November 4, 2009

7th person arrested in gang rape

Posted: 08:59 AM ET

A seventh person has been arrested in a gang rape on a high school campus in northern California, police said Tuesday.

Richmond Police Lt. Mark Gagan did not identify the suspect. Of those arrested so far, one was released for lack of evidence. Police say as many as 10 people were involved in the rape October 24 in a dimly lit alley outside Richmond High School, where a homecoming dance was taking place. Another 10 people watched the attack without calling 911, police say.

Authorities say the attack lasted for more than two hours. The victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and was released Wednesday. The victim's parents issued a statement that urged those in the community to work to ensure that such an attack never happens again.

"If you need to express your outrage, please channel your anger through positive action," they said, according to the Rev. Jim Wheeler, who said he was the family's pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Richmond.

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SCROOGED Dave W. Dawson   November 4th, 2009 10:14 am ET

When you're up against a wall of COMPLACENCY that starts in the tiny minds of CRAZY CRIMINALS, the Justice system is reminded that the Victim HAD Rights.
Where are those Rights now?
Get a grip of yourself America.
You've had Voice Stress Analysis Software being used in every aspect of Life & Homeland Security for quite some time.
When testosterone gets out out of control, there's no way to hide it from a Voice Stress Analysis test.
The punks lied to themselves as well.
If they can't do it properly, then they were EDUCATED IMPROPERLY.
COMPLACENCY in the Education System means that RESPECTED COMMUNITY VALUES are not adhered to.
The need NOT TO RAPE must be addressed since it's a PSYCHOSEXUAL DISORDER related directly to IMMATURITY.
IMMATURITY means not being mentally capable to handle the issues of Life no matter the age.
No self-respecting Teen or Adult would ever commit to such a SERIOUS OFFENCE.
Behaviour self-modification going into FALSE ADULTHOOD must be CORRECTED using the Software prescribed.
Every other kind of testosterone in the Gene Pool does it all without RAPE.
It's important to understand that the pre-disposition to be COMPLACENT to the SELF is the INDISCIPLINE that must tagged in not necessarily the D.N.A., but the R.N.A. at MYTOCHONDRIAL level.
A teen drifting into RAPE DESTROYS the Rights of the Victim IRREVERSIBLY.
America will very quickly have to get off its' COMPLACENT butt to use PRO-ACTIVE FILTERING against BUDDING RAPISTS.
Nipping this type of DESTROYER in the BUD puts weight behind one of many good ECONOMIC GUIDES;
Before the Rapist raped the Victim;
The Court costs for this kind of LIFE-DESTROYING OFFENCE is massive for something that should have already been eradicated DECADES ago.
My heart is with the Victims of this kind of COMMUNITY COMPLACENCY.
Biblically it's classified under GREED because the perpetrators MALICIOUSLY TOOK AWAY that which could not be replaced.
Rapists are being dragged to Hell by COMPLACENCY.
Anyone who turns a blind eye to events where the Rights of the Victim are totally DESTROYED must seriously consider their RESPONSIBILITY for or against such IRREVERSIBLE DESTRUCTION.
CONTROLLING TESTOSTERONE GLOBALLY is a massive job, but the prescribed Software will provide the initial screening before genetic pre-disposition to RAPE – IS – NIPPED – IN – THE – BUD.
Faulty testosterone causes virtually every problem in the World.
In America's case, the Law has always stood AGAINST RAPE.
EMPHASISING that RAPE is DESTRUCTION & therefore CORRUPTION, the F.B.I. & the Dept. of Corrections should be able to spearhead the necessary education to the appropriate use & line of questioning to provide the necessary filtering of any Teen drawn towards any CRIME.
THE VIOLENT & CRIMINAL NATURE OF THE DISTURBED MIND is comprehensively categorised & every SHRINK worth any salt should fully back this approach to ending any kind of CRIMINAL INFLUENCE.
In any attempted RAPE in future, the would-be victim should have the ability to to say "I'M PRETENDING TO PANIC."

A. Smith   November 4th, 2009 11:17 am ET

This is precisely why there are prisons in all civilized country's. Not to lock up someone selling pot on the street corner, but for rabid animals like these 7 kids.

These kids should do 20-30 years of hard core prison time, with regular reports of their 'experiences in prison' being relayed back to this community.

A. Smith

ckelly   November 4th, 2009 3:46 pm ET

Rape is rage DIRECTED at women. Its also about an attitude towards women that says "you are not human" "you are powerless" "I am entitled" and "sex=violence" and that behavior is learned.

Where do they learn this?

Domestic violence. Domestic violence and the number of children who witness violence against women is at an all time high-the leading cause of death in women and girls under 30 is murder. In fact an abuser is more likely to abuse, rape murder if he witnesses his mother being abused than if he/she herself was the target.

Every day little girls (and boys) and teenage girls are reported abducted and murdered on the news- but our society does virtually nothing to stop it. Why do they tell us about it?

The vast majority of human beings "trafficked" are women and girls world wide.

Women still make only .77 of a man's earning dollar.

Women are depicted visually as "bodies" on rock/rap videos, "catwalks" and on the cover's of both womens and men's magazines.

The sexualized images of women and girls sells everything from dolls to Depends undergarments..

The rap, rock and dance music industry both celebrate and demean images of sexual women simultaneously. While the lyrics played are so demeaning.

The entertainment industry contributes to raising children, especially poor children -children learn their values through what they witness at home, in their neighborhoods and through the hero's in music, movies and video games.

Religious groups exploit women through patriarchial authority and rules that apply to women but not to men (fundamentalist religions in particular ie Christianity and Islam and cult factions. The Catholic church will not allow women a place of power designated through religious dogma to men.

Women are not well represented in places of authority such as the top of corporations, medical boards, finance and politics..

Its considered "fair game" to make sexual remarks about candidates running for president or vice-president (even if we don't agree with their politics) while racist comments against a man is considered the ultimate outrage.

Women are blamed for the domestic violence and rapes they endure through the legal system. ie "he said versus she said". In the cases of rape, her sexual history becomes the target to discredit her.

Football players, celebrities, musicians, late night talk show hosts get away with rape, murder, domestic violence and sexually charged behavior and their fans "are happy" when they are vindicated by their high price lawyers-there is a common theme of blaming the woman.

The multi-billion dollar on-line porn industry that has gone viral since the inception of the world wide webb. Pornography has changed greatly in the last 30 years.

"mail-order brides"; blow-up dolls and female robotics go along way to dehumanize the female as a mindless, useless, sexual beings-designed purely for a man's pleasure....

women are expected to bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan while worrying if they meet the sexual prototype...while men are "expected" to do less. In the case of many books popular today, men should be expected to stray and have affairs, especially if the woman "doesn't get herself together", "quit nagging" and "do it for him"...entitlement, entitlement..

Single mothers who have no support from the men who impregnated them and abandoned them-no respect. Single Mother's are not well supported in the raising of children in our society.

Lack of a good education and a variety of healthy experiences.

I could go on...Rape IS about violence but it is primarily an attitude of extorted male entitlement that views women as not human, not valuable, not powerful, and are purely for a man's sexual gratification -first and foremost.

The world we live in teaches young men that rape is OK.

ckelly   November 4th, 2009 5:39 pm ET

I heard on HLN the other day, that according to criminology statistics, 76% of the worlds "serial killers" live in the USA..

Off course in other countries there are war crimes against women and children, murders through horrendous criminal regimes in African nations and guerrilla warfare. In many middle eastern/asian countries women are set on fire or buried alive for "dishonoring" their fathers, brothers etc...women are blamed for corrupting their rapists and sent to jail if raped. women or disowned and rejected by their families.

We have to clean up our own back yard. Why is it that crimes against girls and women and discrimination against women are not taken seriously by our communities and the media? Why is the greatest "ISM" of the century not addressed by the media?

The recent case of the rapist/serial killer who buried 10 women in his house is now being used as an example to "describe racist practices by police who didn't investigate the house" Is this really what "ITS" about??

Jaycee Duggard was held by a serial rapist/sexoffender and nobody checked out this situation either..he was white/she was white...

Every minute of every day a woman is beaten by her partner, raped, murdered or trafficked in North America!!! This is not a war of race-it is a war against women.

Linda Steele   November 4th, 2009 11:04 pm ET

Larry, how can you continue to interview these so caled "super stars" like Mariah Carey, who have so many items to push on to us, we who are struggling with our lives, losing money, jobs, etc....and we need to see her huge diamond ring, her perfume, her CD...Please, give us a break and get some real people on your show...not these silly so called "Personalities" who no more know what it is like to survive in this depressed world. We are all losing money every day and these "Personalities" are raking in the bucks pushing their bodies, facies, voices, etc...
Get real Larry and stop the nonsense!
One who is suffering with millions of other ordinary people out there in the USA, Linda!

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