April 27, 2009

RIP: Pontiac – GM pulls the plug on one U.S. auto brand

Posted: 12:06 PM ET

The Pontiac car brand, once marketed as General Motors' "excitement division," will be killed off by the end of next year, the carmaker announced Monday.

The decision to shutter Pontiac was one of several aggressive steps GM spelled out in an updated survival plan Monday. The government has given the company until the end of next month to restructure and slim down in order to survive.

The new GM will focus on four core brands: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

The fate of three other troubled lines - Saturn, Saab and Hummer - will be decided at a later date, GM said. They are likely to be sold off or shut down, while Pontiac will be shuttered.


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Former 'Golden Girl' dead at 86

Posted: 08:55 AM ET

Bea Arthur, the actress best known for her roles as television's "Maude" and the sardonic Dorothy on "The Golden Girls," has died of cancer, a family spokesman said Saturday. She was 86.

Spokesman Dan Watt said that Arthur died Saturday morning at her home in Los Angeles, her family by her side.

She is survived by her sons Matthew and Daniel and grandchildren Kyra and Violet, he said.

No funeral services are currently planned, Watt said, adding that the family asked that donations be made to either the Art Attack Foundation or PETA in lieu of flowers.

Arthur's opinionated Maude first appeared on Norman Lear's "All in the Family" as Edith Bunker's cousin, and was so popular that Lear created a spin-off series.


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Fmr. Amb. Joe Wilson on Dick Cheney: Torture Hypocrisy

Posted: 08:10 AM ET

By Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s reemergence on the political stage after his ignominious departure on Inauguration Day, eschewing the traditional handshake with his successor and the new president, is nothing if not ironic.

The most secretive individual in American politics is now calling for the selective release of documents that remain classified in one of his own files marked “Detainees.” We have also learned that a principal reason for having tortured senior al Qaeda detainees was not, in fact, to defend the Homeland, but rather to build the case for war with Iraq based on alleged ties between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Despite literally hundreds of waterboarding sessions, there was no evidence developed that such a link existed. But that did not stop Cheney. He and others in the Bush administration simply asserted a link even though they knew one did not exist.

I know something about Cheney’s disinformation. When I, and a number of others, including a four-star Marine Corps general, Carleton Fulford, and the then-U.S. Ambassador to the West African nation of Niger, reported to the CIA that there was no evidence to support the assertion that Iraq had entered into a contract to purchase 500 tons of uranium yellowcake, our conclusions were ignored by the Bush administration. Instead, the president, in his State of the Union address in 2003, proclaimed a falsehood: “Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” Then National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice was trotted out to assert that we could not afford to “wait for the smoking gun to come in the form of a mushroom cloud,” and Cheney himself asserted that Iraq was reconstituting its nuclear-weapons program.


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April 26, 2009

Hunt for professor after three shot dead near US university

Posted: 09:15 PM ET

POLICE in Athens, Georgia, were last night hunting a 57-year-old professor of business studies from the state’s leading university after three people were shot and killed at a local theatre.

George Zinkhan, a marketing specialist at the University of Georgia, is suspected of opening fire with more than one weapon outside the Town and Gown Players theatre, close to the university campus.

Three others were said to be injured. It was not immediately clear if the victims were university students who had been targeted or were struck in a random assault.

(Read More)

(Professor's Bio Page from UGA w/ pic)

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Whigs rise again

Posted: 08:57 PM ET
Tired of Democrats and Republicans? Do Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Ann Coulter and Rachel Maddow leave you cold?

Well, it may be time to bring back the Whigs.

You remember the Whig Party from your old U.S. history courses? They were very big in the 1830s and 1840s.

The Whigs were the party of such 19th-century giants as Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and Abe Lincoln, before he became a Republican. And let us not forget President Millard Fillmore, one of four Whig presidents.

In North Carolina the Whigs produced such governors as Edward Bishop Dudley, John Motley Morehead, William Alexander Graham and Charles Manly.

Now, after 160 years in hibernation, the Whig Party is stirring.

I got wind of the resurrection last month, when I received a news release from a John Moore, the chairman of the Modern Whig Party of North Carolina, announcing that the Whigs have "returned to the State of North Carolina after a long absence."

I thought, what next - horse-drawn carriages, hoop skirts, war with Mexico?

But my curiosity was piqued...

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$138 box of rocks??

Posted: 08:52 PM ET

By Laura Kadechka/WTSP

Here's a story that's becoming familiar.  You buy something in an electronics store & when you get home & break the security/return seal, you realize it's a rip-off.  We're hearing more & more of these types of stories.  Often, the customer returns the item only to be told the return policy requires the original item (which was never in the box to begin with) be in the original packaging.  Have you or someone you know been ripped off this way? Today's story is from Florida...

Lake Wales, Florida – Jodi Wykle of Lake Wales thought it would be funny to play a prank on her son for his 16th birthday.

She bought him Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS, even though he didn't have one. She let him sweat for awhile, but eventually handed over the newly purchased handheld game system, or so they thought.

"When he opened it, he was like, 'A box of rocks?'" she said under her breath, "He said, 'Mom, that ain't a joke.'"

The prank wasn't supposed to go that far. She fully intended to give him a real Nintendo DS game system and thought that's what she was buying from the Lake Wales Wal-Mart. She told 10 Connects there was nothing about the box that made her think twice.

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David Duke, Former Ku Klux Klan leader released, must leave Czech Republic

Posted: 08:41 PM ET

Prague – The Czech police today released David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan racist movement, in the early hours, accused him of promotion of movements suppressing human rights, and ordered him to leave the country by midnight, Duke's lawyer Klara Slamova told CTK.

Slamova said she would file the complaint against the police procedure concerning Duke.arthate

Prague police spokesman Jan Mikulovsky confirmed that Duke was released.

Arriving in the Czech Republic at the invitation of local neo-Nazis on Friday, Duke was to give lectures in Prague and Brno.

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Sunday on LKL: Singing Sensations

Posted: 11:58 AM ET

If you like music, you'll love Sunday's LKL.  beyonceonline

It starts with Beyonce.  Enough said.

Then we'll hear from "Britain's Got Talent" sensation Susan Boyle, and her idol Elaine Paige.

Finally we'll wrap it up with Susan's biggest threat on "Britain's Got Talent," 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi.

And we want to hear from you:

If you were hosting a party and could have any of these 4 musicians perform, which would you choose and why?

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April 25, 2009

Levi Johnston & Duana "Dog" Chapman!

Posted: 12:48 PM ET

artlevijohnstoncnnLevi Johnston joined Larry for a Primetime Exclusive! The father of Bristol Palin's baby talked about what went wrong with the young couple and why he's taking the break-up public.  He also says he's on the outs with the entire Palin family.  His mom and sister joined him at the desk.

Plus! Duane "Dog" Chapman exclusive! T-V's Bounty Hunter says he was shot at by a fugitive he was pursuing!  He gave Larry his first-hand account!


1) Stay on topic.
2) Keep it short
3) No curse words

4) No links

5) Use a name (no initials or screen names)

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Pastor Denies Link to Suspect's Family

Posted: 12:44 AM ET

Friday the FBI searched the First Church of God in Clarkston, Washington.

Melissa Huckaby's grandfather, Clifford Land Lawless, was linked to a church in the area in the 1980's.  To read more about the search CLICK HERE.

The current pastor of the church, Bill Cruetzberg, sent this note to Larry regarding the search.


I want you to know that Pastor Lawless has never been a part of my Church and as far as I can tell none of his family has been here either.

The only thing that happened is the FBI came to my house on Good Friday, looking for the pastor who was here before me, who was again not Lawless. They had hoped that our previous pastor knew how to find someone they were looking for but he was not in any trouble.

I am disappointed in how some of the reporters have taken things out of context and embelished the story to make something out of nothing.

My heart cries for the famlies who are involved in the sad story I can’t imagine how they must feel. Let them know that they are in my prayers.


Pastor Bill Creutzberg

First Church of God

Clarkston, Washington

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