March 25, 2009

ICYMI: WH Chief Rahm Emanuel on LKL last night!

Posted: 07:50 AM ET

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel dismissed questions about whether President Obama is being overexposed with his recent media blitz, saying Tuesday that the American people want to hear what Obama is doing about a struggling economy.

Speaking to LKL moments after Obama finished a prime time news conference, Emanuel said people are talking about issues like jobs, education and health care, and want to know where their president stands.

"You can say maybe there's overexposure," Emanuel said. "I think if you watch and see, there have been greater audiences for the shows he has been on to answer these questions, because these are the questions the American people are asking around their kitchen tables."

In the past week, Obama has appeared on CBS' "60 Minutes" and NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," the first appearance by a sitting president on a late-night talk show. He fielded questions for an hour at Tuesday's news conference and also appeared last week on ESPN filling out his bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Some analysts say the president risks diluting his message in the public's mind by being visible so frequently. Some Republicans and other critics have accused Obama of maintaining a campaign mentality when he needs to be governing.

Read the interview HERE

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Gov. Jindal defends those who want Obama to fail

Posted: 07:24 AM ET

It's OK for Republicans to want President Obama to fail if they think he's jeopardizing the country, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told members of his political party Tuesday night.

Jindal described the premise of the question - "Do you want the president to fail?" - as the "latest gotcha game" being perpetrated by Democrats against Republicans.

"Make no mistake: Anything other than an immediate and compliant, 'Why no sir, I don't want the president to fail,' is treated as some sort of act of treason, civil disobedience or political obstructionism," Jindal said at a political fundraiser attended by 1,200 people. "This is political correctness run amok."

Since conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said that he hoped that Obama would fail, Republicans have been pressed by Democrats and the media about Limbaugh's comments.

Jindal, a potential 2012 presidential candidate, told the Republican audience he would "not be brow beaten on this, and I will not kowtow to their correctness."


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March 24, 2009

The Prime Time President! We Want YOUR Comments!

Posted: 04:37 PM ET

Tonight, the president goes prime time!  And, we want to hear your thoughts!  President Obama holds a prime time Q and A with reporters tonight as he tries to shore up support for his economic agenda, including a $3.6 TRILLION budget.artobamajobsgi

We want to know what's on your mind! Watch the president's press conference, beginning at 8 p.m., ET, on CNN and then CLICK HERE to tell us how the president did.  Did he answer the questions you want answered?  Does his plan have your support?  We want to know!

Then, tune-in to the live show following the press conference.  We just may use your comment on the air!

Also tonight, a "Larry King Live" Exclusive! White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel joins Larry from the briefing room.  He says the president's plan is the road to recovery. Critics say it's a recipe for disaster.  Rahm Emanuel is talking only to 'The King of Politics."


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President Obama commentary on making the world work again

Posted: 08:38 AM ET

By Barack Obama, President of the United States

We are living through a time of global economic challenges that cannot be met by half-measures or the isolated efforts of any nation. Now, the leaders of the G-20 have a responsibility to take bold, comprehensive and coordinated action that not only jump-starts recovery but launches a new era of economic engagement to prevent a crisis like this from ever happening again.

No one can deny the urgency of action. A crisis in credit and confidence has swept across borders, with consequences for every corner of the world. For the first time in a generation, the global economy is contracting and trade is shrinking. Trillions of dollars have been lost, banks have stopped lending and tens of millions around the globe will lose their jobs. The prosperity of every nation has been endangered, along with the stability of governments and the survival of people in the most vulnerable parts of the world.

We have learned that the success of the American economy is inextricably linked to the global economy. There is no line between action that restores growth within our borders and action that supports it beyond. If people in other countries cannot spend, markets dry up; already we've seen the biggest drop in American exports in nearly four decades, which has led directly to American job losses. And if we continue to let financial institutions around the world act recklessly and irresponsibly, we will remain trapped in a cycle of bubble and bust. That is why the upcoming London summit of the world's 20 leading economies is directly relevant to our recovery at home.


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ICYMI: Meghan McCain talks about Obama and the GOP

Posted: 07:55 AM ET

Meghan McCain, a contributor to, is the daughter of Sen. John McCain and Cindy McCain. But it's her recent verbal sparring with conservative Republicans that's put her in the spotlight and she spoke about it last night on LKL!!

Larry King: [President Obama] is taking some criticism for smiling and laughing [during his "60 Minutes" interview.] Are you one of those critics?

Meghan McCain: You know, I actually am not. I think anyone that would possibly think that the president is not taking the economy seriously - I just think it's ridiculous. ...

King: [Is President Obama getting overexposed]?

McCain: I think he is on the verge of it. I do think you have to be careful. But it is a different generation. [My] generation ... we like our celebrities. And I think that he realizes that because he is very much a Generation Y president. However, he is on the risk of alienating his older followers.

King: Does Obama seem like the same guy who ran against your dad? How do you view him?

McCain: He's our president and when the election was over and when President Obama won, all negative feelings were gone. I support the president.

King: How does your dad feel about that?

McCain: I think the same way. You know, my family is really good at letting go of things and moving on. And he just holds no grudges.

King: Do you think most of the people in your party agree with [Rush] Limbaugh? Do they want him to fail?

McCain: I don't know, because there are many different personalities within the party. ... I would never want my president to fail, no matter which party is in power.


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Octomom fires free nursing service

Posted: 07:30 AM ET

Nadya Suleman, the Southern California woman who gave birth to octuplets in January, has fired a nonprofit group of nurses charged with helping care for her children, CNN affiliate KTLA has reported.

Suleman accused the nurses, from a group called Angels in Waiting, of spying on her to report her to child-welfare authorities, the affiliate reported Monday.

The group was working for free, the affiliate said. Suleman instead will rely on nurses whom she is paying, Suleman's attorney said.

She now has four of the octuplets at home, along with her six other children. The other octuplets remain in a hospital, which is discharging them two at a time to ease the adjustment.

Suleman - already a single mother with six young children - gave birth to the octuplets through in-vitro fertilization, fueling controversy. News of her collecting public assistance for some of her children also outraged many taxpayers.


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March 23, 2009

Monday's LKL: Meghan McCain and our "Question of the Day!"

Posted: 06:01 PM ET

1tvlarrycustom1Check out our "Question of the Day" below!

Tonight, Meghan McCain!  She's taking heat after taking on some conservative commentators.  What's going on?  She's also a regular contributor to   John McCain's outspoken daughter joins Larry at the desk!  Want to read other postings by Meghan?  Go to:

Then, Larry's political panel weighs-in on the U.S. Treasury's plan to rid banks of "toxic assets," President Obama's "60 Minutes" interview, his comments on former Vice President Cheney and more.

HAVE YOU ANSWERED OUR "QUESTION OF THE DAY?" Today's question comes as the Dow jumps 500 points, reportedly, on the news of the U.S. Treasury's "Bank Plan" to buy-up bad assets.  Also out today, existing home sales jumped 5.1% in February.  Yes, we said JUMPED!

We want to hear from YOU!  So, our "Question of the Day" is:

"With today's surging stocks and home sales on the rise, are we nearing the end of the economic crisis or is this a fluke?"

Sound off by CLICKING HERE! Then, tune-in tonight.  We just may use your comment on the air!


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Meghan McCain on LKL tonight – on the future of the GOP

Posted: 10:25 AM ET

Meghan McCain, the daughter of U.S. Senator and former GOP presidential candidate John McCain, will be our guest tonight on LKL.  Meghan writes a column for The Daily  and she talked to the First Lady of Louisiana, Supriya Jindal, for her latest article – here it is:

In the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about figures in the GOP that I do not think positively represent the party. But I am also consistently asked about women I do think are positive role models within the Republican Party—and my mind always seems to jump to Supriya Jindal, wife of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. At 37, Bobby Jindal is the youngest governor in the US and Supriya, who is also 37, is the youngest first lady. She was born in India—her mother was a stay-at-home mom, her father an engineer—and moved to Baton Rouge when she was four years old. She worked in a chemical plant in Louisiana while earning her MBA from Tulane. She married Bobby in 1997. Unfortunately, Bobby’s recent response to President Obama’s national address received mixed reviews, putting the governor and his wife in the media spotlight.

Last summer, I met Surpriya when the Jindals came to my family’s cabin in Sedona, Arizona. It was a meeting much talked about in the media, in part because other high-profile politicians from the Republican Party were also present. I’ve been around politicians my entire life and immediately the Jindals, and more specifically Mrs. Jindal, stood out to me. I was nervous and uncomfortable with the meeting (there were media vans parked directly outside our cabin and the whispers that my father had not yet chosen a running mate lingered in the air), so I just assumed some of the guests were as well. But unlike the usual guarded presence one often gets with the wife of a governor, Mrs. Jindal was warm, friendly, and humorous. She arrived wearing casual pants and a fleece. I took a liking to her instantly.

Not much has been reported about Mrs. Jindal, so I traveled down to Baton Rouge to interview the woman I met in Sedona. Although politically Mrs. Jindal and I may have our differences, I found a woman who is open-minded and realistic about the future of the GOP. For so many reasons, she and her husband represent the American dream—and I wouldn’t be surprised if they just might represent the future of our party.

Read the rest of Meghan's column HERE

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Krugman: Geithner's plan will almost surely fail

Posted: 08:30 AM ET

By NY Times columnist Paul Krugman

Over the weekend The Times and other newspapers reported leaked details about the Obama administration’s bank rescue plan, which is to be officially released this week. If the reports are correct, Tim Geithner, the Treasury secretary, has persuaded President Obama to recycle Bush administration policy — specifically, the “cash for trash” plan proposed, then abandoned, six months ago by then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

This is more than disappointing. In fact, it fills me with a sense of despair.

After all, we’ve just been through the firestorm over the A.I.G. bonuses, during which administration officials claimed that they knew nothing, couldn’t do anything, and anyway it was someone else’s fault. Meanwhile, the administration has failed to quell the public’s doubts about what banks are doing with taxpayer money.

And now Mr. Obama has apparently settled on a financial plan that, in essence, assumes that banks are fundamentally sound and that bankers know what they’re doing.

It’s as if the president were determined to confirm the growing perception that he and his economic team are out of touch, that their economic vision is clouded by excessively close ties to Wall Street. And by the time Mr. Obama realizes that he needs to change course, his political capital may be gone.


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Natasha Richardson is buried in upstate NY

Posted: 08:09 AM ET

Family and friends of Natasha Richardson said their final goodbye to the star of stage and film during a funeral at St. Peter's Church in Millbrook, N.Y., on Sunday.

Under a bright sun on a cold spring day, Richardson's husband Liam Neeson, their sons, Micheal, 13, and Daniel, 12, her mother Vanessa Redgrave, her sister Joely Richardson and dear friends such as Uma Thurman, Ralph Fiennes and Mia Farrow arrived at St. Peter's Church at 2:30 p.m. local time.

Neeson, looking somber in a dark suit and sunglasses, briefly posed for photographers with his family before walking to the hearse, where he was the first to put his hand on the mahogany casket, which he and six other pallbearers carried to the church.

The ceremony lasted a little more than an hour. As the funeral ended, the sky began to turn overcast. Neeson and the family drove to a nearby cemetery, where the burial took place under a large green tent. There, a grieving Vanessa Redgrave gave a thumbs-up to the fans and reporters who had gathered.

Richardson was laid to rest in the same cemetery where her grandmother Rachel Redgrave, the mother of Vanessa Redgrave, is buried. The two plots face each other.


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