April 27, 2009

In Search of the Ultimate Oxymoron: Humane War

Posted: 11:27 PM ET

By Lee Cary/The American Thinker

Unfortunately, there isn't a litmus test we can administer to identify the hypocrites and subject them to the ridicule and distain they deserve. (I put several of the retired generals who are now commentators for the networks into this category, especially those who served in Vietnam. They've seen the ugliness of a war where waterboarding is dunking for apples on Halloween.)artgitmogi1

Some others, both inside and outside the Beltway, politicians and ordinary citizens alike, are unquestionably shocked to learn what the CIA did to 28 detainees, three of whom were repeatedly waterboarded.
These are the people suffering a genuine shock to their conscience. They also buy the notion that we lost our moral bearings by using rough treatment on terrorist detainees after 9/11. It makes Americans, some of them say, as bad as our enemies.
One wonders about their understanding and expectation of war? How much do they grasp, at least by imagination, about what it takes to defend a nation? What personal pain would they tolerate being inflicted on their families without doing whatever it took to defend those they love?

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Dave of Detroit   April 28th, 2009 12:10 am ET

Why are we still having trials at Nurenburg? Capturing leaders accused of Genocide? For that matter, Why did we hang Sadaam?
This Humane war oxymoron is pure political rhetoric to cover up a violation of the U.S. Constitution under Emergency War Powers and it isn't going to wash. It would in Hitler's Germany but that is not a great example. The logic is that Sadaam hung prisoners from the ceiling and electrocuted them, cut off body parts etc and so it okay to return the favor. The problem is that the United States of America is not Sadaam Hussein's Iraq or more simply, President Bush is not Sadaam Hussein. Sadaam was a law unto himself, President Bush was under the Constitution of the United States that has guarantees on the treatment of Prisoners. These guarantees were violated under the pretext that terrorists had no Country of origin and thus were exempt-lawyeress for they had no rights at all. Of Course, Spain put the U.S. on trial as 6 of these prisoners were from Spain, Mexico had a citizen executed and deprived of his right to Mexican Counsel. Obama did not open a can of worms, the Bush Administration did!

miss d   April 28th, 2009 10:42 pm ET

I think 8 years with the Republicans was 8 years too much. Thank G-D for Obama and maybe America had to reach "Rock Bottom" in order to discover the madness of the Bush policy.

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