May 11, 2009

Madoff Family Members Withdrew Heavily In Days Before Collapse

Posted: 10:58 PM ET

By Joe Weisenthal via "Business Insider"

art.madoffHere's more evidence that Madoff's inner sanctum, including his family members, were aware of the ongoing fraud and decided to get out of the oncoming train.

Daily Beast: The Daily Beast has learned that in the 90 days leading to the collapse of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, $735 million was withdrawn from accounts controlled by Madoff’s relatives, employees, and their relatives, and by people who fed billions of dollars of investors’ money to Madoff. The dollar amount has been previously known. What has not been reported until now is the unusually short period in which the withdrawals were made, and how close it was to the collapse of the Madoff firm and to his confession on December 10, 2008.

The timing of those withdrawals prompted Irving Picard, the bankruptcy trustee, to send “clawback letters” in mid-April to 223 people among the more than 8,000 investors who had accounts with Madoff. What this shows is that the bankruptcy trustee is not randomly trying to recover money from every Madoff investor—he’s looking for people who may be culpable.

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Dave of Detroit   May 12th, 2009 11:28 am ET

Bernie was paying his office staff $500,000 per year-and they still squealed on him-but after they got their money out. GM exec's are selling off their stock, Martha Stewart got a tip and went to jail, the Enron CEO died so his family could keep the 150,000,000 that was to be returned to the pension fund and we should be shocked that the Madoff's are taking their money and hiding it? Okay, I'm shocked!

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