June 17, 2009

Caylee Anthony remembered at one year anniversary vigil

Posted: 09:01 AM ET

A small group of people gathered Tuesday to remember Caylee Anthony, whose remains were found in December, on the anniversary of the 2-year-old's disappearance.

At a park in Orlando, Florida, members of a Facebook group formed in Caylee's memory asked Richard Grund to lead the gathering. Grund's son, Jessie, was engaged at one time to the girl's mother, Casey Anthony, who has been charged with Caylee's murder.

Grund told about 30 people gathered under the park pavilion near the children's playground that he believed it was important to remember Caylee in a park and not at the location where her remains were found.

Grund said it was important to hold "a memorial to remember Caylee to mark this day to remember her as a little girl, to remember her joy and laughter."

Caylee Anthony's story played out daily on cable news talk shows and Orlando's local media for the past year.

Grund told the small group the focus needs to be taken off the legal issues and put back on Caylee.


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Alicia Curtin   June 18th, 2009 3:20 am ET

In your interview with Cindy and George Anthony you posed the question "why are people/bloggers being so critical of the two of you?" and Cindy responded to say that "people just dont understand". I would like to explain to Cindy Anthony that people and bloggers do understand that neither Cindy or George joined the search for Caylee after Leonard Padilla posted bail for Casey and she returned home. Their lack of response or lack of effort to search for Caylee is what people do not understand. Did they know at that time that Caylee was dead? Even if they did know that she was dead, how could they rest knowing that her dead body had not yet been found? I am a mother with a 2 year old grand daughter and I can tell you that I would search every inch of this country until I found my grandchild. I would not be at home, I would search until I was exhausted and collapsed then get up and do it again until she was found. People do not understand why Cindy and George did not react and join the search and it is sickening to think that they knew she was dead and didnt even look for her body. Futhermore, people do not understand why Cindy and George would remove items left as a memorial to their grandchild. In my opinion, the whole family has reacted strangely and their behavior has been bizaar, to say the least, since the beginning.

Alicia Curtin   June 18th, 2009 3:24 am ET

How can George and Cindy join in the search for other missing children when they were not out searching for Caylee?

Judith   June 18th, 2009 9:19 pm ET

I agree with Alicia Curtin.Casey had stated that she wanted to search but wanted to do it by herself.Very odd.

Bottom Line any parent that has a child missing would want to have
a lie detector done right away to get it out of the way.They would give all the information right away so that way the police then can go on to finding their child.Casey had lied and lied and lied.A parent sure wouldn't be laughing at times.They would be shaken.
People came from all over looking for Caylee taking off from work.

One picture was strange was when Caylee was sitting on her great grandpop's lap hugging him like she didn't want to leave him.This was the pop that look like he lived in a nursing home.She look like she got yell at by someone.Both of them hugged tightly together like pop pitied her.

janette   June 19th, 2009 11:50 pm ET

Poor Caley was born to a disfuctional family with a"sick'
mother and a sick controling grandma and a spindless
grandpa who were bent on protecting their own sick
daughter and George took part in the cover up cause
he's scared as hell of Cindy.They will never be at peace.

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