August 31, 2009

Chris Brown: I Don't Remember Doing it

Posted: 07:05 AM ET
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Janice   August 31st, 2009 8:03 am ET

Yeah, right!

Twyla   August 31st, 2009 8:34 am ET

"I was like WOW."
What an idiot. He's a toast.

Sommer   August 31st, 2009 8:59 am ET

Give me a break. This guy is such a joke.
"I couldn't believe it", "I was like, wow."
He doesn't remember it? Laughable at best. The way he is describing the situation, it's almost like he's talking about it as if someone ELSE did it to Rihanna. Man up and take responsibility. You're career is ruined either way.

idzan ismail of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   August 31st, 2009 9:09 am ET

Who is he kidding?
Rihanna is better off without him.

Anthony   August 31st, 2009 9:11 am ET

This is so fake. How are you not going to remember making someone face look like hamburger meat? How are you not going to remember fleeing the scene after the attack? Did he remember the other times before "that" time? Man please.......what a fool!

CD from ATL   August 31st, 2009 9:22 am ET

MAN WE HAVE SO MANY PERFECT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! I’ve never tried to justify what took place that night, however those were his action that he’s been held accountable for. LET’S TAKE A LOOK IN YOUR CLOSETS AND SEE WHAT WE CAN FIND! SOME OF YOU DESERVE PUBLIC SCRUTINY TOO!

Abby   August 31st, 2009 9:28 am ET

how is he going to take responsability and own up to something he "doesnt remember" doing? that is completely ridiculous and he should be embarrassed of himself

Trevor   August 31st, 2009 9:30 am ET

This interview is so fake on the part of Chris Brown, and to say thathe doesn't remember is a complete lie. I see on this interview he's wearing a bowtie because so much talk came out about what he wore on the last interview. If this was suppose to be a candid video why do you need your attorney and your momma? They wasn't there when the beating took place. I am not saying he doesn't deserve another chance we all make errors in judgement. I am just saying be a man about it appologize, move on and stop making all these stupid exuses period. The public will respect you more. It appears that Chris Brown wants sympathy at which we as on lookers are not willing to give.

Tasha   August 31st, 2009 9:49 am ET

I believe this will be very interesting. We all make mistakes and we all have been in uncomfortable position as far as physical with a man. I believe he has learned his lesson and hopefully he will select his women more wisely. I have a great father and he always told me if a man hads to put his hands on a woman he doesn't need her. I beleive the public has to be aware of the fact that Rhianna is not innocent in this matter she is just considered the weaker of the two because she is a woman but I believe she provoked him and he is young and barely legal and has to learn how to control his anger expectally with women because in the society men are automatically the guilty one although the woman may have been the one to hit them first. I hope he stays strong, positive, and productive. He still has the support from alot of people.

Prince   August 31st, 2009 9:56 am ET

Chris should be forgiven. Yes, he did wrong and the most important thing is that he's realised his fault, he has apologized profusely and he's paying for it courtecy the law courts. No one is perfect so cool down , you hypocrates who want to see him fried. Jesus said he who's without blemish should cast the first stone. Brown, prove to the world you can be a better model and move on. Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour and I bet you, it shall be well with you.

Sue   August 31st, 2009 9:58 am ET

Is he for real???

cass   August 31st, 2009 10:13 am ET

He doesn't want to accept nor admit what he has done. They need to quit talking about how he has never been violent and start talking about the fact that he IS violent. The entire family is promoting this self indulgent behaviour. He will never truly understand nor regret what he did until he faces it head on.

Rachel   August 31st, 2009 10:18 am ET

Just leave him alone and do his time. Rihanna did the right thing and she needs to take care of herself and maybe the baby. When he gets out he needs to pay child support if she is pregnant. I say go Rihanna and I believe u can do it

Chizzy   August 31st, 2009 10:28 am ET

Please let the entire body that is handling Rihanna and Chris's case be very linent with them bearing in mind that, it is love affair.

umm   August 31st, 2009 10:28 am ET

He definitely practiced this but like he does mean that hes sorryy caus like he never got detention. It may be fake be fake but he still does love her you can tell because he isnt the best This Christmas if you dont believe me

kathy   August 31st, 2009 11:11 am ET

leave cb alone..U guys are so stupid when a pearson says they are in shock and cant belive they done it its because they dont know themself to be that way..

Duh Stupid Kids

I luv ya cb

Rose   August 31st, 2009 11:41 am ET

Chris should have served time for his criminal act. He should use his celebrity to speak to other young men about the ills of violence against women. That is one way of trying to make some good out of this very wrong behavior.

Rihanna was strapped in by her seatbelt when Chris pounded her and beat her to a pulp. How could she have any chance of defending herself strapped in a closed car? We don't care whether he "remembers" doing it or not. He did it. Violence against women is plaguing society. Chris needs to step up as a public person, and make an effort, due to his influence on many young men.

If a man is "provoked" – he needs to walk away from the situation. Beating a woman is low life, animal behavior. Even if a woman is shouting at him etc., using his fists is not the right response – EVER!

Carol   August 31st, 2009 12:00 pm ET

He is not sorry for what he did, only sorry he was caught. He should be in jail and part of his rehabilitation should be to look at the picture of Rihanna's face after his attack for the next 5 years. What he is doing right now is nothing but PR to try and get back the sponsors he lost. How stupid does his PR team think the public is to swallow this baloney about not remembering the attack? If that is true (and I doubt it), that means he is even more dangerous than previously thought because that means his anger took him to a place where he was so full of hatred and anger for Rihanna (or any female) that he blackout the attack. Pretty scary, kinda psychotic, deep mental problems, needs looking into by a psychiatrist.

Yasmine   August 31st, 2009 12:25 pm ET

Out of body experience? Perhaps?

jon   August 31st, 2009 12:43 pm ET

GIve him a break,
sometimes people go out of control,
it doesn't mean they are bad,
if he tries to apologise
and he keeps trying
even when it's not perfect,
he deserves to be seen for his effort,
to set right what he has done.

why is everybody so unforgiving ?

Elliot   August 31st, 2009 12:49 pm ET

This is a kid...w hat is he, 20? When he goes up against a pro interviewer who has done this thousands of times, what do you think will happen?

If he weren't a superstar, would this case be getting anywhere near this kind of attention?

dw   August 31st, 2009 1:01 pm ET

Denial. Can't cover the Truth. Stop trying to make fools out of the rest of us, like we believe you. NOT!!

Priscilla   August 31st, 2009 1:02 pm ET

Rihanna and Him Have Problems.....

carol from brazil   August 31st, 2009 1:06 pm ET

This guy is a joke, ALTHOUGH if it is true that Rihanna is sneaking to see him again, when is forbidden by law... She's even WORSE than him... I'm sorry!!!

Jessop   August 31st, 2009 1:06 pm ET

Drugs, maybe? And I ain't talkin' about the legal kind.

Looks like he's screwed either way.

Melissa   August 31st, 2009 1:07 pm ET

What a jerk. He even brings his mommy on too. How pathetic

diane   August 31st, 2009 1:08 pm ET

and she forgave him she needs to see this video.

Paula   August 31st, 2009 1:08 pm ET

I think Chris should date Tasha (see statement above) They may be a perfect match. She can't speak and spell and Chris can't complete a comment or an answer. Chris and his Mother are worried about the money....that's all.

diane   August 31st, 2009 1:12 pm ET

cant forgive someone who can't admit the truth.

Shereen   August 31st, 2009 1:19 pm ET

Chris is clearly avoiding eye contact.

Jen   August 31st, 2009 1:20 pm ET

I for one will never ever give my money to support this pittyful excuse of a man!!

People dont forget what he did.. like he has... & dont give any of your money to him!!!!

Mrs Greiner   August 31st, 2009 1:26 pm ET

Chris you are a biggggggggggggggg pretender. Be a man and just appologise okay

YM73   August 31st, 2009 1:30 pm ET

All he can say is "WOW"???
When asked about what he saw and read in the police reports, all he can say is "WOW" and he doesn't remember assaulting her???
Very articulate man, and he needs his mother to defend him? And she does by saying, "he's not a violent person"...yeah, well, surprise, surprise, he is.
What an IDOIT!

kiki   August 31st, 2009 1:38 pm ET

leave chris brown alone for GOd sake .am screaming we love u chris brown .i forgive u with all my heart and u deserve better.

Seriously   August 31st, 2009 1:43 pm ET

Give the guy a break. What if you went off on someone and then you are going to be associated by only that one thing. How would YOU feel? Doesn't mean it's right be we're not perfect, he learned a lesson.

jackie   August 31st, 2009 2:01 pm ET

i believe he did not know how to control his anger......and could have temporarily blocked is from his memory.

Carol   August 31st, 2009 2:05 pm ET

Mothers out there with daughters: you need to teach your daughters that no physical contact is acceptable from any male. Teach them to walk or run away from an abusive male because if he hit you once, he will hit you again and each time the violence will esculate. Teach your daughters that they are worhty of better relationships with real men. Teach them self worth. Teach them to respect themselves and not to accept any treatment from a male that is derogatory or makes her question her self worth.

eh   August 31st, 2009 2:05 pm ET

Classic excuses for an abuser. What about growing up and taking responsibility? This did not happen in the third person.

Cats   August 31st, 2009 2:06 pm ET

love him, but i think he's a lot of bull! how can he not remember doing something so grave to the point of facing a legal suit. he has to grow up, be a man, ACT like a man and take responsibility. i feel sorry for him, he should've thought of the repercussions of his actions first before actually doing them. and the bow tie??? c'mon!!! obviously desperate, almost begging, for people to be on his side.

Mary Mimi   August 31st, 2009 2:06 pm ET

Honestly, I believe him to a certain point because I've been a violent drunk. I was the type of person that I would take shotsm after shot mix drinks up then get violent with who ever was in my face.
I've hurt and lost alot of friends because of it.

SO I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT YOU CAN DRINK, GET DRINK AND NOT REMEMBER WHAT YOU DID....You just wak up feeling shameful and you feel like something is wrong but cant seem to remember WHAT, until your friends give you that look and start telling you, all you did!

The weird thing is that I felt shameful, I apologized and I was forgiven ...sometimes and I remember saying that I wouldnt do it again. The next weekend would come along and I would get stupid drunk and violent again. I just wasn't famous and I wasn't caught like Chris Brown!

No matter what, what happen was unacceptable and Im sure he knows that and he is trying to move on ...but because he is a celebrity that's going to be really difficult, being in the public eye and all!

Good Luck Brown and Rihanna STAY STRONG and BEAUTIFUL!

Katherine A Morrison   August 31st, 2009 2:10 pm ET

Hoping that you will also have a panel on about domestic violence.

Get your "30 sec judgement" here!!   August 31st, 2009 2:36 pm ET

would u want ur character to be judged by your comments shown here??!!

success builds character, failure reveals it... -david checkett

kamilacampos   August 31st, 2009 2:42 pm ET

dude, he is reeeeeally stupid. so, he don't remember? yeah, right.

Con   August 31st, 2009 2:52 pm ET

He is not sorry. He knows he got off. It happened before and now he got caught. That is what he is sorry about-being caught!. He should not even be allowed to appear on National Television as others will think it is right and it gives you a chance for others to see you. He is a disgrace and I hope his career ends here. There is no way I would ever buy another of his albums. He can rot away as far as I am concerned. I just hope that Rihanna pretends as if he is daed and do not speak to him ever again. His motehr would have known about the previous incidents as he has been banned from certain places in Barbados. Investigate those!

Stefan   August 31st, 2009 2:55 pm ET

I am disgusted that Larry King gives such a jerk a perfect platform to "redeem" himself and spread lies, with the only goal to put his career back on track.

Why does Larry help people like him like that?

COS   August 31st, 2009 3:00 pm ET

I was like WOW?? what in the world??

Rose   August 31st, 2009 3:01 pm ET

Many people may like Chris Brown because he's a star. He's also simply a man who badly beat up a woman. Those who want to "give him a break" are probably not females subject to male violence.

Chris is ordered to get counselling – which he needs. Rihanna and other women in similar situations need to get away from their violent men. The only way Chris is going to get any kind of a break is after lengthy counselling and never to repeat this action again with anyone.

He's got a criminal record now and it may affect his ability to get into other countries for shows etc.

KB   August 31st, 2009 3:03 pm ET

I’m sorry but are we forgetting that Rihanna abused Chris Brown on another occasion?!? As this story has developed, it appears that both Chris and Rihanna were too young and too immature to be in a serious relationship with each other. No one deserves to be abused: male or female. We’re all human and who are we to judge? I’m sure everyone has done something in their life they wished they could do over. Fortunately for us, we aren’t in the public eye like these two kids and don’t have to endure the constant scrutiny. Hopefully, they both have learned from this devastating event and will get their lives together. They are both very talented individuals and I will continue to support them in their future endeavors.

Rose   August 31st, 2009 3:13 pm ET

Chris Brown blew up that night because Rihanna found a text from another woman (or something similar) and confronted Chris about it. He got caught by his girlfriend – nothing new with a lot of guys. That's when he lost it and beat her up. Over this issue of another woman.

If that's what it takes to get violent, then Chris has serious problems. Straight to Jail, do not pass Go, do not collect any promo opportunities. This isn't baseball, no 3 strikes. It's causing physical harm to another person. First strike – you're out because second strike makes you a repeat offender. Third strike – someone may be dead.

Sarah Melo   August 31st, 2009 3:22 pm ET

I seriously feel sorry for this boy.
Honestly, dont ANY of you understand what he meant by that?
Before he said he dosent remember, he said thats not the kinda of person he is. So by him saying he dosent remember, its basically saying he COMPLETELY lost it to the point where he couldnt believe what he did, and he didnt remember doing it.
He was a completely different person that night.
And i find it interesting that ever since he was with rihanna, he became a violent person out of the blue.
Other reports before the Grammy incident stated that there were 2 incidents. There was one where she slapped him and he shoved her against a wall and the other was when he left a car to avoid anything and busted the front AND side windows. Now THIS incident happened when he told Rihanna to get out of the car, and she kept argueing. So he lost it and hit her.
Now ive been hearing that hes a monster, or "Once a woman beater, ALWAYS a woman beater". Well to those who used to like him, or his music, or just HIM as a person, i only have one thing to say ... Once a Hypocrite, ALWAYS a Hypocrite.
And so many of you who said that he isn't sorry, god is not on your side. Just saying.

Sarah Melo   August 31st, 2009 3:27 pm ET

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't heard the song "Changed Man"
here are some lyrics..
"Everybody hates Chris, they can never understand."
"I know saying sorry don't make it alright"

ForeverG   August 31st, 2009 3:29 pm ET

Typical Abuser Response....

Both Chris & Rihanna have issues.... she's not innocent either as she's got quite a temper herself and even though what Chris did is wrong it does not give Rihanna to swing at him either... Things got really out of hand.... but Chris's response... OH So TYPICAL!

I hope they stay away from eachother!

Chic duBois   August 31st, 2009 3:30 pm ET

am boycotting Larry King's interview with Chris Brown – he doesn't deserve any publicity

Big M   August 31st, 2009 4:13 pm ET

This is like WOW I'm like WOW!!! are you for real man? somebody should have helped him to speak proper English, cause that right there? just discredited him even more. All I can see in this interview is nervousness and lies. He didn't even have the strength to stay focus while being asked the questions. Couldn't even look into Larry's eyes much. That's the sign of a true lier.

The Sad Truth   August 31st, 2009 4:13 pm ET

A while back I was that female who like, Rhianna argued using words that hit below the belt and even slapped, scratched and pushed my man who would usually back away when I was acting “crazy.” But one day during one of these episodes he threw me against a wall to get me off of him. Of course I received the visible injuries because I’m smaller compared to him .

The sad truth is that there are many women who know that a man is not supposed to hit a woman and would take advantage of that and stupidly push a man to their breaking point. And when the inevitable happens (yes its inevitable because not one of these men are Jesus) we cry and make a fuss putting all the blame on the man. We would have the more visible injuries compared to the man… But they would have injuries also both physical and emotional that would be ignored, while they are instead vilified and we are defended. When really both are equally at fault and should equally be required to attend counseling and serve time.

In terms of the law, both Rhianna and Chris Brown should serve time for assault. Just as I should’ve but didn’t. I agree that Chris Brown did not receive a just sentence considering the prior physical incidents and the seriousness of Rhianna’s injuries… but I also feel that Rhianna needs also to be held responsible for her role in the matter. Maybe that will teach all the females who contribute to this abuse cycle that it is NOT OK FOR A WOMAN TO HIT A MAN JUST AS IT IS NOT OK FOR A MAN TO HIT A WOMAN.

Rose   August 31st, 2009 4:25 pm ET

– If a woman is provoked by a man, or feels threatened by him, she should walk away, leave.
– If a woman hits a man, she can be charged with assault.
– If a man hits a woman, he can be charged with assault.
– If a woman hits a man, and man hits back, they can both be charged with assault.
– If a man feels provoked by a woman, he should walk away.

It's best if no one hits anyone. It's also safer.

The Sad Truth   August 31st, 2009 4:33 pm ET

Well said Rose.
Women demand equality so they should be equally responsibly for all of their actions.

Vanessa   August 31st, 2009 4:36 pm ET

all i got to say about this is that nobody perfect and also he did know what he did wrong but did not know what he did to her because when you out of control it like another person is in you and it hard to remember it. soo Chris is so forgiven...... Rhianna need is hard to explain because it kinda like she want a show to show people that Chris Brown did it so she can be a great singer and be a number one oh come on... i never hear her story or on the interview mmmm i am so ready to hear her side because i know she is forgive him.

well.. i hope everything going well with Chris and i hope Rhianna got a great life i guess...

Sharon Adams   August 31st, 2009 4:48 pm ET

I think Chris has a lot of growing up to do. I believe he should take responsibility for his actions. " I could be wrong, but I don't think he's owning up to what he did" "You will always love your child whatever he or she does." "Would you write your child off just because he or she does something unthinkable?" "You give what you want back." So, if you want forgiveness, you have to forgive others." "I still think Chris is not really honest and sincere about what he did, let's just hope for his sake he doesn't make anymore mistakes." "It's good he has strict laws concerning himself and Rhianna, that will make him think twice about his actions."People will love you one day, and hate you the next when you mess up, it's wrong but that's life." "When you're a public figure, you have no room for slip ups; it's best to deal with you past before becoming a public figure.

ann   August 31st, 2009 4:57 pm ET

They are both responsible, Rhianna, put her hands on him also. They both should had been charged and sent for counselling. Women have to be held accountable for putting their hands on a man also. Just because she get's visibly injuried should not free her of her responsibility in what happened. If Chris Brown's career is effected by what happened so should Rhianna's...

Sharon Adams   August 31st, 2009 5:01 pm ET

I think Chris has a lot of growing up to do. I believe he should take responsibility for his actions. " I could be wrong, but I don't think he's owning up to what he did" "You will always love your child whatever he or she does." "Would you write your child off just because he or she does something unthinkable?" "You give what you want back." So, if you want forgiveness, you have to forgive others." "I still think Chris is not really honest and sincere about what he did, let's just hope for his sake he doesn't make anymore mistakes." "It's good he has strict laws concerning himself and Rhianna, that will make him think twice about his actions."People will love you one day, and hate you the next when you mess up, it's wrong but that's life." "When you're a public figure, you have no room for slip ups; it's best to deal with your past before becoming a public figure.

carol kesling   August 31st, 2009 5:34 pm ET

@ rose, well said !!!!!!!!! but i do think that chris brown has " a selective memory"........ i wonder if he remembers-- the message he sent out about the people who were HATERS???? hed is not SORRY at all.. maybe his mother thinks he is sorry, not me...domestic viloence is a serious problem in any circumstance, someone could end up dead !!!!!!!!

mu   August 31st, 2009 5:58 pm ET

Batterers need long-term counseling, not network exposure to play the victim. Shame on CNN for allowing this farce to be aired!

The females on this blog who are supporting CB are as broken and sick as he is.

He IS a batterer and the fact that he is NOT taking responsibility for his actions is a huge red flag that he will definitely do it again ... and again, and again. He cannot/will not change if he does not first acknowledge what he did and feel some kind of remorse. Even then, the statistics show that most batterers / abusers do not change and are repeat offenders.

CB should have done jail time for that assault.

Larry, I don't agree with the choice to have CB on your show. Did you extended an invitation to Rhianna?

A serious in-depth panel on Domestic Violence and the actual stats on batterers would be more enlightening and appropriate in my opinion.

Rose   August 31st, 2009 6:04 pm ET

If Rihanna did hit Chris, she did so strapped in by a seatbelt in a car. She probably slapped his face. Chris is twice her size and probably 3 or 4 times her strength. He pounded her while she had a seatbelt on and literally trapped. That was vicious. That was sick.

DANYCE   August 31st, 2009 6:18 pm ET


mimi1010   August 31st, 2009 6:26 pm ET

Really taken back,that Chris wouldn't own up!! So that says he'll do it again.. And mommy dearest, need to pop the teetie out is mouth. You were a victim before remember!!!

mikassa64   August 31st, 2009 6:35 pm ET

you can very obviously see that Chris does not make eye contact when he 'claims' he cant remember hitting her! It's all an act..and not a good one at that...she is so much better off without him. But then sadly..most women who are beaten by their man,somehow always go back to interesting fact. Hope she comes to her senses.

toni   August 31st, 2009 6:45 pm ET

He said he was sorry now leave him alone. he is the one who has to deal with this for the rest of his life not everyone else who is making all the negative remarks. I guess you guys are so perfect and clean that you have never done anything wrong in ur lives or ever made a serious mistake. Leave him alone and go deal with yall perfect and carefree lives.

Ericka   August 31st, 2009 6:53 pm ET

To all the critics: Just keep on living, just keep on living. You better hope that you or your offspring never, ever need compassion or forgiveness from anyone.

De Voony   August 31st, 2009 7:23 pm ET

i think mistakes do come anytime so please Rhianna do forgive and you will one day be forgiving from your sin. i love you both you can still make it such is life sometime good and sometimes bod.

Vinesha   August 31st, 2009 8:03 pm ET

People are always so quick to judge.... I believe the media hypes things up..... These stars all of us make mistakes everyday........ We stillneont know what lead to the situation that night.. The Guy said he was sorry and this is his first situation in this manner... So let's forgive as we would want for our many sins against others grow up... I've been in a messed up situation were I could not believe I did it. Because sometimes we don't think first we act... For all the kids that because were imperfect... And sometimes people do love each other but aren't not good together. These are kids still growing and learning.... Rappers talk guns, drugs, killings etc... They have no respect...... There not role models there careers are fine. And he didn't half to speak at all.. We all fall but it's about what we show we learn so let him show. Don't expect perfection from humans... And Chris I'll buy your CD and I was never a fan. But I hate American society there back wards...... Look at when they forgave Micheal he was dead. Everyone makes mistake look up Terrance Howard his career isn't over

samuel   August 31st, 2009 8:12 pm ET

when we make a decisions we must pay the cost, this guy should be in jail,,,

Megan   August 31st, 2009 8:24 pm ET

Frankly, I am shocked that Larry King is giving Chris Brown another opportunity to justify his behavior. As a professional advocate for women and children who have lived within situations of Domestic Violence, I am saddened that his drive for control and power is allowed an outlet on national television. It is in extremely poor taste on the part of CNN. He was given his chance to tell his side in the courts-let's do the right thing and leave it at that. It's not about cutting him slack or allowing room to make poor choices in life. Rather, it should be about protecting women and children from the cycle of control that is so common to batterers, which is obviosly his intention by appearing on this show. I will not be watching the show, and I ask others to join me in taking a stand on this issue.

Yari   August 31st, 2009 8:59 pm ET

I was in a very physically,mentally, and verbally abusive relationship for 3yrs with my kids' father and every time he would beat me, throw bleach on me, or pull a knife on me...anything, he always give me a real sincere apology and a very believable story of not remembering doing that, he would say I'm sorry baby I blacked out or he would blame it on the way he grew up or his past experiences or that I pushed him to do it. it took me a long time to finally wake up and see that it wasn't me and that I couldn't help him. If a man can't man up and take responsibilities for his actions without giving excuses then he doesn't truly believe he did something wrong. Chris might of learned his lesson but only because of the bad publicity if no one had known and had she taken him back I truly believe he would've continued to beat her.

chandra   August 31st, 2009 9:03 pm ET

Chris should really stray away from interviews because it seems like he doesn't understand fully what he's done to himself and career.He's saying he doesn't remember the worst night of his life,BS! Your career is about to turn into Linsey Lohans territory -,tragedy..GOOD LUCK KID!

Emily   August 31st, 2009 9:13 pm ET

Please! You saw what you did to the poor woman! What's your excuse Mr. Brown: "You blacked out during the beating!!!"

Spare me! Just do your community service and shut up!

Remy   August 31st, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Mr Brown,
The victim was Rihanna and not you
so if you are looking for sympathy you can find it in the dictionary between the words " S$&Thead " and suicide ,as in career suicide.
So grow a set,shut up and keep a very low profile and apologize every second you can with actions for remember that actions are stronger than words especially your sad orchestrated words.

JILL RAMOS   August 31st, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Larry, I used to watch your show all of most of the time, But recently you have been devoting the entire hour to subjects, in my opinion are not intertesting to most viewers. For example coming up Wed. is a whole houe devoted to Chriss Brown... Except for the very young who really gives 2–.I think after 3 entire weeks of michael Jackson, that was enough also. I know news is news, but I have switched channels to the home network and FOX NEWS. Over and over again on CNN is more than I can handle. You might have guessed that I am closer to your age, Please report news, especially the scrools on the bottom of your screen, during the prime part of the day, usually I have to go to the net, to see what was going on with that story.. Again, CB on Wed, I sure hope I have a movie coming from Netflix!!!!

Cees.   August 31st, 2009 10:56 pm ET

It's OK, Chris, have faith.

Willzwife   September 1st, 2009 12:45 am ET

OK.. let me get this straight.. U can't remember beating her within an inch of her life.. That is just not you... You are surprised at the police reports. Yet you called and talked about the ENTIRE situation with your mom. Ummm ok.. And conveniently, Mark Gerigos is your lawyer.. Isn't he the SAME lawyer who had the NERVE to defend Scott Peterson? (of all people- who probable also "forgot" what happened THAT night his pregnant wife was killed and thrown into the Bay) I was one of the people who was WAITING to see JZ have SOMEONE whoop Chris Brown!!! and that lame excuse he LOVES Rhiana? POLEEZE someone out there.. Remember the days of an eye for an eye.. I WISH he'd come near my daughter.. Oh he would remember EVERYTHING about THAT night..

Makiha   September 1st, 2009 1:22 am ET

This is just so much public attension that has caused this to go so far! Like many others have mentioned, CB has said
he will pay the time. When anyone has done something terrible like this they try to forget or suppress my memory as they know they have done wrong. I really don't believe this is the end of his carreer, he is only 20, life is definately short, but anyone can pick their self up starting from nothing, he just need to keep strong.

CB Kia tu, Kia oho, Kia mataara.
Be strong and just know there are so many loving fanns still out there, regardless of what happened

jenny(AUSTRALIA)   September 1st, 2009 6:59 am ET

omg give him a break his only like 20 stop complaining i am sure there is something you have done is that is bader then this. weve all made mistakes in life. You all people have nothing else to do but complain complain. He has made an effort to apolagy and you poeple just want to get something bad put of it. stop winging bout his clothes and get over it. and im sure he had no choice but to bring his mum its not hes decision who he brings its the shows. WAKE UP!!! if he really didnt mean the apolgy why did he do it. there is nothing wrong with him he has learnt and oviousley will never do it again and plus how do u know that Rihanna might haave throung the first punch.


yeahwritekelli   September 1st, 2009 8:17 am ET

If Chris truly repented of what he did, then God forgives. There is nothing we – the public – can say about that.
I think Rihanna should forgive him, but don't take him back. That would make a bad statement for young ladies.
His career has suffered, but our local radio stations r already playing his music again. I think people will buy his music to be nosey. They will want to know if he's going to talk about his situation with Rihanna. Judging from the new song on Youtube, it looks like he's already doing it.
Chris' last video apology on TMZ was fake to me. It looked totally scripted. Hope this King interview is off the script!

Rose   September 1st, 2009 10:10 am ET

Jenny: Do you have any idea how many young men start beating, are sorry for it, vow never to do it again and yet they do beat again? A man just doesn't decide to turn beater at the age of 40 or whatever. There is an inherent problem that starts from a young age. Violence usually stems from some past experience. The person may have been abused or saw it in the home. It may be pent up anger directed at a woman close to him. Many cases that end up in court reveal this. There is more than enough data that substantiates that a past beater will beat in the future. All those past beaters said they would never do it again. Yeah right.

There are plenty of men who choose not to beat women – no matter what. The ones who do have serious issues, it's not a one-of. That's why they need counselling. The same can be said for men or women who abuse children. It's not a one time situation. It's a criminal act.

Chris Brown is apologizing to save his career. He has no choice. Money is the bottom line in this so-called apology. He should shut up, do his community service, get his counselling. spend his 5 years probation and maintain his court-ordered distance from Rihanna.

David Heeralal   September 1st, 2009 12:10 pm ET

Hi Larry i watch your show all the time i would like for you to ask Chris Brown this if he can`t remember hitting Rehianna. can he remember smashing up the jeep that the Prime Minster of Barbados gave Rihanna on behalf of the Goverment and People of Barbados when he lost his temper then. please people he is just looking for pity

Susan   September 1st, 2009 12:26 pm ET

Chris Brown is obviously just an O.J. in training. I'm rather disappointed that you (Larry) are giving him any face-time at all. I for one will make it a point not to watch that broadcast.

Steffuhknee   September 1st, 2009 1:10 pm ET

i think it's so sad how ppl are treating chris. i kno that what he did was wrong but rihanna also played a part in this; she's not completely innocent. i've been a fan of chris since he came onto the scene with "Run It" and i always will be. i can see why ppl are taking this as him not bein sincere and not taking responsibility but he is barely off of similac and even though that doesn't excuse him, it stills plays a role in this. i wish him well and i can't wait for his huge comeback.

Steffuhknee   September 1st, 2009 1:14 pm ET

i absolutely agree with Sarah Melo and i will be listening to that song

Josh   September 1st, 2009 6:56 pm ET

I think when he said he didn't remember doing it, he meant the whole thing was a bit of a blur.

jenny(AUSTRALIA)   September 2nd, 2009 3:33 am ET

Rose: How do you know thats going to happen you dont know him no 1 does only him and im pretty sure that he will never do it again because i am sure thhat he doesent want to lose another half of his fans again so give him a chance and wait till you see what he will do when hes 40. 🙂

jenny(AUSTRALIA)   September 2nd, 2009 3:36 am ET

Rose: And do you know that he is doing he's community work and staying away from rihanna and he is taking this in a good way he is not making trouble.

Didi   September 2nd, 2009 9:19 am ET

firstly, i think what chris brown did was wrong and it cant be justified as well as him claiming that he didnt remember that horrendous night but at the end of the day justice has been served and he needs to deal with that incuding us. i feel that he should be forgiven for his actions despite him being a rolemodel to many kids out there which many parents would be against but hey we should stand by him and show him that we support him despite this mishap. i have witnessed physical abuse and its a nasty site but i think or rather feel that chris is an intelligient guy who will learn from his mistake and hopefully overcome this setback. for crying out loud the poor guy has a very stern 5year probation and am pretty sure he will learn from that and take responsibilty once everything is not all blurry. however, his doings are very much wrong and he is working to improve that. i just want to wish goodluck on how he is going to pick up the pieces and re-kick his career.

BLKTONE   September 2nd, 2009 12:40 pm ET

Ok...who's worse.....Mike Vick or Chris Brown??

Makiha (NZ)   September 2nd, 2009 3:19 pm ET

Rose: "many young men start beating, are sorry for it, vow never to do it again". These are actions of other people, this shouldn't be reflected at Chris, the only reason we(the public) see so many cases of repeat abuse becAuse all the otherz that did it once and realised their doings got help and stopped dont get publicity. So only the bad is herd. Chris makes his own decisions, just needS to make much much more wiser ones and stay clean.

Come onn everyone. I know we dont all beat each other, but put ur self in his shoes as he getz through this, he is just handling this. Coming out inthis interview is what he needs

suzzu   September 2nd, 2009 4:19 pm ET

i know that cb did a veryyy insanlyyy badd thing like relly bad and hittin rhiana and stuff, but thats only one side of story rhiana is seen as the sweet innocent victim like i know that chris brown pounded her and punched her and i think thats wrong and sick but rhiana must off doe something relly badd to him to make react like that to that sitution! and to BLKTONE! dont compare mike vick to chris brown, mike vick is a sicck in the head mad to do that to helpless animals! so i unno but i think that pple should just back off chris browns back and mabey start questionin rhiana u never know mabey rhiana did something to him cheated on him or something?

cole   September 2nd, 2009 7:36 pm ET

I just want to say that in Chris's interview i can tell he was very nervous and u people out here tryin to act like he meant to say he don't remember, he just tried to answer the questions as honestly as he possibly could, just put yourself in his shoes i mean u on television with Larry King talkin bout somethin that people all over the world are makin judgments about, like they haven't ever hit a woman before or had a relative or friend who went through the same thing the young man was nervous and tryin his best to come up with the right answers to tell the world so they would better understand that he truely is sorry for what he did. I mean come on u guys this is not something that happens every now and then it happens every day.
I also feel that that thing with Jay-Z not wantin to perform if Chris did is down right nasty and u guys never even said anything about that, I mean who is Jay-Z to say who can perform or not last i knew he was not the owner of BET,plus his performance was whack as usual and Chris Brown would've represented I mean was Michael Jay-Z's idol? NO!! he raps about the streets but Chris on the other hand loved and looked up to this man and for him not to be able to show his respects and Usher did Justin Timberlake and many more who looked up to Michael Jackson got their opportunity to do so it was just wrong and you guys know it. I feel sorry for the society these days they look at things on the outside lookin in and just past judgement on people like they are so perfect.


nelson   September 2nd, 2009 9:04 pm ET

he needs to join the MILITARY !

ARLANDRA   September 2nd, 2009 9:10 pm ET

i forgive him and we only watched a small glimps of this interview were nt giving him a chance to prove himself once u see the whole interview then call him an idiot or whatever
I hope to see him in the future moving forward with his carrer

DaddesGyrl   September 2nd, 2009 9:22 pm ET

Clearly Chris Brown was nervous and a little uncomfortable about the interview...I mean who wouldn't be? Does anyone know what its like to black I mean people lets chill out....if he didn't apologize people would say he is not remorseful, he apologize and now it wasn't sincere, nobody knows what happened at that moment except for what was reported. You can't believe thats all that happened. If your not willing to accept it and let it go then get a life. Yes this happens to people everyday but do you doubt those people too? People need to support others, throw murderers in jail, and rapist and people that aren't remorseful! I think he will bounce back, he just won't be where he was....
All the reports after the fact about him being abusive are crazy, mainly because where were all those people when it was happening.

daddy's girl   September 3rd, 2009 12:53 am ET

i still love chris i know he didnt mean to do that but i still love him he is hot and he still hot

Salena   September 3rd, 2009 9:20 am ET

May God bless him. Everyone deserves a second chance he made a very bad mistake and he is doing what was ordered by the court. I pray that they both be healed on the inside and find peace and help younger people learn a lesson from their pain.

andrea   September 9th, 2009 4:26 am ET

I dont even think he made a mistake. I’ve known stupid women like rihanna all my life. my mother was even one. The man enters the house drunk and depressed cause he spend all his money on bills. Instead of encouraging her husband, or doing whateva she could to help, the woman instead decides to beraid him. Make him less than what he is (even though he supoorts you and 4 kids that dont even belong to him). And if thats not enough, then she will even put her hands on him. WHAT HAPPENS TO WOMEN LIKE THIS!!! Who pull this crap because they know they can get away with it. RIHANNA AINT NO VICTIM. SHE CONTINUED TO MESS WITH THE GUY, EVEN AFTER HE BEAT HER STUPID TAIL TO DEATH. Doesnt sound like someone that needs much saving to me. I dont have an issue with Chris Brown being punished, because all grown ups should know how to keep their hands to themselves. I just think if your gonna make him pay so heavily, that dummy Rihanna should be right onside the road next to him picking up trash. Its unfair.

andrea   September 9th, 2009 4:32 am ET

And Im so tired of people playing stupid just to get their point across. You knew exactly what he was saying. He saw red and blacked out while it was taking place. This is not the first time in history that someone has gotten so angry that they couldnt even recall what they said or did at the time of the incident. As long as he acknowledges that what DID take place was wrong, and he is sorry for it, and willing to do anything to make up for it, I don't see the issue. But my issue has always been less about Chris and more about women like rihanna; who instigate situations until they blow up in their face. I have no tolerance for a woman that will step up to a grown man like she can handle him. If your gonna be that bold, you better be able to hold your own ground. Clearly Rihanna cant.

Kyisha   September 9th, 2009 2:07 pm ET

Ok I'm goin to be honest. What he did was wrong yes but still people in this world arent perfect. these type things go on everyday of our lives & even in our own home. Now that we see it happen to "celebrities" it becomes a big deal. People in this world kill me. I'm not taking any sides because we dnt kno her side of the story. It takes two not just one. So instead of criticizing him get both sides of the story first before you make any judgements..

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