August 27, 2009

Sheriff: Kidnap victim, children kept in backyard shed

Posted: 06:49 PM ET

(CNN) - An 11-year-old California girl snatched from the street in front of her house in 1991 had two children with the man accused of taking her and lived in a secret backyard shed, authorities said Thursday.

Jaycee Lee Dugard as she looked in 1991 and an age-progression image of what she might look like as an adult.

Jaycee Lee Dugard as she looked in 1991 and an age-progression image of what she might look like as an adult.

The 18-year mystery of what happened to Jaycee Dugard ended this week when a sex offender admitted to authorities that he abducted her.

Jaycee was abducted from South Lake Tahoe in June 1991, said Fred Kollar, undersheriff of El Dorado County. The case began to unfold when the sex offender, Phillip Garrido, 58, was stopped and questioned by campus police at the University of California at Berkeley.

With him were two children and a woman identified only as Alissa, who DNA tests later revealed was Dugard, now 29. The children were later determined to be Garrido's and Dugard's, Kollar said.

During questioning by a parole officer, Garrido admitted to having abducted Dugard and said the two children were his, said Scott Kernan, undersecretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Garrido and and his wife, Nancy, were taken into custody and held at the jail in Concord, California. An officer at the jail said the two had been booked and were ordered held on $1 million bail. They are now being held in El Dorado County, according to public records.

Phillip Garrido had been booked on charges of kidnapping, conspiracy and related offenses, the officer said. Nancy Garrido was booked on charges of kidnapping and conspiracy.

Phillip Garrido was paroled from a Nevada state prison June 8, 1988, and served time in federal custody and in Nevada for sexual assault, the corrections department said. The Department of Justice's Megan's Law page shows that the arrest involved a charge of forcible rape.

Dugard, now 29, is in "good health," the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department said.

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Click here for more information about CUE Center for Missing Persons' efforts to locate missing individuals.

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New Reality Show: Meet the Jacksons

Posted: 05:09 PM ET


The A&E network has confirmed that the Jackson family reality special will be expanded into a full series that will reportedly feature some footage of late family icon Michael Jackson. According to an Associated Press report, A&E confirmed that what was once intended as a one-hour special focusing on the other members of the family will now be a full series that will show the Jacksons dealing with the fallout from Michael's death.

A spokesperson for A&E could not be reached for comment at press time, but the network had previously confirmed for MTV News that the one-hour special focusing on brothers Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie and Tito as they prepare for a reunion tour was scheduled for air within the next few months and that, depending on ratings, it could turn into a series.

The AP reported that filming on the special wrapped in June, shortly before Jackson's death on June 25, and that the self-proclaimed King of Pop did not participate in the production. In a clip aired on Tuesday night on "Entertainment Tonight," family matriarch Katherine Jackson was shown at home relaxing with Jermaine, Jackie and Tito. But despite previous comments to the contrary from A&E, a correspondent for the "ET" said the Jackson program would feature the "entire Jackson clan," hinting that "sources tell us that Michael also participated in the filming."


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Obama Is The New Oprah (At Least in Book Sales)

Posted: 11:46 AM ET

By Patrick Gavin via Politico

art_oprah_obama_cnnPresident Barack Obama may not be doing a great job selling Americans on health care reform. But that doesn't mean he's lost the ability to move people to action.

Exhibit A: The president's summer reading list.

When Obama headed to Martha's Vineyard over the weekend, the White House announced that he was hoping to make it through five books during his stay: 

George Pelecanos's "The Way Home," Richard Price's "The Lush Life," Tom Friedman's "Hot, Flat and Crowded," David McCullough's "John Adams" and Kent Haruf's "Plainsong."

With Obama's reappointment of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and the passing of Ted Kennedy, Obama may not actually make as big of a dent in those tomes as he'd like (to say nothing of the fact that, at a collective 2,300 pages, Obama would have to pour through 300 pages a day while on vacation). But Americans may pick up the slack for him: Ever since news of Obama's reading picks went public, sales of the books have skyrocketed on


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Is Michael Jackson The Elvis of Generation Y?

Posted: 11:41 AM ET

By Sharalyn Hartwell via 

Most Gen Y’rs probably remember their parents (or grandparents) talking about the wonder that was Elvis Presley. Even as a kid I remember hearing things on the radio or seeing things on TV about Elvis sightings. All the hype since Michael Jackson’s death makes me wonder, will he become the Elvis of our generation–in that we never let him die? Michael-Jackson-concert

Sure, Elvis was “The King” of rock ‘n’ roll and Michael was deemed the King of Pop. But, does this mean we are doomed to years and years of supposed Michael sightings? Are our children going to grow up knowing a little too much about a singing sensation whom did not produce a new song during their lifetime?

Are they going to know the details of their pretty unglamorous deaths, in what appears to be overdoses of some sort of drug in both cases? (Although at least Michael died in a bed, Elvis was in a slightly more compromising place—the restroom.) Will our children not only know and understand all the connotations and awe behind the word “Graceland” or Memphis, but also be fully equipped to launch into a detailed soliloquy about the imminent Michael shrine sure to attract millions each year?


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Jon & Kate Come Together To Send Kids Off To School

Posted: 11:35 AM ET

By Nicole Weisensee Egan via

kategosselinAlthough Jon and Kate Gosselin are in the middle of a public divorce, life must go on in the Gosselin household, which means their kids are heading back to school. "They're all jazzed up about riding on the bus," Jon Gosselin says of his children. "I'm happy too, because now I don't have to drive them to school."

At the bus pickup point in a local parking lot, Jon and Kate arrived in separate cars around 7 a.m. Twins Cara and Mady, 9, rode with their mom, then ran to hug their dad before boarding. Kate walked onto the bus with them, stayed a couple minutes, then got off – as Jon remained in the parking lot, pacing and appearing to be texting on his phone.

While Mady and Cara were shipped off to the third grade Thursday, Friday will see the sextuplets start junior kindergarten, which is only three days a week, says Gosselin. "Next year will be kindergarten for the little kids, and it will be five days a week," he says.


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LKL last night – remembering Senator Ted Kennedy

Posted: 10:08 AM ET
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Jon Gosselin reacts to Kate's interview with LKL

Posted: 08:45 AM ET


Jon Gosselin, speaking outside his Wernersville, Pennsylvania home Wednesday morning, said his wife Kate danced around questions during her Larry King Live appearance Tuesday night. Despite that shot at the mother of his eight children, Jon reserved his words toward a People Magazine feature in which Kate compared his behavior to that of a horny teenager.

"She didn't say anything," the 32-year-old reality TV dad said of Kate's appearance on Larry King Live. "She just kept on redirecting and avoiding the questions - so when Larry's ready for me, I can answer questions"

When asked about the new article in People, titled "Kate Strikes Back," Jon laughed and said, "Strikes back at what?"


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Celebrity crime writer and frequent LKL guest dies

Posted: 07:38 AM ET

Dominick Dunne, the former Hollywood producer and best-selling author known for his Vanity Fair essays on the courtroom travails of the rich and famous, died Wednesday in New York city after a long battle with cancer.

Dunne, who described himself as "a high-class Zelig," was 83.

Called "Nick" by his friends, Dunne was putting the finishing touches on his final novel, which he said he planned to call "Too Much Money," when his health took a turn for the worse.

He flew to Germany earlier this month for another round of stem cell treatments at the same Bavarian clinic where the late Farrah Fawcett was treated. He was hospitalized upon his return to New York, then sent home.

As a correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine, Dunne was a fixture at some of the most famous trials of our times - Claus von Bulow, William Kennedy Smith, the Menendez brothers, O.J. Simpson, Michael Skakel and Phil Spector.

He discovered his magazine writing career in his 50s, through personal tragedy - his daughter's murder.


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Ted Kennedy, Internet Pioneer

Posted: 12:18 AM ET

By Paul Blumenthal via The Sunlight Foundation

1art.tkwebsiteIt sounds silly, but it is, in fact, true. In this month of May, fifteen years ago, Ted Kennedy became the first Senator to communicate with constituents over the Internet. Back in 1993, this was no small feat. At the time there were no congressional offices connected to the Internet. (The House launched a pilot program on June 2, 1993, hooking up seven members to an Internet network.) One dedicated staffer and the technology hubs of MIT and other top-level educational institutions made Kennedy into the first digital Senator. Here’s the story (which you can read about in more detail Chris Casey’s book, The Hill on the Net):

One day while working as a systems administrator in the office of Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, Chris Casey dialed online to read the bulletin boards at Massachusetts universities. While finding answers to computer questions and downloading software to help in the office, Casey found himself reading threads about a variety of topics, including politics. The discovery of this online constituency led Casey to suggest that Kennedy reach out by creating his own online community and posting his press releases for public comment. Casey worked with Jonathan Gourd of North Shore Mac to set Kennedy up with a “conference” to connect with online constituents. Casey then went to sell the Senator’s office on the idea, eventually winning approval from Senator Kennedy himself, who, understanding the importance of constituent relations, told Casey, “If you can find a way for me to reach constituents using computer networks, do it.”

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August 26, 2009

Spencer Pratt says Heidi is the next Michael Jackson

Posted: 11:54 PM ET

Michael Essany via The Examiner

Heidi Pratt was taken to a hospital for an undisclosed illness, her publicist said Saturday.US Weekly is out with coverage of Spencer Pratt telling MTV that his wife Heidi is the new Michael Jackson.

"Like, Michael Jackson's in heaven," he adds. "The Holy Spirit now has Michael Jackson juice, so boom! For all we know, Heidi gets possessed with Michael Jackson's divine spirit."

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