June 1, 2009

Exhausted Susan Boyle checks in to clinic

Posted: 08:03 AM ET

Singing sensation Susan Boyle has been taken to a private clinic suffering from exhaustion following her shock defeat in the final of "Britain's Got Talent," British media reported Monday.

TalkbackThames, the television company which makes the hit series, said the 48-year-old had been left "exhausted and emotionally drained" after Saturday's show in which she was beaten by dance act Diversity.

"Susan has been seen by her private GP (general practitioner), who supports her decision to take a few days out for rest and recovery. We offer her our ongoing support and wish her a speedy recovery," TalkbackThames said in a statement.

London's Metropolitan Police confirmed that officers had been called to a central London hotel and accompanied a woman to a clinic by ambulance, but didn't name the woman.

"We were called at about 18:00 on Sunday to a central London hotel to doctors assessing a woman under the mental health act. She was taken voluntary by ambulance to a clinic. At the request of doctors, police accompanied the ambulance," the police said in a statement.

The Priory clinic, where Boyle is reported to have been admitted, declined to comment, citing patient confidentiality.


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Irene, TX   June 1st, 2009 9:59 am ET

We, the public and the media, are sick and cruel. We feed on talented people like vampires. She was not used to all that attention, she was not too healthy in the beginning and we kept pushing her to and over the limit. Now the public will be "dancing on her grave" while looking for another victim to stay entertained. Just thinking of all those vultures who smelled the money and apparently didn't give a damn about her state of mind and her health makes me so mad!
On top of all, here is a horrible picture displayed for everyone to see, including Susan herself. We are not worthy of such God given talents. We should stick with Beaver and Butthead.

Speaking of devil, that's exactly how our young stars are destroyed and then ripped to pieces by oh so "highly moral" public. Britney, Phelps etc. You try to survive one day of stadium concert or Olympics training first, add all that excitement stirred by trashy media 24/7 when you are just a kid with kid's psychology...

Dear Susan, please get well and take good care of yourself. No stupid contest can take your gift away from you. You were right picking Pebbles for a true friend.

Sumaluvv   June 1st, 2009 1:00 pm ET

I really feel badly for this women.
Out of no where she becomes a star, and she is from a very humble lifestyle.
All the photographers & people bothering her as she walks down the street, is enough to send anyone to the hospital..

Plus, I also feel she should of won...Big let down for me & poor Susan.

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