May 29, 2009

Weekend DIY: Building your own coffin

Posted: 03:54 AM ET

Carina Chela and Mikael Kivimäki via Helsinki Times

FOR MOST it might seem a bit morbid or bizarre, but for students taking courses on how to build your own coffin it is quite natural to be interested in designing your body’s final resting place. And for those who prefer to work at home (and thus avoid the trouble of transporting the finished item) the internet is full of coffin making instructions.

Besides saving a bundle of money (or rather, your relatives’ money), the handcrafted coffin is made according to the size and personality of the owner, as a celebration of his life. It can even make a fantastic piece of home décor! It is not advisable that grandkids bump into grandpa’s or dad’s coffin in the garage, so place it openly in the guest room as an exotic bed, or buy a trendy flowerpot and turn the coffin into just another unorthodox coffee table – a sure-fire conversation piece. Of course, it is also a great Halloween prop.

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Dave of Detroit   May 29th, 2009 12:49 pm ET

Our President and Congress has gone one better, they are building the coffin for the once greatest superpower in the world. Interestingly enough, the method is unusual-Take all the building blocks that make for a great Nation that are described in detail in the owner's manual called the Constitution-Negate enforcing said Constitution, the Christian faith that was the driving force behind its moral strength and resolve, and give minorities rights that take away from the majorities rights and the whole thing collapses.

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