June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson – Human Nature

Posted: 11:07 PM ET


Given how many of today's pop artists lip-sync all of their live performance, it's refreshing to see this vintage clip of Michael Jackson actually singing a song while he dances.

A non-scientific survey of the Larry King Live crew this week found "Human Nature" to be the office favorite.  What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?

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vera hum   June 28th, 2009 12:06 am ET

how come the personnel physician doesnt know to put a person on the floor for reanimation???maybe he missed that class!!!
the emergency-man had to advice the caller!!

Jen   June 28th, 2009 12:19 am ET

I have the same doubt
Why the doctor was giving Michael CPR while he was on the bed, isn't CPR supposed to be given on hard surfaces, maybe that's why it didn't worked.

jane zuniega(philippines)   June 28th, 2009 12:35 am ET

the world will surely missed the legend,the icon and the king of pop...i was sad til now I it never sinks in me that He is gone,He contributed so much in the music industry,his musics will remain forever generation to generatons..that is his legacy that even a new generations will remember Michael Jackson as the king of pop,the icon but the legend we witness that the world mourned..young,old,rich or poor or whtever the race michael reunited the feelings of everyone for his untimely death

Susie Martinez   June 28th, 2009 12:46 am ET

Elemenatary school all throughout second grade all of us in the class would sing " We are the world." We are now all the world in beautiful memories of this amazing and strong loving soul: Michael Jackson!

ken knapp   June 28th, 2009 12:46 am ET

i grew up with micheal and i must say that there will never bea talent like him ever micheal legand will live on long after we're gone in to the next century bye far rest in peasce micheal

Ebony   June 28th, 2009 12:47 am ET

My five yr old knows who Michael Jackson is. I made sure I told her that he was the greatest entertainer of all times since she was old enough to know who he is. He will live on forever and ever. MJ is the the best entertainer there ever was and will be. His passing will be one for th history books. But he will never die.

Dodie ~ California   June 28th, 2009 12:52 am ET


I just found out from China's TV news that France is planning an around the world Michael Jackson "Moon walk" It would be nice if the USA joined the rest of the world in this venture!

Esti   June 28th, 2009 12:54 am ET

I wrote about how I will remember Michael Jackson on my blog, When I heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death, via twitter, I was so completely shocked. I hadn’t thought about Michael Jackson in years, and I then I remembered how much I spent thinking about him as a teen in the 1980s.

It wasn’t just about Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, but the child within him that never had a chance, well, to be a child. The way he sang could bring tears to a room for adults, the way he danced inspired kids everywhere to do the “moon walk”. I remember always thinking about his humble beginnings in Gary, Indiana. When I found that out, I was even more in awe of him.

It is very sad that in just one week we’ve lost 3 public figures, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Ed McMahon. Why now? Are they all in Heaven, in peace, and free of their pain and suffering? I hope so, because they have had their share of troubles. Ed McMahon, was the oldest of them. I think it is a huge blessing if somebody can live to 85. But Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, you have left this world with less time on it. However, you did accomplish more than most people ever will, even those that live until 120.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, even down to the day, hour, and location. In order to deal with our own sadness, we need to look at the positive aspects of the deceased. What do you think?

Sylvia Aguirre   June 28th, 2009 12:56 am ET

My heart goes out to the Jackson family. It seems like I grew up with Michael, I love his music, he was a true genius. I never got the opportunity to attend any of his concerts, but I never missed him on TV. Loved to watch him dance he almost floated around the dance floor. Its hard believe he's gone, now I will never get the opportunity to see him live, something I've wanted to do since I was a teenager. I am now 64 yrs. old and I still enjoy his music.

stacey   June 28th, 2009 1:00 am ET

Here I sit, not being able to sleep. Saddened by the worlds lose. I, at 37, have not been a huge fan of the" king of pop". However, i can not stop feeling the pain. I realized just how much of a kind soul he was when I saw the video clip of the kiss with Lisa Marie. And at that very heart just ached for his family. Thank you Micheal for bringing us so many wondeful memories. You will certainly be missed. By me, and by all. I wish that I could have gotten to know you...and to maybe just have one "dance". You have blessed this world with your presents and smile. May you rest in peace.

shawnda bennett   June 28th, 2009 1:01 am ET

I woould like 2 send my thoughts and prayers out 2 the jackson family michael jackson has been a part of my life for 34 years of my life when i heard the news i was listening 2 the radio and i did not want 2 believe it but for some reason i just knew he was gone i just started crying and could not stop he was like the uncle from god i grew up the only child and was lonely on the inside and no one never cared about how i felt the same way mike was feeling no one knows how it feels 2 lose a child unless you have lost one yourself my son was 5 months and a day old it was complete devastaion so i feel so deeply saden for his mother and father and all his sisters and brothers may god bless his familys heart and sol

Valerie Gerke   June 28th, 2009 1:05 am ET

This song brings me back to being fifteen years old,and falling head over heels for a boy I knew...The entire Thriller album was a part of my growing up years because it had everything–songs of romance,comedy–The Girl is Mine with Paul McCartney,and songs that you could literallly dance all night too! Yes,I will miss the shining light that Michael Jackson gave to the world....

dorothy rhodes   June 28th, 2009 1:05 am ET

Why did it take his death for the world to recognize how talented Michael Jackson is. It is sad to see when someone is alive no affection is showed until the person is no longer with us, then they want to show their response on how he has touched so many lives. It does not matter to that person now that they are gone. Many people are fake. He was a legend to me since i was a teenager and i still felt that way before he had died. I will miss him but know he is in a stress free place with no worries.

Dodie ~ California   June 28th, 2009 1:06 am ET

I remember when I would drive 200 miles every day in order to attend a university and I would always rely on his up-beat album “Thriller” to keep me awake on the long drive home over the Cajon pass. In many ways, he saved my life on those long late night drives.

I must tell you, very little ever shakes me up… But the death of Michael Jackson shook my world to the core even though it was expected.

Michael Jackson’s music, life and legacy spanned more than 40 years. Michael’s music transcended generations of people throughout the world. He was an icon among icons. He lost his childhood to give us ours thus encapsulated sadness within. Michael inspirited multitude of generations that spanned from age 8 to 80!

When I think of Michael, I always think of the love he could never give himself but brought to the world through his music. RIP my sweet friend!

Shadoew   June 28th, 2009 1:07 am ET

It has been three days and Istill cannot wrap my mind around the reality of Thurday's news. It remains unbelievable that such a precious gift does not remain. I grew up with Michael with all his changes and transformations and continued to love him through them all. He was a brilliant and mesmerizing performer with talent that superceeded all others. He was a unique and genuine human being, in a category all by himself, and there is, was, nor will be another that will shine a light to him. I was excited to find that he was going to tour again and planned to see him perform, that will never happen. His sudden death has left me with a loss of understanding as to why this has happened. It is a tragic loss for the world. To his mother and family, I will hold you up in prayer. This is a hard one for us all! It's going to take a minute.


Teferi   June 28th, 2009 1:14 am ET

MJ your music is so powerful that you used to move my father that neither speak nor hear english. I remember the smile on my father's face, it showed me his childhood which is impossible to see. MJ you are Immortal !!!


kenneth simmons   June 28th, 2009 1:18 am ET

hello larry i am from costa rica and very impact by the death of michael jackson hi gave all for his fans now we all pray for him and the entire family jackson now we most speak of the good things that hi did in life my prayers go for him and his family !!!!!!!

Patrice Lapeyrollerie   June 28th, 2009 1:21 am ET

I to grew up with the King of Pop. Love and prayers to the Jackson family at this very hard time. May peace be with the soul of Michel Jackson he will be truly missed but never forgotten, he's left us his music and his undeniable love for people of all colors may this help to unite us all. We never can say goodbye so I will say see you later Michael, you will always be in my heart and from one mother to another the Lord will see you through, he will not let you down!! God Bless and goodnight!!!!!!!! 🙂

Deborah Pandohie   June 28th, 2009 1:33 am ET

I was heart broken when I heard the news of Michael Jackson's passing. it is a terrible tragedy, I feel as if I knew him i grew up listening to him he had the most beautiful and natural voice, I just pray that he will now be left alone to rest in peace, and that all the negativity will stop, iti is too bad that bad news and gossip sells, everyone has something to say as if they knew him ,but only God really knew him and I just pray that he knew the lord as his personal saviour, I pray for his mother and I hope that she finds that peace that surpasses all understanding,, I hope they know that this too shall pass and God is in charge. I am really sorry for your loss Mrs Jackson and family. God bless you and keep you on this journey.

Patricia Bond OConnell   June 28th, 2009 1:35 am ET

Addiction to prescription drugs took the life of one of the best entertainers in the world Master Micheal Jackson At a young age 50. I now sense that micheal was not a pedophile but a lost soul wanting a different childhood, wanting a different skin color. If I had not given up Alcohol and drugs 32 years ago and began my lessons. Let go of the past live one day at a time. Only now am I having a happy childhood. I wish Micheal would have gottento AA or Na or both and learned how to love himself exactly with what hes got or been given unconditionally. Took his spiritual quest and was able to channal his energy with the help of people who he could identify with. he would be alive today. I honor Depak Chopra for disclosing the Medical field in hollywood today of co-signing Micheals death abuse of precription drugs. May God bless his family and his inner circle of friends who wanted his best interest first and formost. God knows who you are. Addiction takes away everyone and the end is death. THere are intervention that work even if the addict doesn't get help

Dan   June 28th, 2009 1:37 am ET

I've heard about the prescription drug,the allegations of child molestation,when do we see and hear at length the humanitarian efforts Michael made,home and abroad?


direct2thepoint   June 28th, 2009 1:39 am ET

Hi Larry, I love your candid style. You keep it real. Thats why I enjoy your show. What I am about to share is deep emotion. I am an African American woman, who still crys "today" about the loss of my favorite musical aritist.

My heart is forever broken by the death of Michael Jackson.

It will always be my deepest belief that Michael Jackson had issues in life as we all do. However, his life was and is still magnified by media hype. It is unfortunate that media has played a negative role in the lives of many celebrities... destroying them and draining them of LIFE. Without celebrities, media would be boring, dead, unappealing to most and of litle interest to all. We need news but damn...
I believe that LIFE woud be greatly extended for many past and present celebrities if the media would just let them LIVE.

I also believe that Michael Jackson was "soulishly" pained with inward ills that no drug could ever heal. The little boy inside him was still there and never got a chance to be "a little boy."
Micheal being born in the "Negro" time period... a time when the African/American was evolving and developing identity in America.
It seems to me that Michael wanted to be more than just a "Negroe" he wanted to be the image of what he thought impressed Americans. He didn't like the negative sterotypes associated with being "Negroe" (big nose, nappy hair, big lips etc... So he sought to change into an image that left him more confused, empty and wanting (not to mention expensive)
Wealth, Fame, Drugs... could never reach inside of Michael and replace time lost in LIFE or heal or fulfill his soul-pain. But, Michael found a since of solace with music and a sincere connection of love with his fans. Despite his ills, Michael was one with the universe in his expressions of unity, love, peace, and joy that he gave to the world throuh his music, encouraging all to LIVE "off the wall"
What we all will miss most from Michael Jackson is not all the media drama and hype.
We will miss the gifts from GOD to the earth through MICHAEL JACKSON that Blessed the world with the fruits of the SPIRIT from GOD.



Diana   June 28th, 2009 1:39 am ET

I am a 57 year old Christian. I have 3 children(ages; 37-39&41)13 grand(ages 3yrs to 23yrs). I love Michael Jackson and his music. There is not one song that I was afraid for my children to listen to when they were young and the same with my grandchildren. I often prayed for Michael as if I knew him. At times I whiched that I did, to offer him a real friendship with no strings attached. My prayers go out to his family esp. Catherine. As for as the child molesting charges, it amazes me that no one comments on the parents. If I thought my children or grand had been molested. I don't care what amount of money or power the person had, they would be going to jail. If those parents really fealt their child had been molested, accepting money as oppose to getting justice, is the same as the parents pimping their children. I wonder if Nancy Grace would accept money if(God forbid) something like that happen to her children, as oppose to justice.

Corey   June 28th, 2009 2:04 am ET

Michael – I understand now… those weren’t just songs you wrote and sang but they were cries for help – like the words to “Childhood,” “Will You Be There,” “Leave Me Alone” and so many others. All the questions I had about you are all answered now even though it’s too late for answers. Thanks for all the hard work and sacrifices you gave just to make us smile to feel good when we saw you dance and sing. May you rest in peace forever and may Christ be with you always.

NiteFlyr2   June 28th, 2009 2:33 am ET

I am a fifty year old African American woman who grew up in what is now referred to as the "O.C." with 4 brothers.  My father worked his way out of poverty and was able to move his family to an upper class white neighborhood so that we might benefit from all this world had to offer.  I cannot begin to tell you what it meant to see the Jackson 5 explode into our lives and the collective consciousness of the world!  Now we had someone on TV and making headlines who looked like us. Also, someone who had managed to cross the racial lines that had become increasingly broader, and more menacing since the early 60's.  At a time when little colored boys and girls were made to feel second best at best, these little boys with dark skin, large afros, wide noses and voices from God brought us hope and a sense of dignity. I cannot express in words the feelings of pride and love the black community felt for these well mannered, soft spoken, good looking and awesomely talented kids.  I can only say it was liken to the feelings aroused in Americans when President Obama was elected to office.  Only the feelings Michael stirred within us, then and now, brought on by his heartfelt and captivating voice and insane dance moves, touched the very depth of our souls .

When millions of people, from all walks of life, recognize the genius of a little boy and his obviously God given and blessed talent, we know instinctively that he is a gift to us from above.  We watched the talented, painfully shy little boy, who was robbed of his childhood, grow into a musical genius with a troubled soul.  I and my two son's represent 3 generations to witness this man and his unprecedented talent.  There will never be another person on earth to accomplish what Michael Jackson accomplished in the world of music.  Period.

As I sat crying for  Michael, I realized that I not only cried for the loss of a great talent and a man too compassionate for this time and place, but I also cried over the passing of time.  The realization that time goes on without any warning. We assume that the people, in whose eyes reflect our memories, will always be with us.  A safe harbor for our past and the continued promise of our future. If not forever, but until we are gone.  Because to lose them would be to lose a piece of ourselves.  We were punched in the stomach by a gale force wind, suddenly and with devastation, reminded on Thursday, June 25th 2009 at 2:30 pm on beautiful, bright and perfectly sunny California day, that God giveth and He taketh away.  

I believe when Michael Jackson spirit left his physical body he was released from the pain and heaviness of this world. He experienced the unconditional love, light, peace and tranquility he so desperately sought  while here on earth.  I believe he found the joy and happiness of spirit experienced on earth only by very young children.  I believe he was shown that his children and family would be okay without him.  That he was witness to the millions of people who loved him and would mourn him.  He would know without uncertainty that his life, music and message would endure until the end of mankind itself.  He would understand that he had completed his mission with flying colors and now he was being allowed to come home.  I can only imagine the complete and total joy that encompassed him.  

We will cry and mourn the loss of Michael.  We will indulge our selfishness and may curse God and ask why?  But after we have cried until we can cry no more, we will celebrate.  We will celebrate the gift that was Michael Jackson.  The music, the dance, the caring and compassionate man who gave so much to so many literally and figuratively.  A man who cared as much about the children of stranger's as he cared about his own children.  A man who was most happy bringing love and music to millions, often while concealing his own pain and sorrow.  We will try our best to moonwalk.  We will listen to his lyrics and watch his videos. We will be captivated over and over again by his poignant voice and breathtaking movements.  We will understand that we too were blessed to have been alive to witness true musical genius.  We will come to understand the price Michael paid for our entertainment and we will realized how we took this talented man for granted.

Thank you Michael.  You brought to us a little piece of heaven here on earth.  Now it is time for you to rest.  A rest that will be short lived I'm sure.  The band in heaven has probably already handed you a sequined glove and microphone!

PS To The Haters: First, before espousing your hateful rhetoric, try to remember that a mother has outlived her son and that 3 children have lost the only parent they have ever known. Second, contemplate the fact that over 35 years, and contact with 100's of children, Michael Jackson was accused by only two families. As a parent, I can say that no amount of money would prevent me from pressing criminal charges against someone who molested my child. As a black person, I have no doubt that a D.A. with a grudge would try a person of color whether he was guilty or not. Michael was found not guilty of all charges, why is that not good enough to stop the spewing of hatred? Give it a rest. Perhaps if the haters, who are fixated on the false accusations brought against Michael, spent a fraction of their time talking about MAMBA, or the children kidnapped for the sexual pleasure of pedophiles or the abominations committed against children of the Catholic church, they might be taken seriously and one might actually believed they cared about victim's of child abuse!

Kathy in Sacramento   June 28th, 2009 3:17 am ET

I forgot to mention this in my first post...

...Michael's death was not the come back I had in mind! He's dancing and singing for the angels now! God Bless you Michael. I love you too!!!

ACC   June 28th, 2009 3:34 am ET

It's a privileged that Michael Jackson graced this world with his talent, music & astounding performances. He is a true artist. Whatever his health condition & whatever he did with his personal time was his own business as any person would like it to be, famous or not. It's a shame, the media&paparazzi never left him alone. May his soul enjoy the peace, respect&privacy he so deserved but never got from the cruel world he dedicated his energy&life entertaining. His legacy will be remembered affectionately.

Vivian Rivera   June 28th, 2009 3:52 am ET

I am honor to have had Michael Jackson be apart of my life, even if he didn't know who I was. Michael brought the world closer to each other with his talent and music. God bless his children, parents and family. We love and appreciate you Michael...we will surely miss you. Viv

Atlanta_seanwilliams   June 28th, 2009 3:53 am ET

I'm sitting here trying to make since of the loss of Michael Jackson and I have a lump in my throat. There is a spiritual void in the pit of my stomach. Michael Jackson's music has gotten me through some very traumatic times in my life. I am so sad.
-A moment of silence for those who are grieving the loss of Michael Jackson-

Eric Center   June 28th, 2009 3:56 am ET


Why is it that for most of our iconic figures throughout history, that it takes us losing them for us to appreciate their true impact. I am 32 and have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was old enough to speak. Whenever I've done an audition, or just been asked to sing on a whim, I have always done Michael. Whether it's "She's Out Of My Life", or "Lady In My Life". Michael was the epitemy of creativity, and entertainment. He was music, and through his growth music became him. He will forever be missed, and now the world is without yet another angel. God Bless Michael and his family. Thank you.

Kim   June 28th, 2009 4:15 am ET

this is so sad i never got to meet Micheal but i do worry about hes kids and hes mom and dad and sisters and brothers and the rest of the familey this will always remain in our memorys and are sadest and heavlyest hearts

may now Micheal find the peace that he always been looking for

Ramona   June 28th, 2009 4:24 am ET

Larry, despite your inconsistent ambivalence, are you against Michael Jackson? you act somehow...prejudiced. When our time comes should we expect people will judge our worst nature, or good deeds? Usher was being diplomatic, but I think that`s what he really ment when he told you to stop associating Michael`s name with drugs.
You see the negative effect media has had on people in the U.S.A. and I am convinced that in Europe people love Michael more than here. And they do believe in him.
All that Michael is guilty of is that he was a Dreamer, and people loved him, but with fame there came disaster: the kids that accused him of whatever where just after his money. And the proof, or cherry on top of the cake, is the kid that had AIDS, and was accusing Michael of something that not even the dumbest dumb would ever do – touching him, infected and all, in such a way.
It is so sad to see that these kids set the countdown for Michael`s life and took it to the end in undeserved shame instead of fame and success as The King deserved.
My message might not be aired,but I must say that you`ve had better shows than that.

Ada, Romania   June 28th, 2009 5:35 am ET

I remember when Michael Jackson came to Bucharest. It was the biggest thing that happened to Romania in over 40 years!!! Especially since it was the first big show that took place in our county, after the communist party was taken down in '89!

Nick   June 28th, 2009 5:46 am ET

"Moonwalking Angels Share Millions with Heaven"

The King of Pop!! 1958-2009 May your legacy live thru the hearts of many aspiring musicians to come. His heart, choreography, and ability to entertain the world will always be remembered to those who ever moonwalked, or mimic'd his performances. Have been such a high profile celebrity, I believe that the media coverage throughout his life has taken away his charechter and reputation as being one of the most genuine hearts of pop culture has ever known. I mean c'mon, everyone saw for themselves how unreliable media coverage was yesterday about weather or not he passed. All I'm saying is, there is always 3 sides to a story, yours, mine, and which ever god you choose to believe in. Never assume something your eyes haven't seen for themselves. Many thoughts and prayers to the Jackson, Fawcett, and McMahon Families this week. We know Michael and Ed are safe for having passed within the wings of one particular Angel.

Nene   June 28th, 2009 5:53 am ET

I am so saddened by Michael Jackson's death. I had a dream about less than a month ago that Michael Jackson had died and the thought sickened me. As the reality has hit, when I first heard of the news, I broke down immediately as if it were one of my family members. Not only is he my favorite entertainer and that I had nothing but admiration about him, I feel that something just isn't right. That doctor had something to do with his death. To just leave his home is Las Vegas and move in with Michael just two weeks Michael is gone??? I myself had a problem with pain medications and they are addictive and can easily be accesed and I feel this doctor knows more than what he is letting on. One more thing, I am a dedicated watcher of the Larry King Show..Love you Larry!! i am wondering why I haven't seen you interview Michael Jackson on your show...every entertainer/performer, reality star has been on your show and no Michael. Why? My prayers are with Michael's family and we the fans are suffering as well from this. We were like his family also. No matter what he did, has done, or we don't know about, I love this man like no other. RIP Michael

udit   June 28th, 2009 5:57 am ET

Dear Larry

I have always loved Michael Jackson since I was a kid. I feel so bad when people intrude so much in to his personal life. We should look at the positive side of a person. Look at the half full of the glass instead of looking at the other empty half.

We should always remember his contribution to music industry rather then discussing the charges which were never proved.

He is the biggest music legend ever produced and truly a Man of a Century.

We will never forget his music and dance. He is and always be irreplaceable.

Loren   June 28th, 2009 5:58 am ET

Michael Jackson is truly larger than life. We should remember him for his contributions in the world of music and trying to heal our world. He has influenced me in so many ways. I'm very sad and shocked by his passing. He was a great man. Truly, a unique individual which no one can surpass. I hope the people who doubted him are feeling remorse.
I was only 6 years old when I first saw him, waving from a hospital window in my country. That image of him I will never forget.

Salisu Mukhtar, Nigeria   June 28th, 2009 6:00 am ET

The greatest legacy left by Michael is not the music but the fact that regardless of the kind of childhood one had, its possible to achieve the zenith and be a source of inspiration to others.

suzy walker   June 28th, 2009 6:15 am ET

Michael Jackson. you were one beautiful soul....i grew up in Newzealand in the 70s listening to your music...Thankyou for bringing so much joy into so many lives...The world will miss you , beautiful, wonderful, precious Michael for ever in our ♥ hearts♥ xoxoxoxoxo

Daniela Benjumea   June 28th, 2009 7:04 am ET

Why do we wait until he dies to praise him and tell him that we truly love him, with all of our hearts.... We thank you Michael for the legacy you have left behind, you will be forever remembered and celebrated in every corner of the world.

Diana   June 28th, 2009 8:25 am ET

I have been in many "CODES"- cardiac arrest. The MD there kept on insisting that they continue the code for one reason-GUILT!! He knew if MJ died his butt was grass! Hence, his disappearance and refusal to talk with MJ's family! He is responsible for MJ's death and I hope that this sends a very BIG message to ALL MD's involved with rich, entitled people concerning drugs! Where is the MD? Why hasn't he spoke with the family?? They deserve answers in their grief!!! Michael said not to believe the media and I believe the media is letting us down now by not demanding the TRUTH for his mother- tell her I want her to know that we should not let what happened too her son happen again! My prayers and love to all his people.

Sorana   June 28th, 2009 9:13 am ET

To me, it feels like all the love and kindness in this world are gone, together with Michael. A source of goodwill which will never be replaced. Sad…
It’s now up to all of us to take upon ourselves a part of that love and kindness of his spirit and exercise it in our daily, earthly lives, in loving memory.

Lonna Richard   June 28th, 2009 9:14 am ET

He is the music. I think his siblings should get together along with his close friends in the business and do the tour for Michael and give the proceeds to his children. I also think its awful that people have to run his name into the ground. He has passed away. Cant people just leave his family alone and talk about all the good that this world icon has done. Especially for his children. They dont deserve to hear what the news media has said about him. All those alligations against him that werent true. They were the ones who ruined him. He had to pay for lawyers for things he didnt do and the media ran with it. Let his children grow up knowing their father was the king of the world in the music industry and all the other great things he did and not the negitive things. Let them be proud of their father, as they should be.

Tina Scammell   June 28th, 2009 9:37 am ET

I've never heard of a Doctor doing CPR on a bed...and how come there has been no mention of a defibrillator being used..??? As an ex-ambulance chief, I find the above most disturbing.

Tamara anderson   June 28th, 2009 10:13 am ET

Michael Jackson will always be remembered for his extraordinary and immaculate skills as an pop artist. Regardless of the negative aspects of his life his music is what touched all people and all ages of the world. Although the reason for his sudden death is unknown his legacy as the King of Pop will go on!

B.AFOLABI   June 28th, 2009 10:41 am ET

Micheal Jackson is daed,but....he will forever be my hero.I love is musics so much.Rest in peace brother.

Sandy   June 28th, 2009 11:03 am ET

To the Jackson " FAMILY"
My sincere condolences , may the memories give you strength. May the comfort of God help you during this difficult time.

Michael Jackson had a good heart, he was an unselfish man.

(Buffalo N.Y.)

mary key   June 28th, 2009 11:07 am ET

I was just writing to ask if Donny Osmond has had any comments on Michael s passing away. Since they were growing up together as family entertainers?

Eldon Smith   June 28th, 2009 11:52 am ET

There are many ironic similarities between Elvis and Michael Jackson: Both had a limited amount of formal education. Both were propelled to fame beyond their ability to handle it and become isolated by it. Both were naive in many respects and were affected by moods and narcissism. Both were exploited by many of the people they surrounded themselves with. Both died under mysterious circumstances. Despite their flawed and tragic lives, both Elvis and Michael are - and will be - missed by the millions of people around the world whose mundane and ordinary lives were brighted by their magic.

Vickie   June 28th, 2009 11:52 am ET

In regards to the custody of Michael Jackson's children. It seems that Debbie Rowe has the upper hand. Michael is testifying from his grave. How many flim clips have we seen (including Oprah) of Michael stating his father beat him. Now the Jacksons believe the Judicial System would place his three children in their home. I know he adored his Mother, but this happened under her watch & care. Sorry Jackson fans, I don't think this is going to happen.

Frances   June 28th, 2009 12:03 pm ET

Hi Larry, I have a suggestion. MJ was was going to do some concerts next month, I think that the people should be ask, if they want to still have the concerts,,he was going to perform at or get there money back. If they still want a concert, Have some other singers and friends of his to do the concert as a tribute to Michael and give the proceeds from the concert to Michaels favorite charitys. This would be one great way the fans could remeber michael and do something that, we all know he would be pleased with.

Aylin - Belize C.A., originaly from Bulgaria, EU   June 28th, 2009 12:43 pm ET

I had goose bumps the second I heard : Dimorol was administered....

People, Larry, please listen to his song "Morphine"

Back in time when the album was released this was the song I couldn't understand. Why he had to write it, what it has to do with him? Now I know, so as the rest of the world.
R.I.P. Michael and may God ease our pain

C   June 28th, 2009 12:54 pm ET

Hi Larry, I remain curious why a cardiologist was the physician hired by Jackson or his handlers. It would seem that there was some indication of heart or vascular problems prior to his death. If there concern was merely his general health, then an internist or general practitioner would have been more appropriate.

I do wonder if any human being can survive the type celebrity of a Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley or even a Princess Diana. Peace be with you Michael Jackson.

edee   June 28th, 2009 1:00 pm ET

It is so sad to think of Michael Jackson being dead . I wish him peace and that he doesn't feel lonely anymore .All the love everyone is expressing for him I hope he can feel that too . It is just to bad we could not have shown him while he was still here on earth .

Diana Swiderski   June 28th, 2009 1:11 pm ET

Michael Jackson:

I grew up listening to Michael and although I never bought a single record of his I have been struck with much pain by his passing.

The world will never be the same- Peter Pan is Gone…

Michael was a Vincent Van Gough of the music world. I believe the song
Starry Starry Night actually tells his storey. Michael this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you”..

Sam   June 28th, 2009 1:37 pm ET

One sad part of Michael Jackson story is that he surrounded himself with people he thought were his friends. An example is "self proclaimed" guru Mr. Deepak Chopra. Yesterday, I heard him speaking to a BBC reporter regarding Michael Jackson's life style and his abuse of prescription drugs.

Mr. Chopra claims to be a "family friend" of Michael Jackson and said that he knows that Michael Jackson used/abused prescription drugs and used a cocktail of prescription medicine. One wonders if he was truly Michael's friend, he would not be on national and international channels and talk shows discussing Michael Jackson's prescription drug use within 48 hours after his death. He appears to be a sly, manipulative sales man who is taking advance of Michael's tragedy to market himself.

Other stars have also appeared on national media and talked about Michael, but I've not heard anyone trying to expose negative aspects about Michael's life and market themselves. Example, when Liza Manelli appeared on Larry King, she defended Michael and truly sounded like a friend of Michael.

dede   June 28th, 2009 1:59 pm ET

and now Billy Mays is gone..maybe a bump on his head from the airline..sad...Sunday 2 pm ...

Robert Wells   June 28th, 2009 2:34 pm ET

We grew up together. I saw his very first performance on t.v. with my family, I just remember my mom was so incredibly entertained with the Jackson 5 and especially Michael Jackson and I was too. He was more than just an entertainer, he was and will always be the KIng of POP, and hoe others are measured. We must importantly remember that Michael Jackson was a Humanitarian, he gave to many wonderful causes, was kind and the list goes on. Michael Jackson most of all had a very soft heart and was a child forever. He was sometimes misunderstood because of what some people expected of him. Michael Jackson was a man, a beautiful child (forever), King of Pop, Super Star. He Will be missed. A little tiny piece of my heart died too. Celebrate his life in his videos, music, charities and the mention of his name he will live on!

Ruby Coria, L.A., CA.   June 28th, 2009 2:46 pm ET

Hi Larry, I'm still devastated over the lost of such a wonderful person, & that's what Michael Jackson is. I'm with the Rev. Al Sharpton, we're not going keep him in the highest regards! R.I.P to the Great King of Soul/Pop/R&B/&Rock King Michael Jackson. Bless the his Family.
best song: Human Nature
best video: In the Colset

Deborah Kinsala   June 28th, 2009 2:47 pm ET

In Memory Of Michael Jackson
The world is oceraome by sadness as a gentle soul is lost. This Hopi Prayer says it all~
Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the dismond glints of snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry: I am not there,
I did not die~
The world is a better place because this awesome man was with us for too short awhile. Thank you Mr. King for honoring his memory with the dignity and grace.

Michael Jackson lives on everafter.

Abila baloch   June 28th, 2009 2:53 pm ET

Hi larry, we lost such a wonderful person, amazing dancer, beautiful performer...... we will never forget you micheal jackson

Phinell Franklin   June 28th, 2009 3:52 pm ET

Michael Jackson came into time and he did make a magnificient change in the earth. Regardless of what your views concerning him are – his name in the last few days have been upon your lips. He changed music, but his death has changed us. To be very honest, we will never forget Michael Jackson. Never can say goodbye!

Mary   June 28th, 2009 3:55 pm ET

I hope the world comes together through music and celebrates the life of Michael Jackson.

It would nice to see the, "show goes on" in the memory of Michael.
I hope someday the Jacksons and every musical group could come together and perform a concert of a lifetime.


Danielle   June 28th, 2009 4:02 pm ET

Michael was largely misunderstood. He lived with the gullibility of a child. This was a blessing because it allowed him to think outside the box and produce music with the creativity and limitless mentality of a child.
It was also a curse because he was severely taken advantage of. He so wanted to help people, he was used and extorted for money.
He had a good heart. My friend said that the world does not know how to appreciate greatness. The media does not know how to appreciate Michael.
I feel the people around him did nothing to help him.
Michael- the greatest musician ever lived.
May his soul rest in peace.

Ka'Mila (KMG) from Dallas Texas   June 28th, 2009 4:38 pm ET

You are truly the best there ever was Michael. I wish I got a chance to meet you, but I was inspired as a child through your music and even more the passion behind it all. You are the best there ever was!! Still to this day no one can top you. You are not disrespectful through your music. No Jay-Z, No P-Diddy, Usher or Chris Brown's can top you. Even the female artist put more sex out there and you never did. You are a try artist and Kerry Hilson should have meet you. She is clean but still get her message across with out putting the true meaning of sex out there. You are the best Michael. My heart goes out to you and your kids. Your mother Miss. Jackson, sisters, brothers, and even your close friends. Miss. Elizabeth Taylor and Mr. heart goes out to you as well. I will continue to prove through dance how Michael will live for ever! A-men

The Drake and Johnson Family's   June 28th, 2009 4:56 pm ET

We all wanted to wish The Michael Jackson's family and friends our deepest sympathy. We all grew up with him.
The king of Pop/R&B and other Wonderful Songs and Video's will always be song and played over and over in our homes and hearts.
A message to heaven " Michael we know you made it in". and we will always love you.

Thank You CNN!!!!

BonnieNJ   June 28th, 2009 5:03 pm ET

Farewell to Michael J. Jackson
Sunrise 8-29-58 Sunset 6-25-09

The World Mourns

How premature for you to say goodbye,
How senseless at fifty that you die,
We grew up together, learned our ABC
Did you not know you’re another part of me.
You promised us, “I’ll be there”,
Now we cry since you’re not here,
We could scream that I want you back,
And bounce off the wall from grief’s attack.

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white,
This is not the thriller we thought we’d fight,
You still rock my world, because, you’re bad,
Our souls are weary, and our hearts are sad,
Know that you are not alone,
We ARE the world, and our hearts mourn.
Reflecting the man in the mirror, don’t know how to
make the change, but we’ll beat it,
Dreaming about the way you make me feel, we will
Remember the time, we met.

Michael, the words to say so long,
Are best expressed by you, in song,
As we struggle with disbelief, in the mind,
Each farewell phrase is hard to find,
So as you glance upon a star,
We’ll rock with you from afar.
From my mom’s generation to my grandchild’s, know
Who’s loving you,
And from hearts heavy with why??
Know, we can never say goodbye.

In loving memory,
An olde skool fan,
Bonnie, New Jersey, USA
© 2009 Yvonne Brooks
Permission granted to cite, print, electronic format, with credit acknowledgement for non profit use.

Josie Epperson   June 28th, 2009 5:06 pm ET

my condolence to Jackson family, It breaks my heart to see those people put michael under scrutiny while he was alive and going thru tough time in his life specially when allegations araised, they made a quick judgement of him and made fun of him. Now that he is dead suddenly they wanted to pay tribute and say nice thing about him what a bunch of hypocrites people(media or so called stars). why waited till the person is dead to recognized him as a good, caring and loving person. I can say this that michael,ray charles and among other singer or artist are now making beautifull music in heaven to welcome us when our final days come. R.I.P MICHAEL YOUR LEGACY WILL GO ON MY BROTHER

LEEANN   June 28th, 2009 5:18 pm ET

There are no words to describe the emotional feeling, of the greatest loss in history. Michael Jackson was and will remain to be the greatest musician in the world. He was born with the gift of dance and music to unite everyone. He will live in our hearts forever. I love you Michael and may God bless your soul for all eternity.

ewulf   June 28th, 2009 5:30 pm ET

While people compare M.Jackons´s fate to that of Elvis,I tkink the question should be:Was Michael Jackson ahead of Elvis Presley , in terms of each one contibution to music developments ?.Even though both were kings,I do believe Michael Jackson might have gone one step ahead of Elvis,not only because there is a more than a generation who grew up listening his songs,but because Michael Jackson made of TV and music videos, the key tool for revitalizing the music industry .Although, I do not consider myself a Michael Jackson ´s fan, I witnessed in New York , in the early eighties the impact of his music. It perhaps shaped a new generation.

ckelly   June 28th, 2009 6:06 pm ET

My condolences to Michael Jackson's children, family and friends.

Favorite songs: Don't stop till you get enough; Billy Jean tied..

close seconds Human nature and Man in the Mirror.

love ALL the Jackson 5 songs-yeah I'm proudly a dinosaur-love all the 60's and 70's.

Thriller is fun to watch.

God Bless Michael.

fran   June 28th, 2009 11:44 pm ET

the DR probably went into shock also..

Mike B.   June 29th, 2009 2:12 am ET

It looks like Deepak (Deepocket for Jesus) Chokur, the spiritual guru to the stars was on your show because he counseled Jackson. I enjoyed the fact that he looked into Jackson's doctors and found out many different doctors were giving him pain prescriptions. One Hollywood Star, 4 doctors to treat their medicinal needs. So sad. So appreciate that Deepockets 4 Jesus was helpful. So now I understand why he was on your show. I did not know he had a relationship with Michael. But Larry, just so you clearly understand. That man uses the name of Jesus to sell his books, his tapes, his CD's, his show, to get donations, and it is all a distorted and wrong view. And he knows he is using Jesus according to 'his' opinion. But it is so wrong. If Jesus were here today he would condemn him for distorting what Jesus stands for. Jesus is the Son of God. The Savior of Men. The one who forgives our Sins. All exactly what Jesus told us in the bible. But Deepocket does not believe in any of this. He uses the popularity of Jesus' name to further his religion. A sham. I think Deepak is so self centered he does not even realize the pain he causes and the confusion he causes to Christians who hear his words and get led astray by his vanilla portrayal of Jesus. I don't use the Koran for part of my spiritual teaching. I would never defame their religion in such a manor.

Charlotte Bourque   June 29th, 2009 2:20 am ET

My condolences to Michael Jackson Family But it so sad for Michael Jackson all he was doing through his songs was trying too show people how too love and be thier for each other and now that he is gone every body is saying that is what his songs are all about why couldnt pepole listen .all those pepole who try too bring him down should sit back and think what they have done. Everybody out there should sit back and think even his death is teaching pepole too stop hurting pepole and throw his song The Man in the Mirror and when he says where there is love i will be thier because Michael was full of love and if every body was like him in this world this world be a better place too live and just because he want too give love and hugs too childern there was nothing wrong with it just some pepole dont know how to love like Michael and to care for other and that why a lots of kids today are scared too love or hug thinking thier something wrong with it . well Micheal is an angel way up high he can love and hug all he wants and nobody can hurt you now thank God and thank you MIchael for your love and your songs RIP MJ xoxo

Jane, NY   June 29th, 2009 2:26 pm ET

Coco Chanel said " in order to be irreplaceable one must be different"
Michael was different alright in ways that has inspired countless people, broke barriers and records and in ways that we will never see the likes of again. RIP Michael your gentle spirit will always be with us. And you will always live on through your contributions to the music industry.

florence   June 29th, 2009 5:22 pm ET

Jackson doctor does not know how to do CPR, he broke a rib trying to do cpr that was not appropriate. The only interest of this Doctor was the money, not the health from Micheal Jackson. He contributed to his death.

Patti Smith   June 29th, 2009 5:36 pm ET

To answer the question asked, I loved "Smooth Crimnal" video..very cool..also "Bad" and "Black or White" with the morphing of faces.,....way before his time, RIP MJ

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