October 2, 2009

Ex-prosecutor admits he lied about Polanski case

Posted: 08:43 AM ET

A retired prosecutor whose comments in a 2008 HBO documentary threatened to derail a 31-year-old sex case against film director Roman Polanski now says he lied.

David Wells told CNN on Thursday that he "buttered up" his role in the Polanski case for the documentary crew. He said he lied about trying to goad a judge to sentence Polanski to prison in 1978 for having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Wells' comments in "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired" raised questions of judicial misconduct and spawned Polanski's most recent effort to get the case dismissed. But the legal challenge stalled when Polanski refused to return to the United States, where he faced certain arrest.

"I made these imprudent comments, just to liven it up a little," Wells said. "In retrospect, it was a bad thing to do, and I never knew this thing was going to be shown in the United States."

Wells now says he never spoke with the judge about the Polanski case, as he had claimed in the documentary. "I never discussed this case with [the judge] at any time," Wells told Blitzer.

Asked why he should be believed now, Wells said, "I'm destroying my character in public and everybody in the world knows about it. ... I don't like admitting this."

He agreed to take a polygraph test to set the record straight.

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jan   October 2nd, 2009 10:36 am ET

Has diane dimond given her opinion on this?

Anne   October 2nd, 2009 11:07 am ET

Or is he lying that he lied? Hmmm.....
I find all this outrage a bit disingenuous. The man has been a fugitive in plain sight for 32 years. Why didn't they arrest him years ago? They only did it now because his lawyer used that as part of his defense last year. Do not be deceived people. This has nothing to do with that child. It is all about a power struggle between the LAPD and Polansky's lawyer. If the LAPD cared about the crime committed against that child, he would have been arrested years ago.

Terry, TX   October 2nd, 2009 12:17 pm ET




lola   October 2nd, 2009 12:32 pm ET

Polanski admits to raping a 13 year old girl after getting her drunk and giving her qualudes. He sodomized her, took advantage of her and then fled the country for 30 years. He is as guilty as sin and anyone who defends his actions should be ashamed of themselves.

Cole   October 2nd, 2009 12:37 pm ET

This rapist needs to be incarcerated. I would like a list of all the celebrities who are supporting this rapist. They think if you're rich and famous, you're above the law. These celebrities disgust me more than this rapist. They have no morals and no values. Do they have kids? Do they want this rapist to drug their thirteen years old kid and rape him or her? Then what would they say? Oh, he's such a wonderful director, he should be forgiven? Even if you found cure for cancer, if you commit a crime, you need to do the time. All these celebrities disgust me. People need to boycott their movies. We should not support this rapist and his supporters by watching their movies so they could make more money.

alex lyics   October 2nd, 2009 3:48 pm ET

at 77 im sure he will mostlikely die in jail.

Dodie ~ California   October 2nd, 2009 4:55 pm ET

I do not know if this is the actual transcripts, but if they are... He belongs in prison for the rest of his life
After Polanski kissed her, the victim alleged, he began to engage in oral sex.

A: … I was ready to cry. I was kind of — I was going, ‘No. Come on. Stop it.’ But I was afraid.

Q: And what did he say, if anything?

A: He wasn’t saying anything that I can remember. He was — sometimes he was saying stuff, but I was just blocking him out, you know.


The victim testified that Polanski began having sex with her, but sodomized her when he learned she wasn’t using birth control.

A: He asked, he goes, ‘Are you on the pill?’ And I went, ‘No.’ And he goes, ‘When did you last have your period?’ And I said, I don’t know. A week or two. I’m not sure.’

Q: And what did he say?

A: He goes, ‘Come on. You have to remember.’ And I told him I didn’t.

Q: Did he say anything after that?

A: Yes. He goes, ‘Would you want me to go through your back? And I went, ‘No.’


((Hoping his life-long cellmate is Big "BABA" the fornicator of men!!!))

So he can capture a 'taste' of what it is like to be a victim

kathy40   October 3rd, 2009 9:22 am ET

This time I don't hear any CONGRESSMAN calling Polanski a pervert. As he did with Michael Jackson after his passing. Jackson was acquitted on child abuse on all 10 counts. Proven innocent, but the congressman who makes the laws did not care. Passed judgement on him anyway. And no celebrities to defend MJ either. But then ,he was only white on the surface (vitiligo) but stlll a BLACK man.Polanski is white.

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