May 6, 2009

ICYMI 2: Mia Farrow's Hunger Strike

Posted: 11:58 AM ET

Last night we launched our "Impact Your World" segments with Mia Farrow, who is in the second week of her hunger strike to raise awareness of the crisis in Darfur.  Larry started by asking Mia how she felt.artmiafarrowcongo

MIA FARROW, ACTRESS:  I feel OK, Larry.  I think the first six days were the hardest.  I have low energy, but, strangely, it's kind of a spiritual journey.  I have less tolerance for TV.  I listen to a lot of Bach.  I try to read.  And sometimes I just look out the window.
But thank you for doing the show on Darfur.  That's the reason I'm doing this and it's great that you're doing the show.
KING:  Are you under medical supervision?
FARROW:  A doctor came yesterday, yes, took my blood and all of that and did my numbers.  And I'm OK, except for low protein.  What's it called?  Ketosis (ph) or something like that.  Yes, but it's reversible.
KING:  How long are you going to do this?
FARROW:  As long as I can.  I don't know.  I don't know.  I put an end date for three weeks.  And if I can get there, great.  If I can't, I will have done my best.
KING:  You wrote a commentary for our - I'm sorry, go ahead.
FARROW:  No, I was going to say, yes, I did write a commentary.  I was going to say, if there is one message for people here, I'm not doing this fast for myself or - but it is, as you said, to throw attention to Darfur, where it's so desperately needed.  The situation has never been more dire, with the expulsion of the 16 key aid agencies that were sustaining so many lives.  The time is urgent and running out for more than a million people in Darfur.
KING:  I understand someone is with you, Mohammed Yahya.  He's from Darfur, is that right?
FARROW:  That's right.  Yes, he's a respected Darfuri leader here in the United States.  He has news of Darfur.
KING:  Mohamed, are things getting any better?
YAHYA:  Unfortunately, Mr. Larry, things doesn't go very well.  And it's really getting worse and worse, especially after the government of Sudan expelled about 16 aid workers, the organizations who are supporting my people in Darfur, giving them food, shelter, water and medicine.  And right now, so many people dying.  Hundreds of people dying, especially kids, due to Meningitis and disease, and Cholera, so many difficult situations in Darfur right now.
KING:  Mia, what can ordinary Americans do to help?
FARROW:  Everyone can call the White House, 203-456-1111.  And President Obama made campaign pledges -
KING:  202.
FARROW:  Sorry, you're quite right, 202-456-11.  And ask President Obama to please, please make good on those campaign pledges to help to bring an end to the suffering in Darfur.  And I know a lot of - I received tremendous support from all over the world.  And some supporters have set up a website,, where you can go there and figure out from them what else you can do.  Some people have been joining me in fasts of one day and three days.  I think this will go on when I've finished, Larry.
KING:  Thank you Mia, and thank you, Mohammed, as well.  To learn more about Mia's efforts, go to  To find out how you can help out,


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