May 30, 2009

Schwarzenegger proposes closing 80 percent of California state parks

Posted: 06:55 PM ET

By Paul Rogers/Mercury News

art.schwarzenegger.giNearly every state park in the Bay Area — from the towering redwoods at Big Basin to Angel Island, Mount Tamalpais to Mount Diablo and every state beach from Año Nuevo in San Mateo County to Big Sur — would close as part of budget cuts proposed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In all, 220 of California's 279 state parks, about 80 percent, would be padlocked starting as soon as Labor Day, under details of a historic closing plan released Thursday night by the state parks department.

"We've never been in as serious a predicament as we are facing right now. It is potentially devastating," said state parks spokesman Roy Stearns.

Layoffs could hit 1,500 or more of the 2,900 state parks employees, Stearns added.

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Woody McBreairty   May 30th, 2009 7:10 pm ET

Aren't all Californians happy now that they voted for a bad actor with a fading career and made him our governor? Just think, the Republicans wanted to change our constitution so that 'Ah-nult" could become president. Goes to show how irrational our "leaders" can be and how superficial and flakey our voters can be. This is a true case of "You Asked For It, You Got It". Schwarzenneger is no more qualified to be Governor of California than George W. was to be president of the United Stated. Unfortunately, we Californians had to deal with 2 disasters at the same time.

John, San Antonio, TX   May 30th, 2009 7:42 pm ET

"How superficial and flakey our voters can be." With this portion of Woody's statement I agree. He is too quick to blame the governor; however. For many years, the citizens of California have lived beyond their means demanding more services but voting down raising taxes. Buying homes you couldn't afford and then once reality in the housing market kicked in, losing billions of dollars in tax revenue on the now devalued homes. The old gimme something for nothing mentality is alive and well in California. If you are looking for a villian just look in your mirror.

Dave of Detroit   May 30th, 2009 7:58 pm ET

There is still the huge untapped oil Reservoir beneath L.A.-It isn't even being considered as a way to balance the budget-Why? Everyone thinks I am kidding but there really is oil down there. If they are worried about the fault lines, use the Saudi method of high Pressure water to replace the oil!

Michael C. McHugh   May 31st, 2009 1:51 pm ET

Why not let the states get funds directly from the federal reserve? Obviously many of them are in difficulties. They cannot borrow, they cannot raise taxes, and they can't cut back services to the point where life becomes intolerable, so why not let them tap the federal reserve directly for emergency funds?

G.   June 1st, 2009 8:54 pm ET

Taxes in CA are huge – aren't they? I know they are in some places. You can buy the house but not pay the taxes so don't buy. So how do clean up the mess? I don't know. The Govenor is tired of hearing all the bickering probably. I would be. I would ask, if him, and I'm not thank God, what is really necessary for survival? Do those things then move up that ladder of priorities and cut everything else. Parks are not needed for survival. If people need insulin because they are diabetic or food because they are hungry, those are priorities. Parks are fun, but this may not be the fun time in our history. Strong people have to make decisions. It's not their fault, just tough for them to decide.

Christine   June 2nd, 2009 6:33 pm ET

Maybe they need to look at their welfare system and start cutting the cord so to speak. Too many hand outs in that state and what is left? A broke over populated state. Afterall it's "Blue State" and if that doesn't prove that they are "fiscally" irresponsible I don't know what else will. Blame Arnold S. and the "former" president all you want ,but this has been brewing for a very long time to be this broke (not just overnight). Take a closer look and it starts with the local government and works it's way up. They just keep spending and the well will run dry eventually. Lived in the Bay Area my whole life and now as a "middle class" person I no longer live there. You have to be very rich or very poor to succeed there period. Or you are a "trust fund"baby (someone left you something $).

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