A. Smith, Oregon   January 7th, 2010 2:33 am ET

Given the Trillion some Oil dollars America has given Saudi Arabia over the many decades of Big Oil, its not unexpected that the Saudi's would throw a bone now and then to the US Military for weapons. Especially if that leads America to use its soldiers to fight Saudi's enemy's.

Meanwhile, Saudi printing presses pour out Islamic materials that would make many American citizens scream with outrage and ship them out around the world to promote the Sunni Muslim branch of Islam.

Yes I befriended Iranian, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Taiwan and Japanese students among many from the African nations. I noticed the Muslim Indians hated the Indian Hindu's. Some Chinese students that spoke an additional Chinese dialect acted superior to their mainland Chinese counterpart students. Before and during the hostage crisis, none of the Iranian students was demeaned nor mistreated by other students. They were nonetheless afraid that they would be turned on and sought out for acts of revenge.

I remember seeing a photo of a CIA designed torture device named The Apollo Helmet. The Iranian civilian was electroshocked within a inch of his/her life, their screams was recorded by the astronaut looking helmet and then endlessly looped back to them thru internal headphones. Severe shock, SCREAM, scream, scream, scream answer the questions, Severe shock, SCREAM, scream, scream, scream over and over again until the persons heart stopped or those torturing them was satisfied and stopped.

Women are the worth of 1/3 that of a Muslim man. Death to those that convert to another religion. Ensnare and trap the infidel. Be callous and unfriendly to the infidel even if that person is in your family.

I don't see any Peace in the Koran, nor in equal treatment for Muslim women. Some 1 Million Muslims killed one another when Iraq and Iran engaged one another in the largest land battle in modern history. That completely exposes the falsehood of Muslims not murdering fellow Muslims which is a favorite chestnut moderate Muslims state.

I hope California gets some useful rain down your way. It remains a poor water year here in Oregon which could lead to a increase in forest fires this summer. The cats are rubbing my legs to tell me its time to turn in.

LOL, those photos were really funny. The shades of American transportation? Good night my friend in California, sweet dreams.

Dodie   January 7th, 2010 3:49 am ET

I thought you would get a kick out of the photos LOL

Sometimes we just have to laugh at it all!

A. Smith, Oregon   January 8th, 2010 12:32 am ET

@ Dodie, A nifty program I purchased at Walmart last year is called System Mechanic and you can install it on 3 systems at the same time if you wish. It works in the background to groom the registry, fix hard drive errors, and speed up your computer in a completely reliable fashion. It was very inexpensive and I highly recommend it if you want the most from your older computer system.

Four freeware programs which I daily use and highly recommend:

FreeRAM XP Pro

Firefox addon freeware additions which I daily use and recommend:


Finished reading 'Heaven under Darkness' by F.J. Chase about a American couple in China during civil war like conditions and foreign crackdowns. Not sure what you would think of it.

Dodie   January 8th, 2010 12:42 am ET

Thank you so much A. Smith. I am going to Wal-mart tomorrow and purchase it. So kind of you sharing that information.

I am still reading the last Pope. I love the book. Being terribly dyslexic, it takes me twice as long as the average person. Dyslexia has been a royal 'thorn in my butt' my entire life. If you look closely at my spelling, you will be able to see it, even though I try to cover it up! I am not a flamboyant writer for this reason.

I would be very interested in that book! Thank you again!

A. Smith, Oregon   January 9th, 2010 3:24 am ET

Dodie, I'm pleased that you are willing to give System Mechanic a try. It has a large number of automatic features which do well in keeping a Microsoft based operating system personal computer purring along in a reasonable state of stability. I use an alternative 3rd. party firewall and anti-virus software and simply switched those features off in the System Mechanic Pro, although I would imagine those would work fine also.

I was surprised to see Erica Hill leave AC360 tonight for CBS. Perhaps CBS is giving Erica her own show on that network rather than be a sidekick. Abbi Tatton also left Wolf Blitzer and CNN earlier today, there wasn't any word on where that talented English native reporter is headed.

Some information I found in China regarding the arms sale situation is listed here

The Chinese report indicates Defense Ministry spokesman Huang Xueping has warned America four times this week to back down on former president Bush jr. arms sale agreement to Taiwan.

Huang's statements came amid reports that the U.S. Defense Department had recently awarded Lockheed Martin Corp a contract for selling an unspecified number of advanced Patriot missiles to Taiwan.

"We urge the United States to sever military links with Taiwan, in order to avoid further damaging relations between the two countries and the two militaries and the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait," he said.

This was the fourth official announcement made by a Chinese spokesperson in a week. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu had previously denounced the U.S. move three times.

Jiang told a regular press conference on Tuesday that China had raised solemn concerns to the U.S. government and urged it to cancel and cease arms sales to Taiwan.

Then China on Thursday again warned the United States of the severe consequences of its arms sales to Taiwan, saying the move would undermine Sino-U.S. cooperation.

"We also persuade the relevant company to stop pushing or participating in the arms sales to Taiwan, and refrain from doing anything to harm China's sovereignty and security interests," Jiang said in a statement on Thursday.

Yes it does sound rather urgent and unsettling that Bush jr. would leave this problem on the lap of President Obama to deal with. I shouldn't be surprised.

Keep me updated on your software updates and the ongoing crisis in China.

Dodie   January 9th, 2010 4:46 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon!

Women in the Jewish religion are not worth much more and I really think the worst of all is the Mormon religion having as many wives as they want and the women are only good for breeding purposes. That is also very sad. I was in some Muslim countries and there really seemed to be a division in woman according to wealth, education and class. That is true of all third world countries including China.

Haiti was the worst. Not just because of the war… but because I have never seen poverty like that. You would walk down a dirt and muddy road watching the children with their belly out due to malnutrition. So many had sores on their face, arms and little legs. No one had shoes. Whatever food I happened to have in my hand, I gave it away. I felt so bad. ~whew~ I still remember it well after all these years. No where in the Middle East that I traveled, was the poverty that bad. The country side is always worse than the cities. As you already know since you were in a poor country.

The significance of 9-11

After 1291 no more crusades were brought against the Muslims. The Ottoman Empire had been expanding into Europe ever since Constantinople fell to the Turks. The Muslim insurgence into Europe continued until 9-11-1683, when Muslim forces were defeated at the gates of Vienna, Austria by Polish forces and German defensive.

The 9-11 date was selected by fanatic Muslims to demonstrate their resolve to restart what a non-Islamic world put to a stop on 9-11-1683. That day was the beginning of the long decline and eventual defeat of the Islamic Ottoman Empire Thus 360 year defeat & retreat for Islam!

Always a good idea to have a ham license! Never know when you might need it. Thank you for your help tonight. Ah, both (Max and Tai-li) my boys are becoming upset with me as they want to go to sleep on the bed. They continue to block the computer screen! :~) Good Night A. Smith! Rest well and have a wonderful weekend!


A. Smith, Oregon   January 9th, 2010 8:25 pm ET

Your children have wonderful names, Max and Tai-li! I'm sure they are well loved and spoiled, lol.

I'm disturbed to find more reports on the utter corruption of the Yemen govt. which America is apparently propping up at the behest of Saudi Arabia. About the only area the Yemen designated leader controls is around the Yemen capital and reports of his corruption is increasingly fueling succession and civil war within Yemen.

As you noted the 9-11 date doesn't appear to be just a coincidence. American schools in their sad state of dilapidation generally gloss over world history resulting in a dumbing down of America's future.

During the Katrina fiasco, it was Ham operators helping to save as many Orleans residents as possible by relaying thousands of communications to various emergency services. All other forms of communications were down and unavailable.

Indeed, I would have done and felt the same in Haiti's improvised sections where you feel guilty if you are healthy and well fed. Invariably however in such areas and cities like Calcutta, the well connected are often extremely well off and the stark contrast between their homes and way of life is heartbreaking when all around them is utter stagnation, homelessness and starvation.

One need only travel 3 miles from Washington DC's capital to run into the ghetto's, rampant crime and throngs of homeless teens. On todays 2012 History channel presentation, it was stated if America's food production took a hit, 100 nations would be pushed into starvation which would lead to plague and famine in those nations. It seems America's farming industry feeds a lot of people!

Besides the obvious and noticeable disappearance of the honeybee's the show also pointed out a unknown virus that is killing off mass numbers of bats which suck up disease carrying mosquito's like vacuum cleaners. The mass die-off of entire honeybee colonies certainly leads to lower pollination and less farm produce and the recent arctic-blast across the mid-west is bound to effect this years production.

I hope you have a great weekend Dode, take care.

Dodie   January 11th, 2010 2:53 am ET

@ A. Smith, Oregon

Thank you for such kind words and thoughts. Actually Tai-li is pronounced Tai-Lee. They are very loved and spoiled. Max, a rescue kitty, will not leave my side. I cannot even take a shower in peace without him hitting the door until it swings open. It is difficult for me to travel knowing he becomes very upset when I am away. I have good friends that care for him when I am gone and he still has familiar surroundings of the home. He has a bed right next to this computer and he will not leave until it is time for sleep. He will walk up to me just like he did a few minutes ago and nuzzle my nose with his, whiskers tickling and then proceed to wash one side of my face even right after a shower. When I sleep, he rolls in my hair since it is about half way down my back or between my feet. He has to be touching me. When I cradle him in my arms like a baby, and stroke his head, he will give off little whimpering sounds. I have never experienced that with another cat. It is indeed very emotional for him. Tai-li is a rowdy teenager given to me by some friends, never traumatized or abused like Max.

A. Smith, tell me about your kittys! They must love you very much and I am certain you return the same. What are their names? You have such a big heart! I noticed how difficult it is for you regarding the Muslim women. Fairness is so very important to you. In my book, that is certainly a hallmark! Thank you for all your help regarding the China situation. My Taiji friends, most of whom are Chinese American, reassured me today that China will not stop our visas ~whew~ They said China wants our money as it costs $150 every time you renew a visa. They said if China was really pissed at us, they would just up the charge to $500 every time you renew your visa. So I will go next month to the Chinese Embassy in L.A. (ugh) and see what happens. I hate driving in L.A. The roads are full of chuck holes, 90% of the people diving are from other countries and just do not know how to drive.

When were you in Calcutta? That must be a very interesting place. Were you just traveling or was it connected to work? I hope to venture to India some day. If I remember correctly you had also mentioned you were somewhere near Malaysia or maybe it was Australia. That was a while back. Yes, there is a terrible guilt watching such deep impoverishment! I remember I could not eat for almost a week in Haiti when we first landed; prior to the war. I felt so much guilt; I became sick every time I tried to eat. My mother experienced the same and we both would go out on the streets and give the food away. I was thin as a child but certainly never starving. At one point in my life, I was on the streets. A police officer felt bad and housed me for a couple of weeks. I cleaned his home, washed his clothes, dishes and cooked dinner for him. He never requested it, but I wanted to do something to repay him. However, I felt so obligated, I went back out on the streets. He found me a couple of times and brought me back to his home. He tried to help me as I was only 18 years old. But I had to first help myself. I was very fortunate to have met some nice people when I was down and out. I am helping a friend right now. Tom is a Taiji friend who lost his job and apartment. I have an extra bedroom so he is staying here. I have no problem with it. The mortgage and utilities would be the same if he was here or not. I can see the stress in his face and I am very thankful I have a government job with tons of seniority!

I also watched 2012. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ We really need to curb our population. We have already over populated this planet and the Muslim population seems to be increasing 10 fold along with the Christians. Its like they are at war with who can populate the most. That is pretty scary when we can see how fragile our food source is. If we had the dust bowl like the 1930s, people would starve in this country let alone other countries. I also understand our rain is making that same shift like it did in the 1930s. Whether it completely makes the shift in which our agriculture states will be in total drought is unknown. I have been watching it.

What was interesting was the Mayan calendar program. They had explained that every 13,000 years the sun and solar system comes near the black hole in our galaxy which causes intense radiation and other celestial problems creating havoc on this planet.

Rest well my friend from Oregon. Thank you for the surmountable and wealth of information this week.


A. Smith, Oregon   January 11th, 2010 10:03 pm ET

@ Dodie, there are a handful of inside cats and a host of outside cats here. They are all strays that were dumped or abused by their previous owners/caretakers. Names include but likely I'll omit some, Chang, Emma Ling, Slinky, Vitto, Buttercup, Gabby and Whizy, represent the indoor cats although Vitto, Chang, Emma Ling and Whizy spend a great deal of their time outdoors!

Outside cats include Mama Kitty, Wolf 1, Wolf 2, Ruby, Morris, Marvin, Sapphire, Scooby, Teddy and Sophie.

It appears halfway thru the celestial cycle was recognized and observed in the Egyptian culture. History on if or how the end and beginning of a celestial cycle relates to any ending or beginning of a physical cycle has been purposefully destroyed by Christianity.

It is just as likely the reason was that it revealed that it would be highly conducive to the death or removal of Christianity and I hope also the Muslim religions from the Earth. Needless to say, Christianity has added copious amounts of landmines set to trigger and murder any leader of the people that openly challenges the spiritual claims of Christianity by accusing that person as being the anti-christ.

Dodie   January 12th, 2010 1:07 am ET

Awe, A. Smith, The world is definitely a better place because you are in it! Those kitties are so lucky to have you there! What sweet names you gave them. A big cyber ~*~Hug~*~

I just do not understand how one could leave their family (pets) knowing they are domesticated and will most likely perish. What ever happened to compassion, let alone love? How can anyone turn their back on a loved one? ~sigh~

You were very impressive tonight! You found the underlining issue. Senator Reid wants to end Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository and I am sure other Senators are opposed for reasons of not wanting their state subjected. So they use this racist issue as a distraction but even more sinister, they using it to remove Senator Reid’s creditability.

CCTV: China just stated there will be severe consequences to the US for selling missiles to Taiwan. They are discussing this on their program “Dialogue”

Dodie   January 12th, 2010 3:09 am ET

Absolutely incredible! China's protest against us is because the government is now contending with highly educated young Chinese population that is becoming a very strong to threatening voice in China and is very angry at the USA for the sales of missiles. If the Chinese Government does nothing, they will have to deal with this group of people who are at the boiling point and getting ready to start strong protests and demonstrations against the government for doing nothing. Well, China… Welcome to Democracy…

The Chinese government is becoming afraid of the people. I just love that! It is exactly what we need to do.

Reagan signed an agreement in 1982 that the USA would not sell war weapons to Taiwan. They just published all the years we continue to sell war weapons to Taiwan and the costs. It totaled over 200 billion dollars. China said what they might do is sell their war weapons to our enemies so we have a 'deeper' understanding and start honoring our treaty with China!

The commentator stated China has a high respect for President Obama and felt for the first time in a decade, they have a president of the US they can discuss differences and issues with. … lol

It’s very sad that Americans cannot see this.

They have not published tonight’s Dialogue, but here is the one with the US and the Middle East. Very good!

The news stated China sold 13.6 million cars in 2009.

Dodie   January 13th, 2010 1:47 am ET

Contacted a terrible virus on this computer... everything is flipping all over the place. Think I got it from CNN

A. Smith, Oregon   January 13th, 2010 8:08 pm ET

Dodie, I'm sorry to hear that. What anti-virus software do you have in place? The System Mech. Pro on this system is updated several times each day in its anti-virus database from Iolo labs.

I urge you to download the following freeware program to also check what anti-virus software sometimes misses in your registry:

It does a really fine job in searching for malware that more often than not get's lodged into a windows registry and is missed by typical anti-virus software in locating and fixing it. Its free, give it a try!

Panda has free anti-virus software and I believe they have a free online antiviral sweep you can use for free to scan and disinfect your computer system.

Dodie   January 14th, 2010 12:31 am ET

Thanks A. Smith! You are always so helpful and knowledgeable. Always willing to lend a hand! :~ ) (Thank You)

I worked on the computer most of last night since Wednesday is my flex day... I have it working but I can hear my hard driving giving out... so I will have to break down and purchase a new computer. I understand A Pentium Dual core is a little bit older but just as good as the new Pentium at a much better price I will just make sure I have a Pentium motherboard too. I went to Wal-Mart for the System Mech. Pro but they were out, so I went to best buy and they were also out… It must be a very good program. Saturday I plan to go to Micro center and Frys. They both are electronic stores. While writing this to you, I have downloaded Thank you.

Oh how sad… so many dead in Haiti and I am complaining about a silly computer. Since I work for the government and specialized in PTSD, I am going to ask my agency if I can go to Haiti in a couple of weeks. Right now, they do not need a bunch of people unless they are MDs. However, the PTSD will set in later. Many speak English/French in Haiti. Orange County can be funny about this. Sometimes they will let us go and other times not! I will find out tomorrow.

A. Smith, Oregon   January 14th, 2010 1:54 am ET

Wonderful Dodie, I am certain the poor Haitian people that are heavily traumatized from this unfolding disaster would be happy to have your help! If the stunned people in Port au Prince are helped and nurtured back to a healing period, I feel that would be the best that can come from this. If for some reason the now stunned Port au Prince residents feel they are high and dry from outside help, they'll just as likely turn to violence and start lashing out to anyone they view as having something they want themselves.

I would plan an emergency exit plan just in case the Haitians experience a flash-over from stunned to rage. Those that feel they have nothing to lose are far more willing to risk everything for very little in return.

Dual core processors are still plenty useful, however the key to multi-processors and windows operating systems like vista and 7 are they want and need massive amounts of RAM. If you skimp on a computers available RAM, you'll notice it immediately as a sluggish computer compared to your present XP based systems.

Dodie   January 14th, 2010 2:52 am ET

Ah, A. Smith. Thank you for your very kind words. Always so thoughtful and kind!

You are a wise man. When people are grieving at this level one never knows when the person could snap. When I do a suicide 5150, I am always careful for homicide potential. It is very easy for someone who is very suicidal to vacillate towards being homicidal. When emotions are at that level, people can be unpredictable at times. I had a co-worker a couple of years ago do a 5150 assessment and she left the woman in a room alone with her purse unchecked. A couple of minutes later, the woman shot herself in the head from a gun hidden in her purse. No one bothered to ask or check her purse. My co-worker was lucky she was not shot.
It is best to travel simple, no jewelry, nothing fancy. Jeans, tennis shoes and T-shirts. Right now, Haiti need MDs, nurses, medical help and bulldozers to remove the rubble and see if there are any more lives to save along with cleaning out the area and all the dead bodies.

I suspect you have worked for the government, so you know that all government employees in Health Care must respond to national disasters and we set up triage with Red Cross.

You are absolutely correct regarding the RAM I will get the max as you recommended. Cache and the speed of the bus system also has a lot to do with computer speed.

How is your little family doing tonight? I have one rubbing my face at the moment!

Dodie   January 15th, 2010 12:34 am ET

I just signed on to instant messenger. I have not used this program in a very long time... like 10 years lol

So I will be very rusty!

Dodie   January 15th, 2010 12:42 am ET

I think you need my name or email to find me on messenger. I am listed under Dodie-Kaloke I think in those days I was afraid to use my last name so just used my first and middle name.

Addy is kaloke@hotmail

Dodie   January 15th, 2010 5:41 pm ET

Ah A. Smith... You have me laughing with your statement.....

Given Bush jr.'s Katrina and 'great job brownie' track record, I feel it is a disservice to the Haitian people to have Bush jr. chairing any relief for the Haitian disaster.

'great job brownie? Would that be in the same category as "brown nose"? …. his nose is shoved up Cheney’s butt so far, it will remain brown for his entire life? I will have to add that to my list of quotes! I love it when you are on a roll! Witty and funny! Great combination!

A. Smith, Oregon   January 16th, 2010 3:57 am ET

@ Dodie, as American's watched in utter shock and horror, multiple bodys in New Orleans were shown literally floating down the streets. Some survivors placed bed sheets over the bodys, others simply unattended floating face down.

Michael Brown was previously picked by Bush jr. to be the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It was at that time that Bush jr., began thanking his inept buddy during the Katrina crisis.

Call it the wrong phrase at the wrong time but "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job" was named as U.S. President George W. Bush's most memorable phrase of 2005.

"The 'Brownie' quote leads the 2005 list of Bushisms - memorable phrases or new words coined by the president," Bush may be the foremost White House creator of new words, citing such past efforts as "misunderestimate" (to seriously underestimate) and "embetter" (to make emotionally better)

Brown resigned amid a public uproar over his qualifications and the administration's failure to get aid to New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Michael Brown resigned as Dept. Head of FEMA in utter disgrace and voters never let Bush jr. nor the Republican party that severely let the New Orleans people suffer, forget their part in that fiasco.

I've noticed that Dick Cheney has crawled under a rock somewhere and has been suspiciously silent lately. I hope the News Media calls him out for accounting for all the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars the Bush-Cheney administration supposedly gave to the Haitian people.

I wonder if haliburton built some of those rat trap, poorly designed and wrongly engineered concrete buildings in Haiti?

Dodie   January 16th, 2010 6:08 am ET

It appears Muslims are divided! The question is Why? Could it be that the Extreme Fundamentalist Muslim movements result from a direct reaction to the modern world, (Capitalism, Socialism, Communism). It doesn’t appear that Fundamentalist Muslims have a true connection to the ancient practices and this is their willful, self-conscious and deliberate attempt in reconnecting to ancient religious practices. If this is true, their over-reaction to modernism will often result in extreme violence. The violence is not the result of "Allah" It is the result of coping with a changing world in the midst of their attempt to reconnect with ancient religious practices. The Qu’ran was written by people.

Your 'God' is truly the purest form. You did not take it from a book written by someone else. The Muslim “Allah” is from a book that was written by man. You cannot compare the two!

Good Night my friend from Oregon! Sweet slumber!

Dodie   January 17th, 2010 12:28 am ET

I was deep in thought early this morning and what transpired, I did not want to place on the CNN blog for all to see. I think it would be just too much for people.

Due to all the dead bodies, the continued 90+ Degree humid weather with 1 in 20 Haitians having aids, I wonder what kind of bacterial/virus "soup" are we actualizing. If as predicted, 140,000 thousand Haitians die, there will be 28,000 dead with the AIDS virus. Wouldn’t this create a possible AIDS pandemic if the virus mutates. They are not burning the bodies; therefore, this bacterial/viral soup will sift down to the water table. With rain, the bacterial/viral soup will spread everywhere. I fear this may be just the tip of the iceberg.

This is one time I really hope I am wrong!

A. Smith, Oregon   January 17th, 2010 4:44 am ET

Dodie, the possibility and danger of Cholera is very real from all of the bacterial loading into the ground water and drinking water in Haiti in the coming months. Victims of Cholera need large amounts of medicine and large amounts of uncontaminated fluids to offset their body's lack of fluids. Many die of Cholera if not heavily treated.

Body's that are hyper-stressed, malnourished and weakened by exposure to the elements are much more susceptible to TB, Stap. and dieing from Malaria diseases.

The Rainy season in Haiti normally begins in May, with the Hurricane season ramping up in July. That is a few months away, however the mass amount of infra-structure destruction is unlikely to change in any meaningful way in 4 months. Water, Sewer, and Electricity is likely many months from being up and running in any real sense to more than a tiny handful of homes in Port au Prince.

There would likely be a temptation for roving crowds of displaced Haitians from Port au Prince to walk 20 miles north to the mostly undisturbed homes, eliminate the owners and move in. Not a very good situation for those Haitians outside Port au Prince that suddenly find hundreds of staving people demanding food, goods and help at their front doors.

I hope you have a great weekend Dodie, I'll enjoy watching the NFL playoff's the weekend. Go New Orleans Saints!

Dodie   January 18th, 2010 6:32 am ET

Thank you so very much, A. Smith for your insights and wealth of information pertaining to “Bushisms”

Michael Brown was an inept idiot! Katrina was a mess. Our actions regarding Katrina and the people of New Orleans was deplorable! I am sure you are aware they rebuilt the homes in the same location which is still lower than sea-level! I call that moronic!

Chalmers Johnson. He is absolutely brilliant! I have never heard anyone describe the US..... Past, present and future as well as Johnson. At the university, I remember hearing his name, but never paid much attention to it. He was able to articulate what my exact feelings. It is the reason everything was liquidated and moved out of the US.

President Bush claiming "unitary executive" powers ignoring the rule of law and doing as he pleases in the name of national security on his voice alone was obviously derived through Cheney. Bush was just a puppet. Johnson talks about the de facto absence of checks and balances and separation of powers with no restraint on recklessness. He pointed out in 2002 Congress (both parties) gave Bush the right to go to war when he wanted to on his terms completely ignoring the constitution The problem is the cesspool of corruption stemming from incestuous ties between business and government. We need not only separation of state and Church; we also need separation of state and fat corporate America.

Johnson points out the US is plagued with the same dynamic that doomed other empires. He points out Russia and the Roman Empire’s unwillingness to change; being overstretch resulting in bankruptcy combined with authoritarian rule and loss of personal freedom. It reminds me of the book: “1984 by George Orwell” John Bolton is analogous to a circuit-riding evangelist. The only difference is John Bolton peddles wars instead of bibles ~sigh~ and Bush is the king of maundering!!!

Johnson also talks about my biggest fears. The Neo-conservatives (Nazis) who remain very powerful in this country and who do not know how to adjust to China's increase in power. With John Bolton, the ‘war peddler’ at the helm; this will at best create a 'cold war' like Russia, due to insecurities or worse. Watching the Bush family preparing to relocate in Paraguay, one would wonder when Dick Cheney, Richard Pearl and Paul Wolfowitz plan purchases of vast amounts of land in other countries... in an exiting plan from the US after they have all destroyed this country.

It sounds as though you had a good weekend Arizona Cardinals 14 – New Orleans Saints 45! Wahoo!!!

I have decided to take the next 3 days off from work and catch up on some reading. I just purchased Johnson's Blowback book from Amazon. I am looking forward to reading it!

Have a wonderful week! Thank you for all your kind help


Dodie   January 18th, 2010 10:00 pm ET

That was wonderful of you to create a dialog and wealth of information. Thank you for all your work!

I have to laugh!! I think you are the only person I know of, who hates Bush/Cheney even more than I do! lol

I like how you slide information in regarding Bush/Cheney 2007. You are really funny! The more often one sees it, the more able it will eventually register in their brains.... Burned into their conscious! You should have been a psychologist!

Dodie   January 20th, 2010 3:01 am ET

I missed seeing your blogs tonight! I would love to hear your interpretation of what happened with the Massachusetts election! I am mortified! This will create such a ripple effect; it will be unimaginable for all of us! Health care was Ted's legacy! He was our Lion King! Ted always reminded me of the Lion King, young and unsure; mature and strong, with a powerful voice of a king! This will defiantly add pressure on the 2012 election.

You were unusually quiet yesterday and somewhat the day before. I hope I did not offend you in any way! I do not know if you realize this, but you are my mentor. When I first started blogging with you, I had absolutely no knowledge of politics. I have learned so much from you! Thank you A. Smith!

Stay well my friend,


A. Smith, Oregon   January 20th, 2010 6:42 pm ET

Hi Dodie, my internet provider has been on and off lately since the Haitian disaster. It could be the heavy loads on their servers. No one has offended me, if the server is down I cannot log into the internet. I'm not a mentor to anyone, simply a friend that shares their ideas and opinions.

Looks like California is receiving a healthy dose of rain, I hope that helps to prevent the massive forest fires from occurring this coming Summer. I'm certain Oregon is still well below the average water year at this time.

If the Republican Senators filibuster, block and prevent legislature and bills from passing thru the Senatorial Branch in Government, voters will quickly tire of that by November (10 months from now) and vote in more Democratic lawmakers in the upcoming elections.

None of the portable hospital MD's are stating they received free drugs, fresh water, plasma and needed free medical supplies. Drug company's are hawking they have given loads of free antibiotics and painkillers, NONE are showing up. I rather doubt the Big Pharma claims and hope there is some measures of accountability with all of the cash aid and supplies for the Haitian relief effort.

Dodie   January 21st, 2010 3:28 pm ET

Good Afternoon My Friend from Oregon!

Ah! You are such an optimist and very refreshing to see. I trust the GOP about as far as I can throw them which translate to a Big Fat Zero. They have always been able to strategize a good plan of action; whereas, the democrats are unorganized at best! The only Democrat, who ran an excellent campaign, is President Obama. He knew what to do and when. He never let his guard down. However, for the rest of the party…….they are a joke! I become so irritated at their incompetence! They remind me of the “Peter Principle Syndrome”

I suspect the Republican Senators will filibuster and block everything in order to stall until the next elections. I am sure you have read by now, The Supreme Court is rolling back campaign spending limits! You and I both know what that means in the next and upcoming elections. I can assure you, the democrats have not a clue what to do, other than Pres. Obama. (grinding my teeth) The Democrats will be hit from all angles! If they do not prepare and “get their damn ducks in order” it will be a mess with another 8 years of GOP blending with Fat Corporate America (Pharms and Oil) until they are one entity! They are close to that now!

Speaking of which, I just came out of a Pharmacy meeting. Just as you described. You would have been drooling at this woman. She was absolutely stunning. She was Asian/Caucasian mixed in her early 30s. All the men in the board room had to keep rolling up their tongues! I was thinking of what you said and I started to laugh. The mixed are usually the most beautiful of all. My niece is Chinese/Hawaiian/ Miwok and Russian. She is Stunning!

You are right on target as usual! I suspect the Pharms will get away with this so called help to Haiti! Business as usual, too much confusion, too big a project, too easy swept it under a rock! Not enough government to oversee all the details.

Awe, A. Smith from Oregon. Thank you for the URL. I copied it down just in case CNN removes it. I hope they leave it up. You are always tossing me a rope when I fall into the river. (standing up and drying myself off again) Like it or not! You are my mentor ~snicker~

Your grateful friend,


Dodie   January 21st, 2010 3:47 pm ET


“Storm Batters Crumbling Bluff; New Evacuations Order” (NY Times Headline)

The media sensationalize the information to the point of fabrication. Yes, we have had some bad storms. Some places flooded because the sewers are plugged up from years of debris and lack of rain; hence, Long Beach. Granted, due to the past years of fire, there will be mud in the streets and waterways. Many build their homes virtually on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Now, how stupid is that?

A. Smith, Oregon   January 24th, 2010 3:33 am ET

Greetings and well said Dodie. Indeed, I couldn't count the number of new homes in California that were either built on a cliff or in a previous flood plane when I lived in N. California. Another very unfortunate outcome for homes up on the top of a mountain or hilltop is that fires drafting upward usually consume them completely, leaving nothing but twisted steel beams where the homes once stood!

With the help of Acorn and get out the vote for Democrats, President Obama was able to keep up with the heavily funded Republican election machine thru millions of small donations. While it might be possible to do so on a smaller scale for a State wide election, huge corporations outside of that State can now pour unlimited funds into their candidates coffers, tilting the election in favor of their candidate!

I would imagine in several corporate offices across America there are lists of which candidates they want to put into office. Oregon has already gotten a dose of turning the corporations loose on a campaign issue. We have two State wide tax measures, one specifically targets corporations to pony up their fair share of corporate taxes which haven't been raised since 1930! Oregonians are being deluged with Vote NO on 67 ads, mailings and video media slots. Oregon has a vote by mail so the results are very quickly tabulated and announced. The mailed in ballots near some 50% of the voters registered and appears to be a good model for other States to adopt.

Campaign ads, media time and mailings consume a great deal of money and time for the average political campaign. Now with the Supreme Court ruling, the campaign that is greatly aided by various corporate sponsors can spend much less time and money from their election coffers while their corporate sponsors pour tons of slick glossy ads', video smears and mailings to their voters on their dime and on their time. I imagine without any judicial restraints, corporations will quickly abuse their new found power and push hard to add to it thru electing new puppet lawmakers of their own doing in the future.

I look forward to a major football shoot-out between The Vikings with quarterback Brett Favre and The Saints with quarterback Drew Brees. It should be a great high scoring game to see which one goes to the Superbowl this year. I'm happy Bret Favre made it that far but I'll be rooting for the Saints and Drew Brees to have a big game this Sunday and represent the NFC at the Superbowl.

I hope you have a good weekend and am able to enjoy the rain and a good book.

Dodie   January 27th, 2010 1:43 am ET

I have that feeling, tonight is going to be a very long night! Right now as I write this to you, I am contemplating calling the police! The person, who I am helping (the person who is staying in my home) is becoming agitated, psychotic and deteriorating at this very moment! ~sigh~ You would think, of all people, I could see this coming. I was just hit with this tonight, talk about a curve ball! I am charging my cell phone and thank goodness, I have a lock on my bedroom door. I am really irritated at myself that I could not see this before. I knew he was profoundly depressed at times, but not psychotic! I think the stress of losing his job has put him over the edge. He just verbalized that someone had control over his body and he almost hit some people with his car last night! This is NOT good! I will be fine. I am just very irritated at myself!!!

I really hate Drama!!! I get enough of that at work!

On a much lighter subject... I heard that the Saints won! YAHOO!!!

I was watching the colts, and that quarterback can really pass with precision. It should be a really good game!

Keep me posted on the Oregon voting if you happen to see this tonight!

Take care


A. Smith, Oregon   January 28th, 2010 1:51 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

I'm sorry to hear of your domestic situation. It sounds like the man has become saturated with pent up emotions and needs some creative and safe ways to let that out. Unfortunately many men seldom have the skills to bleed off pent up emotions and what they feel are problems which they alone see or to which they feel they have little or no control over.

Dancing, night clubbing if not over excessive in alcohol, baseball, football, basketball, cycling and even jogging are all widely used ways to physically let destructive emotions out and focus on something entirely different.

The Oregon Measures which would force Corporations operating in Oregon or out of Oregon to pay a updated and more fair tax rate passed by around 54% of all those that handed in their ballots or mailed them in by election day.

Sorry to hear that you are frightened and concerned about being physically abused. It doesn't sound good at all in regards to lashing out at unknown people with an automobile. The person certainly sounds self-destructive and shouldn't be allowed around someone or something with which he could act out his anger or pent up emotions in a violent way.

Hope all goes well there,
Take care and be safe,
A. Smith

Dodie   January 29th, 2010 5:28 pm ET

Good Afternoon A. Smith, Oregon

Thank you for your kind words. You are both very perceptive and insightful. You interpreted my writing and brought it to a deeper level . I did not realize until I read your response; you understood my self-preservation concerns. I have the obvious awareness, but tried not to drop that ‘loaded bomb’ onto anyone else!

Typing to you and discussing politics seems to be the only normalcy I have experienced in the last couple of days. I will not discuss this at work or with friends. Like you, I want to keep my private life… private! Watching a friend of 6 years disintegrate is so tragic. He is terrified and, of course, unpredictable! He struggles and grasps for some kind of sanity like a person dying, struggling to live, and not wanting to succumb to the inevitable……… even though they know the realities of life/death/insanity!

I know the system only too well! California and Orange County are basically broke! A 5150 will not happen unless he verbalizes suicidal/homicidal ideations along with having a firm and realistic plan of action. Even then, it’s only a 72 hour hospitalization at best! He does not exhibit anything that meets the 5150 criteria for suicide or homicide. Therefore, he will have to go through the entire agonizing process of losing complete touch with reality (losing his mind) before I can make an intervention under ‘gravely disabled’. ~sigh~ This is extremely painful to witness. It is a slow and arduous process and can take up to several weeks. Watching someone you like flailing, yelling, crying, slamming doors, throwing things around ultimately dropping to the floor in a fetal position for an hour creates sadness and heartache! I remain quiet, soft music, semi dim lights in the home; however, I know that is small consolation for someone experiencing a total meltdown. I called the Irvine Police thinking they might move faster; however, their response would be to call my agency for the 5150. I talked with Tom on Wednesday as he seemed somewhat in touch with reality for brief periods of time. He refuses to volunteer hospitalization, medication, etc. There is no law to force anyone until they meet the 5150 criteria.

I will end this now. I do not want to be dumping this tragic situation on to you any more than I already have. I apologize if this is more than you wanted to know. I will not discuss it again! Thank you for your input, your patience and for listening to what I am expressing! If I am off the internet, this is the reason why!

Switching gears a little here ………

I have the same concerns you have regarding the Supreme Court ruling. I have been searching the internet to see exactly where and what was changed. I was reading the discussion in Anderson Cooper 360 between you and several other people. There seems to be some confusion relating to foreign investors; however, as you beautifully articulated with Jack and Cindy on LKL, there is an inherit problem with this “cut and dry” scenario because we have American companies owned by foreign investors. China, being even more Capitalistic than this country, would jump at the opportunity towards involvement with our legislation. I remember Italy was Fascist in the early 1900s. Upon reading their history, their democracy collapsed because of corporate greed and control. Italy ended up a 3rd world country and it took many years to build to its current level which is still behind the rest of Europe. I can see this country following in that possible footstep.

With regards to filibustering…one way to Circumvent filibusters, is to utilize the same strategy Cheney/Bush Administration when they used the 50-vote budget reconciliation process. Cheney/Bush Administration put an end to Democrat filibusters. They managed to ram tax cuts, oil drilling, etc. down the Democrats throats through reconciliation. The Byrd rule could present a little problem; however, I certainly think it is worth the risk.

I bet you are looking forward to the Super Bowl, Saints vs Colts next weekend! Tell me the reason you are for the Saints. Are they the ‘underdog’? I have watched football games on and off my entire life and I do not remember any quarterback having the ability to pass like Peyton Manning! His long passes are absolutely precision.
Thanks A. Smith for your patience and understanding

Take care and have a wonderful weekend! Give your sweet family gentle and loving strokes from me!

Thank You!


A. Smith, Oregon   January 30th, 2010 4:52 am ET

Good Evening or Morning as it were Dodie,

Is your friend squirreling away any excess medicine and consuming it when he thinks no one is around? He sounds toxic to me, unfortunately if he does not has a thyroid problem increasing his intake of iodine or a synthetic substitute would make him more hyper-active. Perhaps some activated charcoal capsules to make certain his body hasn't stored up excess medicine which is being released into his bloodstream much later and longer that it would be normally.

If he has over-stimulated his nervous system, yogurt and cheeses help to slowly return the essential amino acids that are commonly depleted after 2-3 days.

The Saints are a symbol for the renewal of New Orleans, like the phoenix rising from the ashes. The Saints have never been to nor won the Super Bowl and Indy with Peyton Manning has. Although both teams have excellent quarterbacks, I would say that the Saints are the underdogs.

The Corporate take over of America's Democracy is troubling. I'm certain the Obama administration is busy working out a law to narrow the recent Supreme Court ruling, however the FBI is really stretched thin when it comes to figuring out if thousands of Corporations who donated size able sums to a campaign or produced a hit or smear campaign video was illegal thru funding from a foreign nation.

It would also be very difficult to determine the total expense on filming, editing, producing and readying multiple campaign video's. The corporation would then purchase multiple time slots to saturate the region of the election they targeted.

Normally all such expenses have to be carefully entered into the campaign ledgers which State and Federal investigators can demand access to. Corporations routinely have sizeable slush funds they can dip into for various needs and purchases.

I hope things even out for you Dodie,
Take care and have a good weekend!

Dodie   January 31st, 2010 4:09 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon

My discernment is the GOP will pummel Obama’s administration to death from all sides.
My concern is the GOP will keep Pres. Obama so busy by continually being slam- dunked, the administration may not notice the underlying current. I strongly feel we are fighting a war for democracy, not on another’s land but our own. The more I research and read, the deeper I sink into an innumerable, abounding abyss!

The funding from foreign nations can masquerade in many different forms. I would like to follow the money trail regarding our selling of Arms to Taiwan. It would be interesting to know the final resting place for what China stated, the $6 billion Taiwan paid. As you know, our defense contractors have powerful lobbyists in Washington. I suspect a majority of this $6 billion will be funneled down to lobbyists ultimately lubricating our congressional representatives in persevering these 2 wars and possibly a third. As you elucidate on many of your blogs, we spend the majority of every dollar in defense! $6 billion dollars would certainly purchase numerous campaign video's and air time.

Symbolism of renewal, awakening like the Phoenix, always thinking in multi-dimensions my friend from Oregon! You think like a scientist! Everything has meaning, nothing by chance. I find that intriguing! I would surmise there would be an underlying meaning for all your cat’s names. If you have the time to indulge me, please do!

I was at the university the other day doing my usual digging… I came across something interesting and was wondering, since you have knowledge of Chemistry, if you could explain the close relationship between Saturn’s moon, Titan and prehistoric Earth when it comes to bio-chemistry. In your opinion, is Titan capable of producing simple organic molecules which are considered the building blocks to life in early earth’s history?

I am currently reading: “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. Talk about eye-opening! He job description is a professional who cheats countries around the world from trillions of dollars funneled from the World Bank, (USAID) and other foreign organizations into the coffers of huge corporations with the final destination to a few wealthy families who control the world’s natural resources. This is an incredibly provocative book! I am only half way though and find it difficult to put down!

Rest well my kind friend from Oregon. Only 7 more days before the Super Bowl! Go Saints!!! Wahoo!!!

A. Smith, Oregon   February 3rd, 2010 2:05 am ET

@ Dodie, indeed the Republican party is united in preventing any changes in the direction and plunge of America into the abyss of dashing the hopes of what America might become.

In the Pre-Vietnam buildup, it seems the same military defense contractor corporations keep coming up. Are those same providers involved in the missile contracts, I suspect so. Boeing appears to be the most at risk, they are heavily invested with China's public airliner futures which would be put on hold at best.

The entire arms sale to Taiwan is being packaged solely for defensive purposes in hopes that China will not pull the pin on many options which would further cripple Americas economy, and increase the problems now facing America's economic recovery.

Planets without any discernible or appreciable atmosphere must be largely sterilized by constant bombardment of ionizing radiation, extreme temperature changes and heavy doses of electromagnetic radiation. The ionizing radiation tends to shorten organic molecular chains if they existed at all. As such there might be quantity's of water, however amino acids would likely not be present. Short simple carbon chains like CH4, methane likely could be found.

If I have the opportunity, I'll pick up that book for a good spring time read, it sounds interesting. It's likely John Perkins knows some of the handful of individuals and country's that had inside information prior to the plunge in the stock market and funneled Trillions of dollars into their pockets.

Good night my friend, hope your domestic situation is finding some balance and stability.

Dodie   February 5th, 2010 2:59 pm ET

Good Morning A. Smith from Oregon

During the Vietnam War, there seemed to be movement towards corpocracy; however, they did not have changes in the Supreme Court ruling, the NAFTA law and probably a whole host of little innuendos which I am not aware of. I feel the Cheney/bush administration took advantage of what was available not to mention pushing many laws through Congress very quickly that supported their position. Because China is even more Capitalistic then the US, I can easily see in the near future a global empire made from mega corporations and banks that purchased governments and use their financial and political muscle to ensure populace support through fallacious propaganda. The awareness became obvious as we could not allow our banks, AIG and other monstrous machine like corporations fail. This is the essence of corpocracy! I hope you do not see this as dramatic, but it does seem a possible future reality for me. Ah yes, the Boeing experience. I will email you that because I feel uncomfortable placing that on any blog!

The Afghanistan situation, lack of a better word, seems to be very complex. Headed by Col. Randy George, I understand 170 elders from the Shinwari tribe have signed a pact attesting to burn down anyone’s home who lodges the Taliban. While this might look like a wonderful strategy on the surface, this smacks of the“Vietnam War”. These Afghan people are crushed between two equally difficult and unacceptable choices. If they do not harbor the Taliban, they will be shot immediately and if they do, their homes will be destroyed by their people. Talk about a tragedy! To make matters even more complex, there appears to be many distinct warlord tribes: The Hezb-e Islami, the Shinwari, the Pashtun with huge numbers and sub tribes, the Haqqanis who are made up from the Zadran qaum tribe, not to mention the famed Taliban! In my readings, it seems these tribes already do not like the Taliban; therefore, this signed pact is meaningless. ~sigh~ What a mess! I have also noticed that people, who appear to be Afghan, are requesting we remove our troops as we are creating another “wild west” conditions like the 1980s where warlords ended up controlling the region. Others speculate the political war is in Kabul. If you have more information, please let me know.

Thank you for your wealth of knowledge regarding Titian. So life could be possible if not for the constant bombardment of ionizing radiation, very interesting!

Working in the forestry must have been very rewarding for you. I am so sorry things worked out the way they did. I have a good friend who transferred from the IRS to FDIC. She told me to send in my application as the pay is exceptional. So, I might retire from the County and go back to the Feds. The county is broke. We are being pushed to place all our patients on SSI so the state can pay for their medication through Medi-cal as the county has no money to pay for people’s expensive psychotropic medications. I find this unethical and have had heated debates with administration. Our administration is holding a large meeting on Thursday to see if this clinic will be closed. If that happens, there will be numerous lay-offs. Things just continue to be spiraling down hill.

I am fine, thank you for your kind thoughts and concerns. I had the Irvine Police place Tom on a 5150 so the staff at TRC (psychiatric hospital) would not know my involvement. He will probably be released today or this weekend. He has a couple of good friends and family living locally. I also have a very good friend who offered his tri-hull sail-boat. He told me Tom could spend a week or two on his boat until he finds a place. I hate chaos and drama…..I will not allow that to continue. You are absolutely correct, it is just too toxic. I came from a stoic family; no one ever raised their voice, there is no need for temper tantrums ever!!!

I work out in Taiji and Qi Gong every Sunday morning at the University; however, I will slip away to catch the game this Sunday. Get your “game chair” ready! It should be a good game. Everyone I know is rooting for the Saints!

Take Care, A. Smith from Oregon. You know, my offer is open-ended any time you may need it!


Dodie   February 7th, 2010 10:34 pm ET

OMG……what an interception by the Saints... making the score 31 to 17. That is wonderful. He ran 75 yards? What a run. He is really fast! No one was expecting that. Talk about an upset!

A. Smith, Oregon   February 8th, 2010 3:32 am ET

Good Evening Dodie, How about those Saints!

It should be interesting in the months ahead to see the Republican's play their hand now that they have 41 GOP Senators in office. With the Jobs Bill, Cap and Trade and Health Care bills moving thru the Senate chambers, it won't take long for them to tip their hand.

I'm sure the Afghanistan people will be happy to see American and their Allied troops leave their lands. Most of the warlords will simply pledge their allegiance to the Taliban, and those that do not will continue their long and endless battle against them as they had traditionally done before America entered that battlefield.

I'm happy to hear your domestic situation has reached a conclusion and the person in question is obtaining the time out and treatment that he needs at this time.

It appears that Sarah Palin is being used as a lightening rod to further demonize President Obama with the right wing wacko's at ever opportunity. Little wonder why the fox comic book network took her in with open arms. Murdock and American corporations are backing the 'tea baggers' and are attempting to incite populist emotions against what they view is unfair taxation on America's corporations. Of course the Bush jr. Corporate tax breaks are due to expire is no coincidence with the sudden appearance of the tea-bagger rallies.

As corporations own News Media outlets, they are able to spin or entirely remove new's feeds that they receive. As corporations work to own Judges and Politicians, they would be able to modify existing laws or entirely craft new ones that would more favor them.

As States and County's run out of adequate funding, Health and Human services, Schools, Library's, Roads, Parks and Emergency Services all routinely get slashed. Those services impact so many local lives they are almost immediately noticed but seldom corrected until new funding become available. A peacetime dividend would help a great deal, however there is plenty of feet dragging to keep America in both Afghanistan and Iraq for a very long time.

The sooner America pulls the plug on both of those foreign wars, the sooner American taxpayers can work to redirect those funds domestically. The Pentagon is already pushing to replace 500 billion of more of war machinery they claim needs either upgrading or replacing after being used in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are also pushing a 350-500 billion request for the F-35 Joint Attack Fighter which is aimed to pour into all of America's armed services for deployment.

With John McCain out of the presidential limelight and in danger of not being elected any further, Boeing is likely going to end up with the large military procurement to replace the KC-130 refueling tankers that are quite old and have needed updating for the past decade. McCain previously blocked and foiled the previous bid by Boeing on the refueling tanker contract.

I hope you had a safe and quiet weekend, be safe my friend and take care.

A. Smith, Oregon   February 8th, 2010 4:57 am ET

The US Space Shuttle is scheduled to launch in a few minutes. I hope everything goes alright with this flight. It seems there's only a half-dozen more flights for the Space Shuttle before it is retired. That would make it the only time I've ever seen a major program delivery system that is retired without a already in place replacement.

Rumors have swirled for years on the Space Shuttle replacement, however it has not been publicly reveled or 'rolled out'. The Shuttle seems rather hard to replace given it's large cargo hold and robotic arm which greatly added to its capability's. Anyway, I hope this mornings launch is successful and the newest International Space Station module and domed window additions arrive in good shape.

Dodie   February 11th, 2010 9:49 pm ET

Good Morning A. Smith, Oregon

I am watching with bated breath on how the Republicans, as you stated, now with 41 in the senate respond to passages of bills. They can no longer blame the Democratic Party. It might be wise for people’s attention to be closely focused on Washington these days. Whether anyone actually verbalizes the realities of this country and the true mess we are in, their behavior will give us good indicators. As I am sure you already know, Government agencies are always about secrecy … don’t tell the public at all levels!

With many Americans requesting the troops to pull out of Afghanistan, I wonder if our voices will be just carried on the wind and ignored in Washington. People with whom we have elected appear to have their own agenda. Obviously the American public is still in the dark on many aspects pertaining to Washington’s decisions. I suspect there are many trade-offs and deals made with one another.
Our entire medical industry should be canvassed as the expenses are just astronomical! I am sure you have seen tremendous waste in that industry.

I would never underestimate Sara Palin. She is a motivator and cheerleader. She just might get elected if she ran for president in 2012, It would be wise not to underestimate that woman. Remember Americans elected GWB a second term, so I have lost complete faith in the American people and feel they can easily be persuaded and manipulated. This country would be in a disastrous state if we became President.

Many can see the need to pull out of both wars and focus on rebuilding our infrastructure, schools, health care, electric grids, dams, roads, etc…etc…etc The question is: What is holding Washington to keep their focus on increased military/defense contractors, etc at such a huge cost to America and Americans?

I understand that some of our problems in the Middle East are directly related to Israel. So I decided to do a little research and I came up with this. I was wondering what you think. Fundamental Christians constitute the biggest voting group in the USA. No political candidate can get elected if the Christians are opposed. My understanding is that Fundamental Christians are those who read the bible from cover to cover and believe in the exact words of the Bible. Maybe their support for Israel comes from passages in the Bible. I was directed to the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, chapters 16 to 219 where it states in order for the Second Coming of Christ to occur, several things must happen. First, the Jews must return to Jerusalem.

Do you think part of our involvement in the Middle East and especially our involvement with Israel is from this? I can tell you, it’s not because of the Jews in the USA. They seem divided within this group regarding their support for Israel. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Just for your information. You know I have no connection with CNN nor do I know anyone there. I was really upset with Cajazz so that night I decided post a bluff blog. When CNN removed his blog, I then wrote a blog that stated: "I see you got my phone call Bob, thanks for removing that particular blog."

I figured that would be the best way to rid myself if this idiot! I realized that person had an issue with being "privileged" so I thought this would be a way to end his crap. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I have no connection with CNN.

Take care and have a wonderful evening! I am still having computer problems so not sure if I will be on tonight when I arrive home or not.

Be safe A. Smith from Oregon


P.S. I am writing this to you while answering questions and dealing with some crazy stuff as we have a holiday Friday and Monday, so everyone is coming out of the woodwork. My multi-tasking is not always so good! 🙂

Dodie   February 11th, 2010 9:53 pm ET

Just one more quick question. Do you have a particular computer you would recommend. I have looked around and seemed both a little overwhelmed at all the new technology.

Thanks again


A. Smith, Oregon   February 12th, 2010 5:09 am ET

A well priced general purpose computer that is used and liked by a great many is the Walmart priced HP Pavilion HPE-170F series. Generally their top of the line is equal to mid-range at a good price and many features. If you need extra storage then simply add a external Tera Byte drive system to it. If you are looking for a desktop computer below the $700-1300 range, I would recommend a Emachine from Walmart that is lower range however capable of general computing tasks ($398)

For $698-1298:

HP Pavilion p6313w-b Desktop PC Bundle with AMD Athlon II 215 Dual Core Processor, Windows 7 Home Premium & 21.5" LCD Monitor
5 out of 5 Stars
* AMD Athlon II 215 Dual Core processor
* 5 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM memory
* 640 GB hard drive

Dell Inspiron 570 Desktop PC with 23" Monitor, AMD Athlon II X4 Processor 630 & Windows 7 Home Premium
# AMD Athlon II X4630 processor
# 6GB DDR3 system memory; 1TB hard drive
# 16X DVD/CD burner drive

HP Pavilion HPE-170F Elite Desktop PC with Intel Core i7-920 Processor & Windows 7 Home Premium
* Intel Core i7-920 processor
* 9GB (3 x 2048MB, 3 x 1024MB) DDR3 system memory
* 1TB SATA hard drive

With a Trillion dollars pouring into both wars, a wind down should be reflected in a re-direction of those funds next year. However, the Military is bound to hit Congress with replacement charges for many of its equipment in both war zones that is either old, worn, or damaged. That alone could keep Military spending at a very high level for years to come! The Oregon reserve forces which have continually been deployed to both war zones, some for 4 or even 5 tours now has constantly complained about their lack of equipment prior to deploying and while deployed.

Another nagging thought is that somehow the Military has been sold on a future scenario which is absolutely dreadful. Supposed experts, former contractors and 'guest speakers' have been coming out to various groups and lecturing about a very large number of totally underground bases and huge Military complexes 1 or more miles beneath the earth's surface. That seems odd if you factor in the people the US Military is supposedly protecting. Nearly all US Citizens live on the surface and would be largely destroyed if only a deeply buried facility were to survive. Anyway, such huge underground facility's would have cost an enormous amount of money to build.

Yes, I agree the fundamental bible thumpers have been actively pushing the Armageddon agenda. Why, because that book tells them they would win. Sorry, but such a horrific scenario speaks of what happens with NO FAITH where millions of good people are killed in a number of horrific ways. For the bible thumpers such activity towards a mutual mass destruction is for them verifying and manifesting their sordid vision of destiny. Their Jesus would likely vomit into the nearest waste can over what his followers are pushing to do.

There is a clear distinction between Zionist's that are very hateful towards any Arabic reconciliation and Jewish people that want peace and respect from their neighbors. I side with the Jewish people that don't want to be shoved around, but treated with respect and treat all others with respect in return. Many Zionists and their Arabic counterparts have lost one or more generations of their family's to war, terror and fighting.

It is very, very hard for them to accept the hand of someone they see as a enemy. It is nearly impossible for them to accept someone they see as a enemy that murdered generations of their own family as a friend. Only time and separation is going to heal such deep wounds and put out the fires of that deep hatred.

For many Sarah Palin is a joke. She voices the populist angst and anger at the moment, however if she were elected to Congress, Senate or VP et. al. I agree that could be dangerous. Just like Ronald Reagan, the people beside and behind that speaker were really evil people that played Reagan like a puppet. I have no doubt many corporate interests view Sarah Palin as having the same potential. They would pull the strings, the public would see and laugh at Sarah Palin and those hidden players would reap their rewards, bills and laws that were passed.

You're welcome, Good night my friend.

Dodie   February 12th, 2010 1:29 pm ET

Thank you so much for taking the time and providing the information. In my area Fry’s electronic often has better prices than Wal-mart for the exact same product. Today will be “price comparison day” :~)

Just for your information.... I did not want to place this on the other CNN web site, but you might receive some feedback from people like Navajo Joe. The Dakotas specifically along the Cheyenne river support the Sioux and some Cheyenne Tribes The Navajo Reservation with the Hopi reservation betwixt are located in Arizona. The Zuni's and Apache are their neighbors, all reside in a place called 4 corners where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet. I realized you have quotes around the article meaning you found it somewhere, but "they" made a mistake... 🙂 I just wanted to prepare you as I have noticed a lot of criticism from certain people on LKL in recent times.

I would like to revisit the title on this website with you as I still have some questions and would appreciate clarification. I hope not to bore you with this.

Thank you and take care my kind friend!


A. Smith, Oregon   February 13th, 2010 4:54 am ET

No problem Dodie, several years ago I was personally asked to find and provide the Grandfather Stone for the Apache medicine wheel on their reservation. It was a great duty, a sacred honor and after many months, a successful task. Someone wants to poke some mukiwalk at me, they would do better to relieve them self in a strong breeze.

The web address is not short, do a google for this:
EMERGENCY continues: South Dakota Native American Reservations

The native woman quoted appears to be a Navajo in the Navajo Nation and who is taking a leave, likely to deal and survive the ongoing blizzard on those Rez's. Meanwhile TiaRachel has taken over for her in the DailyKOS diary that Navajo had been generating for sometime.

To locate that, do a google for this:
EMERGENCY continues: Summary of Dakota Rez links

Video on this:
Native American Disaster Overshadowed by Haiti

More information on Navajo's blog in Epluribus Media
To locate that, do a google for this:
EMERGENCY: Updated Summary of Dakota Rezs, More Snow Coming

It appears that Navajo had been updating and reporting from the Navajo nation. If you felt her diary entry was in error, I would suggest being discrete.

Dodie   February 14th, 2010 11:34 pm ET

Good evening A. Smith from Oregon

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day! May your love and treasures be a healing part of your life

I was hoping we could revisit the Mayan calendar and the topic of this site. If I become too curious or nosy, just politely reach your hand through the screen and readjust my nose. :~) I would understand.

On November 25th, 2009 4:25 pm ET you stated:
”The first lesser time cycle introduced a great figure to the Mayan people, a foreigner with great knowledge and wisdom that taught the Mayans their language, mathematical and astrometric skills, including the inter-relationship of time cycles with external events.”

Could you tell me more about this ‘foreigner’? Who or what was he/she/it? I understand this is the long count of the Mayan Calendar or cycle ( and we are supposedly at the center of the universe.

How do we know for a fact that we are actually the center of the Universe? When watching the programs on TV they had alluded to the center of our galaxy which I suppose has a black hole as the gravitational pull from the black hole keeps the galaxy in check.

You are such a pragmatic individual. It is difficult for me to conceptualize your desire to follow the Mayan calendar. I must be missing something. You are always on a multi-dimensional platform with large amounts of data to support your position.

So, I guess I am still in a quandary. And, possibly that is where I belong since I do not subscribe to anything other than gravitational pull which organizes our Universe. This stance is difficult sometimes as when I die, nothing will become of me……maybe a faint electrical pulse that joins the earth, or the impact of my presence others will carry until they cease to live. My time is here and now! The connection I feel to other life forms is now while I am alive. There is no other. I wish there was more… Since I have asked to be cremated, as I do not want to occupy needed space for the living, I will truly be dust, just blowin in the wind…………

Rest well A. Smith from Oregon! Thank you for your kind friendship and graciousness you have bestowed! ..... nea'ese!

Dodie   February 16th, 2010 5:03 pm ET

Good Morning A. Smith from Oregon

We have been blogging for several months and through the communication, I feel you are a friend….even though you chose to remain pretty much an anomaly. I accept your need for privacy and know you have your reasons. I am writing this to you for two reasons.

First, I owe you an apology as I sense you feel I have betrayed our friendship. I am very sorry if I have disappointed you.

The second reason for this communication is I feel it necessary for me to share a little of my past with you. I hope you do not stop reading at this point and simply dismiss our friendship. You have never expressed in words, but I sense the way you cope with disappointment is by cutting off the person and move into your intellect. I am hoping you will not shut me out!

I was married for 11 years. Scott was a good man, a kind man when we first met. We both loved sports and would play racquetball, water & snow ski, hiking, and anything else that came our way. I loved tennis and body surfing and he played softball for the Air Force. We had a lot of fun. Times were good. Maybe he was an alcoholic the entire time, but I was not aware of it. We had both pulled out of the drug world and survived before I met him, so we had a deep understanding of one another. Then the drinking started, his personality changed. (Not to bore you will all the details) He became extremely jealous abusive and violent when we both moved to Greece. I never kissed another man let alone committed infidelity. There was temptation, but I know not to act on it. I also know feeling tempted means there is an internal problem with myself and/or my relationship with my s/o that needs to be resolved. I finally walked out the night he placed a loaded gun in my mouth and we were fighting over him pulling the trigger. When he threatened my life in front of the Base Commander, I was debriefed, due to my job, and escorted on a flight bounded for America the next day. The Base commander expressed his concern for my life and did not want any incidences of homicide while in Greece. Over the years, I would periodically hear from his friends reporting he still wanted to hurt me. I learned to live with the idea he would eventually kill me. I lived like that for years. It is the reason I am not in a relationship. I don’t know if I ever can. My brother, one cousin and I were the sole survivors of our family since I was age 21, until we had children. Therefore, my emotional survival is friends. Good friends! I am writing this to you as I do not want to lose your friendship. I hope you understand!

Thank You


A. Smith, Oregon   February 18th, 2010 2:42 am ET

Good evening Dodie and Happy Valentines Day to you as well.

The 'foreigner' that you mention would likely be a useful study and topic for a doctoral thesis on where he came from, where did he go, where did all of his knowledge come from. Given the near complete destruction of the Mayan civilization at the hands of the Christian missionary's and their army's, such information would be very difficult to locate.

In practice outer space is limitless, in theory it is not. Any point could be seen as the center of the universe. However, the milky way and namely the Earth and its solar system is a sizable distance from the center of the Universe. The true center of the Universe would be the half-way point between the farthest most stars in the X-Y and A I Z axis's. The Universe is shaped like a Oval Diamond with the points up and down and the Ovals along each side.

If the Creator took a vacation, in other words left and turned his attention on other tasks and came back, the Universe would be swirling down the drain if not already gone. There is a great symbiotic relationship between Creation and the Creator which is seldom if ever stated nor explored. In other words, it is the attention and fine-tuning which is ongoing by the Creator which maintains the Universe as it now is.

I don't see any reason for your apology, shrugs.

The s/o you spoke of was not a good man, he clearly sounds like a man with deep seated violent tendency's which he acted out with mass quantity's of alcohol. You should be thankful you escaped with your life and praise the Creator for safely ending what could have been a very violent crime against your person.

Thanks, A. Smith

Dodie   February 20th, 2010 1:41 am ET

A, Smith!

What happened tonight, I hope we can still continue the friendship. It is important to me. I figured it out a while back. You have a wonderful and gentle side!

And my offer still stands...

Your friend, Dodie

A. Smith, Oregon   February 20th, 2010 3:36 am ET

Hello Dodie, not sure what you mean by what happened tonight? Earlier WordPress had swapped out a connection router which put blogs on this end in the dumpster for a couple hours. Not sure if that is what you are referring to?

I noticed AC360 didn't delete nearly as many entry's tonight. Not sure if the evil doer had moved to other tasks or they were just being more merciful to the bloggers. I noticed John King online as well as Poppy Harlow who both seemed to at least attempt to interact with fellow bloggers, a nice change from the ice rink.

With back to back to back coverage on the Tiger Woods apology, there wasn't really much for me to be engaged with in regards to a slow media news night.

Unfortunately the US Justice Dept. late today (Friday) released its 300 page report on Bush jr's attorneys which gave GW Bush the go ahead to torture prisoners during his administration. The report condemned both attorneys, however it did not rule what they did was illegal. It appeared the Obama administration is blocking US Justice charging War Crimes against both men and against Bush-Cheney. I suspected that was the agreement made during the Presidential transition era as Cheney was wheeled out in a wheelchair on his final day.

It appears that both attorneys used a non-ratified UN treaty for its foundation to approve torture on prisoners. The treaty was never ratified therefore there was no legal basis for either attorney to approve the use of torture. Normally both attorneys would be charged with federal crimes and all prisoners that were tortured would either be set free or all evidence in conjunction with their torture would be tossed and those tortured could sue for huge civil monetary sums. As it stands, I'm not sure where that leaves all of the victims.

I hope CNN and other networks do not let the US Justice Dept. off the hook on this white washed report and take them to task on the glaring omissions that are clearly within it.

Hope you have a great weekend Dodie,
A. Smith

Dodie   February 20th, 2010 9:24 pm ET

Good Afternoon A. Smith

It does not matter who you are as I treasure our friendship and appreciate all that you have done! I have some thoughts on the Dalai Lama and Tibet I would like to express with you but have friends coming over right now.. so will continue this later.

I was going to post in LKL but realized someone is trying to talk with you. Awe, poor Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! She really wants to talk with you and you seem to bounce around. Be kind, A. Smith and talk to her! I think she is becoming frustrated with you! Its very cute! :~)

A. Smith, Oregon   February 22nd, 2010 3:48 am ET

Greetings Dodie, I look forward to hearing what Larry King can get out of the Dalai Lama in the upcoming taped interview.

Idzan Ismail seems like a pro-Muslim woman from Malaysia. She likely means well, however I seldom think about the Koran unless I am in the bathroom and running low on tissues. In regards to the reality's of the horrific beatings of Muslim women that have escaped with their lives to nearby India and found safety hiding among Hindu family's, I rather doubt that Idzan Ismail wishes to hear nor be reminded of that ongoing travesty.

If a woman doesn't wish to become empowered that is up to them. If the same woman however proclaims that all women are worth 1/3 that of men, I feel that is wrong, and very sad.

Dodie   February 25th, 2010 3:32 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon

I noticed Dick Cheney was released from the hospital… too bad. I feel the exact same way you do. The world would be a better place without him in it. No matter how much money one has, death is always inevitable as you well know being a paramedic! Do you miss that Job? It would be a difficult one, but very rewarding for those lives you saved.

I have a lot of respect for you. You stand up for Tibet….even though you are catching a lot of flack from people. You know, all Chinese nationals have to obtain a visa in order to fly into Tibet. I cannot find that on Google; however, I know because one of my dearest friend; who happens to be a Chinese national, also had to obtain a visa as I. The Chinese travel agent would not even book our flight to Tibet without seeing both of our visas. So then tell me, how can they both be the same country.

And on the flip side… I remember years ago reading the Dalai Lama was pay rolled or had some connection to the CIA and that is probably why China is up in arms so to speak about the Dalai Lama in Washington. I did not want to place any of this on the blogs where others can see. The one thing I can tell you from experience and you are now seeing it on LKL is that the youth in China are the mirror of American youth. Young, Angry, feeling privileged, wanting labeled clothing.. (Nike, Adidas, etc.) You know LKL was flooded with young Chinese kids. CCTV mentioned it on their news that the Dalai Lama would be on LKL. Many have their computers at home… However, China also has what is called ‘Computer bars’. No alcohol… just computers in a bar like atmosphere and you can use their computer on the internet for 5 cents an hour. So all the young people spend their time on the internet… even more than our kids. They are all addicted to computers and games.

You are correct. Idzan Ismail is from Malaysia and not the Middle East. Because she has a lot of access on the computer, and is all over the internet for several years, I suspect she is able to do what ever she wants when she wants and does not experience what many Muslim women experience. I also suspect she is looking for an American male to marry so her children can attend college in the US and not have to pay out of country costs of ($35,000+) a year. Many Asian men and woman want this. If you approach her with the plight of the Muslim women, she will be upset with you again. Your assessment is correct, she would not want to hear it.

Ah, thank you for NOT saying anything about me on that one LKL blog. What the heck happened? I just read it all a few minutes ago. Good Grief!!! Why on earth is everyone talking about me? What the heck did I do? No one needs to know what I do for a living. Good grief!!! I am embarrassed. The only people who knew are you and Gerald. ~ Sigh ~ Now the who darn world knows…. Again, thank you for staying quiet!

You are always for the under dog(cat) :~) Always taking care of the strays, such a kind heart you have! You are very sensitive in that area. As a women, we all need to be responsible for our empowerment. For Muslim, it may be more problematic; however, I have seen women revel in being a victim. We all have the choice and need to assume the responsibility.

Take care my good friend from Oregon.
Rest well and enjoy your wonderful family!

A. Smith, Oregon   February 26th, 2010 3:15 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

I agree in regards to Dick (shooter) Cheney. Perhaps he was meant to suffer his conscious more. I think about the EMT's doing all of that work for mere penny's from time to time. It was fine and at times exciting, I've worked many positions in the medical field.

It was fun blogging with the Chinese students. I only remember a very small cadre of Chinese students at the University that I attended that seemed sinister. All of the Chinese students spoke the standard Mandarin, however the 4-6 cadre also spoke Pekingese and seemed very well connected to the high level leaders in China's govt' in the 80's. They attempted constantly to portray themselves as superior to all the other Chinese students who had befriended me. The other Chinese students clearly appeared to be very comfortable around that cadre who didn't mix with other Chinese students, they mostly kept entirely to themselves.

There are a boat load of Tibetan people here in Oregon, I'm not sure why there are so many here. We even have at least 2 Rinpoches (reincarnated Tibetan Teachers of their schools) who reside with their students and have followers around the world. One of the Rinpoche monks told me the Rinpoche residing there hired a Geomantic Tibetan diviner to locate his ideal home and temple. Equipped with a helicopter he searched all over the world until he found a energy convergence some 5 miles from where his future temple would exist here in Oregon.

If you are concerned about someone tracking you down, the outburst by Gerald wasn't cool at all. In short time those blog entry's should get buried among the masses. You might wish to privately mention to him if you haven't already that you don't want your personal assets laid out for strangers to gather up and unexpectedly knock on the door at your home.

I'm for the underdog or unjustly judged villain that's me alright.

I came across some Russian websites the other night that looked very interesting. Lots of military news, arms sales and war updates in the middle east. It seems that Russia has temporarily put off the sale of 5 SA-300 anti-aircraft defense systems for use in Tehran, Iran. Both Israel and USA have been concerned those medium range radar guided air defense systems would further embolden Iran and cause problems for any future air attack on Iran.

A family member just left the Iraqi region, first thing he told me was he was happy he would never be in that desert region again. He might be in Afghanistan after a few more months at home. The Pentagon and their Republican puppets appear poised to milk the situation in Afghanistan for a very long time. I sincerely hope that President Obama keeps to his pledge and begins pulling troops from Afghanistan in July 2011.

Russia mentioned they are very concerned that America is building a secret airbase in Yemen where they could re-fuel and arm American and Israeli fighter jets and bombers for an attack upon Iran and to protect against Iranian retaliation against Oil Supertankers moving up and leaving the Persian Gulf region.

Another curious note came to my attention recently. The US State Dept. has just issued a travelers warning and advisory against traveling to Saudi Arabia. Placing Saudi Arabia to number two on its list, beneath Haiti at number 1. Hopefully the Middle East situation will continue to be defused and violence will further be dampened until it dies out completely.

Rest well and have a good Friday,
A. Smith

A. Smith, Oregon   February 26th, 2010 3:29 am ET

Typo, should have stated:

The other Chinese students clearly appeared to be very UN-comfortable around that cadre who didn't mix with other Chinese students, they mostly kept entirely to themselves.

The two or some women in that cadre (2 women, 2-4 men) would bark orders or a single word or two at the other Chinese students who appeared fearful or cowed. I'm not sure which of the aforementioned two dialects the female comrades were using but the effect was noticeable and immediate. Family of high level Chinese Govt. officials or Chinese triad family members, either one was entirely likely. I didn't care nor did I feel any compelling need to find out.

Dodie   February 28th, 2010 2:43 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon… and walking down memory lane with you was very interesting and fun! Same situation from a different angle.

I went back to the web site and read the interaction between Shi and you. Interesting! I am very pleased you are blogging to…shi. I am not sure if Shi is a female or male, so I will refer to (ta) which means he/she. The Chinese ‘spoken’ language does not differentiate between he or she. That is why they have problems with this in English. Anyway, ta(Shi) is very good in English and appears grounded in principle. Shi will probably blog as long as you want as that is the way shi develops ta’s English. This is also an excellent way for you to really understand and learn about China. I noticed shi danced around the “Han” prejudice. And like in this country with white people, not all Hans are arrogant in China; however, seldom will you see a Han marry a minority. The Chinese do treat the Tibetans as second class people and I have seen this personally and became very irritated. No one deserves to be looked down upon because of their skin color or nationality. The group of Chinese who befriended you was probably all Hans. You know exactly what I am talking about. We have so many Chinese here in Irvine; I went to the Asian supermarket today. Everything was in Chinese. The music, people over the loud speaker, the food and writing. Even the people who check you out do not know English. I thought of you…. And how foreign this would be for you to experience. :~)

I asked Shi if the CCP (communist party) was divided. I see part of that organization grounded in old traditions and part wanting the luxury of living well, which means embracing Capitalism. If this is true, there will be a division in the country and ultimately the government. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds in years to come.

I suspect the Tibetan people are in Oregon as they fled Tibet due to the Chinese. Oregon is a lot less expensive to live than California or Vancouver and it boarders on the Pacific Ocean. Of course it has the Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association in Portland, which will draw more Tibetans. This is just my hypothesis…

I am not worried about anyone tracking me down. I was completely and totally embarrassed. Being a psychologist is like working for the IRS or FBI, you just don’t go around advertising it. I did not want to even post anything on that site until today. Again, thank you for being discrete that night! I certainly appreciate your good judgment!

The Russian site sounds very interesting. If you continue to find information on it, could you toss that site my way? I will try and catch it before CNN removes it. Or you could email me if you desire.

You must be very concerned about your family member if he/she goes to Afghanistan. This must be difficult for you. I can understand his feelings. You eat enough sand/dirt explosives, heat and so on until you become sick to your stomach. I am fearful President Obama will wobble with this pull-out in 2011. There is so much pressure from the GOP, those generals, Lobbyists for government contractors… yadda…yadda… I have never hoped for someone’s death, but I hope Cheney dies this year as he will make hell for Pres. Obama in the pull-out! He will rally up Palin and the T-baggers. It would be a real mess.

We have 700 bases all over the world, so one here or there would be true to stature; it’s one of the biggest drains on our economy. I also noticed you had posted no extensions for unemployment? I suspect that can pose problematic for you. You know my offer will always be there.

The Chinese can be very ruthless if they have a pretentious attitude. My close friend’s son came to the US on that special visa to study. He was like many of those bloggers on this site; arrogant to the point of being nasty. I became so tired of that “pompous” attitude; I helped direct him over to his uncle’s home. I read where Shi had explained that scenario to you and ta is absolutely correct.

Addendum: Did you see the Russian figure ice skater Plushenko? He was wonderful and so talented.

I have noticed you have taken a mellow stance in your blogging. Is there anything going on internally? I so admire your standing up for those less fortunate. The world is definitely a better place with you in it.

Enjoy the weekend and Spring is in the air! Take care my kind friend from Oregon.


A. Smith, Oregon   February 28th, 2010 8:31 pm ET

Good Evening Dodie,

In the 80's the Chinese students I met and befriended simply looked upon themselves as mainland Chinese, the 'Han Chinese' identification wasn't used nor given by them as we are simply 'Han' which seems to be a current nationalist buzz word or sentiment.

The small cadre I mentioned of course understood and spoke mandarin, however they mostly used Pekingese in cutting tones. I wouldn't necessarily call the cadre anti-social, they simply had a darkness to them that they themselves were aware of and used if it suited them. It appeared clear the majority of the other Chinese students were aware of that also and either steered entirely away from that cadre or if they were in personal or conversational distance they were either cowed or demeaned by the cadre.

The CIA appears to have had its hands in supplying some weapons to the Tibetan defense effort in the late 40's and early 50's. Its possible the young Dalai Lama was aware of this outside help, however I doubt the Dalai Lama had any direct involvement nor was ever on the CIA payroll then or at any time.

I was surprised to find nearby Mongolia has a defense treaty with Russia. If Mongolia is attacked, Russia is under a Treaty to protect their citizens and country. I'm uncertain if that Treaty was signed after China invaded Tibet or not.

The young Tibetan Buddhists here in Oregon as well as in India want Tibetan independence, not just autonomy for their Tibetan homeland. They appear to be splitting away from the Dalai Lama's mostly failed attempt to gain autonomy and are demanding full independence from China.

There are numerous Tibetan Buddhist temples and monastery's here thru-out Oregon. At least two Rinpoches who are seen as reincarnated masters of their specific schools also reside here in Oregon.

The family member contacted me today fresh from yet another tour in Iraq. He told me of his horror with the burn pits on the base he was on where he and the men breathed in massive amounts of toxic pollution that flowed 24/7 from the base burn pit.

There are a huge number of senseless US military bases all over the world which suck up Billions of taxpayer dollars in some sort of police the world effort. Such huge expansions are fine with the tea-bag Republicans who shout down prudent domestic spending and yet seriously hawk enormous military spending and enacting serious obstacles to the few American freedoms which law abiding Americans have and cherish.

Yes, I watched some of the men's figure skaters. Yevgeny Plushenko is very talented and was the defending gold champion of men's figure skating. I felt that US's Evan Lysacek skated cleaner with more elements than Plushenko and deserved his Gold medal, despite Plushenko's attacks that Lysacek didn't perform a quad during his routine. The judges appeared to all agree which is unusual as they tend to be nationalistic in how they score. Lysacek was slightly better in all the elements scored than Plushenko leading to a very close and hotly contested Olympic contest.

I hope your weekend went well Dodie,
Take care my friend in California!

Dodie   March 4th, 2010 10:46 pm ET

The Han signature has always been used within their culture. No one from the outside of their culture was/is aware of it. I learned of this while in china living with mainland Chinese… my very good friend. He and his family discussed it with me. Another reason I realize I was accepted. Chinese have two levels…general friends, who include races outside of the Chinese race, and casual within race friends and then family friends, who are always Chinese. The Hans can be very arrogant and similar in status as the “White male” in the USA. I have no idea of your race. I assume either Caucasian or African/American. The Hans profess they can see the difference physically, whereas, we cannot. So it is a little more diffused; however, the prejudice still stands…just not so obvious as the US.

The Dalai Lama is an intelligent man. He is looking for support from other countries. He says he wants harmony, but I suspect he really wants a separate country. China is fearful if Tibet acquires autonomy, the next step would be independence. I truly admire your “stead-fast” stance regardless of how others respond. I am more inclined to flow with the population at hand… all the while gathering as much information as I can from them… and with a final gesture expose my true stance. You are actually more honest than I.

I am also surprised to find nearby Mongolia has a defense treaty with Russia. I have suspected Mongolia has been afraid of China trying to move in and take over. I spent many years talking to a very good and cherished friend who happens to be Chinese National. He worked for the Chinese government (as a registered Communist) for 25 years. One has to be registered in order to work for the government; however, he is a definite Capitalist. lol You know I have worked for DOD and local government 26 years. When we compared governments, to both of our shock, they are more alike than not! Differences are they have one party, we have two. They are Capitalists/communists…. We are capitalists/ democracy. However, other than that, most other issues are very similar.

How is your family member? Did you get a chance to see him. How long will he be here before they ship him back out. That must be very difficult for you to know this.

Take care my friend from Oregon...


A. Smith, Oregon   March 5th, 2010 12:25 am ET

Greetings Dodie,

My family member, a SGT. in the Marine Corp was complaining about breathing the toxic fumes from the KBR-Haliburton burn-pits on the base he was stationed in. The higher brass was stationed as far away from the burn-pits as possible, the Marines were placed as close to the burn-pits as possible. I of course voiced my concerns about him having a pulmonary baseline test prior to him deploying, I'm not sure yet if that routine test had been given and was added to his medical information.

His wife is expecting their first child within the next couple of months and I believe he is also concerned about possible dioxin contamination affecting him, his soon to be new-born and any additional children he might have.

A recent study of a handful of Omega 3 Fatty Fish Oil supplements found that at least 3 of the 12 had unacceptable levels of PCB's. Apparently California has lowered the acceptable levels of PCB's which seems to have had some part in this testing.

PCB's were commonly used as the electrical fluid insulation in power transformers, the small pole ones to the major ones in Sub Stations and Power Stations all over the world. PCB's now have been replaced by Mineral Oil. However many, many thousands of gallons of PCB's appear to have been simply dumped into the Ocean.

The US Navy is said to have done that at Johnson Island, the Airforce and the US Army did that in Alaska bases. PCB's are carcinogenic and tools and items that touch or get's splashed with PCB's are totally contaminated and need to be removed and stored as hazardous waste. Needless to say, a great many American Corporations that had any dealings with PCB's, illegally took the barrels out and dumped them into countless unknown dump sites in rural America and into the Ocean.

If the known carcinogen PCB's are being detected in a fish oil supplement, how much PCB's were present in those fish that oil was extracted from? Layperson's must rely on the Bush-Cheney gutted FDA inspectors for such tests.

It seems entirely ironic that as toxic chemicals and minerals build up in the world's Ocean fishery's, that could end up protecting those fish from over fishing IF people were being honestly and truthfully informed on the toxic levels in the fish being offered.

Looking forward to the weekend, take care Dodie.

Dodie   March 10th, 2010 6:12 am ET

Good evening A. Smith

The medical condition sounds like it could be very problematic if your family member has this condition. You mentioned there is a test for pulmonary baseline. Has he received it yet? That was very kind of you expressing your concerns. I have heard reference to burn-pits. What exactly do they contain besides urine, motor oil, rubber, plastic? Of course that mix by itself is extremely toxic. I read somewhere and Ted mentioned it on LKL that we coated the bombs with a highly toxic ingredient! Is you family member affected by this? It must be frustrating for you, watching someone you care about being deployed again to such an unnecessary war and is outrageous. This ‘smacks’ of Vietnam. Like you, I am very angry with our involvement in both wars.

I don’t blame his wife… dioxin contamination is what was finally found in Agent Orange which caused many birth defects along with killing many soldiers in a slow horrible death. This must be very troubling for you. I am so very sorry to hear this, A. Smith!

Thank you A. Smith for the information regarding Omega 3 Fatty Fish Oil supplements. I ingest that on a daily basis… I also eat a lot of broiled salmon, no red meat, very little chicken and lots of veggies. Oh yes, that out of sight, out of mind philosophy… (PCB's dumped into the Ocean) We are maxing out the ocean’s ability to regenerate. This will cause serious irrevocable consequences…. Silly humans!!!

I have not had too much contact with the news just lately. We have been working long hours. The County is having major financial problems and has ordered us to submit every client’s application to SSI. If a client receives SSI, then they will also receive Medi-cal therefore, the county no longer has to pay for their medications… the state will have to pick up the tab. It is a nightmare. I hope you week is filled with fruitful events. I hope your family member remains safe. Rest well my friend!


A. Smith, Oregon   March 12th, 2010 4:37 am ET

Good Morning Dodie,

When I next speak with that family member, I'll ask him if he had undergone a baseline pulmonary volume test before he deployed to Iraq.

The burn-pits apparently are the catch-all for everything that is capable of burning. I suspect the dioxin is created when Styrofoam and other plastics are burned and it is released in the smoke.

Some of the munitions use depleted Uranium which sprays Uranium all over the area when fired or detonated. Depleted Uranium supposedly comes from the extraction process to separate the rare U-235 isotope from the common U-238. Uranium is extremely dense and very heavy. Special cannon shells are forged of depleted uranium to penetrate heavy armor. It is also said to cause a conflagration as it penetrates steel.

Unfortunately very few layperson's would even realize their diet of seafood was tainted with very dangerous chemicals or minerals unless the contamination was large enough for acute poisoning. All to often, the doses would be low and build up in the body's fatty tissues until it reached a toxic point in regards to your body's organs. American's heavily depend on the missing FDA inspectors to perform countless tests. With all of the incoming seafood and foreign produce, I'm fairly certain that many tests are seldom done nor complete. Organic chemicals could easily be undetected unless they were specifically looking for that class of chemicals.

Your description of shifting funding reminds me of the early days in the Reagan-Bush administration. If Bush jr. had gotten his way and privatized SSI, there would be no safety net for those clinging onto their SSI payments for mere survival at this time. The poor, elderly, disadvantaged and the disabled are often the first to be picked off as they are seen as the easiest and the most vulnerable. The Republican neo-con's have been actively pushing to eliminate SSI under the guise of it is bankrupting the nation.

Dodie   March 12th, 2010 2:11 pm ET

That must be very difficult for you especially knowing all that you know about toxicity and how it relates to the human body. I have just been reading up on Depleted Uranium (DU) on an .org site. The site states that DU is not like natural uranium, which occurs in the environment. Natural uranium can be ingested in food and drink but gets expelled from the body within 24 hours. “DU-contaminated dust, however, is typically breathed into the lungs and can remain there for years, emitting constant low-level radiation." What is really sad is the fact that contaminated husbands are poisoning their wives and girl friends through physical intimacy, and the semen is producing babies who are either deformed or are severely ill. Just like Vietnam and Agent Orange. The supreme irony is that our own D.U. weapons are going to kill infinitely more American soldiers than the Taliban or Al Qaeda. What a tragedy! What the hell are we doing to our men? ~sigh~

All of our food is genetically engineered, filled with huge amounts of hormones, poisoned with DDT and PCBs and what ever. I purchase Alaskan Salmon, but who knows what is contained in the fish. There seems to be no way around being poisoned through our own technology. The dirty dark secret of the US. I have a large backyard and it is filled with fruit trees, Orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, Fuji apple and peach. When in Tibet, I noticed that the people lived to be very old even without medical availability. (around 100 years old) I suspect due to lack of toxins absorbed from the environment.
The shifting of funds is very serious. It is being done by every county in California. That would translate to a probability of 5 to 10 million more people receiving SSI. If every state acted accordingly, SSI will be broke within 2 years. I am very upset over it. I have had many heated debates with our Administration office. This means more people drawing off the system for their lifetime. The US cannot continue at this rate. Mixed with the top .05% owning 99% of resources and income generated. Because of government funding, there are ways around the system for illegal’s to receive benefits. I placed some information about that on the LKL blog one day for everyone to view.

You were in rare form last night! You were really funny! I enjoyed experiencing a different side of you then your usual pragmatic, intellectual side. I had some fun with you. I hope I did not make you uncomfortable! I would never want to do that with you. I can be really silly at times. In real life, I find a lot of laughter. Life is so serious, and we are in stressful times, laughter brings balance and harmony within.

Take care A. Smith from Oregon. It is almost spring and should be warming up for you as well. Enjoy your weekend!

A. Smith, Oregon   March 13th, 2010 5:36 am ET

Good Morning Dodie and Happy Weekend!

Men and women serving in the US Military need to be on their toes for anything that they might be exposed to!

I'm disappointed to hear of the steady drain on SSI as State after State teeters on the very brink of bankruptcy. At the rate you describe, baby boomers do not appear to have even SSI to rely on in their retirement years!

I'm glad you enjoyed my attempts at humor the other evening. Sometimes humor shines the brightest when world news seems less than appealing.

I'm rather looking forward to the End and Beginning of the Great Mayan cycle occurring on or around the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere of 2012. I suspect the Christian church leaders discovered much about the implications of that great cycle beginning and have worked to erase and re-spin their distorted version of the future in a vain hope of assuring their corrupt sense of survival.

I don't believe anything evil or terribly bad is going to occur to those in harmony with the earth and spiritual evolution. Those that are not in harmony with the earth and spiritual evolution on the other hand would be swept into the great recycling bin. As I mentioned previously, I'm looking forward to the beginning of the next great Mayan cycle.

Spring forward this weekend!
A. Smith

Dodie   March 15th, 2010 8:12 pm ET

Good Morning A. Smith from Oregon

This country continues to ship our beloved men and women off to war without any solicitude as to the ripple effect… their future health, the continued drain on this country financially….etc.

I am wondering why CNN has not covered the following story between Israel and the US; which is spiraling downward, after Israel announced a new plan for Jewish settlement to be placed in Eastern Jerusalem. This announcement was made during Vice President, Joe Biden’s visit to Israel. It seems very interesting the synchronicity between the time of the announcement and VP Joe Biden’s appearance in Israel.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has called the announcement an "insult". Israel plans to build 1,600 new apartments in east Jerusalem; which is perceived as the capital for the Palestinians and home to Jewish and Muslim holy sites. The timing of Israel's disclosure came during Vice President Biden's visit to the country, and after Palestinians had agreed to resume indirect peace talks.

I have fully engaged in heated debates with our administration to the point of almost being fired. I am very irritated that the local government agency’s short sightedness. Just because they will not be drawing from social security does not mean they have the right to make a decision, based on their own economic welfare that will affect millions of Americans. Not to mention they have ways around SSI to link up non legal aliens with SSI benefits. I am furious over this. As an agency, we need to streamline from the top with those of ordain huge paychecks.

I, too, will be glad when winter solstice of 2012 will be in the past. With this uncertainty, are you making any specific plans… Underground bunker, finding a deep cave, etc? As the protectors of this planet, it is a shame we are destroying instead of rebuilding….

And once the sky is gone, the sun,
Alarmed, will put the day to rout.
The celestial palace will collapse
And with it east and west will drown.
A thrust of death and chaos will
destroy the crowded host, our earth!!!

If you do not mind my making silly comments to your humor, I will continue to do so…. The ability to step back and just laugh is very healing for all. As you know, I may poke (no pun intended) fun at your humor, but never an insult to you. May you and your sweet feline family live in peace and tranquility!

Your friend,

A. Smith, Oregon   March 18th, 2010 4:43 am ET

Good Morning Dodie

Yes, it appears much of the US Military is still beating and marching to the cold war era drum line. It's long past time to roll back that enormous drain on American taxpayers domestic spending and return America's focus to domestic affairs and domestic spending.

I was as disappointed as many here in America and other Western nations that Israel chose to publicly trumpet new expansions in the highly disputed East Jerusalem area. This appears to expose a long running tugawar between Zionists claim to the entire city of Jerusalem and the peace treaty process which would return parts of Jerusalem as the new Palestinian capital. It is clearly a shot across the bow of the peace process ship which VP Joe Biden was bringing back to Israel after it stalled during the recent Gaza crisis and conflict.

Former VP Al Gore attempted to place Social Security revenues into a lock-box which would have prevented Bush-Cheney from borrowing from the enormous Social Security revenue fund and replacing that with Treasury IOU's. I'm certain Bush-Cheney borrowed heavily from the Social Security revenue fund for the Iraq and Afghanistan war efforts. Thus far, I have not heard any of the amounts being publicly released. Those should be part of the public record and fully available.

I haven't at this time made any definite plans for the 2012 Winter solstice period. Although I am considering a partial underground home in the future if global warming continues to extend the extremes of high temperatures during the summer months. Underground homes are very green energy wise, they have natural air conditioning and are very inexpensive to heat during the winter months.

In this fast food and fast expectations period in America and much of the world, it's quite difficult to have the attention span needed to notice when things begin getting better. People mainly notice when they are literally forced to notice that has already occurred. There are many problems plaguing the earth and humanity on earth at this time. As those problems deflate, only a small handful will likely notice.

By all means employ silly comments to my sometimes dry humor as you wish. That makes a lot more sense than Media News outlets wasting numerous news cycles on Tiger Woods.

Your friend,
A. Smith

Dodie   March 19th, 2010 5:11 am ET

Good Morning A. Smith

Did you find out if your family member, I assume, a nephew received a baseline pulmonary volume test yet? I certainly hope he is doing well.

I am with you on the roll back of the military. Personally, I do not think it will happen because of the powers to be. Defense contractors too powerful, lobbyists continue to buy congress… both parties. I am saddened as I do not see much of a future for the baby boomers. Too much money being spent on those that control this country. I do not feel Pres. Obama can or has the ability to stop what has already been placed in motion.

I am not happy with Israel right now. There needs to be some sense of mutual respect or at least acceptance that this land will be shared. I suspect Israel used Biden’s visit to make the statement, indicating that the US will back Israel. I consider that very underhanded.

I also believe Bush borrowed the money from social security to fund the Iraq war. I want to find this…

A partial underground home sounds very wise. I would love to have 2 bedrooms, family room and kitchen under my current home. Go down stairs during the heat of the summer and keep cool. It was 90 degrees yesterday. I flex from work so went to Laguna Beach. It was also 90 degrees at the beach. I could not believe how hot it already is. This has me worried…. I plan to purchase a couple of trees tomorrow. I need to find a way to cover this home with trees.

Thanks for the OK on silly comments. I enjoy your humor. It is not as slap-stick as mine…sometimes I will just let it all hang out… with the intent to see what kind of response I receive… I find humor is a wonderful healer, easing tension and relieving depression. It is wonderful and I am often laughing. I really enjoy life… and our friendship!

Have a wonderful weekend A. Smith from Oregon…


A. Smith, Oregon   March 21st, 2010 3:47 am ET

Good Weekend Dodie,

No, I haven't spoken to the family member recently in regards to his having a baseline pulmonary test in his service medical file yet. He is busy with some personal family issues and has some needed time out at the moment. I'm certain when he feels like calling me or emailing me, he will.

Israel has to come to grips with some of its population not getting the whole table of concessions they are demanding and expecting as a result of the current round of Middle East peace negotiations. When other agency's within a government sabotage a ongoing conference it is a sign that not everyone is toeing the governmental stance. The same is going on with America's governmental agency's.

The CIA and Pakistani ISI agency's recently raided a Taliban Commander meeting which was part of a ongoing UN delegated Peace negotiation and also part of Afghanistan's President Karzi's envoys negotiation process with the Taliban commanders. Obviously the CIA wanted to disrupt those peace talks, although I'm not sure President Obama was even informed of that operation beforehand nor even agreed to it.

I might look into the Federal Govt's home energy subsidy's for double paned windows and perhaps foam insulation inserted into the walls here for better heat/cold regulation. 200 Watt solar panels are still fairly expensive but it only takes 10 of them for a fair amount of solar energy output. I've planted a few Cedar Trees, they are evergreen, low maintenance and mostly fire resistant.

This weekend's Tea Party protests looked like they were filled with hatred, yelling the N-Word at Black congressional Democratic lawmakers. Meanwhile during a solemn legislative session to honor and commemorate the thousands of soldiers that fought and died on Iwo Jima, Republican Congressmen continuously obstructed, attempted to interrupt and repeatedly attempt to debate the Health Care bill which was entirely different than the pending legislation. It was shameful and a utter disgrace, I hope Americas Veterans were watching that session on CSPAN.

Apparently the Republican party has ran out of being able to string together truthful and accurate strings of coherent speech and now are reduced to mere snippets of psycho babble. My concern is that Republican neo-con's will whip up some very unstable followers to perform acts of violence against Democratic party leaders.

I am looking forward to the Congressional Health Care vote tomorrow (Sunday).

Have a good weekend Dodie.

Dodie   March 26th, 2010 2:45 pm ET

Good Afternoon A. Smith from Oregon

It is nice to see that the ‘fixes bill’ on health care was passed by the House of Representatives last night by a 220-207 vote. As much as I do not like Nancy Pelosi because of her continued use of our taxpayer’s money for her own personal gain, I am glad to see she was pretty instrumental in having the fixes passed. Now the bill goes to Obama to be signed into law.. This does not apply to me; however, I am very delighted that millions of Americans will now be able to afford health care

Have you heard about what Bin Laden stated today? He said, in a new audio message from Al-Jazeera television, that he will execute any Americans Al Qaeda captures if the US executes Sheikh Mohammed, who was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. So what else is new? If we are captured by Al Qaeda, we are usually killed anyway. I consider this a silly threat and which leads me to realize, he does not have very much power remaining.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will be purchasing some trees this weekend. Cedar trees sound good. Also give off a refreshing scent. I have looked into solar panels. They are relatively cheap in China and I have them on the home there. Actually, all heated water is solar in china these days. We should have similar rulings. It would save a lot of energy.

Ugh! The tea party and Sara “aerial shooter” Palin. I become nauseated when I hear these names. I did find it quite interesting that someone started up the “coffee party” after reading your blog. I suspect, once it is listed on LKL, what ever we say is fair game for the world.

Did you hear about the UN rejecting the Ban on Tuna, Polar Bear Trading, etc? The United Nations Wildlife conference was last week. Basically, the light is green for everyone to continue to deplete our resources until there are none left! Talk about shameful. Short-term economic concerns hampered efforts to restrict trade in several lucrative marine species at the Doha Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Trade interests have triumphed over conservation at a United Nations wildlife conference, where proposals to increase protection for polar bears, bluefin tuna, coral and sharks all fell flat. Many delegates say economic interests are being seen as more important than long-term conservation. Short-term economic concerns hampered efforts to restrict trade in several lucrative marine species at the Doha Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Proposed bans of the exporting of a critically endangered species of tuna and the trade of polar bear skins, teeth and claws were defeated United Nations (UN) wildlife conference Thursday. Legislation to protect the critically endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna, popular as an ingredient in sushi, was proposed at CITES in Doha. Representatives argued that the species stocks had fallen by 75-percent, and that managing agencies have failed to properly rebuild them. Only three nations, the U.S., Kenya, and Norway, supported the proposal outright. Therefore, the bluefin tuna is on its way to extension. Very sad. Money always takes priority.

I hope your family member is doing well and will receive the necessary tests prior to departure for Afghanistan. I

really enjoyed your blog on your experience in Oregon pertaining to the amount of money spent searching for Cannabis. It is just outrageous.

Yes, the judge tried to sentence me to 30 years for a joint. When he found out… Judge Duncan, that I was not sentenced, he requested an immediate hearing as to why I am out of prison. It was truly a nightmare. Even to this day, I have friends that smoke some pot when we go sailing. The experience was so traumatic for me about the possibility of being in prison for 30 years, I never join in. I sail straight…. Never high! I smoked Pot for years, I remember the high! I am very mellow and easy going, so they do not mind me being straight!

Have a wonderful weekend My Friend from Oregon… Enjoy the spring

A. Smith, Oregon   March 27th, 2010 4:32 am ET

Good Morning and Weekend Dodie,

Yes, I was also pleased to see the Democratic Congress and Democratic Senators roll up their sleeves and pass the Health Care bill, overcome countless stunts by the Republican Senators which the GOP will undoubtedly use to give to their Corporate masters for smear and campaign video's and get that legislation signed into law.

Sadly, the Republican Senators continued their 'Hell No' posturing and blocked all ongoing Senate Hearings for a great many unrelated but essential legislation that is pending. Homeless Veterans Aid, Emergency extension on Unemployment Benefits and Banking Regulations to name only three.

No matter what the former CIA pay-rolled Osama bin Ladin states, American should remove the Death Penalty from its court sentencing guidelines. It would lower taxpayer costs, speed up trial deliberations and is reversible when mistakes occur. Generally soldiers that are kidnapped by hard core Muslim militants are tortured in the most medieval of means and then killed, as are the residents in the Middle East they feel are their enemy's.

This could very well be yet another horrific legacy of the CIA who trained the Iranian secret service during the Shah of Iran's dictatorship in all of those torture techniques. I wouldn't doubt it if the use of power drills for interrogation was also introduced in the Middle East by CIA operates.

There are only a handful of homes here in Oregon that use Solar Water heaters on their roofs as that is a great deal of weight and needs some heavy joist's to support the collectors. There are beginning to be more geothermic steam collectors being drilled and put into action for Steam and Electrical Power generation. Oregon also has a sizable number of large wind farms in action and in the building stages.

I was disappointed to learn that Japan flooded the UN wildlife conference with their delegates flush with cash bribes and successfully blocked nearly all of the critical concerns about several species that are on the brink of being hunted or fished into extinction. Harvesting dolphins for food, trapping Sharks to just cut off their fins and dump them still alive overboard to die a horrible cruel death is beyond disgusting. Tuna are definitely being over-fished and are certainly getting smaller and smaller as a result.

The War on Drugs is nothing less than a reign of terror on all Americans, no matter if it's by the corrupt police departments or the gangs. Growing up in Northern California for many years, Marijuana was as common as tobacco. I stopped smoking Marijuana some years ago when it started lowering my blood pressure to a uncomfortable level. Likely my body is just paying me back for my misspent youth in the 70's.

I don't largely miss it, although I really don't care if people around me light up or not. I would like to see full legalization for all the Commercial uses of Hemp which number in the hundreds. Just planting hemp in burnt-out clear cut forest areas would greatly help to return that ecosystem back once again. Hemp is a natural nitrogen fixer and clear cut areas are near desert's which are far to hot to support any new tree's being replanted there. Hemp can be harvested twice a year, whereas tree's take many years to mature and tree fiber is not nearly as strong as hemp fiber. America's textile industry would do well with converting hemp fiber grown in America into clothing.

I really hope the sinking of the South Korea warship off the disputed coastal boundary's between North and South Korea doesn't explode into a ever large war. North Korea is reputed to have small stealth submarines and the warship sounds like it either ran into a mine or got hit by a torpedo. Thus far news agency's are trying to lower the urgency by suggesting they didn't think North Korea caused the warship to suddenly have a large hole blasted into its hull which sunk it. I rather doubt the rather top notch South Korean sailors were stupid enough to somehow blow a huge hole in the bottom of their ship themselves. Sounds like around 50 of the over 100 sailors are missing which tells me it happened very quickly (large blast, big hole). Perhaps we'll hear and learn more in the days ahead.

Have a outstanding weekend my friend in California!

Dodie   April 1st, 2010 1:22 am ET

I will answer this tomorrow. I have not forgotten. Was in a huge debate tonight with a friend over Nukes in Iran!

A. Smith, Oregon   April 1st, 2010 4:11 am ET

@ Dodie, no problem.

Look over my lengthy reply to Sarah Palin's 2nd' holocaust over Iran's Nukes on LKL page one blogs.

Dodie   April 5th, 2010 8:45 pm ET

Good Afternoon A. Smith

I apologize for taking so long. I started this blog several times and just never made it to the post part. I have been sailing a couple of days a week. I have a good friend who is teaching me on his 47 foot tri-hull. I have always loved to sail, but this boat is Huge…to say the least. I hope you received my email the other day.

I completely agree. The death penalty costs the tax payers more because of the 11th hour appeals which can go on for years. I recommend they be placed in a working prison to decrease the burden on the Tax payers.

UN wildlife conference is a barometer as to the present and future values. I see it as tragic! I am so saddened that we will continue to wipe out so much of our cherished wildlife. When I was sailing this weekend, I had the opportunity to play with the dolphins and saw a large whale ‘spy hop’ I am so impressed with the marine wildlife and just to kill everything is just tragic. Human’s priorities are certainly very problematic.

You stated: “The War on Drugs is nothing less than a reign of terror on all Americans” Absoutely… I cannot even believe they are still worried about Cannabis. As I mentioned to you before, I stopped smoking Cannabis years ago for medical reasons. However, for so many that do, I certainly see no problem with this drug. I would much prefer to have Cannabis legalized than Alcohol. Like you, I have a couple of friends that ‘light up’ around me. They do not use any other drug. I have never had a problem with it. I wonder if the alcohol industry has the backing of the Church and that is why Alcohol is legal and Cannabis is not. Anyway, it is a thought!

current news:
I am very saddened that coal miners are still being trapped below, in the earth. What a horrible experience. I suppose there would be all types of pulmonary problems with these individuals, if they survive. What does coal do to the lungs? I have heard of the term “black lungs” I would assume the bronchia is coated therefore unable to breathe, or something to that order.

I am thrilled about Thailand and their 50,000 member group demonstrating for the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship in Bangkok.

It certainly does not pay to be a journalists. I was just reading on CNN that 120 Iraqi Journalists have been killed out of139 during the 7-year-old war. I believe the statistics are even worse than for Vietnam.

I was typing your blog yesterday when the earthquake hit. Talk about a wierd feeling typing as everything is rolling like on the ocean. Unfortunately, I lost everything.

Thank you A. Smith for being so patient and kind

I hope you have a wonderful week!!

A. Smith, Oregon   April 8th, 2010 1:08 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

Motoring about on a 47' tri-hull would be great! Nothing like the breeze across the Ocean and the taste of salt water in your face to bring a smile to one's face!

Sea-life is being decimated in record numbers these days as unbalanced populations drain whatever is available for food to supply the protein needs of their country's. Even so, it's entirely corrupt and evil to cut the fin's off thousands of sharks, and dump them still alive back into the Ocean simply for the orient to drink shark fin soup.

Very recently, Eugene, Oregon the home of the University of Oregon obtained a huge monetary supplement to their huge police force by declaring themselves as a active illegal drug corridor. That is very sad, the police there are entirely militant and corruption is already rampant. The residents are peaceful and like many college city's enjoy the recreational resources that come their way.

Very few if any mine emergency classes teach that during a mine explosion you close your mouth and not breathe. The extreme overpressure ruptures the lungs if your mouth is open or if you take in a single breath. Once your lungs are ruptured, you are doomed, no amount of oxygen, no CPR and no emergency medical attendants are going to save you. Death is very quick within 5 minutes but it is very certain.

It's sad after more than a decade that the Nuclear Treaty between America and Russia by the efforts of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama are historically being prepared to be signed and placed into action. I state it's sad because thus far, News Media is not reporting how important that is for America and future civilizations.

Another breakthrough along the same venue is President Obama's Nuclear policy which does a distinct about face from the horrific fear fanning Bush-Cheney administration who routinely came before the American public and world stage to threaten Nuclear attacks on Iran and his imagined enemy's. He repeated his all options on the table including the Nuclear option to solve any diplomatic problem that serving US Military Generals finally had to come before the American public and state America was not contemplating using Nuclear weapons and America was not going to nuke Iran.

The new policy, no nukes used unless a first nuclear strike against America occurs OR a massive biological weapon attack against America occurs. Otherwise only conventional weapons if needed would be used against any enemy country. The new policy also permanently bans nuclear weapon upgrades and development of new nuclear weapon types. For many years Bush jr. had pushed the US Congress to OK and fund development of a deep bunker nuclear bomb which was thankfully and repeatedly refused.

I imagine you are still feeling some aftershocks down there in Southern California.

I hope your week has been progressing well, Spring is well on her way and hopefully some warmth will be returning here soon.

Thank you for your kind Spring post card Dodie,
Best wishes and regards.
A. Smith

Dodie   April 10th, 2010 3:40 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith from Oregon

Ah, yes...Being out in the ocean on a sail boat is such a freeing experience. I stand on the very bow of the tri hull and feel the wind on my face, the soft spray of the ocean and the sun's warmth. It is quiet, only the wind and sail. To become one with the boat and ocean as there is nothing to hold on too other than balance and feeling the boat and ocean beneath your feet. It is a feeling like none other. We sailed out Wednesday around 75 miles, almost to San Clemente Island, which is a naval base. The ocean was such a beautiful dark blue with white tipped waves. Life just does not get any better than this. What a wonderful rejuvenation process. I truly hope you have something you can experience which will bring you so much enjoyment. You have continued to bestow kindness and I will always treasure that. Thank You.

Ah, A. Smith, you have the same sensitivity as I. What we humans do to other life forms on this planet is reprehensible. What ever happened to respecting life? What ever happened to just plain decency. I have been a vegetarian for many years as a direct result of this type of behavior and soon will be moving back into that direction again for this very reason. I do not want to be a part of this. If enough people stopped eating meat, fish, the industry would collapse.

I had no idea in relation to one's lungs ruptures due to immense pressure from an explosion and must close your mouth. You always offer freely your medical knowledge. I want to thank you for this. That coal mining company has been sued before for an accident in Nevada. They said in the report that this company focuses very little on safety and most of the coal miners already know the dangers but desperately need the work. How horrible for a company to cut corners knowing death will be the result. Corporations have no consciousness. That is at the heart of the inherit problem with Capitalism. I am not sure how or if we can ever change the path our species is taking. I am afraid we are in the process of creating mass extinction on this planet! How tragic is that?

The News media only reports what it thinks it can sell. You would think there are enough Americans interested in the elimination of many arms from USSR and the USA!

I suppose you heard today that Iran now has the capabilities of making its own nuclear devices. We seem to be going in the wrong direction. I would love to see all nukes abolished around the world, but that is just a pipe dream.

Not much shaking these days. I am delighted we had the quake, as that always alleviates the stress in the earth's crust.

Wishing you warm spring days and enjoy the outdoors. What do you enjoy most when outside?

Take care my friend from Oregon
Have a wonderful weekend


Smith in Oregon   April 13th, 2010 1:45 am ET

Good Evening Dodie

I grew up next to the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. When the surf was running high, I could hear it as I slept at night. I've always felt a certain amount of joy and sadness at the Ocean. I was surprised during my trips to Florida how warm the Atlantic Ocean was in Miami and around the Florida Keys.

One vacation I was surveying for the US Forest Service near Crater Lake National Monument in 10 feet of snow and the very next day I was on the Miami Beach feeling my body trying to sort it all out. I recall seeing catamarans preparing to circumnavigate the world visiting Humboldt Bay. Around a full year later, they would once again tie up for much needed rest for the crew and repairs to the catamarans.

I rather doubt Iran would be insane enough to produce and then test a nuclear weapon. They would certainly have nearly the entire world wanting to destroy them along with a good number of their religious leaders.

While President Obama has quietly been policing up ton's of highly enriched uranium around the world, the Republican pundits continue to obstruct and block him every chance they get. Instead of heralding the newest reductions in the New Start Treaty, many Republican lawmakers are simply too engaged in their psycho-babble to even tell the President, 'well done'.

It appears a distinct but orderly reduction towards the goal of no nuclear weapons is still a realistic goal. It likely would be more difficult when the numbers of remaining operational nuclear weapons drops below 1,000. Still America has only 50 State Capitols and therefore only 50 targeting those main State governments would effectively end America's government as we know it. I hope nuclear weapons are entirely banned before any are used again. For Bush jr's entire 8 years he pushed for nuclear weapon upgrades and new nuclear weapon developments which were all thankfully turned down.

Republican Senators appear to be filibustering federal unemployment extension payments and threatening to filibuster Obama's Supreme Court nominee. I watched Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter briefly on my 5 minutes of Fox today where Sean Hannity was trumpeting the irreversible harm that would in his imagined world come from the inability for the Republicans to retake the majority's in both Congress and the Senate during the mid-elections. Ann Coulter stated that was unlikely in the Senate races which briefly made Sean Hannity pout, then pause for a moment before continuing his psycho-babble on the loss to his imagined world.

Ann Coulter stated she was suing Canada for her cold reception of her prepared speech in Canada which was mostly blocked by anti-hate protesters.

It appears the Tea Party and Republican leaders attempt to stir up the ugly racial tension across America has resulted in the recent Confederate Memorial month media spotlight these past several days. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tea Party and Republican's waving Dixie Flags during their events.

Yes indeed Dodie, minor earth quakes help alleviate the pent-up stress which often fully ruptures when nothing is done to alleviate them. That is a very observant and intelligent observation on your part, well done!

I enjoy hiking and admiring the birds and foliage. Some nearby waterfalls are also worth the time to see and enjoy.

I hope you had a good weekend,
Take care my friend.

Smith in Oregon

Dodie   April 18th, 2010 4:43 am ET

Good evening A. Smith

Thank you for your kind compliment. That is very sweet of you.

Ah, growing up by the Pacific Ocean is such a delight! I have noticed you have the same affinity with the environment as I. Oh yes, I miss having the waves sing a lullaby of its own creating a venue for nice deep slumber. I feel the same joy and sadness. I understand the sadness pertaining to the loss of our environment and having no means in which to stop the process. I only hope I do not live to see the mess we continue to create. Hawaii has the same warm water as Miami. There is a very small island by where I lived in Hawaii. It was a mile out in the ocean. I used to swim to it at least once a week. It was around 2 blocks long by 1 block wide. Just enough for a person to mediate. Like you, I was raised in a beach house! I miss living right on the ocean. I wish I could afford it financially.

You have the beautiful redwood forest in Northern Calif. I love the area, by crescent city! Very beautiful. I have always wondered why you left that area.

It is sad this country is so divided. The Republican party fear Obama. They do not want to look bad so they drag him down in order to look better. This tactic fools many Americans. Even on LKL, you will find some that "believe" Bush/Cheney protected the US. Bush was selling war the same way the Christians sell Heaven.....through fear! I am sure you have noticed people from other countries that blog on are amazed at how we do not support President Obama. They think Americans for once voted for a good man.

I would love to see No nuclear weapons as a world goal. I do not know if that would ever happen because if the technology entered the wrong hands, it could present a real problem. Where are we going to stock pile all the nuclear devices? Yes, bush was in for the money. Any position he took was relative to how much money he would stand to make.

Ann Coulter is an idiot! Prior to her flying back to "her home country" as Ann is originally from Canada, she made this statement that the university students in Canada had an IQ of "0" Zero. I would imagine there would be a lot of protesting if someone stated your IQ was zero. Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin could both be flushed down the toilet for all I care. Palin is such a good cheerleader, she could be dangerous. I am hoping this group of Tea Partiers will dissolved soon. Nothing like this was erected during the Cheney/bush admin while they were spending all of our tax dollars and then some. No one stood up to them. I suspect the unemployment benefits will be extended. So many people out of work. I am also hoping the medical will also be available.

I am sure you have heard of the earth quakes in China and now in the South Pacific. I am waiting for Alaska to rock and roll with a large quake. The ring of fire is becoming increasingly active. Maybe the volcano in Iceland will make a little change. I read somewhere that this same volcano placed so much debris in the air, the world dropped several degrees in the 1860s.

What a wonderful experience to hike in the woods enjoying the wildlife and foliage. So much depth and appreciation for our environment and planet. You are definitely a very special man, A. Smith from Oregon.

May your weekend be filled with joy. Sending you warmth on the breeze waves
Take care my kind friend.


Smith in Oregon   April 19th, 2010 6:23 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

I've been reading more about China's severe water shortage situation along with considerable concerns about the same now in across the UK.

The UK has been working on the background of embedded water usage for commonly used produce and imported items. Embedded water usage is the TOTAL amount of water used to produce that single item.

Here are some quick examples:

For a perspective, a full sized bathtub contains 150 liters of water when full.

Embedded in a pint of beer, for example, is about 130 pints (74 liters) of water – the total amount needed to grow the ingredients and run all the processes that make the pint of beer.

A cup of coffee embeds about 140 liters (246 pints) of water, a cotton T-shirt about 2,000 liters, and a kilogram of steak needs a whopping 15,000 liters!!!

You must be a terrific swimmer! My high school coach made me hate swimming which I had previously enjoyed. We had an Olympic sized pool at our high school and we'd be forced to swim two lengths for 5 to 7 different strokes, at which time I was nearly too exhausted to even haul myself out of the pool much less enjoy myself.

Comments from Senate republican minority leader McConnel in regards to the Banking and Wall Street regulation were as callous and crass as he was during the Health Care legislation. He is demanding the regulation legislation start from scratch also. This time however, the Obama administration learned that giving the republican Senators several major concessions in order to hopefully have more republican Senators enlist their support as they did with the Health Care bill only weakened the end result and not a single Republican Senator nor Republican Congress person voted for it. So the Democratic Senators are fighting for it to remain 'as is'.

Democratic Senator Chris Dodd of the Senate Banking committee stated there are Republican senators on that committee who helped draft that bi-partisan legislation already and the Democratic lawmakers fully agree, its time to push banking and wall street regulations into law.

I've heard that the US Senate voted to retro-actively temporarily extend emergency unemployment benefits and cobra medical extensions until early June while they work on and decide on a larger emergency unemployment benefits bill.

I agree it would be wonderful to live once again on a non-nuclear weapons planet, however I would also like to see a large permanent reduction of military arms sales from USA, Russia and China to other country's which have routinely used them to hose down their own people and those of neighboring country's with the machine guns, tanks and bombs supplied by the USA.

While the health impact of water pollution globally is not known, A 2007 study from Cornell University estimated that a staggering 40% of deaths worldwide were associated with some kind of pollution.

When evil is actually threatened, it lashes out. For many recent decades evil people, evil organizations and evil world leaders were perfectly content. They became insanely rich, powerful and their followers and army's had sway over millions. NOW there appears to be a push against them and they are lashing out in anger. If they didn't feel threatened, they wouldn't being screaming and yelling at this time. In that regards, it is a good sign like their swan song.

For a very, very long time, the Universe has fed, provided and nourished everyone. Like in the average garden everything therein isn't necessarily what you intend to grow. However as the weeds take root and spread, they are like a disease that begins to virtually choke out all growth of that which the farmer actually wants to grow and harvest. Instead of continuing to water everything, the wise farmer begins to selectively water and only nourish what the farmer wants to grow and harvest, causing the weeds to starve, wilt and die out. The weeds sense this and become angry and abusive. However, it is of no avail, without nourishment they'll grow weaker with each passing day as the very universe that long had supported them previously now turns against them.

I remember the silence shortly after Mt. St. Helen's blew her stack, no automobiles, no jet's flying overhead for days. However, Oregon college students quickly found that the volcanic ash made the most beautiful pottery and many students did just that.

I've heard that many of the air operations have been suspended in Afghanistan. Some were due to the overthrow of nearby Kyrgyzstan and the new opposition party's stance on the US refueling fleet on their manas airbase. And also the volcanic ash disrupting flights to the huge US Military airbase in Germany from Afghanistan.

They don't call F-15 fight jets screaming eagles for nothing, with both afterburners lit, they literally scream as they pass overhead. I would imagine the poor Afghanistan people are thankful to hear fewer of them these past several days and perhaps even let their children go outside during the brief respite.

Living and growing up in a 30 some year war-zone such as Afghanistan with so many children and villagers getting their limbs and legs blown off by IED's and land mines, fighter jets screaming overhead dropping bombs and likely intentionally scaring the villagers by low level flights at supersonic speed, I'M Surprised everyone living there isn't totally psychotic from the mental stress and hardships.

I hope your weekend was restful and with clear sailing. We had some nice Spring weather up here over the weekend, however the badly needed rains are expected for the rest of the week.

Take Care,
Smith in Oregon

Dodie   April 29th, 2010 11:19 am ET

A. Smith

They removed my blog to you. I will re-write another one. I wonder why?

Dodie   April 29th, 2010 3:29 pm ET

The drought in china is very serious. First of all, their cities are anywhere between 8 to 15 million population. A lot of people needing drinking water. Second, their crops like rice require huge amounts of water. I suppose their food supply will dwindle significantly. They may have to change their diet as rice is their staple food. That is very sad. I know the government is investigating the situation and Premier Wen Jiabao visited some of the afflicted areas. Hopefully, they will be able to rectify this situation soon. I remember reading somewhere that they have until May for the rains to come. If not, they need to seek alternate sources. With a population as large as that, requires enormous evacuation efforts. Lucky for China, their military personnel is as large as the entire population of the USA. I don’t know if I ever told you, when I was in Tibet, I passed one of their convoys. They have military transport trucks that carry men in the back akin to ours. We must have passed at least 500 trucks which lasted 2 or 3 hours. I have never, in my entire life, seen anything of that magnitude. It definitely was ‘eye opening’

I had no idea England was working on embedded water usage for commonly used items. That is an excellent idea. I love cotton, however, am fully aware the amount of water it requires.

I am so sorry for your experience in High School. That is just terrible. To have you so tired you can barely haul yourself out of the pool. What was wrong with your coach? I think that would ruin anyone’s desire to swim not to mention being very dangerous. How sad! I have no fear of the water and will stand on the edge of the bow feeling the boat and ocean with 4 foot swells beneath my feet using only balance to keep me aboard. There are no life vests…..probably not a good idea. I use the Taiji balance and so far, no problems.

I certainly hope they continue the Unemployment and cobra benefits. That is just crazy if they do not. Of all the programs we support, in my opinion, the most important program right next to retirement social security benefits and Medicare, as this is for people who have worked and paid their dues.

Politicans, Ugh! I am becoming increasing intolerant of all politicians. I really hate the republicans but still very irritated at the Democrats as many are also in bed with huge corporate America. I still do not understand why people like Cindy and CHM continue to support these leaches. It just defies logic.

I posted some interesting information pertaining to the Middle East and probably why my blog was pulled. I will email you the information. I have a very good friend who is American...and lived in the Middle East a number of years, speaks the language and lived with many of the tribe’s people. I will email you that information.

You have that correct… F-15 fight jets screaming eagles…… I live very close to El Toro Marine base and when they would have the Air show, the blue angels used my street and right over my house as the pathway. I would stand on my home and I could see the man in the cockpit. One time, years ago, they hit the afterburners right over my home and broke several windows in the house.

The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is a mess. I hope this will deter any further exploration of off shore oil drilling. Also the situation with Arizona, I find very interesting. I believe the federal government is slacking and we need to implement the laws we already have in place with regards to immigration. Otherwise, the states will be divided at even a greater level than now. It is already happening between California and Arizona. Another big mess.

Take care my friend from Oregon. I hope this blog stays.


Smith in Oregon   May 4th, 2010 3:04 am ET

Indeed it sounds like the situation regarding the need for fresh water in the cities and agriculture fields is growing very serious in China. When millions of angry Chinese are denouncing their current living conditions, perhaps China will turn away from their conquest of Tibet.

I can immediately tell the high pitch scream of military jets vs standard commercial jets which routinely use large compressors in front of the jet engines to conserve fuel. It would be depressing to hear constant fighter jets screaming over the rooftops across Afghanistan's expansive war zone. I imagine a great many sonic booms have been committed at relatively low flight altitudes for greater psychological effect and for shock on the Afghanistan livestock.

The size of the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is certainly enormous, stretching several thousand miles across some of the once fertile aquatic regions in the world. If that toxic soup moves over to the coral reefs along the Florida Key's that could doom a great deal of one of the very few North American coral reefs.

Kudo's to CNN and Larry King for the interview with Kennedy who outlined it was Dick Cheney who pressed thru the mandatory Oil cutoff valve exception on exploratory well heads. And Kennedy also outlined the huge percentage of similar deep sea Oil rig explosions all occurred when cementing the well case.

Apparently Haliburton was at the Oil rig and cementing the well case when the natural gas explosion occurred touching off the now very serious heavy crude oil spill.

Many have touched on the pro's and con's of this deep sea Oil rig explosion occurring at the same time that expansive Energy and cap and Trade regulations and reforms were due to be voted on in the US Senate.

That unfortunately has been pushed aside by the Republican lawmakers in Arizona suddenly shoving thru their apartheid State Immigration law forcing a literal showdown over Federal Immigration laws and the Obama administration's response to that problem.

The Republican lawmakers seem to have no problem nor conscious in pushing more and more onto President Obama's needs to do immediately plate. And if President Obama succeeds, they'll point to pending legislation which is also critically needed as a failed administration. Of course if President Obama stumbles or fails they also would be happy to point that out also!

I hope you had a good weekend, still getting some much needed rain up here.

Smith in Oregon

Dodie   May 7th, 2010 7:02 pm ET

Good Afternoon A. Smith from Oregon

While everyone seems concerned with the “oil slick” which resides on the surface, globules of oil are sinking to the bottom of the ocean, where virtually every link in the ocean food chain, from plankton to finding its way onto our dinner table. Globs of oil the consistency of tar or asphalt will roll around on the seabed bottom, while other bits will get trapped hundreds of feet below the surface and move with the current. This is already a catastrophic damage to deep-sea habitat. Because the oil spill resides on the edge of a continental shelf where mass coral beds exist, all will be destroyed. Oil has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of at least 200,000 gallons a day since an offshore drilling rig exploded.

There is an old saying. Before humans, there are trees; after humans, there are deserts. We are currently making a desert of the ocean floor.

The Republican Party, Sarah Palin, Tea Baggers continue to deny our destruction to the Gulf of Mexico aquatic habitat! I always wonder how people survive lacking a functioning brain.

I only wish China would drop their conquest of Tibet. They want that country for several reasons. One of which I witnessed. They use it for war games and because of the altitude, those soldiers can fight anywhere in the world and have tremendous stamina. I see China also on the verge of a civil revolution which will eventually fracture the government from a one party to a 2 party system, similar to ours. I suspect this will happen in the next 10-20 years.

Even more than the sonic booms would be the fear of dropping bombs. I can imagine the people may experience a lot of shelling depending upon where they live. Very sad for the individual just trying to survive.

I am at work and will finish this later. I will post this part now!
Enjoy your weekend A. Smith. It is spring and time to move about.

Smith in Oregon   May 8th, 2010 2:13 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

Yes, the great bulk of the heavy crude Oil that has spilled into the Gulf of Mexico is beneath the Ocean's surface creating a huge dead zone in the once vibrant, fertile aquatic region.

It is entirely possible the strong undersea currents some 3,000 feet below the Gulf of Mexico's surface will sweep that Dead Zone over to poison the sole remaining coral reef situated at the Florida Keys.

The Republican-Tea Party lawmakers are marching on behalf of special interests in Big Oil, Big Coal and Big on burning fossil fuels that do not care what damage their product does to the environment as long as lawmakers in their pockets do nothing to block or obstruct their greedy corporate practices.

With Civil War a distinct possibility across China over ever decreasing food, energy and useable land I rather doubt China's iron fist in Tibet is going to remain nor is their control over Tibet's activitys is even going to largely matter in the larger scope of their problems.

There is certainly a detrimental psychological effect of war and mass destruction of cities and buildings. I have seen this in animals that have lived in a vibrant forested region that was clear-cut with utter shock and horror on their innocent faces as they walked thru that clear-cut area.

Virtually none of the combatants in the 9/11 excuse for invading Afghanistan and later Iraq were born in either country. They were in effect illegal immigrants, many from Saudi Arabia whom America has poured Trillions of dollars for their Oil. Those people invaded Afghanistan and yet everyday Afghan people are the ones being punished, dieing and paying a very high price for it.

I hope your week went well and the upcoming weekend enables you to find rest and recreation Dodie.

Dodie   May 13th, 2010 9:25 pm ET

Large corporate America continues to play "dodge ball" with the 'white collar crime game' resulting in gargantuan destruction of this country! Case in point! Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are finally under SEC investigation. It will be interesting to see what transpires.

Then we have BP, Transocean, and contractor Halliburton pointing the finger at each other for the responsibility of the oil-spill catastrophe in the Golf of Mexico which is probably the greatest oil disaster in history! It appears that the test for the Oil rig did Not pass, and they continue to proceed creating incredible irresponsibility.

Transocean, which owns the Deepwater Horizon rig now wants a federal court in Houston to limit the liability for the massive oil spill to only $26.8 million! So, I ass-ume the American Taxpayers will be 'moping' up after these large corporations due to their irresponsibility!

How much longer will we allow large corporations to continue their irresponsible behaviors at the cost of American Taxpayers?

The American taxpayers have been taken to the cleaners and left in the agitation cycle for so long, no wonder we are all drowning!

Smith in Oregon   May 20th, 2010 2:16 am ET

Good evening Dodie,
For decades Corporate America got what they wanted from the Republican lawmakers in Washington. Tax breaks and loop holes so large they could drive a semi-truck thru them, taxpayer subsidy's to multi-million dollar corporations which amounts to gigantic free grants to organizations that would be denied those free funds by any sane regulator.

And now after one of the largest heist of funds in America's history, everyday American's are rightly wondering why Wall Street is to big to fail but Americans on Main Street who are 'served' by the Federal Government are largely failing, losing their jobs and their homes.

I believe the Republican and Tea Party of NO, obstruction and filibuster to every minor or major piece of legislation is going to blow up in their faces. They are doing this during one of the most difficult periods of times that America has undergone in many decades and I believe it is going to backfire on those obstructionists.

BP and the Coast Guard Admiral both stated today that the tar balls washing up on the Florida Coast line was not the result of the enormous Oil spill. BS! Even cruder nonsense spewed out of the mouth of Rush Limbaugh today on his radio program where he blamed the environmentalists for the massive Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Thus far not a single Republican or Tea Party leader, lawmaker nor member has gone on the record to state Rush Limbaugh is wrong on that accusation.

There is some Democratic legislation pending which would place a Oil Tax on Oil company's to push a greater amount of the estimated 200 Billion dollar taxpayer bill in real costs incurred from this huge Oil spill. I would support that, force Big Oil to pay the real costs and not some ancient Republican led minor fine.

Currently with the huge numbers of jobless Americans, Corporations are in hog heaven and running rough sawed on their employees. People that complain of overtime, being out of the loop or treated like machines instead of human beings are simply shown the door after being reminded that hundreds are waiting to take their place if they don't like it.

Some of the worst toxic dumping practices take place by employees that are too frightened to say no to environmental abuses, over losing their jobs. I am certain a good many of the employees that worked in the recent Coal Mine that exploded, knew there were serious problems with ventilation several days prior to the eventual explosion. They were simply to frightened to blow the whistle and drop the dime to a inspector that might lead the mine owner's security staff to their homes in the middle of the night.

My feeling is that a McCain-Palin administration would have been much worse and relatively comparable to the great depression food and soup lines as McCain-Palin directed the federal government to largely cut off unemployment support, cobra benefits, food stamps and many additional social programs.

Dodie   May 24th, 2010 2:45 am ET

Good evening A. Smith

I am very saddened that PB was allowed to keep so much in concealment along with spending over a month fooling around while gathering as much oil as they can with the knowledge this is a catastrophe for the ecosystem in all directions for numerous miles. When taking into consideration the loss of both plant and animal life, the only way it could even be written numerically is 'infinity'

This is and will be the "black hole" on earth!

Wishing you health, enjoyment, friendships and laughter!

Your friend,


I will finish tomorrow. I am not done with BP

Smith in Oregon   May 25th, 2010 3:54 am ET

With a whopping 50% of the seafood, shell fish, shrimp and oysters coming from the Gulf of Mexico region specifically where the enormous heavy crude Oil spill occurred, the chances that any American continuing to eat seafood, shrimp and oysters are going to consume contaminated seafood is 50-50.

More and more American's are becoming angry and upset as they realize a large portion of the food chain has been poisoned, toxified and are faced with either consuming contaminated seafood or entirely doing without it for many decades.

The chances US Lawmakers will force seafood providers to LABEL point of origin stickers is extremely unlikely, meaning they won't help American consumers seeking to entirely seek non-Gulf of Mexico seafood in the market.

I'm surprised FEMA does not appear to have contingency plans for a wide range of disasters with lists of experts around the world that they could immediately bring in or consult with if that disaster fell directly in their area of expertise to advise President Obama and field questions on the ground. Admiral Thad Allen appears entirely out of his field and is simply mouthing whatever BP tells him as if it were 'gospel'.

On another note, I find it entirely Ironic that many of America's new and current Weapons Systems entirely depend on rare earth elements to build and maintain them and China has as much as 95% of the worlds Rare Earth elements in China and thru mineral leases signed in Africa.

It is really sad that America is by far the largest exporter of military weapons around the entire world. Instead of placing all of that technology and research into solving the great problems found in the fields of medicine, environment, energy and agriculture, America spends hundreds of Billions of dollars on building weapons of death. And spreading those weapons all over the world.

NOW, it seems utterly ironic that CHINA has it in her power to really curtail the flooding of the world with America's weapons and America's defense contractors that are constantly building ever more lethal weapons.

China has a need for Rare Earth elements in peaceful purposes for her own people so it is entirely in China's interest to begin severely curtailing all exports of Rare Earth elements to America (wink), and I hope China begins doing that immediately.

Dodie   May 25th, 2010 4:44 pm ET

Corexit is a product line of solvents produced by Nalco Holding Company. One variant was used in the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska…According to Wikipedia

What is Corexit made from? Corexit is a blend of oxyalkylate polymers, sulfonic acid salt, substituted fatty ester, and glycol ether.
How toxic is Corexit? The use of Corexit during the Exxon Valdez oil spill on March 24, 1989, caused "respiratory, nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders" in people…… According to the Alaska Community Action on Toxics.

Corexit is more toxic than dispersants made by several competitors and less effective in handling southern Louisiana crude. Alternative dispersants which are approved by the EPA are listed on the National Contingency Plan Product Schedule and rated for their toxicity and effectiveness …… According to the EPA,

How serious is this oil spill? “Thirty years after approximately 175,000 gallons of No. 2 fuel oil spilled from the barge FLORIDA in Buzzards Bay near West Falmouth, MA, residues of the oil can still be found in salt marsh sediments” …….according to scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

Now this is where it becomes very interesting!!

Why are Toxic Solvents Used & Covered Up?
Why is BP using Nalco’s Corexit, which is highly toxic to both humans and wildlife?
Corexit’s manufacturer, Nalco Holding Company is owned by the Blackstone Group which is a huge investment conglomerate Blackstone has had Japanese investors for many years, but relatively recently doubled that investment; The Japanese now own 20% of Blackstone.

***Rodney F. Chase, was a former 11-year board member of BP. Rodney F. Chase and Richard B. Marchese are the current named Directors of Nalco Holding Company.

Ah Ha!!! So there is the connection! Of course, and why not keep it in the family? Who says there is no such thing as “World Corporate Domination Syndrome”? This is an excellent example. Now, Blackstone also sounds very familiar…

And who is Rodney F. Chase ?

Executive summary: Former BP executive

University: BA History, Liverpool University

Tesco Deputy Chairman
British Petroleum Deputy Group CEO and Managing Director (1992- 2003)
Member of the Board of Computer Sciences Corporation (2001-)
Member of the Board of Nalco Holding (2005-)
Member of the Board of Petrofac Limited (as Chairman, 2005-)
Member of the Board of Tesoro Petroleum (2006-)
Lehman Brothers Senior Advisor (2003-)
World Business Council for Sustainable Development

And what is this? World Business Council for Sustainable Development

"The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a CEO-led, global association of some 200 companies dealing exclusively with business and sustainable development.

The Council provides a platform for companies to explore sustainable development, share knowledge, experiences and best practices, and to advocate business positions on these issues in a variety of forums, working with governments, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations.

Members are drawn from more than 30 countries and 20 major industrial sectors. The Council also benefits from a global network of some 60 national and regional business councils and regional partners."

Dodie   May 25th, 2010 4:45 pm ET

So there it is in black and white… (((World Corporate Domination Syndrome))) I have the list of all the members… OMG the most powerful corporations around the world lead by their CEOS!!! I should coin that term.. World Corporate Domination Syndrome

Dodie   May 30th, 2010 2:38 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith

I am very saddened that an entire ecosphere is being destroyed due to the oil geyser. The loss of plant and animal life is beyond perception. All life is precious. My heart breaks from the massive death and destruction in the Gulf. We cannot have an economy or even ultimately survive unless our ecology and biosphere is healthy!

I suspect BP wants to keep that well; therefore, attempts to extinguish the flow of oil will only be done without damaging the well and, of course, at the total destruction of the ecosystem. ~sigh~

Wishing you a prosperous and enjoyable weekend!

Take care my friend!


Smith in Oregon   May 30th, 2010 1:19 pm ET

Thanks Dodie for all of the quality information on the toxic dispersant Corexit, what it is composed of and who makes it.

Approximately 1 Million gallons of Corexit will be used in conjunction with the current heavy crude Oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. That's a huge amount of fish killing contamination by and of itself!

That enormous amount would be a huge windfall to a dispersant manufactor. However in the case of Nalco, I've heard that Corexit is banned in the waters around the UK making it entirely likely Nalco is in fact clearing out it's entire stockpiles of Corexit under the guise of BP helping to disperse the heavy crude Oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.

I imagine high level business meetings place these individuals directly in contact with their counterparts working in what normally would be a different business expertise. What they appear to share in common is insane wealth, power and greed.

I hope your memorial holiday goes well,
Smith in Oregon

Dodie   June 6th, 2010 11:02 pm ET

Good Evening A. Smith

I want to thank you for all the information you continue to provide us. Your hard work is certainly appreciated.

I will be a little off course tonight. I have spent the entire weekend... in reflection and deep thought. I felt you might be interested....

We try in vein to lead full lives having no understanding what it means to descry. With out movement of consciousness and transformation ..... opening ourselves to a vision of the ultimate reality from the cosmos, we live life in a fog, a common dream that is perpetuated by our desires and need to belong, be accepted and understood.......

We work, we eat, we love, we dream and yet we continue to be shut off from the experience. The deep dynamic structure, the creative power of the universe to manifest through the search for the truth......

This is an experience that can only be understood at the moment in its entirety, the whole being simultaneously encountered. This is through a movement to a higher level of consciousness from within us......


"Look, it cannot be seen ... it is beyond form
Listen, it cannot be heard ... it is beyond sound
Grasp, it cannot be held ... it is intangible"
–Lao Tsu

May we all walk out of the darkness into the light! May our days on this earth be filled with truth, acceptance and without regret!

Smith in Oregon   June 7th, 2010 6:13 pm ET

The size of outer space compared to the entire universe is such that the entire universe is a grain of sand in the middle of a California king sized bed sheet. Seeing the immense outer space without any stars brought me the comprehension of seeing the largest blackboard that was ever created, virgin and shimmering in a black obsidian like sheen.

The Universe is surrounded in what is practically stated as infinite darkness. Creation as it is, is a abnormality, a conscious choice of being. It is entirely likely outer space was first created, thus my comprehension of seeing it as the largest blank blackboard that was ever created.

It is likely there were once writings, books and information on how Humanity on Earth came to be. Those writings and books appear to have been destroyed, likely by religious leaders who felt they were a contradiction to their control and power over the people and spirits in their domain.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Mayan calender cycle of 2012 winter solstice was the 'beginning' of a wonderful era, rather than simply the end of the world. Perhaps it is the end of the horrific spiritual, social and political enslavement which Christianity has fostered and forced upon Humanity on Earth.

I am encouraged Dodie that evil people are finding it is much more difficult for them to cover their tracks or convince others to contribute to their nefarious plans. People are less engaged to be fooled by the same actions and outcomes that evil leaders and corporations have routinely gotten away with for many decades.

Thank you Dodie for that Lao Tsu quote, I found this quote by Fidel Castro to be interesting in regards to his reflections on the current Gulf Oil gusher:

Fidel Castro on the Gulf of Mexico Gusher, 'The Oil Spill shows how little governments can do against those who control the capital and money'.

I hope your week ahead is filled with all kinds of good things, happiness and joy.

nina1fox   June 14th, 2010 3:01 am ET

Good evening A smith of Oregon

This is Dodie but I have been having problems posting under my normal name so I will be posting under nina. I will post the rest of the blog tomorrow.

Take Care A. Smith. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Smith in Oregon   June 21st, 2010 1:22 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

Ok, I hope you figure out what the problem is and continue your informative and interesting comments! And I hope your weekend went well also.

Happy Summer Solstice,

Dodie   June 22nd, 2010 8:59 pm ET

I am not sure if you know this ... I am a government employee and FEMA certified. I am requesting the county to fly me to the Gulf Coast so I can help clean birds and other wildlife. I have wildlife handling experience years ago and because I am FEMA certified through my government employment, I think there will be no problem. I just cannot sit back while watching the TV and seeing the tragedy. I will know in a week or two.

Smith in Oregon   June 23rd, 2010 4:26 am ET

Wonderful Dodie!

Let me know how that works out for you. Sounds like an adventure, what does your employer think about that? My heart also goes out to the fouled and dying wild life. Recent video's of large sharks moving ever closer to the shore line appear to indicate that the low oxygen dead zone is very large and nearly everything 20' beneath the surface in that huge Gulf Region is dead and dying from oxygen starvation!

IMO, using the dispersant in such a large amount (1.5 Million Gallons thus far), made the problem much larger and much farther reaching. The Ixtoc Oil gusher was allowed to rise to the surface to collect and also burn, only around 1/4 or less supposedly was uncaptured, or unburned. In the BP Oil gusher only a tiny percentage is actually captured, the vast bulk has been dispersed across that huge area to poison the sealife and drop the amount of available Oxygen in the Ocean to that below the level to sustain sea life.

I hope your week goes well,

Dodie   June 29th, 2010 3:38 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith

It is summer and I hope you had a delightful weekend.

Thank you for all your support. It is so kind of you. I realize you have an affinity and appreciation of all wildlife too. I completely agree with you, the oxygen levels must be plummeting and everything is dying. I have noticed BP is keeping the media at arms length and of course reporting erroneous improvements which are not true. I suspect they are making a huge cover-up. If the world found out exactly how bad the situation is, all off shore drilling everywhere in the world would cease to exist.

Yes, using the dispersant makes the whole situation a toxic mess for all life. It is obvious they wanted to use the dispersant to hide the oil that was floating on the top. Everything is for the cover-up. I found out there are around 100,000 volunteers registered with WWF and NWF; however, none are being utilized. If I go as a FEMA representative, I can possibly find out how to resolve this. Again, I feel BP is squashing this to keep the media attention low.

My supervisor knows my heart and soul is in tune with the heart beat of our planet. All of Administration is aware of this fact and my heritage. So, I am playing the waiting game at the moment.

I truly believe we are amalgamated in the web of life, a single link in the chain of the entire biosphere on earth. Our careless destruction and total lack of respect toward other life forms creates a bereave; thus, losing equilibrium and harmony......

This is becoming my motto! Thank you for all your support and kindness. Keep providing information on LKL blogs. People need to read and understand the facts.

Have a wonderful week A. Smith

Your friend Always,


Smith in Oregon   July 6th, 2010 3:11 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

I hope you had a enjoyable 4th. of July holiday as the Summer begins to warm up. It should be interesting to see how the American voters react to this additional Republican outrage on America and the world's enviroment. News media is slowly reporting that both Repubican Governors Jindal and Barbar are utilizing only a tiny few handful of National Guard troops even thou President Obama allocated 6,000 to each Gulf State to use as volunteers in the clean-up. Scattered reports indicate the few that are used are being utilized as goons to protect BP employees from news journalists!

Have a good week Dodie,
Your friend,

Dodie   July 13th, 2010 8:50 pm ET

I understand BP is currently testing the integrity of the new cap over the ruptured well. I certainly hope this works. I am so sick and tired of watching the entire destructions of a complete and beautiful ecosystem.

I also find it quite interesting that the Governor Bobby Jindal has only called up a few dozen National Guard troops to help with clean up. I wonder why? Could it be to keep everything quiet and money paid from the oil company? This entire situation reminds me of Katrina… actually, it’s worse. So much death…

It will be interesting to see what The National Oil Commission finds in their investigation into the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico oil? I am certainly not holding my breath on this one.

I find the timing quite interesting. Palin surfaces the day there is a cap placed on the ruptured well. Palin cheerleading for GOP State Karen Handel in the Georgia governor's race, good grief! It is a little scary for me as individuals living in the south most often have lower education and due to the strong religious ties, they will follow anyone.
I hope you have a wonderful week. It is Summer, enjoy a beautiful nature walk in the woods, maybe follow a stream. Oregon and Washington are such beautiful states.

Take care my friend from Oregon and enjoy!


Dodie   July 17th, 2010 4:12 am ET

Good Morning A. Smith...

Anne Rolfes director, Louisiana Bucket Brigade discussed on CSPAN that all of the protocol tests are focused on oil and not the dangerous and toxic dispersants in the gulf coast. In essence, we will miss toxic levels throughout the entire food chain resulting in major medical problems for all. Good Grief. The repercussions will be for decades...

Summer is here......

Wishing you a wonderful, enjoyable and fun-filled weekend....


Smith in Oregon   July 17th, 2010 4:23 am ET

Good Weekend to you Dodie, I hope you and your loved ones are staying cool or in the shade!

Yes, I've heard that Louisiana Republican Bobby (drill baby drill) Jindal only called upon a few dozen Louisiana National Guard troops although President Obama gave him the OK to call upon 1,000 or more. I heard that Jindal was using the National Guard troops as senturys to keep reporters out of the BP linked medical sites!

The sub-sea level buildings composing New Orleans along with levees that were never capable nor remotely planned to offset a super hurricaine was simply a recipe for a disaster which eventually occured. AND the utterly corrupt Republican Louisiana potty'ticians didn't legislate a raising of the street level in New Orleans in rebuilding it. They had the opportunity to build a 10 foot false basement, place the new homes on top of the false basement and then fill in the false basement, walla the home is raised a full 10 foot higher. But NO, after hundreds of American taxpayer dollars were given and spent, they are once again a disaster waiting to happen.

The same failed thinking, corruption and approach that Louisiana is now undergoing with a big oil connected Louisiana Federal Judge overturning President Obama's temporary moratorium on 33 deep Ocean Oil drilling lease sites. CNN has repeatedly allowed a Republican Potty'tician to grossly lie and distort the actual number of jobs involved placing it at 33,000. There is likely less than 1,000 jobs at stake as several of those 33 deep Ocean wells haven't been drilled nor leases awarded. President Obama's moratorium would be to look over all the safety equiptment, having a federal enviromental plan and a federal emergency contingency plan filed for each lease. Currently there is NONE. And like a utter slap across American taxpayer's faces the Louisiana people are cheering that corrupt Big Oil connected Louisiana Federal Judge like a State Hero!

Mitt Romney is far and away the top Republican 2012 presidential candidate fund raiser. Yesterday in a US Military complex and defense contractor fund raiser, Mitt Romney loudly stated that as President he would greatly increase the number of Nuclear Weapons and largely add many new designs and types of Nuclear Weapons to America's operational weapons! Yikes, that man reminds me of some of those scary Hollywood Movies where the manure really hits the fan shortly after those war drumming hawks take office!

I get the feeling that the ultra-right conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is simply mouthing 'peace' and not going thru any actual effort to bide his time in hopes another Republican hawkish and warlike American President is voted into office, like Mitt Romney. The Presidental take over or hopefully the second term of President Obama's time as President would be in January 2013 from the November 2012 election. Hopefully that translates to a good sign for America and Humanity on Earth as the old barbaric, don't care one iota about the enviroment era is permantely gone.

I am certain that nations will struggle around the world as natural and critical resources are used up and much harder to obtain. States and Nations that are not far along with alternative economys and alternative energy sources are going to be Ghost States as Big Oil and Big Gas wanes and dries up during the next 20 years.

I'm happy to see Sarah Palin's tea potty getting repeatedly tagged for being racist. That appears to be taking a great deal of steam out of their racist, bigotted sails. I'm disappointed with First Lady's PR campaign on the Gulf Coast encouraging children and familys to vacation next to the Ocean during a time when there is 160+ Million toxic, poisonous and carcingenic fluids splashing around the Gulf of Mexico.

Well it's time to turn in and prepare for a hot weekend,

Take care my friend in California!


Dodie   July 22nd, 2010 7:36 pm ET

Good Afternoon Smith

I posted something yeaterday, however, I guess LKL did not like the youtube video.

Data from the International Energy Agency based in Paris, France stated China has just knocked the US off from being the “king of the mountain” for the past century as the world’s largest energy consumer. This is a result of China’s increased economic growth. I have been watching China for the past 7 years and the growth is tremendous. I knew this day would happen, I just thought it might be another year or two. They have effectively mobilized their entire country due to their desire towards our life-style. Remember when you were discussing with the young students in china on CNN.

will finish this post later tonight. sorry for the delay


Smith in Oregon   July 27th, 2010 3:14 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

It's been triple digits here and yesterday got up to 95 in the house! Animals got into the foundation and tore large holes in the air conditioning ducts.

Yes, I've heard of the regular stat's on China's adding new coal powered electrical generation plants is at a phenomonial rate at least 1+ per week. Besides the enormus electrical power needs, China's natural resources such as food and water must be largely streched. I suspect fresh water that is drinkable (potable) is going to be a scarce commodity in parts of China.

Heavy manufacturing in Russia and China has directly led to the most toxic rivers and lakes in the entire world. In Russia the background radiation is much higher and many waterways are polluted with radioactive elements. While in China it's heavy metals, lead, cadimum, mercury in the rivers and streams long after the offending manufacturing plant has closed down.

I am reminded of the ancient civilizations in Africa and Meso-America that had to pickup in mass and move because of a total lack of fresh water and their food supplys dried up. It seemed the world at that time was far less populated and the clans simply moved to areas that were largely absent of habitants. This is more difficult in today's times where even a metro-city would be hard pressed to move 500-1,000 miles and resettle. It is also far more likely the availiable location for resettlement would be harsh and largely unwanted by neighboring citizens.

I was sadden by the plight of the penguins unable to migrate from Argentina's vast islands to Brazil this year. They in mass starved to death and thousands have washed up on Brazil's beaches. It appears the huge corporate commercial fishing vessels abandoned the Gulf of Mexico, went down to South America and overfished everything they could! Not even enough left for penguins to survive their migration swim. Their atopsies showed their stomaches were completely empty!

Breitbart who posted on his Biggovernment website, the highly spliced and edited Shirley Sherrod race video hit piece is the keynote main speaker for the upcoming Republican Party Fundraiser. I didn't think there were enough Archie Bunkers left in America with fat wallets! I don't think the GOP could find a more racially devisive speaker for a major Republican Fundraiser.

I hope State Governments across America begin planning for implementing additional fresh water supplys for their residents. If they wait until it is suddenly a lasting emergency shortage, adequate additions would take years to fully impliment and a lot of children, the elderly and pet's would likely suffer greatly and be lost as a result.

Stay Cool,


Dodie   July 27th, 2010 2:25 pm ET

What a Beautiful Afternoon, Smith

I still here reports that New Orleans is 3 feet lower than the river and the city is still dependent on the levees holding the water back. Therefore, I have seen no change. Another hurricane will destroy the levees and once again flood the city. I have also heard the city is still sinking. Because of the swamps, I suspect the city was built on a bog…unstable ground.

The people of Louisiana are looking at the short term affects… out of work while the government checks out the safety due to the Cheney’s “loop hole” which President Obama thankfully slammed the door on that one. The environment has taken a back seat to the needs of the people. What they do not understand is the dangers that are present without checks in materials, maintenance, etc and BP is notoriously noted for cutting corners.

I have been spending the last couple of days searching BP’s past history. I was not only amazed, but appalled at BP’s previous history. BP is the third largest energy company and the fourth largest company in the world. I had no idea that the origins of this company started back in the early 1900s and was linked with Iran.

In March 2006, the oil leak by BP at Prudhoe Bay brought about a spillage of at least 6,350 barrels of oil. The leak was caused by pipeline corrosion because of cost-cutting in the area of monitoring the pipeline. BP was forced to suspend production. BP replaced 16 miles of pipeline

On Thursday, May 7, 2007, the US congressional committee said: "a mountain of evidence" showed the company's cost-cutting on maintenance had led to a large oil spill in Alaska. Anderson Cooper discussed the cost cutting issues; he did not discuss the previous oil spills by BP owned lines. My question is…… why has nothing been done about this company? It is pretty obvious the Cheney/bush administration were fully aware of BP’s cost cutting procedures. So why allow this to continue until we ended up with massive biosphere destruction in the Gulf coast along with huge oil spill threats in both Alaska and Antarctica? I am infuriated on how we continue to allow corporations to control this country at the cost of our environment. Corporations have the same privilege as individuals due to the Supreme Court ruling and they have no conscious.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will do and say anything to protect his ‘piece of land’ and have his people prosper. He is shrewd and has manipulated the US for continued support. His only goal is ‘Israel’s gain’ and not to be trusted!

Not only Sarah Palin, but many of the Tea Party members are racist. I suspect the Tea Party is a front, using the independent party as a guise for corporate backed individuals. I love your use of words… “tea potty” has me falling off my chair laughing! Thanks!

What you just said about Mitt Romney is terrifying. The last thing we need to do is increase our Nuclear weapons. I am afraid that would lead to a catastrophic end to this country. We, as a country and people, are on the edge of a cliff. What will you do if this happens? Will you stay in the US? Dig a nuclear bomb shelter? I am now searching the world in my own way for possible places to reside. I can no longer rely on the USA, it is just too unstable.

You have a more positive outlook of humanity. Life will always go on; however, it may be without the human race and those last years of struggle with close to 6 billion people, will be very dark years. I worry for my great-grandchildren when and if they are born. I have always felt this since as far back as I can remember, around 4 years of age. I don’t know how or why.

The temperatures have been far below normal this year. I am absolutely thrilled. I do not mind sailing when it is cool as the clouds create fewer swells. I apologize for not blogging sooner. You are an important individual in my life and I cherish our interaction on this site.

Take care my kind friend from Oregon and enjoy your days. May they be filled with enjoyment and treasures!


Dodie   July 27th, 2010 2:29 pm ET

Your message just cleared when I loaded up this one. I will answer your new message tonight! I have heard of the horrible heat wave throughout the entire US. I am so sorry for your discomfort! Maybe I can bottle up some of our marine layer and send it your direction. Take care and stay cool my sweet friend.


Smith in Oregon   July 28th, 2010 3:44 am ET

Still hotter than a firecracker over here Dodie, I was hoping for a thunderstorm to provide some snap, crackle and pop!

New Orleans still appears to be around 10 feet below Sea Level. That pit of morass should have been addressed in rebuilding after Katrina. A good suggestion was to add 'false basements of 10 feet and back fill them in and build the homes on top of the new foundation.

The next category 6 hurricaine could easily breech the levees and unindate New Orleans once again.

Indeed BP is a enormous and powerful organization. Dick Cheney awarded BP the US Military Fuel contract world-wide. Bush-Cheney appeared to have brokered the multi-Trillion dollar Libyan Oil leasing contracts to BP. Dick Cheney also appears to have some part in ex-CIA agents working for BP as 'trouble-shooters' that aggressively target whistle blowers with a full bag of dirty tricks. Some in Alaska have reported on how nasty they can be.

BP's safety record over the past several years has over 600 flagrant and willful safety violations, Exxon had only 1.

The war drumming hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resides over a small country whose GDI (Gross Domestic Income) ranks them a mere 23rd down with 3rd. world island countrys at 27,000 per year. Given their population at that GDI, Israel in my opinion couldn't even afford their nuclear energy program and projects. Taken their country's entire GDI for their entire population, they probably couldn't even afford to maintain, upgrade and replace the hyper-expensive military equipment that American taxpayers has provided them.

Isreal is simply a large black hole for America's taxpayers which would be better spent on many nations around the world that do not have a lasting blood feud with their neighbors but are suffering from famine, starvation and infant mortality.

Martin Sheen and Chistopher Walken played main and supporting roles in a Stephen King? movie titled 'Dead Zone'. Martin Sheen plays a Mitt Romney clone that is very scary. Chistopher Walken sees the future Martin Sheen character become President of American and immediately threatening the life of the Vice President if he didn't ok the full launch of the ICBM's to start WW3. The dilema of the movie was if you 'knew' some Mitt Romney look alike would blow a internal fuse and commence a first strike launch of America's ICBM's against whoever, what would you do? The character played by Chistopher Walken is faced with that moral and ethical dilema and succeeds in preventing the Mitt Romeny clone from being elected President.

What would I do you ask? I would seriously go ahead and obtain a dual citizenship passport with Canada if possible. If not then I would have my American passport handy. If my spiritual guides told me it's time to go, then I would quickly relocate in Canada, perhaps in the British Colombia area with enough distance from Seattle and Washington State to feel safe if that American city and State is targeted.

I remain hopeful the Mayans saw the beginning of the next great cycle as a very important evolution for humanity on earth and hopefully spreading thru all creation. All sentient beings in creation live in a sea of energy making it very easy to totally forget the dynamic state of being around us all the time.

Take care my friend in California, I hope the ongoing forest fires are not in your immediate area. Be well and healthy.


Dodie   July 28th, 2010 7:52 pm ET

Good Afternoon my friend Smith!

I am so sorry to hear of the terrible heat wave you are experiencing in Chicago. It must be horrible. 95 degrees inside your home must be terrible. Have you ever looked at a portable A/C unit. They are excellent Also, if in dire straights, always wet a tee-shirt and place it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. When you take it out it will be very cold and drop your body temperature. Just be sitting as you can pass out from the shock. Yeppers, I walk around with a wet T half the time I am home... lol Again, I apologize for saying the temps here as I had posted before your blog cleared. I would never do that to anyone. Please believe that.

You are absolutely correct. Rivers and air are horribly polluted with heavy metals and they will continue to become worse due to 'capitalism' and increase of manufacturing. China will eventually out-source like the US when their RMB is actualized. That is the reason it took me 5 years and close to 20 trips to China. Behind the home is a huge reservoir for the town of "Golden Pebble Beach" the place of my choice. It is 60 miles north of Dalian, an old fishing village that is not being transformed into a summer resort area nestled between two very expensive golf courses and an international conference center. No rivers feed the reservoir, as its source is from rain. The town population is under 30,000 people probably closer to 10,000.

Thank you for the information regarding the polluted rivers in Russia and China. I am fully aware of the pollution even though Gerald wishes not to look at it.

As you already know my sensitivity to nature and the plight of the penguins just knocks me out emotionally as I, too, become very saddened. I cannot help but see our beautiful planet "Mother Earth" that gave us life is being destroyed by a cancer which is mankind. After all, what is the meaning of life.

On my way up to L.A. I took the train and met two men who are in research at USC. They are involved in cellular proteins and the reasons they change and end up being toxic thus killing cells. We talked about their research, I talked about Chinese medicine. We debated for an hour exchanging information. They will contact me via email if they can find funding for research between western and eastern medicine... lol You have helped me to inspire others... 🙂 Thank you for the gift!

Yes, Smith, Drinking water will be more valuable than oil in this century. I am afraid we seem to wait for a crisis before we act... just like when people are ill, they wait until its too late before they "think out of the box" I guess it is just human nature ~sigh~ Some people are just too valuable to expire before their due time.... and it really pisses me off.

I can feel the pulse of our planet and she is crying from our toxicity.

I am terrible at poems, but I wrote one today and would like to share it with you.

The tears of Mother Earth

Nestled among the heavens with infinite stars
Spinning on its axes circling the sun with Mars
Is a perfect and beautiful planet, a blue sphere
A place where, against all odds, life resides here

A place where the oceans reflect a shimmering blue
The forests, green with trees standing tall and true
And the mountains in all their majestic glory
This is life, this is real, this is not a story.....

The grazing land's grass blows in the breeze
Why are humans not making the choice to see?
Man destroys that spawns a place to live?
Why does mankind take and never give?

Our mother earth is crying, can you see, can you feel?
What is stopping humans from the willingness to heal?
Why does man ignore the place where life spawns?
In the oceans, in the lakes and rivers, in the ponds!

Mother Earth is crying please see her tears, please feel her pain
Maybe then, if we listen closely, she will be whole again!!!

For Love of life......

Your friend always, Dodie

Dodie   July 29th, 2010 1:54 am ET

Ah, Smith, I enjoyed the Dead Zone! I remember that part played by Martin Sheen and the sequence of events. If you decide to travel to British Columbia after June 2012 and wanted to make a stop on Vancouver Island... I will keep a warm fire lit with some nice hot tea to soothe you and help you to relax! :~)

I will finish this tomorrow. I have a big meeting first thing in the morning and want to be alert for this one :~)

Always your friend,

Dodie   July 29th, 2010 11:12 am ET

oops... error (if you remove the "not" out of that sentence, it will read differently.

It is 60 miles north of Dalian, an old fishing village that is being transformed into a summer resort area nestled between two very expensive golf courses and an international conference center/hotel.

I would only want to live in China for a year, to study their medicine. In these times, I think it’s a good idea to have one's retirement in American Dollar, RRB and the Euro.

Smith in Oregon   August 9th, 2010 1:41 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

Yes it is indeed sad the penguins are not even able to find enough food to survive due to the overfishing along the Atlantic coastline of South America.

Current American farming practices are extremely wasteful including their need for enormous amounts of irrigation. It appears they are going to be forced to choose much more behaved approaches to farming in the future. I suspect there is going to be an increased move away from raising beef for America's protein sources and away from America's long relationship with Cotton.

Thank-you for including the song, poem titled, 'The tears of Mother Earth'.

I hope your meeting went well. Temperatures have been remaining in the mid-90's, not to many forest fires here in Oregon yet and I remain hopeful it remains that way!

Studying Chinese Medicine! Wonderful, I wish there were more alternative medical practitioners in America.

I hope you had a good weekend Dodie,

Dodie   August 10th, 2010 8:22 pm ET

Good Evening Smith!

I am truly sorry that you are experiencing such a level of discomfort with the heat. Were you able to repair the air conditioning ducts. It sounds like the animals are also seeking shelter from the horrid heat. Have you found any relief from the heat? I certainly hope so.

The continued death of every penguin sub-species seems to be occurring yearly since 2000. Many articles suggest possibilities, but Scientists are baffled and none have come up with any conclusive explanation. Brazilian scientists seem to think it is human activity, an Argentinean biologist Marcelo Bertellotti thinks we are decimating the population of fish they survive on. There are thoughts that the recent oil spill off the coast of Uruguay could have destroyed the penguin’s fish population as some of the penguins were covered in petroleum and were exposed to hypothermia due to the loss of natural body oils from the petroleum. Thiago Muniz, a Niterói zoo's veterinarian found numerous penguins with catfish bones and reported this is not a fish in the penguin’s normal diet due to their lack of essential nutrients. Some say that human development and global warming have already dramatically altered the frozen Patagonian landscape causing the death of penguins. It seems that the penguins are dealing with fishing nets, oil spills, over fishing, climate warming, and all kinds of problems. It really saddens me to read about so much death and destruction of our natural wild life. How does this knowledge affect you, Smith? If there was something you could do, what would you like to do about so much loss of life?

Yes, Smith, farming utilizes tremendous amounts of water. Our Owens valley consumes probably 1/3 the water brought into southern California ~sigh~ I have not heard anything about the reduction of cattle and cotton; however, I am sure there will be massive changes as drinking water will be a highly desired commodity of the future….we are already walking down that path with bottled water today.

It would be exciting to witness the combining of knowledge from both cultures. Both Americans and Chinese have tremendous information pertaining to the medical field and other areas as well. It seems the human species is still at odds with each other as well as other species. Very Tragic!

Having a back ground in medicine as you were a paramedic, do you find the combining of Eastern and Western medicine intriguing? You had mentioned “I wish there were more alternative medical practitioners in America”. Do you think it is duable? Do you think it would be helpful? I would love to hear your views and thoughts on this. There is always so much to learn…it’s never ending.

Thank you for your kind words regarding my poem. I am terrible at poetry, but still enjoy trying to find a fluid expression.

Wishing you a looooooooooooong whoosh of cool breeze to make your stay more comfortable. I do hope you can find some solidarity and comfort!

Always a friend,

Smith in Oregon   August 16th, 2010 5:55 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

I've been using the fan's mostly at night to try and drop the house temperature down below 88 at midnight. During the day it has been around 94 in the house which is quite warm!

The widespread forest fires across Russia could just as likely occur in Australia or America if either undergoes an extended period of drought.

Indeed there is a tremendous interest across America in alternative and Eastern healing practices and medicines. The main draw back besides the number of qualified practioners is that many health insurance agencys limit coverage thru alternative medical treatment. However, any Eastern medical practice can be entirely successful based on happy clients that are treated and word of mouth rapidly expands the client pool.

I look forward to the cooling breezes and more moderate temperatures.

Your friend,

Dodie   August 18th, 2010 3:45 am ET

Good Morning Smith in Oregon

I am delighted to hear that the temps are slowly decreasing for a greater level of comfort. It must be horrible experiencing this kind of heat. I have noticed when the Jet stream dips into California, we experience coolness while Oregon and Washington is very hot. It usually is the other way around; whereas, Southern California has 100 degree temps. Since it is heating up in this area, you should be cooling off.

It would be nice if we would gather medicine knowledge from all cultures. I 'assume' that America specifically the AMA is condescending to other culture's medical practice. It is a shame. We as Americans end up the losers.

I was reading your blog today on LKL regarding the Nuclear station in Iran. It seems like they are following suit with China and Russia of having their nuclear plant deep in the ground. China will not allow North Korea to engage in a full attack on South Korea. China's land is too close to both countries. My place is only apx 140 miles from the capitol of North Korea. China would not allow any type of war that close to their own land. I did hear that North Korea lobbed a couple of missiles at South Korea the other day. However, I know that China just would not allow for a full scale attack on South Korea.

I might have so good news for you......

The Navajo Nation uses humate which is decomposed terrestrial and marine animal and plant life with trace minerals (salts of humic and fulvic acids (HA and FA) to remove crude oil located in soil and estuaries. . The mineral binds to the oil and creates naturally occurring microbes that biodegrade contamination. It is currently being studied at the Oklahoma University and Environmental Protection Agency for use of oil contaminated soil and estuary remediation. The US Coast Guard is currently reviewing a proposal by U-Mate to treat the shorelines on the Gulf. It is also an organic fertilizer as it improves soil structure and increases water retention. Humate is currently being Sold to Saudi Arabia in order to clean their contaminated oil crude soil for remediation. China is currently looking at obtaining this substance for the horrible crude oil explosion in Dalian.

For your information, I fly out to South Korea September 2nd on a midnight flight. I will be in Korea a couple of days and then fly to Dalian, China for a month. I am not sure if I can access CNN website from China. If I am unable to connect with you here, would you like my email? I can send it to you through the email as CNN usually deletes it. I will use a yahoo account as last time Billy Gates upset China and they blocked my hotmail account for 3 weeks. ~sigh~

Have a wonderful Week and weekend if I do not hear from you before then. Wishing you nice cool weather

Your friend Always,


Smith in Oregon   August 30th, 2010 3:12 am ET

Good Morning Dodie,

Temperatures are slowly moving away from the triple digits mark. Some scattered forest fires now here in Oregon but the air and ground crews mostly have them under control.

The other day a rural county newspaper here in Oregon reported that several DHS agents under the guise of looking for toxic algae blooms in lakes had checked the algae in a small pound on a small wildlife reserve. I seriously doubt any qualified federal biologist I have worked with in the USDA Forest Service was ever paid what those DHS agents are paid and they were allegedly checking some duck pond off the beaten path in a small community wildlife reserve!

I'm disappointed with Israel's callous approach to a scheduled restart of Israel-Palestinian peace talks held in Washington DC beginning in September. Israel's embassy workers apparently have gone on strike.

The Sha Israel's governmental party's Rabbi savagely urged genocide of the Palestinian leader and people telling his followers in his congregation and on the radio broadcast that he was calling upon God to strike down Palestinian people and to strike them with a plague.

Netanyahu is now telling anyone that cares to listen that Israel's building in disputed area's moratorium will end at the end of September. Palestinian leader Abbas has already threatened to leave the peace talks if that occurs.

Senator Joe Lieberman who generally sits in and assists with the peace negotiations with Israel is not attending, privately stating he doesn't think anything will be accomplished.

I guess we'll see if Israel has any genuine thread of honesty and desire to craft a mutually acceptable and long lasting peace treaty and agreement with the Palestinian people or not.

With the constant threats back and from North Korea it certainly seems everyone on the Korean landmass is under a higher state of alert. America's massive 7th. naval fleet offshore seems to indicate that America is ready and capable if intense fighting were to break out. I noticed that Kim Jong II is now in China via his heavily armored special train with his youngest son Kim Jong under the guise of meeting with the Chinese president and introducing his youngest son to him.

That's great news for the environment and toxic oil spills which appear to really take a toll on all life unless properly removed and disposed of. The crude Oil (pipeline) explosion in Dalian was near where your condo is?

Sure you can send correspondence to me via my yahoo account if you want during your stay in China.

Hope you have a safe and exciting stay in China,

Your friend in Oregon,

Dodie   September 2nd, 2010 2:09 am ET

Good Evening Smith!

If I have the time, I will respond to this tomorrow. If not, I will from China if I can, if not then I will email you. As I fly out tomorrow night to Korea and spend 2 days there and then on to China... I just found out they cut back in the weight of the luggage... lol oops... should have checked sooner.. I live about 30 miles out side of Dalian right up the coast and can catch the electric train into town. Not sure if there is an internet bar where I live. The builder made a big mistake and did not wire my place with internet connection. So, all will be dealt with when I get there. This is the first time I will be staying at the condo as this building was just completed last year. I apologize for absorbing this page with my issues. I know we always discuss news and world issues.

Take care my kind friend. I am thrilled the temps have dipped for you


Smith in Oregon   September 14th, 2010 2:32 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

I hope your flight was well and your training in China is progressing as well and productive as you had wished. The mass transportation systems of China and Japan make America seem like a third world country! It is really sad how far railroads have slipped in America's transportation offerings.

High speed trains, even mono-rail commuter trains are rarely found across America. Amtrak hasn't changed in the past 30 years as a old hold over to public long distant commuter trains.

I hope you are settling into your new condo. There was some sparse mention of China's growing scarcity of fresh water early today on the western news media. I looked and found the following information:

Sporadic news agency's here in the West (I had to dig and search for it) are reporting today that China can't dam or divert water quickly enough to keep up with it's thirsty population, and the shortage has reached crisis levels in Bejing and other areas.

In northern China this month, farm fields have developed cracks up to 10 meters (32.8 feet) deep. Farmers in Chifeng city have had to delay harvests to avoid injury, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported. According to the Chifeng's hydrological bureau, 62 percent of the city's 51 reservoirs have run dry, Xinhua said. More than 250,000 people are short on drinking water.

In southwest China's Guizhou province in August, a drought affected more than 600,000 people and nearly 250,000 heads of livestock, according to Xihua. Parched soil in rice fields was covered with cracks.

Beijing's water shortage will soon reach 200 million to 300 million cubic meters, even as the city waits for a new diversion of water from southern China, according to state-run media.
Hundreds of other Chinese cities face varying levels of water shortages and deteriorating water quality, even as industries continue to pollute water.

Cracks as deep as 10 meters have continued opening up in the middle of alfalfa fields in Chifeng City, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, since July, as farmers delay harvesting for fear of injury.

Land resources and hydrological experts are researching the cause, but have not announced their findings yet.

"I had not seen anything like them in my whole life," said a 78-year-old local man surnamed Hou of Guangdegong Town.

By 2012, there will be a water shortage of 5000 tons of daily water supply in Kinmen, an outlying Taiwan-held island off Xiamen coast, according to Mr. Wen Zibao, the ex-director of Kinmen Waterworks.

Farmland, water shortage may threaten Chinese grain output.

The growing shortage of farmland and water resources may prevent China from achieving its ambitious grain output targets in the next decade, warned both officials and experts, China Daily reports. Facing a rising population, the central government plans to boost China’s annual grain output to more than 550 million tons by 2020, an increase of 50 million tons over 2007.

The problem is worst in emerging markets. Water Woes reports that China and India are among the fastest-growing nations, and have the most dismal water resources imaginable. Sewers are unusable, and water is so full of metals that they are not used for watering crops.

Other countries that are suffering a shortage of potable, fresh drinking water include Israel, and Egypt.

In the United States, all along the Colorado River, water is diverted for use in irrigation and urban water. Almost none of it makes it to the once-fertile delta in Mexico, only a very salty (pesticide laden) bare outflow.

Best wishes Dodie during your China visit,

Dodie   October 2nd, 2010 12:18 am ET

Good Evening My Friend

I am very delighted that the temperatures are moving down and that you can live more comfortably. Nothing makes me happier than a friend being able to enjoy themselves. I certainly hope that any and all forest fires are under control. It saddens me when an ecosystem is destroyed. So much death. Were you ever able to fix you’re A/C from the animals that moved in to keep cool. It has been very hot in this area with L.A. being 113 degrees when the thermometer broke so it might have been even higher. An all time record, since the temperatures were recorded back in the late 1800s. I am not concerned about myself, my pets or people for that matter….…. I am very concerned about our vegetation and the ecosystem that survives resulting from that vegetation. We have had coyotes more frequent in this area, meaning they are starving in the local hills and now must brave the city or die. This is so disturbing to my heart, so I leave a lot of dry cat food out for whatever animal needs to eat, like raccoons, coyotes, etc. My cats are always inside at night. I have trained them through food reward to meet me at the front door when I drive up. And they say, you can never train a cat. Lol How are your 10+ plus kittys? :~)

It is sad that the peace talks ended because Israel continued the settlement building. Due to this, the Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas said he would withdraw from the peace talks .The US Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State even placed pressure on Netanyahu to stop the settlement building as she met with President Authority Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding this situation. I guess Israel has no genuine desire to resolve this situation and develop a peaceful treaty.

I checked the entire harbor. My Condo is 30 – 50 miles up the coast from Dalian (towards Russia and N. Korea). The Chinese people went in droves with anything that floats and picked up over 100,000 buckets filled with crude oil and dumped it in a land fill site to be refined at a later date. There was NO oil anywhere. Nothing on the rocks, sand, boats. No trace of oil anywhere. They successfully cleaned up all the oil along the harbor and pipeline one bucket at a time. I am so impressed with these people. There was no toxic dispersant used. Just an infinite amount of hard labor and quick response by the Chinese people. Their ability to cut through red tape, mobilize and organize is truly amazing. We should learn from them. I walked down to the ocean every evening which was about 2 miles each direction and never saw one bit of oil anywhere. The walk is delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise along with meeting people along the way.

You are correct. There are many areas in China which have little drinking water. Where I reside, there is plenty of fresh water and reservoirs. No runoff from contaminated rivers. However, what is sad now there is air pollution in Dalian because of the horrible traffic. There are no smog emissions on cars, and that does make a huge difference. The pollution is so bad from cars that they even have vents with fans circulating in tunnels as several people died from carbon monoxide. When I flew in from South Korea, I could see the brown haze just like Los Angeles. (( Ugh)) I know the pollution will eventually drift up and down the coast engulfing the area in which I reside. I am NOT happy about this at all. The invitation still stands, A. Smith and will remain open for whenever you would like to travel to China, you will always have a place to stay. I can provide you with all the privacy you would want. I realize that will be after 2012.

May the cool autumn days bring delight and a smile to your gentle face. May you enjoy a nice walk into the forest and be among nature’s bounty and hearing the chatter of life. One can never be alone if they can feel nature within them.

Enjoy my kind friend,


Smith in Oregon   October 4th, 2010 5:31 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

Indeed the Autumn temperatures are finally moving down from the 90's. The sight of rain clouds brings a sense of joy as the land here needs a good rain. I hear the coyotes that have moved from the dry hills in search of food and adequate water supplies. It is very kind of you to leave dry cat food out for foraging critters.

Often water is very difficult for stray animals and pets to find. I have found some heavy pvc (sun ultra-violet protected plastic) water reservoirs which measure out water over time and just fill the gallon containers up. The kitty's over here are very active and lately have fallen in love with baby snakes. Generally I save the snakes before they are played and danced to death and return them to the outdoors. One of my cats has dreams and wakes himself up meowing from them, then drifts off to sleep.

I saw that China has begun hosting another global climate change meeting. They are actively trying to prevent the Global Heating from entering into a 100 year cycle, although I'm not sure if nations and technology are able to rein down the carbon emissions that far in a short period of time before a tipping point is reached and it would then take 100 years for the CO2 levels to drop under the 350ppm value.

Yes, I was disappointed with the lack of effort that Isreal put into this session of peace meetings. Just before the recent failed peace meetings were begun in Washington DC, Israel bulldozed an century's old Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem, crushing hundreds monuments and headstones of well known Islamic clerics, scholar's and important Islamic figures in a series of midnight strikes to prevent journalists and photographers from filming their actions against the Islamic people in Jerusalem.

And while the peace meeting was continuing, Israel refused to halt the illegal settlement building which much of the world including the entire European Union loudly states is a International Crime and utterly illegal.

For decades Zionist propaganda has released extremely pro-Israel pieces to America's media which posted them stating Israel refuses to deal with criminals. AND yet Israel is expecting the Palestinian negotiation team to continue while the Israeli Zionists continue the illegal crimes of settlement building on Palestinian land?

Meanwhile behind the peace meeting public face, Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu trys to EXTORT President Obama telling him the violence murdering the Gaza civilians and the illegal settlement building will stop IF President Obama orders the release of the Israeli Spy Pollard who is rightfully rotting in a US federal prison. Israeli Spy Pollard greatly harmed America selling nuclear and communication blueprints and plans to China, Pakistan along with anyone and any nation that was the highest bidder along with sending those home to Israel. Thankfully President Obama did not bend to the Israeli attempt to extort America's President.

America's taxpayers are fed up with pouring Billions of free taxpayer cash to Israel which is feeding Israel's ancient blood feud with it's Arabic neighbors.

I really appreciate your description of the Chinese people working together for a common good. Such is so rare these days in America and yet in my opinion it displays the very strength of a nation. Your Condo sounds wonderful and with the water nearby the possibility of a sea breeze clearing out the expected pollution is usually a good bet.

Yes I remember driving over the grape vine into Los Angeles and into the brown choking haze. Then later my relief as I drove out of that region leaving that noxious pollution behind. I don't see any letup on that problem without substantial technologic breakthru's.

The transistion to electrical vehicles would place a very large demand on a nations electrical powergrid and currently a nation would need to entirely build up their national electrical powergrid to fully embrace such heavy demands. Meanwhile electrical generation would need to be beefed up to meet that heavy demand.

Sadly a huge amount of America's billion dollar design and engineering teams are focused on designing and building ever more lethal weapons, not on solving a great many problems that have plagued humanity for centuries (diseases) and new problems such as the transistion from fossil fuels.

You are back from your overseas trip then? I hope the cooling sea breeze mixed with the autumn days bring a smile and joy to you also Dodie.

Hope your weekend went well my friend,


Nina   October 7th, 2010 9:42 pm ET

Good morning? Maybe afternoon or evening? Smith.

Awe Smith, you tug at my heart strings with the description of your cats and kittens especially the one who wakes up from meowing. (Hug) You are such an amazing individual. Always for the betterment of others. Your hallmark is your selfless nature in providing for all enduring creatures along with the obvious high intelligence. What a rare and wonderful combination.

You are correct in that China is very aware of the global climate change as the Gobi desert is 'knocking' at Beijing’s door. All homes offer solar water heating even though it is far from being perfected. I can attest to that with cold showers every day… lol Bloom Energy in the US is a possible energy source that utilizes both methane gas and possibly CO2 as the fuel to manufacturer electricity. It has been getting serious attention in which Google, Intel and IBM all use it for their facilities. Now PG&E have purchased a large quantity of them. With that, I suspect this is a real future possibility. A box the size of your DVD player will generate enough electricity to supply an average American home. No more power lines, and failed electricity due to storms. I hope it will be realized soon.

You mentioned for decades the Zionist propaganda has released extremely pro-Israeli pieces to America's media which; I believe, was the major cause for Rick Sanchez to be fired. I would assume that media backers are of Jewish origin. I find myself very upset that Israel continues the illegal crimes of settlement building on Palestinian land. This must end!!! I did not realize that Israel's Prime Minister, Netanyahu, was placing pressure on President Obama along with filling him in with incorrect information relating to the Gaza and requesting President Obama orders the release of the Israeli Spy who is currently residing in a US federal prison. Thank you Smith for this added information. When working full time, it is often difficult to know all that has transpired. Thank you for filling me in on the details.
As an American taxpayer for more years than I chose to disclose, I am fed up with my taxes being the lining for many wealthy individual’s pockets including CEO’s, all of Congress, heads of other countries, supporting 737 bases on others land, wars, and the list just goes on and on. For once, I would like to see my tax money go for the benefit of Americans. What on earth ever happened to that conceptualization? There is a lot to be learned from the Chinese. After all, they filed bankruptcy in or around 1948 and it has been an uphill battle for them. We should take heed!!! The Condo is as best located as anything can be in China. I spent 5 years traveling all through China looking for the best place. However, I certainly do worry about their air quality as it is rapidly decreasing. I hope China will require guidelines for exhaust and pollutants dispersed in the air as we do here in Los Angeles. Ah, everyone remembers the brown haze over Los Angeles.

If we can utilize Blooms electrical transformers, that would resolve the electrical problem and make it immediately possible for electric cars.

Yes, I am back from China. I spent a couple of days In Seoul before flying back to the US. I am back to the regular routine. Thank you for your kind support. We have already had several days of rain which I am thrilled even though it creates grid-lock on our freeways; however the sky is the most beautiful blue with white billowy clouds, making it hard to resist calling in sick and taking a long wonderful walk by the ocean. All the tourists have left and its quiet and peaceful.

May the cool autumn find you comfort and joy. May the soft cool breeze bring a warmth to your heart sitting by a fireplace reading and enjoying your book. May nature protect you through ever loving graces by embracing you with her arms.

Amicus optima vitae possessio…... (A friend is the greatest treasure in life)

Your friend always, ~ Dodie

Dodie   October 8th, 2010 2:21 am ET

oops rofl lmao Smith. I sometimes post as Nina. I have never made this mistake before. I am glad it was here with you. I am blushing from embarrassment lol ~ Dodie

Smith in Oregon   October 14th, 2010 1:54 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

Brought three young cats to be snipped today to the vet's, got to keep the population in check as best as possible! Two neighborhood cats are spending more time here than wherever they called home. Homer and Jethro I call those two. Jethro is absolutely huge, probably around 35 pounds and is not fat per say just a huge massive cat that eats like a dog! Jethro is every bit as large as the average bob cat and very gentle which is normal for cats that are very large. Homer has a manx body and an egyptian face, he is adorable and I'm not sure why he seems homeless at times.

Google if I recall invested in energy cell's to power some of their server farms, likely Ebay has done the same with their 'green energy' program. Energy Cells are a spin off from much earlier NASA research, it does however remain fairly expensive for home owners and single individuals but it is a well tested technology. I haven't looked into that technology very much but I suspect some of it's internals would need maintaince or replacing from time to time.

Hydrogen gas generators have made large strides and some new green energy homes have hydrogen generators and it's corresponding stored gas (hydrogen) feeding the fuel cells at night for electrical power as well as heat and the solar panels produce electricity feeding the home during the day.

Hydrogen thou is super explosive if released into a closed enviroment and ignited. A small party balloon full would blow out the windows in most homes just from the blast of the concussion. Outside the home or vehicle where there is ample open ventilation would likely make a small overlooked leak less disasterous but any ignition point, spark, light switch can set it off or cause it to flash over.

Yes, I agree in regards to the great inroads of Zionist influence with America's news media. Quite a number of violent hollywood movies with a anti-terrorist theme all have jewish named producers and backers. Israel has been flaunting International Laws for quite a number of years however the recent Gaza fighting, use of white phosphorus to clear the Gaza streets and the numerious serious charges by the survivors of the Gaza peace flotilla have stacked up a very large assortment of allegations that numerious serious crimes have been committed.

Former Republican Vice President Dick Cheneys former company, Haliburton delivers Drivers, Cooks, Janitors to the US Military in Iraq and Afghanistan at $80,000 a year per head. They are brought in from India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines for $150 a month ($1,800 a year) each. Haliburton, Inc. pockets the rest at $78,200 a year per head and appears to use a shell corporation in the Carbbean Islands to avoid paying a great deal of Federal Taxes! Dick Cheney's alleged corruption makes former Republican Vice President Spiro Agnew's look like a altar boy!

Indeed your condo in China sounds outstanding. With the tremendous resources China has, they'll solve their pollution problem the moment an large industrial strength electrial generation problem is solved. It might take a while, but China has a great deal more patience than the West and in particular America has.

The zenophobic Republican Tea baggers are a national embarassment. First they were bashing Black Americans, then Brown Americans before graduating to 'terror baby's'. We have one in the neighborhood here in Oregon, Art Robinson who I met many years ago now running against long time Democratic Congressman Tim Defazio who I went to college with at the University of Oregon. Rachel Maddow recently tried a interview with Art Robinson, it was interesting but not very revealing. Tea baggers seldom have any substance outside some populist anger issues which shift with the winds of time.

I look foward to welcoming the cool autumn months here in Oregon even if it means raking up some leaves! I hope you take full advantage of the Ocean vista's near you and the changing of seasons. Again, welcome back and it's always good to hear from you. I loved the latin proverb, very nice!

Memento audere semper. (Remember to be always daring)

Your friend,

Dodie   October 18th, 2010 9:54 pm ET

Good evening Smith

Omg, you make my heart flutter when you tell me of the kind things you are doing with the cats. They would over-populate and starve if it was not for your kindness and perspicacity to all life on this miracle planet. I do not know how to express my gratitude. You are tugging on my heart strings, Smith! Ah…… I love the names… I think of a duo in Country Western Music back in the 1960s as my cousin enjoyed those two. Do you like Country Western? One of my all time favorites is Willie Nelson. He deeply touched my heart years ago because he, like you, is such a Humanitarian in wanting the best for this world. (The man behind the guitar) He was on LKL last week….It was a taping from April of this year, but I still enjoyed his kind and gentle nature. Such a ‘free bird’… Oh yes, and I love and can identify with that song… Jethro reminds me of a Maine-coon cat. They are huge, gentle and really beautiful. Homer sounds beautiful… “Egyptian face” oh my!!! When or if you ever take pictures of them, could you email one to me. I would love to see them.

Yes, you are correct. The energy cells were developed from NASA for the Mars mission which was scrubbed. So the scientist who designed the energy source altered it so it would work as an energy source around the world. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I am sure there is still a lot more work that needs to be done, but the ground work is done.
Hydrogen gas generators sound very interesting. I have not read up on this source of energy. I will search it out tonight on the internet. So you are saying Hydrogen could heat up conditions to a very uncomfortable temperature if it exploded? :~)
If ever I am able to move to Canada, I would love to build a home that uses all “green” energy. That would be one of my dreams. Still looking at the Vancouver Island area. I will be flying back up to Portland, Oregon in November and would like to take the drive up there once I sort things out for my brother. I am not happy with Israel and concerned about the potential for genocide within that area. It’s not healthy for America to be in bed with Israeli Zionists. Hollywood was owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Jewish. The Italians (Mafia) built Las Vegas and the Jewish made Hollywood with a couple Italians for flavor.

Cheney is at the core of numerous hidden agendas whereby siphoning our treasury monies and tax dollar assets. I have no religion, but if there was evil in the world, Cheney would be at the top of the list. I cannot even fathom how much he has removed from the US to his off shore bank accounts. I completely concur with your statement that Cheney makes Agnew look like an altar boy. I would love nothing more than a full investigation; however, he is protected with a very powerful group in Washington. He, in essence, is “above the law” which just abrades against my skin, like fingernails on a chalkboard.

You are correct. I do not see much substance with the Tea baggers; however, I do believe the people who lead them are Republicans supported and backed by large corporate America. After all, it’s not necessarily just about which party wins, but that those who end up in control are NOT bought and paid for by big corporate America or we Americans lose!!! So far the Republican party is in collusion with huge corporations, but independents can just as easily have the same network. Therefore, I would never underestimate the Tea Baggers. Interesting and excellent chess game, break off into two divisions with the same underlying motive, “corporate control” and we could easily one day lose democracy as in all of Europe between 1890 and 1920.
Art Robinson, the “Global Warming” Skeptic? Toss him on an ice sheet and he will see more clearly. You were students at the same University? Omg… I have not heard anything nice about this man. What was he like? I remember reading that Rachel Maddow was trying to interview him. I have become bored with CNN at times, so have been searching other networks. Rachel Maddow is # 1 so far and then I always like to look at the opponent. There is an old saying, be friends with the enemy… “Fox news” I thought about blogging there….but don’t want to be trampled to death by the right-wingnuts that frequent that site. Are you blogging anywhere else besides CNN?
I have been reading Chalmers Johnson's Dismantling The Empire. In the book he talks about the book now movie "Charlie Wilson's war". I definitely recommend it. It’s about the largest covert operation in US history during the 1980s in Afghanistan.

Ah yes, Smith, Autumn are wondrous months. The air was misty yesterday. I drove down to ocean, to a place that just opened up as a nature reserve.. high on a 1,000 foot bluff overlooking the ocean. I took a long walk. It was magnificent. I felt I could soar with the eagles. I could see for many miles in all directions on the tip of the bluff. It was quiet and peaceful. I could hear the roar of the ocean below and smell the salt air. I could feel the damp salt air brush my face as my hair took flight in the wind (I have long hair). I listened to the sea lions bark in the distance and watch the ocean breathe. I felt so at one with mother earth and all of nature. I closed my eyes with my arms stretched out and imagined if I could fly …. floating on the air currents.... I meditated reaching out with my mind...experiencing and touching all the splendor of nature. On the 15 minute drive home, I could not wipe the smile off my face and a tear of happiness to be of peace and tranquility. What a magical experience.

I like that proverb Memento audere simper! Daring is exciting and invigorating. :~)

invictus maneo’ I will always remain undefeated my heart and soul.

Your Friend,


Smith in Oregon   November 5th, 2010 2:02 am ET

Good evening Dodie,

My apology's for being away, I've been largely busy with the mid-term elections which barely squeeked by for the Democratic party here in Oregon.

Yes, I throughly enjoy Willie Nelson and his many causes along with the very gifted song writing skills of Kris Kristofferson.

The Bloom Energy boxes are interesting, perhaps with more business's purchasing them the homeowner pricing on them will drop to afordability. I haven't seen what their expected lifespan is nor the volume of natural gas being consumed in a typical KW/Hr of energy output.

As global warming continues to push warmer and more temperate climates further north, the Vancouver area would benefit from that increase. The proxmity to the Trident Submarine Missile base in Washington might give me pause however as much of that would certainly be ground zero in any offensive ICBM launch from China or Russia upon the USA. A dual citizenship with USA-Canada might prove useful, I'd have to look into what if anything is lost in such an arrangement. Generally a citizen of any 'queensland' can relocate to any of their other 'queenslands' such as New Zealand or Australia for example.

Given the mechanical means keeping Cheney alive at this time without a discernable 'pulse' makes me wonder just how that man is getting around if at all these days.

I was pleased to see the Latino American's overwhelmingly voting for the Democratic candidates during the recent mid-term election cycle as did Black Americans. In the near future, Latin Americans will be a majority ethnic group across America spelling the doom for the Republican and Tea Bagger Party.

Long time Democratic Congressman Pete Defazio was in some of my University of Oregon classes which included gerontology, how the body ages. At that time, long time Congressman Jim Weaver was in charge but ill and Pete Defazio was his chief aide who stepped in when Weaver could no longer continue. Yes, years later I met Art Robinson and helped him solve a database problem on his computer systems which had bogged down from book sales and newsletter subscribers information. Pete Defazio was thoughtful and wanted to learn more about the elderly needs of Oregon's population, hence one of the few Universitys in the entire nation that offered courses in geronotology. Art Robinson seemed like a articulate man with passionate views on various subjects most of which were science related.

I did not agree with many of Art Robinson's ideas in the late 1980's and hadn't seen him since, but he seemed engaged and passionate about them. Pete Defazio's site and Rachel Maddow's site both expose Art Robinson as a quack and certainly a none mainstream individual on many highly contentious comments he has made over the following years. Still I was amazed the Art Robinson got some 47% of the vote! At least the voters in Lane County up in Eugene were able to make certain Democratic Congressman Pete Defazio remained their Congressional representative.

Yes, I blog on MSNBC's Newsvine articles if I see any that are worth the time (Climate, Energy, Politics, Afghanistan War) are among those that I comment on. Sometimes also on the articles in Yahoo's main site.

I look forward to the upcoming Autumn weather as the leaves go thru their colorful displays. Wonderful images of your ocean side experience, very emotive and descriptive, thank-you for sharing those perceptions with me.

I'm concerned the Republican agenda includes bankrupting a great many State Pension funding programs by further gutting State and Domestic funding. Well over 20 States have State Pension programs that are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy due to the Republican lawmakers diverting Trillions of federal revenues overseas to China, India, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Cambodia and Vietnam. States normally recieving those funds were largely caught off-guard and do not have the federal revenue support which they have had for the past 100 years.

I read thru your dilemna with a similar situation in California. Some difficult decisions are undoubtedly going to be made by pension managers to maintain some modecum of continuation. Other States however will be forced by the Republican feeding frenzy to default their State pension program throwing previous State pensioners out, damaging that States credit rating and creating a negative enviroment for jobs and economic growth.

Republican senior US Senator Mitch McConnell pledging to prevent President Obama from being elected to a second term really does nothing for the millions of American's out of work and the many more millions of Americans feeding their familys with food stamps. Their agenda appears to be gridlock, repealing America's Health Care Bill, defeating Obama's Energy legislation, elminating as many State pensions as they can on their way to defeating Obama's re-election.

Take Care Dodie,
Your Friend,


Dodie   November 16th, 2010 3:59 am ET

Good Evening Smith from Oregon

I am delighted to see how active you are in the democratic process of politics. There is never a need to apologize and I thank you for your kind consideration. Please fill me in on the details of your election experience. I would really enjoy your interpretation. I have attended two ‘move-on’ meetings. Unfortunately they often digress into chit-chat upon which I just leave. However, they do pose some interesting issues like how to make Orange County “green” Ah, a contradiction in terms. Maybe we could change the name to Green County since we no longer support the Orange trees. These elections were the “mid-term” in which tend to bring the older people to vote who are usually more conservative. I suspect in 2012, the younger generation will be more motivated to vote hopefully changing back towards Obama. Also this election proved the power of propaganda mixed with large amounts of “secret” funding from those who oppose Obama’s political views and with continued attack on his faith and place of birth most likely stirred up the hornets nest in the Bible belt..

I have researched the Canadian residence with potential citizenship. Canada seemed to have changed their laws after 9/11 and now Americans can only reside in Canada 6 months out of a year. Short of marrying a Canadian, I am not sure exactly how one could circumvent their laws. As you know, the US does not accept dual citizenship; however, that never stops many immigrants who remain citizens of other countries becoming citizens of the US. If you can find a method of gaining dual-citizenship, please keep me in mind.

So many issues to discuss. I read in the Oregonian Newspaper that American’s SunChips ‘not-so-quietly’ abandons their noisy “compostable” bags; however, Canada has decided to keep the noisy, biodegradable bags. This speaks volumes of where the US and Canada’s focus resides. Not to mention 1,000 miles northeast of Hawaii ….. somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, the detritus and debris of human life is gathering and collecting in a swirling current so large that it defies the human imagination. The Pacific dump site is an area of dispersed trash and now is believed to be roughly twice the size of Texas. ~ Good Grief

KBR which is a subdivision of Halliburton engaged in an Iraqi Water treatment plant knowingly exposed soldiers and staff to the ingredient “Hexavalent Chromium”, creating a red/orange toxic/carcinogenic dust blown by the desert winds causing breathing, skin and stomach problems with all soldiers who had sufficient contact. I find this tragic. When a company knowingly allows others to come in harms way all in the name of greed. Not to mention that deals in amounts of $4.5 billion continued to be assigned to defense contract companies which have violated laws and current law suits. The corruption is so entrenched it will take years and create difficulty in teasing out, if ever.

Very interesting your personal experience with both Pete Defazio and Art Robinson. I find often the media does not have a clue how to interview a true passionate scientist. Sometimes high intelligence brings about socially unusual behaviors that can easily be perceived incorrectly. Many highly intelligent and creative individuals often experience being misunderstood which can result in heightened sensitivity and perceived resistance or withdrawal. Your knowledge of computers is extensive. I have never forgotten the help you gave me last year and have always been very grateful for your friendship. I have moved to MSNBC, Link, GritTV and Democracy Now along with CCTV. I still watch Anderson Cooper and some of Larry King but only if they are focused on those aforementioned issues you presented. LinkTV provides a 30 minute time solely on the Afghanistan war usually interviewing Journalists who have been there and what experiences they have incurred. I find it quite interesting at times.

I have major concerns for all of our funding and pensions. I can see the Republicans and wall-street salivating over what is left of our Social Security. I do not think this country can handle 4 more years of greedy Republicans. I am not thrilled with many Democrats either as many have their pockets lined by lobbyists. I hope that Pres. Obama will be reelected. One just cannot change our financial problems in 4 years. It took well over a decade with the aide of WWII to recover from the 1930s depression and our unemployment in California rivals the depression era.

You certainly do have a very beautiful state. I flew up to Portland a week ago and still continue to be amazed at the “grand beauty” around the Columbia River. Currently with family in Vancouver, WA up on the back side of Mt. St. Helen, in which I can literally walk out the back door and within 100 feet, enter the forest. The other day, I parked along the Columbia River and took a wonderful 3 mile walk. The river is magnificent! Omg, so beautiful and big! Due to the sheer volume of water being transported down the river, the salinity at the mouth must be akin to an estuary and only sea life that can withstand low salinity could survive. It must be an ecosystem within itself. The area is so beautiful; I try to walk at least 3 miles every day. What a magnificent area. It fluxuates between rain and mist since I have been up here. I drive into Portland daily and visit a family member in OHSU which is located near the top of a hill. It is such a beautiful drive.

Do you realize, Smith, that tomorrow will be exactly one year since we started corresponding on this site! I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed our interaction and the vast knowledge I have learned from you. I always appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and kindness. Thank You Smith from the bottom of my heart!

Wishing you an enjoyable week and stay warm with your kitties.

Always your friend,


Smith in Oregon   November 19th, 2010 10:42 pm ET

Good Evening Dodie in California,

I am pleased that I and many others worked and succeeded in minimizing the gains by the Republicans in Oregon and all other States. It was a long and at times difficult battle to squeek out a thread bare Democratic majority in the Oregon State Senate. The Republicans were counting on placing a Republican governor here in Oregon and I am pleased to have defeated them in that effort also. Democratic US Senator Ron Wyden and Democratic Congressman Pete Defazio also were once again re-elected to serve Oregon's interests.

The onslaught of foreign national funded Republican advertising was non-stop here and across the entire American nation. Very little truth in their ad's, which only a few were grabbed and fed by the masses into actual fact checking, they just poured a hundred more on top of those that didn't slip by the fact checkers.

Beyond dual citizenship which sounds to have been torpedoed by the heinous Republican administration of Bush-Cheney under their 'wish list' slammed thru by the 9/11 attack, there are various nations that grant diplomatic creditentials that might prove useful. Such is posted in plan sight at a home or office and that stops a great deal of heavy handed police actions which would normally in this place and time fly on American citizens. The foreign nation diplomats generally also carry a small card which is used to inform Police and Government officials and agents what rights they do not have in regards to your person, belongings and property.

I recall a firm producing 3rd. world real passports for well heeled American foreign travelers which were real and mainly used in emergency's to avoid various situations overseas where you would have your passport taken away from you to prevent leaving that country or you were being considered for kidnapping.

Yes with a great many nations simply loading up gigantic garbage barges which they take out some 30 miles off their shorelines in the Ocean and dump them, such a floating wasteland is bound to grow without outside intervention. It would be a great cause to put together a collection fleet of ships that collected and burned that waste as safely as possible, perhaps recycling as much as is feasible.

The Southern liable chemical case spotlighting the efforts of Erin Brokovich (sp) focused on the nasty contamination of Chromium compounds in a city's watershed. The lack of liability on KBR's actions and Halliburton's burn pits and electrocution's on soldiers in Iraq's military bases underscores how little they care about 'the little people' drinking contaiminated water, breathing toxic fumes and being electrocuted in the showers. Hard to imagine that US Justice has been so corrupted that such is even allowed in this day and age in America.

Thanks for the tip on LinkTV, Western Media keeps showing a handful of soldiers in the most remote base possible in Afghanistan with a few thread bare mud huts and walls as if that accurately portrays the gigantic US Military bases and what goes on in Afghanistan. The cargo planes carrying pallets of freshly minted 100 dollar bills arrives in Dubai nearly everyday to be deposited into the Dubai banks for a great many of the corrupt Karzai officials along with large sums from War lords, Drug lords and even Taliban Commanders. President Obama needs to pull the plug and begin removing American troops out of Afghanistan and across the Middle East.

The first year of the Obama presidency, the preceding administration of Bush-Cheney had already set the resulting budget's and economic deficit. President Obama has actually only had one year of his own budget. Thankfully President Obama went ahead and bailed out the automakers which appears to be online to generate a profit for the American people, keeping 1.4 million jobs in America in the process. Republican lawmakers were lockstep against the automaker bailout and were pushing instead to a phased bankruptcy which would have laid off over 1 million more American's to the 8 million already unemployeed under Bush jr. and those factorys would have been parted out, sold and shuttered.

I'm discouraged by hearing today that President Obama has pushed the pull out of Afghanistan out to 2014. The 100 Billion known budget a year just for the US Military to be there is more than Homeland Security and all the assorted intelligence agencys on the books budget's combined. Of course much of the budgets for Afghanistan and covert intelligence agencys are off the books but that still is a back breaking amount to all Americans given the current economic state of morass here in America.

Yes, a salt water estuary is very unique. Lot's of life there that you see no where else. Happy that you enjoyed your visit to Oregon. I didn't realize it has been a full year since initialy corresponding on this site! I appreciate your insights and comments very much!

I hope you have you have great weekend Dodie and able to stay warm and cozy. The mountain passes here in Oregon are finally expecting their first snowy coat. Hard to imagine it's nearly December when trees are just shedding their leaves and the signs of winter are beginning to appear.

Your friend,
A. Smith

Dodie   November 21st, 2010 8:17 pm ET

Good Evening Smith!

It has been exactly one year since we started communicating on this blog. So for our “friendship anniversary” I wrote a poem to the music below. I hope you will enjoy it. You can search out the music if CNN does not post the URL. It is by: Moby – entitled: “Love of strings” I truly enjoy the group “Moby” I do not know what type of music you like…so hoping you will enjoy the full experience of what I am presenting to you.

A friend would always care
With the pain one must bare
A friend will always know
What to say when others go

A friend will always listen
when the other tries to speak
A friend will always accept
Whether one is strong or weak

A friend would be by your side
whether you’re near or far away
A friend will accept when you hide
Understanding you are making their way

To my special friend, I rejoice and say
I have enjoyed our friendship every day

Thank you for bringing depth, meaning and a smile to my life……

Amicus optima vitae possessio…... (A friend is the greatest treasure in life)

Grateful to be your friend,

Dodie (11-21-2010)

Dodie   November 21st, 2010 10:24 pm ET

oops, made some syntax sentence errors.. Not very good with poetry, but I wanted this to be special for our friendship and my gratefulness.


Dodie   November 24th, 2010 1:21 am ET

Good Evening Smith in Oregon

I am delighted to hear you and others worked so hard and diligently in minimizing Republican’s gains in Oregon as well as other states. I have always wondered why the West and East coast is usually blue (Democrat) while the entire middle section of the US is all red (Republican) Even Nevada and Arizona are Red. I can understand Nevada, but Arizona? With a large Latino population. I have always been in a quandary as to why people vote Republican when they earn less than $500,000 a year. What benefit would it give them unless they are millionaire ‘wannabes’ like so many in Orange County. Money and power never seemed to interest me. It’s nice to live comfortably, but I will not step on my integrity in order to achieve the financial gain. I have seen friends do that and watched the negative impact it had on their lives. Speaking of which, if you ever need any help, please let me know. Since I am working and have high seniority, I will be fine. My focus is on the needs of others. I could see the US going in this direction over 20 years ago and why I gave up an excellent high paying job to work for the government. I consider you a friend, and it would be both an honor and privilege to help you if needed. Please remember, the offer is always open.

Yes, funneling large sums of money into propaganda seems to work well in the US. I guess they count on many people gathering their information only from the TV and expect these people do not read newspapers, magazines, books and other out of country news stations for balance and information to make rational and factual based decisions. (Philosophy 101, Business 101 and Plain Common sense 100)

The concept of dual citizenship would always prove to be beneficial, and as you so eloquently stated, it was bombed out of existence after 9/11. I have done some traveling in the Middle East and felt like a target under the American Passport. It might be worthwhile to search out those companies that produce 3rd world real passports.

Corporations have no conscious and like the old “DSM II” psychopath personality type, they are not focused on the human condition but rather the all mighty dollar. This is the reason for my irritation with the Supreme court’s ruling in making corporations having the same status as individuals. We need a thousand Erin Brockovich’s these days.

Today, the DPRK and South Korea exchanged firing. China wants to have confirmation before they go into action. I suspect China will bring both South and North Korea to the “round table” and peacefully work out these issues. The DPRK announced that it now has the capability of enriching Uranium to make nuclear weapons. I truly believe if the DPRK fires a nuclear weapon at South Korea, that would be the end of the DPRK. If you notice, the DPRK used to conduct underground nuclear testing until China said “Enough” and they no longer do this. I guess, we shall see what happens. China’s largest most northern port in Dalian is just a little over 110 miles from Pyongyang.

On LinkTV there was a discussion regarding the corruption of the Karzai officials and the people turning to the Taliban because they felt it was safer than Karzai. Now that is what I call sad. You stated: “President Obama needs to pull the plug and begin removing American troops out of Afghanistan and across the Middle East.” I could not agree with you more!!! I also heard about Pres. Obama pulling the plug on Afghanistan in 2014 but I am sure the ‘bullies’ in Washington will run him through the wringer and squeeze every inch of blood from his body before they are done with him. After all, they want their money and defense budget to stay the same. You already know, it’s not about freedom or Afghanistan. For awhile I thought it was about oil; however, It seems more about $$$ American defense contractors and lobbyists.

I am also delighted Pres. Obama bailed out the auto makers as that is one of America’s last industry which have not yet been outsourced creating numerous jobs. However, I am not thrilled with wall-street or the bank bailouts.

It was in the low to mid 20s today. Oregon is supposed to get this “arctic” cold snap soon. It really is quite beautiful here. I continue to be so impressed with the sheer size of the Columbia River. I cannot help think that all this fresh water is flowing into the ocean and could be used elsewhere for drinking water.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the winter season which is approaching. May you find comfort with your friends and cute kitties. Stay warm and cozy by a burning fireplace with some nice hot chocolate or coffee. Take care
Your friend always,

Dodie   November 26th, 2010 12:11 am ET

~*~ H A P P Y ...... T H A N K S G I V I N G ~*~

Wishing you a joyous day filled with friendships and love!

Always A Friend


Smith in Oregon   November 26th, 2010 4:16 pm ET

~*~ H A P P Y ...... T H A N K S G I V I N G ~*~

Wishing you a joyous day filled with friendships and love Dodie!

Many thanks for posting that beautiful poem, very thoughtful!

A friendship anniversary! Yikes, it's been that long?

I am grateful to be your friend as well, thank-you for your kind comments.

With the large numbers of Hispanic Americans in the States of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas it is just a matter of a decade before the political landscape in Arizona and Texas are forever changed from their present push to return to the dark American era of segregation into a brighter future for all Americans.

Fear and massive spending to craft the illusion of the Republican party goes a long ways into the quandary which places a public servant into national service which the great majority really has no tangable connection with. Sadly, the democratically elected portion of America's government forms only a small portion of the overall Governmental agency's and departments. I suspect many of the US Military and Homeland Security Agency's beat their own drum and largely follow their own sometimes neferious agendas regardless of the wishes, direction and desire of their democratically elected leaders.

Thankfully as you commented on, many baby boomers and Generation X, Y, Z's seek information from non-traditional sources which further confound the propaganda machines found in many corporate banks of newspapers and media outlets. There is currently an active push by the Republican party to gut the funding to Public Broadcasting Systems (PBS)! Likely, the Republican leaders see PBS as a socialist wing just as they went after ACORN for registering mass numbers of minoritys across America. They remind me of the 50's segregation leaders trying to stick their fingers into the numerious leaks in the dyke as the flood of progression wept away those last vestiages of the darkness of segregation and sufferage out of America.

However, if News Media does not make contrary information availiable which it often does, the readers must be apt enough to search other sources and nations outlets to fill in what is missing or censored.

Yes, I came across a well heeled company sometime ago who specifically produced 3rd. world authenic passports complete with nations stamped in for America travelers caught in a overseas nightmare and needing to leave their foreign destination or evade a kidnapping team focused on American travelers. If any of their past literature on that company turns up I'll see if I can forward their company address to you.

I agree with your assessment on the recent US Supreme Court ruling regarding granting corporations 1st. admendment rights! Deregulate federal protection agency's and the corporations will police themselves they scream. Good grief, that leads to toxic superfunds, water to poisoned to drink and air that lands thousands of infants and children in the hospital to treat their pulmonary diseases. All of which the American taxpayer is on the hook to clean up, repair, fix and pay for!

News reports from North Korea outline a series of provocations before firing their artillery barrages. I suspect South Korea and US News Media is not being entirely forthcoming in the events that led up to the North Korea response. Clearly with the display of a brand new multi-billion dollar state of the art Uranium centrafuge extraction plant that seemed to have appeared nearly overnight, the West and much of the Western News Media is not totally accurate about the North Korean nation and their capabilitys.

Yes, a great many of the Afghanistan residents in Marjah having seen the McChrystal 'shake and bake' American strategy in action placing Karzai's regional police and governors into their city clearly and openly state the Karzai government is more corrupt than the Taliban they replaced. The Majah regional governors fled their offices although I suspect they previously accepted large sacks of freshly minted 100 dollar bills courtesy of the American taxpayers just to pledge to do that! Meanwhile America's 'shake and bake' strategy in Kandahar also appears to have failed with the Karzai Kandahar regional governors not showing up and refusing to serve. The record now is Fail-Fail.

The depraved 'advice' by the Republican lawmakers was to push America's automakers into bankruptcy where they would have been sold in pieces thru auctions and shuttered, closed down leaving another 1 million workers unemployed along with the 8 million other unemployed under former Republican President Bush jr. Thankfully Democratic President Obama did not follow the Republican lawmakers advice.

When the Jet-Stream sweeps down from Alaska's offshore islands it does pick up that Artic Cold Front which then sweeps across America into Oregon, Montana and the Dakota's dropping temperatures into the teen's. I've noticed however the 'Indian Summer' effect appears to be by far the norm now. Winter is being pushed farther and farther past October and now past November. Soon it will be pushed into December and I suspect Winter seasons are going to last shorter and shorter with approaching years. A great deal of Western States availiable fresh water comes from snow packs which occur during these Winter Storms. With fewer Winter Storms and fewer months of rain, there is bound to be direct impacts on many Western States cities fresh water availiability for their residents.

It generally takes many years of planning, permits and study's before a alternative fresh water source is added to help bolster a cities municiple water supply. I'm concerned a great many cities lack the heads up in order to deal with that issue when it lands in their laps only to have a full solution availiable years later.

~*~ H A P P Y ...... T H A N K S G I V I N G ~*~

Wishing you a joyous day filled with friendships and love!

A. Smith

Dodie   December 5th, 2010 1:35 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith

I made a foolish mistake and went to wikiLeaks website in Switzerland. I received the worst possible Trojan virus that not only crashed my main computer but has affected my entire online system. I have never saved a password on my computer; however, because I had opened a second browser while accessing that site and typed in a password, any site that uses that password is Now dead. There must have been a key stroke enabler on that virus as I NEVER save a password on my computer. There will be numerous sites I will not be able to access including my email. You have my work email, so contact me there. I will answer your post after I re-group.

Always your friend,


Dodie   December 8th, 2010 12:07 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith

Julian Assange was arrested for “allegations” meaning they have no proof is just a crock of “flung dung” as far as I am concerned. The timing was just too convenient. I have no proof; however, in my opinion this was a set up so governments can do damage control about the desire for continued lack of transparency and basically keeping the public in the dark. As long as people are not named in a manner that would be detrimental to their livelihood. Transparency is the path to Democracy.

Ah, yes the Filibustering GOP party of “NO” Reforming filibustering tactics are hopefully in accordance by Tom Udall and Tom Harin. It is tragic that the right wing moves over further to the right as the left wing is now center front, no longer on the left. Good Grief, people like Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and the GOP still fighting to keep the taxes on the wealthy from increasing; stating as their rational position the wealthy would not spend as much to boost the economy if their taxes were increased. Well, I hate to tell them, but it is always the middle class the keeps the economy going. The “trickle down” effect has never worked and will never. I understand the reasoning behind Pres. Obama’s need to negotiate allowing tax cut extensions for the wealthy in order to prop up those who lost employment and now struggling on unemployment benefits. The whole idea that an entire branch of the government (GOP) can have such distaste for the average American is mind boggling. We are a country that is tumbling down…..

I have noticed that "lamestream” Palin was on the receiving end and missed the catch so to say! Score one point for the media (CNN) !!!

CCTV discussed the DPRK and South Korea. They seemed to be very concerned and this is a media that does not give interpretations and just reports the facts. I find that somewhat alarming. As you already know, the struggle is about the DMZ line as the DPRK never agreed with the latitude! I personally feel that the US is making a complicated situation even more convoluted. Hopefully China can bring everyone to the 6 party talks very soon.

I placed a comment on your website. I often post under Nina Fox if you were wondering who that was. Stay warm around a crackling fireplace my friend from Oregon. I enjoy watching the fire, feeling its warmth while listening to nice music. May your days be filled with joy and friendships, A. Smith.

Always A. Friend


Smith in Oregon   December 13th, 2010 4:20 am ET

Good Evening Dodie,

Sad to hear that some cybertroll had managed to place a trojan virus program on your computer. I suspect it was a federal hacker that hijacked the relay to the actual website and pointed you to the poisoned site instead. Before the original site and mirrors in America went down on Wikileaks, I was able to access all of them without any apparent problems. With the US State Dept. advisory up ordering all of its employees to avoid the site and to not read any of it's information, I'm fairly certain federal hackers are plenty busy seeing who travels there.

The women making the accusations in Sweden are allegedly connected to have also worked previously for the CIA in covert operations. It is entirely likely the CIA placed Julian Assange into that disputed position in a bid to later extort or blackmail him if he didn't follow their agenda. Since Julian Assange doesn't appear to be cooperating, he'll likely be charged with some antiquated treason laws in America and picked up in Sweden when he is deported from the UK.

Republican Eric Cantor, the new majority whip in the newly seated US Congress appears to have the full weight of the Jewish lobbying organization AIPAC behind him. As such it appears the foot dragging by Israels Prime Minister Netanyahu comes in the expectation that a Republican administration in the 2012 White House would lead to further concessions to Israel albeit it seems a great many have already been made by President Obama and Vice President Biden!

I am very displeased by the 'negotiation' to place a 870 Billion federal deficit increase by the Republican 'fiscal conservative' lawmakers in order for them to agree to a 32 Billion dollar federal extension of unemployment benefits. That translates to borrowing 1 Trillion dollars from China and a mere single penny for the Democrats compared to a quarter (25 cents) for the Republicans. I don't call that negotiations nor even a 'deal'. The Democrats got hosed as did 99% of the American people. It made me proud to see Independent US Senator Sanders speaking long and loudly against that 'negotiated' deal.

I agree, sending a posse of South Korean warships into the hotly contested demarcation zone in the Yellow Sea is provocative at best. North Korea is exporting missiles and technology to Syria and Iran. They are likely using Chinese freighters which the Israelis wouldn't dare sink or steal in International Waters.

I suspect a great deal of this push to turn Korea into a hot war zone again is coming from the Zionists running Israels government. The cherry picked wikileaks that was published stated China would not swoop in to help North Korea and that the despots across the Middle East in Americas pocket want Iran to be attacked. I seriously doubt China would hide her head in the sand while North Korea gets attacked by South Korea, nor would Russia hide her head in the sand while hundreds of their Russian engineers inside the Russian civilian nuclear reactor in Iran were killed either. None of those despot rulers in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen and Saudi Arabia would want a huge highly radioactive cloud and resulting fallout wafting across the Middle East turning the people in their nations against them and also serving to cause them to hate Americans more than they do now. I seriously doubt they would ever agree to such an attack if they were told of the likely use of nuclear weapons on the multiple deep mountain Iranian military complexes that would be largely immune from a non-nuclear attack.

Yes, I noticed Nina Fox now among my friends in my MSNBC account, thank-you. I hope you are able to stay warm and enjoy the Winter Season as it embraces the Northwest. May your days be filled with rainbows and a nice sea breeze.

Your Friend,
A. Smith

Dodie   December 18th, 2010 2:59 am ET

Good Evening A. Smith

Thank you A. Smith for your kind comments and concern. The computer has been fixed. A lesson learned. Like you, it would be nice to read what was released by WikiLeaks with no outside interpretation. I certainly agree that the Trojan virus was resulting from our own government’s strategy to discourage Americans from reading the releases by WikiLeaks. There seems to be a closing (controlling) nature on the internet. The concern is that it will become considerably more difficult to exchange facts and information over time in the very near future. Much like China is today.

My assumption due to the incredible timing with charging Julian Assange for “alleged” sex crime was just too convenient. I am not surprised that these women previously worked for the CIA. I am delighted that Michael Moore posted his bail! ((Hoorah)) for Michael Moore!

The total deficit for fiscal year 2009 was $1.42 trillion, which was a $960 billion increase from the 2008 deficit. Now we are looking at another $879 Billion deficit increase in order to have congress sign off on the 32 billion for extending unemployment. Like you, I have many concerns regarding increasing our deficit and its spending. The next question, would China even want to loan the US that money? They already have major concerns and talk among business men who are on the “upwardly mobile” financial path are becoming negative with the US and consider us “over-spenders” and “dead-beats” not wanting to loan us anymore money. I wonder what the US will do if China decides not to loan us close to 1 trillion dollars? I try not to have such a negative outlook, but in all honesty, I see us floundering and then finally sinking. My concern is all the money we continue to borrow may possibly continue to go to large corporations/ CEOs/Congress, etc. as everyone is on the “take” in fear that this country will collapse. As long as that is the potential process, we have no chance!

Maybe someday, we will have no more earmarks; however this year is not one of them as demonstrated by the GOP senators seeking earmarks as follows:

McConnell: 42 earmarks worth $86.1M
Cochran: 263 earmarks worth $522.2M
Wicker: 223 earmarks worth $415.4M
Murray: 184 earmarks worth $219.0M
Reid: 151 earmarks worth $180.3M
Inouye: 141 earmarks worth $325.0M
Landrieu: 114 earmarks worth $143.9M
Hutchison: 74 earmarks worth $135.9M
Cornyn: 51 earmarks worth $93.5M
Thune: 28 earmarks worth $38.5M
The “pork” is enough to strangle everyone.

Very disturbing information which came from the survey conducted by bothThe National Association of Consumer Advocates and The National Consumer Law Center, in November 2009. Ira Rheingold, the director of NACA stated: "People every single day are being put into foreclosure while they're waiting for modifications," More than 2,500 homeowners still in the process of applying for mortgage modifications have experienced their banks have already started procedures in foreclosures. For a bank to be unable in stopping the foreclosure while modifying the loan, all within their bank, is outrageous! I would assume these homes will be snatched up by the wealthy for future investments; whereby, the rich will inherit the land and the poor will end up vagabonds. This was the cause for China’s socialism. Their vagabonds rose up in China and said “NO” to the wealthy landowners and forced all land to be owned only by the government.

As usual, your comments are filled with immense knowledge. I agree, China will NOT take a back seat if South Korea continues to provoke agitation by playing “war games” and maneuvers with the US in the area of the DMZ that was not accepted by the DPRK. The concern I have with the DPRK is that Kim Jong il is very ill and his youngest son, only age 26, Kim Jong Un (depicted as a 'hothead") might end up being his father's successor very soon. Kim Jong Un was promoted to the Workers' Party Central Committee and the Party's Central Military Commission at a party convention in September 2010, at the rank of four-star general of the Korean People's Army the day before, putting him in line to succeed his father. This could cause the DPRK to become very unstable and aggressive as Kim Jong Un will feel the need to prove is power to party officials and could lead to a potential war. This information came directly from China when I was there in September.

Because the DMZ line was never officially agreed upon by the DPRK and the possibility of a "hothead" son flexing his muscles could prove to be disastrous. China seems to have major concerns about the situation developing between the DPRK and South Korea. Your link back to the Middle East is very interesting and one I have not even entertained until now. The DPRK is desiring an energy source (oil) and therefore the Middle East would have some involvement. You are Spot On! China would never sit back and allow South Korea to bomb the DPRK.

You continue to amaze me with your incredible, never ending knowledge and your willingness to share this with others. I shall follow the rainbow to see where it leads.... as with hope there is a future.

May your days be filled with excitement, friendship and enjoyment! Stay warm, A. Smith, by the crackling sound of a warm fire, as the light flickers in a dance that brings out warm soothing feelings.

Always A. Friend


Dodie   December 24th, 2010 10:26 pm ET


May you find magic in the holiday season. May the gentle breeze and all of nature cradle you with her embrace. May you experience family, friends and enjoyment this time of year. May your wishes, aspirations and dreams come true my treasured friend from Oregon. Still seeking the end of the rainbow but feel its close! :~) Cyber *hug* to you A. Smith!

Always A. Friend


Smith in Oregon   December 25th, 2010 6:32 am ET

Good Evening and Happy Christmas and Yule Tide Holidays to you and your family Dodie!

I'm happy to hear your computer has been fixed and is up and running. I suspect that the US intelligence agencys intend on making an example of Julian Assange by having him deported from the UK to Sweden and then grabbing him under some ancient treasonous activity charge. The alternative would be some kind of cooperation to compromise the Wikileaks organization for the CIA's purposes. More likely he would serve as a scapegoat to all of the worlds news agencys which remain recieving a great many 'leaks' sent to them as a warning not to publish them or end up like Assange.

The out of control federal deficit remains a mystery as Saudi Arabia largely keeps America's currency floating and above water. Once the OPEC nations go to a mixed currency, that artifical hedge is going to begin disappearing. It seems that a great many of the Republicans and their Tea Bags were elected under the populist mantra of fiscal conservative. What did they do? Their first order of depraved business was borrow some 880 Billion from China which likely would be around 1 Trillion with interest. I have heard from respectful sources that America is still paying on bonds borrowed to fund the Vietnam War!

The slashing of home values by a full 1/3 represents the huge glut of homes foreclosed across America and now being held by banks wanting to dump them ASAP. Real estate as you astutely point out does have inherent value and is a good investment provided one has many spare millions to invest in the future. Those that don't can only watch while the rich get far richer.

The brand new state of the art Uranium enrichment plant displayed in North Korea is likely one of several, all compliments of nearby China. Israels officials are likely taking heart pills and sweating bullets now because a large amount of highly enriched Uranium could very well end up being sold by North Korea to their allies in Syria and Iran for cash or Oil for Syria or Iran to produce small and highly effective Uranium based nuclear weapons which they could carry and place exactly where they wanted them, if that was their decision to do so.

The flooding down your way looks rather far reaching! It seems a great many from Riverside down thru Southern California were taken unaware and the heavy silt is not really a mess across a large section of California. Were you swept up in that madness? Not much you can do but hope you are high enough above the rivers and drainage system. I saw video's of prisoners relaying sandbags thru various neighborhoods trying to save some homes from flooding.

Some of the nearby mountains are now coated with light snow and the wind drafting down is visibly cold! With all that rain down there, you should be seeing some rainbows! Were you able to see the total lunar eclipse at your location? I had scattered cloud cover at the beginning of the eclipse however a ground fog rolled in during the total eclipse and the extremely bright moon winked out totally. The neighborhood dogs starting barking and remained barking until the total eclipse finished some two hours later. I didn't have the means to roll up into a higher location to have a better view of the lunar eclipse. The darkness was impressive thou, it was very blanked out.

May your holidays be pleasent and your fires be bright.

Your Friend
A. Smith

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