September 7, 2009

Joe Kennedy NOT running for Uncle's Senate seat

Posted: 03:30 PM ET

In a statement just posted to his company's website (, Former U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy II says he will not be seeking the Senate seat vacated by the death of his uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy.

Here's the statement from Joe Kennedy:

"I want to thank the millions of Americans who have expressed their love and admiration for Senator Kennedy over the last few weeks. It was very moving to see so many people come out to pay their respects to a man who fought so hard to make this world a better place, especially for those struggling for life's basic needs – a decent home, a living wage, a safe neighborhood, their daily bread, a good education, and access to health care.

Given all that my uncle accomplished, it was only natural to consider getting back involved in public office, and I appreciate all the calls of support and friendship that have poured in.

My father called politics an honorable profession, and I have profound respect for those who choose to advance the causes of social and economic justice in elective office. After much consideration, I have decided that the best way for me to contribute to those causes is by continuing my work at Citizens Energy Corporation.

Our efforts cover a broad array of the challenges facing this country – to heat the homes of the poor, install energy-savings technologies to cut costs for homeowners and businesses, build wind farms throughout the United States and Canada to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, and construct transmission lines to carry new sources of renewable energy.

Over 30 years after starting the company, there is much yet to be accomplished at Citizens Energy, and I continue to be committed to our mission of making life's basic needs more affordable."

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Mara   September 7th, 2009 4:09 pm ET

I wish John Jr. was still with us. I would have loved to see him in politics. He was so intelligent not to mention FINE!!

Larry – may we please have a new MJ blog? My computer is running slow and I am not able to participate with my fellow bloggers as much. Thank you.

MaryRM   September 7th, 2009 7:39 pm ET

Although Joe Kennedy's efforts directly impact the northeast U.S., the Kennedy family transcends borders because their efforts to make a better world impact so many. When I first heard about Citizens Energy, I said 'those Kennedy's are amazing people. They could just sit on their inheritances and live easy but look how they are always helping others.'

I am an environmentalist and a volunteer for a fundraiser in Toronto. but when I looked at the 'celebrity' guest list, I bypassed the entertainers and told my husband, I may get to meet Bobby Jr.!

I wish Joe and his family condolences on the passing of his uncle, all the best and thanks to the entire Kennedy family for multiple generations of leaders and role models that span borders.

idzan ismail of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   September 7th, 2009 11:40 pm ET

When the world talks abut America, they think of the Kennedys.
They made America proud.
I wish Joe kennedy will go for the Senate seat to perpetuate the political dynasty.
My eldest girl chose to study at UMASS Amherst because Massachusetts is the Kennedys homestate..

Betty Martin Doucette   September 8th, 2009 1:05 am ET

Its to bad that Joe Kennedy dont fill his uncles shoes, I think Ted would of loved his nephew to take his place. cause Ted wanted to make America a better place.

patricia corkum   September 8th, 2009 3:02 am ET

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