June 3, 2009

Student’s marijuana legalization speech ends with him lighting a joint – then trip to jail

Posted: 12:40 PM ET

STACEY MULICK; The News Tribune

The teachers wanted persuasive.

And they got it.

At the end of his speech Tuesday urging legalization of marijuana, a 17-year-old Peninsula High School student pulled out a joint, lit it and smoked away. Then he ate the remains.

For that he got a quick escort to the school office and then a ride to Remann Hall juvenile jail.

The stunt was celebrated among some of the teen’s peers but was frowned on to say the least by law enforcement officers and district administrators.

“We believe in freedom of speech and encourage it, but illegal activities are absolutely not going to be tolerated in our district,” schools Superintendent Terry Bouck said.

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said, “If people want that law changed, they need to go about it the right way.”

He did admit, though, that the student’s action will prompt discussion.

“It sure will probably bring a lot of attention to the issue,” Troyer said.

The boy, whom The News Tribune is not identifying because he’s not been charged with a crime, was arrested on suspicion of unlawful drug possession, a misdemeanor.

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Had it   June 3rd, 2009 1:03 pm ET

This fine student is an example of the future of America!

Tim Hendon,Hammond, LA   June 3rd, 2009 9:09 pm ET

Kudos Kudos to the student! He definitely got his point across. I have a presentation last semester on Same-Sex Marriage, the Constitution, & the Separation of Church and State. My last slide in the presentation asked 3 simple questions which allowed the students to draw their own conclusions... The questions were: 1) Was Jesus ever married? 2) Did Jesus hang around with 12 men and the local prostitute? 3) Wasn't Jesus' closest friend, John the Baptist always depicted with feminine characteristics in paintings by Leonardo Di Vinci and others?

The questions sparked a hot debate as some students came to the conclusion that Jesus was gay even though I NEVER made that statement. Some cried and left the room while others debated the issue of same-sex marriage.

In the end, my point was made that EVERYONE is entitled to protection under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.

Marijuana should be legal in the US. It is legal in the Netherlands and that country has the lowest drug addiction rate in the world!

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