May 9, 2009

Timeline: Casey Anthony 1 Year Ago

Posted: 06:06 PM ET

art.close.CayleeIn a special series entitiled "Timeline: Casey Anthony 1 Year Ago," Local 6 News reviews what has happened in the Casey Anthony case over the last year.Anthony, 23, remains jailed on first-degree murder charges in the death of her daughter, Caylee, whose remains were found in December.

Caylee was 2 years old when she was reported missing in July, about a month after she was last seen alive.The case has drawn international attention, and Anthony is scheduled to go to trial in October, although that date could be pushed back.On May 6, 2008, Anthony exchanged computer messages with one of her lovers, then-Orange County sheriff's Deputy Anthony Rusciano, referring to Caylee as a "snot head.""Bring your fine little (expletive) over here sometime today," Rusciano typed to Anthony."God, I'm so sick of having to rely on other people," replied Anthony, claiming she's "playing phone tag both with Zani," the mystery nanny, "and my mom." "Want me to bring the little snot head?" Anthony asked.

When Rusciano did not reply, Anthony wrote "didn't think so."Anthony later typed "if my nanny can baby sit tonight, I'm set. If not, I'm screwed."By nightfall, Anthony seemed resigned to the fact that she could not leave."I'm sad. I've been sad all day, I've been sad for days," Anthony typed. "Too bad I can't move out tomorrow. (It) would make some of this a lot easier.""And just think of all that's happened since May 6, 2008.

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Dave of Detroit   May 9th, 2009 10:38 pm ET

Maybe we need a population "stress" test instead of the banks-What has gone wrong with America's homes? A College Professor kills his wife and half buries himself and kills himself. Another man dismembers his wife after killing her in front of their children....President Obama talks about the American Dream but in some places it is a nightmare. I am accustomed to the violence of the world-worked at Detroit Receiving Hospital after graduating from High School, worked with staff, police, emergency personel, ambulance crews, and the nightly collection of street people that slept on the benches in the waiting room as they had no place to go-many would volunteer to be human subjects for new drugs and give blood to get some food and money for their own need-alcohol. But I had a home to go home to, a great Church family, and friends to do things with... Evidently, that is no longer true for a large number of our society and this should really be a source of concern but we are distracted by all the info available and don't see the problems around us....

Cappuccino   May 10th, 2009 11:26 am ET

On Mother's Day I would just like to say to Larry & his staff, that mother's across the world are heartbroken not only because Caylee was murdered by her sociopah mother BUT her twisted, selfish, meanspirited grandmother is spearheading a campaign to get her monster daughter acquitted for the crime. In addition, the Anthonys have been creating a fraudelent way for her & George to never have to go back to work again living off the donations of naive others working in concert with know a known felon & another family of frauds, the Milsteads of Kid Finders Network...blood money in the name of Caylee. Your insisting on having them appear on their show is now considered aiding them in both these goals...shame on you, I can guarantee your mother would not be proud!

God bless all our mothers, grandmothers & moms-to-be that raise their children with love, respect, guidance, moralality & keep them as safe as possible.

Frances   May 10th, 2009 12:34 pm ET

Cindy Anthony and her evil spawn do not deserve the title, "Mother." Throughout history there have been people who are so bad that they are unfit to be in decent company. If any ever deserved this, it is the Anthonys. Casey is the murderer, and in my opinion Cindy has obstructed justice, aided and abetted, and destroyed evidence, not to mention lying under oath. Why would you have these pariahs on your show? George is no better. He is so trapped under Cindy's thumb that he is like a puppet. She pulls the strings and his story changes to whatever she has told him to say. Did you see that video taken during one of their visits at the jail with their odious daughter? George said, "You are in charge, 'Beautiful'. We all work for you. You're like the president of General Motors." (Which may not be a great job right now, but whatever....) Do some research. Don't let these people again have a public forum to work their con.

Jan   May 10th, 2009 12:44 pm ET

Please cancel the show with the Anthonys. NOBODY wants to listen to any more of their lies! Don't you remember how they lied to you in December. Cindy told you that Their lives were being threatened and that Caylee's life was in danger and then you asked George "Where do you think Caylee is now? " George said, "Hopefully she's with a family that loves her and is taking care of her". WHAT???? These people are crazy.
They are also scam artists, they have not worked since last July and they only want to be on your show to publicize their newest scam, a Caylee foundation . They will be begging for donations so they don't have to work or pay any taxes.

Mary   May 10th, 2009 12:48 pm ET

Larry Do the right thing!!!!!! Do not give the Anthony's one more minute of airtime!! I'm a mother and a grandmother and an avid fan of yours! Justice for precious Caylee!!! Instead ask the Anthony's if they could come on after the trial? Bet they say no!!! Love you Larry!

Brian   May 10th, 2009 1:33 pm ET


One year later-that's the purpose for having the Anthony's back?
No more air time, no more air time, no more air time, no more air time. . . give me a break. I have no interest in more Anthony "stories" and lies.

I will not be watching.

DonFL   May 10th, 2009 1:36 pm ET

lol@ i won't be watching...
everyone WILL be watching....period!

Darla   May 10th, 2009 1:40 pm ET

Caylee, darling.....Wish I had been your grandma, you would still be here today.


Casey and Cindy do not deserve the name of Mother......they are a disgrace to the name.
Larry please cancel the Anthony alibi tour.

And Don is so nice to see you Georgie boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT

Joyce   May 10th, 2009 1:50 pm ET

DonFL, you are wrong. I, for one, will NOT be watching LKL if George and Cindy are on the show this coming week. I have no curiosity at all about this latest stop in the Anthony Alibi Tour. I hope that Larry King and his staff takes the high road and cancels this attempt by the Anthony's to taint the jury pool with their "mistruths" or to try to promote their "foundation".

DonFL   May 10th, 2009 1:50 pm ET

your show is wonderful Larry ! i do watch it every single day!

keri   May 10th, 2009 2:07 pm ET

Why don't we start the timeline on June 24th, 2008. George's false police report of the gas cans. This date is the beginning of the ANTHONY FAMILY COVER-UP. July 3rd and 4th: 93 calls between Anthony family and Casey, Cindy's myspace " my caylee is missing", PAVER PROJECT in backyard. The Anthony's just filed bankruptcy, why would they spend money they did not have for Pavers. What was found in the backyard? PAVERS: found at crime scene!!!
The Anthony's are predators under the guise of helping missing persons. The Anthonys know they will be exposed at trial, if not before.

Stacey   May 10th, 2009 2:27 pm ET

Mr. King
I have watched LKL for many many years and I will no longer watch your show if you have the Anthony’s on. I will not watch the A’s that night and I will stop watching till I see you have cancelled them. I will tell all my family and friends. We the people need to stand up for little Caylee show her that we care.
We as Americans are tired of the A’s making money off of this little girl. They have the Caylee foundation to help other familys with missing loved ones. Well what could they do to help them lets see lie, show them how to obstruct law enforcement, yell, how not to look for their missing, hold back evidence, cast the blame to others, how to not call law enforcement when they smell death. Eat crap puffs and sliced steak when they have found their missing loved ones remains. The list goes on and on.
They will talk about the Kid Finders Network this is a scam they have never found a missing child. They want the money from kind hearted Americans that truely care about the missing. They have lived pretty good off of the good hearts of others for far to long. Do the research on them and you find this to be true.
Don’t give them air time it’s time to put a stop to this maddnes.
Give air time to the millions of other familys that have truely missing loved ones.
Let your show be on the truely missing. Caylee was never missing she was in the care of her mother and her mother knew where she was all the time. Please Mr. King show the world that you stand and care for the missing and not stand with Grandparents that lie

Brandi   May 10th, 2009 2:29 pm ET

Take the high road and be the victim's advocate. Speak for Caylee. Speak for the truth. Cancel the Anthonys and their lies. You know they lied the last time they were on your show. Why on earth would you invite them back? They do not speak the truth. They do not speak for the victim. They do not speak for Caylee. You can speak for her by canceling them.

Kathrine Baxter   May 10th, 2009 3:19 pm ET

Of course Casey Anthony deserves a fair tril and all that jazz.
What I object to is the Anthony family saying one thing to the FBI, LE, John Morgan and then having the audacity to come on these soft cable shows and say another thing.
And the interviewer just sits there and lets them say these lies as if
this latest vesion is the truth. Is there no journalistic intregrity any more anywhere ?
I don't want to hear Cindy say a word any more at any time ever.
Thye are trying to create reasonable doubt, blame anyne else and why do they have the right to do that ?
Well, not in my living room. I will ensure that my tv is not on CNN for LKL ever again.

Blu   May 10th, 2009 3:53 pm ET

The next time we hear from the Anthonys should be in court under oath.

Keri   May 10th, 2009 4:13 pm ET

The Anthonys are not victims, they are accomplices. They are actively trying to sheild the perp from prosecution and punishment. This is a violation of every precept that victims rights advocates stand for and support.
The vulnerable are their prey. Just like with the Cummings case. George and Kidfinders show up with the billboard and donation jars, George made sure he found the cameras. The Cummings told them to leave they were not needed. George failed, so later Cindy drags George back to Satsuma, failed again. Next step, they send their crooked Private Investigator Dominic Casey down there, stating he was paid by a family member. Well, turns out the family member was in fact not a family member. What next?

KK   May 10th, 2009 4:20 pm ET

What is the point of the Ant's being on Larry anyway? What can more can they say. They have discredited themselves for the last 6 mos by their own admittance. Them going on the Air yet again is what it is " Portrayal". They want to Correct their past behaviors as what they are already known for – Being Liars, Using Media as their Scapegoat and then Kissing Up to the Media at the same time. If they were to appear on LK for a reason that would different. Reason Being that they had " a Killer" on the loose to be found for the death of Caylee...that would be one thing. But since they Know the Truth that Casey killed Caylee ..Its futile for them to go again Rounds with the Media isn't it ? Their Focus is " Casey" and her to be acquitted...uh Not going to happen. No matter where the trial is " Orlando" "Miami Dade" The Moon...
George and Cindy have Accreditation's that will Last Forever. Karma is a Bite isn't it.
Justice for CAYLEE

mizj   May 10th, 2009 4:21 pm ET

It takes a long time, if ever, for just the right cicumstances for a perfect storm to occur. In this horrible white trash family the storm was brewing long before Caylee became a homicide statistic.
George throws his father thru a plate glass window, doesn't keep a law enforcement job, gambles, gets tossed out of the house and these are just things in the public.
Cindy is a histrionic shrew who lies about her kid's pregnancy even though it's plain as day, lies about the baby's addy, belittles her kids,lies about knockdown dragout fights in her home, lies about having the nanny's number, lies about the last time she saw Caylee, lies about the hairbrush to the FBI, lies about the car, lies about the smell, lies about Oprah. She lies about anything and everything.
Casey is a self centered brat who is a known liar, thief, sleezebag, manipulator, user, and a murderer.

If all this wasn't enough, the one innocent human being in their midst who hadn't been alive long enough to be corrupted, has become the ATM for Casey, Cindy, George, Lee, Mallory and her mother, Baez, D Casey, Conman. All of these worthless scums have no qualms about dumping her ashes in their little bracelets and heading out the door to use her memory to pay off their debt and finance a new life. The stint on LKL has nothing to do with anything except their greed.

Tabloids are the only place they should be, hopefully one with a headline like "Entire Anthony Family Found Triple Bagged, Duct Taped with Heart Stickers "

imaflagal   May 10th, 2009 5:03 pm ET

The Anthony's do not deserve the time of day to tell more of their lies!! Won't be watching your show anymore!!

pam nc.   May 10th, 2009 6:05 pm ET

Larry; please don't have george and cindy on your show all they do is belittle caylee this child needs justice and her own grandparents is trying to keep justice from being served for that baby . none of the family even set on the court side for caylee.larry you have worked hard to keep your show with high ratings the anthonys will cause that to change.we have heard all there lies we don't want to hear anymore they know who killed caylee .they need to make sure the one who killed that baby gets the DP.

sandra   May 10th, 2009 6:53 pm ET

I am standing up for CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY because she never had a real mother or grandparents! Cindy, George, Lee and casey are just a bunch of lying scum bags! No one in the family have stood up for Caylee and demanded justice for her. I believe complete strangers have loved her more than her family ever did! PLEASE DON'T GIVE THE LIARS AND SCAMMERS (with their bogus foundation) ANY AIR TIME!!!!

if you do please have the guts to ask them how many missing children or adults have been found by KFN?

Wearing bracelets, t-shirts and driving around billboards is in no way searching for the missing.

Caylee was never a missing child. . . she was a murdered child! Casey new where she was the entire time. . . she was NEVER missing!!!!

FedUp   May 10th, 2009 7:08 pm ET

Larry, Caylee deserves respect & justice.

By having George & Cindy on your show, you are providing them with a platform to continue to lie & promote their new, non-working lifestyle. I would have thought you had enough of their lies last time.

I will not watch any show that has them on & I hope you know how many other viewers you will lose.

Cappuccino   May 10th, 2009 7:26 pm ET

Something about the Anthonys & Milsteads running The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, Kid Finders Network & Extreme Search & Rescue should know:

mszorba   May 10th, 2009 8:12 pm ET

3 words Larry........No Anthony Interview!

trimm   May 10th, 2009 8:44 pm ET

Larry,we are waiting for you to do the right thing.Cancel this interview.
Are you listening?
I will not be watching your show anymore.Waste,huge waste.
If this is the best you can do then you should pack up and go home.

Thanks for posting those videos Capp!

Grissom   May 10th, 2009 8:59 pm ET

I think after reviewing the comments that the public does not want to give the Anthonys a platform for their lies. Lets just see if LK or CNN even listen to the public. Do we matter? Or are they going to go ahead and do this interview despite what we want, or in this case, don't want.

Gypsy DD   May 10th, 2009 10:55 pm ET

Larry, Larry, Larry..what are you thinking? The entire Anthony saga is a circus road show to promote their daughters innocence and to futher line their own pockets. These people have never been nor will they ever be an advocate for their grandchild. Caylee Marie Anthony is the victim here ..not her mother nor her appears the Anthony family and your show has lost sight of who the real victim was in this situation.
Caylee Marie Anthony was never a missing child..she was murdered by her mother's own hands and left like garbage to rot..that is the true story. If the Anthony's are such huge child advocates then they should be starting an organization to help families who have had a child murdered..not lost or missing. They know nothing about looking for a missing child other then selling t shirts and bracelets and setting out a money jar. They did not search for Caylee, they did not even advocate searches for Caylee.

Please rethink your position on this..if you have to have them on..don't let them call the shoots. Ask them the tough questions that John Morgan has asked..better yet contact Attorney Morgan and find out what a real interview of the Anthony's sounds and looks like. I think your opinion of them will change in a heartbeat.

Mona   May 10th, 2009 11:18 pm ET

Larry King's credibility took a big hit in December when he allowed the Anthonys to come on the show and put on their pitiful grieving grandparent act - on their own softball terms - and spared them his usual incisive and honest treatment. He looked like a fool when Caylee's remains were found the very next day. LKL has now foolishly agreed to enable the Anthonys to once again offend the airwaves with their odious false faces and lying attempts to influence the public who is sick of them and their murdering daughter. Sadly, LKL has sunk to a new and despicable low.

If the Anthonys are given air time again, Larry King and CNN come off looking like accessories to the injustice being done to precious little Caylee Marie Anthony, who was killed by her mother and tossed out in the swamp to rot like garbage. Larry King will demonstrate that he has lost his former talent for insight and discretion. For the sake of ratings, he will have sold himself out as just another sucker, knowingly allowing these heartless criminals to manipulate him and lie to the public as they scramble to protect themselves and their granddaughter's killer.

If you have not researched this case, you have not behaved in a responsible manner. If you have researched this case, then you know that it would be dead WRONG to give these despicable people even one minute of air time. The facts are there for anyone with a brain to see. Anyone with a heart.

If the Anthony's appear, you will not only permanently lose a huge number of loyal and occasional viewers (including myself and my friends/family), but you will lose the opportunity to demonstrate your integrity and class in an admirable manner by standing with little Caylee and those who seek justice for her tragic murder. Your sponsors will lose a lot of business. People feel VERY strongly about this issue, and are prepared to take action according to their values.

This is a big story. Cover the story! Interview Tim Miller. Interview Mark Klaas for his take. Interview anyone involved in the case - anyone - except for people whom you KNOW will come on the show and lie, such as the Anthonys who are obstructing justice for Caylee, or the KidFinders losers who make money off the backs of missing children instead of actually looking for them.

Don't you want to be able to look yourself in the mirror and see an honorable face looking back?

Do the right thing. Cancel the Anthonys.

courtney   May 10th, 2009 11:57 pm ET

Larry let us bring JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE and all missing children

mizj   May 10th, 2009 11:57 pm ET

I am really curious as to where many of the comments are going? Into the cyber waste can?
Just a while ago when I last came in here there were 53 posts, then 50, now 28.

mizj   May 11th, 2009 12:08 am ET

Well, for what it's worth, the prevailing concensus, for those who are actually interested in this case, is that the Anthony's are a waste of time. They have duped a few people but the majority know that their greed is the one and only thing that motivates them.

Just the same as the onslaught of negative feelings that people have about them being on the show, is the determination that those of us who still believe that Cindy nor George nor Casey should be allowed to profit off the death of Caylee Marie Anthony. We will continue to expose the lies , the corruption and the scams that they try to foist on the public. Hope they take a little extra medication prior to any interview so that Cindy's head doesn't start spinning with green projectile vomit spewing out because the exorcism hasn't been scheduled yet, still ironing out the television deal.

Jake   May 11th, 2009 12:09 am ET

Larry why oh why would you let the Scam Artists of the Century use your show as a platform to steal money and justice from an innocent 2 year old child? Why? Because money is as important to you as it is to them ....shame on you.........If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck is a duck. It's ok your sponsors will hear from those of us who really matter and trust me it will matter.

mizj   May 11th, 2009 12:17 am ET

Agreed kel and jake. A lot of us have been silent for a long time about being sort of outraged about things, but this time, we ARE outraged and willing to go the extra step. There's a worldwide market for every news outlet. every product that we purchase and every talking head on tv that decide to tune into. If CNN or any other network chooses to not listen then we can choose to view elsewhere.

BiancaS   May 11th, 2009 12:23 am ET

Please do not give these horrible people a platform. They are protecting a baby killer, lie as easily as they breathe, and will expect you to ask only softball questions. If you know anything about this would not allow them to appear on your show.

Da Sparkenator   May 11th, 2009 12:53 am ET

I know these are desperate times economically, but are they also desperate times in terms or getting ratings for the Larry King Show? Giving George and Cindy Anthony yet another opportunity to spread their lies is lower than low.

What's the expression? Shame on you the first time someone does you wrong, shame on yourself if you fall for it again. The Anthonys have already lied on the Larry King show once previously . . . why allow them the opportunity to spin their "half truths" and lies again?

I agree with a previos poster: the next time we hear from them should be in court under oath.

Sally   May 11th, 2009 2:56 am ET

Please do not give the Anthony's any more air time. To do so will allow them to continue their total disrespect and disregard for their murdered grandchild, Caylee. To do so will allow them to continue to profit from her image. To do so will give them, once again, a national platform to continue their lies and attempts to save their daughter, once again, from being held accountable and responsible for her actions which resulted in the death of her daughter. It is time to draw the line in the sand and stand behind truth and justice for Caylee. We all owe Caylee this and must demand that truth and justice prevail, as her own family refuses to do so. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child and in this case, it will require a nation to stand up for a murdered 2 year old child. Thank you.

eugenia   May 11th, 2009 4:16 am ET

I join with others to ask you to give Caylee Anthony a voice, by not allowing her grandparents to scam for money on your show.

There are, sadly, many legitimate cases of "missing" children whose families deserve a voice on a platform such as yours. Why not rather offer the time to them?

cappuccino   May 11th, 2009 4:47 am ET

Trimm wrote:

Thanks for posting those videos Capp!

You're welcome Trimm, but apparently we may have to endure more Anthony bunk & bull yet our freedom of speech is edited here. I'd like to know why my post with the videos was removed, It would be one thing if a post is rude and/or crude but it was not in the least. – the videos served to be informative.

trimm   May 11th, 2009 7:36 am ET

Larry,I'm not even gonna wait to see if you cancel on the Anthony interview.I am done with you show and station.
Apparently freedom of speech is not respected here.Why would you remove posts that are not rude?
Why would you remove posts which are informative?I had 3 post myself that never made it on the board yesterday.
I think you know what you can do with your interview.
I am off to email your sponsors again.

James   May 11th, 2009 8:00 am ET

Larry,don't do the interview.Why would you give these creatures a platform to spew their lies?Just say no!

mszorba   May 11th, 2009 10:24 am ET

Larry,Cancel the Anthony interview!
We are emailing your sponsors.
We are boycotting your sponsors.

Leeza   May 11th, 2009 10:45 am ET

Please do not become just "one more enabler" for Cindy and George Anthony's alibi crusade! Millions of people are waiting for you to do the right thing, and that means CANCEL the Anthony interview. You don't want to stoop to their level, you want to rise above it! Caylee wasn't protected in life by her Grandparents and even after her death, they are not protecting her, instead they choose to protect her MURDERER Mother. Please CANCEL, you willbe honoring Caylee by doing so!Millions will applaud you FOREVER! It's so sad that Caylee's own family hasn't honored her, instead it's people that never personally knew her, that honestly love her the most! Please join our support of her memory!

lil   May 11th, 2009 11:03 am ET

DonFL, I don't think everyone will be watching

to each their own, though 🙂

Dolce   May 11th, 2009 12:49 pm ET



DebinNv   May 11th, 2009 1:23 pm ET

Where is the voice for CAYLEE?????
Caylee is nothing but an after thought with Cindy and George. They are just using the media outlets for ONE reason, to taint a jury pool by spewing their lies. They will stop at nothing to get thier daughter off.
Absolutely sickening.
I will NOT watch!!!

imasodigusted   May 11th, 2009 1:27 pm ET


Larry when you complete your contractual agreement with the Anthony's you should direct them and their never ending exhaustive bag of lies, gum smacking, smug, arrogant, repugnant, contradictory, shameless, despicable, money hungry, self described victim selves over to the Jerry Springer show. I hear Jerry's staff is always on the look out for low life guests full of BS who have no shame and let it all hang out. The Anthony's would make perfect guests for his show, and I'm sure Jerry and his guests would appreciate your assistance in this matter.

janga   May 11th, 2009 1:29 pm ET

I can not believe that you are going to let these vile people (the scamanonthy's) back on your show again....was them making you look like a fool the first time not enough for you! Or do you like letting
someone make you look STUPID! Evidently you do, or you would not subject yourself to these people again. At least Oprah had enough
pride and sense to cancel these disgusting "grandparents???"

mizj   May 11th, 2009 1:31 pm ET





MintJulep   May 11th, 2009 1:39 pm ET

Where are the 300 posts from yesterday and this morning?

Chris Armstrong   May 11th, 2009 1:48 pm ET

Mr. King: I have always enjoyed your program. However, I vow and I promise that if you have the Anthony's on your program, I will never, ever watch your show again. We need more role models, independent thinkers and people to look up to on your show. Not liars like the Anthonys..

Chris in Virginia

Annie   May 11th, 2009 2:08 pm ET

Ive written 2 posts, as if by magic POOF they are gone!
How many hundreds of posts have been removed?
No more air time for the Anthonys.
We the public dont want or need to hear any more lies.

Bree-Canada   May 11th, 2009 3:09 pm ET

Caylee will get her justice in a court of law. Let the Ant's continue their alibi tour. Everytime they open their mouths they show who they really are. We already knew from day 1 who Liar really is. She is classic textbook. I'll be watching and I'm sure LE will be too. Could ya ask G&C when and if the boat will do anything beyond the maiden voyage? And why they attach themselves to Kidfinder's? Oh i know why-other organization's such as Tim Miller's are decent and have ethics. Ask anyway's Larry. I am really impressed that all donations go to Hopespring Dr.

Jennifer   May 11th, 2009 3:22 pm ET

Larry your ratings will sky rocket all these people will be watching their addicted to the drama in this case. I too think the Anthony's are liars but i will still watch your show when their on.

Justice for Caylee will court and on judgement day!!

Gingersnap   May 11th, 2009 3:30 pm ET

I can't believe that yet another tv show is allowing the Anthony's on to spread their lies. They are saying things that are the exact opposite of what they have already stated. If you pull transcripts of previous shows you can see it for yourself. Larry King is giving them a voice to mislead the public and possible jury pool. That is their sole intent.

Deb Pagley   May 11th, 2009 3:31 pm ET

Hey Larry,

The Anthony's want any public forum they can get that will help them sling their lies, and defend their daughter. Please do not let that happen.

If they were traveling around in search of Justice for Caylee, and were willing to admit their daughter is involved in Caylee's death somehow, even though we don't have all the facts yet, I'd say fine--they're searching for the truth.

BUT, the only thing they are searching for is an acquittal for Casey, and they are hoping to sway the American people by showing up on talk shows. NOT!

shoozeyque   May 11th, 2009 3:49 pm ET

I will be boycotting your show when the Anthonys are on. I will not sit here and listen to their continued lies and half truths. Wonder if Cindy will be chewing her cud on your show. Anybody who has these two media seeking lying scumbugs on their show will not be watched by me. I'm sick and tired of hearing the same old cr@p, and I am not going to put myself through that again. These people make me sick and make me want to puke with their arrogance and the way they're carrying on.

All they care about is tainting the jury pool and advocating for their killer daughter. They're nothing but greedy, money seeking media grabbers going all out for their own personal gain. This is all about Caylee, This is not about the Cindy and George Anthony Freak Show.

Abby   May 11th, 2009 4:06 pm ET

Will the Anthony's be arrested, for their obstruction in the case against Caey, during the show? Now that would be worth tuning in......

Bree-Canada   May 11th, 2009 4:08 pm ET

300 posts have gone? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? At least we speak the truth here. If the Ant's are provided a format for lies can we not have one for the truth and for Caylee?

Blu   May 11th, 2009 4:33 pm ET

The Anthonys recently stated that the media is making it impossible for Caycee to get a fair trial. In that case help them out and cancel their appearance on your show. Otherwise, you will be blamed if their daughter is found guilty of Caylee's murder !

Sammy   May 11th, 2009 6:13 pm ET

If anyone needs a list of the sponsors…come over to InSession blog for Caylee. We need to honor this precious baby and not allow her own grandparents to make money off of her tragic death. I cry tears thinking of how she was probably killed…wrapped in duct tape, and then mocked with a heart sticker over her precious little mouth. Please Larry…say NO

Mona   May 11th, 2009 8:48 pm ET

Hey, where did all those posts go? Posts that did not violate the CNN Comment Policy at all? Guess Larry King and CNN don't really want to know what we think after all... We stand with precious little Caylee Marie Anthony.

I think the huge groundswell of protest against the Anthonys seeking more air time is a MUCH BIGGER STORY than those two losers could ever be. Why don't you report on the impassioned outrage against them, rather than let them have a platform? The evil Anthonys are proven liars who have turned their backs on their granddaughter - except when they exploit her name and memory to protect and enrich themselves and their criminal friends.

I want to bump what Sally said, in case her post above is one of the many that ends up being deleted:

"" It is time to draw the line in the sand and stand behind truth and justice for Caylee. We all owe Caylee this and must demand that truth and justice prevail, as her own family refuses to do so. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child and in this case, it will require a nation to stand up for a murdered 2 year old child. ""


Chris Hargreaves   May 11th, 2009 9:34 pm ET

Larry, even though we are all bound by contracts, sometimes our own personal views outweigh that and we feel strong enough to voice them. Arn't we are all entitled to voice our personal political opinions without fear of persecution in America.

Martha`   May 11th, 2009 10:55 pm ET

I agree with all the blogs. The Anthony's and especially Cindy and Lee are disgusting. How they could they lie and stick up for their murdering daughter and not try to get justice for sweet little Caylee is beyond belief. I believe George knows Casey is guilty, but seems to be afraid of his overbearing wife. They know Casy has lied, stolen and has been disrespectful to them for years and I'm sorry, but doesn't deserve their support. I love your show, Larry, but please don't have them on your show.

shoozeyque   May 12th, 2009 7:54 am ET

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'll not watch your show anymore if the Scamthonys are allowed to be on your show.

Maybe you are reading these messages. I don't know.
Unfortunately, I have a feeling Larry King is going to allow them to take center state yet again.

But one thing is quite clear to me and all of the rest of us bloggers on this board and many others throughout the country. Nobody , absolutely nobody wants to hear another word from these disrespectful, money-grabbing, media-seeking liars. In order to get respect they have to earn respect. Cindy and George are you listening? You are not self-respecting people. You should stay at home, lock your doors, and shut the he !! up. We are sick of your b.s.

LRT   May 12th, 2009 8:32 am ET

Are you that desperate for guest that you would stoop this LOW?
Why are you giving this White Trash a Forum?
They need to come clean and move on with their lives.
It is an insult to our intelligence to keep hearing them lie.
How many times are they going to change their story???
I am not sure how YOU and The Anthonys look in the mirror at yourselves!
I for one will NOT watch...They turn my stomach!

bill   May 12th, 2009 9:32 am ET

I have been an avid fan of larry king live for years. Your decision to air the "Anthony Family" again has lost you a viewer. I'm really sorry to see you have stooped so low.

courtney   May 12th, 2009 11:27 am ET

Larry... ratings come and ratings go but CAYLEE is gone FOREVER

courtney   May 12th, 2009 11:27 am ET

Larry...shame on you and shame on the Anthonys

courtney   May 12th, 2009 11:28 am ET

Larry...NO Anthonys then maybe I will watch your show,...that is a big maybe

courtney   May 12th, 2009 11:31 am ET

Larry KING....Caylee WAS a PRINCESS the Anthonys are nowhere near royalty only the royalty they will make off of their dead PRINCESS disgusting

Lil   May 12th, 2009 12:35 pm ET

FYI to all those e-mailing LKL sponsors, they ARE LISTENING has responded to some saying they are no longer sponsors of LKL and haven't been for a while and asked that boycott of them be reconsidered, just to let you know that maybe sponsors ARE listenting.

I will not watch LKL, can catch it on youtube later if I wanted to see it, but the Anthony's have nothing to say that I want to hear

NAM   May 13th, 2009 1:50 pm ET

Was there nobody else you could get? If I want to watch fiction I'll watch a network show. The acting is so much better! These people wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in their !%#@$%. Geesh.

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