April 26, 2009

$138 box of rocks??

Posted: 08:52 PM ET

By Laura Kadechka/WTSP

Here's a story that's becoming familiar.  You buy something in an electronics store & when you get home & break the security/return seal, you realize it's a rip-off.  We're hearing more & more of these types of stories.  Often, the customer returns the item only to be told the return policy requires the original item (which was never in the box to begin with) be in the original packaging.  Have you or someone you know been ripped off this way? Today's story is from Florida...

Lake Wales, Florida – Jodi Wykle of Lake Wales thought it would be funny to play a prank on her son for his 16th birthday.

She bought him Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS, even though he didn't have one. She let him sweat for awhile, but eventually handed over the newly purchased handheld game system, or so they thought.

"When he opened it, he was like, 'A box of rocks?'" she said under her breath, "He said, 'Mom, that ain't a joke.'"

The prank wasn't supposed to go that far. She fully intended to give him a real Nintendo DS game system and thought that's what she was buying from the Lake Wales Wal-Mart. She told 10 Connects there was nothing about the box that made her think twice.

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