August 28, 2009

FTC bans most robocalls

Posted: 01:14 AM ET

via The Los Angeles Times – Business

The Federal Trade Commission is sending most of those pesky “robocalls” to the junk heap starting Tuesday.

RobocallThose unwanted prerecorded commercial calls, soliciting services such as carpet cleaning or car warranties, will be a thing of the past unless telemarketers have written permission from consumers that they want to receive these calls, the commission said today. Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 1, violators will face penalties up to $16,000 per call.

"American consumers have made it crystal clear that few things annoy them more than the billions of commercial telemarketing robocalls they receive every year,” Chairman Jon Leibowitz said in a news release. Previously, telemarketers had to tell consumers how to opt out of receiving robocalls.

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Cynobia   August 28th, 2009 1:56 am ET

My question is what took them so long? I have them call me about a warranty on Jeep all the time, the problem is my Jeep is 95 and I bought it in 2006 used. I am glad they don't get to waste minutes on my phone anymore : )

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