August 30, 2009

Record 13,000 Fans Jam to 'Thriller' in Honor of Jackson

Posted: 05:44 PM ET


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Kidnap Suspect's Odd Behavior Unnerved Acquaintances

Posted: 05:34 PM ET

By Lisa Krieger via Mercury News

Phillip Garrido bragged that "his daughter" was the talent behind the graphic design and production at his family printing business, even introducing her to customers.

But it was his odd and escalating religious fervor that troubled those who knew Garrido, the registered sex offender now accused of abducting 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard and holding her for 18 years.art_garrido_justice

"Sometimes when I go there, she comes out with the work, wearing gloves, with ink all over her clothes," said longtime customer Deepal Karunaratne, about Jaycee, now 29.

The realtor often picked up his orders at the Garridos' Antioch-area house. "He introduced her to me as his daughter."

Lovely children's designs decorated the receipts and envelopes made for a Pittsburg recycling center. They were done by his "daughter," Garrido proudly told Maria Christenson of Christenson Recycling Center.

"There was nothing weird with him at the beginning," recalled Christenson. "But I noticed a year ago he just went off the deep end."


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E-Mails Show Kidnap Victim Worked at Suspect's Business

Posted: 05:24 PM ET

Editor's Note: Larry King Live will have the latest developments on this story tomorrow night at 9pmET/6pmPT.

ANTIOCH, California (CNN) - Customers of the printing company knew her as "Allissa."

They spoke to her about graphic design, business cards and fliers, and describe her as professional, polite and responsive.

"She was always good at getting us what we wanted," said Ben Daughdrill, who used to own a junk hauling business. "You got the feeling she was doing all the work."art.jaycee.cnn

But "Allissa," authorities say, was really Jaycee Dugard, kidnapped 18 years ago from her home in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Her identity was discovered earlier this week and her alleged kidnappers - 58-year-old Phillip Garrido, a registered sex offender, and his 55-year-old wife Nancy - were arrested.

They face 29 felony charges, including rape and kidnapping, and both have pleaded not guilty.

Authorities said the Garridos held Dugard - and the two daughters she had by Phillip Garrido - in sheds in their backyard.

Garrido's business, "Printing for Less," catered to small businesses. He ran it out of his home in Antioch, east of San Francisco. His customers say he did good work and had much lower prices than competition.

CNN obtained e-mails written by "Allissa" to Daughdrill. The e-mails came from a Yahoo account set up by Phillip Garrido and in his name, but Daughdrill said they came from "Allissa" because the two were either on the phone or had just finished a conversation when they arrived. In them, Dugard uses short, compact answers and lowercase letters. The e-mails also have a typo or two.

"i will take a look at the price sheet and send you over a copy of the revised brochure tomorrow," she wrote in an e-mail written on May 7, 2007. "as to the pictures sorry ... but we don't have a digital camera ... hopefully you can find a way to get me those pictures you want so i can add them to them brochure. i can get the brochures to you pretty fast within the week of final approval of the brochures. How many are you going to order and do you want them on glossy or matte paper, thick or thin?"

In another e-mail, this one from January 21, 2008, Dugard wrote, "heres the business cards in jpeg format let me know if you need anything else thank you."

While authorities say they are still trying to sort out the conditions in which Dugard was held captive, it's clear she was an integral part of Garrido's business.

Daughdrill told CNN he met Dugard in person on two occasions. "Nothing stood out," he said when "Allissa" emerged from the house and gave him his print orders.

"Obviously there was some brainwashing going on. That's all I can think," he said. " She had access to a phone and a computer, so obviously something went on that no one knows about."

Three northern California law enforcement agencies have joined the investigation of Phillip Garrido, saying he may be responsible for other crimes.

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Travis Barker Reacts to DJ AM's Sudden Death

Posted: 05:17 PM ET

From ETonline Barker is reacting to the death of his friend Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein. The rock drummer tweeted on Saturday, "Don't know how I am gonna play 2night but I am for AM. My brother is gone. I love u and miss u, I'll never forget all the good times we had." He went on to write, "I'll never forget everything we've been thru and every time I play the drums I'll think of you. U were an amazing friend/DJ/human being." In closing, he tweeted, "Rest In Peace my brother, this really ****s me up." Barker and Goldstein, who collaborated on music together, were the sole survivors of a 2008 plane crash that claimed four lives.

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August 29, 2009

Rebuilding New Orleans: An Architects View

Posted: 01:34 AM ET

1834_Billes1Byron Mouton was born and raised in New Orleans, and is now a practicing architect in the city.  He is also a professor at Tulane University, and a contributing architect for the Make It Right Foundation.  Byron's commentary is an LKL Web Exclusive.

To watch video of the progress in the Lower 9th Ward, CLICK HERE.

The rebuilding of New Orleans is coming along, but it's progressing in a way unique to New Orleans.  The culture of this city depends on strong, independent communities, each with its own identity.  It’s at the grass roots level that New Orleans is being reborn.

Our city has a unique blend.  It's not at all uncommon to see an impoverished neighborhood on one side of the street, and a wealthy neighborhood on the other.  But we have learned to accept this discrepancy, and I believe it gives the city a strength and closeness that is hard to find elsewhere.

One of the most publicized rebuilding efforts, and one I'm proud to be a part of, is Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation.

I have to admit, I haven't worked very closely with Brad.  But he’s always present in meetings, asking questions.  When he comes into the room, he's very comfortable with the project leaders, the builders, and the Make It Right staff.

art.brad.pitt.lklHe's still very enthusiastic and involved with the project.  He clearly loves the Lower 9th, and the people who call it home.  The amazing thing to me about Brad is, despite his fame and status, there is no pretense.  He’s a very comfortable, laid-back person to be around.  Maybe that's why he's so comfortable in New Orleans.

Beyond Pitt's involvement, Make It Right is a unique experiment.  They invite numerous architects to work independently.  The approach yields some great results, and some not so great.

The fun thing about the Make It Right properties is everyone pushes the limits architecturally.  We're asked to build houses that achieve the highest environmental ratings.  There is a cost associated with this, yet Make It Right tells us to keep the costs down.  One one hand, we are asked to be creative and use cutting edge technologies, at the same time we’re asked to make houses affordable.

Fortunately, Make It Right has realized they can use public awareness and mass production to lower costs.  Prototypes are not always affordable, but they can be made affordable with mass production, and that's the direction Make It Right is headed.

One of the problems Make It Right is struggling with though is the lack of harmony among the houses.  Because all the architects are working independently, there’s not a lot of consistency in design.  They are trying to recreate a community, but it’s hard with so many different products side by side.

BillesArchitects1Make It Right realized the problem after phase 1.  Now a group is working on a macro scale to harmonize the community.  They are achieving this by uniform landscaping and other neighborhood touches, such as sidewalks.  Architectural critics have an easy target right now, but as the community settles down it will develop a more homogeneous, unified look.

The Make It Right Foundation is also thinking now about what will happen when community reaches the edges.  How does it encroach upon the surrounding environment?  The program could expand beyond its current neighborhood, but if it doesn't, how will it blend into the Lower 9th as a whole?  There will be some success stories and some problems, but the effort is worth it.

When I returned to New Orleans after Katrina, my first response was we should treat the below sea-level sectors as retention areas.  But my opinion has since changed.  Fact is, many parts of the city are further below sea-level than the Lower 9th.

shingerubanThere's also a great deal of poverty in New Orleans.  Impoverished neighborhoods are generally occupied by renters, but in the Lower 9th, about 80% of the land is owned by the occupants.  These people just want to go home.  In many cases, they have lived there for generations.  It's not uncommon for a family to live in a two or three block area for generations.  The architect in me says it makes more sense to build in other locations.  But if the people want to stay, we have to figure out a different way to build.  That’s what Make It Right is doing.

There are several other programs around the city doing good work like Make It Right.  I also work on a program run by Tulane University that focuses on rebuilding the areas that weren't as devastated, but in as much need of attention.  The program is called Urban Build, and the focus is to rebuild the and revitalize the city center of New Orleans.

In a way, Katrina was a blessing.  It has given us the chance to deal with many of our pre-Katrina problems, from poverty to urban infrastructure.  Four years after we were devastated, we're coming back.  However it's done, New Orleans is worth rebuilding.

To learn more about the Make It Right Foundation, go to

To learn more about Tulane's Urban Build program, go to


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August 28, 2009

LKL Web Exclusive: MJ investigation looking at Dr. Murray

Posted: 06:03 PM ET

This is a LKL Web Exclusive by Defense Attorney TRENT COPELAND – who will also be a guest on tonight's show – agree or disagree with him, let us know!

With the critical question of the exact cause of Michael Jackson's death now having been categorically answered by the LA County Coroner's office, the inquiry now is assessing the impact this has on the case.

Is it now clearly an investigation of involuntary manslaughter? Or does the clear and unequivocal official cause of death as "propofol intoxication" make it more likely that the case has evolved into a second degree murder charge? And does this rule out other doctor's for any role they may have had in supplying Jackson with other medications?

Here is my answer: I have believed all along that all roads in the investigation would lead to Dr. Conrad Murray. For now, any other doctor that provided Jackson with medication can breathe a collective sigh of relief. They will at least not be charged in his death.

Dr Murray, on the other hand, has from the beginning been in the center of the storm. And with his alleged admission that he alone administered the powerful anesthetic Propofol to Jackson outside of a hospital setting in combination with the multitude of other drugs that he allegedly injected into Jackson's system, the barometric pressure on the LA County District's Attorney's office has now just risen considerably too.

The facts as we seem to now know them are shocking - probably shockingly criminal. And here is the challenge for the DA's office. Do they simply aim for the low hanging fruit and charge Dr. Murray with "involuntary manslaughter" (a relative slap on the wrist) which in all likelihood would result in a maximum sentence of 2 years given the doctors lack of criminal history? Or do they take the aggressive approach and charge him with 2nd Degree Murder (15 years to life) given the apparent recklessness and conscious disregard for Jackson's safety?

In the end, it may be that Dr. Murray's unblemished and stellar medical record may actually work against him. It is hard to imagine that any doctor, particularly a board certified cardiologist, would believe that administering Propofol, in someone's bedroom, without the benefit of heart monitors, respirators and other essential equipment to assure the patient's safety could have made the decisions that Murray made believing that he was even remotely in the backyard of established medical competency.

Clearly, if any one was in a position to have known better and to have appreciated the life-threatening risks of all of this it would be a cardiologist. And so it seems that the DA's office will almost certainly consider the totality of circumstances (the volume of Propofol sufficient to produce intoxication) and the doctor's disregard of the risks when it determines whether this is an "involuntary manslaughter" case or Second Degree Murder. The road seems to be winding towards the latter.

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Accused Child Kidnapper's Home Searched For Clues in Killings

Posted: 05:41 PM ET

Editor's Note: Larry King Live will have the latest on this story tonight at 9pmET/6pmPT.

By Robert Salonga via Mercury News

art_garrido_justiceANTIOCH — The home of Phillip Craig Garrido, the main suspect in the 18-year disappearance of Jaycee Dugard, is being sealed off so Pittsburg police can search for clues in a series of prostitute killings that occurred at the beginning of the decade, authorities said.

Contra Costa County sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee confirmed the pending search. Several women's bodies were found dumped near a Pittsburg industrial park where Garrido worked in the 1990s.

Garrido and his wife have been charged in the kidnapping and rape of Dugard, who gave birth to two daughters with Phillip Garrido while being kept secluded in a hidden backyard compound at his Walnut Avenue home in unincorporated Antioch.

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Feds Begin Probe into Jackson Drugs

Posted: 05:26 PM ET

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) - Federal agents have launched "their own independent investigations into matters" uncovered by Los Angeles police while looking into Michael Jackson's death, the Drug Enforcement Administration says.Michael-Jackson-concert

Drug Enforcement agents have assisted Los Angeles detectives in searches relating to their criminal probe, but the police department requested at a meeting last week that the federal agents pursue their own investigation, the agency said Friday.

"Based on that meeting and at the request of the LAPD, the DEA and Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE) have initiated their own independent investigations into matters that the LAPD's investigation uncovered that may not be directly related to the cause of death," the Drug Enforcement Administration said.

Last Friday - a day after the meeting - Drug Enforcement agents executed a federal administrative search warrant at the Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, looking for prescription records relating to Jackson, an agency spokesman said.

The pharmacy sits directly below the offices of Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein. Shortly before his death, Jackson visited the building several times to see Klein.

Klein, who treated Jackson for decades, denied in a CNN interview last month that he had given Jackson dangerous drugs.

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Los Angeles Coroner's Office Press Release on Jackson

Posted: 02:53 PM ET


County of Los Angeles


RE: Coroner Case Number 2009-04415 – JACKSON, Michael Joseph

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner completed its investigation into the death of Michael Joseph Jackson, age 50, who died on June 25, 2009.

The cause of death was established as:



The manner of death has been ruled: HOMICIDE

The drugs PROPOFOL and LORAZEPAM were found to be the primary drugs responsible for Mr. Jackson’s death. Other drugs detected were: Midazolam, Diazepam, Lidocaine and Ephedrine.

The final Coroner’s report, including the complete toxicology report will remain on Security Hold at the request of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney. In accordance with this request, the Department of Coroner will not comment on its completed investigation.

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BREAKING NEWS: Jackson Death Ruled A Homicide

Posted: 02:48 PM ET

Editor's Note: Larry King Live will have all the latest news on Michael Jackson tonight at 9pmET/6pmPT.

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) - The Los Angeles County coroner has ruled that Michael Jackson's death was a homicide involving a combination of drugs. michael_jackson_2005_gi

"The drugs propofol and lorazepam were found to be the primary drugs responsible for Mr. Jackson's death," said a news release issued by the coroner Friday. "Other drugs detected were: midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine and ephedrine."

The release said Jackson died from "acute propofol intoxication," but it added "other conditions contributing to death: benzodiazepine effect." Lorazepam, midazolam and diazepam are benzodiazepines.

The full and final autopsy report and the complete toxicology report "will remain on security hold at the request of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County district attorney," the release said. "In accordance with this request, the Department of Coroner will not comment on its completed investigation."

Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson's personal physician, told investigators that he had given Jackson three anti-anxiety drugs - lorazepam, midazolam, diazepam - in an effort to help him sleep in the hours before he stopped breathing, according to a police affidavit made public earlier this week.

Murray also told detectives he administered a dosage of the anesthesia propofol, diluted with lidocaine, to Jackson a short time before he stopped breathing, the same affidavit said.     

The 32-page sworn statement was written by Los Angeles Police Detective Orlando Martinez to outline probable cause for warrants to search Murray's offices, home and storage rooms in Texas and Nevada.

Murray told detectives that he had been treating Jackson for insomnia for six weeks, giving him 50 mg of propofol, the generic name for Diprivan, diluted with the anesthetic lidocaine every night via an intravenous drip, the affidavit said.

Worried that Jackson might become addicted to the drug, the Houston cardiologist said, he tried to wean his high-profile patient from it, putting together combinations of other drugs that succeeded in helping Jackson sleep during the two nights before his death.

But on the morning of June 25, other drugs failed to do the job, Murray recounted to detectives in an hour-by-hour account that was detailed by Detective Martinez:

- About 1:30 a.m., Murray gave Jackson 10 mg of Valium (diazepam).

- About 2 a.m., he injected Jackson with 2 mg of the anti-anxiety drug Ativan (lorazepam).

- About 3 a.m., Murray then administered 2 mg of the sedative Versed (midazolam).

- About 5 a.m., he administered another 2 mg of Ativan.

- About 7:30 a.m., Murray gave Jackson yet another 2 mg of Versed while monitoring him with a device that measured the oxygen saturation of his blood.

- About 10:40 a.m., "after repeated demands/requests from Jackson," Murray administered 25 mg of propofol, the document said.

"Jackson finally went to sleep and Murray stated that he remained monitoring him. After approximately 10 minutes, Murray stated he left Jackson's side to go to the restroom and relieve himself. Murray stated he was out of the room for about two minutes maximum. Upon his return, Murray noticed that Jackson was no longer breathing."

Efforts at CPR proved fruitless. Jackson was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center at 2:26 p.m.

Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, issued a statement this week dismissing media accounts of this final section of the timeline.

"Dr. Murray simply never told investigators that he found Michael Jackson at 11 a.m. not breathing," Chernoff said. "He also never said that he waited a mere 10 minutes before leaving to make several phone calls. In fact, Dr. Murray never said that he left Michael Jackson's room to make phone calls at all."

Chernoff declined comment on Friday's announcement from the coroner.

When Los Angeles police conclude their criminal probe, it will be left to the Los Angeles County district attorney to decide who - if anyone - to prosecute in Jackson's death.

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