October 29, 2009

Friend of gang rape victim blasts school officials over safety

Posted: 07:58 AM ET

She had come alone to the Richmond High School homecoming dance, gorgeous in a sparkling purple dress and faux diamond baubles. The DJ played salsa, meringue, rap. When the teenager disappeared, her friends thought she had gone home early.

Except she never said goodbye.

"We were going to go look for her," said Kami Baker, 16, a junior at the school.

The next day, Baker learned the ugly truth about what had happened to her friend.

She had been gang raped and beaten for almost two-and-a-half hours and left unconscious under a bench shortly before midnight Saturday night.

"I busted up crying," Baker said.

The campus incident in the Bay Area city north of Oakland has shaken students and their families. Baker was one of many people connected to the school and the community who lashed out at officials at a public safety hearing Wednesday.

Baker blamed school district officials for not doing enough to protect her school - and her friend. She said none of the four officers who were at the homecoming dance was patrolling the school premises even though there were a dozen young men hanging out just a few feet from the gym entrance. She says school officials chose not to take any action.

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SLM   October 29th, 2009 9:50 am ET

Blame the school?? What about blaming the rapists and the spectators. Is anyone responsible for their own actions anymore? It's always the fault of someone else. Put blame where blame should go and quit making excuses for peoples actions.

jon parry   October 29th, 2009 10:53 am ET

The event is awful..what can you say. Larrys show last night featured Dr Chopra and another doctor a phsiciatrist {sp} I believe. WHO WAS THAT GUY?? His information and back and forth with Chopra was brilliant. Mirror nuerons and peptides I had not heard of. This stuff needs to be discussed more. It is who and what we are. It explains why we do evrerything ..not just this one incident. How can I get a copy of last nights show?

deb   October 29th, 2009 1:48 pm ET

the reason you never heard of mirror neurons, and peptides is because they were just invented!!!! duhhhhh!!!!! your not the sharpest tool in the shed...... money making scams..... watch your back when it comes to doctors and psychiatrist's.... my cousin became a psychiatrist at 38 years old..... but, before getting her degree she had a kid at 17 that she gave away..... she got married at 21 and had 2 more boys, with a nice guy who got a college degree in computer programming and was and still is a great father..... but, she left him at 27 because she said he was to boring..... then she fooled around hung out at bars, and finally met another guy at 33.... he was 10 years younger then her..... had no children but did not talk.... basically he's a mute..... then she proceeded to marry this young guy, and she had a robin hood wedding were her new husband wore tights, and she wore a maidens dress, and they had a fiddler for music..... my point is that anyone can go and get a degree to become a psychiatrist.... anyone.... no matter how nutty they are.... its just a way to make money, a living... dont take these psychiatrist's who's past, and present you dont know seriously.... they do not have the answers and most of them are nuts.....

jon parry   October 29th, 2009 3:27 pm ET

Candice Pert Phd first identified the endorphin recepter while working at the National Institute of Health in I think 1974. Peptides and recepters are responsible for every thought, feeling every man, animal has ever had in the history of the universe down to the lowly hagfish. Which judging by the previous responses posted to my simple inquiry of the Dr.s name must be a not to distant relative of yours.

Dodie ~ California   October 29th, 2009 3:55 pm ET

@ deb Neurons and Peptides have been around for at least 40 years. Granted they are more widely known because of the SRI's and now SNRI's; however, I studied them in the early 1980s and it was NOT new news then.

Jon Parry is right on target! Every feeling, movement, thought and memory is carried through your synapse. These are your neuro-peptides. They in essence "carry the message" Any Neurologist can explain this to you probably better than I can.

Dodie ~ California   October 29th, 2009 3:57 pm ET

Its a tragic event. This poor girl will carry the scars emotionally for life. I hope these jokers end up in prison....

and... I hope their cell mate is "big Bubba" the fornicator of men!!! To Give them a little 'taste' of their bad behaviors!

L   October 29th, 2009 4:00 pm ET

I didn't get to see what Deepak Chopra said.. since at the gym the tv's didn't have sound.. but I am not surprised by the comments here that they all want to make money (and publicity)

Just for your info.. it is WRITE

L   October 29th, 2009 4:07 pm ET

For anyone truly interested in learning more about society.. please
read Philip Slater "In Pursuit of Loneliness" and check more Noam Chomsky

We have money for wars.. but not for Education

I have observed "the Police" for long.. and they are not truly honorable and "uphold what is right against wrong.." most officers don't go out of their way.. to serve the public

If they had.. they would have been roaming around the school.. and preventing and predicting "bad situations."

I would "hang" the rappers.. and make it a public execution

Then I don't excuse them for anything

But Parents.. and officials.. are lazy.. and that is why don't use their intellect to predict and prevent this kind of situations

Years ago.. whenever I see a job offer from Richmond.. I already know that is a town not to accept any job offers from

If the rappers want to do bad things .. just join the military.. you will get paid.. fed.. and even label.. "freedom fighter.." and you will never be sent to jail for anything

Be all you can be is a thousand times more ciriminal.. but people cannot see it.. because instead of reading a book and studying what is going on.. they watch Larry King

True education is the key.. but in the USA.. is the least thing people in power want you to have

Smarten up

Take some Jiujitsu classes.. put your children first.. pay for them to be in good environments.. and avoid Richmond like the Bubonic plague

Just my 2 cents

deb   October 29th, 2009 4:58 pm ET

not for nothing but we also have a bladder, and if i used it to piss on someone's head, that would be my choice, and my actions... call it whatever you want a peptide, a neuron.... everyone knows right from wrong.... on 9/11 why didnt those people have this so called emotional retardation.... i live in staten island, and i know alot of people that died, and alot that were by standers..... everyone, and i mean everyone was calling 911 that day...... so there goes the emotional retardation theory.... and, if anything would cause emotional retardation it would be witnessing 911.... i wouldnt by this bs no matter what anyone said.... if it was deepak, or his kid all of a sudden he would be claiming that everyone knows right from wrong.... people do and say whats convenient..... he sells books, and theories..... PERIOD!!! and, by the way these psychiatrist's were saying that these kids had a bad childhood and thats why they did nothing to help, and raped this 15 year old..... well, first of all the police dont even know yet who was involved, and who the bystanders where, but, these doctors know they had a bad upbringing.... they dont even know them... i had a extremely horrifying childhood, and i would have called 911, and i have in the past for far less evil crimes.... give me a break having a hard life doesnt have anything to do with knowing right from wrong, or calling 911.... it's the dumbest and most evil excuse i have ever heard neurons or not... dont blame evil on neurons.... just remeber guns dont kill people, people kill people..... well, guess what neurons dont rape 15 year olds, people rape 15 year olds......

L   October 29th, 2009 4:59 pm ET

Just to contrast teenagers in rich areas and in poor areas.. this is my comparison
between Richmond and Pleasanton teenagers

Rich teenagers from Pleasanton witnessed.. about 3 weeks ago.. how Pleasanton Police
was rude to a drunken man's friends and a drunk mature guy who was bothering no one.. and
almost passed out at the bathrooms

It was outside InNout.. and .. ironically.. all their education didn't teach them to spot
injustice and overreaction from cops (they just witnessed passively how cops were obnoxious and rude.. and not truly fighting for justice or a better society)

to give credit where credit is due.. the officers side.. one of the rude police cops did apologize later

But it shows.. that inaction is the norm.. whether is a rich or a poor teenager

I have seen so many times Police to be unjust to people of color
and I have stood up to them

But it came from my true Christian background of emulating Christ
The ability to stand up to injustice or suffering of another human being

Richmond teenagers are equally cowards to injustice.. as the ones I saw
at Pleasanton

They were about 20 teenagers.. and they just let the cops muscled their way around

I have seen this too over South San Jose.. and cops overreacting and treating
teenagers as terrorists

But when it counts.. cops are not to be seen around

Richmond needs better schools and education and wealth.. but even in rich areas..
to dare to stand up to injustice.. is a very rare thing to witness

Just my 2 cents again

deb   October 29th, 2009 5:05 pm ET

so what..... what your saying is that neurons and peptides carry thoughts, memories, and feelings through a synpses.... o.k. so they are a vehicle to carry messages from one part of the brain to the other.... they do not make a person commit evil acts.... they are vehicles of feelings, and emotions that a person has already decided to have.... so what..... their still evil.... i dont care how the messages got carried from one place to the next.... all i care about is where the message came from to begin with.... and, the message comes from a choice a person makes on there own, of their own free will......

Dodie ~ California   October 29th, 2009 6:30 pm ET

@ deb

You stated: the message comes from a choice a person makes on there own, of their own free will.

That is absoutely correct! That is why they need to pay the consequences of their very bad behaviors! Those boys need to be responsible for the behaviors they chose to do.

I do not believe in evil... I view it as very poor judgment and terrible behavior.

Rape is acting out one's rage. Rape is an act of violence even though it was done sexually. Using objects on someone else in a rape demonstrates the violence.

Coercion is still NO excuse! The same could be said to the Kids who were 'coerced " asking them... so if these guys told you to shoot yourself in the head...are you going to do it? No!

Dodie ~ California   October 29th, 2009 6:41 pm ET

@ deb

After reading all that you have blogged in here, it seems obvious to me that either you or someone very close to you was raped! I am so sorry that you or the other person had to experience it. It is a horrible act of violence and no one should have to experience it!

deb   October 29th, 2009 7:51 pm ET

I was never raped, and I personally don't know anyone who was..... but, i have a conscience...... thank god i grew up being very street smart and stayed out of trouble..... if this was about someone being mugged for money, or child abuse, or race i would react the same way.... unfortunately im one of the few decent people in the world, and im proud of that..... you say you dont believe in evil...... what about Hitler.... he wasn't EVIL..... then what the hell was he..... a guy with poor judgement...... give me a break.... he took chunks of childrens brains, while they were awake for amusement, and experimental purposes..... he was and still is EVIL, where ever that sicko went..... you cant be serious a person has to be raped to be outraged by this story..... then i guess a person has to be hit/ or know someone hit by a drunk driver to be outraged about drunk driving..... you have to be kidding.... a 15 year old being raped for 2 hours by 10 guys would make anyones stomach turn..... its called human decency.;... rape is an act of violence, of course its not an act of kindness..... look it doesnt matter their twisted people in this world who will defend these monsters no matter what, and im just glad im normal and stable enough to see through wackos..... i dont trust anyone who defends evil.... you seem like a nice lady, but i have to disagree here....

deb   October 29th, 2009 7:53 pm ET

I was never raped, and I personally don't know anyone who was..... but, i have a conscience...... thank god i grew up being very street smart and stayed out of trouble..... it;s not even obvious to you that these people are evil..... but, its obvious i know someone who was raped because i watched larry king last night.... im sorry but your not playing with a full deck..... if this was about someone being mugged for money, or child abuse, or race i would react the same way.... unfortunately im one of the few decent people in the world, and im proud of that..... you say you dont believe in evil...... what about Hitler.... he wasn't EVIL..... then what the hell was he..... a guy with poor judgement...... give me a break.... he took chunks of childrens brains, while they were awake for amusement, and experimental purposes..... he was and still is EVIL, where ever that sicko went..... you cant be serious a person has to be raped to be outraged by this story..... then i guess a person has to be hit/ or know someone hit by a drunk driver to be outraged about drunk driving..... you have to be kidding.... a 15 year old being raped for 2 hours by 10 guys would make anyones stomach turn..... its called human decency.;... rape is an act of violence, of course its not an act of kindness..... look it doesnt matter their twisted people in this world who will defend these monsters no matter what, and im just glad im normal and stable enough to see through wackos..... i dont trust anyone who defends evil.... you seem like a nice lady, but i have to disagree here....

LMB   October 29th, 2009 7:54 pm ET

LOVE Dodie and Deb!

I was shocked at last night's program, how the gang rape of a 15 year old girl became a plug for Deepak Choprah's book. Who cares if we all have a reptilian brain, or how thoughts travel through your brain. We all have the same brain physiologically, but very few of us would rape someone, or watch someone being gravely harmed and not do something, call someone. They were missing the point last night.

One very important detail that I read about in the news about this tragedy is that alcohol was involved, with this girl and possibly with the defendants. I heard this mentioned only one time in last night's program, along with that alcohol affects the brain's frontal cortex, the part that makes decisions.

Three times at my college, once with my dorm roommate, and with two other girls that lived on our floor, they went out, had too much to drink, passed out, and found out later that they had been raped not just by one boy, but by many. Pictures were taken and were being circulated, talk gets around. Two of the girls quit school. I don't know what happened to the third.

Dodie, I don't quite agree with you that rape is an act of rage. Sometimes, it's an act of opportunity, and I do think that sometimes, some men think that if a woman has become helpless because of something she has done, like drink too much, and there's a strong possibility that they won't get caught, that she won't remember and she can't fight back, go ahead and do it.

Even our own son had this attitude, and I couldn't believe it. Despite how I had raised him,and I had raised him so hard to be a good man. He was a bit of an a##hole back then, when he was a freshman in college.

Some of his old friends that were seniors in his old high school got in trouble. One of the boy's idiot parents had intentionally left alcohol available for the kids at a party and had left town. A girl at the party had too much to drink, passed out, and was violated terribly. The family and girl prosecuted. Our son was home from school and we were watching the news together while the trial was going on. He said, 'I talked to those guys. Before she passed out, she said 'Go for it', so they did.'

Our son is older, and not that a##hole anymore, thank God.

For me, last night's LKL was such a waste. They should have been talking about what was more important. Not promoting a book or talking about group thinking, how the brain works. The important thing was, 'What is rape?' Have rape councilors there. What can we do to prevent this? How do we protect young women?

I don't know if I'm going to watch LKL again, hr dropped this ball so badly. Right now, no.

deb   October 29th, 2009 7:57 pm ET

i also blogged about tuesday night's show about diane schuler the drunk driver who killed 8 people...... so i guess i was hit by a drunk driver...... and, michael moore must be losing his house, and job because he's outraged about the economy..... you make no sense.... why are you even blogging about the story if you dont give a damn.....

Dianne   October 29th, 2009 7:58 pm ET

Of course the school bears some resposibility and the city. When the school has activities, the entire school campus should have been monitored for safety. Many degenerates are out there and now for sure inside the school. All the way around, security failed. The degenerates who did this should be imprisoned for life. The animals who did this and the ones who watched are barely human. What humane person could stand by and watch such vile cruelty done to another human.

LMB   October 29th, 2009 8:03 pm ET

Sorry. Took me too long to type. Love Dodie, Not Deb. Deb, you're rambling. Are you OK?

Dianne   October 29th, 2009 8:06 pm ET

This young girl did not pass out until later. She went outside with someone she trusted. I read on CNN that some of the people of that city came out to let America know that all the kids are not like those who did the crime or watched. How deplorable, thinking of yourselves. It is not about you. It is about a young 15 year old child whose life will be forever changed. A young girl whose trust and what she thinks of herself hasw been affected. Not one of you in that city is more important than that child. It doesnot matter what one thinks about your city. Get a real heart and put that child first.

RJ   October 29th, 2009 8:25 pm ET

My problem is that a white girl was brutally raped by at least 10 Mexican men and not one word of this being a hate/race crime! Obama just signed a bill thats supposed to protect this girl but because she`s white she doesnt qualify for the same rights as minorities enjoy! Why is it always considered a race/hate crime as long as the victims arent white?

deb   October 29th, 2009 8:26 pm ET

LMB you call your own son an ahole..... and, last post you said you dont agree with dodie that rape is an act of rage, now you dont agree with me.... make up your mind hun, your the one rambling.... like we say in staten island, ny ...the malls open ain't nobody shopping.... that's you LMB... i would never refer to my own son as an ahole because if he was it is because his parents are also ahole's... duh....

RJ   October 29th, 2009 8:31 pm ET

Sure as I breathe if the girl had been Latino and the gang of boys were white Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been all over this story but because the victim was white not a word mentioned of what this really was!

jon parry   October 29th, 2009 8:35 pm ET

Ok Im going to try one more time. Does anyone know the name of the doctor who was talking with Deepak Chopra last night. He mentioned a peptide I had not heard of before. What happened to that girl was horrible and if i was there I would have probably been killed defending her right after I called 911. I am not defending Larry King having those people on this show about this tragedy. Brain chemistry is something I am really interested in. Not to understand criminal behavior but because it is the basis of everything we think and do. Chopra is a bit "Hollywood" for me personally but the other doctor was speaking about things I would like to research. Does anyone remember his name?

RJ   October 29th, 2009 8:36 pm ET

Has anyone checked to see if these boys were even citizens of this country? I`d bet my next paycheck that most were not and if they had been checked for citizenship this innocent would have never happened! Wake up America, your trying way to hard to appease minorities at the expense of your white kids rights!

Dianne   October 29th, 2009 8:41 pm ET

jon parry I think his name was Daniel Amen. Not quite sure I remember correctly.

jon parry   October 29th, 2009 8:45 pm ET

Bless you Diane!! carry on

Dianne   October 29th, 2009 9:05 pm ET

Michael Moore is like Lou Dobbs. Always against any improvement. So ready to find fault.

vallary   October 29th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

THis is flat wrong everybody that watch or done should be put in jail with bubba. When are people going to step and doing something about this kinda of stuff. Why do we think gings and bullies are growing in numbers. Because we sit back and do nothing. I know people get scared because they think the group will turn on them. and more than likely they are right but, I would were have the gang turn on me than to stand with them doing what they are doing . Please people lets start looking out for one another. Isn't that what all those men and women are fighting for us. why do we have wars, pictures of dead soliders coming hom and the president want to stand there on the plane and bring them home. BUt can't tell me why we are fighting to being with. Wouldn't that save a lot of money to bring our troops home. Please stand up people for one another. Don't you think it is time

L   October 30th, 2009 4:35 am ET

The answer to your questions vallary are in Philip Slater's book

It is a bit complex.. but summarized is: We teach people to "follow orders" and to obey .. and not to question and to think for themselves

Then when we have to dare to think for our own.. we usually can't ..
because if you are a "good boy" you just follow orders

The irony of ironies is that few people understand this

There is a place for rebellion.. but usually not even educators nor parents understand this (in this case.. rebellion against the group of bad people.. and daring to speak up for the one in need)

Then when young people or even the common people have to try to do their own thinking.. they don't have the skills to do so

I can bet you ANYTHING that you are not aware of this.. or read Philip Slater nor Noam Chomsky

If a gang of policemen would do this to a woman.. what are the chances she can actually win in court? Check San Jose.. and how the major and the main police don't want to have TRANSPARENCY in their actions (killing people and police don't get prosecuted.. )

Like I said before.. I would hang the rappers in public ..

But people (uneducated) want to make it as a race issue and an immigrant issue

The people who say this.. are the ones who believe in going to war.. and fighting for democracy.. but don't understand what Jim Crow's laws did in the past .. nor what Pete Wilson did too... nor how the USA killed ten million american indians to have this land

And since no one really has a good education.... they will keep saying the same things like everybody else

The Dalai Lama was buried alive.. and tortured.. and scientific american commented in an article decades ago .. that he shows no signs of "trauma" (nor talks about revenge nor has hatred in his heart)

Anthony de Mello gives us some clues of the power of the spirit.. and how we can surmount anything.. and truly clean our souls from even the worst experiences in life

But you won't believe this.. because this society is based on AGRANDIZING THE BAD AND PROFITING FROM BAD NEWS

We help and pitch into this cycle by even listening to the bad

I would say is going to be one in a million .. the chance .. that one person will get this message

La Ronda   October 30th, 2009 11:39 am ET

I moved from Richmond, Ca about 5 months ago. The police don't do their jobs. I was being threatened by my landlord's daughter and I called twice and no one ever showed up. I was in the process of moving and I was not able to get all of my things because my life was in jepordy. I moved to the south and I like the way the serve justice here. I think they need to bring in federal police to see exactly what the police are doing. My landlord's daughter was a crack supplier but I didn't know that when I had moved in. I called numerous times and they never did anything to help the situation. The officers there just want a paycheck and I think that alot of them are taking money off the books to look the other way!!!!!

NM Ruiz   October 30th, 2009 11:50 am ET

Larry King, how can you believe this happen? It was your question. I ask you how can you belive this happen in your program?

You did not ask the panel, how about the girl? How can she deal with the devasted experience that will be in her mind for the rest of her life? How can she deal with the physical and emotional pain? What she could be thinking and feeling during those terrible hours? How is her present condition? How will be her life from now on?

If we want people to be sensitive and show compassion, we must show it ourselves.

Susan   October 30th, 2009 5:08 pm ET

Show their faces.....every one of those creepy perps. And take off their bullet proof vests.

Jay   October 31st, 2009 4:55 pm ET

Undoubtedly a horrifically triadic event. Any civilized society should demand its members take responsibility for its functioning. Although the rapists should not be afforded any shared liability with the bystanders, those watching or otherwise failing to act should be dealt with.
On a related note, Dr. Golland’s reference to “group think” is incorrect. I’m not sure how an expert can make errors on concepts taught in Social Psych 101, but I’ll explain the relevance. Group think is the tendency for individuals working within a group to adopt extreme views (more than they would working alone) and the inability to critically evaluate contradictory information and resolution alternative. The concept Dr. Golland was talking about was really “diffusion of responsibility” – in a group people tend to allow events to occur that they would not normally have allowed and feel less responsible (or a shared responsibility).
Why is this important? Well, we can’t afford to stick bystandards in jail. How about printing their names in the newspaper? I wonder if people would not feel more of a sense of responsibility.

Kazim Ergin   November 2nd, 2009 7:52 am ET

I hope that this poor girl will live and have time to kill each and every one of theme. Just like in that wonderful movie of Clint Eastwood, Sudden Inpact. You should have more strict and severe punishments for those doers and watchers,

L   November 2nd, 2009 6:26 pm ET


There are good cops.. but they also posses a despotic culture.. meaning.. they are not usually accountable unless you truly have a videocamera showing what they really do

The sad thing is that is ALL CONNECTED..

How..? Few people can see the big picture.. Like the great business guru.. Peter Drucker

I have been in the states for twenty years.. and talked to hundreds and hundreds of Hispanic people

And the common thing.. (I am hispanic too) is that the vast majority are too busy barely making end meets.. and have no time for education

The parents don't educate themselves.. and they pass on this to their children

I have advocated for so long.. that they need to put their children in "good" environments.. and point out to them what are those environments.. but parents just shrugged it off.. go for their "chelas' (beers) .. watch football (soccer) and think they "read" because they read the newspaper

Most Mexican Immigrant are willing to work hard.. but usually they come from poor places in Mexico with little education.. not even elementary school

They get over here.. and they worry about money.. and the cycle keeps going on

But American kids are not necessarily better.. I tutor white teenagers in rich areas.. who can't see they are brainwashed to create things to kill people and work at lockheed or go to the military

The only difference.. is that the white kid has rich parents who CAN'T SEE THE BIG PICTURE

L   November 2nd, 2009 6:33 pm ET

True education is rare.. like I have mentioned and asked here before.. how many of you have read / watch Noam Chomsky?

How many of you give insights to parents.. to cops.. to society.. to leaders.. about their own lack of education?

People from abroad laugh at American Media.. because they can see
easily what is going on

Like I said before.. I would publicly hang the perpetrators.. and if I had witnessed that..

But no one looks at themselves.. (specially parents.. educators.... officials.. politicians) and ask how they contribute to the problem

In the USA the answer is very very very easy:


The sad thing is that the true root of all problems is MONEY

And americans can't seem to understand nor see .. that the main value of this society IS MONEY

Why do you think we have this blog? It is not to find true justice .. but to improve the ratings.. and numbers of watchers on Larry King..

But funny that most people where can't see that


By turning off tv completely.. by not revering money and status.. by learning to say the truth.. by "spanking" your little ones when they do wrong.. etc.. etc..

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