October 28, 2009

Kate Gosselin: I've done tv, now on to movies

Posted: 08:04 AM ET

Answering what she described as "any and all reasonable questions" on the Monday episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Kate Gosselin refuted allegations she and her now-estranged husband Jon staged their renewal of vows in Hawaii, she insisted her kids were OK on the show - and she left the door open for a second marriage.

Despite all the troubles being a reality-show star has brought her, Kate also said she wants to stay in the limelight even after her show goes off the air. "I've done enough years on TV that I feel like it's a normal, comfortable, natural place to be," she said. "I'd love to be in a movie at some point, I'd love to be the voice of a cartoon character in a movie for my kids. I think that would be fun."

As for being married again? "To be honest, I don't know," she said when asked by a viewer. "I really don't want to be married again, but I don't want to be alone. The alone-ness is really alone." For the most part, the questions steered clear of the family drama. Viewers were interested in Kate's shoe fetish, and whether she's still clipping coupons.
Kate, 34, did lash out at the media, saying the glare of the spotlight has made it hard to maintain friendships. But she was firm in her insistence that fame hasn't harmed her kids, a claim Jon, 32, made to try to end the show.

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October 27, 2009

LKL Web Exclusive: Suzanne Somers on cancer

Posted: 06:42 PM ET

This is an LKL WEB EXLUSIVE BY SUZANNE SOMERS:suzanne somers1

There is nothing more serious than cancer. I know this firsthand, having been diagnosed with it twice.

As I’ve said in interviews and written in my book, I believe there is a time and place for Western medicine, chemo-therapeutic drugs, and even radiation. When faced with the threat of cancer, I wanted to know about all my treatment options. Yet, during both diagnoses, I was never offered any healing alternative to the standard-of-care treatment—surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and harsh after-care drugs. Why? My interviews with some of America’s leading practicing, credentialed doctors—innovative Western-trained doctors and specialists—clearly demonstrate that there are options that have been proven effective in conjunction with or as alternatives to standard of care.

I make no claims of being a physician. I am a health seeker and a concerned layperson. My intent is not to tell anyone what to do when making this most personal decision. I hope to let people know there are options, and that there are therapies that can help cancer treatment be more successful if you do choose standard of care.

What is harmful about opening a dialogue between patients, doctors, and other healers, all of whom have the same aim—a cure for this killer disease? Why are these groups not talking to each other more? Wouldn’t you want to explore and understand all sides of a life-and-death issue before deciding what’s best for you? Where is the harm in giving people more tools, more information, and more options to consider?

When a life is on the line, none of us wants to succumb to lazy thinking.

Yours in health,

Suzanne Somers

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Tonight on LKL!

Posted: 06:17 PM ET

art_hulkhogan_giPRIMETIME EXCLUSIVE:

Hulk Hogan opens up about his divorce, dating again, his son's serious car accident, and why he once thought about ending his life!


The long-awaited Michael Jackson film "This is It" premiers tonight. We'll be live from the L.A. and London premiers and talk to friends and family of the late singer. You won't want to miss it!

And we want to hear from you:

Is the movie "This Is It" coming out too soon after Michael Jackson's death?

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LKL Web Exclusive: Michael Jackson's Favorite Things

Posted: 05:55 PM ET

Miko Brando, one of Jackson's best friends, walks us through the official exhibit of Jackson's personal memorabilia. Check it out:

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Will Michael Jackson attend his own premier?

Posted: 12:33 PM ET

Editor's Note: We'll be live tonight from the London premier of "This Is It". Don't miss Larry King Live at 9ET!

art.jacksontour1via E! Online

So, you're Michael Jackson, and, if the death-hoax theorists are correct,  you're alive and presumably pretty impressed by the stunt you pulled in June.

Let's skip the obvious questions (How'd you do it? Why'd you do it? What'd you think of the Dancing With the Stars tribute?), and head straight to the biggie:

Are you going to your own movie premiere?

This Is It, in case you've been living—or hiding—under a rock, gets the star treatment today in Los Angeles, en route to opening in theaters worldwide later tonight.

So, now that we've brought you up to speed, what's it going to be? Can you resist the spotlight? The adoring crowds? The complimentary popcorn?

Oddly enough, Jackson was unavailable for comment. So, we talked to a certified faker of death. And he said Jackson should go for it. In high style.

"He should attend his own movie premiere made up as an Elvis Presley, along with 50 other Elvis imitators, and a contest: Where's Michael?" said Alan Abel.

Abel told us this via email. Or so we presume. Abel, you see, is a noted prankster. In 1980, he "died" his way into the New York Times obituary section. A day later, he held a press conference. Not bad for a man who supposedly succumbed to a heart attack.

It is a high compliment then that Abel thinks Jackson had the wherewithal—not to mention "the balls," as he put it—to pull off something similar, if grander.


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Kate Gosselin answers fan questions about how she's coping

Posted: 12:27 PM ET

via ETonline

art.kategosselin.cnnOn the night that Kate Gosselin appeared on a pre-taped TLC special answering fan questions, the mom of eight was in California participating with other authors in Night at the Village, a function connected with the Maria Shriver-hosted Women's Conference, where she revealed how she's coping now during her messy divorce.

"I wake up every day, get out of bed, do what I do because of my kids," she said on the panel. "There's many more lessons I've learned, many more things I've been through, more unexpected things, but I think at the end of it all, perseverance, determination and tenacity is definitely what will get me there."

Meanwhile, Shriver and Valerie Bertinelli commented on Kate's situation. "Love your children more than you hate your ex," Valerie said, giving her advice. "She seems to be following it. Her ex does not seem to be following it as much." "I think she's doing the best she can, which is all anyone can ask of ourselves," Maria added.

The event, in Long Beach, California, brought together 10,000 attendees in a 160,000 square foot "women's village," where there were book signings and stations touching on topics including cooking and food, health and wellness, live music and dancing, and even shopping. Proceeds from Night at the Village benefit The Women's Conference's WE programs. The main event of the conference takes place Tuesday.

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AZ sweat lodge family: 'We want the truth'

Posted: 10:58 AM ET
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October 26, 2009

Tonight on LKL!

Posted: 07:11 PM ET

Sweat Lodge EXCLUSIVE!

In their first interview, the family of Kirby Brown speaks out!  Brown is one of 3 people who died after being overcome during a sweat lodge ceremony at James Arthur Ray's "Spiritual Warrior" retreat in Arizona.

Sherri-ShepherdThe View from Sherri

Plus, "The View's" Sherri Shepherd.  She dishes on Jon & Kate, Balloon Boy, and her bad choices with some bad boys.

And we want to hear from you:

Who is your favorite personality from "The View" and why?

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LKL Web Exclusive: Miko Brando on "This Is It" - It's All Michael

Posted: 06:29 PM ET

Note: Miko Brando, son of actor Marlon Brando, was a personal assistant and long-time friend of Michael Jackson.  He will be our guest tomorrow night to discuss the premier of "This Is It."  His blog is an LKL Web Exclusive.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Dame Elizabeth Taylor.  She asked if I wanted to go see Michael's new movie, "This Is It," at the Sony Studios lot.  Well, how do you turn down an invitation like that?

Miko-Brando-&-JacksonBefore I go into the movie, let me say it was an honor to be invited by Dame Elizabeth.  She looked great, and it was really nice to see her.  Michael had her over all the time, and we got to spend a lot of time together.  She's about as good as they come, and she and Michael were great friends.  They shared a mutual love, respect and admiration for each other.

Now, the movie.  Dame Elizabeth loved it, and so did I.  It was like he was still here, which made it a little bit eerie for me, and very emotional.   Thank God I had my Kleenex handy.

The movie follows Michael through the last few months at rehearsals for the "This Is It" concerts.  It's a lot of backstage footage of him through the process.

Michael's fans will really enjoy this movie.  His creative brilliance comes out in the film.  It will prove he was ready to go - he was there, just days away from going to London and doing these 50 shows.  He was 50 years-old, and he looked and sounded amazing - a genius to the end.

I'm not trying to sell anything to anybody, but this movie shows Michael was a normal person.  He went to work, and did his job, his job was just a bit different.  It will also show he was great, up to the very end.

My favorite part of the film was when Michael performed "Human Nature."   It's a hard song for me to hear it on the radio or on CD, but to see him perform it on stage - it gets to me.  I'm not sure why that song more than any other, but I always enjoyed the way he performed it on stage.  It did something for me then, and it still does.

As much as I enjoyed the movie, it was hard for me to watch.  I still don't watch movies of my dad.  It's just too tough.  I have the same feelings about seeing Michael on screen.  It's hard to watch someone I've spent so many years with - someone who was such a part of my life - look so vibrant on screen, and know he's not with me anymore.  I've had so many losses in the last few years, they're stacking up for me.

I'm told some are speculating there was a Michael "double" in parts of the movie.  I can tell you that is simply NOT TRUE.  I was there for all the rehearsals.  That's all Michael.  It's Michael Jackson, and only Michael Jackson.  They just want to make a stupid story out of nothing.

I think people will leave the theater after seeing "This Is It" saying "WOW!"  Wow because he was about as close to genius as you can get, and the film gives us a rare look at that genius.  You can't take your eyes off of him because he's so electrifying.  I'm proud of it, and I'm sure he would be too.

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Ricky Gervais to host Golden Globes

Posted: 04:11 PM ET

via E! Online

art_gervais_giThe Golden Globes just got a whole lot funnier.

One of our favorite awards shows—it has movies and TV!—just tapped one of our favorite stars—he's done movies and TV!—to host.

No, it's not Neil Patrick Harris. The Office originator, Ricky Gervais, will be donning a penguin suit, looking handsome and leading the charge of statuettes handed out at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 17.

He'll be taking the reins from, well, no one.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association hasn't selected a host for their big night since 1995.

Gervais' stock went up after a guffaw-inducing segment on the 2008 Emmys, which prompted talk of Oscar hosting.

We just hope the Invention of Lying writer-director-star was telling the truth when he said, "Not only is this the biggest Hollywood celebration of the industry which includes both film and TV, but also an environment where I can get free reign as a host."

We've seen what he does when he has "free reign" and we couldn't be more excited. But Steve Carell may want to watch his back.

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