April 3, 2009

LKL Blog Exclusive: Autism is Preventable and Reversible

Posted: 09:10 AM ET

LKL Blog Exclusive by J.B. Handley, founder of Generation Rescue. J.B. will be our guest tonight on LKL, in addition to Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey.

The thoughts and comments expressed by J.B. Handley in this LKL Blog exclusive commentary are his own.

Jenny McCarthy's son Evan no longer has autism. This is a very hard concept for most people to grasp, because the popular understanding of autism is that it's lifelong. Quietly, a revolution of tens of thousands of parents around the world are standing firmly behind Jenny and using the same treatments to heal their children that she used to heal Evan. Not a day goes by where I don't hear a story from a parent of their child's dramatic improvement or complete recovery from autism using what we call "biomedical intervention."

In the 1940s, Autism was supposed to be a placeholder diagnosis, used until we had a better understanding of the actual physical issues that would define autism as a disease. Yet even today, a child is diagnosed based entirely on behavioral observation – there is no blood test or other way to test for it. Unfortunately, this has led to a level of inertia and acceptance amongst the mainstream medical community that many parents find unhelpful, if not unacceptable. "Autism is something you can't really change, just learn to accept it" – that's the message so many of us hear from our medical authorities.

Imagine for a second being that parent of a child with autism and told that your child may never speak and that a lifetime of care is likely. You start to do your own research, and you happen upon our community, filled with hope, examples of recovery, and specific actions you can take to heal your child. What would you do?

The vaccine issue has made autism one of the most polarizing topics on earth, which is too bad, because it keeps different communities within the autism world from working for the benefit of the only group that matters: our kids.


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Kim   April 3rd, 2009 11:56 am ET

I work for a pediatrician who has a adopted this "biomedical" approach to autism. My son has been treated with diet, supplementation, detox and hyperbaric therapy. We see it everyday. Kids are getting better. Period.

Susan Fund   April 3rd, 2009 12:03 pm ET

My once perfectly healthy son regressed into autism following his routine childhood vaccines. He is currently at least 50% recovered through various biomedical interventions including chelation, supplements, diet, healing his gut, anti-viral treatments and hyper baric oxygen therapy.

We need to immediately change the overly aggressive vaccine schedule and take the toxins out of the vaccines. Our babies immune systems can not handle the current vaccines and todays vaccines are are not only causing autism but allergies, asthma, diabetes, learning disabilities and various other neurological damage.

We also need to start treating the generation of children who have been poisoned. We need to get them healthy so they can be productive and happy members of our society.

Peggy Ranney   April 3rd, 2009 12:21 pm ET

This is for Jenny McCarthy. What do you say to parents on how to help your child recover when therapies, treatments and supplements cost thousands of dollars? We have a son who is 16 years old. We are an upper middle income family that has spent thousands and thousands of dollars on different treatments and supplements since he was two years old and have gradually seen improvement. There is more treatment available that we would like to try but it boils down to having money. This is a reality we struggle with daily. We also have a daughter who is a freshmen in college. What is a parent to do?

Julie Swenson   April 3rd, 2009 12:30 pm ET

We are currently recovering my son from his vaccine-induced autism (eight shots at his 12-month check up and two weeks later the baby he was had disappeared) by using the methods outlined in Generation Rescue. Thank God for that site. I would never have known where to turn for advice and help and my son would still be floundering in his therapy-only treatment plan outlined for us by his neurologist. I find that the people who often decry the biomed way of recovery have not only never tried it, they don't even have a child with autism. Until you have been through it and seen the amazing results, you can never understand what the DAN approach can and has done for so many children. Those who throw around the term 'pseudo-science' simply enjoy using buzzwords that have no real meaning.

Nic   April 3rd, 2009 12:49 pm ET

I can't imagine what my life and my son's life would be like without Generation Rescue and the Defeat Autism Now community. They literally saved my son's future. While I was pregnant, I needlessly received a Rhogam vaccine that contained mercury. Though my husband and I both had negative blood types I was told I had to have the shot from my OBGYN. Then, my dentist and OBGYN approved some dental amalgam work during my pregnancy, as well telling me it was "routine" and there would be no risk to the baby. When my son was born he was bombarded with our over zealous vaccine schedule. When he was around 15 months old they had to "catch" him up on his vaccines. He was given Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Polio, Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, and HIB in one visit. He would never be the same. My son was given NINE vaccines in one visit. Looking back, I cannot belive how irresponsible my pediatrician was and how stupid I was to go along with that. We have spent over $30,000 in therapies to help his autism. The medical community failed me and they are refusing to treat him. We are treating his vaccine and metal injury. Over the past year and half since diagnosis he has regained many of his skills. he is a happy, talking, socializing almost 4 year old. He still has a long way to go, but I cannot imagine where he would be without the diet, the supplements, chelation, and the therapies we do for him. This has ruined us finacially, but we cannot wait for the government and society to open their eyes. My son needs help now. You cannot put a price tag on his life. We, along with the Generation Rescue and DAN communities, will save him ourselves.

Abdulkadir Khalif   April 3rd, 2009 12:49 pm ET

JB you are our hero and we are 100% with you. GO JB GO.

Doug Colafella   April 3rd, 2009 1:00 pm ET

My son was diagnosed with "at least moderate to severe" autism at age 2 yrs, 3 months in November 2006. Through aggressive therapy, the gluten-free, casein-free diet, nutritional supplements, and the love and dedication of many people, his recovery has been remarkable.

My wife just returned from Jack's parent-teacher conference at a typical pre-school. The assessment? "Jack is just like everyone else in the class, except he's smarter. He doesn't need an aide anymore. We don't even think he has autism anymore."

If you would've told me this story two years ago, i never would've believed it. Recovery works. Come to Pittsburgh and see my son.

Shelley Hendrix Reynolds   April 3rd, 2009 1:31 pm ET

My son Liam was diagnosed 11 years ago this month. At the time we were told to medicate with Prozac to hopefully control his behavior and start shopping for an institution that he would need by age 5 based on the severity of his symptoms.

Today, he is 13 years old. He loves laugh and is a complete joy to be around. He has a girlfriend. He has friends who come over and play and spend the night. He can talk about anything, he loves rock music and any form of Super Hero.

And he is my SuperHero.

Vaccines slowed him down to a grinding halt when he was 17 months old...but he has worked hard to come back. And he is here...he knows what he wants out of life which right now means getting to 16 so he can take Kathryn on a date, work at McDonalds and drive a blue Mustang with white racing stripes.

We treated his medical condition at the root. He is not officially cured and still has challenges but there are an awful lot people out there who would trade their 13 year old boy for mine....any day.

I wouldn't trade him for anything. No one else has taught me more about life, love, perseverance and patience than that boy. No one.

Our children can, and do, get better. There is never a reason to give up hope...ever. You are your own child's expert. Everyone else just has an opinion.

Love to all my autism community comrades!

Shelley Hendrix Reynolds

Garry   April 3rd, 2009 1:41 pm ET

Thank God for Jenny McCarthy and her autism advocacy. Thank God for Larry King for giving Ms. McCarthy a forum to speak to the parents. The parents have proven that autism is treatable and in many cases recoverable. Where are the mainstream pediatricians on this subject? Their response is “We don’t know what causes autism, but we know it isn’t the vaccine and there is no cure so you may think about institutionalizing your child.” How stupid do they think we are?

Teresa Conrick   April 3rd, 2009 1:42 pm ET

Thank you LKL for doing this important show. I have an older daughter with autism and I can tell you it has not been easy. What Generation Rescue and Jenny McCarthy are doing is bringing hope, and truth, two things that were historically not around when my child was diagnosed in 1995.

My daughter is making progress as she is treated biomedically, even at age 16, a big one being able to finally use the bathroom as she has had severe gastrointestinal issues. More importantly, the many behavioral symptoms that she has exhibited over these years prior to labs and actual medical testing, were odd and we never connected them to health issues, especially since all the professionals then only looked at behaviors and never discussed medical problems. Labs have shown immune dysfunction, gastro -intestinal issues, inability to digest proteins, any gluten, casein, soy or corn, mitochondria abnormalities, chronic bacterial and fungal infections,, high and abnormal viral titres, and alarming amounts of lead, aluminum, and mercury.

There are too many kids being diagnosed and completely agree with what JB Handley has posted, that there has got to be a way to prevent deadly diseases while preventing autism.

Kelli Ann Davis   April 3rd, 2009 1:44 pm ET

It is because of the courage of JB Handley, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Stan Kurtz and others that millions of Americans are hearing the message - autism is treatable and preventable - and hope is being restored.

I am honored to be affiliated with this awesome organization and the individuals that lead it and we will never, ever stop proclaiming our message.

Right now, a bill is being introduced by Senators Durbin, Casey and Menendez which continues to classify and focus on autism as a behavioral disorder rather than a whole-body, biological condition which responds to treatments and leads individuals on a road to recovery and a better life.

Unfortunately, until this paradigm shift is recognized and embraced by members of Congress, federal health officials, medical professionals and the media, I fear we will continue to see ineffective legislation, dangerous public health policies, useless medical “treatments” and biased reporting continue; it will be up to organizations like Generation Rescue (and Larry King Live) to continue to get the message of hope and recovery out to Americans.

Thank you Larry for your courage in allowing the truth to be heard so lives can be changed!

Kelli Ann Davis
D.C. Political Liaison
Generation Rescue

Amy Stoutjesdyk   April 3rd, 2009 1:45 pm ET

Thank you Larry King for bringing this issue to the public and for having guests like JB, Jenny, Jim and Dr. K who are speaking the truth from the trenches of the autism epidemic. It is past time for the truth to come out and for the insanity to stop.

We also had a healthy, normally developing son who had language and was ahead on all of his developmental milestones. Then he disappeared before our eyes after his 12 month vaccines. He has been treated biomedically for almost 6 years and has made improvements. There is hope that he can be recovered if we can heal all of the damage done to his body. He is a very sick child with gastrointestinal dysfunction, detoxification dysfunction, immune system dysfunction and on and on.

There are several things that need to happen to stop this horrendous disaster in it's tracks before it claims another generation of children while decimating the entire family.

1. Classify ASD as a medical illness and force coverage by the insurance companies. OUR CHILDREN ARE SICK! THEY ARE NOT MENTALLY ILL.
2. Give the public access to the VSD for independent research to prove there is a correlation between ASD's and vaccines. The information is there paid for with tax dollars and hidden from the public eye.
3. Produce conflict free, unbiased, independent studies on the cumulative vaccine schedule with long term outcomes. There is NO STUDY ON VACCINES IN COMBINATION.
4. The public must have a VAX VS. UNVAX study to determine the outcomes on lifelong health. While public health officials, CDC, IoM, ACIP, NIH, FDA .....would have you believe this can't be done that is untrue. Go to the HomeFirst Medical practice in IL, where they have 20,000+ patients that are unvaxed and NO AUTISM.
5. Do away with the NVICP and allow vaccines injuries to be pursued as product liability suits. If we are expected to submit our most precious asset to state mandated vaccines for the greater good we should have the same rights of legal action as we would from any other pharmaceutical our child had been damaged by.

Thanks again for taking this information to the public so that they may protect their healthy children and heal the children that have been injured.

acollage   April 3rd, 2009 1:50 pm ET

My son is an eight-year-old boy with the face of an angel. He's also got autism. Every day, we face new challenges. We heard about biomedical help when he was newly diagnosed, and despite so many telling us to stick with "what works" - basically, ABA (applied behavioral analysis), occupational and speech therapy, which aren't always covered by insurance and have limitations - we chose to try it anyway. Even though mainstream medical doesn't recognize it, my son improved, along with thousands of others. If it works for any kids, everyone needs to know in case their child is one who will respond.

As Jenny's so eloquently said, penicillin doesn't work for everyone; why should we think vaccines will/do? Vaccines can be made more environmentally safely, and schedules can be deviated and still maintain effectiveness. Many of us saw our children literally change before our eyes. One day they were a laughing child, the next, they were covered in rashes, complaining of pain, having all kinds of intestinal issues and not responding. The difference between one day and the next? Vaccines. Just because it doesn't happen to every child doesn't mean it didn't happen to any.

The answer would be to test all the vaccines en masse, something that's never been done. Who would want their child to be that guinea pig? Until then, we'll just have to continue spreading the word that it's not a single vaccine or even a single vaccine ingredient, but the full load on a small, developing child whose body maybe can't process the ingredients as others can.

Thank you, J.B., for this blog, and to Larry King for sharing it. And of course, to Jenny and everyone else involved. You are going to turn the corner for our children.

Sue M.   April 3rd, 2009 1:51 pm ET

Thank you JB and Generation Rescue!

I have 2 children who were adversely affected by their vaccinations. Our records from our old pediatricians office show that my children got sicker and sicker after each "well baby" visit. People really need to wake up to the fact that we are over-vaccinating our babies! Let's add some common sense back into the vaccination schedule.

Thanks to all of you who are speaking up for our children! It may not always be popular but it's the right thing to do...

Laura Sauls   April 3rd, 2009 1:57 pm ET

Add us to the list of families using biomedical treatment to help recover our son from autism. We still have a long way to go, but to hear complete sentences (though sometimes the word order is a bit mixed) after years of one and two word mostly grunts is fabulous! The digestive issues are clearing, the stimming, tics, and tantrums going down. To see my son playing a game with his neurotypical brother, taking turns, and talking to him rather than hitting is probably the most heart-warming thing, though.

Gina Puluse   April 3rd, 2009 1:58 pm ET

We love what Jenny is doing :0)!

Tests showed that my son has high levels of Mercury. We have the same story of a typical child that suddenly disappeared into his own little world at 14 months old. He was talking and looking at us all the time and then it all went away. He met his milestones and then he lost it all. Financially we can't really afford to recover him completely with a DAN Doctor, but the diet and supplements have saved our lives. The diet alone has brought him back into our world, but he still has Autism. He can now spontaneously tell me he loves me and I credit the Defeat Autism Now protocol for this! It takes money to pay for all of the specialists and treatments necessary. If the mainstream Doctors that are covered by insurance would get on board with reality maybe we would be able to recover more children from this disease.

Bless you Jenny. You are definitely a Hero in my eyes.

Mom of Anthony Jr.

RimlandfanWA   April 3rd, 2009 2:00 pm ET

My son was seen from birth, by a pediatrician group that has 27 doctors in the Greater Seattle area in Washington state. When my son had episodes of turning blue and losing conciousness after his 2 month vaccines, (when you turn blue- that means you are dead, yes? I was told he just had "a temper" and was simply holding his breath, Interestingly enough- these "breath holding" spells- as well as other horrible adverse reactions- happened 10 to 12 days after a "well child" visit – meaning a trip to the pediatrician to get for more vaccines. CDC research shows, if you can find the deeply imbedded document, that much of the vaccine reactions happen between days 10 and 14 post vaccination. My pediatrician never once reported to VAERS, even when it was brought to their attention, by reading them their own notes from my son's medical records. Please note- 90% of adverse affects from vaccines never get reported.

When my son stopped talking, I brought my concerns to the pediatrician. I was ignored and told that boys talk later. Pediatricians were my son's worst enemy. Because of the AAP and those pediatricians, my son's treatments- and even his diagnosis- were delayed over 2 years- while his condition worsened.

Little or nothing has changed in the past 10 years. Sadly, the leadership of the AAP has shown themselves to be bought off by pharmaceutical interests.

I became a Rescue Angel because I never wanted another parent to go thru what I did.

I am more than thankful that JB Handley and his lovely wife Lisa began a worthwhile organization to reach out to families. I have been a follower since day one and gratefully welcome the addition of spokespersons Jenny and Jim. Thank you ALL.

To the AAP: you are a detriment to our children. Step up to the plate or get out of the way. When your autism medicine cabinet contains magnesium, B-6, and probiotics instead of samples of risperadol , Geodon, and tylenol, your creed "First, do no harm" can be restored.

To National Autism Assn, Talk About Curing Autism Now, Autism One, Autism Research Institute, Generation Recue,, and Unlocking Autism- thank you, keep up the good work.

Adrienne   April 3rd, 2009 2:04 pm ET

Our story is almost just like everyone else's. Our son was diagnosed with autism and given a horrible prognosis. For the first year, we did traditional therapies, with little progress. At three years old, our baby had five, maybe six words, and constant GI distress.

We started biomedical treatment and after 2 1/2 weeks our child began speaking – he went from using two word phrases the first few weeks to speaking in four and five-word sentences a month later. it's only been 9 months and our son no longer qualifies for our school district's speech or occupational therapies. We will still employ therapists for him, as we aren't where we need to be quite yet, but he does not meet the criteria to be diagnosed with an ASD any longer.

I find humor in the fact that when we were given our diagnosis and prognosis, the Pediatric Behavioral Specialist told us not to seek alternative – and fruitless – therapies for our son, as they were baseless and preying on the desperation of parents. I wonder what she would say now? Maybe there's something to "this biomedical thing," or maybe she doesn't have any idea what she's doing...I'd love to hear her give me one or the other. Or maybe it would be the old "children do – or don't – 'grow out' of autism. Whichever explanation suits today's agenda, I suppose. But certainly, there's no basis for biomedical intervention, and certainly the vaccines have NOTHING to do with it!

Janelle Hall   April 3rd, 2009 2:09 pm ET

My normally progressing, healthy son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum after a slow, steady regression which happened after his routine childhood vaccines. Through biomedical intervention with great medical care, much research, and a never-give-up attitude; we are recovering our son. There are two statements that you hear in our autism community all the time, both of which are very true. "Autism is a marathon, not a sprint," AND "Genetics loads the gun, but environment pulls the trigger."

Let's stop the politics. Let's stop the money mongering. And, let's start listening to the parents and medical professionals that are seeing recovery in our kids. Research and funds need to be focused on environmental triggers and this community of parents who have recovered kids and/or are on their way to recovery. These parents and kids need to be seriously studied and listened to.

Thank you for airing this show!

With Hope,
Janelle Hall
Mother of two beautiful children, one who happens to have autism!

Frank Pinkney   April 3rd, 2009 2:12 pm ET

I am thrilled to see this disease/condition being overcome by more and more families. I think Jenny McCarthy has a real message of perseverance to deliver on that. However; I'm tired of anectodal evidence and coincidence being used so often to draw a cause and effect relationship betwen autism and vaccinations. This is little more than a witch hunt seeking to place blame for a disease we don't understand. Don't endanger countless numbers of young lives by villifying vaccinations. Families with autism deserve our understanding and help but that doesn't translate to giving them license to spread ignorance without challenge. Regardless of a person's credentials what he says on issues such as this is of little relevance if it is not supported by bona fide peer reviewed work.

Allison Chapman   April 3rd, 2009 2:29 pm ET

Thank you JB, Jenny, Generation Rescue and the many involved in the biomedical understanding community. And thank you LK for allowing this forum and giving them a stage to tell our collective stories.

I have 3 children, the older daughter went into convulsions with difficulty breating within an hour of 4 month vaccines, a son came next with a fever after every vaccine and full on regression after MMR at 15 months and HIB/DTap at 18 months, the 3rd child I waited to vacc till 6 months saw issues with skin reactions/rashes and swallowing issues while doing individual vaccs and so we stopped. My youngest is my healthiest child, most independant thinker, expressive, etc.

Without biomedical understanding my son would be much worse off than he is today. His autism and his immune system have always been married. JB's last statement in this piece says it all...Because of all of this infighting and main stream denial, progress is unfortunately too slow to get here... It's time we put the kids needs 1st. Well said JB!

bek   April 3rd, 2009 2:35 pm ET

I have young children, none with autism. I do not vaccinate according to the aap RECOMMENDED schedule. (My odds are far greater that my child will regress into the disease of autism than be harmed by ANY of the diseases we vaccinate for so I choose to lower their risk of autism by not following the schedule). I have researched and talked to enough parents of children with autism to know that vaccines can and do trigger autism. Since there are currently no tests to do before vaccination, we have no way of knowing who may be susceptible.

You can have 10,000 mainstream doctors come on your show and tell me vaccines are safe. Fact is I'm not buying it, never did. By not admitting the problem and then saying that biomedical interventions are not safe or haven't been studied enough, mainstream medicine is just causing more and more problems for themselves.

My heart goes out to all of you that trusted you were doing the best thing for your child when you got them all of their vaccines, only to be struck down by autism.

Erica   April 3rd, 2009 2:52 pm ET

Thank God for Jenny McCarthy and Generation Rescue because my pediatrician didn't offer any help to me other than speech therapy. The speech therapy was great BUT it wasn't great until I "unclouded" his brain! Biomedical treatments do work. My son is proof of that. He is on his way to becoming a typical child and is already attending typical school.

Jenni Porter   April 3rd, 2009 2:59 pm ET

I am in agreement with all of the people who believe certain types of autism can be treated biomedically... but wonder about vaccines being the sole cause. Is no one concerned about the use of pesticides in our foods, the rise of mercury in our fish sources, the toxicity of our drinking water, and the chemicals in our processed foods? Our children are canaries in the coal mine, and if their worlds were a bit cleaner, perhaps the vaccines wouldn't affect them in this way. Studies show that vaccines carry "safe" levels of toxins. However, I believe that with the other toxins in our environment, some children are affected and shown to have autism because they reached toxic levels of biohazardous materials.

andrea capone   April 3rd, 2009 3:03 pm ET

Yes, I think biomedical is the way to go. It is helped my granddaughter tremendously along with the gfcf diet, behavioral therapy, Ot , speech and anything else we can afford. It is a 24/7 job as we all know. Is she cured, No. Has it helped, yes. I'm confused, when parents say their children are cured. Are they completely cured? Are their autism symptoms completely gone? Will they hold down a full time job? Be able to marry and raise a family? I'm not being sarcastic or doubting. I just want to know what the definition of "cured" is?

Maurine Meleck   April 3rd, 2009 3:11 pm ET


It was a calendar
of seasons realized
that left us
without illusions.
Joshua wouldn't be fine.
We back-spaced
through time
to piece together
the ragged photos
of his primal years,
inexplicable to those

who haven't traveled there.
At three, his speech
simply echoes of echoes.
Words dangled like dust
in the air of no meaning.
So he went inward
like a tortoise,
noblody could read him.
But anger stalked,

abruptly as whiplash.
He whacked toys, windows,
head-banged into walls.
This side of autism,
rooted in repetition
like the cookie moon,
he ate the same food,
watched the same video,
drew the same circle.
No one escaped.

Maurine Meleck,
grandmother to Connor, recovered
grandmother to Joshua, not yet recovered.

Thank you JB, Jenny

Anne McElroy Dachel   April 3rd, 2009 3:12 pm ET

We have for too long allowed the agency that runs the vaccine program to be in charge of vaccine safety. Is it any wonder that all the studies funded by the vaccine makers or done by those with financial ties to the industry SHOW NO LINK between vaccines and autism?

Meanwhile the CDC has turned a blind eye to the damage being done. No matter how bad the numbers, autism hasn't really increased, according to the CDC. It's only "better diagnosing" by doctors.

The truth is, there is a generation of autistic Americans starting to age out into adulthood and our country doesn't even realize that they're coming. They will each cost taxpayers millions of dollars for lifetime support and care. We can't begin to imagine the impact this will have on the U.S.
Anne Dachel
Media editor: Age of Autism

Ann C Pinsoneault   April 3rd, 2009 3:14 pm ET

People need to know that not all parents of children with autism agree with Jenny McCarthy. There is a lot of factual information regarding other interventions that she fails to recognize. I have two sons with ASD. They are 5 and 7. My focus has to be on getting training for their teachers. There are very few services in Montana for people on the spectrum. There are even fewer trained teachers. I am guessing that all the people who follow what Jenny McCarthy preaches about biomedical intervention also teach their children how to act in specific places and under certain conditions. They teach their children how to socialize with other children and understand body language, idioms, facial expressions, etc. How do parents know what worked with their child if they use multiple interventions. My husband and I have used all of the above with our sons except any of the treatments recommended by Jenny McCarthy and her followers. Our boys have made tremendous gains in the year and half since their diagnosis. They have a neurological disorder that cannot be cured, but can be treated.

Henry C.   April 3rd, 2009 3:21 pm ET

Thanks to JB and Jenny and Jim and Stan for fighting the good fight and seeing to it that this information so helpful to these children finds the light of day.

There are so many who wish to make sure that this story does is not well circulated and great thanks go to Larry King for making all of this possible.

Alison   April 3rd, 2009 3:34 pm ET

I think "cured" is a mis-leading qualification. Perhaps "managed" is more appropriate. I work in an elementary school where I have seen students with mild Autism or Asberger's make HUGE strides when their diet was adjusted and they were in smaller classrooms with behavior modification techniques being used.

Jim Carrey HUGE fan   April 3rd, 2009 3:36 pm ET

Thank you Larry King and CNN.

JB- great blog post. Comprehensive overview- excellent.

Thanks all for your uplifting stories of treatment and progress or in some cases recovery.

It's 3:31 pm EST and there is yet not a single negative post here. I'm sure they'll come with their poison and venom.

Biomedical is the way folks. Thanks to Jenny and Jim for using your celebrity to make a difference. So glad Evan has responded so well to these treatments.

Jim Carrey I love you! You had the most moving and heartfelt speech at the Green Our Vaccines Rally last June. I knew I thought you were a great actor before. Now I know you are a great person.

Thank you!

Mark Wilson   April 3rd, 2009 3:39 pm ET

"Vaccine-induced autism?" There is no such thing.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

Karen   April 3rd, 2009 3:40 pm ET

Not a big fan of Jenny McCarthy, but I will give her the credit for helping to get the word out. I have a 9 year old son with Autism and Thanks to Talk About Curing Autism and Dr. Jerry he has come a long way.

I have a couple questions regarding Jenny McCarthy's real reason for still pushing the issue on Autism. It look like she is out to make off of the Autism families.

3 Book on the topic of Autism
a DVD series Catering to Autism
An investor in a Supplement company Catering to Autism
Organic gluten free food line for kids Catering to Autism

How much of her money does she put back into the world of Autism? I think she is so about herself..

Rep. Patrick Williams   April 3rd, 2009 3:43 pm ET

I am a State Representative in Shreveport, LA. I have a strong desire to bring awareness to the national epidemics of Childhood Obesity and Autism. Our children and their needs are so important and their future depends on our ability to confront these growing illnesses. Healthcare and our education system are critical issues that need to be addressed. And I plan to do whatever it takes not only to move Louisiana forward, but our nation as well.

Beginning on April 3, 2009, I will be walking from Shreveport, LA to Baton Rouge, LA to bring awareness to these issues. The 226 mile walk will take about 15 days. We have partnered with North Louisiana AHEC, which is an Area Health Education Center. They have worked with us to confirm that the local media coverage and radio will cover the walk. But we need your help to bring national attention to this “Walking the Walk II” event and help make this a truly successful event. We humbly ask that you join forces with me and NLAHEC to bring national attention to these growing epidemics. Our kids are 20 percent of our population, but they are 100 percent of our future.

Lisa Hunter Ryden   April 3rd, 2009 3:43 pm ET

Autism is a genetic and immune disorder likely from one or more environmental triggers. The reason so many parents point to vaccines is due to the fact that our children suffered visible and sudden regression after a round of vaccines. This does not make us anti-vaccine lunatics, but very fearful that vaccine safety has not been proven in the population of children with genetic predisposition to immune disorders. In our children, they have developed a sustained immune response and chronic infllammation after vaccines- from gut issues to neurological impairment. Lab testing validates our suspicions, with many markers clearly showing inflammation.

While my son suffered a regression after his infant vaccines, I do not believe one vaccine or a particular vaccine component is the sole cause of his autism. I believe there is a population of children who are pre-disposed to immune disorders from 40+ vaccines before the age of 2, and subsequent environmental toxins and pathogens. Of course, in vaccines we have a plethora of components from metals to live viruses that all attack our children's immune systems causing inflammation. According to Kenneth Bock, M.D., one in three American children have an immune disorder (allergies, asthma, ADD or asthma). When children with a genetic predisposition to immune disorders are vaccinated with the current CDC vaccine schedule, there is an inflammatory response that causes neurological and autistic symptoms. These symptoms are treatable, because lab testing has shown us the medical issues: high metal toxicity, low glutathione, low homocysteine, and low B vitamins to name a few abnormal lab results. These are not genetic tests, but protein biomarkers.
We need to stop this epidemic of immune problems! It would not be difficult to create an alternative vaccine schedule for children with family histories of immune disorders, or protein biomarkers done as part of a newborn screening panel.

After 7 years of intervention, our son is now speaking and losing many perservative behaviors thanks to a GFCF diet, chelation for heavy metals, glutathione replacement, B12 and folinic acid injections, mineral and vitamin supplements, mercury-free cod liver oil, and ABA and hippotherapy. It literally takes a team of specialists to work with him, from biomedical physicians to therapists.

Immune Disorders with Autistic symptoms are treatable! Recovery is possible!

Instead of Autism Awareness, can we make this Autism Action Month?

Jennifer Thompson   April 3rd, 2009 3:48 pm ET

We have four sons. Our youngest, now age 10, was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum at age 4. He is now fully recovered from autism and is ahead of his class one grade year in math and reading. He was fully recovered strictly using the DAN approach, which is using biomedical intervention. In other words, healing his very sick little body. He never had a day of occupational therapy.

Ruston, LA.

Laura D.   April 3rd, 2009 3:50 pm ET

Thank you, thank you, thank you for having Jenny McCarthy on this topic tonight.

Four years ago tomorrow my daughter was born, and I was very vocal about the need to immunize, immunize fully, immunize early. I had no idea what I was talking about. It wasn't until 18 months later, when my daughter had an immediate and severe regression following routine shots, that I started questioning the safety of this process. Unfortunately, I allowed myself to be pressured into letting her have the final shots at age 2, after which seizures started and additional health problems.

Fortunately, someone gave me Jenny McCarthy's book during this time, and I started the GFCFSF diet for my daughter. I also started learning about vaccine ingredients and their known toxic effects on the human body, and we are unlikely to vaccinate again until vaccine makers start taking childrens' health seriously.

My daughter is nearing recovery a year after we started biomedical intervention, and will likely lose her label altogether by the time she starts school.

Thank you, Larry King, for airing this, and thank you Jenny for using your loud mouth to help tens of thousands of children live more full lives. I pray many more hear this broadcast and are helped as well.

Jennifer Thompson   April 3rd, 2009 3:51 pm ET

I failed to mention, I fully believe that the vaccines were at the root cause of our son's autistic symptoms. These symptoms were brought on by the immune system damage done by the vaccines. At one time, his immune system tests looked like that of an AIDS patient. That is how physically sick these kids really. And some of this immune system damage can never be fully reversed.

Ruston, LA.

Ann Brasher   April 3rd, 2009 4:00 pm ET

As I told a little boy not too long ago, who was very high functioning and didn't like the use of the word "cure"'s not about who you are, it's about the medical issues you have. It would be wrong, not to treat these children and it is wrong for the medical community to turn a blind eye to their very real medical issues.
JB and I go back to Jamison's diagnosis and I am very thankful for all his hard work and dedication. Jim and words can express the communities thanks for your help.
The kids come first in each and every one of our hearts and we battle daily for nothing more than their health and the truth.
One more time, just because somebody is going to say it, we are NOT anti-vaccine. We are Pro-Kids.
They are not going to go away and neither are we until they have a voice and are heard, helped and healed.

Nancy Master   April 3rd, 2009 4:02 pm ET

My son was diagnosed autistic when he was 4-1/2 years old. I was told to go home and learn how to cope. But for me failure was not an option. With the help of many alternative medicine practitioners, we pioneered the biomedical approach with my son and I'm happy to report he is now 17 years old, healthy and happy and super-normal. He's getting straight A's in high school and is my miracle. Jenny McCarthy have given us silent parents a voice. For anyone with an autistic child, I recommend listening. There is hope and there is help and you too could have a miracle in your car seat.

Rebecca Estepp   April 3rd, 2009 4:04 pm ET

Thank you Mr. King for listening to the autism communities' concerns about the health of their children. Your courage gives me hope that the truth will come out and justice will be served for a generation of vaccine injured children.

Lisa Renaldo   April 3rd, 2009 4:08 pm ET

I have been following biomedical approaches to autism for several years now, but JB, Jenny McCarthy and Generation Rescue have helped put those approaches in the spotlight where they can be seen and understood. My son has had excellent progress with several different therapies and it is strange to wonder what he would be like without these types of intervention. Information is power and parents of autistic children are both hungry and grateful for continued research and education. We are also determined to direct autism awareness where it needs to go, thank you for helping lead the way.

Shelly Davidson   April 3rd, 2009 4:12 pm ET

Autism is TREATABLE. We are still in the beginning stages of this, having a son diagnosed only 2 yrs. ago. BUT if it were not for JB – I would not have done all I have done as quickly as I have done it. Like, getting out of the dr. after dr., test after test, nothing after nothing with the mainstream drs., getting a DAN dr., finding out allergies, starting the GFCF diet and biomedical treatment along with some homeopatic remedies, finding out more about my son, Apraxia, ocd, sensory issues, healing his gut, getting services, OT, speech (although still non verbal), ABA. Finding my voice and fighting for my son. Yes, financially its a struggle, and my marriage is constantly work, harder than it should be. But JB is my hero without a doubt and has given me the resources on where to go to find my son help – to get my son his independence. He is my heart and soul, the light of my life. Thank you Jenny.

Jenni Pozar   April 3rd, 2009 4:15 pm ET

JB – you know you are my hero. Jenny, you are a goddess!

If not for biomedical treatment and understanding how vaccine burden/toxins destroyed my little guy, then he would still be in diapers, in his own world and waking up screaming every night for hours in the worst pain imaginable.

Please, please, I beg for this madness to end. Our children are getting better, some even recovering completely and it's time for the world to wake up.

Fred Thompson   April 3rd, 2009 4:33 pm ET

7 years ago my wife Jenny started taking our 3 y/o son to doctors for what appeared to be autism. Every mainstream M.D., including neurologists, had no answer to help our son... she then started investigating options outside of mainstream medicine. Over a period of 4-5 years, using the protocols of the DAN doctors, including biomedical, diet, supplements, testing, chelation, more testing, a certain amount of trial and error, our son, now 10 y/o is likely more normal than many "normal" 10 y/o's. He still has a few quirks, but if you would have told me when he was 3-4 y/o that he would now be in the 3rd grade, an altar boy at church, going to friends' house to spend the night, playing soccer, a phenom on guitar hero I would never have believed it!
Our sincere thanks to Generation Rescue, Thoughtful House (Dr. Jepson) and the dedicated DAN doctors who have made all this possible!

Crystal Rice-CMP   April 3rd, 2009 4:35 pm ET

Im writing on behalf of the Autism discussion. I have been told there is a doctor who can help with Autism. His name is Dr. Jeffrey Thompson out of Encintas, Ca and he specializes in brainwave and Sound Healing. I have been told that kids he has been treating you wouldnt have known they had Autism. It's definately something to look into.

David A   April 3rd, 2009 4:54 pm ET

Our son was a perfectly happy and talking little guy until a round of vaccinations at 16 months. He regressed rapidly thereafter into a horrible state of autism. It was very devastating and still is today. We started biomed treatments at about 3 years of age and have been doing them for four years now. He has progressed nicely but still has a ways to go. I have heard this same story over and over again from from other parents with autistic children. This phenomena didn't exist 15 years ago in this magnitude. Why cant we get the funding to find the root cause of this new disorder? What are we afraid to find? The people in the autism community are not anti vaccine at all –we actually fully vaxed our kids. We just want answers and solutions–if this means safer vaccines and safer schedules...what is the harm in that?

Kuma   April 3rd, 2009 4:58 pm ET

This is for the so called scientific community: Every one accepts the gene is involved in autism. Can anyone come with the answer why all the tragedy starts at 15-24 months(after the MMR vaccine). If it is genetic, it should have started by birth itself (like kanner syndome!!). So what did the so called "gene" do until 15-24 months. Are they silent or they predisposed to wake up at age of 15-24 months. or Vaccines awake those monsters???

Lindy Smith MN   April 3rd, 2009 5:01 pm ET

I would like to know how, where and who will help treat my son? In the past few years my hubby and I have had some serious financial difficulties. Now, both of us are unemployed and we are in need of a ton of help!
My son has classic autism, he is mainly non-verbal and has behavior issues. During his 1st and 2nd grades, his teacher had repeatedly asked to strap my kid to a chair to make him "focus" on her during tasks. More and more, he was coming home with scratches and marks on him. Most of the time, I had to ask what happened and why? Most of the time, I kept on getting the same answer, "he is dropping to the floor and will not get up". I finally had enough of it and pulled him out of that school. I decided, after being told over and over again that he could not be enrolled in other schools, to home school him. Seriously harder than I had though!
So, with all of that being said, my son is getting NO services! I need help for him badly!!

Please let me know if you know how to get help for services and treatments. There are so many of us out there that can not afford it.

Thank you, Lindy Smith

Angie Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan   April 3rd, 2009 5:06 pm ET

THANK you to everyone involved in spreading the word and getting these wonderful people back on LKL!
If it wasnt for Jenny I would have never have known or even researched further about Bio-medical interventions/treatments and even the GFCF lifestyle in general. I read her book in ONE SITTING, maybe 3 hours. I hadnt finished a book in over 5 years, mainly because I never had one waking moment to devote to reading anything, while I cared for our sick kids. We have 3 kids, two of which (the two older boys) who are on the Spectrum, and at the time of Jennys book and prior, have been VERY VERY VERY sick with multiple ' medical issues'. Their immune systems had been OVERTAXED after Vaccine injuries..and before I started to research, I believed, with our family doctor, that they were just 'those kinds of kids who caught everything' kind of kids...well after reading Jennys book, and several others after that, especially another great book called 'Children with Starving Brains' I brought the research, along with jennys book to our family doc, who read everything I brought to her, and then actually APOLOGIZED for 'Mainstream Medicine' because she, and 'mainstream docs' have failed our kids...together we went back to their medical records and saw it right there, in black and white, their vaccine injuries that resulted in severe regression in both of the boys. While 'going thru' the illnesses, we all 'thought' that their dramatic regressions were due to them being sick all of the time, all of the 'ear infections caused speech regressions'..and all of the 'typical excuses' given to our families...however, after GOING back and not only reviewing their medical records, all at once, and reviewing the family videos we did have (I stopped video taping shortly after their regressions, because I thought I didnt have 'time' to do any taping, but subcontiously I just didnt want to 'save' most of the days anymore, filled with tantrums, miserably sick kids, and poop smearing/etc...) when I looked at the videos, and the records, it was CLEAR..vaccine injuries....nothing else!

I went from believing 'not really anything but a roll of the dice 'caused' Autism' completely on board with getting our boys recovered.
We saw results immediately even with small changes in diets and simple supplements..and continue to see improvements every day. One of our boys is still non-verbal, however his fine motor skills have skyrocketed and our other boy went from saying one word a WEEK to full on conversations within a month, however his fine motors are still lacking....both are improving in their own ways, and as financially draining as many 'nay-sayers' say it is, by doing things on a budget, we now are almost 100% organic in our food and household supplies, and we spend on average 20% LESS that we did prior to this lifestyle change...mainly by going back to the basics and cooking 'as grandma used to do it'....and the supplements and other tests/treatments...well, slowly but surely we are doing those, and many companies will work with your budget if you just ask.
If WE can do it, on ONE SMALL single retail salary from my Husband, ANYONE can do it....

Anyway, THANKS to all of the hard work from Gen. Rescue, JB, STan, Jenny, Dr. K, and ALL of the other pioneers and WARRIOR families out there! If it wasnt for everyone standing up and shouting about RECOVERY, I am not sure where we would be, maybe my baby daughter, probably would be, also vaccine injured and suffering from Autism now as well...but not today, because we have now delayed her vaccines and stopped them at her 9 month appt, one week after reading Jennys book!

THANKS AGAIN! I am not sure even what words could even express my THANKS...but I know that I continue to keep everyone in my prayers in hopes that one day soon, the rest of the world will treat bio-medical treatments as the Mainstream, and insurance recognizes that with treatment, many of our kids can be recovered, instead of paying life long mdical bills, ya know?

The road to this has been shortened greatly by all WARRIOR families out there...keep it up, the truth cant be hidden anymore, not with all of us shouting from the rooftops!

Thanks for reading!
Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Alicia Hatcher   April 3rd, 2009 5:09 pm ET

My son was diagnosed at the age of 3 with regressive autism. We were told he was low functioning, mentally retarded, non-verbal and that we would need to institutionalize him. We were not told what to do or where to go for help or therapy. We grieved for 6 months and then I got mad, they gave us this horrible picture of my son's future but could not tell me how or why. I read a book about the GFCF diet and wanted to try it. Within a week we had eye contact and our first word! We then started bio-medical interventions and now at 10 he no longer meets the criteria for autism, is fully mainstreamed, and today he gave his first oral presentation at school.

I want to thank all of the people who have spoken out about this from Larry King and Jenny McCarthy to the wonderful doctors who have gone against mainstream medicine in order to help children like my son.

Mary Ann Newell   April 3rd, 2009 5:18 pm ET

Go Team Go! Keep sharing the truth about the dangers of vaccines because you have the truth.

Thanks for all that you are doing,
Mary Ann Newell

Christine Heeren   April 3rd, 2009 5:19 pm ET


Thanks for once again speaking for families in the autism community!

We're been treating my son with autism and he's been getting better. Most people say when they see him for the first time in a while "OMG- he's a different kid." I'm not some desperate parent looking for improvements when they are not there. THIS STUFF WORKS! Diet, chelation, Verbal Behavior, Play therapy, supplements, Speech, OT, etc. There are so many choices. But, as a parent, you have to chose! try! Have faith! Visualize it working (like Jim Carrey always says).

Your Generation Rescue website is a great resource for parents and I send people there all the time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Diane   April 3rd, 2009 5:22 pm ET

JB -

You saved my daughter's life. I was so fortunate to find GR very quickly after her diagnosis. I cannot imagine what would have been without that happening.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. (That sounds so trite compared to what you have given us....but what can I offer?)

ThoJ   April 3rd, 2009 5:24 pm ET

JB Handley runs a company that produces food–food that has been tested and shown to contain mercury.

Will Mr. Handley discuss tonight what measures his company has taken to reduce the mercury in the foods he sells?

Phyllis Venet   April 3rd, 2009 5:37 pm ET

My beautiful twin boys, Spiro and Peter have autism. When Peter was diagnosed first, I was advised by the developmental Pediatrician to enroll him in nursery school, and to get him ABA therapy. Somehow, I knew instinctively that there was more I could do to help my son. I immediately started my Google research (as Jenny did) and found DAN. Then I found Dr. Neubrander, Stan Kurtz, and eventually, Jenny, Taca and Generation Rescue. I became optomistic, and hopeful that there was something I could do to help Peter.

We found a DAN doctor in Markham, Ontario and started his therapy. Shortly after that, his twin brother Spiro got diagnosed. We have been doing biomedicat for just over a year now, including diet, yeast and anti viral treatment, methyl cobalamin shots, and chelation. The changes have been incredible, especially with my son Peter who used to sit on the end of the sofa and stare off into space. Both boys are extremely social now, eye contact is fantastic, receptive and expressive language has improved greatly and I feel like I'm getting my sons back. Slowly but surely, biomedical treatment is healing the inside, so that it is visible on the outside. Don't get me wrong, biomedical is a hard road to take, but the gifts are incredible and worth everything my husband and I, and our children are going through now.

I want to thank the entire community of DAN Doctors, people like Jenny McCarthy, Kim Stagliano (Age of Autism), Stan Kurtz, Generation Rescue, the list goes on and on, and for being lucky enough to live in a time where there is hope for recovery, through biomedical treatment.

We're half way there.

Ann M.   April 3rd, 2009 5:37 pm ET

I am also a parent of a child on the road to recovery...and he is most of the way there! He was diagnosed 2 years ago and we have treated with bio-medical and homeopathic meds.. The change has been amazing and I dare say that most of the parents of kids in his typical preschool class do not even know he has the diagnosis.

THANKS Jenny McCarthy..and LK for giving her a forum!!! The world needs to listen.

Ronnie and Jennifer   April 3rd, 2009 5:50 pm ET

Hi Larry I am the father of a vaccine injuried child my son was born in 1991 he was normal till the day we held him down to get his vaccine.He had his first seizure day's later; the doctor's said it was just a one time think.We took our baby boy home with fear lost sleep and more seizure's came 24 in one day.The most he ever had was 80 a day still we where told we dont know why.Could it be from the shot's no they are safe it could not be the doctor's said.I lost my boy's smile at 10 mouth's old.I never heard my son say daddy i love you or ride his first bike or buy him his first car.My Angel is here with me at 18 years old and the size of a 5 year old .At 8 years old our doctor say's eric had a reation to the dpt vaccine to late to file a claim with the compensation program but money will not bring my son's smile back.This has to stop before more kid's are hurt it is real people take it from a father who knows i wish i did'nt but i do.Eric is my Angel On Earth an i love him with all my heart.Don't let this happen to anymore kid's take my son 's story and tell everone in the world.My prayer is my son's story will help other's.Thanks Dad With an Angel On Earth

Andrea   April 3rd, 2009 6:08 pm ET

Can you please expalin why my post was not posted? It was an honest question from a grandmother of a severely affected child of autism. I am a huge supporter of biomedical and alternative (considered by some physicians) therapies. I just want to know what exactly "cured" of autism means. I am offended that your moderator was offended by my post.

Please email me offline if you find that more appropriate

Sandy Duffy   April 3rd, 2009 6:10 pm ET

Those of you who are advocating for your children against the great pressure of mainstream medicine are truly heros.

I am the Board President of Consumers for Dental Choice, a national non-profit headquartered in Wash. DC. Our mission is to abolish the use of mercury in dental fillings (50% elemental mercury!). As "Nic" above, noted, the in utero child is being exposed to mercury before he/she is even born from dental fillings. Studies show that the mercury from dental fillings is distributed throughout the body, including the unborn child. The amount of mercury found in that child (by pathology after death) correlates directly to the number of mercury fillings in the mother's mouth. The World Health Organization in 1991 identified mercury fillings as the number one source of mercury in the human body.

And then you add the thimerosal.

A large percentage of autistic children had mothers who had a Rhogam shot (with mercury) during the pregnancy. And that is followed by the childhood vaccines with their mercury load.

While the CDC and pediatricians continue to claim that the vaccine manufacturers "phased out" thimerosal in vaccines, product expiration dates went into 2007. One of my granddaughters was at her pediatrician who was pushing for a specific vaccine, claiming it was mercury-free. My son asked to look at the MSDS and it indicated that the vaccine had thimerosal in it. The MD was upset and called the manufacturer because it had been sold to her as mercury-free. The manufacturer said the vaccine WAS mercury-free but the "MSDS" has not "caught up with the new product." Who you gonna trust? I suggest neither the manufacturer or the doc. (No – my granddaughter did not get her shot and is still shot-free.)

Many people with "mystery diseases" return to health with SAFE removal of mercury fillings (by a mercury safe mercury-free dentist) and detoxification and biomedical treatments like you are doing with your children.

I am in Oregon but submitted opposition to HB 1703 in the state of Washington – which would make it harder for parents to obtain an philosophical exemption from vaccinations for their children (a doctor has to sign off a form saying they have given the parents all of the warnings about the horrors of "vaccine preventable diseases"). What does that mean for the uninsured ... no money for a doctor visit – no exemption?

Bravo to you parents, to Jenny and Jim and Larry King.

Rhonda Gatewood   April 3rd, 2009 6:28 pm ET

I distinctly remember at 6 weeks my son began babbling. I was so excited that I called my sister to tell her how advanced he was! None of my other children had spoken so early. Then, a couple of weeks later he went silent. I thought it odd, but just waited for him to start back up again and he did. After each vaccination he would get quiet and withdrawn. However, I was told this was normal (maybe he just didn't feel well) and he always came out of it fine. I had heard the rumors about vaccines causing autism and spoke directly to our pediatrician. He patted me on the back with a somewhat patronizing smile and said emphatically "No! Vaccines don't cause autism and there is no mercury in vaccines." I was sitting in the dr's waiting room with my (then) 15 month old son and 3 year old daughter. They were playing, interacting, fighting LOL. A woman was intently staring at them. She looked like she wanted to cry. I felt I had to explain "They are just getting to the age where they are bickering." She got up from her chair and walked over to me with tears in her eyes....she said "Do NOT vaccinate that boy." What a weirdo! I thought. I went ahead with my son's 15 month vaccinations. A week or so later he developed a rash on his legs. I took him to a dermatologist because it looked quite serious. She said it was "eczema...possibly from food allergies" and gave me steroids and creams. Nothing worked...and he seemed to be getting awfully irritable. He started screaming all the time. I remember at 16 months going to a theme park with relatives. Our son screamed at the top of his lungs the whole day. He just seemed miserable. By 18 months that interactive, giggly little boy, spent his whole day screaming through the house, running from room to room as if in search of something. He'd carry a spoon around with him and open and shut cupboards. I thought I was losing my mind. He stopped sleeping. He opened and shut blinds until they broke. He shattered a stainless steel microwave door from the constant opening and shutting. He could no longer stand the car seat or a swing (any vestibular movement). He unexplainably broke out in hives. His eyes always seemed vasoconstricted. He would no longer look at us. When I called him, he always looked down. I told a friend I thought he was upset with me. I had previously had him in gym classes...we had to remove him because he no longer followed directions....just ran all the time. I have a Biology degree and was haunted by the realization that something was physically wrong with this child. We went to developmental pediatricians, neurologists, gastroenterologists, metabolic specialists....all I got was "stick him in therapy." By 19 months I had called the state's early intervention therapy program. Later, we would receive a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. I went through a horrible period of panic and crying. Then, I began to research. The fact that my son had been prescribed an epipen for his constant allergic reactions made me think "What if something is wrong with his adrenal system...he's always in fight or flight mode." I studied the process of breaking down norepinephrine (what his symptoms indicated he was high on...). You needed lots of Vitamin C and E to break down this catecholamine. I began giving both vitamins to him in high doses. Amazingly, he would make brief moments of eye contact. Then, we started a strict gluten/casein/soy free diet. We noticed the rash came back whenever he had sugar, dyes or preservatives. We removed those too and some prompted words began. I ran across a book called "Changing the Course of Autism" by Jepson and immediately called a DAN! doctor. We began Methyl B-12 injections every three days. At the time I was charting our son's constant tantrums with an ABA therapist. On the third day (right before the injection) his tantrums spiked. The DAN! doctor moved him to every day injections. Tantrums subsided. We checked metals and my worst fears were confirmed. Heavy metal poisoning. At this time Jenny McCarthy had come out with her book and I felt surrounded by biomedical support. We began chelation. I met some recovered families. "Why doesn't he call me 'Mommy'?" I asked one recovery Dad. "He will" the Dad said with what I thought was ridiculous overconfidence. "He will start with one word, then two, then three...before you know it you'll be telling him to shut up." It was four months into weekly IV chelation when I heard "Mommy" from the other room. Hands down the best day of my life! Our son lost services from the state at 34 months. "He is no longer significantly delayed." Today, our son is in a neurotypical school, plays basketball and has friends. I am always working on better language, clearer speech....but I am here to tell you biomedical can work. I thank God every day I didn't give up. A few days ago my son said to his Grandma "Come on, Grandma...let's get in the car and go 'Bye-bye'. Don't forget your glasses." He's 39 months old. I am so thankful.

Josie Nunez   April 3rd, 2009 6:28 pm ET

I have 4 children. My daughter Savanna is the 2 nd child and we knew right away that she was different. We had a crisis situation when she was 8 years old and began therapy and learning about all her issues with a child pyschiatrist. It is sometimes very difficult to even get the right diagnosis after many years. At 15 when I noticed Savanna was not developing the way her other sisters were growing up I became concerned and knew it was more to meet the eye. I took her back to her doctor and I saw a pyschologist that did a complete testing and with much interviews from her imeadiate family realized that Savanna had Asperger's Syndrome, PDD and among other things a lot of anxiety. Savanna is now 18 years old and we took a whole different approach with her and she is doing very well especially after we did more to help and to know the proper diagnosis and cope well.
I believe in my view I could say she is cured from the tantrums and many challenges we faced, but I believe proper medication helped us a lot. She tells us the same and takes her medications on time and is very careful with her meds. She is always asked if she is younger than her younger sister and she does not get upset with the question. She does act sometimes like a baby and we overlook it. We are very happy with the outcome of our hard work as a family and sometimes the not knowing is not being cured but the knowing is what we mean by them being cured so we can cope well. I feel very much comfortable that she can aspire to be on her own if something happens and she is forced to be taking care of herself. she is very intelligent and knows a lot about Autism. She also points out when she feels that other kids may have some disorder and parents are choosing to ignore it.
She loves reading to small children and keeping them happy.
She speaks a lot more too. I do notice that after 7 pm she does not want to be bothered and likes silence. She does not speak much at that hour and therefore we do not ask too much either. This is only if she is at home. IF she is in the public she will have a good time but wants to retire early.
We have come a long way.

Marni   April 3rd, 2009 6:45 pm ET

My son had an obvious global regression after his MMR set at the age of 12.5 months. I would like the semantic games to end, and research towards vaccines playing a role in a small subset of the population in developing or worsening autism.

I want a portion of the energy directed towards answering the appropriate unanswered questions about the rising rates of autism and other chronic disorders – as much energy as is put into the prevention of infectious diseases. WE CAN DO BOTH.

To put things into perspective, I am aware that most children who get vaccinated come through without getting autism, that we are not talking about a linear relationship. I have repeated myself again and again that I am pro-vaccine and encourage parents to vaccinate their children, unless it is contraindicated, as in our case of a child who regressed after same. The science is incomplete. Let's do the work suggested by Dr. Julie Gerberding, Dr. Bernadine Healy, Dr. Jon Poling and the original recommendations by the IACC Committee. It needn't be the spin of the roulette wheel that it is now. Spin the wheel to see if your child has the genes to get autism from vaccines...

IWe need to start being straight with the public. As my earlier post said, stop suppressing and start addressing.

Fact – Bailey Banks and Hannah Poling have autism (ASD). There has been a spin using weasel terms like "autistic features" and "autism-like symptoms." intentionally, when we in fact know they have autism (ASD).

One more fact: autism is defined by symptoms, so if you have all the symptoms as described in the diagnostic manual, then you have autism. So there has been a shell game of semantics going on. Very few are being fooled by the shell game of semantics. Do the Vaccinated vs. unvaccinted long term studies – USE THE SCIENCE TO SETTLE THE MATTER, if it really is science that is the interest.

Dr D Carlson   April 3rd, 2009 6:54 pm ET

From Autism Spectrum Disorder to Harvard –

My daughter diagnosed in 1995 with ASD was accepted at Harvard this week. A national finalist in solo harp by the age of 14, she has no deficits related to her early childhood diagnosis (unequivocally documented by U of Lou. Dept of Pediatrics). Her brother, one year younger was dx with high functioning autism and was more seriously delayed. He was accepted at 3 Ivy prep schools and wait-listed at 2 others last Spring in New England. Not one rejection. He goes to Western Reserve Academy on scholarship this year. He has been a national AAU finalist in discus since 2005. So tell the naysaying 'experts' there IS EVIDENCE – concrete and scientific that biomedical early intervention WORKS. Even here in good ol' KY since 1995. Wake up!

Stacey   April 3rd, 2009 6:55 pm ET

My son is recovered from vaccine-induced autism using diet and biomedical intervention. It took 2 1/2 exhausting, heartwrenching, bankruptcy-inducing years to recover what was lost in him. I would not wish our experience on my worst enemy. But, I have seen firsthand that there is hope. It was a giant leap of faith for us to pursue what's considered "alternative" treatments but we have an amazing practitioner (Dr. Amy Yasko) and I quickly became convinced as we progressed through her protocol and saw the layers of autism ***slowly*** peel away. Anyone who has gone down this path will tell you that it's not easy. There's no magic bullet. There's no quick fix. But recovery is possible. My son is the proof.

Tom & Polly   April 3rd, 2009 7:13 pm ET

Our child was diagnosed with autism at 2 years of age. Now two years later and 4 years of age, he is indistinguishable from his peer. Biomedical intervention fully recovered our child from autism.

Jenny, thank you for spreading the word on this treatable and preventable disorder. Thank you to all the great doctor’s for fighting this uphill battle. Thank you Autism Research Institute for leading us down the right path. And, a special thanks to Dr. James Neubrander (DAN!) for recovering our child.

SE   April 3rd, 2009 7:14 pm ET

I have no words to express my gratitute to Jenny. For years many parents are recovering their kids from Autism but nobody hears about it because they are not celebreties. In a culture that only listens to famous faces finally the truth about Autism can be heard. My daughter was diagnosed last year and thanks to Jenny being so outspoken my first thought was "I will recover her! If Jenny did it so will I." Now I know that hundreds of kids have been recovered through behavior therapy together with biomedical treatments. My daughter is making great progress and I have no doubt that she will recover sooner or later.

Kent Heckenlively   April 3rd, 2009 7:16 pm ET


You have done so much to help the autism community and it is truly beyond words to express the appreciation of so many. Give them he** tonight!

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively

Theresa Cedillo   April 3rd, 2009 7:24 pm ET

THANK YOU LKL for doing this show! JB, Jenny, Jim and Dr. Kartzinel – thank you for giving hope to so many families. And thank you to ALL of you for having the courage to speak out about vaccine injury and autism. Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Comenpensation Program for this very reason. They knew children would be brain injured when this program was created. This is not some far fetched idea. Our children are sick beyond social difficulties (as so often is only reported). Autism is a medical condition involving the entire body, not just the "mind". It's time our medical community step up to the plate and accept and treat the very real illnesses in our children. It's time for transparent, independent research into autism triggers, including vaccines. It's time for the vaccinated/unvaccinated study.

Theresa Cedillo
Mom to Michelle
First Test Case in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings

Julie   April 3rd, 2009 7:28 pm ET

Thank you Mr. King for airing this very important story. There is just no way that a purely "genetic" disease could increase 800% over the past two decades–there is an environmental component and nothing–not even vaccines–should be off the table in this discussion. Too many of our children are affected.

We have worked hard to see our own son, now 16, move along the spectrum to greater and greater healing. I thank God for the precursors to Dr. Kartzinel and Jenny McCarthy–Dr. Bernard Rimland of the Autism Research Institute. These children, and the heroes that speak for them–Jenny and ""Dr. Jerry"–also owe a debt to Dr. Rimland.

Kay Johnson   April 3rd, 2009 7:38 pm ET

It worries me that CNN publishes this blog item without challenge from scientists. The National Academy of Sciences/Institute of Medicine has investigated these charges and found no strong connection. The massive studies of immunization over the population do not confirm what is alluded to here. As one who served as a consumer advocate on both the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and the advisory group for the vaccine compensation program, I have read these studies. LKL assertions are not backed by documented facts - only by fear and suspicion. Finally, our health care system provides many procedures and pharmaceuticals that are not available in other countries. This is why is is said we have technologically the best health care system in the world. Let's prevent those childhood diseases we can prevent, using our best tools - vaccines.

Jerry   April 3rd, 2009 7:40 pm ET

I am not sure what Jenny is getting out of this.
I beleave that she is in it only for the money.
she is making money off the parents and children affectived by autism.

Dad of 4 children 3 affective by Autism.

Sylvia   April 3rd, 2009 7:41 pm ET

We love Jenny McCarthy for her courage and tenacity in spreading the word that there is so much hope for children with autism!

Both of my children are vaccine injured and now on the autism spectrum. It is not a coincidence that they both got sick after their vaccines. It is high time the AAP figured out other excuses besides genetics and coincidence. They will only turn more parents away by trying to sweep this under the rug. History will point the finger at them for gross incompetence in this epidemic.

Thank you so much for having Jim and Jenny on your show for this very important topic!

Bryan   April 3rd, 2009 7:43 pm ET

It's unfortunate that one has to be a celebrity to be able to discuss this topic – and that we confer on celebrities the assumption of medical expertise in scientific and medical discliplines where their insight is at best wasteful and more often damaging.

My son has autism and he is 17. Vitamins and diets have been a waste of time and effort.

What he needs is lifelong care – I'd like to hear the discussion focus on how we can make sure that these disabled loved ones can be partake in community life and have some security once parents become old or die.

There's nothing quite like being terrified of your own death for fear of the fate of your adult disabled child.

I wish the discussion would focus on this enormous challenge faced by 'regular parents' with true, for real, autistic children.

Rene   April 3rd, 2009 7:47 pm ET

There are mainstream doctors that specialize in autism that are now starting to treat children who have regressed into autism as if they have a form of mitochondrial disorder. I was told that they are doing this with the belief that these kids have a form of mito disorder that is untestable (doesn't show up in a typical mito test). It proves that they are looking at the children's immune system function being related to their regression into autism. They are perscribing them mito cocktails and are seeing them improving. This is similar to how DAN (defeat autism now) doctors treat their patients. Interesting....

Teresa   April 3rd, 2009 7:47 pm ET

I believe recovery and healing is possible. I have seen children lose their label. Appropriate medical / biomedical treatments and lots of good therapy (ABA, floortime, RDI, intensive in hours).

The brain is the biggest energy using organ in the body. If the system isn't working well, the organs are affected.

Thank you Larry King, JB, Jenny, Jim, all the physicians and therapists dedicated to HELPING our kids.

Rene, Mother Warrior to Buddybear   April 3rd, 2009 7:54 pm ET

Thank you JB for starting Generation Rescue. Thank you to Jenny McCarthy for being such a voice to so many. Thank you to Jim Carey for supporting this important cause. Thank you to Larry King for allowing this information to be aired!

My recovering son and I will forever be grateful.

Michelle   April 3rd, 2009 7:57 pm ET

Thanks to Larry King, and a few other media outlets, this topic is becoming front and center. People need to understand that this epidemic is out of control. People need to understand the CDC is not wanting or willing to do a vacinated vs. unvaccinated study, becasue they are afraid – afraid of the truth and the complete backlash and devestation of this country. They know what they did and are doing to our future, and they just want to push it under the rug. Admitting fault is an option for them. So, the CDC continues to pollute our next generation. They will never admit they screwed up. And, if their studies were to ever show biomedical interventions do work, or the vaccinated vs unvacciated population shows less or no incidence of Autism in unvaccinated kids, they would pad the results to their favor. The truth can never come out becasue the American people would never trust them again. Can't do that for heaven's sake – who would pay for their mansions? They are wrong and our killing our future. God help us!

kathleen   April 3rd, 2009 7:58 pm ET

Thank you JB Handley, and SO MANY OTHERS, thank you for helping me focus our lives to help our are truly a gift from God to our lives.
And thank you Larry King, our voices are far more clear when given a platform. I am not anti vaccine, I vaccinated, that is the problem. We need to rethink the number of vaccines our children are receiving, and to discontinue the ridiculous ones like for chickenpox...we are in overload...and it is destroying a generation of children.

Lisa Hunter Ryden   April 3rd, 2009 8:05 pm ET

Our son is recovering from the silent world of autism thanks to the great work of his M.D. who is going against the mainstream and treating our son's methyllation pathway defects. Our son was nonverbal until we began biomedical intervention.
Regressive autism is treatable. We are waiting for FDA, CDC, AMA and AAP to come onboard with this.

Lila White   April 3rd, 2009 8:05 pm ET

I am the mother of an eighteen-year-old son recovered from high functioning autism. He was given an incorrect vaccine at age 8 mo. The error was caught by me when the nurse called my son the wrong name AFTER injecting him. He got an older child's MMR and then was given his own DPT#3 and HIB#3 on top of it. Seven vaccines, two shots containing mercury and a dose of Tylenol to shut down his glutathione. Inject toxins and then shut down the body's detox system...brilliant! Too many, too soon! Five years of biomedical intervention including diet, supplementation, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and I have my son back. We don't need "autism awareness". We need to make people aware that "AUTISM IS TREATABLE".

ayo, dekalb county, GA   April 3rd, 2009 8:11 pm ET

I HAD a nephew who was autistic with a seizure disorder and some degree of mental retardation. He was 36 years old when he died in circumstances similar to those of Jett Travolta. What we can never be sure of is whether his treatment at the hands of ignorant, arrogant police officers contributed in any way. Over four years he had become increasingly frustrated and aggressive after having been fired from his job of eight years and never truly allowed to again become productively occupied despite the thousands of dollars his Provider received each month while we bore the expense of his daily living since he lived at home. As his medications were being adjusted in an effort to improve his behavior (my suggestions of counseling were ignored and private insurance paid for his meds) he would loudly vent his frustrations. This he did on the street outside our home one day and the cops were called. They followed him into the house, beat him, broke furniture, and he ended up in the hospital where it was confirmed he was not a drug addict. Yet the cops continued to insist he must be on street drugs. One cop insisted on charging him months later with property damage and terroristic threats although he basically expressed himself in a repetitive two-word "sentence". His family was not allowed to be with him at the police station even though he was terrified of the police and would go ballistic. He later complained his chest hurt. We do not know if he was tasered or hit or thrown or fell. (As a student in high school the police would be called if he became aggressive. They would tie his ankles and wrists together behind his back like an animal, throw him in the back of a vehicle and transport him like that to the hospital. We were never told. My mother just happened to be at the hospital when they arrived and realized it was her grandson. He must have been so terrified, unable to question or understand.) Even the judge could not understand why he was in court since he could not understand much less answer questions/ sending him for mental evaluation. While trying on numerous occasions to get the police to understand autism, the police chief later initimated he could end up being shot if he could not control himself. My main concern is that without education and sensitivity training in various subjects, including autism, innocent citizens, especially Black males will continue to be abused by the police. Please use your forum to highlight this need for police training, not just the diagnosis, causation or treatment of autism. The average citizen needs a voice. The son of a celebrity would never have been treated this way and certainly not encouraged.

I am so happy for the families of today and of this society where the disease is recognized and so much information and treatment options/programs available. Good luck to each of you as you continue to care for your loved ones. I pray that prevention and cure will soon be obvious.

Maria Rawlings   April 3rd, 2009 8:12 pm ET

How can anybody in their right mind think it is ok to shoot a vaccine into a newborn baby that is made up of virus,human and animal dna, formaldehyde, gelatin, thimerosol, aluminum AND plant it all in a base of genetically modified yeast. It does not take a Harvard education to figure this one out. Vaccines are toxic....pure and simple. It is time to start reverting back to the days of medicine when homeopathy was used to innoculate children exposed to deadly virus and disease. If this form of medicine was so wrong ,why was it in all the doctors medicine bags who were the founders of Boston University Medical Center. Every child I know who has not been innoculated is extremely healthy and very bright.Gee, is this a coincidence?

John   April 3rd, 2009 8:15 pm ET

I am a pediatrician and I want to say that the various Autism Groups have helped with bring attention to Autism. But in terms of vaccines and the groups attempts to blame vaccines as a cause of Autism has really done a disservice to public health in general. Even though good studies have been out stating that vaccines are safe, the groups maintain that they are not safe and continues to place inaccurate information on vaccine safety. It is as if some groups continues to proclaim the world is flat when good scientific evidence states that the world is round.

Barbara Johnson   April 3rd, 2009 8:23 pm ET

Add my son to the list of children who have RECOVERED from autism using biomedical interventions. Thanks, Larry, for featuring this topic in your popular forum. My son was diagnosed at age two and a half . . . and we've done it all . . . diet, supplements, chelation . . . now he's eleven years old, a student in a regular general education classroom receiving no special supports. Thanks, Jim and Jenny and J.B., for continuing to pound the pavement and SPREAD THE HOPE to those families who are still in the thick of this devastating condition. AUTISM IS REVERSIBLE. MY SON IS ALL THE SCIENCE, AND PROOF, THAT I NEED. -BJ generation rescue angel, MD & DE

AutismNewsBeat   April 3rd, 2009 8:29 pm ET

Mr. Handley, how is the methyl mercury in your soy products any safer than the ethyl mercury which has been absent from scheduled pediatric vaccines since 2002?

Thank you?

Chris H   April 3rd, 2009 8:34 pm ET

I have a child that is on the autism spectrum. He is very intellegent, verbal, loveable and tries really hard to learn social skills. I don't believe that you can completely cure a child on the spectrum now a days but when they finally can prove that cause, that may change.
They may get enough therapies in their lifetime that they can function well in society.

I would like to ask that people keep in mind that our children are a certain way because of their diagnosis and that if they were to be "cured" that it might change their general personality.

Paulette Manning   April 3rd, 2009 8:54 pm ET

My grandson was diagnosed with autism at 19 months of age. We struggled trying to accept this and all that it meant. We knew nothing about the bio medical interventions and people in our generation believed what the doctors told us. I have now attended conferences and read many books and done a lot of research. But the most telling evidence is the remarkable improvement that Jack has made through the tough road of gluten free cassein free diet, supplements and therapies. My daughter is a hero – she has saved a life.

Her treatment by the main stream medical community is an embarrassment to an entire generation.

Michelle O'Neil   April 3rd, 2009 8:57 pm ET

My daughter has Asperger's, a high functioning form of autism. When she was four years old we discovered bio-med therapies for autism. She had been screaming non stop for over two years by that point and our family was in deep crises. Within two weeks of being treated with bio-medical interventions her constant screaming subsided. How many children are drugged and institutionalized because no doctor bothered to look into the bio-med therapies available to help them? My daughter's behavior truly seemed psychotic before she was put on methylated B- 12 by a DAN! doctor.

She is doing well now, but she still has her struggles with anxiety and with social issues. Who knows what gains we missed during the 2+ years mainstream medicine failed us.

Parents, there is so much help available for kids with autism. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Hodan H   April 3rd, 2009 8:59 pm ET

Autism is treatable.Bio-medical treatment with therapy works.
As a mom i was lost before Bio-medical treatment and therapy , today however my daughter Geni is singing " what a wonderful world" by Louis Armstrong.Indeed its a wonderful world after bio-medical treatment and therapy.

Thank you so much J.b.,Jenny,and Jim.

Mia Harrod   April 3rd, 2009 8:59 pm ET

Although I do not have any autistic children, I do have 2 autistic nephews and I am forever grateful to Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey for using their lives to better this world. I myself got chronic fatigue syndrome and severe depression and bipolar from mercury (mercury in the flu shot and in my amalgam fillings). This is about toxins, toxins in our environment are destroying the lives of so many children and adults alike. For kids it turns into autism and for adults its is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, depression, bipolar, many mental illnesses, and Multiple Scerosis just to name a few!! Mercury, Lead, fire retardant materials, household cleaning chemicals, plastics, pesticides in our foods, and horrible chemicals like chlorine and fluoride in our water are all killing us all slowly and causing horrible autoimmune diseases and autism at epidemic rates.

It's a sad world when you must go to alternative/holistic doctors and pay tons of money (because insurance will not cover this real treatment) and because regular MD's are not educated enough to know how to test for pesticides, plastics, toxins, and heavy toxic metals and to treat the patient accordingly with chelation!

I know many people who have recovered from autism as well as many other horrible illnesses that I mentioned above just by chelating and getting rid of the toxins in their lives and in their homes and eating clean organic foods and pure clean water!!

Wake up people, mercury and toxins are destroying the human race, this is a real epidemic!! And we need the medical community and our government and insurance companies to hop on board and get with the program that alternative doctors have known for many years!


Dodie from Irvine CA   April 3rd, 2009 9:09 pm ET

The suspected cause of autism is caused by abnormalities in brain structure or function. Brain scans show differences in the shape and structure of the brain in children with autism versus neuro-typical children.

Remember an illness is always on a continuum, meaning that some people may have an extreme case and others less severe

Also, Autism was a check-all tag. If a child was deaf, it could have easily been DX autistic....

I suspect it is genetic more than anything else…

Dawn   April 3rd, 2009 9:12 pm ET

I think Jenny and Jim are being irresponsible for giving parents of children with autism false hope. I have no doubt that Evan is a changed boy...but autism is on a spectrum...and all children will not respond to treatments the same.

Lisa   April 3rd, 2009 9:12 pm ET

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Larry for having Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey on to speak about this- they are the ONLY people who seem to be making waves out there that really make sense. Don't stop fighting to get this information out there – they HAVE TO LISTEN!

Amanda   April 3rd, 2009 9:12 pm ET

I recently went to a regular G-I doctor who told me my son has Autism Entercolitis, but there was nothing to be done. She stated this was just something that happens and he will be this way for life. I started doing my research and I am weining him onto the GF/CF Diet because this CAN help! He is still not eating, but making little progress daily. This is all I can hope for. We have appts with the DAN Doctors. There type of medicine is attached to hope!

Jessica Grant - Missouri   April 3rd, 2009 9:12 pm ET

I am such a fan of Jim and Jenny! Hope can cure a lot and I believe these two people have given hope to many many parents across this country. Keep it up! God Bless both of you and your family.

Darlene Charles   April 3rd, 2009 9:12 pm ET

I absolutely believe everything Jim and Jenny are saying. Parents have to take control of their own children's health. There is NO NEED for all the vaccines that are being administered today, it is all about GREED. What a shame. Many (not all) but many of our health care professionals today are nothing short of criminals.

Mike, Florida   April 3rd, 2009 9:13 pm ET

Jim carrey is right. most doctors are owned by drug companies! I had a personal experience just last week paying a copay of 40$ each visit just to check my sinuses! after paying about 140$ on copay! what did the doctor do? he prescribed me nasonex! and I still had to pay another $100 for each refill! this is not normal

Omolara   April 3rd, 2009 9:13 pm ET

If Autism is due to vaccines like Jenny thinks, why is there a predilection for boys. Don't we think that it should occur in both sexes equally. I think there is a genetic link which could be carried on the X chromosome.

Nicole B   April 3rd, 2009 9:13 pm ET

My son Marcus was diagnosed with Autism at three years old. He is now 4 1/2 years old. I have one question. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU CANNOT AFFORD THE GLUTEN FREE/CASEIN FREE FOOD PRODUCTS?

Fiona   April 3rd, 2009 9:13 pm ET

My pediatrician says the children need to have all of the vaccines in order to get into school so opting not to get them is really not an option. What do you think?

john hawkins   April 3rd, 2009 9:13 pm ET

larry, you say the drs. will be on later. why not now so Jim and Jenny can "chat" with them. this needs the town meeting gameplan.

Lori C   April 3rd, 2009 9:14 pm ET

AUTISM IS TREATABLE AND REVERSIBLE! All ANYONE has to do is just a little bit of research to find the SCIENTIFIC STUDIES that the news doesn't tell us about and the CDC, FDA and others don't want parents to know about....try searching for the SimpsonWood meeting people and have your eyes opened!!!!

My son IS recovering from Autism! and I am forever grateful to people like Jenny and Dr's like Andrew Wakefield, Boyd Haley, Bernard Rimland and SO many others who have done the research to HELP our kids!

Larry King you ROCK for being brave enough to let this all be heard and to do some REAL reporting for a change...too many reporters are hiding the truth for the government.

PAM   April 3rd, 2009 9:14 pm ET

It is SOOOO wrong to say that autism is preventable and can be cured. You are giving some families false hope! Some kids can't recover, they can make progess but it is a part of who they are. Many families who have severe kids have done all those treatments plus and they aren't RECOVERED... explain this.

Andrea DiGeronimo   April 3rd, 2009 9:14 pm ET

I applaud you for speaking on such an important topic. Jenny is a pioneer by confronting a very difficult subject with huge success. I 100% believe in what she is saying and have first hand experience with my 5 year old daughter.

Karla   April 3rd, 2009 9:14 pm ET

Do you have information about the rate of autism in other countries and if they use other vacines?

Myrna Sterling   April 3rd, 2009 9:14 pm ET

100% agree with Jim Carrey and Jenny Mc Carthy

Jason Porter   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

We have tried the GFCF diet on our 2 1/2 yr old. It didn't work for him. he has been diagnosed since 18 months. He is working with the local birth to 3 program and is on a waiting list for the waiver program. He has made great gains since taking him off the GFCF diet

Alex Ramirez   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

Mr. King,

I've been working with children diagnosed with autism for the past six years working with parents teaching behavior intervention in Orange County. Hundreds of families I've worked with have said the same thing. "My child was fine until the vaccination." Being on the front lines of this epidemic I've time after time heard the same story regardless of race, sex, and living conditions and I'm CONVINCED. Jenny & Jim rock! Keep up the fight.

Alex Ramirez
Huntington Beach, California

Chris   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

Thank God fo people like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey for having the courage to stand up for whats right and face down the greedy corporate drug companies and call it like it is. The government mandated vaccines have tripled the quantity of the vaccine since 1990 and put more kids at risk for autism. It continues to go unchecked because there is money being made, bottom line. That is the way our whole world works and it is getting worse and worse everyday. Corporations should have term restrictions just as any other powerful person would.

Linda Francese   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

My son is 15 years old. He was diagnosed PDD-NOS when he was 3. We tried the casein-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free diet. He was on multi-supplements including Vitamin B shots. We did that religiously for 18 months and started chelation. There was no "oh wow" effect so we stopped. He is high-functioning but still autistic. Any suggestions?

katie kelley   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

Autism is treatable. My son's can prove it! The Dr's just don't get it at all. If it's not a pill, how can it work!!! I thank God every day for our DAN! physician and Jenny and Jim. What we need now is the government to pay for all this! It is tooo expensive, and all of this is the governments fault. The government won't admit it, because they don't want to pay for it!

dan briones   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

Our son is autistic and and is recovering from biomedical treatment. The Govt at least owes us the research to look into this. In 1983 the govt mandated 10+ more vacines, and since then, autism has increased nearly 300%. Coincidence?

karen waggoner   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

As the mother of a 39 year old son with autism, diagnosed at age 3 after a 10-month inpatient diagnosis at the Neuropsychiatric Institute of UCLA, I continue to hope for a cure for autism. I applaud the work and efforts of your guests, and also have a request. Not all of us in the autism community think there is one cause, or that your solution will work for all. My son was given all the best treatment, and still can not speak or live independently. Please do not put everyone in the same bag. And please don't forget that all the young children who are diagnosed will grow up to be adults. Adults with autism need help, too. Thank you, and all best wishes.

Susan   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

As someone who had POLIO...I would NEVER, EVER want to visit this on anyone – especially a child!! I suffer daily from what is now termed "late effect" polio and it is horrible. I was tortured as a child because of my disability...and that was just from other kids...I won't even discuss the surgeries and pain I have endured!! To stop giving children vaccinations because there MIGHT be a connection between autism and vaccinations is absurd!! Is delaying some of the vaccines so that they are not all given at one time something to consider – maybe!?! But I can tell you from my own experience – DO NOT STOP GETTING VACCINES!!! You do not want to have POLIO!!

Amanda   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

At the age of 4 my middle son went back in for his check up. He is the older of my 2 sons with Autism. The doctor told me he needed more shots and I wouldnt want him to miss them. I refused his shots but asked for his titers to be drawn. If he was not immune I would get him the shots. He was supposed to get 5 shots that day. His titers showed he was immune to all the ones in question. He didn't need the vaccines. Why are we not given this information unless we educate ourselves. Shouldn't the doctors have some part in educating parents properly?

Dan Coogan   April 3rd, 2009 9:15 pm ET

I want to see proof not speculation . I want to see a doctor clear the child or the autism diagnosis . Is the child main streamed in school ?

Hannah   April 3rd, 2009 9:16 pm ET

Down with Big Pharma! Down with vaccines! We are joking ourselves if autism is not caused by the neurotoxic chemicals in vaccines. There is too much evidence that says VACCINES ARE NOT SAFE, THIMEROSAL IS TOXIC, AND CAUSES NEUROLOGIC DAMAGE!! Stop this outrage and stop ruining the lives of children. Excessive vaccination contains 400x (only safe for a 240 lb man) the safe level of mercury for a child, how is that ok? ITS NOT OK STOP VACCINATING AND STOP FEARING DISEASES THAT ARE NON-EXISTENT! (due to public health and sanitation measures.)

Cheryl   April 3rd, 2009 9:16 pm ET

My son has autism. He had to wait for eight years for the doctors to admit he had it , though he was ovbiously socially disfunctional. I am on Dr Kartzinels waiting list because I find it hard to trust the doctors that gave him these shots... Im guessing they didnt want to diagnose him due to fear of the vaccine reprocussion.

Thank you Jenny for keeping this cause going. You and Jim are our heroes!

All our love,
Cheryl and my beautiful son Frankie

Ted U.   April 3rd, 2009 9:16 pm ET

We live in New Jersey and have a daughter who was not born with Autism but "changed" at about 1 year old and was then diagnosed with PDD and now Autism. We strongly believe that vaccines caused this. It was like someone "flicked a switch" on her. Her autism is not the most severe, no siezures, she does show affection and is somewhat verbal. We have her in extensive therapy and an excellent school but we feel like we are not being provided with the guidance we need to make her better. Neurologists are of no help to us ever, we have used several already. We just want someone to help us to develop a regiment or at least to tell us that what we are doing is right.
My wife and I feel that she can be cured but we need the help to do it.

ATG   April 3rd, 2009 9:16 pm ET

Our twins were diagnosed at three. We had them on the GF/CF/Soy-free diet and in DAN! treatment within weeks and never looked back. We eventually chelated them and are seeing record amounts of mercury being excreted.

In retrospect, it seems that autism is what happens when the child doesn't outright die of their brain injuries. Healing autism is bringing children back from almost-death. And what's so sickening and tragic is that the children know it. They know when they're dying. Their last looks into your eyes are like from the bottom of a well. And they know when they're coming back.

After just five days on the diet, our son's eye contact returned and his vocabulary went from the seven words he'd spoken since before age one to 300 within three weeks. Our daughter went from fifteen tantrums a day to one on average– not bad even for a normal three year old– and began to speak in sentences and stopped lining up objects. Also within days, both kids slept through the night without giving them a single psychiatric drug or sleep med (ever). After a year and a half of sleeping only four hours a night, my husband and I also were able to sleep.

For people who've gone this route and lived through both regression and recovery, we wonder how long the pharmaceutical companies and vaccine injury deniers thought they could keep the whole thing a secret. There is nothing more grotesquely obvious in the world than this process. Kids get shots; some disappear. Disappeared kids get treatments specifically targeting injuries from shots, they come back.

My once profoundly nonverbal, autistic little son just looked me in the eye and hugged me, saying "Mama, I love you" for the first time last week. My daughter is reading three grade levels ahead and is no longer on the spectrum. Thank you, Andrew Wakefield. Thank you, Dr. Jepson. Thank you, Jenny and J.B. and Dr. Kartzinel and every other practitioner, parent and activist who stood up for injured children. And thanks to Larry King for letting it all be heard.

Mitch Sommers   April 3rd, 2009 9:16 pm ET

Hello Larry, I agree with Jim and Jenny, it is all about money to the drug companies, autism is more profitable treated with drugs. In my case I am schizophrenic, one out of every 100 Americans have schizophrenia, it is treatable, but drugs alone are not the answer, see my website walkingwithwhales dot com

jamieb   April 3rd, 2009 9:16 pm ET

My son turned 15 on Monday. He was poisoned by vaccines around his second birthday. Before this time, he had met or exceeded his milestones. After his shots, he began slamming himself on the ground and lost all but one word "sentences". The diagnosis...Autism. I have worked tirelessly to "recover" him. We have done biomedical, ABA, speech therapy, OT, music integration therapy, DMG....We have depended on the advice of Dr. Rimland, Generation Rescue, Safe Minds.....
My husband and I have 2 other children. They are not vaccinated. No surprise here. NO AUTISM.
I am not saying no shots for anyone. Much like Jenny says....why do we think there can be a "one shot, one schedule for all"?,,,,,,If some are allergic to peanut butter and some to milk, would it not make sense that some would be allergic to mercury, aluminum and other scary preservatives?
I am happy to say that my son is in high school and in classes with his "neurotypical" peers. He enjoys his drama and FFA classes and can't wait to tell me stories about them when he gets home.
Sadly, there still is not enough awareness about every face of autism. For my son, at 15 who at times can seem "normal"...when his sensory system is overwhelmed and he needs a break......he is not always met with compassion. The mayor of our town, just declared Autism Awareness Day, for us. My son got to accept the proclamation from him. It was a thrilling day for my son and for our community.
I only hope that with so MUCH TO SHARE about autism, the why, the how, the recovery, the "how it looks", we will be given more chances to show the world what Autism truely is from the people that live it and not the ones that research it.

Kellye Cornette   April 3rd, 2009 9:17 pm ET

What about polio. I had a brother that died at 2 years of age.It is a really sad story. He got sick very suddenly and could not hold up his head and my mom called the doctor. She told him what the symptoms were and they told her to bring in him immediately. He died the next day. This was in no way expected and extremely tragic! The polio vaccine was introduced six months later. My mom recently shared her story with a young doctor and his response was that he wished she could share her story with young mothers that are now scared of vaccines. They could keep their children from contracting these deadly diseases. If we stop vaccinating from these diseases they will return.

Kim Murphy   April 3rd, 2009 9:17 pm ET

Larry and CNN thanks for doing this show on autism. I agree completely with Jenny and Jim! Thanks to them for caring enought to get the message out in this country. Autism is an epidemic. The AMA and AAP need to wake. My son started biomed this year, thanks to Jenny. We are seeing mprovements!

Brenda   April 3rd, 2009 9:17 pm ET

God bless you Jenny and Jim for all your hard work for other children with this horrible disease. Thank God for Evan's recovery. Keep up the fight and the great work for disease and the knowledge so everyone can learn it. Thank you!!!!
Brenda from Kentucky

Michael   April 3rd, 2009 9:17 pm ET

There has been no proven link between autism and vaccines. Literature has been published on this topic and nothing has been shown. People with no medical training or medical knowledge need to stop acting like they know what they are talking up. People need to stop with conspiracy theory about doctors not being taught about vaccines or purposely not being taught specific things. The reason we see more autism is because we can diagnose it better. People are so ignorant!!!!

Chad   April 3rd, 2009 9:17 pm ET

Shame on your Larry King for giving this pseudoscience a free platform without any opposition from the scientific community! Then again, what else can we expect from you?

Melodee Harbison   April 3rd, 2009 9:17 pm ET

I am interested in your show regarding Autism. I am glad that there is awareness of this disorder in the media. While I respect the views of the actors, Jim and Jenny, there is another side to this that they are not addressing. I have two nephews with Autism and it has nothing to do with vacinations. There is a genetic reason to some causes of Autism. I happen to be a carrier of the "Fragile X" which is a defective chromosome. I would be happy to share more if you are interested. I just need to let folks know that Autism has many causes and not all are "cureable". Best regards, Melodee

Debby C.   April 3rd, 2009 9:17 pm ET

I am thrilled that Jenny and her work has brought more attention to the subject of autism. However, my son, who is now 17 years old, has been throught he diet, supplements, biomedical intervention and we did not see any improvement dispite our best efforts. Although I am so happy for those who have seen great results following Jenny's methods and the treatments that she advocates, I am still somewhat angry that none of those things helped my son who has also begun to suffer from severe seizures over the past year or so.

And we are lucky as we have been in a position to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on treatments – as money was never an issue. The issue was that nothing ever seemed to help – other than behavioral therapy, speech therapy and a strict educational setting.

Do the doctors and scientists that are promoting treatment methods such as the DAN protocol, etc. have any answers for those of us that have NOT seen any improvement while following their protocols? I am beginning to focus on issues such as life long supervised care, supported employment and other areas of concern that are inherant with being the parent of a severely autistic child.

When my son was younger (2 – 3 years old) I did everything out there, attended every seminar and thought that I would NEVER stop searching for an answer. But I have to admit that I almost have stopped searching for the "answer" as I feel there may not be any for my son. If you would have asked me if I would feel this way 15 years ago, I would have said "NO WAY!" So I am left to wonder if some of these parents of the "younger" children who are showing "some" improvement may one day run out of energy as well.

Again, God bless all of those children who are helped through Jenny's methods. And God help those such as my son who have not been so fortunate.

Brent   April 3rd, 2009 9:18 pm ET

This is the kind of medical overkill that needs investigated . This is one way to cut medical costs but it is hard to fight city hall.

Amber Dolman   April 3rd, 2009 9:18 pm ET






Erika P   April 3rd, 2009 9:18 pm ET

Autism existed before vaccines so what caused those cases...and if the 1989 and prior vaccine case was "ok", according to what J & J are saying then, why were there autistic people in 1989 and prior? It doesn't make sense.

Kay Vincent   April 3rd, 2009 9:18 pm ET

Why is it OK to inject our children with this "stuff" but the doctors themselves will not get the shots nor let their loved ones take the shots!
When will people wake up and realize that some of these diseases that have vaccines are not needed-i.e. polio was irradicated over 30 years ago, the children do not die of the measles, or chicken pox itself they die of a combination of diseases (the measles or chicken pox AND usually pnumonia etc.) The Gardisil vaccine only protects against a few strains of cancer not all of the strains that cause cancer-so is it worth the risk of being injured by the vaccine or the disease itself???

Sandra   April 3rd, 2009 9:18 pm ET

I am speaking as a scientist. There is absolutely no scientific evidence for vaccines causing autism. If someone wants to really "treat" autism, the only way is to change children's behaviors through applied behavior analysis intervention which is the ONLY methodology that has profound scientific foundation. The so called "cure" that Jenny is talking about only refers to the fact that her son is behaving like a normal child. Jenny should not convey misleading information that imply that vaccines cause autism when she doesn't have any scientific proof and should not say that diet and nutrition cured autism when there is no scientific proof. What does she say to all those children who are not cured or helped by diet and nutrition. If she is so sure, then why doesn't she stop the behavior analysis therapy session her son gets and just put her son on other treatments to see if he is still the same? The number of autistic children are rising and something in the environment probably codes in the children's genes. We probably don't know what gets coded in the genes yet. We do know that there is profound genetic link. Jenny herself should get educated. Majority of parents know that applied behavior analysis intervention is the only scientific treatment that significant improves children's functioning. If Jenny says anything else works, she is not well informed. She should be willing to stop the ABA therapy sessions she gets to show the world that she's right. Desperate parents will listen to anything. Please, I urge parents to get educated about principles of behavior analysis rather than listening to a celebrity that is miseducating parents and causing harm!!

Misha, florida   April 3rd, 2009 9:18 pm ET

at..least its clear that CNN isn't owned by the drug companies or one of those bilderberg puppets. Thank you larry for a true open journalism.

Keith   April 3rd, 2009 9:18 pm ET

Lawyers know standards better than the docs. As long as the docs are scared into following standards, and those standards are financially influenced, the status quo will never change.

I have first hand seen the incredible amount of money that drug companies use to exert influence. In a reasonable universe, their actions should be considered as criminal.

Trudy Wolsky   April 3rd, 2009 9:18 pm ET

Jenny and Jim,
I applaude you both. Thank God, your son is better. I made a decision in 1988 not to vaccinate my 3 mo. old son and 2 yrs. later my daughter. I had read enough from sources that made me realize I was putting my children in danger of total poisioning so I didn't go there. Thank God I didn't. I endured total harrassment from pediatritions but I held fast and battled the school system but I prevailed. My kids are healthy and I am such a true believer that vaccines are definitely dangerous and why are so many kids diagnosed with cancer at such tender ages??????
Trudy, Menifee, Calif.

Vera Eads   April 3rd, 2009 9:19 pm ET

Jenny Thank you! It's because of you that we are on the road to healing our son of autism! He has been non-verbal since 15 months after his mmr. He was talking before that! He is now starting to talk after only 3 months on the biomedical treatment. We are going against his pediatrician's wishes and seeing a DAN Doctor! Because she said it wouldn't work but we are now proving her wrong. He was not potty trained, he is now. He was not interacting with us he is now! He not talking he is starting to talk now! He didn't hug me or kiss me and he does now without even being asked. He was a normal dear child before the mmr then disappeared from my world and now he's back! Thank you JENNY!

Pete   April 3rd, 2009 9:19 pm ET

Congratulations to Jenny on "curing" her son of A couple of questions ... in her book, there is not one reference to empirical studies on the treatment of autism, why is that? She mentions that she spent thousands of dollars on SLP services and intensive behavioural treatments for her son. Why then does she never mention these scientifically validated treatments and yet she continually talks about vaccinations (not scientifically proven) and the gluten and casein free diet, which again has no empirical research backing this treatment. The use of the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis is the only scientifically validated method of successfuly treating children with Autism. Jenny McCarthy would do a better service to parents of children with autism if she would talk about these treatments.

jan carter   April 3rd, 2009 9:19 pm ET

In all due respect to others, my grandson had autism at delivery. My education as a master's prepared RN with extensive assessment skills noticed at birth that this beautiful child had a problem. As it turned out, it was so. I am a staunch believer that vaccinations have absolutely nothing to do with autism. I believe that I could tell if a child would potentially develop problems of this nature with my experience as a mother, grandmother and as a clinical nurse specialist.

Ronna Hochbein OTR/L   April 3rd, 2009 9:19 pm ET

Hi. My son was normal, vaccine injured, and recovered to Aspergers Syndrome through biomedical treatments. I have been practicing in therapy 17 years. Environmentally enduced autism IS treatable.

Linda Farrar   April 3rd, 2009 9:19 pm ET

This whole thing is a catch-22 for parents like myself who is disabled, and living on a fixed income. The have nots just can't afford all the treatments that this involves. THere are agencies here to help my son deal with feeding issues to help him with adding foods to his diet, but the gluten free foods are ridiculously expensive. People are making businesses out of catering to Autistic children with wealthy parents but where do we go? I am inspired by Mr. Carrey and Ms. McCarthy's passion but as a poor, single mom where do I turn for help? It breaks my heart to think because my son is a have not he won't have a full life.

Paul   April 3rd, 2009 9:19 pm ET

Larry – Why do you have "celebrities" on to talk about a medical problem. I just heard your guests say that drug companies run, or fund, or some such thing, medical schools – this is just not true and in fact, many if not most, medical schools are not allowing drug reps on the premises. Get some scientists on. Do you know autism is linked to older men fathering children – how old was Jim when he had his child. Obama is president not Bush – lets move toward real science. I just heard Jim say it is "very hard to die from diarrhea" – do you know what the number one killer of children worldwide – diarrhea is very high in the list. GET THE FACTS INSTEAD OF HYPE – I feel very bad for you guests but they are NOT knowledgeable.

Dr. Ken Cayer   April 3rd, 2009 9:19 pm ET

Do parents know that the CNS (brain) development isn't fully finished until a person reaches early 20's? You know what part of the cortex of the brain is still developing while we're bombarding a child's body with all these vaccines? Answer: speech and communication. Do parents know that a child's immune system isn't fully developed (and easily compromised) until 2 years of age? THE PROBLEM IS NOT ONLY MERCURY IN THE VACCINE, IT'S THE FACT THAT THERE IS A SERIOUS INFLAMMATORY CRISIS OF THE CNS DUE TO A BARRAGE OF VACCINATIONS WHEN AN INFANT IS NOT PREPARED FOR SUCH AN ONSLAUGHT. Hence the resultant "spectrum disorder" we know as autism is characteristic of anti-social and uncommunicative behavior that is sudden and severe.

Jo O'Keefe   April 3rd, 2009 9:19 pm ET

In the 1970s, the with rise in spina bifida, prenatal vitamins with folic acid came into vogue. Deficiency in folic acid was linked to myelomenigocele (spina bifida). Since then, autism has sky-rocketed. About 15 years ago when the incidence became about one in 2,500 births, it was deemed an epidemic. Now it is one in 150 births.

Some research shows that folic acid in prenatal vitamins is the cause.

Unfortunately, I know nothing more.

Shannon   April 3rd, 2009 9:19 pm ET

So if you don't agree with JM & JC you are in the medical profession only for the money, you are corrupt, you are evil. Only people who think like they do want to help children. How sad that they talk like that. There are many wonderful, careing, respectful doctors who aren't in the pocket of the drug companies, who just have a different view point. Good for them, that their son is healthy, everyone should have the right to seek what medical help they choose, but please don't insult others who don't agree with you.

Vicky   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

I hope someone can perhaps respond to me. My son has Asperger's syndrome, which is a higher functioning form of Autism. He is very verbal, he talks just like you and me. He has alot of social delays, he doesn't interact like other children. I think it is wonderful to hear the stories like Evan's and others who have been "recovered" from Autism...however can this type of treatment help children who are higher functioning??? Please I want to help my 8 yr old son all I can they keep wanting to throw more meds on him and I dont want to keep throwing drug like Zoloft, Depakote, and Stimulant meds in him if there is another way

Pat Neel   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

My grandson was born with an easy delivery and was doing great. A few hours later, he was given his first round of vaccinations. Within minutes, he was being airlifted to a nearby NICU unit and was there for 6 weeks. He had cardiac arrest. He is doing fine now, but I am convinced it was the vaccinations that caused this trauma.

Jim   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

I agree with Jenny. I did not vaccine my kids and they are absolutely happy.

Cang Michael   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

Jenny McCarthy is my hero for today. We need to give her the Nobel Humanitarian prize for being gutsy and her work in helping people find their way to beat Autism. And Jim Carrey should be boyfriend of the year.

Prabha   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

– More and more vaccines are needed to combat the increase in diseases across the world
– There is no clear statistical validation linking autism to vaccines. Children are often diagnosed at the same age as when when they are given MMR vaccines
– Other so called 1st world countries may rrequire less vaccines when compared to the US – We may need to track immigration and and travel patterns from the rest of the world to the US

Ramesh   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

Just letting you my friend solves autism by using an over the counter supplement and reverses autism through a similar detoxification process. Larry you should not question Jenny and Jim on this what they say is the truth. We need to throw out the conventional wisdom. Money has seeped into our medical system everywhere and we are not getting the care we need.


RockyRacoon   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

Larry , the corpratization and co-optation of higher education has resulted in great unethical practices among research scientists who are told NOT to publish negative findings from their clinical trials and many of the head researchers never even wrote the articles submitted for publication in the New England Journal of Medicine. In fact this caused the NEJM to change it's policies ensuring that researchers published corporate ties to the product they reviewed. Also, the greatest clinical trial is when the drug is approved for the general public, doctors are suppossed to report adverse events but seldom do. The result, many harmful products remain on the market far longer than they should. Rigorous reporting would save many lives.

Jenny Petroski   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

My son is 4 yrs old and was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when I was preganat with my second son I was determined not to retrace my same steps. I was astonished to learn about the connection of Autism and Auto Immune diseases. I have an auto immune disease and so do many members of my family upon further research I learned that vaccines and the heredity of auto immune diseases could be a link in Autism our s econd son is being vaccinated on a slower schedule and we have opted out of vaccines not necessary such as hepatitus B. I just wish I would have known this info before my first son was born.

jackie favorito   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

I'm very happy that your son has been "cured" of Autism. I have to say though, I find it somewhat disturbing though, that you say every child can recover from Autism. My son is 10 yrs old, with Autism. He is non-verbal, and has sensory issues. We do the gf/cf and soy free diet. We have done this since he was three. He also does the biomeds. He has done ABA since he was 3. He has come so far, but in no way has he recovered from Autism. He's smart as can be. but it something he will probably have to deal with the rest of his life. There are so may different levels of Autism. Some more severe that others. Every child reacts differently to tx. Keep up the good job your doing. He's lucky to have parents like you

Dodie from Irvine CA   April 3rd, 2009 9:20 pm ET

environmental toxins such as mercury, which are more prevalent in our current environment is one of the suspected causes of autism and with families living around the same environmental toxins, then it could look genetic.

Elizabeth Perkins   April 3rd, 2009 9:21 pm ET

YES! YES! Jim and Jenny are right on! I, too, have witnessed the recovery from 161/2 yr old grandson is living proof. He also had the GFCF diet, therapy (both speech and physical) and is working hard at his recovery. His personality change is night and day from the time he was diagnosed at 3 yrs. old. My youngest grandson is 23 mos. and we have to struggle to get the doctors to go slow with all the recommended vaccines! I have often suggested that Nick be invited to speak before groups because he has done that at my college and there is little interest! PS..Larry..I had the measles in Brooklyn when the doctor came to the house...thought you'd love that aside (Dr. Arthur Trewhellla). Thanks! Keep on keeping on. It's not as lonely as it used to be back in 1995! Sincerely Liz Perkins, Melbourne, Fl

Francis   April 3rd, 2009 9:21 pm ET

I am saddened that so many parents listen to and believe uninformed people like Jenny McCarthy. It's very easy to blame one thing for the unfortunate disease that's called Autism, but blaming the wrong thing is not only catastrophic in that it delays finding the true cause of the disease, but it also misdirects parents away from benign things like vaccination.
The problem with blaming vaccines is that there is no cause and effect relationship. I can name hundred of things that can potentially be the cause of Autism, and I can show statistically how the rise of these can be directly correlated with the rise of Autism. Cell phones, house Pets, the birth control pill, global warming, LCD computer monitors, Cordless Phones, Microwaves, Bottle water, etc...etc..
If you compare the numbers, you will find that these are all increased and correlates with increase in Autism, but it DOES NOT mean they are the cause of autism. People who do research understand this IMPORTANT relationship. People like Jenny McCarthy can never understand this. They are believers and believers don't need evidence to believe.

Nadia   April 3rd, 2009 9:21 pm ET

Alex was born healthy and got 9 on the agar scale. He developed well until about 18 months…..

At the age of 5, he was diagnosed with Autism – ASD by CHOPS. On the day the head the Pediatric Psychiatry Department delivered the diagnostic she told me she was sorry for me, there was no treatment for my child, and there would be no improvement to his condition. At the time Alex did not speak at all, did not know who I was, was not aware of his environment and spent his days stiming. The worst is we spent the next year going from one doctor to the other and everyone gave us about the same feed back. It was through our own research and some luck that we went to the NAA conference in Atlanta almost 3 years ago, found Dr Neubrander and began to treat Alex many years late….

We put him through 30+ hours of ABA, got him on a supplement regimen, daily MB12 shots, GFCF diet, treated his injured colon, then began HBOT therapy, added chelation this past fall and Neurofeedback.

Alex is now a thriving 9 year old, who speaks and jokes. He is a bit awkward and has odd behaviors at time but he is in 3rd grade with no more shadowing services. He is in alternate class for math and writing (he is behind by a good year or two). But he is in mainstream classes in music, science, physical ed and reading. He gets As everywhere because he is determined to get back on track, but it hard for him (his words). He is also inserted in sports: he swims, plays a good game of soccer, and is working on his orange belt in Karate.

Why did my son have to wait years in pain? Where did the bacteria that boroughs in his intestine come from? Why didn't my doctor know about treatments that have helped other children? Why did my doctor refuse to explore my son's condition? Why do we let the medical profession tells us lies? How come they are allowed to neglect children they vowed to treat when sick?

Melissa B.   April 3rd, 2009 9:21 pm ET

I can honestly say I WANTED to like Jenny McCarthy. I read her books and surprised myself with the amount of times I laughed and I found myself rooting for her. I completely understand the connection between body and brain and the validity of biomedical treatments. I choose not to vaccinate my son because I agree that some are unnecessary and have potentially harmful side effects. I am, however, appalled at her insistence that it is, is in some way "preventable". The very notion is ludicrous. Autism is a neurobiological disorder completely out of a parent's hands. There are "triggers", I am sure, that cause autism to appear but to suggest that autism can happen because a parent did something that was somehow "wrong" is not only cruel and heartless. It is wrong. There is no such thing as "recovering" from autism. I am glad that Evan can function in a typical setting without any supports. I applaud Jenny's efforts as a mother because she is why Evan is where he is. But I am sure if a seasoned professional could look at Evan his autism would be apparent. There are MANY high functioning autistics out there who are valuable members of society. Autism is not a death sentence. And the whole search for a cure, to me, seems fruitless as there is a spectrum and it affects no one child the same. There should be an emphasis on the "treatment" of autism and not the "recovery".

Ashley Bennington   April 3rd, 2009 9:21 pm ET

My son was diagnosed with PDD at age 2 he is 21/2 which is on the Autism Spectrum he has always had feeding problems due to eosinphliac eosphigitis at 1yr due to allergy to milk and soy he at this time was failure to thrieve aswell so a feeding tube was placed abd kept coming out so was never put back in and put on a strict pedisure diet with flovent and prevacid to help with the eosins progressed just fine for a year still had feeding issuies has always been in feeding therapy talk 2 word sentences so on when he turned 2 they decided to take his tonsils out for feeding went into surgery just fine and came out with no communication skills at all so for about 3months his ped thought it was just due to surgery but than realized it was much more and has been put on the spectrum no communication at all no words screams alot just started the bio medical treatments and is in speech and ot also theraputic listening so i truly believe it is due to toxins in his body from the milk and soy that is in the formula he is not on the gfcf due to the DAN DR saying he will starve himself i thank you so much for all your research and time you have put into this it means so much to me and others out there who do not know where to turn any help u can give for my son will be greatly appreciated

Mat L   April 3rd, 2009 9:21 pm ET

Does anyone know what is in a flu vaccine? Mercury! does anyone know what Mercury can and does to when it enters the human blood stream? It causes autism! why would we want to put mercury into our body when if some mercury spills in a community, there is a evacuation, but when its in a shot it's ok? The government is not watching out for us, they are looking to make money, not protect us!

Michael - Denham Springs Louisiana   April 3rd, 2009 9:21 pm ET

My 8yr old Nephew Peyton has Autism. Before he came into my life, I did not eeven have any idea of what Autism was. I must say hes has opened my eyes to alot of things and he is My Heart. He development has come along way for the good in the past few years and im excited he is making improvements.

sandra- RN   April 3rd, 2009 9:21 pm ET

NO pediatrician wants to hear that any child could have ANY reaction to immunizations, let alone autism. my son had a violent anaphalactic reaction to immunization and they said it was coincidental . For a year my son had to indure the reaction to immunizations until I had him tested for allergies to the ingredients of immunzation. My pediatrician did not approve! I am a RN and insisted and I was correct- but now I had proof that my son had an allergy. YES physicians and hospitals are motivated by drug companies. WHY can children be immunized and oncology patients that have no immunity can? makes no sense

William D'Emic   April 3rd, 2009 9:22 pm ET

What they should be talking about is funding for more schools for children on the spectrum. My family is lucky. We were able to get our son into a wonderful school but so many are left out in the cold with no help.

Tozia May   April 3rd, 2009 9:22 pm ET

My son was teetering with autism following his last Dtap shot. He had a seizure within a few days of the shot followed by weeks of intermittent prolonged staring and non-responsiveness. Thankfully he recovered and is fine now - but I often think about the unfortunate others who were not so lucky. The Federal Gov't would have you think those of us who favor a more prolonged vaccination schedule are radicals - how can we expect the tiny undeveloped neurological system of a 1-2 year old to tolerate the many shots at once? The vaccination schedule should be revised!

Navellar Esquivel   April 3rd, 2009 9:22 pm ET

I want everyone to know that vaccination are not the only thing that has be change in the last couple of years. What about the formulas why they trying get more like the breast milk? Why are they just blame on thing? None of my children have autism. They are all healthy. and they all have had the vaccination they everyone else gets.

jim wages   April 3rd, 2009 9:22 pm ET

along with bio-medical we have entered into the world of hemishperic itergration therapy. with amazing success we are finally at the beginning the end of our journey. thank you jenny and thank you dr. peter scire @ brain balance centers of georgia.

Rhonda Hoffman   April 3rd, 2009 9:22 pm ET

My son was almost 5 when he was diagnosed. He couldn't speak at that time and he now has his verbal skills. We have behavioral issues and he really struggles to even try to write and read. He will be 10 in June. When my son was vaccinated he would have febrile seizures afterwards each time and his medical doctor said there was nothing to worry about. We watched him slipping away and the early intervention program that he was in told us he was delayed but never mentioned Autism until I finally approached them. My son lost alot over this. Do you have ideas of what we can do to help him more? We live in South Dakota and beleive me they are behind the times about Autism.

Dodie from Irvine CA   April 3rd, 2009 9:22 pm ET

Brain scans show differences in the shape and structure of the brain in children with autism versus children with no autism.

Lori C   April 3rd, 2009 9:22 pm ET

For those who think Autism is purely genetic....WRONG....There is no such thing as a GENETIC EPIDEMIC...ask ANY doctor.

Boys are more susceptible because of the testosterone...estrogen is more for Dr. Mark Geier he and his son have done extensive research on this and published the info.

The GFCF diet doesn't have to be expensive, you can get most of what you need at the regular comes down to feeding our kids with some common sense...limit sugar, fresh fruits and veggies, chicken, beef, lots of water, limit juices, calcium doesn't have to come from milk and cheese and there are plenty of other grains besides wheat and barely and others that have gluten. I feed my son mostly foods that come from the regular grocery store..the only thing he needs GFCF is bread and pasta, we don't eat much of it anyway.

Every state has exemptions...look it up. You DON"T have to have them to get into school, many states have both a medical and religious exemption and some have a philosophical exemption as well.

susan toronto   April 3rd, 2009 9:22 pm ET

Jenny I am happy for you , that your son is well, however to say that autisim can be cured is false. It is always there., it does not go away. My son is 28 years old now and he has made great improvements in his social skills but it is still there. In my opinion it is genetic in nature. susan

Seth D   April 3rd, 2009 9:23 pm ET

Where is Evan?
I am the parent of an autistic child, and I believe that it is irresponsible for any parent to say that it is any ONE thing that has cured a child of autism. I'm sure that Jenny McCarthy has done more for her son than just biomedical interventions.

If Evan is completely cured then lets see the Evan interviews.

Sarah K   April 3rd, 2009 9:23 pm ET

My son was not born autistic. He was given 10 vaccinations in one day. Two weeks later he started to regress.

Sydelle   April 3rd, 2009 9:23 pm ET

Both Jenny M cCarthy and Toni Braxton have spoken openly that they have silicone breast implants.

Manufacturers of breast implants have paid out billions of dollars to women who have developed autoimmune diseases .

Studies have proven that toxins from the breast implants leak from the breast throughout the body and travel through the placenta into the unborn fetus.

Shouldn't Jenny and Toni consider that their breast implants might have caused their children's autism?

The increase in the rate of autism has gone up with the increase in cosmetic surgery. Shouldn't studies be done to see if there is a connection between the increase in cosmetic surgery and the increase in autism?

lori   April 3rd, 2009 9:23 pm ET

Have your autistic patients been tested for Lyme Disease??

Kathy England   April 3rd, 2009 9:23 pm ET

My son was also cured by this diet. This is a real cure. I wish more people would take it seriously.

Deborah Woodruff   April 3rd, 2009 9:23 pm ET

I am a retired RN who received one rubella vaccine dose in 1996 at Boulder Community Hospital. Within one or two days after that injection, I came down with, what I believe, were autistic-type syndrome as well as other odd symptoms: arms & legs asleep, weakness in musculature, hand flapping, obsessive saying of number 5 in my head over & over again, intestinal disturbances, and worst of all, my recall & memory were terrible. I could barely string 3 words together in a coherent sentence & when I tried to drive my car I had to remind myself over & over again that 'red light' meant stop and green light meant go....
It took me a few months before I finally found a rheumatologist who said " they were supposed to clean up those vaccines"... I had not vaccinated any of my 6 children & I am so relieved that I didn't because of what happened to me. Eventually, after thinking what I might need was a very low dose of Wellbutrin (typically an anti-depressant), but I felt I needed a boost in serotonin (a neuro-transmitter) , I found a very interested female psychiatrist who prescribed Wellbutrin 150mg which I took for 7 years. I stopped after I felt back to normal & I've been fine, tho not as smart as I used to be (graudated with double degrees in Nursing and Psychology, summa cum laude).. I also believe that the increase in Alzheimer's in the elderly may be connected with their getting Flu Vaccines (which still have thimerosol in them). The medical & pharmaceutical companies are involved in a MASSIVE COVER-UP!!

Mary Leonard   April 3rd, 2009 9:23 pm ET

I have a grandson with autism; he is high functioning, but he still has autism. I think Ms. McCarthy is misleading when she says her son is cured of autism. I think that you can get better, have better days than others, but I don't think there is a cure as of now. If there were a cure, there wouldn't be so many people with autism.

Susan   April 3rd, 2009 9:24 pm ET

I am signed up as a rescue angel on Jenny's sight. Aside from some behavioral temperment issues, that we WILL overcome, my son is very close to full recovery due to biomedical treatment and GFCF and now ABA therapy.
It has come with a price, however. My home foreclosed a few weeks ago, due to the inability to pay for treatment and mortgage. Oh well! I will always be my sons advocate. I can get a new house, but not a new son.
Go Jenny!

katie kelley   April 3rd, 2009 9:24 pm ET

to Dodie of Irvine,
Why do/did my sons have absolutey normal brain scans??? It's both genetic AND ENVIRONMENTAL. My twins are identical, both diagnosed with autism, but only one has it now. Not all kids respond the same to treatment, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated., that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. I doubt I'll die trying because my boys will both be recovered, one already is.

Kathy England   April 3rd, 2009 9:24 pm ET

Jenny is a true hero, putting herself out there like that.

Gina   April 3rd, 2009 9:24 pm ET

BIG difference between "cured" & "recovered"
I don' t think Jenny has ever said "cured"
It is possible for a child can get to a point where he can manage his symptoms where no on emay even know he is me that is recovered!!!

Camille   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

I don't know how to prevent autism, but I've seen a video that shows how these children can be treated with behavior therapy before the age of four. These children can lead normal lives.
I think it's criminal not to do something about it, it's like leaving this children in a physical prison.,

I know an autistic child and he gets made fun of. But it's not by the children. It's by the school's special needs coordinator and his aid.
They say things to him like, "What did you do this weekend? That's right you can't tell us what you did this weekend." "Where are you going to college? That's right you're not going to college." This broke my heart that anyone would say such a thing to a child.

This is from people that think there is no value to these childrens lives.

Dona   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

I have been watching learning and researching autism, for years and have a beautiful angelic gransdson aged 3 3/4 who has OMS which is more rare than autism. His parents are not interested in alternative or biomedical tretments which is their choice of course, but I see these kids as messengers to have us reform the toxic and antiquatied treatments and prevention of childhood as disease for profit. We must protect and fight for the truth to honor these and all children.

Mat L   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

I do not think we will be seeing Jenny or Jim on the TV much after this, I don't think the NWO will be happy about this information entering the mainstream. If people want more damning information about vaccines, go to

Tammy Krassick N.H.C., R.P.   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

I own a Health and Wellness business, I have recovered my son from autism. Fortunately my son was not as severe as some of the children's parents I help. BUT recovery is possible, vaccinations play a role, there is no more denying.....why put toxins in our bodies????? Other countries do not allow some of the toxins we do.....there are reasons, ya think?
I recovered my son many years ago before I even heard of all son has been on GFCF diet for 7 years....and a supplement program I created without help....NOW that I am a rescue angel and helping others with their children I can tell you from what I see...autism is reversible....but it takes time and patience its not a quick fix like society would hope....

EI   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

As a 3rd year medical student my heart is breaking at the ignorance that is being perpetuated by this segment of Larry King. I nearly broke my tv when I heard Ms McCarthy say that "MEDICAL SCHOOLS ARE FUNDED BY DRUG COMPANIES". That is a straight lie!

The medical profession is certainly not perfect, and we are learning new things everyday, but since you haven't been to medical school you can't speak on what is taught there or how they are funded.

We go into this profession because we generally want to help people live healthier more fulfilling lives. If I we chasing money we would be on Wallstreet.

The facts are the facts. There simply is NO EVIDENCE that vacines cause Autism!

Dana (mom of 2)   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

Thank you Jenny & Jim for drawing attention to this topic. Wake up, parents! It's time to do the research and trust your instincts. We don't need so many vaccines for our kids. Skip some. Spread them out. Find a pediatrician who will work with you on coming up with a plan. No one is saying don't vaccinate. We are just asking people to consider the consequences of doing so many vaccines, so close together, so early in life.

Lesa   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

I agree with Jenny And Jim and I do feel that the vaccines plays a very big part of Autism. Because myself have 2 other boys ages 17 and 13. And as of this day they have not taken any of the new vaccines that has come out. But my 5 year old has Austim and we found out just like them at the age 2. And Yes, My son was in perfect health at birth and he did started to talk right before his first birthday then he had his 2 year old check up whereas she offer all the new vaccines, and I agree to let them give it to him and later that day he got an fever but it was said to be normal because of all the different vaccines. So I did not think nothing of it but a couple days later he started making these funny sound and rocking back and forward . I still did not play it any attention until I when to the Health Dept. to see my other two kids Doctor and a Doctor that was visiting for research stop me and ask me do my child has Autism and I did not know what she was talking about nad hell I did not even know how to spell the word. But she told me about a web site to go to and she said read the information on the site and it you feel your child fit the signs then you should contact his Doctor and as of today my sound is 5years old and very little information given here in Alabama about this and here we do not have that much help with it . All I get from the Doctor is that it is not treatable and one day (not for sure) he might grow out of it.

Toni   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

My son recoverd almost 7 years ago. I did everything that Jenny and Jim are talking about. I actually met Dr. Kartinzel and we knew that day on my son's last batch of vaccines was wrong. He stopped speaking within two weeks. My doctors said that he would be in an instutition by the time he was 14 and would never speak again. Because I wouldn't take no for an answer and was told that there was no treatment for my son, but that they would give me valum or therapy. He wasn't even 2. I became very active in our local community as I had a very clear idea of what had happened to my child. We ended up on the front page of our local paper with several pages focusing on the vaccine controversy. I was blackballed by our local medical community as "that woman". I am NOT anti-vaccine, but I don't think I should have to trade whopping cough for Autism. My son is now 9 in a typical class and indistinguisable from his peers, we went bankrupt and got divorced in the process. I can't believe that it was 1-600 when he was diagnosed and today it's 1-90 boys? All of us parents can't be wrong.

Ian   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

Jenny say's her son is "cured". Sorry, but this is not possible with autism. Yes, they can improve and even function appropriately, but not cured. Dan Marino would back this up with his son, treated to a point where they are "normal" but won't use the word cured. Jenny throws this word around irrisponsibly. My son, 7, can communicate, is in regular grade 1 with A's, but he is not cured and still has many issues with conceptual ideas.

Linda F   April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

I wanted to comment because my daughter at 8months old had to have invasive surgery due to the roto-virus vaccine. A week later the vaccine was taken off the market and not a doctor in sight would vouch for me even though they knew the vaccine was the reason. Now at 10 years old she still has intestinal problems. I blame this vaccine.

I believe that the cause of many of our kids illnesses is due to these new vaccines that come out and then you are made as a parent to believe that if you do not give your kid these unnecessary vaccines then you are a bad parent.

I can only hope these rich actors and actresses can get their voices heard as I don't have enough money or influence to get it done! Good Luck!!!

Nadia   April 3rd, 2009 9:26 pm ET

Jenny and Jim: You are heroes!!

You give us an example to look up too, you give us hope and you are helping Moms and families through generation rescue. I am on of your angels in NJ and I feelgood about helping other Moms the was a Mom tapped my shoulder 7 years ago and told me that there is a way to get better- she gave me hope. And now here we are we are doing it.

Kelly   April 3rd, 2009 9:26 pm ET

This is HUGE!!! So glad some attention is being brought to the autistic community. I am a special education teacher in Washington DC and I see progress with my students who have autism everyday. But for some reason many people see this disorder as "too difficult" to a) deal with, b) seek useful treatments for c) truly care about! Why?! These children are AMAZING. Fun, intelligent, sweet...just like any other child. I'm thrilled to be watching passionate people on your show demanding some attention be brought to this disorder. We need help.

Ben   April 3rd, 2009 9:26 pm ET

I am 32 and have Aspergers syndrome; it took me 25 years to learn to connect in some form with the world. Although interactions with others are difficult I do find it offensive to be categorized as somehow disabled :_(
Many of us can see and comprehend more than you can ever imagine. We are not wired like you, and honestly I would not trade my ability to analyze complex problems for anything! Losing my perspective would BE disabling for me.

Jim   April 3rd, 2009 9:26 pm ET

The vaccines are the issue. Our kids have not gotten sick and I know it is due to not vaccinating. It is all about making money, not preventing diseases. We are vaccinating for diseases that haven't been around in fifty years.

Brian   April 3rd, 2009 9:26 pm ET

My wife and I fully support what Ms. McCarthy and Mr. Carrey are promoting and stating. Although our family has not been touched by autism, we do understand the struggles in dealing with the medical community as we have a daughter that is dealing with chronic Lyme Disease and we are dealing with very similar battles.

It is very important for parents to educate themselves and not be afraid to look to alternative treatments, second opinions and seeking out other doctors who are open minded to new innovations in treatment and able to think outside the standard box.

It is truly troubling when pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies are able to apply pressure to doctors by threatening them with investigations into their practices for not following "standardized" protocols. ( this is happening to our doctor ).

We as parents must stay strong and be positive even in the most difficult of times. Most important, we can not give up hope, for with hope brings endless possibilities...

Our thoughts and prayers to all,

"No one is ever defeated
until defeat has been accepted as reality" -Bruce Lee

myrtle   April 3rd, 2009 9:26 pm ET

I am a mother of a nine year old little girl. Keisha was diagnosed with her autism at the age of 26 months. I can relate to Jenny"s son's story because it is like living my daughter story all over again with the seizures, fevers, and finally the autism. I also believe that the MMR shot strongly affected my child. Keisha was a healthy little girl until she had the MMR shot, she then became distant, non verbal, and it was just like she just wanted to be her in own little world. We are in the process of trying to get her in an autistic school that has just been opened up but we have a problem with the funding. We can't afford the tuition and it really seems like a wonderful start for autistic children in our small city. It would really be wonderful if they were funded enough to help my child, but i'm just thankful they are reaching out to help our children


A blessed mother, myrtle

Shelley Thorpe   April 3rd, 2009 9:27 pm ET

Jenny I have 2 children on the spectrum. one was vaccinated one not

you are on Larry King tonight talking about vaccines. Someone on the panel tell me if this is the cause how do you explain my second child having autism when she has not received one vaccine.

2nd how on earth are low income families suppose to do follow through with supplements and the gf/cf diet they are very expensive.

how is autism preventable?????

Sue   April 3rd, 2009 9:27 pm ET

Thank you Thank you for finally giving a voice to the side of vaccination that so many of us have experienced first hand. I have two children injured by vaccine and why my children's reactions stopped short of autism I don't know. We need "informed consent" to be what it should be; a clear and open forum for us to engage in and decide what is appropriate for our children and what is not. I NEVER gave birth to my innately perfect babies and signed up to sacrifice them for herd immunity, for the pharmaceutical bottom line, for ANYTHING. Historically, vaccines were introduced as the diseases in question were on their way out anyway due to water treatment, building of roads which allowed for proper medical treatment availability, and medicines. Since 1979, the only cases of Polio in this country were caused by the vaccine itself. When are we going to support the human body with nutrition, clean water, proper rest – and GET OUT OF THE WAY. Allow this self healing, self regulating organism to be what it was designed to be.

Ruth   April 3rd, 2009 9:27 pm ET

Has anyone ever researched the effects of ingesting genetical engineered/altered food on a fetus by the mother AND/OR the father, especially since our food was designed to interlap, interdepend, interact with our genes – much like fitting the pieces of a puzzle. If you leave out one part, it leaves a hole, a less than complete picture. It would seem that those bits of genes left out or altered or spliced could contain the imprint of the gene needed to avoid cellular aberrations. Just curious – this started around the time these foods came on the market – as we know. Could have been long before since it is hard to determine the truth of our food chain sometimes.

Michele   April 3rd, 2009 9:27 pm ET

Thank you Jenny and Jim for standing up to the pharmaceutical industry!! The history of vaccines tells us that from their inception, children have been injured and have died due to the toxins and "biological" ingredients. It is a billion upon billions of dollars industry.

Susan   April 3rd, 2009 9:27 pm ET

The USCIS on CDC recommendations began requiring all girls between the ages of 11 and 26 to have the HPV vaccine in order to obtain their green card, starting last year. This has not been studied long enough to fully know the long term side effects. I think they are using this population for research. Not only that, but there was a report last week that they want to give this vaccine to boys, even though it is for cervical cancer. They are also lobbying to make this a mandatory vaccine for children to enter the public school system. I think it's immoral.

DM   April 3rd, 2009 9:27 pm ET

My son has gone from being under the table or inside his shirt each day to becoming an honor roll student, national merit placement on the SAT, science research fellow, and varsity debate team champion. I'm proud of him, however I don't believe that vaccines have anything to do with his condition. He was born while we lived overseas for our jobs and only returned to the USA in elementary school. He never recieved all the early vaccines that people say are causing the condition, so the vaccine thing is just bunk for us.

I do however think that the right kind of skills development and daily intervention which he only recieved after we moved to a better school district, made all the difference. The key is having the right support program that will make each day better until each kid develops to thier full potential. In our case it may be a MIT physicist that's full potential, but that would not have happened without good schools.

I've always allowed him to eat whatever he wants and never found food to be involved. Healthy food yes, but mostly good neurological intervention and behavior skills training was the key for us.

Anita Fabert   April 3rd, 2009 9:27 pm ET

Our children are overvaccinated. If these vaccines are so important to our society as a whole, why aren't we (the adults) required to receive them as well? As an aunt to my niece affected by autism and as a practicing pharmacist for the past 20 years, I am apalled at our medical community not addressing autism as the preventable disease that it is. Unfortunately, parents are brushed aside by most pediatricians and eyes are rolled when a sensible vaccine schedule is requested or any biomedical info (i.e. gfcf diet, etc.) requested as well. Do not forget the fact that pediatricians are encouraged by the insurance payors to have these children vaccinated by the age of 2 . The longer I am a pharmacist, the more of a business I realize pharmaceuticals really are. There is plenty of literature and reputable research out there to support a safer vaccine schedule. For anybody trained in medicine and/or pharmacology , the research out there makes common logical medical sense. So often I hear physicians say medicine is an art, but unfortunately, in the cause of autism they hide behind "science" (usually funded by big pharma). If medicine is truly an art, then lets treat these children as the masterpieces they truly are. Thank God for the physicians who are brave enough to do this and help these overwhelmed families. And thank God for Jenny McCarthy to bring this to the public's eye.

Angela   April 3rd, 2009 9:27 pm ET

I have a 5 year old son on the spectrum. He has Aspergers syndrome. I know my son was born that way. I knew that there
was something wrong with him,but was not believed, so I took him
myself to get tested. I don't know why some are more severe than others. I seen him as a clone of me as a child, I am a 34 year old
women with Autism and I just can't believe its from vaccines alone.

Cindy   April 3rd, 2009 9:28 pm ET

My daughter Sara was diagnosed with autism at age 12 after being misdiagnosed. I have searched in vain for help for her. I always suspected that my child's autism was caused by all the vaccines because I remember vividly that there was a whole slew of new vaccines that I had to approve for my child. I'm SO angry that the medical community has done NOTHING to help prevent or cure this problem that plagues so many kids in this country. THANK YOU to Jim and Jenny and the brave doctors who appeared on your show! You are angels and I know that as parents that have children who suffer from this, they have no motivation other than to help families cope and cure their children!

Tyra   April 3rd, 2009 9:28 pm ET

How can working class American's get the type of help that Jenny was able to afford for her beautiful son. I wish I was able to afford them for my son. He is 3 and half and is always so sick because of a vaccine injury at 17 months old. He lost all his words at that time and and he is sick more then healthy.

Mike   April 3rd, 2009 9:28 pm ET

I think that what jenny is saying is irresponsible and ethically I don't know how physicians can sit and listen to her on national television tell parents who for the most part have NO medical training or education, and tell them that they should determine which vaccines their children take. They mentioned that the prevalence of Measles are on the rise, this is only the beginning with this new trend of Parental Doctors. I agree her child's symptoms may have ceased and are currently manageable, but as a spectrum disorder this is an over simplification.

Milly   April 3rd, 2009 9:28 pm ET

Larry please HELP!
MY son 3 years old has been diagnosed with autism in the past 8 months. He doesnt have all the signs but the most prominent ones are his social skills, lack of eye contact, shaking of his hands, just like Carly. Please help me deal with this condition. He has improved a lot with 5 1/2 hours of therapy a week and now he is in a special Ed class with only 5 children and one teacher and one aid. My is amazing he is my world, sometimes i feel like i did something wrong. My daughter is 2 only eleven moths younger than my son and right now she is missing a whole bunch of shots due to my son's condition.
This news about my son has force me to take anti anxiety meds, i am seen therapist and i don't know what to do to help him or help me get thru this, i would lie to help others as well.
please HELP! i feel like my world is falling in to pieces.

Sara   April 3rd, 2009 9:28 pm ET

I just wanted to say thanks to Jenny for all the work that she has been doing, getting the word out. There's a lot to learn about autism, but because of people like her speaking up, we will get there.

I also think this could have been a two hour special. I would have loved to see Jenny talk to doctors that believe differently.

Teri   April 3rd, 2009 9:29 pm ET

Go Jenny! My son is on the road to recovery, we are almost there. Biometical, therapy, diet, they are key. Thank you for getting our stories out there. My son Aidan is 6 and I am so proud of him and the amazing progress he has made! When will they listen?

Bonnie Hoegg   April 3rd, 2009 9:29 pm ET

I was born in Niagara Falls, Canada in 1952. My pediatrician would not give combined shots. We went weekly for a neddle for about six months.That needle contained only a single dose of the vaccine, that way if there was a reaction you knew what you reacted to.

Danielle- Columbus, OH (College Student)   April 3rd, 2009 9:29 pm ET

My Senior year of High School I was a mentor in a Special Needs Class and I met 2 boys, which were brothers, both with Autism. Every since meeting those boys, I was touched.. I set out to find answers. I have done research on the epidemic and have given speeches on the disease and have done many term papers on the devastating diagnosis. We need a cure.. NOW !! Our children cannot wait any longer.. It is out there, We just are not looking hard enough !

Trista Nealon   April 3rd, 2009 9:29 pm ET

What do you think about splitting up the MMR? We did for our autistic son, at the advice of our nurse, who also had an autistic son. Our son was diagnosed at age 1, went into early intervention, and now he is 6 and doing great!

PDR   April 3rd, 2009 9:29 pm ET

Dozens of vaccinations are being pumped into every child in America?? What is wrong with this country? It's time to take the profit motive out of health care! It's outrageous when someone who created the vaccine gets to sit on the committee that decides whether all children are advised/required to have it. Unreal. Thank you to Jim and Jenny for standing up for the interests of the children.

stacy cansler   April 3rd, 2009 9:29 pm ET

my son has autism he is too far gone for unconventional treatment .We are still trying medications because he seems to be getting worse as he gets older (he's 13).I wish the drug companies would come up with a drug to help these kids be able to mainstream in to society when other forms of treatment are not available or affordable for most families in this situation.

Jay   April 3rd, 2009 9:29 pm ET

I have a son with autism and I am in complete agreement that autism is treatable. My son is now 4 and he was diagnosed before his second birthday. He has made amazing progress with intense therapy since his diagnosis but we have spent over $200,000 to provide for all of the services he has needed.

What I think needs to be discussed is that none of these therapies are covered by health insurance. Autism is an expressly excluded condition on almost all health insurance policies in this country. Coverage is provided for ADHD and other mental health related issues but autism is excluded.

Many states have passed laws to prohibit this discrimination but this needs to change everywhere in this country.

These children can recover with therapy but without insurance coverage thousands and thousands of children don't get treatment becuase families can't afford to pay for therpay.

This needs to change. We need to help these children. Autism is a treatable condition and We need to get children treatment!

Bob Feneran   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET

I believe you folks set back Autistic research by 20 years.

Do any of you have any empirical evidence to your claims.that Vaccines do cause Autism...I'm talking facts here...not n\knee jerk reactions to poorly developed and challenge-able results like yours. You make claims but I personnally challenge you to be able to submit a scientic paper to a recognized medical journel like NEJM or Lancelot and be taken seriously.

Linda Gevargis   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET

Thank you Jenny and Jim!!!!!!!

We are parents of a 7 year-old boy with autism. My husband attended the march in June and saw first-hand how many families this has effected. We know that the vaccines had a part in causing our son's autism – he had so much aluminum in his body when he was 3 that it was off the charts. His doctor told us the ONLY way to have this level of aluminum in him was if it was directly INJECTED!! Thank you two for "slamming" the AAP and pharmeceutical companies. I wish they would wake up and listen. Any time, any place, we will be there to support you.
Yul and Linda
Darian's parents

Michael   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET

I recently graduated from medical school and was taught more than enough about vaccines. There is no proven relationship between vaccines and autism. There is no hidden agenda to misinform medical students. It is all simple hear-say. People have the need to blame this terrible disease on something, and many have settled for vaccines as the cause. I agree more research is necessary, but risking increasing the incidence of other diseases is not smart. We can't draw conclusions out of nothing. For example, I could easily say people going to pool halls causes lung cancer, but that is obviously false. Its people smoking that cause lung cancer, and people that smoke happen to go to pool halls. You could blame any childhood disease on vaccines if you wanted to, because all/most children are vaccinated.

Cristal Hedrick   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET

Our god daughter was diagnosed as being on the spectrum at age 2. AGE 2, my son is is three weeks younger than Shay she was always three weeks ahead. When she started talking we knew he would be soon. After her MMR shot she regressed wasn't talking at all. Through Keylation she is starting to talk-she has eye contact, she plays with my son. It's absolutely amazing. I praise Jim Carey and Jenny for standing up up for children, by reading and using Generation Rescue we found ways to help Shaylee live a more normal life. Shaylee's mom and I will FIGHT right along with Generation Rescue to make it right. Our govt. and the CDC should be ashamed. The proof is there.

Marlene Gee   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET


I am a Canadian (Ontario)Educational Assistant who has worked with children diagnosed with autism in the school system here. Acutally my interest in austism goes back to highschool which was over 23 years ago. I find that working with these wonderful children is so very rewarding and I love my job.
We have a wonderfully supported association in Ontario. IBI (intensive behavioural intervention) is offerred to parent with pre-school aged children with government funding. Educational Assistant are in place for those who need support in school. There is an amazing centre in Ontario who provide training to parents, and educators called the Geneva Centre.
I have a concern regarding Jim's comment about seizures being a part of autism. Could this be further explained.? I have not experienced this with the children I have worked with who are diagnosed with autism. I have also worked with children who have seizures but are not autistic.
I also want to support their action regarding the amount of vaccines children recieve. In our part of Canada hepitis B shots and chicken pox vaccines are still a choice . The hep B vaccine is not even offered until the seventh grade!!!

Marlene Gee

Judi   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET

Ok I just read that autism is genetic. What vaccines affect autism?

Gina   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET

Jenny and Jim,
Thanks so much for spreading the word about natural healing and prevention....I hope and pray that your courage and persistence helps the many children effected by autism and other illnesses. My prayers are with you both, and bless you for spreading the word that so many choose to ignore. I've studied Naturopath medicine for many years, believe 100% in your efforts ! Congratulations on your son's progress and healing, also for those you both have helped thru your persistence and commitment to the cause.

Gina ( S.A.G / A.F.T.R.A.)

Judy Ritchey   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET

I would like to know why thimarisol (sp) has finally been removed from the childhood vaccines, but the powers that be are asking that our babies have flu vaccines with the same preservative in it. The flu vaccines have made adults very sick at times in past years. The manufacturing process has been trusted to other foreign countries (like so many of our meds). Unfortunately, those same countries cannot be trusted to not mysteriously add rocket fuel into baby formula, and kill our pets with toxic dog food. Flu types tend to mutate during the flu season, making them uneffective, even for the adult population. Our kids are being routinely vaccinated against Hepatitis and HPV. The American government should have not allowed our pharmaceuticals to be manufactured outside our borders. Judy Ritchey Point Pleasant NJ

Julie   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET

Jenny and Jim- THANK YOU!!! You are telling the story of my daughter. She was vaccine-injured at 20 months. She received 13 vaccines in one day!!! She regressed into severe autism after this. She is now 7 and is almost autism-free after biomedical treatment.

I am an Advanced Practice Nurse and was educated and work in the healthcare environment in which you speak. Big Pharma is powerful! I admit I was skeptical at first about any autism-vaccine connection, I wasn't educated this way. However, I have seen it first hand with my daughter. Vaccines cause autism in some children. This have to stop!

While you point out that we vaccinate more than any other industrialized nation, we also spend more money on healthcare, and have poorer outcomes than any industrialized nation. I believe that vaccines are not only making our children sick, they are making all of us sick. There are now more recommended vaccines for adults than ever. Flu vaccines, pneumonia vaccines, anti-smoking vaccines and cancer vaccines are in the works. Autism and Alzheimers share many features, I think we are causing both.

Thank you for your work!!

Sharon   April 3rd, 2009 9:30 pm ET

Dear Larry,

Jenny's right – with work, guidance, training, attention, and encouragement, what might be a lifelong hindrance to normalcy can be turned around. However, some of those mechanisms still exist underneath, but teaching bravery and accomplishment can overcome that, whether a person is autistic, or just shy.

On vaccines, I also agree – we give too many, too soon. My oldest son reacted to one of his DPTs and the military doctors tried telling me his reaction was 'outside' the 10-day window (he reacted about the 12th day). From then on, I insisted on DT only – or nothing. This was the child who came out 'grown up'. Anyone with a child like this knows what I'm talking about.

My second son, however, was more docile, quite, and didn't like being disturbed at all – not even for diaper changes. I don't know exactly at what point he began to retreat, but he did. As a little baby, he used to say "I lud u'. That stopped. He had extreme outbursts once I placed him in a school setting (I had home schooled him for the first two grades before divorce and worked with him according to his learning style). After I was called out of work on average of once a week for months, the public school finally put an IEP in place. He still had some problems. He was little.

It took outside counseling, behavior modifcation techniques, observation, diligence, encouragement, and accommodation, but he eventually grew into himself. It took time, commitment, observation, and thought on my part to work on bringing him to a place where he could experience normalcy and learn to express himself rather than withhold, withdraw, then explode outward.

One day, at age 10, he walked across the room and gave me the first spontaneous hug in years. I cried. And I knew he would eventually be OK. It was a great day.

He still shows signs of withdrawal in certain overtaxing situations, so we work on finding situations that are not. The schools would not listen to me when I brought up Asperger's years ago – part of the autism spectrum. But when he was 19, Social Security diagnosed Aspberger's. At 20, a local voc rehab diagnosed PDD – another prong of the spectrum. He has a high IQ and reads a lot.

Every human being has some thing he or she has to deal with in life. This is what this son was given. The key to success with certain conditions is early recognition and procedures used to help mitigate whatever condition that might be.

None of my sons had the number of vaccines that are currently given to children, because they were born in the mid to late 80s. I am grateful that we didn't have to submit them to such a rigorous, and yet, unproven, schedule. I would have been fighting yet another battle.

Han   April 3rd, 2009 9:31 pm ET

I find this whole vaccine topic quite interesting as a cause of autism. If there has been such a "jump" in the number of vaccines given since 1989, why isn't there more focus and interviews with pediatric infectious disease physicians and / or with public health officials looking at why there was such a need for those added vaccines? What we really need to educate parents and families on is WHY epidemiologically these additional vaccines have been added to the childhood vaccine schedule. For example, if there is no evidence that there is an epidemiologic problem with certain infectious diseases, then I think it would be easier to inform parents that there is not an actual need for these additional vaccines.

Danielle   April 3rd, 2009 9:31 pm ET

I have a 15month old daughter and when she was born I signed the form allowing them to give her the hepatitis B vaccine . She continued to go to the peditrician and get vaccinated when I realized she was going to have a fourth hepatitis B vaccine I spoke up and said "No she already had three and did not need the fourth." The nurse told me that it was a vaccine cocktail with more that one vaccine in it and that she had to have the vaccine in order to get the other vaccines in the cocktail. This made me very upset and concerned. Had I known this I would have not allowed her to have it when she was only two days old. My daughter is doing well but she is only 15 months and anything can happen. I would like to know more about vaccines and where to get this info. and if I refuse any vaccines will she beable to attend school? I know that they look at shot records when registering for preschool.

Gregory Wood   April 3rd, 2009 9:31 pm ET

I am an adult that had autism as a child and was put in a institution for the Retarded. As an adult They now think I have aspergers and PDD. I have faced many years of hardships due to the lack of treatment and knowledge when I was a child. I am going to write a book on myself and my experience and the need for help for adults that have levels of autism.

Caroline   April 3rd, 2009 9:31 pm ET

It's about time parents know the truth about autism. It can be cured. I had two children on the autistic spectrum and they are recovered. They are bright, intelligent human beings who the world would not know if it weren't for the special diet, supplements, chelation and other supportive treatments. I have one son who still has a very weak immune system and developed chronic fatigue. It is costly to treat this disease, but I would not have done or do anything different than I am doing now. I believe we need more doctors familiar with treating autism and coverage for all the medical expenses for these children.

Dodie from Irvine CA   April 3rd, 2009 9:31 pm ET

Because most often Autism is diagnosed through behavior, this causes it to be a “catch-all” disorder. Many children who do NOT have autism were DX with autism. All diseases are on a continuum in which from very mild to severe. Some who have the mild form or Aspergers Syndrome will get better as opposed to true Autism.

Brain scans show differences in the shape and structure of the brain in children with autism versus children with no autism.

environmental toxins such as mercury, which are more prevalent in our current environment is one of the suspected causes of autism and with families living around the same environmental toxins, then it could look genetic.

Brian   April 3rd, 2009 9:31 pm ET

I would like to know where the proceeds of Jenny McCarthy's book goes to? She's sitting there complaining about doctors caring more about money than helping kids, but is the money from the book going to charity or to their pockets?

Gayle Wofford   April 3rd, 2009 9:31 pm ET

My daughter was born with Autism. I believe with all my heart this is a genetic disease. Her symptoms were there at infancy. I didn't know it at the time ( I couldn't put a name on it ). She was diagnosed with Asperger's when she was 5. As she get older and gains ground through behavior therapies...she is doing much better and is on target to transition into a "regular' classroom by 6th grade. She is 10 now. I think Jenny McCarthy is dangerous and irresponsible! I want so many to know that she is not the voice of every parent with Autism and she is not an medical or scientific expert. I'm so sick of listening to her and people giving her air-time to spread her theories and opinions! What do you say Jenny? What do you say to parents of children who were born that way?

Terez   April 3rd, 2009 9:32 pm ET

I agree that we have too many vaccines. I refused to have my daughter get the vericella vaccine. I stood at odds with my pediatrician but I had to consent to have her vaccinated so it was my responsiblity to make decision I felt was in the best interest of my daughter. Most children will not be revaccinate with varicella and that increases their chance of getting chicken pox as adults when it is a more serious disease. We already know that patients will not be revaccinated because we can see the rate of revaccination with tetnus. No one revaccinated until they rip open a toe or finger. My daughter could not get the MMR or the flu because she is anaphylaxic to eggs. She has done very well without these vaccinations. She will get the PHV vaccine because their is familiar cancer in our family. I will get her this vaccine based on the occurance rate of uterine cancer and our high genetic prevelence of cancer. Parents should consider their our family circumstances when deciding to vaccinate. I also got her a pneumovax because she has asthma, severe allergies and is at greater risk of developing pneumonia.

jamieb   April 3rd, 2009 9:32 pm ET

Hey guys, one more thing. Why is there so much time being spent proving that vaccines don't cause Autism? Why is so much money being wasted on disproving Wakefield's studies? Why have there been families that have been awarded money from vaccine injuries? Just a few things to think about......I am not saying it is JUST vaccines or that every child that gets a vaccine will get Autism....the number of vaccines has gone up and so have the numbers of Autism .....think about it .....
Jenny.....the road is long....keep it up! I only wish to speak as loudly as you...I am trying in my hometown...
Mother Warrior to the End!

Michelle Sager, M.D.   April 3rd, 2009 9:32 pm ET

I am a child psychiatrist and have treated hundreds of children with autism. In fact, child psychiatrists are the physicians who most commonly treat children with this diagnosis. I would really like to see a child psychiatrist represented in your group of interviewees. There is much that a psychiatrist could bring to the table as far as a rational, comprehensive review of the treatment of autism. There are many perspectives to consider. One important factor is that there has been a drastic change in the recognition and diagnosis which has affected prevalence and this is a major factor in the supposed "autism epidemic'.

Sondra Learn   April 3rd, 2009 9:32 pm ET

I'm mom to 3 sons. Two of them have autism. One is 22 and severly autistic & non-vebal and in the summer of '07 was diagnosed with MS. In a matter of 48 hours he lost all the mobilty from the shoulders down. He is doing much better now and walking and on a 3 times a week injectable medication to help with the MS.
My 17 year old has Aperger's syndrome and is very bright and has a much better future ahead of him than his brother.

sost   April 3rd, 2009 9:32 pm ET

You are doing the public a disservice by passing off Jenny and Jim's opinions about autism as a "side" of a debate. Their feelings about autism are misguided, completely unsubstantiated, full of obvious errors in logic, and already too common among the public.

S. Rankin   April 3rd, 2009 9:32 pm ET

It is not only the vaccines but all the toxins our kids are exposed to in their environment and in their food. Add in the overuse of antibiotics which wipe out our good gut bacteria which is our first defense against toxins and we wonder why our kids are so sick. You don’t inject, ingest and expose a child to so many toxins and expect nothing to happen! When will the docs have some common sense!

Melissa B.   April 3rd, 2009 9:33 pm ET

I also wanted to add that it is very disheartening that Jenny rarely, if ever, mentions the fact that she spent the hefty sum of $4,000 a week on intensive behavioral intervention (ABA), which is the only scientifically validated treatment for autism. Where are parents like ME supposed to find that kind of money? Even biomedical treatments are above and beyond the scope of many families' budgets. I would love to treat my child's autism but sadly my son was born to parents who lack the funding that Ms. McCarthy has.

Ian   April 3rd, 2009 9:33 pm ET

Lets get some real guests who don't go around trying to sell books. Dan Marino, Doug Flutie, William Christopher, Joe Mantegna. Lets hear the reality of autism. This cannot be cured Jenny, and can be progressed to a point where the child can function in a 'Normal' setting.

Josh (bigdog)   April 3rd, 2009 9:33 pm ET

Hello. I am an advocate of NO VACCINATIONS!!! I have 2 girls and im divorced and im glad that atleast my ex wife and i se eye to eye in this matter. I truly beleive and have seen with my own eyes the effects that vaccines do to children. I have a friend that her daughter is retarded. Her daughter is 15 years old and is labeled a retard do to these vaccinations. My Nephew is autistic. We live in miami, florida and the ignorance that there is here of this epidemic. Yes epidemic. So what Jenny and Jim are doing is critically important. Its a business for these companies.

Giavanna Edwards   April 3rd, 2009 9:33 pm ET

I have an autistic grandson. He is 5 years old and 70 pounds already. He has very bad tempertantrums and will only eat sugary foods. I would like to know What medicine are you giving and is respiral an ok medication.

Joel   April 3rd, 2009 9:34 pm ET

I am 26 yrs. old and I have High Functioning Autism and I have seen millions of articles in magizines and the like about kids with autism but I haven't seen one thing about adults with autism. It's like they think adults can't have it and I have even heard doctors say that. I think it needs to be check into.

crystal bennett-hawkins   April 3rd, 2009 9:34 pm ET

I have 6 children and my child #5 has severe autism. We dont have enough money to get him treated. everything for autistic children is very expensive. a plate is 14.00, a cup is 9.00 etc. a communication device is 300.00 etc. My child is 9 years old and doesnt speak but make noises. we cant tell if he is happy or even if he knows that he is diffrent. I read Jenny and Jim's story months ago . I am certain that vaccines trigger autism. I remember when my son started showing signs and I know that the government is lying and or covering up the part that vaccines play in autism. my 4 year old daughter is not vaccinated. autism is a very difficult thing to live with and to deal with. You deal with a child that doesnt understand that you are trying to help him. my child is 9 years old still wearing pullups because he cannot communicate when he needs to use the bathroom. they dont sleep well at night and cry a lot and we are helpless to know how to help him. there is no help and doctors and nurses and society dont recognize them as autistic but as difficult and unruly children.

Karen   April 3rd, 2009 9:34 pm ET

Thank you Larry for bringing this important issue to the attention of your viewers. Thank you to Jenny, Jim, Dr. Kartzinel and J.B. Handley for putting yourselves out there over and over to help the truth be seen and heard. I have a child who is still recovering but doing very well after being diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2 years old. He is almost 7 now and I credit biomedical treatment and diet changes to his recovery. It saddens and frustrates me that so many children are continuing to suffer and develop autism, ADHD, asthma and allergies at alarming rates and yet we still appear to want to deny what is contributing to the epidemic rise in these disorders. I also am grateful to TACA (Talk About Curing Autism), Generation Rescue and other groups which seek to help provide resources and educate parents and families of children with autism. These people are my heroes and give so much of themselves while at the same time are caring for children of their own who have been affected by autism.

Fred May Sr   April 3rd, 2009 9:35 pm ET

Jenny & Jim
Stick to your guns. I too think vaccines are behind Autisum. There are too many cases all of a sudden. Any one of these vaccines can react with any gene in the brain to cause Autisum. What may effect one child may not effect another. Keep up your fight. God Bless you both

Lisa-St. Louis   April 3rd, 2009 9:35 pm ET

This first half hour has been the most riveting Larry King show that I have ever seen. The powerful pharmaceuticals must be furious that someone dares to question their greed-fueled aggressive vaccine marketing program. Jim Carey is a great partner-spokesperson along with Jenny, much to my surprise. All guests nailed down the important facts, and that fold-out pharma ad in the medical journal, proved the point like nothing else could. With courage and conviction that you are on the side of truth and health for kids, I wish McCarthy, Carey and the others, much success in their effort on behalf of kids. All of them have my respect for what they did tonight. I'm sure we'll hear now from the "experts" (who have been weaned on big pharma and accept their expensive perks daily), that Handley, Carey and McCarthy are terribly mistaken. The first guests have proven their points to this viewer, however. More power to McCarthy to continue to challenge Big Pharma on this–a true mom, true hero, and a true advocate for kids!

Tina Dennis   April 3rd, 2009 9:36 pm ET

There is a pediatrician by the name of Dr. Charles Ray Jones in Conneticut. He is a lyme disease literate Dr. He has had patients that were diagnosed as "autistic". The same symptoms as many people describe there "autistic" children have. He has helped many children. As a parent that has been blood tested positive for lymes disease along with 3 of my children. This is something I would truly look into. Lyme Disease & Autisim. Do the research. It may be more than the vaccines. Do a search on "lyme & autism" and read make your own decision about what makes sense to you.

Julie   April 3rd, 2009 9:36 pm ET

We saw Dr. Wiznitzer in Cleveland, he told us there was no connection between the vaccines and my daughter's symptoms. He was actually quite arrogant and dismissed my concerns. He also told me my daughter had ADHD, she didn't, she had autism! Two physicians confirmed autism after he said she only had ADHD. Obviously, we didn't go back to him.

April Chenault   April 3rd, 2009 9:36 pm ET

I am the mother of two autistic children(a boy and a girl). I firmly believe that vaccinations caused their autism. We did not vaccinate our third child(a son named Connor) and he is perfectly normal. There is a genetic predisposition but the environmental component that throws it over the top is the vaccination. I know I am not alone. One day the darkness will be exposed. Shame on all the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that are paid by them to cover up the truth-one day the voices of our children will be heard!!

sherphair   April 3rd, 2009 9:37 pm ET

I've read about autism for many years. Gratefully, no child affected in my life-I stayed on alert, watching for signs as babies came into my extended family. I knew what to look for. My thought is that while thimerosol is dangerous, and vaccines are suspect, there has to be a genetic predisposition and then a "trigger" happens to begin the devastating condition.
For any who are not familiar with Barry/Suse Kaufman's outstanding book, titled Son Rise, which was printed in the 1970's, as well as a TV movie about Raun Kahlil, their autistic son and how they created their own treatment to bring Raun back, please consider reading this inspiring book. It is worth any hunt you might need to do.

Dodie from Irvine CA   April 3rd, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Most often Autism is diagnosed through behaviors; this causes it to be a “catch-all” disorder. Because of this, you may have many children who do NOT have autism were diagnosed with autism. Therefore, there needs to be a clear list of bio-medical/behavior that indicates the disease of Autism. You can not possibly find a cure until you isolate the actual diagnosis!!!

Teri   April 3rd, 2009 9:37 pm ET

The big pharm companies have too much to lose here to ever admit fault, and changing the ingredience or the schedule might me that admittance of fault. They are recovering!!! My son Aidan is proof! GO JENNY, thanks for your help!

Nasrin A. Hossain   April 3rd, 2009 9:37 pm ET

I have found this book quite informative,

A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Autism by Willis S. Langford

Slightly changed by Kees de Vries, Drunen, Holland (june 2003)

Another point I wanted to make was that sometimes live viruses are used in some vaccinations. My son got the measles from the measle vaccine.

L.Findley   April 3rd, 2009 9:37 pm ET

Has Autism affected me? I have two Autistic boy: Enough said. Don't care about how, I'll I care about is:Help!

Alice D. Legg   April 3rd, 2009 9:37 pm ET

I am a direct Care Professional and have worked with individual who suffer with Autism. I feel strongly that we have poisended our earth and most of these disabilities are chemical embalanced. The shots given as they are have diffinatly caused a lot of autism. We must make the individual shots and give them one at a time. Also the child must be well when they get their shot.
Our food is chemically effected and not full of vitimans as they were 20 years ago. There are many reasons but let us as adults take care of the new babies and make this a safer world for them. Thank you Jenny for all you have done.

Karin   April 3rd, 2009 9:37 pm ET

I do alternative healing and presently work on a 36 year old with autism and seizures.I have reduced the seizures,and he is sleeping trough the night now.His Mom is telling me,she can't belief the change she is noticing in her Son since I started the healing sessions.

Alison   April 3rd, 2009 9:37 pm ET

I am contacting your from Jim Carey's native Canada. Wondering if they know how our vacination schedule compares to the US?

Kathy   April 3rd, 2009 9:37 pm ET

It's all about the drugs and how much money they will make on them!
I had a small stroke last year. I lost my sense of balance and noticed a few other minor changes, but I was doing pretty good. I was very coherent, could walk with a little help, could think, speak and everything else.

My three days in the Hospital were like watching 24/7 infomercials for drugs! For three whole days I had different Dr's wander into my room
to tell me if I didn't take this and that drug that I'd die. No kidding!
I was fine but nervous after having been told I'd had a stroke, so stupidly, I started taking the numerous drugs and THEN I progressively got worse.
It took a call from my lawyer asking my DR why I was going in the wrong direction, getting worse instead of improving, to get the DR to take a look at what ALL those other DR's insisted that I must take and surprisingly he had me quit ALL but one of them.

After about 10 days I suddenly awoke from the drug induced FOG they had me in but some of them caused brain damage that I never had before or shortly after the stroke. It only showed up AFTER they had my body overloaded with all kinds of Drugs!

Let me repeat, it's ALL about the money they can make on the Drugs!
My heart goes out to all the children and the parents who've also
suffered from unnecessary and possibly untested for long term damage drugs.

Leslie   April 3rd, 2009 9:38 pm ET

I remember hearing healthcare workers at my breastfeeding group talk about the bloated shot schedule and the number of shots they administer in one visit. I heard professionals of the field say its done that way because they don't trust most mothers to come back, so they ave to throw in all they can while they can.

The problem is they package so many up in one syringe, and the doctor's in there so quickly you feel you should have a burger and fries in a paper bag and it's over before you know it. You're wiping your son's tears away and feeling safe and secure that it could never happen to your baby....

My son was diagnosed on Tuesday at 19 months old. The tide has got to turn.

Barbara Edwards   April 3rd, 2009 9:38 pm ET

I've had 5 children. My last one was born in 1999 and he was the only one to have the Hepatitis B Vaccine on his second day of life. He was the FUSSIEST baby out of all five children. I was always convinced that it was that Hepatitis B Vaccine that made him different from my other children. When Jenny McCarthy said that we are the only country that has this bloated vaccination schedule, I heartily agree.

Laura   April 3rd, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Thank you for caring enough to do this show. My son was diagnosed at 21/2 years old. My husband and I are having a difficult time helping our son. Our pediatrician only said your son will attend a special school, then walked out the office leaving us devastated.
We would like to find a pediatriacian in Chicago who specializes in autism.

We are also very interested in ABA therapy and a biomedical diet. How do we find both in our area.?

Liz Searcy   April 3rd, 2009 9:38 pm ET


I am the parent of James, a 16-year-old with autism. He was diagnosed at 3 and from the beginning I became an advocate for my child, researching, reading, networking with other parents, and professionals, looking for services and finding out what will help my child.

What I want people to know is that most severe behaviors are from the wrong FOODS! I have years of practical experience in this. Gluten, a protein found in all wheat products (ie; bread, cereals, crackers) and casein, a protein found in yogurt, cheese and milk, cannot be digested by a person with autism. The proteins permeate the stomach wall into the bloodstream and travels to the brain and acts like an opiate. This causes the severe behaviors.

I stopped buying foods that contain gluten and casein and James now only eats gluten-free and casein-free foods. The results are astounding!!! My son is proof. He no longer has behavior problems, has become very social and his gut is being healed of his gastrointestinal problems.

Keep in mind that every child on the autism spectrum is different. But please be informed and never stop asking questions and reading. the book that turned it all around for me is "Unraveling the Mysteries of Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder—A Mother's Story of Research & Recovery" by Karen Seroussi. Karen, if you're reading this—you're my hero. My son is better because I read your compelling story and took your advice.

I applaud Jenny McCarthy and Jm Carrey for informing the masses about their success with Evan and about the vaccines. They are right! Too many vaccines are being forced on our children and we must speak up! My son has had them and I have a waiver from the state I live in that gives me the right to not get my son vaccinated again.

Thanks to all the professionals and parents who are taking a stand and loving their children with autism.

Liz Searcy

katie kelley   April 3rd, 2009 9:39 pm ET

to Mike,
Jenny is being very responsible. She's responsible to the future generations, hopefully saving thousands from a horrible fate. Do you actually think pediatricians read the studies out there? They don't have time. These parents actually read the studies. You don't just bring your kid in and let them give 2-3-4-5 shots at once. One shot at a time, spaced 4-6 months apart. Why is that so hard to comprehend, and do?

Anna Eadie   April 3rd, 2009 9:39 pm ET

To those who say Autism is curable,- I agree.
To those who say it is not,- then the thousands of children recovering must have been misdiagnosed.
To those who are "proud" to be autistic and are offended at the thought of people wanting to "cure"them –I am sorry if we offend you. We are speaking about our severely affected loved ones. Not the high functioning brilliant people who live everyday lives with no assistance, and just suffer from troubled behaviour and societal issues. I am so sorry that our doctors were taught to lump all of you together without digging deeper to find the distinct differences. Rest assured, we are only borrowing the term Autism, and intend to return it as soon as possible!

Megan   April 3rd, 2009 9:39 pm ET

There are MANY many doctors and scientists researching the etiology of autism as well as treatments. For Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey to say that public health professionals just don't care is dishonest and offensive to those of us who spend our lives dedicated to the toughest problems in health. We don't run away from intractable scientific problems and we don't just accept an easy answer and walk away as Jenny and Jim are implying. However, the science thus far has strongly shown that vaccines, which may in some cases contribute to autism by helping to stimulate or trigger an existing underlying disorder, are NOT the conclusive and sole culprits.

Joanne   April 3rd, 2009 9:39 pm ET

One of my college papers was titled "Vaccinations a Prescription for Autism". I wrote this paper in 1998 after seeing my son swallowed up into the world of Autism after receiving his regiment of shots. I have these changes on video tape. What has changed back in 1991 was vaccinations became live vaccines, three shots given at once, and the dose that's given to a 5 or 6 year old is the same dose given to an infant or toddler and Autism doubled. Parents be certain that your children don't have an illnesses including the common cold when receiving their shots. My son is now fully recovered thirteen years later after programs of ABA, Early Intervention, given a way to communicate and by understanding his needs. By making his world more pretictable he was less anxious and less OCD like behaviors. Self-abusive behaviors disappeared, he started to speak, tantrums stopped and he began to interact with those around him. Another contributing factor was the removal of medications for mild asthma to a natural saline solution in a nebulizer. Jim and Jenny you have written the book I have always wanted to.

Dodie from Irvine CA   April 3rd, 2009 9:39 pm ET

YOU MUST ISOLATE THE TRUE DISEASE before you can find a cure. Too many children were diagnosed with Autism that did not have this disorder. This causes confusion for looking for a cause!!!

Will   April 3rd, 2009 9:40 pm ET

I have 2 very close friends with autistic children, and I am also a health care professional. They both have tried and are still trying the things you have prescribed to. They have also done much research In fact one have been on a complete diet change (glutten free) besides other nutrients, as well as the anti-fungals, along with a few other things for at least 3 years now. They both have strong faith in God and seek him every step of the way. They have not yet seen changes. It is a blessing that those things worked for you and others but to say it is a cure and works for all is another thing. There are others who have done their research as well and seek God's help.

Arlene   April 3rd, 2009 9:40 pm ET

Most people who we meet do not know about autism and it scares us to let our son go with them without directions how to care for him. Chris is 16yrs old, he learned to talk by therapy and a lot of music in our house, singing many songs over and over worked well. We have to keep coming up with solutions for him. Putting left and right shoes on. Put a dot on the inside of each shoe, he can do it as it is logical. I can't believe that the help is not really there for families, and we struggle day to day. We spend 6 months to teach him one thing. We reduce the home totally to have least stress possible, no shouting, we use a bell for dinner, or a musical fish, or the musical bear to let us know he has got up in the morning. The time change is a challenge for us too. He is active in sports and we are teaching all we can, he has just started to read, but we showed him a use for language, that way, he feels it is good to use and he puts it in his RULES. Imagine having a rule for everything you do all day, it is like having alzheimers, no memory for cognitive things. \Great memory for animals and anything seen in pictures. We noticed a huge difference when he eats properly, gluten free, but we never heard of antifungal for yeast....we will love to get your book. Thanks. Chris has a friend who has autism and playing together, he is learning to talk, when he has seizures Chris can catch him and is ok with it. The Honesty in the child is phenomenal, he can have a complete breakdown and cry for 2hours, for something simple that he feels he did wrong , against his rules. Talking on the school bus? sounds silly huh! Good Luck to all the future parents of autistic kids, and their families. I wish everyone knew about autism the way everyone knows about the flu.Thanks for listening. Arlene and John in Montreal

Honey Rinicella   April 3rd, 2009 9:40 pm ET

Medicine is not universal! How can one size fit all? If you gave penicillin to 20 children....some would have a reaction, and possibly die! Just because it is great for one child does not mean it is good for every!

Tyra   April 3rd, 2009 9:41 pm ET

This lady who said study 500 children. Come and analyze us. We welcome it if it gets us answers to better help our son. Thanks Tyra

Greg Corning   April 3rd, 2009 9:41 pm ET

I just turned on the show so I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but the word vacine is over used!!!!!!!! It is not the vacines that are the topic, it is the mercury based preservative. Use vacines that don't have the preservative. Do a comperative study on vacines with preservatives and those without.

Brenda   April 3rd, 2009 9:41 pm ET

When I was pregnant I read Jenny's book Belly Laughs. Later, I heard that her son had autism and what she was doing to save him. I am so happy I read her book and that in turn I became more receptive to what she had to say.

My daughter has never since day one had more than 2 vaccines at one visit and mostly just one at a time. I was able to get the split MMR for Rubella and Measles and now MERCK no longer will split the vaccine? I may not be able to have my daughter vaccinated for Mumps because of this. I want to know why MERCK is doing this? Well, I know it wasn't worth the money to them.

My daughter will not get Varicella and possibly a few other vaccines and I will file for Religious exemption with my state to get her into school if I have to.

Yes, my pediatrician thinks I am crazy or crunchy – she says she was given the MMR twice before entering medical school – she tells me this often. I asked her if she was a full grown adult at the time? Well, obviously – I remind her that my daughter is not an adult....she is only a baby – a 20 lb developing baby. Also, she is 19 months and still nursing like a champ.

Always question the pediatrician – just because they have an MD does not mean they are god or know everything. Always do your research.

FYI – I am not anti-vaccine (neither is Jenny McCarthy). I am anti the current vaccine schedule. Which is in place now because the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that after the first 2 years of life, often parents stop bringing their children in for well visits.

Ellen Seminario   April 3rd, 2009 9:41 pm ET

I am the mother of 2 autistic children. I believe in biomedical treatments and both of my children have benefitted from them. Many people consider my daughter, Linda aged 11, to be "recovered". The vestiges of autism are still there, however. I don't believe that children can completely recover. There are differences that remain and can return if the child goes off their diet. I do also believe that it is a crime that health insurance does not pay for biomedical treatments, making them unavailable to those who can't afford to pay.

Randy L   April 3rd, 2009 9:42 pm ET

I am curious as to how Jim Carrey thinks that the Varicella vaccine (aka Chicken Pox) "doesn't work" as he put it. A study done in 2004 showed that the vaccine prevents severe forms of the disease 95% of the time and the efficiency for preventing any form of the disease is placed at 85%. Sounds like Jim is making unjustified claims and I would like to hear of this mysterious source he is quoting, if there is in fact a source.

My Reference:
Reinert P, Hau-Rainsard I
Med Mal Infect. 2004 Jul;34(7):283-5.
PMID: 15679231

Diane   April 3rd, 2009 9:42 pm ET

I have three children with autism. The one most severly affected showed definite signs of autism right from birth( although I was unaware of the signs at the time), he cried every time I put him down, he avoided eye contact during nursing, and anytime I changed his clothes he would scream. I don't believe vaccines caused the autism.
Also you cannot be CURED from autism. Your difficulties may improve as you age but this is because you are adapting to a lot of things, but this takes a lot of time and work on the part of the person affected with the autism.

Milly   April 3rd, 2009 9:42 pm ET

why is it the number of boys with autism is higher than girls? What exactly does gluten and dairy do that without it kids with autism are doing better.\?

Bob Feneran   April 3rd, 2009 9:43 pm ET

Please don't have movie stars make medical claims, particularly about infectious diseases . Not one of them has college degree in any science whatsover.

JAMIE ABEL   April 3rd, 2009 9:43 pm ET


steve   April 3rd, 2009 9:44 pm ET

If a vaccine causes autism, wouldn't the percentage of girls to boys be about equal? Instead, autism strikes boys 4-5 times the rate.

Nadia   April 3rd, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Ok for those who don't think that our kids can recover as a result of years of heavy therapies and treatment I ask: Tell us how you want to call this

1) a child who could not speak or communicate and now can,
2) who could not socialize and now can,
3) who was not able to learn how to count and can etc...

Is this symantics or is autism simply taboo to them?

People need to understand that it is DISREPECTFULL AND DISHEARTENING to be dismissed even when we demonstrate we can recover our kids.

beverly   April 3rd, 2009 9:44 pm ET

This is for Jenny. I subscribe to DISH NETWORK. ON channel 262 at 11:00AM (mt time), there is a program called (aptly) "KNOW THE CAUSE". The man who hosts this is avery smart man. I truly believe he can help you find the cause and help people find cures for lots of illnsses and diseases. Please lookinto this. He is on cable stations and other carriers but I don,t know stations.

Tyra   April 3rd, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Dr. Healy said something about doing a study for vaccine injuries to better understand kids. We welcome it.

Teresa   April 3rd, 2009 9:44 pm ET

Reading these testimonies and the results are encouraging. However, my son is 17 and it took medication to help bring him out of the behaviors and meltdowns. He is fully included in school, however unable to keep up with the amount of work, and may not be able to graduate next year with a general education diploma. He is more socialable, yet has no actual "friends". He tries, the response is often not reciprocated. Does he still have autism? Absolutely! We have tried several things others report as "successful" to no avail. He still won't talk unless he wants to and very limited at that. No eye contact, communication and social issues. I do not believe vaccines caused this, he had these problems prior to his vaccines.

I think we have to keep in mind that not everything works for everyone. Kudos to Jenny and Jim on Evan's success and to the many other parents on this site for their success. We are thankful every day for the progress, but to say our son is "cured" or "will be cured" is a stretch for us!

andria   April 3rd, 2009 9:45 pm ET

wow. just wow.
to all you parents, bravo for doing what you are doing for your super kids! i don't have kids now, but when i do...allot of these shots will be put on hold.
thanks for being such smart mums and dads!

H.H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah   April 3rd, 2009 9:45 pm ET

Larry, you have a gem of a man in the USA by the name of Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Bayati, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., D.A.B.V.T., who is a respected pathologist and a dual board certified toxicologist with over twenty-five years experience and over forty articles published in scientific and medical literature. He has over 20 years of experience in research, teaching, diagnostic work, and serving as expert witness on numerous medical-legal cases.

Using differential analysis he evaluates the health effects from exposure to agents such as adverse reaction to medications and adverse reaction to vaccines. What he has found and published in peer reviewed medical journal will astound people. Those who have been falsely accused of shaken baby syndrome and other things can give testament to what his expert analysis ended up revealing.

The truth needs to be brought out.

HH Alexandra Hehpsehboah

Joan   April 3rd, 2009 9:45 pm ET

Asperger's doesn't seem to respond to the convenional treatments like diet, supplements, etc. Has anyone found help for this form of autism. Tried the g/f, wheat free, dairy free, sugar free diet with little to no results. Have a 9 yr. old granddaughter with aspergers.

Jennifer J   April 3rd, 2009 9:45 pm ET

"Biomed" is not always the "cure". We have tried it on our 4 year old daugther and saw no improvement but an increase in "behavioral" issues such as biting her hands/rocking/and repeative motions. To all that this method has worked for "YEAH" but how many of those sucess stories are about "girls with autism"!

Auntie   April 3rd, 2009 9:46 pm ET

My 2 yr old nephew has Autism, and ever since we have taken the biomedical approach we have seen a drastic improvements. I really believe at time the government dosent have our best intrest in mind. Keep your head up, and know you are not alone.

Maureen Henderson   April 3rd, 2009 9:47 pm ET

Jim Carey is right it is all about the mighty dollar. After my son was vaccine injured I contacted my pediatrician to ask how to not Not vaccinate in the future, but rather get a separate MMR. I was told to call the state health department. At which time I was told that it would not be "cost effective". I wonder if the years of therapy and special needs accomadations will be more cost effective – those fools

Elizabeth DeSoye   April 3rd, 2009 9:47 pm ET

My son entered into the world of autism a few weeks after his 12 month vaccines. He is now 6 yrs old. We are doing biomedical therapies and working with a DAN doctor. Thank God for them because they are the only ones who offer any kind of help. Insurance doesn't cover any of these therapies but they pay for us to over vaccinate our children. There has never been proper studies to prove that vaccines don't cause autism. The only way that this could be done is to take one group of babies and vaccinate them with the schedule that is used today and take another group of children and not vaccinate them. I am sure the CDC could find people to volunteer because there are certainly parents out there who want to vaccinate their children and parents who do not . Keep up the good work Jenny and never shut up that mouth of yours. Oh by the way I am a registered nurse.


Trista Nealon   April 3rd, 2009 9:47 pm ET

As a mother of a child with autism, I feel that one of the best early intervention treatments is using humor. Humor is a way to engage and connect with autistic children and bring them out. I was so pleased when I first heard about Jim Carrey dating Jenny McCarthy because I knew he would be wonderful for her son.

Milly   April 3rd, 2009 9:47 pm ET

I would like to add that i took my son for evaluation against ALL pediatrician's advice, 2-3 or three. I had to deal with family members, friends and professionals in the medical field (i am in the medical field myself) and their comments about the fact that i was making things up in my head, i was over protecting my son, that is why he didn't talk, that he was a spoiled brat and didn't listen and basically it was all my fault. All a product of my imagination.

Theresa   April 3rd, 2009 9:47 pm ET

In the mean time, I'll just keep advocating for my son and the million other children to make sure they have the same opportunities as non-autism spectrum children when it comes to getting a quality education! That's my biggest battle – now that I don't have to keep fighting to keep my job! (I lost that in June) My work "put up with it" for seven years and couldn't allow for me to leave when the babysitter and school needed me to come pick him up. Luv him even more!

Pam from Louisiana   April 3rd, 2009 9:48 pm ET

My daughter started having really bad seizures three days after receiving her immunizations at the age of 18 months. I believe there is a relation between autism and vaccines. She stopped talking and walking. Her behavior changed drastically. She went from a sweet, loving child to a child that was like a wild animal. She was very aggressive and would scream all the time. We have spent lots of money on getting her help. I believe she has made great strides and I hope to one day have a completely recovered child.

Michele McCracken   April 3rd, 2009 9:49 pm ET

Vaccines are a cash cow of the medical and veterinary practices. I just lost my dog to vaccines. She got 3 shots in one day and they sent her immune system into overdrive causing her body to destroy its own platelets. I have 3 friends who almost lost their cats after they got shots. One's vet admitted in animals most vaccines do little or no good after age 7. Obviously vaccines cannot be completely discontinued but perhaps they should be postponed for children and spread out over a longer period of time so as not to overwhelm the body's systems.

Andrea Lobel   April 3rd, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I think that there are too many variables involved to blame autism on vaccines only. If parents become fearful of having their children vaccinated against potentially deadly diseases, we will eventually see rising death rates due to meningitis, pneumonia, pertussis and perhaps even polio.

Wendy   April 3rd, 2009 9:49 pm ET

So I think that the the drug companies saying that 3 death in a couple months from a certain disease vs. more that 100 kids a day being diagnosed with Autism, is worse. That makes me crazy!!! I think that one of the worst thing that some one ever told me when my son was being diagnosed was "Honey things could be worse" Well guess what in my world Autism is worse. People say that I should feel lucky that my son is alive, An I am. But my son will never say I love you mommy! My son will never live life to it's fullest. I am hopeful that someday we will figure it out, but will it be too late for my son?

Jennifer Tuttle   April 3rd, 2009 9:49 pm ET

I have a beautiful little girl who has autism. I watched her regress after her 18 month shots and fully believe her vaccines had something to do with it. Because of this I have waited to vaccinate my son and he is happy and very healthy. My children's doctor was very understanding of my feelings but there are many doctors in our town that are starting to refuse to see children who are not vaccinated on the suggested current schedule. That makes me sick and I think the ignorance of the people who haven't lived this and don't know what we have seen in our children.

Karen   April 3rd, 2009 9:49 pm ET

My son was diagnosed with Autism after his 2nd birthday. He is 11 years old now and it still isn't easy, but it's getting better. He's getting more and more words each day and he surprises me everyday. We have a 5 yr old daughter as well, but we DID NOT give her the MMR needle. Either of them. And she's fine, not a sign of it at all. She's your typical little girl. No one can tell me it was genetic, I believe it was too much of a coincidence that after his 12 month shot that things went down hill. And even more so after he had both needles at 18 months. Things need to change, someone needs to take responsibility.

Sharon   April 3rd, 2009 9:50 pm ET


Start working with him now. A counselor who can help with behavior modification is Ann Mott. As for expertise in autism alone, I can't speak to that. She's in the suburbs. Pay attention to the 'triggers' and work on those. Eliminate the worst offenders and start working on the others, one at a time. Every success bolsters confidence – both for you as parents so you can guide your child and for your child, who looks to you for guidance, protection, and support. Look for support groups – the metropolitan area has many. I think you might be able to get some help from Congressman Mark Kirk's office up in Lake County. I think he's the one who is involved in helping on this subject.

Grow a thick skin. People who see outbursts have no idea what's really going on and they are too self-involved to care. They don't matter. Your child does.

Hope that helps.

Leslie S   April 3rd, 2009 9:50 pm ET

Have you seen the list of all the vaccines kids are expected to get? It was about 50 different vaccines, which is way more than most of us got as kids.

Sharon Donovan   April 3rd, 2009 9:50 pm ET

I have an 8 year old with Aspergers (High Functioning Autism) and I did not do the MMR – we had the doctor separate the immunization. He showed signs of developmental delay at an early age. I do not believe the vaccination is responsible for his autism. I think there are genetic predispositions and in addition to environmental triggers he has it now. Please listen to ALL parents – not just celebrities!

Nadia   April 3rd, 2009 9:50 pm ET

This Dr from the CDC is the worg person to be involved in looking for causes or treatment or anything rearding parents's hope with regards to Autism because it is brutaly clear that he does not beleive it can cured, and has already made his mind that this is the parents genetic baggage that causes autism. I am sure the Moms would agree to get him fired from the job and pick a DAN dr instead.

Can you go and get Trump to do the firing on your show? that could be fun!!

Krista L Shackleford   April 3rd, 2009 9:52 pm ET

As a mom of two beautiful autistic children, I can first-hand say that these 'doctors' that say vaccines do not have any role in autism are full of their own self diety b.s.

While I do not feel that autism is soley caused by vaccines, I cannot fathom anyone with even an average IQ saying it is 100% NOT.

Just as a strobing light may cause a seizure for an epileptic but will have no such effect on a non epilieptic, I think there is a trigger in the brain that combined with these toxins in vaccines triggers autism.

I also believe that combined with the toxins in our environment, in our foods, drinks, that we routinely put into our bodies that were not available 30 years ago, that autism is on the rise and will continue to rise until the government gets its collective head out of the sand and take responsibility at least in part and put aside looking at dollar signs, at fear of backlash from parents and get on the side of the parents, teachers, therapists, caseworkers, shadows/techs, and on the autistic person themselves and say 'let's work on reversing this'

We need to look at the vaccines. We need to see what we can eliminate, what can wait, we need to see how we can take out the toxins that are still in there, and get ingredients that don't poison our kids.

What is NOT considered in this 'one size fits all' are factors that no two children are exactly alike, not even identicial twins. What is NOT being considered when a child is brought in for those vaccines: Traumatic/premature/blue birth, other physical, genetic, mental challenges, illness at time of vaccination, HIV/AIDS, drug addicted babies, even culture/race. What about allergic reaction to the vaccines themselves.

One size has never been a responsible attitude when it comes to children's health. We would not give a child peanut butter if they have a severe nut allergy, we would not put a child in a strobing light's path if they were epileptic, so why oh WHY are we giving every child the exact same thing and it is not working?

We often hear of 'going green' looking for alternatitives to heal our planet. That is awesome, but it is going to be a beautiful but lonely planet. How can we heal the world when we ourselves are dying?

Thank you. I do not have a college degree, I am just a mom with two beautiful children with autism.

Don   April 3rd, 2009 9:53 pm ET

why can't all keep an open mind until thorough research has been done? something is causing the issue...would dna profiles of newborns tell us anything that would reveal a potential issue with vaccines or other medicines given to babies?

solfine From Ocoee Florida   April 3rd, 2009 9:55 pm ET

My son lost his eye contact at 18 months. We thought he couldn't hear us we had the ear tube inserted in his ears. All this time I thought something was wrong. he is 2 yrs now and he has not said a word yet. only DADADADADA. he used to say hello, byebye, momy, baby. now nothing. I am devastated. we filed bankrupcty and let our house, our cars go, so we can be ready for this. My son is not yet cure but with my faith and everything out there, I know deep down in my hear he will be cured and I will tell the same story Jenny is telling. The goverment needs to get involved.

Betty   April 3rd, 2009 9:55 pm ET

Has any research been done with the birth control pill as a cause of autism? We're in the second generation of women taking the birth control pill.

Zelma High   April 3rd, 2009 9:56 pm ET

I believe what Jenny and Jim said when they said that God gave them the answer to healling aurtism,no the doctor dose not believe,last year God told me in an audiable voice,when I brush my teeth to rinse my mouth out real good, that tooth paste causes my blood preasure to go up,immediately I began to do that,before I was having to go into ER about every month sometimes 2 or 3 times,since then I have not had to go into ER and my doctor has lowered my medication from 20mg to 2mg. although she paid me no attention about what I said about what God said, yet God knows it all. Tooth paste has soduim in it,other medication that has soduim in it they put a red heart on it to let people know that it will heighten their blood preasure

Gina   April 3rd, 2009 9:56 pm ET

I often hear how people need to be more involved with their own health and take charge and not look for quick fixes. That is what I did...I am helping my son recover from autism using biomedical intervention as well as traditional therapies. So why then do I have so much resistance from traditional doctors!! I'm thankful for our DAN! doctor. I have my child returning thanks to his help. (My son regressed at 16 months..he is now 4)
And...if you haven't been through it and lived it...then don't tell me it doesn't work!!

Julie   April 3rd, 2009 9:56 pm ET

Hello there,

I have a friend that has a beautiful 11 year old son that is autistic. Every time I see him I can't have enough of him, he is the most beautiful little boy in my eyes, however, seeing him suffer that way breaks my heart and his parents are absolutely true heroes being 24/7 vigilent trying to help him eat, change his clothes etc. I swear, every time I see him, I pray to God for a cure for him and all autistic children now. So, saying that, I can't thank enough Jim and Jenny for doing what they are doing and please keep fighting for those children and their parents as well.

Shannon   April 3rd, 2009 9:56 pm ET

why so rude and disrespectful from the anti vaccine people on Larry King. The co-author of JM's book was down right hostile to the woman peditrician. I find people with that much anger just not credible, they are incapable of listening to the other side, and therefore not making informed decisions. If he's not willing to listen, he doesn't have all the facts.

Dona   April 3rd, 2009 9:57 pm ET


I work with a 27 yr old who was treated for Asbergers, and is off all

prescribed medicine and totaly on suppliments, and though it has

taken time[going on 1 year] he is nearing the end of the tunnel.

It has been very rewarding to be a part of his progress. I am with

CCHR, but just google, there are tons of bloggers, parents, and

patients who can and will advise and send you to the best books

and specialist and websites.

Diane Victor, N.D.   April 3rd, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Larry, thank You for having this information on your show. As a Naturopathic Consultant I have spent years studing and finding ways of being well & staying well not only for myself but for my clients and our society.
True Bio-Healing comes from the body receiving the correct tools (Nutrients) & getting rid of toxins within our bodies and societal habits. This includes unhealthy fast foods, pesticides, heavy antibiotics, heavy vaccines, and so much more.
Nature has the answers and combined with Ethical Science there is so much pain and dis-ease of the body that can be eliminated, allowing for good health and wellness. This is a way of life, not a quick fix.

Thank you for bringing to the fore-front possibilities for these children.

Donna Kemp   April 3rd, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Dear Larry,
I have a son who is 28 years old. He has really came along way because I finally got one speech Therapist to believe in my son. He learned about 5,000 words in 8 months at the age of 26 because they suggested a lightwriter. He has learned something knew every day since then. He like the doctors son also had many ear infections and was on antibiotics every 2 wks . He would have to have a new antibiotic. When he got his mmr shot he ran a very high fever and was so listless he couldn't even hold his head up and also formed a rash that orange blotches were all over his body. I still remember the ride to the hospital and how he looked so clearly. That's when Jim really regressed. But since know Doctor or teacher wanted to deal with it Jim lived a life without learning nothing till Jim got on the lightwriter and began to talk. My biggest Question is can biotherapy work for my son at age 28. By the way Jim is so much more happier now that he isable to use his lightwriter and communicate.

Bob Feneran   April 3rd, 2009 9:57 pm ET

Larry..Stop have self appointed experts on your show when it comes to medicine...the only person making any sense at your immediate desk was the pediatrician....the other gentleman is an incompetant loud mouth who has no credibility whatsoever.

Theresa   April 3rd, 2009 9:57 pm ET

why won't the iowa's children's mental health waiver (CMHW) help children with autsim, but they help children with ADHD? They made us get re-diagnosed for the CMHW in order to qualified. However, for school purposes, we use the original diagnosis of PDDNOS???

Kim Murphy   April 3rd, 2009 9:58 pm ET

Jenny, Jim, Dr Katzinel and Healey were great. Dr Fisher and Dr Witnitzer did not even acknowledge Evan's recovery. The AMA and AAP does nothing to help autism. Jim's comment is correct, the doctors say we can't help and discourage you from finding your own. My autistic son is 15 and getting better, thanks to Jenny's advocacy. It is very expensive. The government should pay for treatment. This would save money in the long run. Dr Fisher is so closed minded, it is incredible. Autism is devasting to families and an epidemic. Dr Wiznitzer was not impressive. Contact all your politicians including the president. Thanks, Larry too.

Greg Corning   April 3rd, 2009 9:58 pm ET

It is not just "vaccine". What is it in each vaccine that may be the issue? It is resonable to think that maybe it is the preservative in each is mercury based!!!!!!!!!!

Joe   April 3rd, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Is there a possible corralation with the increase of ultrasound use and the increase in autism? A possible problem with "baby A" led to a lot of time with ultrasounds being conducted. After birth our other daughter "baby B" had pretty severe autism. Ultrasounds and autism seem to have come along at about the same time . I believe powerful ultrasound procedures can break up gall stones or kidney stones, can you imagine what this can do to a developing baby?

Wendy   April 3rd, 2009 9:59 pm ET

I think that if the CDC doctors had a child with the diagnosis of autism and that child had several seizures every day like mine does they might change their mind

Deb   April 3rd, 2009 9:59 pm ET

Acceptance is the best "cure"

Katrina   April 3rd, 2009 9:59 pm ET

my son is 12 and he was misdignosed and now we have found out that he has had autism all this has blown me away that my son has been being treated for something that he doesn't have and now trying to figure out how to help him is so very nerve wracking......since I have another son that has health issues and I have been disabled from a car wreck.......

Alisha   April 3rd, 2009 10:00 pm ET

As Vaccines increased in AMerica, so did autism! When Murcury was brought into them autism finally came around. Before vaccines, there were never any signs of autism-it is NOT somethign thats always been around!

Danielle - Mom to Chazz, Age 7 - Asperger's & Epilepsy   April 3rd, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Jenny and Jim – THANK YOU for going on the show tonight. I always enjoy watching you – and learning more about how I can understand our son and know how to help him.

Each time you speak publicly of this issue, I DO think you plant the seed of possibility in the minds of parents and doctors.

Keep it up. Don't stop. *Don't ever stop.*

Sela   April 3rd, 2009 10:01 pm ET

my son received his vaccine at 1 week of age.. 3 days later we were in a hospital treating him for meningitis. life has never been the same, he is 11 yrs old... it could always be worst i say, he's a very happy boy runs around loves to watch his cartoons. he show such affection towards us which gives us such joy
god bless ALL our kids and people like jenny, jim, and the autism speaks org.

Bassam Shahmurad   April 3rd, 2009 10:01 pm ET

Hi Larry,
If we get rid of our corporate greed, we will not be victims to Autism or anything else.

kimberly   April 3rd, 2009 10:01 pm ET

I do not believe that this is curable.. We cannot blame the vaccinations on this disease.. How do we know that back when we were kids that we did not have it.. and we all did just fine.. I think because a child has a developemental delay that it is automatically said the child has autism.. My son was preemie at 27 weeks. some say he may have a pervasive developemental disorder and some say he is on the spectrum since its so broad.. You know it is so dishardening to have your child misdiagnosed with this disease. My son has been in early intervention since the nicu.. now he is in a special pre-k program for kids like him..
I think its only now that we are understanding what a developemental disorder is and are now putting a label on it.. It frightens me that Jenny proclaims she has found a cure etc.. or that its reverseable.. I totally disagree.. I feel that the only thing we can and will be able to do is how to help our young ones deal with this disease..

heather   April 3rd, 2009 10:01 pm ET

My son is diagnosed with autism. Is pulling out of the autism. It is treatable. Period!!!!!

Tyra   April 3rd, 2009 10:02 pm ET

DR. Wiztiner what money that follows autism. What money. Who gets money because we don't. We work had to learn therapies ourselves to better help our son. Why because therapies aren't OFFERED by INSURANCES. Private therapies cost thousands of dollars a year if your insurance doesn't cover. My son gets his therapies at school when he is healthy enough to go if he is lucky and healthy enough to make it the full week to school he gets 3and half hours of therapy through his school. Some weeks he only gets what me and his father are doing at home because he is so sick that he can't go to school or because he has been up for 56 hours straight and when he finally crashes for sleep he sleeps during school. Heck I'm not complaining I know other kids with autism who don't receive any therapies.

Martie   April 3rd, 2009 10:02 pm ET

I have spent the past 8 years of my 38 year career as a Speech/Language Pathologist working with children on the Autism spectrum who are severely handicapped. Some of my children have been on the GFCF diet for over 5 years, and have NEVER experienced the spontaneous, almost miraculous recovery experienced by Ms. McCarthy's son, Evan. I have also worked with children who HAVE made spectacular progress, but who came to us with a medical diagnosis, but without the concomitant self-stimulatory behaviors and sensory issues classically associated with Autism. There are a few doctors in our area who have never met a child who didn't have Autism, and are over-diagnosing it. My suspicion is that some of these children may have been among those who have been misdiagnosed. I am also concerned that the very loud debate around vaccines may be clouding the issue, as The M.I.N.D. Institute has already identified at least 15 different genes where Autism can occur. In the large group of children I have served, I have seen similar manifestations of the syndrome in some of them over the years, leading me to believe that some of these children may have been affected on the same gene, leading to a similar "brand" of Autism. When we look at the rise in the incidence of Autism, we musgt consider ALL of the factors in place now that were not in place a decade ago, and I wonder about the almost cavalier use of Sonograms, as we still know very little about the developing fetus' brain, and at what point they might be susceptible to bombardment by these waves, and if this may be a trigger mechanism for

Gabriel and Tina Bradshaw   April 3rd, 2009 10:03 pm ET


Heather Austin   April 3rd, 2009 10:03 pm ET

I have a 5 month old son who has had just 2 vacs to date. I told his doctor that I was going to give him vaccines but would space them out. He told me (in exact words ) that I was stupid to do that but it was my choice. How do we find these doctors that are supportive of spacing out the vacs.?

Deb   April 3rd, 2009 10:04 pm ET

btw, Jenny's son is not CURED, he is RECOVERING.... this is what SHE states in one of her books, relating it to being in a bad accident and never being "cured" from it, just recovering from it.

Mia Harrod   April 3rd, 2009 10:04 pm ET

I truly believe too that children who are suffering from immune system problems at the time of vaccinations are the ones who get autism from vaccines. That is to say, that if your child is currently sick, even if they don't look sick and then they get vaccines, THAT is what contributes to their autism. It is immune system compromised children who often get autism from the vaccines, and this would explain why some children who get shots turn out normal and some then go on develop autism. When I say that their immune system is compromised, it can be something that we cannot see, for instance a minor bacteria in their gut or a fungus like candida or a minor virus that is showing any symptoms, these small minor fungus or bacteria do affect the child's immune system and then you give them shots and that is what throws the child into autism.

Peter   April 3rd, 2009 10:04 pm ET

We are the cause of our own sickness to to some degree. Everything has to be pure no contaminates before consumption and so our body is not able to build up its immune system from day 1 on this planet.

We over medicate over vaccinate and run to a Dr for minor head colds. If we are not allowed to get sick while we are young we have no chance of fighting infections etc when we are older

As for cure of Autism what we need is evidence based medicine and not emotional rhetoric

Kathy   April 3rd, 2009 10:05 pm ET

I wish they had spent more time on the cure and treatment. The dietary intervention is successful treatment.

We need to prevent new cases, but we also need parents with autistic children to understand that there is a treatment that works.

Judy Willis   April 3rd, 2009 10:05 pm ET

the US is too lax on banning such as the bottles or other baby plastic items with bph canada is way ahead of us on these things

also when something is proven to be good they are to slow to implement it.

we should keep in close contact as to what has been baned in the UK and Canada
why are we so far behind
this is scary

Amber   April 3rd, 2009 10:05 pm ET

My 8 year old son has severe Autism. Our doctor will not help him with his gut problems etc. I have had him to a GI spec. they told me to remove juice. Nice eh? What can I do? I have him on the GF, dairy free yeast free, dye free limited sugar diet, and some vitamins. We live in Alberta Canada the services for bio-medical treatments are so limited here. My son needs help he is in pain. I don't know what else to do?

Vera Eads   April 3rd, 2009 10:06 pm ET

Larry, It disappoints me that you kept cutting off the doctors defending the biomedicals and the investigating into the shots. You did NOT give them a chance to talk. Everytime they started to talk and make a point you would cut to commercial. Start giving them straight uninterrupted time from your or anyone else then let the other group have uninterrupted time. It was a circus! They never got to finish a sentence without being interrupted by you or someone else. How can this help our nation?

BETH MOORE   April 3rd, 2009 10:06 pm ET


katie kelley   April 3rd, 2009 10:06 pm ET

I just read on Age of Autism that Dr. Max Wiznitzer is a paid expert witness for the government against the families who file in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Certainly explains his position doesn't it.

Nichole   April 3rd, 2009 10:07 pm ET

I was wondering if there is a link between the MSAFP and Autism. I had this test when I was 15 weeks pregnant. It came back positive for Down Syndrome. I then had an amnio at 17 weeks and the result came back normal. I always knew he was "different" from our daughter. (I don't like using the word different.) I expressed concern to the pediatrician. He then in turn told me, "He's a boy, he'll catch up. Your daughter wasn't normal" He is a very poor eater, doesn't drink milk, and in the 2nd percentile in weight compared to boys his age. He also has a speech delay. I recently got the Autism diagnosis 8 days ago. Ms. McCarthy I've read your books and they have given me nothing but hope and strength. Us parents are the best advocates for our children. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Cathy Palmer   April 3rd, 2009 10:07 pm ET

My 7 yr old grandson has autism. The doctor that says they are born with it, has never lived with it. Andrew was a very attentive baby, he spoke "mama and baba" at 6 mos. He always stared into your eyes. When he was 2, this changed. He stopped making eye contact and started to retreat more, also loud noises bothered him, and large crowds. I don't think it is the vaccines alone, I think it is the way they affect some children. We need to find which kids will be affected before they are given the vaccines. I also don't believe you can "cure" autism. There is alot you can do, and the sooner the better. Andres is in 2nd grade, in regular classes, and just made the honor role, but he is still autistic. I could tell Jennys' son was autistic watching him. We can make it better, but it won't go away.

Jeanne   April 3rd, 2009 10:07 pm ET

We have a beautiful 4 yr old grandaughter who is diagnosed autistic. She doesn't talk but knows what she wants. Noone can convince me that the immunizations DIDN'T do this to her. She use to come to us look at us and even started to talk, but it all stopped around the age of 1 to 2 yrs. Trying to get the help is just starting she has been on a waiting list for 2yrs. We love that Jenny is trying to bring this to EVERYONES attention maybe than we could get help faster. Thanks for the show Larry. The Farmers from Janesville,Wi

Kim Murphy   April 3rd, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Jenny and Jim rock!

Theresa   April 3rd, 2009 10:08 pm ET


Glenn   April 3rd, 2009 10:08 pm ET

Dr. Wiznitzer's anecdotal "research" of vaccination rates and autism rates in Amish children is flawed. It is true that the Amish have a high vaccination rates and lower autism rates than the rest of the US population. However, the Amish do NOT follow the CDC recommended vaccination schedule. They follow a much less aggressive schedule that gives shots later and give less shots.

I am sure that Dr. Wiznitzer knows how to properly research this anecdotal evidence that he solicited from a friend. So why doesn't he? I think that Dr. Wiznitzer doesn't because he omitted a fact that he knows to be true and that is that the Amish don't give their children nearly the number of shots the CDC recommends. The only other logical reason would be that he doesn't enough about Autism to do this research properly.

Dr. Wiznitzer was leaving a lot of important facts out as he talked and never answered the question as to why he doesn't want to do certain studies and research.

Helen Curtis   April 3rd, 2009 10:08 pm ET

Mr. Handley, in the last several minutes of LKL, you referenced the Gardisil Vaccine as damaging so many young women and stated that Gardisil would soon be removed from the market. Can you elaborate, please? Our 19 yo daughter is one of the girls who have been through medical hell since receiving Gardisil. Thanks for any information you may have.

Paula A   April 3rd, 2009 10:08 pm ET

Autism. This is so serious!! I can't believe that the USA have so many, money hungry people in top positions and making decisions such as this. (AAP). America you better wake up and speak out. It's time we stop accepting the garbage that these type of leaders (AAP) are dishing out. Dr. Max W. stated that "we can't keep spending our money on research". That's the problem he and the AAP think it's their money, when actually it's our money (tax payers)....He stands to be corrected.

Sara   April 3rd, 2009 10:09 pm ET

I'm sorry, but the vaccine link can't be a coincidence. I think it is beyond time to do some research on this. I am trying to wonder how I survived growing up in the eighties with only ten shots (and many of those my body did not respond well too, and to this day, many medications doctors try to get down my throat make me too sick).

I don't have kids. When I do, I know that there are certain vaccines that my children will get. However, there are others that I do NOT think are necessary, such as HB vaccine (which I had because I worked in a nursing home, but is optional for an adult) and the chicken pox vaccine.
However, as a former daycare provider, if I don't give my kids the chicken pox vaccine, they cannot go to daycare or school in my state, so basically most parents don't have a choice.

This show has given me some things to think about when it comes to children and vaccinations. I'm going to visit the website and read Jenny's book. It's always good to look at both sides, whether you agree or not.

John Best   April 3rd, 2009 10:09 pm ET

Instead of taking a poll about opinions on whether autism can be cured, why don't you just talk to people like me who have cured it. I cured one son of Asperger's in less than two months by removing the mercury from his brain via chelation.

My other son was so severely damaged by thimerosal that you would have thought he was brain dead for 7 years. When I chelated him, he came back to life, the way he was for his first year before mercury scrambled his brain.

This whole debate with dishonest doctors should be abandoned in favor of simply allowing some of us to tell the truth.

You want to know all the facts? Check back with me and I'll give them to you.

marfom   April 3rd, 2009 10:09 pm ET

Why not think about the growth hormones and the antibiotics pumped into the food sources that the MOTHERS must consume while the fetus is in the womb, trying to develop. Why do MOST of you insist, with no basis, blame a "bandwagon" theory? I do think, as the parent of an autistic child, that people have to start opening up their mind to other theories. Not saying that anybody is wrong, but open up a little.

Teriss   April 3rd, 2009 10:09 pm ET

It doesn't take rocket science to know that injecting a baby with mercury, and toxic poisons "doesn't do any harm".

That is the critical part that these "pro-drug" doctors will not admit?
It is doesn't do any harm, than lets do it every year as we do with pets?
I doubt the advocates for vaccines would recommend you vaccinate your child every year but the do with dogs. Dogs only live 13 years or more, and one shot is all they need for the rest of their lives. The drug companies are also overdosing pets with vaccinations.

I was surprised to learn and I am glad Jim and Jenny mentioned that they are vaccinating with over 30 vaccines in a shorter period of time.

No matter how you slice it – that is a toxic overload of chemicals. I know also that the bio-med methods work for detoxing the body of heavy metals.

This is just the beginning and if President Obama is at all interested in reducing healthcare costs – he can start right here with vaccinations and the reduction of their uses.

Kate   April 3rd, 2009 10:10 pm ET

This was great that both sides were able to speak. Thanks Larry were great! I stopped vaccinating my daughter because I don't think vacciness are safe, are not tested thoroughly and are not always effective. My daughter so far has not shown any short term problems but hopefully because she had so many shots given at a time (shots that were never studied to be given at one time) she won't have long term health problems. I will never vaccinate again...hopefully the CDC will eventually admit to the fact that the more vaccines our kids get the lower their mortality rate!

DDiane   April 3rd, 2009 10:10 pm ET

Shame on the pharmaceuticals, all this for the love of MONEY!!!

Vaccines are known to be laced of Mercury.
Kids should be given only the basic vaccines, as has been
done in the past. They always have excuses of new diseases,

Very strange if you ask me. that not too many studies are
conducted on this very serious issue.

Kathy   April 3rd, 2009 10:10 pm ET

Please, if you have a child with autism, try the gluten-free, casein-free diet for just 1 or 2 weeks. That is how soon it was before my husband and I begin to realize that the change in diet was making a difference.

For the first week, I fed my son fruit snacks, tortilla chips, hot dogs and soy ice cream. After that, his diet expanded, but at least we got through the initital withdrawal.

After that, my son kept improving and now he has been released from any special requirements at school.

Edgar Betancourt, MD CAP, ASCP   April 3rd, 2009 10:11 pm ET

Dear Larry,
Why does the media persist on airing these nonsensical topics? DEspite the best efforst of some of the brightest minds in this planet, the fact is that nooen has a clue to the etiology of autism, in fact we don't even know waht autism is!!! The great majority of the increase in autism is due to the fact that now a days every child that has autistic characteristics is labelled autistic! The magic date of 1990 also corresponds to the period where the term autistic spectrum disorders appeared. Before such classification autism was a term used only in cases where the cognitive and social interaction rpoblems were the only problems, now almost every mentally retarded, epileptic or any ather child with a neurologic disorder that has autistic symptoms is labelled as autistic. It's ludicrous. I love how every quack under the un now has some magic potion treatment or enema to "cure" autism. The whole situation is hysterical and downright stupid. I also love the testaments of my child is now 50% better since cleansing X or vitamin Y, more 21 century snake oil. What drives completely iinsane is the sustained completely unfounded attack against vaccinations!!!!! ANd the preposterous claims of enrichment from vaccines!!! For your audiences information, if there is one thing that pharmaceutical companies could care less about in their bottom line is vaccines, for the most part, vaccines barely break even and in many instances, it's been government guarantees in one way or another that have kept the companies in the vaccine market at all!!!!!!! Next thing lets check the useless vaccine list:
Chicken Pox: the incidence of chicken pox has decreased >80% since the introduction, death, hopitallizations and morbidity associated with the disease has been reduced by >than 95%. ANd for those that didn't weren't aware of it Chicken pox used to kill dozens of kids a year and thousands would require hospitalization.
HIB: yep another useless vaccine. Before the vaccine Hemophilous was the number one cause of bacterial meningitis in children it killed hundreds a year and let maimed thousands. Since the vaccine is available Hemophilous meningitis is so rare that most young pediatricians have NEVER seen a case.
I could go on and one. But I'm simply sick and tired of having people in the media provide a forum for this kind of stupidity because some airhead celebrity thinks his discovered a new way to China through the center of the earth. Please Larry with these unfortunate topics please strive more to inform and less to entertain. The fact that a whacky artist with a pretty wife and a loony doctor with a sick child match together to propagate ignorance doesn't make thousands of doctors and researchers wrong, its like the global warming and evolution thing, Comprende?????

Glenn   April 3rd, 2009 10:13 pm ET

Vera Eads,

I agree. Larry should devote more time to both sides of the autism debate. With more than 1 in 150 children in this country being born with autism it touches almost everyone in this country is some way.

Karen   April 3rd, 2009 10:13 pm ET

THANK YOU, LARRY for airing this segment. THANK YOU, JB...the movement is moving. THANK YOU, JENNY, for being our voice, for doing on a national scale what many of us do in our local communities.

My son slipped into autism after his 4 month vaccines. By 2 he was diagnosed with autism and was nonverbal and had no social connection. We pursued DAN biomedical treatment fast and furiously and today, my 6 year old is thriving in regular mainstream kindergarten, has friends, and can tell us what and how he is feeling. He's close to "indistinguishable" and I have biomedical treatment to thank. I coach new families so they don't miss out on this vital treatment plan. Autism is treatable!!!

Joanna   April 3rd, 2009 10:13 pm ET

Thank goodness, for those people that will reach outside the box to not only look for answers, but also question standard practice.. I cannot know the anguish of families who are looking for the right care for their children but must also battle a system that is limited in the way they approach autism. It astounded me that they could only think of the end goal of vaccination – not that they might need to be identify how to provide them differently.

If my vet knows, they cannot give multiple vaccines to my 7lb Pomeranian and when she gets a vaccine, she must have a dose of Benadryl I would think it wouldn't be too much trouble to find a variation for kids and find the time to sit down and talk about it.

Theresa   April 3rd, 2009 10:13 pm ET

Not every child has gut problems – do you have another suggestion to try?

Misty   April 3rd, 2009 10:14 pm ET

Dr. W, my head nearly exploded when you tried to pass the increase of autism off on parents looking for a diagnosis to get money. Of all the idiotic things to say, have you seen how much a doctor visit costs and treatments, with no insurance to help? It costs 3 milion over a lifetime!!! Maybe you have that from the pharmacutical companies lining your pocket but we are working people, trying to heal our children from your screw-up. Don't talk to me about money, or autism for that matter until your child is suffering like mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Miller   April 3rd, 2009 10:15 pm ET

Anyone ever read the package insert for vaccines? I think most Doctors should be sued for malpractice when they consistently tell parents that vaccines are safe – Oh let me re- phraes that they do disclose SOME of the listed adverse effects "... Joey may get some mild swelling in the area of the shot and perhaps a fever." Hey Doc what about seizures, encephalopathy, tics, the disease itself...?" Anyone tracking these? All I know is when a parent comes back complaining to the Ped they are shunned. Ever try to discuss vaccines with a pediatrician? I rest my case. You see they don't want to disclose They don't want parents to be informed. This is because they are told only one thing when it comes to vaccines – "All must be vaccinated"- Just think if they were to really look at the individual child (First do no harm, remember that one?) wouldn't it make sense that some children would not be administered shots OR that some would be given a diferent schedule? Come on people wake up! SAVE THE CHILDREN!

Nancy D-S   April 3rd, 2009 10:15 pm ET

As a music therapist who works primarily with children with autism, I have seen the potential for recovery first hand. While a lot of this information was difficult to believe 10 years ago, I chose to keep an open mind and really watch the children I have worked with as they went through an array of treatments over the years. Recovery is possible and attainable. Insurance and Medicaid have picked up some of the cost for families when doctors address the medical roots of autism (i.e. auto-immune dysfunction). However, this is an uphill battle financially for many families.

I chose to use an conservative vaccine schedule for my two daughters, omitting some vaccines and spreading out the rest (i.e. breaking up the MMR) according to Dr. Stephanie Cave's recommendations. I keep up on their immunities by having titer tests done every 2 – 3 years to see if there are any boosters needed. My oldest daughter did not need any boosters for Kindergarten – all of her immunities were within range, making that series of shots medically unnecessary. She did receive a Polio booster between Kindergarten and 1st grade and that is all she has needed. There are ways to vaccinate safely, though I do understand the perspective of parents who choose not to vaccinate younger siblings of autistic children.

Parents need to understand that they have a choice of how vaccines can be administered. There is a choice, though it is not often presented that way by the doctors. Researchers need to determine which factors put certain children at risk for regressive autism so that we can end this epidemic and begin to decrease the rate of autism. The rate of autism is still rising – along with the recommended number of vaccines for children. 50 vaccines by Kindergarten is too much for any child.

Dona   April 3rd, 2009 10:15 pm ET

It's not just the mercury, the list of toxic crap in the vaccines is mind blowing. And more over unitl we undersatnd that some human beings are more sensitive to all manner of things including mercury[even in trace ammounts] alumin, MSG, all these things and more are neru toxins and should not be used in developing bodies. One vaccine to an infant equals the effects of giving that vaccine to a 160lb adult!
It is downright inhumane, and anyone who urges cation, and revamping this insanity is right on and intrested in the best for our kids.

Arzu Forough   April 3rd, 2009 10:15 pm ET

I love that you always do such a good job of presenting each side to every story. I am a parent of two sons both diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

I am a biologist as well as a computer scientist. My husband is a PhD level geneticists, with his post doctoral training in cellular biology. We both believe that the surge in the autism diagnosis since the mid 90's is NOT better diagnosis. The causes are not definitively identified for every form of autism. Autism is definitely preventable once there's adequate research funding into causes of autism. Autism is definitely reversible with early & intensive approriate medical treatments.

This is only attainable if insurance companies (private AND public) are required to pay for the treatment...THEY WILL advocate for aggressive research into finding causes & a cure for autism!!!

Autism Speaks, Autism Votes, & autism's time for physicians, insurance carriers, NIH & CDC to listen.

With my warmest regards,
Arzu Forough
Kirkland, WA

stacy cansler   April 3rd, 2009 10:16 pm ET

Our Government is being bought by the drug companies.I believe this to be true because they offer millions of dollars in disability benifits and make billions from the drug companies.This is done strictly to make the public belive they are trying very hard to help families that cannot afford to take care of let alone manage there autistic child.So the debate goes on with nothing being resolved,except politicians becoming very wealth.They can dance around the issues for decades and they won't even consider that maybe it was the vaccines.MY son stopped talking 2 days after his vaccines thank God I got them late or I would have never gotten to hear him talk.He's 13 with no verbal speech at all and no signing skills either.I knew this issue would not be resolved before my biological clock ran out so I just refused to have any more children for the fear of having another autistic child.The chances of having an autistic child is far greater than winning the lottery in any state.

Tina Bradshaw   April 3rd, 2009 10:16 pm ET

DR. Wiztiner ,

Theresa   April 3rd, 2009 10:16 pm ET

I know my child has Autism vs. ADHD! Why are you so demeaning? My other two children have ADHD like their father! I know the difference. Change your story!

Glenn   April 3rd, 2009 10:17 pm ET

With the difference in opinions of what causes autism and what research needs to be done, I'm curious if an "all source analysis system" is being used to put links together on common themes of kids, parents and environments of autism cases? The military and police use these systems very sucessfully to create links to intelligence gathered. I would think this could be useful in autism research as well. It would identify common themes and help put a focus on research. If someone knows please reply.

B. Noelani Hong   April 3rd, 2009 10:17 pm ET

Dr. Fischer and Dr. W. appeared to be the most objective with the information they shared about autism. It is a complicated disorder. The opposing views presented, appear too quick to lay blame on a single cause. Unfortunately, life is rarely that simple. I appreciate the information on this very heartbreaking condition. I trust that quality research continues.

Deb   April 3rd, 2009 10:18 pm ET

Laura in Chicago: try Homefirst Medical Doctors

Timothy McGuirk DO, FACEP   April 3rd, 2009 10:18 pm ET

I enjoyed the show on autism, what little there was of the show. Ads come every 3-4 minutes so you must be making money like the Drug companies. I hope you and CNN donate at least some of the milions of dollars you make from these shows to Autism Research. I'm an emergency physician and I see autistic children from time to time in the ED and I see a lot of kids with fevers from infectious diseases. Diseases like H. flu B and serious pneumococcal disease are now quite rare where they used to be much more common. Vaccines helped wipe these out. Small pox has been essentially eradicated and polio has also been essentially eradicated in the developd world by vaccines. That being said, the drug companies are an extremely powerful business / lobby and there have been many examples of their undue influence in medical education and drug approval in the past. The definition of autism seems to have changed greatly in the 25 years I have been practicing. It used to be reserved for a select few who were severely introverted, unable to copmmunicate with those around them and now it seems to include patients I can have a conversation with. Those individuals in the past would not have been considered autistic. Clearly what we need is objective, well-constructed research into the cause or causes of autism to answer these very complex questions but we also need to establish a clear definition of autism. AND YOU REALLY NEED TO EITHER CUT DOWN ON THE NUMBER OF ADs, GROUP THEM BETTER, OR AT LEAST DONATE A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF THE OBSCENE PROFITS YOU AND CNN MUST MAKE FROM YOUR SHOWS TO HELP FUND THE RESEARCH.

Dona   April 3rd, 2009 10:18 pm ET

In New Jersey where pollution is greater than other areas, the rate of autism is 1 in 90. I don't trust the stats, I think it is etreamey high.

Lisa Miller   April 3rd, 2009 10:19 pm ET

JB you are a true leader and hero for our children. Thank you for opening my eyes over 3 years ago. Jenny/Jim you have been Angels for our children. If only they knew......

Ellen Ronshagen   April 3rd, 2009 10:20 pm ET

The problem with Jenney McCarthy is that she claims to have CURED her son of autism, like it was a cold or the flu. How dare her make it seem like it is just that easy. I am thrilled that her son is totally CURED. Does Jenney really think the rest of us poor, idiots do not know how to CURE our children? Give me a break. My son was born with Aspergers. Thanks to Jenney, I am expected to have CURED him early in life so he did not have to go through what he has. I guess i am too stupid to have done all the wonderful things she did!! Thanks, Jenney, now everyone should expect me to CURE my son, who is apparently a mistake of the medical community. If I were like her, I could have saved a 1,000 mile move and much suffering for my autistic son.
Wow. Aren't you wonderful?! Get Real.

JS   April 3rd, 2009 10:20 pm ET

Thank you to Jenny, Jim, JB and Dr. Kartzinal. You make me so proud. I was in tears thinking..."what if we would have listened to doctors and never taken the biomedical approach?" Our son is close to being completely recovered from this awful disorder. And I am so blessed to have taken this road with all of you. Because of organizations like TACA and DAN! we have our son again.

God Bless people like you for helping me get my son back.


Jessica   April 3rd, 2009 10:21 pm ET

My husband and I have 4yr old twin boys. Both diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. Being in pre-school and therapy has drastically turned them around. They still do not communicate completely but still say several words. I have been wanting to change their diet, but we are afraid of them not eating, they hardly have an appetite as it is. I'm hoping with the diet change it will help them get even better.

Misty   April 3rd, 2009 10:21 pm ET

Dr. W, I tell you what I'll give you back any money received for my autistic (Disabled) son, if you give me my perfect baby

Enrique Dussan   April 3rd, 2009 10:22 pm ET

I am very touched by this subject as I have a cousin that was miss diagnosed many years ago as being mentally retarded to 30 years later find out that he had autism. I know the pain and I have witnessed the dedication these parents have with these kids. It is sad to think that there is a possibility that the pharmaceutical industry once more is behind this horrible crime. Once again it is all about money!

Thank God there is Karma!

Carol Presley   April 3rd, 2009 10:23 pm ET

Yes I believe Autism is cureable along with other diseases. With all the reading and research I've done I believe we are making our environment very toxic. AND WE CAN PREVENT IT.!! We need to be continuing to clean up our environment and looking at alternative ways (other than DRUGS!!!) to heal our bodies at any age!

I know personally of a case where a woman in her 70's was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She had the usual operations and chemo and she appeared to be fine and the cancer gone. Then a short time later it came back. The doctors told her there was nothing more they could do for her. They gave her one day to one year to live. So her husband got down to business and did a ton of research. He put her on a rigorous diet of juicing and healthy foods. They also used natural medicine – not man-made chemicals. Within a few months she was cured. She is now healthy, feels great , has energy and is just fine as far as her cancer!! Many people would just laugh at that because we have been – for decades – saturated with the medical "knowledge" of the current medical system all our lives!! We have been trained to think in a certain way. And no one likes change.

People need to start taking their health into their own hands. There is a scary lack of knowledge among our doctors about human health and the nourishment our bodies need. Of course doctors do good things. There are many times when they do. But, not only are the drug companies largely responsible (or isrresponsible) for this as they DO control our medical system, but so is our food industry with all the chemicals and pesticides not only on our food but in it, as well as harmful fats and sugars in our food. Sugar is one cause of cancer. It devastates the immune system. Diet is of PRIME IMPORTANCE in making and keeping us healthy. We need to start asking questions and taking a stand – and demanding answers, and healthy solutions instead of just going along blindly with everything our medical profession tells us!!! We ALL need to re-educate OURSELVES!

Diane Smith   April 3rd, 2009 10:24 pm ET

Thank you Larry for supporting Dr. Kartzinel and Jenny. My grandson was diagnosed with autism at the same time Jenny came out with "Louder than Words". We pinpointed his regression to the MMr vaccine and flu shot that were given a month apart. He became seriously ill with flu like symptoms, regressed and at 2 was mute. We put him on the GF/CF diet, got a DAN doctor, used the vitamins, supplements. He went from being Mute, to speaking at first, words, then duplicate words. The stimming stopped, he made eye contact, became more social. He so impressed his special education teacher, she recommended he attend regular pre-K classes. His vocabulary grows everyday, he is extremely intelligent and daily amazes us with his abilities. God Bless You Jenny, Jim and Dr. Kartzinel and keep fighting the battle, We are all behind you.

Amber Dolman   April 3rd, 2009 10:26 pm ET



One COMPANY is out of oregon


It seems That I can't List Any Names Of Companies for you ON HERE




sandy martin   April 3rd, 2009 10:27 pm ET

My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed at 4 years old with "mild to moderate" autism.My husband works full time,but with no health insurance offered.I was recently laid off from my job and lost our insurance benefits.As many of you well know,autism is an expensive disorder.What we need in the USA is help for the people like us who have no insurance and can't afford the expensive treatments for autism.We don't qualify for our state funded child health insurance program because my husband makes too money.We don't even qualify for food stamps! My daughter does recieve speech,physical,and occupational therapies through our school system and she is slowly making progress.This time last year she wasn't saying very many words,and now she can count to 10(in English ans Spanish),she knows most of her colors,can recite most of the alphabet,and has finally started saying the one word that I longed for her to say..MAMA. I would love to be able to try the different treatments on my daughter but we just don't have the money!

Larry Laciak   April 3rd, 2009 10:27 pm ET

Our son was diagnosed with Autism at 20 months of age. Within a week after receiving his MMR NEEDLE, we lost our son to the world of Autism. Listening to the Doctors tonight talk about alot of the cases are linked to genetics, made me appalled. This just shows their ignorance to the fact that genetics is such a low percentage. Our case is not genetic related. Our son's immune system was so low that receiving the MMR needle triggered his Autism. I want these Doctors to explain to me why at 20 months of age, my son had extremely high levels of Mercury and Arsenic in his system. His twin sister had the vaccines and nothing happened to her. We met Dr. Hartzenel at a Conference at Ryerson University in Toronto Canada, where he talked about the leaky gut syndrome and how diet can help these children. We immediately started our son on a gluten caisen free diet, vitamin supplements and he was accepted for the IBI program. Our Pediatrician did not want hear about this and did not want to read any material we supplied him. We ended up switching Doctors and now have a Doctor who took two years off of her practice to study Autism. We have had to re-mortage our house but it has been well worth it as our son has recovered from Autism. Jenny, when are you coming to Toronto? There are alot of people who want to hear speak on this subject. I have just purchased her book and are looking forward to reading it!

ROLF HAZLEHURST   April 3rd, 2009 10:27 pm ET

My son's case was the second test case in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding. "Vaccine Court" is not a real court. In"Vaccine Court" there is no judge, no jury and the most basic rules of law do not apply. It is highly misleading to refer to the "Vaccine Court" as a court.


Amber Dolman   April 3rd, 2009 10:27 pm ET

The original concept of vibrational medicine dates back into antiquity when vibrational remedies (in the form of flower and gemstone essences) were consistently and extensively employed throughout many ancient civilizations, such as the Lemurians, Atlanteans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs, Incas, Toltecs and Chinese. Certain other cultures in the far distant past, including ancient Greece, Rome, India, and the Native Americans throughout America, continued to maintain the custom of using these remedial agents until they eventually became a systematic form of medicine, while all natural and holistic methods of healing became the predominant system of medical practice.

The healing capabilities of all vibrational remedies are specifically designed for treatment of the entire body by utilizing a process of integrating and balancing all the higher energetic systems that ultimately create the various physical and cellular patterns of manifestation on the physical plane of existence. This system of healing is primarily concerned with a more holistic approach to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual human being by providing more measurable quantities of specific energy frequencies to the human multi-dimensional system. Human organisms are comprised of a series of multi-dimensional subtle-energy systems that interact with one another in a sort of "holographic" classroom, known simply as the physical world. Human beings consist of dynamic energy-systems that basically reflect their own particular personal evolutionary patterns of soul growth, and Humanity is in a state of perpetual evolution simply because human consciousness is constantly evolving. Many individuals throughout the world are consistently altering and improving their personal lifestyles and belief-systems in such a manner that seemingly indicates a greater awareness of the interrelationship between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit in relation to health and disease. As human beings become increasingly more concerned with their mental, emotional, and spiritual growth-patterns, they will begin to perceive a more accurate understanding of the true nature and causes behind their physical, mental and emotional disorders, as well as a greater realization of their true Divine nature.

As so aptly stated by Dr. Richard Gerber in his definitive text on the subject of energetic medicine, entitled Vibrational Medicine:

"The rising tide of increased spiritual awareness will begin to affect larger numbers of people through a kind of cosmic resonance effect. When enough minds have changed to reach the critical threshold necessary to move the entire global consciousness to a new level of healing and awareness, we will have arrived at the New Age."

The vibrational remedies that comprise the group of formulations that are outlined here include both flower and gemstone essences. According to the author Gurudas, such remedies are "tinctures of liquid consciousness" that contain an evolutionary force in the shape of a particular energy-pattern. As a result, they become an evolutionary form of catalyst in the consciousness of an individual which, in turn, directly affects their free will in the form of certain progressive elements that stimulate greater inspiration and personal growth or transformation.

Everything in life, both animate and inanimate, is in a constant state of vibrational resonance and harmonics, which generates energy-fields of an electrical and electromagnetic nature. Such patterns of molecular activity generate a frequency that amplifies the vibrational quality of various other life-forms, and these same patterns comprise many of the activities that ultimately transform these frequencies into the dense organic matter of the physical body. Therefore, the healing capabilities of these vibrational remedies are directly based upon the transference of their energy frequencies into the physical body on the molecular level, thereby stabilizing the biomolecular system by providing a more sympathetic resonancy. The healing properties of energetic medicine are attributed to their particular resonancy (or harmonic) that interacts with specific parts or various organs of the body's physical anatomy. The healing process then extends from the biomolecular level to the cellular level, and eventually to the anatomical level in order to harmonize with the biochemical properties of the physical body. The specific type of resonancy that is stored within the energy-pattern (or frequency) of a particular vibrational remedy usually possesses greater empathetic qualities when it is transferred to the unstable biomolecular level, which is usually quite strong during the disease-state.

Vibrational remedies also possess a more expanded form of resonancy known as thought amplification, in which an individual's thought-forms are absorbed by a particular flower essence or gemstone elixir and then re-arranged according to a specific vibratory frequency-pattern that exists within that remedial agent. This allows the vibrational preparation to be better assimilated into the subtle anatomy at the biomolecular level, and usually occurs in such a manner because the physical body is completely designed and patterned by the characteristics of both the conscious and subconscious minds. Therefore, the healing properties of these remedies are further activated and enhanced by the practice of meditation, positive thinking, and creative visualization techniques. These processes allow such remedies to be more easily assimilated into all the vibrational levels of the body by directly entering the various meridian points, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of these preparations.

Vibrational formulations seek to adjust the flow of one's consciousness, as well as remove the various karmic patterns that originally created such a disease-state. Upon influencing the subtle bodies and all the other ethereal properties of the subtle anatomy (such as chakras, meridians, nadis, or miasms), they then begin to produce a gradual effect upon the physical body itself. Since these remedies are self-adjusting in terms of their overall effects upon the body, several ingredients in a particular formulation can be effectively assimilated in a much more coordinated manner. The body will then selectively apply the various grouping of essences to those appropriate areas of the subtle anatomy that require their particular healing qualities or capabilities.

Energetic medicine is only capable of stabilizing the physical and subtle bodies on a temporary basis until a total cleansing of one's consciousness occurs. This includes the release of various mental or emotional toxins, such as negative emotional attachments or mental misconceptions involving certain dysfunctional behavioral patterns. These ethereal toxins are then dispelled into the outer portions of one's aura in order for them to be purified and later transferred into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are subsequently transformed and disintegrated. However, a portion of these toxins may be drawn back into the physical body by any form of conscious or unconscious resistance towards the release of these various dysfunctional personality traits or attitudes. Nevertheless, these vibrational remedies usually enable an individual to directly confront and resolve the underlying cause or source of such behavioral patterns in order for them to surface and be released.

Vibrational medicine is extremely sensitive to the outer environment, and can be adversely affected by certain noxious odors or other environmental pollutants. They may also be negatively influenced by any form of exposure to extreme heat (such as direct sunlight or hot beverages), but usually function best when preserved at a storage temperature of about 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vibrational formulas are extremely safe and effective for children, who are often more responsive to this form of therapy because there is less likelihood of any interference or resistance from various accumulations of negative mental or emotional blockages and dysfunctional attitudes.

The best times to ingest these remedies is usually upon awakening, around noon, before the evening meal, and before bedtime. The frequency of the dosage is far more important than the quantity ingested and, in certain chronic conditions, the dosage may be administered on an hourly basis. These remedies should never be taken during meals, even though certain foods (such as fruits and vegetables) will usually enhance their effects. Distilled or natural spring water also aids in the proper assimilation of these essences. Be sure to vigorously shake the vibrational preparation prior to ingesting it, as this will further activate the vital life force that resides in the remedy. It is also wise to hold the dosage in the mouth for up to 60 seconds in order for it to become completely integrated with the various enzyme properties that exist in the saliva. This will allow the preparation to be assimilated more rapidly into the biomolecular level in order to further enhance its interaction with the normal bodily processes.

Each vibrational combination may be taken for at least 30 days, with the average length of time ranging generally from 3 to 6 months (depending upon the severity of the disease-state). Such remedies should not be ingested on a continuous basis for more than one year, unless the particular preparation is applicable to highly chronic conditions that have existed for more than three years or relates to conditions that may have originated during childhood. The normal response-time to such remedies normally varies from the first few seconds of the initial dose to several weeks, depending upon the particular individual's overall sensitivity or degree of resistance.

Shelly Sulkoske   April 3rd, 2009 10:28 pm ET

Way to go Jenny, Jim, Dr. K, and JB!! Bernadine Healy also didn't let the "other side" get away with ignoring the science that hasn't been done to look at vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations. I want you to know how much you mean to our family. You are our voice -saying everything we wish we could say. I just hope the AAP (and moms and dads) are listening. I can vouch for the attitude we received from the AAP pediatrician's office: we were told we were no longer welcome in their practice since our children (pre-teens and teens) did not participate in annual well checkups (not covered by insurance) and the obligatory shots. Oh well, I'm sure they wouldn't have any advice for my teenage son with autism who is much better now on biomed. and GFCF diet and supplements. He doesn't need a parapro anymore either. All that progress and no thanks to them!!

Jonathan B James MD   April 3rd, 2009 10:28 pm ET

Larry et al. I am the author of an up coming Theory and book called "The Grand Design – The Operating System for Life".
It is a description of the biochemistry of the brain and a new way of looking at the energy flow and "REDOX potential with in the brain. I am a physician with very strong background in PTSD. I have applied for several government grant based on the theory.

I believe that Autism is caused by the loss of REM sleep following fearful experiences such as receiving multiple injections, a big dog or loud and fearful noises. Once REM sleep is disrupted, normal memory, socialization and ability to learn is also disrupted. Loss of
REM sleep is not a benign symptom but is the underlying cause of the difficulty in learning learn. All autistic children have REM sleep problems. Several simple meds can help this.

I am describing a syndrome called "Norepinephrine over-load" which occurs in Autism, PTSD, congestive heart failure, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. Norepinephrine is strongly charged and drives all the survival instincts and inflammation and free radical formation.

NE blocks REM because of the fear it produces, but NE Requires REM sleep and exercise for removal. I have described the biochemistry and physiology of this in the book. The Energy (Charge of Norepinephrine) must be removed neutralized to eliminate its effect.

All vets and civilian PTSD victims also suffer from REM sleep deprivation. We have several suggestions for removing excess norepinephrine and Re-introducing REM for both children and adults.

Jenny and Dr Kartzinel are right! We can improve Autism dramatically by focusing on Love attention an promotion of security and REM sleep. If any of the panel would like to contact me for a copy of the book. Publication is expected in approximately 2 months. Jonathan James MD,

Virginia Young   April 3rd, 2009 10:30 pm ET

I watched as my twins went straight into autism after reactions to a combination of MMR and varicella. At the time I had no idea that the two were never studied together. For that matter neither were properly studied in the first place. We never received a diagnosis. We just struggled in silence as my husband finished his residency and started his practice in obstetrics. We watched them recover although speech was never quite the same. Since "vaccines are safe and effective" we turned around and did it again and again. Every time they received shots the symptoms returned. We were plagued with vomiting, diarrhea, night terrors, rashes, seizures, loss of speech and more. They are now 11 and no one would know what they went through, but we share our story anyway because on February 11, 2003 we did it again to our 4th child and watched it all unfold before our eyes. The very same symptoms all rolled up into one complete package. This one had never before been vaccinated and he had never been sick. He had made it to 6 months without an ear infection, something unheard of in my other three. Actually it is simply unheard of this day in age in young children...period. Dozens of friends stopped vaccinating once they saw my son seizing and unable to sit up. Now family members who had been skeptical believed me.

I formed a support group for parents of vaccine injured children. We held two meetings today alone. Hundreds of families in my area have been adversely affected by vaccines and we all have the same stories. The "scientists" want to call this coincidence. I call it the largest comprehensive study known to man, and we are all the unwitting participants. After reviewing medical records I can now see that my family members reacted more than 30 times. Only one reaction was reported and that's because I fought for it. Without proper post marketing surveillance the claims of so-called safety cannot be made. Despite the mounting evidence against mass vaccination the professionals want to forge ahead and force more vaccines on all of us and we are not supposed to ask questions.
At the end of the day it is a question of who has control of your body, you or your government.

LInda Padronaggio   April 3rd, 2009 10:30 pm ET

At 4 months old, my son had successful open heart surgery and recovered without medicinal intervention.After 15 months, the dr. instructed me to give my son the MMR vaccine.He stated that 1 in 10 ,000 can die from the measled virus.I believe that children in poor countries suffering from malnutrition can get the disease that quicky.Why do we need to give it to OUR children so soon?
My first two don't have autism, but he has it. Prior to the vaccination he was developing well and speaking; after the vaccine he had a series of ear infections which led to a lack of speech,social interaction, and focus.At age 10, I put him on the Feingold diet.He improved significantly.When he was given the hepatitis shot,his progress was short lived and was never regained even with doctor administered chelation therapy. The measles titers in an individual is supposed to be 50, but my son has 300 measles titers as well as add'l viruses due to a compromised immune system.The body can't break down certain foods and they act like LSD on the brain.The compromised gut can not produce a chemical that would possibly help the neurotransmitters of the brain.I found so many embryonic stem cell clinical trials for all diseases,except autism.Where are the future husbands and soldiers? Unless the gov't intends to clone us,there will be a shortage of fully functioning men. Autism can change entire families.Check out the short film, "Caged ",written and produced by his brother, Anthony Padronaggio,

Ralph   April 3rd, 2009 10:31 pm ET

One area of services to families of ASD kids that is VERY lacking – is GUIDANCE about these services. Show us a specialist – who will listen to us as parents.... meet our child..... evaluate them. And give us talk in plain english – and give us things that are reasonable to do – that will help our child. Not the local program who says that their $ 500 a week class will solve everything..... or the $1600 hyberbarriac that will solve everything too. Give us someone who has NOTHING to gain except to be a resourse to parents and families as to what has the best chances of helping our child based upon what they know – not based upon programs that they themselves are trying to fill, book up, or benefit financially from. I'm tired of going to seminars that end with contracts to sign to schedule expensive sessions that the presenter just happens to also put on.

As much as I'd like to think the DAN! Doctors have our best intersts in mind – I read that they become DAN! docs by attending a one-day seminar. That's just not enough.

My wife and I need someone to take us by the hand and tell us – go to this store and buy this vitamin – go to this store and get a ball and play this game – every single day. Stop giving him this food.

There is SO much information out there we just don't know what's good information and what is someone trying to make a buck.

Ann Marie P   April 3rd, 2009 10:31 pm ET

Hi Larry:
I had 3 grandchildren that had been diagnosed with ADHD from the age of 3 and 4 until the age of 16. One was diagnosed with ADHD/Autism at the age of 3. They were nt born with it, and they didn t experience any problems until after they received their "Booster DBT Vaccine" at the age of 3. These children were not able to take any medications to control ADHD and Austism until the age of 8. When they became teenagers with medication and self control they overcame most of their difficulties they experienced as children. They are now in their 20's, as adults they still experience learning ,disabilities,and experience mental disorders, learning disabilities, they are unable to attend college, trade schools, get drivers license and jobs

Barbara , MS, BCBA   April 3rd, 2009 10:32 pm ET

I agree with many of the recent entries-what about the kids this does not work for?

As it has been said, this is a spectrum disorder, with different things working for different kids. To those parents, keep trying!!!!!

There are now researchers, who are able to track traits of autism in infancy, so it is visible at birth. These are from Harvard and Jefferson Medical Center, who have been researching autism for years.

The diet works, but for those with GI issues. Most subgroups of autism don't really show response to this.

Autism can be triggered by any number of things-including heavy metals. These can come from water, foods, exposure through the environment. BUT IT WAS ALWAYS THERE.

Let's unite and help ALL of these kids, not just the "recovered" ones.

Debi S   April 3rd, 2009 10:32 pm ET

My son David is 3 going to be 4 at the end of the month. I noticed that my son wasn't hitting any of his developmental milestones and I brought him to his doctor with my concerns at 16 months and I was almost brushed off. When I realized that his doctor wasn't hearing my concerns and he kept telling me that boys tend to develop a little later and that all children do things in their own time I got furious. I told my son's doctor that if I was a first time mom which I wasn't then I might accept the load of crap he was telling me but, as a mom of 2 (at the time) I know my child better then anyone and that there was something wrong. My son's doctor walked out of the room (of coarse because by that time I was mad and yelling at him to help my son) and made the nurse come back in with the information pamphlet for Early Intervention, they came and evaluated David and said he had some developmental delays. He started receiving Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. By age 2 he was diagnosed as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Needless to say He is NOT my son's doctor anymore and I have found a doctor that works with me on the very real concerns about my son. I thank God everyday for Early Intervention and the information that I received by reading Jenny McCarthy's books and all the books written on the subject of Autism. My son David is now using Biomedical treatment and on the GF/CF diet and on many different supplements including Probiotics and TMG and Folinic acid and we are probably going to start Hyperbaric treatments, a good doctor is the key to helping a child suffering with the symptoms caused by Autism. I would like to also thank Larry King for being so open to discussing the topic of Autism repeatedly and having guests that give information from both sides. This is coming from a Mommy Warrior!

Steve Parsons   April 3rd, 2009 10:33 pm ET

There was a study in the 1990s in Japan where they stopped giving the MMR vaccine over concerns of the rising rate of autism.
So what happened?
The rate of autism continued to rise, unchanged.
The MMR vaccine was then restarted in Japan after a flood of measles cases re-emerged. Again, there was no change in the rate of rise of autism.
This study has been published in a peer reviewed journal (Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders. 37(2):210-7, 2007 Feb)

Ginny a nurse in Buffalo NY   April 3rd, 2009 10:34 pm ET

I have great respect for Jim & Jenny for being true advocates for those afflicted with autism & all affected by it. I know of several children affected who's parents are nurses.Instead of denial in treating the disease I agree with the vaccine theory. It seems too much of a coincidence.Today's "quick fix" for everything is causing nothing but problems.One size doesn't fit all. Vaccines need to be studied and fine tuned by UNBIASED physician investigators.Surely the results would win a nobel prize to unravel this mess. We don't need so many vaccines.We need safe & effective ones.As many drug commercials show with their reference to side effects, is the "cure" worse than the problem?

Connie Madison   April 3rd, 2009 10:35 pm ET

As I sat on the couch watching the show my 8 year old Autistic son sat on the couch next to me. He heard the word Autism. He said, "They said Autism!" I said, " I know, I am learning more about it." He said, "Is it for when I am speechless?" I just cried.
Somebody please, please help our children. This is the cruelest disorder, our childern are within themselves, please someone help them get out.....

Amber Dolman   April 3rd, 2009 10:35 pm ET


The Children of Crystal Vibration have the ability of multi-level communication. They not only know what is in your thoughts, but, importantly, they will know what is in your heart. When their numbers grow on the Earth you will see instantaneous communications between them. Their own understanding of energy and the way they refract light within their being will give them psychokinetic abilities. They will be able to move things with their minds. More importantly, they will be able to rearrange matter with their thoughts with little or no time lag. To us, this is quite amusing, as it was not that long ago that you invented stories for your own entertainment of outer space beings with great powers of the mind that would take over your world. Now you will find that this is true, but that they are in fact your own children.

Potential Challenges

As we have mentioned, the Children of Crystal Vibration have a crystalline structure that allows them to carry more light within their physical being. It is this crystalline structure that causes them to reflect back those things for which they have no reference. Being as powerful as they are, they not only reflect back energies for which they have no reference, but in the process they will amplify that energy as well. In as little as 150 years these attributes will be commonplace, yet those who are the first to carry these in physical form may experience considerable challenges.

Autism or Crystal?

Let us explain some of the immediate challenges these higher vibrational beings may encounter. Having a base of crystal form they have what you would consider to be loose ethereal bodies. This is what you will first see as hypersensitivity. This is the second attribute that we described as extreme vulnerability. Once mastered, this sensitivity allows them to travel inter-dimensionally. Ultimately this will lead to inter-dimensional movement and what you currently envision as time travel. At present, however, those entering with even small amounts of crystal energy may find themselves unwittingly being pushed into other dimensions. There are currently instances of what you call autism. These are actually Crystal Children who have been pushed into other dimensions and are unable to recover. These gentle beings are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and to outside stimuli that are not in harmony with the higher vibration they themselves hold. This actually gives them the appearance of being weak, when in reality they are advanced, powerful human beings. We ask that you begin to observe and to question all outside stimuli, even those that may have been previously used to promote health.

Vibrational Hypersensitivity

You will also find that the Children of Crystal Vibration are sensitive to all vibrational input. Vibration in all forms such as sound, color, ambient electromagnetic fields and environmental pollutants can have unsettling effects on the of Crystal Children. Their hypersensitivity to vibration can be felt on many levels including magnetic, electromagnetic, environmental, aroma, sound, color, and various other forms of vibrational energy. These Children are hypersensitive to their environment and are particularly vulnerable to pollutants. Even today you are finding that certain color combinations are having strange effects of some Crystal Children. We tell you that even what you have referred to as 'gang colors' was an unconscious attempt to control this input to lower levels of vibration. It is these lower levels of vibration to which the Crystal Children are ultra sensitive.

One form of vibrational energy that the Crystal Children are having difficulty with is electricity. Electricity is a form of energy that occurs naturally in nature, yet your adaptation of it, and particularly your use of alternating current, will take some time for the Crystal Children to adjust to. This is humorous, as this form of electricity was actually developed by one carrying a tremendous amount of Crystal energy [Nicolai Tesla]. The Crystal Children must learn to adapt to this form of vibrational energy. In the interim, if they come into contact with an electrical device when they are off center, angry or confused, it is highly possible that they will not only reflect back the energy, but also amplify it as they do so. This will effectively melt most electrical devices in use today. With practice, the Crystal Children will adapt to this man-made waveform of energy. In the meantime typical home life may be rather interesting.

Crystalline Connection to Earth

The Earth, as a living sentient being, is also undergoing transformation to crystalline form. You have recently discovered the crystalline nature of water. What we share with you now is that this is not simply a recent discovery; rather, it is a recent evolutionary step. The magnetic grid adjustments of the planet are almost complete. The work of Kryon with the preparation of the magnetic grids on Earth will be complete within the next few months. This will make it easier for the Earth to resonate at a higher frequency and help all humans hold their true power in physical form. Additionally, it will allow the Crystal Children to take their place. This cosmic event alone will set the energy and open the door for the Children of Crystal Vibration to take the next step in human evolution.

Emotional Empaths

The largest area of adjustment the Crystals will need to make is with their hypersensitivity to human emotions. Much the way that the Indigo children have no reference for the human emotion of guilt, you will find that the Children of Crystal Vibration have no reference for the human emotion of fear. Fear was an important emotion for humans in the early stages of development. Along with the ego, it has helped to ensure your survival. Fear has served you well. However, its usefulness is now reaching an end. The emotion of fear is rampant within the hearts of humans. This is the very reason you are facing so many fears as a collective at this time in your history. Even that which you see in your world as terrorism is an opportunity for you to move beyond fear as a collective.

'Allergic' to Fear

Those of Crystal Vibration will easily feel the fear within the hearts of those around them. The challenge comes when they feel the fear and unconsciously reflect it back as amplified emotions. This causes strange reactions to lower vibrational humans. For this reason, those of Crystal Vibration walk lightly, choosing not to invoke fear. When this fear is reflected back it can cause reactions detrimental to all humanity, as it simply brings out the very worst in humans. For this reason, the early Crystal Children will often take refuge in hiding. They will assume low profiles and not generally show their abilities publicly. At first glance this will make them seem meek and mild. Do not misinterpret this to mean that they are not powerful. Parents of the first Crystal Children will seek to hide them and keep them safe at all costs. This will change as humans release their need for fear. This was the original message we gave to you many years ago when we first spoke of these children. We said "If you can make the planet safe for them they will come." You have listened. . . they are coming now.

Crystal Walk-Ins, Crystal Elders and You

The awakening of the Crystal Vibration within your own physical bubbles of biology is causing changes within each of you that will need your attention. Even though the first Crystal Children will not enter your world for several years, there are many now on Earth carrying varying degrees of the Crystal attributes. These are the bravest of souls who agreed to enter first and test the waters. Working with them to find the greatest possibilities is something that many of you immediately feel drawn to. Yet there is much more still to do.

The next several years will also bring Crystal Walk-ins who will incarnate quietly as adults carrying the Crystal Vibration. As we speak of the Crystal Children, there are many of you that are now identifying yourselves as the Crystal Elders who have been holding these attributes all along. Those who choose to do so will now come out of hiding and share their stories with the world. Also, due to the changes in energy that you have recently moved through, many of you have begun developing some of these attributes to which you are unaccustomed. We see this as an awakening of the Crystal Child within each one of you. As these adults and children continue to enter and use their power, it will awaken these attributes in all of humanity. You are becoming crystalline.

The energy shifts on the Earth at this time are preparing you for further connection to the crystalline vibration. In the days directly ahead many of you will notice a form of clearing that you did not expect. There will be further pulls into polarity that may seem like separation, rather than unity. Fear this not, and walk forward knowing that you are on the path. You will also find that your physiology is changing rapidly during this time, with changes in your eating habits, sleeping patterns and general likes and dislikes. Your own internal connections will grow stronger, although most of you have yet to learn to trust those intuitive connections. Relationships may be stretched and re-stretched. Some will break beneath the strain and some will find new levels of communication and love. Those carrying repressed anger may find it surfacing at inappropriate times. During the next few months please give yourselves and those around you the latitude and room to grow. There will be times when you feel your world is upside down, and times when you equally feel that all is right with the world. During your centered times please take the role of Human Angel and reach out to others to lend them a steady hand. When you yourself are feeling off center, have the courage to reach out and take the hand that is offered to you. You are becoming crystalline and when you hold hands together the process becomes magical.

As we watch your evolution unfold the excitement on this side of the veil is beyond description. You are creating Home on your side of the veil. There are no words to describe the love we have for you. You do not understand the magnificence of who you really are. We ask you simply to feel it within, and hold that truth. That will bring you Home again. It is with the greatest honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

val mcfarland   April 3rd, 2009 10:37 pm ET

Val McFarland writes: If you listen closely you can hear them.
'Rescue Me" and now we can.....Rescue Angels have Landed. in a town near you. Generation Rescue is .....
Rescueing this very generation.

The Angels are among us.......

Thank you Evan, for showing us the way.


Val McFarland, ,CM,DM,MOVIC,

Glenn   April 3rd, 2009 10:38 pm ET

B. Noelani Hong,

It appeared to me that Dr. Fischer and Dr. W were too quick to rule out causes. They seem to totally dismiss the idea that vaccines have anything to do with autism because there is no direct link between a single vaccine or a single additive in vaccines and autism.

Just because there isn't a direct link doesn't mean that vaccines aren't one of many contributing factors. But Dr. Fischer and Dr. W seem to want to want to rule out vaccines as contributing factor and give their reason for doing this as that there is no direct link. Am I the only one that this doesn't make sense too?

Carol Presley   April 3rd, 2009 10:38 pm ET

Thank you Jenny and Jim for having the courage to come forward and speak out on something that is so important. When you have the CLOUT that you do people tend to pay more attention. I wish more people would speak out for the good of everyone...we need to stop letting Big Pharma and others tell us how we should run our lives...funny isn't it how the "almighty dollar" tends to have people caught in it's clutches...

Shannon   April 3rd, 2009 10:38 pm ET

aren't vaccines a requirement for all school age children. Are our children being put a risk by parents who refuse to vaccinte their children. I remember having to prove vaccination before my daughter could go to school, have the rules changed.

jamieb   April 3rd, 2009 10:39 pm ET

You can choose to believe in the vaccine connection or not to. It is up to YOU to do the research. We all know that there are often times reports that are "misrepresented". All I can say is this, there are too many families that have children that "changed" after immunizations. In addition, there are many of these same families that have additional children, that were not vaccinated, that do not have autism. Genetic predisposition?
If a person is not a Pastor/Priest are they not to pray?
If a person is not a landscaper, should they plant their own flowers in their yard?
Without a painter/contractor licence, should a homeowner be able to purchase paint and paint their own living room?
True, Jenny and Jim are not doctors.
But, they were blessed with brains and common sense.
God gives each of us what we can handle. Each day, we are given a choice. Take the initiative to do the best with WHAT WE HAVE. or sit and be angry that others can do more.
doing nothing for your child is not a choice...
any type of "services" you get for your child be it thru the school system (free) or self-paid and expensive will make a difference in his/her life.....
No matter what you believe may have CAUSED your child's autism, we need to stop complaining about what others have/have not, believe/believe not and get our world adjusted to having compassion for a big group of adults with autism that may not have parents to continue to guide them.
Autism is what it is....different for with everything else in this world...

Teriss   April 3rd, 2009 10:39 pm ET

Gotta love CNN, they do a story on autism – then you get 4,000 drug company commercials.

Tresa   April 3rd, 2009 10:40 pm ET

My son who is now 10 years was diagnosed at the age of 2 1/2 with Autism, he was above target developmentally until he recieved his MMR shot when he was around 18 months old. Just before receiving his MMR shot I had taken him into work for new employee training which was Denver Development screening on infants and toddlers to train co-workers on how to screen children at that time my son was in the 2 – 2 1/2 years range for his development then he recieved his shot and he was like a 6 month old he quit talking walking, no emotions, very angry. When I talked to his Doctor i would hear this is normal behavior that delays tend to show up around year an half and that was what we was seeing in our son and the fact the he had older sibblings then he didn't need to talk because they would do the talking for him, which made no since to me because he was doing everything before. i had to take it upon myself to get my son help. I remember them telling me that my son had snesory issues and we had to brush him and deep joint compresses and roll him up in weighed blankets it was crazy. We had a behavoral specialist come to the home and she was wanting to reward him with good behavior by giving in candy that specialist last 2 times coming out, when asked what if I didn't have candy then what would happen she stated to make sure that we did. Found another specialist and it worked out great. He is still getting speach at this time and has been in school since he was 3 years old. He has came along way. We are still working with him everyday.

Mike M   April 3rd, 2009 10:41 pm ET

My son was diagnosed by Dr.Wiznitzer at 24 months. I can tell youone thing about Dr.Max that can come across garbled- HE is a very gifted and caring doctor. While he is kind of gruff, he also is blunt about the road yet to be travelled. His response to our question "What next" was "How much money do you have?" This is important- It wasnt said in any manner other than the course of treatment for my son was going to be expensive, tiring and a strain. He also gave us a lot of useful information on ABA, diet, and most importantly, mental stability for my wife and I.
I respect any family that has to deal with autism. I love that Jenny McCarthy is bringing attention to the crisis. But what she fails to mention on the talk shows is her 24 hour ABA inhome treatment, schooling and OT therapy that costs easily $100k annually and that NONE of it is covered by insurance. In my homestate of Ohio, an insurance parity bill is now on the table in the House of Representatives. EVERY state needs this coverage.
But most of all, no matter what side of the argument you fall on, the most important thing is to keep an open mind to all options. My son is now 4, and has a diet limited to about 6 items. Gluten free hasn't gone over very well. The only items he likes are the desserts. Add to that the high cost of a GF/CF diet, on top of the therapies, tutors and his school, normally 68k a year, but free as an employee of the hospital that runs it, andit is just not viable.
My thoughts and prayers are with all of us in this long struggle to make our kids whole again.

Kimina   April 3rd, 2009 10:41 pm ET

Autism curable, I don't think so. You were born with autism you don't become autistic.
I have tried biomed treatments for my son. The doctor has been very honest with me. Is he high functioning? No....He said well I can't guarantee the results. Of course my son is low on the spectrum.
You have to try everything for your child, but all kids don't respond well to therapies and teatments.

John   April 3rd, 2009 10:44 pm ET





Helen A   April 3rd, 2009 10:44 pm ET

I have a 7 y/o son (who has a twin sister) diagnosed with PDD (NOS) which is the mildest form of Autism. He is extremely verbal, getting very funny, is extremely loving, will give you eye contact at least 50% of the time (especially when he wants something) He is extremely smart, can spell and read 5th grade words. He is quirky, gets fixiated on icons. Anytime we go somewhere my home turns into that place, (IHOP, the mall, Kohl's, bowling alley and so on) he makes signs and tapes them to my side windows next to my front door. He is excellent with maps, will tell you when you are going the wrong way, gets along very well with his twin sister like any typical kid but when he has "stressors" at school he will take tantrums, he is never wrong and blames things on other kids. He has a TSS with him 4 1/2 hrs per day at school as well as an academic aid for the remainder of the day 2 hrs. He is 100% mainstreamed all the kids like him, play with him and want to be his friend but he has had outbursts at them so they are very cautious cause they just don't know what to expect from him at any given moment. I am pleased with his progression from when he was diagnosed at 17 months old. He was never innoculated with the MMR until he was 1 month shy of his 3rd b'day. When it was time for him to start kindergarten a 2nd MMR was requried and I opted to have a simple blood test done to see if he had enough immunities built up in his system from the first shot and he did so he did not require the 2nd shot. A letter was placed in his file and was sent to his school nurse and placed in his school file and the school was just fine with this. I will definitely do this again with any and all vaccines that are required. Even though he didn't receive the MMR at the typical timeframe, he was a was born premature time wise and size wise and was born during the RSV season and needed to receive the monthly RSV shots. It was also suggested that when the next RSV season rolled around that he should get the next series of shots due to his twin sister having a lung problem. So we did these shots (1st set of shots were 4 – 2nd set were about 8) I have no idea what these shots were or what was in them. I was just told that they both should get them. I definitely think it was overkill but being a new mom and wanting to do "the best" for your children, you do it. I do kick myself from time to time but life goes on and we look to the future and watch the progress and growth on an everyday basis. It's a tough battle sometimes but we try and do whatever we can. Stay positive and just keep on going everyone!!

Paul   April 3rd, 2009 10:45 pm ET

I just wish i was able to see all of it. i got half the show and then i lost the signal, and I have digital cable, not satellite. And right where they were talking about the "cure". I would have loved to be able to hear it all.

rhonda cooper   April 3rd, 2009 10:45 pm ET

I am glad for the awareness that Jenny and Jim are giving ASD. On the other hand I think her telling people her son is "cured" and recovering is wreckless. People who have autistic children will possible do everthing for their child that she has and still come out with different results, possibly worse results, than when they first started. If you have an autistic child and/or have met an autistic child- then quiete simply you have met 1 (one) autistic child. It may give some hope but for most it gives false hope. And lets just face it- 50-75 % of the families dealing with autism do not have the resorces Jenny had to give her son no matter how much research they do. Most have to settle on what INSURANCE COMPANIES give them- which is not much. They are simply getting by and hoping insurance pays for this doctor, the school system looks into this program, the out of pocket costs will be worth it for therapies and maybe they will work, or I can go to the post office or grocery store and nothing crazy happen,, etc. I am so terribly glad she has those means available to her, but most of America cannot even get a few hours a week respite care, or a family member or friend to help them with sitting with their child,- usually Autism generates isolation for the caring family.- much less time to go on television or go to the Super Bowl. (like we could afford such a thing)
I am for all kinds of open dialog, testing, communication, etc to help me and my son. I think we just need to be very selective in throwing the word "recovering" and "cure" around to families who are NOT cured or recovering.

Also, I wish attention would be place on the children and families who are already afflicted with this disorder. We need hope until there is a cure!! Rhonda Cooper- Monteagle, TN

Michelle   April 3rd, 2009 10:45 pm ET

I am a mother of a beautiful, 8 ½ year old daughter who has `Autism'. She was not born with it. She developed normally, passing every
milestone with flying colors, typically early. At 18 months of age,
she received her vaccinations and and became violently ill within hours. She vomited for 6 hours straight with a 102.9 fever. Her Pediatrician chalked it up to Coxsackie virus, the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, even though the Doctor never tested her (a simple throat culture) it. Doctor just said, "It's going around." Within the week,
she went from a smiling child, full of light and energy, to a nonverbal, no eye contact, blank, starring toddler. Her only words were `dada' and 'nana' without meaning. She had stopped calling us Mommy and Daddy. She would not point. She would not look at us. She went from almost fully potty trained to constant diarrhea and constipation. She would cry in pain without any signs of fatigue. She spun in circles or circled objects for hours. She obsessed about many things that she could mouth (which were just about everything). Her behaviors were unexplainable. She was lost in her own world, lost to us. Our once glowing child was diagnosed `PDD / Autism,' on September 16, 2002. A year later, we discovered Biomedical Treatment (September 2003). After several blood, urine and fecal labs, we found she was rot with fungus, elevated titers of Measles and Bordatella Pertussis Viruses (from vaccinations), Mercury (vaccines), Aluminum (vaccines) and Lead Toxicity. We have proof – more lab documentation and Doctor Reports over the past 4½ years than you can possibly imagine. Under a Biomedical Doctor 's care (DAN! Doctor AKA Defeat Autism Now! Doctor), we started supplementing her with vitamins and minerals. We gave her Anti-fungal and Anti-Viral medications. We put her on a Gluten and Casein Free Diet. We started seeing immediate improvements, even though slight, with every step we took. She started talking – small words, then phrases, and now sentences. She calls us by name, looking at us directly in our eyes. Her eye contact improved immensely. She points a little, but now can communicate most of her needs and desires. She is potty trained, the diarrhea and constipation now gone, even though potty training was not until age 6. We still hear cries of pain, but the cries have gone down dramatically (about 90%). We have seen progress throughout the years, both gradual and quick. With all these improvements, we now know she is and can get even better. We know she does not have `Autism.' We know she has MERCURY Toxicity (AGAIN, I HAVE PROOF!!!), Encephalitis, Gastroenteritis – all this known as Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (Diagnosed by her Doctor). We've titer tested our typical son. He is FULLY PROTECTED against all Viruses, even though he didn't receive ALL RECOMMENDED VACCINES and BOOSTERS. I am 39 years old. I was titer tested for Tetanus – FULLY PROTECTED after my last vaccine at 6 YEARS OLD. What does that tell you? The CDC is recommending vaccines / boosters that are NOT NEEDED!!! We are careful, loving, caring individuals, who want only the BEST for our children. Unfortunately, the CDC doesn't want the same for the millions of children being loaded up with all these vile ingredients in vaccines today. You can go to their website and see the long list of totally filthy concoctions the pharmaceutical companies brew up. It's just plain nasty. Parents need to do the research themselves to spare their children's lives. Not all these vaccines are needed!!!!!

Teresa Conrick   April 3rd, 2009 10:48 pm ET

Dr.Max Wiznitzer: It appears that he is a paid expert witness for the government against the families who file in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

How is that for unbiased? How is that for caring about children ?

Stacey   April 3rd, 2009 10:51 pm ET

I Would like to thank Jenny for all the advise in her book. I have a 6 year old son who has recovered from autism. As a matter of fact , people don't believe me when I tell them he is on the autism spectrum, because he is so loving and social now. He still likes to flap his hands when he is excited, but he has improved so much in so many ways. He had a bad reaction to a round of vaccines when he was about two and a half . He became sick ( like my much older daughter had) only, he had a high fever that would not reduce even with fever reduction medication. After being sent home from the doctor with more ibuprofen, my son had a febrile seizure. I was told it happens during a fever sometimes and it is not a big deal. It was scary and turned out to be a really big deal. After the whole ordeal my son stopped talking, stopped giving eye contact, started walking on his toes, and started continually flapping his hands. He would only talk if he was reading a book or counting numbers. He could not do hardly any of the motor skills test at the pediatricians office. He would also cover his ears a lot and he stopped eating almost everthing he used to eat. His pediatician said he is autistic and maybe a savant. After seeing many specialist and neurologist , and having them scare me with all the things they said he would never be able to do, even through they said he has a super high I.Q. They just deemed him socially retarded and unable to care for himself. After reading and researching everything on the subject I could find , I started trying alternative therapies. Many of which helped and many did not help (everyone is different). Most of these therapies are listed in Jenny's book. I did not continue to immunize my son, although he has received most of the shots before the reaction. I decided not to update the mmr one because I believe my son was sensitive to it. I am not suggesting that people don't immunize their children. I have a 20 year old daughter that had all the vaccines without a lasting reaction. However, she was born in 1989 and was on a different vaccine schedule ( less shots and most at an older age, and no chicken pox vaccine) Will I update his vaccines in the future? Maybe, as more information comes out and more reseach is done. When my daughter was growing up I only knew of one autistic child in our town. Now I know of many in our town and one girl is just a block away. It seems common now. where as 20 years ago it was very rare. what worked for my son was a combination of diet changes, supplements, and different therapies. He is has gone from being the least talkative person to the most talkative person.

Barbie Hines   April 3rd, 2009 10:51 pm ET

"What about polio. I had a brother that died at 2 years of age.It is a really sad story. He got sick very suddenly and could not hold up his head and my mom called the doctor. She told him what the symptoms were and they told her to bring in him immediately. He died the next day. This was in no way expected and extremely tragic! The polio vaccine was introduced six months later. My mom recently shared her story with a young doctor and his response was that he wished she could share her story with young mothers that are now scared of vaccines. They could keep their children from contracting these deadly diseases. If we stop vaccinating from these diseases they will return."

I completely understand concerns such as the one above...and that is why I do beieve in the need for vaccines...however, everything has to be prioritized...more than 1 in 150 kids are being diagnosed with autism...if that was the statistic for polio, then I would completely back getting the polio vaccine...but right now, the greatest health epidemic is let's go back to a MUCH lighter the appropriate studies...and then move forward with add'l vaccinations, if need be. I would in no way want any child to get polio...or any other life threatening disease...but what many people are not realizing is that autism is a life threatening situation/disease/reaction...whether it is due to gi issues, dangerous behaviors, immune dysfunction or seizures...autism is life we need to have it studied properly...even if that means suspending certain vaccinations temporarily...

'Peace for the Pieces' Autism Group   April 3rd, 2009 10:55 pm ET

Jenny.. You seem to be the front person for Autism so I am requesting your help!!! Our community and communities everywhere stand to benefit from what we are trying implement here in ours.. We truly need the School System and Medical facilities to REQUIRE a coarse to be taken to prepare them not in case but 'when' they come in contact or have to teach or heal a child with Autism. We don't leave our children with anyone! because we know and understand what sets him off and in the times a melt down comes on with no inclinations and there must be some understanding what to do, to calm the child and in some cases 'protect' the child as they can harm themselves. Yet, we are expected to take our children to school when their Qualified Teacher is out for the day and an 'inexperienced' 'Substitute' is sent in her place!! If I do not leave my child with ANYONE why should any parent of an Autistic Child feel comfortable and be expected to leave their children with a Total Stranger who as absolutely no insight on what to expect from these children?? I ran into a substitute at the post office who had a huge incident in the class room happen one day, she broke down and couldn't believe that she was put in that predicement, blindsided. It wasn't fair to the child who broke down that day or to the to the children in the classroom with him OR for that Substitute Teacher! You can talk about what it appears to be, because there are so many variations of it..but you won't UNDERSTAND Autism until you spend at least 3hrs with an Autistic Child. Autism is not a disease it is a disorder and ppl don't realize this. Nurses sometimes behave as if they can catch something from these kids.. not one nurse but several have this reaction. We need your help!!

For our Society: We do repremand our children but Autism has taken our children captive and sometimes they are in an unreachable place! Even beating them wouldn't make a bit of difference! Our children didn't ask to be born this way and their parents are NOT surely 'seeking ' an AUTISM DIAGNOSIS, I dare those ppl who say that to come and live our lives for 24hrs and then look us in the face and tell us again that we are simply 'looking' for this diagnosis.

To ppl outside the Autism Family ..
"It is so easy to judge.. but 'even' easier to LOVE!! ~L.Calvert

We need your Support and Understanding!!

Haven DeLay   April 3rd, 2009 10:56 pm ET

I was living the "American Dream" for the first fifteen months of my son's life. I had everything I ever wanted: a wonderful husband, life on a small horse farm, and our beautiful son. He was walking at ten months and running and talking at twelve months. His favorite word was "shoes." He would point to the wind chime of dairy cows and say "Moo. Cow."

He said all the other normal things young kids at that age begin to say. Then at fifteen-months I walked into a doctor's office and told his pediatrician that he was not to get anymore vaccines containing thimerasol. She turned on me and became very Gestapo. I stood my ground and demanded to know what was in the vaccines my son was getting. She deliberately lied. My son received four vaccines –three containing thimerasol. It was as if someone had flipped a switched. He screamed so badly that night we called the doctor on call who said,"just let him scream. He will eventually exhaust himself." My son would not speak another word for over three years besides echolalia. Our lives have never been the same. (and I don't have the right to sue this doctor until I go before VAERS and win there first).

The head of pediatric neurology at a major Dallas children s' hospital diagnosed our son with "heavy metal intoxication." Then he said to us, "Gee, you've just got to understand– by mass vaccinating we are saving so many, but there are going to be losses. Your son in one of them and you just need to go home and accept it." So the medical mainstream KNOWS vaccinations sacrifice children, and that's okay? If anyone wants to truly know about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, they should look at the $$$ that VAERS has paid out over the last ten years. They post pone on the autism cases because there are so many thousands of us that it would break their bank, and then here would come all the international lawsuits...

Thanks to biomedical intervention, my son has come from severely autistic to high-functioning, but I think it is important to state that autism was not all the vaccines caused. My son has also been diagnosed with sensory integration disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, auditory processing disorder, asthma, a non-specified metabolic disorder, a non-specified immune disorder. My son cannot break down the proteins in dairy, gluten or soy.

He was very healthy until fifteen months. Since that time, he has been sick with repeated infections, roughly every two weeks. He has had pneumonia seven times since he was fifteen months. He suffers chronic constipation and has mega colon.

I really think outside the box. I am against vaccination unless there is a clear and present danger. I believe that mass vaccination actually damages the human immune system, and that the future will prove it has weakened the human race as a whole, and will open the human population up to more virulent viruses in the future. We will see the same problem from the over use of vaccines that we now see from the over use of antibiotics. Simple biology teaches us that "life will find a way." This holds true for bacteria and viruses, as well. they will mutate and find a way to survive.

The human immune system is designed to build upon itself. You catch something, your body fights it and you get stronger because of it. Perhaps if you catch chicken pox, measles etc... and your body fights it off... First you won't have to fear these diseases again; you now have lifetime immunity, and your immune system is now strong enough to fight off the next invader(maybe even cancer). But vaccines trick the immune system and do not convey lifetime immunity, so if it wears off because you decide not to keep getting the booster, then you are more susceptible to these more benign illnesses.

The cost of our son's autism thus far (fifteen months to nine years of age) equals over $400,000.00. or more. BUT we have HIM back. His major issue is his health. He goes to regular classes with an aid and has friends and a brilliant imagination. He is at present making short documentaries of various elevators. I think he might wind up in the film industry, but he also says he wants to be a chef.

The drug industry makes roughly a billion dollars a year pure profit on each vaccine. Conflicts of interest are rampant between government officials, agencies and even state governments. I would never risk vaccinating my son again, and he has a lifetime medical exemption. They would have to shoot me first. If he were bitten by a rabid animal –I hope I never have to make that decision, but that is a clear and present danger.

To those who say it is genetics: There are none of these conditions in either of our families. It saddens me that my son cannot breathe without steroids. The medical mainstream has become more dealers than healers. My thanks to the doctors who have dared to think outside the box and help our children. I fear my son will always have the immunity problems, but I think that someday no one will be able to tell he had autism.

Werner A. Boes   April 3rd, 2009 10:56 pm ET

I watched your program on April 3rd on Autism. Due to a medical
treatment I had four years ago, I am convinced I know the cause of Autism. Being a retired Chemistry and Physics teacher, I analyze certain problems from a cause and effect viewpoint , which is the basis of all scientific experiments, and the "effect" I acquired from this "very widely used treatment" led me to determine what causes Autism. I have since written to certain individuals in the medical community, but due to my radical ( and probably, in their case, a possible major monetary loss in discontinuing this common treatment), I have had absolutely no response to this idea. This is a tragedy considering the epedemic Autism is. If you would like to hear my idea on the cause of this 'generation-destroying' condition, write me at: Werner A. Boes, 134 N. Second St., West Newton, PA 15089

Bobbi Lynn Cory   April 3rd, 2009 10:56 pm ET

Yes Autism is preventable and treatable. My son was diagnosed with Autism two years ago. I noticed a difference in him between 18 months and 2 years old. This is two critical stages of immunizations. He quit eating the foods he used to like, no eye contact, was isolated, and didn't want anyone to touch him. His speech was very delayed. He was talking as if he was babbling. Three different professionals all asked me the same question, "Have you had him checked?" He was finally checked and was diagnosed with Autism. He has been on a gluten free casien free diet since July 2008. He is also under regular chiropractic care and nutritional supplements to accompany his diet and chiropractic treatments. Within one month after beginning all of these items, I saw a difference in my son. He wasn't as loud with his voice as he had used to be. He was more calm and he began to show affection again. He also would give you eye contact. People need to look into chiropractic care and specifically look for a chiropractor who specializes in D.A.N. (Defeat Autism Now). This is a new program that has just becoming more known in the field. The doctors are given so much information on ways to help the disease. Get on the chiropractic bandwagon and you will see a difference in your child. It has made a world of difference in mine.
Also a thank you to Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey for their continued efforts in this noble cause. Keep it up you too.

Sophia Antoniadis   April 3rd, 2009 11:00 pm ET

Dear Larry,

I tuned into your show tonight to learn more about Autism and the ongoing debates on the possible effects certain vaccines may have on the disease . I'm sorry to say that you really blew it! I've seen this show and these guests before. While the work Jenny McCarthy and the team of doctors she works with is admirable, we've heard her story before. I expected something new.

When I heard Carly Fleismann, the remarkable girl living with autism speak through her computer, I thought you were finally on to something different. I had no idea that children with Autism could communicate their thoughts and feelings in such a thoughtful and articulate way. Doesn't Carly and others like her deserve to be part of the debate? Surely they have a right to know if any vaccines they may have received as infants contributed to their disease? Carly certainly has the ability and the right to ask any questions she may have herself. She certainly deserves some answers. Please,get her back on your show, and keep on on for for than a few minutes. I think we can all learn something new from this remarkable girl.


Sophia Antoniadis
Toronto, Canada

Amber Dolman   April 3rd, 2009 11:02 pm ET




rebecca   April 3rd, 2009 11:03 pm ET

My son, who will be two this month, was just diagnosed with autism. The amount of info out there is so confusing and contradictory. The help is expensive. My son cannot even receive his ADOS testing for at least three months, the Seattle Children's Hospital is so backed up. He had to wait four months to get speech therapy, for only one hour a week (my husband agreed to take the day off from work so that he could take him), and who knows how long until he can receive occupational therapy. The waiting lists for help are enormous. It is bad enough for a parent to hear this, then to hear you have to wait for services?! Plus when an appointment does open, at 10am on a Tuesday, what do you do when both parents work? Fortunately, my husband is a fabulous person who is willing to do anything to get our son better. Private therapy is ridiculously expensive, we have insurance and make too much for DSHS, and may or may not qualify through the school district. It is frustrating as a parent to know what your child needs and can't do anything for him.

Jenny's book is dead on, when someone says their child has cancer, they run to help you, but when you say your child is autistic they run from you. As a parent beginning this journey, I am hopeful, knowledgeable, and optimistic because I know my son and all of our children are extraordinary. Thank you to all and keep fighting, eventually they (the medical community) will hear us. This is an epidemic and we all must fight together for awareness, the causes and solutions.

nhokkanen   April 3rd, 2009 11:04 pm ET

Two people get sick from pistachios and what happens? The nation's supply is pulled.

Countless children are suffering adverse reactions to vaccines, and even dying. And what happens? The American Academy of Pediatrics desperately sticks to its "anything but vaccines" schtick, protecting its bottom line.

In 2001 Dr. Kathleen Stratton advised a new IOM panel that the CDC wanted them to issue a report exonerating vaccines as a causal agent in autism. In 2004, the IOM did just that. Why isn't that woman in jail? Where is the mainstream media?

To AutismDeadBeat and DohJ: Lame attempt at redirection; you can't have it both ways. Have you now decided that mercury is toxic? Or are you would-be toxicologists still insisting that ethylmercury is merely a "gentle bacteriostatic"? That's rather like saying there's a "gentle arsenic," eh? Get thee to PubMed and search for "Thimerosal" & "toxic." Or look up the MSDS and note the words "mutagen" and "teratogen."

America: Do your own reading. Don't rely on the guilty to provide the evidence that indicts them.

Debi S   April 3rd, 2009 11:05 pm ET

You know what?
I pray for a time when my son doesn't have as many letters after his name as the doctors.
I also pray for a time when Awareness isn't just something on a bumper sticker or car magnet.

LJ GOES   April 3rd, 2009 11:05 pm ET

If there is any chance our children can be healed, why are we not considering the biomedical science of Dr. Kartnizel and his peers?

We cannot rule out vaccines until we KNOW.


Julie Swenson   April 3rd, 2009 11:08 pm ET


Feel free to email me would love to impart any advice I can give to help a newly diagnosed kiddo plus there are some great DAN doctors in the PacNW. Also, go on Facebook for some great support sites for treating autism biomdeically (I can direct you to some good ones). I know where you are coming from, trust me. Been doing it for 3 years now. Best of luck.

-Julie Swenson

Dabir Sibj   April 3rd, 2009 11:10 pm ET

10 points for the first anti-vaxxer who can correctly point out the major error with this sentence from Mrs. Handley:

"Published studies in the 1970s showed an autism rate of 1 in 10,000, so autism has grown 100-fold, or 10,000%, numbers that are nearly impossible to imagine."

1 bonus point for each citation of the published "studies" from the 1970's that demonstrate a rate of autism at 1 in 10,000.

Keith   April 3rd, 2009 11:11 pm ET

Larry and Staff

Thanks for airing this show and providing parents with a voice in a national forum.


let Evan know "Henry" should be ready next year.

Teriss   April 3rd, 2009 11:14 pm ET

I guess it takes a mountain of mail to get someone to move on this, as I read each story my heart goes out to all the parents who's children have been injured by vaccinations. I feel a major lawsuit coming on and rightly so-these parents and children have been robbed of their happiness. The burden put on the healthcare system and health costs are astronomical, the drug companies reap the profits and society as a whole goes downhill.

A country is only as healthy as its citizens and this country is very sick when we allow drug companies to dictate that everyone use their drugs/vaccines even though the FDA ( staffed by former executives of drug companies) does not do ANY testing.

Sofia   April 3rd, 2009 11:14 pm ET

THANK YOU all for addressing this subject. AND than you Jenny for being so brave and being the voice of thousands of parents.

I have a son that is almost recovered from Autism, or rather MMR vaccin injury that carries the same symothoms as autism.
After almost 3 years of treating him biomedically he is 100% better and is still progressing on a daily basis. We got kicked out of our pediatricians office after the injury as I refused to vaccinate and do more harm to my child. The AAP pediatrician said he could not have my son as a patient in his practice after the injury. I love how the woman from the AAP said "we, the AAP pediatricians, think it is the most important task to listen to the parents..." BS why dont you come to a DAN conferrence and really see what is happening out there in the autism community?? Why do AAP stick their head in the sand???

It is all about money. It is NOT about the well being of our children. WHY did they ban Thimerosal in Europe over 15 yrs ago, and here it is still used as a preservative in the vaccines? Because shelf life is money, thats is the ONLY reason. Lets just not care about shooting up mercury in a 4 mnth old baby, NO we can manke another billion dollar, that is what is on the agenda here in the US where kapitalism speaks.

Megan   April 3rd, 2009 11:16 pm ET

I'm very surprised at the one sided nature of the vast majority of comments here. There is a LOT of misinformation here.
First of all, thimerisol has been removed from childhood vaccines. (And since the removal of thimerisol, autism has continued to rise.)
Second, the vaccination schedule is specifically designed based on the complex development of an infant and child's immune system. By telling parents to decide on their own which vaccines to give and when to give them, Jenny and Jim are insinuating that vaccines can be given at any time and can still protect as well. It is virtually impossible for everyone to know the molecular biology of their child's immune system at all stages of life.
Finally, most vaccines are not "cash cows". The health system makes very little money off vaccines, simply because they prevent disease! If people are prevented from getting sick, drug companies don't sell expensive drugs and thus don't make money. Unfortunately, there is very little interest by drug companies to develop vaccines for other significant infectious diseases that kill millions of people each year, simply because they are NOT profitable.
The extreme mistrust of doctors and scientists is shocking. I'm sure there are some out there who are wrong, or insensitive, or just not interested in this problem. However, MANY have absolutely no connection to the pharmaceutical industry, and MOST of us make very little money, work many long hours, and dedicate our careers to working on these complex problems. We probably won't solve them in our lifetimes and we probably won't get any recognition for our work. However, we all have a goal of making a little contribution to something that will make life better for people who are sick, or keep people healthy. We have consciences and would never dream of pursuing a career to make money at the expense of a child's health. Seriously- who would do that?

Denise McMerrick   April 3rd, 2009 11:19 pm ET

I'm a Generation Rescue – Rescue Angel, and proud to add my son to the list of recovering children through biomedical intervention, diet, and therapy.

My advise for those families who are opposed to the idea that autism could be a medical condition (vaccines being an environmental trigger or not).....go to a D.A.N. doctor if for no other reason than to prove him or her wrong – take a look at your child's biochemistry, immune system, gut performance and microbiology. If testing results are normal – good for you!!

If the test results show dysfunction, infection, malabsorption, least your child now stands the chance he or she may get help, healing and relief.

Don't just say we are wrong.....PROVE we are wrong – for the sake of your child.

jamieb   April 3rd, 2009 11:20 pm ET

Thimeresol has not been removed from vaccines. There are still trace ammts. of Thimeresol in every vaccination that is not in a single dose vial.

Tina   April 3rd, 2009 11:21 pm ET

My son, now 3 years, was diagnosed in June. I've looked into a DAN doctor and the diet. But I have a question for any that can answer. If my child isn't really showing any signs of medical conditions such as seizure, gut problems, or strange rash, will he still benefit from these types of treatments. He has greatly improved with PT OT and behavioral treatment, but it would be nice to be cured

Cranston Smith   April 3rd, 2009 11:23 pm ET

Early vaccines do more than cause autism. Japan went from being 18th in infant mortality to #1 by delaying the start of immunizations until 24 months. SIDS is the # 3 killer of babies in the United States. A doctor studying SIDS found the death rate in the 2 weeks following the DPT vaccine was 7 times higher than the incidence in the 2 weeks prior to receiving the vaccine. He recommended delaying the start of the DPT vaccine series until age 6 months. Why were his recommendations ignored?

Debi S   April 3rd, 2009 11:23 pm ET

Sounds a little like you come from the Medical field! I feel sorry for doctors a little bit because just like a computer, they are only as smart as the person putting the information in them. You need to do more research then just what the teachers of Medicine at school teach you. Live with a person suffering from Autism? Well if not (which most people with your opinion don't) get together with a family with children who are Autistic and ride the biomedical boat and JUST WATCH it's amazing!

Helen Castillo   April 3rd, 2009 11:26 pm ET

Thank you Lisa and JB Handley for having the courage to start Generation Rescue. You are my angels! Thank you for opening my eyes and my mind. If it wasn't for the two of you I would have continued to vaccinate her and accepted my daughter's fate of being bald for the rest of her life due to her alopecia areata condition. There is no doubt in my mind that the vaccines triggered her auto-immune condition. I received a chicken pox and measles vaccine while I was pregnant with my daughter, both containing thymerisol (mercury). The biomedical treatments have been the key to detoxing the heavy metals and toxins out her body and the gluten free/casein free diet has helped take the stress off her immune system. Today, my daughter's hair has grown back and she is thriving! Thank you!

Andrea   April 3rd, 2009 11:29 pm ET

Thank you for bringing more awareness to this very important topic. The Big Pharmaceutical companies are making tons of money while damaging some children in the process. Isn't it wrong that the minimal amount of testing done is done by the people who make the drugs. They are also very well funded to advertise, lobby and buy support for themselves. How about the injustice that some of the people on the CDC passing new vaccines hold patents to and directly benefit from their addition to the already huge U.S. mandated vaccine schedule. If they were only helpful and not harmful then I would choose to fully vaccinate. Shouldn't parents be given the choice instead of mandating the vaccinations.

jamieb   April 3rd, 2009 11:31 pm ET

Do you think this conversation seems a bit one-sided because the people "conversing" are mostly parents of children with autism that are desperately seeking any help available?
Do you think it's odd that all of our stories resemble each other in such a significant way that you would call it "one-sided"?
Maybe, you are starting to get a notion that there may be something to this "neurotoxin" theory....

Sofia   April 3rd, 2009 11:32 pm ET

There was a discussion on how to study and how to find a population in the study that was NOT vaccinated yes.
The AAP neurologist said he treated "all" the 10,000 amish (how now that is possible!!!???) and 90% of them was vaccinated so that is out the window .
BUT I do have a solution to finding a population for your study on vaccinees correlation with autism.
Why not study the Scandinavian countries? They have a much less restrictive vaccination scedule, about 1/4 of the number of vaccines compared to the US CDC scedule for vaccinations in children AND the interesting part is that they only have autism 1 in 10,000 compared to the USA where the number is 1 in 150. To me that speaks for itself. No need for a study, the truth is in the numbers out there already!!!

Teriss   April 3rd, 2009 11:32 pm ET

Thiomersal is a mercury compound 49 percent mercury by weight used as a preservative, registered under the trade name Merthiolate by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company.

Says in Wikepedia it is used as a preservative, or antiseptic or antifungal agent....surely there are more "organic" compounds that can reserve, and there are many natural antifungus compounds they could use.

Why do they have to use a trade name that is registered with a drug company – pure profit.

The European Union is phasing it out form vaccines, but it does not say how much of it is still in use. I am sure they are getting away with greater amounts in Third World countries.

SOURCE: Go to : Wikipedia & Search for Thiomersal

Glenn   April 3rd, 2009 11:33 pm ET

Susan said: "As someone who had POLIO…I would NEVER, EVER want to visit this on anyone – especially a child!! I suffer daily from what is now termed “late effect” polio and it is horrible. I was tortured as a child because of my disability…and that was just from other kids…I won’t even discuss the surgeries and pain I have endured!! To stop giving children vaccinations because there MIGHT be a connection between autism and vaccinations is absurd!! Is delaying some of the vaccines so that they are not all given at one time something to consider – maybe!?! But I can tell you from my own experience – DO NOT STOP GETTING VACCINES!!! You do not want to have POLIO!!"

Susan, no one is advocating stopping vaccinations altogether.

One thing that is being advocated is removing the unneeded heavy metals from vaccines. Like thamerisol which contains trace amounts of mercury and is not needed in vaccines.

Another thing being advocated is going back to the 1984 vaccination schedule. You will be happy to know that the 1984 schedule includes the polio vaccine. The 2009 schedule recommends 24 vaccination in the first year of life. The 1984 schedule recommend 5 vaccination in the first year of life. The kicker is that most of the added vaccination are vaccinations for illnesses that a child's body can fight naturally and have no life long adverse affects. They are for the "comfort" of the child. But you have to question what pounding a child's immune system every other month is really doing for their overall health.

Natalia D'Arrigo   April 3rd, 2009 11:35 pm ET

It is so sad to see that debate still exists. I hope one day we all be able to get to the truth and stop closing our eyes on the obvious. Autism is not a genetic disorder and never was. Humans would not have made it that far. Yes, there were many childhood death and epidemics in our past, but never at the rate of autism 1 out of every 90.
You bet we must do more research, because if we label AUTISM as a genetic disorder, there will be no one to go forward with. And in the next 10 years we are going to see a lot of adults with autism, you can bet on that as well.
Stop your lies and start thinking about the damage you have caused to the future generations. Am I the only one who is concerned here?

Mona Roy   April 3rd, 2009 11:36 pm ET

It is wonderful that Jenny and Jim are using their celebrity to bring light to this important issue. While I am happy to hear that this change in diet helped Evan, it did not work for our son. I don't know if he can be cured but I do work everyday to help him gain skills that will make him more functional. I am sure that autism is preventable but since we cannot have an open and honest discussion about the causes of autism, it is hard to determine the precursor to this disease.

Like so many others, my son Aloke regressed within a week of a vaccine and lost his few words and suddenly stopped making eye contact. We did all of these genetic tests at Children's Hospital Boston and there was no genetic link shown so that probably means that there was some environmental trigger. For my second son, I waited until his speech was stronger before I gave the vaccine. I don't see why we cannot adopt a more reasonable attitude when children are delayed in speech and put off some of these vaccines. The drug company ads in medical journals further cause the public to lose trust.

I trust Aloke's doctors who give tirelessly to try and find treatments. Aloke's educators and therapists are also working very hard to improve his functionality. They have made some progress. But if we cannot trust the CDC and the FDA, we're screwed. Without a honest accounting of possible causes or contributing factors to autism, we will never find our way to prevention or cure. Given the cost of treating these children, you would think that someone in govt. would be highly motivated to determine the cause to reduce these costs.

I also hope that Jenny and Jim can also use their clout to highlight the struggle that families go through everyday in trying to find treatments for their children. It's emotionally and financially devastating. We're exhausted and Aloke is only 8! Most of us do not have extended family support or deep pockets to execute many of these therapies and treatments. To add insult to injury, state aid for support services is being drastically cut. I dream of the day that autism is some disease like polio that people used to get in the old days. In the meantime, resources need to also be directed to research on treatments, therapies and most importantly support services so that parents can actually survive long enough to help their children access what they need.

jamieb   April 3rd, 2009 11:41 pm ET

Are you aware that pediatricians used to titer a child to check for immunity to diseases such as MMR? My son was checked before given an additional MMR vaccine. He already had a titer built up and did not need to be injected again. I am glad to have found that out. It was too late to save him the suffering of some of the "features" of autism, but, I am glad we did not add additional mercury to his overloaded system.

kathleen lucas   April 3rd, 2009 11:42 pm ET

I am a pediatrician who does treat and follow children with many developmental disabilities including autism. I closely listen to parent's concerns and we utilize many interventions both conventional and innovational therapies.I do not believe vaccines have anything to do with autism and parents who do not vaccinate their children are, in my opinion, bioterriorists. They send their children out spreading disease to infect innocent children and children with immunedeficiencies that are not yet fully vaccinated. Public Health of the masses of populations takes precedence over a single sect who preach fears that are not logically derived but emotionally concluded.
Autism is a spectrum from the lowest functioning to the highest functioning. The lowest is called Fragile X syndrome and has proven abnormal chromosomes noted. The highest is called Asperger syndrome which is now included but use to be" Social Nerds" . They are married adults who have children of their own. This group has jobs and most who know them describethem as reserved personalities with compulsive behavior. They see things literally and do not understand humor.
I suspect Evan McCarthy was incorrectly diagnosed in the first place. He has febrile seizure disorder and possibly Celiac Disease. Children with Celiac Disease become extremely irritable and have delayed development due to antobodies they produce against Gluten.
Recent a genetic marker has been located that can further prove Sprue or Celiac disease. Perhaps Jennie should have Evan tested for this gene. Also febrile seizures generally do not occur after age 6 years because the nervous system matures ,so to speak, and temperature increases stop illiciting the seizure.
The libelous and totally untrue comments about the AAP(American Academy of Pediatrics) being 'owned or bought' makes me want to shout in anger. Advertising by Pharmaceutical co. or Gerber foods does not mean dishonesty or unetical behavior. Advertising is a means of paying for the publications so we can educate and do research. Does the fact that Larry advertised Jennie's book mean that he believes every thing her book says or promotes? Does Advertising on CNN not help pay for the operations of the news network? Are we now to believe that Larry King is unethical and "bought" because of advertising. I am a Loving and responsible advocate for children and a board certified pediatician , and a Fellow of the AAP. Kathleen Lucas, M.D.

Liz Searcy   April 3rd, 2009 11:42 pm ET

Answering Shannon:


When my son was in 5th grade, I found out that my state (Texas) has a vaccination waiver I can sign so that my son can attend school WITHOUT vaccinations. It's for anyone! My son already had some vaccinations but after his diagnosis I was not willing to have him traumatized anymore and risk more health problems. No way!

No, i certainly did not want to put other kids at risk but I'm not. MY child is the one at risk by keeping him vaccinated to the hilt like we're told to do.

I just wrote a short note to the Department of Health requesting the waiver. It's very simple. They sent me the waiver and guess what? I did not even have a doctor sign it. It only had to be notarized. I gave it to the school nurse to keep in my child's file and when he went to middle school and high school, the waiver in his records followed him. I was never questioned whatsoever about this. Once the waiver is in his file, that's it. And it's free.

Tell me, if all kids "had" to have vaccinations to enter school, why are waivers available? Of course they have to have a standard. Most parents don't know this information. Now you do! Do not be intimidated. Your child CAN attend school without updated vaccines. Mine does and has for years. If you don't want your child to be vaccinated for health reasons, request the waiver from your state's health department, fill it out, notarize it and keep the original. Then give a copy to the school nurse. What a relief!


jamieb   April 3rd, 2009 11:44 pm ET

For the parent in TN...there are local resources available. Type in words like...autism resource connection or beyond the will find a non-profit group that will help you out.

Todd   April 3rd, 2009 11:45 pm ET

Our family has been using the DAN protocol to recover our son and have seen improvements. We are on a journey and are not there yet but we fully support and promote biomedical intervention. We have to stop the pharmaceutical companies from dreaming up more drugs to pump into our little kids bodies at such a young age. It needs to be spread out over the life of the child and tests need to be done to make sure the little bodies can handle it. Our sons couldn't and after the MMR he was gone within weeks!!

Teriss   April 3rd, 2009 11:45 pm ET

To say "don't stop getting vaccines" is plain stupid. There are healthier alternatives to diseases by building the immune system up, not destroying it with toxic chemicals. Vaccines contain just as much harmful chemcials as chemotherapy which also destroys the immune system in order to fight a disease- which is the wrong premise.

You work with the immune system – not against it.

In the 1950's I was given a huge vaccination -enough so that it left a tatoo on my arm – permanently. In the 50's they experimented with the monkey vaccine which came from monkey kidney tissue culture. I am allergice to polio vaccines – I wonder why?

Anyway if you keep yourself healthy, eat the right foods, take vitamins -you will be healthy and so will your kids.

Megan   April 3rd, 2009 11:45 pm ET

FYI- I'm not a doctor but work out in the field in international public health- yeah a young white girl from New Jersey working on tuberculosis and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. But my background is immunology, and blanket statements about complex things like vaccines disturb me– autism is way too complex to reduce to a single cause and it's a disservice to everyone affected. We can't act like we're in one "boat" or the other– sometimes I feel like the arguing is taking away from a real focus on the issues– I advocate for more research on ALL the possibilities, including (but not only) the role of vaccines and other factors that trigger immune responses.
There has been some good progress made recently regarding mitochondrial disorders– I was hoping to hear about it– why didn't this come up in the show? Because the arguing took precedent and we got absolutely nowhere.

mlinn   April 3rd, 2009 11:50 pm ET

Great job tonight, JB. Here are some questions and comments for us all to think about and possibly use to counter the statements made during the program:
1. If vaccines have been tested to be safe by the CDC, how long were subjects tracked post vaccine to determine the "safety"? Was autism or neurological damage even considered in evaluating the safety? Additionally, what studies have been done to evaluate the safety of the interaction of multiple vaccines given at once or over time?
2. How is the incidence of autism even tracked in our country? Is there integrity in the system we are using to count? What States or regions have the most rigorous systems? If we could apply a rigorous model with consistent diagnostic criteria to account for all autism by age, even if it were only in isolated regions, would that not show whether or not incidence was increasing over time?
3. What types of toxins will be studied to determine if they cause autism in vitro or after birth? Are any of these toxins present in vaccines as additives or preservatives? Which exposure routes (inhalation, transdermal, ingestion or injection) of toxins are likely to cause greater harm to living cells in the body?
4. What is autism biologically? Since it is diagnosed behaviorally, we don't really know. Until we understand what it is physically, what it is scientifically, these debates are for naught. The focus should be on determining the physical, hard science biology of this disease. This will lead to factual discovery of the causes, how to prevent it, and how to cure it.

Debi S   April 3rd, 2009 11:53 pm ET

Kathleen Lucus M.D.- Exactly! Read my last comment above. when my son David was diagnosed with ASD I was pregnant with our 3rd child and I had made the agonizing decision to not have her vaccinated UNTIL she turns 2, I am a stay at home mom and I do not put my children in daycare and not to protect the children who are immunized but to protect my child. I will have my 3rd child immunized but after the age of 2 when it is safer for her and the immunizations will be 1 at a time and spread apart and NO live viruses. As far as you thinking I'm being a bioterrorist- OH WELL, I'll be that proudly to save my 3rd child from slipping into the state of AUTISM.

jamieb   April 3rd, 2009 11:54 pm ET

Kathleen Lucas,

You call me a bioterriorist, you disrespect my child's hardships due to Autism because he is "high functioning" by calling him a Social Nerd and disrespect the entire autism community.
You say you are a pediatrician, a person we should trust. Yet, you did not even take the time to correctly spell the name of the very person you were so angrily accusing of spreading lies.
We all need to work TOGETHER.
DAN doctors....we are not saying we can do it alone. We need the help of open minded physicians. Name calling?
I am sure you do not suffer the injustice of a family member that suffers from Autism. If so, you would NEVER make such harsh comments.

John   April 3rd, 2009 11:54 pm ET

Thanks again for Jenny and her supporters and Larry King for having this presented.When you have your next"Green our Vaccines Too Many too Soon" rally day we want to know so we can organize one here in Ontario Canada

Sofia   April 3rd, 2009 11:57 pm ET

Debi S – AND also I am sure you are in access of clean water and have no plans of travelling with your children to any underdeveloped country anytime soon.
I would do EXACTLY what you do if I could do it over again....

Lynn T   April 3rd, 2009 11:59 pm ET

I would hope that the parents who are going through a difficult time with children right now could please be a little more sensitive to the adolescents and adults out there who actually have autism. I understand the frustration and the trying times, believe me, I have an 8 yr old son with autism. But I am also an adult living with Asp.Syn. We don't like being referred to as "soulless", "tragic", "emotionless", etc.! I like who I am! I LOVE who my son is, not in spite of the autism, but b/c of it! I tell him he's special b/c he gets to see the world in his own unique way. I know that we are proud of our kids and think that they are special people, but you have to take the bad w/ the good. What makes them special is also what causes the difficulties! If you want evidence, please look up Temple Grandin!! My son, myself, and so many others have to live with the adjectives that are attached to us. Please consider that we are WHOLE people! And a lot of us can even demonstrate that. We can love, laugh, and FEEL!! (yes, even emotional pain)
Also, I want to make this point, if they came out with a pill to cure autism, I wouldn't take it! I'm not saying that everyone shares my opinion, but I hope it's food for thought!

jamieb   April 4th, 2009 12:00 am ET

Jenny, Jim, Larry, JB...if you are still there..Thank you...

Ann Harrell   April 4th, 2009 12:02 am ET

Thank you Jenny, Jim, Jerry, and JB for bringing this information to all the parents out there who are praying for answers to heal their children. I have a son who has been doing diet and biomedical for several years and he has made great progress. It is very stressful,
expensive, and requires exhausting research, but so worth the effort.
There are so many more children suffering. We need insurance to
cover the therapies we are paying for on our own. We need honest studies done and accountability for what is happening to our country's children. May God bless these precious children.

Glenn   April 4th, 2009 12:02 am ET

Megan said: "It is virtually impossible for everyone to know the molecular biology of their child’s immune system at all stages of life."

Why is it impossible? Is it impossible for doctors or the drug companies? I get the feeling that what you meant to say is that it is impossible for parents because you said THEIR CHILD'S. Why do you feel that parents aren't intelligent enough to understand? You don't have to have a medical degree to be involved in your child's health care!

I've had some doctors that were willing to partner with me on my child's health care but, unfortunately, most doctors I have dealt with don't want to consider or even discuss alternatives. Their attitude is, right or wrong, it is their way or the highway.

Leeann Walden   April 4th, 2009 12:03 am ET

My son was given the life sentence of autism at 2 and a half years old. He was non-verbal, self injurius, and lived in a world of his own. He had no idea he had a family that loved him so much. We did not let autism determine my son's future and searched for help. We found a DAN doctor that was able to treat my son's condition. My son is now 4 and a half years old and he is doing AMAZING! He is talking, He is loving and he is in a normal functioning KIndergarten class. AUTISM IS CURABLE!!!!! Dont give up!

jamieb   April 4th, 2009 12:03 am ET

You must be the change you wish to see in the world......Ghandi...

I think we wish to see the same "change"******

Here's a special hug to all Mother/Father warriors and all of our little Hero's

May God bless us one and all

Sofia   April 4th, 2009 12:04 am ET

Comment to mlinn –
Your first comment/question "1. If vaccines have been tested to be safe by the CDC, how long were subjects tracked post vaccine to determine the “safety”? Was autism or neurological damage even considered in evaluating the safety? Additionally, what studies have been done to evaluate the safety of the interaction of multiple vaccines given at once or over time? "

It will be VERY hard to do a fair study on childvaccination just because I do not think there are ANY parents of new born babies, except AAP members perhaps, that would let their babies be part of a study for a vaccine. Imagine this "can we give your newborn baby that has a poor immunsystem, 16 vaccines when he is just coming off a cold, to study a link between this vaccine and poor immunsystem and if it will cause autism?" HOW many parents would agree to that??? THATS why there will never be a study with a high realibility and validity.

Debi S   April 4th, 2009 12:05 am ET

I believe that it is true that Autism is part genetic and part environmental, add the 2 and you get AUTISM. The problem? Why don't the doctors test both parents during pregnancy for the genetic link to take preventive measures? I mean they do all kinds of other blood work during pregnancy (and I know all Mom's know what that's like) but not for Autism. ANSWER: MONEY! The Insurance companies don't want to have to pay for the costly tests, really does that make sense? Then we immunize our children to the CDC schedule and then Guess what "your child has Autism" that's what we hear (at least 1 in 150 of us) and the Insurance companies end up paying for tests for the child and therapies and all kinds of other medical attention due to the symptoms of Autism. It not friggin rocket science.

Maria Durci   April 4th, 2009 12:07 am ET

I started treating my son with dietary interventions on my own after diagnosis at 4 1/2 and weeks prior to begining early intervention. He progressed dramatically in just three weeks: Day one he began falling alseep more easily, stopped hitting and biting us, in the first week he began to play with his toys as any 4 year old would instead of simply throwing them, stopped running away from us in stores, actually responded by crying like any four year old would instead of laughing or ignoring it when he fell and scraped a knee...there is so much more.

The result of simply removing gluten and casein and artificial colors from his diet was so dramatic that the early intervention staff who had done his pre-admission evaluation where he literally trashed their classroom, asked us what happened. He was totally different. They could not believe the change in just a few weeks. He became able to benefit from educational efforts and behavioral interventions for the first time.

I can attest to the impact of biomedical treatment even without the other therapies since we started that first weeks before any other treatments. I feel every child deserves to feel well, be able to digest and absorb their food, be free of toxins in their little bodies. If they don't feel well they cannot benefit as much or progress as far as they would if they were healthy. I can't function properly with a headache – just imagine having gut pain, being malnourished because you cannot absorb nutrients, being overloaded with sounds, textures and sights beacuse your injured nurons cannot cope and being expected to learn or behave properly. Its downright crulty that most of our country's medical personel have not addressed the often hiden physical symptoms of Autism we only look at what is obvious to anyone – the behavior.

My son did not regress as so many others did. He had "language " (He was extremely adept at scripting from movies, tv and things he heard) and he would hug us which I feel combined to delay his diagnosis despite my asking at every well baby check-up from the time he was weeks old and already expereincing chronic diarhea and screaming in pain if placed on his abdomen. He became withdrawn and lethargic at three months of age when placed on propulsid for his diahrea. When I stopped the meds he came back a little smiling and laughing but not where my other three older kids had been at that age.

It's a long story but after GF/CF and removing foods he was allergic to incluidng preservatives, dyes, corn potato, tomato, beef, peas, cane sugar, honey, artifical sweeteners, artifical flavors, etc. and treating his environmental allergies, and supporting his nutritional needs with supplements my son is a gifted fifth grader fully included and riding the rainbow to red. He is my gift, my joy. I love him as I always have but now it is so much easier for others to see his gifts, too.

Give me a break Kathleen   April 4th, 2009 12:09 am ET

Is anyone else sick of pediatricians who blanket vaccinate every child and claim to know everything because they have a medical degree? Do they not realize that there are children who should not be vaccinated due to a very weak immune system? Have any of them even been on the vaccine websites where they now state on their front pages that children with allergies to the components in the vaccines should probably not receive them? Do they read at all or do they simply regurgitate everything they are told by the CDC and the AAP? I am beginning to think that today's pediatricians are far too mired in the AAP 'vaccines are safe' mantra that they can no longer think for themselves.

Some of them are so arrogant to claim that vaccines are 100% safe. Good How laughable. I would be terrified to bring my immune-compromised son in to see a doctor who spouted such nonsense. What an arrogant, insane attitude. Kathleen, what makes you pediatricians think you know it all? Good lord. You disgust me and probably every other parent on this forum who has a child with vaccine injuries by stating that the masses' health takes precedence over the subset of kids LIKE MINE who should never have been vaccinated in the first place. Go back to school. Your medical degree hardly makes you an expert. I used to trust the medical establishment before they truly let my child down. Neither of my sons will ever receive another vaccine, and it is because of the arrogance of doctors like you who claim to know it all. I am terrified for your little patients, Kathleen.

My 2 1/2-year old, who stopped receiving vaccines at 9 months, is speaking in 5-word sentences and has the motor skills of a 4 year old. He can count to 30 and knows how to spell and read. I have spoken to so many parents of children who are either not vaccinated or have received their vaccines spaced out and guess what? Those kids are far beyond the norm in terms of development and gross/fine motor skills than their vaccinated peers. Gee, I wonder why....could it be that we are not poisoning their brains with toxins?

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 12:10 am ET

I don't fall for the "theory" that we now have autism in epidemic porportions in the population -that these kids all have a genetic pre-disposition to autism. No. Not at all.

It was not an epidemic in the 1950's, or the 60's or the 70's, it has only been since the drug companies have ramped up their chemicals and are trying to find more people to sell drugs to.

When you inject a poison like mercury which affects the brain, what do you suppose you are doing?

When that build up of mercury affects brain functioning< what do you suppose caused it?

It is self serving for a drug company executive to approve a drug such as in the FDA. The FDA has to be completely overhauled...don't stop with GM Obama....go for the FDA ...they are causing more sickness and death in this country than Iraq.

Maria Durci   April 4th, 2009 12:12 am ET

By the way... For those of you who feel my son may have been misdiagnosed as you feel Evan was... they ruled out celiac disease in my son when he was two years old by biopsy and other testing. And he does not have seizure disorder.

Christian R. Clinton   April 4th, 2009 12:13 am ET

I am just glad that there are people out there that use there celebrity to help the world, even better our kids

Sofia   April 4th, 2009 12:14 am ET

I agree Teriss – Both the FDA and the CDC should need some spring cleaning amongst their executives!

Theresa Dunworth   April 4th, 2009 12:16 am ET

In 1987, I was 15 and went to the eye doctor to get soft contacts, that had just come out. My doctor said he could provide me with free solution if my mother would sign a permission slip for me to be in a study with this solution. He assured us it was perfectly safe. I never had any problems, but the solution was removed from the shelves. In fact soon many contact lens solutions advertised that they no longer contained this dangerous ingredient in their formulas. That ingredient was Thirmerasol. Can someone tell me why the FDA made companies take out Thirmerasol from their contact lens solutions, but consider it safe to inject into a two day old child? My son has autism and I am convinced it happened after he received 4 combination shots (so actually 12 different vaccines) in one day when he was 18 months old. If these shots are so safe, why do you have to sign so many forms to acknowledge that you read 6 pages of reading material before the doctor will give your child the shots? Like someone who has a small child in to see the doctor has time to carefully read through this material, while your child lays there with just a diaper on squirming and crying. I myself, four hours after my son's birth was pestered to get revaccinated with the MMR, because they told me this was the best time to do it. For the next eight months I experienced strange symptoms. I ended up with a Vitamin B deficiency that my dentist diagnosed due to the blisters in my mouth and the pelegra symptoms I had from my nuckles turning brown and leathery. When I read that most people get pelegra from drinking alcohol, I couldn't believe I had it, since I don't drink. How could I have gotten this condition? I ate a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, grains, milk products, and fruit. My son is now 8 and even though his recovery is slow, he is making progress. I still worry about the toxic metals in his system. He sometimes turns very yellow as if he is jaundice, and I wonder if his liver is still trying to rid his body of the toxins that were injected into it. Until all doctors speaking on the subject of vaccines and autism, first disclose to me all their relationships to these drug companies I will distrust what they repeatedly say. If they really believe that vaccines are totally safe, then why are they so afraid to run a study proving what they say by comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children?

karenatlanta   April 4th, 2009 12:16 am ET

My son received Biomedical help, diet, supplements and chelation since age 3.
He was severely Autistic, a flight risk, non-verbal, fecal smearing.
No Autism family history here.
My son's Autism is reversing and he is healing beautifully talking, playing and in a normal classroom.
His decline started after 2 wellness visits and over 24 vaccines in just under 3 months.
That is more vaccines than my husband and I received in our entire lives combined. Within a few months he plunged into Autism.
Thank you JB, Jenny, Jim and Doctor K, I got my kid back!
That's all that matters!!!

rachel   April 4th, 2009 12:16 am ET

I think that the public may be mislead into thinkijng that our children are being vaccinated for 34 different reasons. There are only 7 vaccinations given but with multiple doses to aquire immunity. Thats an important fact.

Tia   April 4th, 2009 12:17 am ET

I think Jenny and Jim are absolutely right about why the medical community are not willing to even consider biomedical. Unfortunately, this is a mentality that is within the medical community at large. Our medical system needs some major revamping to stop the over use of drugs and toxins. It's sad that we in the United States have to deal with this in relation to keeping our children safe. Kudos to you Jenny and Jim for using your celebruty influence to fight this fight.

Jennifer Anderson   April 4th, 2009 12:18 am ET

My daughter has had all the required immunizations, but I noticed a funny rash on her neck which spread all over. The school nurse sent her home and we brought her to the doctor. Although every sympton fit german measles (rubella), he said it couldn't be because she was immunized and there hasn't been german measles around for fifteen years. He couldn't say what it was though. It ran the course of german measles.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck. It was german measles. But if doctors keep insisting that it's not german measles, then they'll keep giving the MMR even though children are getting the rubella but they're not diagnosing it.

Stop injecting toxins into our kids to keep them safe and then telling us we're putting our children at risk if we say NO.

Judi   April 4th, 2009 12:18 am ET

I have a child who was diagnosed with autism at 20 months old. We have not done one single biomedical intervention and he is active, social, smart and mainstreamed in a regular kindergarten classroom! He is almost indistinguishable from his peers, but he is still autistic. There is no cure and even if there was one, we wouldn't want it.

I believe that Jenny and Dr. Kartzinel are doing a GRAVE disservice to autism and autism advocacy. There is no scientific evidence that it's vaccines. I can't believe how misinformed Jenny and Jim are and I believe it is very sad that they are the voice of autism. They do NOT speak for me and my beautiful boy.

Christian R. Clinton   April 4th, 2009 12:19 am ET

I am just glad that there are people out there that use there celebrity to help the world, even better our kids. So I just want to say thank you for caring and making the world a better place for our kids and theres to come.

Zurama L. Johnston   April 4th, 2009 12:20 am ET

My youngest son now 11 has severe autism. Diagnosed at 22 months, after regressing, from a normal developing toddler into a complete stranger. With chronic digestive problems, much like the ones described by Dr. Andrew Wakefield in the Lancet. Lost his speech and stopped relating to other people. He lost his ability to Chew.

I do believe vaccines are to blame. They is just too many to soon, given as a one size fits all.

I don't know what to say about Autism being reversible in my son's case, but I do believe it could have been prevented if his doctor had checked for an underlying immune deficiency. Blindly giving shots is irresponsible and tragic!!!

We are all different and our bodies react different to the same medications. The same goes for vaccines. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out.

Anne Morgan   April 4th, 2009 12:22 am ET

Why not space out the vaccines more? Why so many at one
time and so early? As an adult, I wouldn't want that many shots
in my body. I think Jim Carrey was right – it's hard to fight against
the pharmaceutical companies when they are making money.

I know that no one will agree with this, but I think what is going
on now that didn't occur in past years? Cell phones and micro
wave ovens, both which give radiation to the body in small doses.
Maybe those microscopic doses are enough to affect a fetus.

One thing's for sure – the rules/regulations on vaccines need to be changed!

Jen H.   April 4th, 2009 12:23 am ET

They mentioned Norway, I grew up there, I got my MMR vaccine in the 6th grade.

T and T   April 4th, 2009 12:24 am ET

Thank you for the show – it was so great to have the truth acknowledged. My son was very sick the evening of his vaccines.. that evening became a week, then two...a diagnosis of strep, chronic diarrhea, unexplained fevers, a shot sight that wouldn't heal, strep went to an ear infection, and when the six week massacre was over, he no longer looked at me when I called his name, played pat a cake, or babbled. The pediatrician, up until the loss of skills, said it was a normal reaction to vaccines. He also said he wasn't autistic four months before he was diagnosed. I wish my story was unique, but it isn't. As a matter of fact, nine years before my son was born, my oldest son had bronchilitis or an ear infection within seven days of every vaccine from six months to two years. At two years old he had a complete immune collapse and ended up in the hospital. He was given IVIG, "a controversial treatment for autism that is not covered by insurance". And he is a typical fifteen year old today, with a six year old brother with autism. Hindsight is 20/20 –
Keep up the good fight, the one that empowers knowledge and lets our stories be heard!

BERNADETTE WAY   April 4th, 2009 12:24 am ET


Hallie   April 4th, 2009 12:25 am ET

My name is Hallie and I am 13 years old. I am watching Larry King Live and Jenny and Jim seem to contradict themselves time and time again. You aren't making sense.
On the ticker tape, it says Jenny's son is 'cured'. Autism is a mental change in the brain and you cannot change that just like that.
I've grown up with my brother, who is 9 years old and was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 and has been through therapy and everything else.
Autism is not curable, but it is treatable.
On the ticker tap,e it says the 'extensive research helped find treatments for my son'. If it's such a good treatment, why isn't EVERYONE using it?
Just a thought.

grammac   April 4th, 2009 12:27 am ET

Larry King,
I applaud your efforts to heighten awareness of autism!
Many of us know first-hand about autism and, thankfully, how far a child can come in his first 6 years given massive early intervention. Our Luke is able to be in a regular ed classroom without an aide. That said, he still "has" autism; and the autism is keeping him from learning to read and do first grade math as presented in the public school setting (even when supplimented in the Special Ed classroom which provides instruction similar to that in the regular ed room). Luke has an IQ of 100 and was projected to have "excellent academic potential" by the psychologist who tested him. The problem is that because he has come so far from that crazy little animal who could not communicate, the school system says it "doesn't see the autism" at school and therefore does not offer him anything different from their regular fare. Granted, Luke has learned many coping skills. But the school personnel are basically uneducated about autism and the needs of these high-functioning kids. They don't know how to teach him. These kids learn differently and have needs other kids don't have. It's not even about having or not having the money. I have spent untold hours on the internet looking for classrooms or programs around to help him (assuming we could afford it if we found one). They don't exist.
I'd like for you to address what happens when this child reaches public school age. Autism Spectrum isn't even a part of a special ed teacher's education, let alone the general ed teacher's (I just had that conversation with a recent special ed certified graduate). I don't see this situation improving until it is addressed at the college level and that will be too late for Luke. He only has this small window of time. We aren't winning the battle if we do early intervention and bring kids this far but then fail to provide the education they need to be productive adults.

Sue   April 4th, 2009 12:28 am ET

Autism, adhd, RAD, ODD, bipolar, PDD-NOS, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and a whole alphabet soup list of childhood problems are most likely the result of parents AND our kids being exposed to far too many toxins–from vaccines, foods, toys, stuff in our homes, and simply the air we breathe.

I have two daughters who had very different behavioral and health problems–from extreme shyness in one to nonstop tantrums and aggression in the other–both had digestive problems and were very picky eaters, suffered from eczema and one had asthma attacks and wasn't growing. The various treatments our pediatrician recommended for the most serious problems didn't seem to help much, or at all, and his advice about parenting them didn't help at all, either. When he started recommending anti-psychotic medications for my tantrummer–I started looking for other solutions.

Fortunately, through internet friends and manic use of google I discovered that many kids diagnosed with autism had a lot of the same behaviors and health issues as I was observing in my kids. And I learned that some folks were having good success improving their kids' health and behaviors through non-mainstream approaches.

So, instead of running out to get my kids psychiatric diagnoses,
I decided to venture to an alternative medical practice and eventually to a DAN doctor. Their lives, and mine, have changed from totally miserable to something approaching normal–thanks to diet changes, digestive enzymes, vitamin and mineral supplements, and treating them for mercury toxicity–a serious problem which tests showed both were suffering.

Did the mercury in their bodies come from their vaccines or did it come from other sources? I don't know, but the child who received the most vaccines with thimerosal had the most health problems and was the most toxic according to the testing we did. In a crime investigation, detectives usually consider the prime suspects those known to be at the scene when the crime occurred. So I do suspect the vaccines–after all, via those, billions of mercury molecules were directly injected into my children's arms and legs. Logically, vaccines must be at the top of my list of suspect mercury sources, but other mercury sources or exposures are certainly potential accomplices.

Thanks to detoxing my kids using the Andy Cutler approach, today my kids have no screaming tantrums, no aggression, no stims, no eczema, no asthma attacks, no sinus infections and they are both doing very well in school. Are they "cured" of all that ailed them? I am not sure. But they have greatly recovered and all of our lives have been – literally – saved in the process.

IMO kids actually diagnosed with autism are just the most severely affected–I suspect a large proportion of all American kids today are affected–if your child has add, adhd, odd, nld, bipolar, asthma, allergies, speech or learning disabilities, I think you would be wise to LEARN MORE and investigate whether toxicity is a factor and if a non-mainstream medical approach might help them, like it hugely helped my kids.

So I say....Go Jenny! Go Jim! Go J.B.!!! Go Dr. Healy!!! Go ALL parents of recovering autistic kids! Your efforts are going to help more parents discover a path to helping their kids, and maybe, eventually, public health will figure out that it is high time they stop looking for answers in all the wrong places and start actually examining the affected and recovering kids to figure out what is causing so many to have so many problems.

If it isn't the toxic vaccines, it is the toxins in our environment–and something has got to change or there isn't going to be much of a future for any of us. Blaming it all on genetics or claiming its all a mystery is dishonest. There is plenty of research that clearly implicates mercury and other heavy metals and pollutants as important contributing factors to A LOT of what ails A LOT of our children–not just the ones diagnosed with autism. 1 out of 6 American kids has a developmental or neurological disorder –according to the CDC. Autism is just the tip of the iceberg.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 12:29 am ET

God bless you Maria for not giving in to and accepting things as they were, you had the guts to ask more -demand more- and expect more from the medical field. I am glad you did not accept the results and found healthier ways to help your son. God bless him too for having a mom like you. Keep on asking, no...better still....demand better from doctors.

Dont' feel sorry for them they get -great paid golf vacations from drug companies and are usually driving a Mercedes.

Susan Kreizenbeck   April 4th, 2009 12:30 am ET

As a teacher, I have witnessed the unbelievable increase in children with autism. I have also heard the same story that the problem began with the MMR. One of my former students almost died and suffers with seizures that began the day he had the MMR.

I have witnessed the devistation and recovery, personally, with the diagnosis of my oldest grandson who was diagnosed at age two. He had lost all of his speech, eye contact, and suffered with constant diarrhea. At age three, he was UNDIAGNOSED

Lori C   April 4th, 2009 12:30 am ET


You are absolutely RIGHT! The FDA, the CDC and all the rest of them need some CHANGES....

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GENETIC EPIDEMIC, this is taught in med school as well.


mary   April 4th, 2009 12:31 am ET

I would like to know if Jim and Jenny have studied morbidity and mortality of those children who have died from vaccine preventable disease. As a pediatrician, I am astounded at how these celebrities get this platform to share their story on CNN without having both sides (for and against autism) equally represented. Because Jenny McCarthy's son is now "cured," they believe that they have found a way to fix autism. Do they not know the medical community has been studying this for decades? What have they learned reading the internet pales in comparison to the knowledge that is gained in medical school. What education does Jenny McCarthy have to support her hypothesis? Has it been tested on a large case study? To suggest that doctors vaccinate because the drug companies are paying us off is, frankly, insulting. Let us not forget that we all took the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, in addition to the ethical and moral standards we must uphold. Please do better CNN.

George Duke   April 4th, 2009 12:31 am ET

I am a retired pharmacist... and as a child when you saw a kid with autism it was a rarity.... I believe the vaccines are what is causing the autism.. We need to go back to about 5 or so basic vaccines ... and no more.. we have the drugs to treat most of the diseases..
Smallpox, polio, measles, mumps, dyptheria, ... I was a pharmacist and was amazed tonight to find out that they are using 34 or so vaccines... Something in this shotgun combo is causing the autism.. Just amazing .. I would take my kid out of this country before allowing all that injected into my child.......... Doesn't anyone who makes these rules every look at all the contraindications and side effects that are listed for ... EVERY drug out there.... and this is an injection.........and there are 34 and none have been studies more than 5 or 10 years...... my god these people are loco...!! Don't do these massive vaccinations on your child.. !!

James   April 4th, 2009 12:33 am ET

As a person with Autism and Asperger's syndrome, I feel that some of the things his guests have said are puzzeling. In a way it almost sounds as though that they are saying that people with autism are absolutly unacceptable. I am sure this is not their intention, having said that, it is how they come off. Autistic individuals have done great things for this country and for humanity as a whole. I firmly believe that Autism and Asperger's Syndrome is what makes me unique and to say that I can be "cured" is to me an almost frightening concept. I don't want to lose what makes me, me. I believe that I would not be the same person I am now if I didn't have autism and I like the person I am overall.

I wish to post a question not for direct answer but just a food for thought question.

Is it within the realm of possibility that Autism and Asperger's Syndrome is not a disability as much as it is a different form of person? What I mean by this is, is it possible, that with the rise of autism that this is simply a different form of human being or at least a different form of brain type? I am not neccesarily saying the next step in evolution or anything like to be clear, but it is interesting to note the increase.

It is quite well possible to see that vaccines are a part of the problem, having said that, I believe that it is something that is engrained in the genes themselves, and something must be triggering this increase.

Hopefully this provides some insight from another person, as well as a person with Autism. 🙂

Debi S   April 4th, 2009 12:34 am ET

I would like to say to all the parents and family members who live with a child with Autism, God Bless! I pray for these children and even the adults living with Autism, I know as a parent how hard the diagnosis is and how it killed a little piece of me and I just pray that one day this will no longer be an issue and not one more child will be diagnosed and not one more parent will be heart broken or even one more family member will be looking to figure out how to communicate with their Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Grandson, Granddaughter, Niece, or Nephew. This would be AMAZING! A TRUE MIRACLE!

Dona   April 4th, 2009 12:35 am ET

Lumping vaccines together is a cover up so it would be impossible to figure out which one caused the problem. One drug company announced they were sending them out that way, taking away the parent's right to choose.
In the Homeland Security Act by Bush, there was an article which allowed that Eli Lilly would not be held responsible if a child became ill from a vaccine. Now why was that there?
Bush Sr sat on the board of Lilly[or another drug company in the 70's]

Our military are given 17 vaccines at once, against manufacture's instructions, then sent to the desert where there drink soda that sits out in sun at over 100 degrees, which turns the chemical sugar into formaldahyde. And that is part of the soldiers story. No one is safe, and those unaffected by vaccines are very lucky ducks, or the dots are not connected as ailments start 25 to 30 years later . as we become more aware.

Christina Clark (Houston)   April 4th, 2009 12:35 am ET

You'd be amazed how difficult it is to slow down or change shot schedules. I am well-educated and care deeply about this subject, but the pressure from school, family and doctors is significant. I have deselected certain non-life threatening vaccines, including Rotavarius, but this is not without a certain responsibility. My son had (supposedly) Rotavarius shortly thereafter, however, I am willing to take that risk for my child's sake. My son has been sick alot, ear infections and lots of strange bouts with high fever and sleepless nights, however he is a happy boy who never misses a meal and with regular growth patterns. For that reason, I am really vary of pushing him over the limit with uneccesary vaccines, at least for now. I often hear people say, parents have to educate themselves and make decisions, but this is not a good solution long term. For example, a NON-PROFIT organization willing to publish a simple outline of what a vaccine schedule could look like. Not a long book, just a simple schedule. Yes, lawsuits. But this is what it takes.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 12:36 am ET

There is no wonder kids are becoming sick from vaccines, there are way too many chemicals in vaccines. Thanks for telling us your findings George- that will help many mothers to fight for better health for their kids.

I am a child of the 50's and your right-there was no autism. There was very little polio also- all we ever got was the measles or chicken pox that was it. No need for 34 diseases ...what the heck are they all for anyway? Does anyone know? I mean they are calling menopause a disease now for pete' sake.

Matt   April 4th, 2009 12:38 am ET

Pharmaceutical companies have no interests in curing people. A true cure comes from returning to most natural state the nature intended. All degenerative diseases are a deviation from a natural state. Human body is a miracle machine which is capable of hilling itself, we only need to help. All cures come from proper nutrients, bodies cleaned of toxins (fasting), pure water (distilled – inorganic minerals are killing us), pure air (breathing exercises), sun doctor (vitamin D), physical exercises. So called ‘scientists’ will never find a cure because their studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, that want a certain outcome. The curriculum in medical schools is influenced by pharmaceutical companies, all they teach new doctors is a list of drugs that needs to be prescribed for this and that. FDA is in bed with pharmaceutical companies. There were over 100 cures for cancer that worked, but all have been buried in sand, because billions of dollars in profit would be lost.

Karla Munger   April 4th, 2009 12:38 am ET

53 years ago I babysat for a little boy who'd been diagnosed as "autistic". He didn't relate to people, made odd noises, but he did respond to some things so you knew he was in there. I've often wondered how he grew up. In those days they even blamed the mother. The Freudians blamed so much on the mother.

Two years ago a friend took in a grandchild; when I saw him one afternoon I left muttering that there was something seriously wrong, I suspected autism....he didn't look at you, didn't speak etc. He was diagnosed a few months later as autistic. They/ve had him in a local program. I saw him recently and couldn't believe the difference: he was charming, laughing with adults, looking you in the eye....what a miracle. Early intervention has changed this child's life.

But the drug mania is epidemic in the population......there are too many different medications given to everybody. The average person over 65 is on five. But children are so vulnerable and have no choice.

Keep up the good work.

JM and JC are doing great work letting people know there is hope. If I hadn't seen that delightful little boy I wouldn't have believed it

Alma   April 4th, 2009 12:41 am ET

i have two autistic boys age of 9yrs. and a 7yrs. who are doing a little bit better they are talking more and their social skills and better but i was wondering what can i do to make them recover from it? and also i have a 2yr. old son what can i do to prevent so that he won't get autism?please help.

Louis   April 4th, 2009 12:41 am ET

My son too was diagnosed with Autism at 3 years old. I noticed a regression just past 18 months old. I noticed a change in his speech patterns. At 2 years old our Pediatrician said it was nothing and not to be concerned. I persisted to tell her about it, thinking that he might have a hearing problem. But the Doctor claimed that there was no ear infection or anything plugging up the ear so she continued to tell us there was nothing wrong. We finally got a hearing test and at another center and the hear test was good. That’s when we finally were told that it might be Autism. He was 2 ½ years old. The official diagnosis didn’t come till he was 3 years old. What a lot of valuable time wasted! I feel that vaccines are the problem that caused this, or at very least contributed to it greatly. If he was born with it then the vaccines made it apparent. Otherwise I don’t think it would have ever have been noticed and he would have had a normal life. He is now 5 ½ and still not talking in complete sentences. But we’re luckier then most families with children with Autism because he doesn’t have the long list of other problems. However, every bit of time and money that we have goes to his therapy and doctor bills and still it’s not enough. Unfortunately, we don’t have unlimited funds and now I too have become one of the unemployed. There goes what’s left of the 401k.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 12:42 am ET

Mary – get a grip on reality. There is a cure for autism its called reduced vaccines and don't be a dolt and fall into the trap where your brain refuses to accept anything else- than what the drug companies dictate to you and tell you its good for you.

Look at Lipator, look at pretty well all the drugs they push on the market now? They are all being recalled. You have anti-depressants that make people suicidal...oh thats nice isn't it?
You have menopause premarin that gives women breast cancer and you have that papaloma thing ...making young girls sick -some have died. Lets see do you want me to go on? Drugs Kill People.

Debi S   April 4th, 2009 12:43 am ET

Mary- Let's see Jenny probably has an education from the school of "I LIVE WITH AUTISM" and as a DOC I think you should know that US parents of children with Autism probably have a better understanding of the disorder then you, no I know we do. Having a son on the Spectrum I know that BIOMEDICAL TREATMENT has signifigantly helped my son.

nina   April 4th, 2009 12:43 am ET

Hi Larry, I just looked at the recommendations for shots and guidelines that the CDC set and they recommend the rotovirus however, they do not say that it is necessary. Being a mother of 2 small children I have had a very open dialogue with their pediatricians and have had both of them vaccinated according to the schedule suggested by the CDC. I have never had either of them take the rotovirus vaccine, however it was not necessary for my older child it was recommended by the pediatrians for my younger son, I said what would the chances be thaat anything would cause him to get the illness that leads to rotovirus, since we were not planning on travelling outside the US? they told me it was up to me but because my older son is in school that they recommended it. I asked what the benefits would be and they told me that it would just stop a diarhetic illness. I did not give him the shot as I knew he would be in my care not daycare. I have also had extensive conversatioins with their pediatrians about the use of the term "Autism" and they have told me that Autism is the new politically correct name for Retarded in a scaled degree.
I am sorry to tell Jenny and Jim but they are just lucky that Jenny's son outgrew the issue and agree with the courts for saying that the cause is not the shots. I have two very healthy boys who have gotten all the shots so long as they are not ill at the time of their visits.. I will not allow them to be given any shots even if they have a runny nose from teething. I would rather go back once they are better and pay for another offfice visit.
However, my children play with children that have never been vaccinated and I disagree with the parents decision to not vaccinate, however I wish that the state we live in or the CDC could step in and force the parents to vaccinate. However, I will say this in conclusion that we live in the freeist nation in the world and everyone has the right to do as they would like within reason according to the laws and it is the parents right to forgo vaccinations however, I disagree with it and think that they are harming not helping their children.

Concerned Mom- FL

Brian Tourville   April 4th, 2009 12:44 am ET

This Cocktail Mix of Injections impact directly The Immune System.

I would direct the NIH to extend their focus into the Immunological changes these Vaccines represent.

RCM   April 4th, 2009 12:44 am ET

The problem is the large drug companies make big bucks from vaccines vaccines and prescription drugs. The mainstream medical community pushes this stuff. They are in bed together for profit. Neither is interested in true health. The government looks the other way because they help to keep them in power with political contributions!

Cindy   April 4th, 2009 12:46 am ET

Yes, my grandson has Autism. Wake Up!! Two words-BIG PHARMA!!! Vaccines were developed for Healthy Children 9 Years Old or Older. NOT hours after birth!!! Give our Children's immune systems a chance to get stronger to handle to vaccines!!

anita   April 4th, 2009 12:46 am ET

In the hospital my son was born, there was another boy born within hours of my son. Their first shot was from the same batch. They both had the same symptoms of autism. She just happend to be a friend of mine. She calls me and cries when she has had a very bad day with trying to relate to her son. Both of our families have dealt with years of therapy and attempts to understand what happened. Do I think that the vaccine did it?? HELL YES!!!!! 2 kids born get shots from the same batch , same issues and same hospital...... hmmmm let me think.....

now what would you do??? would you be worried about vaccinating your next child??


Joyelle   April 4th, 2009 12:47 am ET

merck has stopped manufacturing the mmr vaccine separately . What can parents like me do that do not want to give the mmr?

Jenny! You are awesome   April 4th, 2009 12:47 am ET

I am a mother of 5 one of which has autism. My son with autism is not my biological son but my son by choice thru marriage (much like Jim). We have him 100% of the time so, he is my son.
Thank you for all you give and I know it is a lot and I know you don't benefit the way some protray. You have given more and gotten less then most on this crusade.
I ordered my son's medical records and cried as I read through them and watched him disappear off the pages after immunizations, colds, antibiotics and ear infections. He went from a "Bright Beautiful Boy" to "concern and worry" in the notation of the physician. It was so very sad for me to read and see how his life was stolen from him under the guise of "preventive care".
We have been working to get him back for many years, made some progress and had some slipping here and there. (Biomedical intervention) Right now we are venturing into the puberty years and the hormones are coming on and life once again is full of disrupt and uncertainty. He is regressing somewhat into areas and excelling into others, it is such a mixed bag. Mostly right now we are dealing with the escapism that has reared it's ugly head again. We had extinguished that but it is surfacing again. There are some injurous behaviours that are rising too. Then in the positive, he is more verbal, more eye contact and more interactive. So...who knows. we forge ahead and look for the growth and try to weather the regression until it becomes growth too. It is a hard road. We never know what each day holds and every day we work toward recovery.
Thanks for being part of the solution and for not taking a back seat. We needed your voice (your's too Jim) to be heard.
I had to mute out the debate...I get too upset at their ignorance...sorry!
All my best!
Mother to Matthew
Author of "Matthew's Box"


Hannelore Lewis   April 4th, 2009 12:51 am ET

My husband and I are watching your program and recall, that there has been a store a few years ago, where a woman with 2 Autism children , living in a new environment, was trying to connect her children's illness to a previous home address.
As it turns out, there had been a Foster Sunglass co. in here previous neighborhood, who used to dump their chemicals into areas around them and into creeks, etc.
She started a search of families, who used to live where she did but also had moved away. To her surprise, many of the families she located (all over the Country) had children with Autism. This was a one-time story and to my knowledge has never been followed up.
H. Lewis

Brian Tourville   April 4th, 2009 12:51 am ET

Who pays for the Trials Conducted ?

Who conducts these Tests ?

Karen   April 4th, 2009 12:52 am ET

We are giving our children to many vaccines at too young an age.
I believe in vaccines but they should be separated {one type at a time} and widely spaced.
I also feel that the drug companies who are in the business of making money need to take all the unnecessary chemicals out of there drugs and stop making multi vaccines.

Debi S   April 4th, 2009 12:56 am ET

Yes Vaccines can be a good thing, and they have helped but as it goes for anything too much can be bad. EXAMPLE: I like Cheesecake, 1 slice once in a while is ok but, If I ate a whole cake (especially one that I bought with preservitives) all the time I'd not only be as big as a house, but it would lead to other health problems. Just a little food for thought!

Hillary   April 4th, 2009 12:57 am ET

I REALLY WANT JENNY McCARTHY TO STOP TALKING!! JUST STOP!! I have an Autistic daughter and I don't believe there is a cure....Just more Autistic adults are having kids. The adults don't know that they are autistic. Also there are those who have other disorders that are "rubber stamped" as autism because they mimic autistic behaviors. Doctors don't always take the time to handle some of these instances but it is the job of the parent to field their concerns and if the doctor doesn't do the job you think they should do....find a new one. Not find one till you get the right diagnosis to pin their behavior on.

Tami   April 4th, 2009 12:57 am ET

In response to the post by Peggy Ranney: I would like to know the same thing. My nephew is autistic and my sister's insurance doesn't cover much of what he needs. And even though there are federal mandates in place stating what services these children are to be getting....we are still fighting every day to get those services. It has become one big brush-off! And God forbid you ask about the medicaid waiver at DHHS...they are quick to tell you that they have no idea about any waiver. What are families that fall into the middle and low income brackets supposed to do?? Where do we turn?

Lynn T....I understand what you are saying. My nephew is an awesome child. He brightens our lives every day! Do we wish he didn't have autism...of course. But honestly, we are all better people for knowing him. He has changed the way we all think and look at the things around us. He is our shining star...

Trena   April 4th, 2009 12:57 am ET

I would like to first point out that I was appalled but not surprised, that the AAP would not even acknowledge that autism is an epedmic. They had no soultion! They were to busy defending their position without any merit. It's business as usual, at any cost, including but not limited to our children. Example: The pharmacutical industry doesn't need a stimulas package, do they?

George W.Wexler M.D.   April 4th, 2009 12:57 am ET

Larry.Far from being an expert on the subject.i feel that your panel is missing the boat,to whit:the fundamental problem is the lowered quality of the gene pool due to the fact that modern medicine has permitted the survival and reproduction of defective genes,coupled whit an uncontrolled population explosion in the last century or so;when i was born in 1928, world population was barely two billions,we have more than tripled in eighty years and everybody except the Chinese is ignoring the fact,and that is at the root of all our perceived planetary problems,and was predicted by Thomas Malthus,a fellow that the Roman Catholic Church has maligned for over two centuries.Our species is rapidly and blindly rushing to its extinction within a couple of centuries at most ,but not to worry our planet has a few billion years to recover and exist barring a major space collision.But we will not be around as witnesses .And ,of course,one has to consider the general quality of modern parenting,(in reality the lack of it),with so common divorce and single and teen parenthood as added factors to the cascading numbers,and one could go on and on....But what do i know,i am just an alter kaker urologist...G.W.Wexler M.D.

Erica Jones   April 4th, 2009 12:59 am ET

I think that all the experts on the panel are correct. Both vaccines and genetics are to blame for autism. I have a question for the panel...

My nephew has autism and we have learned he also seems to hoard metals in his body. My mother has been seeing a naturalistic doctor who has done tests for her which have revealed she also hoards metals in her body. This type of testing is not routinely done by regular doctors.

Do you feel that hoarding metals is a genetic predisposion which leads to these children developing autism by not being able to pass the metals in the vaccines?

I would love to see more research done on this.

Erica Jones

Terry Spieker   April 4th, 2009 12:59 am ET

I believe that the biomedical is a big positive approach to helping the kids who can't help themselves get the assistance they need my daughters are improving daily since we started and we are also starting intensive aba therapy along with the warehousing public schools call therapy!!!

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 12:59 am ET

Just to give you an example of how many drugs people are taking now -look at what is in your drinking water at this very moment.

Pharmaceutical drugs are what is in your drinking water. All the drugs expelled from the billions of people taking drugs around the world let alone the USA. These drugs are not removed by water purification systems unless you live in Germany. The water is saturated with drugs and is never removed. I do alot of research on the drug industry and it will blow your mind to know the truth.

Edward Lieb   April 4th, 2009 1:00 am ET

When doctors tell you anything is incurable, what they really mean is they can't cure it. Get away from them and seek health. I've been given a year or two to live TWICE. The first time was over 20 years ago. I think the doctors were wrong.

Would like to see more discussions of vaccines than autism. If people want vaccines, let them have them. If they don't, that should be their choice. Mandatory medicine is anti-America.

Debi S   April 4th, 2009 1:03 am ET

George Wexler M.D.
I can't even believe you just had the nerve to post that! I even think I hear Doctors screeching. LOWERED QUALITY OF GENE POOL, are you friggin crazy? Are you saying that people with Autism are in a Lower gene pool. SHUT UP!

CareeAn   April 4th, 2009 1:04 am ET

We are affected by autism. Our 7 year old son has Asperger's. We have had a nightmare of a time trying to get medical services for our son. Wisconsin does not require insurance companies to cover autism medical services. It is my life to make more people aware of what autism really is, and how we can learn more. Is it vaccines? I don't know. We chose not to have his 5 year old vaccines. Autism is a 1 in 150 occurance. Even combining all the things we vaccinate for, his changes of getting one of THOSE diseases isn't 150. His system already has enough to deal with, we aren't aggravating his health and safety and taking more chances.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 1:04 am ET

Heavy toxic metals can be removed from the body by sweating in a sauna which is one way. Chelation is another method which removes the heavy metals out – see a naturopath doctor in your area or go to Jenny's site for more details. They can be removed, and I don't believe the body "hoards" heavy metal in fact it is more likely the body wishes to remove them but can't when there is an onslaught of chemicals in our air, food and water. It is a toxic overload and made worse by vaccines that multiply that toxicity ten times more. I don't believe the thousands of kids that now have been damaged by vaccines had a genetic predisposition to autism. It was not that common 20 years ago as it is today. So that theory goes out the window.

speechmom   April 4th, 2009 1:05 am ET

I work with autistic kids everyday. The diagnosis has widened to include kids who weren't included before because parents have learned that the label will open the door to services. Vaccines are not the common thread I see among my students. The genetic factor cannot be denied and symptoms of true autism are evident from birth. Parents are grasping at straws and while symptoms can decrease and many of the children can learn functional skills, there is no "cure" for autism.

Marina Lawson   April 4th, 2009 1:05 am ET

Dr. Max clearly constantly alludes to the fact that most cases of Autism is "made up" or exaggerated by parents for various reasons (i love the way he said that parents do it to get better services and b/c there's a great deal of money involved).

This kind of thinking is what is really hurting our children.

My son had the unexplained high fever – twice ... always after receiving shots. My son could read by the time he was 3.... now he receives special ed services - not because i love exaggerating ... but because I spent thousands of dollars getting him tested by neuropsychologists.

Perhaps, those Armish statistics are safer ... since they are mostly isolated from conversation about autism. Leave it to this Dr. Max to attest to their statistics.

Why are these doctors not willing to say that it is OK to listen to the "other side" or to parents/families who live w/ autism.

If I had to pick, I'd rather my son have chicken pox than go through the developmental issues he is left with today.

Amazing how the other doctor who supposidly makes recommendations to the CDC and sits on the board that makes recommendations did not seem to know how other developed nations made their immunization policies. Aren't the drug companies universal?

Joanne (Albany, NY)   April 4th, 2009 1:06 am ET

I have twin boys diagnosis with Autism. They are 5 yrs old, non-verbal and it has been a long hard road thus far. Yes, they developed normally until the age of 2 1/2 ! Home video of eye contact, smiles, quack like a duck and imitate, repeating sounds etc. They both met the milestones for crawling & walking etc. They have had early intervention services since age 3. I am afraid of biomedical treatments etc. I have read numerous books (including Jenny's) and surfed countless websites. I wonder about moms pregnant w/severe anemia or low b12 and how it affects development. I am sooooo scared to get their 5yr old immunizations. They will not be able to attend kindergarten with out the immunizations and I am really struggling with this issue. I am afraid they will digress after all they have learned so far. I am lost and just don't know what else to do,..

robertmaaron   April 4th, 2009 1:07 am ET

I"ve been working on this paper for a dod GRANT on ASD research ,it is an idea award and I have the prestigous James L Oschman backing this idea and I am in the process of securing funding to move forward other prospects would be appreciated ROBERT M

Debi S   April 4th, 2009 1:11 am ET

I'd like to know how Autism is evident from birth?
What tests has anyone done at birth to diagnos Autism?
As for parents grasping at straws, That's a heck of alot of straws being grasped!

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 1:11 am ET

alter kaker urologist…G.W.Wexler M.D. -your on another planet.

Roland   April 4th, 2009 1:14 am ET

Have any studies been done to determine if the significant decrease in breastfeeding babies to at least one year and the increase in autism is related? While I also believe that the overuse of vaccines is a leading cause of autism, the immune system is greatly enhanced with nursing a child to at least that first birthday and preferrably to year two. The gluten-free, casein-free diet that Jenny espouses directly supports this, given that if a child is introduced to these allergens before the immune system is fully developed can lead to inability to digest these food by-products, higher rates of ear infections, subsequent overuse of antibiotics and then an overgrowth of fungus/yeast in the intestinal tract. These factors combined with the overutilization of vaccines before a child's first year is even celebrated could certainly lead to neurotoxicity and changes in the brain such as autism and autism-spectrum disorders.

Karen Eubanks   April 4th, 2009 1:14 am ET

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We all owe a huge thanks to Jenny and the others for addressing these issues that the medical establishment would rather keep under the rug.

As you pointed out, the drug companies are too firmly entrenched in the medical associations, med schools, and governing boards to allow an objective evaluation of anything that makes the drug companies money. The sudden increase in autism and allergies around the time early childhood exposure to medications dramatically increased, seems unlikely to be a coincidence.

As someone who has autoimmune problems, I know the frustration of going from doctor to doctor trying to get help. Only after researching my own autoimmune thyroid disorder, did I begin to understand how strongly medical treatment protocols are being determined by the drug companies. Drugs have been introduced and made the standard without evaluating their effectiveness, fully weighing the risks, or taking into account the overall health of the patient.

I know that your efforts will save others. I only hope that the public outcry against these problems in the medical establishment will finally bring about the changes we need. We must begin to properly regulate the administering of drugs and once again return doctors to the job of helping people, rather than simply being profit centers for the pharmaceutical industry.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 1:14 am ET

Joanne -if you don't get the heavy metals out from childhood vaccines-how do you expect more drugs would help -or anything else?
The metals are easily flushed out -and hopefully get rid of them for good.

Maria Albanese   April 4th, 2009 1:14 am ET

I work in health care and it seems that the health care community is at a stand still in the debate on autism, and that is a shame. The guests tonight were proof of that.They need to come together and aknowledge eachother instead of arguing. The CDC and the APA need to work together with patients to get some real data together and real trials of what can be done to treat and prevent autism, if possible. The one doctor that stated she has seen the horrible resurgence of diseases that can be prevented (but vaccines have been proven to prevent) should not escape media coverage as well.

anita   April 4th, 2009 1:16 am ET

In the hospital my son was born, there was another boy born within hours of my son. Their first shot was from the same batch. They both had the same symptoms of autism. She just happend to be a friend of mine. She calls me and cries when she has had a very bad day with trying to relate to her son. Both of our families have dealt with years of therapy and attempts to understand what happened. Do I think that the vaccine did it?? Well, in this case, I think the answer is yes....2 kids get shots from the same batch , same issues and same hospital...


Debi S   April 4th, 2009 1:18 am ET

Your kids can most certainly go to school w/o being immunized. You just need to sign a waiver and have it notarized. As for being scared of Biomedical treatment, you shouldn't be you can always start with a Gluten Free Caisen Free diet and some supplements you need to find a DAN doc and go over the pros and cons.

Saybra Slayton   April 4th, 2009 1:22 am ET

Explain to me how vaccines cause Autism . I had a set of triplets in Dec 2004 2 boys and girl . All vaccinated on the same day ; one boy diagnoised with Autism ; one boy with developemental delay and the girl is showing no signs of social or cognitive problems. I would love to find a cure for Autism but so many people who believe they know what caused this what is parent to believe.

Debi S   April 4th, 2009 1:23 am ET

My son is Autistic and I breastfed until a little after 1, I don't think that's a link. Isn't it weird though that Gluten Free Caisen Free diets have helped and Caisen is found in cow's milk., and we are the only living thing that naturally gives a different kind of animals milk to our young!

Joe   April 4th, 2009 1:24 am ET

My son was diagnosed with autism a couple months ago and this is what I have learned from his pediatrician, Dr. Goldberg.

Autism is a medical condition, not a mental disorder. It is a biological disorder that requires medical intervention. It is helpful to distinguish between children with autistic syndrome from those with classic autism.

Autistic syndrome is a state of dysfunction induced in the brain by a stressed / dysregulated immune system. This is triggered by various stresses placed on the immune system causing abnormal blood flow in the brain and central nervous system function. This affects the language and social skills area of the brain.

Much of autism/PDD is an auto-immune disorder. The primary cause of autism is mitochondrial / auto immune dysfunction. Metabolic abnormalities are a result of the problems with the immune system.

Removing dairy and whole grains reduces stress on the immune system. Dairy can cause a microscopic blood loss in the intestine by a reactive inflammation of the bowel. It's important to avoid allergens and foods that might trigger the immune system. Children also need to eat more protein to help balance out their own amino acids.

Immune modulators are needed to shut-off the dysregulated immune system.

Yeast is one of the likely pathogens contributing to a metabolic imbalance that is a secondary result of a dysfunctional immune system. Limiting sugar can help control the yeast.

Anna Eadie   April 4th, 2009 1:25 am ET

If there is no "Cure" for Autism, then the thousands of kids recovering are recovering from something...were they all misdiagnosed???

karen   April 4th, 2009 1:27 am ET

I applaud Jenny and Jim for bringing this to the public awareness. I read an article by Dr. Russell Blaylock describing the effects on the brain of overwhelming the immune system with too many vaccines at once. I belief one could google his name and find it. A schedule with a reduced number of vaccines given at one time would be much better for our it out.

Trena   April 4th, 2009 1:29 am ET


You are not a Doctor nor are you a parent of an autistic child. You play with children to try to get them to talk. You were not there when my child was well nor when my child became ill after his vaccination. I am not sure what services you claim we get, because my family has paid so much money out of pocket to try and to help our autistic son. This government along with our health insurance providrs have done nothing to help our children. However, I assume you are a speech therapist and you get paid well from what you, speech mom, call "mis-labeled children". I don't find ANY benefit in having my child labeled. I just want my child back!!!!

Tami   April 4th, 2009 1:32 am ET

I have a 2 year old son who regressed after 12 months of age. I found Jenny's book and have not looked back....Thank you Jenny for fighting so HARD for our kids.... Thanks Bernadine!!! You two rock!!!!! Biomedical DOES WORK my son is proof!!!!! Why aren't more doctors looking at what is medically wrong with our kids. They are SO SICK!!!! Autism is a word to describe outward symptoms!! I believe one day what we call autism will be looked at for what it really is VACCINE INJURY!!!!!!

stachel swayzer   April 4th, 2009 1:33 am ET

thank you larry king, My Son was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 and now he is 18 my problem is not that my child has autism, but the way the Education Board and school board handly our kids. In Janauary of 2008 my son averages 4.0 at Rufus King High school and they told us that he can not go to college and get a scholarship and so i file a Complanint with OCR U S Deoartment of Education we live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Gloria Lambert   April 4th, 2009 1:34 am ET

Hello , I have a son who is going on seven who is in the autism spectrum, he is doing well socially and loves people and all the interaction , I believe he could give Jim Carey a run for him money in acting aswell, Jacksons problem is speech and also behind academically (but making process).
MY question is were do I find biomedical treatment and what is it all about?

Thank You, Gloria, New Brunswick / Canada

Debi S   April 4th, 2009 1:35 am ET

Saybra Slaton unfortunately for our boys they are 4-5 times more likely to be diagnosed as Autistic, this the Doc's think is linked due to hormones boys having more Testosterone then girls.

Julie Swenson   April 4th, 2009 1:36 am ET

George, circa 1928...sounds like you prescribe to the Refrigerator Mom theory: it must be the parents' fault. And how dare you think my autistic child has poor genes. My father, grandfather and my husband's father and grandfather ALL were pioneers in the field of engineering and mathematics. I mean PIONEERS. My father-in-law was one of a small handful of men who created the first IBM chip defect detector and IMB's first laser printer, not to mention helping to create the first ATM in the world. My own father has a 170 IQ and has worked in the field of engineering and analog technologies for more than 45 years. I myself have the ability to paint photo realistically and my husband is a film-maker, photographer, engineer and has an IQ of over 160. Please explain to me how their precious little grandson, who was progressing beautifully until his 12 month shots somehow has inferior genes? PLEASE EXPLAIN. Thanks

Marni   April 4th, 2009 1:37 am ET


Thanks for all the work you do! Is it true that the Amish have vaccination rates? That's not what I heard....

Velvet Fehrenbach   April 4th, 2009 1:40 am ET

I have to give my opinion on some of the comments I read regarding Jenny's "unspoken motive" for pursuing her passion to help empower parents and physicians with the knowledge that autism can be cured. As a parent who has seen the positive results of biomedical treatment and dietary changes in their child's behavior, I understand her strong desire to spread the word. I started my son on this road to recovery when I stumbled onto one page of a book I was flipping through in the "special needs" section at Barnes & Noble. It mentioned the gf/cf diet briefly, and in my desperation to help my son, I tried it. When it worked, I wanted to shout my findings from a mountaintop. Unfortunately, I didn't have a big enough soap box to stand on, but I made it my mission to share my findings with every parent in earshot, whether they wanted to hear it or not. I will do anything in my power to help heal my child, that includes overcoming my fear of insulting pediatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists, teachers, school board members, grandparents, and anyone else who tries to tell me to "take it easy". I will never allow myself to wake up to a day when I have to look back and say, "If only I had tried this...maybe he'd be better." I have seen many parents who seem to want information on biomedical treatment and the gf/cf diet, but my frustration level rises when I hear them comment that "it's too much work". Is the diet expensive? Yes, but everyday there are new foods being put out in regular grocery stores that are affordable. It takes time, effort, commitment, education, communication, and, most importantly, love to make this a successful journey for your child. The day my child's doctor told me not to bother with the gf/cf diet because it was too much work and too costly was the day I dropped him. No one will fight for my child harder than me and I won't count on any doctor or teacher to do the job that I never asked for but was given, which is to carefully and methodically reverse the damage that has been done to my son because of the ignorance of the medical professionals that I entrusted his health to.

To those of you who criticize Jenny for "profiting" from her books and various involvements with biomedical related causes, I must say, in all seriousness, ARE YOU KIDDING?! She was handed a pretty big lemon and has managed to make enough lemonade for everyone who wants some. Even if you don't agree with her opinion on biomedical intervention and selective, appropriately timed vaccinations (which is not a shout out for parents to stop vaccinating their children) can't you just be greatful that she's shining a light on the issue of autism. Whether you agree or disagree, Jenny is not the only person benefiting from all of this press. Because she is able to get up on that very large soap box, she is creating a hightened awareness of autism and all of the challenges that surround it in our communities, school systems and government, and is paving the way for our children to get more support, both financially and educationally. We all benefit from her efforts. So, thank you Jenny!

Natalie   April 4th, 2009 1:44 am ET

To parents who have an autistic child: there is hope! A lot of kids do get better. The hard part is that you have to educate yourself. You cannot rely on doctors to do all the work for you. Go to the DAN! website, go to the Autism-Mercury yahoo group.

Lauren K   April 4th, 2009 1:44 am ET

I am so proud of Jenny and her fight with Autism. She is my hero. My son has ASD and we are going to beat this thing. He is the most beautiful blue eyed boy. I am livid with the CDC and the AAP for their ignorance,people have got to get educated and fight back. There is strength in numbers and every other mother pouring their heart out on here understands, WE know We can make a difference in our communities We can make a stand. I have seen drastic improvement with my son following the DAN! protocol. Autism is a treatable biomedical condition. Open your eyes people, Nothing can stop us now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the bottom of my heart ,thank you Jenny for everything!!

Lori C   April 4th, 2009 1:45 am ET


What door gets opened for services? Show me where they are? I'd like to find them.

I do not know ONE single parent that is getting rich off their child w/ autism, quite the opposite...they are paying OUT OF POCKET for services that are not provided that their child NEEDS and is not covered.

It doesn't have to be biomedical treatments either....ABA, Behavioral therapy, swim lessons, social skills classes, the list goes one.

A diagnosis of Autism does NOT open doors, it CLOSES them. Insurance companies are afraid to see that diagnosis because it is labeled as LIFELONG....having the hope for a cure, or recovery or improvement just might mean that those same insurance companies would not find paying for treatments so risky, they just might decide to invest in the future of our children.

Your not a doctor or parent of a child w/ autism, so you do not know MY world and what it takes for me to give my son what he needs. I work hard to give him the extra that insurance does not and I have fundraisers.

There are no handouts or big, fat checks being sent my way for me to help my son.

GFCF diet works, Supplements work, HBOT works, Chelation works (when done properly), BIOMEDICAL TREATMENTS WORK.

Julie Swenson   April 4th, 2009 1:46 am ET


What 'open door to services' are you talking about? Please tell me....I'd love to be 'educated' by you. My son, after 6 months of waiting, qualified for one hour of speech therapy a WEEK...and he was diagnosed as less than 1% of 'norm'...and he got the maximum numbers of hours in a month a child could get. I shudder to think what children who are not nearly as delayed receive.

Also, FYI, there are many, many factors that must be included in a developing baby who shows signs of autism from birth: Rhogam shots, which still contain mercury, flu shots which still contain mercury., dental fillings.....yes, genetics do play a role–but there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. This truly is the perfect catch-phrase for our kids: genetics load the gun, environment pulls the trigger. There are many things that a pregnant mother eats/has injected into her that crosses the placental barrier. I find it totally amazing the we are told not to eat tuna when we are pregnant because of the mercury dangers to our unborn fetus, yet we are told to get a @$# flu shot which contains a huge load of mercury....where is the logic???

Arnold   April 4th, 2009 1:50 am ET

Mercury is one of the major factors responsible for autism. Mercury is everywhere : in vaccines, in fish, in dental (silver) fillings, in CFLs, in flat screens, in old thermostats, in the food chain in general (thanks to the world dumping 2,000 tons of it in the atmosphere every year, there is not a single location in the world that is not polluted with mercury). This is what people must understand. Mercury finds its way into our bodies, and particularly into the bodies of our babies during the pregnancy.

Our son was diagnosed with severe autism at 21 months. A hair test revealed that he had 15 times the maximum recommended level of mercury in his hair. Yes, 15 times. He was a living dead. Could not speak, could not interact, could not understand anything. The mercury contamination came from his mom's diet (too much large fish : tuna, swordfish, orange roughy... some of the worst species for mercury). He also had vaccines, and took antibiotics during his first year : the lethal combo !

Hopefully we found the DAN (Defeat Autism Now). We implemented the biomedical treatment, everything from diet to mercury detoxification. It took us 3 years. We were so fortunate to start all this before he even turned 2 years old. Made a huge difference. At the peak of his progress, he caught up 1 year of speech delay in one month. You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. Now he is recovered. He is in a normal class, and in the top 10% of his class. Speaks 2 languages. Is 3 years ahead in reading. Has friends. Loves sports, nature, vacation and all kinds of new activities in general. A totally normal and very bright second grader. Nobody seeing him or talking to him could guess what happened to him when he was a baby.

We will never trust the doctors and the medical establishment again. Ever... "Mainstream" doctors claiming that autism is genetic and not curable are simply lying to protect their interests and the ones of the pharmaceutical industry, or they are totally incompetent. Either way, don't waste your time with them.

Warrior mom Juli   April 4th, 2009 1:52 am ET

Autism has affected every aspect of my family's life....10 years ago we received the scary diagnosis, Sensory Processing Disorder( 1 in 20 children have this disorder) , and Autism. My son was 3. Very soon after, my daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers(High Functioning Autism)...We had one of the best ped. docs in Seattle, and He told us there was no where on the West Coast actively addressing this medical issue...(remember, this was 10 years ago!)...He directed us to an O.T. therapy group. Our insurance paid for a while, and then dropped us like a hot potato...we ended up paying 15,000 dollars out of pocket. It has been a challenge like no other...stress, stress,, emotional,etc...I left a wonderful career, and have been studiyng autism for 10+ years, attending conferences,reading books, writing authors, and doctors for direction, and answers...We have even had to sell our home, downsize, simplify, and relocate to an area where the cost of living is lower...we home school, as very many schools are not educated or prepared to meet these childrens needs.( we did try a private school, had one GREAT teacher, kindergarten, and then 1st grade was a nightmare, we were sliding backwards, so we changed direction with the help of our Doc) My kids with autism are now 13, and 12...we still have glitches, and health issues, gastrointestinal issues, food issues, anxiety issues, etc....for all of that, they are doing quite well, and ALL the hard work has paid off...they amaze me most of us move through the world quite easily, those of us who know Autism need to keep the conversation going...more understanding, more knowledge...more tolerance for those who are different, and struggle with just being who they are. I am SO THANKFUL Jenny, and Jim (and many others) have stepped forward to push this issue of Autism to the forefront, at the same time, I feel many ,many, many of us have been screaming out loud for a very long time and living in the shadows. I am a 23 year ovarian cancer survivor, and truly thought that was/would be the battle of my lifetime...I was wrong, Autism has been much, much bigger....mainly because people understand cancer....and, Autism is still such a mystery.

Jeanine Frandsen   April 4th, 2009 1:54 am ET

I have two boys ages 5 & 7 with autism who regressed after their vaccinations and a 13 month old UNVACCINATED baby boy who DOES NOT show any sign of the disorder. If autism is a "genetic disorder" then how can this be explained? It is obviously environmentally influenced. For my boys we know that vaccines affected their immune systems poorly. They didn't even hold titers to their vaccinations, now suffer from severe allergies and have improved with IVIG therapy.

Why do doctors at the NIH and CDC just think that we are making this up? if there is not a connection, then why do so many parents have the same story about vaccine damage ? I WISH I could wake up from this nightmare and have made this whole thing up. I WISH I could erase the high pitched scream from when my son Justin was vaccinated with his MMR and varicella from my memory. He screamed for days. He was never the same again. I thought I had lost him forever. It haunts me every day and I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for not following my instinct about vaccinating a baby who ahd just been sick.

We have spent every penny we have & have lost our home due to the expense in the process. My sons have improved dramatically thanks to biomedical intervention, some very talented therapists and parents who have set extremely high standards. I am happy to say that my boys are both mainstreamed in school and will be just fine someday. We are fighting the battles as they come and fully expecting to win this war.

I invite you to see our story with your own eyes. Visit our you tube story by typing in the keywords Justin's Journey +overcoming autism. Autism is treatable- recovery is happening. Here's to never giving up!

steve   April 4th, 2009 1:54 am ET

I recently read Dr.Andrew Moulden's theories on autism and vaccines as being related due to strokes which are caused by the white blood cell movements in the arterial systems (sludging) after the immune system kicks in due to a vaccination. This is a very interesting theory that is worthy of a second look. This makes you wonder what is exactly in the vaccines today.

Marni   April 4th, 2009 1:56 am ET

I like that Larry King said there would be more shows on this topic. I give Larry King a lot of credit for doing this show. He deserves recognition for not backing down to what I would guess to be an enormous amount of pressure – like is on the rest of us – to shut the "h" up and don't say anything. Gotta love a secure, established journalist who can call the shots.

Like Jim Carrey said, the lowering vaccination rates are to be blamed on public health themselves – for their arrogance and inattention to a serious problem that of course combine to have created as Jenny said – a faulty product. We are not the problem, THE PROBLEM is the problem.

Ridiculous statement of the night by: Dr. Witnitzer who said that 80% of cases are due to overdiagnosis. Wow. Peel off the label for greedy political purposes and you've still got a person with huge deficits, challenges and a serious disorder. There's some fuzzy math going on there. And how insulting to dismiss regressive autism as some kind of figment of parents' imaginations – stupid parents eh Max. I've got a few choice names for you....

Judy Finger   April 4th, 2009 2:00 am ET

Kudos to LKL and his guests. I am the proud grandmother of a nine year old grandson, Harry, who was diagnosed at the age of two. Harry pariticpated in Early Intervention but only for one hour each week. We were never told that we could have demanded more time. More information needs to be made available to parents in regards to their rights! When my daughter and son-in-law requested additional speech therapy, the school system sent a young lady to teach Harry sign language. She had no previous experience with Autistic children and learned sign language because she had hearing impaired parents. The Education System definitely fails Autistic children and you have to fight for everything for your child – it's all about money.

Harry is still basically non-verbal (does say several words) but comprehends everything you say to him. He is a loving, wonderful, well behaved child.

Thanks again for educating the public about Autisim we need more programs like LKL.

Doug Mayes   April 4th, 2009 2:02 am ET

When we strayed away from the biomed diet and my son went right back to autistic. Don't stray away!

We've learned to eliminate ALL sugars from his diet. Amazing results.

Thanks to GR, AOA, Newsvine, ARI, and Wrong Planet for educating me while the medical community denied everything. I'm moving on without them.

Debi S   April 4th, 2009 2:11 am ET

I'd just like to say that as trying as Autism has been in my life, I have still got a beautiful son and everyday is a new learning experience. I would love to know what my son would have been like if he hadn't been assaulted by vaccinations and diagnosed as Autistic, but in the end I love him for who and what he is no matter the label anyone puts on him. What is hard for most parents with children that have Autism is not that they have a disorder but that they feel betrayed by their doctors and they feel like something was taken from them which is rightfully so. I know that as a parent that has a child that cannot verbally communicate with me it's hard when you want to hear what your child's voice would sound like if they could just say "Mommy or Daddy" or if when they hurt they could tell you or when they are happy they could laugh. Even though my son has Autism I still love him for who he is and what I know he will be one day, I know that I wasn't given this job unless I could handle it and that the information given to me at the time it was was no mistake. Biomedical treatment can help and improve the quality of life for anyone especially someone living with Autism.

Marni   April 4th, 2009 2:26 am ET

Dr. Healy is THE VOICE to hear. She is mainstream med and she "gets it". She should be out front much more.

Glad to see her on the panel tonight!

Doug Mayes   April 4th, 2009 2:32 am ET

Saybra Slayton,
Do your homework. Research, research, research. Then come up with your own conclusions.
You'll find the same answers we all did.
Then start interacting with different parents online at: Generation Rescue, Age of Autism, Autism Research Institute, Newsvine, Safeminds, Whale, and Wikipedia.
What got me started was reading Jenny's books. It took me weeks to finish them because I couldn't stop crying long enough to read. But after the crying came the determination to cure my son.
I've been through every emotion possible with denial being the first. Now I have one emotion that stands out from the rest and that is grateful. Grateful that I still have my son and he is not as bad as other kids. Grateful that Jenny is the outgoing type of person she is to get everyone motivated and not just sit around complaining. Grateful that other parents share thier deepest thoughts with me 11 o'clock at night, losing sleep, just to help my family out.
We are all in this together. I'm not the only parent to stop blogging long enough to deal with a night terror. Please visit some of the sites if you haven't already and begin to recover your son and yourself.


Sharon   April 4th, 2009 2:33 am ET

Ms. McCarthy,

I can't say you have given me false hope because I accept my son as he is.

But I do believe that you are indeed giving false hope to many parents that cannot accept their children as they are. Those that love their children as much as you do and are now hoping that someone will just give them the money to "cure" their child.

My son is in a state funded school. We feed him the best we can afford. We work with him on a daily basis as we cannot afford additional therapy. He has come a long way but he is not "cured".

Could it be that your son was not autistic? Maybe he was allergic to the very things you removed from his diet since so many others have done the exact things as you have and their children are not "cured"?

You have opinions and you are entitled to them but consider what you are saying to parents that keep hoping when they should do what they can and learn to cope, not hope, for a cure that may never come FOR THEM.

I use to pray that my child would become "normal". I finally realized that I could only do ALL I could do and besides, he was normal all along. I was the abnormal one for not treasuring all that he DOES have to offer. Which, is a kind heart, a beautiful smile and so many small things that brighten my day.

I do not know what caused it and I'm all for aiding the cause and possible cure but in the mean time, I live in the here and now.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 2:34 am ET

Parents should realize that they are being told lies.

Firstly, doctors or the so called specialists say 'the child was genetically predisposed to autism". That is pure and simply hogwash.

They say that about cancer and every other disease, that is why they are researching genetics -it gives them a way out of the mess they created.

Secondly, if children are predisposed and in great numbers it seems by the size of the autism epidemic – if they are predisposed would you not thing the doctor/ vaccine pushers – would have done test to check this out before they vaccinate. Yes it works both ways-genetics is not the causal factor of autism and if it were -they still should not have vaccinated these children.

What ever happened to "Do No Harm?"

theresa carpenter   April 4th, 2009 2:38 am ET

thank you for a very special and informative show......keep up the good work and a very special thank to Dr. Healy for her courage and

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 2:40 am ET

Never mind removing the dairy – remove the mercury from the bloodstream.

N Kennedy   April 4th, 2009 2:43 am ET

My daughter has been on the gluten and casein free diet for 7 years. The diet alone with supplements (a few) she improved a lot. We are also doing biomedical approach and she is recovered at age 14. She started when she was 9yrs old. Never give up. With God anything is possible. I hope and pray for an end of this.

Marni   April 4th, 2009 2:46 am ET

What I learned and observed tonight,

"Vaccines – a good thing gone too far." – Jim Carrey

"Kids with autism are the canaries in the coal mine." Jim again, (not orignally)

Re: lowering vaccination rates due to presenting information:
"We are not the problem. The problem is the problem." Jim Carrey

Vaccines are the largest growth profit area for the pharmaceutical companies. – Jim Carrey

Vaccination rates are dropping, and the fault sits squarely with the public health authorities who suppress the issues rather than address the issues. – My paraphrase of an earlier statement by Dr. Healy

The vaccine/autism link is "not a closed case." "much more research needed" "How little they know about autism is embarrassing" "No one here against vaccination" – Dr. Healy

Finland, Norway, and Sweden have one-tenth of our autism rates, and much fewer vaccinations in their schedules. – Dr. Kartzinel?

Dr. Fisher had no response (cost? – whatever, 1st world countries) to JB Handley's questions about the different schedules in different 1st world countries. Why aren't there a bunch of kids dying in these countries of the US-only vaccine diseases? – JB Handley

Why is the US 34th in under 5 mortality rates if the US has the most and earliest vaccines to prevent this? Sounds like someone isn't doing the research, hmm Dr. Fisher? – JB Handley

(Some quotes may be paraphrased)

theresa carpenter   April 4th, 2009 2:52 am ET

Thank you Dr. Healy your commets were the best I have heard and I hope to see you on more had the courage to speak the truth and i hope everyone listens and works together for the good of our children.

Sarah Stack   April 4th, 2009 2:59 am ET

We humans, especially babies, are incredibly vulnerable to highly toxic chemicals. Babies are subjected to this toxic onslaught beginning in the womb and bombarded when they get out by everything, including the toxic chemicals in the vaccines. There is a tipping point. Boys are more vulnerable because of the synergistic effect of toxic chemicals and testosterone.

Which pharmaceutical scientist thought it was a good idea to put highly toxic chemicals in vaccines (or any medicine for that matter) and then give them to humans, much less our babies? Utterly inexcusable and inhumane.

Environmental toxins are accumulating in all of our bodies at an unprecented rate. Our young are most vulnerable. We have disease of epidemic proportion. We also have an uninterrupted toxic assault as a result of our it is everywhere, inescapable! Today's "old school" (Pharma based) medicine is asking the wrong questions and looking up the wrong tunnel for cures. We are being polluted to death, literally. The toxic consequences are showing up in the form of autism, cancer, Parkinson's, infertility, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimers and more.

Soon we will have big innovations, new measurement tools and consumer friendly solutions. In the meantime, pay attention to those with results, especially those using "aggressive" (a relative term, especially compared to mercury) forms of chelation. If DAN protocol has plateaued, go further. If good doctors doing chelation are highly controversial, then they are probably ahead of the curve, on the front lines taking many bullets for us. The clinical studies are all there in black and white. Read a lot and educate yourself. Lastly, environmental toxins in the body can alter our's not an either/or conversation...they interact.

God bless and thank you to Jenny McCarthy, Evan, Jim Carrey, Larry King and Dr. Healy.

Amber Dolman   April 4th, 2009 3:34 am ET

Characteristics of the Crystal Child

* Usually born in 1995 or later
* Possess large eyes with an intense stare
* Have magnetic personalities
* Are highly affectionate
* Start talking late in childhood
* Are very musically oriented, and may sing before talking
* Use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate
* May be diagnosed with Autism or Asperger's syndrome
* Are even-tempered, sweet, and loving
* Are forgiving of others
* Are highly sensitive and empathetic
* Are very much connected to nature and animals
* Exhibit healing abilities
* Are quite interested in crystals and rocks
* Often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past life memories
* Are extremely artistic and creative
* Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to "regular food"
* May be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance

Adapted from "The Crystal Children: A Guide to the Newest Generation of Psychic and Sensitive Children" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Hay House 2003

Kayla   April 4th, 2009 3:58 am ET

I think that doctors should accept that parents are looking for reasons. They don't need to shoot down their ideas because nobody knows for sure what is causing it. If Jenny's son got better along with numerous other children, WHY IN THE WORLD are these doctors not researching this method? This could save these children and families from years of pain and heartbreak. I think its STUPID for these doctors not to look into and use medical research in this.

tonee   April 4th, 2009 4:39 am ET

Edgar Betancour
Kathleen Lucas
I admired your fighting spirit of giving accurate facts.Education is important and information should be really base on facts. I hope people will be open minded and not just see one side.

Debi S.
I sympathize in you. Please do more readings and base everything on facts. goodluck to you.

Tessa Anne Stedman   April 4th, 2009 5:25 am ET

All parents have the right, not to mention the duty, to question ANYONE treating and prescribing drugs in any form, for their children. They are, after all, only human and in my experience, even the most academcally qualified and experienced doctors make mistakes. Parents must question everything about medical treatment. Good for Jim and Jenna and especially the families who will benefit by opening their minds and listenting.

Christine Bickmann   April 4th, 2009 5:51 am ET

I am a teacher who previously worked at a private school in Los Angeles for autistic children. Please do not get hung up on the idea that vacinations are THE problem. There were plenty of families with multiple autistic children in our school. The first child was autistic so they decided not to vacinate their other children. These children were still autistic and in some cases their functioning was even at a lower level than their older sibling who had been vacinated. Based on my years of teaching, I do feel that there is a definite genetic component to autism, but feel that environmental exposures can worsen the situation.

Joel   April 4th, 2009 7:40 am ET

I am a 52-year-old higher-functioning autistic;mine was caused by congential issues w/my late mother (w/whom I spent the bulk of my life until her demise just over a year ago) and got a college degree a few years ago, though I've had a hard time finding a job in my filed (technical writing)

Evne though there are legitimate concerns about vaccines (op cit the recent Gardacil horror stories), I wouldn't bet the farm on the vaccine theory (probably becase it wasn't a factor in my case).

Kimberly Leland   April 4th, 2009 7:56 am ET

I am a mother of two children who were injured by their vaccinations with ensephalitis. My sons suffer from heavy metal toxicity, developmental delays, sensory issues, food allergies and behavioral problems. I beleive we need to change the vaccine schedule. The vaccines are full of toxins its no wonder our children are so sick. I think doctors need to screen infants to see if they have a predisposition for auto immune diseases we are not one size fits all. It makes me so angry to see my friends children suffer from asthma, diabetes, autism, and cancer which they have no family history of. I wonder if it is a result of vaccine reactions and environmental toxins. I am a firm beleiver for all parents to do the research before vaccinating their children.

mary   April 4th, 2009 8:09 am ET

I love that Jenny McCarthy is bringing light to autism but I I think she needs to be careful of giving false hope to a lot of parents. I've been a special education teacher for 10 years and I have a 7 year old nephew who has autism and we've tried the diets etc and he still has autism. I've had many students with autism who did not have all their vaccinations and still have autism. There is a huge population of people with autism and the vaccines have nothing to do with it or these treatments she speaks of didn't work. Now what? We need to help all cases of autism.

Michele Habel-Coffey   April 4th, 2009 8:14 am ET

I am the proud parent of Grace, a young lady age 10, who has autism. While my daughter is not cured, I can most assuredly attest to the dramatically increases in personal health, cognitive ability, social interaction, and improved sleep that biomedical treatments afforded my daughter. I believe that autism is treatable and in most cases, preventable. My family saw the dramatic changes in my daughter (understatement of the year) after her shots at 15 months. It was as if someone took her and returned a shell.

The shame is the lack of funding. We remain tens of thousands in credit debt because of it. It shouldn't come down to money, but it always does. God Bless you Jenny for spreading the word.

Teresa   April 4th, 2009 8:35 am ET

To parents of a child with autism who still suffer extreme symptoms, please try biomedical treatments under the guidance of a doctor. Mostly nutritional supports, and if they help HOORRAAAAH!!! Don't exclude out of disbelief. The biomedical treatments have NOT been disproven to work on your child.

Thank you to the Larry King show for bringing this discussion to TV land.

autismne   April 4th, 2009 8:51 am ET

"I would have that person’s butt in court immediately for putting that child in danger. And I would win, hands down."

And yet your side just lost big time in the US Federal Court of Claims. Go figure.

joelle   April 4th, 2009 8:55 am ET

Vaccine cause is a non sense!!
Autism is a behavior,an autistic child "stops" or "refuses" to communicate.AND THERE ARE ALWAYS REASONS WHY !!
My nefew is autistic.We've been very close,I was his "nanny" between his age of 1 and 6.His autism started around 2 and an half.When you LIVE autism as a "witness"(when you SEE a child "becoming"autistic,you can understand what AUTISM IS.)
I helped him A LOT.
Autism is about "relationship",EMOTIONS and how to "deal"with,to feel comfortable with.
Evan is getting better because of Jim Carey,and because Jenny is feeling better.
Each child has its own story,and it will depend on what is happening in its life, that will make it going better,or going totally out its autism or make it worse...THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO GIVE THE CHILD A LIFE AS NORMAL AS POSSIBLE AND TO LET PARENTS KNOW WHAT AUTISM IS.
Joelle Belgium

evangelatheist   April 4th, 2009 8:56 am ET

"April 3rd, 2009 9:25 pm ET

As a 3rd year medical student my heart is breaking at the ignorance that is being perpetuated by this segment of Larry King. I nearly broke my tv when I heard Ms McCarthy say that “MEDICAL SCHOOLS ARE FUNDED BY DRUG COMPANIES”. That is a straight lie!

The medical profession is certainly not perfect, and we are learning new things everyday, but since you haven’t been to medical school you can’t speak on what is taught there or how they are funded.

We go into this profession because we generally want to help people live healthier more fulfilling lives. If I we chasing money we would be on Wallstreet.

The facts are the facts. There simply is NO EVIDENCE that vacines cause Autism!"


Thank you Larry King   April 4th, 2009 8:57 am ET

Thank you Mr. King for allowing the voices of thousands of parents to be heard tonite. Our son was vaccine damaged in 1993 and we've been trying since then to make him well.

The problem, most families don't have the $200,000 plus we spent to do this.

President Obama stop bailing out people who don't deserve to even have jobs for the fraud that was committed. Please take those billions of dollars and work toward mandated medical coverage for kids with ASD so that they can be made medically sound.

This is about repairing damage caused by toxins that were allowed to be administered to newborns and infants that were in amounts that would be dangerous to adults. That and administering live disease vaccines to children whose immune systems are already damaged.

Lets move on and admit that kids have been damaged by environmental effects and make them better or we will be paying for them as a nation as ill adults.

It's the moral and ethical thing to do.

Thanks to Jenny, Jim, JB and Dr. K. Also Dr. Healy you are a breath of fresh air. Finally someone that has worked within a national health agency, the NIH, is admitting we are not doing enough.

Please folks lets listen and do what is right.


throughoureyesproject   April 4th, 2009 9:05 am ET

while i'm happy that people are talking more about autism, i do not like the message that is being sent. i believe in progress, but progress does not equate to "recovery". i think that parents who claim that their children have "recovered from autism" are deluding themselves. sure, symptoms can become less obtrusive/prevalent, but the autism is still there. things like this make me feel like i should be treating my son like a cross to bear and like i should feel that there is something wrong with allowing my son to just be him. yes, he is autistic, but he isn't broken.

Stephanie Webly   April 4th, 2009 9:16 am ET

T hank You! My grandson is a twin. he suffered a Fabroil seizure within 30 days of having his immunizations for 1yr. olds. He is now 2yrs. old, and is exhibiting every symptom that Jenny spoke about. We thought he was being defiant. He has horrible, uncontrollable screams. He craves sugar. He can't understand simple direction and he can't speak age appropriately. He has a very bad rash on his body
that irritates him constantly. There are many other signs. Now that I have seen your story, I realize he is suffering with Autism. I am starting my research today. So that he can live to be healthy, happy and normal the way God planned. Thank You all Love Stephanie

Joanna   April 4th, 2009 9:26 am ET

I have a son diagnosed Aspergers/ADHD a year ago. We never went down the Ritalin road, as we discovered biomedical and determined that he was mercury and lead toxic. We have done chelation using Andy Cutler's detox protocol using DMSA and ALA and addressed his methylation issues with specific supplements. His grades are up, his social skills have blossomed and he is happy. His brother who is even more toxic and would most definitely have been diagnosed Aspergers is also being treated biomedically with good gains. Because they are mercury toxic, they have some vaccine damage due to viral infections. Mercury messes up your immune system allowing chronic viral and fungal infections to take room.

Their mercury came from not just from vaccines but also me – more than a decade of using Thimerosal-preserved contact lens solutions and eating sushi, and exposure to mercury in the workplace where a fluorescent light tube broke and contaminated our office. Plus we live in a polluted city not far from a coal-burning power plant. Sadly, there are many affected kids who are genetically poor detoxers who have hit their toxicity threshold thanks to environmental pollution plus the toxins in too many vaccines. Thanks to Generation Rescue to helping families save their kids' futures.

SE   April 4th, 2009 9:31 am ET

What drives my crazy is when people say your child must have been mis diagnosed or didn't have Autism to begin with. So we parent (most of us highly educated) must be stupid to believe that our child was developing perfectly until they receive an OVERDOSE of vaccines, then stop responding to their names, don't react to anyone as if nobody exists, don't look you in the eyes, are zoned off...
And when you start recovering them with therapy and biomedical treatments and they regain their skills...they must have been misdiagnosed.
Anyone who has an Autistic child and who has not done the biomedical treatment and the diet (100% correctly) should never dare to say that is doesn't work!

RickK   April 4th, 2009 10:00 am ET

These stories are heartwrenching and heartwarming. As a parent of two completely healthy, fully vaccinated kids, I can't imagine what life is like for parents of the severely autistic. I have a close friend who has an autistic son. The parents have tried many of the therapies discussed here, including chelation, hyperbaric, and diet. Now their son is older, his language skills have improved, he's usually a very sweet boy, but he can still be stunningly destructive.

About the therapies – the parents shrug and say "maybe they help, or maybe he's just getting better as he gets older."

The point is this: people see patterns where none exist. Kids get vaccinated at the same period in their lives that they start to exhibit ASD symptoms. So there is naturally going to be some correlation, but correlation does not mean causation.

Humanity has a strong track record of finding patterns where none exist, especially when the topic is emotional. Witch burnings, McCarthyism and UFOs are just a few examples. Our minds are wired to find patterns, and to err on the side of false positives.

Our only defense against fooling ourselves is a rational, fact-based analysis.


Since the Wakefield studies, vaccination rates in Europe and the U.S. have fallen. Some parts of California report 40%+ exemption rates.

Over the same period, autism rates have not declined. Quite the contrary if you look at FightingAutism site, you'll a steadily accelerating increase.

How hard and how long do we have to stare at that simple fact before we all agree to turn our resources to finding the REAL causes?

Jenny McCarthy said in Time: "I do believe sadly it's going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe."

Is that really the right approach? Do we NEED to hear from parents who lost children to meningitis from hepatitis, who lost children to pneumonia from measles or chicken pox, or whose children suffer from congenital rubella syndrome?

Do we need a blog full of THOSE testimonials before we actually take a deep breath and look at the facts?

Alicia C   April 4th, 2009 10:00 am ET

Thank you for this show and for continuing to get the word out. Vaccines were definitely a part of my sons descending into ASD and it infuriates me to hear physicians saying that we need to look at environmental causes but refusing to include vaccines in the "environmental" label.

I am thankful for Jenny and Jim and JB and Dr. K for all they are doing to encourage and educate. My son was diagnosed 6 years ago and through a lot of work, research and $ he is doing great and one day soon I hope he will also bear the label of "recovered".

James Moss   April 4th, 2009 10:04 am ET

I'm afraid the recognition of immune system contributions to autism will automatically convince many that inoculations MUST be the cause.

That is dangerous, because it will draw attention from non-inoculation environmental triggers for autism.

Jill Fenech   April 4th, 2009 10:17 am ET

Until they really take a good hard look and change the vaccine schedule, there will be no stopping the numbers of ASD kids. Vaccines are not the ONLY cause of autism, but definitely the biggest cause. It is not only ONE vaccine or even the heavy metal toxicity of ONE vaccine, it is the MULTIPLE vaccines, PLUS other environmental triggers, PLUS other childhood illnesses (like strep, roseola, other viruses, etc.) PLUS prescription meds (heavy antibiotics), PLUS depleted nutritional food sold in every grocery store. That is why it is so difficult to PROVE causation. The Hep B completely shut down my daughter's production of glutatione at 2 weeks of age. She got roseola on top of that which never left her body and morphed into HHV6 with titers in the astronomical range even 10 years later. Adding a strep infection to this house of cards totally did her in. How would you ever prove that?? I know because we have lifted each layer of damage to her system through sequential homeopathy. We are further down the road to recovery, but not there yet. If not for this therapy, we would not be able to enjoy regular family outings, enrollment in high school, bowling team, etc. We would be stuck in the house dealing with our middle daughter and her constant meltdowns.

The government knows where autism comes from. 99% of this is manmade. THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION REPORTED 1 in 67 CHILDREN IN SCHOOL WERE RECEIVING SUPPORT UNDER THE ASD DIAGNOSIS TWO YEARS AGO (2007). What are those numbers today? How bad does it have to get to really stop this thing?

Lila White   April 4th, 2009 10:19 am ET

Autismne – Actually, our side won that week, the papers just didn't report it.

Government Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

Mysterious Vaccine Court created in 1986 by the pharmaceutical
industry, with the support of Congress, rules in favor of Bailey Banks
against HHS.

Los Angeles – February 24, 2009 – Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy
and Jim Carrey's Los Angeles-based non-profit autism organization,
today announced that the United States Government has once again
conceded that vaccines cause autism. The announcement comes on the
heels of the recently unsealed court case of Bailey Banks vs. HHS.
The ruling states, "The Court found that Bailey would not have
suffered this delay but for the administration of the MMR vaccine...a
proximate sequence of cause and effect leading inexorably from
vaccination to PDD [Autism]."

In a curious and hypocritical method of operation, the mysterious
Vaccine Court not only protects vaccine makers from liability but
supports a policy that has tripled the number of vaccines given to
U.S. children – all after being made aware of the fact that these
vaccines do, in fact, cause autism and repeatedly ruling in favor of
families with children hurt by their vaccines.

"It was heartbreaking to hear about Bailey's story, but through this
ruling we are gaining the proof we need to open the eyes of the world
to the fact that vaccines do, in fact, cause autism," said Jenny
McCarthy, Hollywood actress, autism activist, best-selling author and
Generation Rescue board member. "Bailey Banks' regression into autism
after vaccination is the same story I went through with my own son and
the same story I have heard from thousands of mothers and fathers
around the country. Our hope is that this ruling will influence
decision and policy-makers to help the hundreds of thousands of
children and families affected by this terrible condition."

Banks vs. HHS is the second known case where the Vaccine Court could
not deny the overwhelming evidence showing vaccines caused a child's
autism. The first was the case of Hannah Poling in March of 2008,
where the court found in her favor and awarded her family

Jim Carrey, Hollywood legend and Generation Rescue board member,
reacted to the news, "It seems the U.S. government is sending mixed
messages by telling the world that vaccines don't cause autism, while,
at the same time, they are quietly managing a separate 'vaccine court'
that is ruling in favor of affected families and finding that
vaccines, in fact, were the cause. For most of the autism community
the question is no longer whether vaccines caused of their child's
autism. The question is why is their government only promoting the
rulings that are in favor of the vaccine companies."

Why is a secret court, which no one knows about or understands,
quietly paying these families for vaccine injuries and autism?
Deirdre Imus, Generation Rescue board member and founder of the
Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology says, "Over
the past 20 years, the vaccine court has dispensed close to $2 billion
in compensation to families whose children were injured or killed by a
vaccine. I am not against vaccines and my own child has been
vaccinated. But, I share the growing concerns of many parents
questioning the number of vaccines given to children today, some of
the toxic ingredients in vaccines, and whether we know enough about
the combination risks associated with the multiple vaccines given to
children during critical developmental windows."

To help spread the word of the Banks ruling, Generation Rescue also
bought a full-page ad that will run in the USA Today on 02/25/2009,
which has a daily circulation of 2,272,815.

Maria Durci   April 4th, 2009 10:27 am ET

Hallie – It is so good that you love your brother, and I personally know the challenges of being a sibling of a special needs child (my younger sister). What may have seemed to you like conradictions from Jim and Jenny were really them saying that parents have been forced to find answers themselves. Many doctors did not learn enough about Autism, nutritional supports and other possible treatments. They cannot share what they do not know. With treatment, some kids may recover enough to completely loose their diagnosis. Some like my son will progress to very high functioning levels (his newest diagnosis is Asberger's Syndrome). He will be able to be a productive adult and will likely attend college. Hallie, Autism is treatable you are so correct and the health issues our kids have need to be treated, not just their behaviors regardless of what caused the problem in the first place. Best wishes to you and your brother. You are I am sure a great support to your family. I am a Generation Rescue Angel, Hallie, go to that website for more information on biomedical treatment if you are interested in learning more. Or check out the TACA website.

Sue M.   April 4th, 2009 10:33 am ET

Autismne wrote:

"And yet your side just lost big time in the US Federal Court of Claims. Go figure".

Why don't you tell the fine people who are reading this how many thousands upon thousands of dollars are in fact paid out to vaccine-injured children? That's the dirty little secret that they don't want you to hear about. Now, let's be clear it isn't nearly enough because of all the injuries and all the children who have suffered immensely due to our unsafe vaccination schedule and haven't been compensated ... but the fact that there are payouts being paid to these childrens' families tells us that vaccines do indeed cause serious injuries... Why not make the vaccine schedule 'safer' for all?

Jena Dalpez   April 4th, 2009 10:51 am ET

My now seven year old son was hospitalized after his MMR with a high fever and large chunks of tissue coming out in his stool. The slide into regressive autism began at that point as did his chronic stomach ailments and autoimmune issues. We've been using the biomedical approach to his treatment for the past three years and it has worked wonders for our child. Prior to an exacerbation of his autoimmune disorder in September, he was considered mostly recovered from autism. Unfortunately, he suffered a regression which we've been pulling him out of again. My four year old son also suffered from adverse vaccine reactions and began to regress into autism at 2. We firmly believe that having him on the GFCF diet (as well as no soy, corn, and low phenols) and adding fish oil to his diet has saved him from an autism diagnosis. Our two year old daughter who has not yet received any vaccines is completely typically developing. We plan to give her a few specific vaccines as she nears 3 years of age, but will do so with great reservations as we have lost complete trust in the safety of our vaccines and the vaccine system. We were already on the biomedical path before Jenny came on the scene, but are so thankful for the information she is providing as it will save thousands of children. We need to wake up America and do something to clean up this system which is destroying lives in an effort to eradicate disease. Thank you Larry King, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Dr. Kartzinel, J.B.Handley, Stan Kurtz and Dr. Bernadine Healy. You are our heroes.

Gwynn   April 4th, 2009 10:56 am ET

I'm a grandmother of 4, my oldest has Autism. James always tested out as above average for his age until his MMR vaccine at age 30 months. It was heart breaking to hear a diagnosis of Autism, a rare form no less. When be was being tested to me places I'm a early intervention class, the director said he was not autistic, that be had behavior problems. That same person apologized later, saying she had never seen a child regress so fast or so far! With diet, supplements, ABA training, lots of love and more, James is improving, nut still has a LONG way to go! I pray for more treatment, education, for Insurance companies to reconize Autism and start helping out! How can Insurance pay out for rehab treatments and yet ignore children who did nothing to bring this on themselves? Treatment is SO expensive, it can break families! I thank Jenny, Jim, the Docters and others who are doing everything they can to help those touched by Autism!! Keep up the good work! My heart and prayers go out to all families who are touched by the beautiful and loving faces of Autism!

Brian   April 4th, 2009 11:10 am ET

If autism is caused by brain damage then perhaps it can be cured especially now that we know so much more about the healing processes in the brain. It is highly unlikely that vaccination is the only cause just as it is highly unlikely that there is only one type of autism. To claim and absolutely believe that 31 vaccinations of young children is the only cause sounds more like a religious dogma than a proven scientific fact. The proponent of this is perhaps a strong supporter of some religious sect trying to stop all vaccinations. Were his credentials carefully checked. Most of the other participants seemed to understand that we don't really have all the answers and more research is required especially with the evidence that it can be cured. Perhaps one or two vaccines do play some part in some cases.

Elyse   April 4th, 2009 11:14 am ET

I am so glad there is a voice for us! Although I believe vaccines are a large factor in autism, I am glad other environmental exposures are also being dicussed. My unvaccinated 4 yo son exhibited more ADD/ADHD-type symptoms. After following biomed approach for 6 months, he's gone from one step away from a special ed class to getting "smiley faces" everyday for doing so well. He's a totally different kid now. His high heavy metal load was, I believe, a result of the cement plan down the street from us. These toxins are everywhere - in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and in our vaccines.

At the same time though, I thank God everyday I did not vaccinate him. I believe, like thousands of other families out there, I would have completely lost him - it would have been just too much for his little body to handle.

Christine Bickmann   April 4th, 2009 11:18 am ET

For those of who keep shouting vaccines cause autism, I would like one explanation about children who are autistic that did not have vacinations and vacinated children who are not autistic. It's like you're saying, A=B, except when it doesn't support my case so I'm going to ignore that A doesn't =B every time. That's not how logic works and equations are never that easy. As stated above, I have taught special ed, autistic children and I know too many families where vacines are not given to their subsequent children because their first born was autistic. Often the unvacinated children where even lower functioning. More than half of our school had families with 2 or more autistic children. For the parents saying, my first children are autistic and vacinated, but my non-vacinated child isn't. I have to ask, do they all have the same hair color, eye color, height, etc? It is probably tough to admit, but there is a genetic component to autism. To deny there are other possible causes to autism besides vacines is to hinder finding solutions that will actually solve this growing problem.

Lilia Negron, M.D., Psychiatrist   April 4th, 2009 11:27 am ET

I'm so happy to see all these children recovered: I founded the Venezuelan Society for Children and Adults with Autism in 1979, and knew Bernie Rimland in 1978. I thanks all that Dr. Rimland teach me about the biological treatments, because I start to do all that he was discovering since that time until he and other group of parents and scientists found in 1995 and start with the Defeat Autism Now Protocol. I'am diagnosing and treating children with autism since 1975 and my first contact in U.S.A with people working with these children was in 1976 with Eric Schopler,Ph.D and TEACCH Method in Chapel Hill, N.C. We have more than 3.400 clinical histories of all the people with autism we have seen since 1975
Today in my country, Venezuela we have many of our children recovered and the adolescents and adults that came too later, have a better kind of life,so their families.
But many of the parents of the recovered children don't like to go to TV Shows, because they are afraid that people know how they were and then discriminate them. And many,many Pediatrician and Neurologist
in my country don't believe in these biological treatments. But WE CONTINUE IN THE BATTLE TO DEMONSTRATE THAT "AUTISM IS TREATABLE AND RECUPEARABLE"

Sofia   April 4th, 2009 11:29 am ET

If it is did that gene just start functioning at 12-18 months of age??? AND NO ONE not even a board certified AAP pediatrician suspected nothing for the first 12 months of life including many well-visits at thid pediatirician? To me just does NOT make sence!!

Genetic can NEVER be epidemig

Leslie   April 4th, 2009 11:34 am ET

When Jenny came on this show back in 2007 to promote her 'Louder than Words' book, I watched it with great interest to see if this might be something that would help my son with severe autism. I had been told there was nothing that could help. After 1 1/2 years, he has made such drastic improvements that you would hardly know he has autism, he speaks, plays, and interacts almost like a normal child. We are going to a DAN! dr and doing the gfcf diet and biomedical treatments as described in Jenny and Dr. Kartzinel's new book and it's been an amazing transformation. We still have a ways to go but to see our son coming back to us from the dark place he was is a true pleasure and miracle that we would have never discovered if we had not been open to these ideas of dietary changes and vitamins, etc. Thank you to TACA, Generation Rescue and Jenny McCarthy!

Gwynn   April 4th, 2009 11:39 am ET

In my above comment, I mentioned I have 4 grandchildren! After our oldest was diagnosed with Autism, the other 3 were never given vaccines and are happy, healthy children and do not have Autism! As they get older we may decide to do some vaccines, but it is clear to us that we made the right decision to not vaccinate the other three children! We must all do what's right doe our own families, more research must be done and families with Autism need more help!

RickK   April 4th, 2009 11:43 am ET

What is WRONG with you people!?

There is no "mysterious" vaccine court.

VAERS was created as a SERVICE so that:

1) parents could get compensation quickly in the rare cases of severe reactions to vaccines (no EFFECTIVE medical treatment is 100% safe).

2) pharmaceutical companies wouldn't exit the vaccine business due to the legal costs.

THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY! Doctors are not trying to kill your kids just for profit.

Do you really think that the CDC and the medical community is seeking out evil college kids to recruit them into some dark underground movement?

Doctors and researchers subject themselves to years of unbelievably difficult and expensive training because they want to save lives! And those that go through all that training, and then take low-paying government jobs (like with the CDC) REALLY want to save lives.

I'm a parent so I can say this – being an upset parent does NOT give you some sort of divine monopoly on the truth or some grand moral superiority. If you look at the medical community and see only darkness and conspiracy, then GET PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP!

Doctors and medical researchers and pharmaceutical researchers are not evil conspiracists. They're just people, like you, who want to do well by doing good. And they're following the same scientific method and looking at the true facts (see my earlier post).

You may not think much of the scientific method, but you can't deny that it has brought us the ability to sit here, well-fed and in relative comfort, and debate over an global communication network the finer points of medical science that has doubled our average lifespans.

Sofia   April 4th, 2009 11:47 am ET

Doctors are considered smart, right???? Would it be so difficult to research WHAT happened at the time the parents AND doctors began seeing the changes in the child???
I bet the AAP would be surprised to see that they all started changing efter the immunizations were administered.
IT IS NOT rocket science!!!!! it is 1+1 logic. Just use all the 5,000 cases filed in the vaccine court as your population in your study, I BET they be more than willing to participate!!

Christine Bickmann   April 4th, 2009 11:49 am ET

Sofia- People are born genetically predisposed to breast cancer, diabetes and heart disease too, but those diseases don't present themselves at birth. Debi S. asks why they don't test for this during pregnancy, well they haven't identified any marker for this. Having married a man with an autistic child, I wish they had. I wouldn't have spent the first 3 years of my 3 sons' lives, biting my nails, waiting to see if autism presented itself... they were vacinated and they're not autistic. My hope is that by the time my children and step-children do decide to have children there will be a definitive answer to the cause of autism.

Jack's mom   April 4th, 2009 11:50 am ET

Thank you Larry for having this discussion again. Sadly, most of our stories are the same, we the parents KNOW something happened to our babies soon after vaccines. In my case it was the HEP B shot in the delivery room while my son swallowed fluid and was being worked on, system compromised, he was given this HUGE vaccine and an anti-biotic as well. TOO MUCH. HIs body couldn't handle both. You see? It really is very simple. Why don't Dr's understand this???
He weighed 7.3 oz~ a twin~ his sister is a typical little girl now and Jack is becoming a typical little boy after almost 2 years of bio-medical, supplements, GF/CG (most important) and lot's of ABA. It's what we have to do when our kids get injured by these vaccines.
Your next guest should be Lisa Ackerman, founder of TACANOW. She is the ultimate mother warrior and paved the way for Mom's like me and thousands of others~ with TACA we are helping families that live right next door to understand that autism is treatable along with Generation Rescue. If the government and AAP or CDC won't step up and look into things then we'll as a country help each other, one child at time.
With hope

Cindie   April 4th, 2009 11:52 am ET

I just wish I had the money to do this for my kids....I have 2 boys on the spectrum and health insurance won't even cover the testing needed, never mind the biomedical treatments.

Kathymom2Joe   April 4th, 2009 11:56 am ET

My youngest son, Joe, has been diagnosed with classic Autism at the age of 3. He is now 5 1/2 and is still non-verbal. My 4 older children are not on the spectrum. My son has also been diagnosed with "benign rolandic epilepsy" which I was told by ped. neuro that does not have to be treated. In 2 years, my son had over 50 ear infections and had 3 seizures from ear infections that weren't responding to treatment- we recently got tubes placed to hopefully help diminish the ear infections and related seizures. Another ped neuro suggested putting my son on Keppra, but noted that he might develop other types of seizures- so for now we declined seizure medication. I was also told it would help him develop speech, but another ped neuro said that's not true- so who do I believe?

We tried the GFCF diet right away at the time of diagnosis but got no results and it's extremely hard to keep up with to be honest with you-when he saw his older siblings eating/drinking "regular" food he would get so angry he'd bang his head HARD on the kitchen table or other hard object and I was afraid he'd knock himself out .. so we stopped the diet.

But now reading these posts from all the parents who feel this diet -along with other treatments have cured (or showed great improvement) for their child, I am going to start him on it again and just have the older kids hide the regular food... I assume this is going to be an issue in school when he sees other kids w/ regular food also.

My son is able to sign "eat" and "more" he babbles a lot but no actual words. He receives minimal ST OT & PT and only a few hrs a week ABA through the school. I can't afford it myself. This year in K he hasn't really progressed much, and he will be repeating K next year. My son learned to identify one color so far this year, and he does some basic matching... which he has been doing since the age of 3.

I have had my son's mercury levels checked which were normal. I'm going to try to get the money together to get him to a DAN doctor and get up all this money for special food , I imagine that would mean that I have to spend less on the regular groceries- Another reason we stopped the diet, food was going bad b/c he didn't like it. I don't think it's wise to lose our home trying to afford other things because my son needs a roof over his head, as do our other children.

I will start him on the GF CF diet once again and wait for a miracle to happen before my eyes.

By the way, as for the vaccines. I always spaced them out- None of my 5 children ever got more than one vaccine at a time at my insistence- I didn't care what the pediatricians thought this was my child- and any vaccines that weren't mandatory I refused (even though the ped encouraged them). My older 2 children received the exact same vaccines that my youngest child did- so I'm not sure I can blame the vaccines entirely. If that were the case, wouldn't my older 2 also be on the spectrum?

As for the theory regarding breast implants and birth control- I don't have implants, and I never once took the pill or any other form of birth control.

Sofia   April 4th, 2009 11:57 am ET

Rick Rick!!
Have you ever heard of corruption within the government here in America recently?? Like for example just yesterday with Mr. Blacowiz... It happens on a daily basis!! It does not sound as you are up-to-date at all or in touch with reality.

You said "Doctors and researchers subject themselves to years of unbelievably difficult and expensive training because they want to save lives! And those that go through all that training, and then take low-paying government jobs (like with the CDC) REALLY want to save lives."

2 points here....COME ON!!! saving lives!!! Where do you come from??? .... Many many kids want to become doctors for 3 reasons, status, parents chosing the education and the high salary.
I HIGHLY doubt many doctors would be doctors if it payed 19,000 a year and/or was considered a low-status job.

And WHY do owners of pharma companies sit on boards in the CDC and FDA?????? How is that not considered corruption?

Sofia   April 4th, 2009 12:05 pm ET

I agree Chrisine!! Genetic PREDISPOSITION can be possible AND an environmental triggger such as the combination of a weak immunsystem, mitochondira dysfunction AND vaccine on top.

But HOW is it possible to walk on the moon 40 years ago, invent Viagra BUT not being able to find the gene that is predisposing these children and set them up for autism, THAT is my question?

Why is the government spending 1 billion dollars in Iraq per MONTH and here in America children are suffering, not just from autism but other things too. I bet you that if the autism research was given 2 months worth of the money spent in Iraq, they might be able to solve the mystery of autism.

autismne   April 4th, 2009 12:08 pm ET

Sofia wrote "Genetic can NEVER be epidemig"

Classic example of begging the question. There's no conclusive evidence that ASD is an epidemic. Two-thirds of the kids with ASD today would have received another diagnosis, or no label at all prior to 1989. JB Handley is play you for a fool when he tells you "autism" has risen 10,000% since 1983. There was no Asperger's in 1983. There was no spectrum. Some kids were labeled MR instead of autistic disorder.

If autism has exploded as Handley suggests, then why has the rate of kids in need of special ed services remained at just under 10 percent over the last 10 years or more?

When we can agree on the facts, we can start to agree on larger issues.

Martha Gabriela develbiss   April 4th, 2009 12:11 pm ET

I am a mother of 2 ASD boys and both are on their way to recovering... They started as SEVERELY AUTISTIC and now are MODERATE... And soon to be RECOVERED!!!

Thanks J.B. You are my hero!!!

Love, Gabby. :0)

"I know of nobody who is purely Autistic or purely neurotypical. Even God had some Autistic moments, which is why the planets all spin." ~ Jerry Newport

sarah lynn   April 4th, 2009 12:14 pm ET

my son is 8 years old when he was 18 month old he had got sick . after a week of going in and out of the er and one trip to SD children's all we go was that he had and gastrointestinal infection . but l know now that he had and allergic reaction to the shots no one has tolled me this for i am shear that no one would admit it . he was origonoly given and mentally retarded label i say label because they could no figure him out . i then went back to regional center 2 years later and i told them that i wonted to have a consult . and they finely diagnosed him ass ASD. i new in my gut and my hart that my son had autism . i now have him on the GFCF and in 2 week's i will be adding the SFYF to his diet . thank you so much fo doing all that you do . and opening my eyes to all that i can do for my little hero

Sofia   April 4th, 2009 12:15 pm ET

Autismne –
Even the CDC is calling autism epidemic so that is where I get my data from. If you have a better source, please share!!

Just look at other countries and you see the coralation. More vaccines=higher amount of autism , less vaccines=lower rate of autism.

Jan DeGrandchamp   April 4th, 2009 12:15 pm ET

Great program! Jenny, Jim and one of the doctors are right – there needs to be more research. As an adult who is permanently disabled due to a life-threatening reaction to a tetanus shot, I know that autism is only one of the many things that can happen after a routine vaccine. I know too many adults and children who's lives have been changed forever because of a simple shot. At least I can walk much better now, but the constant pain and fatigue make for a slow life. I can't image a small child experiencing any of these symptoms.

Jen   April 4th, 2009 12:17 pm ET

It is just a matter of time before each of us will know someone that has been affected by autism. I appreciate the program that Larry King has done on this very serious issue. Thank you for engaging in the much needed dialogue. Now, we need to move from words to action. Our government needs to do research now! Let's fund this research....let's get answers.Every child deserves quality heath care and interventions.

Velvet Fehrenbach   April 4th, 2009 12:20 pm ET

People should keep in mind that doctors only know what they have been taught by the medical community, just like teachers only know what they have been taught in college. If they did not choose to educate themselves on autism and the physicians chose to follow the mainstream approach to treating an autistic patient, which is basically to test, diagnose, inform the parent, and send them off with a pat on the back and an apology, then you have a very limited range of options. We are not our parents. Gone are the days when you never question the doctor, the teacher or the church. Your autistic child cannot fight for himself; he cannot tell you what he needs to get better. It's not only your doctor's job to figure out what the diagnosis is, it's supposed to be his job to find out what caused the problem in the first place. He can't do that if he hasn't educated himself and thoroughly explored and weighed all options and theories. Medical breakthroughs happen everyday because of people who dedicate themselves to figuring out what the cause is instead of focusing on the effect. I don't see anyone bashing the doctors and nondoctors who are out there searching for a cure for cancer or MS. All of the facts that Jenny is offering for your consideration are non-life threatening and are in no way intended to guarantee that every child will be cured. It is simply an opportunity being presented for parents to try other options based on results that have been seen. Every child is different and has been damaged both physically and mentally in different ways because of the various insults made to their immune systems by toxins that have made their way into their little bodies. Is there an underlying genetic issue? Maybe. I haven't heard Jenny or Jim rule that out. They are doing research on behalf of every parent who has been told that there is no hope, and I'm pretty sure that personal financial profit is not the motivating factor. Any doctor who chooses to follow the mainstream and who chooses to avoid thinking outside the box, especially when there isn't much information inside the box, is a doctor that shouldn't be interacting with autistic children. When they're willing to roll up their sleeves and dig in to find a way out of the maze along with the parents, they'll be worthy in my mind of offering an opinion. I don't offer up suggestions on how to cure diabetes because I have no experience personally or professionally with the day to day struggles of dealing with the challenges that go along with raising a diabetic child. If I had experienced positive results from safe (albeit not medically proven) treatments, I would be spreading the word to every person who would listen. This is not a debate between republican and democratic views. We all want the same thing...results. Who cares how they come as long as they make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by autism? Every time my son makes a new stride, my other children benefit as well. To me it's pretty simple. The medical community has taken the stand that there is no cure for autism, which is like a judge condemning a person and their family to a lifelong, irreversible prison sentence. I, along with tens of thousands of others, am appealing that sentence.

I also wanted to say to Mr. Tim Calhoun...your poem was so moving. Every now and then I read something that really gets me, and I'm not a mushy person. I filled up when I read that. It's so sad, yet expressed so beautifully. Who new something so moving could be born from something so painful? But then, I guess I could also say that about Jenny's book.

Laura Mentch, RPh   April 4th, 2009 12:23 pm ET

I am a registered pharmacist in the state of Pennsylvania and I do not understand how anyone can say unequivocally that vaccines do not play a role in Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is my understanding that although each individual vaccine manufacturer must prove their vaccine safe and effective, no one tests their vaccine in combination with other vaccines from other manufacturers even though they want to administer several vaccines at once in our children.
What does it say when the federal government compensated the Poling family for the autism their daughter suffers from because of childhood vaccines? It is only because the parents were educated (he is a neurologist, she is a registered nurse) and the evidence indisputable that the connection was undeniable. Unfortunately for the majority of the other thousands of people fighting for compensation in our federal vaccine court (yes, we have a special court to hear only vaccine injury cases) it seems that the Poling case did not pave the way to justice.
I have a 19 month old daughter and I do not follow the "schedule" that is recommended by the "experts", I only allow the pediatrician to give my daughter one vaccine per visit and not even that if she is not feeling well. Some people think I am paranoid but if you are not going to be your child's advocate, then who is?
Laura Mentch, RPh

Dawn   April 4th, 2009 12:23 pm ET

My son's regression occurred during adolescence. With diet and supplements, he has gone from psychotic and aggressive to calm, loving, responsible and compassionate. Don't believe the hype! We have discovered that he cannot eat whole corn products, high fat foods and dried beans. He walks a thin line but he is getting better everyday.

Kathy   April 4th, 2009 12:33 pm ET

God bless Jim, Jenny, and JB for their courage to voice what we as parents know in our hearts and minds what happened to our children. I have an older daughter that was not given the Hep. B at birth and her sister 4 years younger given the Hep. B while ill and on antibiotics. The older is neurotypical and the younger has severe autism and other problems. We cannot say this epidemic has one cause but the common thread is a weakened immune system for whatever reason and the body could not possibly detoxify what is in the massive doses of vaccines that our babies are subject too. There is prevention and it comes from knowledge and it seems the AC of Ped, the CDC and AMA do not want to investigate, listen to parents and prevent further harming of children. It's not one size fits all. I know first hand what a vaccine can do because I was seriously harmed by one at the age of 42. Unless you care for someone with severe autism and all that goes with it you cannot possibly understand how sick some of our kids are. I've spent over 10 years healing my daughter and caring for her 24-7 day in and day out. Most parents I know that have autistic children are the most intelligent, caring, well read and well informed people on this planet and should be taken seriously. I think this topic is so controversial because it's hard for some to believe that children would be harmed intentionally. This may not be true but it's hard to not explore that because this has been going on for years and years and many studies later we keep adding to the schedule and more of our best and brightest have no future. JMO

Cathy   April 4th, 2009 12:36 pm ET

Add my son to the list of recovering children. The DAN! protocol is your ONLY hope right now.

The most IMPORTANT point is this: The AAP has to acknowledge that these kids CAN get better – NOW. There are a lot of children just needlessly suffering in a physically ill body. It's not just an unknown neurological condition. Listen to the DAN! doctors and the thousands of parents who are recovering their children without the help of the pediatricians who caused the damage to start with. HELP THESE PARENTS HELP THEIR CHILDREN!! PLEASE. It's a long haul, very expensive, emotionally stressful, but it does work.

Put the political crap aside and let's do what's best for our children.

Sylvia   April 4th, 2009 12:44 pm ET

RickK is wrong on so many of his points, but I would like to point out one of them.

VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System does not do anything, it is just a data base. It does not compensate vaccine injured victems. It is estimated that less than 10% of vaccine adverse events are even reported to this data base because doctors never tell parents this exist, and many doctors don't even understand what it is.

And like I said, nothing is done with the data gathered. So for instance, if there is a large number of adverse events reported for a new vaccine – nothing happens. No one is in charge of investigating this. There are no recalls, safety studies or warnings to the public if a vaccine has a disproportionate amount of VAERS reports.

Perhaps RickK was refering to Vaccine court when he commented about "quick compensation" for vaccine injuries. Wrong again. The Vaccine Court is extremely adversarial towards vaccine victims, and it takes many years to have your case heard. The average is about 7 years. And the Vaccine Court is a division of Health and Human Services (HHS) who is in charge of the CDC, the same group that SETS VACCINE SCHEDULES.

The system is not fair, and it is not quick.

Autism Grandma   April 4th, 2009 12:56 pm ET

A year and ahalf ago I was channel surfing and heard the word "Vaccination" which stopped me in my tracks. It was Jenny McCarthy on the Larry King Live show describing Vaccine Induced Autism. AUTISM? It was that moment in time that Autism was revealed to me as my grandson's condition, a year prior to his official diagnosis. The month previous to this revelation, my grandson had received NINE vaccines given at once, although at that time my daughter was assured that the two injections contained only two vaccines. The doctor's excuse for this was that "he HAD to get caught up on his vaccines", even though my daughter had voiced her determination that her son only receive TWO. (Yes, the vaccines are produced in multiple vials, with 3-5 doses included) If she would have known that he was receiving NINE at once she would have RAN out of that doctor's office!!!

My grandson developed horrific reactions to these vaccines IMMEDIATELY: high fever, continual crying and screaming, thrashing from severe intestinal pain, acidic diarrhea that literally ate his skin away, refusal to drink his formula or eat food, jerking and muscle rigidity. He could no longer walk or maintain his balance. By the next day he was entirely covered with a severe rash and was exhausted from lack of sleep due to his continual pain and suffering. He turned into a "zombie", no longer any recognition or interaction with us, and then came the head banging, arm flapping, biting and hitting us instead of his previous hugs and kisses....

All of this continued as I was frantically researching online for solutions to "Vaccine Poisoning" because that was the obvious conclusion. I was continually praying for Divine Guidance when an Angel of Mercy named Jenny appeared to me on Larry King Live, a program that I have never watched before. The Message was delivered by her: Autism can be cured through the principals of the Defeat Autism Now protocols. My daughter was shocked when I said the word "Autism" and naturally didn't want to believe that; both of us had believed that the only reason that my grandson wasn't talking any more was simply because he was continually crying and screaming instead. But since I was certain that God had delivered this message to me, I focused my research on Defeat Autism Now and natural Autism therapies. Since that beginning a year and ahalf ago, my grandson is "night and day" compared to his previous miserable condition.

We do not have the financial ability to cover the expenses of a D.A.N. physician, but we are using the basic principals as our guide, addressing the intestinal issues first: Casein Free / Gluten Free diet, probiotics, and enzymes. From the beginning we gave him IntraKid and Synbiofood organic whole food liquid nutrition because they both require no digestive actions to be absorbed. We started with an aloe vera concentrate to soothe the intestinal inflammation, then added Slippery Elm and finally organic goat colostrum before finally he slept through the night for the first time in 6 months. (YES!!!) Now we are also adding "Sea Cure" to his intestinal healing program which resulted in his eating his food again instead of throwing it on the floor. He thus regained his lost weight and resumed his growth pattern. Then we added B-12 intradermal cream and Glutathione intradermal cream, and this progressively improved his neurological issues and enabled him to walk and keep his balance again, happily allowing us to wash his face and hands, and he keeps his hat and shoes on now due to the myelin sheath restoration....hugs and kisses us again, and allows his mother to leave for work without extreme separation anxiety and panic attacks. He no longer bangs his head, and what a relief no more constant SCREAMING.

My precious grandson now happily "jibberjabbers" and although he has only regained some of his original words, he is telling us that he is trying to talk. We just got his heavy metals test results which show the Aluminum level off the charts at 1,260 (100 being the normal range), so we will now proceed with chelation therapy by utilizing natural Zeolite because he developed liver jaundice from the traditional DMSA (Chemet) drug. By my research regarding this I am confident that he will continually improve as he has thus far, as we progress on the path of natural therapies. If he does not regain his full speech capacity with the Zeolite removing the aluminum we will just KEEP GOING. Hyperbaric oxygen is on the list and although we don't have this kind of money, we will sell off everything we own if that is what it takes. (Garage sales, Ebay, and Craig's List here we come) As Martin Luther King said, "I have been to the mountaintop.... and I have seen the Promised Land"....And I have seen "Jehovah Jireh" (Hebrew translation: GOD PROVIDES)

Imelda   April 4th, 2009 1:07 pm ET

Thanks Larry King for bringing this out to the public.

Jenny and Jim, thanks for doing all this, I really hope that after this, the goverment will do something and not continue to basically obligate us, the parents to put all those vaccines to our children. ( I mean, if your kids dont have all the vaccines they are NOT allowed in school. )

I have a 3 yr old girl, she was diagnosed with autism at age of 2.
And NO ONE in this world will make me believe that, the vaccines had nothing to do with it.
After her visit to the Doctors office for her well check up, ( after she got vaccinated ) she cried uncontrollably for 3 days, we had no idea why she was crying sooo much, we called and called the doctors office, to see if they could give us any explanation, the Dr. didnt even bother to call back, the nurse said that was normal for some kids.
When my daughter wasnt crying she would stay still sitting down in the sofa, staring at the wall, no emotions, no nothing.
We couldnt talk to her, touch her, hug her, to make her a little bit happy. It is a HORRIBLE feeling to see your child in pain, suffering and for them not to be able to tell you what is wrong, and knowing that at that moment there's nothing you can do to help your child.

It is a very hard and cruel reality. and it is even worse for some of us cant afford those expensive treatments for the being well of our children.

Mylinda   April 4th, 2009 1:13 pm ET

Thank you so much, JC and JM, and all the doctors that are willing to help our kids. There has never been 1 study comparing vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids. The effects of the toxins kids are exposed to, including the current vaccine schedule, results in the current epidemic of autism, adhd, allergies, asthma and contributes to obesity.

My child went from being barely able to talk to being in a regular school with no aid. THANK YOU, you pioneering doctors and parents that have gone before us. With biomed supplements, diet, hyperbaric oxygen and IV chelation, my child is 80-90% recovered.

I will not listen to the white coats who insisted that we have all vaccinations, don't worry about the diet, and who said to spend my money on a trip to Disney instead of biomed (from a pediatrician that also has a child with autism, who has only done psychotropic drug therapy and, oh yeah, he is not doing nearly as well as mine, even though her child was milder when he was diagnosed).

It is a medical condition (how can you have 3 years of nonstop diarrhea or yeast infection and be considered a well child?). After biomed eczema is gone, GI distress is gone, and nobody can believe this is the same kid.

The financial burden is insane. Insurance covers nothing. The state covers very, very little. And forget the school system. We pay $2000 a month for his care, and we are not at all wealthy. We will never get to retire. But our child can talk to us.

And how can you have a genetic epidemic? If 1:150 (or according to a Cambridge study, closer to 1:90–especially for military families) were being kidnapped, the country would be freaking out. This is exactly what is happening to us. These kids are here, but they aren't. They are stolen almost overnight

For all ASD parents out there, never, NEVER, N-E-V-E-R give up. This fight is worth it.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 1:16 pm ET

Firstly lets look at what exactly is in a vaccine, what is it made of-here are the ingredients.

These are listed as per the disease they are for:

Acel-Immune DTaP-Diptheria-Tetanus-Pertussis made by Wyeth Ayerst Drug Company -contans formaldehyde, aluminum, thimerosal (mercury) and polysorbate 80, (causes infertility)
Formalydyde – is used to embalm people.

Biavax – Rubella Merck & Co., Inc. 800-672-6372
* rubella live virus neomycin sorbitol hydrolized gelatin, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue

Haemophilus – for Influenza B – Connaught Laboraties
polyribosylribitol phosphate ammonium sulfate, formalin, and sucrose

3 types of polio viruses neomycin, streptomycin, and polymyxin B formaldehyde,
and 2-phenoxyethenol continuous line of monkey kidney cells

Dryvax – Smallpox
Live vaccinia virus, with "some microbial contaminants," polymyxcin B sulfate, streptomycin sulfate, chlortetracycline hydrochloride, and neomycin sulfate glycerin,
and phenol -a compound obtained by distillation of coal tar vesicle fluid from calf skins Engerix-B

rabies virus adsorbed, neomycin sulfate, phenol, red indicator human albumin, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue.

Fluvirin Medeva Pharmaceuticals 888.MEDEVA 716.274.5300
* influenza virus, neomycin, polymyxin, beta-propiolactone, chick embryonic fluid

FluShield Wyeth-Ayerst 800.934.5556
* trivalent influenza virus, types A&B gentamicin sulphate formadehyde, thimerosal, and polysorbate 80 (Tween-80) chick embryonic fluid

Havrix – Hepatitis A GlaxoSmithKline 800.366.8900 x5231
* hepatitis A virus, formalin, aluminum hydroxide, 2-phenoxyethanol, and polysorbate 20 residual MRC5 proteins -human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue

POL Connaught Laboratories 800.822.2463
* 3 types of polio viruses neomycin, streptomycin, and polymyxin B formaldehyde, and 2-phenoxyethenol continuous line of monkey kidney cells

JE-VAX – Japanese Ancephalitis Aventis Pasteur USA 800.VACCINE
* Nakayama-NIH strain of Japanese encephalitis virus, inactivated formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (Tween-80), and thimerosal mouse serum proteins, and gelatin

LYMErix – Lyme GlaxoSmithKline 888-825-5249
* recombinant protein (OspA) from the outer surface of the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi kanamycin aluminum hydroxide, 2-phenoxyethenol, phosphate buffered saline

MMR – Measles-Mumps-Rubella Merck & Co., Inc. 800.672.6372
* measles, mumps, rubella live virus, neomycin sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, chick embryonic fluid, and human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue

Orimune – Oral Polio Wyeth-Ayerst 800.934.5556
* 3 types of polio viruses, attenuated neomycin, streptomycin sorbitol monkey kidney cells and calf serum

Pneumovax – Streptococcus Pneumoniae Merck & Co., Inc. 800.672.6372
* capsular polysaccharides from polyvalent (23 types), pneumococcal bacteria, phenol,

Prevnar Pneumococcal – 7-Valent Conjugate Vaccine Wyeth Lederle 800.934.5556
* saccharides from capsular Streptococcus pneumoniae antigens (7 serotypes) individually conjugated to diphtheria CRM 197 protein aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, soy protein, yeast

RabAvert – Rabies Chiron Behring GmbH & Company 510.655.8729
* fixed-virus strain, Flury LEP neomycin, chlortetracycline, and amphotericin B, potassium glutamate, and sucrose human albumin, bovine gelatin and serum "from source countries known to be free of bovine spongioform encephalopathy," and chicken protein

Rabies Vaccine Adsorbed GlaxoSmithKline 800.366.8900 x5231
*rabies virus adsorbed, beta-propiolactone, aluminum phosphate, thimerosal, and phenol, red rhesus monkey fetal lung cells

Recombivax – Recombinant Hepatitis B Merck & Co., Inc. 800.672.6372
* genetic sequence of the hepatitis B virus that codes for the surface antigen (HbSAg), cloned into GMO yeast, aluminum hydroxide, and thimerosal

RotaShield – Oral Tetravalent Rotavirus (recalled) Wyeth-Ayerst 800.934.5556
* 1 rhesus monkey rotavirus, 3 rhesus-human reassortant live viruses neomycin sulfate, amphotericin B potassium monophosphate, potassium diphosphate, sucrose, and monosodium glutamate (MSG) rhesus monkey fetal diploid cells, and bovine fetal serum smallpox (not licensed due to expiration)


Get the drift? Your lucky your child is still alive after all these toxic chemicals. Notice that there is a drug company patent on each one of these vaccines. Also notice they are all given at once.

I don't know about you – but I wouldn't give my kid any of this – there are many more than I could list here. Vaccines are BIG Business and the business is making a whole generation sick – so they need more drugs later in life.

These chemcials don't need to be studied – I think we are all smart enough to look them up in a medical terminolgy dictionary – and I think we are all smart enough to know – this has gone far enough.

Take the chemical compounds like mercury, lead and all the toxins out, revert back to the vaccines of the 1950's only 5-8 vaccines.
Give them only one at a time
Give them only as boosters -in very small quantities
do not give unnecessary vaccines
do not harm the immune system of children
Stop using animal genes from monkeys

Stop pushing vaccines as being manditory.
Develope holistic "Green Vaccines" as Jenny and Jim are fighting for, and stop with the lies. We know better.

Virginia Young   April 4th, 2009 1:16 pm ET

Some children are misdiagnosed, some are not, and some aren't diagnosed at all (like mine). We only received a diagnosis of "speech delay" and "late walker/late talker" in our twins. We didn't officially biomed. intervention guidelines ten years ago, but we discovered later that our approach mirrored DAN protocol amongst other treatments we found..

Regardless of how you get there, if you make it through with a much healthier and happier child then that should be what matters. This is not to make light of the discussion. I am just deeply saddened by the bickering when every day I see parents threatened by others who have never walked a day in their shoes. They don't even try or stop for a minute to think before they speak. Doctors give patients their "walking papers" on a regular basis. I spend many hours looking for physicians for families so they can have asthma medication or insulin after they have been booted from a practice. One family with a 2 year old near drowning victim was dismissed from the hospital because insurance said their time there was up and they needed to move on. The child had not been vaccinated. Doctors would not sign off on home health care unless the child was "caught up on his vaccines". They had to find help out of state.

We have testified for parental rights to refuse vaccines and heard the lobbyists on the other side admit that vaccines kill some but "that is the price we must pay". I was on the other side. I heard my immunology professor say that "anyone who does not vaccinate their children cares more about saving a few dollars than their own child's life or is a religious fanatic". I watched as a classroom full of pre-mad students shook their heads in agreement. I was not fully comfortable with it but I didn't disagree either. What did I know..I was 20 and single.

As I sit here I live in the aftermath of a stroke post tetanus booster. My daughter has urticaria pigmentosa, a condition which requires daily meds to keep her from itching and breaking out in hives. She is lying upstairs dealing with it right now. We know little about UP, but all docs say the same thing. There are many triggers and everyone reacts differently. Years after our reactions I find a list of possible triggers. The chemicals and antibiotics in vaccines are on that list. I knew in high school that I reacted to formaldehyde from Biology lab but no one ever told me that formaldehyde was in shots. Yet we are told to forge ahead and continue to destroy our health. You the taxpayer get to help pay in the end regardless of whether or not you or yours react.

Special Ed. in our area is up to 25%, and many children who need help still don't get it. As I looked at my son's first grade class picture I knew half the kids through early intervention programs. Some of them were private and some both private and public. Nine out of 18 children had exhibited these same signs and symptoms. I have watched them for years, and thankfully many are improving. I now look at all the other kids who weren't in programs and struggling in school and I have to wonder what we are trying to achieve.

Thank you to Mr. King and all those working to enlighten the public!

karenatlanta   April 4th, 2009 1:18 pm ET

One important point is to realize that no medical intervention is ever 100%. I found it interesting that even after being fully vaccinated my child spent an entire Christmas with the chicken pox.
Once I applied to volunteer at a hospital and was required to have a titers check.
Despite having measles, and the shot, as well as the booster – I still showed no immunity what-so-ever. Vaccines can fail, if they were infallible we would not have a federal vaccine injury court. We would not have 2 special master conceding vaccines triggered Autism.

So let call a spade a spade. Vaccines are not the Holy Grail.
Much of the polio problems in the world today are due to the use of oral polio in third world countries shedding in fecal matter.
If vaccines are made safer and not indemnified from liability, as they are in the United States, public confidence will be renewed.
Right now vaccine makes hold no liability, now just imagine if the Firestone tires on your SUV were indemnified from legal recourse.
Time to stop giving this industry the benefit of the doubt.
Our children's health and future demand that their health care is scutinized and regulated for safety. If we can discourage cough meds and ban baby aspirin for children, certainly Mercury laden flu shots should be considered equally as dangerous.

Peter Thibodeau   April 4th, 2009 1:20 pm ET

We know, they know that everybody did or does not get polio, et. al., in fact, the great majority did not or do not get polio. Why? We inoculate kids for conditions that they would never get, why? In the 50's there were the NCD's (normal child hood diseases), very few suffered lasting negative affects, why? If science were implemented, we would test kids to see if they have the capability of handling these antigens in a homeostatic response. Ask, why do we treat without knowing if the person needs it? Outbreaks do not mean that all will die or suffer lasting disabilities. What is going on with the scientific method?

Debbe Skovan   April 4th, 2009 1:21 pm ET

Jenny can believe that her son is cured of Autism. I thought the same for my son, now 24. Let me be perfectly clear, children with autism grow up to be adults with autism. It does not just go away. There may be a few years where you will think they've really come out of it but it returns. My adult son is almost as bad now as when he was 3. Their depression, anger and frustration is palpable. Those with Asperger's have the cognition to realize they are different and don't "belong" to society. It is much more painful for them then we as parents.
I have read that Jenny believes that Autism is a new disease and there are no adults with it. She is greatly mistaken. Personally, I think Jenny is insulting every parent of an Autistic child. Just my opinion.

Sylvia   April 4th, 2009 1:43 pm ET

Jenny never said that there or no adults with autism. She has said that there has been a huge increase in autism in children, so there many more children than adults with autism.

Her book Mother Warriors features the mother of an adult man with autism in one of its chapters. The entire chapter tells her story of how she struggled years ago in a society that had even less understanding of autism than it does today.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 1:52 pm ET

Here is another vaccine as in my previous post the list goes on and on:

YF-VAX – Yellow Fever Aventis Pasteur USA 800.VACCINE
* 17D strain of yellow fever virus sorbitol chick embryo, and gelatin

Yellow Fever is not common in North America, it is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical regions. It has a jungle cycle that relies on monkeys as carriers.

Now where the heck would some kid in Minnisota be involved with a monkey in a jungle? Does this make sense to you? So why do we inject this into a baby when this vaccine was developed for Africa and South America where there are jungles and monkeys. Come on folks. the writing is on the wall.
There is no Yellow Fever epidemic in the USA that requires ALL children to be vaccinated for yellow fever. It was an epidemic in 1793 and is an exotic disease and unless your children travel to Africa and South America frequently – whats the point?

thedeadeye   April 4th, 2009 1:56 pm ET

Correlation does not equal causation.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 1:58 pm ET

They innoculate babies that are in the hospital at birth and before they leave the hospital they are given this: monovalent HepB shot.

Now why on earth would a new born baby need a vaccine for an Hep B that is sexually transmitted, shared needles with illegal drugs, had tattooes or body piercing, or was directly exposed to it at birth?

The prevalence of HBV is low and in less than 2 percent of the population in North America, New Zealand, Mexico, Western Europe etc.
In developing countries children are vaccinated against Hep B, it is not necessary here. Unless the mother had it or did have it before the baby is born, why subject your child to such a toxic injection -just a day after being born or before you are sent home?

willnj   April 4th, 2009 2:03 pm ET

Biomedical interventions brought my son back and virtually eliminated his autistic symptoms. I don't know if that means he was vaccine-injured or what. His symptoms did appear shortly after the MMR. I try to remain open minded to all parties involved in the autism debate, but I am frustrated that the AAP and CDC refuse acknowledge the results that parents have seen from biomed interventions. I did enjoy tonight's segment, the first civil discussion between both parties I can remember seeing. Great job by Jenny, Jim, JB and Dr. Kartzinel.

Herb   April 4th, 2009 2:14 pm ET

Firstly, fairplay Larry for giving this debate the serious approach it rightly deserves. Secondly, having worked within Autistic care, I am amazed to see the vast array of varying responses. It really is something that divides people from all walks of life – as the scientists are even baffled by it. As it's becoming increasingly subjective now, any reference of a "cure", sounds more of an idea of a "control" [see, it's just the words we use... it depends how you dress it up]. But, obviously, every case is different. But there has been so much research put into the Autistic Spectrum, it's confusing when people generally refer to such a wide range of behaviours and deem almost everything now to be a form of Autism.

It's interesting as most psychological/neurological professionals tend to use behaviour as a basis for diagnosis, but we all have had different experiences. Obviously, we're label-obsessed to a certain extent – which is great to inform people who really have no idea – but we tend to mis/over-use labels. Aspergers never gets the same amount of attention as Autism, as it is thrown in with Autism [now considered being part of the Autistic Spectrum] . Even though the people I have known, who have Aspergers, are all geniuses in their related fields, it can confuse the objective picture when the public know of other types of Autism that are seriously disabling and even violent.

The American research [from what I've read] seems to be so much more advanced than what is happening in the UK, and I can understand some of the doubts of money-making [an Autism business/industry, as such – even though the cynic in me know it already exists and thrives...] throughout the USA, as opposed to the UK – where the state just ignores you and hopes that you go away. Families here have to fight tooth and nail for absolutely everything; it's extremely backwater. In fact, it's an utter disgrace. Though the Autistic Society and other such charitable agencies do their bit, they can never do enough when government administration after government administration[regardless of political persuasion] appears completely clueless [and I now fear for the trend of not listening to it's own appointed experts either...] I don't know how familiar you are of the controversy in the UK over the MMR vaccination: some children are fine, others are not, apparently; many haven't even had it out of sheer fear[most politicians here at the time wouldn't even say if they're own children had it! It was close to the awful political handling of BSE/vCJD all over again – which really is a ticking generational time-bomb, also]. The evidence [ I try not to be ignorant, if I'm wrong – please point me in the way of better evidence – thanks!] always tends to be incomplete, ongoing, or inconclusive and "buried" from the people that want to, and need to, know.

However, the Dr Wakefield research has been heavily discredited in the UK, but the scientists have been on the back-foot ever since. It's baffling how medical professionals seem to be unable to do a realistic and conclusive study where they look at all possible factors that might seriously cause Autism: environmental [including all pollutants, mobile phone masts, and wireless technologies], dietary, medicinal and genetics.

The fear of vaccines is becoming dangerous, as we are a more global population now – we travel all over the world and people from all over the world are coming to live in our respective countries; and we're getting the resurgence of once-conquered diseases like smallpox, measles, and TB slowly coming back into our countries, all because of the distrust of vaccination[s]. It's threatening public trust within medical research, which is wrong, considering how vital they are to us all over the world. I cannot understand why the industry can't be more flexible and offer single-vaccines [though this will be no panacea]; but, also, make sure checks are in place to make sure errors are not made in our increasingly over-medicated and over-polluted world. But, to help everyone in the long-term, experts and amateurs alike, at the same time we need to get rid of the constant headline grabbing myth-making that surrounds Autism. Too many theories – not enough facts.

Dave of Detroit   April 4th, 2009 2:21 pm ET

Larry-Your headline of Autism is treatable and reversible is misleading in the extreme-What percentage of Autism has been reversed? How much does it cost for treatment? Is their degrees of Autism-some of which can be reversed and some not? Autism usually strikes in highly educated and intelligent families more so than average families-Why? I really wish That you would get some real experts to give a scientific and experienced look at a real problem that can break the hearts of the familioes involved and not isolated cases that only touch on various aspects of Autism!

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 2:33 pm ET

Response to Christine Bickmann– you must be working for a pharmaceutical company because that is dead wrong, you are not genetically predisposed to breast cancer – if there is no breast cancer in a family history going back on both sides for 4 generations that is bunk.

Lets get this straight, drug companies cannot defend genetics predisposition theories with no backed up scientific data when there are drugs involved that remain the cause of a disease.

Also lets be frank here, drug companies have been known to hire ghost writers and then turn over studies to doctors who are paid to affirm that a drug is good and safe. It' is all lies.

Take for instance take : Premarin, Prempro -prescribed for women made from horse (animal) urine. It was found that this drug is the cause of breast cancer and there is no disputing the facts.

The drug comany Wyeth - did not standardize the doses -and were recalled by the FDA.

The drug company did not screen for effects on other diseases such as thryoid. Here you are with a hormone from a 2,000 lb horse and you are prescribing it to a woman who's average weight is 130 lbs?
The hormone is highly cancerous -the estrogen was the wrong kind -it was the same kind they use in lab experiments to induce cancer in rats. Nice, really nice research went on here with Prempro.

You basically have drug companies inducing breast cancer to menopausal women.

And if your theory held true, wouldn't it have been the drug companies responsibility to screen for genetic faults before they unleashed this drug on the masses? No – they did not.

The FDA approved this drug also (all former drug employees) without testing – not that this would have made the drug safe for human use.

Another example is the drug company did not test for the drug's effects on other hormones, such as Thyroid disease. Estrogen like other hormones are inter-related and when you dose someone up with one, it affects the body's natural balance. This drug was a killer and many women ended up with their breasts cut off, or dead.

Drugs Kill People.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 2:39 pm ET

Do not donate money for Cancer to the American Cancer Society, Do not Donate money to the Autism Society, Do not donate money to the Diabetes Society....this money is all going to drug companies.

Then they spend it on advertising for more donations.
They also spend it on administration of their organizations.

Only less than 5 percent is spent on research and it is the same regurgitated dribble that says "our drugs are safe".

Donate to research that is done independant of drug companies control – and donate to causes that are fighting the manipulation of drugs in our society. Donate to stem cell research which can replace dangerous drugs in our society.
They are doing it in Japan, and Germany now...without interferance from drug companies who are swooping in to stop the research of stem cells.
Those who do not cave in or are bought out by drug companies will find a cure for any illness known to mankind through stem cell research. Support those organizations that have no ties to drug companies, and let the drug companies go bankrupt.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 2:42 pm ET

response to: Dave of Detroit : Scientific reviews are bought and paid for, you can't actually mean you trust drug companies that paid for the research to be accurate, let alone unbiased towards the blatent lies about their own products – do you?

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 2:47 pm ET

Response to Herb: Researchers use behavior to diagnose? Why don't they do a chemical read up, why don't they do blood tests, and metal tests in these children? Why don't they use actual scientific proof that a child is overloaded with mercury?

That would be a more scientific test wouldn't it? Any parent with childen even aspergers or forms of autism can do the tests themselves since doctors don't want you to know the truth.

Go to a Naturopathic Doctor and have them run blood tests, then you will see how many heavy metals and toxic chemicals are in your child's bloodstream. Then you will begin to take the junk out, and you will see an improvement.

Actually what should occur, if the medical profession insists on toxifying our children, then they should team up with Naturopathic Doctors to have the stuff removed after innoculation.
That would make more sense than this current structure.

Have the stuff removed. But really isn't that a waste of money?

First you innoculate your child with heavy metals, then you have to pay to have it removed? Who makes a profit and who loses?

Christine Bickmann   April 4th, 2009 2:52 pm ET

I do not work for the pharmaceutical companies. As stated, I'm an educator. I'm not saying that the current vacine schedules forced onto parents wishing to enroll their children in public education is perfect. What I am saying is that the narrow minded attitude that vacines ARE THE CAUSE for autism grossly ignores all the other environmental issues that surround us and hinders research into causes and cures for dealing with this growing epidemic. Again, I ask, for those who insist that vacines ARE THE CAUSE of autism...explain autistic children who have not had vacines. You can't. There has to be other causes.

Debbe Skovan   April 4th, 2009 2:54 pm ET


Jenney You never hear about it, you never see it. Where are the autistic adults?

Jenny McCarthy: It’s cause there weren’t any. It’s all now.

My son was "normal" until he contracted Pnuemococcal Meningitis.
It had nothing to do with his shots as a child.
Since there are Autistic children in countries which do not receive vaccines I think it is an honest attempt to put a reason as to why the child is suddenly Autistic. Okay, I can see how you figure that the # of vaccines have increased, etc. It doesn't make it the reason for those who either clearly had it prior to the shots or individuals like my son.
I have moved past the why.
It is important that the cause is found no doubt about it, but move past blame and do everything you can to help your child.
What Jenny is doing hurts every parent who's child isn't "cured". We obviously didn't do enough, spend enough, etc. She is feeding off the desperation many parents feel.

Teriss   April 4th, 2009 3:25 pm ET

While judges have ruled in favor of drug companies -this does not prove vaccines are not the cause of autism in children. I feel Jenny is being a voice for parents who's children have been damaged by vaccines.
Don't shoot the messenger if you don't like the message.

SFP   April 4th, 2009 3:39 pm ET

After reading several entries on vaccinations and autism, I (as a pediatrician and neonatal critical care doc) and thankfully, the father of a healthy child, I suggest looking at the benefit of each vaccination individually:

1) Hemophilus influenzae b- good epidemiologic data to show it helps decreases death and meningitis
2) Polio- again, good epi data
3) Hep B- little to no data; the only way your infant will get Hep b is if they are sexually active (or receive a tainted blood transfusion- rare)
4) rotavirus- important if you live in a third world country, where hundreds of thousands die every year of rotaviral diarrhea. Less than 100 die in the US each year from this. It would decrease the chance of hospitalization if your child gets it, though.
5) Prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine)- common cause of pneumonia, bacteremia (blood infection) and ear infections in newborns.
6)diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus- good epi data for preventing death from epiglotitis (fatal), etc
7) varicella (chicken pox) vaccine- many older folks remember having Chicken Pox parties when they were kids. This was a form of vaccination, I suppose. The vaccination decreases the frequency of varicella encephalopathy, and shingles compared to actually having the disease, but the frequency of varicella encephalopathy is 1:100,000. Some folks also worry about a secondary skin infection if someone with native Chicken Pox scratches too much and gets the pox marks infected (with staphylococcus-including MRSA, or streptococcus).
8) influenza vaccine- the yearly vaccine is based on what caused the flu further east (in China, Austrailia) the year before. So this is only an educated guess- some year's vaccines are more efficacious than others. Yes the yearly flu can be fatal, but it is more likely to be fatal in the older or immunocompromised population. The flu vaccine is not given to infants less than six months of age.
9) MMR- good epidemiologic data that lives are saved, and also some data strongly suggesting that there is NO connection with autism (Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders. 37(2):210-7, 2007 Feb)
10) Hep A- important if you eat a lot of sea food or go to Jack-in-the-Box during a hand soap shortage , usually the disease is not fatal. It's a vaccine to have if you travel a lot.

So, to folks who say it's the combination of vaccines that causes autism: maybe it's true, the issue of increased detection rate notwithstanding. But the problem is, a systematic analysis of what combo of vaccines causes autism is not really possible. I mentioned only 10 vaccinations here (if you count DTaP as one, it's actually three in one), that's over 2000 permutations only if you look at pairs of vaccinations. You'll never enroll enough patients in each arm of the study to generate meaningful result.

What's the practical answer?
Do a risk benefit analysis for yourself. You might say yes to HiB, polio, MMR, DTaP and Prevnar because the benefit outweighs potential harm (real or perceived), but no to Hep A, Hep B, rotateq, varicella and the yearly flu vaccine for the first couple years of life, again, because their perceived benefit isn't worth the risk.
As your doctor (if you trust her/him). I wouldn't depend on a freakin' blog to determine my child's vaccination schedule.

The same goes for treatment of autism. What's the downside of a gluten/processed sugar free diet? close to zero. The potential benefit based on anecdotal evidence seems good- a favorable risk:benefit ratio.

'They', whoever 'they' are, probably aren't as evil as I think they are; and 'we', whoever 'we' are, probably aren't as righteous as I think 'we' are.

I hope this might help.

(I do not receive any money or endorsements from any company, in case you were wondering)

Debbe Skovan   April 4th, 2009 3:50 pm ET

It is an old message which has been disproved several times.
As one of the Dr.'s on the show said last night, it's time to spend research money on other thoughts or beliefs. I too believe it may have
more to do with the prenatal time. Who knows maybe taking prenatal
vitamins at specific times of development can do something or exposure
to certain environmental factors at specific times of development that
are triggered during a time when toddlers are advancing at a very rapid rate.
For those of us who have been living it over 20 years, it is old news.
Just a more vocal messenger.

Janeen Herskovitz, HEAL Foundation   April 4th, 2009 3:52 pm ET

Thank you, Larry King for your courage to show both sides of the story. There are so few television interviewers who don't end up making the biomed side look like idiots.
The amount of parents on this blog who have reported improvement and/or recovery from biomedical treament is AMAZING, ASTOUNDING and encouraging for me. I work for a non-profit org in Florida that supports biomedical intervention and sees these kids getting better every day. I counsel parents ever day who have newly diagnosed children. There is NO such thing as false hope. Hope is just hope. I always tell parents, there is no guarantees, but if there is a chance your child could improve, even just a little bit, why wouldn't you take it?? I know Dr. Kartzinel and Dr. Buckley, his partner, personally and can tell you what amazing, gifted doctors they are. The care and hope they provide families is invaluable, and I should know, my son is one of their most challanging patients.
Thank you Dr. K, Jenny, Jim and JB for a job well done. Keep fighting the good fight and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE UP.

Sylvia   April 4th, 2009 4:04 pm ET

Debbe Skovan,

Perhaps her comment was taken out of context, I don't know. I only know that she profiles the mother of an adult man with autism in her book Mother Warriors. When I was a kid, autism was rare. I never met anyone with autism, never met anyone who knew anyone with autism. You just never heard of it. The increase is real. Children with autism far out number adults with autism. The first wave of kids in this epidemic are now reaching adulthood, and it will flood social services across the country. This is going to affect a lot of people.

I agree that there can be many triggers to the cascade of events that lead to autism.

I have several concerns. I am concerned that there is virtually no investigation into environmental causes because if it is proven that outside influences can trigger autism, then vaccines are prime suspect too. Whether it is vaccines, pesticides, pollution, viruses, bacteria, whatever, we need to look at all of these. But that is not being done. I would like to be able to safely vaccinate my children, but at this point, I cannot. The risks are too high that they will suffer further injury. If I knew why, maybe we could fix the problem. But rather than look at a vaccine like any other medical product that can help some and harm others, sweeping proclomations that they are safe for everybody are what I get. This makes no sense. I know of two kids at my house that prove they are not safe for everyone.

KP   April 4th, 2009 4:05 pm ET

Jim and Jennifer should provide accurate information about autism. There is no scientific proof to suggest that immunizations cause autism. People should use caution in believing everything Jim and Jennifer say about this topic. Her son is apparently doing better with all the treatments (therapies) he has received. Jim and Jennifer could do much better as role models by helping people out about the need for intense therapies for their children with autism. Every child is unique whether it is autism or developmental delays. Rather than solely focusing on the cause of autism, Jim and Jennifer should be focusing on helping others by providing information about treatment, and help these kids adapt. There is no proof of immunizations causing autism. People should be cautious of Jim and Jennifer's speculative information.

Amanda   April 4th, 2009 4:16 pm ET

I have been trying to find the reason for their autism. My older son regressed at about 18 months. I thought I had lost him forever. I was vegan and organic during my pregnancy. I did everything right. I didn't get a flu shot, and only needed the one RhoGam shot at 28 weeks and after birht. He has Asperger's, and he is pretty classic. He tells it exactly like it is even if you dont want to hear it.
My youngest son was not so lucky. I was pretty healthy, but I had to have an extra RhoGam Shot due to bleeding, and I got the Flu Shot. At his 6 week checkup the doctors told us to call the local Early Intervention and have them come and start working with him. He was diagnosed with Moderate Autism at 17months old. He wore a helmet for almost a year becuase he would bang his head so hard. A couple weeks after he turned 2 we heard his first word "Du" for duck. I was so happy. I have been giving him the supplements, and the diet. His Developmental Pediatrician said he will probably be the first child he will be able to move off the spectrum in a couple years if his progress continues. To go from he may never be able to do much to he will be fine is huge!! I think there is a way to heal these kids.
We just have to work together and find it!

Ronna   April 4th, 2009 4:33 pm ET

I watched the show and was glued to the set! Thank you for all you have done to bring this topic to the airwaves.
One of the areas I'd like to see talked about more, although touched upon last night., are the daily struggles with a child having Autism.
My son is soon to be 17 and was formally diagnosed at 5. He is very verbal.
About 3 years ago while riding a special ed bus ( smaller one) to school he was abused. I put a mini tape recorder in his back pack and recorded the abuse. My local tv station did a spot on the incident. I created a website called safebus ( no longer up).
I had an online petition to have it mandated that ALL special needs buses have audio and visual equipment on board so this type of abuse cannot happen again. I collected over 1,400 signatures. I met with local (Buffalo) politians to get this voted on and passed in the Senate and have come to a standstill. For some reason this stalled on the floor and the bill has not been signed.
How I wish I was a star with star power to bring this up to the public!.
Do you realize how often this happens to non-verbal children because the aides, drivers think they can get away with it? I heard from so many families that their child was so frightened to get on the bus but could not figure out why because their child cannot talk.
If my son hadn't told me what was going on I would not have know.
Jenny, if you are reading this, could you help bring it to the public's attention? These children and families go through enough that this should not be another situation they have to contend with.
Thank you.
Ronna Glickman
Founder, Safebus
Buffalo, NY

WithoutSol   April 4th, 2009 4:57 pm ET

Thank you CNN and thank you Jenny for spreading this misinformation to the gullible. Critical thinking was never your strong suit.

Joanne (Albany, NY)   April 4th, 2009 5:16 pm ET

Debi S. I am going to find a DAN doctor just to go over the pros and cons - got nothing to lose at this point. I don't know about the GFCF diet that has help others. I say this because, my boys have a very poor diet which consists of Orange Juice & Turkey Bacon. They will not eat anything else! Half Juice & half water plus the nordic naturals cod liver oil. I also give them Brainchild Nutritional supplements. Although I am very worried about their nutrition, physically they are developing fine. They are your typical toddler boys – rough housing, running, climbing etc. No seizures but neurological issues are evident by the stimming. Their Dr. who is also a Dev. Ped. is no help. Most Dr.s are afraid to offer any suggestions except for early intervention services. (Yes, I'm currently looking for another Ped. Dr.)

We all have a testimony of what is or has happened to our children. Vaccines, anti-biotics, flu-shot, fevers, ear infections , thrush, metal toxins etc... are strong similarities we all share. The gov't can spend money to walk on the moon – for what? Our kids need help now! Why find a cure for Autism, Cancer or anything else when this is big business right! Business... hmf. The almighty dollar is the root of all evil... I am so saddened and frustrated. Stop arguing and name calling guys – it's not helping the situation. Thanks for listening...

Stacy   April 4th, 2009 5:37 pm ET

My Son on the GFCF diet eats chocolate cake, Rice bars, cookies, hot dogs, even these fake Oreos that taste delicious! He loves beans of all kinds, lots of fresh organic fruits, rice with organic spices in it, hamburg patties, chicken fingers made with GFCF flour, and he eats no dyes, no chemicals, no refined sugar, no wheat, soy or milk. I also stopped vaccinating him at 18 months...Now almost three, Hes growing, active, happy and has no idea he is even missing out on stuff. His stimming is less, his eye contact is coming back, his body is strong, and he loves to work with his therapists and be read to by his sister. I Seriously do not think we would be where we are if it wasn't for this diet and some suppliments. I didnt do alot of the really rigorous methods like Jenny mccarthy, I don't particularly agree with all her practices, but, she has the right idea. Its perfectly ok to agree with SOME of her and Jims ideas, but not all of them. Every child is different, and every parent can afford less or more interventions. The best advice I ever got was spend your money WISELY. DAN! Doctors are expensive, joining a GFCF message board is free, and I got just as much help on the Yahoo GFCF kids message board than I ever got fro a DAN! doctor. You wont believe what you can learn from other moms who have been through this. Best of luck, Joanne!

Rachel S.   April 4th, 2009 6:01 pm ET

I just have to share that before my son was "officially" diagnosed with autism I quickly joined several support groups online and found wonderful parents who told me about diet, vitamins & supplements and therapies. I was also devastated that our pediatrician had NO mention of any alternative treatments. We were only told our son wouldn't speak, and we'd have to care for him for the rest of our lives etc. The more I was able to communicate with other parents dealing with autism, the more hopeful I became that I could actually DO something for my son. I implemented diet and we saw our first signs of more eye contact, more interaction and focus.
Due to the cost of all the other treatments, we had to wait on other therapies and a DAN Dr. I then read Jenny's first book.(in 1 day) ..and let me tell you, I was motivated and inspired to do the same for my son. I LOVE that she has not stayed quiet and on the sidelines about any of it and has given parents who deal with autism a voice. With Jenny & Jim it's a huge moment for a lot of us parents, I for one have thrown my arms up in victory and have said, "Finally they are speaking of it, and Finally they HAVE to listen!" I will forever be grateful that Jenny put this book out. Thank you Jenny!!

Patricia   April 4th, 2009 6:33 pm ET

My kids are fine – my dog is another issue. Post having 3 vaccines @ 1 visit my 23 lb dog (the size of a small child) exhibited dramatic & scarry changes in focus, behavior, shaking uncontrolably, etc. She has since experienced seizures (clusters) and once thru that stage which lasted 2 + yrs, then her immune system went haywire – ITP as it's called, she almost died...with platelets down to only 4,000. I have nursed her back w/medical help – but after researching I find many canines exhibit similiar issues post-multiple vaccines. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP. Give a break between shots – time...and let us not over-vaccinate – our kids and our pets. The drug companies are killing us –

KAREN Delaney   April 4th, 2009 7:42 pm ET

I have to say that I'm very happy that Jenny's son had a complete recovery but I have to say that I find it hard to listen to all of this recovery stuff from people who can afford multiple specialists, nutritionists, therapists, etc. I would love to offer my son all of the finest therapies but I can't afford it. ABA therapy is the only therapy recognized as having provable, documentable positive results for those on the spectrum but it is not paid for by insurance nor is it offered in schools. I'm sure that Jenny and Jim had no trouble paying the thousands of dollars necessary to set up an analyst and working therapists for a minimum recommended 40 hour week of therapy for her son. It's like saying that insulin is the only cure for diabetes but since insurance won't pay for it than only the beautiful and wealthy will be able to be treated. Personally it makes me sick in the heart.

Karen B   April 4th, 2009 8:23 pm ET

Our son began fading away from us after his 15 month vaccines. He went from a social, talking, happy child to withdrawn, miserable, exhausted, sickly, constant diarrhea, and nonverbal. Mainstreamed medicine's answer was, "that's just the way theses kids are" We decided to undertake intensive aba therapy, which we still continue to this day. It wasn't until we started biomed at the age of 7 that we saw any meamingful progress from the therapy. He is starting to talk and is back in our world. We have a long road, but now have hope for the future. I only wish we had started on this road sooner. It's time for mainstreamed medicine to accept that autism is treatable. Thank you Jenny B for your devotion to our families.

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 4th, 2009 8:32 pm ET

The Larry King guest who said (4/3/09) that pediatricians are not informed enough on nutrition to help parents with special diets was more right than the public knows. I am a licensed registered dietitian who has worked in private practice for 10 years with kids on the spectrum using biomedical and special diets/nutrition-focused tools. I routinely encounter special needs children who appear to have been MEDICALLY NEGLECTED by their pediatricians: I often see growth failure, growth regression, malnutrition, and other obvious nutrition and GI impairments in children – and nobody in their pediatric care universe even noticed. These kids often receive no referrals and no treatments, even when parents ask for help! The pediatricians are, quite often, no help whatsoever. These tools do work. They are cheap. They are successful. Families need / deserve expert guidance, but they are left grasping at straws. Ms McCarthy and Mr Carey are right – parents are not only being given little to no guidance, they are being told NOT to use these tools by their neurologists, pediatricians, and other providers who are absolutely not trained or qualified to make that statement. Bottom line: We have decades of high pedigree nutrition science to help these children recover. We have some excellent new research on biomedical to merge with this foundation. I have published a book on this – Special Needs Kids Eat Right: Strategies To Help Kids On The Autism Spectrum Focus, Learn, & Thrive. There is no excuse here – any and every child with autism, seizure disorder, LD, ADHD, Asperger's – can begin to feel and function better. We know how to do this. No matter where you stand in the vaccine debate, this information applies: ALL children need to be in normal nutrition status to grow, learn, and function as typically as possible. And, one finding already repeatedly published which corroborates my clinical experience: ASD children are usually NOT in normal nutrition status. Fix this, and their lives can change, as it would for any child.

kirtley thornton   April 4th, 2009 9:25 pm ET

There is a very useful approach to the autism problem....eeg biofeedback. Dr. Rob Coben has produced some very impressive research regarding the ability of EEG biofeedback to change the brain's electrophysiology in the autistic child, which leads to improvements on neuropsychological measures and rating scales. While I have focused my research efforts on the learning disability, ADD and traumatic brain injured populations, the general approach of EEG biofeedback has produced some impressive results.
Kirtley Thornton, PhD

Grandma and   April 4th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

Thank you so much for continuing to air shows that explore ASD. Jenny and Jim, as a grandma of a child who is recovering from PDD, I appreciate, understand, and agree with everything you are doing. There are a lot of people out there with opinions but the ones that matter the most are the families who are dealing with this devastating disorder. If the CDC and NIH are so worried about parents choosing to thin out the vaccine schedule for their children then WHY don't they do the appropriate research to prove vaccines are safe! They have lost credibility! So my comment to them is prove it, prove the vaccines are safe, prove it by comparing vaccinated and un-vaccinated children in a comprehensive study. No more secret meetings, no more conflict of interest, and no more lip service, we demand and deserve an independent study. Our children deserve nothing less!

Jenny G   April 4th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

Our children have been poisoned. It at first was unintentional, and then hidden with lots of big pharm $$$. I am not anti-vaccine. Prior I was first in line to get whatever vaccine I could get. But it is is profit not health that drives that big machine. There are lots of environment insults, pesticides, amalgams, processed foods that make genetically vulnerable people have increased neurological inflammation. Jenny McCarthy, GR, and the other autism organizations are my heroes.
Thank you for airing this important debate.

Maryann   April 4th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

I have 4 children – my 3rd was diagnosed with autism just 2 weeks after my 4th was born at the age of 2yrs 7 months old. Austin was born with it....I know that something was wrong that very day. Looking back at old pictures I can see that, even though, he was closed behind that door – we could "see" him but as time wore on we lost more and more of that "vision". So yes I do agree that the vaccines have a part. But JB and others with money make it look so easy. It's not! Insurace companies cover very little...diets cost money...treatments cost money...and when you don't have it and the "JB's" of the world are out there saying "Why aren't you doing this..."
it just makes us feel even more guilty than we already do. I pray everyday...fight every day. Somethings got to be done to help ALL!!!

Grandma and Grandpa   April 4th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

Larry, Thank you so much for continuing to air shows that explore ASD. Please keep them coming.
Jenny and Jim, as grandparents of a child who is recovering from PDD, We appreciate, understand, and agree with everything you are doing.
CDC, AAP, and NIH, If you are so worried about parents choosing to thin out the vaccine schedule for their children then WHY don't you do the appropriate research to prove vaccines are safe? You have lost credibility! Children have died of complications of measles, but children have also died of complications of autism and measles generally goes away but autism is a lifelong struggle. So our comment to you is prove it, prove the vaccines are safe, prove it by comparing vaccinated and vaccine-free children in a comprehensive study. No more secret meetings, no more conflict of interest, and no more lip service, we demand and deserve an independent study. Our children deserve nothing less!

Fed Up   April 4th, 2009 10:42 pm ET

I am begging and pleading, please stop giving JB Handley, Jenny McCarthy a forum to express their opinions. I am the parent of a child of autism and it breaks my heart to see them denigrate individuals with disabilities, as well as prey on the hopes of desperate parents. Surely, CNN has a medical advisor that can give you better information!

Marni   April 4th, 2009 10:46 pm ET



How about Dr. Healy for the new Autism Czar position? President Obama is a true "uniter" as well, so should see the value in her harmonizing yet progressive position. Everyone loves her except the truly polarized, and we need the middle.

Dr. Healy was the voice of unity and progress last night, and in general. How can we get all the range of opinions on the non-mainstream side behind her 150% – that's your path to real change. She can go toe to toe with them in their own game, and get the real pure science done. She is in the best position to create change, IMO.

I would love it if Jenny, Jim, JB, Stan, Dr. Kartzinel, Kim, David, Holly Robinson Peete, Imus', ARI, TACA, Thoughtful House, Generation Rescue – all the non-mainstream people who want the proper research to get done, could come together to rally for her to be the Autism Czar.

Uniting behind her with an outsretched hand of cooperation, progressive cooperation, towards the AAP, CDC etc. That would be a huge step in momentum shift/paradigm shift.

Anyone agree with me?

(Apologies to whoever I may not have listed up there as a significant voice)

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 4th, 2009 10:49 pm ET

One more point to make...Nutrition status is the primary driver of immune function in infants and children, not vaccination status. Again, decades of science and practice in public health substantiate this. In other words: A fully vaccinated child in poor nutrition status will get sick more often and have more morbidity, complications, and mortality from routine infections than a well nourished, normal nutrition-status child who is unvaccinated. The latter child is the one who, statistically, is healthier, gets sick infrequently, and has a normal, robust immune response to routine infections. This child does NOT pose a health risk to others – to the contrary. Strong nutrition status means a child gets sick briefly, fully recovers, and has immunity for life. This is normal. Stories of children dying from measles infection are out-of-context hyperbole. These are likely children who are nutritionally depleted to begin with, either for critical immune function nutrients like iron and vitamins A & D, or for weight to height ratio or body mass index. Folks, this is not rocket science. We have been sold a bill of goods that "diseases will come back if we don't vaccinate". This is a simpleton's view of how infection moves through populations – astounding that medical officials get away with quotes like that on television.

Karen Larson   April 4th, 2009 11:15 pm ET

THANK YOU to Jenny McCarthy for educating us on the interaction between vaccinations and autism. And thank you, Larry King for providing a venue for Jenny to present the facts.

Jenny, please keep us the efforts on this important topic. I am looking forward to reading your new book.

Ronald   April 4th, 2009 11:19 pm ET

Please!!!! Google Video Congressman Dan Burton 2002 about Vaccines
or Robert Kennedy Jr
. Thanks RJK

teriss   April 4th, 2009 11:50 pm ET

The whole reason for vaccines has been gravely distorted in the name of profit.

Originally vaccines were given to stimulate the immune system not destroy it. Vaccines of the 1950's in my era were given in smaller doses, and not 9 at at time. In fact I still have my vaccine schedule from grade school and it was months between vaccines, 6 months, 12 months and so on. The polio shot was not given until I was going to school in fact I was 5 yrs old.

Today's schedule is off the charts – too many chemicals have been added, too many vaccines, too soon, and too often. Now the vaccines are damaging the immune system -not stimulating it.

When will this stop – or are we creating a whole new generation of kids that will need care the rest of their lives?

Can we really afford not to look into blood tests for mercury and proper diagnosis for autism and its relationship to mercury, formaldehyde and other harmful toxins? Can we afford not to do proper testing or do you believe things are just great as they are now?

Teriss   April 5th, 2009 12:16 am ET

Response to Christine Bickmann:

In regards to other possible causes of autism I doubt parents have as much control over the air in the atmosphere, drugs in drinking water or radiated or GMO foods in the grocery store. They cannot control these factors– because they are not in our hands.

What is in their control is the choices of vaccines, when they are administered, which ones are valid and which ones are not necessary.

These decisions are/have been taken out of the hands of parents and they are threatened by doctors, and schools. This explains why you see children more often are home schooled these days.
This explains why you see more often parents giving up on vaccines entirely since they are not being given the truth about their contents.

The only factor hindering research as you say is those who oppose it, and the only kind of research that would be valid would include a schedule of blood tests that test for:

mercury levels, toxicity levels, and all the ingredients that are in the vaccines themselves. These tests should be performed before, during and after each vaccine is administered. Follow up at 1 week, 2 week intervals and so on. The current process is just adding more and more vaccines in shorter periods of time. Each one adds on to the last one, and you have a cumulative effect until the immune system is severely damaged.

Velvet Fehrenbach   April 5th, 2009 12:17 am ET

My son was born in February of 1999 at a weight of 9 lbs. 13 oz. I had a natural childbirth. The only thing that was different with his birth is that I was induced three weeks early because of his size. When he came out, he had a beautiful deep pink coloring. I was later informed that it was jaundice. He was placed under the "lights" and I was told he was fine. The day after he was born, I noticed that he was moaning, as if he was in pain. I called the nurse in and had her listen, and she agreed that he didn't sound right. After taking him away and having him examined, she brought him back three hours later and told me he was fine and that the moaning was just his "thing. When we were discharged, I took him for his first oiffice visit with his pediatrician, who did not see him in the hospital because he was not affiliated with the hospital where I gave birth. When he read his bilirubin levels and saw my son, he excused himself from the examination room, went to his office, and picked up the phone. What followed was a loud, angry confrontation that my doctor initiated with someone in the pediatric unit of that hospital. When he finished chewing them out, he marched back into the examination room and told me to take my son to a hospital nearby immediately because his bilirubin levels were dangerously high. I agreed and said I would just run home to get some necessities, but he shook his head and told me to get there immediately. My son was hospitalized for two days. I was unable to breastfeed him or even stay with him overnight. Leaving him behind at that hospital was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Of course, he was vaccinated within the first twenty four hours of his birth, even though his liver was not functioning properly. My son never made eye contact with me while he breastfed. He never attempted to touch my face and never responded positively to touch. I think I lost him within the first two days of his life. I know he was different from my other children. It's hard to describe the pain of not being able to bond with your child because he doesn't acknowledge your existence. I wanted so much to connect with him, but I couldn't get in. He started various therapies when he was two and a half, but it was a joke. He was incapable of understanding any of what he was being shown. If he did something correctly, it was because he had copied his therapist successfully. Call me crazy, but I just couldn't jump up and down in triumph because my son had managed to play simon says. When my son started the diet, therapy bacame a whole new ball game. Not only was he seeing it...he got it! I know that the diet may not work for every child, but I have to call attention to something that I have seen with many parents who have insisted that they followed the diet and it didn't make any difference. Many times when I walk into the home of a parent who has tried the diet and I start to look around and ask a few questions, I repeatedly find that the parents think they followed the diet perfectly, but missed some crucial factors. Just's not just the food that needs to be gf/cf. These kids are like sponges. If the shampoo, soap, toothpaste, playdoh, glue, or any other household products they come into contact with contain gluten, they have not been on a gf/cf diet. If you are using the same toaster for the gluten free bread that you use for your husband's whole wheat bread, your child is being exposed to gluten. One molecule is all it takes to wreak havoc on these kids. I have a real problem with people who insist that they have practiced the diet, but when their attention is directed to some of the aforementioned exposures, they brush it off with the "that's just being anal" attitude. If you are going to make the statement that you tried the diet and it made no difference, be fair to yourself, your child, and everyone your voicing your opinion to by reviewing everything you did during the trial. Are you sure you eliminated all of the gluten/casein from your child's diet? If you're not, and you feel it's not necessary or practical to be so "anal" about enforcing the diet so extensively, then please make sure you mention that in your comment. Following the diet properly is not easy, and can be very confusing and overwhelming when you start to think about everything kids come into contact with on a daily basis, but it can be done. I always start out excited when a parent asks me for help getting their kid on the diet, and more often than not, I end up disappointed and saddened when I explain what's involved and I see a parent give up because it's just too much work. I consider it a labor of love and I've seen the results from the work I've put into it. My son not only looks at me, speaks to me, jokes with me, and questions me...he sees me and he cares about me seeing him. My son started the diet when he was five. The supplements were added slowly to his diet routine. He has been tested for heavy metal toxins and, like so many other children, his levels were elevated. He's also been tested for food sensitivities which yielded a whole new list of things to avoid, and he recently had a cholesterol test. We are by no means wealthy. I have four kids and I work part-time nights loading boxes to get benefits for my family. My husband is a contractor who works seven days a week. We've cut out pretty much every extravagance, not that we had many to begin with. We don't go on vacation, we don't go out to eat, we don't buy what we don't need. When my son needs something that we don't have the money for, we wait and we save, the same way we do when any of our other kids need something. I've found that you don't need to be rich to make a difference in their lives, you just need to be committed and relentless.

For those of you who feel you are being judged by Jenny and Jim for not choosing to try the biomedical approach...that guilt is completely self imposed. You have every right to decide what lengths you want to go to when dealing with your child's autism. No parent with a child on the spectrum can expect everyone to know what position they're in physically, financially or emotionally. We all have our daily trials and tribulations to deal with and my heart goes out to every parent that is struggling with the challenges of raising a special needs child. What I cannot sympathize with is a parent who chooses to avoid stepping out of their comfort zone to try and help their child live up to his fullest potential. I have seen far too many parents who complain about their disrupted lives and the lack of support they get from family and friends and then dump their children into a classroom and expect the school system to "fix" them. The saying goes, "God never gives you more than you can handle." Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean everyone will want to handle what God gives them. If you know in your heart that you are doing everything in your power to help your child, there is no need to be defensive or feel the need to bash what other parents are trying. Just be glad that so many parents are trying...and be proud that you're one of them!

Dona   April 5th, 2009 12:54 am ET

To Velvet:

Your insight and experience, and education came shining through and I wanted to thank you. Also to invite you and any interested parties in joing a blog I belong to no-forced-vaccines on yahoo groups.
In my experience discussing asutism with a father who is in denial about how bad his daughter is, and the alternative methods that have brought results, I spoke of the excessive TV watching these kids do and how they thing the world is this speeded up cartoon frenzy.
He told me of having to put locks on the cabints as this child would wake in the night and eat a whole loaf of bread!
Still another young father is resigned to the limitations of his almost 4 year old, and says no diet will help his child. So psych drugs to dummy this precious child are give, disregarding, some that have already had him rapid cycling like Sybil! I don't understand these parents, but know there are many others who do all they can and more for the best for their child, and yes it takes knowing their kid.
And that takes lots of observation and emapthy.
The shot given to women who have RH negative blood, such as I, [supposedly no longer] were over 50% mercury, and I had a son who was severly disfunctionaly unawble to speak. I however did not choose to wait as his ped doc suggested and began intense speech therapy and he is quite "normal" now......... I had to trust my guts more than once with my kids, and always ask lots of questions. Now I do tons of research, in my wish to have no harm done.

Kevin   April 5th, 2009 1:00 am ET

Exposure to these anti-vaccination kooks is giving me autism.

Fleur Elmslie   April 5th, 2009 1:25 am ET

I have 3 children with ASD. One Severe Autism son. One Asperger son with suicidal depression and my daughter developing autism at only 6 months after her vaccines and went on, even with treatment to have severe health and behavioural issues. Now ALL THREE CHILDREN ARE RECOVERED. I used a combination of DAN! and natural therapies and I pass on my experience to many parents as a rescue angel for Generation Rescue. I see children recovering and improving in groups I attend.
And still the mainstream medical profession ignore us. SHAME on them for their arrogance and ignorance and blind stupidity.
JB Handley, Bernard Rimland, Andrew Wakefield, Boyd Hayley...These are modern day saints, and I thank you with all my heart for your works.

michael bash   April 5th, 2009 6:05 am ET

The "embrace" – Does the Queen feel insulted or embarrassed? From what I've heard she does not. Does Michelle? She does not. Then all the media people should mind their own business. End of discussion, and it was not an embrace.

Shammy Fred   April 5th, 2009 7:05 am ET

I live with my 7 yr old nephew who does not talk,has behavioural issues and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. I would like to know what Bio-Medical treatment really is? What sort of food do I need to give him. How to cleanse his body?

I live in the UAE. Please help

Lila White   April 5th, 2009 10:31 am ET

Teriss writes: Can we really afford not to look into blood tests for mercury and proper diagnosis for autism and its relationship to mercury, formaldehyde and other harmful toxins?

Teriss, you will not find mercury with a blood test unless it is a current exposure. mercury goes to the bone, brain, and organs. Urine porphyrines is the way it needs to be tested for.

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 5th, 2009 10:56 am ET

Questions here on blood tests for mercury....This is not the way to go, because it doesn't work. Mercury and lead are lipophilic, that is, they do not like watery environments like blood. Blood tests will only show current or very recent exposures. Prior mercury exposures are the ones you need to find, because they are cumulative in sensitive individuals. Where does mercury accumulate? Fatty tissue. That is, brain, nerve, kidney, and liver. You can't pull those tissues out of children to test them. So, researchers have looked at baby teeth (one study showed higher levels of mercury in baby teeth of autism children compared to typicals), and hair (where it only shows up in typical children, because they expel some through hair, while children with autism apparently do not), or in urine / stool AFTER you use a provoking agent to pull the mercury out of fatty tissue. A common agent is DMSA, which has been FDA approved for use in children for years for lead poisoning. This is a starting point that any willing pediatrician can offer – if they are in favor of helping your child. Or, you can use a simple urine test for porphyrins, a biochemical that is skewed by mercury overload. If this test is suspect for your child, move on to provoking agents like DMSA.

Tina   April 5th, 2009 11:07 am ET

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey are not experts in this field, and I believe that although children with autism can improve and become highly functional, there is NO CURE and to publish a book that indicates that there is a cure is misleading. To say that it is the vaccine schedule which causes autism is being too simplistic to a very complex health problem. I have a grandson who at the age of 3 was diagnosed. His mother, my daughter has been working with children who have autism for 10 years and her greatest fear was the much dreaded diagnosis of autism prior to ever having her first child. She was aware, educated and very close to this syndrome with many children on the spectrum in varying degrees. She did NOT vaccinate her son until after the first year. He is high functioning and since his diagnosis six months ago, he has improved with therapies and a supportive preschool environment. I believe that those children who have autism can greatly improve and appear as typical to the lay person, but this syndrome, at this time, cannot be cured. It takes lots of money and resources and not everyone has the advantages that Jenny has, which is obviously unfortunate. After a very long and extremely stressful battle with the public school system in our town, my daughter finally won and will receive funding for services and education. She is one of the greatest MOTHER WARRIORS and she faces the reality of this diagnosis. If the doctor who wrote the book with Jenny has a child with autism, I am suprprised that in the broadcast he did not say anything about his son being cured.

George Wade   April 5th, 2009 11:59 am ET

Mercury also likes bones and gets stuck in hard. It is good to investigate DMSA; DMPS; colloidal zeolite and OSR. That last is probably most powerful: developed by Prof Boyd Haley and his grad student for the job of eliminating heavy metals.

As it is a powerful antioxidant, that is how it is sold. Were it sold for chelating heavy metals we would have to wait 25 ~ 35 years for it to be approved: just think of that property as a happy side effect of the legal Oxidative Stress Reducer..!

As metals get eliminated from brain; liver; kidneys and muscle: they get replaced by very slow diffusion from the stores in bone. Just keep chelating and testing. Then when your brain starts working well, look through "A Mouthful of Poison" by Dr Myron Wentz: > Resources > Download free Book. Between that and Prof Haley you will get an excellent understanding.

Then: all there is to do is to get to work on the other million toxins our miracles of chemistry have provided to prevent over-population destroying the planet..:~) Boosting glutathione and sulphate detoxification will probably be the way to start that natural process.

I've moved from DMSA starting in 1995 to zeolites starting 2005. With any luck I'll start OSR this spring. Hoping to become young enough to remarry and have toxic free kids: I'm still young now, at 68, while I was getting very old at 55.

Kathy H.   April 5th, 2009 12:01 pm ET

To: Judy Converse.
I was glad to see your postings. I read your book many months ago and also gave it to my naturopath to read. What happened to my daughter was very much like your story about your son except she has not had seizures. The Hep. B devastated my daughter along with antiobiotics. Thank you so much for sharing your story because it made me realize exactly what happened although I was pretty sure it was the Hep. B that started her downward spiral at one month old. Judy, how can I get in touch with you??
Thanks, Kathy Hudson

Linda   April 5th, 2009 1:33 pm ET

April is Autism Awareness Month. Please focus on this topic more intensely this month. Please focus on the variety of interventions that are being used. Thanks for your attention to this issue.

ava   April 5th, 2009 1:57 pm ET

I am very happy for all the people who improve their children's life. I wanted to write a few things though
I am the father of a 5 year old child with autism. I had to point and question afew of the things said on the program.
1. the AAP is formed by parents too. Doctors are also parents, they also have children with Autism. Why wuold they want to hurt their children?
2. The use of financial incentive by the AAP is sad. How much do you pay for the minerals, vitamines, hyperbaric chambers. How much does a gluten free bread cost? How much do you pay for your special doctors's visit? I think someone is making money off of this.
3. I like Ms McCarthy and I wish her and her son well. I think that all those books a good but isn'e there a form of financial incentive here as well?
4. There are many vaccines and many countries give less. Do they have less autism? As far as I know the increase rates are world wide.
5. You would say 2nd and 3rd world counties have less autism. Well, how do we know that? we do not plus thay have more children die form the diseases we immunize for. They die from diarrhea.
6. How about these diets what is the rational, do they fit every autistic child? I am nor sure. But while I agree that they should be studied, why don't the proponents of the therapy take the first step and not rely on anecdotal findings. See the latest Hyperbaric chamber study. It is heavily critisized but it place the "main stream" medical community on the alert and will push them to study it.

Please people do not jump on every theory think, do not blame.

Lila White   April 5th, 2009 2:34 pm ET

Teriss writes: In any regard I would check Jenny’s website and find a doctor near you for help.

My son is 18 and recovered.

As to the blood tests, many antibiomed people quote blood tests as proof that the mercury is "gotten rid of" by infants. They run the blood tests at a point in time that they know the mercury will not show up. The mercury abhors the water base vaccine and immediately sheds it and goes to the fatty tissues in the body. The child does not excrete it.

Taximom5   April 5th, 2009 3:51 pm ET


I am the mom of a mostly-recovered 13-year-old. I think I might have a tiny piece of the puzzle here.

We know that B-12 deficiency can result in neuro problems, and we know that autistic kids need supplements, but I think I've found some of the possible sources for the B-12 deficiency.

Aside from vaccines, it STILL goes back to the pharm industry and gluten.

I've just been diagnosed with B-12 deficiency, and I belong to 3 different high-risk groups for this:

1) gluten-intolerant
2) autoimmune thyroid disease (often linked with celiac)
3) taking acid blockers (there's your other pharm link)

People taking acid blockers (like Prilosec, Zantac, etc) are at huge risk for B-12 deficiency because you need acid to properly absorb the B-12.

How many pregnant women have trouble with acid, and take either acid blockers, or something like Tums, which also results in lowering stomach acid? Someone needs to do a study on how taking acid blockers when pregnant affects the fetus's ability to absorb B-12 and/or produce intrinsic factor.

The reason I believe it's important to write this here on this blog is that in this country, what's considered "low" for B-12 levels is RIDICULOUSLY low, resulting in pernicious anemia. Normal is supposedly 200-1100. But in Japan, normal is over 550–and studies show that B-12 levels between 200 and 550 won't result in pernicious anemia, but WILL result in–(what do you know) neuro problems.

So PLEASE, get your kids' (and your own) B-12 levels tested, and don't let them tell you that everything is fine if the level is between 200-550. The studies are out there, showing risks of neuro problems between 200-500, but like so many other things, the doctors are not aware of the studies, and simply parrot what the pharm industry has taught them.

I hope this helps!

Cindy   April 5th, 2009 4:12 pm ET

Thank you Larry, Jenny JB, Dr Jerry Dr Healy. I am thrilled that this show aired. I have identical twins. One is recovered. How can this be if autism is all genetic? Both boys have improved, but I can tell you that supplements, diets and biomed are not the same for both kids. If they tell me that it is all genetic, they still can't explain how I've recovered only one. Thank you for an informed program. Please do another program about how toxins affect our children. There is a great book by Phillip and Alice Shabecoff called Poisoned Profits. You should get them on your show.

Ed Tetu   April 5th, 2009 4:58 pm ET

Our daughter Melanie just turned 33 on March 17 (Our St. Patricks baby. She has severe brain damage that we firmly believe was caused by the vaccines.We were unaware at the time that vaccines could be dangerous, that you would be an unfit parent to not have your child vaccinated. I now feel that I was an unfit father to have not seen the signs.
Like a lot of mothers like keep personal notes on their childrens development , especially the first year. My wife kept notes on pretty much everything about Melanie for the first part of her life. She even preserved part of the imbellical cord. She wrote on a 1976 calander the date of every shot, the first time she rolled over ...all the milestones. She also wrote down Melanie's crying that continued to worsen after every shot. Three days after every needle that was given that first year she was taken to the so called doctor screaming. We were told that she was teething. How many children are teething at three months?
When she was a year old she was diagnosed as having cerebral palsey. As most people know that is only a term to describe brain damage that has been caused either during or before birth. When Mel was seen by doctor at six weeks old he entered in his notes that he had seen a healthy, normal six week old infant. Years later, when Mel was aroun nine years old there was a documentary on 20 – 20 discussing the possible connection between vaccines and cerebral palsey. about a week later a program called The Journal on CBC here in Canada aired the same concerns. That was enough to get us curious enough to try to see if just maybe that was what happened to Melanie. We were both horrified to see the repeated visits to the same doctor three days after every one of those first shots. All I could remember about that summer was a lot of crying. After one of Mels' shots, I came home from work to the crying again and her arm was quite black around the injection site. I remember getting very upset, thinking the perso giving the shot had been careless and hit a vein or maybe worse, a bone with the needle. We learned years later that was an adverse reaction, as was the screaming.
At three years old we were convinced to take Melanie to Thunder Bay so that she could receive proper therapy and care. Another big mistake! She was given extra needles... more than what was recomended by the Ontario Ministry of Health. It was recorded in the nurses reports that she reacted after her shots there also.On one occasion, she screamed all night long and had fontinal swelling the night of her shot. They took her and moved her from her room down the hall to a spare room so that she wouldn't disturb the other children. A doctor was not even called. She was in that institution because of neurological problems and yet they kept giving her more shots! Neurological disorders were a contraindication, meaning she should not have been vaccinated any more.Years later, after the 20-20 show and the journal when we started looking into the possible of a connection between the shots and her condition we we had to get a court order to access her medical file. This is what the medical profession calls caring? Of all the doctors we saw, only one looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "You're right Ed" When I asked him to repeat what he had said he responded by saying " You're right but I cannot say it in public" Thank you John and if there is a heaven I know you are there!!
This all goes back more than twenty years ago. I had to let go of it because it was almost driving me over the edge. We did get a private members bill passed in parliment that made it compulsory for the person giving the shot to properly warn the parent of all risks and what they should be looking for. From what I hear things have pretty much gone back to what they were.
Does anyone wonder why the parent is asked to sign a consent form when the shots are supposed to be so safe a we are led to believe compulsory? Shouldn't the one giving the shot be the one to sign something... maybe saying that the shot is safe and not going to damage your bay?
It would have been nice for one of those pushing the vaccines to have the honesty to look Melanie in the eye and say "I'm sorry Melanie and I'm going to do everything I can to see that it doesn't happen to anyone else"
Jim, I agree that it's all about money. Pay attention to the hours of advertising that the pharmacuetical companies spend money on every day.

Sue M.   April 5th, 2009 6:13 pm ET

"This all goes back more than twenty years ago. I had to let go of it because it was almost driving me over the edge. We did get a private members bill passed in parliment that made it compulsory for the person giving the shot to properly warn the parent of all risks and what they should be looking for".

Ed Tetu,

Thank you for relaying that *very* powerful story about your daughter. You are a hero in my book for doing what you could do to help others due to your experience with your daughter. I can only hope that this message and the hundreds (thousands) of other stories like yours aren't ignored and pushed aside as they have been for so long.... To think that this has been going on for so many years is just sick!

Blessings to you and your family.

Lila White   April 5th, 2009 6:35 pm ET

Teriss wrote: How did your son recover BTW?

Five years of Biomedical Intervention including supplementation, chelation, far infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He used to be on four psychotropic drugs, he is on none now. He's been off them for over two years. His diagnosis was removed by Dr. Stephen Edelson of The Autism Research Institute.

My comment was in response to "In any regard I would check Jenny’s website and find a doctor near you for help."

Lila   April 5th, 2009 7:21 pm ET

Thank you for clarifying that Lila -congratulations on healing your son.

Your comment seemed to me to be about how to test for mercury levels in a human body as you repeated this about 3 times now. I believe that not enough medical doctors use blood tests to analyze chemical toxins of vaccines. As one person said on this page, they use behavioral analysis for the diagnosis. That was my point.

Using blood or urine tests they are both a method of testing for mercury, lead and other toxins which are in vaccines. Chelation is a method to bind the metals even if they are stored in fat, infared sauna treatments can sweat them point is there are ways to get rid of METAL TOXICITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lila White   April 5th, 2009 8:45 pm ET

Teriss, I was never arguing against testing for toxins. I've just heard so many parents say that their pediatricians did blood testing for mercury and there was none there. When we run porphyrine testing, it shows up big time.

Cheryl   April 5th, 2009 10:02 pm ET


Yes, Dr. Jerry has an autistic son. Like so many of our children, he was normal regressed after vaccines and developed late onset autism. Dr. Jerry did not talk about him being 'cured' ( your word, not what we say in the biomed field, we say recovered) because he is not. So many of our kids get better, but do not recover all the way. Sadly..that's fact with his son as well. We don't have all the answers for this yet. That does not mean some kids don't recover, they do.

What recover means is this. You have a child that gets hit by a bus, you spend the next year in and out of therapy and such and finally that child picks back up and blends into society where he should be. Every now and then you see a limp, a movement that reminds you he once got hit by that bus...but that is it. That's recovery. It means your child looses the DX of autism, that people don't see it. I have two kids. One recovered. It was only in college that a professor ask him about autism, and said he picked up on a few things....only because he too had an autistic son and then ask my son how on earth he recovered so well.
I have a second son, who regressed not only into autism, but late onset cerebral palsy due to vaccine damage. My son lost all his physical skills. He has grown up in therapy. Dr. Jerry is his DAN! He has moved heaven and earth to help John. A few months ago after a car wreck we were in the hospital. An MD argued with me over my son's autism Dx. He told me that my son was NOT autistic, just physically impaired. He brought in a neuro, who also said my son couldn't be autistic, just had a brain injury causing his physical issues. So you know...recovery happens. I do not consider my younger son recovered...just on the tip of the spectrum now. He more than likely will never regain his physical skills...damaged by the DPT shot.

As for you daughters working with autistic did I long before this. And what I was taught about autism in college...was all wrong. This is a health issue, not a mental one. Having my kid taught me the truth about health, gut, brain and body. Yes, we can prevent autism, read the book, it's oh so much more that one can cover in a few minutes on a tv show.


Velvet Fehrenbach   April 5th, 2009 10:29 pm ET

In my last blog, I neglected to mention that I shop at five different markets every week to get the food that my children can eat. No market carries everything I need. It is a pain in the butt and it is expensive, so I save every receipt and claim the difference on my taxes, which is an option that many people may not know about. I've always imagined that someday I would open up a market that carried gf/cf foods and products only, so that parents wouldn't have to spend so much time and energy trying to feed their children the foods they need to be healthy. My intention is to help people who are experiencing the same problem that I am. Do I hope that the business will be successful and maybe even profitable? Of course! I'd have to be pretty dense to pursue a goal in the hopes of failing my family in order to help others. Why is it so awful to imagine that Jenny McCarthy is making a profit from her books and autism support affiliations? She's working her butt off for that profit, and she's, once again, not the only one reaping the rewards from her books. Most cynics will immediately look for an angle. Well, if you're going to look for an angle where Jenny's concerned, be fair and look for the drug companies' angle. I'm sure they could afford to pay Jenny a pretty penny to stay low key on her son's recovery. Lord knows they've been greasing palms for years to get the FDA to slide their drugs through. By the way, let me reiterate that, like Jenny and Jim, I am not against vaccinating my children. I am against allowing someone to inject a substance into their bodies without knowing exactly what the risks are and what those substances contain. Ignorance is no excuse for turning your head, and crossing your fingers or saying a silent prayer while they're being injected won't help.

Also, I was under the impression that an "expert" is someone who is fully knowledgeable about a particular subject, having studied every aspect of their field of expertise. I have yet to see any "experts" on autism speak for or against the biomedical approach. I have seen physicians who claim to be experts, which, in my opinion, is unbelieveably arrogant. They may be experts on what the medical community has trained them to be experts on, but they should refrain from commenting on something like biomedical interventions unless they have studied them extensively. I would also like to point out that neither Jim, Jenny or the medical professionals they consulted with ever claimed to be experts on autism. They merely discussed what they had STUDIED and learned enough about to feel confident enough to offer an educated opinion on.

Anyone who is attacking Jenny for speaking out is really indicating to me that they need to direct their anger somewhere. In my experience, I've found that at the heart of all anger lies fear. Jenny and Jim are not advising everyone to stop vaccinating their children and they're not telling them to boycott the medical community. Not once, have they eve attacked a parent for not trying it their way. They are offering opinions based on experience that they have in the autism field. They are not forcing their opinions on anyone, unlike the FDA. So, my question is, what exactly is making these individuals so angry? I have a feeling it has nothing to do with anything other than personal insecurities. Then again, I could be wrong. It's merely an opinion. You can take it or leave it.

Velvet Fehrenbach   April 5th, 2009 10:52 pm ET

Okay, one more thought before I get to bed. Let me present a hypothetical situation. Let's say that your child has some mystery illness. He's hospitalized and tests are run, but the doctor has just informed you that there is no hope and that he is going to die. You are devastated. Let's say then that a friend calls and tells you that she knows someone who's child had the same condition and, despite what the doctors said, the child survived by using a new procedure not yet recognized by the medical community. How would you react? Would you be pissed that your friend had the nerve to call you and question the doctor? Would you hang up the phone and begin to prepare for the inevitable death of your child, based on what the doctor told you? Or would you fall over yourself trying to contact the parent of that child in the hopes of saving your own, all the while knowing that your child's attending physician would frown upon trying any procedure he is not familiar with? If you are the person who would choose to sit down and start making funeral arrangements, you are someone for whom I have no words left to say.

Teriss   April 5th, 2009 11:01 pm ET

Well said Velvet – I loved how you did it. I do not believe there is no hope and that all parents need to do is accept the inevitable.

That's like saying I was to die of cancer 8 years ago. I am still standing.

Julie Swenson   April 6th, 2009 12:08 am ET

Amen, Velvet.

Virginia Young   April 6th, 2009 1:06 am ET

Barbara Loe Fisher wrote A SHOT IN THE DARK with Harris Coulter many years ago. I was disturbed to discover how long she had been fighting for parents' rights to choose and how similar our stories were. I first spoke with her on the phone roughly six years ago just before I was to be interviewed by ABC for a special report on pertussis. Our brief talk spoke volumes as she told me of her ordeal of more than 25 years. All my life I had been told that this just doesn't happen, not with vaccines. Within the year my mom and husband were on board with me finally... as they watched our youngest seize. Then my mother started to speak out and as she did more pieces came together. Her own friends had stories of severe reactions. One even lost her first son to vaccines but never really talked about it. That was in 1940! She was told to let it go and not torment herself over it and eventually harassed into submission. Her husband was also a physician....and so it goes.

The bottom line is we are all performing an experiment on our children and ourselves. I know it is hard to accept when your child does not respond to treatment the way others do, but at least some can be helped. At least we are talking about it. For many decades no one could break the silence, and it is not because they didn't try. We know all too well the driving forces behind this grand push to vaccinate ALL children. The mandates alone should have been an enormous red flag to the people, but "we the people" didn't think about the consequences.

What is science if not observation? Why is it a doctor can make an observation and call it a diagnosis but a parent has only anecdotal evidence? A simple M.D. after the name. It represents roughly 7-8 more years of training (in medicine alone) and they are rough years, but they are not with the children 24/7 as they exhibit their symptoms and their 5-15 minutes of taking notes hardly qualifies them to have dominion over our bodies. The doctors are not the ones paying your medical bills either. And as far as anecdotal evidence is concerned that is exactly what they use to scare many into vaccinating in the first place. Somehow it is valid for them to use their stories but not for the parents.

We speak on this issue and testify and interview whenever and wherever we can. We have yet to charge a penny. We have spent thousands just to have the opportunity to share our story, simply so no one can say that we are out to make a buck off this. Those days are going to have to come to a close even for us because our medical bills ran about $45-50,000 per year and we didn't use chelation and hyperbarics, etc. That was just to have docs repeatedly tell us that they didn't know what to do and had no diagnosis. I sent my friends to the same specialists with the same set of symptoms and they received the ASD diagnoses. The difference....I told them not to mention vaccines the way I had done. Very interesting. Now I will have to find extra income because..praise God... my children appear to be headed for college. I just hope that I will be able to continue what I am doing now. I cannot go out for an hour without a vaccine question. At school on Friday I was approached by five different mothers in 20 minutes at the school entrance alone because new mandates are upon us. (At one time parents thought I was off my rocker for suggesting that an HPV shot was on the way).

I have lost loved ones to vaccines and I know of a perfectly healthy child to die within the hour of shots. I know of more to die within the week and far more within a couple of months. I corresponded with a father in prison for the death of his son after shots simply because he was the last to be with the baby. Vaccination status was not allowed in court of course. Why not? A man's life was at stake. He was married and had a little girl, a girl who was placed into foster care and raped while there. Yet the fact that vaccines had just been given to an already sick little premie was not allowed. Alan Yurko was eventually exonerated but will never get those years back and will never hold his baby again. Nonetheless someone has gone so far as to attack even him with a website set up just for that purpose. Alan never gives up though.

So books will continue to be written. Thank heavens for those willing to take the heat. I have my own as well. It is as much about my faith walk through this as anything else. By all accounts none of my family members should have survived, but faith, family, and friends sustained us. No doubt I will be criticized, but I don't really have a choice. Sit back and watch entire families suffer or do something.

And one more thing to think about. Yes, doctors are patients, too. I spent the better part of my life saying that over and over again in defense of physicians. I could not understand why people didn't see that, but now I do. In some cases the doctors simply are ignorant to the dangers, as my husband was; In other cases they choose to be ignorant. No matter how you slice it, choosing to look the other way is negligence. Many are simply caught in the middle. It is their very livelihood and they have families, too. Some believe so whole-heartedly in vaccines that they administer them to their kids themselves, but I have watched those kids react. I know of some docs that have almost lost their own to the shots, but they won't discuss it. They refuse. They have to blame something else. If we parents don't want to look at it squarely, just imagine how someone who has also injected 10,000 other children would feel.

I have been on both sides now. I know the fear and anger all too well. I thank the Lord every day for showing me the way. He tried many times and He never left me. I was the one choosing the wrong path. The path that seemed impossible to take turned out to be the easiest after all. I just needed the truth to light the way.

To those of you fighting the good fight, I am honored and proud to be a part. I apologize for not knowing any better any sooner and contributing to the problem. To those so sure that vaccines are safe, please keep searching.

karenatlanta   April 6th, 2009 1:39 am ET

Thimerosal is STILL in flu shots 25mcgs mandated in NJ.
Recommended for children with Asthma, infants and pregnant woman.
STOP LYING, it's NOT out of shots. It's still used in production and no one is even testing the T-free shots for compliance.
Parents have a right to be concerned.
Can you honestly read a vaccine insert and say that MSG, monkey parts, aluminum,abort human cells and anti-freeze should be injected into a baby????
Parents ask for inserts and decide for yourself.

Joyce   April 6th, 2009 9:35 am ET

The condition should be diagnosed as "heavy metal toxicity" in most youngsters, and the word 'autism' should be left out.

This is mostly a preventable disorder. It is a gift from the pharmaceutical industry and the strange medical people who choose to believe them. Mercury, by any other name, is still poisonous to humans and causes harm.

Old people........your turn is coming.........the flu shot will be your ticket to Alzheimer's. Just you wait and see.


Autism Dad   April 6th, 2009 11:45 am ET

I have never seen a show that clealry laid out the POV of parents – special thanks to the "Four Js" for the clarity and conviction of their presentation.

If you don't want to listen to celebreties, how can you deny the power of the comments made by Dr. Healy – what a great show!!

What is going on in all these other countries and how could the AAP not know?

Teriss   April 6th, 2009 11:48 am ET

To Derek UK

Your statements:

1) Your Quote: "Many substances that are toxic at high levels are demonstrably harmless in low levels".

My questions is: Why have toxins in vaccines at all?

2) Your Quote is misleading Mostly all vaccines still have thimerosal in them, there is no proof to the contrary.

3) Monkey kidney cells have been used in vaccines since the 1950's
are still are evident today.

4) You Aluminum has no place in an innoculation to a human being.

5) Your generalization about tea as toxic – green tea has more antioxidents than any drug on the market.

6) I just looked up your reference to the American Academy of Pediatrics, if funded and affiliated with a corporation called Wyeth Drug company that makes billions on drugs each year.

Here is the American Academy of Pediatrics information on the site:

"The CATCH Planning Funds program is administered by the AAP CATCH Program and is supported by a grant from Wyeth, with additional support from individual donations through the AAP Friends of Children Fund."

dedicated to the health of all children

AAP Journal "

So many of these drug companies fund their own research and Wheyth is known to falisfy their reports, tests and findings only to have a doctor who is paid a fee to approve them.

dedicated to the profits of the drug company is more accurate.

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 6th, 2009 11:57 am ET

One post said "how did your children recover" – ? All children are different, need different pieces, and need individual assessment and care. There is no one diet, no one protocol, no one supplement path that applies to all children in the same exact way. What IS true: All children deserve to have found problems for gastro function, nutrition, and toxicity repaired.

Teriss   April 6th, 2009 12:16 pm ET

The basic premise of everyone's health regardless of autism, allergies, ear infections, diseases, cancer, the flu, measles, arthritis, diabetes and all illness is to use the immune system, support it, improve it and help it to work better.

The reverse is : destroy the immune system of a baby, child, adolescent, adult, elderly person – and you will have more disease and less ability to fight disease.

Vaccines have by what the ingredients listed in their literature indicate – chemicals compounds which do nothing to support the immune system but actually damage it. Parents do not want aluminum in their babies, they don't want monkey cells, mercury and all the other junk.

Vitamin C + D are far healthier for a baby than chemical compounds. Until vaccines are made healthier, and work with the immune system to fight diseases. Vitamin D has not been given in enough of a daily dose due to the fact that it has not been studied enough or its value has been undermined by false information. Vitamin D is far more powerful than mercury – as a disease prevention. Just studying this one vitamin would prove valuable in disease prevention – google Vitamin D, folks.

Instead of damaging the body's defense mechanism -you have to keep your kids intact- as they were born with their own immunity which is being assaulted by drugs and chemicals.

This is the fact at hand -that won't go away, and no doctor, or medical group or drug funded study proves otherwise.

Katie Smyth   April 6th, 2009 1:38 pm ET

I am a parent of an autistic child who got sick immediately after receiving a series of 7 vaccinations. The county suggested I get my son, Grant, diagnosed when he was 17 months old. The day after the county suggested he may have autism, I put him on the GFCF diet. Behavioral changes occurred within 2 days. He began pointing, gesturing and started taking interest in his brother and the world around him. I was astounded in the transformation and was convinced it was an important key in his recovery. It took 6 mos. to get into Children’s Hospital for testing. I’m so glad I didn’t wait for a diagnosis before putting Grant on the diet. Each day is precious when you’re considering early intervention. The hospital diagnosed him with PDD/NOS but I believe he would have had full-blown autism had I not put him on the diet when I did. I might add…the doctors told me the diet was dangerous and vaccines were safe. A child does not totally tank after eating a cookie. I knew immediately what the root cause. I got a DAN! doctor (Defeat Autism Now!) and we started testing. Grant was a mess—high metals (mercury, aluminum, tin, copper, uranium), yeast, parasites, you name it. He didn’t get this from a cookie. It was obvious to me, this child could not handle the doctor’s vaccine schedule. My original pediatrician actually told me his high metals came from the fish I was feeding him! This child never ate fish. Good-by pediatrician. Since he was so young, it was difficult to get him to take the 26 supplements he needed daily. After many bribes, we got the pills down, and watched him improve even more. Glutathione supplementation, NAET to help him absorb and assimilate the vitamins and nutrients better, and the chelation of heavy metals was absolutely necessary. Grant is now 10. For the most part, you would never suspect there was a issue with him. He plays tackle football, is an expert skier, does great in school and has friends. So yes, children with autism can recover.

Insurance companies refuse to help us and we are still forced to pay for his recovery out of pocket—$2500 a month. How many people can actually afford this?

I also am very concerned about the lack of information received from physicians. This is an outrage! Every parent deserves to know about vaccine risks and the neurotoxins they contain. There is an IMMEDIATE need for an OUTSIDE comprehensive study of vaccine effects on the brain and gut when exposed to mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, etc. (In many countries and communities, autism is basically non-existent.) Tell us why. The government refuses to listen to the people and the many doctors who’ve spend years researching the dangers of these ingredients and preservatives. How many children must be lost to illness…particularly autism, before someone is brave enough to face the facts? Who will stand up for this lost generation of boys? Parents are MAD and are researching themselves for the answers. They’re not too hard to find if you have half a brain. Because of the lack of concern and downright deception, I refuse to vaccinate my children according to the current schedule. I, and many other mothers, feel it is now our obligations to warn others of the risks because the government and pediatricians aren’t doing their job. Support group meetings are popping up everywhere and the sentiment is spreading. Every day more and more children are being exposed and will become sick. We can no longer sweep these questions that demand answers, under the rug. Where is the transparency?

To force parents to vaccinate according to the present schedule is dangerous and irresponsible. If the government refuses to take charge and find out what is causing this epidemic, you can not deny parents the freedom of protecting and healing our children. I thought Dr. Healy was awesome on the program and made perfect sense.

Jim Carrey, you are to be commended. I thought it was amazing to see a guy, not even related to Jenny’s child, show such incredible passion for these sick children. I wish more men would listen to their female counterparts with such intensity. As a Rescue Angel for Generation Rescue, I find that many moms find it difficult to get their men on board when it comes to biomedical intervention. It takes the entire family to make this work. It’s difficult and can be expensive. I appreciate your male perspective. With Jenny at your side, you both make a powerful team. Thank you for all that you do. I’m proud that I can help you spread the word of hope.

ava   April 6th, 2009 2:27 pm ET

More power to you for doing what you think is right for your kids.

But there is another side to it

My son has autism. I immunized him and I would do it again. I saw (as a physician) how children die from liver failure, RSV (horrible death), Measles complications and saw how older people suffer from polio. I saw it with my eyes and I can say, I'd rather have to take care, cry and try to help my son with Autism then see him suffer or die from those complications.

I think the burden of proff is on the people who advocate. We expect the AAP (all good loving parents just like all of us) to prove vaccines are not "toxic" but those who think that GFCF diet, minerals, vitamines, chelation, no vaccines can say whatever thy want with no obvious proff no research and based only on sucess stories. They are not regulated by anyone. they are not tested. At least some of APP information is tested

Where are the failure stories? If it is too good to be true...

We are all in this together.

I hope we all

Marcos   April 6th, 2009 3:13 pm ET

Jenny McCarthy hates children. Shame on her for continuing to spout her lunacy. And to all the anti-vaccine commenters: get off your butts and actually read the studies. There is NO LINK between vaccines and autism.

beth bradbury   April 6th, 2009 3:53 pm ET

thank you for the program regarding ausisim. barbara walters shut jenny mccarthy up on her show for some inane personal family reason where you did not.

please try to get bobby kennedy on your show and hear his reasoning about autisim.

bravo larry.

Brian   April 6th, 2009 6:14 pm ET

I have a 2 yr old daughter and a 7 mo old son. Neither have been diagnosed with Autism but I'm like thousands that live in fear of it. My children suffer from my own fear and honestly my family regards me as a worrier or nut case because of this. I work in the nutritional industry and I have a very in-depth knowledge of "Prevention" vs "Cure".

I don't believe there is a cure as much as there is a path back to normalcy once your child falls in to the spectrum. So, due to this I do what I can to advoid it almost blindly. Nothing is out there to support my concerns and lead parents to "avoid" the conditions that lead to Autism.

Why aren't we all as parents demanding the the US government look into this? No one in the private sector will spend a single penny on this research unless there is a "cure" associated with it. And the nutrtional industry isn't allowed to develop or market products or services for this "potentially vulnerable sector of society". .........let me repeat that in case you missed it. The nutrition industry is forbidden by law to market products within this biomedical treatment as such due to the potentially vulnerable sector of society that it addresses.

So they (the FDA) knows there is a potentially vulnerable sector of society that this condition effects. But the medical groups won't acknowledge it, and the private sector won't either until they have a drug for it they can profit from.

Honestly I don't want to be part of a blinded community that keeps creating children for them to cure in the first place.

I think we've reached a tipping point. I don't trust anyone with my children's health anymore. Doctors intentions are in the right place but they are a cog in the wheel that created an environment where the drug was more important the the person and the physician less important that his prescription tablet.

No one but grocers make money off of the biomedical treatments that are working for thousands of children. And until doctors realize their compliance has caused this condition to continue to be ignored, we can not support their every decision without prejudice.

This is about as closest to social discontent as I've ever witnessed in my life. I hope that at some point, the people who really know how adversely this is effecting our society will stand up like these parents and for these children and that we are the only generation of Autism of this magnitude.

Kathymom2Joe   April 6th, 2009 6:49 pm ET

I just wanted to let everyone know some information I found out myself- and hope it's helpful to others. I was informed today that our health insurance will cover my son's visits to a local holistic doctor. I was also told that if he needed supplements we would need to purchase them and the insurance company will reimburse us when we send in receipts.

Had I known this before he would have been going already- finances have been the biggest issue in helping/treating our child.. like so many others... I have been purchasing supplements out of pocket since he was 3 and he's now 5. I'm sure I'm not the only parent who wasn't aware of this.

My son has a visit scheduled for June (since we live in a small town and the closest DAN doctor is over 2 hours away) this is a huge relief to my family not having to travel and finding out that insurance will cover the costs its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and has given me HOPE – finally.

I was told they will do various tests for toxins and yeast through hair tests, stool samples, and saliva samples (something I've pretty much begged the ped to do and they said my child doesn't have these issues and tests were unnecessary). The pediatrician reluctantly agreed to order a blood mercury test but I really had to push and push just to get that done-and reading this blog alone, I'm finding out that isn't the best way to have mercury tested. Now why doesn't that surprise me?

Maybe my son does or doesn't have toxins and/or allergies, but I should at least be able to confirm or rule them out as his mother.

My son has a variety of issues from recurrent ear infections, (he's had over 50 in 2 years), resistance to antibiotics, he's had diaper yeast infections, thrush, eczema, constant runny nose year round and diarrhea almost daily, this can't be "normal". He also had a couple unexplained seizures where he's gone unconcious and stopped breathing at one time. I did ask the ped for an allergy test and they ordered a broad range blood test, results came back that he wasn't allergic to anything at all.. this is hard to believe and I think something is going on for him to have a constant runny nose, eczema and diarrhea alone- and I hope with the help of the holistic dr we can get to the bottom of this and help our son.

Lila White   April 6th, 2009 7:30 pm ET

Kathymom2Joe wrote: "I did ask the ped for an allergy test and they ordered a broad range blood test, results came back that he wasn’t allergic to anything at all.. this is hard to believe and I think something is going on for him to have a constant runny nose, eczema and diarrhea alone- and I hope with the help of the holistic dr we can get to the bottom of this and help our son."

The doctor probably ordered an IgE test. What you need is an IgG. You are not looking for an immediate response allergy, i.e. hives. You are looking for delayed allergy reactions. They can occur more than two hours after eating a food, they may result from immunoglobulin G (IgG) rather than IgE activity. IgG reactions may cause symptoms such as sleep disturbances, subsequent bed wetting, sinus and ear infections, or crankiness. Blood tests rather than scratch tests are the only way to screen for IgG allergies.

Some of our kids also have under reactive immune systems and won't show up an allergy until the gut is healed and the immune system is working properly. My son did not show a gluten allergy the first time he was tested. Eventually he did.

Ronald Jones   April 6th, 2009 7:58 pm ET

During the late 1980’s I was responsible for the management of the day to day affairs of an offshore insurance operation which was formed by a large North American pharmaceutical company solely for the purpose of funding claims related to the use of DPT vaccine which they manufactured. There were many claims on file from parents whose children suffered major seizures within 24 – 48 hours of receiving the DPT vaccine resulting in death or permanent and severe brain damage. To the best of my knowledge no claims ever got into the court system and most, if not all, were settled out of court for amounts usually in excess of US$5 million. I believe that all settlements required that the family involved not discuss the claim with third parties. From this experience I am in no doubt the vaccines can, and do, affect our infants in a range of conditions. What bothers me is the constant denial by experts and corporations relative to any connection between the use of vaccines and the exponential growth in early infant disorders. I am not aware of any systematic approach whereby our pediatricians advise parents to look carefully for post vaccination conditions and report then immediately to provide data for future research or where a follow up check on the infant is made within a specified time frame. For example, what if the so called genetic make up which may contribute to autism arises as a result of past generations of vaccines? We are fortunate to have a healthy 9 year old son who has never been vaccinated. He has cousins who have had a range of reactions to their early childhood vaccinations, hopefully with no long term effects-but who really knows.

ava   April 6th, 2009 8:42 pm ET

To Ms Judy Converse MPH RD LD

No one is disputing your vast education and knowledge or the importance of nutrition in our and our children's life. No one said there is no place for it. It is very important because certain diets are very helpful but can also cause significant harm.

All I meant to say is that it should be studied and that (speaking for myself) I would like to know more about it before I go and recommend therapy that spins your family our of control trying to find the right food that may or may not work.

Yes, I am asking for more data. I want more the 22 papers on Gluten free diet. I want more then one paper by Dr Elder on 13 kids. If a child (Autism or no Autism) has serious nutritional issues, abdominal pain or other symptoms that can be helped by a diet...great!

However, I have a feeling that in your practice you have one or two patients that it did not work. What about autism with no GI symptoms? Does diet help them too? Should they all be on the same diet or mineral? Is there a side effect to it? Can GFCF diet cause a vitamin deficiency? Or maybe this diet is the cure to all autism. I think these are relavent questions. Please. I am serious, send us the link to the articles that answer these questions. Please the send us the randomized, double blind study that shows it works. I want to help my child too.

I am happy for those who say it worked for their children but I am skeptic about it working on my child. I want more data too. Why should people accept that theory without asking question?

Not every child is the same and we all fail from time to time (well I know that I am far form perfect). I want more then 1 review in pubmed (disputed in the same Nutrition in clinical practice journal). I'd rather rely on a study of 500,000 from Scandinavia disputing Vaccine blame then 13 kids on GFCF diet with no statistical significance or the review.

You call people ignorant and arrogant. This is very interesting that you would think that after 16 years of schooling in the very field that my child has an issue in I would avoid, not read, and not take interest in a possible cure or improvement. I am saddened by that fact that people with medical and paramedical background would question the devotion parents have to their children just because they do not agree.

I would never question parents motivation for doing certain things that I do not agree with (I can be wrong in my assessment of things). All I say is, I am not sure you are correct but I will be happy if you and others will show me that you are. Until then I will immunize my children and question (just like you).

With all the years of my studies I learned 2 important lessons:
1. Ask questions all the time, look for the proof. I am sorry but at least for me other practices have not shown me that yet. 2. Humility. No one has the absolute truth (not even MPH RD LD MD, PhD, MS or the AAP for that matter)

ava   April 6th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

I see I upset some people (I was a little upset too. I was called ignorant afer all). I wish you all good health.

Don't waste your time responding to my input. We will continue to run to the same target in different directions and I hope we will meet.

we should all tell our stories but with a little more respect and humility until we prove that we have the answer. None of us have it yet.

Thank you and goodbye

Mel T   April 6th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

I know people cannot believe what they cannot see.

Reminds me of the 3 monkeys.

Hear, speak, and see.

Why has no-one made THE Movie based on the book

Every Second Child, by A. Kalorkerinos?

If they can't hear, or speak I know they should be able to see those children that died.

And children all over the world who have died in the name of SCIENCE?

In the name of HUMANITY?

In the name of PREVENTION and PROTECTING the masses?

If you look at all the malnourished children all over the world,


Show them Mr. Carrey what he learned and what no one has listened to. Which is why we have this epidemic.

Virginia Young   April 6th, 2009 10:23 pm ET

Sorry if I upset you. Blogs, like e-mail, tend to do that no matter how hard one tries to avoid it. The only reason I occasionally take the time to blog (most I know don't do it any longer) is because I was once so far on the other side and I still relate to what that was like. I honestly thought I was having a heart ache. I couldn't breathe when it hit me. So many people watched our children react and later told us that they suspected vaccines but didn't say anything because they had been repeatedly shot down. We were just another medical family and they had no reason to think we would react differently. The pain was overwhelming, and I, too, had reacted and was left for a time unable to care for my children. I feared losing them from all sides. IF they survived it appeared they would need help I couldn't give them, possibly institutional care. I am an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, aerobic instructor, weight management consultant. In two days I went from working out 20 hours per week to unable to climb a flight of stairs after my tetanus booster. The majority of doctors would not have a clue, just as my husband had no idea what hit us. He just watched us suffer helplessly. I am not suggesting to any physician on this blog that they intentionally harmed children. I just want to share what I have found to any who will listen.

Once God has called you to this place there is no going back, and I wouldn't want it any other way. It is not easy no matter how you look at it or where you stand.

Jennifer   April 6th, 2009 11:43 pm ET

Look into Colloidal Silver I get mine from Utopia Silver in TX. It's a natural alternative to the pharmeceutical antibiotics that aren't working for Joe anymore. My kids never had an ear infection since I started using Advanced Colloidal Silver at the first sign of any kind of infection (ear, nose,sinus, whatever). My son had ten ear infections in his first year of kindergarten (his school was a moldy toxic nightmare) and the doctor had the nerve to ask me what I was doing to my son to cause 10 infections. I started using ACS then and only had routine checkups for him ever after (he's 18 now).

Teriss   April 6th, 2009 11:45 pm ET

Dear Ronald:

I really appreciated hearing about your experiences in the insurance claim field having to do with the DPT vaccine for a pharmaceutical company. You bring up a good point regarding testing before an infant is given a vaccine.

Since doctors/scientists/drug companies indicate that there is a genetic cause for autism wouldn’t you think they would do a genetic test first on all children to see if there is a genetic predisposition to autism?

I doubt there is a test for genetic autism or we would see tests done before the shots are given. Secondly there are no follow ups with vaccines that is the doctor as you mention do not put much care into any “side-effects” at 24, 48 hrs or 1 week after.

The point of an accumulative effect in genes is interesting also as our past generations for the last 100 years have been given vaccines – does that mean they accumulate into the gene’s memory from one generation to the next which is actually causing the genetic imprint into the gene? We all have many questions that remain unanswered and no responses or scientific proof that genetic autism exists or was induced by vaccines.

I believe the courts should decide that if a chemical/drug/vaccine is not safe -it would be not only prudent but safer to study this matter first before shooting up every child or dog on the planet.

Dona   April 7th, 2009 1:52 am ET

A court should decide wheather a drug/vaccine is safe? Anyone think-

ing that is cool, or correct

should spend 24 hours in a psychic

ward, followed by 24 hours in a local jail cell, they would finally get it,

there is very little difference. .

Consider this an inviitation to all lawmakers, judges and movers

and shakers in mental health field, such as Big Pharma funded NAMI.

Only then, perhaps would judgement be humane...for the mentally ill


Stats show us that children in certain religious sects who were not

vaccinated, did not experience autism.... What else does on need?

Does this whole nation need to be dummied up before getting it?

Drugs and vaccined are economic decisions, not matters of health

by and large.

Teriss   April 7th, 2009 11:55 am ET

Dear Dona: Don't go off the deep end, I meant that in the context of :
criminal law suits against the drug companies and their executives.

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 7th, 2009 1:53 pm ET

Physicians who want to learn, there is an accredited learning module on medical nutrition therapy for autism that awards 7 CEUs. I posted on this before but don't see it here. No excuse not to learn. Visit the website for continuing education 4U (CEU4U) and it will be there, in the dietitians and nutritionists folder. And yes to answer the question earlier on do diets ever fail, yes they do, and there are reasons why that are usually responsive to different strategies. GF CF alone is rarely enough to correct nutrition and GI impairments I find in children. See the module mentioned above or the book Special Needs Kids Eat Right: Strategies to Help Kids on The Autism Spectrum Focus, Learn, and Thrive

Jennifer Larson   April 7th, 2009 3:30 pm ET

here's what i see.... I am a mom of a vaccine injured child (evidence based) and my brother is in Medical school. The data suggests that there is more of a likelihood of vaccine injury than devastation of any of those diseases. He is not vaccinating. Anyone who DOESN"T have a child will fight to death on these topics and anyone who watched their child disappear after vaccination will fight to DEATH the other way. A while back when i discovered that it really goes back to Homeland security and making sure we have vaccines against biochemical warefare i gave up. If everyone of our kids that is vaccine injured from neglect of realizing the impact of all these shots with the environment would to sue, the pharm companies would be out of business. I ask all of you that are really not involved in having one of these children disappear in front of your eyes to back off and know that we aren't looking for excuses. I don't want any money. I want kids safer. Makes me sick the people that want to fight moms. We KNOW when our babies change. My baby changed overnight after the MMR. Let's just say... it's all political. Mercury is removed now (except the flu shot) and it's not because its safe!

Chris Larson   April 7th, 2009 7:31 pm ET

While I tend to agree slightly that the US vaccination schedule is a bit excessive. Links between Autism and Vaccines have been disproven conclusively. I find this whole disussion to be insulting. I am a father of two children, one with Autism, both were vaccinated. I did not do any "biomedical" treatments or any new age woo on my kids. Both are growing up to be fully functional people. Through traditional treatments and time my son began to speak at the same time others are claiming.

I know this is a tough situation to be going through, and I know we all want to think there is a magical reason our children were afflicted, and we want to believe we see major improvement when we try alternate treatments. Please be realistic and less ignorant. The children of this country are counting on us.

Scientific evidence is overwhelming in this matter, and the fact that so many people have commented on this subject in favor of it is far scarier than any terrorist attack this country can face. Ignorance is destroying us from the inside.

Ronald Jones   April 7th, 2009 8:05 pm ET

Follow up for Teriss:

I was a member of senior management for the reinsurance company involved and as such had access to, and read, many of the case files mentioned. The stories were all the same as I described in my comments. At that time the pharmaceutical company was not able to determine what triggered the adverse reaction in only certain children when others were vaccinated from the same batch of product and seemed unaffected. Basically they played the numbers game knowing that one in every xx infants (I forget the exact number) would experience these severe seizures and either die or suffer severe brain damage. I am not sure much has changed from those days. Purely from a cost perspective the company was financially better off if the infant died since the cost of many years of care was greater. This indicated to me that there was possibly some trigger in certain infants which caused the severe reaction when vaccinated. The greatest tragedy is that probably more money has been spent advocating vaccination than attempting to study these adverse cases and develop pre screening tests to try to isolate those infants who were predisposed (genetically or otherwise) to a reaction. I agree with others in this blog that mothers know their children best and are acutely aware when something is not right. Instead of acknowledging these cases and studying the infants who have been affected to try to benefit future generations by isolating the problem the industry has chosen to suppress information on the grounds that the benefits to the overall population outweigh the cost of affected infants. There is a saying "blinded by science" which I believe is very true of todays' advocates of vaccinations who have yet to properly address parents' concerns. We may have already lost one generation's ability to properly manage and screen mass public vaccination programs – let's hope we don't lose another. Another concern of course is that we typically only identify very adverse reactions to vaccination but who knows how broad the spectrum of associated problems is – I cannot belive that a vaccine is either "totally harmless" or "very harmfull" – there must be many in-between cases where long term effects are hard to measure as they do not manifest themselves in an extreme manner.

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 7th, 2009 9:17 pm ET

Thank you Ronald Jones for a very enlightening statement, which won't surprise anyone who has followed Congressional testimonies on the vaccine injury issue. As I said earlier: There is no other pharmaceutical we use with such unfettered abandon. A double standard operates for vaccines, which quite probably do injure and kill thousands of infants every year – more than the numbers who contract hepatitis B virus, diphtheria, or even measles. Indeed, yes, there are children who will not tolerate injection with >90 antigens by age 18, which is the current schedule. And: How infectious disease moves through a population, as anyone who has studied rudimentary epidemiology knows, is dependent on many factors beyond whether or not one has been vaccinated. In fact, many cases of mumps and pertussis have occurred in vaccinated children. And, a review of Prevnar has given it abysmal marks: It is effective perhaps 6-8% of the time, and appears to have encouraged other strains of bacteria to move in opportunistically to create new ear infections. Indeed, in my practice, children continue to have ear infections despite vaccination. Lastly, who has not heard of the dilemma created by chickenpox vaccine, in which we now have a flourish of shingles in adults, thanks to our tinkering with the virus' life cycle and our natural immunity to it? No, vaccines are not the only tool to fight and prevent infection. No, the diseases won't necessarily "come back" if we stop using all these vaccines (some, like hepatitis B virus, virtually never infected US infants in the first place). Some would argue that they are perpetuated and strengthened by vaccination. And no, it isn't "new age woo" to think more broadly about disease, infection, and health. But Merck sure would like you to think so!

Jennifer   April 8th, 2009 1:12 am ET

I have a 6 (almost 7) year old son with Autism.
I also have a 4 year old son without Autism.
Neither child reacted adversely to their vaccines.
Both of them hit developmental milestones early or on-schedule.
The only difference was that my oldest son had recurrent ear infections. Guess what? As a child, given the lower number of vaccines, was sick all of the time with anything and everything. And I am not Autistic.
Autism has a Genetic base. It is triggered by multiple environmental factors. For some, it may be allergies leading to toxicity and fungal-overgrowth (hence the response to Bio-Med), but for the vast majority, it is triggered by something else that researchers are working diligently to discover.

Now for the dirty questions people seem to not be asking:
1. Who actually wrote Jenny's books? Ghostwriters are handy people to have around. To bad they aren't something everyone who is touched by Autism doesn't have someone to write our stories. Another cool thing to have around is a book publisher just waiting to use a "celebrity" name to publicize their latest book....Just a thought.
2. What is Jenny being paid to make "celebrity" appearances at Autism Awareness Functions? OH, wait....I am sure she accepts no money and shares her experience because of her faith in God. OH, yes...and she is already wealthy so she doesn't need the money to have access to these treatments...unlike the majority of the rest of the globe.
3. It is great that Evan is better, but concerning Autism Treatment, he is not the end-all or the norm. He is one boy who responded to Bio-Med treatment exceptionally. Give me statistics for others. Show me researched data that has both a DAN doctor and a pediatrician specialist "un-diagnose" the child. I need hard numbers, not just someone's word.
4. There may be thousands of others who also respond to Bio-Med treatments, visit DAN doctors, subsist on special diets, undergo Chelation therapy, hyperbaric treatments, anti-fungal treatment, etc...but there are many more thousands who DO NOT respond to such treatment. I wonder why this is?
5. After 1 year of trying Bio-Med treatments, my son showed NO signs of improvement. Could this be because his Autism symptoms are not based on toxicity, etc...but instead actual neurological dysfunction i the brain itself? Hmmm......
6. After 4 years using Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Floortime methods, Pivotal Response methods, Verbal Behavior Therapy, TEACHH son is coming back to us, slowly but evenly. He is mainstreamed, he is also in a SpEd Autism Class, and he is learning social interaction skills. They DO have hard numbers...and are gathering more and more each day through the IAN Project (online, a research program connecting research institutions nationally).
7. PR experts: Of course you know that every good campaign needs a spokesperson who is recognizable in the community. i don't really trust spokespeople....Not until I do my own research that backs up what they are saying – cold, hard data is best. Did I mention that I did my own research on Bio-Med interventions? I didn't? Well, I did...and they didn't work for my son, or my friend's son, or my other friend's son, or my other friend's daughter..
8. Kennedy Krieger Institute, a John's Hopkins partner, is among the most respected Autism research and treatments centers in the Nation. My son learned to speak again there with comprehensive, custom behavioral, Speech, OT and VB interventions and treatment. To learn more, do an internet search for Kennedy Krieger Institute's Center for Autism and Related disorders. Goto Researchers? Dr. Landa and Dr. Goldstein. Who are the researchers for DAN? What does their hard-data say?
9. Last question: Autism was rare. In 1993, the autism rate was one in 2,500. Today, it is one in 150. Is this because Autism is recognized more readily due to diagnostic criteria for Autism and the change realization that there are several manifestations of Autism Systems in the DSM-IV, or is there another underlying cause making Autism (and other conditions now recognized as ASD's) more prevalent? A broader set of diagnostic criteria for ASD's means more Autism Diagnoses...but research is showing that with Autism...whatever the cause, until we can isolate the cause, we treat the symptoms. What works for some does not and will not work for all. Hence, Spectrum.

Freedom of speech and thought is great. Advocacy is great. But I dislike feeling full of disdain, and after this LKL segment....I am disdainful again.

Miranda   April 8th, 2009 2:07 am ET

This question is to Jenny McCarthy. or anyone who can shine some light....My baby is 6 months old and listening to all of this about the shots that are being given, I'm scared for her. She is coming up on a 3rd round of shots April 27th 2009. The nurse told me with her first round of shots that the regulators added 3 more shots to the already 5 that they had. One was for a certain kind of diarriha that they COULD get. The doctors that we trust are giving our kids injections of the virus that they are saying will prevent them from getting it, tell me how that makes sense. Of course, their little bodies can't take that. Hell, adults have a hard time getting through some of these viruses. How does a parent try to do the right thing when they really don't understand what these shots stand for? What if I tell the doctor not to give the extra shots, will I hurt my child in the long run? It's quit upsetting that you look to these professional doctors that get into this line of work to help people, not to make money on the drugs that they give out to patients that may not need them. I could go on all night about this but I'm a worried parent that needs some understanding from the true professionals, (parents). Help??

Ronald Jones   April 8th, 2009 8:09 am ET


Your comments highlight a significant concern in this whole debate and that is the polarization of individuals on this issue. I strongly believe that this polarization has been, intentionally or not, the direct result of the actions of the pharmaceutical industry in not listening to parents concerns and this has caused great frustration in parents. As parents who chose not to vaccinate we certainly felt ostracised by many who did, even to the extent that we were "bad" parents for risking our son's life. Believe me, we looked hard, read a lot and asked many questions before we made the decision and when not vaccinating we chose a lifestyle (diet, homeopathic immune boosters etc) for our son which would bolster his immune system in his infant years. Vaccination is the "easy, quick" fix for society and can work wonders in areas where the potential for disease is prevalent. I don't think any rational person is saying that we need to stop vaccinations completely but we certainly need to allow freedom of choice in this regard. Remember how society actually believed that inhaling smoke into your lungs could not harm you and how ridiculous that seems today – we have no idea what vaccines are doing to the long term health of our people as we dabble with their cells. I believe that this generation are starting to see the negative effects of multiple vaccinations-we are the "smokers" of today and the pharmaceutical companies are today's tobacco manufacturers. Again, let me stress, I have actually seen many claims files where adverse DPT vaccinations have been followed within 24-48 hours by massive seizures and either death or permanent and severe brain damage so I know that vaccines can have serious adverse effects. I also saw this information suppressed by the company involved so I am not sure where this preponderance of evidence that vaccines are harmless to our children comes from. Finally, I do not buy into the idea that Jenny McCarthy is doing what she does purely for financial gain.

Velvet Fehrenbach   April 8th, 2009 9:16 am ET

I have four children who were vaccinated according to the standardized schedule. Only one developed autism. He is also the only one that had extremely high bilirubin levels three days after he was born, which lead him to be hospitalized the day after the hospital had released him but not before they had injected him with all of those very important toxins and viral strains that he needed for protection. No one bothered to take into consideration that his liver wasn't functioning properly.

All of my children were tested through a company called enterolab for gluten and casein sensitivity. They all came back positive and they all showed that they carried the HLA-DQ gene that is linked to gluten sensitivity. Do I think that genes may play a roll? Yes. Do I think they are the cause of my child's autism? No. His immune system was not strong enough to handle the shots right after birth...and no one bothered to take that into consideration.

FYI...enterolab is the only place I found that does testing for gluten and casein sensitivity through stool sampling and you can order the test online. My insurance reimbursed me for the cost of all four tests without question, and I didn't need a referral to order them.

Shelley Davies   April 8th, 2009 1:46 pm ET

In the words of my 21 yr. old autistic daughter

i guess ... i better ... should

these words pretty much explain it. 9The title for my book).

... what do you mean? they said it. ... but they meant something else?

Simplicity, (concrete and true are understandable)

This world is full of words, and meanings, and interpretations.
and the unpredictabilty of it all ... well it's easier in your simple world.

but with love, and patience ... teaches all of us.

Please keep up the communication. We have to find the answers.

Velvet Fehrenbach   April 8th, 2009 4:18 pm ET

For those of you with questions about starting the diet and finding gf/fc foods and products, go to the rescue angel website and find an angel in your area. If you can't figure out the diet or if you need more in depth help, look my name up under New Hampshire on the website. I'll help any way I can. If you have questions about vaccines, the website can give you some information and some helpful links.

Good luck!

p.s. To Jenny & Jim: I have just started collecting video footage of my son before and after the diet. I've asked all of our relatives to loan me their video footage of birthdays, holidays, etc....anything with my son in it so I can compare how he's doing now with how he was doing then. I thought about doing this after my son watched a video of himself at 3 1/2 and asked me why he wasn't talking when he had seen his siblings' video footage and noticed how differently they acted at the same age. I think it would be a great idea to put together a presentation with a collection of videos showing as many kids as you can both before and after the diet to show what we're talking about. I know I was shocked when I saw how severe my son was before biomedical intervention. I can't believe how much I forgot about once it disappeared from my daily routine with him.

Sutopi   April 8th, 2009 4:28 pm ET

Thank you Larry for allowing Jenny , Jim and Handley to tell the truth about autism, its causes and treatments.
I have a son with autism who was speaking 3 languages up to when he received the DaPT vaccine Then he stopped talking, understanding, playing and beeing interested in anything. He is a vegetable and my only hope is Biomedical intervention and its numerous treatments.
We need help with research and fighting mainstream medicine and general population that go out of their way to discourage us and criticize us for giving them the medical care they need.
Thank you LArry for being so brave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teriss   April 8th, 2009 5:45 pm ET

I just had to see the differences from then and now. There is definitely a change in the amounts and types of vaccines given as compared to 1950's.

I am looking at the Recommended Immunization Schedule from the CDC for 2009 below:

Vaccine Age Given:

1) Hep B Instantly At Birth, before leaving the hospital.

2) Heb B 1-2 months

3) RV Rotavirus 2,4,6 months increments

Pertussis 2,4,6 and again at 15-18 months
Again at 4-6 yrs

5) Haemophilus
Influenzae Type B 2 months, 4 mnths 6 mnths, & 12-15 months.

6)Pneumoncoccal 2 months, 4 mnths, 6 mnts, & 12-15 months.

7)Inactivated Polio 12 months to 18 months & again 4-6 yrs old.

8) Influenza Yearly from 6 months to forever

9)Measles, Mumps
Rubella 12-15 months old

10)Varicella 12-15 months old

11)Hepatitis A 2 doses, age 12- to 23 months

12)Meningococcal 2-3 yrs old.

I dug up my own brother's Vaccine Schedule of 1950:

Vaccine Age Given:

1) Diphtheria,
whooping cough Shot staged at 4, 5, 6 months, & at 10 mnths old

2) Small Pox Vaccine 10 months of age, and again at 2 1/2 yrs old

3) Scarlett Fever
Toxin 7 mos old, 8 mos, 9 mos, & Booster at 3 yrs 10 mo's of age.

4) Polio Shot booster received at school -age 5 or 6 years old.


Quite a difference isn't it?

Note the word "Toxin" and "Toxoid" is written on the vaccine form of 1950.

It is not simply the enormous amount of vaccines given today – it is the age at which they are given and the onslaught seems to be from 6 months to 15 months which gives the baby 9 vaccines at once.

This cannot be healthy.

Dianna   April 8th, 2009 7:50 pm ET

I am absolutely outraged on Jenny's comments regarding biomedical treatment. As an educator of students with autism for 11 years, I have encountered many students with different types of needs. Each of these children will respond to different approaches to autism-some to be effective, some with no results at all. Although Jenny brings a necessary awareness of autism to the community and I am happy to hear that her son has improved, using terms as "preventable" and "reversible" can be very misleading to a parent. And currently to date, sadly, there is NO cure for autism. I would also like to know how her "studies" have been replicated and shown to be valid and accurate. It is always nice to hear success stories from a parent; however, it is important to stress that not everything works for every child. I am not impressed with her presentation or her comments. Again, it has made me outraged.

Michelle   April 8th, 2009 9:18 pm ET

I am glad that the only positive thing that Miss. Jenny has brought to our community is awareness. Awareness of Autism that is-words such as "preventable" and especially "REVERSIBLE" is extremely disheartening to parents who have exhausted any if not all possible forms of treatment with the continuum of seeking other forms of treatment when BIOMEDICAL treatments have failed them. As an educator of students with Autism for the past 9 years, her comment regarding biomedical treatment is ABSURD!! I encourage individuals to seek any forms/types of treatment "what works for one, may not necessarily work for all."(This is why we write IEP's (INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PLANS.) I am as well an ABA Therapist (Applied Behavior Analyst), if I were to implement a treatment plan on how to teach a child with Autism to function as a typically developing child in society and data has shown effectiveness. I could not make a statement; it would be unethical; such as, “the child seeking treatment is now recovered." Realistically, celebrities are great tools utilized for marketing and promotional reasons only! Hey thanks Jenny! It's not okay to instill false hope. VALIDITY, RELIABILITY, ACCURACY is what supports "studies of effectiveness” not your statements.

Velvet Fehrenbach   April 9th, 2009 7:48 am ET

I don't understand the criticism of Jenny. She found something that worked for her child and many others and is simply trying to get the word out. If you read any of her books, you would know that she never claims biomedical treatment to be a cure for every child on the spectrum. What would you have her do, if not let other people know in the hopes of 1) finding other people who have had successful results or 2) offer a glimmer of hope to those of us who were told to resign ourselves to a life watching our children struggle daily. I tried the diet before Jenny wrote her first book on autism and, guess what, it worked for my son. Why wouldn't I want other people in my position to know? I'm not harming him with the diet...if anything, he's never eaten healthier. He still has an IEP in place and he still goes to therapy sessions. I'm not neglecting or turning my back on a support system for him and Jenny has never advocated for that. I will tell you this; his teacher and classroom aide appreciate the diet, especially after seeing what happens when he is given gluten or casein accidentally at school. They notice the difference immediately. Another example: We ran out of his methyl-B12 nasal spray for about a week and I began receiving notes in his daily journal about how low his energy level was. I never told anyone that he hadn't been getting his daily dose of methyl-B12...mostly because I felt like an idiot for not being more on my game.

You ladies seem to have a very strong bias about trying anything other than conventional methods. I could understand your feelings if anything under the "biomedical intervention" category could cause harm to a child, but not if it can yield only one of two results: improvement or no improvement.

I would also like to point out that, though you sound like you're both very knowledgeable and have undergone training on autism spectrum disorders, the vast majority of teachers and paraprofessionals are not. They are handed a child that can have any number of issues and are asked to teach that child in a manner in which he can understand the curriculum which, as I'm sure you know, is not understood by autistic children they same way it is understood by most children. Our kids learn differently and even we as parents have a hard time figuring out how to present something to them in a way that they'll be able to not only copy, but actually understand.

If you look at the parent's rights handbook, they list paraprofessionals or aides as "itinerant specialists". When I called the state for a definition of an itinerant specialist, they couldn't give me one. When you look up the two words separately, they are described as follows: itinerant – happening periodically or at intervals specialist – someone with specialized training or expertise in a specific field. The problem I have with the paraprofessionals hired by public schools is that most have no experience whatsoever in dealing with a child on the spectrum, and they are not required to have any training. The schools can hire anyone they want, and most grab whoever they can get because the pay is low and the people looking to work with these kids is few. So the school sends these kids into a classroom with an untrained teacher and an untrained aide and expects this child to learn something, not to mention the other 20 some odd kids that are being distracted by the child's outbursts or periodic breaks needed to make it through a day full of over stimulation. I don't understand how the government or the school boards can expect anything positive to come from a situation like that. If they don't give the teachers and aides the proper tools they need (training with professionals who have a specialized expertise in the area of spectrum disorders), how can they do their jobs properly? It may seem like I'm digressing, but the point I'm trying to make is this: When my son is not following the diet and vitamin regimen religiously, he won't function properly, which in turn, makes for a crappy day for all who are trying to work with him. The teacher and aide that my son has went from raising their eyebrows and rolling their eyes at the "nut case" mother with the list of instructions and guidelines for caring for her son, to a teacher and aide that are constantly questioning the art teacher about the ingredients in her supplies and who are frequently sending home notes when my son is having an off day to question if something in his diet or supplement routine has changed. Are they properly trained to teach my son? No, but they enforce the diet because it makes their time spent with my son easier to get through.

I just have a hard time understanding where you're coming from. If I find a medically unproven cure for the terminal cancer that I have been diagnosed with, or a medically unproven way to put it in remission, should I just be happy for myself and shut my mouth to avoid offending people? Or, maybe I should keep the way I did it a secret and sell the information to a select group of extremely wealthy people who are capable of paying large sums of money for a simple, but unknown approach that may change their dire prognosis. You tell me.

Virginia Young   April 9th, 2009 8:24 am ET

My kids need to get out the door to school, but I feel compelled to say this. I, and probably most parents dealing with this, understand the feelings that come along with hearing others tell of their success stories while you are still struggling to get by. Everyone had the fix for my kids, better nutrition (when I couldn't get them to eat and what they ate came back up), more or different drugs (when I was watching them react to everything with which they came into contact), stronger discipline (yes, they suggested spanking when they couldn't even understand a single word I said)....and so on and so on. I would be questioning the one-size-fits-all protocol for vaccine administration in this country while others were telling me that I needed to do something "different" and "don't compare your son to his sister because he is different". For lack of anything better I say, "NO DUH!" That has always been my point and we all no that each child is different and should be treated differently depending on his or her own individual needs.

We are not going to get the studies done here in America as it stands now. The grandest of all studies has been performed for over 100 years and the very guinea pigs involved are the ones taking the notes. If you and I don't watch what is going on around us no one else will. Take the notes, roll the video camera and take more snapshots then you ever have in your life. I should have taken more.

It is sad to watch people throw themselves at doctors' feet. They don't have the research either! The scariest part of it all... they truly believe they are doing the right thing. My husband's exact words were, "Dear God I had no idea". Now no one would have a clue as to what my children went through if we didn't speak up. My daughter is in special ed. but no one outside school knows that because she is just like everyone else. My son is fully mainstreamed and an excellent student. I receive compliments on them daily. Yet they went straight into autistic symptoms at 1,2 and 4...within weeks of shots and only after shots. We get criticized from all sides. We could have walked away at any time, but we don't because this is between us and God now. This is the purpose for our family...all six.

My kids are starting their own blog for kids (and parents feel free to speak for them) called Kids for Justice. They know what happened to them. They then watched it happen all over again in their baby brother. Doctors are not denying it, but we are supposed to let it go. Right now in Spain Gardasil is being pulled from use as the convulsions from 2 (only 2) girls are investigated. Thousands of severe reactions have occurred here, including death, and we just keep going.

Dona Wheeler   April 9th, 2009 9:55 am ET

I profess not to know all there is about Autism, but having been treated for a non existant Bipolar , which was a combination of many health and psychicoligical issues, I made it a point to become educated, and in doing that I healed completly from the MEDICATIONS given to me fo this ailment. I also have an adult son who is ADD, and for whom I did not allow to take Ritlan, ad now a grandson with OMS.[not child of ADD son].
An ex friend told me in discusssions several years ago that Ritlian was the best thing that ever happened. And she went on to explain how it made her class so much easier to teach. I told her that was lame, very lame as Ritlan was and is "kiddie ocaine" and I do not undersatnd how anyone, would want a child drugged on leathl medications, for the sole purpose of having order in class; ie to make life esier for the teacher/adult/professional.
Children begin education at home, and any parent who does not understand the needs and rights of the child, requires intense education, an I feel this should happen BEFORE pregnancy. Handing your child over to a disfunctional medical and educational system, refraning from being as informed a parent as possible, is not in the best interest of your child. Perhaps reading "Feed me I'm yours" would get the ball rolling, required in 6th 7th and 8th grade. along with You the Owners manual.

Dona Wheeler   April 9th, 2009 10:15 am ET

One msut try to be very intuitive with one's child, and in that fight for their chiild and his/her rights. I am O- blood and took the shot after the birth of my 1st son.These prior to 01 were 50% MERCURY. My 2nd son was severly speech disfunctional and I ignored the advise of his ped and demanded he be tested at 2 yr old and thus he received therapy very early and surmounted this major issue. Same thing with same kid and he beacme listless and witdrawn for 3 days whereas I took him in to same ped doc. He did not find anything, but admitted him with plans to "open him up from stem to stern" and thank God he stared at his appendix, which were blown and he was full of infection. 9 days in the hospital 2 antibiotics and an open draining incision later, I was a wreck, but so grateful I pushed, and listened to my gut.
The FDA, AMA, ADA, Big Pharma, and others have economic reasons for enbracing disease, instead of prevention and wellness.
Therefore to an informed parent/grandparent/healer, we must lead the way, be the warriors who help those who enbrace this "light" and not cow down to nay sayers, who react in fear of ristance to change.
I admire Jenny McCarthy, tremndously as she stated on Larry King long go, "I have talked to the CDC" Larry then asked would you vaccinate your next child?" to which she answered "NO" and I felt that in my gut and knew she knew more than she could say on national TV.
Kudoes to all the warriors, for the guts to fight and the guts to voice it and stick to it, because it will be for the enrichment of our kids and grandkids. Stats say for the first time EVER we may outlive our kids.
So it is time to pull away from the crappy food/drugs/vaccines/lifestyles ect and demand better FOR ALL.

Alison   April 9th, 2009 10:42 am ET

Virginia Young, you wrote::

"The problem I have with the paraprofessionals hired by public schools is that most have no experience whatsoever in dealing with a child on the spectrum, and they are not required to have any training. The schools can hire anyone they want, and most grab whoever they can get because the pay is low and the people looking to work with these kids is few. So the school sends these kids into a classroom with an untrained teacher and an untrained aide and expects this child to learn something,"

You are SO RIGHT.

My son's school assigned an aide who had NO training whatsoever–she was one of the dafeteria workers.

She treated my son (who was dx with Asperger's) like he was severely mentally retarded.

Really helpful.

Jennifer   April 9th, 2009 1:34 pm ET

To Ronald:

Re: "Your comments highlight a significant concern in this whole debate and that is the polarization of individuals on this issue. I strongly believe that this polarization has been, intentionally or not, the direct result of the actions of the pharmaceutical industry in not listening to parents concerns and this has caused great frustration in parents. As parents who chose not to vaccinate we certainly felt ostracised by many who did, even to the extent that we were “bad” parents for risking our son’s life. Believe me, we looked hard, read a lot and asked many questions before we made the decision and when not vaccinating we chose a lifestyle (diet, homeopathic immune boosters etc) for our son which would bolster his immune system in his infant years."

I agree completely that it is the "we", the individuals and families at the center of this debate who are polarized and ostracized for our choices or differences in opinion. Unfortunately, that is debate, too....and it is bound to create several sets of opinions. Regarding ostracization, it is wrong to be ostracized because of not choosing to administer vaccines, just as it is wrong to be ostracized in choosing to do so. It is also wrong (and painful and lonely) to be ostracized by one's own family who fear the genetic causes and therefore tend to build walls with between those they are supposed to love, those who need their support – because they have the misconception that Autism is contagious. Of course, i use that term gingerly, as they do not really think "contagion", but their fear is just another ostracizing element.

My husband is in PR, so I fully recognize the concern with Pharma companies. And I understand that the meds and vaccines are hot-topics of debate. And I understand that the CDC and FDA are part and parcel to what happens in the Pharma industry, as well as what does not. I, like Jenny, have spoken to the CDC and the FDA – having access to both through my work – and as a consumer, citizen, and autism adovate (voice and protector of my child)I have choices: 1) To believe what they share to the public without asking questions, or 2) To ask the harder questions and obtaining the information available to those who ask (which is more detailed that that shared with the public and includes multiple studies conducted INDEPENDENTLY of these entities via grants to private institutions who are not being "bought" by the grants (transparency – isn't that the word of the month?) and therefore report data and trends based on actual findings (unaltered and not-doctored), or 3) To ignore them entirely and follow my gut. What I do, a with most parents I would imagine, depends on the issue(s) currently presenting and the history from whence those issues came, looking toward to future for what comes next and what to do, how to handle it. All of us are living in three places: the past, the present and the future. I understand your analogy about the smoking industry – heck – there is a film about it called "Thank you for Smoking". And then there are the documentaries about Health Care or lack there of by people like Michael Moore. Presented in each of these are lessons to be learned, the most important of which may be: Always be asking. Ask to the Top. Demand Answers. Only then can we rely on the information we need to make decisions from our heads and not just our guts.

Re: "Finally, I do not buy into the idea that Jenny McCarthy is doing what she does purely for financial gain" As I mentioned, she is independently wealthy and can pay for the things she needs. I'd like to believe she is in this for those touched by Autism because she has a heart and wants to educate parents, but I have a hard time trusting and believing her. I've read her books. I've watched her speak. There is just something that doesn't sit well with me...that makes me not trust her. I want to talk to her – face to face. I want to see her square off against her opponents. I want "Dr. Jerry" to show his data, quantified, so that those who turn to bio-med and believe that it IS the end-all...that it will cure Autism, have a real reason to believe. I don't believe celebrity figures in general just based on their profession and role in marketing campaigns (and everyone has to have one – Dr. Jerry needs Jenny, DAN has found an advocate in her, Bio-Med has found a spokeswoman). But if we are truly honest, most people don't do these things for nothing. If they don't do it for the money, they do it for their own ego or to maintain a "celebrity status", for example, all marketing campaigns where spokespeople are paid to speak for a product, method, campaign; or those who who are not paid but get the benefit of having their photo in front of people's faces. I think I don't trust Jenny because this story she is telling is no longer about Evan healing and bio-med being the factor that proved to work for him. I feel as if this is about her (paid or not). She is the face people see (maintain celebrity status). She is the name on their lips when they alight with hope that Bio-Med will cure their child (celebrity status being leveraged to sell a method of treatment). She is the figure associated with "Dr. Jerry" and DAN (celebrity status being leveraged to provide more credibility – which was very needed after Rimland passed). The key word here is SHE. The attention is on her now...Evan's being healed may be what SHE talks about, but this is no longer about him. I wish I could believe, but I can't. The first time I saw her was on Oprah where she chastized parents for not advocating hard enough (perhaps her version of "call to action"), she was vehement in her statements that big-pharma was in it for the money (well....big-pharma saved my grandmother when she developed a heart condition, healed by dad when he lost limbs, supports my husband suffering from PTSD and other "crash" related injuries incurred when serving his country, kept my father-in-law from going deaf, and kept me from dying during child-birth or dying from systemic strep that I developed last year and was hospitalized for 2 weeks for). Or perhaps it was her lack of recognizing that those same parents she was chastizing tuned in that day to see what happened with Evan, only to then be told "you're not doing enough"...but for me, well...I was doing EVERYTHING. I was fighting the schools and the "itinerant" teachers and the "team" (btw – there is rarely a team in an IEP team) seeking trained qualified specialists, interventions, and research-based treatments... We underwent allergy testing for all the bio-med and organic conditions that could affect Autism, we did yeast treatment (no yeast came out of my son), we did all the diets (which made him lose weight and continue to limit the foods he'd eat), we did supplements (b-12 and the list of 40+ others suggested by Great Plains), we tried chelation (once as my son freaked out), I could go on and on...but they didn't how dare she stand on Oprah's stage and chastize me and those like me for NOT doing enough. Screw that. We did act.. And we were 30k in debt because Insurance didn't cover it. And then we were in more debt because I had a limit on SLP, OT. And then we were in even more debt and taking HELOC's to pay for private ABA and other treatments that our school system who we were in due-process with for THREE YEARS wouldn't help provide or cover. How dare her chastize we parents who WERE doing all we could, and all we could not afford. She never once SUGGESTED how we could pay for these things she said we needed to do....or how we could stay out of debt for doing those things. I tuned in to learn something. I tuned out disliking her dogged commentary and her inability to even remotely address my concerns, most people's concerns. That is, for doing everything we could and losing our savings, our homes, our credit and our ability to pay for the essential monthly costs of living. And I still ask: Tell me, Jenny, how in the hell do we do all of that and not lose our lives in the process. We can't do squat without a roof over our heads....and my child isn't going to gain anything when social services removes them from my home because I am financially unable to care for him, or I am forced to participate in "county" plans which also limit my ability to obtain much needed service, let alone provide me with a livable wage.

So this: Big-Pharma didn't work for her or Evan, she lashed out against them, confronted the CDC and FDA – didn't get the answer she wanted (hence she didn't say anything....she didn't have anything – there is not document you sign to get information from these agencies that says you can't talk about your findings...all findings are public – TRANSPARENT). So she went forward with her beliefs and did her thing. That was her right....she had to do what she had to do. We all do. But she can't blame Big-Pharma (why are so many blaming big-Pharma? What about all the wonderful things that Big-Pharma has given us?). Ask those who see differences in their children for the better (better focus, less stim, greater ability to learn and maintain knowledge, less aggression, less many affects)? These people know who they are. On that note, I should say that we have also tried Pharma interventions...and haven't had any luck for my son to date.

But I firmly believe that either way – awareness, community and the collective research in bio-med, behavior and intervention based, and Pharma treatments must be a focus – emphasis on the word COLLECTIVE. In the Autism Community, we need to stop pointing fingers and laying blame, and start bringing together our experiences, our stories, the great minds of researchers and specialist, and the masses of research that has been collected over the past 10-15 years and find some answers!!! The old saying: Why can't we all just get along?? and my saying: Knowledge and collaboration is the means to the end we all seek.

Me? I am heading back to the Interactive Autism Network website where I can contribute my story, mine and my husbands medical histories, my families medical histories, my environmental exposures in life, in pregnancy, my husbands exposures, etc, etc, etc....all data that IS leading to new findings every day by bringing together researchers based on family and individual profiles so that patterns, factors and other variables that may hold the key – can be accessed and I can make a difference as a participant in research...instead of a particpant in debate.


Lynn   April 9th, 2009 2:37 pm ET

Started using bio medical with my son a year ago. He is six and non verbal severe autism. It has made all the difference in the world.
He had horrible stomache problems and now is doing wonderful.
Everyday he gets better and better, I love my DAN Dr.
God Bless Jenny for bringing this out in the public othewise everyone thought I was just crazy. But now the see how much better my son is doing and they are supportive. The only thing I'm disappointed in is all the attention to the vaccines. I know it needs to be addressed and my son went down hill after his 18 month MMR, I know the vaccines played a big part. My feeling is we need to educate the public on the vaccines but more importantly we need to get mainstream medicine to realize supplements do help children with autism. Mainstream Dr. need to understand that when a kid with autism comes in with a bloated stomache, throwing up, constipated, or having 8 to 12 bowel movements a day, staying up all night, do not just tell the parents this is autism and they have to live with it. I spent three years with my son up every night screaming in pain. Main stream dr said there was nothign they could do. He started on supplements and working with a DAN Dr, he now sleeps through the night (and so do I) no longer screams in pain and is having regular bowel movements. He gets great reports home from school now vs a year ago when they had to put him on a behaviour plan and hire an additional aide for his class room. Doctors in this country need to wake up to not just the vaccines but to the fact YOU CAN DO SOMETHING TO HELP KIDS WITH AUTISM IT IS A MEDICAL CONDITION NOT ONLY A MENTAL IMPAIRMENT. NOT HELPING THEM IS INHUMANE No child should ever have to suffer like my son did and all his doctors did was say "sorry this is how autism is" well they are eating their words now when they see him.

Jenny keep telling the world!!!!!! Keep being our voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronald Jones   April 9th, 2009 3:12 pm ET

I have read many of the comments on this blog and have occasionally had tears in my eyes as they have reminded me of those legal case reports that I read 20 years ago where families related what had happened to their previously healthy child shortly after their DPT vaccination. I am no expert on vaccines- for heavens sake I am an accountant – but I would like to think that I can contribute to this debate by relating factual experiences.
I consider myself very fortunate that my son at 9.5 years appears healthy and normal – I cannot imagine how it feels as a parent to have a child emotionally removed as a result of autism or any other condition – but every parent loves their own child irrespective of condition and those contributing here are clearly committed to improving their child's quality of life, through whatever means works for them, often with great financial and emotional sacrifice.
When my wife and I decided not to vaccinate our son we agreed that we were making a decision based on our best judgement of the information available (but clearly I was swayed by my experience in the pharmaceutical industry) and that the onus was on us to ensure that our child's early, formative years were in as healthy an environment as possible. That has worked for us.
A few years ago a senior executive in a large European pharmaceutical company was criticized for stating that Doctor's prescribe the right medication 50% of the time and of those prescriptions probably only 50% truly work on the patient i.e. a 25% hit rate. I believe we have a long way to go before the industry, if ever, really understands how its drugs work in the human body and the long term affects they might have on future generations. I may one day have to rely on the industry myself and be grateful for it, but that should not stop me from questioning them. I am not trying to state categorically that vaccines cause autism but I have seen undeniable evidence that vaccines can seriously harm or kill an infant and it is the denial of this fact that really concerns me because it prevents us all from moving forward on the vaccination debate.
Also, perhaps I should mention that I am not from, nor do I live in, the USA (I live in the Caribbean) so I may not be as familiar as others in this blog with the internal debates that are taking place in your country.
It is also of note that the vast majority of entries on this blog are from mothers – I have a very strong willed wife who, like all of you here, takes the lead on our son's health. When he is feeling sick it's mom that he asks for. Mothers play such an important role in the health of our society yet they seem to be the least listened to, especially by the medical profession. I sincerely hope that the information and concerns in these blogs is used to some benefit.

Teriss   April 9th, 2009 6:35 pm ET

I went to the CDC for the 2009 vaccine schedule which states the following:

Vaccine Schedule from CDC-

Hep B given at birth-before leaving the hospital

Hep b given again at 1, 2 months.

RV Rotarvirus : given at 2, 4 6 months

Diptheria, Tetanus Pertusiss, given at 2,4,6 and again at 15, months.

Haemophilus Influenza Type B, given at 2,4,6, and again at 12-15 months.

Penuemoncoccal-given at 2,4,6 months again at 12-15 months

Inactive Polio: at 2, 4, 6 and again at 12-15 months.

Influenza: Yearly from 6 months for life

Hepatititus A- 2 doses age 12 to 23 months.

Meningococcal -givent at 2-3 yrs old.

I also found my brothers vaccine schedule from the Red Cross in 1951.

Diphtera Toxoid, whooping cough: given at 4, 5, 6, and 10 months old.

Small Pox vaccine: Given at 10 months and again at 2 1/2 yrs of age.

Scarlett Fever: given at 7 months, 9 months, Booster at 3 yrs old.

That is it. The earliest a new born baby was given a vaccine was at age 4 months old, giving it adequate time to build up an immune system.

We don't need these enormous amounts of vaccines, and we don't need vaccines given to a new born babies who are barely old enough to breathe.

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 10th, 2009 12:55 pm ET

Check Inside Vaccines dot com for dispassionate review of which vaccines work, which fail, and which cause more disease than they prevent. Example: Pneumococcal vaccine (28 doses advised on the current schedule, for this vaccine alone; it's a 7-valent vaccine given 4 times) has a 94% failure rate, and has cleared the way for new and more virulent bacteria to infect our kids' ears. This is published research, not hyperbole. And: Chickenpox vaccine has caused a return of shingles virus in adults and elderly. More: Outbreaks of "vaccine-preventable" diseases occur often in vaccinated children. posts published, peer-reviewed research only and invites comment. A worthwhile eye opener for parents and pediatricians alike.

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 10th, 2009 1:06 pm ET

How To Pay For BioMedical: Much of this can be covered on insurance when it is properly coded by your provider, and when you work with a licensed provider (MD, ND, licensed nutritionist/registered dietitian, OD). Health insurers may to pay unlicensed providers, providers without National Provider Identifier numbers, or those providing services outside the scope of their licenses. Examples: Someone who is a licensed social worker, PhD psychologist, or even a psychiatric MD will likely not get paid by insurance to do medical nutrition therapy, biomed lab tests etc. because these are not treatments regulated by their licensure boards. They ARE regulated by licensure boards that oversee dietitians, naturopaths, and most MDs. Tips on this in: Special Needs Kids Eat Right (Perigee 2009)

Kathymom2Joe   April 10th, 2009 1:27 pm ET

Judy Converse – Thank you so much for this information! I had to research this myself and just found out last week that my insurance WILL cover things I have been paying out of pocket for, such as supplements... along with other treatment. I wish I'd known this 2 years ago! Thankfully, I know now, and hopefully more parents will get the help they need for their child

When I'd contacted my insurance company in the past, they wouldn't cover anything with the diagnosis of Autism, so my son's pediatrician had to change my sons diagnosis to "Psychosis"... (imagine a psychotic 3 year old?) just to get him speech and occupational therapies .. ALSO- my youngest child (the one with Autism) is the only of my 5 children who has had SERIOUS, life threatening and UNTREATABLE severe ear infections- so severe that he's gone into seizures and been hospitalized... totally resistant to any anti-biotics... so there's proof right there of what you said about that vaccine...

There are so many young parents I have tried to educate about Autism and vaccines and they laugh it off- thinking "this can't happen to my child" they're wrong.. it CAN – I hate to sound like a preacher but not telling them what I know and what I've learned.. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't try.

Virginia Young   April 10th, 2009 1:35 pm ET

For: Kathymom2Joe

Don't feel bad about the insurance. Some still don't cover, actually quite a few and those who are now covering autism therapies were likely not carrying it just a few years ago. It all depends on your carrier and it was and still is a huge battle.

Kathymom2Joe   April 10th, 2009 1:45 pm ET

I am also getting video footage together of my son. I do have videos up until this point, he's 5 1/2 now and non-verbal, doesn't understand one step directions, spins a lot, stims a lot, and seems if anything to be regressing. I brought this up to the school and I said maybe because his ABA therapy was cut back from 25 hours a week to 3 1/2-might have something to do with it.. He doens't understand anything at all at this point... he's also in an overstimulated kindergarden classroom. His yearly PPT meeting is coming up later this month and we're going to suggest more ABA therapy. Not sure if he'll get it.. also, in my state (connecticut) they are considering passing a bill to include ABA therapy to be covered by insurance, I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I think this will help him also.. in addition, he will be going to a Holistic doctor in June and a bunch of tests are going to be done, a change in diet, and supplements added- I am quite interested to see what the video footage will show ! I will keep you posted!!!!

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 10th, 2009 2:02 pm ET

Another insurance tip: Since I'm a licensed registered dietitian, I "code" care under nutrition diagnosis codes. These are truthful and valid. I never say I am treating a kid for autism or ADHD. I say I am treating a kid for what I find on nutrition assessment – stuff like failure to thrive, calorie malnutrition, low body mass index (particularly common in boys with Aspgergers, and this alone has a serious impact on functioning/learning), history of allergy to eggs, history of allergy to dairy products, intestinal candida infections, anemia, etc. These are all valid diagnosis codes, and they are problems ASD kids often have. Providers who aren't licensed in nutrition care would not know this, which is why insurers won't pay them for providing nutrition care and biomed. Though the logic of health insurers can be beyond Byzantine, this part makes some sense: They think that a licensed nutrition professional provides nutrition care. A licensed psychologist provides psych care. etc etc The challenge with DAN! and Biomed has been that all kinds of providers are trying to help, and technically, they are often helping outside the scope of their licenses. This will change gradually, and will increase access to biomed care.... I am speaking on this next week at DAN! in Atlanta.

Velvet Fehrenbach   April 10th, 2009 4:28 pm ET


I'd love to know when the next DAN! conference is coming to the Boston area. It's been awhile!

Renee   April 11th, 2009 11:47 am ET

I would like to know how children with autism can be "cured" when we really don't know what causes it? I believe half of the diagnosed with "autism" never had it or had another medical condition which mirrored autism. I have a 14 year old son that does have autism and he does fine..yes he can't talk or function higher than a preschooler and does have most of the characteristics of autism. but you know what? He can pretty much take care of himself and is pretty damn smart for an autistic child and all without all these so called "treatments" that in the long term may do more damage then good. While I hope there may be cure for autism in my sons lifetime, I believe it will take longer than that. In the meantime, I have accepted my son for who he is and what he has and that is just fine with me.
While some people may disagree with me, its all good because you do what feel is right for your child and I will do what is right for mine. Happy Easter to all!

melissa   April 11th, 2009 1:23 pm ET

I am the mother of 3 children, 2 of which have PDD a form of autism. I am lucky that my children are high level autistics in some way, but that doesn’t make life any easier. I have seen teachers and strangers short change my children. They believe what you believe so believe in them. My son has some slight traits, but he is almost I won’t say cured I will say in remission. I say that b/c it takes work and consistency. I won’t say cured b/c there is nothing wrong with them. They remind me of innocence that is lost out in the world. They are sensitive to people and might occasionally realize they are in another persons bubble or are taking things literally. I live with an “Amelia Bedilia” and while the book is funny it takes a lot of patience to teach a 14 year old child not to take things literal.
A cure is possible if you work at finding it. Why wait for what causes it? Sometimes things just are!! It is up to us to change them and make people aware. I am disappointed in the stigma with autism, but that is what autism awareness is about also. To make people aware. I do not care for the little battles amongst parents be glad it is being talked about without the criticism. Everyone does not have to agree, but their hearts and goals want the same thing!!

Michelle   April 11th, 2009 4:11 pm ET

In reference to a log posted in response to my posting.

With all the training and experience I may have, it does not make me an expert in the field of Autism. What upsets me the most is having parents try treatment after treatment after treatment. Enough is enough already!!! As for Jenny, AUTISM and AWARENESS was of no interest. Until it hit home I guess and with her monetary situation, these treatments are feasible for her son and others who have access to such resources. These are children who are now utilized as Guinea pigs. Why resort to doctors and MEDICATION? What are the long term effects? Is it worth the hope it gives individuals seeking the treatment in turn resulting in backfiring 10, 15, 20 years down the line?

Ultimately, if there was a cure for Autism I would do anything in my power to make our community aware with research to support such findings. Every one is entitled to their own opinion. It saddens me to see families in despair, looking for answers. Enjoy the moments shared in the "now" because for every minute wasted is time you can not buy back!!

Note: I am not in disagreement to seeking what is best for your child. I'm in disagreement of how misleading individuals can be on a topic that greatly effects a diverse community. Our DOCTORS are giving ASD DX for children who have no characteristics of the disorder in order to seek services. Why are we not questioning the Medical field? Yet we seek medical advisement for treatment of DX given by them. Hence, biomedical treatment, Ritalin, Abilify, Zyprexa................

stacey   April 11th, 2009 9:12 pm ET

My son is 5 and has had autism. He is in a treatment and therapy program. Within 1 year of his diagnosis he is cured for now.So I am with you. I believe that it can happen. With God all things are possible. I have not questioned why my son had the autism nor why he was healed but their is a higher power working with our children.

God Bless

Mary   April 11th, 2009 9:17 pm ET

Larry please listen to jim and jenny. I am a RN and have had alot of shady mds =surgeries with alot of complications mds do not want admit mistakes and they support each other so much that you cannot change what is wrong. it is really scary "out there" . Plan to write a book someday. still trying to find a surgeon to help; cant hardly get them to order tests to find out what is wrong and then they hide shady results

Jason   April 11th, 2009 9:20 pm ET

Regarding your discussion about vaccines, what if you child has recently been given a "set" (i.e., 5-6 ) vaccines at once...can anything be done to prevent the possibility of autism after administration of so many vaccines? Great show.

Tracy   April 11th, 2009 9:29 pm ET

I do not have any children, but know quite a few people that have an Autistic child. I am a HUGE advocate and support this cause 110%. I advise many of my friends that just had a baby to be extremely careful when it is time for their vaccinations. I Love Jenny McCarthy and really enjoy reading her books! I am always offering her books to my friends. She is wonderful!! I think the AAP needs to do alot more research before they say that vaccinations are not linked to Autism. They need to sit down and listen to Jenny and the physicians that helped Evan.

Thank you Larry King for letting Jenny come on the show again!!!!

Kathleen Vail   April 11th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

My 23 month old grandson was diagnosed 4-8-09 with autism, I truly believe injection caused this every scheduled vaccine shots he developed high fevers-seizures-high white cell count and was hospilized each time! His mom and I are devistated! She stopped him from recieving any more vaccinations at the fourth schedule. She is a single mom and has learning disabilites also, had an ed plan from day one on entering school, and has a hard time understanding, please any suggestiohns help would be a GOD sent. I am not totaly against vaccination, I my self contracted polio at the age of 18 months and grew up wearing leg braces, so I worry about his health in the future.Please HELP!

Kathleen Vail   April 11th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

My 23 month old grandson was diagnosed 4-8-09 with autism, I truly believe injection caused this every scheduled vaccine shots he developed high fevers-seizures-high white cell count and was hospilized each time! His mom and I are devistated! She stopped him from recieving any more vaccinations at the fourth schedule. She is a single mom and has learning disabilites also, had an ed plan from day one on entering school, and has a hard time understanding, please any suggestiohns help would be a GOD sent. I am not totaly against vaccination, I my self contracted polio at the age of 18 months and grew up wearing leg braces, so I worry about his health in the future.Please HELP!

Kathy   April 11th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

I have a 3 year old grandson with autism. He doesn't speak, but we hope that someday he will. I have my doubts about vaccines being the cause of autism. I would not read Jenny's new book because the first one was filled with cursing. My grandson is getting the best therapies available to him, mostly due to the fact that he is on medical card. We are seeing a big change in him now that he is attending a special school. I read a blog regarding how expensive treatments are. Recently Illinois passed a law requiring insurance companies to cover autism treatment.

I think we should spend just as much time talking about what we can do for those children who already have autism. The general public does not understand about autism. We all love my grandson. He is a very precious child who loves to hum many songs, but mostly the Jeopardy theme song. My daughter-in-law said she hopes that someday he can tell her that he loves her. I believe he will.

Larry, thank you for drawing attention to the subject of autism. We have so much to learn.

Ebony   April 11th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

I am a mother of an 8-year-old autistic boy. Resources are a large factor in getting the best treatment and help for these children. It is wonderful to hear about the process of your guest children, but the resources that your guest have available to them is a large contributing factor. In South Carolina many families have limited to no resources. In my state, programs for disabled children is in threat of being cut, leaving many parents alone in this battle. Is there a governmental plan to help parents and children with autism?

kate   April 11th, 2009 10:01 pm ET

I have 11 yr old autistic son. I would like to know about the treatment programs you talking about and how can I go about getting my child in the progam,

Jessica   April 11th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

Our son started having problems when he was 1 years old. We were told that it was it ears because it couldn't hear out of them from so many ear infections. Once he could hear again he still wasn't talking like a 2 year old should. So they tubes, he still was talking and had horrible social problems. So the early childhood intervention saw syrus the first time and he started to see a OT and Speeh Therapist. Then my husband and I found out that your 3 year old son had autism 1 week ago. He has been seeing his OT and Speeh Therapist for 6 months and it is working really well. He went from having 2 words to almost 30 in 6 months. We are so lucking that the Nebraska has the funding for his treatment. We are so happy for him and we plan on continuing on helping him with everything for as long as he needs us to.

kenny houck   April 11th, 2009 10:45 pm ET

I just finished watching your segment on Larry king live with my father and my two brothers. We are all healthy but our god brother, the son of a pediatric allergist has autism.
My parents were smart enough to spread out our vaccinations. Both my parents are physiologists, educated at Penn state university, were smart enough to recognize a trend. I thank them for my health and the absence of this disease from my life. The conceit demonstrated by some of Larry’s guests tonight who counter the possibility that the vaccine schedules common in the United States contribution to this disease is disturbing. The possibility of this connection must be evident to the mind of anyone educated in the discipline of the scientific method. Does the method allow for a reasonable investigative phase? Does the method recognize that nothing is proven until the method is fully applied? Then please tell me why anyone would chose to implement actions that are not fully understood when there is a very real possibility that they may be causing harm to a human life.

Kenny Houck

ps my dad can solve the pirate problem

James & Laura Ann of IL   April 11th, 2009 11:01 pm ET

We are finding out more and more each day that there is a big stink in the air, This is more about money for the medical Assc. and there peers. We feel that they are over vaccinating our children and we all can prove this for the meere fact that in the 1970s it was 1 child in 10,000 now it is 1 child in 10. It does not take a very smart person to figure this out and the government is hiding behind this as well for they are having no problems funding for the help that we all need. They are clearly making money from this as well or they would adress this issue.I gave no one permission to vaccinate my child nor did I even know about it before they had done so there must be a law passed to where we are fully aware that we as parents have the very say so on what our child can be vaccinated for and how much at a time. We are soley responsible for our children until they are 18 and now we are responsible for the for there whole lives what will they do when we the parents die. Just throw them to the wolves!!!! We should be responsible for them the moment that they are conceived and we are!!! its time to take what is our back. The government is responsible for what they have created and it is time for them to apoligize for what they have done to our children and make it right. If Mr Obama says he is what he is than its time to come clean for our childrens sake. I dont know why his children dont have AUTISM and why is that? Because they know and were informed of this as well as other government officials and were told what not to do.We as the working class were not informed and we are the very ones who are suffering. Makes sense to me and is clear as night and day How stupid are we. Thank You Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy and Larry King and now we would like to see more of you Jim & Jenny on Oprah and much more to get your message out for we learn more each day of what and how our own Government can smother us and get away with it.

Lauren   April 11th, 2009 11:03 pm ET

I am a seventeen year old twin sister of child with autism. Me and sister haved had every vaccination together with the exception of our latest, Gardasil. Most likely we've had all our vaccination given from the same batch. From the information my parents have given me, there was never any health concerns afterwards. I am a perfectly healthy teenager who has never had health concerns. The only time I have ever had to go to a hospital since my birth was for babysitting classes. I strongly believe that Jenny's son was misdiagnosed, as so many children are these days and is not giving the right message. There is need for a cause. But more importantly there is a need for a cure, and to support ones with autism all ready. As more and more kids are diagnosed, there is going to be a harder struggle of where to safely put them once they're older. Whenever I hear of media coverage about vaccinations linked to autism, I'm so grateful that my sister only has Autism, instead of Autism on top of Polio, or Autism on top of Hepititus B. I think that we should never stop investigating vaccines, but there is a larger need to start expanding research and to start giving more funding to Autistic adults. Having a loved one with Autism is tough, but there not always someone to point fingers at.

Autism Dad   April 12th, 2009 12:26 am ET


The 1989 schedule Jenny said she supports includes the polio vaccine.

Steve   April 12th, 2009 1:33 am ET

Yes, there is an apparent increase in cases of autism, yes the increase in vaccinations may be correlated, maybe its the chemicals used to preserve the vaccine, maybe the doctors too lazy to spread out shots make it worse. Maybe not all children are properly diagnosed, maybe not all children respond to treatment the same way. But lets not argue numbers. Lets find cause(s) , lets work on (affordable) treatments.

Suzanne   April 12th, 2009 1:46 am ET

At birth, My son was given antibiotics because of the possibility of fluid in his lungs. He immediately developed severe reflux made worse by being given Propulsid supposedly to help. Despite this he was given the Hep-B within days of birth and all his early shots by 12 months. (including the MMR) I asked the Pediatrician if we should wait due to his ongoing severe reflux, but was told he NEEDED the protection provided by the vaccines.
Despite the reflux, he was the brightest eyed, most fun-loving, flitatious baby until a second round of antibiotics at 19 months. He stopped talking. At first, the pediatrician downplayed my worries, but at his 2 year check-up decided he was not on target developmentally. After 8 months of speech therapy with no results, my son was diagnosed at age 2.9 with PDD-NOS. I read Karen Serousi's book and started him on GFCF with almost immediate improvement. He began talking within a few months and now at age 11 never seems to stop! We also did chelation therapy and other natural therapies as well. However, despite being in regular classes, he is not cured. He still has attention and focus issues and misses those slight social nuances that others just seem to get.
There is room for all discussion as to a cause or a treatment for ASD. I think the genetic portion of the equation is that each child's DNA is different and therefore the insult to their bodies and brains takes different pathways. In my son's case, i think a combination of genetics, vaccines, antibiotics, propulsid, my leaky amalgam fillings and other environmental toxins all contributed. So why should there be only one treatment that works for all? I know of parents who tried all the same therapies I did on their own children with no results and some I tried had no effect on my son.
As for vaccines, they have done much to help eradicate many diseases, but at what cost? Are we just exchanging diseases such as polio or diptheria for autoimmune disorders and ASD? It's a question our medical community really needs to address.

Candy Goulet   April 12th, 2009 3:15 am ET

My son is 4 yrs old and we were just told he has ASPERGER'S SYNDROM.. what can you tell me that may be able to help me understand this a little more, There is not enough online to elp me with it. How could my child have gotten this and ow can I if at all help him "OVER COME" this. There are no dr's that I can find that want to deal with my son. PLEASE HELP ME!

Donine Henshaw   April 12th, 2009 3:32 am ET

The toxic mercury-based preservative contained in many vaccines, Thimerisol, in addition to the current shot schedule and early-ness in life of vaccines all contribute to the problem in my opinion. As a 38-year-old woman, I got my first of three annual flu shots. I got progressively sicker after each one, particularly the third (last), when I had significant neurological symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, etc., plus flu-symptoms with all three. My research turned up numerous articles on the dangers of Thimerisol, and the known facts about mercury being a significant neurotoxin. Thank God I recovered, but it took quite a while. I checked with my doctor and verified that the flu vaccine I recieved contained Thimerisol. The FDA is controlled by the drug industry via a revolving door of high-level executives going from drug companies to the FDA and vice versa. the FDA has shown it will not take the necessary action to mandate that no vaccine contain any toxins, such as Thimerisol, which was added to allow doctors to use multi-dose vials, and thus increase drug-company profits, according to my research. The best resource I found was a comprehensive article in Rolling Stone magazine 3-4 years ago (Jessica Alba was on the cover). Please, get educated, whether you are an adult and considering a vaccine, or you are a parent. I now cannot get any vaccine because the non-Thimerisol vaccines are in such short supply and reserved for children. Flu can be deadly. I should be able to get a safe flu vaccine. This is an American health CRISIS and action needs to be taken by the government to protect us all and to give us access to safe, reliable vaccines. Thanks to Jenny and Jim for all their hard work and thanks be to God and Jenny for her son's recovery. My prayers to all who are dealing with this terrible, preventable condition.

bf   April 12th, 2009 5:17 am ET

The comments on this blog and by McCarthy and Carrey are truly frightening. Autism is a sad thing but every bit as sad is the suffering and death of unvaccinated children, something people in this country seem to have forgotten. Can anyone who has witnessed a child die or suffer serious impairment from HIB or Polio or Pertussis? There is no scientific proof that vaccines are a causal factor for autism. People assume the vaccines cause autism because autism surfaces around the same time many of these vaccines are given but what other environmental factors do we have to consider? We have seen a huge increase in the presence of antibacterial chemicals, synthetic carpeting, and lots of other nasty toxins during the same timeframe as the increases in autism. How does it make sense to blame vaccines when we have no idea what really causes the condition? Let's focus our efforts on answering that question before we start jumping to conclusions and advising people to stop vaccinating their kids.

Monica Sharma   April 12th, 2009 5:29 am ET

My name is Monica and i'm from Romania.I have a beautiful 2 month old baby boy.We have a limited number of vaccines scheduled by the government and i really thought that's because we are not such a wealthy country, but now i realize your conversation makes sense.But now my question is, if i travel with my son to a diffent part of the world, like India, do i have to vaccinate for let's say, diarheea??

srt   April 12th, 2009 8:59 am ET

Ms. McCarthy, you are the mother who is the father? Do you know? What's the history you and the father before your pregnancy.?

You have money for medical coverage and to come and go as you please and leave your son with a baby sitter when you want.. Most do not.

Did Evan really have Autism or just looked that way and a quick blow off diognosis. Now cured. No.

Retarded, Idiot, Stupid, Slow, Dummy, Dim Wit and so on. How come this child is not the same as other children? Doctor's honestly "Don't Know". They gave it a "Politically Correct" name. AUTISM. Is that the right DIOGNOSIS.? or when Doctors don't know call it Autism.

I agree with the doctor who simply stated...Start with the mother and father and their history.

Tony Niemi   April 12th, 2009 11:08 am ET

If you want to cure autism look in their norepinephrine system, there's a gene that codes for it. Norepinephrine also activate higher brainfunctions, it also handels alla musclemovement and inpressions from the different parts of body.
Norepinephrine is is the creator of fever, that is why this observed normality in a invidual who has usually Autism.
The cure is for real, is now close for those with Autism. The brain is simply dysregulated.
In Asperger syndroma there is a related system named Cortisol that do not rise mutch after waking upp in the morning enought within 30 minutes. Normal cortisol levels makes a person who has usually Asp. syn. adapt normally to changes in their enviroment. Look in the wikipedia at internet all about cortisol.
I have Asperger Syndrome my self.
These discoveries about norepinephrine and cortisol. Is really hopefull for me.

Cindy Forest   April 13th, 2009 2:14 am ET

It is my fear that Texas, of all states, may have the least amount of funding available for children with ASD. In observing what my grandson's parents have been fighting, I've noted that insurance does not cover speech therapy or ABA. They are paying for the bio-medical treatments even if insurance later rejects it. ABA therapy could cost up to $2,800 a week. My grandson's parents both have college degrees and work, but they can not possibly afford that amount. They are setting aside as much as they can each month for private therapy - and that will be only about 3 hrs a week - even though many more hours would be better. My grandson does qualify for the state's early childhood intervention, but only for the regular school months. That program is good, put does not provide nearly the amount of intensive therapy needed. Texas, I am pleading with you to step up to the plate and make it easier for the parents of children who are suffering. Please take the complications out of finding treatment for ASD. Parents should not have to go though a maze of confusing steps to find appropriate diagnoses and treatment. They should not have to work extra hours and worry about paying for treatment.

Alfons Ven   April 13th, 2009 4:20 am ET

Autism and placenta.
Roel was severe autisitc. I had a hunch and asked his mother if someting special happened at his birth. No she said, but after insisting, she remembered he swallowed part of the placenta.I knew this about foals and I had noticed that some showed a particular behavior. It was a long shot, but I wanted to try on Roel what I had done for the foals. There was nothing to lose. It was okay with his father, and I pre-pared a four week program for Roel.
When he had finished it his father called. “Miraculous,” he said. “Roel has changed a lot. Even his pedagogues and other people have noticed the difference.”
Roel was so highly autistic that he didn’t even react to his father or someone else calling him, and he was unable to play with other children at all. “We are at the beach now,” his father tells me, “and Roel is playing with other kids as if he never did anything else. When I ask him to come, he comes. And even when I tell him to tie his shoe so he won’t trip, he ties his shoe.”
With my own devised method I treated with success many cases. Autism is for sure a multifactorial disorder mainly triggered by subtle pathogens, toxins, heavy metals etc..

Palimaru Carmen   April 13th, 2009 8:25 am ET

I know many persons has problem and hard time but i extend this request in the name of my baby. He has 02 years and he has autism. We start ABA therapy and in 03 months his eye contact improve and he gain diffrent skills. As per ABA therapist he has the abilty to learn very fast. I want him to be abele to manage in his life to be happy and healthy and if someboady can please let me know what is the best therapy for him i will be more then happy. I know that depands from case to case but the fact that maybe i did not chose the correct therapy for him really kill me. Im a working mom as the therapy is very expensive and i dont have time for so many resarch so can someboady in this world tell me what i can do for him. I ask only for someboady to give this boy a chance in life. His so nice and loving everyboady who see him they just love him. I forgat to meantion that his 02 years but his toll like a 5 year baby , my girl she has 03 months and i dress her for 07 months. I wish i can attache a photo of him you will love him. Can someboady please advise and if it can not be done thank you for making time to read my e-mail. Sorry for my English im from Romania and live in Dubai .

Palimaru Carmen   April 13th, 2009 8:56 am ET

Im not sure if you recived my first comment or i lik corectly. I have a 2 year old baby with autism and i would like to know how the biomedical intervation work on autism baby. I have also a 3 months old girl should i give her the vaccination or not. Im really confuze and i whant to do the wright things for them but i really dont know was is wright or wrong. Can someboady let me know.

Velvet Fehrenbach   April 13th, 2009 10:15 am ET

This is for Alfons Vens:

Would you mind writing back and telling us what you did to help Roel? It's always good to hear about something that worked.



Martha Williams   April 13th, 2009 1:57 pm ET

My grandson was diagnosed with autism at twelve months and was treated by Dr. Neubrander, a DAN! Doctor. His symptoms were growing more severe as time passed, loss of eye contact, spinning, tantrums, inability to transition, extreme tactile sensitivity, screeching, etc. I cannot say enough about the amazing diligence and determination of my daughter and son-in-law to explore every avenue of information to find a cure for him. It was devastating to see that we were loosing him. I also cannot say enough about the DAN! Doctors and their willingness to not follow the herd. They listened to parents, they communicated through internet and they came together and formed a group and a protocol to help cure these children. Our grandson is now a healthy seven year old who is completely cured and has been for four and a half years. The book "Children with Starving Brains" describes in detail the DAN! Doctors' protocol. It absolutely worked to cure our grandson.

There is no doubt in my mind that vaccines contribute to autism. It is heartbreaking and inexcusable that most mainstream doctors will not
listen. There is no disease that is more devastating than autism.

I applaud Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Dr. Bernadine Healy, and all of the wonderful doctors out there that are willing to speak out against mainstream and treat these children. There is a wonderful doctor in my area who is a DAN! Doctor that offers the "low risk" vaccine protocol to all of the parents who want their children to be PROPERLY vaccinated.

I also want to thank Larry King and Oprah for giving these wonderful people a platform to share their message.

Amanda   April 13th, 2009 2:28 pm ET

My son has been recovering from vaccine-induced "autism" for the last 4 years and is now 90% better. As a parent I had a responsibility to find/search for the cause and do anything I could to reverse/improve the neurological damage. I am happy to report that through detox from the heavy metals and toxins (concentrated forms of vitamins and minerals), no further immuizations, some diet considerations and 1:1 therapy my son is now developing like a typical 8 year old and very healthy. It's interesting that based on a vaccine induced theory, my son has almost recovered and is thriving.

Christie   April 13th, 2009 9:35 pm ET

Oh please, please, please don't buy into what everyone is saying on here! It just makes me sick to think that people would not protect their children from the horrible diseases that we vaccinate against just because most people realize there's something wrong with their kid at the same time that they happen to go in for their vaccinations. This is what is called an illusory correlation. Resent psychological research has actually been able to diagnose autism spectrum disorder fairly reliably in children too young to have been vaccinated.

While the causes of autism are not completely clear, we are discovering new ways that our genes and environment interact every day. I'm sorry, but the answer will never be anything so simple as "vaccines cause autism". I won't discount the possibility that some tiny fraction of autism cases may be triggered by an adverse reaction to vaccines in some tiny fraction of the population with a genetic predisposition to this adverse reaction, but that kind of risk is something we take every day – anytime you hear that a certain medication carries some possibility of heart attack and stroke, it's the same kind of risk.

The bottom line – Jenny McCarthy is not the person to listen to on this subject. Yes, it is terribly sad that her child was stricken with this disorder, and she may have become an expert at dealing with children with autism through practice, but she does not have the training to know the cause of her child's problem any more than a Huntington's patient knew what caused his disorder 50 years ago. If you find that the conflicting advice on the internet about this topic makes your head spin, I suggest you pick up an issue of the journal Science or the New England Journal of Medicine and find out who the reputable scientists are in the field and see what they have to say – understanding the literature is their job, after all.

Palimaru Carmen   April 14th, 2009 1:51 am ET

I would like to say thank you to Velvet Fehrenbach for the quick response. Its great to know that someboady can help. Im not so grat in computers and if she or he can pls let me know how to contact her. I got the remark that he or she is listed under New Hampshire but what is the e-mail adresse to contact you . Please let me know. Thank you. Please forward this e-mail as its releated to my baby recovery

Judy Converse MPH RD LD   April 14th, 2009 11:04 am ET

Christie wrote: "Oh please, please, please don’t buy into what everyone is saying on here! It just makes me sick to think that people would not protect their children from the horrible diseases that we vaccinate against just because most people realize there’s something wrong with their kid at the same time that they happen to go in for their vaccinations. This is what is called an illusory correlation. Resent psychological research has actually been able to diagnose autism spectrum disorder fairly reliably in children too young to have been vaccinated."

Christie, since 1990, children have been vaccinated on the day of birth. By 2002 or so, the CDC was up against the wall with bad press and incriminating congressional hearings on the abysmal safety record of hepatitis B shot for newborns (see May 1999 Congressional Record, Committee on Government Reform. "Helping or Hurting the Public Health: Hepatitis B Vaccine for Newborns"). As a result of these hearings, the CDC made a feeble concession: give the newborn dose a week or two later. And, shoot, why not remove most of that mercury from the newborn dose while we're at it. This was very quietly done – but it took years for all mercury containing newborn doses to leave the market. Premies weighing 3 lbs and term babies at normal weights alike had been receiving the same dose of mercury given in an adult dose of hepatitis B vaccine. Yeah: OOPS.

You bet this killed and injured untold thousands of newborns who could not manage both a dose of mercury beyond previously set EPA safety limits, and genetically recombined viral material, in one shot. No doubt, these babies were classified as "SIDS" when they died, and "genetic" causes for developmental concerns when they lived.

When I went to DC to testify at the hearings mentioned above, I was eager to meet other parents who had suffered the same fate as me. My own child was nearly killed by his newborn dose of this vaccine (which we did not even know he had been given, until he was about 4 weeks old, when he got a second dose). He was hospitalized for the adverse event to his newborn dose, which triggered syncope, cyanosis, seizures, and a litany of feeding and neurological symptoms. Guess what? After a hospital stay and endless tests, we were sent home and told we were bad parents. I never said a peep about the shot, because I didn't know yet he had been given one. It is incredible that nobody in the ER or peds ward wondered if the shot may have been harmful in his case. Their only conclusion was "mom and dad are just plain nuts, because even though this baby needed oxygen, nearly died, threw up and screamed literally til he was blue and passed out – repeatedly – he has no diagnosable condition". This is normal presentation for a newborn?

I was lucky enough to be one of those parents who refused to listen to physicians who told me all of this was normal, and to trust my own training in health care, not theirs. By the time I went to these hearings, my son was about 29 mos old. He was recovering well but still had a lot of challenges. The effects of this one shot on his body were very deep, very dangerous, and lasting.

Guess what Christie? I didn't meet any parents like me at the hearings. The ones whose newborns struggled as much as mine with this single dose of vaccine: All their babies were dead. Their infants had died before they reached age two months. Too young to be vaccinated? Not in the US. If I believed a post like yours, my son would be dead too. Is that what you are advocating? That we kookoo parents go ahead and kill our children, to keep the rest of you folks happy?

Your position is known as Cognitive Dissonance in psychology. It's a form of insanity/denial in which two contradicting concepts are held true at the same time. There are many dissonant concepts that must be upheld, in order to believe all vaccines are safe for all children. Such as: a dose of mercury that is safe for a 170 pound man is also safe for a 3 pound, 34-week old premie (my son was a normal, well, term baby at 7 lbs 8 oz with perfect Apgars). The EPA never thought so, but nobody at Merck ever talked to anyone at the EPA when they convinced the FDA and the CDC to let them sell Recombivax to newborns in 1990 and on.

Another piece of cognitive dissonance that the Pharm industry is glad you uphold: all these diseases are "horrible", they will overwhelm us if we stop vaccinating, and vaccines alone can save us. How old are you? I'm 48. I got chickenpox and so did my four siblings. They all got mumps. I got mumps immunity. We never got ear infections. We rarely if ever got flu. Flu was literally a non-issue in my childhood. My friends were not sick every winter. I never knew an older person who got shingles, or a teenager who got pertussis. We had no vaccines for ear infections, flu, chicken pox, mumps. We either got those diseases and got permanent immunity (because we were healthy children living in clean, uncrowded environments), or we didn't get these diseases at all. Per your dissonant logic, we should all be dead, or should have gotten sick every year, and we should have been awash in disease year after. The fact is, these diseases were not dangerously prevalent.

The reality is that the CDC itself has funded longitudinal studies on nutrition that show that nutrition status, not vaccination status, is the primary driver of robust immune function in infants and children. We used very few vaccines 1950-1975 or so. This WAS safer. Yet the dissonance prevails, and there are people such as yourself – and most pediatricians included – who truly believe that only vaccines can prevent infectious disease. There is so much public health practice and research that shows this is not true. Even in the New England J of Medicine, most likely.

Dissonant concept number 3: We can over-use antibiotics, but we can't over-use vaccines. Here's the problem: We have overused antibiotics so much that there are now gov't funded programs to teach doctors and consumers not to use them so often. Using them too much created opportunity for more virulent strains of bacteria to evolve. Just as overusing antibiotics has created more virulent strains of bacteria, over-using vaccines has put us on a slippery slope that is opportunistic for new and more virulent viruses and bacterial infections. Examples: In mumps outbreaks, infected children are often the vaccinated children, not unvaccinated ones, and the vaccinated ones have a longer more complex course of the illness. And: Ear infections occur often in children vaccinated with Prevnar (a pneumococcal vaccine for ear infections). The sputum of Prevnar vaccinated children contains more diverse and virulent strains of bacteria than children who do not get Prevnar. More: Using chickenpox vaccine has caused a return of shingles virus in older adults. Who is making who sick here? Over-vaccinated people are hosting new and virulent strains of these infectious agents, and spreading them around.

One final point on this long post: The things that vaccines appear to pitch into tumult for susceptible children first emerge as GI and nutrition problems. Why haven't pediatricians noticed this for the last 18 years, when hepatitis B vax was added to the schedule at birth? Because they are not gastroenterologists, and they don't study nutrition. So, infants who struggled with all these doses (dozens before they are 2 years old) get passed off as "fine" by their pediatricians, despite having chronic diarrhea, constipation, growth impairments, iron deficiency – I see it all the time in practice. I am a licensed registered dietitian. For 10 years, I have watched children come in my office with problems that have evidence-based diagnosis codes for nutrition problems, and their pediatricians. Were. Clueless. When parents "show up" for vaccines and something appears to go wrong at that point, the reality often is, per my clinical observation, that there has been something going wrong for a long time already. When this is not the case, the first signs of trouble are almost invariably nutrition/feeding and GI that went unnoticed by the pediatrician.

If you look at the science and strip away the congnitive dissonance, and there are many more dissonant concepts upheld on vaccines than I've given here, it is plain that the emotionally driven, hysterical posture is yours, not the parents here seeking recovery.

Teriss   April 14th, 2009 12:05 pm ET

In 1952 kids were vaccinated for Scarlett fever which is a strep throat infection. (See my previous post with vaccine schedule of 1951)

Back then Scarlett fever was thought to be deadly and now it turns out its not. SF is caused by a bacteria or germ which can be easily taken care of either with naturopathic remedies or increased Vitamin C, and Vitamin D but a doctor will not tell you this even today – 47 years later!!

What will people think 50 years from now of all the vaccines we are giving our kids which is dictated by the very same corporations that profit from the vaccines?

Today we know that the number of vaccines was minimal-compared to today where the number of vaccines given to new born babies even on their first day of life is enormous.

These toxic vaccines are destroying the immune system your child was born with– to protect against diseases for the rest of its life.

Do you actually want to destroy the very life force of your child and have a whole generation of these kids fighting ailments the rest of their lives?

On the medical side – or shall I say Medical-Pharmaceutical corporation side – what you are doing to children is unconscionably ruthless and criminal.

It is not only personally disgraceful to me, but on a spiritual level – how can you do this to another human being let alone a newborn baby?

We here how much we need to be protected against disease but when it is induced by people who are supposedly to be trusted- it boggles the mind how far in the name of profit this has gone.

On another note- the drug companies reach has not stopped at new born babies they are plying their drugs on the pet population. As a dog health writer I learned that even some veterinarians are agreeing with the over vaccination of pets every year and have written about this drug induced pet vaccine business. Believe me- it is worth billions of dollars to drug companies and vets worldwide.

But most veterinarians will tell you to vaccinate your pet every year when the initial shots given last a life time for a pet which is 10 to 15 years or more. It makes no sense to expose animals and humans to all these toxic vaccines simply to make the CEO's of drug companies pad their offshore accounts in the Caymans. After all- this is all you are doing with your hard earned money. These CEO's are joined by the Wall Street gang of criminals on your dime, you paid for it all.

If you wish to have lifetime diseases, ailments, mental problems of children and sick pets- by all means get all the vaccines you wish, in the long run you will not be any safer than just practicing the healthy intake of vitamins, immune support, exercise, purified water and fresh air.

PS I got chicken pox by attending a chicken pox party where I contracted it naturally and my body fought it off, developed an immunity to it, and I am fine at the age of 56- so much for getting vaccines.

The autism rate in the 1950's per 100 children was ridiculously low. We did not get flu shots every year, we got colds and got over them easily.

We had chicken soup instead and took our vitamin C. we did not get mercury vaccines and we are all the healthier for it. Giving Hep B shots to a newborn baby just a day old is – criminal.

Ronald Jones   April 14th, 2009 1:08 pm ET

Larry's Sunday night repeat has opened up the debate to some new comers on this blog and for that reason I wanted to re-post an extract from an earlier blog of mine as I may be the only person who has first hand experience of a history of vaccine related adverse reactions, particularly for those new subscribers who believe that vaccines may not be harmful to our children.

During the late 1980’s I was responsible for the management of the day to day affairs of an offshore insurance operation which was formed by a large North American pharmaceutical company solely for the purpose of funding claims related to the use of DPT vaccine which they manufactured. There were many claims on file from parents whose children suffered major seizures within 24 – 48 hours of receiving the DPT vaccine resulting in death or permanent and severe brain damage. To the best of my knowledge no claims ever got into the court system and most, if not all, were settled out of court for amounts usually in excess of US$5 million. I believe that all settlements required that the family involved not discuss the claim with third parties.
I was a member of senior management for the reinsurance company involved and as such had access to, and read, many of the case files mentioned. The stories were all the same as I described in my comments. At that time the pharmaceutical company was not able to determine what triggered the adverse reaction in only certain children when others were vaccinated from the same batch of product and seemed unaffected. Basically they played the numbers game knowing that one in every xx infants (I forget the exact number) would experience these severe seizures and either die or suffer severe brain damage.
From this experience I am in no doubt the vaccines can, and do, affect our infants in a range of conditions. What bothers me is the constant denial by experts and corporations relative to any connection between the use of vaccines and the exponential growth in early infant disorders.

Christie Buchovecky   April 14th, 2009 8:06 pm ET

Judy, I will concede that your first statement was somewhat valid. I should not have made a blanket statement about autism being visible (please note that I say visible, not diagnosable) prior to vaccinations. In my mind, I was thinking about the 6 mo and 1 year vaccinations, for which my statement is true, and about which most of the conversation on autism and vaccines have revolved. But you are right, it is recommended that HepB be given at birth and I am truly sorry that your child suffered for it, though I must add that, from what you said, your child's condition does not sound like autism, but rather a severe reaction that is much more rare.

As far as the rest of your post: I will unabashedly admit that I am a 21 year old college student who is going on to get her PhD in genetics next year. If you think this means that my opinion is worthless because I have been indoctrinated or am in the pocket of big pharma, please stop reading now, because I'd rather not have THAT particular argument. However, if you think my opinion doesn't matter because I haven't had children, please understand that my cousin is autistic and I have been certified in applied behavioral therapy to be able to work with him and others like him to improve their quality of life.

Also, I take offense to the insinuation that I don't care about other people's children, as you make here: "If I believed a post like yours, my son would be dead too. Is that what you are advocating? That we kookoo parents go ahead and kill our children, to keep the rest of you folks happy?"

If you can prove to me that there's a reason that your child, IN PARTICULAR should not have a certain vaccination, I would be happy to oblige. And this sort of thing DOES happen. There are exceptions to immunization schedules. Children born with compromised immune systems, for example, are not given vaccinations because they will overload the system (here I cite the AAP). It is because of children like this that herd immunity is necessary – as long as everyone else is immune to the disease, the compromised children will not get sick. However, until you can show me a large, well-controlled, unbiased study that shows that vaccines cause autism or some other problem in a certain group of individuals, we have no way of knowing who we should not vaccinate. I fully advocate research into the genetic predisposition for a strong reaction like your child had to a certain vaccine, which would surely have some marker, so that such a reaction would not happen in the future.

And yes, you're right, not ALL diseases we immunize against are HORRIBLE, but from reading the rest of these posts, I thought some dramatic effect was allowable for the sake of catching someone's attention, and the fact remains that no one wants polio to come back, and diptheria, and pneumonia are pretty bad in infants as well.

Furthermore, as a psychology major, I have to say: cognitive dissonance ≠ insanity, denial is closer though. Cognitive dissonance is nothing more or less than the state of holding two conflicting beliefs, causing you to act inconsistently on the basis of one, the other, or both of them. I am NOT making excuses for why I will choose to vaccinate my children when I have them, even though autism runs in my family. I understand what the science says.

As far as what you claim I am dissonant about:
1) Your statement that "a dose of mercury that is safe for a 170 pound man is also safe for a 3 pound, 34-week old premie": You're right, it's certainly not, the problem is, they were comparing apples and oranges anyway. The mercury derivative that results from the breakdown of thimerosal is ethyl mercury, which is actually able to be excreted from the body much more easily than methyl mercury, the numbers for which were used to base the decision to eliminate thimerosal from vaccines (which WAS done, and we haven't seen a number's decrease). Also, speaking of dissonance, why are you bringing up this old argument? I thought the current line on vaccines was that the vaccines themselves cause problems when too many are given in combination.

2) Your statement that not all diseases we vaccinate for are horrible I already addressed – you're right, not all of them are, but some are, so it's irresponsible to