October 31, 2009


Posted: 12:40 PM ET


Happy Halloween from the LKL BLOG!!

Do you believe in ghosts?  What scares you?  How are you celebrating Halloween?  We want to know!!!   Leave us your comments below...


Check out our great Halloween posts from Sherri Shepherd, Tippi Hedren and Larry himself!

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Tippi Hedren's Halloween Memories!

Posted: 11:03 AM ET

Do you believe in ghosts?  What scares you?  How are you celebrating Halloween?  We want to know!!!   Tippi Hedren, star of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, gives us all of her favorite Halloween memories…  58760110

1. LKL Blog: What is your favorite Halloween memory and why?

Tippi: I had a Halloween party for [daughter] Melanie [Griffith] and her friends when she was about 8 and while they were having their lunch I snuck around to the window in my witch outfit and scared the daylights out of them.  Melanie still remembers this.

2. LKL Blog: What is your favorite scary movie and why?

Tippi: The Exorcist – My ex husband, Noel Marshall, was the Executive Producer and I read it as the script was being written.  In fact, I remember elbowing Noel one night and saying that he had to get this thing produced. Demons have been know to take over humans for century's.  The movie depicted this in such a vivid way that I haven’t been able to watch it again, since it came out.

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Sherri's SCARY Halloween Memories...

Posted: 09:16 AM ET



Do you believe in ghosts?  What scares you?  How are you celebrating Halloween?  We want to know!!!   Actress and "The View" co-host, Sherri Shepherd, shares all of her favorite Halloween memories with the Larry King Live BLOG…

LKL Blog: What’s your favorite Halloween memory and why?

Sherri Shepherd: My favorite Halloween memory is when I cursed out the people that came to my door because it was grown men who walked up to my door and they had a knife stuck in their eyes with blood running down.  And they were mad because they wanted more than one snickers bar and I said, “Get a job!”  Friggin’ taking all my candy.  Best Halloween I ever had.  Got a lot of anger out!

LKL Blog: What’s your favorite scary movie?

Sherri Shepherd: My favorite scary movie is any “Dawn of the Dead,” anything where the dead come back. That movie scares the crap out of me.   One of my favorite scary movies is “I Am Legend” with Will Smith.  I mean when he looked out the window at the end of the movie and all those zombies were running towards the freaking house, I almost wet my pants.  As a matter of fact, I think I did.

LKL Blog: What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Sherri Shepherd: My favorite Halloween candy is the candy corn, the pure sugar.  You need an IV drip for after you eat ten of them.

LKL Blog: What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

Sherri Shepherd: I dressed up my child as Moses. My ex-husband thought it was really lame but everybody wanted a blessing when they saw my kid.  It was great!

LKL Blog: Do you believe in ghosts?  Any ghost sightings or experiences?

Sherri Shepherd: No, not really. No. I don’t like to scare myself like that!

LKL Blog: What does scare you?

Sherri Shepherd: To step out of my comfort zone & try new things. That scares me.

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October 30, 2009

Michael Jackson Has Earned $72 Million Since Death

Posted: 08:25 PM ET

by Paul Bond, The Hollywood Reporter 

Michael-Jackson-concertEven before the "This Is It" opening, Michael Jackson had earned $90 million in the past year, with most of it coming since his death five months ago.

That sizable sum put him third on the Forbes list of dead celebrities making the most money.

Jackson earned less than the $350 million that fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent scored in the past year, and the $235 million earned by the songwriting duo Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein.

Forbes counted money earned from October 2008-October 2009, even for Jackson, who died June 25. But about $72 million - or 80% of the $90 million earned in the past 12 months - came after Jackson's death, said a spokesperson for GreenLight, a consultancy company that represents "delebs," their term for dead celebrities still earning money.

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Larry's SCARY Halloween Memories!!!

Posted: 07:22 PM ET

Do you believe in ghosts?  What scares you?  How are you celebrating Halloween?  We want to know!!!   Larry shares his personal Halloween memories with us...   


Larry "Scary" King

1. LKL BLOG: What is your favorite Halloween memory?


LARRY KING: Running around to apartment houses, sticking pins into all the buttons ringing the bells and running away - so that people hear bells ringing and don’t know what to do to get people into their room.   It was a riot.   If I could explain it better, I’d do it!

2. LKL BLOG: What is your favorite scary movie?

LARRY KING: “Psycho.”  If “Psycho” doesn’t scare you…  In fact I saw Psycho and didn’t take a shower for two and a half years.

3. LKL BLOG: Favorite Halloween candy?

LARRY KING: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  The perfect candy.  Number two: Mounds.

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5 Questions with Psychic Laurie Levin!

Posted: 05:14 PM ET

god the universe1Noted therapist and psychic, Laurie Levin, answers our 5 Questions...and says everyone has psychic abilities.  Her book, God, the Universe and Where I Fit In, explains how we can all tap into that divine guidance...if we just open our minds to it. 


 1. LKL Blog: You are a therapist but call yourself a psychic?  Laurie Levin: I really like to refer to myself as an intuitive, because that’s more all-encompassing.  I’ve been this way for a long time and I went to get my doctorate to bring spirituality to psychology and psychiatry.  There are many people who have spiritual experiences that are not psychotic or having hallucinations. 

 2. LKL Blog: I’ve read that you say that everyone has 'psychic abilities' – so I’m wondering if you can sort of explain that, how people can get in touch with those abilities. 

Laurie Levin: There are senders and receivers – and we are guided by ancestral lines that protect, love and guide us.  There’s also your connection to people who are living.  Let’s say that you graduated college a few years ago, and you're thinking of your college roommate that you haven't seen in 10 or 15 years all day - and you come home and they are on your voicemail.  There are times when you thought you were on a directive to go to the store and for some reason you decided to turn right.  And turning right on a whim was the right move because something happened – you avoided an accident, or you avoided traffic, or you got a better parking space.  There was something that guided you on a whim, that wasn't what your directive was.  Men don't have an easy time saying intuition or psychic.  But they do have an easier time saying instinct or gut knowing.   

There are things that are beyond random or beyond coincidence.  And now we're outside explainable, traditional, tangible senses.  Let’s say you’re in a diner waiting for a friend.  You’re in a booth.   Just take the time to self-consult in a different way.  Everybody has questions that you’re asking yourself all day long – but what if you ask a question like (assuming you are connected to something beyond the five senses, and you’re willing to try that on) – what if you did say ‘what might I not even know to ask?’  Whatever your religious belief system is, whatever your position is on what’s out there that makes us senders and receivers – it doesn’t have to be religion, doesn’t have to be spiritual.  It might be that you’re atheist but you believe that we’re connected.  Whatever it is, call on that what you believe in and say ‘what might I want to know that I may not even know to ask?’  Given that there is something out there that is guiding us, let it come forward and speak to you.  Leave room.  Stay empty.  And then watch for the signals.  The signals may come in very different ways for everybody.  Some may have a knowing light in the moment.  Some might have a dream.  Some might have a day dream.  Some may have a body-knowing.  Some may wake up in the morning and have a refrain of a song in their head that they can’t shake.  And in singing that song, they may realize there’s a lyric, or a riff of that lyric, that has profound significance to something that they are working on or through.    

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TONIGHT: Ghosts, Goblins & Spirits!

Posted: 03:37 PM ET

HKG2004103159092Tune in for a very scary Larry King Live tonight! Ghostbuster Dan Akroyd and real-life ghost hunters join Larry for this spooky special. Plus, Joan Rivers tells us about her haunted apartment. Don't miss it!

And don't forget to tell us what you're going to be for Halloween!

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Rob Zombie: Hollywood's a scary place

Posted: 12:22 PM ET

By Doug Gross

story_rob_zombie_courtesy(CNN) Don't bother complaining to Rob Zombie about how Hollywood's out of original ideas and keeps remaking old movies.

The director of the reworked "Halloween" and "Halloween 2" - whose future plans include the possibility of a new take on 1958's "The Blob" - will probably agree with you.

"I used to be one of those people - and still sort of am," said Zombie, the rocker/director whose "Halloween 2" is set to be re-released in about 1,000 theaters this weekend in honor of its namesake holiday. "But, unfortunately, I don't run Hollywood, so I kind of have to look at what's there and go, 'Well, OK, this is how they want to do things and I want to make movies.'

"So I try to do what I tried to with 'Halloween' - take something and as much turn it into my own thing as possible."

Zombie, whose "House of 1,000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects" became instant cult favorites, called Hollywood "a scared town" where, especially in tough economic times, studios want to put money behind what they think is a sure bet.


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Five things you didn't know about Halloween!

Posted: 12:19 PM ET

Editor's Note: Don't miss a very scary Larry King Live tonight! Ghostbuster Dan Akroyd and others join Larry to talk ghosts, goblins and spirits!

via Huffington Post

Halloween Mask1) Halloween Is The Second Highest Grossing Commercial Holiday After Christmas

What used to be just a singular holiday with minimal things to purchase has turned into an entire "Halloween Season." Between decorative lights and lawn ornaments, elaborate costumes and loads of candy, the average American spends a pretty penny on this fall holiday. However popular Halloween has become, the recession has affected spending for this year's spooky night. Spending is down, according the the National Retail Federation. Shoppers will spend an average of $56.31 on the holiday compared to $66.54 in 2008. Some ways people are cutting down include making homemade costumes, using last year's decorations and buying less expensive candies. For the children's sake, let's hope everyone doesn't resort to giving out apples and pennies. Didn't you just hate that as a kid?

2) Harry Houdini died on October 31, 1926

The famous magician was killed (accidentally) by a McGill University student named J. Gordon Whitehead who was hitting him in the stomach repeatedly as part of a stunt. A week later he died of peritonitis from a ruptured appendix. Despite acute appendicitis, Houdini refused to seek medical treatment. 

3) There's A Phobia For That

Samhainophobia is an intense and persistent fear of Halloween that can cause panic attacks in sufferers. Other relevant phobias for this time of year: wiccaphobia (fear of witches), phasmophobia (fear of ghosts), and coimetrophobia (fear of cemeteries).

4) The First Jack-O-Lanterns Weren't Made Out Of Pumpkins

They were originally hollowed-out turnips. The modern practiced mutated from the Irish tradition of carving faces of the the dead onto the gourds and putting candles inside to make them glow. These days your Jack-O-Lantern is most made out of a pumpkin, which most likely came from Illinois–a state that grew 542 million pounds of pumpkin in 2007.

5) One Quarter Of All The Candy Sold Annually Is For Halloween Night

Yes, no matter how much we eat for Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween has corned the market on candy. As a country we consume 20 million pounds of candy corn a year. Handing out Halloween treats is the perfect excuse to eat some too, as four-in-ten (41%) adults admit that they sneak sweets from their own candy bowl. And if you're a kid, hang on to your basket, because home is where the candy thief is as 90% of parents admit to sneaking goodies from their kids' Halloween trick-or-treat bags. But whether your stealing some, handing out some or having yours stolen, chances are you'll get your hands (or miss getting your hands) on a Snickers bar, it has been the number 1 Halloween candy for years.

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October 29, 2009

Tonight on Larry King Live

Posted: 08:04 PM ET

larrykingTonight on Larry King Live -

What's Michael Moore got against capitalism?  The liberal filmmaker says it's evil.

Plus, Congressman Ron Paul, he's had it with Republicans, and now he's threatening Democrats.  He wants Washington to quit playing politics with your healthcare.

Then, Ed Norton joins Larry to talk about his new documentary.  President Obama as you've never seen him before.  An unprecedented and personal look at a man and his family's rise to power.

All tonight, 9pm ET, on Larry King Live!

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