September 15, 2009

Yale student's killing wasn't random, police say

Posted: 08:25 AM ET

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The killing of Yale student Annie Le was not random and could have been committed by one of only a small number of people with access to the building where her body was found, authorities said.

Le's body was found hidden in a wall in the basement of a Yale medical research building Sunday, the day she was supposed to be married. The 24-year-old graduate student had been missing for almost a week. Bloody clothes were found hidden above tiles in a drop ceiling elsewhere in the building, investigators said.

Her killing was not a random act, New Haven Police spokesman Joe Avery said. He would not elaborate.

Yale University President Richard Levin told students Monday: "We know everyone that was in the basement. There were limited number of people in the basement and we passed that on to police. There is an abundance of evidence."

Yale professor Gary Rudnick, who interviewed Le when she applied for admission to the graduate program in pharmacology, told CNN that the building where Le's body was found had good security, and only certain people could enter, let alone access specific areas. He said the circumstances suggested there could be a "murderer among us."

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Lisa S   September 15th, 2009 12:50 pm ET

What a terrible story! Poor girl! How could this happen in a university?

Mary   September 15th, 2009 2:34 pm ET

Unfortunately crime can happen anywhere ..............

Gina Gallagher   September 15th, 2009 4:16 pm ET

We must put the protection of women and children at the top of our priorities list .Would you ask judge judy to sign this appeal to Mrs Obama to help change the laws regarding pedophiles rapist ? Would you help and post this help us stop this insanity.?

Dear Mrs. Obama,
We write to you as one concerned parent to another. I am sure you are grateful that your children have the secret service to protect them;you see our children don’t have that luxury but our government could protect them through a change in the laws. I am sure you do not want to read about another child who was abducted, molested by a pedophile who was a repeat offender. We need your help to change the laws that protect these predators and allow them the freedom to molest another child.

Most rapist and pedophiles have a rap sheet of previous sexual offenses and rarely spend any time in jail, they even get paroled for good behavior “dah” no young prey or women to molest. I don't have the source on this but I remember reading that most rapist & pedophiles commit another rape within 30 days of parole and yet we let them out of prison. Ask any psychologist and they will tell you that pedophiles cannot be cured or rehabilitated, they have no impulse control; with that being the case it begs the question why are we letting them go free just to commit another crime against a child? Why are we permitting the distribution and making of porn using images of children being molested whether simulated or not, when we know the only reason for using such material is because some sick mind has designs and intentions to molest children? Why do we permit child slavery offenders to go free?

This is just another kind of terrorism and these terrorists are just as evil and covert as al-Qaida. They use fear and intimidation, they are violent and they hide and run free among us. They are a growing faceless evil and tragically our systems protect them.
They are running ramped in our society and yet we have failed to acknowledge and fight this kind of terrorism. Their caves are dark streets, parking garages, parks, playgrounds, the Internet, anywhere that these cowards can strike without fear of being caught to face meaningful retribution. They come out of the darkness to invade our homes, our psyche and the terror the reek is just as devastating as 9/11

The hallmark of your work as First Lady would be to make the protection of women and children your top priority. Use your influence and access to your husband and ask him to declare war on rapists, child pornographers and child molesters, just as we have on the Muslim fanatics.

It would appear that the Supreme Court has condoned this evil when they allowed these cowards to turn the law into a rubric cube, which they twisted to get their "rights” under the first amendment at the expense of the victims and society. I cannot understand how the supposedly “astute” member of the Supreme Court can rationalize this deviant behavior and allow these predators to legally manipulate the law to continue in a business that uses unwilling children, virtual or not, to promote violence against children.

Child pornography is a big business and the people who seek out these pictures keep it a big business. Is anyone naive enough to really believe that the person who buys child porn has no designs on having non-consensual sexual encounters with children?

Our society is not protecting the first amendment rights of these innocent children, who have been exploited and abused by people whose sole interest in kiddy porn is to satisfy their lustful intention to have sexual relations with children?

Sorry, no matter how you twist it the first amendment rights argument does not hold water. Would it not be a crime for someone to build a bomb and would the Supreme Court say they have the right to bear arms? Would they say that just because they build the bomb it does not mean they intend to use it? Would you believe the person who built the bomb, when they tell you they just fantasize about blowing something up? Would you not arrest the bomb builder? How is the pornographer or kiddy porn user any different from the bomb builder?

Those who sell it, create or buy it are all equally guilty of child molestation, they are accessories to a crime and so is our government when they fail to protect the weak and innocent. We must put an end to of all forms of rape and molestation including child pornography.

Until our government changes the laws, allocate funds, and put the protection of women and children at the top of your priority list, these "rapist/ terrorist” will continue to be free to perpetuate and continue their reign of terror.

We want action now. We want real and substantive changes in the law that makes rape, child sexual abuse, and child pornography a federal crime punishable with life. We want the funds to get every rape kit in this country tested to aid in the capture and conviction of the perpetrators.

We are calling for zero tolerance and nothing less. Our national, state and local governments can send a message to these parasites; molestation as well as child pornography is a crime comparable to premeditated murder and therefore they will receive the maximum punishment of life without parole.They have murdered the innocence of our children and scared them for life.They have violated their rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness ,they should pay with a life in prison

Our lawmakers must take on the responsibility of protecting society more seriously. So far, they have failed miserably. Will you champion this cause?

Help us find a way to make rape, child molestation a federal crime with a no parole and a mandatory life sentence.
Make the purchase of child pornography a crime of “intent to do harm” punishable with 15 years with no parole.
Make the production, sale and distribution of child pornography a crime of accessory to rape punishable with 30 years with no parole.

Show the women and children your resolve to fight this kind of terrorism.

God bless you and give you the wisdom for right action

1. Gina Gallagher Chapel Hill,NC

Tessa   September 15th, 2009 6:19 pm ET

The murder of Yale student Annie Le was so could it happen at an Ivy League school in the morning. I was puzzled why no other students and professors were in the lab with come there were no people around there with her??? In these times, no one is safe can't trust can't let your guards down...always have to look over your shoulders in order to protect yourself.

Annie Le had so much to offer and had a very bright future but unfortunately was cut short.

Staszek   September 16th, 2009 11:43 am ET

cause we live in human world thats why we live in society which is dominated by hatret greed and sex no wonder this has happen we should blame ourselfs for this we allow the world to be a such place

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