July 8, 2009

Jackson memorial hits viewer heights

Posted: 11:52 PM ET

The Michael Jackson memorial service, where daughter Paris spoke briefly, was a big draw on TV and online.

The Michael Jackson memorial service, where daughter Paris spoke briefly, was a big draw on TV and online.

(CNN) - Well, it was big.  The biggest ever? Probably not.  Tuesday's memorial service for Michael Jackson was expected to set some high marks for viewership - and it did. But, based on information gathered by various meter-readers, it was no moon landing or Princess Diana funeral - events whose audiences, by some reckonings, pushed 1 billion viewers.

In the United States, the Jackson memorial aired during the late morning and afternoon, when most people are working. Nielsen, the television ratings service, said that 31.1 million watched: not as many as the Obama inauguration (38 million) but more than the 2009 "American Idol" finale (28.8 million).  In all or in part, the program was aired on 19 U.S. television networks.

In Europe, where the show aired in prime time, the memorial service also did well. The BBC reported that 5.2 million people watched the show on the network BBC2, and 2 million more watched on the British networks Five and Sky News.  The service also aired on channels in Germany, France, Australia and Japan, testifying to the King of Pop's worldwide reach.

But it was the Internet where the Jackson memorial really hit the heights. Global Web traffic ranged from 19 percent to 33 percent above normal during the event, according to Internet monitoring firm Akamai Technologies. reported 9.7 million live video streams between midnight and 5 p.m. PT, as well as 81 million page views, according to internal data.

Yahoo News had 5 million live video streams, according to the publication Media Life. The publication also reported that and combined for 6.4 million video streams.  Anecdotally, Jackson also fared well.  Jackson-related topics were highly ranked on Twitter, Google Trends and Alexa.  Facebook, which partnered with to let friends and family share commentary during the service, reported 800,000 status updates by 1 million users.  The Obama inauguration, by contrast, had 600,000 status updates during the event, though there were 1.5 million for the day of the inauguration, according to TechCrunch. Jackson does outrank the president as the most popular person on Facebook, with 7.7 million fans, versus 6.4 million for Obama.

In Los Angeles, the Jackson memorial proved to be less of a draw than locals had hoped - or feared.  Though the city staffed the area around the Staples Center, where the memorial was held, with 3,000 police officers - 1,000 more than had been on hand for the Los Angeles Lakers' victory parade - the crowd without tickets may have numbered in the thousands, according to unofficial estimates, and not the hundreds of thousands that had been feared.  Even inside the memorial, which was held at the Staples Center and the adjacent Nokia Theatre, not every seat of the 20,000 available appeared to be taken, according to CNN observations.  The Jackson memorial also drew hundreds of fans, respectively, to gatherings in New York's Times Square, Detroit's Motown Historical Museum, London's O2 Arena and a Tokyo Tower Records store.

Jackson is still reigning on the music charts.  According to Nielsen SoundScan, the singer had the two best-selling albums in the United States last week - "Thriller" and "Number Ones" - and 13 of the top 20 catalog albums. On iTunes, he has four of the top 10 songs on iTunes and four of the top 10 albums.

Finally, where there's a big event, there's at least a little money to be made off the spectacle. At the Staples Center on Tuesday, vendors sold Michael Jackson T-shirts, artwork, decals and even beverages.  For the real spectacle, though, one must turn to eBay, where there were at least 50,000 Michael Jackson-related items up for auction as of Wednesday afternoon. Among them: 1984 Topps trading cards ($15.50), official memorial service programs (from $2.99 to at least $10,000, some with wristbands and tickets) and even Web domain names - one of which,, can be yours for $650,000.

The Jackson magic may have been dominant Tuesday, but someone is obviously expecting it to continue for quite some time longer.

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Debbie McDonald   July 9th, 2009 12:03 am ET

My husband and I send our condolences to the Jackson Children and the entire Jackson family. We have indeed lost a great talent, but most important a very caring & giving person. Indeed there were problems, however I just hope that people remember how very generous Michael was. The Memorial was very respectable and heart wrenching. I just hope everyone remeber's Michael's little girls,( Paris) words, and let him rest in peace. God Bless you Michael.

Tina Race   July 9th, 2009 12:04 am ET

I know that millions are curious and need to know how he died. I just feel that the way the media is handling it wrong. These three children are the most important and I see no one being concerned about how the children will hear or see the coverage now and in the future.

Most certainly they need the truth yes, but in private. No one else needs to be told. You have to remember these children didn't see the Michael Jackson " The King of Pop "as we love and adored. They saw a father, their daddy.

Personally I'm glad that the media lost the vehicle that may of had his remains. I think that is just too funny.

That precious child Paris showed the world exactly how her daddy was with her and her brothers. It doesn't matter anymore it is these children that matter.

A message to these three beautiful children.

Your daddy is always watching you now. My daddy used to say " Baby, I won't be gone. I'll just be away. " Oh sweet Paris, Blanket, and Prince your daddy is all around you now. When the wind blows upon your face or you feel a little giggle. That is your daddy letting you know he is there and will always surround you. My love to all of you Tina

Angela McKeithen   July 9th, 2009 12:14 am ET

They keep saying MJ's memorial service "humanized" those who treated him less than human when he was alive and didnt think of him as a person with feelings...The rest of us knew him as the most generous loving soul to ever walk this earth.RIP Michael~We love you~Angela and Rich

Celestina Waindim   July 9th, 2009 12:15 am ET

Everyone including doctors and nurses are talking openly about Michael Jackson's health condition. Isn't there anything like patient confidentiality or dosn't it exist after death. dr Klein or whoever he calls himself is revealing health related information about MJ which he was previledge to know as his DR. Can't MJ's family members suite him for bridging pt/dr preveledged info.

ybonne   July 9th, 2009 12:17 am ET

to all of the jackson family may god bless you, and your in our prayers. i hope the family is okay. i am still a big fan of michael jackson. i love you michael. R.I.P.

ybonne   July 9th, 2009 12:21 am ET

i hope katherine gets custody of michaels children.

Jackie Graves   July 9th, 2009 12:21 am ET

Beautiful memorial, but why is LA or fans paying for it? Why doesn't Michael's estate pay the bill?

K.J.   July 9th, 2009 12:21 am ET

Enough! you were at the were invited to Neverland with are supposed to be a friend of the Jacksons.
So, isn't it really time that you showed some decency to these little Jackson kids – think of your own for a minute – let Michael's kids have a life and be able to cherish the memories of their father.
You are way off line by continuing to dig for some piece of senstionalism out of Arnie Klien.
Get a life Larry. Think of the these children and stop thinking about yourself for a change. You have achieved enough – you should be big enough to close the chapter on the Jackson files and show some humanity. Let the man rest in peace and let his family mourn.The Jacksons owe the world and you and me, nothing – they have given enough.
Larry, we are all seeing the worst side of you when watching you report on this tragedy – you are touching a low point.
Look int your own mirror, think about what you are doing and please be a big enough man to leave those kids alone

you have enough moeny Larry – now get a life and show some decency
show that you really do care for those kids and its not all about YOU..

krisitn green   July 9th, 2009 12:31 am ET

In 1984, Michael was on tour and had a concert in Cleveland Ohio.At this time my twelve year old cousin Raymond Azre was in a nearby hospitl dying of leukemia. Somehow Michael Had learned of his illness and sometime while he was in clevland, M.j had his "guys" deliver a red leather jacket (like he wore in Thriller) to my cousin. This act of kind ness, though known only by my family, gave joy to my cousin in his final days . Thank you Michael ! For everything you gave and for what you have left us all.

Marissa O.   July 9th, 2009 12:32 am ET

Michael Jackson visited Malaysia back in 1996 and since then many Malaysians waited for him to stop by again.

It seems like many Americans do not know how to appreciate Michael Jackson as one of the country's biggest income contributor. When Michael Jackson was in Malaysia, he donated generously and performed superbly to his fans. We love him! He also donated generously to orphanages.

Malaysia's biggest trading partner is the US and American entertainers like Michael Jackson play a big part in that equation.

Upon his passing, three Cabinet ministers in Japan recount positive contribution by the King of Pop but this was met with baseless attacks by New York Congressman Peter King. Very sad.

I don't know why some reporters in the US are so stingy with positive affirmation of their entertainers. There are overwhelming personal gossips on talented entertainers like Michael Jackson, Madona and Britney Spears. The focus should be about their contribution to the US economy, especially in the current recession.

I support Michael Jackson being honoured a World Humanitarian. He is a good example of a diligent and kind-hearted American who care about people in developing nations.

Susan Abbott   July 9th, 2009 12:34 am ET

Questioning the paternity of Michael Jackson's children as they are reeling from the loss of their father is the most heinous part of the coverage I have seen. I dont care if the biological father is the Pope. As Paris Jackson said, Michael was the best father you could imagine.

To further add to the pain of these children is a sin, a crime, a hideous act of self interest and just plain WRONG.

I thought better of CMM though I must say, typical of Larry King to be insensitive of others.

lori whetstone   July 9th, 2009 12:35 am ET

Larry,correct me if I am wrong, but how weird is it that Michael
Jackson once dated Tatum Oneal (the step daughter of the
late Farrah Fawcett). The weird part is that both MJ and Farrah
died on the same day.

Laurie Guzman   July 9th, 2009 12:35 am ET

Michael Jackson wrapped his fingers with white bandaide looking material. Why

Shaina (Will Miss You!)   July 9th, 2009 12:40 am ET

We Will All Miss You Michael Jackson!

Courtney   July 9th, 2009 12:40 am ET

I don't care what opinion you have ever had about MJ and his life of confusion,all we really care about is that his legacy and spirit will live on "Forever".

Shirrell   July 9th, 2009 12:41 am ET

I LOVED Michael since I was five years old. His music, his courage, and his generous ways besides all the drama of his life thats always be spotlighted by the media. I feel sorry for his kids, family and the whole world that loves Michael as much or more than I did. Forever my inspiration. R.I.P Mike

gilbert   July 9th, 2009 12:41 am ET

I just want to say that certain people are born to be great, others fight to become famous and others never make it up there. However, no questions ask that MICHAEL WAS one who was born great, stayed on top ever since and died sadly but musically and as an entertainer; there wasn't any before him and there won't be one any time soon. He reigns over the whole wide world and therefore, i think he was more than THE KING OF POP and ENTERTAINER.

Dom   July 9th, 2009 12:42 am ET

After the memorial had ended, I had realized that Michael's son, Prince, was chewing gum the entire time; and I wondered why. But then I realized what his children must have been going through, and decided it was just his unique way of coping.

Kathryn   July 9th, 2009 12:42 am ET

It really is sad and true that the concert wasn't 3 weeks ago so that he could have seen that he is loved, you have really gone too soon. I am really heart broken over his death, he is so loved and missed. But i know he is being cared for and he is at peace. Smile on mj 🙂 luv u.


Angelo Casa   July 9th, 2009 12:43 am ET

Michael is teaching God how to moonwalk! thank you for the memories!

Julie   July 9th, 2009 12:44 am ET

The best thing that we can do for Michael Jackson, his children and family is to offer the same love, kindness and compassion that Michael displayed. Do not participate in the tabloids, or media frenzy re: all the propaganda that is circulating. Let his family process their grief and adjust to the loss, and be respectful. Participating in the media hype and propaganda will only prolong their grief, pain and suffering – it is time to give back in the same manner that Michael gave.

Deborah Williams   July 9th, 2009 12:45 am ET

Larry, this show is fantastic. Thank you so much for having Dr. Klein on. I like others have learned so much more about Michael Jackson. I for one, believe what Dr. Klein is saying. He appears genuinely to have loved MJ.

Alinder   July 9th, 2009 12:52 am ET

I am so tired of Fox news. Yesterday all that the male comentator could say was ' what will always stick in my mind will be when Michael stood on the hood of a car after his trial. He had to have said it 3 or 4 times. That is what is wrong with some American's today. They focus on the bad things that people say whether it's true or not. Michael was acquitted of all charges and innocent. People do a lot of things to prey on the weak at heart for money. Michael was one of God's lambs with a pure heart and mind and didn't understand what the evil in people could do. He lived his life as he wanted and was condemned for it. I know how being accused of something you didn't do feels. I had a women in my church who accused me of running with her husband and I tolerated it for 6 years as best as I could, but eventually you break down, you loose all hope that the people who have known you for years will trust that you have done no such thing. Your mind starts to wonder how can they think such a thing of you. I got through it but only because I was stronger than most people. I tried to talk to this women but she would not be convinced. Mind you I did know who he was running around with, but I never told her. She wouldn't have believed me any way, her mind being made up. I eventually left the church for my own sanity.
Now Michael, handled his the way he knew best. He just went into his own world, loved his children and then still not being comfortable with some people of the world still thinking he had done wrong, chose to use whatever to help him through. Granted it was not right what he did, but who are we to judge? Michael did what he thought was best for him to survive, but in the end it over took him. God said touch not my children and Michael was one of God's children. He was hurt beyond repair, he was full of love for everyone, but those who condemned him didn't care. His accuser's walked away with more money than the would ever see in their lives while they ruined a life for greed and monetary gain. What happiness do they have to look forward too? They will be miserable, and rightfully so, for the rest of their lives.
I loved Michael Jackson as if he were a part of my family. He brought such joy to my life with his music, dance and his being. There will never be another to fill the void I have in my heart. When he was 10 I was 20 and spent my life listening and waiting for each new album he would do. My nieces knew I love him so much that when he passed, they called each other and said, I know Aunt Linda is upset, do you think she is alright?
My heart goes out to the Jackson Family, and Ihope that they will continue to do what Michael did. Keep singing, dancing, and most of all keep Michaels memory alive. I do believe he should be buried at Neverland. This was his home, his miracle, his love. He didn't feel it was his home any more after they did the search, but they can't take away what his heart designed not only for his happiness but for the happiness of millions of people who loved him. He should be buried there because it can only belong to him no matter what they did. Let him return home to the WONDERLAND THAT HE CREATED WITH A VISION GIVEN TO HIM FROM GOD. You see because no matter what happened in the past, that is another star that he left to shine in his name. Let his children Paris, Prince, and Blanket enjoy the beauty of his father's dream. Michael should be brought home as a everlasting memorial to what he has done, what his life stood for and his legacy that he left behind. Let his children bask in the light that he left them so they will never forget just how special their Daddy was.

One last comment, not only were his accuser's at fault, but those doctor's whose greed over rode the oath to care for people and to treat them so that they can live a full and productive life without taking away their spirit. No matter what Michael asked for, it was their duty to look out for him in a human and respectable manner. Not load him with drugs to comfort his pain. They didn't care about him it's plain to see. They were in it for the money and the glory of being what they would call close to Michael. Now that he is gone, who will they treat next? Hopefully, they will use their skills in prison for people in need instead of what they did by helping to send a wonderful man to his homecoming much to soon.
God bless the Children, the Jackson Family and all who loved and understood that It wasn't Michael's fault. And to those who don't or refuse to understand, hopefully one day you will see the light.

Gretchen/Baton Rouge   July 9th, 2009 12:54 am ET

MJ, Thanks for trying tomake this would a better place!

aymee in tx   July 9th, 2009 12:54 am ET

After looking at the photos from yesterdays memorial I see alot of the Jackson family in Michaels children. Look at the pictures of LaToya and Paris near each other. Their skin tone is very similiar. I get so fed up of everyone saying those kids are white. Unless you are a dr and know their dna you can't honestly say they are 100% white. I mean, look at Mariah Carey, most people think she's white. It doesn't really matter if he was their "bio" dad or not. Anyone can be a father, it takes a special person to be a daddy and it was obviouse to the world that Micheal Jackson was a daddy.

My prayers and thoughts are with all three of those beautiful children. I pray the court systems think clearly when deciding on the placement of these children. No one knows more then I do that the wrong decision by a judge can cause many many years of pain for those children.

Jill Williams   July 9th, 2009 12:59 am ET

Micheal Jackson was a super star to the world but he was a Daddy to those three precious and beautiful children who obviously, dearly loved. He was just a man wanting to live a full life. May he rest in peace and I pray the Lord Jesus will protect those sweet children and guard them from harm.

John K   July 9th, 2009 1:00 am ET

All these family members, doctors, nurses, advisors and people who claim that they were so close and loved Michael so much, where were they when it was obvious that he was going in so many wrong directions in his life?
He was a great singer and dancer, but got so little help from all these people who could have made a difference in this outcome
Talk is cheap, basic friendship and advice come from the heart and cost little
I view this family et al much like I view the family of Nicole Simpson, they liked the benefits of the celebrity, but failed miserably when it came time to do the right thing and keep their supposed friend out of trouble and safe from obvious danger

Deborah Williams   July 9th, 2009 1:02 am ET

I want to add I don't agree with Dr. Klein about the children's future. They are Jacksons and they belong with the loving Jackson family. Debbie Rowe would prove detrimental to those children.

Shaheen is adorable and greatly talented. I hope he gets the exposure he desires.

Renee   July 9th, 2009 1:13 am ET

To the Jackson children, Blanket, Paris and Prince, and to the Jackson family,

Though you cannot always see
the bird singing,
If you listen with your heart,
you can always hear
his song.

A most loving daddy to three little treasures.

Terry Ann   July 9th, 2009 1:15 am ET

Michael, a big chunk of my heart was ripped from me when you left us, as if somehow you were connected to it. I really didn't understand why I hurt so much, but now I think I understand. I am like you, I am open to all with my heart. Sometimes this world is just too much when you have no shield. God hold your heart in his hands now, forever shielded from pain. All my love and all my tears right now are for you, with gratitude for your love, your talent and your willingness to let us really "see" you, without the walls. Terry

bill rico   July 9th, 2009 1:24 am ET

I have never felt compelled to join in a blog, but to hear that Dr. Klien say this was a venue for the Jacksons to perform made me sick.You can see the pain in the family, no matter what has happened blood is thicker than water, this is their brother and son ,uncle etc, how dare he, and to go on about debbie rowe, no mother would not have interaction with her children for any amount of money.I grew up watching Michael, I didn't follow him later on but I feel as I lost a family member, anything I may have thought before is dispelled now, i wish I could have known him. T he contributions he made to this world are unbelievable, God bless his family, you can see the love apparent there, This whole thing made me appreciate my family more as I have a daughter with problems, and also will isolate herself when she doesn't want to hear you so i understand, God bless the kids , thanks billie jean rico

william b   July 9th, 2009 1:27 am ET

wonder if Oprah contacted the Jacksons ? is she in Africa ? ...

Jenise Jackson Turner   July 9th, 2009 1:30 am ET

The MJ memorial was truly a memorial fit for the King Michael was.It was extraordinarily put together and my prayers are with the Jackson's and as far as the negativity only God can judge Michael so that's what everyone should let happen and stop playing God and let Michael rest in peace something he never had on this earth.

CAthy   July 9th, 2009 1:33 am ET

I just hope that everyone will let Michael Jackson RIP, and let his family have time to mourn him. Let them have the privacy they deserve

Kim   July 9th, 2009 1:34 am ET

Michael Jackson was one of the most gifted and talented, sensitve and loving human beings of our time! He did not have to die so young! What songs not yet written or sung by him will we never hear? Three children who will not have their father around to watch and help them grow?

Legal drugs can be more dangerous than the illegal ones. Doctors give it free to their patients (epecially mind altering anit-depressent drugs)... gee, do you see any similarities between this and those who go to elementary school yards passing out illegal drugs?

Dr. Klein acurately said that the FDA was basicly acting "for" the pharmaceutical companies? So, the bottom line is that we do not have any one "policing" drug companies in this country.

And, the other fact is... how do we have unbiased information being reported when the drug companies basicly "own" the media through their "advertizing dollars" that are paying for most telivision shows and other media outlets?

We love you Michael! We're losing too many celebs and others to legal drugs! When will we "get it" and demand things to change?

Caroline Smith   July 9th, 2009 1:36 am ET

Paris broke my heart!! Not sure if Janet convinced her to do this as I heard Janet telling Paris to speak up, it was not naturally done. Janet should have let her be to do what she wanted to do, even if it was not perfect. I felt poor little Paris was under duress from some of the Jackson family.

Tom   July 9th, 2009 1:37 am ET

Susan these children will be lucky to not end up as there so called father did. What life do you think these children will have???. I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up in rehabs the rest of there lives, He was no father from what I saw, he paraded them around like freaks.
He cut there mother out of there lives, what father does that. she wasn't a crack head? I never saw those children smile it was if they were brain washed, controlled, fearful of someone or something. Michael couldn't even have children in a normal fashion. Date, love, marriage, then children. He showed American children how to grab there crotches on national TV while wearing women s under garments. He slept with little boys in locked secret rooms in his home,... not guilty?? Let any one else try that and see what happens. Money talks and he was just about broke. god only knows how much hush money he paid those boys I bet it was astronomical.. What he did to his face was disgusting would you want to be in a locked dark room with that, it was down right scary I bet the funeral home didn't even have to touch it up. Now MJ is answering to God....maybe. Oh and those children are white 100%, they only think there black..

jingle fabian   July 9th, 2009 1:38 am ET

michael jackson , you are very special!! God send you here co'z he had a purposed now he taking you back ,making somebody happy it's a hard thing to do .i grow up with your songs and love it every song you made i was in the philippines then , i dont even speak english at that time but when i heard your songs i tell you!! i can speak english true your music it's funny .it's magical !,but anyway our prayers is with you and your family we thank you for helping kids around the world .no more pain your with your master now (GOD:) no body will replace you in my heart and you will be remmember and miss !!! always ..

elismsue   July 9th, 2009 1:42 am ET

Heal The World.....

speaks volumes about Michael's life and where we need to strive to be.

God be with Prince Michael, Paris, Blanket and the entire Jackson family.
Michael's life was cut too short, too early.


Caroline Smith   July 9th, 2009 1:42 am ET

We will never know if Micheal Jackson was really in that casket?? I am sure many people are wondering this. I know that M J wanted to be cremated. Ma be his ashes were in the casket???

Marisa Malone   July 9th, 2009 1:44 am ET

When Michael jackson began his creative venture into video expression,"Rock with you" and "The way you make me feel" etc., there wasn't any director listed on the credits. What was listed, was just Epic Records. Michael changed all that. He elevated the position of the video director and jump started many careers. He changed the game by attracting talent, that now would be proud to say they worked on a music video. Many up their stock, and were now in the running for big budget scripts.

TSAF   July 9th, 2009 1:52 am ET

I really enjoyed the interviews that Dr. Klein has given both in the present and in the past, he has not change his stance about Michael since the Debbie Rowe and Bashir incident in the past. The only concern that I have always had with him, is his defense of D. Rowe and her being instrumental in the children's lives. She pointedly stated in an interview with Barbra Walters her reason for giving birth to those children and her reason for not being involved so why is it that we are giving her so much credit and credibility. I know she could not be a bad person but still I wonder if he forgot that one of the children is not Debbie's and that they (children) are very close knit and need to stay close to each other no matter what ... this is a traumatic situation for them, to separate them would be psychological suicide. What he should have said was the Jackson's should encourage Debbie to be a part of their lives but not to steal them away from the family. The family and the children have been use to a certain kind of lifestyle for 45yrs now more than what Debbie R can imagine or can even come close to, so to uproot them from that and place them in her permanent physical custody would be wrong for them especially since only 2 out of the 3 belongs to her. This would be an all out war and not good for these children. I think Mrs. Jackson should gain permanent custody and I hope she lives until the older ones are grown enough to make their own decisions at least 18yrs old. Visitation rights would be great but not physical custody, the only mother figure they know is Grace and Mrs. Jackson, if they are going to contest Katherine's ability to raise those kids because of her age, then maybe a younger member of the family such as Janet should gain physical custody of them. When it comes to finances, Debbie Rowe seems unable to handle that as well so therefore, she shouldn't be given the opportunity to take that over either. And for him to make a statement that if the kids are his then he would challenge for full custody to me that is a threat against the Jackson's and he should be a little bit more empathetic if he cares so much. The only family they have known is the Jacksons to tell them that oh no, your dad is not your dad these people are your real parents, this is wrong to them. He gave them love, his name is on the birth certificate and that is the way things should remain.

I AM GOING MAKE SOME FACTUAL AND SPECULATIVE STATEMENT IN THIS PARAGRAPH: Dr. Klein was always threatened by the Muslim religion, he has negative feelings about it, I remember because that was the reason why he told Debbie Rowe to fight for custody of the kids when Michael had problems in court the second time around. It is a shame. He always refer back to his Jewish religion which hints to the fact that Michael probably told him that it was his sperm that resulted in those kids being born since Michael was probably afraid that they would have gain his genetic diseases that plagued him. When it comes to religion we should not be prejudice and how Michael chose to raise them whether they are genetically his or not, it should have been no one's business but clearly it has always been Dr. Klein's, which clearly proves that he is the father. Shame on those who judge and then say we shouldn't judge. Religion is the maggot that is eating out our soul and turning us against each other. When does it become a platform to raising children?

On another note, I think people should stop consistently taking puck shots at Joe Jackson, this is so wrong, the man is 79yrs old, what kind of harm can he do to these young kids, how much more strength does he have left. This is so wrong that you people are chastising and persecuting him the way you did to his son in life. Just leave them alone please. Michael forgave his father a long time ago, people need to open their hearts and do the same for him. These events between him and his kids occur over 40yrs ago, it is time to let it go. What is wrong with people, for a perfectly intelligent physician, I would think Dr. Klein would not have made a comment about this especially since it is so illogical.

Also, I am not really a big fan of Reverend Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton because of them always connecting every wrong doing that occurs to people with racism (yes I am black) but to say that you do not want to visit the family because of these two controversial figures is not nice. Dr. Klein is pretty much establishing the fact that he is at odds with the family because (possibly he is upset) that it was stated that he was a named suspect whose name was given to the law enforcement officials by the Jackson family. I still cannot see how he did not know that Michael was allegedly a prescription drug addict, maybe he was in denial because if his sister sees this then any true friend should be able to see it as well. Maybe he is trying not to scar Jackson's image which is great and touching but he should respond by saying "I decline to answer that question because it is based on speculative information instead of saying flat out NO I have never seen this". Either way, NO ONE CARES but the Media and I wish they would stop saying that the public cares and would like to know because many of us are tired of the media bashing of the Jacksons' especially Michael, we really would prefer for him to just rest in peace since he never got that opportunity in life. He is gone and the children are left behind, how insensitive it is of the media to be constantly saying negative things about him or wanting to know what really happened. What really happened was that he was too kind to people, they took advantage of his heart, they used him, they plotted and ruined him, the media bought into the plot and help them defame him. It affected him mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. He suffered in silence with his family and true friends at his side. He was alone in his mission and surcome to his demons. He had courage and lost it. The media is what killed him the most, and made out to be this other worldly person just because he is not mainstream or according to them normal (what is normalcy? I always ask this question but can never get a logical answer). We are all culpable because we did not help to fight back. Now everyone still has an opinion.

As for you Mr. Larry King, it is always a pleasure watching your show with and without the controversy.

FDJ   July 9th, 2009 2:14 am ET

I'm still after all these days sadden by the lost of MJ, thanks for keeping it live.

shenygirl1   July 9th, 2009 2:17 am ET

I was impressed by the interview Larry King had with the dermotologist that treated Michael Jackson. I think he finally put the myths to rest about Michael's skin. Due to the fact that Michael had Lupis and a skin condition called vitigilo which accompanies Lupis, caused him to developed skin pigmentation which appeared as light patches on his face and body and made his skin appear spotted.. The light colored patched are more obvious on people with darker skin so creams and sauves were administered to lighten the skin and even out the discoloration.

Michael did not deliberately bleach his skin to appear white, as all his media detractors keep repeating in their attempts to malign him further and try to deny his connention with the black community.

M.J. obviously had some very serious skin and health issues and to be ridiculed constantly, by the vicious media pundits is totally outrageous .I agree with Dr. Klein that the media should stay out ot the family's business and stop making statement that are hurtful to Michael's children. What happened to decent human kindness?

I think many apologies to M.J.s family and close friends are way over due for all the media trash that is being put out. Repeating inaccurate gossip and accusations about Michael from all those unnamed sources that Anderson Cooper and his ilk are reporting on is not journalism. I've really become disillusioned with CNN.

A Micheal Jackson Fan

Alinder   July 9th, 2009 3:06 am ET

I forgot to say what a wonderful job I think you did during Michael's Memorial Service. I would rather have you ask the questions than any other reporter or commentator. I believe the Jackson family felt the same way because you were invited to Neverland and to the funeral. I think your reports are fair and true and that you considered Michael a friend and a good friend at that. I really don't think that his closest friends would have done your show if they felt you weren't sincere in your reporting. Please keep up the great work you do and don't ever stop being true to yourself or the people you care about whether it be in show business or just ordinary life. Anyone who has complaints with you would do better to use it on Pete King. What person in political office would be so offensive to someone so great and proven innocent by a jury? He is not fit to be in office as far as I am concerned and should be removed for his hateful comments. He and Rex Lumbared are of the same grain, they that should not be allowed to to spread hatered and cause those that think like them to do harm to others. What King did was pure hatetred and he is no one that I want representing me in any shape, form or fashion. There are laws against hate crimes and what he said was a crime pure and simple. Why is it that hey can slander people but a comedian such as Wanda get's critisized for making jokes about them? There is definatey something wrong with this picture.
I think that the plaque given to the Jackson family from the house of Representative by Ms. Lee was wonderful. Michael Jackson is a legend and no one can take that away from him. They can complain about the plaque all they want, but what is true is true. For all the good he has done for the world, he should be highly honored. He never bragged about what he gave because it came from his heart not his ego. Michael was rich in love as well as money and he shared it freely even to the extent of the ones responsible to for his death. We here left behind won't have to worry about judging these doctor's and false accuser's. God will take care of them in his own time. And to those who didn't like that the media covered Michael's death and memorial for several days, tough, there were million of people who wanted to be a part of it and maybe a few thousand who didn't care. Well we who wanted to be a part were blessed and grateful that we were a part of history taking place and I thank all of the Media who did a fair and great job of coverage. Fox 5 leaves me cold and empty. They like to drag people through the mud. Michael was as Barry Gordy said, "One of the Greatest Entertainer's that ever lived".
Like it or not, no one will ever take that away from him. They can try all they want, but the World spoke yesterday and they won't let them.
So again Larry, keep doing what you do best. Be fair, compassionate and honest to your true feelings, because we need more reporters like you.
Alinder from NJ

Marie   July 9th, 2009 3:17 am ET

Larry QUIT INTERRUPTING your guests before they finish a sentence. Jeezus! I don't know about you, but I'd like to hear someone finish a thought. Stick a sock in it and let the person (in this case Dr, Klein) speak.

You're the one who told Maher that the show is not about you. Okay, well then be QUIET. Thanks.

Juli   July 9th, 2009 3:23 am ET

STOP interrupting Dr Klein. He is trying to answer your questions and you keep interrupting him mid sentence. He cannot even finish a thought without you butting in!!!

Also, you have messed up on people's names lately, and it is quite annoying and sort of rude.

Let your guest ANSWER the question. Quit interrupting, I want to hear the entire sentence this Dr is trying to say!

Jaclyn   July 9th, 2009 3:35 am ET

The songs he sang gave us all strength.
His powers helped us heal.
Too late the world has come to find, the man we judged was real.
Hidden behind a mask he stood,his light too bright to show.
His soul so pure it shined as white as winters first morning snow.
his soft-spoken voice brightened any day,
somehow sadness disappeared.
He taught us all to change the world, first by taking a look in the mirror.
His innocent heart held back no love, he gave it all out gladly,
and too soon we say goodbye today, to our king, forever, sadly.

Thank you for being such an inspiration.
R.I.P Michael

Lee Thomas   July 9th, 2009 4:09 am ET

Journey on now brother Michael. We will follow when we can.
We are blessed to honor your life.
There is only love. The love of god gives birth to the universe. The love of our parents gives birth to us. The love of our friends and family sustains our life. Kindness, love, and pleasure – we are formed from these and we form each other. You attached your soul to your music and performances and for that =} we Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The world loves you more.

A.S.Nazhath Tamina   July 9th, 2009 4:24 am ET

HI My name is tamina and I am 12 yrs old.It is very sad to hear that MR.michael jackson has died,and I also heared that her (paris) said that "since I was born daddy was the best father I ever imagine" she said.It was so touching that MR.micheal jackson was a best father that he LOVED so much....I wish he was my father, and he is the" best father"for his childern ,HE IS THE BEST CHILD FOR HIS MOTHER and BEST BROTHER FOR BROTHER'S........ WHEN HIS TWO SON GROW'S BIG AND THEY WOULD GROW LIKE HIM........... A BIGGEST FAN OF MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!

Mona   July 9th, 2009 4:41 am ET

To the entire Jackson family, my prayer are with you, today, yesterday and for years to come. While so many hearts have been broken by the lost of a legend, no one can feel the pain that you have at this moment. To Prince, Paris and Blanket- Your father was a wonderful and caring person. If he could be like that to the world, his fans, I know he was more than that to his children. To the mother and father-I have never lost a child and I can't say that I know what you are going through. But I can say that he was born to be a King. So many loved him and he loved them back. He has no more worries or pain. He is resting peacefully. To Jermaine-I remember on the movie The Jackson 5 "The American Dream" Michael said to you "How can I look to my right and not see you there? Well, now he can see you on his right, his left and anywhere you may be. Remember God picks only the best of his flowers and he was the best. To Marlon-I know you are wondering how could this be. Just keep your head up and he'll be looking down on you from the heavens above. To Janet- As the world sees you, they will see Michael, you will be together forever. To the Jackson Family again, You are in my prayers daily and remember that Michael is only resting from his work. He has completed his task down here. And I know in my heart that God has rewarded him and said "Job well done, my good and faithful servant.

Gabriel Coit   July 9th, 2009 5:12 am ET

I can't stand everyone that disliked Michael Jackson. You all used to listen to his music and adored him even before all the drama. You disliked him for all the things you know he never did. What if you never had a childhood and was pressured by your family. I used to ride in the back of my mothers car when going to school listening to his music. I'm listening to his music right now and crying. The media can suck it for all the bs they put out just from what they here. Good career choice idiots. Mess up someones life just from all the bs you hear. I hate you all. I will always love MIchael Jackson. Rest in peace MJ you don't have to deal with any of bs anymore. You will be missed.

Vijayta   July 9th, 2009 5:17 am ET

Leave Michael Jackson in peace, atleast now after his death....
He went to Heaven to live a good life which he was deprived of here...
Let him be peace, I request all the fans to pray for his peace.

YVETTE MIRANDA   July 9th, 2009 5:19 am ET


Tiffanu   July 9th, 2009 5:34 am ET

I am at a loss of words, Michael Jackson was an amazing performer but not only that a great person. I am only 17 and of course when I was born in 1992 that wasn't the best of time for Michael, I was still raised with his music from my family but I was too young to know anything about him. I didn't know much about him and it really sucks for me to have to find so much out about him because he died, but I have found such respect and inspiration from him. It was hard to listen and learn these horrible things that people have said that I don’t believe at all are true. I just want everyone to know that even though my generation may have been born at the wrong time we still know of him and respect him very much! I know personally he has inspired me to do the things I want to do as individual and many others. It sucks that we have had so little time to know him but he will never be forgotten and his legacy will live on forever! I miss him very much.

I feel he's gone to quick, he as a person was very insporational and amazing. I can't stand that everyone made his apearince such a big deal. Who at one time or another wishes they could change them selves or un happy with them sleves. He wanted to change his self because he was un happy and who can blame him for that? As for being adicted to drugs,well look at his life and what hes been threw how can you blame him for that also.Do these people that say all these bad things about him have no heart? For me having to learn about him because he died sucked,but I really enjoyed learning about him,he was for one alot smarter than anyone thought than I thought.

It was very hard to watch his memorial but i think it was needed.And Paris,wow if she didn't make you cry i don't know what could.He has 3 beautiful kids and if they are biologicly his really doesnt matter,they are his kids and they loved him very much.I personally believe they should stay with Cathrine J. or any other Jackson family member.Also,i belive them doctors should go straigh to jail! they were the ones who supplied him with the drugs and killed him!They did what ever he wanted them to do for the money,as doctors they should have taken control and helped him.The drug that they did give him didn't even put him to sleep,i know i've had it.I just can't belive hes gone..he may have bed alive for 50yrs but god how fast and short it was.Again i miss him very much, i think alls the world needs right now is to mourn I know i am!

My love goes to his kids and family.

Margaret   July 9th, 2009 6:11 am ET

Sorry to rain on the parade but I don´t believe the casket held his body. It was picked up from the cemetery, was it not? I suspect the family has already buried him otherwise they would have had the lid open. If that´s the case, I applaud them for taking the only private moment they could to have a ´normal´ burial away from the media circus.

I also don´t believe the daughter´s tears were genuine. Both she and the boys looked bored throughout the entire memorial. When she was brought up on stage, she was happily playing with the chain on her bag before aunty Janet had a, possibly sharp, word with her. She was wheeled in front of the mike and gave her well rehearsed speech complete with eyes squeezed shut in the hopes that some tears would come out.

fina   July 9th, 2009 6:34 am ET

larry, you are very good at your job, i admire you so much.
But i think it is best that we focus our attention on those who caused michael to" go too soon" than disturbing the peace of his children by questioning who fathered them. i find it cruel to subject them to these issues. michael loved them and they had strong bond as father and children let us not add another misery to their grief. i know what a good man you are, love michael's children the way billions of people love them.

jijo chacko   July 9th, 2009 8:24 am ET

hi am jijo from india ,when i heard MR M JACKSON PASSED realey its shocked,am a big fan off him
u ar tha onley person co-ordinetting whole world THREW the MUSIC

Carrie Johnson   July 9th, 2009 8:41 am ET

I am not a Jackson fan, I don't even own a album of his but I did watch the memorial because I wanted to say goodby to the humanitarian. He was and always will be the caring, soft hearted young man who wanted to do one thing...Heal the World. In his memory, I think all his fans and supporters of his charities make a donation to one of his many charities in his name and continue to carry on what he attempted and many ways succeeded in doing. Hopefully Paris showed millions out there that he was not just a celebrity but a man, a father. On the anniversary of his death I would like to see a tribute concert and the money raised sent to his charity and I would love to see his oldest son Prince perform at that tribute to his father. I am praying for his children and that they have what there father did not...a childhood. Your daddy's song say's it all "You are not alone".

shaima   July 9th, 2009 9:03 am ET

Michael jackson was never meant for the world he was from Heaven and hence he went back.

bigec   July 9th, 2009 9:36 am ET

regarding paris's short speech at the memorial:how do you compare this moment with JFK jr saluting his father at JFK's funeral? God bless the Jacksons. Michael rest in peace!

Charlotte   July 9th, 2009 9:56 am ET

I send my love to Michael Jackson's kids.

With all my heart I wish to tell his children that
Your father filled my life when I was young and now I am 40 years old, his death for me is almost a blessing, because he taught me that no matter what you are on the outside – black or white, ugly or beautiful – what counts to God is what you are on the inside, and your dad wanted to resemble Jesus, for me that is wonderful. I pray that God gives you the strength to never listen to all the evil that people have said about your father and the evil that people will say later.
May God protect you.

wendy Marshall   July 9th, 2009 10:16 am ET

Lives of great men all remind us we canmake our lives sublime and departing leave behind us footpraints on the sands God bless you MichaelJackson From the people Barbados.

Rose   July 9th, 2009 11:29 am ET

Margaret: Did it ever occur to you that Michael's body was not displayed due to the extent of his autoposy? They had to remove this brain. He may not have been embalmed – possibly for religious reasons. He may have been cremated earlier and his ashes were in an urn inside the casket. He may not have been in a "viewable" state, as are some accident victims etc.

What makes you qualified to comment on his children's grief? Did it ever occur to you that his daughter was nervous before speaking to such a large audience? They are all just children. I think you're the one who is too bored and has nothing better to do but make ridiculous comments on this blog.

Faye   July 9th, 2009 11:31 am ET

I am a lifelong fan of Michael Jackson and so saddened that we had to say goodbye to the most amazing, caring, creative,and outstanding entertainer in the world. I think his memorial was classy and beautiful certainly fit for the King of Pop I know he was smiling just knowing the Love from his family, friends and fans were so abundant that sometime maybe he didn't fell while he was with us here on earth.
What a choir heaven has, he has joined so many others and is now is singing with the angles.
To his family: As heavy as your hearts are at the loss of your beloved Michael I hope you find peace, to his Mother Kathryn, we know the love he felt for you may you know that in your heart that he is now in a much better place. With all the Love he could ever want. To his 3 beautiful children... Cherish the memories you had with your father, not the icon, not the King of Pop but the Daddy you loved and that love you back with all of his heart.. Last to the fans... We have lost a remark le man and even through he isn't here with us in body he will live on in music and spirit. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEl !!!!!

Kimberly   July 9th, 2009 11:35 am ET

its funny how it took him to die for people to really appreciate what he has done for the world . maybe now people would leave him alone .

Barry   July 9th, 2009 12:14 pm ET

Anyone not raised as a Jehovahs Wittness can never –never–never understand what Michaels demons were, and how they affected every aspect of his life. What he went threw inside his heart and mind–Its something ONLY THOSE WHO LIVE WITH IT CAN UNDERSTSND FOR GOOD OR BAD.

theresa chambers   July 9th, 2009 12:45 pm ET

i am big fan to michael jackson i am proud of paris jackson speak out about her father i love janet jackson who played penny on good times i will miss the jackson 5 theresa

theresa chambers   July 9th, 2009 12:46 pm ET

good job paris

N.D.K   July 9th, 2009 1:00 pm ET

What Paris said about Micheal Jackson moved me and everyone in the world! Micheal Jackson has awaken us for he has showen that it doesn't matter what your skin color is or where you are from! Paris showed that she will miss her father a lot like her brother and sister will! Paris and her brother and sister are Micheal Jackson's biggest fans! R.I.P. Micheal Jackson!

Kimberly R   July 9th, 2009 1:14 pm ET

Michael....The Greatest Performer, Songwriter, Humanitarian and Artist to grace his presence on this Earth.... You will be greatly and entirely missed....We failed to realize the magnitude of this great gentleman until his untimely departure...God Bless You Michael Jackson .

Mai Cheryl Lesetedi   July 9th, 2009 2:11 pm ET

My heart goes out to Michael's family, especially his three young children. The media viciously and literally hounded the poor man to death and his poor children had front row seats to this circus. Please give the Jackson family a break!!!!!

Enna   July 9th, 2009 2:16 pm ET

Michel...I just wanna say that u're the greatest person i've ever know. Ur humannes and ur optimism i'll remember forever and i'm sure that th other people will remember too...don't worry, you'll always be in our hearts and ur songs too...I love you and i will always love you...
ur truly fan from Bosnia, Enna...

Brenda Jones   July 9th, 2009 2:56 pm ET

It seems to me as if CNN/ and or News shows relish in Negativity. Can a child lose a parent and be mature enough to express how they feel without the media and narrow minded people saying she was coached? You are still crucifying Michael. I'll be glad when the next piece of "fresh meat" comes along. Let Michael and His Family have some Peace. He's not the 1st star to do drugs and he certainly is Not going to be the Last. I remember Elvis and all the talk. Leave them alone . Leave his kids some good memories. Please. Brenda Jones

Amber Burley   July 9th, 2009 3:07 pm ET

Hi my name is Amber Burley and I'm 18yrs. Old, I've written a blog before on here and I didn't really fully express how I felt about all this going on about the King Of Pop: Michael Joseph Jackson. He's better known as A loving caring father.....Well I guess i'll get straight to the point. I would first like to say that how the media and radio stations are being complete idiots and jerks. Some of these radio stations and news stations I had respect for completely went out the window. I've peeped their game. It's not about getting the truth of caring for the people. It's about the dollar. These people have turned this into a competiton. Who can get the information first and air it. I do strongly believe that all these people who are not doing this for the right reasons their day is going to come. I strongly believe you reap what you sow. also known as what goes around comes around. And to all these 2 faced people I feel the same way. Your day will come and I can't wait until it does....I would like to speak about sweet lil Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.(I think that is the cutiest name) she was soooo brave to do what she did. She spoke in front of thousands of people about her loving daddy. I give my up most respect to her. Me personally I don't think I could have did what she did....I'm glad the public were able to see his 3 lovely kids. I'm not glad about the circumstances though.....O, yea to all those STUPID, IGNORANT, DUMMY, MEDIA PEOPLE who had the nerve to say that, the sweet lil girl practiced that......SERIOUSLY BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who gives a monkey's butt if you didn't see any tears.....GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!! LIke I said anything for a quick buck. That's probably why yall keep showing that particular part of the memorial where she speaks....I believe that was sweet and heart felt. If you feel you need to pick at the baby GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............And for that one particular news people who felt the need to point out how baby blanket was wearing his hair and how the kids were dressed....OOMMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! It's a freaking memorial service. Last time I checked yall were there for the service, not to be the fashion police.......Get over youselves and pay attention to what you're really there for......Now to talk about this woMAN Debbie Rowe....This chick has some nerve. Lady last time I checked you "sold" your babies. You gave up your rights.....And who in the world are you suppose to be TRYING TO GET BAD WITH THE MEDIA...Honey please.....You should be glad somebody even wanted to even get next to you. Look at how you look....I mean OMG HONEY you're not even attractive. I honestly see how you pulled the king of pop.....I bet you will take the kids back now that you know what they have left to them....And now you claim you don't want to seperate the kids.....Yea you want to be a mother.......A gold digging mother off her kids. Lady seriously, you just so happen to be outside watching the memorial srevice. Lady you just wanted to get another bit of fame....Lady you got it. Now go back to where you were....To where no one really cared you existed....Shout I don't care now.(I mean no disrespect towards the kids by talking about their mother.)......Now let me get on this IGNORANT DUSTY RUSTY BUSTY MAN NAMED NEIL BORRIS( I don't give a flying rat's you know what about how your name is spelled. Just know i'm talking about you.) You have some nerve getting on the radio bumping yo gums about Michael Jackson. You ain't nothing but a low down dirty DOG!!!!!!!!!!!! O honey best believe yo day is coming. I'm sooooo glad I don't know cuz let me tell you I couldn't live with myself if I did. You're like some skum on the earth.....You need to be ashamed. Man you have no idea......I think you're jealous that he was able to reach out to millions of people and touch them. Also I bet you HATE the fact that he has money coming in left and right.....I know you really hate how it's coming in now.....Well guess what you dust buster he still has more money than you. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....Question what you gone do about it???? lol!!! Now to all the other haters out there yea you maybe slandering his name and doing this and that. Why you walking around here on earth mad he's in heaven pain free happy as he could ever imagine....Now to the remaining Jackson's I take my hat off to yall I do respect yall. I can't even describe how appericiative I am of yall. I may not know yal personally but I feel like I do....Now the Chandler's I will say this Cuz I can't really tell how I feel about yall in clean words but I will say this, the day all this comes back and bite you in the butt. I hope I hear about it!!!! I want to see yall ugly evil faces!!!!.......Now lil Jason, you, you, you......You are the most dumbest ugliest person i've heard of. What you did was beyond stupid. Michael could have lost his kids. I know and have experienced that. That was a straight up BS stunt. I hope yall never ever have a moment to forget what yall did. and the fake law suits. The judge was dumb for believing liars.....Now to end all this I DO STRONGLY BELIEVE MICHAEL JACKSON WAS HAPPY WITH HIS OWN COLOR!!!!! LAY OFFFFFF!!!! STOP TRYING TO MAKE THAT MAN A WHOLE DIFFERENT RACE THAN WHAT HE WAS!!!!! HE WAS BBBBLLAACCCKKKKK!!!! I DON'T BLAME HIM FOR JUST TURNING HIS WHOLE SKIN COLOR. I WOULDN'T WANT TO LOOK ALL SPOTTED UP EITHER.....TO ALL YALL FAKE PEOPLE THAT LISTENED TO HIS MUSIC AND DID THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE WAS SINGING ABOUT AND PASSIONATE ABOUT........GO KICK ROCKS!!!!!!! AND WHILE YOU AT IT YOU CAN STOP BY HELL AND STAY THERE.....AND THE DOCTOR ALL I CAN REALLY SAY BEING NICE IS HOW MUCH DO YOU AND DEBBIE ROWE PLAN ON GETTING FOR YOU SPEAKING OUT?????!!!!!......MICHAEL I NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO MEET YOU PERSONALLY BUT I FEEL LIKE YOU WERE WITH ME WHEN I LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC. You are not alone and human nature got me through alot. Thank you and may you R.I.P love you and the remaining Jackson family lots. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Todd Davis   July 9th, 2009 5:44 pm ET

The Jackson Memorial was very respectable and emotional. I lost it when Paris got up and spoke. I cried like a baby. My heart goes out to her. To the Jackson family my thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless you all! I still can't believe he is gone ,it doesn't seem real. He will be greatly missed. He was the best entertainer in the world.

Melissa   July 9th, 2009 6:08 pm ET

Dear Jackson family,

I want to say that I'm really sorry what happened to Michael Jackson. I know you are very sad about his death. I know it's very difficult for the family. Michael was a nice man, a man who loves everyone. I don't want you to cry, I want you to be happy and think about the nice things you've done with him. God bless you! I love you and I wish you the best.

Big kisses Melissa.

Deborah Turner   July 9th, 2009 8:35 pm ET

I would like to say that even after the Memorial Service, for MJ, it's still so hard for me to comprehend. I was born & grew up in Gary, Indiana, and I had to go back to his children hood home to pay my respect. I will miss, and love him always, GONE TO SOON.

Deborah Turner   July 9th, 2009 8:43 pm ET

Never Can Say Goodbye, love you MJ.

Milton Smith   July 9th, 2009 9:21 pm ET

There she is, take a look it's true I can smell it. She's got it in her hand like shes a pro holding it and stroken the fools long johns gravy poles money boys right it's the money she Paris a killer money drives the flipn dicy fire for the Paris way is the deep and long way. Takes it like a pro holds it like pro too as America watches her every rep adn set.

drew j   July 9th, 2009 9:24 pm ET

michael jackson was the worlds great singer and i will pray for the wellbeing of his kids. R.I.P

JANICE   July 9th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

These doctors are going to LIE .YES,it was a MURDER,or OVERDOSE. DIPRIVAN of all things in his house don't
make me laugh.Whoever prescribed that and whoever
injected it needs to go to JAIL.
That doctor would like threw his teeth if he was the biological
As for Debbie Rowe .She NEVER wanted those kids.
She said it so well giving birth does not make you a mother.
That's right Debbie.You are not their mother,not in any way
that really counts.They DO NOT know you.They should stay
with Katherine and if she can't care for them one day and
Diana Ross does not want or can't care for them,then I nominate
Jermaine.It's not like they have a shortage of Uncles and Aun'ts,but
to give them to Rowe I can't see that .She only wants the MONEY!

M.Jenks   July 9th, 2009 10:48 pm ET

I hate how people've been saying Paris was "forced" into the spotlight. If you watch carefully, she and Janet seemed to be talking about it before hand. Janet was also introduced instead, meaning it was a spur of the moment thing.
I also believe that they are Michael's kids. I mean, you can't judge by they're skin tone, I would know. People think I'm white all the time. Hey, Latoya's barely darker then them.

JANICE   July 10th, 2009 12:39 am ET

Look,I live in a world of reality and unlike Geraldo I have some questions.YES,great talent and I hope he did not molest
children.I do.I hopehe was as wonderful and kind and loving
as anything in the world,yet there are questions.
His own sister LaToya unless she lied said that a boy would
stay for days in the room and Michael would get the food try
and the boy would never sit at a dinner table.She questioned it.
So do I.
One boy described his genitals and the police took
photos and well kinda matched the description.How is it
if you love kids so much it was boys that stayed there ,what
about little girls,no girls just boys.
Now ,I saw a video where he was being
interrogated and at the mention of this type of behavior with
McCauly and other boys he seemed mortified ,so it does pose
questions in my mind.One housekeeper said he only
married Lisa Marie for Elvis back catalog and another
person said she never saw affection between them.
This all poses questions in my mind.Why is it he tells
Martin Bashir he had SEX with Debbie Rowe yet I'm not
sure he ever had sex with a female in his life,not
to say he went with men.It all seems peculiar that's all.

Valerie   July 10th, 2009 1:23 am ET


I personally find it offensive that they would violate Michael's wishes and put Paris on stage with that statement that appeared to be phony and written by one of the family members. How can "she remember ever since she was born". I think it was God awful and the Jackson family should be ashamed of themselves. Also, let's not forget Michael was not involved with his family the way they are portraying to the whole world and any true fan would know this who grew up or followed Michael Jackson's career. This is all about "Money". The rest of the clan is broke and trying to capitalize by bringing the children into this tragedy. Everyone involved will answer God in time for their roles in this disgusting yet tragic demise of Michael. Michael "RIP" I know you are not happy about your family's actions. You can now moonwalk on streets of Gold. Congratulations on your real crown.

Wema   July 10th, 2009 3:23 am ET

Where are these so called friends of Michael Jackson during his dark days? If they all claimed they are friends to Michael then why they didn't advice him of his multiple plastic surgeries, hiring staff who took advantage of him, helping people who also abuse him and going to doctors who just want money from him. None of them show that genuine love to MIchael while he is still alive and famous. If they are really friends to Michael then why they didn't advice him to just adopt or make his own black kid? I know this may sound silly but why the Jackson family never meddle with his personal issues like about Debbie Rowe. I know it is a noble thing to love those children as his own but why his friends and his family just let him create stories of impregnating Debbie Rowe which is common sense that it is really not true. I adore Michael Jackson talent and he really entertain me with his performance but if these people are really concern to Michael then he is probably still alive today. Now its too late to show our love to someone who is already dead.

Edgar Brincat   July 10th, 2009 3:37 am ET

This is not for you and not for me, it is a wish for:

Is like an earthquake, he came and quickly shook the hell out of our world and devastated us with his awesome talent. And before we knew it he left.

In his path of destruction, he destroyed sorrow and destroyed pain and he destroyed darkness.

In his aftermath he left behind joy, happiness, peace, love and lit the way for all of us. Thank you MICHAEL JACKSON for touching all our lives. GOD bless you. And thank you GOD for giving the world an earth shaking quake known as
 Author: Edgar Brincat, Roll On Records, California Country Music-BMI
Please pass this on to everyone you know so GOD will bless MICHAEL JACKSON.   July 10th, 2009 3:49 am ET

Michael, you are our "America's" baby brother...we grew up together... and we'll miss you very much... God brought you home because you were too good for this world... Precious Paris, Precious Prince and Precious Blanket...know that you will see your wonderful Daddy again in heaven just remember this and you will feel better..."The Son will always come back out again." Michael, until we see you again in heaven...know that whenever we look up at the moon...we'll think of you and our hearts will smile. We love you up to the moon and back baby brother! Until we see you again... Kimmy ((~.~)) xoxo   July 10th, 2009 3:49 am ET

Michael's legacy are his children...   July 10th, 2009 3:57 am ET

Michael's legacy is his children...

CAROLYN   July 10th, 2009 5:27 am ET


Eva Szigeti, Romania   July 10th, 2009 7:03 am ET

CNN is my life, it keeps me going, I feel close to the most wonderful people in the world: the American people.
I think the MJ memorial was a beautiful one. I love Michael 's music, his personality. I think he was a sweet kid, vulnerable and sincere. And he was a genius, not from this world. May God rest his soul!

Ayin   July 10th, 2009 8:14 am ET

Hi Larry
Whilst, I liked to commend you for the excellent show you host, I must also point out sometimes you need to judge a story from the human side and not the journalistic angle.

If you ask me why; Michael was such lovely human being, the gossip crazy media and public drove him insane. Its sad when great man is treated in such a shameful manner.

Michael’s only weakness was his goodness. Now, that he is no more please let him rest in peace. I beg you Larry, those innocent children are trying to mourn their daddy………why do you want to cause more pain to them, by trying to find who their biological dad is.

Honestly, does it matter? I am sure millions of couples who have issues with conceiving would opt for similar procedures. It is not a crime, but the crime is putting these poor innocent children through this media circus.

I for one believe, Michael is their biological dad. And even if he is not……he was the only daddy they knew and loved so much. Why do you wanna take that away from them? Why?

I have never believed any of those baseless accusations about Michael and I am not going to start now.

He was and always will be a great humanitarian, an exciting entertainer and most importantly a loving, caring father. I still cannot fathom the fact he is no more……..I have this aching void in me and I just don’t know what to do about it. That’s how much he meant to me and I personally know hundreds more, who are feeling the same way as I do.

Michael’s kids needs to be with his mum and not Debby. She may be a loving person as Dr.Klien pointed out, but no mother would ever give up her children for any amount of money. If she was forced or any other story that might surface doesn’t make a difference, as she had enough time if she wanted to be there for them? They belong with the Jackson family and I hope the court realizes this. Furthermore, those kids are so close to each other, and Debby is only mum two of them……that would be the most unfair and cruelest thing you could do to these innocent children, who have just lost their precious daddy!

Again Larry, I beg you please let Michael rest in peace at least now and stop digging in to things that will only cause more pain to those who love him; especially his little darling children.

Michael you were just too good for this cruel world! I will always love you and thank you for your generosity and the love you had spread across the world.

Ayin from Sri Lanka

Alinder   July 10th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

Larry, Why are these so called past security employees of Michael's coming out of the bowels of the sewers now? Now I know that they more than likely had to sign a confidentiality agreement while employed by Michael, but when you see someone abusing themselves to the extent that Michael was, you try to contact someone in the family to take over and do what they couldn't. But no, they preferred to keep collecting a salary and some go out and supply him with drugs. I hope they understand the damage they did. How can they live with themselves? This tragedy could have been avoided if only these people had a heart and really cared. They were there for protection and when you see someone killing themselves you get help. I am so ashamed of the way these people handled this situation.
If Janet had known earlier, I know in my heart that she could have helped her brother beat this. Janet would not have let it go. Somehow she would have found away, but these people just wanted to be sure they had a good job, a good salary and no soul.
I can only hope that one day all the people who disliked Michael will come to know that everyone is not the same and may not be able to handle the evilness of the tongue. Michael had been hurt badly by the lies and sensationalizing of the accusations and being the kind, loving, gentle person he was, well I believe his only escape was to do this to himself so he could escape.
I don't think I will ever get over what has happened to Michael because of lying wicked tongues, greedy, and non compassionate people. This should not be taken lightly and hopefully they will carry the guilt of what they have done in their hearts everyday for the rest of their lives. They drove a wonderful, kind soul to his death because of meaness in their hearts.
Also, it may be a good idea to check the insurance network in California to see if anyone recently took out an insurance policy on Michael. This would help the investigation to see if there was also a conspiracy against Michael to use his drug use to fill their pockets. You never know who to trust and and we all know that people have caused harm to other's for less, much less.
So now,
Michael is in heaven with God above, where he will always have eternal love-
No more will he worry about lying tongues,
or why they accused him of things he had never done.
You see he's with God now protected from hurt-
and those who false witnessed can do no more dirt-
For God had been watching all the good Michael had done,
and when he saw enough of the hurt that had been come,
to someone so gentle, so kind and so pure,
he knew it was time, Michael could take no more-
So he reached down from heaven and touched Michael's face,
and said come with now, I have a safe place-
No more pain, no more suffering, no more having to bear
the cruelness of other's who just do not care-
I am taking you home will you will be free,
to sing, laugh and dance with the children and me.
You won't have to worry about what's being said,
with me you will never have anything to dread.
For my home his holy and and all who dwell here
have no evil agenda just love and no fear.
So welcome home Michael you are here now with me,
where you can be you, but most of all free-
I love you Michael now and forever in my heart.

Alinder   July 10th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Larry, Why are these so called past security employees of Michael's coming out of the bowels of the sewers now? Now I know that they more than likely had to sign a confidentiality agreement while employed by Michael, but when you see someone abusing themselves to the extent that Michael was, you try to contact someone in the family to take over and do what they couldn't. But no, they preferred to keep collecting a salary and some go out and supply him with drugs. I hope they understand the damage they did. How can they live with themselves? This tragedy could have been avoided if only these people had a heart and really cared. They were there for protection and when you see someone killing themselves you get help. I am so ashamed of the way these people handled this situation.
If Janet had known earlier, I know in my heart that she could have helped her brother beat this. Janet would not have let it go. Somehow she would have found away, but these people just wanted to be sure they had a good job, a good salary and no soul.
I can only hope that one day all the people who disliked Michael will come to know that everyone is not the same and may not be able to handle the evilness of the tongue. Michael had been hurt badly by the lies and sensationalizing of the accusations and being the kind, loving, gentle person he was, well I believe his only escape was to do this to himself so he could escape.
I don't think I will ever get over what has happened to Michael because of lying wicked tongues, greedy, and non compassionate people. This should not be taken lightly and hopefully they will carry the guilt of what they have done in their hearts everyday for the rest of their lives. They drove a wonderful, kind soul to his death because of meaness in their hearts.
Also, it may be a good idea to check the insurance network in California to see if anyone recently took out an insurance policy on Michael. This would help the investigation to see if there was also a conspiracy against Michael to use his drug use to fill their pockets. You never know who to trust and and we all know that people have caused harm to other's for less, much less.
So now,
Michael is in heaven with God above, where he will always have eternal love-
No more will he worry about lying tongues,
or why they accused him of things he had never done.
You see he's with God now protected from hurt-
and those who false witnessed can do no more dirt-
For God had been watching all the good Michael had done,
and when he saw enough of the hurt that had been done,
to someone so gentle, so kind and so pure,
he knew it was time, Michael could take no more-
So he reached down from heaven and touched Michael's face,
and said come with me now, I have a safe place-
No more pain, no more suffering, no more having to bear
the cruelness of other's who just do not care-
I am taking you home were you will be free,
to sing, laugh and dance with the children and me.
You won't have to worry about what's being said,
with me you will never have anything to dread.
For my home is holy and and all who dwell here
have no evil agenda just love and no fear.
So welcome home Michael you are here now with me,
where you can be you, but most of all free-

I love you Michael now and forever in my heart.

Alinder   July 10th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Please use the one sent at 9:42 I had to make corrections.

Kelly White   August 3rd, 2009 3:58 am ET

Really, people. We only know what the Jackson family and Michael Jackson's handlers want us to know. It is well known, however that he was an addict that absolutely got out of hand. He had "yes people" surrounding him at all times or he would simply cut them off. That has been well documented. Yes, we lost a great entertainer, but he was just a man, not a god, saint, angel, etc...I wish that people would stop putting him on this pedistal that he does not deserve. Most, if not all of his problems, he brought upon himself. He made so many wrong choices, for example sleeping in the same bed with young boys...which he admitted to on national television which resulted in his second law suit of child molestation.And yes, there were all these people around him riding on his skirt-tails, doctors, lawyers, brothers, sisters (except Janet) and his mother and father. I know he didn't have what you would call a good childhood, but really, that's what therapy is for, not all the odd, very odd behavior he did. He used the media for his own purposes then complained about it when it hit a little too close to home for him. Let him rest in peace and let his family grieve like any other normal family would be able to do in private if he wasn't such a celebrity. When you are a celebrity, you have to give up a huge amount of privacy and he seemed to thrive on the attention. I know he was a genious music-wise and entertainment and performance wise, but let's face it, he was just a man, a junky. Let those kids grieve and live in peace. And I do have to say it: Those children are not his biological children. They are his legally but that is the only way they are his. They look nothing like he did, even before all the plastic surgery, which he always lied about anyway, saying he only had 2 surgeries: on his nose and reconstruction on his scalp from the fire. His family are liars as well, protecting everything he's ever said. I think that is a very sad thing. Most everyone has a disfunctional family, but I've never seen one as disfunctional as this one. My gosh, he's been dead a month and they still can't seem to aggree on where to bury his body, if there is a body and not a cremation. And Joe Jackson is a money-hungry idiot. And where was his "precious mother" during his upbringing? Why didn't she do a better job at protecting this obvious overly sensitive youth. Whenever I see the older scenes of him performing, it saddens me because of the abuse he went through right before going on stage. Joe Jackson saw him as the golden goose - they all did!!! And please, I pray that Joe Jackson doesn't get his hands on those 3 kids, now maybe a 4th child. Talking about the "Jackson 3" give me a freaking break!!!! Michael Jackson was a child in a 50 year old body with a severe drug addiction that no one in his family or his bodyguards, staff, etc...did anything about. If they really wanted to, they could have!!!

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