April 10, 2009

Welcome to the he-cession

Posted: 06:06 AM ET


As male jobs are slashed, women are becoming the breadwinners while men hold down the fort at home

Canadian men had better get used to doing more cooking and cleaning, because the women are bringing home the bacon now.

While the recession, dubbed the he-cession, continues to slash male jobs – more than 27,000 of them in March alone – it has mostly spared women, whose unemployment rate has hardly budged.

That's meant a domestic rearrangement for many Canadian households, as newly stuck-at-home husbands kiss their working wives goodbye each morning.

“It's great to come home and smell dinner,” says Julie Renaud, 33, whose husband, Ryan, was laid off from the Ford plant in Windsor about a year ago and has now taken over most of the household chores – except, she laughs, loud enough so he can hear – scrubbing the toilet.

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Rosy Newlun, RN   April 10th, 2009 2:59 pm ET

Mrs. Phelps shows commendable love and support of her children.However, her statements regarding the illicit activities of her son, Michael, are red flags. She does not wish to incriminate her son in obviously illegal drug activity & now public wild partying in a club. By not taking a stand against wrongdoing, she promotes it. She does not deserve to be in the position of secular employment she is in. As a professional, she is legally bound to report unlawful activity, especially when evidenced by witnesses and photographs – not dismissed as she is doing now. She does not merit the trust and respect that a principal earns and deserves. Her love for her son is greater than her love for what is moral & just .

Dave of Detroit   April 11th, 2009 8:42 am ET

I can't help wondering if we need some new daytime "Soaps"as guys will have some real problems with the desparate housewifes format.Of course with Satelite and recordable DVR's, we can continue to get the Sports but sadly, our hairy chests are going to waste!

ofelia cervantes   April 12th, 2009 2:55 pm ET

Mrs. Phelps don't worry about it I'm on your side because we have by far the toughest job being a mom. We love our children because we brought them here and always want the best for them no matter if they don't always make the right choices. You seem pretty laid back and could care less what people say that's how I see it we are here for us for today not to please the world they will still talk.

Rose   April 13th, 2009 3:06 pm ET

I assume women were already working, as it's hard to find a new job now. That is, the women didn't go out to work "when" men lost their jobs, they continued to go to work as their sectors didn't have the same kind of layoffs that men had. Up side: Men to help with housework and childcare. Down side: One income instead of two.

Unfortunately, overtime this "Mr. Mom" situation will lead to a lot of stress within families as men without work will not be happy in the long run. The financial stress of one income instead of two is bad enough.

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