July 28, 2009

TONIGHT ON LKL: Colin Powell for the Hour!

Posted: 03:47 PM ET

The Prof. Gates controversy, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Iran, Afghanistan, Pres. Obama - Larry and Colin Powell cover the world in an hour.

Watch here as Powell gives his take on the Gates controversy (he actually knows Prof. Gates), and tells his own story about racial profiling.  And watch tonight for his unique thoughts on the North Korea situation.   It's a fascinating perspective and one we've never heard before.

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Powell calls Palin a 'fascinating figure'

Posted: 03:05 PM ET
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke Tuesday with Larry King.


WASHINGTON (CNN) – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday that he has been the victim of racial profiling, but still believes Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates could have been more patient with the police officer who arrested him.

"I think Skip, perhaps in this instance, might have waited a while, come outside, talked to the officer and that might have been the end of it," Powell said in an interview with CNN's Larry King. "I think he should have reflected on whether or not this was the time to make that big a deal."

Powell said that under the circumstances, Gates may not been in the appropriate frame of mind to best handle the situation. "He was just home from China, just home from New York. All he wanted to do was get to bed. His door was jammed and so he was in a mood where he said something," Powell said. He recalled a lesson he was taught as a child: "When you're faced with an officer who is trying to do his job and get to the bottom of something this is not the time to get in an argument with him."

The former secretary of state said he was racially profiled "many times," including an incident that took place while he was the national security advisor to President Ronald Reagan.

"Nobody thought I could possibly be the national security advisor to the president, I was just a black guy at Reagan National Airport," Powell said. "And it was only when I went to the counter and said is my guest here waiting for me, that someone said, 'Oh, you're General Powell.' It was inconceivable to him that a black guy could be the national security advisor."

Powell called former Alaska governor Sarah Palin a "fascinating figure… you have got to hand it to her."

He repeated his assessment that the former Republican vice presidential candidate had not been ready for the Oval Office last fall, but said she was worth watching.

"Apparently, she is going to re-enter public life…. We will have to see what her plans are," he said Tuesday. "I do not know if she is doing all of this for political purposes or just to start a new life in the wonderful world of speaking. And we will all be watching with great interest."

Powell, who has previously been critical of Rush Limbaugh, reiterated his opinion that members of his party ought to do the same. "The problem I'm having with the [Republican] party right now is that when he says something that I consider to be completely outrageous and I respond to it, I would like to see other members of the party do likewise, but the don't," he said.

When asked if he thinks Republicans are afraid to take on Limbaugh, Powell pointed out that several prominent Republicans have criticized Limbaugh but that "within 24 hours they were backing away because there is a strong base of support for Mr. Limbaugh."

The full interview will air Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EDT on Larry King Live.


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LKL last night – the latest in the Michael Jackson investigation

Posted: 10:24 AM ET
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Report: Farrah Leaves Estate to Son, Nothing to Ryan

Posted: 09:23 AM ET

Details of Farrah Fawcett's will have surfaced and reports indicate that the 70's television icon left her entire estate to her son, Redmond, and nothing for her longtime partner Ryan O'Neal.

The actress updated her will in 2007, after learning her cancer has spread into her liver. The majority of the actress's nearly $6 million estate was placed in a trust fund for her 24 year old son.

The Daily Mail reports, "Farrah appointed two trustees to make sure the money supports her son's journey into sobriety rather than giving him the means to destroy himself. Redmond's inheritance will be tightly controlled." O'Neal (who is also Redmond's Father) will not be one of the trustees.

Redmond, Fawcett's only child, has struggled with both drug and alcohol addictions. He is currently serving time in a Los Angeles jail, on drug-related charges. Once he is released, he will get a monthly allowance from the fund as well as money to buy a home.


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NFL reinstates Michael Vick on conditional basis

Posted: 07:23 AM ET

Nearly two years after he pleaded guilty to a federal charge of bankrolling a dogfighting operation at a home he owned in Virginia, Michael Vick was reinstated to the National Football League on a conditional basis, according to an NFL statement Monday.

Vick "will be considered for full reinstatement and to play in regular-season games by Week 6 based on the progress he makes in his transition plan," the statement said. Week 6 of the NFL season is in October.

Vick may participate in practices, workouts and meetings and may play in his club's final two preseason games under the conditions of his reinstatement, the league said.

Vick, in a statement, thanked the league's commissioner and former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy, who has served as his mentor.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Commissioner [Roger] Goodell for allowing me to be readmitted to the National Football League," Vick said in a statement. "I fully understand that playing football in the NFL is a privilege, not a right, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity I have been given."


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Defending Jackson's Doctor

Posted: 12:29 AM ET

The Daily Beast’s Gerald Posner on the new allegations that Dr. Conrad Murray administered the fatal injection to the pop star—and why the doctor’s legal team is hoping for an Elvis-like toxicology report. Daily Beast was told by a source familiar with Jackson’s toxicology report that traces of at least six prescription drugs were found in his body. (Craig Harvey, the chief investigator of the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office, did not respond to two calls seeking comment.)

The best hope for the defense team is that the toxicology report is Elvis-like. When the original King of Rock ‘n’ Roll died at the age of 42 in 1977, 10 drugs were found in his body. Four were in “significant” quantities: codeine; Ethinamate, a popular sedative-hypnotic med of the 1970s; Quaaludes; and a barbiturate, or depressant, that has never been identified but is usually reported as Phenobarbital. Presley’s body also contained smaller amounts of the painkillers morphine and Demerol; tranquilizers Placidyl and Valium, and Chlorpheniramine, an antihistamine.

Presley’s body had no traces of his admitted favorite drug, Dilaudid, called the “Bentley of Heroin” on the street and recognized by doctors as between two to eight times more potent than morphine. (Dilaudid was pinpointed as the culprit in the May accidental overdose death of Las Vegas comedian Danny Gans.)

(Read More)

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July 27, 2009

Sony's $60-million Michael Jackson gamble: Creepy exploitation or showstopping hit?

Posted: 11:57 PM ET

By Patrick Goldstein via Los Angeles Times

Jackson, here at a June 23 rehearsal, "was full of jokes, full of life," band vocal coach Dorian Holley said.

...Sony Pictures, which reportedly has shelled out close to $60 million for the rights to 80 or so hours of rehearsal footage from the singer’s “This Is It” tour concert. The footage is being edited into a concert film, also tentatively titled “This Is It,” which will hit theaters on Oct. 30. No one from Sony is talking, since the final details of the deal are still in negotiation. But insiders say the lion’s share of the profits from the film will go to Jackson’s estate.

Sony gets its cut from the studio’s distribution fee on the film, though the studio also has to foot the bill for the marketing costs of the release. On the other hand, Sony has worldwide rights for the film, which extend through the movie’s ancillary life, from its theatrical release into what are normally lucrative home video and pay and free TV windows. According to insiders, Sony’s distribution fee is slightly above 10%, with escalator clauses in the deal providing the studio with a bigger cut if the film performs better at the box office.

Is it a good deal for Sony? The simple answer is: Nobody knows. There’s really no precedent for the Jackson death mania, so its impossible to say whether it will spur millions of fans to pay $11 to see footage of his tour rehearsals a full four months after he’s died - especially considering that between now and then the media will once again be full of stories about his excesses after the coroner’s office releases a long-awaited toxicology report.

(Read More)

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Birthers on the Hill

Posted: 11:24 PM ET

By Mike Stark: University of Virginia Law Student, a Marine, and a Citizen Journalist via Huffington

Thanks to FireDogLake and Campaign Silo for giving me the opportunity to do this work!

Check out this video: several Republican Congressman tell me they don't believe Barack Obama is an American. Several dodge the question. Others offer weak-tea justifications for kinda-sorta believing Obama is a natural born citizen, Constitutionally fit to hold the office of President of the United States of America. Only one, Trent Franks of Arizona, gives a correct and clear answer, but even he can't help himself from suggesting that Obama is facilitating Jihad and turning America into a socialist state.


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Michael Jackson's Shocking Lyrics

Posted: 10:02 PM ET

It's shocking to hear Michael Jackson sing about the powerful prescription drug Demerol.  We had hoped to play this for you tonight during the live show, but technical glitches prevented us from doing so.

While the song's not new, it's still worth a listen.   No video was ever made for this song.  The video in this clip is from other Jackson songs.

"Morphine" was a song off of Michael Jackson's 1997 album Blood on the Dance Floor.

In this song Jackson sings, "Trust in me, trust in me, put all your trust in me, you're doin' Demerol. Oh God, he's taking Demerol."

Listen to this clip at about 2:30 in to the song to hear Jackson's lyrics.

According to reports, Demerol isn't considered to be the drug that killed Jackson, it was the anesthetic propofol.

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TITO: Michael's Body at Forest Lawn

Posted: 06:00 PM ET

Michael & Tito JacksonFrom

ET's Kevin Frazier exclusively talked to Tito Jackson, who disclosed the location of his brother's body.

"He's at Forest Lawn," Tito tells Kevin. Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries in the Hollywood Hills is where the Jackson family held a private memorial service for the King of Pop earlier this month.

Frazier was exclusively backstage at Jamaica's 17th annual Reggae Sumfest, where Tito Jackson geared up to perform with The Funk Brothers Band and accept a Lifetime Achievement Award on Michael Jackson's behalf.

Check out ET this week for the exclusive, one-on-one interview with Michael's brother, Tito, from the five-star resort Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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