July 30, 2009

TONIGHT: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!!

Posted: 04:18 PM ET

Coulter-Sharpton-frame-grabOn the right, Ann Coulter.  On the left, Rev. Al Sharpton.  Head to head.

As Larry likes to say, "this, folks, will not be boring."

Plus, EXCLUSIVE: Suspended Boston police officer Justin Barrett on the controversial memo he wrote about the Gates situation.  What did he really mean by "banana-eating jungle monkey?"

And Michael Jackson's chef, Kai Chase.  She was in the house the day Michael died, and will share her chilling account of that day with Larry.  CLICK HERE to read her memories from that day.

And we want to hear from you before, during, and after the show:

Who do you think will win / is winning / won the faceoff between Ann and Al?

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Lori   July 30th, 2009 4:28 pm ET

Go Rev. Sharpton! I am not a fan of Ms. Coulter.

eJay   July 30th, 2009 4:32 pm ET

Ann don't stand a chance.

Marc Cadwel   July 30th, 2009 4:33 pm ET

Hello Larry, It's hard for whites to understand what black people go through all the time with benefit of the doubt... For example you may turn your TV on the show called cops, and you will see the average white American get pulled over by a police officer and I have seen different instances where as they will talk to the white officers any kind of way the feel!..and hardly never get threaten of being arrested for disorderly conduct!..I set back and know from my own experiences from a child into now that I can not open my my unless I am answering a question no matter what or I will potentially get arrested for something no related to me being stop!...It has happen to me more than once and many of black Americans. I am not complaining because I have come a custom to this kind of treatment, but I do understand that if you do not live this type of treatment it is hard for Americans to understand!...I wish on an average that police would try do their jobs by abiding the law professionally and not making the "LAW" as they may feel appropriate behavior!...In addiction all it takes is for a black person to be stop by a officer with an attitude...I better not say a word!....

Adrienne   July 30th, 2009 4:37 pm ET

Reverend Sharpton by a long shot. Reverend Sharpton what are your thoughts on the MJ death investigation. Do you think that race is involved? Are you fasting just like Dick Gregory. Can you give your input please. No one seems to be helping us...

Cocovelvet   July 30th, 2009 4:42 pm ET

LKL, do you surely want to know who is going to win???....the winner will definately be the one who will present his/her points sensibly and ofcourse the one who will talk positive and unbiased about MJ.

Adrienne   July 30th, 2009 4:44 pm ET

Cocovelvet– I think we already know who will talk positive and unbiased about MJ that is a no brainer.
Ms. Coulter, just a reminder his name is Michael Jackson.. Ok??

Stu,Hungary   July 30th, 2009 4:46 pm ET

Who is this Ann Coulter?If she will say bad things about Michael,thann yes,goo on Rev. Sharpton,and kick her ass!

And my question would be the Afrienne,wath do you think about the investigation,doo the police corretly tham job,or there is som corruption here?

Bruk   July 30th, 2009 4:48 pm ET

Al relates everything to race and Ann thinks the only way to political salvation is through the republican party.I respect their views i agree with some ideas from both and disagree on what i think is wrong or extreme.Lets be moderates and solve problems.

Stu,Hungary   July 30th, 2009 4:49 pm ET

I realy liked,wath Rev. Sharpton said at the memorial for the kids,that not ham father was strange,but the peaples,that he had to deal with...
And i am so happy finali to sse somebody to stand up for Michael!!!I am not gonna miss this show!

Adrienne   July 30th, 2009 4:51 pm ET

Stu, Ms. Coulter is a ultra-conservative. She is on Fox News quite often. She similar to Bill O'Reilly. I can't say anymore or I will give her some ideas. Be nice, Ms. Coulter, please... Have a heart...

Luda   July 30th, 2009 4:57 pm ET

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...I don't know that Ms Coulter but from what you have said Adrienne I'm not sure I will like her.....

Jacquelyn   July 30th, 2009 5:00 pm ET

Yes, she is a female Bill O'Reilly.

Gooooooooooo, Al Sharpton.

Luda   July 30th, 2009 5:01 pm ET

Adrienne: why do you take the time to remind the lady MJ's name?? does she usually call him another way????

Adrienne   July 30th, 2009 5:02 pm ET

Well.... she worksfor fox news and they need a reminder as they seem to forget....

Shonda   July 30th, 2009 5:03 pm ET

Please allow me to ask Rev. Sharpton a question:

Are you really in favor of African American equality? I am often confused and concerned when I see you in the media. You have the ability to be an advocate for minorities, but it appears that you only represent those who are rich, famous and entitled to a big law suit.

You are a prominent figure for minorities, but unfortunately, your advocacy is limited and obsolete to poor individuals, like myself. I am truly an advocate, not for equality, but for humanity. It is my belief that certain, prominent black individuals, fuel racism, prejudice, discrimination and unequality!

Blacks are more fortunate today, but yet we keep ourselves divided. Evertime we are arrested or exploited, blacks claim that they are being profiled and unfairly treated because of race.

Actually, blacks are the only people that have all black events. Black Miss America Pagents, Black Congressional Caucus, NAACP and etc,...If whites had the same type of organizations, they would be considered racist.

I am sorry to defame you, but something needs to be done. All races in the United States are born into a country that declares it is equal. Evidently, it is the lessons that we get from other influential individuals that cause minorities to believe that they are not equally represented..

Please, stop charging individuals to consult with you and make yourself available to bring about change. You are well respected by all races, but will be the most respected when you acknowledge that equality is acquired at birth and the only way to rid racism is to unite all races once again.

Please, Rev. Sharpton, you have the ability and the calling to lead people to more than equality. Stop dividing the races and hold hands to attain the God given equality of all men that are created!

Jimmy   July 30th, 2009 5:06 pm ET

I SICK of Michael Jackson being a topic on your show!!!!

PLEASE, LET IT GO...No one cares what the chef has to say!!!!!

Luda   July 30th, 2009 5:08 pm ET

Oh! Thanks Adrienne.

Ms Coultre remember you're talking about a dead person...

Marie   July 30th, 2009 5:10 pm ET

I am so sick of Sharpton. The only time he opens his yap is when he has the chance to create some division between the races.
Oh and to get his ugly mug on camera.

Malaika   July 30th, 2009 5:15 pm ET

i knw Rev Al wl tell the truth abt Michael

Marie   July 30th, 2009 5:20 pm ET

To Shonda,

I could not have said it better myself. You said it clearly and with dignity and pride in yourself as a human being, not black or white, but as a race of people that should not be divided, instead should be appreciating each other for the glorious contributions each can give.
I did say something to this effect on one of the other Gates LKL blogs.
It is so true, that blacks are too often their own worst enemies, they segregate themselves, re all the separate black magazines, TV station, award shows, music shows, etc. and you are so right, if whites did this, there would be ranting and carrying on from so many in the black community, people such as Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, etc
I live in the New Orleans area where the young black boys are shooting each other all over the city, these are babies with guns, shooting each other dead over nothing. Where is Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when these young people could use some guidance from such accomplished black professionals such as these? They are in front of the cameras or sitting in their mansions waiting for the next chance to attack "whitey"

nan pearl   July 30th, 2009 5:24 pm ET

A.C. will use part of her time insulting the President and all Democrats.
She is an expert on devisive vitriol!!!

Katie   July 30th, 2009 5:28 pm ET

Kudos Shonda! Very Powerful and Valid!

Jacquelyn   July 30th, 2009 5:34 pm ET


He was actively involved in non-public figures as well. Remember Sean Bell?

Wendy, Ontario, Canada   July 30th, 2009 5:37 pm ET

I won't be watching tonite Larry, wouldn't waste my time listening to either one of them.

Malaika   July 30th, 2009 5:41 pm ET

m wth Rev Al all the way for spreading the truth abt Michael!!!!

nan pearl   July 30th, 2009 5:43 pm ET

Justin Barrett should not be on prime time TV.

Do something totally disgusting and suddenly you are on TV!! That way we can continue to say and print the horrible thing he said about Gates, thus continuing to spread racist remarks for how many more days (weeks?). He will probably be hired for a radio show!!!

Jacquelyn   July 30th, 2009 5:44 pm ET


That's all I want too. Michael is the only I care about in this, no one else

James   July 30th, 2009 5:57 pm ET

Thank u Mr. Sharpton, we as a nation need u! You have a tough job which makes you hated by many. You have a tough task! Dont get off track due to people that can not ,and will not get off they ass and speak the truth about any situations. Kept being hated, that mean you are doing a good job!

Wendy, Ontario, Canada   July 30th, 2009 6:02 pm ET

Al Sharpton wasn't close to MJ for years, he pals around with Joe Jackson so I don't believe anything he has to say. It seems the only people doing these interviews are those that haven't been close to MJ but want their faces on TV. MJ's true friends have stayed quiet & have not proffitted from his death.

Tony G   July 30th, 2009 6:07 pm ET

This was nothing more then another slap in the face of black anericans at the hand of a law enforcement officer. While steps are being made to dimiss this officer,let's not be foolish to think that this mind set is not prevalent in our society and within the ranks of law enforcement. When it raises it's radical head it has to be dealt with. He needs to be fired. What happened with Gates and the Officer is just a distraction and it never should have happened. The President doesn't owe anyone an apology,what he said was "it was stupid for someone to be arrested in there home after showing identification. Meaning there was know crime to which the officer was called to investigate in the first place.

Denise G.   July 30th, 2009 6:14 pm ET

Ann is not very knowledgeable. Just like most Republicans, she talk foolishly. If you really listen to republicans, they are pretty ignorant. They are trying to use the race card and have never experienced racism. If you have no knowledge about something, you cannot offer your opinion. Another point I would like to make is that the Republicans always criticize and what have they done the last eight years. They have no healthcare plan and the only plan they have for the economy is the same one that got us into this mess. Also, republicans can no longer run on the values, so the only thing they have now is scare tactics. Same thing they tried to do in the presidential election. They are scared though, of becoming a minority..........

Mark Adelson   July 30th, 2009 6:38 pm ET

I want to know why she lied about the"Professor Gates" question. When will her volume of hatred towards Democrats come down.

Mark Adelson   July 30th, 2009 6:39 pm ET

Ann Coulter has already lost. Once a looser always a looser.

Malaika   July 30th, 2009 6:48 pm ET

Mark Adelson- good question, i dnt think Coulter has a good answer?

Michael "Omowale" Haggerty   July 30th, 2009 6:57 pm ET

I have mentioned this before, but the fact that Crowley apparently lied on the arrest report is getting little or no exposure in the discussion.

If I am not mistaken , lying on a police report is a crime, and in addition, if the arrest of Professor Gates was illegal as Massachusetts law seems to say, then the officer has violated Mr. Gates civil rights.

Why are these issues being glossed over, unless the officer is being protected by the legal system from the police to the D.A. and to an extent network media.

Joanne Osinkowski Ontario Canada   July 30th, 2009 7:23 pm ET

I am so sick of this topic, please lets end it now!

ann brown   July 30th, 2009 7:24 pm ET

After the e-mail from the cop what does Mrs. King have to say about this cop? Since she is so devastated that the Pres. made his statement. Why won't the media play the entire statement of the Pres. stupid to arrest someone in their own home. read your rights as a citizen

Debbie   July 30th, 2009 7:44 pm ET

Anyone who truly believes that racial profiling isn't a serious problem or that it does not exist must have absolutely no exposure whatsoever to the real world or must not be very close to any or love Black people, or isn't Black themself. Hooray to our President for telling the truth!

Al Sharpton will win the face off on whatever subject they speak on because Ann Coulter is the epitomy of white ignorance (many are very educated and wealthy too), in my opinion.

Lisa   July 30th, 2009 8:14 pm ET

I like Al Sharpton for speaking up and for having an opinion. He sad some really nice things about Michael at the memorial.

I didnt like how he turned that Sony thing with Michael into a racial thing. I am the first to agree about thelousy contracts and how the music industry works. Geroge Michael once said that the music industry are the only buisness where you are allowed to have slave contracts. George Michael also fought Sony – and lost the case and millions in money. I think it shouldnt be allowed to sign anybody below 21 for more than a year ahead. The company see the talent and sign them up for 30 years and then the musician cant get out of the contract with out loosing everything they own.

It is not a racial problem as it happens to everybody who question that system. Young people are eager to get signed and accept everything and then as they grow older they realize that they have to do those records the company wants them to do and go on tour etc and they realize they have sold their lives and cant buy it back. George Michael took Mottola to court and lost, but got his freedom. It is all about money, not about skin colour.

sandra   July 30th, 2009 8:14 pm ET

THE REV.AL SHARPTON of course,i don't care for ann coulter at all!!!!

Jacquelyn   July 30th, 2009 8:19 pm ET


Did you get a chance to look at the Farrakhan interview. Plus Michael said he was about Race when he was speaking against Sony. I can link you if you want it.

Lisa   July 30th, 2009 8:27 pm ET

yes, i did see that interview. That interview was focusing on what a lovely person michael was and that we should focus on the inside.

yes, michael said it was about race but where did he get that from? there are several artists that has the same feeling about mottola and saying exactly the same things as michael did say i e that they dont support the CDs, they are not owning their own music all thoug they have written and produced it them self etc and they are not black. Read back and go through the Gerogre Michael case, he left sony just becasue of Tommy Mottola. Geiorge Michael is not black.I cherish Sharpton for bringing up the discussions and working for racial equality. He has done a great job but I think sometimes Sharpton see racial into cases that are not necessarily about race or skin colour.

Jacquelyn   July 30th, 2009 8:35 pm ET


Yes you are right not all cases is not about that I do agree, but I agree with it in Michael's case especailly regarding the Media, and Michael's power that he had, so yes people will be fearful of that.

Now with the gates situation sure it could have been handle a little better. But it was the cop's fault that wrote in the report 2 black men with backpacks. That was wrong. Especially since the 911 disputed that claim. Why did he lie but I guess we would never know. Its not just Sharpton and other black advocates, it are alot of white ones to that want to put race into everything. It's 2009 and alot of people are still living like it was back in the day. Hopefully we can get back this point but I dont know.

Jacquelyn   July 30th, 2009 8:37 pm ET

And also with that Pool incident. Why would you do that to little kids. that was horrible what they did.

Adrienne   July 30th, 2009 8:51 pm ET

Rev Sharpton, can you PLEASE help Michael!

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 9:06 pm ET

As much of a spindelly legged wraith as she is, try no to attack Ann Coulter tonight. Instead, chop down her arguements.

She will just exploit you attacking her because, in her opinion, which I'm sure most of oyu [us] don't really care about :D, you can't defeat her arguement.

I urge everyone to, instead, ONLY attack the validity of her arguements and positions.

She will say stupid crap, because that's her MO and make disingenuous comments and insincere flatteries, but don't let her bait you or draw you in.

A former actuary   July 30th, 2009 9:10 pm ET

Miss Coulter’s column “Take 2 Aspirin and Call Me When You Have Stage IV Cancer” [regarding state mandated coverages for voluntary (such as in vitro fertilization) or ” budgetable” medical expenses] was right on target- humerously making important points.
How would Miss Coulter address the statutorily mandated coverages [impediments to insurers offering a low cost basic policy]? Could an ERISA-like pre-emption of state law non-employment based individually issued policies?
[If the above question is too detailed/boring for your audience:] could Miss Coulter summarize/explain the points in that column for the audience. Folks need to have a better understanding of what impacts their premiums currently and the potential effect of the healthcare proposals.
Thank you.
A former actuary

Ayana   July 30th, 2009 9:12 pm ET

Rev Sharpton all the way, he's amazing, Michael Jackson All the way !

SharonB   July 30th, 2009 9:19 pm ET

This will be a case of Ann/man Coutler ranting just like all the crazy repukelicans and Sharpton on the defense from her crazy rants, no sensible debate here.

Geri   July 30th, 2009 9:20 pm ET

The final results for Michael Jackson was death. In my humble opinion as a fellow insomniac, people will do anything to sleep including suicide. Insomniacs should be taken seriously by the medical profession. No one except an insomniac understands what the body and mind feel like with no sleep. It had to be horrible to have Michael Jackson's mind and energy and not be able to use it, do to insomnia. Stop calling him an addict. He was trying to be his own Doctor due to their failure to treat him.

Hubert   July 30th, 2009 9:26 pm ET

AL Sharpton ;; Ann Coulter. No Larry, you don;t need to say more ,,, lol

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 9:27 pm ET

Aaaand in this corner....

Sean B   July 30th, 2009 9:29 pm ET

Ann Coulter just likes making noise, nothing more. People shouldn't take her seriously.

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:30 pm ET

teacable moments need to go to the professor not the cop

Sandy Odom   July 30th, 2009 9:31 pm ET

Sorry Larry, I can't stand Ann Coulter and refuse to watch her even on your show.

Jennie   July 30th, 2009 9:31 pm ET

The cop himself was the one who suggested to the President that they sit down and have a beer..

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 9:31 pm ET

Okay so already we know Ann is in denial

Erica   July 30th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

Please have your guest stick to the fact- The police officer is the one who asked to be invited to the White House for a beer. So the President was not stereotyping and profile as Ann Coulter is trying to put it

Ben   July 30th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

Ann Coulter stated that it was stereotype the the President assumed the Sgt Crowley drinks beer because he is Irish. It was Sgt Crowley who suggested that one day he may have a beer at the White House, and the President made that happen.

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

how predictable Liberals using this incident as a "teachable moment"

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

Actually the teachable moment is set exactly where it needs to be; directly in the lap of both men.

Jurutha   July 30th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

Did Coulter get the memo that it was the Police Sergeant that suggested beer or is she just looking for something to complain about

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 9:33 pm ET

As well, racial profiling was not present in the duke LaCrosse case.

DC   July 30th, 2009 9:33 pm ET

We are taught to respect police officers. The professor started this entire thing by being rude to law enforcement then he pulled out the race card.

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:34 pm ET

Al Sharpton wants to keep African Americans down so he can keep his pockets full!

Joe G. (Illinois)   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

Al Sharpton is not qualified to make such discussion. “Music/Radio. 99.99% of African American Singers/Songwriters/Dancers.” What do they write, talk, dance about? Not to mention everyday common people during the course of any regular day! That’s a hint Mr. Al Sharpton..! Care to excuse yourself and leave the commenting to others..? Or are you gonna own up and stick to your apparently dress suit and tie high priced whatever?

Bill   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

It seams like all the racial profiling is against african americans. I was living with two other roommates. I am white, the other two were jewish and latin. When the jewish person found out I was half German, it was like he was out for a kill. I had to move out. Racial acts have no ethic boundries, where as Sharpton always has a say so, mostly against african americans racial acts and not other ethic backgrounds.

Jacquelyn   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET


And that cop who made a false police report

Val   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

Larry, Barack Obama is half white, was raised by his white mother, grandmother, and grandfather and Dr. Gates wife is white.

Officer Crowley's police report is not accurate when he stated that the 911 caller described the 2 suspects as black males with backpacks which was disproved by the release of the tapes and the 911 caller's account of not ever describing 2 black males with backpacks.

Boston police officer Justin Barrett refers to Dr. Gates using a very offensive racial slur several times, but says that he is not a racist

Ann, based on these facts, who appears to be racist?

Michael   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

Ann needs to get a clue about real life. She knows nothing of the African American plight. And is closed minded to it.

Linda   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

He's kicking her butt, Ann doesn't know what the heck she is saying-i.e. 8 Billion people, I even had to jump on that one. So funny the way she makes things up.

Jen   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

I really don't get what Coulter's trying to get at – she needs to develop and express her ideas more concisely. In other words, she MAKES NO SENSE.

Erica   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

Larry it is no a crime to refuse to show an ID in your house The police were actually trespassing because thet were in the Professors house without a search warrant- Why dont you have a panal who knows the law.
Ann Coulter is not knowlegable about legal matters

LyCA   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

What is the heck is Ms Coulter talking about?
Larry, please put someone on this program that is lucid.

DC   July 30th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

I would like all of these African American men to step into the shoes of a women. We go through the same stuff but you don't hear us complaining about inequality all the time. Get over it. The more you bring it up the more it stays on the surface.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Interesting that she brought up the jet lag defense for Gates, and then in the next instance, she brings up the 24 hours later when the person might think, "I wish I hadn't of said/done that." Yet she doesn't say that in regards to the officer, who should also be held to that line of reasoning.

Unfortunately, the officer seems to be of the opinion he did no wrong, and therefor has nothing to be apologetic for. Which I believe is the motivation behind the "Agree to disagree" statement.

Juanetta Perkins   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

I think Al Sharpton won because Ann does not know the definition of racial profiling! She compared it to dog bites around the country!

chiney   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

ann coulter will never understand. I think she thrives on negativity. God help her.

Nicole   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Ann Coulter has certainly missed the mark tonight. Her opening comment that the president acted racially by inviting Crowley to the White House to drink a beer because he's Irish was absolutely outlandish. Could have been that the president thought that since it was going to be a tete-a-tete between men that it required a different stance than a Chablis. Did she forget that you don't drink red wine with chicken or white wine with beef. Same here with the beer. I'm not a man but even I understand how most men relate over a good beer (not being stereotypical here, just factual). Wake up Ann and smell the real world!

Jurutha   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Is anyone ever going to ask or talk about how the police report included a reference to the 911 caller stating that she saw two black men with back packs trying to gain entry into the house? She says she never said any such thing, but the sergeant included this specifically in his report. Just saying?

jose   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Black in America 3

Michelle   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Why is Ann wearing an upside down cross on her necklace tonight? Is She anti Christ or something?- or simply a bimbo? ........

Clarence H   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Ann needs to come into the present century, Brother Al has a tremendous lead.

Sarah   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

1) Ann, it was Crowley who wanted to come over for beer; 2) Crowley falsified his report. THAT is racial profiling to do something wrong and flagrantly disregard law to justify it; 3) Why have you not invited the woman Crowley lied about to speak, Larry? 4) Ann, look up one of the many black men SHOT for reaching for keys or licenses. It's documented.

Alvin T   July 30th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Ann is off the mark. Again the right wing is on the wrong side of an important issue.

Alvin T

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

We are also taught to question authority DC. Gates may have seemed rude, but then it ws his house, and he was offended.

diane manning   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

if george bush had used the word "stupidly" and it was a black cop and a older white man with a cane would we be here???????

BHO - fan   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Oh Please Larry! This show is STUPID and making these issues WORSE. . . Please LETS MOVE ON with some dignity.

Staci   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

I agree with Ann....not everything is racial profiling!

fred Morris   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

8 Billon people, my G-d what is this woman on

John   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Al Sharpton needs to get a real job and stop saying that everyone is racist. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of him. he's a joke and nobody likes him (black and white). Al is the racist, and needs to get his facts straight instead of calling everyone racist. Get a life Al!

Ade   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Why on earth did you invite Ann for a serious topic, she's always very unreasonable and against everyone

Patti   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Never in a million years thought I'd agree with Ann Coulter, but i guess pigs do fly!

Becky   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

I think Anne Coulter and her saying that offering the irishmen a beer is, I believe she is the one being racist. The Pres put out a wonderful gesture as a human being, to sit and talk. I think it was wonderful...opens the door for more communication between us all. No other pres has brought himself to our level, he is just like us, not over us like the Bush admin...we are all equal...Anne needs to get her head out of her behind and think, instead of trying to instigate racial profiling...she did that herself with her comment...I am disgusted with her!!!

Gynnie Ann De Jesus   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Ann is a kook! I'm surprised that you, Larry King has her under somewhat of a control. The girl needs a psychological evaluation!

VJ   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Ann Coulter is one crazy woman I think she is bipolar and she should be Baker Act.....and please stop putting her on Television.....she is clueless Hitch......yes I said HITCH........the other word is too nice for her.

Maureen   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Neither one will win. They need to Shut up and listen

evelyn   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

so far i think al is winning ann seem like a racist..that my opinion

BDavis   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

I'm black– the cop and Gates were both wrong!

Maxine J Tulloch   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Ann did not answer the question Larry King posed – "If it were your home, how would you react". Ann only wanted to get her biased views across.
Wake up Ann!

Karen V   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

I wish I'd of heard Prof Gates be grateful the neighbor/police
were concerned about a break-in & the fact an officer wouldn't
know if Gates was the owner, thus need for ID etc. and stay

Wayne Ferguson   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

I agree with Rev. Sharpton. Coulter is so full of hate for anything
that isn't GOP I cannot understand why anyone pays any attention
to her. She would make a wonderful dictator.

JMV   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Who is she kidding? How can she speak about something she has never experienced? I've lived in NJ, not only do NJ State Troopers (most, not all) profile persons based on race, but quite a few law enforcement practice this as an unwritten rule.

I've experienced it myself. I normally do no agree with Al Sharpton's ways, however, this is far beyond Ms. Ann's understanding. The President only acknowledged what "minority" Americans think when they hear of a case like this.

gary coots   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Ann presented a much more fact-based position that Al. all you had to do was listen

Gina   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

It is not about who is winning this on Larry King, it's about the age old adage that whenever a black person states discrimination or profiling it is deemed as a matter of whining. Now who is whining, these cry baby police are so wimpy that because someone may call them a name, they have to whine like babies! Ann Coulter is the epitome of a racist and will continue to be so because she represents the blue eyed, blonde that society feels is so priviliged! The Beer Summit is a waste of time and will NOT change ONE thing. Enough of trying to apease white people who get there little feelings hurt. How about seeing how hurt your feelings are if you get strung up on a tree or see your loved ones beated because of their skin! Give me a break!

Mary Jones   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

I am shocked by Ann Coulter's insensitivity and lack of understanding. Perhaps she does not realize that she, in fact, is a product of affirmative action.

Melissa Browning   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Can Ann answer one of Larry's questions with a definitive "yes" or "no" response? She dodges questions better than Sarah Palin. I haven't heard her give one direct answer to Larry's questions.

doncolecartoons   July 30th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

It would improve race relations if Prof. Gates would admit his mistake.
Sgt. Crowley should not back down; if he was just doing his job.
However, this is a good opportunity to explain why the police must follow procedures, and the good reasons why these procedures exist.
We should be moving forward, not dwelling in the past. Creating racial issues in every situation, where none exists is not putting our country first.

This is a great opportunity for Sgt. Crowley to explain the importance why police must follow procedures, and the vital reasons why these procedures exist, and that the police need to be respected in order to do their jobs. - Donald Cole, Dover NJ

Robert   July 30th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

Ann represents everything bad about black-white relations. She takes the hard line, right wing, Ross Limbaugh approach to everything. We do need or want her opinion about anything.

Galen Van Kooten   July 30th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

I lean towards Ann on this one-

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

Ann is a rational thinker

Sheri   July 30th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

As usual, Ann cannot answer a direct question. She goes so far off the subject just so her opponent will forget what was asked.

Chris Kreymann   July 30th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

No progress can be made if people don't agree that there is no problem.

Ruben   July 30th, 2009 9:39 pm ET

I agree with Rev. Sharpton. Racial profiling is not some made up "fairy tale" or fascination. It exists. Maybe Ann hasn't experienced it herself, but for me as an educated african american male – I experience it quite often.

chuck   July 30th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

Honestly, Larry; it takes all kinds but Sharpton is much more valuable.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

People should also keep in mind the differences between being Detained, which bares only a slight intrusion on a persons freedom, and then going that extra step to actually Arrest a person, which is certainly invasive on a persons freedom.

Mike   July 30th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

Why the heck is Sharpton even on TV. He's not worth watching or listening to. He's a racist himself. He needs to find a real job and stop trying to be MLK whom he doesn't hold a candle to.

that_guy   July 30th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

i dont usually agree with this ann woman on anything ...but this one ... i agree ... time to stop blaming crap on race

BDavis   July 30th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

I'm black–the officer & Mr. Gates were both wrong!

doncolecartoons   July 30th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

This is a no-brainer. The professor was clearly way out of line, and the police officer was doing his job. It is as simple as that.

Put yourself in the same situation: You have locked yourself out of your house, and you and another person are trying to break into the front door. A neighbor sees this and calls 911 to report a suspected burglery in progress. After you have entered your home, the police arrive. Would you not be a bit embarrassed to have caused a stir, and be only ready and willing to apologize and quickly answer questions in order to straighten out the problem? Wouldn't you be thankful that your house and interests are being protected from intruders?

Now, put yourself in the shoes of the police officer, who is well trained to handle these situations.
He arrives on the scene, where supposedly two men have broken into the house, and are still inside, and that there is a good chance that foul play is going on inside. The police enter the house and confront the person inside, who they find is unruly, confrontational, abusive, and uncooperative, –and most importantly, hindering the police from doing their job.
Now, what are the police to think? Who is this man? Will he pull a gun? Where is the other man? Is the other man still in the process of escaping from the house, or is he lurking somewhere in the corners? Is the first man stalling and buying time, by his uncooperation and wild rantings? How are the police to correctly size up this situation? Must they be shot first?

Due to this professor's wild rantings, false accusations, disrespect, reluctance to cooperate, and hinderance to the investigation, –without rational cause or reason, –than; this was indeed due cause for his arrest. It has nothing to do with race. Donald Cole, Dover NJ

Tabitha Simmons   July 30th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

I agree with Al Sharpton. There is too much of racial profiling going on in this country! I think it should be against the law entirely. Dr. Gates, as well as all Americans, have rights! He was treated unfairly!

Lisa   July 30th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

Ann, that must be some beautiful rock you live under because you are not even trying to crawl ffom under it. The first comment you made tonight was wrong. As I understand it, it was Officer Crowley that suggested the beer, not the President.

You Lose Ann!!!!

Lynne   July 30th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

Dr. Gates was wrong in getting angry at the police. He should have been pleased they came to see who was breaking into his home.
I am tired of this on the news.

JOE   July 30th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

Larry why do you have to ruin my night with Ann Coulter's racist trash?? If a black cop came to her house and arrested her, the cop would be doing society a favor, but I can be sure she'd be crying racism.


Blu   July 30th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

I would be grateful to the police officers who were trying to protect me and my property!
I understand that Dr. Gates was tired and frustrated at not being able to get into his home after a long trip.
I also am aware of the fact that police officers put their lives on the line for the public everyday.
How did Crowley know that Dr. Gates would not pull a gun on him?
Especially since Dr. Gates was so uncooperative?
Did Dr. Gates ever thank Officer Crowley for responding to protect Dr. Gates' property?

LucyLu   July 30th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

Al Sharpton – you rock. "Ann is Ann" is the best commentary I've heard on her. Whatever drivel comes out of her mouth is not even worth commenting on, and "Ann is "Ann" sums that up beautifully.

ellin   July 30th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

I rarely agree with Al Sharpton but his statement "that's Ann being Ann" couldn't have been more right-on. She is a dreadful, horrible and would never be permitted to get away with what she gets away with if she weren't anorexic, tall and blonde.

She is a facist of the worst sort. Why didn't she answer anyone's question. She is disgusting.

UNKELJACK   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Why is Coultergeist even being asked questions that effect the whole country? She's a comedian! She makes a living by making people mad. If she started telling the truth, she'd be outta work.

Mark   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

As an African American being held at gun point at the age of 15. I can say that profiling does exist. Driving a luxury vehicle and being followed and tail gated, I agree profiling does exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Ann Coulter does not deserve to be on your show–I can not bear to see her or hear her voice. It is scary that people actually buy her books

Carolyn   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Racial profiling is real and professor Gates should sue. Crowley filed a false police report that was uncovered this week. Ann is a martian or just a moron.

Eric McCaw   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Mr Sharpton continues to stay to point and addresses Mr. King's questions directly. Too bad Ms. Coutler finds can not do the same – address the questions directly. Al Sharpton is clearly "winning" this faceoff,

AudreyAnn   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Dear Larry King
I agree with Ann. Prof. Gates should apologise to everyone for shooting off his mouth. He should know better, he's an educated Professor, supposedly. Al Sharpton is getting a bit tiresome these days. We elected a man who says he is a black man, who is biracial. The white people put him in office. What more can we do to please the black community? ........ AudreyAnn

Dixie   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

All is winning. Ann is the epitomy of what is wrong with this world.

Carol Harris   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Rev. Al Sharpton is clearly WINNER! Ann Coulter not only looks disgusting her attitude is disgusting.

Al In Maine   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

After spending ten years teaching in inner city Tampa schools, the last three on a tri-racial team; the white teachers were consistently accused of being racist when enforcing the sames rules. The white parents never accused the black and hispanic teachers of racism when enforcing the same rules. The minorities have to quit enabling bad parenting and therefore bad behavior of their children to the establish rules of society.

Stacy   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Rev Al, not just winning, running away with it. Ann doesn't know how to be anything but controversial. Enough already, be part of the solution, not the problem

Michele   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Does Ann do any research at all about the topics she's going on national television to speak about? I sometimes wonder if she plans on coming across as ridiculous to keep herself so controversial so she will continue to get speaking engagements.

Linda H   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Ann Is a white Woman! What can she possibly know about racial profiling. Im with Al Sharpton , He know what its like to be called "n" word. To be stopped for driving a better car than the policeman does. We love you Al sharpton! Speak for us!

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Al Sharpton wants to keep African Americans down and scared, that's how he makes his living off of fear

Danielle   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Mrs. Coulter go back to the history books and learn about racial profiling. What it is?

Charlene Hadley   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

when mr. Gates step out on his porch why did the officer handcuff him ? What ever words taking place in the house was over with because the officer turn and walk outside and mr. Gates walk behind him because the officer said so in his interview so he was  comfortable enough to turn his back on the irate professor . Or after the professor showed his ID why the officers didn't  leave then . Officers don't. Like for you to voice anything to them , and  a lot of them are criminal them self  and yes they are above the law in many ways  they are very corrupt no one needs a crystal ball to know that, do anyone really believe that the officer didn't say anything to set the professor off if the professor went off. If u come and demand I come out side right off and I don't do it you are going to be mad being a officer but he didn't come out side the first time is because he knew that the officer was  going to slap the cuff on him so after he showed the Id he thought  he was in the clear that is why he went out after that and still got arresred. If you know that some one have lied on you when you look them in the eye beer or no beer you can't swallow that? How do you deal that away?and the other officer can'nt help but to be scared no matter what he say. Oh Don Lemon you are just to good for trying to solve this.  

Jeannie   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

In my opinion Al is the definition of RACIST I have never seen him speak out for any white person in the media. However anytime ANYTHING having to do with BLACK people he is first in line to jump in front of the microphones and camera's !!! iF ANYTHING AL SHARPTON KEEPS RACISM ALIVE AND RUNNING.

Richard   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

For some one of a sound mind to say that racial profiling is a hoax, is absurd at best. Imagine if some one said there was no holocaust, would you give her more airtime on CNN. Treat all people equally that is all we ask for

Brenda   July 30th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

I am a caucasion female. If I have a disagreement with my Asian neighbor. Will we be invited to the White House for Hot Dogs and Sushi.

john jones   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Dear Larry,

Colin Powell said it best, the professor should have respected authority, regardless of race on either side.

I think there are much more important things for the president of the united states to be dealing with, dont you? The in-experience and lack of support for municipal authorities is obvious by the way the president handled this issue.

Colin for president, colin for president.

Teacher   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Ann does not have a clue about reality. Lord help her!

JeNae   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

All of the usual "race mongers" An "epidemic" of falsely suggested racial profiling.. Is this lady really serious? Gates released b/c of connections?? Umm if there was a legimate case wouldn't that have supported Officer Crowely's position??
I'm not sure Ann is the best individual to be defending the law enforcement side of this saga

Michael Freeney   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Mr. King,

I think Ms. Courier should try to realize that she does not understand because she is not black and may not have had these things happen to her. Have her try and get a job as a white woman and match a white man's qualification and see how the job salaries compare. Racial and gender profiling does still exist.

Rita E.   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

I am a white woman who was born in Alabama and grew up in Tennessee. I agree with Reverend Sharpton. Ann Coulter, in my opinion, needs to be more open minded. I absolutely believe that racial profiling does exist. I can say, being born in the South, that it has long been a struggle for black people to attain the rights they now have in this country. I also believe it is important for people to not be so quick to label every incident "racial profiling" and to reserve that term for real incidents. I think then we will begin even more growth for minorities and a real chance for people to come together in harmony. Do not be a victim if you are not one, we should all take responsibility for our own actions.

Mike Heydinger   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Wouldit be a case of profiling if in reference to the Coulter-Sharpton debate I used the term "bubblehead" in reference to Ann? She needs to stop using red herrings whenever she is getting whupped and answer the damned question once in a while. Good job in nailing her down, Larry!

Timon Lords   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

I am white age 50 had two roommate's in the mid 1980s who were Blackman. I lived in LA for many years. We were all in car sales and become like brothers. In 7 yrs of living together if one of my roommates was at the wheel (day or night) cops would make upturns, pull up to side of us, and if i was in the back seat... pull us over. It happened so many times- Cops would address me and pull me to side ask me if everything was OK. I can't even begin to write it all down. To this day I am sick inside and a true racist of white! again I AM A WHITE MAN! there are many of us (whites) that know the Truth.

Dorothy Cummings   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

We need to curtail racial profiling and on policemen making false statements on police reports i.e., "two black men with back packs"

urbanblogger   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Great matchup and topic for debate Larry. Its clear to me from Ann's responses that she represents that segment of the population that believes racial profiling doesn't exist at all in America by referring only to the hoaxes and totally ignoring the number of reported cases. My advice to her is to join the classes that Sgt. Crowley attends so that she can be enlightened on a very real issue in America.

Vernard M   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

This is not a case of racism. Al Sharpton is just another overly racially conscious individuals. I'm not white, but I know how to behave properly in front of Law Enforcement authorities, and I definitely know when they are going overboard.

But racial profiling? That's a joke right? Do you seriously think that if Gates was a white man and then he starts arguing and yelling with the police, he won't be arrested by Crowley? He will!

The only reason why this is so racially controversial is that Gates is a black man getting arrested by a white man named Crowley. People who are pushing an agenda of a lawsuit are ridiculous and seriously over-reacting.

DJ Commish   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

I'm not sure Ann Coulter knows what she's talking about. She seems like she's just there to disagree, even if she doesn't make sense. Her arguments have yet to make sense this evening...

Holly   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Ann is clearly more reasonable. When will black people stop feeling picked upon just because they are black? Wake up America. Gates should be thrilled his neighbors cared enough to call 911! Gates should be saying thank you!

Michael   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Rev. Sharpton will always win over Ann Coulter. She is so biased and most of the things she says don't make any sense. Coulter doesn't know the meaning of "objective". I never watch her when she's on TV. The only reason I watched tonight is because I wanted to see Rev. Sharpton make her look like the stupid person she is.

DAvid & Page Davis   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Rev. Al should and will win!

Lisa   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Ann get your head out of the clouds. Racial profiling goes on every day in the United States.

Bev   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Hello Larry, I am white, republican and I believe fairly intelligent. I think Ann Coulter is the most biased woman I have ever listened to. She never answers a question that does not go her way. She, just like Limbaugh are in my opinion hate mongers!

charlie   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

The story here is ... This is not about profiling, it is why is the president of the US involved in this? A beer summit... come on ... would a white president get involved because a white guy had police bust into his house? This is the story here.. Let's face this as it is... ask the real hard questions! America has voters remorse there's a another story for you.

John   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

ann does not kno what she is talkin bout at all

Jo Ann White   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

isn't the bot'ttom line here about appropriate documentation by the police,,,,,I don't believe there was a racial disaggreement with the reporter of suspected crime that was reported in regards to the professor. In the health care we are not just supposed to fill in the blanks with rhetoric but professional and accurate documentation!
Police officers who I greatly appreciated need to take the time for accurate documentation>

Alan from Cincinnati   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

AL is correct on this matter. Ann has knowledge (books, news papers, stats) but lacks understanding. She also fails to realize that many police departments realize this is an issue and have commissions to resolve profiling issues. Cincinnati is a good example.

Tierra   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Ann Coulter is crazy to say that there are no cases of racial profiling. Yes, there have been fake claims of racial profiling but there have been true and proven cases. I believe that this case is informative and shows that's America is not "post racial" as has been claimed.

Susan from Ohio   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

I am a middle age white woman and have to disagree with Ann Coulter for not wanting to admit that racial profiling does exist. I have seen too many instances of it here where I live. It is not only about white on black, it is about all races. Not only white officers but all officers. Of course this is not always the case, but I have seen too many instances that were just thrown out of court because the judge could see that it was not an appropriate arrest. Thank God for our elected officials!

Dorothy Adala   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

You cannot compared AL and Ann. It is like comparing day and night. I do not listen to much of what she says because she is a bigot, and very hateful.

Mary Ann   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Ann rules! The arrest had nothing to do with race! Obama is a fool for weighing in without having the facts! He and Gates have tried to turn this into a racial incident when it never was one to begin with. Just who is it that has a problem with race? It definitely is not Crowley.

Paddy   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

I was driving a Jaguar in Midtown Los Angeles when I was pulled over by police... As they walked up to my car window, I sensed their surprise and when I asked why they pulled me over, they were honest in telling me that from the back (I had a black ball cap on backwards) that I appeared to be a young hispanic male who they thought may have stolen the car... I will never forget this incident and I hope that other white people will understand the truth of racial profiling, and if it takes another white persons account, so be it...
Thank you,

Tell it like it is.   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Ann is wayyyyy off base. There is no way you can say anything in your own home that would demand arrest less a threat on someones person. The officer asked him to step outside so that HE COULD arrest him. You CAN"T be disorderly in your home this is why he asked him to step outside so HE COULD ARREST HIM BECAUSE HE DID NOT WANT TO LET IT GO.

Simple case of a bully officer like 1,000's across the USA. Think they can do anything because they have a badge. Lets see you announce that on air Larry!

FYI- Great show 🙂

norma p   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Thsi lady does not speak for me!

Is she ever not filled of anger and hate????

Scary, and so many ohter like her who get rich spreding intolerance, injustice and more.

Carmen Micham   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

I really don't know why everything is turned into a Race issue! Can't we all just get along? Al Sharpton needs to find something to do with his time, maybe if we spent as much time trying to solve the economy issues, and the rise in unemployment this country would not be in the shape it is in. I can not understand our tax money going to such a stupid issue. If I yell that I was arrested because I was a white woman would I get this much attention. It is crazy! We should not be talking about this anymore.....millions are out of work, and we have wars going on our troops are being killed, and we are talking about someone being arrested claiming it is because he is black. Al maybe you should go fight for your country, you are the reason for some of the racism in this country. I am not racist I am sick of hearing about it!

Pam   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Al Sharpton is cool , calm and collected, speking sensibly and stating facts. Go Al!!
Ann is obvoiusly biased and doesn't want to move forward. She is stuck in the past.

Joanna Balias   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

I am a foreigner European and I am also an American citizen for 30 years. Although I am not black I get treated with the worse racism.
No where in the world I have seen and feel so much the racism as much as In USA.
So sorry to see that!!!

geraldine callands   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

what country is ann living in she must be living in space why bring up old al on the other stuff that has nothing to do with what is being discuss. al on the other hand is right on point

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET


Stacy (PA)   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Ann Coulter is the most naive woman I have ever heard. I bet she believes the Civil Rights Movement was a waste of time because racism didn’t exist.

Thank God they had camera’s rolling back then and now! I’m totalling siding with Al Sharpton on this one.

JMV   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Racial profiling exists, no question. Continue to believe it doesn't and you may be a victim of it yourself.

I am a "biracial" american, irish and carribean and have personally experienced it from police. Let me reiterate, not all police practice it, but truth be told, the majority do. If we keep turning a blind eye to what exists, nothing will change.

Nicole   July 30th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

I agree with Ann that being overly sensitive is bad for women and blacks, but to bitingly attack women and blacks for being sensitized is just pure abuse. Ann, you carry INSENSITIVITY and WILLFUL IGNORE-ANCE way too far. If you have to distort things to make your point, you are not thinking. You are fighting, like a marital spat, and undermining your credibility except with those who want to foam at the mouth with you and are willing to be lead there. Note who is making a fight and who is talking about how to build peace. Ann, why don't you pursue truth and justice, instead of your own deeply sick identity politics.

Sherry   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Picky, Picky, Picky; This is what's wrong with people like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and the like: Although not her main point, Ms. Coulter brings up petty "information" in the process of defending her stands, as in this case, stating that there was a bit of racial profiling going on at the Beer Summit when beer was chosen as the drink offering. She stated that Irish people don't drink beer. So what? Beer is an all American beverage, like the proverbial apple pie all American. Point is, she's petty, droning, and highly annoying, which translates to counterproductive to her own causes. When I hear her on, it's time to change channel.

Betty   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Ann, is right in this debate, I cannot believe Al Sharpton is a Rev. , he must be related to Wright. And when Obama made the statement about the police, he showed that he is still thinking the way Wright thinks....

jose   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

gates is a disgrace....what a bad example he's sad.

Debbie   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

I really wish the media would suggest that there might be the possibility of racial profiling on both sides. Just because a person is black doesn't make them a thief – on the other hand, just because a person is white doesn't make them a bigot. I suspect many of these cases we hear about are caused by both the black and white participants overreacting because they "assume" that history is repeating itself. We'll never get out of this quagmire if we continue on this way!

Delores   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

I think Prof. Gates was quick to call a white police officer a rascist because it worked for him.....the result of his actions bears witness to that fact. I believe he is the racist. He is the one who brought up race. Not the officer. Does he really believe this does not happen to whites, hispanics and asians? . Even tif it is his home had he been respectful to officer and cooperated with him he could have saved us all from this rediculous drama. Al Sharpten is always right there to put his two cents in and stir up the pot of racism. Same ol' song......Will someone please play the violin?

Nicole   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

The Gates issue is a matter of ignorance–why else would a man be arrested after he entered the house and proved he lived there? The officer was trying to "save face" after calling for backup and refusing to accept the professor lived there. The officer lied twice-the neighbor never mentioned race and you can clearly hear Sgt. Crowley–not Gates in the audio tapes-no belligerent shouting there. Yet he has not apologized or even said I could've handled this differently. Race was injected into this issue after public figures called for the Pres. to apologize. For what? Why? Because he admitted the officer "acted stupidly" to arrest someone in his own home? I think overlooking this fundamental fact makes it clear that race is still a pervading force in America.

jud   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

If Prof Gates has never been arrested. The ordeal of being cuffed and having a mugshot and fingerprinting, is devastating

Barbara, CT   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

OK, Ann needs to realize that this is a problem in this country, as much as she would like to sweep it under the carpet. Al, good for you for taking a stand against the ignorance that this world tries to pretend does not exist. Prejudice is still alive. IT DEFINITELY EXISTS and it exists in many forms: towards women, towards, African Americans, towards the Jewish community, towards the Latin American community, towards homosexual/lesbian community, and towards people of other faiths. Though there has been great strides towards tolerance, this world is far from being fully capable of saying that we love are brothers and sisters of the human race. If we are ever going to make any real positive changes in this world we need to first admit that we have a problem and then work on it together not pretend that it doesn't exist.

Anthony   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

I'm not usually a fan of Al Sharpton, but he's right on this issue. Racial profiling is alive and well, and Ann is ignorant to say it doesn't exist.

Linda   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

@ Jennie

That is a untrue statement you made, The cop did not make the suggestion to sit down and have a beer. Where and Who did you hear that from or Who do you know made that story up.

Monique   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Anne is clueless. Maybe she's been traveling too much. She should really do her research and present valid information when discussing a topic. Ann obviously didn't do her dudilegence and should probably stop being reactionary, it comes across as defensive, ill-mannered and quite honestly just plain ignorant.

What world is she living in????

John Clevenger   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Larry, please do not have Ann Coulter on your show, again. Her lack of research and her unfounded comments are an embarrassment to all professionals.(8 billion Americans?)

The Rev.. Sharpton has done his homework and represents his colleagues very well. This man is a true leader who I use to terribly I trully admire this man.

Tell Ann to stay on O'Reilly's show to peddle her book.

Sierra   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Ann you seem clueless when it comes to racial profiling in the black community. It seems you may be a little racist yourself. Sharpton, please set her ignorant tale straight.

Maryann McLemore   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

To Ann and all of the nay sayers--–"walk in my shoes" I am a 65 year old African American and I still encounter racial profiling. I have a host of stories that one should not have had to deal with.

Kira Hensley   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Unfortunately, Ann Coulter is the typical racist white female in America. She would be great as the wife of the Marshal of the KKK.
She will never see racial problems as blacks do in America. She has never been black, so she will never know how blacks are treated in America. I wish I was a wizard, I would turn her black and force her to live as a black person for one year. Her opinions would then be based on fact and truth. She is ignorant and a fool. There is no changing the mind of a fool. Period. You can argue with them the entire day, nothing would change. It would be useless. You would simply waste your time. Ann Coulter was raised in a racist home, so it is embedded in her brain to feel a particular way about anyone who is not a caucasian. Rev. Al Sharpton has been fighting for the rights of equality for many years, and I agree with all that he tries to do. There is so much evil in this country, it is based on double-standards, and the belief that whites are superior, - it will take God to come back to fix this problem.

Ted   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Sharpton is a racist himself....he only back black people and trashes white people no matter what. His record backs up my words. Go Ann!!

Ann is wrong   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

I believe a "model policeman" would get the facts right in his police report. The witness came out and the recorded call reveals that she made NO MENTION of "black males" in her telephone conversation or subsequent conversation with the officer on the scene. Yet, in his report he specifically mentions "what appeared to be two black males" and attributed that statement to the witness. Why and how is it that a "model policeman," "expert," etc. would make such an elementary mistake?
Further, with that mistake I'm not inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt with the rest of the information he provides in his report. That additional information can be just as faulty and flawed as the incorrect statement he presented and attributed to the witness.

Daniel Marughu   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

I feel Ann does not have a full understanding of this situation, therefore leaving the debate at an infant stage.

Robby   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Isn't funny how people like Ann are stating there is no racial profiling or blaming Gates for his arrest, however how many of these Ann followers/ ones who agree with her would feel if they were arrested in their own homes for being angry or were stopped by police just for driving down the street! TKO by Rev Al!!!

Pat   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Obama stirred up a nest of hornets. He should have never gotten involved. Tired of people that crying racial profiling constantly as a way to get out of situations! Grow up and stop whining!

Deborah Reed   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

As a mother of two black sons, I cannot tell you the number of times they have been pulled over for driving black. Both of my sons were in college one attending Eastern Michigan University and the other University of Michigan. It is a known fact that the Washtenaw County Sheriff, and the Pittsfield police in Ann Arbor, are noted for randomly pulling black males for no apparent reason.

Ann Coulter does not have a clue what it really means to be black in America, you are constantly judged by the color of your skin.
I taught my sons to never argue with the police because they are the ones with the guns.

I am glad that President Obama invited Professor Gates and Officer Crwaley to have a beer to start a dialogue. I really do not think that President Obama was racially profily the officer with beer because he is Irish.

Nelly 10   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Racial profile is alive and well in the United States, just like there was Slavery and everyone turned a blind eye to the fact. This is an action that is very, very hard to prove., but it does happen. I understand how Prof. Gates must have felt and I am not black.

beth   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

larry pls ask ann if she has once was able to see the minority perspective by disguising herself as a minority? otherwise with her blond hair i dont believe she will understand the view on the other side of the fence.

Brittany   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

The question is: If Crawley felt he was well within his right to arrest Gates, why not give his name and badge number after Gates repeatedly asked him? Then the charges against Gates were dropped. I wonder why Crawley would strongly support arresting Gates, but not support the case against Gates

Tra   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Get real DC. Respect is earned. We all know that a lot of these officers hide behind their badge. What law says that you don't have the right to go off in your own home if you're being treated wrong be you or black, white, green or purple. It is what it is. The officer knew that no matter what the professor said to him, as long as his life wasn't threatened, there was nothing he could do, so he used his badge and arrested him. Furthermore listen to the 911 tapes. It seem as though the professor was making too much noise.

Ruth   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Maybe Ann should walk in a black person shoes for a son was stopped17 times and ticketed once and that was thrown out of court....Please shut up Anne

Rob   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Al Sharpton needs to get a real job!

RODNEY   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Don't tell me that it doesn't exist. I am in the military and was on my way back from West Palm Beach to Jacksonville. I was stopped in Volusia County and ran through the mill. Was it because I was driving a new Caddy with tent? Yes!!! I showed all my I.D.'s and the cop told me he didn't care about my status and asked me if he could search my car. Before I could say yes the K-9 was there. I knew to cooperate with them or pay the penalty. The other race could never understand because it doesn't happen to them. Walk a mile in our shoes Ann before you defend your kind. Both of the parties were wrong the cop and the doctor. Take some responsibility.

Hallie   July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

I think Gates set the tone and was the impetus in turning this event sour. The cop arrived in response to a call from a neighbor with the intent of protecting Gates' property. Somehow that seems to have been forgotten in the mix of all of this.

Sue Viscum-Stewart   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

Oh MY GOSH–you know who is white or black,based on the comments–do you really think there is a snowballs chance in hell we will EVER see no racism.REALLY?

SD   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

Unless you are a minority you will not understand. Al Sharpton need not waste his voice or time trying to explain thiis to this Ann woman. It is obvious she is not trying to understand the situation. This is all ludacris and racial discrimination is not going anywhere now or in the future so we may as well live with it and address it when it happens. This is our world!

Faith   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

Ann comments are stuped I am so sick of her I don't know why you bought her on your show she never have any thing good to say when it comes to black people in america who told her she was god she need to check her self .

Allison Glasgow   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

I totally agree with the Al, it disturbs me that Ann crutches on vague statistical information … racial profiling being a systemic form of racism is toxic and very much so rampant and real in American society… ann needs to broaden her personal experiences and wake up! If she is willing to admit there are such things as racism and sexism? then she needs to acknowledge racial profiling is a systemic extension of just that…

Rosa   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

How can Anne say that there is no such thing as racial profiling? How would she know? She is not African-American.

George   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

Larry id just like to add that Mr Sharpton always seems to think he is helping minorities it just seems like he is always stirring the pot when it comes to race it only makes him look like a racist . I know racism exists but i really dont think he is helping race issues in this country if he really wants to help he needs to have president obama and professor Gates admit they were both wrong .Mr Sharpton always seems to make excuses for the minorities he always ducks around questions even when he knows hes wrong.

Andre L. Wilkes   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

The conversation with Al and Ann I believe she is dillusional, I say listen to the 911 tapes after Sgt. Crowley determined that Professor Gates was who is was, clearly you can hear disruption and Sgt. Crowley had the decision to leave him to his home, instead he made the choice to"Keep the cars coming" meaning more cops. I don't believe ot was racial profiling but I do believe it is the training policies of law enforcement, the practice of law enforcemnet that must be changed; the way they (meaning) Law enforcement.

clair   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

i think this whole thing about the professer and the police and mr. obama is getting rediculous. mr,.obama is the one who opened this can of worms, shame on him

eJay   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

@ shonda, Blacks have traditional black events because for years they were not allowed to participate in white events.

Kate   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

It would unfair to say that racial profiling or gender discrimination does not exist. This parituclar situation with professor Gates was unfortunate, but speaks of the complex reality of race in America.

Audree   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

The Dr. Gates situation is definitely a racial profiling incident. Ann completely diffused The question of "what if it was you in your own home?" what does being "cranky" and a woman have to do with anything. He simply asked if it was "YOU!" In addition, Mr. Sharpton is 100% correct what exactly is "overreacting?" As a friend of a Boston Native, I have learned from her experiences that law enforcement agents of Cambridge do participate in Racial Profiling on a daily basis!

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

Ann is bringing up a good point, if the cop had anything in his background that was the least bit shady we'd be hearing about it, instead they want to move on because they know most americans disagree with Gates, makes total sense to a sane person

Hubert   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

the policeman was clearly guilty of racial profiling,, and filing a false police report. In his report, he wrote that the 911 caller stated that 2 black men with backpacks were seen breaking and entering; clearly a false statement. Also, lawsuits have been filed and won in the state of MA where citizens sued the police for false arrest - the charge was disorderly conduct (yelling at police officers). The police lost the case because yelling at a policeman is not a crime ,, it is free speech.

Janet Scott   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

I am a teacher and very conservative, but Ann does not know what she is talking about. The only reason I know a little is because I am married to a black man. My children are 24 and 20. Both of my children have been pulled over and searched for no reason. How many white families can say that about their children. My daughter was driving my car, and the tags had expired(which I did not know). Her boyfriend was with her, who happens to be from Africa (very dark). They searched them and the car. My daughter was on the phone with me. Next thing I know she is calling me from jail. She doesn't know because she has never walked in the shoes of a black man or woman. My son was another story. Craziness. Oh, did I mention it was 12:00 in the afternoon. They were going to take a family's children to the movies. Believe it or not. You should have read that police report. I am also a republican like Ann, but she needs to be quiet about racial profiling. Just ask the everyday people. It does happen. Is it always the reason blacks get pulled over? No! Does it happen often? Yes!

Michelle   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

Is Anne and Palin sister? lol

Common sense.   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

If the police knows about diversity training, would that have given him advantage of knowing how best to handle the situation?

say what?   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

I'm sorry I think I see Larry King asking Ann Coulter if racism or racial profiling is actually an issue??.. I mean what do you think a white woman who has probably NEVER experienced it, nor opened her eyes enough to realize that it exists to say about this? I mean that's like asking me, a 42-yr old white woman if black people are just overreacting or not. I have actually SEEN this occuring in my own community. Although there is nothing that I can do about it, but I know it does happen. Ann even if she did think it could happen, would probably never admit it because she only knows how to support her cause, and that's anti-Obama, which in turn is actually anti-black in it's own way.

Charlene Hadley   July 30th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

This lady Ann on Larry King is talking very crazy.

Marla   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Ann is so far off point. As a former prosecutor, there is no charge of disorderly person in a PRIVATE place. While, I disagree with Dr. Gates' behavior and have the utmost respect for law enforcement, it appears that Sgt. Crowley's emotions also got the best of him.


doncolecartoons   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Who are the real racists here? Hint: It is not Sgt. Crowley.

–Donald Cole, Dover NJ

Geneva   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

I am so sick and tired of hearing those who have never been black a day in their lives tell us that racial profiling doesn't exsit. Walk a day in my shoes and you will then see how racial profiling is alive and well. Keep on keeping on Al!

Angela in Atlanta   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Ann is just a 'Jerry Springer type chick'. She needs attention and money. She is unhappy with her inner self and so she lashes out at everything 'stupidly'.

Also, if Mr. Crowley was such and upstanding officer, why is it his comments on the arrest report states that 2 black guys with backpacks were breaking in, even though the caller never said it. Where did this wonderful officer get that from? And if he is teaching against racial profiling, shouldn't he know how to walk away from an irate citizen? What does he teach his class of officers to do to calm down situations???'arrest them'. He and others says he made no mistakes, but if he teaches officers to respond as he did, there is no wonder officers and citizens are at odds.

Ann, God loves you, so learn to love yourself.

Michael Hoffmann   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

I am a white male. About 1 year ago, my wife and I were out at dinner. I received a phone call from our alarm company that our alarm had gone off. We were close and I drove home and searched the house and reset the alarm. As I was backing out of the garage, I am met by a police officer with a hand on her gun who directs me to stop the car and produce my hands out of the vehicle. I tell her I am the home owner and she repeats her instructions. At first I was taken back as this was my house. But cooler heads prevailed, I followed her instructions and we cleared that portion of it up. She then went back through and searched the house.
The thing is that she was doing her job. She was protecting my property, protecting me and protecting herself. The first one to loose their cool causes the break down. That would be Mr Gates.

Shelia from Charlotte   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

This is a case of three strong, good, men, the officer, the professor and the president who overreacted to a unfortunate situation. I am glad we have a President who is man enough to admit when he has spoken out of turn and tries to remedy the situation.

As for Ann Coulter, she earns her pay by saying shocking and spouting asinine viewpoints, she is an embarassment to intelligent women everywhere. Why anyone in their right mind listens to her, I do not know. Coulter is neither a reporter nor a respected academic. Like so many conservative pundits, Anne Coulter would not know the truth without a spin if it smacked her in the face. In the past, the Reverend Sharpton has spoken first and thought later. Recently, he has seems to have matured and toned down his rheotric, and I have more respect for him these days than I did twenty years ago.

stacy   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

I think Ann is an example of why racism still exists. Try being a black male and getting stopped and the cops feel like they don't have to give an explanation. Ann doesn't have to worry about her brothers, uncles, or any male relatives being shot and killed just because they are white. It's okay to discuss racism Ann. She is in complete denial. What is the explanation to the fatal shooting of Sean Bell!!!

Sylvia and Charles   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Professor Gates being an affluent african american yes he was upset with Crowley but Crowlley could have diffused the situation had he not allowed his ego to surface, Gates mouthed off and Crowley felt that because he was white, how dare a Black man talk back to him.

Tracy   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Ann has a tendency to generalize and not address the circumstance or the facts in a specific manner regarding racial profiling. The way to communicate and grow in understanding is to listen and respond to the direct discussion not hear while thinking of your rebuttle, only to readdress your points and stay at opposite sides of the ring. This is the reason that sitting down and listening at the whitehouse amongst the gentleman today was a good start. Talking to, instead of talking at each other may just help us all get to a better place.

AFRowe   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

First and foremost, Al wins hands down. He is stating facts and is realalistic. Ann on the other hand has her head in the sand. She has no knowledge of what people of color go through. I have trained my sons to act calmly when be questioned by an officer to avoid confrontation at a very early age. Not that I wanted it to happen, but in the event what to do. Forewarned is forearmed.

Sarah   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Geri, very intelligent and well said about insomnia!

Debbie   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Good evening Larry King. I am not a Ann Coulter fan. I don't like the fact that she can never answer a question directly. I don't think the case with Gates and Crowley was racially motivated but I do believe there is racism in America. I work in Corporate America and I never understand as a black woman, why are white people always in charge. My CEO is white, my supervisor is white, my newest supervisor which is 24 years younger than me, less working experience than, me is white. I just don't understand. My parttime job is in a supermarket where everyone in charge is white. Store manager, District Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders. At this job I just got a new team leader who is white and 19 years old. Looks very one sided to me. I look at t.v and all the shows are white. Sometimes I wonder if black people apply for these positions, or are you just not hiring them. I know white people don't understand what is happening here. Lots of them are just oblivious to the fact. I wish there were some who could just walk in my shoes and understand. My daughter asked me why didn't I put up a fight when they the young girl my supervisor, I told my daughter, first of all they haven't told me that as of yet, and second I have a mortgage and a car payment and I can't be bothered with these people trying to find a way to get rid of me to place her in charge. Racism exists.

Qyne   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

God bless you Rev., Sharpton for being a front line warrior for humanity!!!

JOE   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

HEY BLU, cut the crap! The man was wearing a suit and carrying a brief case. What intruder/burgler do you know or have you heard of that goes around breaking into homes dressed as a politician you ignoranus!

Michelle   July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Will someone pleeeease hand me a pie for Anne!~!!!

Rick, harlem   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Professor Gates Proved who he was with his I.D.'s. As a black man he had a lil' too much attitude and there comes the arrest. The Sgt. is s'posed to be an expert on how to avoid incidents such as this. C'mon

S. Bartley   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Ann Coulter always has her nose in something. She needs to be quiet and listen some.

scott tress   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

I am sick of the minority's crying wolf everytime something happens to them. the white americans have become the minority in this country. if you want to talk about this on you're show, why don't you get some statistics, like of all those stopped and arrested, how many whites are falsely accused, and how many blacks that are arrested are falsely accused. MAYBE it just a reality by numbers??? try finding some facts before you discuss this problem. I live in an area with 50% hispanic, many illegal, is it profiling that the majority of arrests are hispanic, or are they the majority in gangs,running drugs,stealing cars, shooting each other over the above?? or are the police profiling them.

jeannifer ratliff   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

I am a white middle age woman and I cant believe that an officer was allowed to arrest someone in their own home. Of course you would be upset. AND WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU HAVE THIS STUPID WOMAN, ANN COULTER ON YOUR SHOW TO COMMENT. SHE IS SICKENING WITH HER STUPID VIEWS.

shar   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Regardless of how rude I am in my home, It is my HOUSE I can say what I please when I please. If it offends you then you step out off my house not the other way around. This is not only racial profiling but it is racism. An attack on an educated man who has done nothing unlawful, except say what he wants in his own home. The logical of the arreest itself makes no sense. I can't believe we are wasting the energy of our law enforcement to such nonsense as someone being loud.

Steve   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

At least Ann is sitting across Al Sharpton disagreeing with each other instead of sitting across bill O'railly or Glenn Beck agreeing with each other.

linda in va   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

I think this whole episode should be downplayed. We have enough problems in this country that are of much more importance than bringing racist allegations on to national news.

Nancy   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

I am a white female 65 years old. I have learned when you mouth off or are abusive to a police officer, it doesn't matter what race, or gender you are, you will have to face the consequences. Often those consequences lead to an arrest.

What happened to respect for authority? I personally would thank the police for checking to make sure my home was safe and that the men that had entered belonged there.

Janet   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Do you really think America wants to listen to two big mouths scream each other down? Honestly, can't you come up with something better than this? I like the Iraq/wheelchair story. Please, more of this!!!

nada   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

For generations blacks have been taught a way to act a certain way around police officers (showing subserviance and fear, not necessarily respect). I don't think we were taught this because they are all bad or racist, BUT you never know if you're going to run into one that is. Ann is speaking, out of a lack of understanding about that one fact. How do you unteach being suspicious or having your guard up around the police. Ignoring feelings about this topic doesn't get anything solved.

jud   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

If Mr. Gates was as loud as some of the cable news people, this week, they should be arrested also. The media has a lot to do with building this up.

Maryamm   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Larry, I am with Al Sharpton onthis, I respect you but I don’t understand how you can use your airtime to have a discussion with Ann Coulter – she is a shallow, ignorant and lost soul – I can’t wait for her to go away from your show so i can enjoy listening to your other guests – i am dissapointed larry, that of all the guest you could choose from you bring Ann Coulter – maybe you enjoy the hype and the nonsense sensation she brings to your show – sorry am not watching anymore until when you have another guest who talks sense

Susan Madison   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

It hard for someone who has never been the subject of racism to imagine racism. However I believe that Ann Coulter is not one of the many Americans who really don't understand or know that racism and police profiling still exist. Ann is the epitome of not someone who isn't aware but someone who like an abuser knows he's abusing and seeks to cover the truth.

I challenge Ann to explore whether racial profiling exist. Here's an experiment she can use to find out first hand what black males experience: travel on the south side of Chicago with a black male with decorative tire rims on his car. Drive around for a while on a Saturday evening. Then go back with a white male with rimms on his car. Take a hidden camera. All of America will see what truly exists.

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Larry, stop being so afraid to speak your mind, you know Gates was in the wrong by calling the cop names, but your afraid as usual.

marlon   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Ann is a very bright woman and cleverly plays the devils advocate on emotive issues to promote herself. In other words, going against the grain emsures her popularity. For many people though, the issues she sees as moneymaking opportunities have real consequences. Racial profiling is not as beneficial to ethnic minorities as it clearly is for Ann. Al has done well.

Stephanie   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Rev. Al Sharpton should give his publicist a big wet kiss. Next to that yenta, Ann Coulter, he has never appeared more rational or more likable.

Coulter hasn't even bothered to answer Larry's questions. Aren't her 15 minutes of fame up yet?

Sal Rosenburg   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Larry, I am a diehard Republican, as was my father, and his father before him. Ann Coulter is bad for our party, in the same way that Rush is. She just doesn’t get it. She is only out to entertain, smear, and distort. I believe in conservative principals, and believe that these policies can work. However, we will be in the minority for some time until we can get rid of the Coulters, Limbaughs, and the Palins. We tried compassionate conservatism…how about intelligent conservatism for a change?

cheryl   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Nobody can beat Ann!

PJ   July 30th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Ann Coulter is Awesome. She says what most people think. She does her research, and is not afraid to present FACTS!

You can't argue with the facts....

Rod   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

ann will by a longshot al is one of the most racist people i have ever seen got his nose in everybodys buissness trying to get a free ride [money'.>

Marie C.   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

In all that Larry, the real victim is the Lady that called. The prof. was in his rights and the cop could of use his discretion and not make the arrest. As an officer who teaches the cadets, he was supposed to have the wisdom and understand Prof. Gates 'anger. The doctrine stated "you are king in your castle”. Ann, is it ok to say any stupidity about the President?

@Dawn   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET


Is Ann for real or is she just saying what she thinks her friends wants to hear? Tell Ann that racial profiling is real and it happens more often than we hear or see in the media. Although every case is not purely profiling, many of them are. Race relations have not improved and I believe this is the time for dialog so that closed minded people or pretenders like Ann can see the realities and start working to mend the disparities.

Billy   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

Why in this country is the only people that's considered racist is white people? I've never seen Sharpton come running to the aide of a white person. Who's the racist?

johnny   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

Ann coulter never been profile so ,she has no ideal til then she need to pulled over by the police and give her crap about insurance knowing that she have it but they make comments (are you sure you have insurance) thats an insult so til that happen to her ,she can keep her head turned and act like life is golden.

Rosa   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

How could Anne say that racial profiling doesn't exist? How would she know? She is not African-American.

Janet Vohariwatt   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

If we accept that there are over reaction from both the professor and the police. One could ask further that which of the over-reaction is more severe.

I could only see that getting mad because the professor is being violated in ones home could be justified.

But it is scarely when one think of the police who 'abuse his authority' by arresting the homeowner in spite of the fact that he already know that the professor own the house. His intention is malicious and aim to embarrass the professor. The police is in the WRONG!

The police is in the WRONG even further when refused to offer the apology. He is the disgrace to his profession.

As police man, a man of authority, self control should be upheld at higher standard. Imagine this person with a gun acting without respect of citizen's right. Indeed, that is not how we want in our great country.

I cannot resist giving my two cents. Enjoy your show a great deal.

R in Orlando   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

She just doesn't get it! I'm sorry, Ann Coulter and her followers will NEVER be able to relate to what Gates experienced. And for her to say racial profiling doesn't exist in American implies to be she may need to take some diversity classes or get some friends with diverse backgrounds.

If a black man can stand up for himself in his own home......then where???

Darrin   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

Wow. I was expecting a lot more of that crazy wit from Ann Coulter.
Right now, Rev. Sharpton is absolutely destroying everything she is saying. However, they are both on the same page it seems whereas, everyone has acknowledge there ARE issues – issues regarding racial profiling (Ann just wants to see it up close & personal), and there are issues of emotional confrontation. At the end of the day, it's not really about racial profiling, it's about understanding how people can get emotional & how people move to quick to judge versus asking more questions, and both sides answering the questions amicably when they have been asked.

Laura   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

I’m sorry I think I see Larry King asking Ann Coulter if racism or racial profiling is actually an issue??.. I mean what do you think a white woman who has probably NEVER experienced it, nor opened her eyes enough to realize that it exists to say about this? I mean that’s like asking me, a 42-yr old white woman if black people are just overreacting or not. I have actually SEEN this occuring in my own community. Although there is nothing that I can do about it, but I know it does happen. Ann even if she did think it could happen, would probably never admit it because she only knows how to support her cause, and that’s anti-Obama, which in turn is actually anti-black in it’s own way.

Cassandra   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

LOLOL.......This man is crazy!!!!

Floyd   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

Once the police officers learned that it was Mr. Gates in his own home they should have left. PERIOD. Anything beyond that is improper treatment. Race is an issue and will continue to be an issue as long as the racist people in this country (Black, white and other) keep pretending like they aren't racist to some degree.

glow   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

Comments like Ann is what keeps things going. She is a little too high strung. The officers lied on his police report, what is that all about? What did he say or do to make the professor get angry? I would not want to open my door to her, she flys off the handle. She is not a calm person to me. I would not read her column if it were the last column to read. She seems to see only her way. The are many ways to view. She need to get outside the box. She definitely has not been in the skin of a black person, else she might not say the things she say. I agree with Al, they dropped the charges because they knew it would not stand up. This man was in his house on his property and was lored to come outside only so he would be arrested. This should be against the law.

Jonathan   July 30th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

When I used to live in NYC, I saw Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect all over NYPD vehicles. No one has yet indicated that it is the Police Officer's Professional duty to treat suspects and victims with Courtesy and Respect. I agree both could have done something different to contribute to a better resolution, but that shouldn't fall on the victim, it should be the Police Officer's responsibility. It's as if we want to give our Officers unlimited do-overs, when we need to be okay with the fact that yes, even our Police make mistakes nd promoting accountability is the best way to improve community/police relations, not simply blind compliance.

monica   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

Who is this Coulter woman and what makes her an expert on racial profiling? On top of that, how would she know anything about the topic when she is not African American. She has probably never experienced any type of racial discrimination involving law enforcement, thus she shouldn't be commenting on the topic.

Michaela   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET


Would you please have Ann Coulter elaborate on the comment that "not enough black people are being pulled over." I would like to have all the facts so that I will not make any uneducated assumptions towards Ms. Coulter. Also, please ask Ms. Coulter to answer the question directly!

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I am a GREEN woman and i belive the cop was right in arresting Gates when he became belligerant!!

Robert Williams   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I believe the officer was wrong and my reason is i believe that if a black cop did to a white person the same thing i bet the white person would have been upset. In your hosue you should be free of police pushing the issue as far as this was.

catherine deas   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I think Al Sharpton won he is calm because he has been there and done that. Ann on the other hand just don't understand, you can't make her understand. Let her choose to be blind to facts. Like the Boston cop.

JeNae   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

No there isn't any racism, everyone gets called a "banana eating jungle monkey" right officer Barrett?? So not sincere, he is sorry he got busted and a rehearsed apology/statement for the truth he really feels should not be apologized for, better to have it out in the open before he killed someone of color in the name of the law!

Rodney   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I agree with Rev. Sharpton. Ann has no idea about what African Americans have to deal with. I know first hand that racial profiling exist. She is not in any position to say whether or not profiling exist.

kenneth huens   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

Why is that Al Sharpton has his nose into everything that goes on.....
he was in on Don Imus, and numerous topics. Now he has an agenda against Ann Coulter....I think he thrives on publicity. I wonder how many skeletons he has in his closet..

Tyra   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I'm in the Caribbean looking on and I would love to know why race is such a big issue in America. Would one of your guests please enlighten me. aren't people just people? The color of the skin is irrelevant.

Hyeaghcheg   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

Professor Gates should be very pleased with himself. Due to the chip on his shoulder and inflated ego, he has singlehandedly done more to provoke racial tensions than any other event in recent years. Minorities need to learn to behave more like women, a demographic group that's discriminated against in every nation. Flapping your jaw gets you negative attention. Just suck it up, shut your mouth and keep on plugging. And for God's sake, STOP playing the race card and using it as an excuse for all your ills. If Gates had called a locksmith instead of breaking into his house, none of this would have happened at all!

marcella manuel   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I would really be glad my neighbors called in a suspected burglery in the first place and then especially excited to see the police show up so quickly. I'd have been more than happy to cooperate.

Milagros   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I can't help to notice that the children look like his first wife Lisa Pressley....could her ovum/egg been used and Rowe just carried the fertilized egg???? They resemble Ms.. Pressley and not Ms. Rose!!!!!

Poorva   July 30th, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I agree that there is racial profiling in the U.S. However, in this case, Prof. Gates is way out of line. He was being difficult for no reason and the officer was right in arresting him. The officer was doing his job. Ann should win this one.

Jerolyn   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Ann speaks so stupidly. She is so misinformed about "racial profiling". She either just doesn’t get it or is just “defiant” for her pay.

Dee Brown   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Unless you are an African-American male that has been stopped repeatedly by the police for a DWB (Driving While Black) you cannot nor will you ever understand.

Our son is a college grad, employed, young man that drives an import car without flashy rims. He has been stopped two doors from our garage after the police followed him down the street until he almost reached home. He was raised to respect the police and comes from a family with uncles and cousins on the police department. Yet, when he began driving, we had to review how to respond if the police stop you.

Ann Coulter shouldn't speak on an experience that she's has no knowledge of and to suggest that racial profiling does not exist is insulting to the intelligence of most African-American and Hispanic citizens of the U. S.

michael bylund   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

unfortunenally all the meda is missing the real point.they had no right to arrest all because he was in his own house.& proved who he was& they did not have a search warrent allowing them to go into his house.the professer has a dieffently law suit. just like the judge said on fox news at the am news the real issue is going into his house with out a search quit trying to make it into a race issue!!!!!

Walter Trotter   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Ann Coulter accused the President of being racially biased saying that the president offered to have a beer versus Chablis. She really needs to get her facts together before making these type of blatent accusations. Tell Ann that it was the officer's idea to meet over a beer not the president's. The president clarified this at a press conference.

Dena Coleman   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Does Ann Coulter have to find controversy in everything everyday? Maybe should start starring on the Lou Dobbs show as a featured regular, they'd make a great pair!! It's time for healing and she wants to continue to fight, and that's why this world is in the mess it's in now, noone wants to change and make things better. Change comes so hard to some people once they grow to love hatred and hardships, after they found there little piece of there pie of money and power!! All things fall down, nothing stays up Ms Ann one day it'll be your day to fall and I hope you remember the people you are tried to trample on, because I doubt if anyone will reach back to help you pull yourself back up. You are a sad and awful, bitter, evil spirit. Give life a little peace Ann, everyone else is trying, why not you.

Babette   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

I wonder how this would have turned out had Crowley been half black? I also wonder how this would have been received had there in fact been an intruder in Mr. Gates' home, let's say a black intruder, and the neighbor saw the intruder but didn't call the police, but later admitted that she indeed did see someone in Mr. Gates' home? It would have been construed that the neighbor didn't call the police because it was a black man's home. It's a no win situation for a white person in any case against a black person. It's beyond ridiculous!

g shaver   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

@ Linda In an interview today at the white house this morning during his meeting, the press ask Obama why the invitation to the White House for a beer. , Obama is the one that said Sgt Crowley said maybe someday we could sit down and have a beer. and Pres. Obama said he could make that happen. I guess you are one of those that just listens to the media instead of listening to the actual people. I bet you never watch C span

del   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Will definitely go with Sharpton, because Ann is so biased she refuses to see beyond her point of view. If you can't put yourself in the shoes of another, then there's no way to understand what they are going through.
Obama, being a black man had the same spontaneous thought that race was involved in the arrest, once he heard of it. That is a NORMAL reaction based on things that have happpened in the past.
Ann Coulter CAN NEVER understand the simple possibility that Sgt Crowley did any wrong unless she opens herself up for learning with an open mind.

doncolecartoons   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

The lady Ann is the only one who is trying to stay on topic. This is not a debate whether or not racism exists. This is about people claiming racism where no racism exists. How can we obtain law and order, if people are not required to show any respect for the police? –Donald Cole, Dover NJ

Gakii   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Why do people keep forgetting the last part of President Obama's statements, when commenting about the incident with Prof. Gates? To paraphrase, the president said the police acted stupidly when it was finally clear that the professor was in his home.

Michelle Garrett   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

It is obvious that Ann is not in touch with what goes on in Black America. Understandably, when you have never been a victim of racial profiling or known someone personally who has been a victim of racial profiling, you would respond the way that Ann has. Ann, racial profiling exist!!!! It is real!!!! Her remarks represent nothing greater than pure ignorance.

Sacramento_Ca_   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

All this "STUPIBLY" I cannot wittness any longer, cannot the kingdom of salvation take somebody home?

Andre L. Wilkes   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

The conversation with Al and Ann I believe she is dillusional, I say listen to the 911 tapes after Sgt. Crowley determined that Professor Gates was who is was, clearly you can hear disruption and Sgt. Crowley had the decision to leave him to his home, instead he made the choice to”Keep the cars coming” meaning more cops. I don’t believe it was racial profiling but I do believe it is the training policies of law enforcement, the practice of law enforcementt that must be changed; the way they (meaning) Law enforcement go about their jobs.

Dr. Carol L. Warren   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

For Ann Coulter to imply that most women and most African Americans merely cry wolf about discrimination is akin to me dismissing what she says just because she has a too high shrill voice, blond hair, and obviously too heavy false eyelashes. I wonder how justified she feels in me saying those things? Whatever her feelings would be at having something like this read on live TV...anger, resentment, deception, humiliation, indignation..... is how most African Americans and women feel about her refusal to be empathetict racial or gender profiling.

Carol, a woman and an African American.

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET


Ludie Griffin   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Yes, racial profiling does exist—but not in all cases. However, in terms of how to handle situations when faced with this bigotry, I think African Americans need to remember the difference between being black and being white in America no matter what your status is. The name of the game is avoiding confrontations. African Americans must learn to access situations that may prove harmful and control their emotions accordingly. Ms. Ann has no idea what it is like to be Black. She should spend some time talking to Mr. Colin.

beth   July 30th, 2009 9:50 pm ET

it is houx for ann becoz she is white but unfortunately it is a day to day reality to alot minority. so i don't expect her to be fair and unbiased.

Mike   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Ann just told us that Racial profiling does not exist. This might not be a race issue, but it clearly is a case of inability of a police officer to use proper judgment. If Prof. Gates was a white elderly Professor, would officer Crowley have arrested him? Probably not, he would extended to him what we all know as white privilege. The public readily gives the benefit of doubt to a high schooler, but would not extend the same benefit to a distinguished Professor. Isn't something wrong with this picture?

Janie in Louisiana   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Understood for a few moments Ms. Coulter's point that if all African Amerians, or all women, etc. took the attitude that everything is racial profiling or bias against women, etc., this would be detrimental to the individuals and to our country. However, This is the only point I agree with her on. While I did not see this particular white policeman as exhibiting racial profiling, it has, does and will continue to exist in too many instances if we, as a people, do not have the courage to engage in rational, unemotional discussion on the valid issue. Not an immense fan of Reverend Sharpton, but, the Reverend is right, in general, on the fact that racial profiling does exist and now is the time to speak openly and seriously about it!

Willow   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

I agreed with Judge Joe Brown on Wednesday's show.

He stated, and he is 100% accurate–this is a Constitutional case, and the officer violated the Constitutional rights of Prof. Gates. What American wouldn't become irrate?

Larry I hope you are not wasting CNN money paying Coulter for her mindless and irrelevant ramblings. She no longer has anything useful to offer to America, as Sharpton implied the days of divisive hate-mongering are over.

Jeanie   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Ann Coulter is a racist and thinks like a racist. She will never see or agree about the unfair and different treatment of black people in this country because she probably don't feel that they need to be treated fairly. She is a closet sheet wearer and most of her books will confirm where her sympathies lie. She has made a living out of voicing her negative opinions about black people in this country and has pick up a big following of those that continue to harbor a hatred of minorities in this country.

Pam   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Ann is simply laughable. Larry, at some points I could tell you couldn't believe her . You kept trying to give her an out but she ,well...why was she on the show ?

Craig Kilbert   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET


If you take race out of the equation, this is clearly a case of a police officer taking advantage of his authority to show a citizen that you cannot speak to me any kind of way and I will show you!!!! This happens all the time with police officers. You think once the police officers arrived at Professors Gates homes, that the police had the information that it was the Professors home, that he was safe, that there was a report of a break in and he was there make sure that he was ok and the home was not broken into. I believe whatever dialogue that took place caused this arrest. Please don't get me wrong, I believe that police officers have a tough job and I respect what they do, but how could you possibly think that Professor Gates could over power him????

Atl   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Ann is clueless, as usual. As if black men all over the country, including Collin Powell and Eric Holder, have nothing better to do than to sit around making up stories about the police. She should learn something about the law before speaking about it. Even if professor Gates was rude and upset, ranting and raving is NOT a crime, being rude is NOT a crime. Falsifying a police report, however, is. Wish Al would have brought that up.

JMV   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

I believe Ms. Ann and Mr. Sharpton were the bottom of the barrel as far as who he could have brought on the show to debate this.

Racial profiling does exist, in the workplace, as far as the majority of police go, even in stores when more then one "minority" comes into a store.

stephanie from Springfield MA   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

I was up set that Dr. Gates was arrested at his own home. I do think that race was apart of it. I think that Ann is in deneying that race profiled does happen. I was diaappointed that in this day and age people that are minorty are still treated unfair by police officer when they took the oath to help the community. Ann does not know how it feels to be a black man or woman in america. So before you say something know our past, present and future to where we are going. Because as a black woman that lives in MA . It is still hard for me to get ahard and I'm also an educated tecaher that is doing something in her life.

Peggy Jackson   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Ann Coulter needs to walk in a Black women shoes for one week, She would not be able to handle it. I would like to see what she has to say then. She can walk in most any store and be treated with respect, While a Black women would be ingored.

Carolyn   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

This officer should be fired and black listed he is a racist and an idiot he should be ashamed his family should be ashamed he looks retarded but still that is no excuse, and he is a liar .

EO, San Diego   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Ugh– Ann Coulter. That says everything. ::closes ears in pain::

Natalie   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

I am a 47 year old African American female. At the age of 16, I was stomped by White police officers in Indiana in broad daylight, because I did not have an ID. I was near the Notre Dame campus,where, I lived at the time. Because I was with a group of minority kids,it was assumed that we were doing something wrong. I was taken to the adult jail and until my mother came to get me. I was injured and called all sorts of names,by White officers.

Joe Bromeo   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

Why can't Anne Coulter make the connection that a man was arrested in his own home after identification? This is a case of a police officer showing who the boss was by arresting the professor. This is what should be discussed and not all the other red herring stuff that is wrongly rewarding bad conduct by the cop. Are we forever making excuses for cops for bad behaviour because they have a difficult job?

Rosalind Batson   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

First of all regarding the gates incident why did the police officer ask what race the men were trying to get into Gates' home? If Race is not an issue. Gates should have never been arrested because there was not crime. period If the parties were white it would not have ever

Rosalind Batson

PSmitth   July 30th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

I commend Rev. Sharpton on his exemplory patience and calm in the face of someone whom seems to be running for the next Grand Dragon position.

ashlandtalentshow   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

It is time we preach true SHALOM Larry. This is not health at all.

warren franklin   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

He is full of it–I'm Black–I forgive him though–he has learned his lesson–re-instate him.

Joseph   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Office Justin Barrett is clearly a red neck racist–Just look at him, I can tell by just looking at him and coming up with a STUPID EXCUSE. So what I went to Iraq don't blame it on the war.

Celeste   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Ms. Coulter never answered the question "Does racial profiling exist?" She used the Duke case as an example of a profiling hoax.
She is merely spewing conservative doctrine , insinuating that social oppression exists only in the minds of the oppressed. I wonder if she feels the holocaust was also a profiling hoax.

Diane Fetah   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Ann Coulter is Great. She tells it like it is and has the facts to back it up. Sharpton is only around when it is an opportunity for him to make money. He only stirs up the pot when it comes to race relations. When is he going to apologize to the Duke boys? Maybe he should invite them for a beer. I think it would be a good learning opportunity for him. Go Get em Ann!!

Vivien Wolsk, Ph.D New York City   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Both Gates and Crowley were involved in a testosterone ego battle of power. It had nothing to do with racial profiling.

Of course prejudice exists, against Blacks, against women, against gays, etc. The question is whether is this particular case with Prof. Gates whether this was a matter of racial profiling and I don't think it was. Crowley had a perfect right to investigate a possible break in–there was nothing racially motivated in this. Prof Gates could have thanked him and cooperated and that would have been that. Crowley didn't need to arrest him either. They both were in a pissing contest and Obama got drawn in as well.

By the way why doesn't Obama speak up for the gays as he does for Blacks?

Anthony   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Mr. Sharpton turns everything into racial issues. Ann is putting on another display of intelligence. what would have happened if somebody really was breaking in to the profs house? blame the white cops for not doing enough. the prof should be thanking the lady who called 911 for being concerned. I only hope my neighbors would do the same for me.

Tanya   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

I feel that Sharpton is trying to keep it at peace and coultier just want to keep the mess going she needs to grow up and learn the meaning of change! and not keep saying we just holla racist all the time! so it is a racist problem going on and people need to accept blacks and white deserve to be here on earth like anyone else!
Please GROW UP! That's a little about what the President means about change!

Haneefah   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

I forgot the Officers name that arrested Gates but that officer made the report that was a felony. and Officer Barrett is a racist and just does not know what to say. He is telling the BIG ONE ON NATIONAL TV.

Sue   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

I have seen Anne before I really like her..She is not afraid to say exactly what she means.

Watching Al Sharpton is like watching most black "rev" –do they really believe because they somehow got a "rev" title they are more believable?

Not by the white folks!

Floyd   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

How can Justin Barrett call Prof gates a "Jungle Monkey" possibly the most racial thing I have ever heard on CNN and turn around and say "I'm not a racist" Apology NOT accepted buddy!!

David   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Why is it that we can't be honest about the matters that plague us. This is an opportunity for us all to address an issue far more prevalent than some of us can understand. The only way to be proggressive about fixing the problem is the recognition of what exists. You canot truly deny something that happens everyday.

Marcia   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Larry. Ann Coulter, CNN, Why?!! Several posts earlier someone wanted to know who she was and compared her to O'Reilly. I disagree, O'Reilly is intelligent. This woman is so vile and vitreous, I can't stand to look at her. She had to dodge pies being thrown at her at a university lecture a couple of years ago. She can move, though!! I won't erase it from my DVR

Valarie   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Ann is so out of touch with reality. She is ignorant and does not deserve the recognition that she is given. She must thrive on shock value, because she can't possibly believe some of the garbage that comes out of her own mouth. Thank you Al for making her look stupid!

LW   July 30th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

Officer Barret should be "FIRED" I get tired of people like him calling people bad names and than apologized. The guys is a RACIST. He should be FIRED. He is a hidden RACIST.

Tell it like it is.   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Where is my last comment?????

Michael   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Why doesn't Justin Barrett just admit he is a racist? Only a racist would use those words. What a bunch of lame excuses!!!

Ella Watson   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Al is winning. How does it look to other countries when the United States talks about human rights around the country but can't have an open honest discussion about race relations at home. I

Cornelia Varga   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

It is obvious that Ann denies the truth.
I am from Romania. I speak with an accent but I am a teacher.
Most of the white people, when they ask where I am working and I say in a school, the first thing they say with a funny tone is "what are you doing there?".
To say that President Obama is a racist but those who made the mistake are not, it means to be a republican and to consider yourself the elite.

Milagros   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

As alway, I am thankful that Mr. Sharpton is so outspoken and a voice of our people.

Ms. Coulter need to live and "be" black for a week to see how many times she would be stopped and scrutinized by the color of black skin! She can speak...and will never know what a black/latino experiences on a daily basis.....EDDIE MURPHY....get her a mask and lets see her live in a black person's shoes for a week!!!!!

Sylvia and Charles   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

How does one act like a jungle monkey, and should he be fired , yes yes yes. He should have kept his opinion to himself, he is only sorry because he was stupid enough to vocalize it, and of course he has used that word and many others, why was he so comfortable with the use of those words.

Judi Carroll-Thompson   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Ann appears out of touch with the realities of the racial climate in this country and represents too many people that refuse to accept what has and is going on in this country. While the police and Gates could have handled the situation differently when you add race to it things blow up. In order to get to the solution part of this situation, we must listen to each other with an open mind.

Steve   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

It appears that Rev. Sharpton is incapable of recognizing that racism is not just limited to white Americans. Many white Americans feel that the word racist, as it is used today, is a racial slur used to decribe white Americans. If we ever hope to achieve Dr. King's dream, we as a society must understand that racism and racial profiling is being done by all races.

tahitiantreet   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

i think al won

Cy   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

The Rev. No doubt. He's intelligently and articulately speaking his mind, without using innuendo, name calling, or misrepresenting the facts....UNLIKE MS. COULTER. She continues to use the same, tired old tactic of 'divide and conquer'....which is pick a side, make others pick a side, and if you are not on her side, you are unequivocally wrong, ignorant, scary, threatening, and just a bad person. She and the Republicans have played that card to their own demise. It would be sad to know if these people say these things and not believe what their saying...and even worse if they are doing it just for ratings or to sell books. Why sound like idiots...much less racists?

DC   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Barack Obama, Obrah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Colin Powel, Denzel Washington, etc. Some of the richest most successful people in the world are African American. Are they complaining? You can do anything you want in this world regardless of race or color. Blaiming circumstances, race, gender, profiling, etc. for your problems is YOUR problem. Enough is enough.

kathy   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

When has Al Sharpton ever fought for a white person's civil rights! I for one, am so sick of Sharpton interjecting himself in everythng from Michael Jackson to anything and everything where a black person is involved regardless of the circumstances. If their black, there is some sort of racism involved, without question! Sharpton makes his observations without knowing the facts in the matter. All he needs to know is what color their skin is.

Peggy Sipes   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

First Time Blogger: Hopefully, Ann Coulter's stupidity came through loud and clear enough tonight....that she will not be invited to the always credible LK show again. I've never been a Sharpton fan but there was no contest tonight with this 'debate'. A beer instead of chablis? Sad....what a reach.

Delma   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

I cannot believe that I saw the President of the United States of America with a beer right in front of him. If there was a National Disaster how would he run the country or be a leader if he had been drinking.

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

I do NOT believe this cop wrote such an awful email than would go on Larry King and admit it, I smell a rat!!

anita   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

If the gates situation occured in Dalllas Texas, the officer would have been wrong in arresting Professor Gates. Mr Gates has the right to say and do what ever he wishes inside of his home. Unless Mr Gates went outdoors and was committing a disturbance, by disturbing neighbors or other citizens... He was not committing disorderly conduct. Dallas Police Officers are taught that you can not disturb the peace of a Peace Officer. It sounds like the officer's feeling were hurt by Mr Gates... he must realize that dealing with disorderly people, goes with the police Job... I know I am a POLICE Officer.

Chenapoh Wesseh   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Racial profilling do not only happen to African Americans, African american Cops do the same profilling to immigrants. I was profile by a cop who happen to be black, after he found out that i was an immigrant' he following me in my own parking lot and seach my car for no reason.

Darrin   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Now, this guy Justin Barret is one guy who again, may not be racist, but he made a racist comment. Again, the issue is communication & people being so emotional that people feel that they can say anything. Saying anything is a RIGHT, however, that doesn't mean it's RIGHT to say anything.

Bill   July 30th, 2009 9:53 pm ET

Applauds for the Boston police officer for coming forward and apologizing. Did Professor Gates apologize for his actions? What happen to freedom of speech?

Greg Heathman   July 30th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

My guess is that the professor, tired from the trip and frustrated that he couldn't get into his house, over reacted. Officer Crowley, being a cop and feeling that no one should have the nerve to stand up to him, also over reacted.

The fact that he or any policeman feels that a badge and gun makes him above having someone get in his face is troubling. What makes a cop believe that he is not to be subject to that which is almost common place. We all have people get ticked off at us. We don't feel above it. And we can't use the power of the state to make them pay.

Mary Brown   July 30th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

I feel that Al Sharpton made a true statement, Ann Coulter I just can't get pass the sound of her voice. So her statement didn't come off to me as very credible.

Timon Lords   July 30th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

PS... I just started reading some of these blogs... You are right Mark and I'm so sorry about what happened at such a young age. As a white boy. Growing up in a mostly white schools I never knew about how this insane racisim and wide spread racism is. My roomates told me so many stories like yours from the time they rode bikes as kids. Oh man. This needs to be talked about and needs to stop!

JMV   July 30th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

You know what they say, the truth comes out of a persons mouth when they believe noone is listening.

Pam   July 30th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

Ann. You never been black, so you would not understand. Racism is alive in well & in full force. My kids teacher, work aliance, My kid went to a parade and grown white adults would skip over them to give the other white kids candy. Al thank you. Ann, please.

vonnie   July 30th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

Rev.Al Sharpton is correct in his oberservation concerning this case. I base this remark on facts not race.Please understand that you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time. The police Officer for some reason decided to show he can and will arrest anyone even without just case. Please realize that I FEEL sorry for the officer because he know within his heart that he did not have to make an arrest in this case. Let,s move on in peace.

Tracy   July 30th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

Just as racism exists in this country ON ALL SIDES, racial profiling exists ON ALL SIDES!!! Stop looking for opportunities to play the victim and make something happen for yourself! That also goes to ALL SIDES!!!!!

Cathy   July 30th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

I am white and I am not an Ann fan. There is racial profiling going on all the time. She is such a JOKE!


Lori   July 30th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

It seems now many blacks even whites will think they can yell and scream nonstop at police since Prof. Gates did so, and not be arrested for disorderly conduct. Even Gates written comment said that he's glad he lives here where he can freely give his opionions without being arrested. Truth is every day all races are arrested for mouthing off to police in America, so what now?

I hear that Gates is notorious for acting out in ways at his college, I found it surprising he did not appologize to policeman nor act like he has a conscious to be ashamed of himself, maybe was not raised with Christian values.

AF   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

No one has brought up the fact that Mr. Gates started the entire racial profiling issue by saying that he was only being arrested because he was black. No one at that point had mentioned race until Mr Gates screamed racial profiling.

Does Mr Gates feel above the law by not abiding to a simple request made by a police officer? Had Mr Gates provided the information requested of him, would we be where we are today?

Gray Girl   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

It seems to me that America has forgotten that Black people were taken from their homes in the south, not that long ago, and were lynched. The police officer is a trained professional, therefore, after learning Mr Gates was in his home, the officer should have stated the reason he was there and left the premises. It takes 2 people to have a confrontation. The possibility of confrontation should be minimal
or non-existant when there is a professional community relations person involved.

Brenda   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

You can't possibly be living in the same world as the rest of us, Ann.. Are you serious? Racial profining is and always will be a serious problem.

Thank you Rev Al for always being fair and most importantly for enlightening those like Ann, who so desperately need a reality check.

Monica   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

I would encourage Ann Coulter to recognize her privilege as a white woman in this country. It is clearly evident that she lacks any type of race analysis whatsoever., she sounds completely idiotic. For her to suggest that people of colour "overreact" is unbelievable – perhaps she should walk in the shoes of a person of colour to grasp an understanding!! Pathetic.

Mstelw   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

I truly think that she makes this stuff up as she goes along. No one could be that STUPID! This is how she makes her money, by going on television/radio and making unnecessary noise. She makes no sense and where ever she gets this information from she should put it back in the trash where it can from.

Susan Sekel   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

My son gets stopped by cops so much that it hurts me and disgusts me. He is poor and a college student and his car is old and dented in and looks very bad. The cops think and even make up reasons to stop him to search for drugs. Is this profiling? YES!
Not because my son is black – but because my son is POOR and white and YOUNG – in young 20's and because he is young and has a crappy car cops ASSUME he is carrying drugs. I feel so bad for him. It is sad and pitiful! So please give me a break on racial profiling – perhaps some of the blacks may be stopped by cops because they may be poor and not have nice looking cars – NOT because they are BLACK!

Blu   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

Hey Joe!
Sounds like you are into some kind of profiling...
Thieves can't wear suits and carry briefcases?
If only that were true!!!

Julie   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

Sharpton wants to only keep African Americans down and get paid for it, when will they wake up to this horrible man?

T Elle   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

Ann you have just been served a grand slam! What Ms. Coutier showed America is that she is the preverbial childish trouble maker; not wanting to concede to agreeing to disagree. It is over, let it lie, she is the typical character of the movie "Gangs of New York

TeeQue   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

Ann, this is a no brainer... how could you screw it up?

patty   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

Why are you even letting Ann Coulter give her 2 cents? She is a bitter and evil women who comes acrossed as a little bit crazy.

JOE   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

doncolecartoons July 30th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Who are the real racists here? Hint: It is not Sgt. Crowley.

–Donald Cole, Dover NJ


leigh cox   July 30th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

as a criminal justice student we discuss victims and one of the large debates include: regardless of what some one say to you nor how they say it to you would be no defense to assault . murder or any other crime against that person. in other words regardless of what gates said unless the officer felt threaten or was assaulted the officer should have left the home and moved on to persons actually breaking the law.instead of letting his ego and his authority as a police officer cause him to act stupidly

Aileen   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Hello Larry:

Ann is irrational and doesn't know what she is talking about ...she didn't even know the meaning of racial profiling and 8 billion people??? She can't even answer a direct question and talks alot about nothing. People do not make up stories about racial profiling, prejusdice, or race victimization. In fact its people like Ann that twist facts, and are the very ones dishing out the hate. Al Sharton won the debate hands down.

Jay   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Ann Coulter is a racist and a bigot of the worse sort.

Deborah Battaglia   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

I worked with you Larry years ago when you produced
"Live from Tallahassee" in Miami, Florida. I am a fan
of your show and watch whenever time permits.

Regarding the issue at hand, I would have to agree with Ann.
Not because I am a woman, not because I am white but
because President Barack Obama put himself in a situation
that now has people questioning his true passion about equality,
his true feelings about race, We cannot afford to have our own
President playing the race card when the world is watching his
historical election. The general public, not just along ethic lines
supported Barack Obama. He brings everyone back to the table
when he chooses and that is the important word, chooses to
appear racist himself. Every President makes blunders, but
this President allowed himself to fuel racial diversity like no

Chicago John   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

GO ANN! Sharpton shows no capacity to use good common sense, completely blinded by his need to seek out and inflate racial issues to give himself purpose. After all, where would Al Sharpton be in a world void of racial unease? Maybe he should think about changing his name to "Not-So-Sharpton"!

Tinika Cook   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Officer Crowley said he spoke to Ms. Whalen and that she said 2 black males werebreaking into a home. Ms. Whalen said she never spoke to officer Crowley and she never said "black". It was not in the 911 recordings. Officer Crowley seems like a liar to me. P.O. Justin Barrett is a plain racist, no amount of apologies will erase that.

Stafford Williams   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Ann Coulter is clearly clueless about this type of incedent. She is blinded by her ultra conservative views which is fed by the far right. Just like Glenn Becks recent remarks about President Obama response to the Gates incedent. CNN must be celebrating Beck's exit from its network for obvious reason. I am very impressed with Rev. Al Sharpton's response to Ann's rubber stamped conservative views.


John Sparacio   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Anderson Cooper what did you mean by black professor and white cop. i think cnn is trying to full the flames of racism. why dont you refer to the white larry king and the black al sharpton.

kathy mckathy   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

thumbs down for ann

Michael   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Amazed at the sheer lack of intellect or common sense that Ann Coulter has. The only question that would be very interesting to hear is..
Ann , what exactly motivates you, what do you wake up each day hoping to do, and are you fulfilled and happy with your life?

Tra   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Stephanie- I totally agree. Ann reminds you of another Sara Palin. Avoiding the question.

Linda   July 30th, 2009 9:56 pm ET

@ donconcer.......

Well why aren't you asking Sgt Gates to admit he was wrong with his actions, also admit to lying in a supposed Offical Police Report. You know NO ONE IS SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. I WONDER WHY.

Ana F.   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Justin Barrett 's comment “banana-eating jungle monkey" is a racial comment!

karin los angeles   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

i had to turn on the mute button i cannot stand ann coulter-she is a blond liar and vile antagonist. ick

Pat   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

The problem is blacks still cannot let go of what happened 40 years ago during the Civil Rights movement. It is over! Live for today and the future. People like Al keep the fires fueled cause they still have the mentality from 40 years ago. As long as you keep kicking that sword called racism deeper and deeper into a wound there will never be healing.

Al never apologized to the Duke players for his racist remarks. Too, when the Black Panthers were intimidating white voters in the last election...wasn't that racist?. He like Obama assumed that Gates is right in this current matter. Crowley did his job and this would have never gotten anywhere if Gates would have showed the officer his ID. Gates is the one that started with the racial slurs. Gates is the racist as well as Obama for making America angry without knowing all of the facts.

Racism and profiling does not happen mainly to blacks it happens to all races in all states. I swear I will be so glad when people like Gates and Al are no longer around so they can quit acting like they are the voice of black America. They create anger and tension between races. Stop living like it was the 60's...we are far from that and will never go backwards. Racism exists all over the world. In Africa, farms owned by whites are being seized by black government officials. They can choose to carry that hate or live as God intended us to. Not all blacks are racist, nor are all whites is up to the individual.

When will people realize that God created all of us and we should live accordingly.

kamel   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Hello Larry,
I cannot believe people like officer Barret or whatever you call him wear uniforms everyday with guns and badges as policemen. How can Ann Coulter or any biggot argue there is no racism or profiling. They will be revealed one after the other

Bruce   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

The genius of Ann Coulter is using words to deceive the public and blur the line between reality and a right wing outlook. She is dangerous (if you really listen to her) and is best listened to with the volume on zero. The only racial profiling in the Gates case was by the neighbor who called the police. The officer went too far arresting a man in his own house if violence was not threatened. Professionalism dictates that once it was established there was no crime committed the officer should have left. Period.

Delores   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

I am curious why if you are black you are automatically being discriminated against when stopped by the police or questioned by them?.....I can tell you why.......they get a lot out of using the word racism. What is it when another race is treated ththe same way????
It also amazes how quickly people judge these officers who are putting their life on the line everyday to protect us and then when they attempt to do their job, the way they were trained, someone yells racism and everything changes..........I for one am sick of it. If you are innocent then why not cooperate? Because when he calls an officer racist he knows that end that officers career and that is the real reason Gates did that.....take the heat off himself. Ann Coulter has a right to express her views just as much as Al Sharpten the biggest racist have ever seen......a man who know not what forgiveness is.

Pierre   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

What planet is Ann on?I hope she watches this later and see how silly and racist she sounds. She should do more research on race relations and maybe open up her mind i can't believe she is lacking that much knowledge on what goes on in the real world. Wow !!!! Shaking my head.

lula s. Bell   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Ann seem like a very intellience young woman, i do not understand why she is so angry with black people, I did not hear her say that she is angry, but it just comes out of her you can see how much she cares about black people without her saying. She is too young to be so bitter. I feel sorry for her, she is not a happy person.

Yendor   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Is Ann Coulter for real? What a caricature. Al Sharpton wiped the floor with her. People who sell Sharpton as simply a race mongerer are underestimating him significantly, as witnseed tonight. Are there any intellectual republicans left who can actually amke sense? Seems all we see are blowhards like Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly, and the rest of the usual suspects.

Dolores Gullatt   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Ann coulter is a Nut that can't be cracked!!!!!!!!!! a bigot has no decent answer to a decent question!

JMV   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Al Sharpton does not speak for all minorities, like I said, Sharpton and Ann debating anything is like a dual firing blanks

He only apologized because he was caught

JOE   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET


Mary   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

I have yet to understand why or how this became a racial issue. The way I see it is a Professor who thinks so much of himself that he was offended to show identification when asked by a police officer who was doing his job. How was the officer to know whether or not this was a possible home invasion or if there was some other unseen threat?

kv   July 30th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Has anyone considered the fact that Mr. Gates, in addition to being very tired, may have had too many drinks, thus the disrespectful manner in which he treated the police officer, who was only doing his duty? Also, no one seems to remember the thoughtful neighbor who feared that someone was breaking into the professor's house.
He should be grateful that he has a neighbor who cares.
This is NOT a matter of prejudice! It is merely a misunderstanding which has been BLOWN WAY OUT OF PROPORTION! How stupid can we be to dwell on something like this for so long?

calvin bennett   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

the officer said, when people step in a officer's face ,gates was'nt in his face ,he was in his own house minding his own business. your just trying to save your job.

jeff   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

I feel like no matter what race you are people need to start taking responsibility for themselves and their own actions. And stop attempting to shift the blame on someone else. The bottom line is racism still occurs but its been overplayed for too long. The fact of the matter is your actions control your fate, not the color of your skin.

Janet   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

If the person who just justified his language by claiming he didn't know why he said it needs to find a different job. I as an American do not want someone like him protecting me.

wendell burleson jr.   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

I really believe everyone is not seeing the big picture,but the truth is Ann is crazy for not understanding that both parties acted stupidly. This is not racial profiling it is simply a case of the uppity negro syndrome and that is the way it is!! Rev.Sharpton should not have to defend either party at all, but Larry Elder that fool is totally out of his mind thinking the police and blacks don't have problems. Face it that these problems do exists.

JeNae   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

So just so I understand this... Professor Gates was calm enough for the officer to turn his back LEAVE the inside of the residence, go on to the porch AND then suddenly in a matter of moments Professor Gates went from 0 to 60 and became so belligerant it warranted arrest??? Umm.... ok go with that.

Sophia   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

Rev you are speaking with a women that sounds and acts like Sarah Palin. Stupid.

shar   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

That guy who wrote the email is RACIST. Plain and Simple. Ann get a mind please. When god was giving ppl logic he forgot ANN.


Cristal   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

Ann is not capable of answering questions. Her goal is to deflect and keep up controversy. She doesnt want us as Americans to work together!

Milagros   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

Ann Coulter is speaking without knowledge....she is blond right??? so would it be right for us to assume that all blonds don't have a brain???

The fact remains that racial profiling EXISTS!!!! but the blond lady will never know it....let's paint her face black and let her live in any community as a black woman for a week!!!

Karlene   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

How does Ann know anything about racism?

Gynnie Ann De Jesus   July 30th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

We have many good police officers, we have many who take to police work because the job come with a gun, we have many cowards who can only function with such a job; that comes with a gun. We have many fair minded people, we have many ignorant bais racist, and both retain the job for different reasons. We have good teachers, we have people who take teaching jobs, who believe that certain ethnic groups do not have the natural capacity to learn academics. We have warriors and we have warrior fools. We have to educate the people that "All Men/Women are created equal". We have to have better psychological evaluations for people who apply for police and teaching job. These are difficult jobs, but these come with compensation. This work; police and teaching is not volunteer work. These are paid employment. If the work is too difficult for any one particular, seek work elsewhere.

I personally, believe the arrest of the professor was abuse by a police officer. I declare that is was stupid; an over reaction by a police office.

Racism is stupidity;

By the way, Ann is right now flipping out.

Nadine   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

What would Ann know about racial profiling. She represents the ideal white woman. As a black person i have seen first hand how the police treat blacks and whites given the same scenarious. A white 16yr old male is considered a teenager a black 16yr old male a suspect. Having a black president hasn't changed much for people of colored. To address Mr. Barrett society have given too much power to humans wearing police uniform.The police departments on a whole need to be policed thenself. A police officer is justified for getting in your face and being downright ride sometimes openly racist. He uses racial terms he is racist and these are the peolpe who are suppose to treat us equally and fairly. Yeah right

Billy   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

I agree with Delores

Minerva Ambrossi   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

In the case of Officer Crowley and Harvard Professor Gates, I believe Mr. Gates over-reacted by crying wolf "racial profiling". The way I see it, It had nothing to do with racial profiling at all. He was absolutely wrong and Officer Crowley was conducting an investigation as per the 911 phone call he received of someone breaking into the house.

Catherine Bonner   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

I am a white woman, who adopted and raised an african american son, along with my other two white sons. I saw it every single day, and it is an absolute fact that racial profiling does exist. Ann is so wrong that I cannot find the words to even begin to tell wrong she is. My African American son was treated differently from my two white sons right in front of my own was so apparent that I learned to just teach him how to live with i t. Ann Coulter has no idea what she is talking about. I wish she could live one day, just one day, as a black man, and I know she would realize how very wrong she is.

Gloria Nixon   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

No one has commented on how embarrassing it is to be handcuffed in your front yard, taken to jail and schackled. and the embarrassment of the world, plus your neighbors seeing you this way. Maybe someone should do it to the police officer and see how he likes it. The police don't see how a mistake like this can hurt someones character; this man is a professor! Not a criminal. I hope that the visit with Obama helps the poor gentleman.

cheryl   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

What world does Ann live in? Does she get paid to make the statements she makes. I wouldn't degrade myself by letting the public know I even think the way she does. She needs to live a Black life for 24 hours.

janet vernell   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

To Janet (myself) sorry people for the typos. I am not a typist although I have typed more than my share of legal documents. It is sad that people keep giving all the negative publicity regarding Michael Jackson, who was a good, generous, giving man and a wonderful father. It is also a shame that racial profiling is alive and well in this country and it applies to many. People such as Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh nust both be using the same crack pipe, oh I think it was oxycontin....but that's legal isn't it? As for Beer vs whatever, how about a little Scotch would that make her happy. There is absolutely no evidence that Prof. Gates said any of the things that were reported, listen to the 911 call, listen to him calling for backup. Give it up Anne.

Dhuha   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Anne refused to answer whether or not there is profiling. She is her usual dishonest & evasive self. She is given more media time than she deserves. She has no common sense and even those on the right who share her political views find her offensive and somewhat of a nutcase. She absolutely has no credibility.

Jay   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Mr. Sharpton won/is winning that, he let Ann try (keyword TRY) to pull out facts but than he took them and stated the true facts with a K.O right to Ann.Somebody wake Ann up and open her eyes to the real world.

Helen S   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

The winner is Rev. Al.

Joan   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

I'm not a fan of Ann Coulter, but neither am I a fan of Al Sharpton. However, Ann Coulter is right in this instant. Dr. Gates acted like so many African Americans who get stopped by a cop. They give lots of lip, instead of just listening and then making a comment. If they feel they have been unfairly treated that's why we have courts. You don't scream and holler racism. What crap!

kulanda   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

OMG, I can't beleive this woman, please, please get this woman off the TV.

Clarissa   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Larry, please do us all a favor and stop having Ann Coulter on your show. She's a total nutcase and will always only see things her way,,,,the wrong way. I feel sorry for her. It must be really sad and lonely to be so sad and lonely. I'll pray for her.

Mary, NJ   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Unless one has experienced racism, they will never understand. There is no point in trying to explain. Ann is a blond white woman in America. She will never get it!

Darrin   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Sharpton definitely destroyed Ann tonight. I may not agree with Ann all the time, but I think she is really funny, interesting, makes sense & is a beautiful woman.

She can go too far sometime. What she needs to do is actually date an African-American! Seriously. I know all the white men she's dated, they have never lasted with her. However, Ann should absolutely learn more about black culture by living it, & experiencing the love of a black man.

Becky   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Is she serious? She needs to be waterboarded!

Blu   July 30th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

BTW – Why, oh why, is Ann Coulter ever given a platform?
Please, Larry, do not ask her back!!!

Angela in Atlanta   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET


If blacks didn't have their tv shows, awards and music, blacks wouldn't be represented anywhere else. Take away the black shows, music and award shows and then count the amount of blacks you see in the movies, awards they receive and the music they make being played on white could count them on 1 hand.

Julie   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

leave it up to Larry to make this a political debate too..what a bafoon!

UNKELJACK   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Officer Barret, is trying to follow in ACs footsteps. He screwed up and should just accept his punishment, like a good little PIG. He needs to find a new day job. His attempt to iminate Ann Coultergeist, has failed. He ain't funny. Now he has NO IDEA of where those racist words come from. Amazing! Bet he's a Republican! Also he's not as funny looking as Ann. My question for the Reverand. Did she give you a ride on her BROOMSTICK? If not, WHY? The TRUTH is Rev. Al, if she was the right kind of a person, she'd have flown you around the city, just to prove she wasn't Racist!

Dee Jay   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Ann Coulter, cannot be an authoritarian on racil profiling. Was she ever a victim of racial profiling ? She did not look in the mirrow this morning. If she did, she would see the reason why the Professor was a victim of racial profile. Just like many, many other Black men and women throughout America.

Geneva   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Why suspend Officer Barrett? I have lived in Massachusetts all of my life and have seen white officers treat blacks in this manner – as "jungle monkeys." He just voiced what many white officers feel! They can call us names and treat us as "jungle monkeys," and still keep their jobs! In their eyes, they are the ones that are right – because they carry the badge that has the power – and they are white!

Leann   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Go Ann! Who could even stand up against her wise and witty comments? Rev. Sharpton looses points for having been involved in the Tawana Brawley fiasco. His credibility is ruined even though he still calls himself a Reverend. Prof. Gates was arrested for DISORDERLY CONDUCT, not for being in his own home, not for breaking and entering, and not for being black. You should not disrespect police officers. They risk their lives everyday to keep us safe for very little money.

Gigi Jones   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Ann, why were 6 or more police officers at the home of a 58 year old college professor? What is wrong with the Boston PD that they don't allocate their resources better?

Mary   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Please do not invite her back !!!!

Wil   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

I really don't believe Ann Coulter wants change. You have to first admit there is a problem and have an open heart and mind. Be willing to listen. She is very predicatable. She doesn't even have to say anything. Her mind is so closed its not hard to figure out what she is thinking before she says it. It is easy to hate much harder to care.

cissy   July 30th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

I honestly feel that the black, negro, African/American population keep themselves down, I mean listen to Sharpton he doesn't appear to lift up his fellow human race but instead he tends to keep them at a level that he can continue to voice his personal agenda on how society treats "his people". Also what the heck was Justin Barret thinking? I mean in light of what is happening in our world today , WHY at this time would he all of a sudden use the choice of words that he did and then attempt an apology, although, I am a bit confused, negro people use derogatory comments towards each other all the time, it just seems a little staged to me. And last but not least, Barret made the derogatory comment that seems to be the issue now not Crawley.

kevin   July 30th, 2009 10:01 pm ET

Banana-eating jungle monkey and thats not a racist comment. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! back pedaling to save his job. If I were captain he would be fired. If I said that at my job I would be fired. In my opinion its that level of hidden hatred that exist tremendously in law enforcement. Ann Coulter will still defend that "its amazing" racism is america's biggest enemy not terrorism.

Sue   July 30th, 2009 10:01 pm ET

I am sorry but Ann can't even think straight more over talk staight. Is she racist or what?

LyCA   July 30th, 2009 10:01 pm ET

Well Larry when you have Ms. Coulter on your show again, I will change the channel to another program. I cannot take it!!!!!

Paula Ruden   July 30th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

I think that President Obama is at least making an attempt not to be a racist and to show that people can work things out without taking things to the extreme even though the average person would not be invited by the president of the United States to have a few beers. I also think that we have bigger fish to fry than worrying about three men having a few beers. I feel sorry for the lady that reported the incident she was just trying to be a good citizen and as for Anne what would a show be without her bizarre comments. She needs to go back on Fox.

K Leonard   July 30th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

Ann is such a joke. How can I trust a man to protect me, who thinks of me as a banana eating monkey? On top of that, you're going to compare Gates reaction to being arrested in his own home to that ignorant officers racist tirade? Ann can't be serious.

Julie   July 30th, 2009 10:02 pm ET


JMV   July 30th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

Ann Coulter is probably the first one who steps up in a group stating she has "Black friends" if someone labeled her as a racist.

Donna   July 30th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

I think Ann was very irrational in here comments.

Anita   July 30th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

Ann Coulter is a mean, biased person. She is like the police officer that called the professor a banana eating monkey. She thinks that is the same as anger at being arrested in your home. She thinks there is no such thing as racial profiling, Please avoid giving her a forum as she will say anything for attention and to sell her hate filled books which I have read excerpts and reviews of. Poor Ann

donna bill   July 30th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

Anne,I could never in my right mind ,agree with you on any topic.Why do you have so much hate in your heart?I guess it brings you tons of money!But ,tonite,you SMILED.You are really a pretty woman.Try a little more of it.

Milagros   July 30th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

Michelle: She is definetly a blond and a "BIMBO!"

Kay King   July 30th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

Ann should get her facts right before she appears on TV and talk garbage" The professor did not call the police, someone else called the police so she sounds stupid when she stated "professor Gates wasted the police time"
Ann, I feel bad for u.

calvin bennett   July 30th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

ann just wants to be crazy on purpose. can't nobody be that clueless.

K Leonard   July 30th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

And ps, of all conservative republicans, why Ann? She is an embarrassment to republicans if you ask me. I'd take Palin any day over Ann.

Aileen   July 30th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

Hello Larry:

Ann is irrational and doesn’t know what she is talking about …she didn’t even know the meaning of racial profiling and 8 billion people??? Who are the real racist here? She can’t even answer a direct question and talks alot about nothing. People do not make up stories about racial profiling, prejusdice, or race victimization. In fact its people like Ann that twist facts, and are the very ones dishing out the hate. Al Sharton won the debate hands down.

Jim Parker   July 30th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

The real crux of the matter is about disrespect for the badge & the uniform of the Police Officer. So far it hasn't been mentioned.

CECILIA   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Mr. Al Sharpton is totally correct! Ann Coulter has no idea of what she's talking about in this instance.

Liars like that ALLEGED "officer/cop" who say they are not racists are always racists, always liars! His thoughts reflected his bigoted heart!!

Eileen   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Ann Coulter does not have a clue and needs to shut up and stop trying to defend what is wrong and listen to Al Sharpton. This is the problem nobody wants to tell the truth. Calling someone a bananna eating monkey is indefensible. When asked by Larry why he used the term banna eating monkey, this cop sounded like a 5 year old caught doing something wrong. Lying by saying that he did not know why he said it, of couse he knows, he is a racist and the Boston Police Department needs to fire him simply because he has demonstrated his ineffectiveness and lack of professionalism to protect and serve people of all color in the Boston metropolitan area.

Travis   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

I'm not sure about Ann, what she's about or where she comes from. What I am pretty sure about is, based on her whole tunnel-visioned way of thinking, remarks and not being able to answer a question, she could "profiled" as a "dumb blond" by some.

Dee Brown   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Mr. King, I respect you and your show, but why would you bring Ann Coulter on a show other than for ratings. She's really scary...not very bright, has no clue what racism looks like, sounds like, or feels like, so it's okay to call African-Americans "banana eating monkeys" be a sworn officer, can legally carry a gun, and has sworn to uphold the Constitution of the U. S. and the state of Massachusetts.

Ann Coulter...send her back home to knit, crochet, grow tomatoes in her yard, but don't allow her to speak on anything.

kathleen m smith   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Linda July 30th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

@ Jennie

That is a untrue statement you made, The cop did not make the suggestion to sit down and have a beer. Where and Who did you hear that from or Who do you know made that story up.

In an interview with Crowley on CNN.

They did not go into his home. Crowley was on the sidewalk, leaving, when Gates came ontro his porch and berated Crowley. They then to went onto the porch & arrested Gates.

It is quite clear that Crowley called into the dispatcher that Crowley was in his home.
Second call stated Gates had identified himself.

Crowley lied on his written report.
It was stupid to arrest Gates.

Delores   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

It is a good thing that Michael Jackson's doctor is black or Al Sharpton would be on the tv yelling that the racist doctor killed him because Michael is black. I would like to also know where the Rev. Sharpton preaches? Where is his church? He will one day answer to power higher than himself for all the discontent he has stirred up. He doesn't fnd out the factsbefore he jumps into the situation with both feet and when he is wrong, I have never heard him apologize for his remarks or accusations.

Fred Morris   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Mr Barrett is a loser. We our at war and this loser is a captain in the service of this Country and on the police force. Please he has to go, True American must stand up to these people Black or White. He a trader to al of G-D loveing American. G-D Bless America.

Zoe Boyle   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Ann Coulter is one of the few people who make it a pleasure to listen to Al Sharpton, who can get pretty tedious at times. She is so full of hate and bitterness, and is simply incapable of admitting an error. Coulter considers herself perfect in every way and spends her time lecturing the rest of the world about their shortcomings in a biting, sarcastic tone that is the same no matter what the topic. She is a disgrace to every caucasian interested in working toward some level of meaningful dialog.

Jim   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

I believe Al will win (no contest) the discussion with Ann since she is only interested in sensationalism while throughing caution and facts to the wind. Ann's comments do little to heal a country that is facing a very difficult period in its history. With that, how far do we push the freedom of speech envelope.

JOE   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Ann Coulter was fired twice from MSNBC for her stupidity and racist rermarks. Thats why you always have the racist pukes call msnbc a left wing media network. It seems that if a network doesnt racially profile blacks then it is a left-wing media network.
thats why foxnews is the number one preferred racists' network.

Floyd   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

@Vivien Wolsk. Because gay people are persecuted for who they have sex with and Blacks are persecuted for being black. Your sex partners are non of my business but your color is obvious as soon as the light s come on.

Joe   July 30th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

Al is the winner, she's stupid

JMV   July 30th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

Her "Bimbo" comes in a bottle obviously. Funny how she is articultate, yet book knowledge does not account for common sense or reality.

Ann should be careful about her 'resources' bringing up the studies on Racial Profile with NJ state troopers stating it did not exist was a complete lie...I've lived in NJ, I've seen how they function (yet there are good officers) but 80 percent of them practice the unwritten rule

Greg Heathman   July 30th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

Ok, the jury is back. Coulter is a racist. She is defending the use of obvious race hate speach and proud to be doing so.

Leane   July 30th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

As far as Sgt. Crowley, Sgt Lachley and the Boston police officer are concerned, the responsibility for this whole unfortunate incident rests solely with Prof. Gates who was in his own house!!! As soon as he realized this, Sgt Crowley should have walked away! He too bears responsibility for what occurred. It was pretty obvious that Prof. Gates was not some armed thug who had broken into someone else's house.

These police officers need to step back, take a really deep breath and look objectively at Sgt. Crowley's actions and figure out where he went wrong instead of continuing to condone his actions.

Omar   July 30th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

Re: Mr. Gates arrest:

I think Mr. Gates should have been released at his porch after finding out who he is. More than that, he does not look like a robber. The whole thing should have been resolved on spot. The policeman
might have followed the rules, but common sense was uncommon
in this case.

carol zamora   July 30th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

I am not black or white but I'm so tired of racism coming up all the time.and the president should not have been involved at all. the police were there to help. And I have plenty black and white people for friends who would not have behaved like that . This is to much no wonder police don't like to work minority areas, because of this kind of stuff that goes on when they try to help. And having a (beer) at the white house was a joke.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine Bonner   July 30th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

Why would you have Ann Coulter on as an expert on racial profiling? She
has no credibility on this issue, and is absolutely wrong. I am a white woman who raised a black son along with the white sons. Trust me, racial profiling DOES exist. I only wish Ms. Coulter could spend one day as a black man, one day, and I guarantee she would see the light.

Mark   July 30th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

Ann Coulter just provided us all with an example of just how ignorant a person can be. For her to come to the defense of Officer Barret is just beyond comprehension. I have not always agreed with Rev. Sharpton but he was the ONLY person making any kind of sense.

In my mind Ann is preaching hate and making a living off of it.

Julie   July 30th, 2009 10:05 pm ET


opin09   July 30th, 2009 10:06 pm ET

Rev. Sharpton was definately more knowlegable about the facts. Ann was exagerating numbers of unproven cases of racial profiling and using those few cases to prove her theory that it does not exist. . For Ann to deny that racial profiling has been documented shows that she is not a credible person on the subject.

Ann is scary. She is justifying the other oficer in trouble for using racial terms like monkey because he was frustrated with the situation. She can't even admit that he was really being completely racially offensive. Wow! So people are suppose to believe minorities are hallucinating when they call anyone a racist even if it is blatant.

Walter Trotter   July 30th, 2009 10:06 pm ET

I believe the root of the problem with Professor Gates and Officer Crowley stems from the resistance of the officer to give his name to Prof. Gates when asked. According to reports, this is when Prof. Gates became very upset and asked the officer if he was witholding his name because he was a black man. I believe Gates may have assumed the officer didn't provide his name because he is black. However, I don't think the officer would have provided anyone his name regardless of color. It was a power issue. Reports indicate that Gates was arrested after going to the porch and asking Crowley's colleagues to give him the information since Crowley wouldn't comply. This is when Crowley thanked him for his earlier compliance in showing his ID's and stated that he was under arrest. Why wouldn't Crowley give his name and badge number to Gates is the real question. My belief is that it was a power issue and he was ticked at the persistence of Gates asking him for the information which is acutually a citizen's right. You make the assessment of who is right on this issue because it's pretty clear to me. Regardless, I'm glad that they are looking for reconciliaton on the issue.

Mary Mtl   July 30th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Coulter have no credibility at all, so please don't have her on your show, in any occasion this is laughable

Demi   July 30th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Ann is far worse than Bill O!!! She has nothing substantial to say other than spew her hatred of liberal minded individuals. I think she has a book that is titled something along the lines of "How to talk to a Liberal if you must" basically saying how to talk to an idiot if you must. Oh the irony of that title is comical if you've ever had the pleasure of viewing her in action. Her claim to fame is basically the desperate housewive's version of far right politics or maybe more of a sex & the city version of Sean Hannity. 😉 I truly have nothing against the chic and not the biggest fan of Al at times either but this chic is 'at best' a mindless freak but you can't deny she's quite entertaining though. She's another fairly imbalanced individual that's all. he he he

shirley   July 30th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

GOD BLESS ANN COULTER !!!!!!!!! It is such a welcomeing sight to see someone with a brain and guts defending the truth for a change.

Janet   July 30th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Oh please don't invite those two big mouths back!!! A beer at the White House? How pathetic is the state of our nation. Do people know or care that there is a genecide going on in Darfur? Do people know or care that 25,000 children will die today from disease and starvation on our planet. I'm sick of O'Bama sticking his finger in every little pie. Doesn't he have more important things to do than have a beer fest, or jump all around the country pushing his health care proposal. Doesn't he have anything to say about the what's going on in the world? Don't we have a moral obligation to stop human rights' abuse, oppression and suffering? Anderson Cooper, isn't this what you do best? Now, you've totally gone Hollywood. Just another sell out.

Q   July 30th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Al gets it... this other lady is insane... and that cop in Boston ... wow... to sum it up Al gets it. Obama is great for bringing them to the white house to hear both of their points of view and to get them talking. It was great that Obama has taken time out of his time to do this.

Cristal from Atlanta   July 30th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

It is unfortunate that Ann can not answer a question. Is she really defending the cop's remarks? He didnt apologize. He's sorry if someone was offended. Are you kidding me? There needs to be an investigation into his background. He may have caused harm to the citizens he is supposed to protect.

smarterthanann   July 30th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

This blonde gives new meaning to living in denial. Al continues to speak the truth.

warren franklin   July 30th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

This was an issue of class–not race–don't believe the hype!

Milagros   July 30th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

I agree Gynnie Ann De Jesus; the President was absolutely right when he said the police force "acted stupidly!" If Prof. Gates had been white, the officers would have treated him with a "yes sir" attitude....

Thank God we now have more minority leaders speaking out the truth. What about when Rev. Butts was also arrested......back to racial profiling......and so on

jen   July 30th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

ANN COULTER...why is this woman famous, she is a looney tune. And clearly defends ALL of the crazies on the planet.

yvonne   July 30th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

there is no way this officer could not realize the words used were/are associated with the african american race, there are certain words or phrases used historically to describe whites, italians, chinese and so forth; most are familiar with these slangs, and don't use them unless the intent to inflict pain and degrade.
he knew excactly what he was saying and the impact of the words

dee   July 30th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

Larry, you could not find anyone else to spar with Rev. Sharpton. Surely you can see this Ann Coulter is not a match. Is she "for real" or was she joking? Did she even answer one question? What you should have asked was what planet was she on.??? Something is amiss with her.

Someone mentioned 'drugs'

Peace out. I normally enjoy your show.

Anita   July 30th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

I cannot stand Bill OReily. Anything for attention. His ignorance shines daily.

Ann Coulter is 100 times worse than Bill. She is educated and evil like the man who attacked the Holocaust museum. She denies the blacks pain and profiling. Karma Ann Karma

Celia   July 30th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

I think Mr. Sharpton would have alot more credibility with MOST people if he ACKNOWLEDGED and apologized for the times that he and his organization ran to the "rescue" of fictitious claims against people. He never apologized for the tragedy that the lacrosse players endured. It would make a huge difference if he did.

Jeanette   July 30th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

I believe Rev Sharpton is speaking wIth more wisdom. We are all only human. We are all capable of over reacting and letting our emotions take over, no matter what we do for a living. We all have to learn how to try to
take a deep breath and not let our job title or our egos get in the way
Of the greater good of embracing mutual respect and forgiveness.

I think Ann lives in a world that exist only in her mind. She lacks empathy or the spirit of forgiveness.
May God Enlighten her some day with an Aha moment.

Jeanie   July 30th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

Larry, please ask the guy what is a jungle monkey? He is lying when he said that he has never used that term before. He got caught for what he is, a racist, and now he's apologizing because it has been made public. If he is put back on the streets in the role of a public servant with a gun, we will know what and how that police department feel about having racist in their deparment and we will know what to expect from that officer in respects to the treatment of blacks in the community when any confrontation occurs.

Kelsie   July 30th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

Good gosh!!! The policeman was there to protect a black person's house.
He was met with hostility and racism. If it had been the other way around,
and Gates had been white, wow, would this have been a story. Obama is a socialist and wants to destroy our country and then build it back with whites at the bottom.
What he doesn't understand is that in so doing, he destroys it for blacks, whites,
Asians, Native Americans, and us all. He has such a black chip on his shoulder and he
was just elected President of the country he hates. He could have been the
greatest president ever, but instead will go down as the worst. A divider, a destroyer,
and a fraud.

Delores Benton Evans   July 30th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

I note the choice of "projection" versus "lying". There is no evidence that Professor Gates said "your mama" as the cop alleges.
Sgt. Crowley over-reacted, and in my opinion, lied.

What criteria was used to declare that Sgt. Crowley is an expert in racial profiling, and the "one" to teach this course?

It is my opinion, that Sgt. was mad that Professor Gates talked to him in a manner that he did not like and abused his authority by arresting him. Now, his behavior will always be under the microscope.

As a teachable moment, educated black professionals " rarely," use the terminology ascribed to him by a white cop dockering his report in an attempt to miminize the damages.

I am not in favor of Sgt. Crowley loosing his job. I do not know whether he is a racist but I do believe that good people can make stupid decisions, and I conclude that Sgt. Crowley acted stupidly by arresting Prof. Gates and lying later about what was said.

Delores Benton Evans

Mary Mtl   July 30th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

By the way Larry are you in the middle of a war between Loo Dobbs and his boss Klein?

redleg112   July 30th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

go ann she is always RIGHT about everything. sharpton is just a racist who hates white people for no real reason except its good busness

Delores   July 30th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

In response to Shonda's message to Al Sharpton. I have never seen a better more intelligent message on any blog. She is articulate, accurate and knowledgable.......We are more devided today than ever because of people like Al Sharpton. He is not a peace maker, he is an instigator.

SharonB   July 30th, 2009 10:09 pm ET

Al Sharpton is soft, Now Michael Eric Dyson – now thats a match, he would eat the crazy witch and spit her out. This bish is an attention seeking lunatic as evident of her loose thoughts and illogical views of things. The three case that bish tried to put over as false racism by black is pale in comparison to white people blaming blacks – Not surprising it was a few years back some white man in Boston of all place killed his wife and blamed it on a black guy, the cops stopped every black men in sight and arrested them all – guess thats not profiling. Susan Smith, That woman from NJ who just went to Disney land and blamed her abduction on a black man and the case goes on and on. Now this Justin Barrett, looking at his cra.kker azz face the word racist is written all over it. What he said about Gates verbal response to a white man is exactly why Obama and others called Crowley's arrest of Gates Stupid. I don't care if he assisted in the aid of the darn Pope or is a church choir boy, racism will exist deep rooted down ingrain in you I don"t give a darn how much racist class you thought and I bet that other punk Justen Barret whatever the hell he name was a student of Crowley cause they sure do think alike, only one acted on it while the other said it straight up. I'll say it again Blacks will stop using racism as a weapon when white people stop being in denial of racism.

Zygomaticus   July 30th, 2009 10:10 pm ET

Oy! Sharpton and Coulter, equally as obnoxious, lesser of two evils ... etc, etc.

BUT gimme a break, Coulter claims, tongue in cheek (I think/hope), racial profiling in the freakin' choice to have a beer vs chablis?! OMG, Obama got crucified in the campaign over arugula and now Coulter has a problem with beer (not being sophisticated enough?!).


Sheila Bailey   July 30th, 2009 10:10 pm ET

I will comment on Mr Sharpton And Ann. I am certain that Mr Sharpton had a better understanding of the issues. The bottom line for me is Mr Gates was in his house ,showed proof who he was and it should have been case closed. I do agree that police officers have to be cautious they should also have a human side. Ann clearly has issues of her own.

BHO - fan   July 30th, 2009 10:10 pm ET

@ shonda & Marie, I'm a African American Woman and I agree with you both 100%. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson should do more than keep defending young AA male or females and make them more accountable for their actions. If they spend more time talking to these young people about SCHOOL and possibly COLLEGE then their direction in life would be more positive instead of negative.

TMills   July 30th, 2009 10:11 pm ET

According to Al Sharpton the comment by the police officer was worst because he has contact with people on the streets. I say what professor Gates said is worse because he is teaching and shapeing the minds of our youth...You decide !?!

Diane F   July 30th, 2009 10:11 pm ET

Vivian – What I don't understand is why did President Obama feel that he had to comment on this situation. After all he stated first that he didn't have all the facts, but he went ahead and made a comment that was discriminating against the Police Department. It just goes to show you how he really thinks and he is just stereotyping the police unfairly and unjustly. You would think that someone who is suppose to be so smart and trying to unite people would choose his words more carefully. He is the one who escalated this whole problem.

Tina   July 30th, 2009 10:11 pm ET

Ms. Coulter need to get the facts correct if she is to speak about issues that concern many and is important to many; she sound like a person grasping for attention on a topic she does not have the fact. I applaud Mr. Shapton for his patience with her "struggle" for something to talk about and for his knowledge of past and current facts.

PSmitth   July 30th, 2009 10:12 pm ET

This is clearly not a case of rasism but of the reality of hidden fears shared from different perspectives but equally inherent in the fabric of American society. To deny the existance of racial profiling shows ignorance, and to blame or assume all situations are a result of predesposed position towards any given culture is equally as ignorant.

Marcella   July 30th, 2009 10:12 pm ET

Someone please get Ann Coulter a dildo..

Timon Lords   July 30th, 2009 10:12 pm ET

Those of you in blogging here (yeah whites) that think Gates should had been arrested and taken out of his home are racists. You know it. In your hearts you see black speaking up is black doing wrong. I am white male 50! You know i'm right! White are racists.

Denise   July 30th, 2009 10:12 pm ET

I'm an Independent and an African American female. Ann has really lost it! Half the comments she made lacked rational and logic. After that RACIST cop disgraced himself on TV by lying out both sides of his mouth, the least she could have done was show some intellegence and make it clear that the officer was being dishonest.
I say let her keep talking and I hope the conservative party continues to hold her up as one of their most admired representatives with Rush, Karl, Cheney, and Palin. The Democrats are sure to win in 2012!

BEVERLY   July 30th, 2009 10:13 pm ET

Al Sharton is right, there are racial issues in America that need to be addressed and fixed. Let's revisit the case in Pa Police shooting, lets revisit Jena six, Katrina lets look at the vast majority of blacks in prison for similar or equal crimes. Lets even look at how blacks are portrayed on the news when crimes are reported and compare to similar crimes reported when the crime was committed by whites

Yes this is a teachable moment and it does exsist it's a shame but true.
Its about time that America lives up to it constiution and bill of rights.
and the proclaimed Pursuit of Happiness for all the citizens of America and not just the chosen few

Mark   July 30th, 2009 10:13 pm ET

Regarding racial profiling: I know of Black police officers who have been pulled over for absolutely no reason other than their color....FACT. Does Ann acturally think.........I guess not.

dee   July 30th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

Oh, by the way, Reverend Sharpton won hands down.

Patty   July 30th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

To: Donald Coleman, Delores, and Billy Boy
Have any of you ever been pulled over by a police officer for no reason? When and if you do, what will your reaction be? Racial profiling is a fact. There is proven evidence all across the country. Why don't you educate yourselves. Read out side the box about issues that involve people other than yourselves, you may learn something.

Cheryl Anthony   July 30th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

Ann is a racist supreme. I am a white female professional of sound mind. This woman is unbelievable. How is it that she is where she is?? Ann, you need serious therapy. To even attempt to defend the arguments of this Boston policeman's remarks is absurd. Does she have no real self awareness and personal integrity. She appears not to have either.

Milagros   July 30th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

"THANK YOU Rev. Sharpton for speaking out with your BIIIIG mouth as some people describe you....I want you to know that I and many Harlemlites love you and appreciate you!!!!!

Thank you for being our VOICE!

maureen   July 30th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

this is a free world I thought we have free speech here, Sharpton is an iliterate idiot, why do you waste your time with him. Who the hell is he anyway. I am so sick of everyone everytime someone says something the blacks don't like, it becomes an issue. Talk about racial profiling, what is up with the beer Obama. And I am so sick of Michael Jackson info. Does anyone remember he is a drug addict, he went to far, he was not there for his kids, all lies. What is wrong with this world, Denial, Denial , Denial. And why does joe jackson get any coverage at all. We have to stop giving people whom don't deserve our attention, Attention, This is an insult to us whom know so. You are loosing my viewing to your station because you keep repeating the same stuff over and over and over again. Dis respectful to humans

tosh   July 30th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

I watched the show. Ann Coulter has got to be the most Ignorant white woman I've seen on TV since Sara Palin. As usual Al Sharpton was articulate & sensible.

courtney   July 30th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

Ann hot headedness was met by Al's calm delivery. Al didnt feed into her deliberate ill temperament. Her usual game was off,whereby she didnt giggle as much and even at times came across a little naive.Ann got toasted

Jacie   July 30th, 2009 10:15 pm ET

Rev Sharpton.....yet another hanger-on, opportunist.

The only reason he's still getting airtime is because of all the people without a mind of their own need someone who has diarrhea of the mouth tell them what to think and feel.....sad that so many people have NO mind of their own.

Yea....Rev Sharp BIGtime opportunist.
I saw him during the MJ memorial service when EVERYONE on stage.... everyone was paying tribute to Michael by singing and clapping to one of his songs.....all EXCEPT Al Sharpton.....

But guess soon as he looked up at the monitor and saw the camera on him.....he joined right on in.

Look it up and see for yourself.
It speaks volumes.

This man only cares about something if he can get the camera on him, because that means he gets a free plane trip, hotel, meals and can have OTHER people pay his tab and maybe he'll get to sell a bogus book.

Think for yourselves people - this guy is a fraud!

Billy   July 30th, 2009 10:16 pm ET

Racism does exist in this country, but it's between the rich and the poor. The true color of race is green, because that's what everything is really about. Please look around in your homes, and you'll see. Every last thing you have or own someone made money from it or for it.

Unfortunately blacks in this country have a higher % of people in poverty than whites. Then people tell you that proves racism exist, but the reason is simply education. If you are black in this country today you have more oppourtunities than ever, especially when it comes to education.

monica   July 30th, 2009 10:16 pm ET

Milagros, I agree with your views totally. If only Ms. Coulter were to be a black woman for a day, a week, or even a month, she might not be as ignorant as she sounds and acts.

Teetee Weisel   July 30th, 2009 10:16 pm ET

I try to avoid listening to Annm Coulter (as I avoid turning on FOX News or listening to Lou Dobbs on CNN). I turned the TV on because I usually listen to Larry King Live, and have deep admiration and respect for Reverend Sharpton. Ann Coulter was simply Ann Coulter. While she is bright and well educated, I truly believe that this woman makes the outrageous statements she makes to get attention. When I meet people like her, I cannot help wondering what kind of childhood she had. Was she neglected and is trying to get the attention she craved as a child? Was she always the center of attention as a child and has a need to always be the center of attention in adulthood? No racial profiling in the United States? I would not put it past this woman to say that Slavery never happened – or the Holocaust never happened. Meghan McCain is right: the woman is simply offensive.

Tom Walch   July 30th, 2009 10:17 pm ET

Congratulations to Ann Coulter. I never thought I would support Al Sharpton in a debate but with Coulter's words and thoughts it was a "no brainer".

Alan L   July 30th, 2009 10:17 pm ET

congratulations to Ann Coulter for being the 1st person to make Al Sharpton appear rationale, intelligent, and not racist.

gary   July 30th, 2009 10:18 pm ET

ANN WILL WIN! Racial profiling exists in this country because some black Americans (not all) use the color of there skin as a crutch when they feel there being miss treated in some way. Then the media trumps it up even bigger making the whites look to be the blame. I don’t under stand it. Racialism should have ended when john f. Kennedy signed the equal rights amendment. Come on people this is the 20th century. When will it stop?

DJ   July 30th, 2009 10:18 pm ET

Ms. Coulter did not answer the last question. She knows that she would not had been arrested in her owe house for just mouthing off. She seems to not wish to give straightforward answers.

chanel   July 30th, 2009 10:18 pm ET

O Ann . at the very least you shud get your facts together before you go live on cnn. I think its a shame that there are still people that think the way you think .and please stop the madness with the false accusations blacks are not treated fairly by law enforcement and thats not a holks its a fact . your thoughts can do more harm than good. im not a fan of al but he looks real good next to you tonight .. go al.

E. Harmon   July 30th, 2009 10:18 pm ET

I am a former police officer who has become quite bored with the topic and annoyed at how shamelessly it has been used to provide additional programming for the news networks, and to invigorate the tensions that lie beneath the divide in our country. I don't think it really was about racial profiling at all. I am certain that this event escalated into something else that is equally problematic, and just as hard to diagnose or treat when it comes to the application of law – especially in a case like this, where the dynamics are so profound (white cop/ black professor). This was about POWER. The professor's sense of power stemming from knowing he is 1. right 2. educated 3. has an upper hand The officer's sense of power stemmed from 1. Being the law 2. Doing his job 3. A need to save face once he knew the professor was who he was (read # 3 again – I meant it!)

I do feel that there is an excellent opportunity for race to raise it's ugly insidious head into the above equation, and while I would never stick my own head in the guillotine of doubt, by public declaring that it definitely did show up for the party, if you the reader can stretch your mind around what I believe is a fair assessment of the situation, then I beckon you to play the tape all the way out, dig down deep into your soul and call it what it is... Human B.S.

I hope America continues to heal. The stress of racism is taking it's toll on all of us.

doncolecartoons   July 30th, 2009 10:20 pm ET

Has Al Sharpton ever stood up for a 'white' man?

Al Sharpton is no Martin Luther King.

"Reverend' is his name? I don't think so.

–Donald Cole, Dover NJ

calvin bennett   July 30th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

ann really needs psychiatric help.

Lori   July 30th, 2009 10:22 pm ET

Of two minorities, are Asians also racially profiled as Blacks have been? Very little, and the answer to why is clearly that Asians committ little crime and Blacks committ much more crime. So, it's the crime element that must be worked on.

Frankie   July 30th, 2009 10:22 pm ET

Eileen I agree. Mr Barret looks like he should be put on admininstrative leave because he looks like he is about to blow. Maybe it is from stress disorder. If he is foolish enugh to think we believe he is sorry for what he said he is fooling himslef. He knew full well what he was saying. He knew where the statement came from. he looked like someone was holding a gun to him out of camera range making him say he is sorry.

IA   July 30th, 2009 10:23 pm ET

You Know, What people discuss at the dinner table comes out when children are on the play ground. I am not suprissed that Mr Barrett would say things like this. A lot of people feel that way but will not verbalize or say it outside their confort zone which includes the stations. What is sad is that people entrust the lives of their loved ones to likes of him. He is sorry to have been exposed.

Minerva Ambrossi   July 30th, 2009 10:23 pm ET

Very well said, Al Sharpton is in every situation connected with a black person, trying to add his 2 cents in and his face on camera. I will love to see him helping & guiding the youth in the poor neighborhoods of our country and teaching them how to get along with everyone.

terry   July 30th, 2009 10:23 pm ET

i have one question. if it was a white professor and a black Sargent was to do the same thing this white Sargent did , you people will be reacting worst then we are. now if Bush was still in office ,the black Sargent would be out of a job,but thank GOD we a have a man in office that knows how bad it is for others,with a kind heart and loving emotions. Thank God, thank God! We now have someone that knows all our hearts.

shar   July 30th, 2009 10:25 pm ET

It wasn't even close. knockout by the Mr. Al Sharpton. A man that utilized the mind blessed with all unlike Ann. God must have forgotten to give her reasoning and accepting human rights.

carol   July 30th, 2009 10:26 pm ET


I watched your show tonight with Ann and Al and I think Ann is wrong.

I've been noticed racial profiling in many circumstances. I worked as a drvier for a car company and one of the drivers and I were delivering a car. The driver was black and I'm white. A cop stopped us and asked if I was OK. I said OK and he also asked what we were doing and the black co worker said, I work for Enterprise. So the cop said OK and we were on are way.

Also, Cleveland Oh had a problem, at a bar. A mixed race couple was at the bar and a off duty cop started making remarks and this ending up in a fist fight.

So Ann your wrong!!!

Timon Lords   July 30th, 2009 10:26 pm ET

Those here who equate a persons politics has anything to do with racism is are racist themselves. Think about it.

Commanche   July 30th, 2009 10:27 pm ET

ann is right. There is always the black person who has a misfortune accure and then play the race card "its because i am black" Really i wish white people could use this. "its because i am white" only everyone would take a second look and say what? it does'nt work and its not working for the blacks anymore. Things happen to people everyday of every race and you only hear the racist cry from the black people. its just stupid. its been going on too long and they say we want equality but they are the ones keeping racism alive. its too easy to cry out in that manner than to just accept the fact that things happen. Both of the men were wrong in how the whole thing was handled. its all just a big misunderstanding not a racist issue. this world just needs to heal and it can't if people keep picking the scab.

Milagros   July 30th, 2009 10:27 pm ET

Dear Deloris: You need a "reality check" are obviously living on the other side of town like a prima donna....

Try living in BLACK SKIN in any neighborhood and let's see how many times you are judged by the color of your skin!!!

You cannot make any comments unless you have experienced demeaning actions by those in authority who think they own the streets when they carry a gun or uniform!

THANK YOU Al Sharpton/MR. SHARPTON/ REV. SHARPTON.....GOV. SHARPTON for speaking out and being our VOICE!!!!

One day....maybe one day people like Delores/ Ann Coulter will see 'the light" beyond their own white skins!!!

VTRANCE   July 30th, 2009 10:28 pm ET

Larry, you did a good job of focusing on the issue. Coulter's performace today indicates her total lack of understanding of the racial dynamics within the US society. You can't squeeze blood from turnips.

DJ   July 30th, 2009 10:31 pm ET

Thank you

Kira Hensley   July 30th, 2009 10:31 pm ET


Beverly Clayborn   July 30th, 2009 10:32 pm ET

There are those who keep saying being a policeman is a stressful job. I agree. Sgt. Crowley's first order of business was to investigate the call .Once he found there was no crime committed, Sgt. Crowley should have left.
Policemen are a minority. Minorities are often judged as a group. Blacks are seen as lawless, Sometimes the powers that be have use the police to control people of color.Therefore people of color and police have an adversary relationship.

lisa   July 30th, 2009 10:33 pm ET

Hi Shonda,
You are so right, I am a black I and everyday I ask myself the same thing Al Sharpton says he is for black people but where is he when blacks are robbing and killing each other for parking space, sneakers, selling drugs to each other. Where is he. Personally I live amongst blacks and I myself I am scared walking on the block next to them, I try not to walk the streets late, etc, We as a people need to examine ourselves, parents teach our kids to do the right thing not be walking the streets with their pants below their butts, not having them drop out of school, teach them not to steal, and to strive to always do the right thing but as black parents we are to blame. We always blame someone when things are not going our way come on black people slavery happened a long time ago, to OUR ANCESTORS NOT US, please look to step up and stop looking for excuses.

Inez Berry   July 30th, 2009 10:34 pm ET

Ann Coulter is too racist to discuss. Never any real facts. The problem here is that history of slavery in this country is still in denial. So I don't expect much different from her, or the rest that think like her. African Americans have put that past behind them, however, still treated in the same manner in a lot of cases. Yes, things have changed, but it can move a little faster without the Coulter's or most Republicans.

"Can't we all just get along!"

Timon Lords   July 30th, 2009 10:36 pm ET

Kira... lol

tally1   July 30th, 2009 10:37 pm ET

My thoughts are right in line with Al, how can you be an officer to protect and serve and make this type of comments. I feel that this officer has just lost his future with the police department in one way or the other, we have all said things we are not proud of but being a officer of the law he put the police department and himself at a disadvange. If he is left on the force every ethnic person he arrest, gives a ticket to, or question has this factual racial slight in their back pocket and the department has to investigate because of his history every case from here on. That is a liability that no department wants to deal with. He should be fired for his comments but if not he won't last long because he can't do his job efficiently because of this racial charged statemen. Also, if your upset at the writer why are calling Professor Gates the racial charged names?

Atl   July 30th, 2009 10:37 pm ET

@ Shonda,
I'm not sure how old you are , but your response seems a little naive. There have always been all white organizations that did not allow blacks to participate. I mean, the KKK is the most obvious one, but there are coultless other examples. Blacks have been banned from playing on certain all white golf courses and tennis courts as recently as the 90's. Blacks weren't allowed to join the Mormon church until the late 70's. And just recently, the black kids who were turned away from the all white Huntingdon Valley swim club because of "overcrowding" (yeah right).

As far as Al Sharpton is concerned, you obviously don't know a lot about him either. 99.9% of the people he fights for are poor and disadvantaged. Sean Bell, the Jenna 6, Amadu Diallo, Abner Louima, Rodney King, none of them were rich or famous.

Adedayo Abeeb   July 30th, 2009 10:38 pm ET

Ann 33%
Al Sharpton 67%

monica   July 30th, 2009 10:38 pm ET

that woman is very aggressive and seems hyper

Debbie   July 30th, 2009 10:38 pm ET

Was anyone else concerned that the President of the United States started his original comment about the Gates/Crowley issue with "I don't know all the facts" and then proceeded to state the police acted "stupidly". Shouldn't our President get the facts before he comments? Maybe saying something like 'from what I've heard I'm concerned, but I'd like to get all the facts before commenting' would have somewhat difused this situation so some normal dialogue could take place instead of adding fuel to the fire. I don't think any of us will know ALL of the facts because we weren't there and we're hearing other people's perspectives and feelings. I think we all should allow for the possibility that the situation escalated to a place it shouldn't have gone by the overreations from both persons.

monica   July 30th, 2009 10:39 pm ET

i thought she was a lawyer

Kira Hensley   July 30th, 2009 10:39 pm ET


Jack   July 30th, 2009 10:42 pm ET

A good analogy of this whole situation is:
A woman makes a false accusation of being raped.Yes,it is disgusting,criminal,etc.but it does not mean that all accusers are lying.In fact we know that this is only happens in a very small percentage of cases.Yet,suddenly it taints all rape accusers.

It is amazing to me how we white people jump all over this single case as if we have been so wronged & that now maybe most black people make false accusations.

Lets face it, racism is still alive & well in America.

P.S.I am 69 & when flying back from N.Z.via Hong Kong every year the
last thing I would need to set me off would be no door key & what followed,even if the Sgt.was doing his job very well.

miguel   July 30th, 2009 10:42 pm ET

I cannot believe that some people still believe that racial profiling does not exist. As a hispanic, I have felt as a victim of racial profiling several times in my life because there is no other reason for police and immigration officials to stop and question me.

I have learned to diffuse my anger everytime this happens and rationalize that these individuals are so ignorant and lack the training to distinguish between a criminal and a law-abiding citizen regardless of his/her race.

The latest episode was last year when I was returning from a european trip. I was stopped and questioned by immigration for close to an hour with the lame excuse that there was an individual with the same name being sought by Interpol. Now if I was a criminal, I would not be so stupid to travel so openly by plane.

Lillian   July 30th, 2009 10:44 pm ET

Al sharpton won by a long shot! This Ann person sounds like a nut case. She never answered any questions directly. All her answers was very negative. She is bad for American and bad for women's rights. She has no respect for those who are different than her. Next time get an intelligent person from the right who knows how to answer questions and make an intelligent argument.

Patricia Armstronrg   July 30th, 2009 10:44 pm ET

Larry, I love the show. All day the coverage of the guest at the white house on cnn and msnbc,this is often.people like Ann seems blind about the truth on racism in this country.Racism is a black and white probelm and has been for ever. I want my grand kids and their children to be free from skin tones.Control free of white hate's black's and black;s hating white's... To Al on this one I an glad to see and hear you stand up for Prof. Gates and how I am hopeful of a better future.To Ann Get a grip !!!

Lance Worthington   July 30th, 2009 10:47 pm ET

I am a follower of Anne Coulter for years. I bought her books and believed in her vision of a self-supportive America. But after hearing her close-eyed manipulation of sober discussion I am now no longer a supporter of her. I am ashamed and disgusted that she would manipulate discussion in such a ham-fisted juvenile fashion. How in the world can you compare Justin Barrett's wanton, patently obvious and potentially injurious racial epithets and pepper spray threats (he is a police officer entrusted with protection of the whole community) with a home owner's belligerence during an erroneous police call. This police officer (Justin Barrett) has at best compromised his competence to uphold such an honorable and responsible position and at worst...well the community to which he is a servant must decide. I urge Ms. Coulter to apologize. And to Anne don't always have to sit out on the farthest limb....we can't follow you to that precarious perch.

Janet   July 30th, 2009 10:48 pm ET

First of all, all caps is rude. It means you're screaming. Secondly, we should all be articulating our ideas in a respectful manner, and certainly no profanity or disparaging remarks about how someone looks. (Check the CNN Comment Policy – too bad comments are not screened before being posted.) I am white, and I am not a racist. Any one of any color can be a racist. Maybe we can remember Dr. King's message that we should not judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.

Jeanie   July 30th, 2009 10:49 pm ET

BHO – fan
First, ?? How did you arrive at your conclusion that "most" AA males and females actions are negative instead of positive? I guess you know "most" AA young males and females to say that.

Second, what makes you think that Sharpton and Jackson don't spend time doing that as well? You make the mistake of accepting only what you see on TV as the primary role of these individuals.That is the problem with the media, you never see or hear about the other positive works public people do being talked about or televised because that is not controversial. And people like this think that all the negative images they see and hear on TV is the true for every person in that group.

Hernan Cordoba   July 30th, 2009 10:52 pm ET

I am 19 years old and came from a country where freedom of speech was not really allowed to be practiced... and that is the reason why at the age of 9 i had to flee my country of Colombia. Maybe racial division, segregation or prejudice is not a main topic like it is in this country. But I noticed that on todays show we had a "Black" delegating for a Black Professor and a "White" delegating for a White Policeman... Now is there something wrong with the picture?!?!?... I would like to hear an answer because even as we are able to express our opinions we still look for the ratings... I dont mean wrong, because i like this show VERY much... and foremost the way we can practice our opinion.

Mieke Bevelander   July 30th, 2009 10:55 pm ET

On the subject of the Policeman, the Professor, and the President, I am saddened by the incredible cynicism of so many people commenting on this incident. (so many stones in so many fists – hurled in all directions – a pandemonium of free-flowing hostility).
Does racial profiling exist? Regrettably, of course it does – along with other forms of profiling. (not only in the U.S., but also in many other parts of the world, including Canada). To insist that it does not, is, frankly, "stupid".
Is it not conceivable that the intelligent and civilized gesture offered and carried out by your President, comes without some sort of hidden agenda, and is indeed what it seems; a a path to a solution; a beginning?
Real change can only come through dialogue, compassion and understanding.
Positive Change moves forward slowly and is accomplished by – one Person at a time.

Aileen   July 30th, 2009 10:56 pm ET

Ann is irrational and doesn’t know what she is talking about …she didn’t even know the meaning of racial profiling and 8 billion people??? Who are the real racist here? She can’t even answer a direct question and talks alot about nothing. People do not make up stories about racial profiling, prejusdice, or race victimization. In fact its people like Ann that twist facts, and are the very ones dishing out the hate. Al Sharton won the debate hands down.

Pat   July 30th, 2009 10:57 pm ET

Why is no one discussing the fact that Officer Crowley made up the statement that there were two Black men entering the house with backpacks, when the woman who made the 911 call never said it.

Officer Crowley then tried to say the woman said it when he arrived on the scene, which the woman disputed. She sounded more credible to me than anyone involved in this whole situation. I think Officer Crowley has been caught in a lie.

Marge F   July 30th, 2009 10:58 pm ET

As this story has developed the facts showed that this officer in the moment of truth failed to diffuse the issue once it was established that Professor Gates was in his own home. There was no crime being committed.

We also call our policemen peace officers. Had he remembered that in dealing with a weary, very upset senior world traveler who had trouble entering his own home, maybe his common sense would have kicked in. At some point he had to observe the suitcases. You don't get to be a police sargeant without having some street smarts and being a keen observer of details.
He had the opportunity to have won more than the respect of his fellow officers

He would have won the respect of more of the African American community in which he works. He chose instead to hide behind his badge. There is a point where a police officer is still a human being.

I'd like to believe that in his heart of hearts he wished he had handled things differently. His job is tough enough without this story dogging after his heels for the rest of his career.

Elizabeth   July 30th, 2009 10:58 pm ET

I agree with Rev. Sharpton! I am not a fan of Ms. Coulter . However, I believe the media should act more responsible by not dragging this further out of proportion than need be. Everyone involved handled the situation inappropriately. I feel that our President, Professor Gates and Officer Crowley have learn from this unfortunate incident. Therefore, everyone else needs to be learn from their mistakes and move on.

nolan   July 30th, 2009 11:02 pm ET

I hate when Ann talk, she seem to try to out talk a person even when what she said don't make sense. The case between mr. Gates and the police sgt. is just the police getting mad for whatever reason and place Gates under arrest. 1. where is the two black man with the backpack that in the police report. 2. how do you get arrested while you in your home not breaking the law, even if Gates was not repectful. 3. race have nothing to do with why he was arrest, he just got under someone skin, and the only one whom know what really went on in the house is Gates and the police sgt. forget the police report look at (1)

Sotabob   July 30th, 2009 11:04 pm ET

It is so sad that when there is a debate or discussion that there isn't two intelligent people to debate the subject. Lets face it folks, Ann Coulter is a person that can't understand history or the difference between right and wrong or the law etc.
Rev. Al Sharpton on the other hand is man that I respect highly and has shown his thoughtfulness on many subjects, on many occasions.I don't always agree totally with Rev. Sharpton but that is what helps to make life interesting.Ann is, from my viewpoint ,only in the business of selling her new book to some radically right fringe groups.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 11:08 pm ET


It would improve race relations if Sgt. Crowley would admit his mistake.
Prof. Gates should not back down.
This is a good opportunity to explain why the police must not exploit procedures, and the good reasons why civil disobedience exists.
We should be moving forward, not dwelling in the past. Creating "poor, oppressed police" issues in every situation, where none exists is not putting our country first.

This is a great opportunity for Professor Gates to explain the importance why police must use common sense, consideration, restraint and empathy, and the vital reasons why these social virtues exist, and that the people need to be respected in order to engender mutual respect. __ James Foley, Kamiah Idaho

Lori   July 30th, 2009 11:10 pm ET

Ann Coulter is very smart, notice how she and some others on new shows say at least one thing to shock the audience, to create controversy. At other times, maybe on a conservative show she does not do this as much. Don't believe everything you hear, right?

Media is sure good at creating dramatic sensationalism in various ways, when they want to.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 30th, 2009 11:17 pm ET

Lori I think you're getting what you might think is her cleverness mixed up with what is actually just obnoxiousness.

babydoll   July 30th, 2009 11:18 pm ET

I think the Rev. Al Sharpton was on fire tonight. He burned right through Coulter's paper mache' arguments about racial profiling. Keep up the good work Al. He had her stut...stut..stutterring.

Jeanie   July 30th, 2009 11:18 pm ET

I know that many white people want black people to stop yelling racism at everything, well we feel the same way and that is why we keep reporting it. We will stop crying racism when it is no longer a reality and problem in this country. What you really want is for us to be quite, suck it up and accept second class citizenship, unfair treatment, unequal pay, and being referred to as "jungle monkeys" and worse for our lot in life in this country. You do not want to hear or accept the fact that this problem and practice continues to exist in this country because you don't want to accept responsibility for it happening. Your reality is based on your narrowly defined perceptions of life in the world you live and you cannot believe, understand the reality of the world that others live in this country.

Carline   July 30th, 2009 11:19 pm ET


JOE   July 30th, 2009 11:29 pm ET

Julie July 30th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

@@@@@@ lmao you stupid pathetic moron. A cop with a family is going to risk his job and his reputation to prove what? how much could they pay this cop to be as stupid as you? cops in Massachusettes make greatr money and have an excellent benefits and pension plan. MAN ARE YOU AN IDIOT

Alex Gebre   July 30th, 2009 11:29 pm ET

I hope this is not a competition but a common understanding. Racial problems hurts everyone it is not black people's problem anymore, white people also get discriminated in many occasions.

nolan   July 30th, 2009 11:33 pm ET


JOE   July 30th, 2009 11:33 pm ET

doncolecartoons July 30th, 2009 10:20 pm ET

Has Al Sharpton ever stood up for a ‘white’ man?

Al Sharpton is no Martin Luther King.

“Reverend’ is his name? I don’t think so.

–Donald Cole, Dover NJ

Ronard   July 30th, 2009 11:36 pm ET

I think Mr. King is a very good interviewer.

The cop explainations were so void. Maybe Sgt. Crowly's teaching hasn't been that effective. I don't see how that cop can go back on the force and feel safe himself.

nolan   July 30th, 2009 11:43 pm ET


Jeanie   July 30th, 2009 11:52 pm ET

I do not believe that President Obama's efforts to qualm the Gate's situation worked. If no one accepted fault in the situation then I think it was a waste of time and effort on his part. I think that Crowley is arrogant and handled the situation badly and I am sure we will hear more about him in the future. I feel that Gates also handled the situation badly but I understand why he felt he was being violated in his own home. I also think that the president should have left it alone after his statement and not given credence to those that took exception to what he said. Everything he says is being attacked no matter how genuine he is in his efforts to address the problems we face in this country. He should understand that he must command respect at every

Jeanie   July 30th, 2009 11:56 pm ET

level no matter the situation. He is the president of this country and not just the average Joe next door.

vellis   July 30th, 2009 11:57 pm ET

When will someone address the fact that Sgt. Crowkley lied in his
police report, when he said ,that the lady said she saw two black men with backpacks.

Lindsay   July 31st, 2009 12:08 am ET

I'm going to catch the late re-run of this debate, however I can say one thing: One of those individuals has common sense and one does not.

Serenity   July 31st, 2009 12:11 am ET

Can't stand Ann... She rambles on without making any sense whatsoever. I have never heard of her and do not care to because I do not like her. Al Sharpton definitely had her beat because I could follow his logic.

Val   July 31st, 2009 12:12 am ET

I have a problem with Sgt Crowley’s’ report. He stated that he made contact with to 911 caller upon arrival to the area. At that time the 911 caller allegedly said that there were two (2) black men with backpack at the house in question. Why is it that the 911 caller stated during her news conference that the only contact Sgt. Crowley had with her upon arrival was a hand gesture to identify that she was the caller and the Sgt saying that he would be back to talk with her.

If the contact Sgt. Crowley referred to in his report doesn’t match with what the 911 caller stated somebody is not telling the truth and I believe the caller. As a matter of fact the 911 caller flat denies that she stated what was in Sgt Crowley’s report. We all heard the 911 tape and the call did a bang up job of providing the information that she had seen. Accurate as she could be. The only reason the 911 caller got all the negative press was due to Sgt. Crowley’s report.

If you’re telling the truth why change the facts. I’m not a sworn officer but, I write citations at the airport and verbal confrontations are part of the business of enforcement.

When Sgt. Crowley started walking away he should have kept walking. At that point of that situation he had no fear harm to himself and his fellow officers.


Serenity   July 31st, 2009 12:15 am ET

A lot of cops are control freaks so I am really not surprised by this at all. They need to show more respect and someone should make this happen.

Lindsay   July 31st, 2009 12:18 am ET

I like Ann Coulter, she's bright and has her head on straight. I don't like how she can be a bit cold and should could do to remember that she's a human being (she forgets that sometimes). I don't have any respect for Al Sharpton because I think he is a racist and just inflames race issues (along with the media and a whole host of other people) that make him look good for getting involved.

Linda   July 31st, 2009 12:24 am ET

Profiling is not a myth......I'm a white mom of a bi-racial daughter. I can't tell you how many times my daughter has been treated differently than myself, the times she has been pulled over in her car for NO reason, asked where she was going, what she was doing out at night and they even went through her shopping bags from the grocery store..."just to make sure she didnt have any drugs'. We live in small county with less than 1 percent blacks. It hasn't always been easy. My daughter is now in college, 3.5 GPA student and lettering in 2 sports. The said part is that it is actually worse in the larger city where she attends school. She has gotten to the point where she just laughs about it and it's just a matter of fact of "oh by the way, I got pulled over again yesterday.' So, when someone says this isn't happening.....just live as a person of color for just a day........

Mayo   July 31st, 2009 12:36 am ET

Ann needs a dose of reality.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 12:37 am ET

There is a bit of ignorance here on Sharpton's part in that he seems to think that since the prosecutor dropped the case that the case must be faulty. What about where cases are faulty and the prosecutor takes a palin approach and digs in like a pit bull because his handlers have told him that a lawsuit would/could be fiscally damaging?

Other than that, Coulter is just in denial.

Scotty   July 31st, 2009 12:38 am ET

Al Sharpton is right on the money and Ann would do well to really study what he knows.....

Matthew   July 31st, 2009 12:38 am ET

So Man Coulter says racial profiling does not exist. Right? So, then obviously racism does not exist, right? Therefore, Glenn Beck, Obama cannot be a racist! If a=b, and b=c, then a=c.

Camern   July 31st, 2009 12:39 am ET

Ann's comments are irrational

Dr. Egon Spengler   July 31st, 2009 12:39 am ET

At least Gates (the a-hole (?!?) who, so far has told the TRUTH) is not sitting in Jail wondering:
· how to explain this to work, wife, etc….
· how to get Whalen to talk
· how to dispute the word of 7 cops
· how to make bail, unless it’s a no-bond hold,
· how he managed to skip the BattLEO of the Trifecta of Fun
· how much or how many of these tapes would accidentally get lost or erased.
· how the hell did this happen in America?

Was it warranted to deprive this man of his Liberty – IMMEDIATELY, because Miss Manners from the Deportment Department of the Kambridge Kops made the exact mistake Gates complained of?

The suspect who DIDN'T fit the description, was cleared and then arrested.

Linda Pearl   July 31st, 2009 12:39 am ET

For Ann Coulter to say there is no racial profiling is ridiculous, but then she's known for ONLY the ridiculous! Why anyone gives her airtime is beyond me!

Scott Tomlin   July 31st, 2009 12:39 am ET

Ann coulter is doing a bad job of representing her message but she's right African Arericans Have a problem admiting that sometimes they Over react when it comes to racial issues.

Angela Thompson   July 31st, 2009 12:39 am ET

Educated, professional living in the "Burbs" in Florida. Both myself, my spouse and my police officer son have been stopped. My son was 22 in my beamer and was asked who's car is it ect,. He had a badge!

Zantene   July 31st, 2009 12:40 am ET

Larry, you are asking Ann the wrong questions. What Black America want to know from Ann is the name of one male friend she has who is not White.

Joanie   July 31st, 2009 12:40 am ET

Al is winning by a long shot....Ann should just stay with the dim wits at Fox..they all think the same....complete nut cases....

Helene Sheehan   July 31st, 2009 12:40 am ET

I think Al Sharpton (by default) because I totally disagree with almost
everything Ann Coulter says or believes in.

Tai   July 31st, 2009 12:40 am ET

Ann is showing her ignorance... I am a black man who was stopped last week because "it appeared my tint initially appeared to be too dark and it was difficult to read my plate". Are you kidding me? Right Ann, there is no racial profiling in america...

Ken R   July 31st, 2009 12:40 am ET

Educated Vs Non Educated. Go Al

Mike Munro   July 31st, 2009 12:41 am ET

I must be one of the minority that fails to understand the basic fact MJ was a drug addict and everyone that surrounded him refuses to believe he is anything other than.

Mike C.   July 31st, 2009 12:41 am ET

The only Racist person that night was Mr. Gates. Would he have acted diffrently if it was a black cop? You bet he would have.

Evelyn   July 31st, 2009 12:41 am ET

Larry - what is going on with you - I don't understand why you don't have a better balance of opinions - this women sounds really ridiculous - where did she come from? As a black women first, and a women second I am ashamed.

ryan   July 31st, 2009 12:41 am ET

it is very easy to say there is no racial profiling when you're not a minority. If you step in a black person shoe for just a little bit, you will be singing a different tune.

Carolyn   July 31st, 2009 12:41 am ET

I think the one fact everyone is skipping over is that Professor Gates knew he forced his own door and when the police showed up because a concerned neighbor called, he acted irrationaly. I have been locked out of my car and trying to get in utilizing a car hanger and when the cops were called, I understood that they were checking. I think that the arrest happend because Professor Gates did not let it end at his doorstep and followed the officer out yelling. I think that common sense has to make an appearance here.

Anthony   July 31st, 2009 12:41 am ET

This lady Ann is blind to the world. I know a lot of cop and a couple have told me personally they have based stops on race. I wish she could stay in the any hood in any city for 48 hours and see how much profiling goes on.

Brianna   July 31st, 2009 12:42 am ET

I'm so tired of hearing about racial profiling. Mr. Gates was arrested because he wouldn't cooperate with the police, as he should have been. Right away he starts hollering about "racial" this and "racial" that. Get over it!!! No matter what color you are you must be respectful to the police.

Kathy   July 31st, 2009 12:42 am ET

Personally I can't stand Al Sharpton. I agree with Ann Coulter!!!

LuCinda   July 31st, 2009 12:42 am ET

Ok Coulter, be fair. There is racial profiling as well as people crying wolf on both sides of the fence, but........even though the professior over reacted or not the police could have apologized recognized that it is his home, we made a mistake, have a good night and honor the suit he wears and the state tha he represents and not let the testosterone puff him up and go head to head with this old man. I do not think that the professor is a threaten to the city or the officer. Geeez people just need to get over it and just suck it up, and realize we are all equal, and stop pointing fingers and learn to shake hands. No wonder our youth is at risk with this way of thinking. What a shame.

Nelson   July 31st, 2009 12:42 am ET

I really don't understand why you keep giving Ann Culter air time.
Every one knows that she is only concerned about being controversial to promote sale of her books, web site, etc. I know she is an award-winning author, but I don't think she is an appropriate authority on sensitive issues like race in the United States. However, was very elegant with his answers and right on point. I find it extremely annoying that you allow Ann Coulter air time. A bad choice in my opinion. She has jaded views on many topics, especially on the race issue with Al Sharpton. He made her look like a fool.

Cameron   July 31st, 2009 12:43 am ET

Al Sharpton does not inflame race issues he put the light on issues other want to keep in the dark.

amadi kit   July 31st, 2009 12:43 am ET

Racial profiling does exist. the intolerance of police officers exist also. when engage with an officer we should always cooperate. however police have to be kept in check also.... police the police cause they can be dangerous, I know from experience. al needs to retire ASAP!

L.   July 31st, 2009 12:44 am ET

If you are not a minority you will never know what it feels to be black, white, Asian, or any non Caucasian born American. Face the facts racism and racial profiling still exist. So to say black people overreact how would you know unless your black.

Brito   July 31st, 2009 12:44 am ET

Larry I think Al Sharpter is winning very big. Thank Larry

Ola   July 31st, 2009 12:44 am ET

Ann Couler should be removed from this program. She talk as if she does not know what is going on with non-white... I don't like the way she talks at all.

On the other hand, the police dept needs to show respect for people both white, black, Latino and every race.. they should not take law into their hands.

I bet, if Ann was in Gates position, she will do worse than that.

Danielle   July 31st, 2009 12:44 am ET

Mr. Sharpton is definately winning. Ann is obviously upset because she was unprepared. She stated a case that wasn't even a racial profiling case. For someoneto say that racil profiling doesn't exist in the US is living under a rock.

Ishman   July 31st, 2009 12:44 am ET

I respect both "right-wing-views" of the Guests to night regarding Racial Profiling. I agree w/ Gen Powell, totally. Let the Officers of the Law do their respected jobs/positions, and allow the media to do a smooth transition, as the President has done, to move forward. Racism, in this generation is something for the older generation discussions. Economical, eco-socialism, and monetarily equality is a climb that we are to be harnessing our individual focus upon collectively.

Debora Nelson   July 31st, 2009 12:44 am ET

on who my husband and I agree with Al Sharpton on the Larry King show now. Racial profiling does excist especially in the city where we live in north carolina. The police dept. has already been investigated with such allegations and my husband was victim to one such case. The NAACP was even going to get involved. So it is still going on today in 2009.

kyle   July 31st, 2009 12:44 am ET

I agree with ann because every time a black is pulled over by a white cop they ALWAYS say that is because of skin color but what is it when whites are pulled over or confronted by police. Al is always in the news and it is so annoying. He needs to get a life.

LaTisha thornton   July 31st, 2009 12:44 am ET

I believe that Al will win! Of course always on the other side of the fence is a white american saying that there is no racial profiling its funny to me there is racial profiling on every level you see a black american come into a restaurant and you think that they will not tip how do i know my white coworkers tell me these things and hey i think it too. all im saying is if racial profiling is on a small level such as this then it is really taking place on higher levels. all I'm saying is until you live a life of a minority you will never know and since you can't i guess you never will!

ron   July 31st, 2009 12:45 am ET

It is clear that Ann is too blinded by her conservative ideology. I do not necessarily agree with everything Rev. Sharpton says, but he is right in claiming that racial profiling is a real problem in this country. As he points out, this can be backed up with solid evidence from a variety of different sources. Ann does nothing to advance the conversation on racism by simply ignoring such evidence.

Antoinette   July 31st, 2009 12:45 am ET

Ann Coulter has always seemed to be ignorant in her verbal conversation, and seems to always want to get some kind of reaction by her controversial statements. At the end of the day, she is really looking ignorant.

kristy   July 31st, 2009 12:45 am ET

I don't know Why Ann and her right wing fans to realize racisism exist and along with that comes racial profiling it seems to be a modern day slavery type tactic. I understand African Americans should't carry this on their shoulder as a weapon, but until White Americans come to understand this and be honest about the situation that all minorities have faced this world will never be able to move foward. I honestly think the new generation will make a break through.

Kathryn   July 31st, 2009 12:45 am ET

True enough you should be respectful to the Police, but if you are in your own home, where is the line drawn on respect? Should the Police not return the same respect? Of course they should and we don't always see it. I've seen it with my own eyes, COPS BEING not so nice in the "name of the law". OH wow, this conversation could be going on for decades to come and how nice to see it discussed when we have a bi-racial President in office.

MiMiGarcia   July 31st, 2009 12:45 am ET

Since Ann Coulter has never been a black or a person of color.She knows absolutley NOTHING about racial profiling.She has the priviledge white skin and blond hair with hot air to go with it.Im with Al Sarpton for once.

William   July 31st, 2009 12:45 am ET

As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Sharpton is in the right with his opinion concerning the Gates issue. Part of what Mr. Sharpton was saying is something that I wholeheartedly agree with; the idea concerning being arrested in your own house without having done anything wrong.

It's wrong, no matter who you are, to arrest someone in there house when they haven't done anything wrong. Then the question comes up that they are being rowdy/rude/ whatever - it doesn't matter. Mr. Gates has a right to be mad. People have a right to lash out about being arrested in their house after proving who they are. What's a cop going to do? Arrest you for using your First Amendment rights?

America. in general, needs to be realistic and stop being dramatic.

ROBERT SEDA   July 31st, 2009 12:45 am ET


Benita   July 31st, 2009 12:46 am ET

Ann states there is no such thing as racial profiling can you ask her with all the knowledge she thinks she has how does she dispute Diane Sawyer study. It's been proven on Dateline many many times. Why is it in the 21st Century people would rather stick their heads in the sand than fix the problem

Ed   July 31st, 2009 12:46 am ET

Ann is doing a great job of avoiding all of Larry's questions, and seems unwilling to give straight answers to fairly easy questions. Al is clearly defining racial profiling and just asking for some understanding and equality on the issue.

My family, and most intelligent beings, definitely would side with Al.

I can't believe that Ann started out saying that the President could be profiling by wanting to have a beer, because the officer was Irish. Give me a break Ann! It's a hot afternoon. Of course it's a beer, not "whine".

dancing delilah   July 31st, 2009 12:46 am ET

I agree with Ann 100%. Charges of Racism is being over used! Come on people, it's true!!

shirly   July 31st, 2009 12:46 am ET

hey larry when holding conversation with al make sure they are sharp

Laura Garcia   July 31st, 2009 12:46 am ET

Ann, you sound like the holucast never happened. You are not a black man and have no idea what it is like or what we need to tell our young black sons. I am 52 years old and have experienced quite a bit of racisim. Healthcare is a major issue however, racisim is the elephant in the room that keeps getting swept under the rug. I applaud President Obama for speaking up for his friend just like the soldiers speak up for us every day because of Bush!

AV   July 31st, 2009 12:47 am ET

Its funny how Rev AL refuses to say anything about the Twana Brawley case. He should apologize to all White American's that he was looking to bring down. How come Rev Al never gets on the streets for when White people are victimized by a black??

mo traynor   July 31st, 2009 12:47 am ET

Ann should wake up and smell the stale donuts.
I've been a court reporter for 30 years, my husband has been a legal aid attorney for close to 40.

Racial profiling is alive and well. We've also watched juries bring in verdicts based on racial profiling. It's heartbreaking.

It's very easy to speak theoretically. In the real world it's a whole different story.

Karen Pfeiffer   July 31st, 2009 12:47 am ET

I am so dissappointed once again in seeing how Obama gets credit for bringing everyone together and creating a "healthy climate".....wasn't he the one who who called Officer Crowley STUPID???????? Obama is the ultimate spinmaster!!!!

Michelle   July 31st, 2009 12:47 am ET

the lady Ann is delusional what planet is she living on. As a black woman living on the east coast i know up close in personal that racial profiling does exist, being stopped one several occasion. Based on the color of my skin. I alone with thousand of other people of color know the pain and frustration of being stopped by law enforcement. It is my hope that she will never experience the indigents of being stopped based on her color. (if she could walk a mile in my shoes the her views would be a lot different in her commentary)

ma   July 31st, 2009 12:47 am ET

Al, hands down wins

Kay Sunday   July 31st, 2009 12:47 am ET

Why did the Sgt. ask Professor Gates to come outside? Because he was not breaking the law inside his own house, only if he was outside. Was that based on his feelings about a black man yelling at him? We don't know do we?

nora   July 31st, 2009 12:47 am ET

i think ann is all the way wrong first she did not answer the question if it were her own home she went into an exageration about new jersey police. if you cant feel in charge in or around your own home black or white what rights do you have. and if you ask an officer to identify himself after you did so isnt that his duty also, when told there was no problem why couldn,t the officer just leave

Kobe Adu-Poku   July 31st, 2009 12:47 am ET

I am not sure what Ann Coulter's deal is as she seem to be avoiding every single question ask of her thus far. She keeps beating around the bush about the most simpliest questions and even went as far as making reference to the Bush Admn that has nothing to do with the question Larry asked her. How hard is it to as this question " if you were at your home and someone knock on the door and ordered you out... how would you react???" If Ann real believe racial profiling isn't real then I'm not sure what planet she live on... Personal I have be stopped and question by police office where I live and had to give them my ids and etc... Their reason was there was a crime done in the area and some of the neighbours had call the police... and my friend and I fit the profile... This was a predominant white neighbourhood and it happened on my second day of moving to the area. Anyway long story short I later found out there was no crime down in the area and somehow none of the neighbours recall making the call... My question to Ann is do you think I was profile for being black and moving into a predominant white neighbourhood...

sam   July 31st, 2009 12:48 am ET


Ken   July 31st, 2009 12:48 am ET

What a perfect answer Ann.

Get the reactionary subject away from the site to calm down, because if anything else happens afterwards, the blame game will then begin, and start with the officer for not doing so.

Just a viewer   July 31st, 2009 12:48 am ET

Al. What happened seems to me race related and should not be denied, but one should take learning out of this and go forward in trying to make things better if we do not want to loose a change. Do not stand still in the past, it was yesterday, se what can be done today so we can make tomorrow a better place for all our children. We can only 'judge' from hear say but then who are we to judge? The parties have resolved it niceley, still do not stay silence and work on a solution not on pointing fingers, we are, after all all human, at least most of us. Look ahead, peak back to learn from mistakes, and make the world a better place!!!!!!!!!!!

avis   July 31st, 2009 12:49 am ET

Can you please reach over and slap that idiot Sharpton????? He is the biggest whiner on the face of this earth along with Jesse Jackson....

Cheryl   July 31st, 2009 12:49 am ET

Yes, thank GOD that Al (Rev Sharpton) and people like him speak out on issues that affect Black Americans everyday. Otherwise people like Ann would pretend everything is ok and we all know it is not.

Sammy   July 31st, 2009 12:50 am ET

Ann Coulter is a ranting crazy woman. She is a Provocateur and nothing else. She earns her living by trying to be a contrarian in normal human societies. She has never advanced any cause for a positive goal and has always exploited circumstances for her benefit to divide America. She, like Rush Limbo belong in Limbo and not in normal Societies.

Al Sharpton stated his carrier like Ann Coulter but after running for President, he had an epiphany that Society is about ringing people together rather than splitting them apart. He has toned down his rhetoric to a certain degree but still advocates for what he perceives to be wrong.

In the final analysis but characters are streesful to soceity.

Rita   July 31st, 2009 12:50 am ET

I agree with Ann Coulter, on what she is saying.

Robert   July 31st, 2009 12:50 am ET

Larry, tell Ann she is wrong, a person cannot be arrested for disorderly conduct in their own home. Read the elements of the crime. I'm pretty sure that the State statue for disorderly conduct Mass. is probably similar to other states. The statue in the State of Florida says a person who is in "public, drawing a crowd, and causing a ruckus. Now you are telling me that I cannot rant, rave, and cause a ruckus in my own house. I,m a retired Police Officer and that arrest is what we call in Police work "POP" pissing off the police

B. Doris Ray   July 31st, 2009 12:50 am ET

Anne Coulter is not qualified to debate this subject with Al Sharpton. For her to say "racial profiling is a hoax" is absolutely ludicrous. She will never understand what it is to be a black man in America. This situation would never have taken place, if Henry Gates was white. It is so frustrating for black people in American, when noone wants to talk honestly about the effects slavery has had on the black race. Until we are able to have a real conversation, nothing will change. Ignorant people will continue to think that arresting a respected well known scholar in his own home is alright. Now just how 'stupid' does that sound????????

sam   July 31st, 2009 12:51 am ET

Im so glad that michael jacksons dr was not white...could you imagine the racial frenzy!!

Jamie   July 31st, 2009 12:51 am ET

It is ridiculous to deny the existence of racial profiling. But there is also no denying that it's occurrence is over-played by special interest groups and the media. I think that instances of false claims of racial profiling and real instances of reverse discrimination are bigger problems that get little media attention. Today it is fashionable to belong to a "protected class". All other persons remain "unprotected".

Don Jackson   July 31st, 2009 12:51 am ET

Ann Coulter is right on but Larry fails to listen.

Sahr suku-tamba   July 31st, 2009 12:52 am ET

We still refer to people as banana eating monkeys in the jungle. Officer barret you can apologize for your hateful words but this is exactly what we want people like Ann to acknowledge. Aggretion towards minorities by police.

shirly   July 31st, 2009 12:52 am ET

he is clearly a racist he needs to be fired what kind of law is he up holding to even speak of such words it makes you wonder how was he treating others on the street

Bernadette Appling   July 31st, 2009 12:52 am ET

Ann is a joke. She really does not get it. Everyone knows that blacks are subject to racial profiling and have been for years. I remember in the 70's when my dads friend was beaten by the police one night. He made his way to our home that evening half dead, we lived in a very nice neighborhood in Los Angeles, View Park. At that time Berry Gordy, Ray Charles and Tina Turner were our neighbors. He was an artist for toys r us and a family man. The police said they thought he had a gun. He did win the case against the police officer but he was never the same. BLack people are sick and tired of being looked down on just because of the color of our skin.

Ann Lawler   July 31st, 2009 12:52 am ET

Go Shonda!!!!

Al Sharpton:
Hey, i have been stopped and treated verbally rough by a cop before, too. I'm white, 53y and female. He was white. Sure I didn't like it, feelings were hurt, but I shalked it up tp the officer was having a bad day. Actually, he acted allot like Mr. Gates. Blacks aren't the only ones. Stop being a freaking victom, everyone is tired of it. These police have the hardest job in the world.....Guess if someone had broken in to the house and Sgt. Crowley hadn't gotten there in time, you would have profiled the whole police force as racists on national TV.

Al Sharpton, what is this "Laura is just being Laura?" It's more like AL Sharpton was just acting like his typical Al Sharpton. But, no surprizes here. Al, you are very bitter, I can see it in your eyes. Larry why even did you bother inviting Al on? You know how he feels about whites. Did you actually think you were going to get an honest answer out of him? Or, that he would contribute in a positive verbal manner? Al does not know what real justice is. As long as a white man is around, Al will always have him a scapegoat. Al Sharpton, TOUGHEN UP. So what if someone is name calling. How old are you anyway? What a waste, someone well known like you, who could help humanity heal but is so incapable b/c of the bitterness, hate and resentment that has been built up in your heart. What do you want your legacy to be? You will have to answer to your Maker one day Al. Your Maker has been good to you and given you much.....You say you forgave the person that stabbed You? Sounds more like you got some publicity out of it and that's all that matters to you. If you truly forgave the person, you wouldn't have to keep reminding the whole world about it......Now, about the last cop that called names. No that's not right. But, everyone is just getting sick and tired of all of the reverse racism.

kelly from chicago   July 31st, 2009 12:53 am ET

Kelly from chicago:" I hate when individuals are in denial because something doesn't directly affect them. Ann is on here saying that racial profiling doesn't exist! Are you serious Ann? Do you honestly believe that? Racism exist just like it did in the's just not the same magnitude. Are you saying the guy on the east coast that was killed the day before his wedding by a white police officer for no reason was a hoax?"

Minnietta Millard   July 31st, 2009 12:54 am ET

My grandson, and African American college freshman, was stopped for speeding. The officer made him move to the police car then asked him questions like, "Do you have a gun in your overnight bag" "Do you have a grenade in your car?", "Do you have drugs in your car?. Then the car was searched with a flashlight. White people don't get that kind of treatment.

Nick   July 31st, 2009 12:55 am ET

I'm not a huge fan of Sharpton; but Ann Coulter is an angry hateful woman. She sadly tries to conceal her hate with rhetorical, half truths.


I think Gates reacted arrogantly; but the officer could have handled it better. Truth be told, if Gates wasn't famous than this case would be nothing.

sam   July 31st, 2009 12:55 am ET

i agree with you avis..he is a whiner. he seems to only only divide races more...and he seems to hang out w. the rich people...whats up with that.

Tai   July 31st, 2009 12:55 am ET

WOW! Thanks Kyle for proving a point...and I quote "every time a black is pulled over"... can we show a little respect by at least saying a "black person"...hopefully one day soon we'll get past this...

Mary L   July 31st, 2009 12:56 am ET


I think what you wrote was awesone. I am a white female and I have always wondered about the pageants and other things that you were talking about. Thank you for posting your thoughts on the subject.

Sandra   July 31st, 2009 12:56 am ET

I totally disagree with Coulter about the disorderly charges would have been dropped. I knew a white female who was charged with criminal domestic violence by two white male cops; the cdv never happen; and these charges where not dropped. The female went to court to fight it, and those cops came out and said the judge was not hearing any cases that day; and the female would have to come back at another court date. What probably really happened was the cops talked to the judge, and they came up with this to see if person was going to push the issue. NOT ALL CHARGES THE COPS COME UP WITH ARE TRUE; AND THERE IS PROFILING DONE ON ALL RACES, AND SEXES. Don't know what planet Coulter is coming from. She is not from the REAL WORLD WE ALL KNOW period......

dancing delilah   July 31st, 2009 12:56 am ET

Please everyone~~~ you too Rev. Sharpton , read Shonda's post. She is the only one on this panel who said it right and true. Way to go Shonda! You said everything I wanted to say.

Teresa   July 31st, 2009 12:57 am ET

Not only is racial profiling going on among black males, black females are also targeted. I am a black Registed Nurse and I was Falsely arrested Mothers day weekend. On May 9th I was arrested for supposedly having driven off on May 8th without paying for $20.00 worth of gas.I was handcuffed taken to jail,mug shot and fingerprinted.
My family had to bail me out of jail and all this happen while I was in my nurses uniform on my way to work the 7p-7a shift. It was three days later that the store manager viewed the close circuit T.V. which showed that I did pay for my gas. Then, They (including the 3 white store clerks who accused me) said they were sorry which to me was not enough. So, I am here to say that Ann Coulter does not know what she is talking about.

constance seale   July 31st, 2009 12:57 am ET


this cop shows just what Blacks in all social groups have been dealing with for years. We know this guy is not sorry for what he has said, he just got caught. Why didn't Coulter comment on this in an intelligent way. She do not answer any questions that you pose to her. The reason is, she is very ignorant of racial issues and cannot relate humanly to any other group of people. This guy and Coulter are creeps.


Marsha   July 31st, 2009 12:58 am ET

Ann is sounding very silly! Just like many other, she will never understand...of course you wouldn't believe that there is an epidemic and that there are more racial profiling shappening everyday if you have never been a victim of it...Of course minorities, especially African Americans, have come a long way, but we haven't made it all the way there yet. And I don't want to concentrate on what all Al does....Sometimes it does seems that he is always in the picture when it is a prominant black person, but never the less he is speaking up for us all. He might not be able to be there in that small town when something happens, but when he takes up for someone in power, hopefully the awareness he brings to the situation will help us from having to go throught it ourselves...And yes, there are "black" events...but they have their events too....they just use other ways to be exclusive and don't name it all "this" or all "that". I do indeed wish that one day will come where we can all hold hands, but that won't just happen with the help of black people...It takes whites, hispanics, chinese, etc. to all come together...And when we come together, the answer is not to act like racism is a thing of the past, but to acknowledge that it is alive and well, and to come up with a way to move past it in order for us to prosper as a nation.

Mike Munro   July 31st, 2009 12:59 am ET

Ann Coulter, why can't you look into the camera without continuing to look away? Do you actually believe in what you say?

Jack   July 31st, 2009 12:59 am ET

How can either win when they both incite racism. The two worst people in the world you can ask about racism.

Rosa   July 31st, 2009 12:59 am ET

To Shonda, Marie and Lisa:

You all are clueless. Not all blacks are uneducated thugs. Similarly, not all whites are trailer trash and a racist. Stop stereotyping! Stereotyping is ignorance.

This incident involves individuals who are all educated. A white police officer with a degree. A black professor with a degree and the President of course who has a degree.

Stop the stereotyping!!!!!

Just a viewer   July 31st, 2009 1:00 am ET

Ann should ANSWER a question, or learn to listen and be honest. She is trying to justify and walk all over the issue at hand. She is in denial.

EphremJohnson   July 31st, 2009 1:00 am ET

I just finished watching Ann Colter on Larry King. Her only objective is to accurie attention. She is definitely a racist in my opinion.

Adelaide   July 31st, 2009 1:01 am ET

Ann is ignorant and should not be allowed back on T.V. its a disgrace to hear her spew such ridiculous nonsense on CNN of all places. she is delusional. please get her OFF the air.

Olivier Celestin   July 31st, 2009 1:01 am ET

well said Rosa!!!

lionel boston   July 31st, 2009 1:01 am ET

Rev. Al wipped the floor with her. I don't beleive this conversation will get us closer to true brotherhood or equality. The problem is that too many whites, not you Larry, aren't comfortable talking about race, Partly because they lack the black informed experience and they can't be honest because they still benefit from present and past racism in this country. They can't admit that racism envolves power and without power it's just prejudice. Ann Coulter don't know or won't admit this. What was interesting coming from her though was when she suggested that the Jersey highway patrol study stated eight billion blacks speed and weren't stopped on the highway. Rev. Sharp responded that America doesn't have eight billion people. Implying that Ann was using fuzzy math like she and those of her school of thought usually do instead of presenting the truth for honest real meaningful debate. This is why, this race dialogue is just a dialogue of the death.

DJ   July 31st, 2009 1:01 am ET

You have got to be kidding! What is Ann Coulter doing on there? Who wants to hear ANYTHING she says whenever she opens her mouth! Let me know when she is going to be on again, so I can make sure to turn it off before she even starts! This woman is out of control!

AV   July 31st, 2009 1:01 am ET

When is this black B.S. going to stop in America?? What more does the black people want out of America? They want Special testing for them, They want so many blacks in companies no matter what they score on tests, They have more college opportunities then the Whites in America, and they get most colleges for FREE. What about all the free housing, and utilities, they get from America? Come on, stop the complaining about how the blacks are so suppressed... is it the white people's fault that the black people all get arrested?? Do the whites also tell the black people to commit these crimes that get them locked up in jail? Again, stop the complaining and do something to better yourself with all of the opportunities that black Americans have available to them today.

saleem osaze   July 31st, 2009 1:01 am ET

its really strange, how some one can talk about race problems in the united states , when they themselves have not nor ever can partake inbeing divided from the human race , jungle monkeys if you will . how often does a white american get stopped and asked ,( did you kill anyone today) i can't help but to wonder if a lot of people could use a re-education, after all didn't someone teach them this way of thinking.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:02 am ET

This is a no-brainer. The officer was clearly way out of line, and the professor was having a redress of grievance. It is as simple as that.

Put yourself in the same situation: You have locked yourself out of your house, and you and another person are trying to break into the front door. A neighbor sees this and calls 911 to report a suspected burglery in progress. After you have entered your home, the police arrive. Would you not be a bit suprised to have caused a stir since your neighbor should recognize you? Wouldn't you be upset about being set apon by an officer for an occurance that happens all over the country, and yet noone else has thought to call the cops? I have certainly been locked out of my house nd needed to get in through an open window. Should we call cops for every little thing as if we are such incapable children? Isn't that a complete waste of time and money? Don't you think the officers have better things to do? Wouldn’t you be suspicious that your house and interests are being watched by nosey neighbors? But most importantly, wouldn't you, as the homeowner, having already shown identification, be a bit offended if your identity was STILL questioned after that? Of course you would. You may not want to answer that honestly in an attempt to win the arguement, but don't lie to yourself.

Now, consider the objective actions of the officer, who should be well trained to handle such situations. He arrives on the scene, where supposedly two men have broken into the house, and he suspects are still inside, and that there may be a small chance that foul play is going on inside. The officer enters the house, afte demanding the person inside open his door, and confronts the person inside, who he discovers is suprised, indignant, frightened, and cautious, –and most importantly, well aware of past intrusions by the police under the guise of just doing their job.

Now, how are the police to think? Who is this man? Will he pull a gun? Where is the other man? Is there another man? Is the other man still in the process of escaping from the house, or is he lurking somewhere in the corners? Is the first man stalling and buying time? Why does the man seem so suprised? Upset? Indignant? Cautious? Does the man actually belong there? Are there any family photos? Is this man in them? How is the man dressed? Are there any odd noises in the house? Is the man acting irradically? What might the man seem suspicious about? Does the man seem intoxicated? Does his manner suggest he is hiding something? Does the man seem physically threatening? Does the man look out of place? How are the police to correctly size up this situation? Must they shoot first? Do they have to shoot at all? Is a gun required? Can this situation be handled in a civil manner? Is the officer getting into the realm of paranoia?

Due to this officer’s hypersensitivity, false accusations, disrespect, reluctance to cooperate, and hinderance to the investigation, –without rational cause or reason, –then; this was indeed lacking even probable cause for his arrest, even if not lacking for his detainement. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with police arrogance and abuse and misuse of authorty and power, excessive and unecessary, not to mention tiem and money consuming, use of the officers time.
James Foley, Kamiah, Idaho

nora   July 31st, 2009 1:02 am ET

ask Ann what would she feel, if she had grown up in a prejudice environment controlled by white men and women, or seen your parents unable to hold there heads up pertaining to their rights and ideas of expressions in a country where the supposedly have equal rights all men are created equal America

Karen Catlin   July 31st, 2009 1:02 am ET

He may have compared gates to a banana eating jungle monkey, jumping up and down screeching, thats the way I took it.
Ive never heard that used as a slur before.
Gates should have cooperated with the police.
Perhaps anger management is in order.

Anthony   July 31st, 2009 1:02 am ET

To Avis and Dancing delilah

Where are both of you from? I would like to live there since there is no profilling what so ever on your planet.

Britt   July 31st, 2009 1:03 am ET

Love your show Larry!. You are one of a kind. But what is Ann Coulter doing on your show again? Every time I see her she makes me upset, she is very arrogant and I do have to turn the channel.
I am white, I travelled the world, have seen and experienced a lot with all races. She doesn't know what she is talking about!

Karen Catlin   July 31st, 2009 1:04 am ET

This is not even news worthy, the president should not have commented on this incident and had he not it might have made the boston news and maybe someone else would have picked it up because of the stupidity of the whole incident.
The police officer was following protocol, this was NOT racial profiling, white or black, protocol is protocol.
Any person who shows their butt like he did deserves to be arrested,, why should he be immune to the law?
What an attitude for a man who is so educated to have. Colon Powell said it best, I learned to obey the police in elementary school.
The other cop who wrote the letter has some anger issues too.

sec   July 31st, 2009 1:04 am ET

Ann Coulter is an idiot.

cesar   July 31st, 2009 1:05 am ET

what a ignorant moron this woman ann is!!!

Olivier Celestin   July 31st, 2009 1:05 am ET

Ann started her thoughts with the fact that President Obama did a racial profiling by "assuming" that the Sergeant would want beer instead f another drink. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT: SGT. CROWLEY WAS THE ONE who suggested the beer!!!

john   July 31st, 2009 1:05 am ET

Ms. Ann - did you hear yourself - and the argument you are making? I thought CNN could do better than that - waste of time and undermine the intelligence of Sharpton.

Willie Carr, Jr   July 31st, 2009 1:06 am ET

I think Ann Coulter missed her calling. If they remake Popeye, she's a shoo in as Olive Oyl. She's built like a #2 Pencil and has about as much sex appeal as a banana peel. Her opinions are not credible, because they are so irrational. She should be on her knees every day, several times a day, thanking God that there are enough stupid people who listen to her, and read what she writes. As far as I'm concerned, she's a waste of time and air, as well as anything else she uses.

lionel boston   July 31st, 2009 1:07 am ET

Larry, how come blacks and minorities are some what considered equal when we are in another country in a fox hole but not in the country we are said to be protecting? this is the teachable moment.

Winston Zeddmore   July 31st, 2009 1:08 am ET

Whatever "crime" Gates committed for fumbling for his ID, was CURED. and I hope MA law isn't so provincial that Yelling is still outlawed. ...

Change the License Plates – Live Free or Die Quietly? ...

Either way, witnesses to an arrest aren’t witnesses for an arrest. Thus, according to the color calculus, Whites are Racists, the rest is Black vs. Blue?

shirly smith   July 31st, 2009 1:08 am ET

no Mr.gates wouldnt have act like that if it was a black cop because 1 a black cop would have respected Mr. gates in has home it all comes down to respect like arthea said

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:08 am ET

It's funny Carolyn... common sense is exactly what this officer lacked.

Common sense shoudl have stopped him at... Oh, professor gates, I'm sorry. That picture of you up on the kitchen wall and on your mantle suggests you live here. Are you sure your'e okay? I'm here to protect you if you need it? If not, I'm sorry for bothering oyu ... have a nice day. 😉

Bernadette Appling   July 31st, 2009 1:09 am ET

I can't believe what I just heard from Ann Coulter making it seem as though it was no big deal that the cop referred to a black person as a monkey etc. etc. This cop needs to be fired immediatly! He is just trying to save his job!!!! This is outrageous behavior. If we were to talk like that on our jobs we would be fired immediatley!!! The nerve of her she needs to be fired too! I am totally insulted!

Theresa Richardson   July 31st, 2009 1:09 am ET

Ann Coulter is out of touch with reality. She needs to dress up for one week as a black female or male and them tell me there is no racial profiling. Listening to her talk makes me ashamed to be a woman. This is why the world is the was it is today. Because of people that think this way and are able to speak this mess into public. She need to be removed from what ever radio show or what every it is she is able to speak on. I could not wait to turn on my lap top to let her know what I really think but God said no. Do not turn your heart to evil. She really up set me with her remarks. I rebuke you Ann Coulter in the name of Jesus. You need to change your heart. You need a divine make over.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:09 am ET

And I guess I can't really fault you Don... your excuses are the same lame ones officers use time and time again.

They're in the handbook. 😀

naisha   July 31st, 2009 1:10 am ET

Your show is so informative and I love the fact that you allow both sides of any story to be displayed.
As a black woman,I always thought of Al Sharpton to be a little too pro-black and an opportunist. Tonight, your show showed me a side of the Rev. that I was very proud of!! Race was not a factor but the facts were clear and evident. He was very knowledgeable of the facts with every question asked. I will tune in everytime to see Al and Ann!! She disgraced me as a woman, clearly if a man called her a dumb blonde she would feel slighted!!! On the contrary, I am NOT a banana eating monkey!!!
God bless

Barton   July 31st, 2009 1:11 am ET

Tell how or even why would Crowley arrest someone in their own home. I will never believe that it was a mistake or he knew by arresting Professor Gates would draw attention to himself. But nevertheless it just prove that Crowley is Stupid! As for Barrett, he need to be Fired! He didn't have to think long or study for hours to make that racist email statement. RACISM IS STILL ALIVE!

Jaime   July 31st, 2009 1:11 am ET

Racial profiling and racism does exist...if you don't think so, you must live under a rock. I do think that in this case, according to the facts that were presented to us, racial profiling wasn't the issue. I think that two hot-headed men made some mistakes. I don't think Professor Gates should have been arrested, but he made some immature an irrelevent remarks. I think that Crowley should have been a bit more understanding. You come to a man's house demanding have to assume that there may be a little confrontation there. The president disappointed me a little. He took sides and made claims without the facts. The president is far from a racist, in my opinion. He picked up for a friend, but you can't do that publicly as leader of the free world. Also, I think that when we assume racism or make a judgment without facts, we set civil rights back 30 years. Sometimes I think Rev Sharpton likes to seperate us instead of uniting us. Understanding and compassion is the key to connecting us...not getting a whole group of people angry and's not how we will become united. Discuss the problem with the people you think are part of the problem...discussing a problem with a group of people who agree with you doesn't accomplish just breeds anger and hate. We each need to give a little and I think the president started something great by initiating conversation. I actually just wrote a blog about it. We all need to lay it all out on the table...debate..move forward and heal. Both races are guilty of making something out of nothing and it just keeps the hate going. How can we solve things in the world when we can't even live united in our country??

Mike Munro   July 31st, 2009 1:11 am ET

I must be one of the minority that has no empathy for a drug addict. Was everyone else high in his house to not know he was a junky? Just too hard to believe here.

Tai   July 31st, 2009 1:11 am ET

WOW! Another inciteful comment, this time by a pretty successful "black man" in America who attended OSU for a FEE, who should I accredit my bills that I pay to? Don't get it twisted, not all black people are looking for handouts or receiving them. I work hard for what I have and would appreciate driving down the street w/o being profiled for the tan I was given at birth...

Theresa Smith   July 31st, 2009 1:11 am ET

I was disappointed and disgusted by Ann's views. I find it difficult to believe that she can not understand how dangerous it is to have a cop with a gun responding to 911 calls that share the views of this Boston officer. She laughed as she shared her viewpoint and most of the time had a smirk on her face and it shows that this matter is not of high importance / concern in the world she lives in. I found her comments very unfortunate.

Mike C.   July 31st, 2009 1:12 am ET

The only person who acted like a racist, was Mr Gates.

Rosa   July 31st, 2009 1:14 am ET

Hand me a pie for Av......

nina Allen   July 31st, 2009 1:15 am ET

I live in Cambridge, MA. I was told by a Cambridge police friend that it's not uncommon for people to mouth off at policeman. This particular policeman said that if he had been in Crowley's place, he would have said, "Look, Sir, I came here to protect you. Since this is your house, I'll just leave." We will never knew exactly what went on between Gates and Crowley, but the bottom line is Crowley had the option to just walk away.. In my view, Crowley, for whatever reasons – perhaps there was a clash of egos – exercised bad judgement, Sure policeman face dangerous situations, but a Harvard professor mouthing off is not one of them. As for Coulter, her popularity is due to her facility to mine an emotional cord, regardless of the facts. Notwithstanding some high profile bogus cases of racial profiling, study after study underscores the fact that blacks do not receive equal justice.

F. J. Artis   July 31st, 2009 1:16 am ET

If we are ever going to have a real discussion about race, more African Americans need to speak out more often about racial injustice. Too often we keep our mouths shut out of fear for our jobs and our children's lively hood. Some Caucasian Americans need to recognize that they are not the final authority on how a person should perceive a particular event. I have seen many instances of racial bias in corporate America, but I have never seen one Caucasian acknowledge that their behavior could be interpreted as racism.

The current EEOC guidelines require you to show proof of racism such as a recording or and e-mail that shows the perpetrator stated that their racial bias caused them to behave a particular way. For instance, the victim would have to produce HARD evidence in the perpetrators own words that "She will not get the position because I don't think an African American should have the job." The fact that a victim does not have such evidence does not prove that no racial bias occurred. The Texaco discrimination case could not be denied because a Caucasian male decided to record the closed door discussion that took place among members of the Good Ol Boy Network.

Because of the covert nature of racial discrimination and racial bias, too many Caucasians hide behind the cover. African Americans were better off when Caucasians called us out of our names because we knew exactly who they were.

Still too many Caucasians have become very comfortable in using the subtleties of racism. Regardless of their denial, we know what you really mean.

Darlene   July 31st, 2009 1:16 am ET

The fact is Ann Coulter is unfortunately ignorant to what happens in the black community concerning how the police treat black men. Rev. Al has been fighting for the rights of not only blacks but whites as well. Police officers have to get rid of these racial profiling attitudes. We need to talk about the attitudes and true hatred that fills the hearts of these police officers. It is a crime to hear a police officer call someone a banana eating monkey, this is racist language. Check out America's history, what animal was blacks associated with according to white people. "Monkeys"

Intuition   July 31st, 2009 1:16 am ET

I'm twenty-two years old. I'm often told that my generation is much different than my parents'. I do not notice a person's race unless it is specifically brought to my attention. Sharpton repeatedly reminds me that he is black.

When the good Reverend opens his mouth, I instinctively sympathize with the opposite side -not because he is black, but because he is obnoxious and ignorant. In the past, I needed to remind myself that Sharpton does not represent the opinion of every black person in America. These days, I rarely waste my time listening to what he has to say.

Sharpton's mere presence undermines efforts to achieve equality in this country. Instead of working to produce racial harmony, Sharpton further polarizes racial issues. I view him as a derisive force, and I have never heard him offer constructive criticism.

There are ample opportunities to discuss racial issues these days. However, in order to have a dialogue, both sides needs to be listening. I don't see Sharpton as the listening type, and I often wonder why more blacks don't tell him to shut up.

josie   July 31st, 2009 1:17 am ET


James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:18 am ET

Dear AV, When is this white denial B.S. going to stop in America?? What more does the white people want out of black people? They want Special testing for them, They want so many blacks in companies no matter what they score on tests, and yet they deny them the education and/or funding for education and motivation for education that will help them pass that test.

Whites have more college opportunities then the blacks in America, and they get most colleges for FREE. What about all the free housing, and utilities, they get from America?

Come on, stop the complaining about how the whites are so picked on… is it the black people’s fault that the black people all get arrested?? Do the blacks also tell the black people to commit these crimes that get them locked up in jail, or do blacks in many urban and poverty stricken areas feel that crime is the only way to make it in this world where the white man has had unequal power for so long? Don't you think that the massive amoutn of gun and pawn shops in these areas entice and tempt desperate people to do desperate things? If not, maybe you too suffer from the education that blacks are too often denied for fear that they may become smart enough to have to be accepted because they are skilled enough now that their education is front and center instead of gun shops, pawn shops and drug dealers and crooked cops.

Again, stop the complaining and do something to better yourself with all of the opportunities that white Americans have available to them today, and have the comon decency and compassion to share that with your black brothers and sisters.

Anonymous   July 31st, 2009 1:19 am ET

As an officer, I have to say we are constantly accused of stopping or arresting a person based on a racial bias. This angers me because I consider my professional methods of operation as fair to all citizens as could be.

Officers I work with have been accused of stopping women for their age or being attractive, and stopping people because of their race while working on midnights on an divided, four lane highway where it was only possible to see the driver after being stopped, however people are insane enough to make these claims.

What makes it worse is that someone acting insane when a police offer shows up at your door to check on your property and well being! Why would you be mad that an officer came to your house to check on you?

These types of incidents tend to happen when a person in a position of power at work or in their normal course of life encounters a police officer, people who are normally in charge do not like to be told they are wrong.

Was the officer wrong in this case? Well put yourself in the officer's shoes.. You go to a home to check on the person's well being and get bashed, yelled at and taunted. Then carries on outside in the yard. Now how long should the police officer put up with it?? The problem lies with who should maintain control of the incident? If the officer just takes it all, giving "yes sir, yes sir" eventually he is in no control of the incident, this is a fatal error as an officer.

The officer was at the residence legally, Mr. Gates did conduct himself in a manner that was disorderly, and the officer took charge of the incident by ending the scenario and making the arrest. The charges were likely dropped due to the prosecutor is a elected official, and this case has attracted too much attention to proceed with the charges.

When an officer has contact with you, you are legally required to identify yourself, can you imagine how dangerous it would be for law enforcement if you were not required to do so! And yes this obligation applies to anyone, no matter what your status is.

Racial profiling, racial slander, and racism is WRONG. It drives me crazy to hear people say or do something that is racist, it also drives me crazy to hear I didn't get the job, or I got stopped just because of my race.

Have people been treated unfair due to their race, yes. Are people stopped or arrested due to their race, yes I would say so. However, do not classify all police officers as racist. People are murdered, raped and beaten everyday by a bad person just the same as people are being treated poorly by that one bad police officer due to their sex, race or religion.

Racism divides us, racism makes us black and white. Right after the attack on 9-11 our country was not black or white, we pulled together as Americans for a short period of time. We were all Americans after being attacked by a real enemy. We should not be each others enemies.

And remember, racism goes both ways!

dancing delilah   July 31st, 2009 1:22 am ET

To Rosa~~~~~That is not even close to what Shonda wrote!! Read it again and absorb. She feels that many influential people such as Al Sharpton cause minorities to feel they are discriminated against and not equal. When in fact they are ~~~ " the only people that have all black events. Black Miss America Pagents, Black Congressional Caucus, NAACP and etc,…If whites had the same type of organizations, they would be considered racist."~~~
She hits it right on target.
Nobody can tell me that Al Sharpton doesn't incite racism!!! He's the first to jump in.
Just what if there was a Miss White America, a WET Channel, a WAACP, White Congressional Congress A. Sharpton and my guess J. Jackson would be the first to jump in there!!
But there is not!! Constantly screaming Racist and Racism is getting old and fast!!!!

Mike Munro   July 31st, 2009 1:23 am ET

[Quote]: James
The officer enters the house, afte demanding the person inside open his door, and confronts the person inside, who he discovers is suprised, indignant, frightened, and cautious, –and most importantly, well aware of past intrusions by the police under the guise of just doing their job.

If someone obvious a police officer came to my door checking on me and asking questions, I would have no problem answering them. Why would a black man of obvious professional qualities do anything else? But he did. This has bacjfired on Gates. I hope he never really needs a cop. But then again he could call a black cop and hope.

F. J. Artis   July 31st, 2009 1:24 am ET

By the way.... Rev. Al won the discussion

Amore   July 31st, 2009 1:24 am ET

I am not surprised by people like Ann Coulter who DONT WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE the oppressive practices and behaviors exhibited towards black people. Ann argued about what blacks are not going through, while she relishes in white privilege. Ann Coulter and others like her seem to work very hard to diminish the credibility of allegations of racism. Hmmm, I wonder why?

JOE   July 31st, 2009 1:24 am ET


dancing delilah   July 31st, 2009 1:26 am ET

James In Kamiah, Idaho~~~~~~~You are not serious are you???? You need to wake up and look at the real picture!

Sheryl   July 31st, 2009 1:27 am ET





dancing delilah   July 31st, 2009 1:27 am ET

And OJ Simpson got away with it!

sec   July 31st, 2009 1:28 am ET

Ann Coulter can't be serious, she's a complete idiot....

Tai   July 31st, 2009 1:29 am ET

Sorry one who appears to be privileged, you have no idea of the "real picture"....c'mon now, let's just call it what it is...

dee Urista   July 31st, 2009 1:31 am ET

Hello, That Ann Coulter, I can't believe anyone could take her seriously, she always has a lot of her facts wrong, and I don't think she that smart. And she wouldn't know, HELLO she not a minority she couldn't began to understand. I was racially profiled,while parked in my car in front of my house and the car wasn't running. Boy was I mad because the officer has no reason to put the lights on me. Hello, I wasn't driving. His excuse, was my car had no licence plates, because it was a new car. So I said the reason it had no plates, it was a new car, so I asked the officer to show me on his computer of a report of a stolen new car fitting my description of my car. So I straight up told him if I was being racially profiled, because of the neighborhood which highly Hispanic. So I said to this Officer who was Hispanic himself, that what a Latina in that neighborhood couldn't own a new car. And I'm an active community leader in my community, and work to help make it better for our families and our youth and seniors.
So I know if your a minority you will be racially profiled at least once in your life. We had a problem in San Jose with San Jose PD doing racially profiling in our downtown on only Hispanic. And they did try to do a study on it but it was watered down. We need more talk about this issues cause it happens everywhere in this country.

Ann,Virginia   July 31st, 2009 1:31 am ET

Larry,Rev.Sharpton was clearly the winner tonight.Why?For one,Ann Coulter is a racist herself,plus being equally as rude as that fool,Liz Cheney,you had on last week.Ann Coulter proved tonight that she has no command of the subject.

AV   July 31st, 2009 1:31 am ET

Joe, we can go back and forth here all night about how many white and blacks were shot at and who kept their jobs and who didn't.. I didn't vote for the jerk off Bush who put this country in turmoil.... go blame those people who voted for him. If this country wants to get some money back in its pockets..... stop with the housing B.S. and free food for people who make those pay rolls a life long commitment to the U.S. tax payers. that would be a great start and it would save us billions and billions of dollars.

JOE   July 31st, 2009 1:31 am ET

dancing delilah July 31st, 2009 1:22 am ET

To Rosa~~~~~That is not even close to what Shonda wrote!! Read it again and absorb. She feels that many influential people such as Al Sharpton cause minorities to feel they are discriminated against and not equal. When in fact they are ~~~ ” the only people that have all black events. Black Miss America Pagents, Black Congressional Caucus, NAACP and etc,…If whites had the same type of organizations, they would be considered racist.”~~~

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:33 am ET

Yes I am

Mike Munro   July 31st, 2009 1:33 am ET

If both black and white keep playing the race card, this only helps feed the media and impede the fracturing all of what has been accomplished since MLKs drive for equality. Are we trying to take ten steps back here just for the sake of ratings?

Carna Morton   July 31st, 2009 1:34 am ET

Larry, I watched your show this evening, and I read through most of the comments made on your blog. I am so distraught over the constant debate over racial profiling. I live in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, and you want to see racial profiling come here! There is always complaints of blacks being profiled, stopped by the police and even an incident, one of many, where several police officers made racial remarks to three young black men, and received a "slap on the wrist". My point is people need to wake up and idenify that there is a problem with racial profiling, and it isn't just an American problem!
Nova Scotia is Canada's best kept secret , one of the largest black communities in Canada. Racism runs rampant in Canada,especially in Nova Scotia. I have friends in America, who didn't even know that there are large communites of blacks living in Canada. I see there were a few comments about Al sharpton, and how he is always calling the race card. I wish we only had an advocate or a representative to come forward in the defence of the many Black people here in Nova Scotia. We had a incident here 6 months ago where a white cab driver was found murdered, the body and the burned out vehicle was dumped in a black community, case unsolved. This was not the first time that the black community was blamed for the incident, only to find out in a previous case the culprits were white. So it angers me deeply when people think that this problem of racial profiling doesn't exist. Police officers are suppose to serve and protect....the question is, does this only apply to white citizens only? I'm a tax payer who pays taxes, which contributes to the Police department's payroll.I expect to be treated fairly and with respect by the police, but what can you do when 90% of the Police force are racists? So does it really matter if a black person is well within their rights if they were entering in their own house? Here the professor would probably gotten shot in the back, and the officers would have gotten another slap on the wrist.

Barry Chambers   July 31st, 2009 1:37 am ET

Ann Crowley is one of the most dangerous persons in our beloved USA. Why? She is American apple pie laced with arsenic; then wrapped in a blond attractive female package infused with great verbal skills but lacking in intelligence. Because she can be depended upon to brightly reflect her true character in the media, she is sought out as a talking head representing so called conservatives. Look a little bit closer and one realizes that Ann is very representative of the very same values ascribed to negative organizations such as the KKK. The only difference is that the same ideas, logic, hatred and emotionalism displayed by the hood wearing sheriffs and other authority figures of years gone by; has been repackaged for 21st century media consumption. As Sarah Palen famously said "Lipstick on a Pig....."???

We need to keep reminding ourselves that we the public are being "played" continuously to believe that the contrived discussions broadcast by the media are real. The protagonist/antagonist format of the talking heads being projected is done for only one reason. Ratings equal the almighty dollar – period and end.

Rob S   July 31st, 2009 1:37 am ET anyone going to say anything about how ridiculous Ann Coulter's comments were? Can you really compare the obvious racial comments of the white cop in Boston to HLG being outraged because he was arrested in his home, after proving that he lived there? Can you REALLY say that racial profiling does not exist and black folks are overeacting? Kudos to Rev. Al – as much as Coulter avoided answering questions – Rev. Sharpton brought some common since to their discussion. I have not always been a fan of the man, but I thought he handled himself well and did all he could by not calling her a "crazy-ass b%*#h!

AV   July 31st, 2009 1:38 am ET


In response to your answer to me, I found a job in America, I'm sure you and many other people can find a job if they came out of their housing projects and actually looked for a job. So because there are pawn shops around, its ok for you to take the easy way out and go in there buy guns or weapons and rob people and business' ?? Listen maybe if these complainers are so upset how they are treated here they can go back to Africa and see how well they do over there... at least we won't have to pay for those complainers anymore. BETTER YOURSELVES

Jaime   July 31st, 2009 1:40 am ET

Delilah, we are the majority, whites are the majority..that's why there are no "white miss america pageants" or groups to advance white people... Minorities have to jump through so many more hoops than we do (even poor whites), so they create organizations to help themselves advance. They have to prove themselves more than we do in the work place, school, etc.. They are questioned if their race will impact their abilities..look at Judge Sotomayor and look at the questions President Obama was faced with while he was running for President, so I don't think your point is valid. We are still the mainstream....look at our country's history..."white man" is a reoccuring theme.

Ann,Virginia   July 31st, 2009 1:41 am ET

Shonda,Before you judge Rev.Sharpton as an advocate just for the rich,go back to the civil rights movement & study it.That should clear up Rev.Sharpton's position.

Another Avis   July 31st, 2009 1:41 am ET

I don't care how tired a police officer gets or how hard he or she has worked it does not justify abuse of any kind. There are many officers of many ethnic back grounds that deal with other racial groups and you do not hear the stories of them beating the hell out of people or racial profiling taking place. This type of stuff seems to only happen with white police officers. Who then cry they should understand how hard we work. So what are the other officers doing from other ethnic groups? You don't hear about them behaving in this manner.

And for the lady that stated that she is white and was miss treated by a white officer well you are the fool if you did'nt file a complaint. I don't care how hard he was working there is no justification in treating people wrong.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:41 am ET

Mike Munroe "If someone obvious a police officer came to my door checking on me and asking questions, I would have no problem answering them."

James "That's because you've never had an officer do that only to bust down your door and beat you and terrorize your family like blacks have in the past. You have never suffered the stupidity and arrogance of a crooked cop. If oyu had, you wouldn't be so trusting"

Mike Munroe "Why would a black man of obvious professional qualities do anything else?"

James "See above for explanation of what your history class should have already taught you."

Mike Munroe "But he did."

James "As have I."

Mike "This has backfired on Gates."

James "In what sense? At least he was not beaten, peppersprayed twice and tehn hogtied for asking the officer to allow him to show his ID. Proof that he is not guilty of the crime the officer suspects him of."

"I was, and by all accounts, the good professor is not going quietly into that good night. Even though you desperately wish he would for your own comfort. It's much easier to pretend the police don't make mistakes."

Mike "I hope he never really needs a cop. But then again he could call a black cop and hope."

James "I hope you really never need to call a cop like the one you suggest this man should accept. As funny as I think poetic justice can be, I wouldnt' wish that on you just so I can feel vindicated. But then again, you could always just keep acting naive and hope... hope that you don't get a cop like Crowley or this barrett guy. ... Ya... good luck with that. You're gonna need it.

AV   July 31st, 2009 1:43 am ET

Rev Al should be in Jail. Maybe he should have looked into the Twana Brawley case more before accusing 3 WHITE kids of raping her.

vivian   July 31st, 2009 1:43 am ET

Apology is not excepted you meant just what you said, you are just trying to save your job. you should be kick the hell off the police dept, what in the hell were you thinking? you remind me of the KKK are you one of them? well I am sure you had plenty of time to think about what you were typing, I am sure you had to read it before you press submit , so why didn't you delete? it could have just been a silent thought between you and yourself, you meant just what you typed no need to apoligize we know who you are. and this is what Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King were marching about burn the white sheet, this is the 21st Century we don't have much longer on this god given earth so why not get along stop the childish name calling or just talk too yourself, that will work and you want be in the news. God bless you and the other thinkers like you.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:43 am ET

Oh tsk tsk...poor poor AV ... still ignorantly stereotyping and making hasty generalizations...

I'm white you little fool. White.

JOE   July 31st, 2009 1:45 am ET


James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:46 am ET

And I'm doing just fine. Thanks for your insincere concern though.

And yet again showign us oyur ignorance.

I'm not saying they see it as an excuse you dolt. I'm saying they see it as the only opportunitty they have to rise above. You know, after having the racist white man's boot on their necks half their lives.

Here's novel idea... why dont' you epxress yoru christianity through charity as opposed to judgement.

AV   July 31st, 2009 1:48 am ET

James, who cares what you are.... you are a White Idiot. I never said whites are perfect.... you are a perfect example of whites NOT being perfect.

JOE   July 31st, 2009 1:49 am ET


James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:50 am ET

Aw... because I'm not your kind of white idiot?

They Might be Giants said it best in their song racist friend

"I know politics bores you, but I can't stand here listening to you
you and your racist friend"

Grow up.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:54 am ET

No AV you didn't... you just belittled Professor Gats esperience because it wasn't violent enough to be a blip on yoru "qualifies as racial profiling" radar.

You don't have to be an admitted white supremacist or KKK member, when your posts here indicate that you are certainly sympathetic to their ideals.

Jaime   July 31st, 2009 1:54 am ET

AV, You give all human beings a bad name.

We shouldn't be here blaming others. This conversation is not contructive. This should all be about moving forward and if you want to hold on to your ignorances and not even open up a little, then turn on Fox and watch Glenn Beck try to scare scare people and call it a night.

AV   July 31st, 2009 1:56 am ET

Thank god.... I'm glad you are leaving... So am I leaving too. I have a JOB to go to in the morning. I don't sit home and collect free money and cry how suppressed I or my ancestors were. I go to work everyday, pay my taxes. WORK... oh my god, do you COMPLAINERS out there KNOW what that is?? TRY it sometime, you might actually contribute something to your communities rather then going into pawn shops and going out and robbing like mentioned about because that is the EASY WAY OUT.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 1:57 am ET

Back to the broadcast thoguh... sis I hear correctly? Did Ann Coulter say that Gates admitted to getting off because of who he knows?

Does she actually think the charges were dropped because he knows the president? What a loon.

Ann,Virginia   July 31st, 2009 1:59 am ET

Julie,It's true that it is predictible that liberals would use the Gates incident as a teachable moment,since most liberals are NOT racists.It's a perfect time to bring a discussion of racial profiling to the forefront.It does exist & it needs to be talked about openly & then maybe we can stop it.

AV   July 31st, 2009 1:59 am ET

Gates should have just shut his mouth and answered the cops question. I would have gotten locked up by crowley too if I would have been talking to him like that. What is my recourse?? We are both white..... So what now, I'm going to say he is Irish and I'm XXX??? When does it stop?

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:00 am ET

Who's leaving?

Oh and now the the freeloader accusations... bwah ha ha ha ha!

How typical. How predictable. People upset about beign profiled must be free loaders adn layabouts... ha ha ha ha ha.

I was quoting a line froma song that fits you; that's all.

Rhonda   July 31st, 2009 2:01 am ET

There is nothing worse than a racist with a smile. Someone who says " I'm not racist , I have black neighbors" (yet they've never invited a black person into their home).
This Ann person is so clear in her biased beliefs and closed mind that she would not see reality or information based in facts if they slapped her in the face.
Ann appears to be another modern day racist who either doesn't know that they are racist, or simply uses the smile while you bs tactic, that effectively does influence the many Americans who are subjective, and those who believe that if its on the news, its the bible.
Ann knows what she is saying is pure rhetoric and is a diversion to keep Americans confused.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:02 am ET

I'm not even sure oyur'e american AV. Americans question authority. It's in the very fober of our American existance.

AV   July 31st, 2009 2:04 am ET

James you should really move out of America and maybe go to a place like Africa, you would fit in good there. You belong in a jungle. You can Freeload off the African government.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:06 am ET

Crowley should have just shut his mouth and answered the black man's question. You would have gotten locked up by crowley too if you would have shown you were intelligent. Bullies dont' like intelligence. They fear it. They get defensive around it, and are repulsed by it.

What is your recourse?? You are both white, so you think that makes you exempt from crooked, uppity cops?! Baffeling. your ignorance is truly baffeling.

But this is all moot right? You've already stated your a sock puppet...

by all means sock puppet... blindly trust police officers. You'll get yours in the end.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:08 am ET

Tee hee... I like you AV... you're silly.

And incredibly harmless. Let's face it... if you were dangling you'd be impotent, you're just that harmless.

AV   July 31st, 2009 2:11 am ET

HOW MUCH DOES AMERICA HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TO THE BLACK ANCESTORS OF AMERICA? WHO IS GOING TO APOLOGIZE TO THE, IRISH, ITALIAN, GERMANS AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO CAME TO THIS COUNTRY, AND WERE DOING MENIAL JOBS AND TREATED LIKE DOGS??? Stop with the racial B.S. and move on...stop your complaining people about ancestors you didn't even know... and move forward like all the other nationalities that came to the U.S. and bettered themselves.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:11 am ET

Sorry kiddo. I work for a living, and I work hard. I work alone, and do all the work here. I'm the only employee and without me this place would drop.

ASs well, since I know more than anyone about this place and in fact running a place liek this within a hundred mile radius, this place would fall to pieces without me, no matter who the owners decided to hire if I quit.

And i dont' work here for the money [obviously not, as that's just stupid], I do it because I enjoy my work.

How about you? How's burger King working out for oyu? Or was it as a wal mart greeter?

angee   July 31st, 2009 2:12 am ET

Teresa should have hired a lawyer immediately ! feel badly for her, my daughter is a nurse also/labor & delivery/ they work long & hard,,sorry Teresa...

Jaime   July 31st, 2009 2:13 am ET

I don't see how James became a freeloader. Is freeloader your favorite word, AV? You seem to have no other comment. You're being really insulting and you have no real factual comments to back up your insults. This is not debating...this is a 12 year old repeating what he heard someone say.

AV   July 31st, 2009 2:14 am ET

All I have to say to you James is goodnight and thanks for being a idiot. Good luck in finding a job.... stay here and play with yourself all night, because all your typing is useless, maybe you can find better uses for your fingers tonight.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:15 am ET



Hey AV do you think my belly aching is getting me anywhere? DO you think if I blame someone else for my problems like you are that I will get somewhere just by blaming them?

Stop with the white denial B.S. and move on…stop your complaining people about ancestors you didn’t even know… and move forward like all the other nationalities that came to the U.S. and bettered themselves.
Hear that whitey?

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:17 am ET

Yes apparently it is useless AV. There's really no use in trying to reason with an unreasonable fool like you.

AV   July 31st, 2009 2:18 am ET

James I sincerely doubt you work for a company that can do without you..... anyone can make crayons. I have been in the same job for 30 years and worked two other jobs before that. I have been working since the age of 15... wonder how many job you had for min wage? oh right, you are still working for 7 dollars an hour.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:19 am ET

Heh... Hey Larry King... you and your crew should have Gates and Crowley read our posts herre... adn then interview them both on whether or not they started out liek this... my guess is, they didnt' start out much different. 😉

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:20 am ET

You doubt it because you're an idiot.

Jaime   July 31st, 2009 2:25 am ET

AV, no one is talking about slavery here but you. We are talking about minorities and racial profiling. Are you reading what anyone else is writing?

(fyi: stripping people of their culture and forcing them to do work for no pay, considering them property, etc is a little worse than immigrants working low paying jobs).

AV   July 31st, 2009 2:27 am ET

No wonder you work for 7 dollars an hour, you can't spell or read... you truly are a jerk. goodnight idiot. I see you had no rebuttle to our job's huh? what did you have 20 jobs at 7 dollars an hour over the last year? Goodnight idiot. To the rest of America, stand proud and do something for your communities and don't take the EASY WAY out like our friend James here and rob and victimize people and property... We have the technology available... lets do something with it, and not end up like james.... and useless part of society!!! Goodnight all.... I love you all... Black, white, everyone who is productive part of life here in the good old U.S.A.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:28 am ET

Actually nimrod, I've been working since I was 14 1/2, not that the half year is any big plus, and I have worked at the La Costa resort and Spa in la Costa Clifornia, BZ Boogie Boards and Surf boards [no I do not smoke pot] Callaway Golf, 1 jewelery store, 1 Framing company, 3 clothing stores, a grocery store, for a college and my first job was at Burger King.

I currently manage a 20 room motel in rural Kamiah, idaho where I... *Sucks in air*... Do the paperwork, landscaping, housekeeping, front desk check in and check out, data entry, bookkeeping and accounting, rental contracts, inventory, room remodeling, light plumbing and electrical, public relations and some advertizing, and am currently looking into webpage design as the motel does not have one yet.

I have had the aid of 4 people for a total combined time of 4 months, and done all the rest of the work myself with some very appreciated help from my fiance. Just what was it you do again? Poop clean up at your local zoo?

AV   July 31st, 2009 2:33 am ET

you know something... the ZOO Animals I take care of are a million times smarter then YOU. With a resume like that.... no wonder America is falling apart.... People like I said.... go to school so you don't end up being a idiot like our friend James. I really feel for your Fiance.

JOE   July 31st, 2009 2:36 am ET


James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:37 am ET

Aw... how cute... false patriotism and false love.

How quaint.

Tai   July 31st, 2009 2:39 am ET

It's really easy to tell an individual to go to "Africa" whenever there appears to be an issue from the "black perspective". Truth of the matter is, once the world get's past color and realize no one race is better than the other things will improve. Racial profiling can not exist once those in power refuse to exude that attitude...

Georgia Peach   July 31st, 2009 2:41 am ET

Professor Gates anger I believe stems from the fact that no matter how much he has achieved he couldn't have POSSIBLY lived in THAT house in THAT neighborhood.

This situation reminds me of a joke that Comedian Chris Rock told in Bigger and Blacker:

"There ain't a white man in this room that would change places with me." "None of you would change places with me and l'm rich!" "That's how good it is to be white." "There's a white, one-legged busboy in here right now that won't change places with my black a$$."

"He's going, "no, man, l don't wanna switch." " I wanna ride this White thing out and see where it takes me." "That's right, 'cause when you White, the sky's the limit." "When you black, the limit's the sky!"

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:42 am ET

Oh i wasn't quite through wiht my resume you dolt...I've also worked at an alzheimers clinic... interestingly enough, picking up poop just liek you.

True, my degrees arent' being oput to use, but then, I'm really not interested in impressing anyone. I have nothing to prove.

I'm suprised you're unimpressed with my resume though. I thought you were interrested in calling em lazy and associating me with a layabout and freeloader, but with so many jobs held for extended periods of time, soem jobs held simultaneously, I gues yet another one of your feeble arguements falls by the wayside.

Poor thing... you must be exhausted dreaming up grander delusions for oyurself.

JOE   July 31st, 2009 2:45 am ET


James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:45 am ET

Oh hell ya... I'd trade plaes wiht Chris Rock. Have you seen his wife?!

She fine.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:48 am ET

Waste of time joe. They alreeady know... they know it's aliberal conspiracy concocted by a bunch of subhumans and race traitors... they know that, and their children know that, and they teach their children to teach their children to know that... it's sad really.

And you can't tell them they're wrong... unless you liek the scent of charred cross in your yard.

amilitarywife   July 31st, 2009 2:49 am ET

Hello, I am a 46 year old white female. My husband is in the military and has been for 18 years. The email that the Boston police officer and National Guard commander Justin Barrett wrote is absolutely discussing. I have to agree 100% with Rev. Sharpton. There is NO explanation that is good enough to excuse his state of mind in that email. As a police officer and a military officer he is suppose to be a role model and a upstanding citizen. That email (sent anonymously I might add) shows plain and simple what kind of person he is. I feel he should never be allowed to wear either uniform again. He is without a doubt racist.
The case with the professor, I don't think the officer was being racist. I don't think any officer is going to put up with rantings from anyone. That's all he had to do was obey the officers orders. The same as any white person would be expected to do. If he had stayed rational all would have been sorted out.
I know there are times people try to use the race card when it isn't but, I also know racism does exists because we lived in NJ for 9 years. My son who is white was stopped on a regular basis because he has dark hair and keeps it shaved short and his complexion is dark in the summer. He was asked a few times if he was Hispanic. Both myself and his father are 100% white but, because of how my son looked I know for a fact there was profiling going on there. On one occasion my son and his friends who where black had my husbands car and there was a road block. They let a ton of cars threw and made my son pull over. They ripped my husbands car apart. They had and electric screw driver and removed panels in the car, pulled seats out, you name it they looked everywhere. When my son came home there were screws still on the floor that they never put back. No one in the car had anything illegal. They were headed for the beach. That is without a doubt profiling and it is wrong.

Regards, a military wife

JOE   July 31st, 2009 2:53 am ET

Well u sound like you know what you're talking about except for the "liberal conspiracy" part. You think racism is a liberal conspiracy?

josie jefferson   July 31st, 2009 3:04 am ET

i do not like ann she did not answer the questions that larry ask her she was getting on subjects that didnt apply to the question iam a first time emailer i just had to get this out before i go to bed i didnt want to have night mares good night

Rosa   July 31st, 2009 3:20 am ET

Dear dancing delilah,

African-Americans are sensitive when it comes to race relations, because of their long history of racial discrimination, segregation and profiling. You should be more empathic. There is a saying " to every action there is a reaction".

Emile   July 31st, 2009 3:36 am ET

She is a blonde , what does she know about racial profiling !!

Emile   July 31st, 2009 3:39 am ET

Ann Should take a class on African American History.

Joel   July 31st, 2009 3:39 am ET

8 Billion cases in New Jersey. Wow Coulter, Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Qiana   July 31st, 2009 3:44 am ET

I think Ann's views are very sad. It seems obvious she only wants to anger instead of saying something really worth listening to. By the way, I would NEVER want her to speak on my behalf as a woman!

Dione   July 31st, 2009 3:44 am ET

I don't believe Ann is living in reality. She refuses to believe that there are people in this world with bad hearts and bad intentions. To suggest that racial profiling does not exist is like say "slavery did not exist"

Wake up Ann and look at the world you live in through someone else's eyes.

Ellen   July 31st, 2009 3:45 am ET

I never thought that anyone could be less reasonable than Al Sharpton. I stand corrected, Ann is living in a bubble. My black brother in law faced racial profiling in the white neighborhood in which he lives. He won his law suit but still finds the situation challenging to talk about. Ann, come spend some time in the real world!

Tenika   July 31st, 2009 3:45 am ET

I am a black conservative. Normally I do not like Al Sharpton because I do not like that he seems to think everything under the sun boils down to race. Tonight however, I really think he won the debate. I do not at all agree with Ann at all dancing around the fact that racial profile exist. It does still exist in THIS day and in THIS time. I don't appreciate a white woman with blond hair who has no idea what it is like being a black person in America denying the fact blacks are often stereotype by race. I am a black woman who hates excuses. I do not like to hear that because I am an excuse to be behind or to not do well but , I do know that as a black person you need to work 2x as hard to get to where a white person would be. That is a fact Ann, that I would never expect you to understand.

Emily S   July 31st, 2009 3:46 am ET

I definitely think Rev. Sharpton is going to win. Ann is using statistics ad examples and is twisting them to favor her claim. She's talking in circles and its obvious she keeps getting flustered when Larry asks her questions. She is a white woman in America who is in denial of the racial profiling that is going on in this country. She is obviously tired of hearing about racial issues, but she is going to have to accept the truth of what still goes on in America. Although we now have a black president, the racism in this country is clear and still an issue, whether we want it to be or not.

Mimi   July 31st, 2009 3:47 am ET

I think Ann is an idiot. "Ann is Ann". Sharpton couldn't have said it better. If you seriously think racial profiling doesn't exist, then you must be dumber than a fifth grader. I'm not a Sharpton supporter, but he definitely won this one. You should never make up numbers or events on television Ann.

Qiana   July 31st, 2009 3:51 am ET

Don't you just love when "they" say..."I'm not a racist?" Especially after calling someone (a black man) a 'banana-eating jungle monkey'?! An officer at that...sure Ann, there is no racial profiling!

Christian   July 31st, 2009 3:54 am ET

Ann claims needs to read more and maybe take time of tv and get a real life experience. Racism still exist and is still a problem. Maybe not in her backyard, but it is still a real problem in this country that needs to be talked about.

Steve Hernandez   July 31st, 2009 3:56 am ET

I wish Ann Coulter would just face the fact that racism is still alive in America, even though we try to just turn the other cheek, it is aparrant, that it still exist. Just look into this case with Mr. Gates. The police stereotyped Mr. Gates from the get go and didn't look back ,until it was to late. Mr. Barret needs to be terminated from his position immediately, and use him as an example, that this kind of bigotry in America will not be tolerated. We just elected an African-American president, and this type of behavior is still going on, when do we go forward with the future in America...

Urmil   July 31st, 2009 3:58 am ET

Only winner in this is you Larry and CNN with your rating. You guy at CNN, just like other news media, not helping the nation by keep debating and discussion these entire Prof. vs Police and WhiteHouse epesode. Even the parties involved doing their best to put all these behind and move one, but you guys at CNN keep digging at it and hearting the nation that has even more serious issues to deal with. I am disappointed with you guys!

Cupertino, CA
408 887 8235

Joyce   July 31st, 2009 4:02 am ET

I am listening to your show Larry. Frankly speaking, it is very worrying that media hungry, shallow people like Ann Colter are allowed to get on the air and offer relatively silly and elementary comments on serious issues. I find the acceptance of mediocrity and general stupidity, (oh did I say Stupid?) the American people seem s willing to tolerate. She is an idiot and media attention seeker.

Windell Smith   July 31st, 2009 4:03 am ET

The case is not a question of who wins or loses the debate (even though , IMHO, Sharpton has lost every discussion since the Brawley case), it is still a matter of if the arrest was race related.

Only one answer to only one question can determine that:
"Would the results of the investigation have been different if the 'suspect' had not been black?"

From what I heard of the police recordings and the photo released, I do not feel the results would have been different regardless of the race of either the police office or of the home owner who was breaking into his own home.

If the results would have been the same, then there is no racism.

Even though Cates may have been upset about the police being in him home, he should have calmly proivded the information requested and have been patient as the investigation progressed.

On the other hand, Crowley may have been able to conclude the investigaton a little more quickly, but was not inclined to do so (or was prevented from doing so) by the actions of Gates. As soon as he found out who he was dealing with, he may have slowed down his investigtion just to make sure that he got all of he information correctly.

The scene of an incident is not the place to argue the finer points of the law, the courts are there for that. In all cases, the officer MUST control the situation for the officer's safety. Remember, Crowley called for backup from both his department and from the Harvard Campus Police. Officers don't call for backup when things are going smoothly.

Robin   July 31st, 2009 4:05 am ET

Well, well, well, yet another white man calling a black person out of his name with the most derogatory racial names while claiming "he's not a racist" in teh same breath. Oh yeah, and he's never used those words before, I seriously doubt that. So typical and so what's expected from this type of people in the white community.

Timmy, SC   July 31st, 2009 4:08 am ET

Larry, why can't Officer Sincrests, (by the way who is a grown man) speak for himself, since he's so sorry. If he really meant it, it'd flow just as easily as it did when he called the President of the United States a Banana-Eating-Jungle Monkey. What's in the heart will flow right of the mouth. What made him come up with that language was what was in his heart, Larry. No excuses.

I think Ann Coulter is confused, appalling, unorganized, and unprepared. If you're going to come on CNN with Larry King for a Major Debate, you need to have your thoughts together, unless you seek to make your supporters look bad. That "yo mama" comment was a little off the charts, Ann. African American police brutality is a much broader range than you care to acknowledge. African Americans feel so strong about this because we get it all the time, in which I'm quite sure you wouldn't have the slightest clue or even can fathom my interpretation on this issue, Ann. Do some reasearch on that Police Officer's oath in that area.

Josh   July 31st, 2009 4:09 am ET

Rev. Al Sharpton.

I can't believe Ann is serious.

Rod in New York City   July 31st, 2009 4:09 am ET

Larry you ask me who do I agree with Ann or Al? I agree With Both parties because both situations do exist, that's why the problem is difficult to go away. America should not choose sides but embrace both sides and come up with a solution. Note. I do not think this incident was racial(just a cop that lost his temper), but I do agree with the president(even though he should have been more neutral without evidence) that the officer was stupid for arresting Dr. Gates in his owen home (where I disagree with Ann, police do disregard peoples rants and leave, especially senior citizens in their own home). Police are trained to have thick skin depending on the situation (this was a thick skin situation). Trust me!

Demetria Hester   July 31st, 2009 4:10 am ET

I am a 35 year old black women with 3 kids and I live in Washington state and I am currently being racialy profiled by CPS. I need someone to tell me what my rights are as a victim and a parent!

Dr. Moore   July 31st, 2009 4:11 am ET

Ann Coulter is a misguided idiot. I can't stand for someone to debate a subject such as racial profiling, and not even know the true meaning of the term.

Melissa Vance   July 31st, 2009 4:16 am ET

Hi, Larry I never comment on anything that i see on tv but this is just beyond belief. Larry i am from a small town in which you probably never heard of. West Point, Mississippi and i am tired of seeing these cops on tv treating black people with no respect and it has to take all this controversy to get it solved. Larry i work at wal-mart and the customer is always right. They get angry at us and they say really rude stuff to us but as a customer service representative we have to just say yes, thank you, and how can i fix it or we will lose our job. That is what that cop should have done period. When he found out that this was that guys house he should have apologized and left. Embarrassed or not. Thats his job, period.

Robin   July 31st, 2009 4:20 am ET

Of course, Al Sharpton, Ann can't hold a candle to Sharpton...period! Ann's problem is she is contrary, for the sake of being contrary, she brings about anger in people and that's her job. I really don't know why we, the media, we the public, give her the time of day. We seriously aren't having meaningful conversations because of her, nor do we learn anything from her except that she is some bitter, tight-faced woman.

Melissa V   July 31st, 2009 4:25 am ET

Larry will you please take my home town off my coment Please.

Tamara Bryan   July 31st, 2009 4:26 am ET

Larry This is one time I have to stept up and say for the first time in my life I have to agree with Mr Sharpton. And also as a white 63 yr old business woman with 5 children,one a policeman, one a fireman, one an entertainer, one a college student, and one a Dentist , that I am sad to think that Ann Coulter is the same gender as I am. All I have ever heard out of her mouth is hate. How does that women ever sleep at night. Of my many friends both Dem and Rep all of us feel she must be a very miserable person. All she ever does is (Ramble)
on and on and on, but never says any thing. Maybe she should come to one of the tea parties I was ask to attend. What happen today was the start of maybe some good. This comeing from a normal American

denny   July 31st, 2009 4:27 am ET

Sharpton get rid of affirmative action and things would be equal. gates should have been thinking the police for coming to check on his home instead of gates saying stupid things to the police . people in america are tired of hearing about the poor little african american every time something goes wrong they use the race card.theres other minorities in america that don't complain like the african americans do.

Isabel Moore   July 31st, 2009 4:31 am ET

I start got tired of cnn, because is too many bad shows in cnn. Cnn give support the ressentment of color people to multiplay the evil. Black people need to understand that God created the black, white and all the other colors and that black people have to like themself, black people doesn't like to be a black and because in the past the white people make slaver, what is over, will not happen again. Also Jesus forgive who killed Him, so if black people is truly Christian they need to understand their values. Exemple: I'm going to a church where are lot mean people, most asians, I grow up in Brasil, we are very sincere and emotional, most races learn to be materialist, they didn't grow up as a heart as a subject as asians Palestines, Europian and Americans, black and white americans are cold people. People from Africa also they only think money. I have lot friend from Africa. Same times is very hard give and take with them, specific with asians, but I'm not going to keep complaint. Same times I do espress my self. But I have to have my direct connection with God and do same thing to make my self happy. In America black people living to trow the anger in the white people, because black people no happy to be black, God make them black. Was not the white people who make them black. Black people needd to love God first and them love them self and others. Black people will not be happy ever to complaint about white men, because will not salve the problem espress anger, only make more difficult. And is that why I don't like Barack and Michelle Obam, because they are full of ressentment (poisen). Is hard to believe that Americans not see that in Obama. Obama dispend more time care about the black and the Muslin anger what came from his father. Black and Muslin. Two ressentment together. Sharpton is very ressentfully. Sharpton have no position as a Rev. Because Rev. meed to salve any problem of ressentment and he not practice it. I have no respect for him as a Christian, Sharpton is not Christian at all. The position of Christian is eliminate the ressentment and black people in America and Africa not doing it. I grow up with lot balck people and they are much truly in Brasil, they understand that they are children of God like every one and they understand about the slaver, but they know it is over and that they have to move on with God. , but because that freedom of America with out responsability every one abusing. If black people don't change they will live in hell for all life. Black people in America is rebelde and ressentfull. It need to finish, the problem is because this Obama. Obama must stop using the public money to go criate more problem in Africa. That is why I will never vote in Democratics in USA.

Melissa V   July 31st, 2009 4:33 am ET

Al!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Al

Lisa S   July 31st, 2009 4:42 am ET

I will write Lisa S from now on as there is at least one more Lisa around now 🙂

I think that the chef was a dignified lady. Not to criticize anybody but one of the most intelligent and educated person from Michaels surrounding that has steped forward.

Miko Brandon and the other of his friends seems nice but very naive and not the smartest people.

She answered all questiongs without initiating anything or putting any values in the answers. She didnt say he didnt eat well she just said he loved his juices. Then it iwas up to the viewers to consider some glasses of juices proper breakfast for somebody who trains a lot or not. And the questions about the doctor she also answerd very professional. She never said that Prince looked at the dead father. She had never been upstairs, she didnt know what room there was and what happened up there. Again, media adding things without knowing for sure.

And she is the first one to understand that the kids needs to stay in touch with Debbie Rowe. After all she is their biological mother and it is important for their development and identity.

Very smart lady!

Heather   July 31st, 2009 5:01 am ET

Reverand Sharpton won easily, he was a class act tonight. Great job! Ann was well....typical Ann. I wonder if she actually believes half of the things that she says. Ann is ridiculous, why is she still being asked to speak about anything? Next time try to book Carrot Top instead, his insights I'm sure would be more appropriate & interesting as well as entertaining.

Cocovelvet   July 31st, 2009 5:15 am ET



Cocovelvet   July 31st, 2009 5:18 am ET




Cocovelvet   July 31st, 2009 5:34 am ET


OHHH!!! YEAH!!, AL is really giving it to this lady and she starts getting hysterical and saying things which are mixed up.

Who understands really what she is trying to say....!!???

dean ben   July 31st, 2009 5:37 am ET

the racial profiling probably stems from the fact that blacks are committing most of the serious crime. i have often been racially profiled.

DAVID CLAIR   July 31st, 2009 5:42 am ET

I know that if you are in your home you may feel annoid if teh police start asking questions about you but I hope that if I have to break into my own house becouse what if it's not my house and just becouse I am getting up set they shouldn't require ID?

Cocovelvet   July 31st, 2009 5:53 am ET

Really, from the response now coming from others such as this Boston cop shows really who should be strictly dealt with.


Blackberry   July 31st, 2009 5:58 am ET

Hi, I'm writing from Edinburgh in the UK. I watched Larry King on CNN and thought I would add my 2 pennies worth. A well known black professional soccer player and his friend where out shopping. As you know professional soccer players here are paid a fortune. Anyway they were looking in the window of a jewellers on a famous street in London when police arrived and arrested them because they thought they were about to commit an offence. The call came from the CCTV people who were watching the streets at the time. Racial profiling? What do you think...

lawson samson   July 31st, 2009 6:02 am ET

i agree with Cocovelvet comment

Blackberry   July 31st, 2009 6:03 am ET

For Ann to defend a cop who uses that kind of language in a fit of anger but claims he isn't a racist tells people a lot about her character. I wonder how he will be received by his fellow black officers if and when he returns to duty.

EliasAmiouni   July 31st, 2009 6:06 am ET

People make mistakes. To err is human! However , to go on national TV , trying to try to convince people that ,calling someone a " Banana-Eating Jungle Monkey", had no racial connotations is even more insulting. You make a mistake, you acklowledge it, you apologize for it .... and then you move on. End of story!

Eddie Cole   July 31st, 2009 6:24 am ET

Racial profiling is something real and not only in America its in the entire world. If it weren't real this wouldn't be a topic of discussion. You may choose not to see it. If you don't have friends of other racist cultures and backrounds you won't see it. Or maybe you don't want to see it. The incident in question is unfortunate but it is a topic that has to be addressed and should be. How this woman Ann Coulter could say its not real is a joke!! And trying to call the Presidents invitation to share a beer as a racial remark is a cheep shot... Its summer! Many people share a "cool beer"!! Cheap punch!!! Now if he would've whipped back " lets share a shot of Irish whiskey that would've raised some eyebrows. A "G** damn banana eating monkey"? Now thats racist! Apologize if you want....but it is!! Officer Barrett said what HE would do in that situation is typical. Thats why there are so many racist reports. Raise your voice to a policemen merits you to be sprayed in the face? He read an ariticle and thought about what he wrote! He wasn't disrespected in his home....Now go figure....
Its sad.....this is STILL going on. White sheets are still defending white sheets.....Once we get rid of the closet racist in America we can move on.....And its NOT just black & white....And its NOT a one sided thing.

Ron Koons   July 31st, 2009 6:38 am ET

I am not a big Al Sharpton fan. I believe anyone claiming to be a reverend should be "reverending" and not taking up one cause all over media. On the other hand, Ms. Coulter made us white folks look like we have a mission to silence suspected racism. Racism exists and needs to be exposed, but not by the same lynch-mob tactics racism is known for in the first place. Harvard professor's need to realize, if they break into their own homes, good people with good intentions call cops for good reasons. Evidently Barak's buddy didn't recognize good cops but was on a mission to focus on racism.
On the other hand I, the white guy, would have spent time in the cooler if I had mouthed off to cops trying to do their job no different than a black Harvard professor.

Good Job Al,
Ronnie Koons' Dad

Stella   July 31st, 2009 7:20 am ET

Clearly AL is making more sense. Ann is so cynical. how come she had that stupid grin on her face when such serious issue is being discussed. She is really of no value to anyone (white or black) I couldn't really understand what point she was making.

Lisa S   July 31st, 2009 7:42 am ET

As much as I love Michael Jackson I must say that I like the fact that Al Sharpton has moved on and continues to work with his mission.

I mean, after all, we need to focus on this world, what is happening now and how to make this world a better place.

People here ask here for him to get involved in the MJ death case. Sharpton is surely missing Michael but he doesnt freeze and stop all activites but continue doing what he feels he needs to do. I think that should teach us something. We should remember Michael and spread his legacy all over the world and for ever but we must move on and use our time here for the living people. I mean, none of us knows if we will be here tomorrow. Sometimes I wonder what Michael would have thought if he new that at the saemtime we are spending our time and thoughts about how he died and who was involved, millions of children on this earth is starving, lacking fresh water, there are several warzones around, Aung San Suu Kyi still in house arrest etc etc.

Work for keeping the memory of Michael and for his justice, but dont forget the living people and that his biggest mission was to make the world a better place.

Valdene   July 31st, 2009 7:55 am ET

Another posted wrote: "It is so true, that blacks are too often their own worst enemies, they segregate themselves, re all the separate black magazines, TV station, award shows, music shows, etc. "

What! You're kidding right? Do you know why those magazines came about? Sometimes I like reading about hair products that are made for my hair, and make-up that fits my face. Maybe it's just nice to see a model on the cover that looks like me (wishful thinking), okay is the same hue. What makes it a black magazine, TV Station, Award Show etc, the number of blacks, black ownership, demographic? Well then, what is a white magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, what about TV stations, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, what exactly constitutes white entertainment. This is one of the most annoying arguments. Well fine, then let that be our one perk, our black magazines etc. Another annoying statement, "I don't see color". Really, well if you saw a bouquet of flowers would you pretend they are all roses. No, you'd see the beauty in all the flowers. You see color, the goal should be that you don't put a value on it, positive or negative. Sometimes when I read these blogs and I think why bother, but then I think of all the great white folks in my life who I love and how far blacks have come and what we have to be proud of as well as the work we still have yet to do and I think yeah, it's worth the bother.

C Powell   July 31st, 2009 8:05 am ET

Ann great job with this self indulged idiot!

It is time to stop giving this man any airtime. Why is it that men like Sharpton think they are always right, love to hear themselves talk and cant shut up? Because if he listened, he would find out he's wrong most of the time.
Sharpton lost this battle to Ann hands down!!!!

Black baby   July 31st, 2009 8:23 am ET

I am trying to come across be smatter than the average person and it is a lot easier to be that than to pretend to be very stupid, because that seems to be the order of the day. Since CNN is very good at making light an issue like this that is nothing but force brutality then I wonder what it is telling any other person to do.
I think from today the new act of bumping into people’s houses and kidnapping them is now not only legal but the fault of whoever is being kidnapped (yes for what was the offence). I used to hear people say (dumb blond) I felt that was unproven but watching CNN today I began to wonder if that phrase did not well express a truth. The Lady there was so sure of herself, because she usually posted some mumbo jumbo on her page that no sane, happy or busy person would read, that she was not making a fool of her self on Tv stating things that were clearly out of the issue, unintelligent and totally subject (she was not at all looking at the matter at hand) The Dumbest thing she said when the intelligent man said of the cop “ how can this man simple be suspended when he is given a gun by the state)
She said what if a 911 call came at the time. I mean she could not have been any dumber and silly and I feel it is an embarrassment when ‘women’ go out there and make other women look stupid. I see her as a disgrace to women on that issue, surely not black women who are very intelligent, less petty (I mean how petty and dumb could she get, was he the only police in Massachusetts or close and then, well if that happened would it now be wrong to stop the illegal arrest ( I mean its not like they just caught Osama) and then go and do other better jobs like saving the people which is supposed to be his job rather than fool around.
I also think that America and Larry king has done the pettiest thing. Must it be white and black to talk about the issue, why not a white and white person to talk analyse and one to condemn the issue so you are telling us so stupidly and without any ounce of discretion and understanding that this is already a racial battle before they even started to talk. I guess the lady was ‘lawyer or attorney (or whatever you Language adulterers) say for White and the silly white sergeant and then the man was clearly not attorney for anything cos reason was on his side and stupidity was as always on the side of the dumb, smiling, ‘confident’ fake and falling eye lashes lady (I wonder what ‘beautician’ fixed that, I could do better).
I mean are we supposed to be winning or analysing law, on what counts was this man arrested. Wondering what your reactions would be if you got arrested in your house when you know you did nothing.
I mean if he ranted and raved would that not be right and then would it be right for a scary skinned lobster or a ghostlike lice house skinned baboon or a leprosy clothed pig to wake up and talk nonsense and still be back to work sometime later.
I wish I could get caught but I never do, it seems Lagos, the big and bustling city is too far and remote, well Be glad to pay for whatever I say. Hackers can track me down and know where I am.

Lisa S   July 31st, 2009 8:24 am ET

Valdene: Intresting things you bring up. There are many sides to that discussion. I agree to a certain points with the comment about starting black magazines and black music shows etc is complicated. I live in Europe and in our general stores they sell relaxers, baklava and products for all tastes and cultures.

I think, having magazines that adress all skincoulours and cultures is the best way to go. The Cosby show is 30 years old but still, TV shows with black family life mostly have all black families. If there is a tv show with black and whites hanging out being friends (Scrubs for instance) they always have girlfriends/boyfriends of the same skincolour. How can we hope of mixing, blending and living together as the one race we really are (since the neanderthals died out 10 000 years ago, there are only one human race) if we dont mix? Michael did a great statement buy after having decided to have a surrogatmum chose a white woman. He knew that it would casue a lot of discussion. But why did it casue so much discussions, be cause the americans are not used to it. Black people choose black partners and white people choose white partners and latin people choose latin partners etc etc... (of course there are several exceptions but not many in propotion to how many different cultures there are in US ) I just found that really strange.

My vision for the futurue generations is everybody having the skin colour of cappucino and nobody asking or wonder about what race they have.

Black baby   July 31st, 2009 8:27 am ET

I however want to say to the Rev, that the best he can do is be what he is. he has been reasonable and inteligent. I mean the assualted man did not come online and rant. But another cop could come online and say whatever he liked when it was really none of his business and how many hours later.
I think it would be good for that lady to win, so that she can go home more stupid than ever without learning anything.

Lisa S   July 31st, 2009 8:45 am ET

addition: I mean that when everybody is so mixed that you cant separate races. The only way to get there is to create meeting places and forum where all races have an interest and getting something out of the meeting. Like shops for all people, clubs for all kind of people, neighbourhoods, schools etc etc.

Arunav "Steve" Banerjee   July 31st, 2009 10:04 am ET

I feel Ann Coutler is ultra coutler. She is on Fox News quite often and is similar to Bill O' Reilly. But i liked the way Rev. Sharpton addressed to the Jackson kids @ his memorial. But what really worries me is that is he really in favor of African American equality? I often get confused by his media image. Albeit, he shows himself to be a prominent figure for the minorities, but, alas! his advocacy is more inclined towards rich, famous and big law suit stuffs rather than working majorly for poor individuals.

I kindly request you Rev. Sharpton, since you are an extraordinary man and can lead people towards equality. I urge you to stop dividing the races and hold hands to attain that God given equality of all men are born equal.

Baldwin   July 31st, 2009 11:13 am ET

As the moderator, why didn't you correct Ann when she said that the President stereotyped Irish cops by suggesting a beer? As the President said it was suggested by Mr. Crowley not him, so she made that up to bolster her point.

justsaying   July 31st, 2009 11:40 am ET

Is there such a thing as racism against white persons?
America elected a president who happens to be black why in 2009 are we still saying Black President. It should not matter. It is time for black america to stop labeling THEMSELVES> I grew up in the midewest in the 70's in a "all-white" neighborhood made up of very ethnic Polish, Hungarian and Itailian. I never knew anyone who I could say was racisit in my neighborhood. We all need to understand that when you call someone a racists it hurts it does not help.

Mike   July 31st, 2009 11:49 am ET

I respect Ann Coulter. She has the guts to get on national TV and speak her mind about race while everyone else is too intimidated to say anything that's not politcally correct . I do wish Ann had been more forceful about affirming that racial profiling of course still exists in America. Now we're going to have to sit through a barrage of sound bytes and clips from the liberal media taken out of context talking about how Ann doesn't believe racism exists and trying to conflate that sentiment with conservatives in America. What Ann should have done was affirmed the point about racial profiling existing in America and then turned it around on Sharpton and asked him if he believes reverse racism exists. Now that would've been entertaining! The very fact that Sharpton kept saying "that's just Ann being Ann" confirms this double standard. Can you imagine if Ann had said "that's just Al being Al"? Sharpton would have flown off the handle demanding an explanation and the media would have had a field day race baiting the issue.

GC   July 31st, 2009 12:07 pm ET

I wonder if all this would have happened if the professeor just showed the officer his ID. Thats what I would have done. I think the professer should be thankful for the neighbors actions as well as the police.

Michael Littlejohn   July 31st, 2009 1:30 pm ET

For Ann Coulter to make a statement that Police Officer do not target African American because of race is absurd. She is no better than that racist neo-Nazi who claims that the holocaust never happens.

vallary   July 31st, 2009 1:51 pm ET

I don't Ann was to far off the beaten path, there have been far worse cases than this. I think this Gates is a personal friend, If you look at the few photos that were taken at this beer break. Obama doesn't hardly look at the police officer. at the table and Binden was there for the beer. He looked like he didn't even know what they were doing there. I think this go away. This professor was in the wrong he should had more class and think his neighbor for looking out for his property and make a change in how people see each other, Until we change our mind set nothing is going to change.

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:12 pm ET

@JOE No, I don't. I was being sarcastic.

Peggy   July 31st, 2009 2:16 pm ET

Al Sharpton definitely WON the debate with Ann Coulter.
Coulter is ABRASIVE and RUDE !!!

James In Kamiah, Idaho   July 31st, 2009 2:22 pm ET

Windell Smith, actually teh scene of the investigation is a persons last chance to stay out of jail. I'm of the opinion, that after Gates "cop"'d and attitude [gee, where do we get that from Hmmmm] 😉 , it was always Crowley's intention to arrest him. You know jsut to teacha lesson to an uppity black man.

A lesson the professor didn't need to learn from a man incapable to teach it.

Rosa   July 31st, 2009 2:33 pm ET

I wonder if any of these people watch CNN's Black in America. I remember looking at an episode earlier this year regarding the racial profiling of an educated black man who lived in a white neighborhood. This educated black man was driving a late model Mercedes and the police pulled him over and questioned him why he was in the neighborhood. The black man explained to the officer that he lived in the neighborhood.

Racial profiling exist. How would you know if you are not black?!

BC   July 31st, 2009 3:17 pm ET

Two years ago I was stopped by a New Jersey state trooper. I was going 55mph in a 55mph speed zone. After checking my insurance and other identification he told me to wait as he returned to his patrol car. After a few minutes, he returned to my car and gave me a ticket for going 75 mph. It took me almost a year to get this straightened out. As he walked away, he said "welcome to New Jersey and racial profiling".

BC   July 31st, 2009 3:22 pm ET

I forgot something in my previous comment:
I am white, the trooper was black.

Mary Jane Schnaufer   July 31st, 2009 5:26 pm ET

I just want you to know that even inviting Ann Coulter to your show for commentary is reason enough for me to switch back to MSNBC. She is insulting and ignorant. I will not watch your show if she is on it ever again. To sit through her rhetoric is enough to make me physically sick. She is illogical and arrogant and I can't imagine why you would give her a voice.

sharyn   July 31st, 2009 6:31 pm ET

This is the first time I heard or saw Ann Coulter. She's great. Al Sharpton can take some vocabulary lessons and such from Ann. You notice in the beginning Al Sharpton is calm and collected then 'his' moment to 'expode' happens. Ann controlled the conversation, Sharpton doesn't know how. Racial profiling is like beating a dead horse. I'm a single white female and I know that people size me up for whatever reason, and I don't go making a dig deal of it. Profiling happens to everyone, by everyone, black or white. I know blacks that hate whites, I just stay away from them but I'm not afraid to say to anyone, that some blacks racial profile whites. Hate to interrupt but I have to go to the Antiques Roadshow. Have a nice evening.

Valdene   July 31st, 2009 10:16 pm ET

Lisa S. I think it's silly to suggest that our skin colour needs to be the same. You are also forgetting along with color there are ethnic differences as well. We don't all have to be the same, we have to accept difference, see the beauty in it, and stop thinking one is better than the other. Why is that such a difficult concept?

Lisa S   August 1st, 2009 9:51 am ET

Also, I think that people like Obama, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson are the future. They know that it is not about races. They are showing us that what it important is who you are and what you acomplish.

Obama comming grew up in a white family, had a white mum, are not embraced by the blacks. Michael grew up in a black family and the white people embraced the world. That is what Sharpton talker about. Breaking down stereotypes.

I found it so odd how people can be stressod over how it is going to be for Michaels white kids to grow up in a black family. My godness, as if blacks wouldnt be able to take care of white cildren? As if children are not childen no matter what skin colours.

Valdene   August 1st, 2009 10:57 am ET

How silly to think that they would prefere to read magazines with asian people in it.

Do you believe that by adopting a child from a different race that changes negates their origion or somehow it no longer matter?. Not so. It's not fun to be invisable, and yes there are times when it's nice to see someone who looks like you who is considered beautiful. Consider the alternative where the standard of beauty is not you. I do agree with you, children don't need to be raised by the same race of parent, but ask any parent with chidren of a different race, their backgrounds needs to be validated and celebrated.

GC   August 1st, 2009 11:03 am ET

The problem with that discussion was that you cannot confuse Mr. Sharpton with the facts. He, sadly, has built his entire carreer on exploiting racism rather than to trying to address the issues. For eg his 75k per year rental that he forgot to pay taxes on.

Lisa S   August 1st, 2009 11:51 am ET


I can ask, and have asked, my own parents 🙂 They have different skin colours and my own skin colour is a mix of theirs.

Of course the background needs to be validated but if somebody has been living in US for 6 generations are they not americans first of all? What background is it they need to celebrate?

You should read Obamas autobiography and the chapters where he went to Kenya, his fathers land. How different and excotic he experienced the land and that was his fathers land. How distant and unfamiliar wouldnt it be if an african american whos ancestors left africa 200 years ago went to "africa"? Many people dont even know which country in Africa their ancestors came from.

I identify myself with people with the same values as I have and with the same look on life and respect as I do. Skin colour has no matter what so ever. Of course, if they come from the same country as I do and if they speak the same language, it is easier to communicate and exchange experience. But that is no problem in US as both blacks and whites speak English, right?

If I see an asian or white or black person that is considered beautiful, I congratulate them. Why would it be nicer to me if the person had the same skin colour as I have? If a human being accomplish their dream I am happy for them no matter where they come from.

I am a person, I am interested in people and their inside the colour of skin is unimportant to me.

'Im not going to spend my life being a colour'

Valdene   August 1st, 2009 2:12 pm ET

I think you've missed the point entirely. I don't mind being seen as a black woman, why, because that is what I am. What I don't like is when someone has a negative connotation because of it or assumes what my ethnicity ( I am not an American) is because of that colour. I won't prentend that I don't see colour ( all of them, and the mixutures as well). I like difference, it's what makes the world interesting. However it's hate and bigotry regarding that difference which makes it a rotten place to be at times.

Jayne in Baltimore   August 1st, 2009 2:16 pm ET

I must say Ann Coulter was on her best behavior during this show! Usually I get the urge to shake her like a "Red Headed Step Child" (oops would that be considered profiling?). In any event, I believe Al Sharpton won the debate. Although I must say, Ann Coulter's usual narrow mindedness most certainly gave him the advantage!

Jayne in Baltimore   August 1st, 2009 2:26 pm ET

I would officially like to nominate Barrack O' Bama for a Darwin Award. The Award should be entitled "Most likely to act STUPIDLY."

Without really knowing what went on between Gates and Crowley, the best way for people to understand this event is two people who could not come to an understanding with each other. O' Bama on the other hand acted quite "Stupidily" by butting into a local issue that should not have been made a federal case. O' Bama magnified the situation, which of course made a great spin for the press!

John Darling.   August 1st, 2009 7:58 pm ET

I've worked in law enforcement for quite a while now. Racial profiling is a natural thing in todays society. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics they all do it. Profiling has resulted in safer streets, keeping Drug dealers, thieves, rapists, and killers off of them. As far as the Sgt. and the Professor, Racial Profiling was not present. The Professor's neighbors called in a suspicious man trying to break into a house that so happened to be the Professors home. The Sgt. followed protocall and attempted to verify the identity of the professor. The Professor flies off the handle and automatically calls foul....racism and became uncooperative yelling vulgar language. Laws like obstruction and disorderly conduct were made for people like the professor who interfere with an investigation. Police are there to protect the general public. They are an authority figure and they demand respect. Yelling and being uncooperative towards them is insulting and disrespectful.They have to be firm or everyone would be testing them and we would have complete anarchy. Personally, I would have invited the Sgt. in, gave him my identification and let him look through the house. Whats the big deal, if you have nothing to hide. The Cops are there for your safety. Personally, I cannot stand Sharpton. Everything is racist to that man. Do the world a favor and go back to reading the bible because what you're doing isn't really holy. Anne, keep up the good work! I apologize for the grammar. Opinion based reply.

Edward Bibb   August 2nd, 2009 4:03 am ET

Mr Darling,
It is exactly this attitude of Law Enforcement demanding respect that is a problem not only to black Americans, but all American citizens. It is the reason officers can feel compelled to taser 67 year old women on the side of highways for talking back to them. It is the reason 92 year old women can be shot in their own homes protesting a mistaken raid on their residence. It is the reason a mayor's dogs can be killed in a sting gone wrong and have no apology issued to the dog owner. How about a little respect for the folks who pay your salaries, namely the tax paying citizens of this country. While I will agree that a cop's job is difficult at best, the public is not beholding to give respect to officers that don't show any respect toward people. I listened to the tapes and to be honest with you, I didn't hear Professor Gates in the background "screaming at the top of his lungs" to anyone. And as I read the Massachusetts statute on disorderly conduct, there is nothing cited about a person yelling at anyone in his own home. This arrest wasn't about the law, which officers are suppose to uphold, this was about a perceived lack of respect of a police officer, as you yourself have stated here. And since a perceived lack of respect is not against the law, as I read it, Mr Gates was falsely arrested. I realize that Law Enforcement will support it's officers no matter how egregiously they have acted so I find your particular input of no value whatsoever. Most civilians are familiar with the "Blue Wall" of silence. It is truly a sad day in America when our citizens can be arrested while breaking no law, but not giving the necessary respect. Like my father taught me, respect begets respect and it's high time Law Enforcement learned that lesson. If you come to my door asking for my papers for a reason I don't understand you can believe you'll be questioned as to why you need them. And if I'm met with an answer of "just show me your ID or go to jail", I'm probably going to jail that day. But say I do present my identification that proves who I am and that I belong in the house. That should be it, end of case. There should be no further checking my background and the such. It should be "thank you for your cooperation and have a good day, sir.", nothing more and you're out of there. You know this is not what happens and that is why Law Enforcement runs afoul of the public trust. Get a grip. Law Enforcement isn't the only one deserving of respect.

SMORT   August 2nd, 2009 7:12 am ET

TO: Edward Bibb – DITTO to your remarks; none of us could have said it better than you did. Thank you !

Maya   August 2nd, 2009 11:13 am ET

Did the very smart professor ever stop to think about the possible consequences of his actions?
Thanks to this episode being news on all TV channels, every thief in America will take notice.
Professor Gates` house must be the safest place to break into right now. Who would stupidly call the police again, even if they saw a burglary going on in that house ?!

John D   August 3rd, 2009 8:40 pm ET

Edward Edward Edward.....Sir, you sound educated but you have been delt a hand of ignorance. I can't blame you for that. You are not in law enforcement so I cannot expect you to understand the job. First off we should talk about the examples of the so called elderly abuse by police that you gave. Do you understand that this year alone there has been thousands of killings, DUI's, rapes and molestations of children by the same elderly people that you are sticking up for. When working in Law enforement , officers use a standard precaution or universal precaution. Everyone is equally dangerous. The elderly man who just shot the secuity guard in the museum, should the police have just gently put handcuffs on him and catered to his wants maybe showed him a little respect, absolutely not! He is a murderer. Edward, in my line of work we would call you a thug hugging liberal. I understand we don't live in a perfect world but you are putting a generalized view that police are racist bullies. Police are here to prevent crime, and protect the general public and I believe that they are doing a great job. Their courage keeps you safe while you're hiding behind closed doors. Another thing, I think everytime I get pulled over or questioned by a police officer that is of different origin, I might call racism, does that sound fair. I'm going to throw one "What if " at you. What if that was a real break in? and the SGT. knocked on the door. the burglar answered the door and said..Yes, I live here. The Sgt. takes his word and then what........... The Sgt. is the guy who didn't do his job. Edward, I know I am babbling but I feel strongly that america is getting soft and too liberal. The Police are the enforcers of the law. People like you sir is what is wrong with the world.. you probably stick up for illegal immagrants too., Everone is a racist and the world is so cruel to the criminals. Again i'll apologize for my grammar and my babbling and I apologize if I hurt your feelings.

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