May 14, 2009

CNN gets punk'd by Ashton Kutcher!!

Posted: 09:33 AM ET

The scene was more reminiscent of a Hollywood production than an elaborate prank by the Punk'd-master himself.

Ashton Kutcher, along with his wife, Demi Moore, dropped by Atlanta, Georgia's CNN Center on Wednesday to fulfill his promise to "ding-dong-ditch" CNN founder Ted Turner's house after winning last April's race to attract 1 million followers on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

With the precision of a Hollywood director, Kutcher barked into his two-way radio as his light and sound crews followed with the Twitter entourage hot on their heels and an Internet audience watching on Ustream.

Moments after Kutcher yelled "lights" into his two-way, his crew unfurled a banner with his Twitter name, aplusk, over the CNN's neon logo on the building.

See the video HERE

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Dave of Detroit   May 14th, 2009 4:43 pm ET

Knowing Ashton, you were lucky he didn't T.P. the place. Larry, do not take this generation on in high tech warfare, you will lose! I subbed in an Electronics class that had one computer hooked into the internet-the Instructor tried to keep the class off the internet when he wasn't there-and by the way, if you think undergroung radio is bad, you should check out some of the websites that these characters got into, but to return to my point-it took the class less than five minutes to get the password....I really don't know why the Pentagon doesn't get some of our High School kids on the problem of computer hacking done by the Chinese. Just two or three of these guys will have the entire Chinese communications division out for a month!

lori Kelly   May 14th, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Larry, ENOUGH of Miss California!!!! More important things to discuss!!! WHO CARES!!

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