September 25, 2009

TONIGHT: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Posted: 06:54 PM ET

Ahmadinejad-LKLIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Iran’s nuclear program, what he thinks of President Obama’s accusation that he’s breaking rules, and his controversial re-election!

Plus, wait until you hear the President and Larry's heated exchange about the Holocaust.

And we want to hear from you:

Are you concerned about Iran's nuclear program?

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Susan Quigley   September 25th, 2009 7:02 pm ET

I would like to know what Israel has for weapons of mass destruction?

shaghayegh irani   September 25th, 2009 7:17 pm ET

Ahmadinejad is not our president ,so we don't have any question.

Jamshid Zadegan   September 25th, 2009 7:41 pm ET

ahmadinejad is not our president. Islamic Rep. is not our Regim.

Magaly Lopez   September 25th, 2009 7:54 pm ET

I'm really worry about the friendship between Chavez and Ahmadinejad.
Since long time ago, the iranian are taking uranium from Venezuela. I'm sure that the USA government knows that. And today the Minister of Basic Industries and Mines informed to the press, that Iran is giving support to Venezuela in order to detect uranium. Oh, my God!

Farokh   September 25th, 2009 8:06 pm ET

Ahmmadi-nejad is not my president!

Cyrus   September 25th, 2009 8:10 pm ET

Dear Mr King.

I was so disappointed at the last interview you had with Ahmadinejad. You asked him same questions that he was asked 100 times before and he answered you same answers. You never asked him about human rights violations in Iran.

I sincerely hope this time you do better. You should ask him if American Journalist are allowed to go to Iran and interview opposition leaders such as Karroubi and Khatami and Mousavi? Please don't forget the plight of oppressed Iranian Women and Men, religious and ethic minorities, students.

Why give in to this disputed and dictator so called leader? When Iranian people risk their life and everything what are we afraid of?

Thank you and I listened and enjoyed your show before even CNN on the radio.

Psyklick   September 25th, 2009 8:11 pm ET

Power should be vested only in the hands of sane and responsible nations and not rogue nations like Iran etc.

Nira   September 25th, 2009 8:14 pm ET

I am very much concerned that he will use it against Iranians and other nations for his own and Khameni's goals. And their goal is only and only to stay in power and continue the dictatorship.

Everything comes at a price. Today Iranians are paying the price by our sisters and brothers getting raped, tourtured and killed in the prisons and on the streets. Tomorrow the whole world will experience the bloodshed.

Dont you feel the terror, its getting closer and closer.

Larry! *******Ahmadinejad is not our president.*****

Hanieh   September 25th, 2009 8:22 pm ET

Ahmadi Nejhad is not my president.

Janschie Davie   September 25th, 2009 8:23 pm ET

Giving this individual a forum on CNN is akin to giving Hitler or Stalin the opportunity to voice their beliefs and opinions. They all sound reasonable and even likable as they are self-trained to do. But, they aren't! These "leaders" are all vicarious killers – by words that lead or led to actions. Don't fall for it, Larry King.

ali soltani   September 25th, 2009 8:27 pm ET

Mr. King how can you give a platform to a person to speak when this very person is partially responsible for the silencing of a nation , a man who in the face of millions that protest his election calls them a bunch of weed. Do you give the same opportunity to others? For he is not an elected president and cannot be considered a representative of the Iranian nation.

Saman   September 25th, 2009 8:30 pm ET

Ask him why he was known as Dr Mirzayie in Evin prison?

Nancy   September 25th, 2009 8:31 pm ET

Hi Larry

Is there a number I can call during your interview with Mr. Ahmadinejad to ask my question directly from him?

Thank you.

David   September 25th, 2009 8:31 pm ET

This is the man under whom there has been mass imprisonments, torture of prisoners and rape committed in state and secret prisons.

And how unfortunate and sad that still we find many American newscasters (like Katie Curric, ...etc) turn a blind eye to all human rights abuse in Iran and play into his hands of discussing the holocaust!

How sad to see such indifference to the human tragedy that is taking place as we speak, and be led towards places he wants us to go!


We look towards you, America, to help us.

Sami   September 25th, 2009 8:35 pm ET

I am very much concerned that he will use it against Iranians and other nations for his own and Khameni's goals. And their goal is only and only to stay in power and continue the dictatorship.

Everything comes at a price. Today Iranians are paying the price by our sisters and brothers getting raped, tourtured and killed in the prisons and on the streets. Tomorrow the whole world will experience the bloodshed.

He is lying to his own people in Iran everyday. He lied in UN. How is the world going to trust a lier with a nuclear program???

Dont you feel the terror, its getting closer and closer.

Peyz   September 25th, 2009 8:36 pm ET

Please make sure when you ask about IRANIANS who have been tortured and killed by his basij mercenaries, he does NOT DARE bring up the issue of an Egyptian woman who got killed in Germany ... which is IRRELEVANT TO HIM, HIS COUNTRY AND his crimes against HIS OWN PEOPLE.

And if he does (which he will), then force him to admit it was a RUSSIAN who killed that Egyptian woman in Germany. and thus, he should condemn his friends in Russia as well.

Will he dare?
Just like he dares take on USA and UK over nuclear issues, and yet refuses to include Russia in the same sentence!!
THIS is how you can force his hand

psedig   September 25th, 2009 8:39 pm ET

Good luck getting a straight forward answer out of him.
He will only answer your questions with more irrelevant questions. Just wait and see.

Ross   September 25th, 2009 8:40 pm ET

Everyone should be concerned. This government has no acceptance inside the country. Military power is the only thing that might help this regime stay in power, by fighting the opposition inside and enemies outside the country. Nuclear weapon can give a big boost to their hope to survive.

Nima   September 25th, 2009 8:41 pm ET

He is not Iran's president.
Please ask him why Mousavi has not been given any chance to defend himself after the elections on national tv.
Please also ask him about his thought when he heard Iranians shouting "no Lebanon, no Gaza, my soul is dedicated to Iran"

peyman   September 25th, 2009 8:43 pm ET

Dear Larry, the issue of 'HUMAN RIGHTS" is where he gets stumped ... not the nuclear issue.

Sami   September 25th, 2009 8:44 pm ET

Ask him about the disputed election in Iran first.

Ask him about the bloodshed.

Ask him about Neda, Taraneh and others who got killed on the streets and the prisons.

and please please please ask him not to answer a question with a question.

Feyz   September 25th, 2009 8:47 pm ET

Iranians DO NOT recognize him has their ELECTED president. He DOES NOT REPRESENT IRANIAN PEOPLE.

And 'Psyklick' should understand that a 'Nation' is different from a 'government' in general, and particularly in this case.

Soni   September 25th, 2009 8:47 pm ET

Ahmadinejd is not our president
Ahmadinejd is not our president
Ahmadinejd is not our president

Please call him only " Ahmadinejad" not the president of Iran.

He is not our elected president.

JIM CARROLL INTERNETFREEPRESS.COM   September 25th, 2009 8:49 pm ET









tamara   September 25th, 2009 8:53 pm ET

ask him to explain how the people of iran hold the power ( as he mentioned in the past days) in the country when they're unable to even walk the streets peacefully, without being attacked, locked up, tortured, raped, burnt and murdered, let alone choose their leaders.

michael armstrong sr.   September 25th, 2009 9:06 pm ET

What other little secrets does Iran have that the united nations dont know about

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:07 pm ET

@ Soni

I am so sorry that you have to go through this feeling... that someone stole the position of president.

I know, because that is exactly how I felt in our 2000 and 2004 elections.

Golnar   September 25th, 2009 9:09 pm ET

Mr. Ahmadinejad is not Iran's president. Providing him a forum to talk is exactly what he wants. I wish this interview stops immediately.

michael armstrong sr.   September 25th, 2009 9:10 pm ET

Isnt it time to end this thousand year old war between religions

Metal_Angel   September 25th, 2009 9:14 pm ET

Why oh why are we bugging Iran so much? LET THEM HAVE THE POWERS WE DO.....who is to say they can't advance themselves? I say let North Korea have nukes too.....if we can't get rid of ours...stop telling other countries to not advance themselves and defend's a HUMAN RIGHT!!!! Where is Amnesty International on this???

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:16 pm ET

@ Golnar

We are all listening to him with a "critical" ear! meaning many of us do not believe him either.

I never believed Bush, Cheney or Rove! I, too, felt that Bush stole the presidency the same feeling you are having today!

michael armstrong sr.   September 25th, 2009 9:18 pm ET

If you think Israel wont strike then your living in a dream world.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:20 pm ET

@ michael armstrong sr.

You are absolutely correct. These people have been pushed all over the world for thousands of years. Now they have finally carved out a piece of land, they will fight to the death! They have nothing more to lose!!!

Mehri   September 25th, 2009 9:21 pm ET

Mr Larry King,

Please be cautious that Ahmadinejad will answer each and every question of you with another question. It's his tactic which he also used during your last interview with him. Please ask him about murders, rapes and tortures done inside prisons of Iran, about the unnamed graves in Behesht-e Zahra cemetery, and about his meeting with the American students while his agents freely raided dormitories inside Iran and beat and kill students. Be frank to him, Mr King!

Elie   September 25th, 2009 9:21 pm ET

Ahmadinejad's mom is jewish ... so deep inside him he's jewish .. all what he's sayig and doing are false acts

Ali Sabz   September 25th, 2009 9:21 pm ET

Why did not Larry ask him to see who is incharge in Iran? Why do a military organization now have the money and support to buy out the Iranian Telephone and Wireless Company? Why do they are allow to start a bank?

Amir   September 25th, 2009 9:22 pm ET

ask what ever you want, we all know his answers: lie, lie and lie, I'll watch your show with a hope to see you making him silent, as I'm 100% sure he can't tell the truth, he has not done it before. One more thing ,please do not call him President, numbers of people have been killed because of not calling him Iran president.

michael armstrong sr.   September 25th, 2009 9:23 pm ET

What would you do with Israel if we wasnt holding a gun to your head.

Oh   September 25th, 2009 9:25 pm ET

** I think that the choice of a sweet taking soft spoken woman to actively be the English interpreter for this Fascist dictator is such a poor choice.
It is very manipulative. I would like to know who this woman is.
Such a sweet woman's voice translating for a man who advocates for ganocide?

i would almost prefer simple subtitles to read.
or a regular man's voice.


Naghmeh   September 25th, 2009 9:25 pm ET

Ahmadinejad is NOT my president.

lili   September 25th, 2009 9:25 pm ET

Hi Larry, would you ask him, why he is so concerned about Palestinian, instead of Iranian? why he is going every where to defend them, when Iranian are killed in Iran with other Iranian? He, as a president, is elected(supposing that) by Iranian to help them not Palestinian. Is not his duty to find out about the slaughter in Iran's street ? Does he worry about the human rights violation in general or just about Palestine?

stella   September 25th, 2009 9:28 pm ET

Larry your doing a great job!

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:28 pm ET


You are allowing him to move around your questions... He continues to answer a question with another question.....

Larry.. talk to him about his religion and the belief Islam has about killing. When he starts to discuss his religion, then ask him why did he kill his own people???

Don't let him out maneuver you!!!

Mehri   September 25th, 2009 9:28 pm ET

– DO NOT let him ask any question! Ask him why so many prisoners have not still had the chance to met with their lawyers? How dare he says most people injured were the government supporters??

michael armstrong sr.   September 25th, 2009 9:29 pm ET

If we pull out of Afganistain are you going to take rule over the Taliban.

Oh   September 25th, 2009 9:29 pm ET

(i meant to say Genocide).

... a man who advocates GENOCIDE. is having his interview translated into English for the west using a voice that woud be much more suitable for Sesame Street. That is what is so sickening. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, needless to say.

azi   September 25th, 2009 9:29 pm ET

plz plz plz focus on Human rights, and what is going on now inside Iran. plz talk about tortures, rapes, imprisonments and the stolen election.

Ahmadinejad is not Iran's president.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:30 pm ET

@ Elie

The USA had Bush for 8 years!!!

annie   September 25th, 2009 9:31 pm ET

first of all don't call this man President of Iran, he didn't get elected by Iranians, don't you forget that they have cheated? Where were you 2 months ago?
It's two months that Iranians all over the world are protesting against Ahmadinejad, we Iranians don't accept him as the president, when you interview him, you are basically giving him this value and recognition that he wants, something that Iranians in Iran are dying in prisons everyday just to stop giving him the recognition.

JJ   September 25th, 2009 9:31 pm ET

he is very smart....he compares most of his actions to the actions in the US. wow.... people are on the streets everywhere...including here in the US

Bo   September 25th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

To the Iranian people...Stay strong, there is hope. Learn from us. We had Bush, and now, we have Obama, so it can get better just keep fighting.

Elie   September 25th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

ask him " what is the ratio of spending on his nuclear projects compared to the spending on economical projects ,, too may iranians are starving to death ,,,

Golnar   September 25th, 2009 9:33 pm ET

Instead of bringing Neda's case, you should bring the cases of Sohrab Arabi or Mohsen Roohol-amini. He will relate Neda's death to UK or US.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:35 pm ET

Ahmadinejad knows some English. He has answered too quickly some of the questions....

Do NOT allow this man to focus on the Camera!!!

Max   September 25th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

Recently a truckload of cash (American dollar) and gold was seized in Turkey.
The truck and the truck driver were from Iran passing through Turkey before ending up in the hands of Turkish authorities. We're talking about billions of US$.
Can you,please ,ask him to shed some light on this subject as to whose money and gold were they and where the truck was going to on the first place?

You should know that the Turkish government has officially confirmed this incident.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Ahmadinejad is using rambling to take up time.

Good Larry... take a break and re-group


Ann-Virginia   September 25th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Larry,walk out of the interview.He is making a mockery of everythong the free world holds sacred.

michael armstrong sr.   September 25th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Is it true that theres no proposition eights in Iran

Perry Redd   September 25th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

After the questions on the presidential election protests where Ahmadinejad disavowed any "involment" in the beating of protestors, he lost all "cool points" with me. His credibility is matter how right his defensive positions were, ...reminds me of GWB.

mike myles   September 25th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

ask the iranian president if he is trying to hasten the return of the hidden iman

saeed   September 25th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Hi Larry, why don't you show him the videos, that people got kicked by basij? You guys have tons of him and ask him about that?

saman   September 25th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Ask him about the disputed election in Iran first.

Ask him about the bloodshed.

Ask him about Neda, Taraneh and others who got killed on the streets and the prisons.

and please please please ask him not to answer a question with a question.

a christian   September 25th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

I am a Catholic. I just wanted to know how Larry King, a Jew can sit accross the table from a man who has vowed to wipe Isreal off the map and denies the Holocost?

ali   September 25th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

with all due respect to larry, you should not legitimize this guy by calling him 'mr president'.....he is NOT the president of iran
he is a nobody, the mullahs behind the scenes pull the strings here.....

Elie   September 25th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

Ask him what is his role in preventing forming a government in Lebanon

Mehri   September 25th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

Please ask about Sohrab Arabi, the 19 yrs-old boy whose mother spent weeks looking for him everywhere, prisons courts Judiciary buildings, and the all told her he's alive, until his brother identified him dead with a bullet in his heart. Ask about Mohsen Ruhol-Amini whose jaw was broken and whose body was severely beaten in prison. Ask about Taraneh Mousavi who was arrested, raped, and later found burnt outside Tehran. Do not let him compare anything with US or other countries.

michael armstrong sr.   September 25th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

Ask him how many wives he has and does he think about Hugh Hefner

danny   September 25th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

I'm so disappointing to see this guy get such a great amount of airtime and to speak his propaganda so effortlessly. If it weren't for commercial breaks, it might have well has been his own TV show.

Metal_Angel   September 25th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

The Holocaust is subject to critics and skeptics just like UFOs, I'm a bit skeptical myself of the Holocaust.

Perry Redd   September 25th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Soni, Ahmadinejad is not our president, but we address ALL other sovereign leaders but THEIR constitutional titles. It called "respect"...we need to subscribe to it.

Elie   September 25th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Please ask him “why being homosexual is against the law, and what is the Punishment, as if the homosexuals can chose their genes?

Ali   September 25th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Dear Larry!
Not only Ahmadinejad is not our president but also he is not Persian too!

Why you wanna give him your fantastic platform for the second time as he will answer all of your questions by question, probably this is the only technique that he knows.

Ahmadinejad represents an invisible minority in Iran, Why don't you talk about the issues that are in the best interest of the majority of Iranian people?!

sara   September 25th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

He is not our president, he shoud not be here, does not deserve to be called Iran's president

peyman   September 25th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

As soon as you brought up human rights, his smirk was wiped off. And as soon as you brought up the holocaust, his smirk was back, because it played right into his hand.

Neda's killer was caught by the protesters and his Identity card was taken and it is on the net for everyone to see. It was a basiji militia man.

Elie   September 25th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

educate him about homosexuality

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

What does academic have to do with the holocaust! This is just too much!!!

Ann-Virginia   September 25th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Ahmadinejad is a liar at best!!Let's see if CNN has a problem posting the truth.

Amir   September 25th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

The killer of Neda was Identified.A member of Basij not the puppet judiciary system. There are credible sources and witnesses. They are just not ready to be raped and tortured !

Farah   September 25th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

First of all I should mention that I think people in Iran and abroad have clearly denounced Ahmadinejad as their president. So, please DO NOT refer to him as PRESIDENT. Because this title does NOT suit him.

My question to you Mr. Larry King is why wouldn't any body tell him that "when you are asked a question you should stick to that question and do not answer it with a question"? He is so good at changing the subject like that. That is actually his strategy.
Have any of you journalists checked his facial expressions when he's asked a question?
Can you ask him if people in his country are living in complete freedom (According to him), why would they flock into the streets and cry for freedom? Do they like to be killed, imprisoned and tortured maybe?
Not only that, he's got the audacity to ask you if you know how many prisoners in the US are getting killed!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a shame that people are getting killed and tortured as we speak, as he is attending your show just for speaking their minds!
I wont go on then it'll be for ever!
Thank you,
Best regards,

saeed   September 25th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

Why don't you ask him about the problems in Chechen? Russia? Is he concerned about that? what about Muslims in China..ask him this questions man.

Lisa   September 25th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

This is too much...Larry: DO SOMETHING!

Ali   September 25th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Ahmadinejad Is NOT My President
Where IS My Vote ?

Harold   September 25th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

I actually enjoyed president Ahmadinejad's answers. I think West must rethink its policy towards Iran. It's simply not the same country as 30 years ago.


Cy Montreal   September 25th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Ahmadinejad's defence is his ability to reply with a question of his own.
This guy is always avoiding the issues.
I hope he doesn't get you rattled.

Walt   September 25th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Larry King

You stated that it was the Germans who carried out the Holocaust. Not true my friend... it was the Nazis who granted many were Germans as well as Polish, English and a lot of other nationalities.
My own mother hid Jewish people in her home in Germany during the second world war and I don't appreciate your statement at all.

There are good people and bad people in every race, possibly you have not realized that yet.

I do enjoy your show.


Metal_Angel   September 25th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Great comeback Ahmadinejad.....WHY DID we just sit back and watch Israel kill innocent Palestinians??????? huh huh????? That SO made me angry! I wish I could live in Iran, but can't swim across an ocean...their laws are based on biblical teachings ALL YOU CHRISTIANS and ancient teachings of the Persians....if our laws were as strict, do you seriously think we would have so many murderers, rapists, child molesters and robbers in OUR COUNTRY???? For realz...answer the question....We are an IMMORAL COUNTRY with selfish needs... Larry are doing a great job and so is Ahmadinejad.....he's highly intelligent, if only people WOULD LISTEN TO HIM and not criticize him for they're ignorances!!!

trent   September 25th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

The president of Iran made a good point. It is hypocrital to accuse Iran of using force to control protestors when Americans did the same thing in Pittsburgh this week and does it all the time... typical American arrogance. What is okay for America is not necessarily okay for the rest of the world.

Shawn   September 25th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Hi Larry,

Ahmadinejad is not Iran's president

Ali-Iranian   September 25th, 2009 9:51 pm ET


Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:51 pm ET


Back up and ask him if he understands the rules regarding an interview. He is hooking you by asking you a bunch of questions..


Amir   September 25th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Mr. Not my president , do you agree to take polygraph test?

Mehri   September 25th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Please stop talking about holocaust and discuss the other topics! Ask him why on earth his government didn't condemn murder of Muslims in China and Russia? Isn't it because of his economic relations with those countries?

Stephen Mlawsky   September 25th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

I think its a total travesty and in horribly poor taste to punctuate your interviews with the president of iraq and the holocost with erectile dysfunction commercials etc.

Stephen Mlawsky, M.D.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 9:53 pm ET


You have to be just a "broken record"

Do you believe in the Holocost? Why do you not believe there was a holocost!

If he does not answer the question...END THE INTERVIEW!!!!!

michael armstrong sr.   September 25th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Larry your trying to argue with a dinning room table.

Scott   September 25th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

This interview called for limited and/or NO commercial breaks.

Come on CNN! You and I both know its not everyday you have a 1-on-1 sitdown interview with the President of Iran.

Could you have not called it Breaking News and/or treated it like Breaking News and have blown out all the breaks and/or limited them.

You had me watching...but I won't lie...I switched at least 7 times to tune into ESPN to watch the Football game.

Tracey   September 25th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

He is excellent at deflection....

azadeh   September 25th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Ahmadinejad is not Iran's president why did you interview him ?

Metal_Angel   September 25th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

Wow ok....I've seen the most commercials in your program keep cutting off Ahmadinejad!

THE REAL WORLD   September 25th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

No one in the real world believe this guy, and he is no different then Hitler , Stalin, etc.,( he is in different time and in a different place....) The Real World know the difference, and we are all fighting for the same cause. freedom to worship as individual. Even Ahmadinejad must respect this basic value, it is as basic as the air we breath. as Muslims, Christians, Jews or any other religion, no single country, priest, or one has the right to tell us how our relationship should be with our creator(Ali/god/El). It is to bad his mother was not able to teach him respect, he would live in peace instead of the hell... I pray for the people of Iran, if tries to rain nuclear fire on anyone of us they will sadly pay.

...bow down to Allah in prayer...

edu   September 25th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

what's going on people?

saeed   September 25th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

Larry change the subject..go back to the torture and rapes in Iran please focus on these things..he is trying to change the subject.

Elie   September 25th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

come on Larry shut him up

Sima   September 25th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

he says just some people were in streets of tehran after election , there were hundred of thousands people screaming he stole the election
we were 40000 people in NY on Wednesday.. what dose he say about that?

Tracey   September 25th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

Y so many breaks? is'nt the media supposed to repor? CNN must have known how this would unravel..

michael armstrong sr.   September 25th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Larry just go ahead and do him in youd be a hero

writeitalldown   September 25th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

What is with all the damn commercials? This is a riveting interview, I think really important for us to hear, to understand this person, a great opportunity to see the real man that we may not get again. Come on, quit interrupting with commercials, especially CNN self promotions!

Dr. B   September 25th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

I am appalled – not necessarily by the interview – but by the number of commercial breaks!! This is absurd – An interview with the leader (so called) of another nation, with commercial breaks every two minutes!!

Come on CNN! This is a news station- be newsworthy! A program such as should should be commercial free!

Leonor   September 25th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Please stop with all the commercials. The viewers would greatly appreciate it.

EJ   September 25th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Most commercials ever on a show...CNN should be ashamed...

Enrique   September 25th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

He keeps dodging the question wheather the Holocust happened. He keeps bringing stuff about the Palestinian issue every single time. Once he is back in Iran he will say that it didn't happen.

Ali-Iranian   September 25th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Iranian people are being killed everyday bu people of ahmadi nejad

nancy   September 25th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Why all the commercials Larry?? Are you trying to cool down or something. I want to hear what the guy has to say even if we/you don't like it. Isn't it better to allow the guy to speak so we might have a better understanding of how the man thinks?????

mark   September 25th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

your bloody commercials are longer than the two of them talking!!!!!! let them have a conversation

Elie   September 25th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

next time bring iranian citizens to do the interview would be much effictive

patti   September 25th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

why is this man still being allowed to talk? he shouldn't even be given time to speak to anyone in this country!

azadeh   September 25th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

this man and his follower occupied my country they killed millions of people they stole our flag ,our pride. ask him with all he is done why he is worried about Palestine?

edu   September 25th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

Why does he try to validate everything by comparing every scenario to what goes on in the US?

Lisa Brown   September 25th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Maybe if Larry King Live didnt have so many commercials, we could get some answers from this interview..otherwise what was the point of this interview

Chris   September 25th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

It's ridiculous the amount of ad breaks you have for a primetime interview. It spoils the flow of the interview and makes me want to turn off rather than continue watching. The ads for CNN itself take up about a couple of minutes and the time could be better used to air a less disjointed interview. I understand that you need to sell ad space but how about cutting down the number of ads especially during a primetime interview like this one?

Ryan   September 25th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Ever thought of taping the interview all at once? It was awkward, almost painful, to watch with the constant commercial breaks. Every single answer was cut off before he could get a point out. Though admittedly I did enjoy watching the frustration on Ahmadinejad's face each time. Hah.

Anyway thanks for trying to get some answers out of him, Larry. He must be an annoying guy to try to talk to.

Dave   September 25th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Could have been an important interview however CNN is so into making money there are more commercials than interview!

Hudson Valley, NY   September 25th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Speak to him in Persian.

Ronald R. Hill   September 25th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Everytime he asked a question it was turned around on him. As the President sat there with a smirk on his face & everyone knew he was lying, he kept turning things around with Larry. Why lower ourselves by interviewing people that we know are compulsive liers, and will, at the drop of a hat, do anything to make the USA look bad. I realize there may have been a time factor for this interview, but unless you pin these people down, why bring them on the show, & let them get their prime time air time??? Regards Ron Hill

Anna   September 25th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

I've been listening for an hour and I have yet to hear a single answer from President Ahmadinejad. What is the point of interviews if questions are asked but not answered? President Ahmadinejad needs to answer at least some of the questions he is being asked. He simply talks in circles and gives examples of what other countries do. This interview is supposed to be about him and Iran and not about others.

john   September 25th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

This is crazy! CNN must be desperate for ad $. Just as the Iran Pres. starts to give an answer Larry says we need to take a break. It is an insult to the viewer!

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

@ Ali-Iranian

That is so sad I am so sorry to hear of that!

rex   September 25th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Larry stop going on commercial!!!!! So much of free media!! let him speak his mind no matter of what little importance it has, it doesnt look good on CNN at all cutting him off every 5 secs, you got to play him smarter than he is playing you!!!

terri   September 25th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Come on CNN – this interview is ridiculous. you give LK two minutes to get an answer to his question and show five minutes of commericals.

Iran Abad   September 25th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Larry King, You gave Ahmadinejad exactly what he wanted, to be asked about holocaust and nuclear program and not about election results, violations of human rights in Iran.

I'm disappointed, very very very extremely disappointed!

Metal_Angel   September 25th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Thank you for the fun hour of comments 🙂 but hated the commercials, it was like a broken record skipping back to the same questions over and over.....*claps*

Amir   September 25th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Always good to see you !?

Claude M.Hason   September 25th, 2009 10:01 pm ET

Sorry Mr Larry King but you did´nt know how to answer Ahmadinejhad.
Don´t you know that jews were palestinians also before the state of Israel ? If you knwo Why didn´t your answer him. Why didn´t you answer him that history, United Nations, divided Palestine, ancient Judea, for jews and arabs ? That there Palestine never existed as a country that it was a " no mans land "
Did you not understand that the denial is a provocations, that of course he know the haulocaust happend ? That is why he did not answer you.

Elie   September 25th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

Larry you should've taken a nap before you did the interview

Judy Wein   September 25th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

I am furious right now watching your interview with this man – Ahmadinejad! You ask a question and he begins to respond and you keep cutting to a commercial. What kind of show is this when first of all you give this man a forum and an interview which I cannot believe to begin with then to act like this show truly is a "talk-show". It is a farce. Your commercials are interruptive and as a result, where I would be interested in listening to the answers to the questions you are asking, I have to turn it off!

Jon   September 25th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

Larry I think I speak for everyone when I say your producers have sold too much advertising time for this particular show. We want to hear an interview, not "we have to go to a break" every 90 seconds, before Ahmadinejad stops rambling and not answering your questions. In fact he's used the quick breaks, among his typical "verbal dancing" to avoid answering them.

bone   September 25th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

lol dodie. Nice one! 😉

sven   September 25th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

Seriously, how many commercial breaks were there? What a terrible display. We wanted to see how the interview played out and we got stuck with cialis commercials.

Dr. B   September 25th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

1) Commercials? Every two minutes??? Horrible! At one point, they broke to commercial after just 60 seconds!

2) Larry would constantly interrupt during the translation – so much was lost

3) Because of the excessive interviews, subjects (such as the Holocaust) were cut short – with no definitive answer

Mojgan Rahrouh   September 25th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Dear Larry

I watched the whole interview yesterday and today with two dictators. you are fantastic and you did an awesome job. We all love you. No CNN without larry king.


Elie   September 25th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

You all get ready for Monday Larry king. Interviewing the Libyan president is like watching a comedy movie.

Michael Dick, MD   September 25th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Who cares whether this man acknowledges the holocaust. The sheer volume of eye witness and personal survivor accounts, pictures, videos and Nazi officer testimony is legion. People who deny it are putting a badge on their chest that says "I am antisemetic", which makes them easier to be identified.

Ellen   September 25th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

Larry King;

How can you say "always good to see you" to Ahmadinejad?

mark   September 25th, 2009 10:06 pm ET

to metal_angel – what country do you live in?

Nasrin   September 25th, 2009 10:06 pm ET

Please ask him why does his country that is the 4th producer of the oil in the world still can't produce it's own Petrolieum after 30 years of the Islamic Republic regime. Why isn't he concerned about the poverty in Iran but is more concerned about Palestine issues. Does he believe in Human Right only for people of Palestine, not for Iranian or people of Israel. Does he put Iran first or Islam? The majority of Iranians love their country and put their love for their nation and human rights first. Religion is respected but is a private matter!

cnnblogggerr   September 25th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Larry, in regards to your most recent interview with Iran's Pres., please stop with all the commercials and ask come better in depth questions. I am very disappionted. Your follow up questions also do not take advantage of having such important people in an interview as tonight. Please have your staff work on this.

Long time viewer (for now)

bone   September 25th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

What was that Mehri? I'm sorry we have to take a break. Please continue after. /=

Sam   September 25th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Terrible interview. This could have been an informative interview but instead turned into something that looked like a sham. If you have to take a break every 30 seconds it looks like you don't really want an answer. What a shame CNN.

Christopher   September 25th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Larry, forget about interviewing Ahmedinejad. It seems that you need to bring on the chief of justice of Iran since apparently he is the decision maker.

Ali   September 25th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

Nobody could help Ahmadinejad like this , Ahmadinejad should say thank you to Larry
Larry just asked question and Ahmadinejad said whatever he liked , lie or fact doesn't matter
over 100 people killed in Iran , and Neda wasn't the only one

Russell   September 25th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

You knew his views on the Holocaust, the whole world does also. So why not let him answer? He would have shown his ignorance.

azi   September 25th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

one more thing Larry:

is it worth it to tell this man" Always good to see you!!! MR PRESIDENT!"??

Sabba   September 25th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

I think we made this man a star again. this year with Larry King's show; and last year with the Columbia's president comment about President Ahmadinejad and the president's witty and interesting response to Lee Bollinger. Mr. Ahmadinejad is going to get applauded, AGAIN, by his supporters when he is back in Iran. I am so sorry for that.

sven   September 25th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

6 minutes and counting to see if CNN allows my complaint about the number of commercials....

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:11 pm ET

@ Mehri!

If you are in Iran, your English is exceptional! I am studying another language and it is extremely difficult

The commercials was about giving Larry time to regain control of the interview. Tonight, it was NOT about money 🙂

I, too, get deleted all the time with Anderson Cooper. They only want to hear soft fluffy stuff from the bloggers. It is why I stay on Larry King...

Hubert   September 25th, 2009 10:12 pm ET

Hard to comprehend – One of the most controversial presidents yet a highly interesting interview partner.....and CNN spoils the occation with more commercial breaks than interview time! Sad....

ariya   September 25th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

Ahmmadi-nejad is not my president!

cnnblogggerr   September 25th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

I concur with Azi, what was with always good to see you. Are you golf buddies??? I understand that you need to be polite but come on.

Bill M.   September 25th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

Larry - I have been watching you interview for 30+ years and you are the best - until tonight. Your only comment was "time for a break". Why you did not have the courage to 1) call him a fraud 2) interupt his ramblings 3) just walk out is beyond me.

A   September 25th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

Ahmmadi-nejad is not my president!

Steve in Alaska   September 25th, 2009 10:15 pm ET

Hey Larry,
Thank you for binging to light the incredulous positions of Akmadinajad.

He can't respond to serious questions of the Iranian official positions in any respect, nor the historicity of the Jewish people's rights to the Holy land.

To Mock Mood,

Consult the Qur'an my brother. The Jews are a chosen people, a brother of the Arab Princes, and their prophets are worthy of acceptance by your own Imams and the Holy Qur'an.

Mr. President – Grasp history, acknowledge the rights of Israel, and stop being a slut for the most radical aspects of Islam.


Jane Stevens   September 25th, 2009 10:15 pm ET

Holocaust is a religious term. WW l and WW ll occured. Was it Armegeddon? No. It was WW l & ll. A religious conotation requires the answer from God. A war is a war. It's like a Tower of Bable these days, understanding each other.....especially with this generation which is very educated about so many things already.

Nick W.   September 25th, 2009 10:15 pm ET

I agree that it was painful to watch this interview with so many adverts.

Surely there is no point in having 3 times as many adverts (as necessary) if all you do is make 2/3 rds of the audience turn off.

AI   September 25th, 2009 10:17 pm ET

I do not think that the world can tie the rope around Iran they have so many open uncontroled borders we are unable to watch 24/7 He knows that

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:17 pm ET

@ Lisa Brown

Have you seen John King interview. He is like a chess player and does his homework. He would not let this guy skate.

Lee-Texas   September 25th, 2009 10:19 pm ET

Everyone should be concerned with their nuclear ambations, this country will eventually kill a lot more people than the Germans did in WWll.

Juan in Ohio   September 25th, 2009 10:19 pm ET

When is there going to be a White orn even Jewish In America?

azi   September 25th, 2009 10:20 pm ET

to Lisa Brown,

Agree with you! I think I would have actually loved to see Fareed Zakaria do the interview. he did an excellent job, two months ago on July 26th interviewing another agent of islamic republic. he asked all the questions that we iranians would have liked to ask Marandi, and he never let him steal the show with irrelevant or stupid answers...

Penny kiesler   September 25th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

You know he will not give you any answer you want to hear. Why allow him to say anything? The same goes for Khaddafy....and why on earth would you schedule an interview with him on Yom Kippur????

It is interesting that the US Government even allows these people into the country and that whole fiasco with the tent on Trumps property....I don't think anyone believes that 'The Donald' was not informed before the fact either.

All the people who have lost loved ones because of the actions of these two have been slabbed in the heart once again just to see them get the kind of press coverage and reverence they so do not deserve. Inquiring minds do not need to listen to the lies they continually spew. You are just aiding their Napolean complexes by giving them a world wide forum for their ravings. Please rethink your reasons for giving them the opportunity to grandstand on your show,

Barbara   September 25th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

It doesn't matter who interview the so-called President of Iran.
He is never going to tell the truth about anything. As I said before, he is a waste of an hour of TV time.

peyman   September 25th, 2009 10:23 pm ET

Last advice to Larry and the rest of US journalists who want to interview this fellow:
Hopefully, by next year we'll have a different president, but if the world is that unfortunate, then HAVE A COUPLE OF IRANIANS IN THE BACKGROUND TO FEED YOU THE QUESTIONS. and if needed, evidence and proof of different issues.

You could have used 1000's of VIDEOS, pictures as evidence, to pin him down.


Christine Potthast   September 25th, 2009 10:23 pm ET


very brave to take on Ahmadinejad. You are one of my favorite journalists. I wish you would have been a bit more prepared for this interview and Ahmadinejad's way of turning things around. He is
slick and smart. A few of the things he said obviously caught you by surprise, especially his conspiracy theory in the death of the young Iranian woman. I also feel you talked to him a bit disrespectful when you tried to put him on the spot about the Holocaust. No matter what kind of regime he stands for, he is the leader of another nation. – I am not sure if I would want an Iranian journalist to ask President Obama a point blank question like that pointing the finger at the same time. Sorry, Larry, you did not look good in that moment. Thank god, there are commercial breaks.

Pamela   September 25th, 2009 10:24 pm ET

I believe that Larry should allow his guests to speak and not interrupt them for the sake of advertisers. When asked if the President believe if the Holocaust has ever occurred, and did not get a chance to explain himself, it has left the audience, more curious. He did mention about a genocide of the jews. If Larry does not know, holocaust has different meanings for different people, and he should look up wikepedia for the meanings, so if the Iranian President don't believe in the Holocaust as Larry and other westerners understand it to be, then you cannot blame him. Holocaust was a greek word, and had a different meaning to what the Jews has made it to be " genocide of the jewish people" .

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:26 pm ET

@ Lisa Brown

Larry has been an icon for CNN for many years. This is his show and probably Ahmadinejad would only consent to having Larry King.

This does NOT make Larry inept! This man was very skilled and continue to ramble not allowing Larry to speak. Larry is a polite interviewer. That has always been his style. He is not an aggressive interviewer. Larry's style was very popular years ago. To always show respect to the other person no matter how you feel...

Gerald Jolly   September 25th, 2009 10:28 pm ET

Susan Quigley, Israel is the 6th largest Nuclear Power in thw world.

The could wipe out Iran in 1 hour.

Betsy   September 25th, 2009 10:29 pm ET

At long last the leaders of other nations have their day in court without the media obliterating everything they say.

Personally I think the President of Iran was in the driver's seat as far as the interview goes. He is very even tempered and was trying to get his point across but Larry would not let him. When you try to put words in someone's mouth, nobody in their right mind will answer 'yes' just because that's the answer you want to hear. It was embarrassing to have all the breaks and looks like Larry almost flew off the handle in frustration.

Thumbs up to both Presidents. They are confident and smart,and KNOW their country's history. The questions posed to Larry about how many people die in U.S prisons, what has Palestine got to do with the Holocaust, the U.S. involvement in the coup d'e tat in Venezuela etc. he could not even answer.

No matter what you think about them, their responses made a lot of sense. At long last we get to hear from the horse's mouth and then draw our own conclusions without negatively skewed opinions from reporters and analysts.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:30 pm ET

Anderson is interviewing Former Pres. Clinton. I have always really liked Clinton. I must tell you.... I travel to China all the time and I see tons of statutes of Clinton and NON of Bush! Does that give you any hints???

mark   September 25th, 2009 10:31 pm ET

you have lost a lot of respect by allowing this one-sided interview.

Artin   September 25th, 2009 10:31 pm ET

Dear Larry,
I hope that you don't remove my previous comment again.
After watching your interview with the president of Iran & with all my respect to your successful years with CNN, I think it's the time that you retire now.

azi   September 25th, 2009 10:31 pm ET

Agree . He so does not deserve the airtime ! but I wished now that this interview has happened, at least we could have got something out of it, by pinning him down a little. Sad sad sad!

Pam   September 25th, 2009 10:31 pm ET

Mr, King,

I must say, however, that you didn't have much of a chance in your interview with Mr. Ahmadinejad. It was blatantly clear that CNN over-prioritizes raising money, promoting other CNN shows and touting claims of excellence and leadership.....waaaay too many commercial interruptions for you to achieve any thing close to an effective interview with this "trickster". What a waste of time and travesty of an opportunity lost.


Gerald Jolly   September 25th, 2009 10:31 pm ET

Larry "WHY"

You are Jewish, Ahmadenedjad hates JEWS.


Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:32 pm ET

@ Gerald Jolly

That gives more credence to why Iran is hiding their nukes...

Jane in Connecticut   September 25th, 2009 10:34 pm ET

Dear Mr, King –

I have never been as impressed by a live interview as I was this evening. Thank you. You are a consummate professional. Your interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a study in psychosis. I have gained a new appreciation for how pshchologically defective individuals can influence other individuals through not only the spread of disinformation but also through bullying and by their unflinching disregard for truth. I am not Jewish, and I am not Islamist. I am a human being. And what I watched this evening on your show, with morbid fascination, was a psychological case study of a human being who goes by the name of Ahmadinejad, who is nothing short of a pathological liar and who is filled with anger of the ilk to which I have never been exposed. And how dare he bill himself as an academic! He disgraces every academic I know by doing so. I come from a long line of academics, and I can assure you that a true academic would have a balanced, healthy view of what is essentially an exceptionally complicated middle eastern situation. Regardless, it is a shame that his co-leaders in Iran not only allow but facilitate his continued leadership. I have tremendous empathy for the Iranian people. How terrible it must be to be ruled by him and the henchmen who use him as their puppet and who protect themselves in the costume of clegy, who permit his ruthless rule to continue. The Iranian people have my utmost sympathy.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:35 pm ET

@ azi

This interview shows us that Ahmadenedjad is very skilled at dodging everything. Those people are often sociopaths and dangerous. This interview showed me that Ahmadenedjad had NO respect for Larry and was making a mockery of the interview. Which leads me to believe he is toxic for the Iranian people!!!

JoanK   September 25th, 2009 10:35 pm ET

I know this was a difficult interview for you certainly when he chose not to acknowledge of the Holocaust. Or to give his honest thought. You did well to hold it together. - This was the first time Ive heard him speak and to hear his words directly. I had an open mind to prior to this hear his side of the story.... You can not talk with unreasonable people. - Thanks for the interview, though. Some of us got it from the Horse's mouth today....

jacob flater eco-master   September 25th, 2009 10:35 pm ET

2 main issues here.

as u.s., n many other countries SIT on boxes of big boom toys, we tell our nutty little brothers that they cant have toys like ours...

when does that argument work? go tell ur younger siblings something similar. a good retort would b we dont give kids guns n drugs without supervision.. yada yada.

either way... atomic technology is here to stay. even the most obnoxious people, n most dangerous will one day have all the info and ability to create anything. dont kidd ourselves.

SECONDLY, atomic technology is a valid form of science...... the problem is, this is not really about how to make a big boom... we all can do that, BUT, -how to we use all that energy and pack it into usable energy. batteries. BIO TECHNOLOGY. the body is always doing this atomic steel this, atomic borrow that.

r U Confused..?

t-n-t is to bomb
fireworks is to .... we dont know yet. think.

you cant stop an idiot... you can only teach them to use their tools better.

Amir   September 25th, 2009 10:35 pm ET

Ahmadinejad is NOT our president. all he says are lies. absolute lies.

maryam Pahlavan Pour   September 25th, 2009 10:35 pm ET

Ahmadinejad is not Iran’s president. He just can distract all nation's mind about what is going in Iran.

E. Lerner   September 25th, 2009 10:36 pm ET

In one that was so important, you allowed frequent commercials. How could you allow him to turn your questions back to you? In interviews such as these, which have international ramifications, why do your producers allow constant interruptions for commercials at the most critical times?
Will you do the same with Gadafi on Monday, even though that interview will be much less important?

E. lerner

chilichopper   September 25th, 2009 10:37 pm ET

Reading the bible and studying bible prophecy would help everyone know what is going on and how the time in this age is short and lies are rampant and people are deceived and many religions are violent and who they are and the antichrist is alive and well and the real messiah and the real
god are most definitely not named Allah...

Amir   September 25th, 2009 10:38 pm ET

Imam Ali's governorship and style have been repeatedly claimed to be the model through which Iran's ruling system is formed upon. I would like to remind Mr. Ahmadinejad of the following excerpt from Imam Ali's famous epistle to Malik Al-Ashtar whom he appointed as the governor of Egypt:

"Select honest, truthful and pious people as your companions. Train them not to flatter you and not to seek your favour by false praises because flattery and false praises create vanity and conceit and they make a man lose sight of his real self and ignore his duties. Also try not to expose the weaknesses of the people and Allah will conceal your own weaknesses which you do not want anybody to know."

Elie   September 25th, 2009 10:40 pm ET

Ahmadenedjad's mom is jewish, so he's jewish but not a good one

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:40 pm ET

@ Pam

The commercials were about giving Larry time to regain control of the interview. It was Larry calling time for commercials... meaning, he needed time to re-group!


From the Green wave   September 25th, 2009 10:40 pm ET

Hi. Larry you should have watched this guy's debates with the opposition candidates before the elections to learn his style!!! He looks into camera and lies, calls officials misinformed, calls you misinformed, simply denies saying something he himself had said a second ago. His reasoning: Millions of people watch this one hour of talk. But less than a few thousands of them remember or know of this or that incident, this or that comment he's made, this or that action he's taken, and very few of them remember the source or their knowledge. As long as he eludes danger for this one hour, by disqualifying sources of news, denying whatever he dislikes, and bringing completely unsound wrong information, he's fine. This one hour will be over, people will get back to their lives, and everyone will remember that this guy answered all questions confidently. They will not care enough to follow up on this and go validate his comments later, and in general population he looks fine. WHAT do you think happened in the pre-elecction debates in Iran in front of 50 million viewers, including me?? You know, you should have used videos. You were almost getting somewhere when you mentioned Neda and showed that video. If you had't he would have denied that too! His story was ridiculous. If you had asked him to repeat that he wouldn't be able to! Also, you should have shown more videos about protests and government's actions. There were videos of shooting from Basij base, and Basij is in fact operating under his command. You could have forced him to *say* what he has done to find responsible personnels, because regardless of this corrupted judicial system, a responsible manager should make sure his underlings are not guilty of murder, specially if videos of them are there! You could have gotten something out of it. Suggestions: Have *Videos* with you next time you talk to him. Predict his answers based on what I said, and have another piece of video ready.
Now go get some sugar in you and rest. You did great, simply by listening to his irritating tone for so long and not throwing up! Believe me, we in Iran know how hard that is! 🙂

Neda   September 25th, 2009 10:41 pm ET


david   September 25th, 2009 10:41 pm ET

I don't understand why is every one is concern about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran, in the past 20 years the only countries are invading other country and causing the most death and distraction are Israel and the US. I think we need to look at the real issues here.

JH   September 25th, 2009 10:42 pm ET

Larrry I love you man but I just got done watching your latest interview with Iranian pres. I'd like to know why you kept interupting the man to take a commercial break. I think you should have let him finish saying what he had to say. I'm not a supporter of the Irainian president but I still think he deserved to be heard and not interupted every min or so fo r commercials.... I guess there was a purpose in that besides getting paid for the air time. being to keep th audience distracted from the points the Iranian pres was trying to make... I dont think that was fair Larry/CNN! honestly I cant recall half of what the man was trying to say. Anyone else notice that besides me?

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:42 pm ET

Doesn't anyone in here see the strategy???

Larry called for commercials when Ahmadenedjad gained control of the interview.


Steve   September 25th, 2009 10:43 pm ET

CNN needs to learn how to deal with people like Ahmadinejad, after the interview starts – Larry gets up, says how nice it is to see you Mr. President, and then Fareed takes his place to conduct the interview.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:43 pm ET

Elie... LOL I know how to anger Ahmadenedjad! Call him a jew LOL

Mehri   September 25th, 2009 10:44 pm ET

Thank you! I'm Iranian, but been in the States for a while now. I believe getting furious every once in while will help you become more fluent in any second/foreign language! 😀

Actually, right now I'm following forums on a number of Iranian social media, esp one similar to Digg, and I have to say everybody's really disappointed! Those so many breaks actually helped Ahmadinejad to waste more time, besides his usual time-killing tactic that he had used before. Larry was better than last year, but still he wasn't good enough to get the answers we all were expecting from this guy! The only important point was that, speaking about the murders, he didn't deny them at all, just said I wasn't involved. That sentence alone had a lot to say!

Elie   September 25th, 2009 10:46 pm ET

Khazali, son of Ayatollah Abu Al-Kassam Khazali, says that Ahmadinejad changed his Jewish name on his ID card in order to hide his roots. Khazali the son says that the president hides his Jewish roots by attacking Israel and the Jews, and by expressing strong Muslim religious beliefs.

A record of the name change still appears on the president’s ID card, however, says Khazali. His old name was Saburjian, and he hails from the Aradan region of Iran. The accusations appear in an article Khazali wrote entitled, “The Jews in Iran.” He says the time has come to “reveal the truth” about the Jews’ role in Iran.

Ahmadinejad's relatives once told the British paper "The Guardian" that the family had changed its name for "a mixture of religious and economic reasons."

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:46 pm ET

Good Riddens to Susan Atkins

azi   September 25th, 2009 10:47 pm ET


Of course he has no respect for Larry!! he is the guy who has stolen the votes of a country and the lives of Iranian people..and no he does not have any respect for anything or anybody, and Larry is no exception.
he is skilled at dodging things, I think given the fact that he enjoys the limelight! he would agreed to any one interviewing him, if there was no better!

Mehri   September 25th, 2009 10:51 pm ET

Two thumbs up to "From the Green wave"! Is CNN going to have more interviews with Ahmadinejad while he's around? Please show more videos this time, and do not discuss holocaust! Let's see what he has to say about human rights violations in Iran!

keivan   September 25th, 2009 10:53 pm ET

Ahmadi.nejad is nor our president !!

ask him what he feels when almost every critic looks at him as a puppet !! who is just mocking himself !!!
then look at his reaction , i bet its interesting cause he is not psychologocially in touch with reality , believe me guys he really thinks he is important 🙂

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 10:54 pm ET

@ Mehri

Welcome to the USA! I, too, feel its an excellent way to express our feelings. Holding them in will only hurt us.

I have compassion for you and your countrymen. I felt the same way when Bush became president... and re-elected. I was sad, angry, and knew Bush, Cheney, Rove, etc would destroy this country.

When I was in China, I have a good friend that is Chinese and works at the Beijing University. We became close enough she asked me the faithful question. She could see how bush was elected president the first time....but she could not understand how he was elected a second term. I sad her down and explained what I had thought happened in this country. And how mass Americans were being lied to and they wanted to believe... Kind-of sounds like X files to me.

keivan   September 25th, 2009 10:55 pm ET

Mehri is right , focus on human right violations !!

iman   September 25th, 2009 10:55 pm ET

if you notice hs remarks you will find out about last imam who comes and bring justice to the world!in reality he thinks he is that special man and he will destroy israel one day!hitler killed 6 million jews outside israel but ahmadinejad will kill 6 million jew inside israel!he lies lies and deceive everybody and buy time to get atomic bomb and then he wont hesitate and he will strike israel.

keivan   September 25th, 2009 10:57 pm ET

ask him what he feels about " Green " as a color or you know what, give him a green T-shirt as a gift hehheheee lol

Joseph Edgecombe, Boston   September 25th, 2009 11:00 pm ET

The Blueprints: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he says he is an academic leader, everything in the popular of historical press does not mean the same to him, especially since he is an Iranian with a different religious or historical view of Jewish people or the Jewish Diaspora (which are the German Jews. A simple analogy ..Some say tomato others say tomata, he calls the Holocaust(Jewish victims of the Racist Nazi State) an event instead, Blueprints are the proof but ideologies / perspectives could still be different.
Another parallel is slavery, the enslavement of African in America and around the globe/Pan Africa- The African Diaspora and the loss of millions of African lives during the transatlantic shipment of Africans headed for enslavement. The African Holocaust is often denied by many non-afrocentric /mainstream Americans, which is often an academic issue.
I as an architect/black architect can say blueprints are the plans for the designs for the general building not only homes or buildings, but the productive building of nations and a nations socio-political philosophies. To put it simply the use of blueprints in a counter-productive manner could be used to destroy a peoples, nation or a society, so therefore let us as a civil society on be the Architects of destruction, which is not limited to Hitler’s Nazi Regime State but other type of illogical or racist behavior which still exist today or which is imbedded in today’s institutions.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 11:02 pm ET

@ Mehri

You will NOT get what you want from this man, Ahmadinejad, no matter who interviews him. He will NOT admit any guilt! Because he has NO guilt. He has no conscious! He does not care about anyone buy himself!

My heart goes out to you and your countrymen!

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 11:03 pm ET

@ keivan


How about a Green T Shirt with the words "I am a Jew" on it!

kourosh   September 25th, 2009 11:06 pm ET

Sorry, Mr. King, but you did'nt know enough about situation of iran and you could'nt to challenge him down. this interview was only an opportunity for ahmadinejad TO TELL HIS LIES AGAIN.

Elie   September 25th, 2009 11:06 pm ET

It’s all a game between governments. Any of you would believe that the commercial trades between Israel and Iran. Business men from both countries set together in Europe and US , they laugh and do business and make money and the people of Iran living in poverty and the people of Israel are living in fear.

Joseph Edgecombe, Boston   September 25th, 2009 11:06 pm ET

The Blueprints: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he says he is an academic leader, everything in the popular political press or historical say does not mean the same to him, especially since he is an Iranian with a different religious or historical view of Jewish people or the Jewish Diaspora (which are the German Jews. A simple analogy..Some say tomato others say tomata, he calls the Holocaust (Jewish victims of the Racist Nazi State) an event instead, Blueprints are the proof but ideologies / perspectives could still be different.
Another parallel is slavery, the enslavement of African in America and around the globe/Pan Africa- The African Diaspora and the loss of millions of African lives during the transatlantic shipment of Africans headed for enslavement. The African Holocaust is often denied by many non-afrocentric /mainstream Americans, which is often an academic issue.
I as an architect/black architect can say that blueprints are the plans for the designs for the general building not only homes or buildings, but the productive building of nations and a nations socio-political philosophies. To put it simply the use of blueprints in a counter-productive manner could be used to destroy a peoples, nation or a society, so therefore let us as a civil society on be the Architects of destruction, which is not limited to Hitler’s Nazi Regime State but other type of illogical or racist behavior which still exist today or which is imbedded in today’s institutions.

Paria   September 25th, 2009 11:06 pm ET

As an Iranian, I tell you this: "HE IS NOT IRAN'S PRESIDENT" and persians don't like him. What's the point of having interviews with him? He alwayas turns the questions around and all he says is lies lies lies...crappy words and no one believe in him.

Lisa Brown   September 25th, 2009 11:08 pm ET

I must have been watching a different interview than Jane from Connecticut..was there a 2nd one I hopefully missed?

Elie   September 25th, 2009 11:11 pm ET


Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 11:12 pm ET

@Joseph Edgecombe, Boston

racist behavior results from fear, lack of education or intelligence.

I really fear for Pres Obama's life! We have many very dangerous, uneducated, and fearful people in this country that might try and take his life.

Because these people are not very intelligent or educated... they are easily manipulated. They do not possess independent thought. They most likely have no idea what that is.....

Mehri   September 25th, 2009 11:12 pm ET

I hear you! I have read about election fraud in the US too, especially what happened in FL. I, like "From the Green Wave", think had Larry shown more videos of people being beaten up on streets and fighting back, or basijis and plain-cloth officers smashing windows and cars, or mothers mourning in cemeteries, or millions of people protesting in several cities, he would have lost control and confess to some of those crimes, somehow. just like how he didn't deny the murders!
and, many thanks for your compassion! God bless!

fdOG   September 25th, 2009 11:14 pm ET

Am I the only one who thinks this guy has a death wish to come on American TV and thumb his nose at world leaders?

Artin   September 25th, 2009 11:15 pm ET

Dear Larry,
Your main interview topic was about Holocaust, who cares if the President of Iran accepts Holocaust or not. I think we have more important issues to worry about than Holocaust. This people they are trying to develop atmic bomb that is more dangerous that the subject that you kept pounding all the time. You tried to divert the interview to your believes and ideas.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 11:24 pm ET

@ Mehri

You give him too much credit. I do not think he would accept the videos and start arguing with Larry that they are fake! I can tell that this man loves to be in control. He would not lose control as he would question where Larry got the videos, How they were made, and that they could be fake. He was smerking during the interview. He knew he had gain control. I think he really enjoys this kind of challenge.

Everyone in here is right! He does NOT care for his people. He only cares for himself!

Yes, when Bush Won because of the mess in Florida, I was deflated, I knew this country was in trouble. I sold property, I sold and liquidated everything and moved it to another country. I knew we were going down... Even now, we will be in a terrible inflation. The dollar will drop much further in value for several reasons...

The one person that can see the dynamics of this country is Michael Moore.

Dodie ~ California   September 25th, 2009 11:32 pm ET

@ Jane Stevens

What on earth is YOUR POINT???

Mars   September 25th, 2009 11:32 pm ET

Ahmadinejad is not our ( Iran) president, and you can not refer to him as such. He is a thief, a murderer, and a rapist and he will pay for all that soon. Long live the brave people of Iran.

Mr.Tibbs   September 25th, 2009 11:32 pm ET

Lets not forget that those countries are most concerned with Iran's current regime are the same parties that installed and supported the Shah and the Peacock Throne. Seems we here In the USA are less concerned with voting rights/womens rights/gay rights/ and military abilities when it is to our benefit and the oil barges keep flowing in our direction. It appears when the current administration can not manage the problems at home we put a focus on foreign matters at a distraction..perhaps a cash for nukers program might work..billions spent in exchange for nuclear programs..or even jobs.

AN   September 25th, 2009 11:33 pm ET

Dear Larry,

I thought you did a good job confronting Ahmadinejad about the holocaust. I think the subject is relevant, especially when it shows what a stark raving lunatic this "president" is. Can you believe that guy??
I knew he was going to aviod giving you a straight answer, but you really tried, and I think you did better than I've seen any other interviewers do so far.
Keep it up Larry!

AN   September 25th, 2009 11:36 pm ET

Oh, and Jane, super-intollerant-christian, Stevens; I think you need professional help.

Tom   September 25th, 2009 11:39 pm ET

I would be interested to know how Larry felt about the interview.

John H   September 25th, 2009 11:41 pm ET

Just checking in to see what opinions are being expressed. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many Iranians have gotten their points of view in. Ahmadinejad is not their president. Good for them! The best answer to this person is to have him see his own people deny his legitimacy. Lots of opinion here but I prefer hearing from the Iranian people themselves. We should not be contemplating military action against Iran because in doing so, we are harming the very people we should be trying to support. We should not encourage Israel to attack Iran's nuclear sites. The Iranian people will deal with this man and his supporters in their own way in their own time if we will let them. We want friendly relations with the people of Iran and should encourage the folks on this blog who have stood up and said what they feel.

Joseph Edgecombe, Boston   September 25th, 2009 11:42 pm ET

The Blueprints: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he says he is an academic leader, everything in the popular political press or historical say does not mean the same to him, especially since he is an Iranian with a different religious or historical view of Jewish people or the Jewish Diaspora (which are the German Jews. A simple analogy..Some say tomato others say tomata, he calls the Holocaust (Jewish victims of the Racist Nazi State) an event instead, Blueprints are the proof but ideologies / perspectives could still be different.
Another parallel is slavery, the enslavement of African in America and around the globe/Pan Africa- The African Diaspora and the loss of millions of African lives during the transatlantic shipment of Africans headed for enslavement. The African Holocaust is often denied by many non-afrocentric /mainstream Americans, which is often an academic issue.
I as an architect/black architect can say that blueprints are the plans for the designs for the general building not only homes or buildings, but the productive building of nations and a nations socio-political philosophies. To put it simply the use of blueprints in a counter-productive manner could be used to destroy a peoples, nation or a society, so therefore let us as a civil society not be the Architects of destruction, which is not limited to Hitler’s Nazi Regime State but other type of illogical or racist behavior which still exist today or which is imbedded in today’s institutions.

nima   September 25th, 2009 11:43 pm ET

the most recent mass demonstration happened just 8 days ago and i took part in it. millions of people attended and unanimously ask for ahmadinejad to resign and the islamic republic to disband. the most important slogan was INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM AND IRANIAN REPUBLIC not islamic republic. we dont want terrorism. we dont want war. we dont want islam. we want peace and good relations with the rest of the world including israel.

MASOUD   September 25th, 2009 11:48 pm ET

It is one thing to want to be independent country without any other country wanting to take your resources, but why not letting your own people to enjoy this independent by having freedom.

ckelly   September 25th, 2009 11:59 pm ET


Thank you for interviewing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This was a brave interview and an important one.

The commercial breaks were frustrating but understandable.

No one gets to be king, prime minister, president or CEO of a corporation or stay in any position of global power with out having a shady history. Whether that history took root a thousand years ago, 50 years ago or 5 years ago-The guilt and shame is there. But it has to be acknowledged. North American and European television/media tries to paint a picture of the past that is fragmented and without context. Lets have our "devils and saints".

To constantly shine the light on certain atrocities and not on others of equal evil, for political reasons is WRONG!! the Jewish holocaust was wrong and evil; Stalins' "holocaust" of the Jews in Russia was equally wrong; The holocaust of North American and South American Indians was equally evil; the holocaust of the Armenians was wrong; the holocaust of the Curds living in Iraq was wrong; The British extermination of the Irish and constant oppression of the Irish was wrong over 800 years.

The numbers of atrocities against vulnerable people is in the thousands (millions and millions of the dead through antiquity and recently)-yet we constantly bring to light only one or two?

History's evil and atrocities by the rich, entitled and powerful against the vulnerable is a long, long,long dirty laundry list throughout antiquity:

Give me your tired poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Don't get me started on Iraq-

ONLY !!!! when Britain, the US, Canada, the Vatican, Spain, France and all the leaders of countries acknowlege ALL their past wrong doings and make genuine restitution will this change.

Anecdotal story: Today my husband got his pay stolen by a contractor who just "didn't want to pay him" as a new employee after a months work-He couldn't reach the owner by telephone-they said they would call if there was more work-Its a family business and there is plenty of work. The business is 15 years old and my partner a skilled carpenter wouldn't have taken the job except that there is little work in Vancouver for skilled labour, He is a qualified, competent, dedicated man. Everyone thinks-"get over it", its just a pay cheque get another job-YET every member of "his" family business took their money. They will be working again next week. There are thousands of business like this and the British Columbia government BC /business law NEVER makes it worth anyone's time or money to sue. And you think Canada is socialist?????????????????? Not on your life.

There are no good guys or bad guys as we have been taught since children. There are the rich and powerful who get away with everything because money/resources and power talk and the rest of us who provide the blood and money for their power. We die, starve or get robbed. Power is the corrupter and wealth its source. Europe made sure that their power and wealth and prestige went to family names, even in the US and Canada-the "New world"

Religion or "terrorists" are not the original or constant source of evil and power-Man is.

jack   September 26th, 2009 12:06 am ET

Wouldn't it be cool if Larry suddenly removed his shoe and suddenly flung it at the creep ? lol

Michael C. McHugh   September 26th, 2009 12:11 am ET

I watched Landslide Mahmoud just for laughs. I have said many times that I loathe this regime in Iran and I hope its own people with overthrow it. If there is a democratic revolution against this evil police state, then we may be able to have better relations with that country. Otherwise, I'm not optimistic at all.

As it stands now, I do not believe they are willing to negotiate with us in good faith or keep any agreements they might make.

I do not want war with Iran, not least because we are in no economic condition for that, and would not be able to clean up the mess even if we "won". The spike in oil prices alone would probably send the whole economy into an all-out depression.

Nevertheless, I do not believe we should ever have normal diplomatic and trade relations with a regime like this.

Theresa   September 26th, 2009 12:21 am ET


Whatever you did to your hair tonight it looked great!!

Keep up all your good work you do.

Love and Peace

maryka   September 26th, 2009 12:22 am ET

Hello ,
I saw your interview with Ahmadi nejad last night.
I wish you asked some other qusestion about gasolin in Iran . when that country have no abbility to make his gasoline and motor spitit !how can rech in the nuclear technologhy?

juan   September 26th, 2009 12:22 am ET

mahmoud ahmaddinejad denies to on larry king show that his goverment is not searching for nuclear weapons you belive it not me .

jack   September 26th, 2009 12:23 am ET

Well, our last prez wasted countless lives and tons of money on a war where there there were apparently no real wmds. Now, this man is likely on the fast track to developing the real thing. Let us hope diplomacy and sanctions work, I would hate to see an even bigger blood bath, and an economic cataclysm to boot. President Obama seems to be an adept diplomat. It will take a concerted effort to defeat the plans of this zealot.

Azadeh   September 26th, 2009 12:26 am ET

Neda is not only one who was killed by islamic regim .there are so many innocent people who are victims of Islamic regim .

Ahmadinejad is not our president and Islamic regim is real danger not only for Iran but also for the world ,Do not let it wipe out all civilizations from face of the earth by nuclear bomb.

Thanks larry.

jack   September 26th, 2009 12:27 am ET

Jane Stevens@ I hope you were drunk or something when you wrote those nonsensical statements. haha

jack   September 26th, 2009 12:31 am ET

@Jane Stevens...I hope you are under the influence that sounded kind of warped and nonsensical.

iran   September 26th, 2009 12:35 am ET

سخت ترین کار دنیا محکوم کردن یک احمق است ( وینستون چرچیل )

jack   September 26th, 2009 12:37 am ET

No wonder people walk out of the UN when this guy speaks. He is not only an obvious liar but seems to be quite brain washed by his clerical masters. You who object to President Obama, better be thankful you don't have this nut as President.

iran   September 26th, 2009 12:38 am ET

Condemn the world most difficult work is a fool (Winston Churchill)

Elly   September 26th, 2009 12:41 am ET

@ Psyklick
Who do you think you are to call another nation rogue. No nation is rouge. Your comment is disgusting and nobody is interested to know your opinion.
@ Larry king
This guy is not Iran's president because simply the people did not vote for him, so stop calling him the president. I don't understand why you are interviewing this guy in the first place since everyone knows what he is going to say or shall we say what he is not going to say.

jorge isaac   September 26th, 2009 12:42 am ET

mahmoud ahmadinejad denies the holocaust jews on larry king show besides that he says he dont have involment for the dead people during the protest early this belive it .I dont.

Afsoun   September 26th, 2009 12:43 am ET

I am an iranian born who has been living in Canada for the last 15 years. I am not supporting the Gov. of Iran but I cannot beleive that Larry king would say that we dont have any political prisoners in USA and that non is killed in prisons. what about all the Iraquies in Cuba and all the ones that were killed in Iraq and Afganestan by guards??? so is he denying all? something that is not deniable!!!! please wake up and look around you!!!!

ahmad   September 26th, 2009 12:58 am ET

I'm from iran. I don't know why you concern that much about Iran’s nuclear program.
The main issue in iran is human rights and a non-democratic government. if we have a democratic government in iran all problems about nuclear program will be solved.

Afsoun   September 26th, 2009 12:59 am ET

it is a silly show! thre are 3 or 4 mint. of Ads. and 1.5 mint. of talk!!!!!??? if you ask a question then you have to waite for the asnwer and allow Ahmadinejad to talk and answer.

jorge isaac   September 26th, 2009 1:02 am ET

mahmoud ahmadinejad is a liar ,we don't want war on this world but the UN should be search deep inside IRAN ,remember IRAN gorvement knows what happen on IRAQ dictaror S.H and they don't want same for them,they getting ready on they nuclear facility.

Juan in Ohio   September 26th, 2009 1:04 am ET

Will you ever interview Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Or only Terrorists Regime? I sure hope u get this Larry, Compared 2 other comments, this is a peiece of cake.

Juan in Ohio   September 26th, 2009 1:07 am ET

When is there going to be a White In America??? Id say CNN is discriminating. Come on America, Wake up.

marie   September 26th, 2009 3:43 am ET

I am sooooo disappointed that CNN and you would use your reputation and good name to give this person any creidibility and a forum to spout his lies and poison
He is never going to answer your questins honestly so all you get is his presence and he gets the whole world to show that CNN and Larry King find him credible and indeed, the legitimate president of some country
I am disgusted with you tonight.
turning off the TV now

g   September 26th, 2009 9:13 am ET

i think the united states should worry more about there own human rights let china and russia worry about whats going on in there part of the world

Psyklick   September 26th, 2009 10:29 am ET

Ok I'd like to ask you who you think you are to tell me that no nation is rogue? Seems to me that you ARE a rogue and don't like to hear anything said about rogues.

Psyklick   September 26th, 2009 10:31 am ET

Well he is your president on paper. And what's on paper matters most. The fact that he's still "president" goes to show that Iran is full of wussy little babies.

Psyklick   September 26th, 2009 10:35 am ET

Ok I shall call Iran a wussy nation for still letting him be president and going about your daily business acting like cry-babies and denying the fact that the rogue is your president. As far as I know, whoever takes oath as president IS the president. So stop living in denial.

Psyklick   September 26th, 2009 10:37 am ET

What was the stupid language the rogue was speaking? It sounded like he was regurgitating all the

Psyklick   September 26th, 2009 10:56 am ET

Watching Sarah Palin leak brain fluid from her mouth was more fun than watching this emaciated chimp regurgitate.

peyman   September 26th, 2009 11:08 am ET

Unfortunately some are impressed by Ahmadinejad's "trickery in escaping questions" more than the actual SUBSTANCE of what he says!!!

Dont be naive people. Diversion, derailing of topic, weaseling out of answers is all he can do. All he needed was to show to the Iranians inside Iran that he is sought after by American media. Trust me, none of the dialogue will be relayed there!!

But for the American audience, we needed a stronger (no disrespect to Larry, though) and more persistent person who would not get fazed or lose calm by AN's weaseling.

peyman   September 26th, 2009 11:12 am ET


Unfortunately, all the armed forces and worse, the thugs & militia is under their control. These are people who would murder without compunction or remorse. They have the guns to silence the ppl on the streets AND the judiciary to imprison anyone who merely wears a green wrist-band ... let alone actually voice his demands for freedom.

You are sitting in the land of free, passing judgment on people who are tracked after demonstrations, arrested INSIDE their homes in the middle of the night and then taken to prisons, unknown to their families!

Dont be too hasty in judging ppl.

peyman   September 26th, 2009 11:48 am ET

But one thing I really appreciate Larry for, which escaped other younger journalists like Katie Curric or Ann Curry is when AN attempts to compare the protests in side Iran with those in the west, it was only Larry who thundered back: "BUT THEY ARE NOT TORTURED, RAPED OR MURDERED FOR IT IN THE PRISONS".

This is how one contrasts the inhuman conduct of the islamic regime against its own people with those other protesters in the west who are released in a day.

Thank you Larry for this.

Mehri   September 26th, 2009 12:13 pm ET

I agree with Peyman that unfortunately, some people have been praising Ahmadinejad's trickery skill in escaping from answering any question right to the point. I also want to add that all those numerous commercial breaks throughout the interview just made him have the best influence on those unfamiliar with Iran's politics and the type of tactics he'd used even during pre-election campaigns on TV debates. Those breaks just showed Larry was not able to mastermind the interview which was a good opportunity to challenge this guy.

alexlyrics   September 26th, 2009 1:15 pm ET

Why are we fighting wars in two counties that have no power to harm us now?

Why are we wasting time, energy, money, and the lives of our own in Iraq an Afghanistan?

We have been pre-occupied with these two dumb countries that have no real power to ham us, while Iran has been arming p for 8 years.
North Korea has been launching and arming up for 8 years.

We are losing the battle before it’s begun. We have wasted so much time in countries where they have no power to really harm us.

While these other countries taunt us, like Cuba, Venezuela and even China mock us. Libya has been made legitimate and we set by looking like wounded puppies licking our paws in this failed two wars and economy.

We are pathetic, and something needs to change.

Lets end those two wars, re-group and prepare to kick some tail where it truly matters.

We are going to be like Israel whether we like it or not, they will come here and attempt to blow things up.
We cannot control that from over there, it is stopped from over here.

When will we get this simple concept? They cannot blow up buildings from over there in Iraq or Afghanistan. The terrorist must enter this country to do so.

So we need to pull out of their get our National Guard and troops built back up on our soil. Those bases here are empty.

I want these two wars stopped, and bring our troops home. We need to re-group for the real enemy, which now exist in our own country.

elly   September 26th, 2009 5:46 pm ET

@ Psyklick

You’re a waste of space. You are the one who is regurgitating on this blog with your stupid comments. why don't you switch your TV channel to another one with those stupid shows like John and Kate or The real house wives of ..... Believe me with your level of stupidity you will relate to those shows more than this one.

Dodie ~ California   September 26th, 2009 9:33 pm ET

@ Psyklick

You Stated:

September 26th, 2009 10:31 am ET
Well he is your president on paper. And what’s on paper matters most. The fact that he’s still “president” goes to show that Iran is full of wussy little babies.

Your statements to other people in here are absolutely outrageous!!!

If you are from the USA, then you are an embarrassment to me!!!!!

Melissa   September 26th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

When are you going to do a documentary at the college level? I recently went back to school as an older student and the financial aid system is truly outrageous. Please consider it.

Hamid   September 26th, 2009 10:10 pm ET

Dear Larry King, you should also invite a representative of protesters and hear the other side ideas regarding the fraud election and its outcomes.

Azadeh   September 27th, 2009 12:58 am ET

MR King
Three month ago Musavi in a TV debate pointed Ahmadinejad and said these sentences about him:
" this is one of our problem. we face with a wonderful phenomenon! some one who can gazes into camera, some who can stares to your eyes and tells lie. he can say white is black and he say it in a powerful way that you belive him. there is nothing worse than a lier government. and nowadays we face with this in our country."

you saw our wonderful lier. please Don't believe him. he is not our president.

jasmin   September 27th, 2009 1:49 am ET

Dear Larry King,

Mr. Mahmood Ahmadinejad is a SELECTED president of Iran NOT ELECTED.

I myself was in Iran during his election and could see that people were waiting long hours in lines to make a change by voting for Mr. Mosavi.They did the same thing when Mr. Khatami was elected and that is why they got shocked this time when the news were revealed.

Iranian people have done their roles to prove the world that Mr.Ahmadinejad was never elected by them , NOW it is up to the world to hear their voice and help them get rid of dictatorship.

Mina   September 27th, 2009 1:53 am ET

Mr King

I should notify that AHMADINEJAD is NOT my PRESIDENT.

Cyrus   September 27th, 2009 2:18 am ET

A boy who has raped his fellow classmate in poor slum village kills dogs and cats after school and have not enough money for 3 meal has the dream of being a normal person like those citizen sees on TV.
Now suppose this boy become president of a country and interviewed by CNN.

sanaz   September 27th, 2009 2:41 am ET

he is not our president

mehrdad   September 27th, 2009 2:59 am ET

hi larry
i love ahmadi nejad
ahmadi nejad is my president

Mohammad   September 27th, 2009 3:51 am ET

Ahmadi Nejhad is not our president...they are just proud of their army and weapons....AMERICA ! stand up and ruin their satan castles before they became powerfull enough to hurt you and Americans..Be aware of their being BLOODTHIRSTY ...........

Pooya   September 27th, 2009 3:58 am ET

There is nothing to ask from him,..cause he is not our president,..and you should know that Larry !!!,..

ashkan   September 27th, 2009 4:01 am ET

The most insane politician in the world.
His words have brought so much shame for the Iranians.
Strange to say, his ancestors were apparently Jews!

shabiii   September 27th, 2009 5:14 am ET

Ahmadinejad is not our president at all!!!!!!

Negar   September 27th, 2009 5:26 am ET

why dont you ask ahmadinejad about other young people (not only Neda) he killed... by the way thank you, because some times he looks worried and frightened... you know....he is not our president.

k irani   September 27th, 2009 5:51 am ET

ahmadinejad is not our president.

Tara   September 27th, 2009 6:06 am ET

Ahmadinejad is not my PRESIDENT!!!!

laleh   September 27th, 2009 7:33 am ET

this man-ahmadinejad- is not our president! he has stolen our votes!!

bahareh irani   September 27th, 2009 7:57 am ET

Hi Larry,


Thank you soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mani   September 27th, 2009 8:09 am ET

Ahmadinejad Is Not Our preident

EXPERT SURVIVALIST Dave Dawson   September 27th, 2009 8:12 am ET

First ....
The SURVIVAL LAW explained ....
Us Saints use it all the time.
And when us Saints use the SURVIVAL LAW all the time ....
Those with venomous breaths must ....
LARRY the U.S. KING is a Survivor ....
Just like us SAINTS.
And those who don't use OUR SURVIVAL LAW are now ....
But where will the venomous ones get the energy to swim to Coventry U.K?
Personally, I'd like those with venomous breaths to swim the World first.
I'm hoping they can do 666 laps for Charity.
Larry the U.S. King, they'll need to suck in a lot of venom for 666 laps to Coventry U.K.

Ara   September 27th, 2009 8:59 am ET

Any interviewer familiar with Iran would have cornered Ahmadinejad quite easily. Why didn't Amanpour interview AN?

peyman   September 27th, 2009 9:32 am ET

I absolutely second Hamid's suggestion of INVITING A COUPLE OF MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITION TO IRI, if nothing else, to give equal air time in a very popular show on TV.

The world got to hear Ahmadinejad's views (read; lies) and to most unaware and ignorant people in the world, those lies stuck. I think it is only fair for the world to see the other side of the coin as well.

Especially since the opposition does not enjoy a nation's broadcasting media.

Plz do so Larry

green man   September 27th, 2009 9:52 am ET

dear King
its necessary to say that this brute man is not our president. i see that you write here : Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad !!!! i am in wonder for your used language...
this devil kill our friends,our young girls and boys, our honor in world, our moms herat..... this savage human is not our president... he is not!!!!

Francisco Lorduy   September 27th, 2009 10:00 am ET

Larry Kings 's journalist perfomance interviewing Hugo Chavez and the Iranian president was really poor. As public we were expecting better questions and actions to clarify vague answers. It was a waste of time...

Bruce Henry   September 27th, 2009 10:03 am ET

The interview with Ahmadinejad was awful. Every question and answer was interrupted by a commercial breaking the flow of the conversation. I did not keep track but in that hour I bet the commercial consumed time came close to equaling the interview time. The line of thought was continually ruined! And the questions themselves seems to be playing that reporters game of hoping to play gotcha, for example, trying to be the one to get him to admit the holocaust did happen, which he will never do. Why not a line of questioning that challenges him on enhancing the future of the Iranian people by opening up and joining the world community. Give it a try next time, you would be no worse off!

Alireza   September 27th, 2009 10:52 am ET

Ahmadinejd is not our president ...

mahshid   September 27th, 2009 12:13 pm ET

Dear Larry,
Please invite a representative of protesters and give them a chance to express what they believe about the fraud elections too. People of iran have no way to spread their voice. What is heard in the inside medias, united nations and now in your show, are all the voice of cheater,killer and liar government f iran.
Please give a chance to the opposite side to talk to.

Bob   September 27th, 2009 12:34 pm ET

yo larry,
did i miss it? in this interview w/ ahman, did you try to nail him down regarding obama's concern that the size of the nuclear facility was indictitive of wmas? what about the comment being spread that he will destoy israel? you got off on a tangent w/ the holocost and he wormed out. i think it's great that he think he will use your show. methinx you need to examine these past interviews with a wiser think tank, maybe even the pres. of israel, and if given another chance at him to expose his true intentions.

Helia   September 27th, 2009 12:41 pm ET

Mr. King,

I would like to share my disappointment at how you gave voice to someone like Ahmadinejad when thousands of people who are imprisoned by him have no voice! Insead of becoming their voice, you asked him about Iran's nuclear energy and his opinon on Holocaust???? Don't you know the mere reason he comes to NY every year is to get a chance to make controversy and let everyone know he is the leader of Iran? Wny do you give him that satsifaction when there are millions in Iran who have been silenced by him??? This is a man who has been blinded by power and is murdering his own people and tries to distract the world by his nuclear ambition and his Holocaust denial and unfortunately he has been successful in doing so by using our free press! Please stop.

Nima   September 27th, 2009 1:16 pm ET

He is mot are president.
He was selected not elected.
He is murderer.

laura   September 27th, 2009 1:28 pm ET

he is not our president.

g   September 27th, 2009 2:01 pm ET

only when china and russia get on board will they see the light

ABSOLUTELY FAIR Dave Dawson   September 27th, 2009 2:06 pm ET

Dear King Larry,
If they don't like the terms & conditions of SURVIVAL LAW ....
We REALLY DO LIKE the terms & conditions of SURVIVAL LAW.

K Irani   September 27th, 2009 3:25 pm ET

He is not my president, he is the president of the revolutionary guard and hard-liners who want to steal our national resources and send the money to their off shore accounts and give it to thier dictator and terrorist allies.

ashkan   September 27th, 2009 5:11 pm ET

Ahmadi Nejhad is not my president

Samaneh   September 27th, 2009 5:56 pm ET

Ahmadi Nejad is not our President...

ACH   September 27th, 2009 6:27 pm ET

Don't let this guy hide his evil face behind his answers ,
all we Iranian know his reall face and the criminals he did
with our beloved country and inocent people ,all the world
knows who really this guy is and all are aware of his crimes ,
if u thought hitler did the worst to world wait for him do to 100
times worse ,if hitler killed Jewish people Ahmadinejad killed
people of his own country whom he said they voted for him ,
comon world ,comon USA , comon larry , you don't want another
word trade center disaster ,do you ?!
Please every one ,help us we true Iranian people rule our country ,
help take down this guy today so you won't regret it tomorow ! when
there would be another new hitler ,another dictator worse than saddam !

Evonne   September 27th, 2009 6:52 pm ET

Dear Mr. King:
You surprised the heck out of me having a terrorist as your guest. Especially since you are Jewish. I saw his face on your show and turned you off until the very end to see how you would end your show. Calling that person "Mr. President" was the worst. Choose your valuable air time on someone worthy.
I watch you daily, but I can't sit for an hour looking at a terrorist's face.
Thank you

Mo   September 27th, 2009 9:13 pm ET


tara   September 27th, 2009 10:13 pm ET




Lotus   September 27th, 2009 10:22 pm ET

Dear Mr. King

I can't believe you know about Neda's death but you don't know his killer.
He was caught by the people when Neda shot dead and now everyone knows who he is.

YOU COULD TELL ahmadinejad that all he had to do was to do a google image search to find him.


Alan Parsi   September 28th, 2009 1:35 am ET

I can't beleive you sensor comments that critisize you for giving Ahmadi Najad (a proven killer, cheater and torturer) full hour of your program twice to repeat his non sense rhetrorics and not giving the opposition even one minute to counter him. It is new low for journalism.

soore   September 28th, 2009 3:29 am ET

mir hosein mousavi is Iranian President .no ahmadinejad

niloufar   September 28th, 2009 5:06 am ET

Dear Mr.King

Ahmadi nejad is not iranian Presidentttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

Riza Marhaban   September 28th, 2009 5:24 am ET

it seems my first comment were not approved by the moderator.

Sam   September 28th, 2009 5:31 am ET

Larry! *****Ahmadinejad is not our president.**** He is the puppet of Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guard.

shadi   September 28th, 2009 7:03 am ET

Ahmadinejad is not my president.Hi is a
Great killar to kill a innocent people.

Terry, TX   September 28th, 2009 8:55 am ET

I saw his speech at Union......I refused to watch on your show.....with this moron on....

nyliram   September 28th, 2009 9:58 am ET

As for me, I wouldn't give Ahmadinejad or Chavez any air time. Why boost their egos and let them spread their word? I don't consider it an "exclusive" interview at all. It's disgusting.

ava   September 28th, 2009 10:40 am ET

Don't know why my first comment was not approved to be posted. All i ask was to give a chance to the opposition group to express their thoughts and defend themselves. Ahmadinejad not only insulted th opposition leaders, but also the majority of iranians who voted for MR Moosavi and now feel cheated.
I ask you to give a chance to opposition leaders to, invite them to your show and hear the truth, instead of listening to this monster's lies and illusions.

Alec Baldwin   September 28th, 2009 10:57 am ET

Ahmadinejad is not thier persident ! Don't you get it !?

Mary   September 28th, 2009 10:59 am ET

To all the Iranians that have to deal with this evil monger ...we deeply feel for you ...

HAMID   September 28th, 2009 11:42 am ET


Fereidun   September 28th, 2009 12:07 pm ET

Ahmmadi-nejad is not Iran's real president ! I hope you and your government do not just take care about Worlds security and Iran's nuc. program but think about Iran's freedom.

Hamid   September 28th, 2009 12:21 pm ET

Alec, this has been the best comment yet, you are brilliant.

righton   September 28th, 2009 1:22 pm ET

I pray for the poor citizens of Iran. This man is evil and a puppet. the US need sto pull back from getting involved in the Middle-east. We will never win

Alma-Vera Ahllöf   September 28th, 2009 6:00 pm ET

Dear Mr King,

Now that we've seen the dictator of Iran on the show I would really be delighted to see his opponents as well – someone from the opposition front. There are loads and loads of horrendous human rights violations happening in that country and I'm really worried the Western media doesn't seem to be very interested in publishing them. An Iranian opposition representative in your show would be great publicity to the REAL situation, not the Mahmoud Ahmadinejads version of it.

Alma-Vera Ahllöf   September 28th, 2009 6:07 pm ET

By changing the (murderous) regime in Iran the nuclear program problem would be solved at once. The people of Iran don't want to destroy Israel or any other country, they want real democracy and good relations with the west. The regime is the problem not the nuclear program – so let us not support the regime any longer!

JIM CARROLL INTERNETFREEPRESS.COM   September 28th, 2009 6:33 pm ET


INFLATION IS A EUPHEMISM FOR THEFT. It changes the ratio of money to the goods and services being
exchanged, and eats up any new money put into the system–preventing it from doing the job intended.

MR. PRESIDENT, now that you have the stimulus –ask businesses to do their part by lowering all their prices by at least 0.1%.




We can hear 192 nations tell us who they are, and we
will know them better. Agreeing with what we hear or not is not important. To be upset with what one or two members say or do takes a small mind.

There is no requirement of a mind to be a republican. All that is needed is to know how to say no, and be against everything that would benefit anyone but the rich. Mr. moore has it right.

The answer to Capitalism is Mixturism: THE RATIONAL ECONOMIC,ETHICAL, AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY AND BEYOND. Businesses, governments, and people working together to meet the needs and desires of all. FIND YOUR FREE COPY ON THIS WEB SITE.


ava   September 28th, 2009 11:23 pm ET

Thanks too all who've given their sympathy. I hope someday human rights will be valued how it should and I hope someday the nightmare of iranians finish.

We don't give up and we'll keep holding on to our desire for democracy.

Thanks to Mary, Alec and Alma-vera...

hudax   September 29th, 2009 2:58 am ET

shame on u ahmadinejad! u r not our president! again he just said bunch of gibberish..the green revolution will take him down! hei larry u must make a program with mir hossein musavi or karrubi! those are our true presidents!

Azadikhah   September 29th, 2009 2:30 pm ET

Ahmadi Nejhad is not my president.

Farshad   September 29th, 2009 3:54 pm ET

hey, y don't u remove the word of "president" from the title of this page?!!

Ahmadinejad IS NOT MY PRESIDENT.... HE is NOT.

green   September 30th, 2009 7:56 am ET

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
im from iran
Ahmadinejad in not our President

Saam   October 4th, 2009 6:21 pm ET

Everybody saw him playing with words and making fun of all the people in the world.
He is a cruel dictator. I am sure next year at the same time he would not be Iranian president anymore.
We are all ashamed of him.

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