March 23, 2009

Treasury Secretary: My Plan for Bad Bank Assets

Posted: 07:22 AM ET

By Tim Geithner, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

The American economy and much of the world now face extraordinary challenges, and confronting these challenges will continue to require extraordinary actions.

No crisis like this has a simple or single cause, but as a nation we borrowed too much and let our financial system take on irresponsible levels of risk. Those decisions have caused enormous suffering, and much of the damage has fallen on ordinary Americans and small-business owners who were careful and responsible. This is fundamentally unfair, and Americans are justifiably angry and frustrated.

The depth of public anger and the gravity of this crisis require that every policy we take be held to the most serious test: whether it gets our financial system back to the business of providing credit to working families and viable businesses, and helps prevent future crises.

Over the past six weeks we have put in place a series of financial initiatives, alongside the Recovery and Reinvestment Program, to help lay the financial foundation for economic recovery. We launched a broad program to stabilize the housing market by encouraging lower mortgage rates and making it easier for millions to refinance and avoid foreclosure. We established a new capital program to provide banks with a safeguard against a deeper recession. By providing confidence that banks will have a sufficient level of capital even if the outlook is worse than expected, more credit will be available to the economy at lower interest rates today - making it less likely that the more negative economy they fear will take place.


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March 22, 2009

Sunday's LKL: Mitt Romney and Answers in the Death of Natasha Richardson

Posted: 11:42 AM ET

artromney02cnn1Tonight, Mitt Romney! His party's in turmoil and its leaders in question! How would he handle the AIG debacle?  And, can he help bring the Republicans back to power?  Mitt weighs-in on Rush Limbaugh, Pres. Obama and more!

Plus, Natasha Richardson's death ruled an accident.  How you can prevent a similar tragedy.  Experts explain what to look for should you or someone you love suffer a head injury.

It's all tonight in a Sunday edition of "Larry King Live," 9 p.m., ET

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March 21, 2009

Saturday's LKL: Judge Judy!

Posted: 10:40 AM ET

Judge Judy tells it like it is!  She's outspoken!  She's funny!  judge judyAnd, she never disappoints!  We'll hear what she has to say about President Obama, the Anna Nicole Smith arrests, Chris and Rihanna, the Octomom and more!

It's tonight on a Saturday edition of "Larry King Live," at 9 p.m., ET.

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March 20, 2009

Friday's "Question of the Day!"

Posted: 04:49 PM ET

"Tonight, President Obama seems to be everywhere!   But, is he paying enough attention to the nation's economic crisis?1tvlarrycustom1 There's growing criticism about how he's spent his week.  From a gaffe on "The Tonight Show," which was a first-ever appearance on the late-night talk show by a sitting president, to an ESPN interview about his NCAA picks, to town hall meetings in California held as controversy grows over who knew what and when about bonuses paid to AIG executives. Criticism is growing - even from members of his own party!

So we're asking YOU in our "Question of the Day!"

"Do you think President Obama is wasting time on late-night talk show appearances, town halls and sports picks?"

CLICK HERE and sound off!  Then tune-in tonight to the live show at 9 p.m., ET!  We just may use your comment on the air!

"THE TONIGHT SHOW" GAFFE: Want to know what people are saying about President Obama's "Tonight Show" gaffe on Special Olympics?  CLICK HERE to be taken to the post and video link to the president's appearance with Jay Leno!   We have a few posts tonight for your comments!


1) Stay on topic.
2) Keep it short
3) No curse words

4) No links

5) Use a name (no initials or screen names)

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Palin Responds to Obama Comment

Posted: 04:45 PM ET

The full press release:

Governor Sarah Palin responded to remarks made last night by President Obama related to the Special Olympics on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”artpalinafpgi

“I was shocked to learn of the comment made by President Obama about Special Olympics,” Governor Palin said. “This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world.

“These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will.  By the way, these athletes can outperform many of us and we should be proud of them.  I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.”

Also, CLICK HERE to see the message Gov. Palin recorded for the Special Olympics just a few weeks ago.

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Musician Tackles World Water Crisis

Posted: 04:00 PM ET

Joel Madden, lead singer of the band Good Charlotte, became a UNICEF Ambassador in 2008. He’s particularly committed to supporting UNICEF’s water and sanitation programs and is acting as the 2009 National Spokesperson for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s Tap Project.

Joel will be a guest on LKL Tuesday.  His commentary is an LKL Blog exclusive!

Sunday is the start of World Water Week. I’ll be doing everything I can this week to get the word out about a huge and deadly problem around the world… the lack of safe drinking water. Because it’s a problem we have the power to fix.

So I’m very excited. I’m also really worried, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, I want to tell you a little about one easy and affordable way you can all help. It’s called the Tap Project. The idea is simple. When you eat at a restaurant, you usually get a glass of water for free. The Tap Project asks that you give just one dollar for that glass of water. With that one dollar, UNICEF will be able to provide a child with clean drinking water for 40 days.

We’re not talking about quenching thirst here. We’re talking about life and death. We’re talking about 1.5 million kids dying every year from diseases caused by unclean water. As a Dad, I can’t help but think of my own daughter and of other parents out there. Imagine not having such a basic thing for your child. How awful would it feel to be forced to gamble with your child’s life every time you gave them a glass of water? So please support the Tap Project. Go to for a list of restaurants or to learn how else you can help.

(Read More)

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OOPS! Presidential Gaffe on "The Tonight Show"

Posted: 11:20 AM ET

So Pres. Obama made his first big verbal gaffe as president.  Is it much ado about nothing?  Were you offended?artobamalenoafpgi

We'll ask the Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver those questions tonight.

We also want to hear from you about Mr. Obama's remarks.  Leave your comments about this story/non-story here.

Read more about it HERE.

See the Tonight Show interview HERE.

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Michelle Obama's new project: a WH garden

Posted: 09:07 AM ET


By Jane Black/Washington Post Staff Writer

For more than a decade, food activists have rallied, cajoled, even pleaded for a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. Now they're finally going to get it.

Today, first lady Michelle Obama will host a groundbreaking for a White House kitchen garden on the South Lawn. She will be joined by students from Bancroft Elementary in Northwest Washington, , whose participation in the project will continue past today, as they help with planting in the coming weeks and harvesting later this year.

The 1,100-square-foot garden will include 55 kinds of vegetables, including peppers, spinach and, yes, arugula. (The selection is a wish list put together by White House chefs.) There will also be berries, herbs and two hives for honey that will be tended by a White House carpenter who is also a beekeeper. The chefs will use the produce to feed the first family, as well as for state dinners and other official events.

The White House will use organic seedlings, as well as organic fertilizers and organic insect repellents. The garden will be near the tennis courts and be visible to passersby on the street. The whole Obama family will be involved in tending the garden, White House spokeswoman Katie McCormick Lelyveld said.


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Governor Palin rejects stimulus money

Posted: 08:45 AM ET

Anchorage Daily News

Gov. Sarah Palin is refusing to accept more than 30 percent of the federal economic stimulus money being offered to Alaska, including dollars for schools, energy assistance and social services.

The news Thursday drew anger from those who accused Palin of putting her national political aspirations ahead of the state's interests, and admiration from others who say she has courage to turn down money that would expand government. The state Legislature will have an opportunity to override her decision.

Palin is not taking about $288 million of the $930.7 million that Alaska is due in the federal stimulus. Palin said she is accepting the federal stimulus money that would go for construction projects, but not funding directed at government operations.

"We are not requesting funds intended to just grow government," Palin said. "In essence we say no to operating funds for more positions in government."


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Tent City becomes home for some during tough times

Posted: 07:55 AM ET

The homeless men and women shuffle across the frozen ground of the tent camp and surround a steel drum burning wood. They use the flames to cook food and to stay warm.

The tents they live in are small, covered by tarps and plastic sheeting to keep water out. Several tents are collapsed under the weight of a recent snowfall.

For Bruce Beavers, however, this camp is just about the best place in the world he could be living right now.

"This is a place for people who lose their jobs, lose their houses, to have some kind of structure and for them to get back out in the world," he says.

Set up in the parking lot of a church near Seattle, Washington, the camp houses anywhere from 50 to 100 homeless people each day.

Residents call it Nickelsville. The name takes a page from the infamous "Hooverville" shantytowns of the Great Depression that were named for a president many thought did not care about their economic hardships.


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